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How Effective Is Generic Oxycodone?

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Q. I am a physician who treats many patients in chronic pain. I am convinced that generic oxycodone is only about half as effective as the brand name OxyContin. This is a huge problem for my patients. How can we get someone to investigate?

A. As a physician, you can report therapeutic failure to the FDA MedWatch program and to the generic manufacturer. Patients taking a narcotic drug of this sort are unfortunately regarded with suspicion, so your voice on your patients’ behalf is especially important.

Despite FDA reassurance about the equality of generic drugs, we have now heard from hundreds of patients who have had difficulties. For more information go to and

  • Currently 3.8/5
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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 3.8/5 (52 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I am 5 1/2 weeks post total shoulder replacement. I do have a rather high pain threshold. Oxycodone HCL (ET) 5 - 15 mg q 4-6 hrs PRN pain was ordered. There has been little shoulder pain, but significant pain in the thumb and index finger that I am told is nerve pain, and will hopefully resolve. I can tell you that this Oxycodone I have does not touch the pain, nor does it make me drowsy.

Unless I am mistaken, oxycodone and Oxycontin are different formulations of the same drug. Oxycontin was never meant to be used for post-surgical pain, and comes only in extended release form. Its actions are intended only for those who are opiod resistant.

I was taking the OxyContin from 1994 to 2003 and then was switched to generic oxycodone due to insurance savings. I immediately noticed a difference and had to start taking 1-2 tablets more per day. I have RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) which is an input nerve damage and will continue to stay on this medication. Beginning 2008, generic will no longer be available due to recent lawsuit won by the makers of OxyContin. Help!

I have been on Oxycontin for 7 or 8 years. Due to nerve damage, I have muscle dystrophy in one leg. This all to due to a pelvic fracture that can not be fixed (long story). When the generic came out the ins. co. put me on it. It made me sick and never came even close to easing the pain! Then they pulled it off the market for some reason or other. Now there is another generic Qxycontin out. I was put on it last month (Oct). It did not upset my stomach but it never stopped the pain neither!

Don't they ever test this stuff?
God bless,

My husband was on Oxycontin for pain related to cancer. When he was switched from Oxycontin to the generic form, he went from experiencing pain relief to experiencing no pain relief. They had to switch him back to the Oxycontin.

I really hope the generic helps me. I was just switched from Kadian 200 mg 2x a day to Oxycontin 160 mg 2x a day for chronic severe pain. I of course got the generic today when I filled it, but I hadn't done any research on the difference between the brand name and generic. After reading this I will be able to see what the difference is between the Kadian and OC but not the generic and brand name, but if it at least works somewhat, I will request the brand name only next month to see if there is any difference. Thank you guys for your input and I'll keep you informed as to my findings.

JM, am I reading your post correctly? If not please correct me. Am I to understand you are taking 160mg pills 2x per day, or are you reaching the 160mg through other amounts? I had heard the 160mg dose was being re-introduced on a very limited medically supervised basis, but I have never encountered anyone taking it yet.

I have read some of the posts above, too late for me. Yes, it seems the only decent product left on the market, Watson oxycodone, is no longer available. No pharmacy will carry it anymore, they say it is no longer made, but have heard other sources say the price has become too expensive. If that is the case, it is a real tragedy.

If you are injured, like me, your only choice now is Mallinckrodt oxycodone. I have to hold my temper, to not start cussing, but this product is terrible. You might as well go back to something like Norco or vicodin, if you can get them, because you will not be happy, you will have to suffer while you are stuck with this inferior product. Of course it comes down to money. How this product got past FDA inspection, I'd like to know.

I have been on oxycontin since 2001 after unsuccessful back surgery. This did relieve the pain and allowed me to function almost normally. I tried the generic oxycontin last year, and much to my dismay, I got very little or almost no relief from the pain. I explained my feelings to my Dr. and finally convinced him that there is a big difference between the generic and the brand name.

He has continued to write on all my prescriptions for oxycontin "do not substitute". This month, my prescription was refilled at my regular pharmacy. I visually checked the pills (the generic is fatter) to try to make sure they were not the generic. The pills I recieved looked OK. When I first started taking them I noticed that the pain was not being reduced, but I even felt a little stronger pain than what I have been feeling.

I informed Peoples Pharmacy about this and was instructed to check pill ID markings. This is exactly as you specified for oxycontin. (OC) on one side and dosage on the other. The color looks the same. The prescription bottle has the Mgfr, Perdue-Fredrick, so it's telling me this is brand and not generic.

My problem now is that the prescription is not giving me any relief from pain. I tried taking a pill from a prior prescription (I kept a "stash" of 4 pills) that I kept for emergency, and was surprised and happy to finally get some pain relief. This fact and my "old body" are telling me that there is something different between batches of the drug.

Has there been or is there a change in the contents of the oxycontin being made? This "old body" is telling me that there is a difference between this new batch and an older one. Is anybody having a similar problem? All I know is that I will be in big pain until what I have is used and I am able to get a refill on this prescription.

I just found out today when I got my presc. that there is no more generic oxy 10mg. or any mgs. anymore so now I need to find an equalivant for my 20 mg in the am and 20 mg. in the evening, I take the ext release. It is just too expensive. Any suggestions, thanks in advance. Kathy p.s. I have never tried the real thing so I am guessing there is a difference from what I am hearing?

My wife has been on oxycontin generic for the past couple of years due to 2 failed back surgeries. As of yesterday we found out that the generic form is not longer available and had to switch to the real deal. My wife was able to function and had some normal activites due to the generic drug. The brand name caused her swelling and red spots. I Sat and watched her cry in pain for hours because the generic was pulled. I'm pissed and hope who ever pulled the generic form burns in hell for the pain they have caused.

It was so nice to read confirmation from a medical professional confirming what I have known for quite some time....I don't care what the 'makers' say....generic oxycontin is not as effective in treating severe pain as the brand name. It is so frustrating to have the quality of-my life-played with. For whatever reasons, profit, insurance policies, etc...

We that have to depend on this medication for some semblance of a normal life suffer enough. What is done to us is reprehensible & morally wrong! You can bet if the decision makers were in our shoes, it would not be this way. They have no clue or just don't care about the added, unnecessary pain & discomfort they cause. Thank you doctor for your alliance with those of us unfortunate to have to live with conditions requiring the need for this medication.

I am a pharmacist and have practiced for 40 years. I have served on several panels whose responsibility was to review generic drugs. Many generic drugs are actually brand name drugs labeled as generic. These products are called "authorized generics." Pfizer - makers of Neurontin marketed a generic from Greenstone which was the same as Neurontin. Greenstone is owned by Pfizer, has no manufacturing facilities and gets their drugs from Pfizer. When generic Oxycontin was available there was an "authorized generic." There is lots of literature on the placebo effect, especially in pain and depression management. If people believe that a generic won't work - it won't work.

Prescribers and pharmacists must reassure patients that generics work the same as brand.

IF you want a brand you should be prepared to pay for the increased cost.

I was on perdue brand oxycontin about 2yrs ago. Without questioning, I was all of a sudden given the generic oxycodone. My pain really got worse. My Dr. increased my dose to 30mg. I was on this dose for a couple months, again receiving the generic brand oxycodone. The increase in the med did not help me. My Dr. again increase my dose another 20mg. I was on this dose of generic oxycodone for a long time but never got total pain relief. The pharmacist continued to give me the generic brand.

A few days ago my husband decided to get my oxycontin RX filled at a different pharmacy to see if it would be cheaper. I took my normal dose as always. I did notice I was given purdue Oxycontin this time. The pharmacist told my husband the generic was taken off of the market. This dose of purdue brand oxycontin severely affected me. I had severe head pain and pressure about an hour after I took it. I felt very drugged and also had fullness in my chest along with chest pain. I became very aggitated and could not sleep for 24hrs. I felt as though I had been overdosed. It turned out I had all of the severe symptoms of overdose. It was very frightening! I did find my pain was releived otherwise.

I now am only able to take 30mg of the purdue brand oxycontin compared to 50mg to 80mg of the generic brand I had been taking without sufficient pain relief. The pharmacist said the generic brand "oxycodone" was taken off of the market. I cannot believe the difference in pain relief now that I am on the Purdue brand of oxycontin taking 20mg to 40mg's less in comparison to the dose I was taking of the generic oxycodone. I had to go to the hospital due to such severe chest and head pain and my heart was racing for a couple days on the purdue brand oxycontin.

The pharmacist had always told me the generic brand was the same as the purdue brand oxycontin. I am writing to tell you all, it most definitely is not the same! Not even close! I now have pain relief for a longer period of time also.

I am so glad the generic has been pulled from the market, but watch out because many pharmacies still have the generic brand, and they swear it is the same. I am here to tell you it most definitely IS NOT the same!!!!

I am so angry because I have suffered for almost two years without sufficient pain relief! I called the pharmacist at the original pharmacy where I had been given the generic time and time again.The pharmacist said he had not heard it was pulled from the market and still had it on his shelf. I called another pharmacy and they told me the generic had been taken off the market and was no longer available! My quality of life went down substantially after I started taking the generic brand. I have suffered so much due to taking the generic brand. It has been a nightmare!

Generic Oxycontin worked on me great and now they have disposed of the generic. They, meaning medicare and or Dr.'s. The generic was $4.oo and it is now 187.00. I have bone on bone in my entire lumbar spine plus spinal stenosis in cervical area and thoracic areas. Help, I am now taking morphine ER. I hope it works as well. BJP

I have been on the generic oxycodone for 5 years now. I was in a severe car accident and have major nerve pain in my neck. I started out with 10mg a day, went to 20mg and up and up. I am now on 80mg a day. I am still in pain today, I am always miserable. Last night I found out the generic is not being made anymore, now WHY would that not be released to the public. I was paying $200 for my prescription for 1 month and now I am paying $385. That is a drastic increase. I am starting the Oxycontin today, so I will definetly find out if there is a difference. My mother was on Oxycontin--she said it works TONS better, she tried oxycodone and it did nothing for her, so I am hoping she is right.

I have severe back problems and for about 2 years, I have progressed up to 160 mg twice daily of the generic oxy plus 6 percocet daily, and still barely function. I have not ever taken the non-generic form, but was told by a friend that now they have pulled the generic out of the pharmacies all over the country and they are running out of the non-generic everywhere. Is that true?

I am not at the point to need to refill yet but will need to soon. I have had mine stolen from me before, and it took days to get a new refill. For days I had nothing, and I will say that the withdrawal was excruciating not to mention my original pain itself! I thought I was going to die! That is my biggest fear that I will not be able to get either... are there any other meds that are similar to what I am taking? I will say that morphine doesn't work for me. I have been through several different meds leading up to my placement on Oxycontin. Can anyone out there confirm my questions? Help?

My monthly cost for Oxycontin 80s (2x a day) went from slightly below $500 to slightly above $900. I also take Oxycontin 40s once a day for breakthrough pain, and that has also almost doubled in price; I am seeing my pain-management doctor tomorrow to see if I can get a cheaper substitute... does anyone have any suggestions?

I have taken both Oxycontin 40mg and Oxycodone 40 mg over the past 5 years for severe back pain. I personally found no difference in relief between the two. I was so grateful to have the generic because I couldnt afford the brand, and now, with no generic, all of a sudden I'm testing out substitutes. I've been taking Morphine sul 60 mg for a week and though it eases 60-70% of my pain, it doesnt come close to Oxycontin. Any suggestions?

Simalar question and deperatly need answer please. I have been taking oxycontin 80mg for for 5 years, both generic and brand. While I admit brand is more effective the price was not. Now that generic is off market I pay $600. monthly and can not afford it. What other drugs(generic only for medicare)are used and come close to same pain relief. I have 8 bad vertabrates and have had 8 knee surgries. I also take percocet 10-325 for brake through pain(6 daily)

I have been on the real oxycontin and two different generics. One generic wasn't that bad but the little white round ones suck. The oval ones where ok but not like the real ones but they did work just not quite as long. Had to go from twice a day to three times a day on the white ones. The 40 year pharmacits above apparently has never taken them or experienced the kind of chronic pain that we suffer.

I noticed the difference without even knowing that some generics had been taken off the market. I told my local pharmacist that there was a big difference and he agreed and that he had alot of complaints from consumers. Also said that insurance wasn't paying for the real ones and that they didn't even stock them. I sure hope that when i get a refill the they aren't avalible anymore.

If it is true then all of us that have to pay high prices should band togather and start a lawsuite against the drug ins companies for making us suffer because they want pay for a quality drug for relief for our pain. It's bad enough to have to live in chronic pain without having to deal with sub standard drugs and being held hostage by the drug companies.

Even though we all have proven beyond a shadow of a dought that our pains are real, we are looked at as drug addicts and it will never change. We shouldn't be put through the painfull shots and procedures that do not help and cost us a fortune even with ins. C5-C6 fusion with spinal stenosis, L4-L5 degeneretive disc desease- bone to bone, T3-T8 degeneration with bulges at every level with vertabrae abut spine at T8. Drug addict? How about drug dependent for quality of life.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Demyelating Polyneuropathy(CIDP)in 2004. I was on Oxycontin for about the first 2 years. After trying several medications,it was the only thing that offered pain relief. I was switched to the Generic Brand in 2005/2006. I was assured that the generic was the same as the original.

The pain never seemed to go away. I talked to my doctors about this because I was affaid that my condition was getting worse. I would even have to double up on my dosage every now and then just to get some sort of relief. When I got my prescription fill this month, I found out that the generic form was no longer available (I guess the pharmacist had a stock that they have to finish off).

I can instantly tell the difference. I am so excited to know that it was not all in my head. I am a little upset that I had to spend all that time experencing pain that I really did not have to experience. My quality of life was definitely effected. I will gladly pay my $25 co-pay for the original instead of the $10 for the generic in order to have relief from my pain!

I have a lot of personal experience (unfortunately) related to this article. My biggest issues related to the Oxycontin is really with my insurance company and their refusal to "cover" the BRAND name of Oxycontin; and as we all know "NOW-- the generic is surprisingly unavailable!!

I am on a Medicare Part D Drug Plan and they just don't care that I am in a bind right now related to the prescription drug Oxycontin. I told them I didn't care if I received the generic "oxycodone er " or the brand name "Oxycontin SR" when I filled my prescription and they still stand their ground of "refusal"--"non formulary drug"-- ** which , by the way, I was approved to be covered for when I joined their health plan in December 2007 for the January 2008 benefit year.

Last year, (I was on a different Part D plan)- and was told in the middle of April *because that is the point where my dollars exceeded the initial coverage amount- in the good old "medicare gap" *which states that after drug costs are $2,510.00 and between $4,050.00 , your medication will NOT be covered until your out-of-pocket costs reach $4,050.00". After that point medications are covered at "catastrophic coverage rates"--which is 5% or $5.60. An exception is in my "GOLD PLAN"-- generics are covered at $5.00 DURING THIS GAP PERIOD-- and NO 0ut-of-pocket besides that $5.00 co-pay. There is NO COVERAGE AT ALL FOR BRAND NAMES in this gap. Thinking I had prepared for this gap period (as I use the GENERIC oxycodone ER) and I am unprepared financially for this drug and its' high costs-- I am thinking today---what in the hell am I going to do?

My upcoming doctor's appointment is within a week and I know he is going to hand me my prescription and I am going to go to the pharmacy and either put it on a credit card or not be able to have any pain relief because I really don't have the money to get it filled *approximately $1,200. I know that I receive fifty to sixty percent pain relief from this medication *reference to the generic and I can't hardly function without it. Because the Oxycontin rx is unavailable in a "generic"; my only option is to get the BRAND name of Oxycontin SR-- which I will have to pay 100%.

I called Community Care RX and said the generic is no longer being made and since my letter stated that I was approved for "OXYCONTIN" specifically***in black and white on a letter head from them - what are they going to do about it? I am already on disability at age 40+, being on heavy duty drugs for major pain from rheumatoid arthritis, SLE (lupus), and 20+ surgeries from failed spinal fusions to knee and hip (JOINT) replacements--I feel I need my oxycodone prescription in order to "survive without intense pain".

I have taken all avenues in the insurance company (appeals, representatives for this and that, pharmacists, etc) when all I want is what was told to me and that was that my oxycodone prescriptions would be covered for this entire year at $5.00 I can't help it that they don't make the drug anymore- why can't this company see that?? Why should I , the consumer, be denied coverage? Why should the insurance companies be allowed to basically dictate to the doctors that one drug is covered and another isn't?

The patients shouldn't be told by anyone *other than their prescribing physician who did go to medical school and received intensive training to treat human beings, and yet we "allow" insurance and drug companies to "rule" our healthcare and benefits!!!

I am caught in a dreadful bind because the GENERIC that was on the formulary is no longer available and the BRAND is not on the formulary so I have to shell out all that money! I don't think they set out to screw me personally but I believe we all could be in situations like this. I hope I am helped in this situation but maybe somehow, someday. someway many people will be helped if our whole system is changed to help us-- the "patients" who are treated by "our physicians".

LT i feel your pain. My father went through the same thing before he passed. His drugs were costing him 1800-2400 a month. No coverage at all. When hospice came in we had a little help with some drugs but very little.

It was devestating to them. We tried different drugs for his pain and most were so expensive he couldn't afford them. Oxycontin and Duragesic patchs were the most expensive that he was on. We tried others with some success like ms contin and methadone that were alot cheaper.

Methadone was very very cheap and worked good for a long time. Don't know if you have tried them but could be a good alternative to the high cost of oxycontin. I myself am on oxycontin for now only because my ins did pay for the real ones this time but holding my breath for the next refill because my ins co flips arround from month to month. If they refuse then i will be looking for a different drug myself.

I was amazed when i got my real oxy's yesterday and took one. I haven't had that kind of releif in a long time. Alot better releif and they lasted like they should. As many of them that are made and sold, we shouldn't be paying the kind of prices that we do. Same on you purdue for holding us hostage like you do.

Praise to all who post comments concerning generic vs. brand name!!! I have been on both generic and name brand oxycontin and roxicodone. One thing for sure is their is a major difference!. First off understand one thing: it's always about the money!, I repeat IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY!!!!! True, some makers of generic medications come directly from the name brand company, Watson oxycontin (generic) is made by Purdue Pharma, and the medication formulary is identical. However, roxicodone is made available in many different strenghts and many, many, many, different generic brands. Chronic pain sufferers Will and Can note the difference in their pain releif. My suggestion to those of you who prefer to take the generic version because of costs is to start identifying your generics and make note of pain releif experienced from which brands actually work better for you. Hopefully you are writing this down for future reference, then every month go to a different pharmacy to fill your prescriptions, again making note of the Manufacture, dosage and strength and most important, the pain relief you get. You will soon know which generics work the best and then ensure you which ones work for future purchases. Unfortunately with this medication being a narcotic, you may get stuck having to go to the same pharmacy depending on your insurance co. or Doctor prescribing this. At least for those of you with a choice, you will at least know the brands working best and inform your pharmacy to carry the specific generic brand you have found out to work for your pain relief. Iv'e done this and have found out it is the only way to overcome the certain crappy generics that might as well be full of sh....t, for no more pain releif you will get from it. Good luck and may the good Lord Jesus bless you all and provide the pain relief you need. Anyways when you do find the ones which work best, inform your pharmacy and your doctor. If everyone would do this, eventually certain generic brand names will start becoming visible to both doctor and pharmacy alike and the generic companies will have to formulate better or quit trying to scam those of us who suffer daily because of their greed.

For the record, Dr's did not pull generic Oxycontin off the market. It was by a court order over a patent dispute. The maker of the generic version began making it before they were eligible to do so. I took brand name Oxycontin for 5 years and have been on the generic version for 2 years and cannot tell the difference.

I have been on generic oxycodone for 5 yrs. and am now forced to pay a $60 co-pay for brand name oxycontin. I was very upset as I payed for it. I called my insurance co. and felt since the I didn't have a choice the co-pay should be $30 as my other name brand. I only got about 50% relief from generic, and am not getting any more relief from name brand. If I got more relief, it would be great. But this is not the case.

I agree that most of the generics do not give you the same quality of life as the original purdue oxycontin. I have found an afordable allternative with the watsons brand. My question is that when are they going to take the generics off the shelves at the pharmacies? I don't care for any of them but the watson brand but its the only thing I can afford with a price of $404 instead of $900 plus is what purdue costs. If anyone knows a date when generics will be gone please comment back.
Thank You

To all pain med user's especialy oxycontin,yes, the generic sucks really bad thank god they cant make anymore. If your insurance company insists on generic's just get your dr. to prescribe the name brand and put on the prescription "name brand medically necessary. This should work it did for me when I was on them and trust me I feel your pain.

The insurance company has to pay for it that way. Now on another note if you really can't get what you want that way and are really in a lot of pain have your dr. switch you to methadone. Yes, methadone. This drug was first intended as a pain med and not for junkies. I switched to it a year ago because oxycontin name brand really didn't do much for me and my pain and I did not want to be upped to a higher dose again.

This drug has done miracles for me. I feel like i did before all this pain ever started. I take 20 mg 3x a day. They only cost me $20 for a months supply and that's with no insurance. Good Luck to all.

I have been taking Oxycontin for over twelve years for a lower back injury. I'm up to 240 mg ER 3 times a day and 150 mg IR daily for breakthrough pain.

This is a real bitch when I go into the hospital (they don't believe me, I always have to ask for the Pain Management Team).

Because of me being in the Medicare Coverage Gap, even though my Dr's office called the Ins Co so I could get the branded OC's, they got the Quanity Limit raised to 270 a month and the Ter lowered from a 3 to a 2 so I could afford the medication.

When I went to the pharmacy to fill my medication I was told it would be almost $2800.00, just for my 80 mg pills, I told them to call the Ins Co.

Well they did, and, was told I was in the Coverage Gap, (this I already knew) and the three days my doctors office spent making the new arrangements meant nothing, even though the generic being discontinued was not my fault.

So finally, what I would like to know is when will they be able to make the generic version again?

In the mean time my Dr changed me to the generic version of MS Contin. My pain has gone through the roof. I'm taking 400 mg 3 times a day (the eq to the 240 mg OC is 360 mg MS).

It seems to be doing little good, and my Dr thinks Methadone is too unstable a drug, even though I told him I had taken it years ago and been vary satisfied with the results.

I don't want to scare anyone but, No one really understands chronic pain unless they have put the 9mm in their mouth and contemplated pulling the trigger. Even though you have a wife and child you love dearly, the pain is just too high a price. God help us all.

Generic Oxycontin is available again. Purdue Pharma has licensed Mallinckrodt for one year to manufacture and market the drug. I got it on October 4, 2008.

Thanks SO much for all these comments! For the past 3 weeks I have thought that either I was going nuts, or my tolerance had gone up markedly and suddenly a month ago, and then drastically and frighteningly again one week ago. I had no idea what I was going to do, and just decided to do a google search to find out if what the pharmacist told me about the generics disappearing was true. I just happened to click on this site by mistake and found out that all generic oxycodone brands are not the same, even if they are supposed to be the same mg dose!

I have been taking the generic Teva 40 mg ER tablets for a long time. No problems. Then last month, the pharmacy gave me a bottle that was half Teva 40's and half Endo 40's, explaining that they were out of their usual kind and were filling the remaining prescriptions with a different kind. Everything was fine for the first couple weeks, when I had the usual Tevas. Then I had taken most of the Tevas and started alternating them with the new Endos. This coincided with my contracting what I thought was the flu. I started getting aches and pains, vomited on two different days, and just felt generally somewhere between miserable and uncomfortable. And my sciatic pain was increasing substantially. (I have two severely herniated disks.)I put this down to the fact that I had not been going to my yoga classes due to having the flu! So this kept up throughout that Teva/Endo mixed prescription, sometimes better for a few hours or a day, but always back to worse.

Last week the month was up -- I finished that prescription and got my refill. This time, the pharmacy said they had no generics at all, and I had to go to a different pharmacy. This pharmacy gave me Impax 40's. If I thought I was feeling bad before, now I started feeling purely awful. This started a week ago, and I have not slept the night through since then. I toss and turn with chills and aches and pains. I am intermittently nauseated with a headache, I yawn and yawn and my nose runs -- classic withdrawal symptoms-- and my sciatic pain is sharp and constant, including a persistent repetitive burning sensation in my toes, something that I haven't experienced since my last failed surgery, more than two years ago.

More than once I have resorted to taking extra medication, although this terrifies me because it means I will run short at the end of the month if I don't make it up by going without to make up for it. So I have just been enduring this increasing misery for the past three weeks and now that I have found out the cause, I am FURIOUS.

I can't believe that doctors either do not know this or choose not to tell their patients. This is, as others have pointed out, potentially life-threatening when it goes the other way, from weaker to stronger, which is what we are ALL about to do when the generics are no longer available! This is scary!

Now the problem is going to be convincing the physicians that this is true, let alone convincing them to apply this knowledge (should I convince them) to their prescriptions and informing their patients. Tomorrow I am going to call my doctor's office and see if they would be willing to take the remainder of this prescription and write me a new prescription to replace those with the brand-name ones. And if they agree to this, hopefully, since my tolerance has presumably gone down a bit over the past three weeks of lowered dosage, the extra strength of the true Oxycontins will make up for my taking extra -- I'm estimating that so far I'm running about 5-6 pills short for the month, which would be, for me, about 48 hours worth.

Oh boy. It sure is fun to be dependent on painkillers. Don't you all just want to scream "WHY? WHY? WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?" every so often? I sure do. Ah well, I guess "it is what it is", as they say these days. Thanks for all the info I got from everyone here!

I have been taking oxycontin 10mg pills (2 per day) for 2 months now with no problems. I am able work and think clearly on them and never get drowsy. I just refilled my prescription 2 days ago and the pharmacy asked if I wanted the generic version. I thought I would try it out and save some money. The generic version I got was by Mallinckrodt. I took a regular oxycontin in the morning, and tried one of the generics in the afternoon.

2 hours after taking the generic I started to feel a little weird. I could barely keep my eyes open and could barely think?? I almost passed out driving home from work which scared the crap out of me. It almost feels as if time releasing mechanism of the pill failed and all of the medication was released in those 2-3 hours. I have never had this kind of a reaction from any pain medication that I have been prescribed. These are awful and I would not recommend switching to this generic version.

As far as the generics not working as well as oxycontin, I had a conversation with the makers of the generic and was told by them that the compound is different than is in oxycontin and they do know that lots of people do not absorb the generic because the inert ingr. AND THEY STILL DO MAKE IT!

I don't care what anybody says, there is a difference between generic oxy and real ones. My problem was the generic wore off so fast, I was going thru mini withdrawals before my next dose was due. My pain mang. Dr. has me taking one oxy every 8 hrs instead of 12 hrs. It's not in your head, there is a difference.

My husband and myself have suffered with the no pain relief but just terrible effects of the generic brand of oxycodone Mallinckrodt for the last two months now. My husband was given this cheap brand in Januuary when he was on the 15mg. This month we were both given 30mg, because our Doctor thought we would be better off taking less per day.

Well, quess what? We could not find the 30 mg oxycodone at our regular pharmacy or any other drug store for that matter. We checked with a certain Walgreen's and said that they had a couple of different brands. I did explain to the pharmacist that "I do not want the Mallinckrodt brand, but most any other generic should be fine". I was told that I was getting another generic. When I got home and opened my pill bottle it was another brand alright! Both my husband and myself got the Mallinckrodt brand.

These are terrible! Both, my husband and myself were in car accidents, and I know my pain is just like I took nothing for pain! My husband say's "they aren't helping him either. Walgreen's now say that "they don't have another brand, just the Mallinckrodt. Walgreen's also say that we have to wait until that certain Walgreen's will get them in, and they don't know when that will be.

In the mean time, we are really going through some tough times right now! I would gladly get the name brand, if they were not so expensive. If more people would stick together, and do something about this sorry brand and others like it. How much longer!

Are they making generic oxycontin again? Does anyone know?

I have been on 5mg oxycodone 4 times a day for 2 yrs for pain & was recently prescribed 5 mg roxicet because oxycodone was un-available. The Roxicet seems much weaker & I have to take 2 pills to get the same pain relief as one 5mg oxycodone. Bottle says same MG of oxycodone but don't experience the same pain relief

I had an accident at work on June 5, 2008. I have two stress fractured vertebrae, L5-S1 bulge, L4-L5 Bulge, DDD on top of all that but not to extreme yet. Along with peripheral neuropathy (sp?) and extensive sciatic nerve damage down my right side. I take 80mg Oxycontin 3x's a day along with Lyrica. And I couldn't agree more about the Brand Name versus Generic.

The Generic are just useless for me to say the least. My DR puts generic oxy on the prescription but they started me with Brand Name from day 1. I didn't start with the 80mg but worked up to that. Anyway, about four months ago they had given me Generics and said my work comp wouldn't pay for Brand Name. I didn't care at the moment because I had no idea what I was in for. Let's just say I was in bed for most of the month or in my recliner because of the lack of how the generics did anything for my pain.

I would have to take two in the morn when I wake up, that's assuming I even got any sleep that night, just to have any kind of relief and that left me with one left for the rest of the day. Needless to say I ended up taking about two in the morn and two around 4:00 P.M. and fell short that month. So I went through the worst withdrawal symptoms ever and hurt myself even more from throwing up. The next month they gave me Generics again and I refused and said you me Brand Name for 5 months with no problem so after what I went through last month I want you to try to run the Brand Name through.

They did and it worked so all is fine other than my back and leg problems still exist and I'm not back to work yet. But when I brought it up to my DR that next month and asked if he would put no generics on the scrip, he said there is no difference and he doesn't do that. Obviously he doesn't understand and only reads the paper facts that they supposedly put the same amount of oxycodone in them, but I must say I don't believe it for a minute.

Sorry about the rambling but this is a touchy subject for chronic pain sufferers as myself and believe the DR's should listen to the majority of the patients and not the manufacturers. Hopefully I can get the work comp issue resolved and get back to some type of a normal life with my daughters and friends and work. Even though they said I can't do physical labor work the rest of my life, which is the toughest pill to swallow considering I have done concrete for 15 yrs of my life.

Sitting behind a desk is not gonna be easy and I can't even sit longer than 20 min anyway so not sure what Work Comps plan is. Good Luck to everybody out there with pain. And I hope this Brand Name and Generic thing works out for everybody, and it would be even nicer if we could all not have our life revolve around this stupid medication. We can all dream.

The Oxycontin generic I am taking is Opana. It is useless and I was wondering if anyone out there would know if there is any light at the end of the tunnel for the oxycontin rx that works.

From the limited amount of research I've been able to do (which DOES include speaking with a highly respected drug developer/research doctor, as well a featured TIME magazine researched article), There is 'without question' numerous reasons for concern in the manufacture of generic medication substitutions. Mallinckrodt admittedly uses approx. 20% 'fillers' in the manufacturing of their oxycodone products.

Of even greater concern, is the manufacture of these products in China (represented as equal to brand name); which are then imported and distributed to pharmacies 'of all sizes' (from individual Mom-n-Pop drug stores to the national retail drug chains). Mallinckrodt's oxycodone is (in my opinion) 'of suspect quality at best' lacking in any apparent quality control. I feel the DEA should be much more aggressive concerning the content and quality standards of those medications, shifting what appears to be their focus of keeping doctors from treating patients' pain issues because of of prosecution.

My apologies for not being able to reference the TIME Magazine article pertaining to the problems with Chinese-made generic medications, but I would encourage anyone interested to look for the article (printed approx. in the fall of 2006, I think), but I can assure you this is an extremely informative, deeply researched article which outlines the extreme dangers for anyone accepting Chinese manufactured medication substitutions for their name brand counterparts...

I learned only today that my pharmacy is all out of Oxycodone 40MG, which is the generic equivalent of the same strength Oxycontin.

Not only are they completely dry, but they informed me the generics are gone... for GOOD.

Which, trust me, for most of us in modern-day America... is BAD.

I have been taking generic equivalents of Oxycontin in 80MG and 40MG strengths for about five years. I've also been taking a 30MG, Instant-Release generic equivalent for Roxicodone.

I've never noticed ANY difference in potency whatsoever.


In fact, I could swear the generics I've been able to buy have been BETTER than their trademarked, copywrited, or in some other way "bought and paid for" brand name-as-bully, big pharma big brothers.

Earlier this year, my co-pay on generics went from $10 to $20.

Six weeks later, another jump to $40.

Last month, another giant leap, this time reaching FIFTY BUCKS a pop.

Then... came TODAY.

Now, my out-of-pocket (are they out-of-their-minds!) for a name brand?

My co-pay will be $102.

That's right.

Yes, you read that correctly: NOT an even $100.

THAT wouldn't be adequately insulting, I suppose.

I feel for you folks who've not had the same success as I have with generics. I'm not sure why that is, but I've always gotten mine in either Downtown Chicago or suburban Detroit (West Bloomfield). I mean, it was bad enough having to deal with all the misinformation and misconceptions spurred by TV shows having storylines based on "true stories" of fictional toothless losers knocking over the local pharmacy in Appalachia in order to score their "hillbilly heroin."

Telling someone who is ignorant of the distinct difference between "addiction" and "physical dependence" is enough of a hurdle to overcome without having to sweat the money required to buy the drug and, in having access, then try and fashion some sort of life for oneself in spite of the myriad problems chronic, severe pain presents.

Best of luck to all.

While I am NOT a doctor, I've spent enough time in hospitals to know how they operate (ugh). I offer only my insight and the lessons this experience has taught me.


I have a failed spinal surgery, annular fissure tear of the spine, and other
problems with my spinal chord. I had been on Lortab 10 for a few years and that wasn't helping me anymore so my P.M. Doc put me on Oxycontin 40mg. My first fill was the name brand. Just four days ago I got my first refill and ended up getting these generic OxyContin 40mg made by DAV. They are pale purple with G 163 on them. These generics are not worth a darn! They do not even seem to work half as well as the name brand. I feel as though I have been cheated by the pharmaceutical company. It's just not fair, how these multi-billion dollar companies can just screw people.

Last night I was at FDA web site and there's a medwatch on Generic Oxycodone. . Does any one know if this applies to the Name brand Oxycontin also??


Opana and Oxycontin are two different drugs. One contains oxymorphone (opana) and the other oxycodone (oxycontin)

There was a Time Magazine article (approx 1 year ago) concerning a patient's experience with a generic (heart) medication he was forced replace his normal name brand with, due to Insurance issues. The article stated he nearly died because the generic replacement was Chinese manufactured and contained a mixture that was lethal for anyone with his particular condition... A doctor treating him ordered exhaustive tests on the medication, which proved there were ingredients which would be fatal to most patients which would be prescribed it.

Another manufacturer which I am very suspect of is Mallinckrodt.. Many, many people have had adverse reactions to their pain medications... Aside from it's ineffectiveness, the medication also causes numerous side effects... Although, these are 3rd party accounts, I am certain these folks are truthfully relaying their experiences with this manufacturer's products. I would like to know if their generic replacements are manufactured in China as well???

I would also like to know if their products are subject to regular quality controls and if the 'fillers' are recorded and available as public record???

My experience with Mallinckrodt, is horrible, their generic percocet did not work at all for me. I was stuck with it when my pharmacy replaced Watson with this Mallinckrdt junk! I called Watson about two years ago and they told me that they had stopped making their generic percocet, and if I still find it is because some suppliers still had large quantities in their warehouses, and when they were gone, that was the end of it.

Maybe I got the wrong information, anyone heard anything else? Is there another generic besides Mallincrodt? I switched to brand back then, but now my workers comp insurance says they won't pay for brand. All of this is not fair to the injured workers, but of course it's more money for everyone else, that's America, no regard for the injured worker.

It's amazing the number of people who take opiates but don't know anything about them or the differences between them!!!

There is a new form of oxycontin coming out to pharmacies this year 2010 I believe in Aug, I believe this is going to ruin the medication all together because the generic did no good for me either. The pill is suppose to be so hard that a hammer can not even break it, so how is my digestion that is extremely going to digest it? Probably not. Has anyone gotten these yet and what are your thoughts? Thank You

I have tried the 60mg op they're the ones with polymer in them, they're terrible, they do not control the pain and are not near effective as the original oc without the new formulation using polymer.

My husband, and I both have been taking Mallinkrodt brand oxycodone 30mg for nearly three years now. We have taken the other generic Actavis also, and qualitest. This month we each got from our Pharmacy, the Actavis (for my husband) I received, Mallinkrodt. We are each experiencing terrible pain, and no relief from both of these generic drugs! Does anyone know what this could be? You know, there was just another shortage of this medication? Do you think that the Manuf. have changed this drug? Do you think we both got a hold of bad batches?

I never took any pain medication until I was over 43 years of age. I used to need to be on something, but I was afraid of pain medicine. I got worse, and I re-injured myself. Now I have arthritis to the extreme! I am so tired of these inferior generics, but we pay cash for our Doctors, can't afford to the medicine too! I have the phone numbers of the Mallinkrodt people. I will call them tomorrow, but I doubt anything will be done about any replacement.

Anyone know what I can do? No comments are welcome from people who have not lived with chronic pain or who believe the lie about generics being the same as name brand, please!

If you yourself have never tried the generic version of oxycodone and the name brand, then you should not be commenting on this subject! I don't think, I know that there is a big difference between the name brand, and the generic forms of not only this drug but many others! The generic zoloft is another one that is inferior. The generics have made some pretty good oxycodones, now they are nothing more than a sugar pill!

Only a sugar pill is not dangerous, and does nothing to cause serious side effects. All three of these generic oxycodone 30mg (qualitest, Mallincrodt& Actavis) are the same, only a different shape, slight difference in color, and of course with each Companies own distinct marking. I hope to God that you or anyone else never has to suffer with the pain that I have. If however, you ever have to be on oxycodone or any other generic drug, I pray by then that these problems were all having with the g. drugs will improve. If everyone could only treat others as they would want to be treated, including the drug makers' this would surely be a better world! God bless.

I have been taking oxycodone 30s for about a year now, I have a fractured hip bone and horrible sciatic damage and cannot be operated on. I always go to the same pharmacy but recently they were out of the meds so I went to another place and they gave me ones with a v on one side and 48 12 on the other. she charged me twice the price but since I needed it I paid. After taking it I felt no pain relief at all and so my pain was coming on then on top of it I started going through withdrawals which by late evening into night hit me much harder til around 1 am when no one was open. I was debating going into the ER. looking back I should have.

I looked up the maker of this pill and it links to a company called "vintage pharmaceuticals" which has bogus website and a phone number where no one answers. Thank god I had some morphine pills on me and though the chemical compound is different they didn't help much but kept me from going to the ER .

This medication they gave me, I believe is not a fda approved med at all and may possibly coming from India or China or some third world country and being sold to these private pharmacies as generics wit the same label and print. But anyone and including myself know my body it was not the same drug as it claimed to be, and extremely dangerous knowing that it is being sold to people because as mentioned in some posts above me I felt like I was going to die.

Next day I ran to the pharmacy and called an officer to come along with me for safe keeping, since the pharmacist was rude on the phone and said she wasn't going to give me back the 160$ (double what I normally pay) or exchange the pills or give me back the script so I went there shaking and I told the cop what was happening although he looked at me suspiciously and then had my doctor call her and demand I get another more known brand which now is OK , they are the A - 215 which is what I usually take but this one isn't as strong as my usual but still better that that last one.

The pharmacist I heard tell the police in the back to come over to her and she was saying to the cops something like "this woman is addicted and so you can't believe what she is saying" and made me look bad but I told the police my end of the story and in the end no report was made which I'm kind of upset about because they just walked out and left once she handed me the refill while I was on the phone with my doctor and I turned around and they were gone.

What can I do about contacting and who do I contact about this manufacturer to this medication as i looked up called "vintage"?

I've been living with chronic pain for many years and my pain medication has always been a generic oxycodon. I take it three times daily, on a schedule-at 7:00-2:00 and 7:00. I have a family doctor and a general surgeon and within these past two weeks my medication isn't showing up in my blood work that I'm taking it. I don't understand, I took my bottle of oxycodon to my drug store and had them check it out, it's fine I was told. Then why isn't it showing up in my blood work,? What could be the problem? please can you give me some answers? I am taking my medication, I can't do with out it. I've had cancer twice in my bladder and now I'm told it has possibly spread to my abdomen.

I've been taken pain medication for about a year and a have now. In April of 2011 I was involved in a self inflicted fall accident (I hopped off a board walk) shattered my tibia, fibia, dislocated (L) knee and tore every ligament and tendon in my knee. I've had 3 surgeries over the past year and a half and still in agonizing pain. My tibia plateau has not fully fused and still doing P.T. a yeah and a half later. My physician who has been treating me for pain started me on the oxicotin 15mg named brand tablets and eventually had to work our way up to the 60mg oxicotin name brand twice a day, but never seemed to get rid of the pain.

Anyone who does not have insurance know how expensive the named brand can become. They also where I'm from don't carry generic oxicotin so she had to switch me over to the generic 30mg oxicodone tablets every 6 hrs, only seemed to help the pain for half the time. Then she had to raise my dose and give me a 10mg Endocet (generic Percocet) for the break thru pain. I always go to the same place for to fill my scripts because they know me and my physician, and so I don't have any problems really strict here. When they run out of the usual brand I get filled they will always give me a different generic.

To be honest it seems that some help the pain better then others even with the 10mg generic Percocet. I eventually told my doctor and she gave me the name brand oxicodone 30mg tabs and what a difference but so was the price, I could actually take less then while taken the generic. So I strongly advise anyone that can afford or is insured to get name brand, my take on the matter is that generics DO NOT help address the agonizing pain as much as the real thing.

If someone could look into this it would be great, we spend a lot of money on trying to ease our everyday chronic acute pain to not work when there is better performing medication of supposedly the same equal strength....THANK YOU and no one wants to build up a tolerance and become physically addicted to these medications so LESS IS BETTER. AND GOD BLESS EVERYONE WITH YOUR PAIN AND INJURIES, HOPE EVERYONE FEELS BETTER!

Dear Doctor-you are so correct!!!!!I was on the oxycontin for several years before I was forcibly switched to the Neos in Ontario Canada-I was taking 6 80's a day back then-then the horrible neos -I was doing 16 40's a day(8 80's) a day and that still didn't compare-Now my doctor tried me on the new generics-Apo-Oxycodone Hcl-4 80's per day and quickly I had to let him know they were not cutting it.

He then, only 2 days ago moved me up to 6 80's a day to where I was a year ago, and to my chagrin they are not even close to relieving the pain. I was told by my pharmacist that the ingredients are the same and that it may take time for the neos to get out of my system and let the new generic oxycodones work their way in. They either work or they don't right?- What's all this BS about?

I am just getting sick and tired of all this,and now I have to bother my doctor again, who is going to be weary of my complaints-which I don't blame him for! Why are these NOT working like the originals -why???? I am told there are several companies making them-well this one is doing a friggin'lousy job! Possibly I will have to try the various generics on the market before I ask my doctor for an increase-but now it's Christmas time and what-I'm going to be in bed for another week-I am in constant pain-24/'7-I broke my back when I was a kid and also was in a horrific auto accident where I broke my arm in several places and have a rod and 2 plates in my wrist along with 5 fused vertebrae with 2 9 inch Herrington rods in my back (1 was removed-L2 to L7 are gone.

Does anyone have the answer-Has anyone else tried the other generics that possibly work as they should? Pls Ps help-thanks GY

I have already commented but I don't think I checked the box to be notified when there are follow up comments-thank you so much

I trust Watson. they just purchase the pharmaceutical brand "activis". Today I just started 50 mgs. of kadian. Is there a difference in activis, and watson? My pharmacy was out of my 50's, so I get them Friday. and for the people talking about malincroft, they are correct! I had to go to Ralph's pharmacy to get my 25mcgm fentynal patches, and I had to get bumped up to 50's! When I put the patch on, it was Watson from cvs, and was about 30% stronger, stuck better, anyway. Stay away from mallincroft! I would appreciate any info on the kadian. thank you, Stu A.

I am having an awful time on the mallindkrodt 7.5/325 dose. My vision is blurry, I am irritable and get these spike impulses through my head not to mention burning in my esophagus. The only way to get changed back onto what I have been taking for years (endocet) I am told, is to bring the pills to the doctor's office and have him write a new prescription. There is a difference between brands. This happened twice to me with same results.

I have found that the co-oxycodone lasts about 7 hrs-8 hrs as I take them late and wake up at 630 am so from 1130pm -630am I'm having withdrawal symptoms.

I sincerely pray, madpharm, that you, or anyone you actually care about, never has any type of incurable disease like the patients on this site endure every day of our lives; 24/7; 365 days a year. I honestly don't think that you could tolerate the pain that I do, or the pain these other people live with; if you ever did, you would have never written such an uninformed statement lacking in simply humane treatment of the unfortunate customers you have who pay your bills.

madpharm, I took myself off of morphine sulphate and trazadone. When my Dr. wrote me a prescription for Oxycontin, after taking 2 capsules, each 1 was taken 2 days apart to see if I had the same horrible side-effects, I took the whole bottle back to my Dr., minus 2 capsules and explained that I didn't know who could tolerate that medication but it wasn't me. I had him count them in front of me and my husband; then, he wrote me my normal pain medicine which is Percocet 10-325. Now, I was given the new generic by a different manufacture and it does nothing to ease my pain and then I find that Watson has stopped making it's generic and that the company that makes the "brand name" is going to stop making that, as well.

I am facing the amputation of both my feet and, most likely, my entire right leg. So, madpharm, hence my prayer for you and those you love. You do not know what you're saying, I assure you. Yes, the majority of generics work just fine; but, any other maker of generic Percocet, Watson, is completely ineffective. I've outlived the "experts" opinion by nearly 5 years through shear willpower and God's will. Now, I'm holding on to God as hard as I can and begging him to help me endure this pain which would cause most people to just give up; lay down; and die.

Until you've lived with that level of pain, or lived with someone who has to, like my husband, perhaps you would serve your customers much better if you had an epiphany and realized how wrong you are about this one issue. I sincerely wish you good luck because if you ever suffer as I do, you're going to need a lot more than luck to get you through Hell on Earth.

Most of what you had to say was correct. Oxycontin contained Oxycodone (basically the pure form of the medication), Acetam. and codeine. It was created to control all types of Chronic Pain including post operative pain. Also, my friend whichever your talking about (oxycodone or oxycontin): both are Opioids. So therefore, what I, m saying is: is that Oxycontin was not created for patients who are opiod resistant. Rather, it was created to combat all types of chronic pain.

I have been on Oxycontin for the past 15 years for chronic bone pain following Chemo and surgery for Malignant Histioxytosis. Two weeks ago -March 15, 2014 My insurance company took it off the formulary! They gave us no warning -they just stopped it!

Fortunately I was able to get a different strength to keep me pain free and out of withdrawal, but this week they removed the other strengths from the formulary! This SHOULD be illegal! So many people's lives are so adversely affected by this!! My pharmacist said he heard that Oxycontin is going to be available in the generic form again. Has anyone ed heard this? Is there any truth to this?? I truly hope so!!

Sir, with respect, you are completely wrong!!! I have unfortunately been on narcotics for years!! Some generics are MUCH more effective than others. Actually, my PAIN Dr.'s son, in med school, has just PROVED in a double blind study, that in fact some generics have ZERO pain relieving ingredients!!! (Mostly from CHINA, so DO ask PHARMACIST WHERE THEY WERE MANUFACTURED!!) So if you go from an average amount to zero pain relieving ingredients, of course you will have a dramatic difference in response. And in fact, there is only a slight "Placebo Affect"!!!!

To "ASSURE" your patients that all pain relieving medications are the same, is to LIE to them. Please do more research before telling people in MISERY that it is in fact IN THEIR HEAD, WHEN IT'S NOT.

I agree with this physician i have tried endocet and now oxcodone sandoz and they are either not effective or make me ill. GENERICS ARE NOT EQUAL!!

I have chronic cluster headaches and fibromyalgia. My doctor recently put me on Natrexlone (think that's the right spelling) at 2 mg to start. Normally dose given to overdosed drug users is 50 mg. Can't believe my headaches have almost quit (I was having them every night!). Dr. has begun giving it to his fibro patients and said the maximum dose for this kind of pain reduction is 5 mg. It has to be compounded. So far his patients are having good results. Also now being used to help alcoholics stay dry. I've always done best with the oldest drugs as the newer ones cause serious side effects or don't work.

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