Q. I’ve read that resveratrol is good for us, but I don’t know the right dose. I know it is found in red wine, but more than one glass a day is over my limit. Are there any other sources that are beneficial?

A. Resveratrol is an antioxidant found in grapes. A recent study shows that mice fed resveratrol are much less likely to develop prostate tumors. Other animal research suggests that resveratrol may be helpful against inflammation, heart disease and diabetes. No one knows how well the animal research will translate to humans.

For those who would like to get more resveratrol but don’t want to drink too much wine, muscadine grapes are a great source. Juice or wine from this grape have five times more resveratrol than other wines. There also muscadine supplements.

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  1. SAB

    The other day I noticed in one of our local pharmacies that one can purchase Resveratrol in capsule form. I have no idea how good they are.

  2. Andy Ball

    I am a seasoned ex-Olympic distant hopeful and believe in eating berries as part of my diet. I found by supplementing with encapsulated whole food berry mix powder that my energy levels have increased with the synergy of all the elements. Hard tablets with those fillers never did anything for me. Anyway, our bodies are truly meant to begin with the basics of fruits, vegetables, grains and a mix of poultry, fish and the like.

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