Q. I recently took my husband for a consultation before his colonoscopy. He wants to get the drink now to clean his colon and then take it again the day before the procedure. Is there any danger to this?

I understand he wants the doctor to get a good view of his colon and is afraid taking the drink the day before is not going to be enough. He also thinks he would possibly feel better if he took this.

A. Your husband may be watching too much cable television, where they talk about detoxification and colon cleansing. After he does this once, he may not be so enthusiastic about repeating the procedure right away. It is unlikely to make him feel better.

If your husband follows the doctor’s instructions carefully, his colon will be clean for the procedure. Side effects may include nausea, bloating, cramping and anal irritation.

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  1. LC

    Everyone is different. I recently had a colonoscopy and my gastroenterologist told me to use Miralax. This a laxative, but not a sufficient cleaner–at least it wasn’t in my case, and I cleansed for two days, not one. In fact, she couldn’t get through sufficiently due to scar tissue from an old surgery, so she ordered a Barium for the next morning. At that point, I had cleansed for three days and the radiologist said I still had a lot of stool. In the end, I had to have a virtual colonoscopy.

  2. J

    My husband has followed the written diet and laxative instructions for each of his three colonoscopies and the doctor said all was clear for the procedure. The reduction in diet for two days is annoying and the laxative is pretty rough, but I’m pleased my hubby will get checked as he has had polyps removed in the past. I don’t think anyone should be left alone during the laxative portion of the preparation; hubby felt pretty weak and he’s quite strong and healthy.

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