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Cause For Cornstarch Cravings?

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Q. What are the health implications of consuming large quantities of cornstarch?

A. A person who craves cornstarch might have pica. This condition is frequently triggered by iron or zinc deficiency. We have heard from readers hooked on carrots, radishes, ice chips and popcorn. The cravings may disappear once the deficiency is corrected.
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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 3.7/5 (140 votes)
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When I was working as a diet aide at a metropolitan hospital, a dietician mentioned that a craving for bread indicated a Vitamin B need.

My cravings for cornstarch started when I was pregnant with my now 3 yr old who will be 4 monday, March 3... I still crave it, and I go through 4-5 boxes of argo cornstarch a week, and I have tried to give it up. Is this unhealthy? Who do I go to to to stop these cravings?

I begin eating cornstarch about 5 years ago. I consume about 5 boxes a week. I now use a straw. I think it has contributed to weight gain, and I am positive it causes constipation. Would love to kick the habit.

I have been eating argo cornstarch since I was 19. It started when I was in my first pregnancy and I've been eating it ever since. I used to eat a box a day, and trying to cut back but it's hard. I also have a very low blood count, and I think it is making me gain weight. I have tried everything possible to stop but nothing helping. Advice please. I'm 33.

I have been eating corn starch for about 10 years, and it's like when I'm nervous or I just dont know I'm eating it more and more and afraid that it will cause me to gain weight. I had tha gastric bypass surgery 2 years okay but in a way it decreases my appetite.

Ashia, I also had the gastric bypass surgery. I gained weight from eating a box of cornstarch a day. Sometime I would eat 2 boxes a day. I went to my primary care doctor and he tested my blood and discovered that my iron, b12 and potassium were extremely low. He prescribed me some iron pills, gave me a b12 shot and I now have to have a glass of orange juice and eat a banana every day for my potassium. I have been doing this for a month and I still crave for cornstarch. It is hard, but I don't want to keep gaining weight.

Stay away from it. It does make you gain weight. A box of cornstarch has 1600 calories. I am "kicking" a box a day habit. I loved Argo, Hodkins Mill, and Clabber girl. I thinks it's part psychological. It's been almost six months...I'm eating crushed ice from Quiktrip.

I LOVE cornstarch!!! I can not explain it. THere are times where if I had a choice between a full meal and a tablespoon of starch, I would take the starch in a heartbeat!!

I have been eating cornstarch ever since I saw my mom doing it. That was over 5 years ago. She told me her aunts used to eat it also. I heard it comes from low iron as well as being an african american female can pass on the habit, which I can't help but believe since I'm a black woman. I hate the habit, but I love the taste (if you could call it that) and texture. I'm just glad I'm not the only person that likes it!

Please can someone anywhere tell me how I can stop eating cornstarch. It is affecting my sinus and I have this awful cough and shortness of breath, HELP.

I first tried corn starch 8 years ago and didn't like it not until a year ago I tried it again for what reason I have no clue and been trying to stop the craving. My iron is really low and I have gain weight.

Before I started eating corn starch I weigh 117lbs now I weigh 134lbs which is a big weight gain to me. When I get disgusted with eating it I pour it in the stool and see how the water make it turns into clumps, I'm just wondering what our stomach look like on the inside.

It really don't have a taste I just like to have the gritty feeling in my mouth. I really would like to stop because even tho it may not be harmful right now but as the years come and we get older I think it's going to seriously be a health issue. Some advice please!


Hello, I used to eat starch about 7 years ago when I was pregnant but just made up my mind one day to stop. It was not until 3 1/2 years ago that I started again when I was going through a very stressful time in my life when my health was at its worst. Three years later I went from weighing 122 to 154 pounds. I went as far as eating almost two boxes a day. People would ask me all the time if I was pregnant or if I just had a baby.

This made me even more depressed. One day I just got sick of being tired, depressed and overweight and for what, some white powder that does nothing for me at all. I did a two week complete body detox. I started walking 3- miles a day and going to the gym. I also drank more water (1 ounce for every pound) and I also started taking Geritol complete vitamins.

The directions say to take one a day but FOR ME, I needed to take two a day to really get my iron back up. It takes red blood cells about 120 days or 4 months to replace themselves so with time and will power anyone can kicked this bad habit. So far with just taking starch out of my diet, I have lost 14 pounds. I want my body back.

I started a group for people who have pica. The cornstarch group ( I was anemic for over 30 years & never tested until 4 1/2 years ago and have since been free off and on. I advise everyone who has pica (cornstarch, laundry starch, chalk, Kaolin, baking soda or baking powder, dirt, comet, etc.) to download information on PICA from the internet and take it to their doctor.

Most doctors don't know what pica is or have forgotten. Please feel free to stop by the group or send an e mail to us. We are non judgmental, advise everyone one to see their doctor although some people believe they have it under control and don't want to stop.

Wow! It's so interesting to hear of so many women eating argo starch. I'm 48 yrs old and I ate it back in 1980 when I was pregnant. Once I had my child, I no longer craved it, but I was told that it had to do with an iron deficiency. I have not craved or eaten it in 28 yrs and now out of the blue, the craving is back!!!

I couldn't believe it. I couldn't find the crunchy kind, so I got the cornstarch and it's satisfying the craving. I don't swallow it, I just take a spoonful at a time (about 4 of them) and chew for a second and spit it out by washing my mouth out.

It's crazy! I chew it, all the while the water is running and I wash it out because I don't want too much of it in my system. I don't know the harm, but I'm thinking there has to be something wrong with it. I'm going to buy me some iron today and see if that will eventually take the craving away.

As I type this, I'm craving. I wake up in the middle of the night, putting it in my mouth and washing it out. I feel like some type of reverse anorexic. Thanks to all of you for sharing your stories. It makes me feel less like a freak (smile). It's about that crunch and something about the taste which only lasts for a hot second or two but satisfies something within me. I guess as I get older, I'm needing more iron and that's why the craving has come back.

I had craved baking soda when I was pregnant, and about 3 years after my child was born I started with corn starch. I stop after eating it for a year and a half. But now I find myself thinking about, reading web sites about it and wanting to go buy a box and eat it. I'm trying not to go to the store right now and get me a box and relive that crunch and taste!

I had a craving for cornstarch again just recently. I later went to Red Cross to donate and found out my iron was too low and I wasn't able to donate at the time, I feel really bad about it so I'm quitting. After reading the articles here I am convinced that taking iron pills are better for me. I recommend the iron pills Feosol. I hope my love for cornstarch will go away. Good luck.

I crave cornstarch, I am 38 weeks pregnant. I eat it when I get stressed out because it feels like chewing on ice..the squeaky texture. I began just tasting it because I heard others craved it, so I tried it, and it kinda grew on me. now I eat a argo box about every 2-3 weeks.

I used to chew it and then spit it out after it was liquid, now I eat a huge spoonful and chew it and swallow it. I think its better than food, and it does make me not hungry anymore. I feel stuffed if I eat a few tablespoons. It does also cause me to get constipated for like 3 days at a time. I have to stop eating it so I can go to the bathroom.

I have lost a lot of weight during my pregnancy because I would rather eat a spoon of this rather than some food. I know it can't be healthy but my iron is extremely low, I take 2 iron pills a day and no help yet. I have been tested for other blood issues but nothing yet. I also have a bad thyroid, so maybe this is also a problem.

I will stop eating it after this last box. Its hard but you just have to make up your mind. I quit eating it after my last pregnancy, this is when I first tried it, and I didn't like it. It was funny because this is when my iron went up from8 to 10.
my iron is 9 now, so maybe it will be fine after I deliver.
well, best of luck to everyone, :)

I crave cornstarch, and I have for about 8 years now. I had stopped eating it at one time, but I started craving it again once I stopped taking my vitamins. But, even when I was pregnant, and taking my vitamins, I still craved it. As a teenager, I had a craving for dirt that went on for years. I figured cornstarch was safer than dirt. My older sister used to eat flour, but I didn't like that. I know it's not healthy, but I like the taste. I didn't know cornstarch had so many calories, the box says there are no calories.

I have been eating argo corn starch for six years and I am 26 now. I get really sick. I eat about three boxes a day now. I used to eat about 10 a day. I have taken iron pills and the whole nine i don't know what else to do. I need help. My next step is Psychiatrist.

I first ate white school chalk on a dare. I have been eating it ever since. It is very frighting when I can consume a box of crayola sidewalk chalk a day.I eat the colored kind (20) fat sticks. When I told my Dr. about it he laughed said, "oh, that's called PICA", the most it can do is back you up a bit.. I don't know what to do, I crave it all the time I know I need real help to fix this. Any ideas?

My craving is a little different from everyone else's. I crave the dust of dirt and ice. But my dirt craving is the strongest.
I will be buying some iron pills tomorrow.

Gee I've been hooked on Argo on and off since I was 4 yrs old. (Saw my mom eating it). I like mine freezing cold and would go through about 1/4 box per day now. I'm 24 wks pregnant and have gained 10lbs in one month I believe due to the starch. I always liked it but never craved until now. I have to stop. I bought some SSS Tonic and hope it helps. Anyone got relief after taking iron?

I've been eating cornstarch on and off about 15 years now. I have tried to stop my kids catch me eating and buying in all the time. I go through 2 boxes a day! I have a low blood cell count and leg cramps and gained and lost some weight. I like the new plastic container argo now makes. My great grandmother got me started and I can't seem to stop completely. Glad to know I am not alone. I let my kids taste it they don't like it as much as me of course. I hate when I spill it on my clothes its so hard to get off. And now my lips seem to be getting dry I wonder if it comes from eating so much.

Hello to all my cornstarch sisters, I honestly know how you all feel. I have been eating starch on and off for about 15 years, I use to see my mom eating the hard crunchy starch in the blue box back in 70's and I can't forget that taste. When you crave starch it is definitely an anemia problem. My blood count is 6.9 I can't really take any iron pills so I take Flinstone Vitamins with iron which is still not helping my blood count. I love starch so much until it just makes my mouth water thinking about it. I don't like the new Argo Cornstarch that is in the container it has a funny taste so I really don't eat it like I use to. I like the starch that is in the box.

I been eating cornstarch since i was 16. I am 24 now. I just cant stop. I want to know if it is bad 4 me. I would like to stop, but I just can't.



Have your doctor check for anemia or zinc deficiency. Some people develop a craving for non-food items (like cornstarch). If the deficiency is corrected the craving may disappear.

I just love cornstarch..I don't know why i actually thought i was the only one that sucks it out of a straw. I go through like 7 boxes in a week.I KNOW this is a real problem!I craved cornstarch since i was 17 weeks pregnant with my son who will be a year in December. I've been hooked since. My husbands calls it crackstarch... I want to stop but find myself wanting it more and more everyday.The cravings have gotten worse i hide it in my glove box so that my husband won't know I'm still eating it . MY car is a mess from the cornstarch it's everywhere please help!

when I would get cravings,I would get a box and then take a couple of sucks with the straw and throw it away. I had to get rid of it,because It caused me to have yeast infections. I take iron pills, and when I get cravings, I try to think about something else, and eat something to take the taste away. It's all in the mind!!!!

I'm 23 and I stopped eating cornstarch last December. I had ate it for 10-12 years. My mom used to eat it and I would sneak and eat hers. Once I got older I would just go to the store and buy it myself, around this time my mom had lost a taste for it and stopped eating it. I would buy 4-5 boxes at a time and eat a box every 2-3 days. Luckily I have not gained weight, but I am anemic and it has weakened my teeth. I would chew on the corn starch until it turned into a liquid so now my back teeth sits further down than my front teeth. It's not very noticeable to others, but it's something I have noticed.

I could go all day without eating a meal as long as I had my corn starch. I would crave it while I was away from home and once I got home the first thing I'd do was get some. I loved the way it tasted and the texture of it in my mouth. Many times at the grocery store the cashier would ask me if I ate it, and I would lie and say no and that it was for someone else. They would always say it was bad for you.

Still I crave it, but everyday I have to fight myself not to go buy any. It is truly like a drug addiction. I can't wait for the day I don't think about it at all. In times of stress is when I crave it the most.

Good luck to everyone who has this eating are not alone!

As a child I would crave dirt. Most of us ate mud pies. I remember seeing piles of dirt and saying I wish I had a spoon. It stopped for a few years. But about 7 years ago I started craving starch. Argo corn starch , there is a difference in the taste. I can even tell a fresh box from a stale box. It seemed after I ate I had to have some starch. Like many who smoke. I don't smoke. It just seemed to relax me, soothe me. Not better than sex but very satisfying.

Nonetheless I stopped for months at a time. Then I just start back all over again. I take a multi-vitamin but still seem to have the craving. It gets really bad when you make a special trip to the store just to by the corn starch.I noticed the weight gain especially in my stomach I hate it. I going to stop again and start taking some B12 vitamins maybe that will help. But unlike the others it takes me about a week or two to finish a box. Maybe there's healing for me. I can't see eating a box or two a day. It makes my stomach hurt. Just a little info from a fellow Argo starch user- lol

I grew up watching my mother eat cornstarch and would have a spoon full now and then but up until maybe 6 months ago, I've been craving it like crazy. I am 18 and there are just so many stories on here that I relate to such as not being able to donate blood because of my low iron level. Until today, I had no idea that it is possibly linked to me eating cornstarch.

Scary..but I too have also gained weight..over 30 pounds actually (30 freaking pounds!) and every time I buy a box, I always profess that it will be my last one and that I would diet to lose the weight. Not quite. My boyfriend doesn't like me eating it and I have found myself hiding it from him and lying about it to him. My older sister also eats it and my mother occasionally buys herself a box and I figure even if I do kick the habit, with all of that argo lying around, it wouldn't be for long.

I am so happy that I have stumbled across this site because I was unaware that so many other women shared my habit. Its great to know that I am not alone. Ladies, lets kick this the way, I think its time to see my doctor about this because based on what everyone is saying, I need me some iron pills. lol be blessed sisters...

OMG!! I have been eating cornstarch for a year now and I cant cut back on it I go through almost 8 boxes of cornstarch a month. I crave cornstrach 24/7 even at school, I love ARGO cornstarch I really need to try cuttin back on it please help me get rid of my habit!

Wow! When i saw all the comments on this website, i was relieved to know that so many of us has this cornstarch addiction. My mom use to eat the argo laundry starch when i was very young, and i tried it, but never became addicted during that time. She quit eating it while i was still young. About a year ago i got a strong craving for starch, not sure about what the Argo cornstarch would taste like, i bought a box, tasted it, and have been eating it every since. Like so many of you, i think about it when i am not eating it, or don't have it. I love the texture, and how it feels going down my throat. I want to quit, but find it difficult as well.

I, too, have an addiction. I eat flour. I started when I was 19, when I was pregnant. After I gave birth, I stopped though. Then when I went through a really stressful time when I was 27, I started it again. I went from 125 pounds to 225 in about two years. I know it's the flour. I'm 37 now, still very overweight, still addicted to flour. I started corn starch recently just because it has less calories than flour, so maybe as I try to get off flour, corn starch may be a better alternative.

This has ruined my life. It seems that every time I eat a meal, I want flour afterwards. When I diet and simply don't eat, the flour cravings do go away, but that never lasts for long. You gotta eat eventually, and when I do, my mouth waters for flour. And not just any flour. I like old, stale, past-the-expiration-date flour. Since most grocery stores sell the freshest goods, I even go so far as to travel to places like liquor stores and gas station markets to find old flour, since they're more likely to have stale food items. I am a mess! I really do need help. And, I am so tired of being fat. Sometimes I just want to end it all.

I am thirty eight years old and I have been chewing starch since I was 27. I am anemic and I have to have it. I want to quit but I am truly addicted. I have developed dysphagia and I really do not want food much. Once I quit this time. I will not chew anymore starch...

Here it is Thanksgiving Day. I have all of the Holiday food before me. All I could think about is going to Walmart to get a box of cornstarch. Yes, I've gotten to the point were I would rather have cornstarch than normal food. Well, after I was able to get away from family members, I made my way to Walmart and bought my cornstarch. This time I picked up a bottle of zinc and some iron supplements. I am hoping this will calm my cravings. I too have gain a significant amount of weight from eating cornstarch (40 lbs). I have to stop this madness. I am glad I found this site. I don't feel so alone any more.

I hope someone has gotten in touch with Sherry...The poster who mentioned feeling like ending it all. I am not sure what you mean by that but please yes this is a condition which leads to some health problems such as weight gain but it can be helped. Please don't feel alone or beat yourself up over this. Go see your doctor and get blood work up also please speak with a professional if you are feeling this bad. It sounds like you may be depressed as well and that can be helped too. Take care Sherry and hang in there.

My story...I am an ice eater and a starch eater. Idon't like the argo as much as the organic kind. The organic has a better taste but is much more expensive. My kids call it crack. So when they see me eating it they tell me just say noooo....

I didn't know it caused tooth problems but I do have major bone loss per my dentist he put me on antibiotics but said there is no reversal...I guess in a way this stuff is like crack if I am going to be toothless in a few years. I hide my habit from everyone except my kids.

I have sinus problems from this and yeast infections which I did not understand why but now it all makes sense. I am also constipated. One day I had to go to the restroom so bad and was at the store with my daughter. I left the store and told her to go check out quickly we had to go. I sat in the car with my stomach cramping worse than labor pains and I was sweating, hot and dizzy.

I also eat a spoonful or two after I eat a meal it just kind of tops it off. When I am on the computer first thing in the morning I have 4 or 5 spoonfuls with my morning coffee I usually wont eat anything until dinner cause I have a few spoonfuls during the afternoon.

I keep telling myself I am going to quit because I don't like this stuff inside of me knowing it is blocking normal elimination and for sure toxins are probably building up inside of me from not being regular.

I get headaches from this stuff and it messes up my clothes. I try so hard not to get it on day I went to the store with my daughter and when I got out of the car she told me I had it all over the back and side of my pants.

I like to put it in my mouth and hold it until it forms a big ball and then I break it up and swallow it...that makes my throat hurt but I cant stop.

I know my iron is low and I have always been anemic. When I was really young I would sit on the curb by our house after the sun came out after a rain. I would eat the dirt balls as they dried up I also occasionally ate the heads off of matches but did not like that. I like to smell ice. When I go to the store that has an ice cooler with ice in it I put my head in it and breathe in the smell.

Well it is good to know I am not alone but sad that so many of us are suffering with this. May we all be blessed and start taking our vitamins and kick this habit. Take Care ht

Hi am 40 years old and I consume baby powder, my pica condition started 22 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child, I craved dirt and I consumed even after given birth. I ate dirt for about 17 years and then I heard about cornstarch and decided to try it and became instantly hooked. I ate that for about 4 years and then one day I decided to give the cornstarch up and go cold turkey, I went for about a week and was determined not to give in, but my cravings got so bad that I had to have something, I was in my bathroom and noticed some vagasil feminine powder which contained cornstarch and I poured some in my hand and tasted it, I really didn't enjoy the taste but the texture was dry and good, before I knew it I had eaten the whole bottle, and begin to develop a taste for the perfumed taste with the cornstarch, I went to the store and decided to try some baby powder with cornstarch and I have been hooked for the past year, I don't even desire the plain cornstarch anymore, but I'm worried that the fragrance may be really bad for me! I know I really need help.

Hi every1, i just recently started eating argo laundry starch. My aunt let me taste it and since then i have been tasting it in my mouth even wen i'm not eating it..i don't know if this argo laundry starch causes weight gain like the argo cornstarch does but if it does i guess i can stand to gain a few pounds lol. Can some1 tell me if it does cause weight gain?

Wow! all these things are exactly what has happened to me, every time i say that i am going to quit, i eat more, i am at almost a full box a day. I am an african american female and i wonder if race has any relation. I am just curious. i remember i started when i could not get magnesium carbonate, or gym chalk which was sold in the pharmacies, its also a laxative and comes in a block and i was eating at least a block a day. when the pharmacist stoped selling it i started the starch.

at first i didn't like it and then i began to make myself eat it. bad mistake, i can eat starch and do not want to eat anything else. i am already over weight and have found that eating it i cannot lose weight. my skin is horrible, flaky, bumpy and a whole lot of pimples. my mouth and throat are dry all the time but i still like it and want it.

i consider myself to be very classy and it is embarrassing when i eat it everywhere when no-one is looking. I have even started eating it at work. i try to find stores that sell it because not every store sells it. i just want to stop, or i think what i really want is to keep eating it not have any of the problems that associated with it.

Wow! I am amazed at the stories I am reading. I use to eat the Argo starch around 30 years ago when it came in clumps. I stopped eating it. On 10/18/08, I was in Georgia at my Dad's family reunion and I got this really strong urge. I stopped in the gas station and bought some, and have been eating a box a week from then on. I noticed the weight gain. I also have serious medical issues. I have CKD & CHD. I am anemic, and I have to take Iron Infusions weekly. I keep saying I am going to quit, but I cant seem to leave it alone. My kids and husband worry so much about it and so do I.

I don't think that eating something like that so much can't really hurt you. Somewhere down the line, I think we are all going to regret it, but what do we do. It is hard to quit. I like to mix mine in a bowl at night and pour it on a paper plate & sit it on top of my refrigerator with the ceiling fan on, by morning it is clumped and hard. I love the crunchiness. It is keeping me constipated bad, but I love it. I guess this is the way drug addicts do, just can't leave it alone. Let us pray you all for each of us. Slim I too am African American.

Wow, Okay I am totally blown away!!! My god mother eats Argo Laundry starch and I moved away from her in the late 80's. I never had the craving for it. I had gastric bypass surgery in 2001 (always anemic)I had my very first craving in 2003. I went into the store not knowing what I was looking for but I saw Cornstarch, so I figured this has to be the same thing. I've been hooked ever since. I have gained back the weight I lost plus I have had to have teeth removed and countless yeast infections. i consume about 3 boxes a week. Like everyone else I would rather have it most of the time than food, especially meat. Where is the answer?

Hello Everyone...I have been eating Argo Cornstarch on and off for about 15 yrs now. I started about I 28 years old. The only time I didn't eat any AT ALL is when I was pregnant. Yes...I got it from my grandmother like most of us. For helps when you are stressed. At one point in time, I was going thru 4 boxes a week but I've cut back a whole lot. I don't even want to eat a full box now. It's makes me very tired and fatigued, but I crave. I hate the fact I eat this but I can't help it. I've been to the doctor once before about this a he prescribed me Stuart Prenatal pills. They were helpful until they were all gone! I will be letting my doctor know again because I need my energy back!

I Am A 35year Old Black Female Who Has A Very Strong Addiction To Argo Corn Starch For The Past Four Years. I Am Overweight & Have High Blood Pressure, this Is A Cry For Help. How Do I Stop Eating The Starch? It Makes My Mouth Dry, my Blood Low, my Chest Hurts, my Limbs Cramp, mood Swings & I Have Gained Pounds. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!


This message is for Sherry who posted on November 6, 2008 8:49 PM. I don't know what you mean by end it all and I only just read this message this morning.

I just want to tell you don't despair there are a lot of people out here just like you who are struggling with their PICA, we have the Cornstarch Discussion Group ( and I am sure you will find help if you want or maybe just talking to some one will help.

Even though is called the Cornstarch group we have members who consume chalk, baking powder/soda, powder, flour, paper, sponges, money (yes I said money) and more.

There are some who love to consume and those who are struggling to stop and those who just are in between.

Please contact us as a matter of fact EVERYONE IS INVITED TO CONTACT US.

Joe and Terry Graedon you are also welcome to visit our page you will definitely learn more about what makes a PICAN a PICAN.

GOD Bless Us All.

I am 42 and have eaten starch/corn starch off and on since my teens. I started eating because my mom ate it, and stopped when I went to college. Started again when I was pregnant at 37, I kept a box in my desk. After my daughters birth I stopped, and about 4 weeks ago I had a craving for it and got a box which I am still eating from. Hearing others eat a box a day makes me feel better because I force myself to only eat a spoonful or two a day. I know my anemia is to blame and hopefully getting it under control will help. My 4year old daughter asked for some when she saw me eating starch and I do NOT want her to start. Glad I found this page.

OK, I didn't know eating starch could damage my teeth. That frightens me BIG time. I ate starch during my 1st pregnancy in 1980. The craving just hit me again after 28 years!!! I can't believe it's happening.

I love to eat starch but then i hate it also. I chew it because i just want the taste of it. I went to my dr. who was from Arfica and he told me it was common in black females to eat dirt or should say Clay because it was high in Iron. To be real it is clay that i really want to eat but it is hard to find, so i end up eating cornstarch. i only eat the one in the box, the pink box is better.

when i went to my dr. who is from africa he put me on B6 and iron gave me a b12 shot and in a week i was not thinking about cornstarch so i know it is something my body is telling me i need. now that i have a different doctor he does not know much about it and seems like he don't want to know. I really want to stop eating starch because i see that it is not good for my blood. it will make you have high fat in you blood and we all know were that can lead. I need God for this because not 1 thing seem to help me.

well...i am 18 yrs old and my aunt used to give me giant table spoons and would tell me to swallow...i thought cornstarch was so nasty but 2 yrs ago i had this craving out of no got to the point where i was eating a box a day of argo...then i switched to clabbergirl which i really really like a lot and i cant stop...i actually want some now...i haven't gained any weight though but i still cant stop...i actually went to the dentist and mind u i don't eat candy a lot but the dentist told me that i had 12 cavities and a possible needing of a root really scared that im gonna mess up my teeth or even life...i don't know what to do. im at a loss.

I first started craving cornstarch and Johnson& Johnson's baby powder almost four years ago when I was pregnant with my son. I did not make any efforts to correct the issue and it went away after about one year. My son is almost four years old and I'm back craving it again. I obviously gained weight but i was so tall and skinny until it didn't show much. But i feel that it's unhealthy and can lead to more problems in the future. I also find that when I eat it I'm depleted of all energy. I need help. I been back eating it for one week. I mean it's sitting on my nightstand next to my bed 24/7. I can't shake this craving. It's better than STEAKS.

I love corn starch so much... I love to add baking soda to it. I think I'm anemic. I'm 16 going on 17. I don't like the new plastic box from Argo. It doesn't have the same taste as the one in the box. I'm glad I'm not alone.

OMG.. i've been eating cornstarch for like 6 years now and i am 17 years old. I used to eat cornstarch out of the box with a plastic spoon. Then i began sucking it through a straw . Then one day in the summer i decided to mix it with water, but not with too much. What i would do is that put about 4 spoons of cornstarch in a cup and then add about a little bit of water until its like clumpyish, and kind of like watery dough. it is so gooodd!! i just love it. my parents get mad at me because i love it so much, but what can i do. Its not my fault I'm addicted to cornstarch. I could skip a whole day without eating just as long as i got my cornstarch and water beside me. i feel so much better now knowing that I'm not alone in this situation. And hopefully someday i wont have this addiction when i have kids and get married.

Oh my goodness I knew you all were out there but I didn't know it was that many. This was like a support group for cornstarch eaters. it taste so good I don't swallow it because I noticed when I swallowed it I would gain weight, stomach would look bloated so now I just take spoonfuls at a time and chew but I don't swallow. It tastes so good I even add water in it and let it dry so that it can be crunchy kind of like chalk.

It's like a drug habit that I try to kick but can't. But I have to admit that it's like my cigarette and it is a cheaper habit than most, at least I won't be on the corner looking for it I can go to the neighborhood store and purchase it and then go home and indulge in it.

I'm glad I found this site even though I have no profound words of wisdom to encourage anybody with, it is good to know I'm not alone and maybe one day we will all kick the cornstarch habit.

I think I first started eating Cornstarch about 4 years ago after seeing a relative who was addicted to it. I decided to try it. I wasn't instantly hooked but I started to crave the "taste" of it. But before I became addicted to cornstarch I was addicted to gold metal flour, then gold metal self-rising flour. I am also IN LOVE with ice. I am addicted to it! Again, I love the "taste".

I love the ice from sonic and the shaved ice. When I first went online to find out if cornstarch consumption is harmful, I was shocked at how many people were going through the same thing. I can go through a whole can of clabbergirl in about a week, which is an improvement because there was a time when I would go through a can in about 4 days.

I don't think my habit is as bad as a lot of people out there but I do know that I need to stop before it gets worse. I cant say for sure if the starch has caused me to gain weight but before when I use to eat a lot more of it a weighed about 125 but now since I have cut back a bit I now weigh less.

Unlike other addicts who complain about the weight issue, I want to gain weight. My doctor told me that I have low blood and gave me iron pills. I don't know if it is related to the starch but sometimes I feel so nauseous after eating it and even when I don't, I don't know why. I'm 19 and I want to kick the habit but I love cornstarch. When I'm stressed out or worried I just eat it and its like a release, it is like a drug.

My name is Shy, I am an African American Female. I am 17 and I have been eating cornstarch as long as I can remember! The taste is just a feeling that I cant understand. My family knows that I have this addiction and they all hate it. Recently, my grandmother found my starch in my room and now I have a very important doctors appointment.

Just as all the other girls, I have frequent headaches, I am unable to eat any kind of sweets because of my tooth problems, I suffer from bloody stool because of the constipation, I also have yeast infections a lot. I have lived the past couple of years hiding it from my loved ones. Yes, I am severely anemic, I have Iron pills. Recently my school held a blood drive, & I was turned around.

The pains that I have in my abdominal region is a pain that I can't describe. Unlike the other females I haven't gained weight. I am 5'9 so maybe I am just unable to recognize it. At first I was eating it with a spoon, it had got to the point that I didn't care what It was a spoon or a straw. It is very addictive and I am trying my hardest to break the habit. I know that it is no good for me! Lets break the habit together! GOD BLESS

Ive been eating cornstarch since I was a child. My mother used to eat it and my cravings increased while I was pregnant with the twins. I haven't eaten a box in a week and its killing me. I have started to gain weight and now know it is the cause of my low blood. My mother ate corn starch for over 2 years and before her death she needed a blood transfusion. After reading these articles this has given me the strength to kick the habit. thank you all. I'm a African American female.

I am an African American female and I am also addicted to cornstarch and I occasionally eat baking powder. I have two sister that also eat it. One of my sisters used to eat flour also. I'm scared this may cause health problems in the future but its hard to stop eating it.

Hi everyone, I too have this craving and I know its not good for me. I started when I was younger and the craving went away for a long time then all of a sudden the cravings came back. Oh wow, this time it got out of hand, not a box but the new containers they have from argo. One a day I didn't care I had to have it. People say it will dry your blood up. It didn't matter too me, I still went on with it until I got real weak and now I am on iron pills and it took the craving away but I stopped taking the pills because of constipation.

Now I wanna go back craving, I think anemia plays a part in being hooked on cornstarch. I think the more u eat the more u become anemic so now you're stuck on it not knowing what to do, so I say stick to the iron pills and and kick the habit before its to late.

OMG I am so happy to know I'm not the only one. I had a baby 9 months ago and he passed away. I think I went into depression and started craving things I had stop eating when I was a child. I am 28 years but have a habit of going in the bathroom and turning the cornstarch powder bottle up and just have a good old time.

I eat a bottle a week, every Friday I go to Target and buy a new bottle. If I don't make it to the store I have cornstarch hiding under the cabinet to help me make it until I make to the store. I too have gained weight, I seem to have gained more than I did when I was pregnant. My body cramps up a lot and I seem to be tired a whole lot.

I think I need some help. My family hates the fact that I eat powder the way that I do, and when I can't get powder I want Ice. I don't know what to do, I've tried to stop numerous of times but it's like drugs I seem to have withdrawals and have to go get it. I remember I went on vacation a few weeks ago and didn't take any powder with me. I was stopping at all the stores trying to find cornstarch baby powder. I NEED HELP!

I have been eating cornstarch since my first child and she is six years old and I know have two other children ages three and one. I love cornstarch and it seems every time I try and stop I always end up buying more and more. I thought that it makes you lose weight but I read some ones article that said it makes you gain weight. I don't know but I have really tried to stop eating it and I can't so I guess I will continue.

I had been eating red dirt for almost 17 years, until one day I went to the doctor and I had a bacteria in my stomach that caused infection throughout my body. My stomach was so bloated and hurting you wouldn't imagine. The doctor told me at that time if i did not quit eating red dirt that I would be signing my own death certificate.

Since then quit eating the red dirt about 6 months ago, and I was in the grocery store and I passed by the Argo Starch and I looked at it and looked at it and I bought a box (the yellow and red box) and I have been eating that ever since. I want to stop the cornstarch craving but it is very hard. I want it the most after I eat lunch or supper or early in the morning.

I know the cornstarch is not good for me because I was having bad stomach cramps and I could not use the bathroom at all. Any addiction is bad, whether it be drugs or Pica Addiction, all of it is bad for our health. I am going to the doctor today and have my Iron checked and my Zinc Deficieny checked, I do not want this craving anymore.

I have gained about 12 lbs in the last 2 months because of the cornstarch. And I feel miserable after eating it, it is a sad thing to know that I have a problem that I know is not good for me and I cannot even control it on my own!!!!!! Please Pray For Me.

well i've been eating starch for about 4 years. i go through about 3 or 4 boxes a week. i don't know why i crave it. but if i don't have it my day is really bad. its just something i have to have.

It is very addictive. It's like cocaine the more you "pop" you can't stop. I had a physical the other day and my iron was very low because of it, yet the cravings are there. Iron doesn't help as much as you would like it to. I've been trying to quit for 18 years now. If I were to add up the amount of money I spent on it, it would be close to $100,000 by now. This stuff is oh so bad for you....but it's hard to stop!

I have been searching for this site. I, too am 37 years old, AA female, very overweight and I started eating flour when I got pregnant with my first son. I too stopped for about 3 years, but I now have been eating flour on the regular since early 2008. I went through a very bad breakup and that has sent me back to the flour.

I too have constipation, but I can't stop. I too, have feelings that I'm better off not being here. I don't want to leave my sons. I have shortness of breath sometimes. I want to stop, but I love the way the flour tastes. I have even taken small bowlfuls to work and ate them in the bathroom. I am also anemic. I have bad cravings after I eat I want help, but I'm so embarrassed to tell anyone. I don't know how to stop. I want flour, RIGHT NOW!!!! I just had lunch.

To all my fellow cornstarch eaters: The desire to eat cornstarch is very real. I go on and off of Argo cornstarch weekly, determined to kick the habit. If I found out that there is no real damage, I'd eat it forever, that's how much I love it. I work in a woman's hospital and have talked to a few physicians. One thing I know for sure, I am anemic (heavy periods) and most of you probably are too. If you start taking iron supplements (low dosage or take it every other day) your body won't crave the starch anymore (or as much), that's the best way to start to wean your habit.

But like a junkie, it's a hard habit to kick, you just have to make up your mind, become determined and don't look back. I sure love that stuff, but in the end, I know it's a habit that must be kicked. I wish all of you luck. Start with your iron supplements if you're serious. GNC store, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, WalMart all carry Iron supplements. It helps.

I thought I was alone. I first started eating Argo cornstarch 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. I began eating baby powder when an older lady suggested I try some Argo after I described a craving I wasn't able to satisfy. I continued to eat it after I had my son for a few months and just quit cold turkey one day.

Then when I got pregnant with my 2nd son in 2006 the craving was back and I started eating it again and after I had him I continued to eat it a few months and again just quit. In 2008 when I got pregnant with my daughter again the cravings came back and I have been eating it everyday ever since and now I can't seem to kick the habit. Sometimes I just fill my mouth and let it dissolve then spit it out, my mouth waters for it constantly. I feel like a crackhead or a person with a serious addiction who freaks out if I can't get to it.

I hide anywhere from 10 to 12 boxes all over my house so my husband doesn't find them. He has no idea I eat cornstarch. I am embarrassed to tell anyone and I eat so much of it that it makes me vomit and yet I continue to eat it. I want to stop but I can't. I don't like the new containers Argo puts the starch in, it tastes funny so I drive all over town looking for mini marts because I know most of them still have boxes left and when I do find them I buy 3 to 4 boxes at a time even though I still have several boxes already at home.

I know this has to be psychological because I continue to buy more boxes when I already have boxes at home, and I do this because I know very soon there will be no more boxes of Argo but just the kind in the new containers. I need help and don't where what to do to stop.

I have been struggling with my addiction to starch for the last 3 years and have gained a considerable amount of weight. I decided to quit in January and have not eaten a box since. It's very hard and I seem to think about eating it every minute of every day, but I know my health is more important. I pray for everyone and their struggle.

I have been eating argo corn starch for about 17 years now and I'm sick of it. It is a habit that I wished I've never started. I even have my daughter who is 16 years of age hooked on it. You know it's a bad habit when you walk into the grocery store and try and by all they have on the shelf. My daughter and I eat about a box a day. I get so embarrassed when I walk into the grocery store and come out with all those little yellow containers. I need to STOP this habit, but tell the truth I love it too much to QUIT!

It is interesting to read about so many people who eat cornstarch. Unfortunately for me, I still crave it, and always try to make sure I have some. I hide it under my bed, and I eat it with a spoon. My baby has seen me eating it, and wants some too. I admit to giving her some, and I feel bad because I don't want her to develop this habit. The other sad part is that I am dieting, but I still crave it and I think it is contributing to my slow weight loss.

I'm not a fan of the container either, but it's easier to buy and hide for one knows I do this except my baby. My kids do look at me strange when I put it in the basket, but they don't say anything. My craving for it comes after I eat, and I try to drink large quantities of water right after.

I was dismayed to read about some of the health problems people seem to be having with this stuff. I thank God I haven't experienced these problems, but it lets me know that I need to stop eating it. I haven't bought a new container yet, so I think I will try to quit when my current container is gone. I don't like to think about what my husband would say if he ever caught me eating it...I don't see him being very understanding.

My other passion is ice...any kind of ice except for big chunks. I go to Quiktrip and Kwikshop just for the Kwikshop the ice cups are free. My mother ate ice all the time. I think part of my problem is the salt craving I diet calls for little to no salt at all, and I think that makes the craving for cornstarch worse. We all need help, so let's pray for one another to have the strength to stop this madness.

Hello..I know what you ladies mean. I have been eating cornstarch for about 15 years. I started with the boxed argo laundry but its difficult to find now I eat red clay and cornstarch. I love it! I stopped for about 4 months and lost so much weight. I'm going to stop once again starting today.

hey guys! I'm 17 and i crave cornstarch. i don't eat the cornstarch. I just put it in my mouth, chew it an rinse it out. will I have the problems you guys have since I'm not actually swallowing it??

i am 19 years old. I started out loving the smell of the ground when it is wet. Then i started craving crushed ice after every meal. And that hurt my teeth so I turned to clay and white clay dirt. It's so good, but it's hard to get sometimes. NOW I'm eating argo cornstarch. It's so addicting and its so hard to quit. And I also find myself not wanting regular food. JUST STARCH. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna to see the effects of it down the line. I just started eating it but I just don't know what to do or who to talk to about this because so many people think its weird or nasty...WHAT TO DO.....????

I have been eating cornstarch for a while now. It is so hard to stop, I love to eat crushed ice too. In love with the taste in my mouth. I love all cornstarch not just Argo. I am trying to quit but its hard. I read in one of the passages above about the the iron. I will try that too to see if that helps. I pray for you as I hope that you pray for me.

It's so sobering to see it's so many people out there with this problem. I ate starch for about 7 years. I would eat it for hours on end. So much so I would be late for work every morning. I finally saw a therapist for the problem to told me to confide in my doctor. She told me that it was because of my iron deficiency anemia. Now that I take my iron pills CONSECUTIVELY, I've stopped eating it for 7 months now. Talk to your doctor and Good Luck!!

hi its nice to know i am not the only one who eats cornstarch like its a meal. i have been eating starch since 1994,only now it has gotten worst. i eat a box a day .sometimes i will just sit here and eat it all day long. and when i am hungry i would prefer to just eat cornstarch.

i am supposed to be on a diet but all i do is eat starch. i stopped eating it for a while and lost20lbs. now that i have started back eating it like crazy i have gained it all back within a weeks time. yes my iron is very low and now i have to start taking iron pills which i hate. but i want so bad to kick the habit but as we all know it is soooooooooooooo hard. but i will keep trying.

I am 20 years old and I have been eating Argo cornstarch on and off ever since I was 10. The taste and texture is so addicting. I eat about 1 container (16oz) a day. I've gained about 50 pounds in 1 year eating this stuff. The new container makes it easier for me to eat because all I have to do is poke a hole at the top and turn it up until its just about gone then I get a spoon to get the remaining 3 or 4 spoons. It makes me feel like a junkie. I also used to crave sidewalk chalk. Doctors say I have PICA but it has to be more to it than that because even after all the vitamins and iron pills I take I, I still get these cravings. HELP ME. I feel like a big fat looser.

I have been eating argo starch for about 25 yrs off and on, and now more on than off! Weight 238lbs and try to stop but anything can take me back. Feel like a CRACKHEAD, I know all the small stores that carry it, which boxes r older (the older the better), hate the new one in the container, but on a bad day will drive 30 miles for just the right box, so glad not alone! Need help to stop iron pills and b12 don't work for me and I am a nurse. I should know better.

I love cornstarch. I feel like i cant live without it.

I just want to say that I am a starch addict as well and so is my daughter. I will be 40 in May and my daughter is 19. I've been eating starch for about 15 years and I can't do without it. I started eating a spoonful after each meal. One box would last me all month, but then I ate it more and more. Now I am up to a box a day and if it is real good, I will finish that box while I'm awake during the day.

My boyfriend usually keeps a supply for me. I call him my pusher because he always has a supply for me. However, I have also gained a lot of weight and I am very anemic. I have also had to battle an episode of kidney stones, dry mouth and constipation. But has that stopped me, no because it is like a drug to me. I love the texture, the taste and the sound the box makes when I squeeze it as I am standing in line at the local convenience store.

When I see the box, my mouth starts watering like a dog when he knows he is getting ready to eat. My daughter does not eat as much as I do, but she too can go through a box in a couple of days. I also have a 17 year old and she has no craving for starch at all.

Well, I just wanted to say that I wish I was not so addicted to it, but at the same time I just love it and don't know how I would handle the stress of the day. Starch is like my cigarette. It calms me down when I am stressed or upset and it tops off all my meals. Argo Starch, the new "drug". Well old "drug" cause it has been around for a while.

I am an argo corn starch eater. I stopped for about a 8 months or so. But the craving came back so strong I felt like a crackhead also. I craved it sometimes so bad and I would fight the feeling but one day I broke down and bought the new container. It tasted different. I was concerned that they might have put something in it to stop so many of us eating it.

But I let it air out some and it started to taste the same. I really don't like the new the container but I have to have it. My baby too sees me eat it and she to has acquired the taste for it. I do hid it under my bed. I crave it like people crave a smoke after eating. I was on a diet for a while and didn't crave it. But I must of put something back into my eating habits that has made me want to acquire that taste again and again.

Help me we need answers, it's more than pica it's something we are lacking that our body keeps craving this. I do take my iron pills but I still have the desire to eat my starch. I am going to back off once I finish this container maybe I won't need it no more. Maybe more exercise, I'll check back with you in about a month or so to see if I improved any.

There's a great support group for people who have this eating disorders. Meet others who share the same eating habits today!


I am 38yrs old and have been eating cornstarch since I was a child. My mother introduced me to argo laundry starch when it came in rock form. I can't kick the habit and I know it's due to my iron deficiency. Only when I end up in the hospital for heavy bleeding is when I don't eat it because they have me on a heavy dosage of iron. But as soon as I get home I'm back on it, and it's so bad I don't even use a spoon I use a straw to make sure I get every drop. I have caused so much damage to my system that Prayer is my only hope now.

3 months before I had my son a year ago, I started eating argo and my son is 16 months now and I still have craving for it. I hate it because I'm gaining weight. I didn't know how bad eating argo can be. My goal is to stop asap, now. Thank you for letting me know the truth that comes with this argo eating.

Ive been eating starch for one year now, and I want to stop. The longest I've gone without is 4 months. My health is poor now due to starch. I eat argo laundry starch. I have gained a lot of weight. I have high blood pressure, and stomach problems.

I get intense headaches. I have decided that my life is better than the taste of starch. My daily prayer is that the Lord takes the taste out of my mouth. I have started exercising to lose the weight. Good Luck everyone. Let your desire to live be greater than the taste of starch.Also I hide it from my husband as well.

Oh my hood!! I'm so happy I'm not the only one out there that's addicted to cornstarch. I have to have it. It feels like I'm on drugs sometimes because I crave it so badly. I've been eating Argo for almost 5 years now and I'm really ready to stop. I'm always tired and severely anemic. Iron pills help a little but I think once you start you honestly won't be able to stop. LOL I think only prayer can help this one. I also think it is common in African American females. Well I hope we all overcome this issue one day.

Hello Everyone, I've posted here before about my addiction to Argo cornstarch. I haven't experienced any weight gain or any other problems that I'm aware of. For about a month I drank SSS Tonic which is an iron supplement along with a multivitamin with iron and I didn't have the cravings. When I ran out of the SSS Tonic and was only taking the multivitamin the craving came back. I need to get some more of the SSS Tonic and see what happens.

I haven't had any starch in about 5 or 6 days and I'm going mad! I try not to focus on it and I do OK for a while and then it'll come to my consciousness. I decided to come back to this site and see if anyone had discovered any solutions. The common thread appears to be iron and/or zinc deficiency and it affects AA women.

I go through a box a week. About 9 months ago I changed my eating habits and as I write this, I'm wondering if that's what happened because I've been eating the starch now for about 6 months. What I do is eat smaller meals more frequently, like every 4 hours. I have lost weight which is what I was trying to do, as well as eat healthier. The problem is that when I can't find something healthy to eat, I don't eat anything because I don't cook. My children are grown and living on their own, so I'm enjoying not having to cook.

I'll eat at local restaurants or try to find good veggies and fruits to eat. But I'm thinking that doing this has caused me not to get the proper amount of iron/zinc. Writing to you guys is like journaling and it's giving me some insight into why my cravings may have come back. I'm also starting to have minor tummy cramps like I've taken a laxative and I haven't. It's like I might have IBS or something. I thought it was because I changed my eating habits, but it's probably that and the cornstarch consumption.

I'm wondering if the cornstarch is any different or less harmful than the laundry starch? The cornstarch is only 30 calories and there's no other stuff in it like sodium. And it's used for adding to dessert recipes so that couldn't be all bad, could it? But I guess anything in large consumption isn't good. I'm just sharing my story in case it's someone else's story or can help someone to understand the addiction. And it is an addiction.

I always prided myself on not having an addictive personality and here I am addicted to cornstarch. Crazy! If it were real harmful, seems like there'd be more stories about the problems that have resulted from it. Maybe I'm just trying to justify my addiction (smile).

Well, good luck to everyone and if anyone finds something that can help, please post. Whether it's something that can help concur the addiction or share medical conditions that can result from it or why we have the addiction, I'd like to know as much information as possible.


Listen eating cornstarch can have a devastating effect, because of my addiction I ended up in the hospital with a tube inserted through my private part into my bladder and kidney because of a blockage. I walked around with that tube in me for two weeks. It was not a pleasant feeling.

When the doctor took the tube out that was the best feeling everrrr. I am 39 years old and ate Cornstarch all my life. Hearing all the testimonies it feel as if my experience with cornstarch is clearly displayed. I am still fighting the fight. I am still gaining the weight and still craving. I did the vitamins and it did stop for a while. It seems as if every time I end with this addiction I keep finding myself right back at the beginning and it becomes worse than before. I am just praying that someone comes up with a solution soon. I don't need or want another bad experience. HELP PLEASE!!!!!

I am 7 months pregnant and on the verge of another corn starch binge. I am really afraid because once I start I cannot just stop right away. I gain so much weight. I went on binge around December 2007 and for a few months (which is the shortest binge yet) I stuffed myself with corn starch. I was going through like 2 boxes a day. I gained about 30 lbs which up until I found out I was pregnant I was still trying to lose. I managed to maintain a decent weight gain throughout the length of my pregnancy and I know that if I start eating the corn starch now I can forget about that and God knows when I will be able to stop again.

I am glad I found this site because it made my cravings which are really coming to a head now, a lil lighter just reading everyone's post and knowing that I really am not alone. It helps a little. Clearly I am iron deficient and I figure if I can make it through this week, I can let my doctor know on my next OB visit what I am going through. My boyfriend thinks I am crazy which is also frustrating because he doesn't understand how serious this is to me.

Its like kicking a drug habit, seriously. Thanks to everyone for your stories. And I think it does have a lot to do with heredity because my aunt that raised me eats it too. My grandmother and great-grandmother ate it as well. And my 10 year old son and niece (although not exactly addicted) love the taste.

I'm so addicted to cornstarch I really want to kick this unhealthy habit but my cravings are so strong! I've limited myself on how much and how often I can eat it it's a struggle but it works for me.

Hello everyone. I've been a cornstarch eater now on and off for 20 years. I first tasted cornstarch when I was a child--my mother ate it regularly. She ate the kind that came in chunks. I would sneak and eat it. I did this only for a short while. Then when I turned 26 or 27 I started having a craving for something and nothing would satisfy it. I tried flour but It wasn't quite what I was craving--the texture wasn't right.

So then I found myself staring at a box of argo cornstarch. I bought it and went home and tried a teaspoon. It was exactly what I was craving. I started off maybe eating 1 box in 1-2 weeks. I was in nursing school at the time and worked in the evenings. I would take the box of cornstarch with me to class. After class I would find an isolated place in the library and quickly eat a few spoon full of it just to kind of calm me down.

A few years later I stopped craving cornstarch--and I wasn't sure why. I just didn't want it anymore. And then out of nowhere about 10 years later I started craving it again. This time it was really bad cravings and I ate much more this time. I started eating 1 box every 2-3 days. I never had a weight problem the first time I was eating cornstarch (120-130 lbs.). But this time I gained a whole lot of weight (185 lbs) I feel so bad about myself.

I haven't bought new clothes in a long time. I keep telling myself that as soon as I lose weight I'll go on a shopping spree. I've accomplished so many wonderful things in my life (good family, home, financial stability) but the only thing I can't seem to do is quit eating cornstarch and lose all of this weight it has caused me to gain. I would rather eat cornstarch than anything else. I canceled my trip to Jamaica last year to attend my college roommates wedding because: 1. I hadn't lost any weight and 2. I didn't want to be in another country and not have my supply of cornstarch. How do you explain customs bring 2-3 boxes of cornstarch in my luggage. And then my spouse would find out--he doesn't know about my habit. I only eat it when I'm alone.

Anyway, today is day 8 of not eating cornstarch. I've lost 6 lbs already. The majority of my calories each day were coming from cornstarch. I think about it everyday. I think about it when I wake up in the morning. I think about it when I am taking care of trauma patients at work. I think about it when I'm driving. I think about it probably once every hour of everyday of the week.

Anyway, ladies hang in there. I don't think I will ever completely stop eating cornstarch. One day at a time. I keep telling myself if I can go today without cornstarch why can't I go tomorrow without it too? It is so hard--it's just like a drug addiction. Take care everyone!

I too have a problem with eating corn starch which started when I was a cook in a restaurant, and I had heard my grand mother say when I was kid that she craved cornstarch while being pregnant. I tasted the starch just to see what the big deal was, and I soon found myself hiding and eating a spoonful of corn starch daily. I have been told in recent years that I am anemic and just reading some of the posts form the other women. I guess I need to take my doctor's diagnosis more seriously. Good luck to all of you who struggle to put the cornstarch away as I am trying as well. Oh one more thing, is this just a problem with women or are there any guys who struggle with this? If so don't be afraid to share because you may be helping someone.

uugh.. I am a HUGE cornstarch fan. I can eat 1/4 of a box a day... I'm also addicted to small pieces of ice... mmmmm. lol. I will be 16 next month and I started when I just turned 15. my mom also eats a lot of crushed ice. Cornstarch really doesn't "back me up".. well.. I plan to stop one day... just not anytime soon. I am 5'3" and 112 pounds... I'm satisfied with my weight and my cornstarch.

I've been eating corn starch since I was five, and it's so good. I like the way it feels in my mouth, I can't get enough. I eat two containers a day.

Just like everyone else I have been Argo Cornstarch for many years. The older the starch the better. To put some form of control on my intake I would pour most of it out and would eat from the bottom of the box. DO NOT keep it in your house or you would eat the whole box. It makes your mouth very dry and my lips would actually start too peel. It causes severe yeast infections and sometimes I would feel faint.

For the past six months, I haven't been eating starch. What made me stop is: I can't even go to the bathroom without taking Ducolax and I notice my teeth starting to decay. First, you have to pray for self-discipline. Secondly, I did a body detox to take the crap from out of my body. Third I stock my cabinets with other healthy dry products like nuts, dry fruit, and crackers for when cravings do hit and I also like to just keep in my house lots of fruit.

I try very hard to drink lots of water. It is a constant battle but I am determined to beat this addiction because I do not want to die from diabetes or any other harmful diseases. Ladies we have to be very strong to defeat this. God is on our side. When you are in the grocery DO NOT buy it. If you can help it don't even go on the bakers aisle especially if you are not a baker. This stuff is very harmful. Let's love ourselves and love life.

This site has helped me a lot. I have been eating Argo cornstarch for about two years now (a few tablespoons a day). I try to hide it from my son, but when he catches me he just smiles and looks at me as if I am crazy. I want to stop this bad habit. I was thinking of switching to arrowroot powder as I wean myself off. It doesn't taste the same, but maybe it's healthier.


I have read the comments and I too am addicted to cornstarch. But is it really that bad?

There are so many others things we all could be addicted to like crack, cigarettes or worse. I would take a little weight gain over losing my job and family. As long as it does not harm my health, which it hasn't and I have not gained any weight and I have been eating it for 20yrs. So I embrace my box of starch!!!!!

But good luck to those of you that would like to stop I hope you over come our addiction.

I don't feel bad any more.I have been eating starch for 12 yrs now. It is getting worse. I go through 2 boxes a day. I gained 40 lbs less than 3 months. I'm trying 2 find away 2 stop but it is hard.

Hello again, I was here before earlier this year. I am still very much addicted to cornstarch. I can't live without it. I have tried several times to quit since my last posting but have been unsuccessful. I recently ran out of my Argo in the box and thought I was going to lose my mind. I tried eating the Argo in the new container but it tastes too gross and I don't like it.

It took me a few days to find more in the box but I found some and bought every box they had on the shelf which was 12 boxes, but I didn't stop there I stopped at another convenience store and bought another 4 boxes. I feel satisfied for the moment knowing I have all of those boxes but everyday I wake up I think about going out and searching for more.

I have talked to my doctor about this terrible addiction but she really wasn't any help, she wanted to know what it tastes like and if it was good. I told her it's delicious to those of us you can't stop eating it. She told me to go buy some iron pills and I did and after I took the 1st pill it made me so sick and dizzy I didn't take them anymore. I really do want to kick this habit but it's really hard.

I am also a person who consumes cornstarch. I am also anemic, it is so hard to quit, but I've been seeing my doctor and she gave me a prescription for ferrous sulfate 325mg for my iron, and I promise you if you take it as directed and continue to take it you will not crave starch any more.

This is soooooo hilarious, I was eating Argo for 20 years, I decided to stop in September of 2007 and I have gained 20 lbs and I ate ARGO instead of food, I would nibble here and there but nothing compared to my ARGO (loved it in rush hour traffic, didn't seem like I wanted to hurry home long as I had my yellow box:). I will start back eating tomorrow because I have been craving but scared. (My daughter picked up the habit also:), If I don't lose a few pounds in a week I am going to give it back. Thanks for sharing and I will post back on Tuesday.

I totally understand what you are going through. I use to eat 1 box of Argo cornstarch a week. I started eating it with a spoon out of the box. Then I started using a straw. Since it now comes in a different container is has a different taste (season salt). I find it strange that whenever I ask someone how did they start eating cornstarch they replay and say I saw someone else eating it and I tried it. Okay crs before I explain to you what I done to kick the habit you must first believe that eating cornstarch is all in the mind and YOU CAN stop eating cornstarch.

Do you find yourself eating cornstarch when you're upset, frustrated, after eating or when you feel down or are you over weight? Agree? Well, those are your emotions. First I made up in my mind that I am quitting! I would put the cornstarch in my mouth but I would not swallow it, I would spit it out and I continued to do this until the taste of it became NASTY.

Now during that time I discovered that I was still satisfied by not swallowing it as if I did. No more problems with my bowels, no weight gain and no more mood swings. I ate pretzels, dry shredded wheat cereal and drank lots of water. I even ate 1 activia yogurt a day to help clean out my system. I am not saying that this will work overnight just like the habit did not happen overnight take day by day.

I think whats most importantly is to really think about what triggers your crave and then do something about it. Yes determination is also the key but when a person is really tired of something they will find a way to get out of it. I hope that I was of help.

I thought that people didn't eat argo no more, until now I have found out different. I love it but now I want to quit because I have gained too much weight. I am waiting for someone to say what is the best way to lose weight behind this starch habit.

I haven't had any for a week, but its hard not eating any. I thought people didn't eat this any more until I went in the grocery store to get some and one of the cashiers said everybody is eating that stuff and she ask how does it taste.

I am really trying to leave it alone, I have to buy to many clothes with all this weight gain. Please let me know if any one can help with the weight.

I used to be a serious pican for about 15 years. Then I created a group in 2001 on yahoo called The Pica Support Group. We are sort of a sister group to The Cornstarch Group mentioned by Jateime. She is also a moderator of the group. Our group focuses on becoming pica free. we welcome anyone who wishes to join.we also welcome anyone whose children have pica.We offer support and understanding.

I am a regular visitor to this site. I check in almost everyday. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks without cornstarch and everyday is a struggle. When I'm fight not to go to the store and buy cornstarch, I log onto this site and just reading the comments help me to fight off my urges. I think about cornstarch all the time. I was thinking about it today around 2 pm (I get off of work at 3 pm). And all I could think about was stopping by the grocery store and buying 2 containers of Argo cornstarch. I am pitiful.

When I am not eating cornstarch I lose weight. This is because most of my calories were coming from my daily cornstarch intake. If cornstarch eating was not harmful I would eat it everyday for the rest of my natural born life. Lord help me. I hope there is cornstarch in heaven. I would rather eat cornstarch than any other food in the world (this includes ice cream, pizza, french fries, chips, dips, hamburgers, shrimps, candy....).

So all I can say to everyone is to keep trying and take it one day at a time.


I am truly shocked to read so many comments about cornstarch. Everyone in my family from generations past to now eats it, including me. I am now 43. There have been times when I say I am through and then a month or so I am right back at it. I consume a box a week. My 3 boys(ages 5, 3, &2) see my box on my nightstand and they cry for it.

I didn't start them on it. It's like they gravitated to the box when I sat it down or left them room. I was an aerobics & dance instructor, so I haven't experienced the weight problem but I'm sure it's going to start one day. I just want to break this generational curse.

I started eating argo cornstarch back in 1995. My mom ate it and I tried it, and didn't like the taste, but soon as I got pregnant I decided to try it again, and loved it. I've been eating it ever since (10 yrs) and also had a set of twins after my first pregnnacy.

My girls eat it. When I let them they would eat as much as me if allowed it. I used to eat 2 to 3 boxes a week, as of today I have had an total of 4 blood transfusions I've always been anemic but not severely my blood count has been in the 5's. Drs wonder how I been walking around, I never tell them about the cornstarch.

Cornstarch causes me to have chest pains shortness of breath very heavy periods with blood clots, I'm tired all the time and can't even walk around in the store with my family and lets not forget about the weight gain but since this last blood transfusion 2mths ago I still ate cornstarch maybe 1 box a week now I'm trying to quit, period.

Everyday is an struggle for me. I'm trying so damn hard not to eat any, I pray and these testimonies help me so much, they inspire me to hang in there, but when I think about my children it gives me more strength to quit because i know if I don't quit I wont live to see my children get grown, so PLZ PRAY FOR ME.

My fiance' could not understand why after he discovered and asked me not to buy cornstarch anymore, he continued to find boxes under my bed and hidden in my car. He suggested that I do some research on the reason for the craving. I am 29 years old and have been eating cornstarch since I was pregnant and that was 9 years ago.

It was such a sigh of relief to know that I wasn't the only person with this problem. I've gained weight, experienced the constipation, and issues with my menstrual cycle. I have a shortness of breath when I walk by it in the grocery store. My chest gets tight and my mouth waters because I try to fight the cravings. I don't want to gain another pound or skip another meal to fill my body with Argo Cornstarch. I'm willing to try anything.

R. Houston, I too have the heavy periods and clumpy blood & the shortness of breath. Not sure that this is caused by the cornstarch though. Ask your Dr. if it isn't fibroid tumors that you have. I myself have them. Sometimes it's so bad that I have to miss work for a day or two. I can relate to most everything said in these posts.

It is an addiction. I hate that I can't stop eating it unless I'm sick, so I think it may be psychological. I eat 2-3 boxes per wk, down from a box a day but still I have gained a significant amt of weight and yes, I am anemic. I tried the iron tablets but they only made me sick.

I have been a cornstarch consumer for about 1 year. I started one day just wanting to feel a "certain something" in my mouth. I tried baking soda, and flour. Then I came across cornstarch and I got hooked. I would do a box a day and I loved the texture and the crumbliness and the bland stickiness of it once I started to chew on it.

I knew I had Pica because I had read about it soon after I started consuming it. I've been off and on it. I have detoxed twice this year and while I detoxed I didn't crave it. I knew I had to stop because I would wake up and my joints would be very stiff every morning. I bough some SSS Tonic as well and I've been taking it for about a week. I still have a little bit of craving but I haven't rushed out to buy a box yet. I think I will go out and get some sub-lingual B12 liquid vitamins to take along with the SSS Tonic.

I eat cornstarch and you are right the Argo in the container has a funny taste. I really want to stop but I can't. I went two months without and last night broke down and bought a box. I ate a little bit and threw it away so my husband would not find out. I'm like a drug addict hiding drugs. I NEED HELP!!!!

Wow. Good to see that I'm not alone. Well I'm 21 and I too have pica. I eat cornstarch, and I love it. Nobody knows that I eat it, I keep it a secret because I am ashamed. I think about it and my mouth waters. I don't eat a whole box a day though... usually takes me about two and a half weeks. Whenever I think about it I just go get a spoonful of it and eat it.

I didn't start off eating cornstarch though, I only started this April but I've stopped since the end of September. I ate ten 16oz containers...and that bothers me now that I think about it. I used to eat baking powder, I would eat it with my food (also did that with cornstarch too) or just have some in a little plastic baggy so I could take it with me. I stopped doing that because I was worried that if I got pulled over, or someone were to find it..they would think it was drugs. Then I would have to explain that I eat it and how embarrassing would that be?

I ate baking powder for three years, it made me gradually gain weight. In the short time that I ate the cornstarch...I gained 9lbs over just the summer! Not a good look, so I made the decision to stop all together. Its not good for me, it does nothing positive for me. I feel like I NEED it sometimes, and that makes me feel like a drug addict or something. I've been craving it a lot lately... and when I go to the store I am actually afraid because I don't know if I will be able to stop myself from buying it.

I just keep praying I get through it though...because I know this is not healthy. If I could stop cold turkey with the baking powder, I can do it with this too. And so can all of you!! We can all beat this disorder : )

My doctor put me on iron 1 a day, but I still crave the starch. He said I am very anemic like a 7, and I really want to stop. I do not want a blood transfusion. So please pray for me as I pray to kick this habit.

Hello-- I to had gastric bypass on Dec. 18, 2008-- just lately I started craving starch just recently. Also, I have weight gained. Have you stopped yet?

Wow.. I am amazed in how many people eat corn starch. I"m 18 years old and I have been eating it for 2 years. My mother used to eat it so I sort of picked up the habit. It's funny reading that ppl ate it while pregnant. When I became pregnant I stopped eating it! I really want to stop because I know it causes weight gain. Starch is an carbohydrate and carbohydrates turn into sugar! I really need some advice b/c i don't want to eat this anymore!!!!

I've tasted cornstarch a while back but didn't start craving it until i was pregnant again and I was still hooked on it. I just recently stopped eating cornstarch. It'll be a week tomorrow, and it's all I think about, the taste in my mouth. I want to continue to stay away from it but it's hard. I had the constipation, it's horrible, help!!!

I'm truly blown away by the comments that I've read. Everyone's story reflects my very own in detail. The battle, the cause, and the side effects I have experienced it all as well. I can only say, "oh my God." This matter is very serious and sad. We all are dealing with the issue at hand and it is very hard. Yet, we must all kick this very bad habit so it doesn't destroy us. I find that in the darkest times of my cravings that if I meditate, pray and read scriptures from the Bible that my mind becomes clear. The craving disappears. To everyone please pray for each other, take your iron pills, and replace the starch with healthier choices. (fruits, saltines, yogurt, etc.) This addiction can be broken.

Merry Christmas to all!! The first thing I wanted to eat today was cornstarch. I didn't have any in the house and all the stores are closed (except maybe Walmart). I vowed today not to eat cornstarch. However, I know my mind will be on cornstarch. Willpower, courage and prayer.

Wow I thought I was alone and you all sound just like me. I crave cornstarch and the thought of it makes my mouth water. I have had 3 blood transfusions and 1 iron infusion and yet I still crave cornstarch. I have to take iron pills but they are just as bad as the cornstarch because they make me constipated... I want to break this habit but I don't know what to do!!!!! Someone please help!!!

I'm 37 and have been eating Argo Cornstarch off and on for 20 years, I notice I crave it more when stressed or having my monthly visitor. It's hard to kick the habit my husband hates the fact that I eat it. Now I only eat a few spoons of it a week. I have Lupus and I'm pretty sure it's not wise to eat starch knowing I have Lupus it's just hard to give up completely...... What can I do?????

I have been a argo cornstarch eater for over twenty years, it all started for me when I was a teenager and my mother was using acs to bake cookies and cakes I was in the kitchen helping at the time I had only seen the argo laundry starch that my granny use to dip her clothes in. My mother began to eat the starch right out of the box with a spoon. I was like "can ppl eat that"? And she said yes, so I wanted to taste it considering it seemed to be so tasty to her.

She let me eat some with her and to my surprise it did not taste so bad. We continued to eat that acs together until we had eaten it all, which took us almost two months. As time went on I did not think of eating acs until I got pregnant with my first child. I developed this intense craving for something "dry" in my mouth and at that moment I knew exactly what I was craving so I went to the corner store to purchase a box and have been hooked on acs from that moment on.

I can go through a couple of good boxes in a weeks time. If the box did not taste dry enough I would sit it in the window in the summer time to make the starch drier and during the winter I would put the starch on top of my hot water heater to make it drier. I so do love my acs I have eaten it in so many different ways from out of the box with a spoon, straw, butter knife, and by pouring it on some paper then rolling it up to eat it out of the funnel.

I thought I was out of luck when acs started coming to the stores in the container. I do not like the taste of the acs that are packed that way, so I slowed down on my intake, until one day my favorite corner store got a shipment of acs in a box with the word "foodservice" on the yellow, blue, and red box. I was back in the habit of my large intake of acs, so now I can continue to enjoy my acs right out of the box.

I soooo love this stuff and do not want to stop eating it, I just hate some of the side effects that I have from consuming acs, but for the most part I will continue to eat my starch until I can find something that will give me that same dryness and texture that I so crave for on a daily basis.

So if anyone know's of anything that is more healthy and can give me the same satisfaction as acs please let me know. I have searched the web high and low about this acs addiction and can not come up with anything that can take the place of my acs not even the agls. Please help me with replacing this craving with something else. Any recommendations?

I'm 17 years old and I started eating corn starch about a month ago. I know exactly how you ladies feel... except I eat mine with sugar and cinnamon, and the sugar is probably adding to the weight gain that the strach is already causing. I've gained about 4 pounds in tha last 4 weeks.

Sometimes I think I'm completely insane because I feel like I can't stop. and yes, I've realized that I haven't been pooping as much as I should be, so I've slowed down on how much a eat. I've been eating about 2 to 3 cups of it everyday and then I'd sleep on it.

It makes me feel full and I love the texture! Hopefully I can stop because I don't want this low iron or anything. I'm a proud blood donor! :)

Hi! I just turned 18, and I have been eating cornstarch since I was 12. It is addicting, a crave that you can't live without. The longest I have been without cornstarch was 2 months. I will go out to Sam's and buy a 35oz thing, and eat it within 3 days. I also have a health problem, 3 years ago I started to have symptoms of a person with IBS, or the Cronh's disease. It's no fun at all.

What I have learned is ppl with IBS have a lot of stomach pain, and I use cornstarch to help me. Although it is bad it doesn't affect me, it actually helps me use the bathroom, and I am able to control my belly pain. I also have a very low blood account from my colon problems with my blood being 7.8.

But anyways before I got IBS, I was addicted and tried to stop. My aunt's cousin, and mom ate it as well that is where I picked it up from, but they were pregnant. So I got hooked on it, and when I started having problems with my colon I got more addicted for a relief of stomach. I am still addicted now.

The answer to everybodies problem is IRON-IRON-IRON. I was an argo addict, my Dr. prescribed hemocyte-f- tab which is iron. It took the taste for cornstarch right out of my mouth. I take one a day, I don't crave starch at all. I threw out a new box. I was addicted for 32 years and stopped cold turkey. Please ppl, get some iron in your body.

I'm soo glad to know I'm not alone. My fear is that it will cause diabetes.

I'm a addicted!! It is amazing to know that I'm not alone on my struggle with corn starch. If been eating cornstarch for about 18 years! I love how it feels in mouth. It has to be fresh so I can chew it. It has caused a significant weight gain. But it also helps coat my chest from my terrible bouts with heart burn. I want to quit!!!! I am afraid for my health! This is a real addiction and a day by day struggle to stay clean.

I love cornstarch, though I have never been a drug addict and I know cornstarch is not a drug, but when it is so addictive it is like I am a crackhead or something. I like to hear the squeaking when I eat it. I love the way it feels when I grind it between my teeth. I love it. I asked my doctor because I became afraid at one time.

He told me that it is probably because I am an anemic. He prescribed some iron pills for me. I stopped taking them. When I met my husband, I used to hide in the bathroom and eat it. Until I came out one day and I had starch on the corners of my mouth. Now he is used to it, and he always tell me not to cover my mouth, just eat it, if i like it.

I need help because i would choose cornstarch over sex and food. Cornstarch is really good.

Try eating oats: the dry quaker oats. You will enjoy it, and it's good for you also.

OH my gosh, I love love love cornstarch, so glad to see that i am not alone, One day I was eating some baby powder when I was pregnant with my 5th son 13yrs ago, and a friend told me that I need cornstarch. I have been eating it ever since. I just bought two of those plastic containers of argo two days ago. It is so addicting, I work nights at a hospital, and can't wait to get home to eat some, lol. I recently found out that my hemoglobin was 7.9 then 8.0 so this is why.

The doc prescribed iron pills 3 times a day. My mom used to eat the hard kind in the blue box back in the 70's when I was little. I want to stop but can't. Its DELICIOUS. I am so shocked to see so many people eating it, I thought I was the only one. Well I am going to try harder to stop. I really like the kind in the box, but now I'm used to the kind in the container. I crunch ice all night at work. Anyway good luck ladies, Lets kick the crackstarch. lol

I started eating corn starch about 6 months ago and it is the worst thing that has every happened to me in my life. I am up to 5 to 7+ boxes a week. It is nothing for me to eat 2 boxes in one day. If I find that in the middle of the night that my box is getting low and I don't have any in my car (that's where I hide my stash) it can be 3:00 am and I will get up and go to the store and by at least 3 boxes just to be on the safe side for the rest of the night and the beginning of the next day.

I have gotten so bad, that I switch grocery stores during the month, so they don't become suspicious, about the amount I am buying during the week from their store. My sister is a baker and she always keeps our cupboards well stocked with all different ingredients including corn starch. As I said before, it is nothing for me to go to the store at 3:00am to get corn starch. Sometimes though when it is 15 degrees outside, I go out to the cupboard and get my sisters corn starch.

I always have to remember to replace her Argo when I go to the store. It really doesn't matter what kind of starch I buy, Argo, Clabber Girl, the Mill or any of our store brands. I have to have it!!!!!! Everyone (who hasen't it) says that it has no taste, but I am hear to say that steak can't touch it. The feel in your mouth is either crunchy, smooth, creamy, dry or wet and you control that.

Sometimes when I pull it back into my throat it feels like a piece of ice just waiting to be swallowed. I'm also addicted to ice (7+ bags a week)so to add the two together it is just heaven. I have had blood work and my family doctor is now sending me to a hematologist to due an extensive work-up on me.

I have already be diagnosed with low iron and potassium. My weight has increased by 30 pounds in the last 3 months. I already smoke and to add these other issues to my plate, I have got to stop. I have tried and lost the battle on all battlefields. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE THE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO MAKE GOOD GRAVY(CORN STARCH AN COLD WATER, MY 2 ADDICTIONS KILL ME)

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Since you have been diagnosed with low iron, we hope you are taking supplementary iron. Did your doctor prescribe some? Once the deficiency is overcome, most people lose these cravings. If replenishing iron doesn't help, please have your doctor check on zinc, since sometimes a zinc deficiency can lead to "pica" (the technical term for your behavior). Please do take it seriously. Your body is crying out for help.

I have a bad addiction to Argo corn starch. I eat 1-2 boxes a week. It's like a drug to me. I would rather eat starch sometimes than a meal. At night, I sometimes sit in bed with a box and eat it like its ice cream. Everyone says its not good for you, but what can I do?

I have been eating flour for the last 25 or more years. I just recently started to eat Corn starch. I remember eating it as a kid. My Mom would buy it when I was smaller. She would give me some. I enjoyed it from the beginning. She would also eat red dirt. I tried it once. She wouldn't let me eat that too much that was her favorite. But I have been struggling with this addition of flour and now starch. I really would like to have the starch I ate as a kid (Argo laundry starch). That was the best. It was crunchy. I am going to buy myself a couple of boxes.

My stomach is growling now I want it so bad. What a weird addiction. But I am glad to see that I am not the only one. My addiction has gotten so bad that when I went to the doctor he said my iron was low and metabolism too. So he put me on iron pills 2 day folic acid 1000mg a day.

I don't want to get so sick that I pass out and have to have a blood transfusion. I read some of the comments on how some of you have gotten really sick. I don't want that. But I soooo enjoy eating flour and starch. It soothes me and I relax more when I am eating it. I have to secretly eat if from my husband. My kids know I eat it. But he doesn't. Well maybe I will quit one day. But it is nice to know sooo many of you guys are out there. I don't feel so alone. I enjoyed reading all the comments. God bless you all.

Wow, as I was reading your post I felt as if I was reading about myself. Our stories are so similar. I eat flour also and sometimes cornstarch. I remember my mother eating crunchy starch many years ago. She would give me some if I asked but I didn't want it much then. I watched her struggle to quit for a long time and finally she did. That's why I cant' believe that I fell for the same trap. I started craving flour one day and have been eating it for ten years.

I love the stale, chalky taste of flour if it is close to expiring or has expired. It is soooo good and comforting. Does anyone else feel the same way? I eat it by the heaping spoonfuls and with a straw. I was so shocked to see another fellow flour lover. I don't hear very much about us. I also eat cornstarch some (regular & laundry) but it doesn't replace my flour. I can't explain it. I too hide it from my family to the point that I have to keep buying more to replace what i ate so my husband doesn't find out. I feel ashamed but I just can't help it, I enjoy it so much. I was taking iron twice a day and the craving completely stopped. I have bought more iron but haven't started taking it yet. Why not you may ask if I know it would help me? I would like to know the answer to that myself. So you are not alone in this struggle.

Hey in reply to your comment. There is a website if you google eating flour. You will see that there are others out there that struggle with eating flour too. You can comment as well. Flour is really hard for me to stop eating. I ate it all through both of my pregnancies and when ever. I can always tell when my iron was low.... I ate flour. I eat 6 or seven 7 table spoons a day. Every now and then I will eat more... depends on how my days are going. But now I am into eating the starch (laundry starch-Argo). I think it less messy as flour. You can literally eat it out of the box.

This may be a really crazy thought but I wonder if there’s any connection between this (corn starch craving) and sickle cell disease especially considering the fact that both seem to be prevalent in blacks (I’m black). The fact that iron pills seem to stop the corn starch cravings is interesting since sickle cell, if I’m understanding correctly, is caused by a mutation of hemoglobin and since iron is needed to form hemoglobin… So maybe we corn starch cravers have a problem with the hemoglobin in our blood? I’m not saying we necessarily have something like sickle cell but maybe some other sort of hemoglobin issue?

Anyways, iron pills definitely help but they give me heartburn so I don’t take them right now. But I don’t eat cornstarch anymore either. I’ve been eating it on and off since I was 16. Especially when I was pregnant in my 20s. I stopped eating it when I started taking iron pills about a year ago but even when I stopped the iron pills the cravings didn’t come back.

I have ADHD and I recently started taking meds for that and I think they help with my cravings because they decrease your appetite and help you control yourself.

My kids both have ADHD and my son is a big time ice eater. He crunches on it everyday (drives me crazy). He probably has some kind of pica too.

I just wonder if pica (craving corn starch) might be a symptom of another condition or be caused by something else. Here’s some of the other health problems I’ve had all my life:

Sensory Processing Issues
Tibial torsion (had to wear leg braces when I was little)
Bone cyst (leg)
Arthritis (since I was 9)

I've had these issues ALL my life. Fortunately none of them are severe. Anybody else have similar stuff going on? Just curious if there's any connection.

One more thing that might be a connection, I have HEMOGLOBIN C TRAIT. It's one of those genetic things they test for in newborns by doing the heel prick (same way they check for sickle cell).

Cornstarch is amazing!! I know that it's bad to eat. but I'm so addicted to it I can't help but eat it! I'm only 16 and I've been eating it since I was like 12. I saw my mom eating it, I tried it and now I'm hooked on it. My mom doesn't eat it anymore. Every time I eat it, she gets very upset. I don't think it's my fault. She ate it all the time when she was pregnant with me... maybe that's why I like it? Idk, but its GOOD :-)

I too am addicted to corn starch, this problem started when my husband cheated on me, and I had some many other issues happened to me, so I started eating laundry starch, but I noticed my legs started to swell and this scared me, so I begin to eat corn starch, this too became a problem, now and then I start and I quit, I have prayed about this but, it won't let me go. I too am asking for help.

omg, this is unreal reading the comments. I'm relieved at the same time shocked, what is it that makes us crave this stuff? I'm a 42 year old women who loves starch I have been eating starch for about 16 years, my 23 year old daughter is hooked too, this is a mess. I'm really concerned about what this stuff is doing to our insides, maybe we should start a 12 step program for starch heads. LOL.

I just wanted to share an interesting connection I just made. I think drinking coffee triggers my craving for corn starch. I've had the cornstarch addiction problem on and off since I was 16 (I'm 33 now) but I haven't eaten any for the last year or so because I started taking iron pills.

Well, I stopped taking the iron pills about 6 months ago and fortunately the corn starch cravings still didn't come back. Then all of a sudden in the last few weeks or so I've started to crave corn starch again. So now I'm thinking there has to have been some trigger for this since the craving had been gone for so long. Something in my diet must have changed.

I realized the only thing that has changed in my diet is that I recently started drinking coffee again after quitting for almost a year. So I did a search on the internet and I found out that coffee inhibits the absorption of iron. And we all know that iron deficiency can lead to pica symptoms like craving chalk or corn starch. So now I'm thinking back to the times in my life when the cravings have been at their peak and one particular time at least, was when I was drinking a TON of coffee.

I don't know for sure if coffee is the cause of this for me but it's definitely something I'm gonna keep an eye on. My cravings are pretty mild right now so I'm not going to give in to it. I have high blood pressure, I'm obese, and my sinuses are just starting to recover from this addiction so I'm going to do everything I can to avoid starting it up again.

Good luck to everyone here.

I crave Cornstarch and I don't have any kids, I was craving cornstarch (as I'm typing) and I Googled the reason to see why I'm craving Corn Starch as well as others, I had a cousin who let me try it once about 10 years ago when I was in school, and it tasted bad, she was sucking it out of a straw and eating it with a spoon. I went grocery shopping yesterday and I went straight to the isle in Krogers, I don't eat it on a regular basis but when I crave it I do need it, but I decided not to buy it this time, But Its has a flavor that keeps you coming back for more, and it also fills you up without a meal. I just don't know but I need some now.

Hi guys this is my second time at this site; I've been struggling with this corn starch burden for close to 20 years now. I'm 42 now, when I was in my early 20's I began craving Argo corn starch just out of the blue... I had never tasted it before. Over the years I've been able to walk away from the cravings but they kept coming back. Recently I lost the father of my kids, I was beyond stressed and before I knew the cravings came back, but this time around they were more like an addiction versus a mere craving.

The more I ate the more I wanted to eat, I found myself lifeless, and just able to crawl to my bed sometimes as early as 6pm. I was also constipated and gaining weight fast. I remember reading about the iron consumption stopping the taste but because I was already dealing with constipation I shied away from that method.
In my search to find an answer I went to a nutritionist after explaining to him my diet he immediately told me about adding more protein to my diet.

He said that I was starving myself by not eating correctly and my body's way of crying out for help was through the cravings. He also said that corn starch was robbing my system of the nutrients that I did have little by little. So I took his advice and added protein in abundance to my diet and I immediately saw the difference. Now I must admit that when I fall back in those bad eating habits the craving/ additions return, but they have been very mild. I'm striving to eat right ladies so this won't be an issue for me anymore. Be encouraged ladies, we can definitely get past this one!!

I love cornstarch and I've been eating it off and on for about 5 yrs. whenever I take my iron pills as prescribed by my Dr. the cravings stop.

I hadn't been eating cornstarch in over 2 yrs. but when I slacked up with my iron pills the cravings came back and I love it.... I haven't experienced any weight gain (thank the Lord.)

I really love how dry it is when it goes into my mouth but if it's in there too long then it's a turn off, I think it's the dryness that I like.

I am a 43 year old black woman, when I was pregnant with my 2nd child 17 years ago I craved for my teeth to be dry and on edge, yes I liked grinding my teeth. So I discovered that baby powder was great for that. Then I became addicted to grinding my teeth, but health reasons made me looked for another way to satisfy this desire. That's when I found argo cornstarch about 6 years ago and it was like I found gold.

But the thing about it is the more I eat it the more I want it and it doesn't even keep my teeth on edge anymore. I use to eat about one box every 2 weeks but now its like every 4 days and when I try to stop I would go into withdrawal. My stomach would get a burning feeling and as soon as I start again burning stop.

I really would love to stop. I know within myself this is not good and it will tell on me. Am not gaining weight like most but I really want to stop but it is soooooooooo very hard to can someone tell me what to do pleeeeeeeeeeease.

I truly, truly need help. I have been eating cornstarch for over 8 years now. I tried to kick the habit and was successful for almost 2 years. And I was only successful then because I was part of an experiment for iron deficiency. I took a shot that gave you a dose of iron that lasts 30 days, and immediately the cravings stopped. But eventually my iron dropped again, and now I am back to eating the starch, I would often rather eat it than food, and find myself sneaking it as often as I can, I even have it hidden on both of my jobs. I eat soo much of it that the corners of my mouth hurt and have peeled. I know I need to kick the habit, I wish they would hurry up and come out with that iron shot. It's soo good to know that I'm not going through this habit all alone, but I wish we had the cure to kick it, all of us, before we become diabetics.

I love the smell and taste of starch. I could eat it everyday and not eat food. I recently started taking iron supplements and the craving is slowly leaving.

I am shocked at the number of women (black women) who crave starch. I've been eating it for about a year now and like most of you, I've started to gain weight. Help me please, if there is an answer to kicking this habit.

Ok, I've been doing something to substitute my cravings for Argo starch which is probably as bad, if not worse. I started craving Argo a few years ago, but I wanted it in a particular form. I remembered it in solid chunks when I was little and my grandma would let me have a few pieces. So, when I got this craving I started searching all over for the solidified form and could only find the powder.

That's when I turned to the internet to find a recipe that would tell me the water to powder ratio for solidifying cornstarch and saw all the warnings about anemia. Called my doc right away and I sure enough I was severely anemic. Well, I never found solidified argo, but I did discover that Caltrate 600 D, was somewhat tasteless, delivered lots of crunch and the pills were a pretty generous size. They're not completely tasteless, but close. So now I take MEGA doses of Caltrate 600 D. For example the recommended dosage is 2 pills per day, whereas I chew 20-30 a day (5 or 6 at a time). I've tried to find information on side affects, but haven't been successful as of yet. Oh, and my cravings have never subsided even though my anemia issue has been addressed.

Any info on the side affects of doing this? And yes, I am gaining weight. Now, that they've reduced the pill size it changed the formula somewhat and I hate the new taste, so hopefully this will put an end to things, unless, of course, I ever figure out how to solidify argo.


I also chew cornstarch baby powder usually with aloe and vitamin E, spit it out, and rinse my mouth out. I had to do this, because when I swallowed in the past, I got horrifying yeast infections, constipation, and weight gain. Since I stopped swallowing, I lost about 5 pounds and have much fewer yeast infections and constipation. The only thing I am still trying to stop is blowing the powder through my nose. I have lost my sense of smell and would really like it back. I had the craving before in small amounts, but since having a gastric sleeve surgery in December of 2008, I can chew up a large bottle of cornstarch baby powder in a two to three week time period. I know I'm anemic after the surgery, but iron constipates me and I hate it. I'm so disappointed in myself that I can't control this better, but I am trying.

im 17 and i've been eating cornstarch for 3yrs sister first told me to try powder & i LOVED it ! a few months later someone suggested i try cornsstarch & i've been eating it every since! i REALLY do want to stop because i kno it cant be good for you but i cant im actually eating some RIGHT NOW!!! this is horrible !

I substituted cornstarch for 100% Whole Grain Oats. They are much better for you. At first, I did not like the change, but after I did not give into Cornstarch and continued to eat oats, I began liking the oats. Yes, I eat dry oats as a substitute for cornstarch; both are fattening but there are a lot of nutritional value in oats. I haven't eaten cornstarch in three months and do not crave it.

One of the value is it enriches iron. In the past I could not walk down the grocery isle that houses the cornstarch and not grab a carton. Now I walk right past it and giggle. Even as I post this comment, I have no carving for it. In the past, I would read about it and my mouth would water. My goal is to stop eating dry oats as well. Hope this posting helps someone. I read about oats on this site and thought I would give it a try. It helped me tremendously. Therefore I hope my posting does the same.

Yes, eating starch will make you gain to much weight. Just keep eating it you will see in no time. I am trying my best to stop, but I can't it is so hard to do.

I am a 39 year old white woman who has/had a similar addiction. I became severely anemic after Gastric Bypass surgery. Finally they found the cause to be some abnormal OBGYN bleeding, but during that time I became addicted to cornstarch related products. I was eating an entire bottle of TUMS a day and tried cornstarch, chalk, etc. I never experienced constipation or weight gain (although I did have white poop) and the pills are very high in calcium.

Since I had the DNC and iron transfusions, I have broken the addiction, but every now and again, when I start to crave the "crunch" I know it's time to beef up on iron. For those of you who aren't taking your iron because it "makes you sick" I have no pity. The CORNSTARCH is also making you sick. I take Hemoplex because a lot of iron makes me feel sick. Hope this helps you all!

I started eating cornstarch years ago when my mom was pregnant with my little brother
I'm now seventeen and I'm not pregnant but I crave cornstarch and chalk...

I go through at least 4 boxes a month. Sometimes my urges are uncontrollable when I run out, then I turn to chalk. I don't know what this means
please help


I wanted to reach out to all of you and let you know there is help out there! I am a casting producer working on a docu-series that focuses on offering help to adults who suffer from food addictions, phobias and disorders. After a very successful first season, we are back to help more people.

I have been doing a lot of research and noticed that cornstarch addictions are incredibly common among females. Not only does our program help individuals overcome their addictions and phobias, it also helps spread awareness about unusual yet legitimate eating disorders that would otherwise be deemed simply picky eating habits.

If any of you would like to explore the possibility of getting help for your cornstarch addiction and want more information about our program, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via phone or email.

Thank you for your time.

Gladys Fattorini
Casting Producer
office: 323.904.4680 ex. 1087

I've been eating corn starch now for over 3yrs. It started with my first pregnancy. I don't eat it as much neither because I don't like the new argo container, I prefer the box but I have to drive approx 10 miles to get it. A box of starch lasts me about a week sometimes two, but I love it best when it is cold so I put it in the freezer.

I am a 50yrs old female. I have been eating cornstarch off and on. Three years ago I was admitted into the hospital for anemia. I had to have a blood transfusion. I have been taking my iron pills up until about three months ago and I am back to eating cornstarch again. I hate what I am doing to my body. I know that I need to stop this. I decided to go back and take my iron pills.

I don't want to go back into the hospital again. On top of that I lost my upper front teeth and I have to wear a partial. I am so mad at myself for getting hooked on this stuff again. I am going back to taking my iron pills three times a day.

I have been eating cornstarch since I was about fourteen years old. I LOVE Argo cornstarch. I would search and search for old boxes of it because the texture of older boxes is thicker. I'm SO upset about the new, plastic containers Argo uses! The texture isn't the same and the taste is a bit different (probably from the plastic).

Since I can't seem to find any boxes of Argo cornstarch in the area, I've switched brands and I seem to be eating more than ever. I'm glad I found this website because I realize I am not alone, but I do realize that I may have health issues that I'm not aware of. I can't say that I will stop eating cornstarch (I'm sure that I won't stop eating it) but I will definitely start taking vitamins to get more iron and zinc.

I am now 6 days clean from eating corn starch. I am trying so hard not to eat it. It is so hard. I too had weight loss surgery in 2008 and I have seen a weight gain. So I am really trying to stop it.

I started out with baby powder when I was a teenager, but i knew that it was unhealthy so I tried to make myself stop. When I got pregnant with my first child I picked the habit back up and then I started with the cornstarch. I eat as much as 1 box a day and have gained a lot of weight. I am extremely anemic but I just cannot stop eating it! I try to quit but I can only go a few days and then I have to have it. Its like a damn drug problem!!!

I've eaten cornstarch off and on for the past 25 or 30 years. I grew up watching my mother and aunt eat it. Every once in a while my mother would allow me to have a taste - which was the best crunch in the world. As an adult, I still enjoy this strange little pleasure. To top it off, I grab a cold bottle of the real thing, coke of course to go along with it. I mix a little crunch with the big fizz and I'm satisfied. I realize this habit is extremely unhealthy.

The box cites it as a thickening agent, therefore one should expect to gain significant weight from ingesting it. Also, it's unhealthy because it is "starch" which converts into sugar. Sugar not only ages our bodies but also turns into fat in our system. Imagine this crunchy white soothing powder that gives us temporary pleasure is sure to decay our teeth, cause major problems with swallowing, cause weight gain, sag & dry out our skin, thyroid problems, cause foggy thinking and a multitude of other health problems unless we stop eating it and begin taking iron, zinc... or the mineral or vitamin that is low in our systems.

Prayer, determination and iron pills have helped me kick the habit in the past. I lost 40lbs and gained a healthy iron blood count. I'm going back to what worked before and I'm expecting great results. I hope you find victory on whatever road you decide to travel.

woooow I really thought I was alone in all of this cornstarch biz but I started when I was 13 and my neighbors/ friends put me up on it and I couldn't get over how much I didn't like it at first, then I started craving for a chalky type taste so lolzz I started eating ..... chalk and that didn't work so my friends were eatin it on the front porch all hangin out with there spoons in a cup or a bowl smhl and I couldn't stop being curious as to wonder whats so fascinating about this nasty stuff and I ate it and bamm 6 years and 20 pounds later I'm still eatin argo and cant help it. I feel ashamed but I really don't want to stop cuz it sooooooooo dang good. what's a girl to do about her starch???

BEEF BLOOD has iron and lots of other nutrients. When cooked into stews, soups and chilis it is tasty and does not cause stomach problems like iron pills do. It can be purchased at a local slaughterhouse or a Philipino/Asian market.

I have been clean from cornstarch for 8 months now.

Ok ladies, I'm 27years old and 33 weeks pregnant and I wanted dove white soap at 1st but couldn't eat it so I had a taste 4 chalk but I said I'm 2 grown 2 go in a store 4 chalk 2 eat so the other morning I went 2 the store 4 the starch in the box help me.

I posted the following comment on September 13, 2010, "I substituted cornstarch for 100% Whole Grain Oats." Please read my posting. When I posted it, I had not eaten cornstarch for 4 months (May 2010) and I still haven't eaten it. Although at times, I have had very strong carvings. The Whole Grain Oats (plain oatmeal) helped me. In May 2011, it will be a year. I just recently, about one week and 1/2 ago, stopped eating oats. I hope to have the same success with oats. I will keep posting on this site.

I thought something was wrong with me for a long time. I started out liking the smell of dust then it was tasting chalk shavings. But I think it got worst when a friend of mine introduced me to clay dirt. I ate that for a while but the only place I could get it was from South Carolina but I was stationed in Texas.

I would start tasting powder and powder laundry soap. My grandmother told me that it was bad for me and told me I should try cornstarch. I tried different kinds but I fell in love with Argo.

I'm stationed in Afghanistan at the moment and it has gotten so bad that I find myself ordering it off of amazon. I takes about 5 to 6 days to receive mail here and it drives me crazy. I'm actually waiting on a order now. I wanna get help but I just can't seem to kick the habit.

This is so interesting.
Back in 1947, I was five years old.
We had this precious Black lady, Minnie, who came to our home to help mother.
I went into the kitchen one day and she had white powder all around her mouth.
I asked my mother, "what did Miss Minnie have on her mouth?" My mother
explained it was cornstarch. I loved Minnie. The memory of her will be with me the rest of my life. I had two wonderful parents who loved everyone and for us to do the same, and did not teach us to see skin color despite the fact they could not go to school with us, eat in a restaurant with us, and had separate bath rooms. The wonderful memory of Miss Minnie makes me feel special to have known her.

I am glad I searched "why people eat starch?"

I am so happy and surprised to know I am not the only one who enjoys the taste and texture and flavor of cornstarch. I am 46 years old and I have kicked the habit for a couple of years now but the memory and even the flavor still creeps in my mind.

Sometimes in Shoprite baking area I see Argos cornstarch box and I get excited. But
when I was married my husband who never knew I had this addiction saw me and embarrassed me so much that I haven't picked it up. But it is bad for you health also. But now I am single.... but I will not go back even though I still crave it.

I too am an African American woman age 46. I have kicked the cornstarch habit but it is still in my mind the taste and texture but I notice the only time the craving really hits is when my iron is low. So if you really want to stop... an iron pill (sometimes a couple in one day) will take the craving away almost immediately if not with in days.

Even I had the ice-chip craving also. And same thing... iron pills and its gone.
I don't miss those cornstarch days of feeling ashamed when O would get busted. Having my cornstarch addiction being the "topic" of family gatherings. I don't miss feeling bloated and filled on absolutely nothing substantial.

The first time I ate cornstarch was out of curiosity when I saw my mom eat some. At first I was like what the heck is she eating one time she asked me did I want some I was like no cause I thought it was disgusting. To again curiosity got me and I decided to sneak and get a little at first I didn't find it that tasty cause it really wasn't that tasty anyway. So later on that day I craved for some more the more I ate it the more it was good that I couldn't stop til it was almost down their gone. My mom thought she ate the whole thing herself.

A few months later she bought some and again I sneak and get some til again it was almost gone I couldn't help it. I would always want some. This time my mom confronted me asking have I been going in her cornstarch. Usually I would lie like I accidentally drop it when I was looking for something in the cabin cause sometimes she buy it in a box and it wouldn't be closed up all the way but this time I decided to tell the truth. When I told her yea she was like don't in her corn starch no more but I still do when she buy some being careful not it eating over board where she will notice. I'm 16 and I still crave corn starch so much like its a drug, I'm just glad I'm not alone & me and my mom is not weird.

This so crazy I thought it was a small problem but its bigger than I thought. I'm not the only one that feels this way eating this ARGO is a hard habit to do. I'M 27 and I quit every year and start back. I have come to the point were I have to stop because it is causing me to get yeast infections every month and it is driving me crazy. We are all women and you all know how they feel. It is so hard to stop with that happening to me anyway. Could you all pray for my strength to give this shit up before I lose my family.

Dear All:

I would love to reach out to all of you battling addictions or cravings for cornstarch or other unusual foods or non-foods. I work for a talk show and we are producing a special episode focusing on people battling unusual cravings that have gotten to the point where the compulsion is negatively impacting their relationships and day to day lives.

Might any of you be interested in discussing how you cope with your cravings on Father Albert, a new talk show hosted by Father Albert Cutie that focuses on counseling people dealing with major dilemmas in their personal lives and relationships. Father Albert's goal is to provide our guests with the tools to overcome their obstacles and live more fulfilling lives but also to offer that advice to the people at home dealing with similar struggles.

I would love to tell you more about our show and see if we might be able to help you and others out there.

If you are open to an initial chat, no commitment, I'd love to hear from you. Please either message me back or email me at castingdilemmas(at)gmail(dot)com.

The show provides all travel and accommodations as well as a meal stipend and the opportunity for counseling and aftercare.

I hope to speak to you soon.

All the best,

Hi fellow cornstarch eaters.. I started eating cornstarch when I was pregnant with my daughter. That was 12 yrs ago. I still find myself sneaking and eating it every once in a while. Its not as bad as it used to be but I know its unhealthy. I really don't know what to do about it my Dr says my iron and b12 is low so I started taking iron pills and eating iron n b12 and potassium filled foods and I was doing good until I got a divorce. I started eating it again.

I too favor the argo brand but will take any brand I can get my hands on. Yes PICA is a well known condition but what do you do when you've tried everything and you still crave it? I gotta stop soon cuz it is causing weight gain due to me not having regular bowel movements but I will try to do a complete cleanse n detox and see if my weight improves.


It has been less than a year since I've been eating ARGO cornstarch. I am anemic but any time I take iron tablets or medication I get high blood pressure after 4 days. Since eating cornstarch I have become sluggish, extremely tired and just restless. It is my drug and I find the habit very difficult to kick. I kicked it for 5 weeks on my own and then I craved it so bad that my consumption went from one box per week to sometimes three and four. Been going to the gym and even with a diet change my personal trainer said I won't lose the weight until I kick it. I tried to do it gradually but I can and I drive for mile if I have to get it. Please help.

I have been eating cornstarch for about 4 years now. I have graduated from eating it every once in awhile like 2 or 3 tablespoons a day to an entire box in a couple hours. I punish myself by not eating it for a couple days if I consume an entire box and I pay for it. It's all I think about I feel like I'm addicted to crack cocaine it's hard to break the habit. Quitting it cold turkey is probably worst than cigarettes I don't smoke so I don't have nothing really to compare but it's pretty bad. Hell it's horrible I would love to and dream of a cornstarch free life. But all I do when I'm down and depressed is return to it!

Hi.. my friend is seriously hooked on Argo Starch..she loses her mind when she can't get it..I don't understand how starch could cause someone to behave like this..there should be some type of support group for people w/ this addiction..

OmG! Sitting here constipated decide to google cornstarch.. And to see so many having this issue sadden me.. We must strengthen our Minds.. To combat this harmful addiction.. Constipation a dangerous but preventable thing.. So today ladies.. I'm pulling my starch out of it's hidden place (my husband thinks I quit 2 yrs ago) hehe!... Just seeing all the stories trigger something inside.. I'm worthy.. My body deserves better.. I'm done.. Love you all..Be Bless.. 1st..pray, cleanse, and not going to baking Aisle.. Day one.. Promise 2 return.. With my success story..

I'm 15 years old and I have a bad craving of cornstarch and I stated wen I was 13 and the cravings are getting worse and worse. I crave it so much that I will look up images of it and pretend like I'm eating it so there for I tried searching on how to make home made cornstarch but no results of it so now I just try my best to ignore it but it won't stay out of my mind but hopefully I will get help for that really bad craving.

I'm Alana, I'm 25...I first started eating starch when I was a lil girl... Watching my aunt...As I got older all through High School...I ate it...omg then got pregnant was going though a box everyday... My mom didn't want me eating it...I would sneak and eat it... as I got older, got pregnant I ate it everyday... it's like it's calms my nerve... anyways start noticing the weight gain. I was 145 & went to 189 that's how much I was eating it was ridiculous...

I was so embarrassed by my weight.. So one day I was like I gotta stop... I emptied all of my containers out... then for like 5mths strong I left it alone... then went to stuff called white dirt.. I had moved and the place where I had moved didn't sell it... Eventually went back to Argo Corn Starch.. but what I don't do is swallow it... I just need the taste... so I have an empty container as I eat it.. I spit it out... and I notice a different.. I'm back to my normal weight 135.. My favorite way of eating it is I gotta have a white plastic soon and it has to be from Walmart or I don't want it period...

I too love to eat cornstarch, it started with my pregnancy. I craved something and didn't know what. Out the blue, I ate some baby powder, the perfume was too strong in the baby powder. So I read the ingredients and boom! Behold there was the cornstarch. I've been addicted, every since. I love the taste, the texture and the way it dissolved in my mouth. It's been 3 months, since I ate some and I'm craving it now. I struggle day 2 day.

Are you constipated from eat starch? If so, please eat foods rich in vitamin C and fiber. Orange juice and Raisin Bran cereal can help to soften your stool and lessen your cravings for cornstarch.

Hi I used to eat baby powder with cornstarch but it started bothering me I only crave it when I'm pregnant now I'm on baby #4 & I switch to cornstarch usually when I get stressed, I'll take a spoonful but my sister said its harmful but I'm so craving a box. If anybody has another way to quit it let me know.

I too am a cornstarch eater but unlike many of you I don't eat the cornstarch from the box I eat it through baby powder johnson and johnson aloe & vitamin D it made of real cornstarch and I am ADDICTED BIG TIME !!!

It started back up when I got pregnant with my son who is now six months and now it just seems like a bad habit!! I can't stop eating it I want to because I nurse my son, and because I don't want any health problems later down the line.

I tried the baby powder cornstarch a long time ago. I ate it because Aldi's grocery store do not carry corn starch. Baby powder has perfume in it which makes it taste very bitter. Also the talc in it, throws the taste off a bit. But I ate it any way. Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

OMG.....I love cornstarch! I usually eat between 1-3 boxes in a week. I love to eat it through a straw straight from the box. I have hiding places and sometimes I even substitute it for food. It is so good! I love the way the texture of the cornstarch is. My husband does not know this secret of mine and I have no problems when going to the bathroom. I buy the Cream cornstarch from the local grocery store sometimes 4 boxes at one time. Just talking about it I want some but I have managed to slow down on eating so much.

Hello Ladies, I took the time and read every last comment and story. Thank you for sharing your stories. I came across this site following a story about a freaky eater named Nikki who love to eat cornstarch and stated" that she cannot stop eating it. Have you seen it? if not check it out, it is the second season show. I would just like to 1st say I use to eat flour.

Not like any of the stories I have read. I would only eat 2 or 3 spoons a day or maybe not at all. I thought I was addicted until I read all the blogs. I exercise and I eat right. I also take vitemens. What I would like to suggest to all of you if you would receive my thoughts on this addiction is to Read all of the blogs take a good look at what is happening to you mentally. This stuff is killing your body and taking the enjoyment out of your lives. It consumes your thoughts all day. Just look at Nikki's story maybe you could see yourself. Constipation, anemia, yeast infections, sluggish and weight gain. You even hide it under the bed! you hide it from your loved ones. You take it wherever you go.

I am so sorry that you feel like you cannot stop but you can. The answer is to realize it is an emotional handicap which is causing you a physical handicap. look at all the dangers it causes and some of you give it to your children to not feel guilty and then they become addicts too!

There was one episode on divorce court the husband had a video of his wife eating while talking on the phone. He discussed how this made him un attracted to her and how she continued to have digestion problems. Is this happening to you too? I plead with you to reconsider the consequence of eating this stuff. I love you and don't know one of you.

As I watch the story of Nikki it seem to help me see how bad it truly is for any person. I watched it over and over. The enemy came for 3 things : to Kill to Steal and destroy. Please take a chance and just stop eating the stuff you will feel a whole lot better. God Love you and I pray that he deliver all of you that really want to be freed from this addiction. God Bless!

Ok is it an addiction? Really? Or a deficiency. They start to do it after they're pregnant.

Wow this is crazy!! Glad to see I'm not alone. I'm 44, and I have been eating Corn starch since I was 5yrs old!!! My mom use to eat the Argo Laundry starch..years ago the Laundry starch was made of these delicious little crunchy rocks that you could just grab a hand full and eat like M & Ms LOL...then they change it to powder so my mom started eating the Argo Corn Starch..same taste but no crunch :(

I love my cornstarch but it does make me sick.. I eat only a box a month...I am afraid it may begin to mess with my digestive tract, and my blood level is pretty low.

I am a 44 year old African American female and I have been eating cornstarch for a few years, I don't know where the craving came from, since I never craved for it when I was pregnant, but over the years its gotten worst, I consume about two containers of cornstarch in a week. I have not gained any weight, but I know this has to be harmful, I'm so glad I'm not alone and need the support from others. Thanks for the info, going to get Iron pills in the morning after I eat about 3 spoonfuls of cornstarch.

you guys ever think that this craving is CAUSING your anemia? or stopping vitamin absorption from foods or supplements.

People's Pharmacy response: In some cases, it goes both ways. If the craving were for clay, that can interfere with mineral (iron, zinc) absorption. We don't know if cornstarch can do that. Certainly it does not provide any minerals, so it can't improve the situation.

I've just finish reading the entire list of comments. It's odd how so many stories are similar. I'm a 47 year old AA MAN! I have been "eating"Argo cornstarch for 14 or 15 years. It seems like this is only something women deal with, but I have experienced the insane cravings, the hiding this habit from love ones, and the embarrassment that comes with it. I don't actually consume it, I just chew it up and spit it out ringing my mouth thoroughly with water.

I've always been afraid how it would negatively affect my health if I swallowed it. (Though once when my brother came to my room to talk to me and I had a mouth full of it, I swallowed it down, fearing the embarrassment of being caught.) Like many of you, I saw my mom chew laundry starch and later Argo cornstarch when I was 5 years old. I NEVER had any interest in cornstarch until my early 30's. That's around the time I developed anemia through blood loss.

My anemia became so bad I had to get transfusion. But before I was even aware that I was anemic, I remember clearly 1 day sitting on my couch and thinking about my mother's cornstarch habit. Then out of nowhere the thought hit me, "I bet it would be really nice to try some cornstarch." What appealed to me is what thought the texture would feel like in my mouth. So I went out and bought a box and tried a spoonful and was instantly hooked.

I absolutely loved the texture, the way it crunched, how it dissolved as I chewed it. In the beginning I only chewed a couple of spoonfuls a day, mostly after a meal like smokers do. Then I quickly moved up to 3 boxes a week. It was so addictive. Before long I was up to a box a day and on occasion two or three. I was obsessed with it. I hid it in my car and would chew it at stoplights. But because I didn't swallowed I'd keep some type of container in the car to spit it in. I thought the spitting it out and having to get rid of it was disgusting and was very embarrassed about.

I would hide it on top and in the back of the pantry so that my girlfriend wouldn't see. She figured out that I had the habit because she would find this white powder everywhere and asked me about it. Even though she knew about my habit, I would still hide the cornstarch and never let her see me chewing it. I stopped chewing it once for about six months and the cravings didn't go away but were mild. Then one day after having a few drinks I really felt like indulging myself, and bought a box. It was such a completely satisfying experience after having denied myself for so long. That was about six years ago.

I now routinely chew cornstarch from the new containers. I average about three a week, although I had gotten up to one a day. It has caused me problems with my teeth being weakened and cavities. Sometimes it dries out my lips and causes little cuts in the corners of my mouth. I feel like I can quit if I really want to, but I just enjoy it so much. As I manage my anemia the craving intensifies and decreases. I'm actually working on quitting right now. Good luck and God bless all of you.

I've been eating Cornstarch for a few years now. Use to it white dirt but now its just cornstarch. I love argo! I usually take the top off and let it sit in my cabinet for a few days. Its soooooo dry, I love it. I haven't gained any weight from it. I also like clabber girl and koerger. I'm going to try harris teeter next. I am a cornstarch lover. Can't wait to get home from work to get my cornstarch!!!!!!!!!!

I have been eating ARGO cornstarch for a long time now. My cravings are so bad that when I get a little stressed I can put some in my mouth and I would calm down immediately. I really like the old school cornstarch... YES!! the blue box. Sadly they don't sell it anymore. I put a hole in the container and turn up the container and pour it to mouth. I have to be careful though, if it hits the back of my throat and I try to swallow it will choke me. I have tried pouring it out in the sink to kick the habit but I just go and but another container. On my way home to my powder lol

I had gastric bypass 7 years ago. I have been gaining weight, 35 pounds in less than a year. I've been argo starch as a food substitute. I've not eaten starch in 10 days but I'm craving it right now. I need help.

Im a black female. I lost a lot of blood at the hospital one day due to a miscarriage and shortly after coming home, I wanted chalk? Out of the blue for the first time ever I wanted to eat chalk. Everything with flour in it started to appeal to me and also beans. Specifically great northern beans and field peas. I also wanted crackers, lots and lots of crackers.

I would go pick up diff types of crackers to see which one would satisfy this craving and I settled on Stoned Wheat Thins (red oval farms). Also I wanted cornstarch, I've seen cornstarch before but never wanted to eat it. Sometimes I just crave a spoonful or two out the box a day. But how I really like it is I pour the starch in a plastic flat container, put a teeny bit of cornmeal in it, a pinch of baking powder and water. Mix it and sit it in a dry area to dry. As it drys bend the bowl to break the starch into smaller clumps so it will dry faster. Once its semi-dry its delicious and its even better when its dry dry, it crunches in your mouth. I grab it by the handful and pop it in my mouth like popcorn. Soooo good!

I am not alone, you guys are not alone, I started eating Argo laundry starch first and it then started tasting funny b/c the grocery store would put it on the shelf by the bleach so, then I tried Argo corn starch what did I do that for! I have been eating it now for about 20 years I'm a dialysis pt. again that's what started me to crave that texture in my mouth after a few years lacking iron, after a kidney transplant that lasted 10 years the whole time during my transplant I didn't want any starch of any kind I thought it tasted gross and dozen of people brought me starch as a gift b/c I loved it so much but I could not eat it at all about 4 years ago I began dialysis again guess whats was the first thing I wanted yes yes a big yellow box of Argo corn starch. I have now been eating it again like a box every 2 days I just like letting it melt in my mouth or just chew it up for a min then spit it out do you know how hard that stuff gets imagine our insides so I try not to swallow it or at least as possible. ut its good I love it I gotta have it with my coffee early in the morning if I leave home thats the first thing I want when I walk back through the door some time I'll stop at home just long enough to run inside and eat a spoon full I eat it after a meal I just walking around inside or outside eating it I got the neighbor wanting t taste it and I must have at least 10 spoons full b/4 I go to bed and I have found I new way to eat it w/o spill it all over our-selves poke a whole in the top ...learn that from reading here I plan to stop just don't know when.


I started eating it from seeing someone else eat it. I love the texture in my hands and in my mouth. Right now, I just chew it, but sometimes I do actually eat it. I crave it most when I don't have it. I like watching other people eat it also. I hide it from everyone, but Ive had conversations with my mom about how people used to eat red dirt (even bake it so its crunchy) when she was growing up and how she used to work with a lady that carried a box of cornstarch around eating it.

I like eating it with other foods like bread, chips, fries, etc. Basically anything dry. Sometimes I pour juice or soda in it and let it dry completely and break it up and eat it. I think its more of an obsession than an addiction... like a behavioral thing. I try to take an iron pill every other day. I cant take it everyday because it hurts my stomach... when I feel low on energy or short of breath it helps, but it doesn't seem to make the craving go away.

Hi I was one those people like you I used to eat about a box and a half a day was very very addicted. But what helped me was taking iron pills (since you are bad as you are I would suggest you go see your Dr. so he can give you prescribed iron something strong till your blood builds up.) I also ate a lot of ice and I was very anemic. I can tell you that as the iron got in my system the cravings went away. I have argo cornstarch in my kitchen right now and I don't even want it. I think as long as you keep your anemia under control you can stop the cravings for good.

I am a 41 year old mother of six. I started eating corn starch when I was pregnant with number 4. I don't even know what made me try it. I used to only have a small dip once a day. Now I'm up to 1 box of good ole' Argo a week. I have gained at least 40lbs because of it. And a recent trip to the doctor revealed terrible iron levels. I need to be here for my kids. I am worried about other health risks. I have been fighting my craving all day, because I now feel guilty if I eat it. It is so good to have found so many others like me.

I gotta kick this habit.

I have been eating Argo cornstarch on and off for over 20 years. I have never been as addicted to it as I am now. When I go to the store I will buy 4 containers at a time, and if I run out, I will get up and get dressed at night and go to the store just for cornstarch. I keep it on my night table and I will watch TV and eat an entire container in one sitting. I wish I could stop, but I'm addicted.

I have not eaten starch since last week. I bought a box and ate most of it in less than an hour. It was my lunch. I poured the rest in the trash can. I've been taking a zinc supplement with other vitamins. The craving has gone away. I'm so happy.

The spell of bleach and detergent would trigger cravings. I would open a box in the parking lot before I would leave the store. There only a few grocery chains that sell the red box of ARGO starch. My teenage daughter could tell I had been eating starch. She would spot white spots on my clothes or in the car. My drug of choice was ARGO starch. I pray this craving and addiction never returns.

wow reading a lot of these comments make me feel like I am not alone with eating argo cornstarch. It started wen I use to eat it with my mom then yrs passed and soon as I became pregnant I needed sumthin dry. I started chewing paper towel then I realized I can get a box and my daughter is 8 I had two more kids and ate it with them too. and I can't stop. I hear other stories on here about eating several boxes a week which is crazy cause I am so proud of myself that I only go through a box a week. I know it's hard and I do eat it way more wen I drink, stressing and smoking its so hard I hide it from my husband also my 2yr old knows when it's in my mouth she yells you have cornstarch mommy!!!!

It's so crazy I wish my craving go away asap. In 2006 I got my gallbladder removed and when I eat cornstarch I get really bad stomach pains, I have to burp or pass gas or it hurts like hell if I don't do either one of them this is what makes me want to stop. my cuz was eating it for yrs and she had to be admitted in the hospital so they can pump more blood in her veins cause she didn't really have any cause the cornstarch dried her blood and took iron from her, which scared me too. good luck guys, I just pray and y'all do the same.

good luck ur not alone

As a child (toddler), I crawled under the ironing board to reach the box of starch that was used for stiffening clothing and feasted on the cubes of starch. I abandoned this during the school age years, however loved to eat raw potatoes. I picked up the habit again in college. Cornstarch appears to be my comfort food. I did not have time to think about it while raising my children, but picked up the habit again once I retired from work. For 4 years now the habit has been a serious problem especially since I now have diabetes. I am interested in strategies for overcoming the addiction. I have been cornstarch free for about a month now, but the cravings are still strong. Looking for specific guidelines and help.

I've approached my craving for starch like a drug addiction. I've been clean for many months. I used to substitute starch for food. Today, I passed an Ingle's store and turned around. This is the only place I can find ARGO starch in the laundry isle. Yes, I relapsed. I filled my mouth 4 times before I reached home. I cleaned myself up, checked my teeth and made sure no trace of the powder could be found in my car. I didn't want my 16 year old daughter to know I slipped. I poured the rest out in the trash.

I realize that I have not been taking my multivitamins and I ran out of my zinc supplements.

Prior to today, I picked up a box of argo starch in the flour/sugar isle. One (1) tablespoon of starch has 30 calories. Starch is a carbohydrate. Carbs craves carbs. I have to remind myself when the urge comes that one little taste hurts and I will not lose weight.

I'm a 41 year old mom of 6. I started eating flour and powder when I was pregnant with twins 19 years ago. I quit for a long time then in 2005 I started eating chalk some call it white dirt after the place I was getting white dirt closed I went to the grocery store one day and thought I would try some starch. Well I quickly became addicted, I have been clean now for a year last year I became very dizzy and it scared me. I bought iron supplements and vowed I would quit well its been a year and almost 2 months. My cravings are worse now than before but I refuse to turn back. I gained so much weight when I was eating starch my belly got so huge I noticed when I quit the weight dropped. I understand how everyone feels it is a struggle I go everyday trying to avoid going on the aisle in the grocery store where they keep the starch!

Hi, I read through the comments here and I am addicted to cornstarch. I as many on this forum ate argo laundry starch as a kid along with my mom and sisters, for years I didn't eat or even think about cornstarch I would say for at least 15 years I never had a crave or desire to eat cornstarch. One day in my 30's I went to visit my mom and discovered she had started to eat argo in the yellow box and my craving was back on, I started just by eating some every now and then and my craving started to get stronger and I found myself eating it may 3 times out of the week but I would never swallow it I would just chew on it and spit it out rinse my mouth really good and brush my teeth.

Then I found by mixing it with water and letting it dry gave me the taste I remembered as a child cause it would get dry and crunchy and my mouth would just water as soon as I opened the cabinet I keep it in, well I've been free of starch for a month taking iron pills the crave is still there but it's not as strong as it was.

I can't promise myself that I won't fall off and start eating it again but I'm going to give everything in me not to, I was reading another form where people was addicted to clay and dirt and in reading that forum it has help to stay away form the cornstarch.

I'm really trying to let go! I know that eating cornstarch isn't healthy but I just can't stop! I started eating it when I was 15 and I'm 27 now. Thankfully I haven't had any severe problems but I know it's not healthy for you. On top of that i eat crushed ice and my blood count is already low. I used to eat a box or 2 in a day and buy 6 or 7 at a time now it's a box every other day. I craved it like crazy so much that my daughter came out white like she was covered in a cloud of starch! I love it cold, with a spoon, and with a straw! It's do bad that I pour the starch in a cup with a lid and sip it as a drink! So I can carry it around with me.

I constantly crave it all times of the day. I eat it when I'm hungry, stressed,'s like nicotine to smokers. Kinda gives me that calm feeling. I can't shake the taste! And not just any cornstarch but Argo cornstarch!!!! I had been without it for 2 weeks now and it's driving me crazy! Since I stared the longest I been with out it has been 6 months . It's always one more box..but it never is! I sound like a fen smh! If I don't eat it I don't feel right just talking about it makes my mouth water for it ! When the box is empty I keep it around just for the smell! I think that it taste different depending on what store I buy it from! This has to stop.

Have you ever tried to take iron pills I have been taking them for a month now and my crave has lessen haven't had cornstarch in a month I know this may not help everybody but talk to your doctor and have some test done and pray.

I've been eating cornstarch for a few years now. My other craving is white dirt. The cornstarch seems to always be what I want the most of. I've eaten all brands of cornstarch.....argo, kroger, walmart brand, hodgkin's mill, food lion brand, cream and clabber girl. Right now Ive been eating walmart great value brand for the last two months. I've put my cornstarch in the freezer, I've added water to it and let it dry. I've eaten it with a spoon and a straw. I've let it air dry. I can never eat a whole box in a day but, in a week yes.......I take my vitamins, iron pills, exercise and I love cornstarch. I'm 5'8 and 157lbs. I just love to eat cornstarch!!!!!

I also chew starch. I chew and spit it out. I do it when I'm stressed out or anxious about something.

I think I may have pica. I eat cornstarch but not from the box, I eat Johnson and Johnson pure cornstarch baby power. Lately I've been craving baby powder but only pure cornstarch. My periods have been really irregular; sometimes lasting 3-6 months non stop heavy, or nothing for 3-6 months. My hair is getting brittle and breaking off like crazy. For some reason lately I have an obsession with the smell of cleaning products and washing my hands 7-10 times a day using an excessive amount of hand soap. I'm a homeless college student with no health insurance, but I really would like to know if any of this is normal.

I been eating cornstarch off and on (more on) for over 30 years. My mom used to eat when I was younger. I am addicted. Whenever I quit I will go to the store find the box in the aisle and squeeze it. I love the sound of the crunch and how it feels between my teeth. Sometimes i bake it then let it dry and eat it that way. I want to stop but I guess it better then being addicted to crack?

Hey my name is Ashia too lol. I thought I was alone and to see so many ppl have the same problems is crazy but I've been eating starch since I was 8 yrs. old and when u got pregnant I didn't crave it as much and my family ate it all my life but they said I'm going overboard and its unhealthy. I'm 28 slowed down since I had my first child at 23 I use to eat almost 2 boxes a day now I barely eat it thx god but it took forever but I made it n still luv starch just don't consume too much thx to my first born

I tried the argo laundry starch when I was a little kid, about one time. I am now 48 years old and started this craving 2 years ago. I don't know where the craving came from. Its like when I am under stress, I crave Argo Cornstarch and I love the texture. Its been 2 years now and I don't want to stop. Its worst than a craving for cigarettes. I have not gained weight, I've actually lost weight. I don't know if I want to stop. Is this unhealthy? I am glad I am not alone in this craving.

dI used to eat starch when I saw my mother it it. This was in the 1940's, when nearly everyone was eating starch. I found it activates the salivary glands and causes a slight "pull on the muscles in the back of my mouth". I think this was the addiction. I stopped when the stores in my neighborhood stopped selling starch and everyone started using spray starch (in the 60's). The taste wasn't bad... I thought the stores stopped selling the starch - I haven't heard of it since.

omg!!! I thought I was the only one with this craving! I have been eating cornstarch for about 2 months now and I do notice I have gained weight, so now what I do is take the back of the spoon and slide the residue of cornstarch to the back of my tongue, but I won't swallow it I will spit it out, and rinse my mouth out with water. Now when you do spit the cornstarch out, turns clumpy; so just imagine what it is doing to our system! Yes I am anemic, my blood count runs low because I don't take my medicine like I should. I am prescribed ferrous sulfate 300mg (iron pills), but the medicine constipates me so bad! but I really should start taking the medicine because I want to quit eating the cornstarch, because it is not healthy for you.

yes I do eat the great value one also, I was eating the clabber girl one, but I don't like the way that one taste. I was eating the family dollar baby powder also. I just start taking my meds. again because I don't want to end up in the hospital with congestive heart failure from eating this stuff, I'm kind of scared that something will happen.

I have been consuming cornstarch off and on or about 2-3 years an my husband is not comfortable with it he has asked me to check to the ramifications and harm that can come from consuming cornstarch. I have yet to get an honest answer about what consuming cornstarch does to your body. All the things I have read from different websites say the same things and they are just peoples opinions and I have one just like every one else, I have had no reactions so I just feel it is a matter of choice, and if you are uncomfortable then DEFINITELY check with your doctor.

I just lost 9lbs, and as I said I eat cornstarch, it depends on the person. I plan to have the gastric bypass now I may not be able to consume cornstarch after the surgery you bet your bottom dollar I plan to ask and if I can't I will definitely will quit but if my doctor says it will not cause any harm to me I will continue eating it as I always have. My wish I good luck to all, and God Bless. Will keep you posted on my upcoming surgery.

Hi, I'm glad to know you haven't had any reactions to eating cornstarch I have read a lot of stories on the internet too and I used to be addicted to cornstarch for about 7 years I would eat it everyday my mouth would water as soon as I enter my kitchen.

I am anemic and once my doctor started me on iron pills the cravings went away the taste became horrible it's been about 8 months since I stopped eating it but I will admit every now and then I get a taste for it and I have given in a couple of times but the taste is just not the same. If you can visit yahoo cornstarch group discussion it's about 15,000 response and stories from different people just like you and I talking about their addiction to cornstarch and different things they have gone through from eating cornstarch from gaining weight and other health conditions they have gained from eating cornstarch. Good luck on your surgery oh there is a story of a lady who went through gastric bypass too and what happen to her after having surgery and went back to eating cornstarch.

I tried eating cornstarch when I was pregnant in the 90's. I have been eating for years. Each one of my kids come out with cornstarch on then. I loved it eating a box a day with a straw. Eating cornstarch caused me to have anemia. I had to have several transfusion because I preferred to eat cornstarch instead of food. It made me tired. And I lost weight. Sure it tastes good but it is not healthy. So please. Please see your doctor and get help cause cornstarch can kill you.

Peoples Pharmacy response: Eating cornstarch may be a symptom of anemia as well as a cause. This sounds like a vicious cycle. You may need help to escape. Correcting the anemia may alleviate the craving for cornstarch.

Can't believe how many other people are hooked on cornstarch! Lol
My aunt used to eat it & I started sneaking as young as the age of 8. The craving did not grow so strong until I got pregnant two years ago. When I was watching tv and eating starch through a straw is when I knew there was a problem. I've been able to quit for weeks at a time but when ever I get too stressed I find myself buying a box all over again. It calms me like a cigarette smoker calms after a smoke break.

I love argo corn starch but can't stop.

Hi I'm 49 yrs old and I eat raw flour out the bag and it has to be all purpose flour from the Dollar store. I use to eat only a little bit for years and it really didn't bother me, but in 2007 i had gastric bypass and it has gotten worst I will eat a 5lb bag of flour in week. My mouth waters for the taste of the flour, I always say I'm gonna stop and it keeps getting worse. I have gained 30lbs since I lost 160lbs in 6yrs. I need to STOP right now.

My Mom has been eating starch since I was little. I started around the age 10 about a box a day I would only eat the blue box I'm 19 now and I honestly haven't gained any weight I think it's the reason I'm staying small. I weight 103-107 pounds since I've been eating starch also very low iron.

Thanks Lady for your comment. It's the truth. Altho some of it is mental. So you must control that. I east it and try to throw out most of the box by measuring and counting the spoonfuls. Then as the box goes gradually down I'll empty it out. I'm glad I'm better. I refuse to drive long distances and get it now. GAS IS TOO HIGH...... I did stop for 14 months and resumed. It makes you gain. So you must exercise. I suggest weights. We all much just take control and stop. Since it's so many AA'S Hooked. I wonder if it's a controversy and as natural as they say it is? I called Argo and asked it anything else in in it. I've thought of sending it out to a lab. There is something to say for something so ADDICTIVE.

I wonder what is in it that makes it so addictive. Does anyone know? Eating cornstarch is one of the most pleasurable things. Yum.

Hello if you eat stale flour you might be eating weevil which are little bugs that love flour. I use to eat it but I stopped once I saw them. Then I began to eat cornstarch.

I was eating Walmart brand baby cornstarch with aloe and vitamin E. It is so bad I hate going to Walmart because I want it so badly and trying to quit. Also, it seems to be some stigma with it being from health/beauty versus the cooking aisle to my husband so I switch to Glabber girl corn starch. I HATE THIS HABIT!!!!!!

I feel so stupid because I am hiding while I do this. I take a multivitamin, and vitamin D. Purchased some iron tablets and will start taking them AGAIN soon (need to clear up my constipation which caused hemorrhoids. I used to take potassium pills when I was dancing and working out regularly but stopped.

I knew low zinc levels could be a problem but unaware of B12. I will give those a try after completing the vitamin D. My goal is to try each vitamin separately to determine the one that kicks this habit. As well, I have had some very serious changes in my life and know stress is the biggest cause and problem.

Also, I am going to go back to my juicing and working out to relieve the constipation.
Thanks everyone I studied pica, other vitamin deficiencies and anemia but NEVER thought I would fall victim. I so hate doing this to my son and especially myself......

I have started craving for cigarette and corn starch about 2 months ago I know it's not good for me but I like it, nobody in my family knows that I am smoking, but they know I eat corn starch, but I want to kick this habit before it gets bad. please help.

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