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Is Atenolol Safe For Treating Anxiety?

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Q. I have had anxiety attacks several times in the past 15 years. Always before I have been given Xanax and in several days I would be okay. Then I would take the pills as needed occasionally.

Last week when I went to the doctor and told him I was having anxiety attacks again, he prescribed the blood pressure pill atenolol. Have you ever known atenolol to be given for anxiety? When I tried it I developed an upset stomach and lost my appetite.

A. Atenolol has not been approved for anxiety. Such beta blockers are primarily prescribed for blood pressure and heart problems. Doctors sometimes prescribe propranolol or atenolol for the physical symptoms associated with stage fright, but these drugs are not appropriate for general anxiety (Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, Aug. 2006 Suppl.). Alprazolam (Xanax) is approved for anxiety and short-term use is often quite effective.

  • Currently 3.4/5
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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 3.4/5 (40 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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Is atenolol given or helpful for essential tremors?

A friend was on 200 mg Sertraline (Zoloft) for depression & anxiety, prescribed by a shrink. The friend still had anxiety, but to a lesser degree. Many months later, a dermatologist prescribed an antihistamine, Hydroxyzine HCL tablets 25mg/day, to treat hives resulting from an allergy. To my friend's utter delight and amazement the anxiety disappeared in a few days!

She told her shrink about it and he confirmed that this antihistamine is sometimes prescribed for anxiety, and he added Hydroxyzine Pamoate capsules 25mg/day to her normal 200mg/day Sertraline prescription. The "Pamoate" capsule version of Hydroxyzine was not effective at relieving the anxiety and it caused headaches. Her shrink changed her prescription to the "HCL" tablet version and now she no longer has anxiety.

I have taken Atenonol, for about a year. It is very effective for blood pressure, and does seem to help with moderate anxiety. I have had no ill effects.

I suffered from mild anxiety disorder with occasional anxiety attacks six years ago. My doctor also said I had blood pressure slightly high.

He prescribed Atenolol as an "oldie, but a goodie" for my symptoms. It controls my BP and my anxiety with no side effects.

I have a long history of anxiety and panic attacks. I am also a performing musician which can often cause performance anxiety. I have been prescribed Xanax off and on over the years along with a myriad of antidepressants like Prozac, Cymbalta, etc. Several months ago my doctor added Atenolol to my Xanax and Cymbalta. I have had ZERO benefit from the Atenolol. In fact as far as my mental state I think I was better without it. With the increased risks of type 2 diabetes and other side effects I have decided this is definitely not the drug for me.

I think doctors get frustrated and desperate and start reaching for drugs not necessarily ideal for treating my problems. Since starting the Atenolol I have lost interest in everything, I am tired all the time, I am having Hemmingway Black-Assed days (severe depression) sexual difficulties, my mood is dark and everyone in the house hates the man I have become. I don't much care for me either. (Can you tell I am severely unhappy?)

I am beginning a decreased dosage as of today and wish me luck as I understand this can be somewhat difficult. I will try to return here at a later time and share any progress as it may help some of you. In the meantime I would be interested in any suggestions and comments.
Thanks all

I have anxiety attacks since I was 14. I am now 25. I was given Atenolol a few years ago at 25mg-75mg a day due to blood Pressure going to about 189/92 when I have attacks. Then I was taken off.

Last night I had such a bad one I went to the hospital. I felt a flush from head to toe, anyways the doctors put me back on it for:

A.) It helps open veins when blood is trying to flow through in Hypertensive states

B.) Yes it has been proven to work With SOME PEOPLE ONLY.

In this case it is on my side.

I take 10mg of Lexapro, 1mg of Xanax XR and 1, 25mg Atenolol if needed usually counting if I have more then 60 beats of pulses in my wrist.

So bottom line....It works for some .....just like any medicine everybody is different.

Also within 1 Hour after taking it, My blood Pressure was 187/97 and it dropped to 126/81 which I haven't had a number that good in years.

So bottom line....we gotta find the right medicine for us all. I'm not suggesting it but we all are different.

I also now am having trouble with my Xanax, CVS pharmacy has ordered new generic's that do NOT feel the same. So now I'm having to hunt one down that will have the same ones every month.

If anyone ever needs to talk about Anxiety Issues I am here this is my 11th year with them now.

To all of you.... I know how you feel


P.s. They always pass and nobody has ever died in the History of Anxiety attacks, regardless of how it feels, Everything will be alright.

hello everyone. I was just given atenolol for svt heart palps. And yes I do have moderate blood pressure... what I'm worried about is will this atenolol slow my heart rate down to much?

He said it was for the svt. I am on hctz and iI do take a half a xanax a day. Does anyone have svt? I am soo scared I never know when I'm gonna have an episode. Thanks for your help.


I've been prescribed atenonol for about a month or 2 now and feel like my anxiety has gotten worse. Although it helps prevent my migraines and keeps my blood pressure down but now feeling of anxiety is harder to deal with daily, and feeling it everyday since I've been on this med. As for my Dr., all she did was refer me to behavioral health all because I said that "I think too much" and by thinking too much I think that's how my anxieties start.

Why do I feel this way? Why am I getting anxious all the time? atenonol is NOT helping at all with my ugly anxiety feelings.


Hey Josh I'm 46 years old hypertensive and anxiety. Been recently hospitalized 7 times in the last 2 months at Cornell medical in new york. Anxiety got worst after I got hurt on the job. Heart is good, kidneys are fine. THEY SAY I'M HEALTHY. I RECENTLY STARTED ATENENOL 12.5 2x a day I have xanax as needed. I try to stay on the low end of that. I'm also on diovan 80 mgs. How are you coping with the anxiety issues, HOW IS ATANENOL HELPING YOU? I Went from an active UPS driver and was running a few days a week to no exercise for the past 3 mths. Any advice feel free to email. thanx joe

I have Lyme disease an get bad panic attacks so was put on atenolol but it made it worse for me. xanax helps a lot more.

I was put on atenolol as needed for shaking during social events in June. No problems then, as I only used one pill about once a week, if that. Then my blood pressure went through the roof from severe anxiety in November. So I was put on it daily and all hell broke loose. Made my anxiety worse, caused me to a bad panic attack, horrible nightmares and insomnia.

I am bipolar, so the lack of sleep I got on this drug caused me to go into a bad manic episode. I have not been the same since this drug. I stopped it cold turkey in January soon after New Year's Day. I have been left with internal shaking and mixed bipolar episodes along with terrible anxiety and pounding heart since I stopped.


I also have Lyme, does it cause or worsen anxiety?

I feel your pain. I am 39 and have had Social Anxiety since I was 15 and General Anxiety since I was 9 (or at least that is as far as I can remember! Part of the onset was definitely environmental but part also genetic (mild anxiety in immediate family) Ironically, I am very outgoing and talkative. When I tell a friend, they can't understand it based on my personality.

The anxiety really does depend on my current situation. If any changes in my life occur, I overthink to the extreme. I am in a fairly new relationship and that makes me very anxious (until I become comfortable and more familiar with him).

I go to counciling and have learned techniques. So far they haven't really helped because my brain is really stubborn. A really great book (that my Counselor has suggested) is: 10 Best-ever Anxiety Management Techniques. It is really the best one out there!

I had been on Zoloft and Clonazepam since I was 20 and although it helped, if I forgot to take the clonazepam, I would remember when I'd get really anxious, almost dizzy. I now take (for the last 6 months) A mood stabilizer (Lamotrigine) since it got really bad within this year (which led to some depression as well) along with some careless choices within many years. Also mild ups and down with mood but NEVER manic. Maybe a very mild form of Bi-polar (Geez, reading this I really sound like a hot mess). I only take the clonazepam if feeling really anxious (I take a half to 1 of the .5mg when needed... maybe 3 times during the week). Atenolol was just added if I feel a severe panic attack coming on. I had taken Atenolo only as needed when I had to go off anything else 15 years ago when I was pregnant. I requested it because it worked well for me.


I have been prescribed 50mg atenolol daily for hypertension and angina with possible coronary vasospasm. I am only 33 but have a strong family history of these conditions. I feel much better, calmer, and my BP has dropped from an average of 150/85 to 135/75. My resting pulse has dropped from 85bpm to 50bpm. Angina was a daily occurrence but now virtually gone. Does anyone think that my resting pulse rate is too low? Can anyone tell me about exercise while taking atenolol?

I was just prescribed Atenolol for rapid heart rate. I recently had a baby (about 5 months ago) and about 6 weeks after giving birth I experienced palpitations, rapid heart rate, and anxiety in response to my symptoms. (History: no prior history of any medical conditions or heart related issues) Went to ER one evening and X-Ray, EKG's, Echo, and bloodwork were all OK.

One blood level, D-dimer, seemed elevated; however, 2 weeks later a follow up blood analysis showed levels were decreasing therefore being no cause for concern. After months of feeling palpitations on and off and experiencing anxiety as a result of symptoms (only increasing the heart rate even more), my cardiologist and primary care giver agreed I should wear a 24 hour holter monitor to track my resting heart rate and heart rate rhythm in general.

It appears the results show that my resting heart rate average was 86 (usually ranges from 86-99) and at one point in the afternoon my heart rate shot up to 156 (I was not exercising and was just home taking care of my baby). Doctor reported there were no significant arrhythmias and anything of concern in that matter. He believes I'm in no danger and just recommended 25mg (or .25mg not sure) of Atenolol to take 1x a day. My doctor was OK with me not taking the medication if I felt I preferred to live with the symptoms.

He further recommended I continue with my exercise plan and well-balanced diet. It is currently up to me to take the medication. I am leaning toward trying the medication in the hopes that my symptoms will decrease as well as any anxiety I experience in response to the symptoms due to fears for my health and well-being. I am aware this is not a medication for anxiety.

My question is, does this appear to be the appropriate medication for my presenting symptoms?? I have no problems with high blood pressure and so I'd like to know. Also, is there any theory as to why the body ends up activating the parasympathetic nerve more than average creating fast heart rate?

You did not give your age. As you have had EKG, ECG and workup at ER with only one blood level elevated, but returned to normal I would say it's probably anxiety from from having a new baby. They are a lot of work, and if you are the primary caregiver, you're feeding, getting up at night, changing diapers, bathing, comforting and getting ready (if not already) for teething. This is a very stressful time. You may not be getting enough rest.

You did not say if this is your first child. You also did not give your average blood pressure or what is was when you presented with symptoms at the ER. Women generally have a higher resting heart rate than men, roughly 72-84 bpm for women, 66-74 for men, based on healthy weight and no heart related issues. If your heart rate shot up to 156 just home taking care of your baby, that sounds like anxiety, you became aware of it and you freaked out, causing it to elevate rapidly.

You also did not give your weight or the weight of your baby. Sometimes lifting an object can cause an increase in heart rate and pressure, especially if you were in a resting state before lifting. If you are concerned, have your PCP setup a stress test to rule out activity related heart issues. I'm assuming you're not breast feeding if you were prescribed Atenolol. It's 25mg, BTW.

Here's a little test you can do on your own. Get a heart rate monitor. Get your heart rate up to about 120 through a good cardio workout. Keep it there for about ten minutes, then cool down slowly for five minutes. watch your heart rate 'recovery' over the next five to ten minutes. It should come down steadily to about at least your regular rate, you said 86-99. If it stays unusually elevated, then there might be an activity related issue.

Atenolol is a high blood pressure med in the beta blocker family. One of its 'off label' uses is for anxiety, but not for generalized anxiety or panic/anxiety issues. It is generally used for performance anxiety, and even then Propanolol(Inderal) is usually the med of choice among professional musicians and public speakers where increased heart rate is quite common.

A holter monitor is a bit much. And no doctor worth his or her salt should ever tell you it's fine not to take a med if you want to just live with the symptoms. It is their responsibility to help you find a solution so you feel better, not get by. Keep in mind if you start this med on a regular basis, do not stop it suddenly. Severe palpitations and possible heart attack could occur from rapidly increased blood pressure. If it is an anxiety problem, Atenolol is not the gold standard for treating it. All the best.

Having a-fib episodes lately, with many different things triggering them (such as eating blue cheese, or doing too much yard work, emotional stress, etc.). Doctor said it was OK to use Lorazepam to calm down when the A-fib gets going and overwhelms, and also to use Atenolol on "as needed" basis. However, a sibling with similar heart problems says Atenolol is not to be used "as needed," but must be used on a consistent basis to keep the heart regular. Can somebody with expertise about heart/Atenolol please clarify this so it's clear whether Atenolol is safe to take ONLY AS NEEDED TO QUIET AN A-FIB EPISODE OF RACING, IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi there, nooo... atenolol is not as needed, ask your pharmacist or doctor, they will tell you that when you stop taking it you have to wean yourself off, suddenly stopping this med could have severe consequences to your health, when in doubt as your pharmacist if your doctor is not readily available.

Hey Sherry, I suffered with SVT for 25 years and only managed to catch
It on ECG in 2006 for a clinical diagnosis. If u get regular attacks u might
want to start looking for the trigger. Mine turned out to be the artificial
sweetener aspartame which is in a lot of diet foods and drinks.
Took me awhile to detox from it too but well worth it ! Went from two or three
attacks a week to maybe one or two a year ! Well worth looking into !

I have been taking this for high bp for about 3 months now. I exercise 3 times a week. Before the drug my heart rate would reach 177 and now it only gets to 140. I have also put on 5 pounds since taking this.

I have been on Atenelol for two years and have similar symptoms to yours. How is your progress ? I may need a BP med but without the Beta Blocker. I think that is the thing that brings me down, I am currently beginning to wean off of Citalapram (anxiety/Depression).
Hope all is well with you.

I have been having problems with my asthma, but only since the end of may of this year. In the summer months.. I always tend to have more issues. This year has been the worst. I have been on Atenolol 50mg for over 6 years. I saw a Allergist and he suggested I get the heck off atenolol. My primary is now telling me to stop it all together. I told her I'm not comfy with just stopping it. Everything I read tells me to NEVER stop a beta blocker suddenly.

I had a whole cardiac work up back in July after passing out from asthma. My heart tests all came back fine. I take the atenolol for my blood pressure. She wants to put me on Norvasc.. I'm actually really comfy on atenolol and have never had a problem with the drug. I feel it is not a contributing factor to my asthma. Other wise I would have had issues years ago...

I just don't know if this is true or not? And I'm so scared to just stop taking it. She told me I can cut the atenolol in half. Can you do that too? I really want to tell her to forget about it.. Or wean me.. I don't know what to do. I hear from others it can be difficult to wean off even if you are a healthy adult?

Due to horrible side effects, mostly a persistent upper respiratory infection caused by BP Meds I forced to change. Narrowing it all down I came up with a design of my own. I had been on Exforge 10/160/25 and ended up in the ER with breathing issues.

After discharge I went to my primary care doc and proposed, 12.5mg's of Atenolol, and 40mg Diovan. Minimal doses! I'm at day 5 and its WORKING. I still get some cough, at night but not as bad. The Atenolol has helped with my ADHD BIG TIME. My heart rate sits at around 65BPM and I like that! So it will take some getting used to, but if I stick with low doses I just feel better about it. I cut a 25mg atenolol in half and I feel slower to some degree, but I kinda needed that!

Dear Joshua,

I have found that a generic brand of Xanax made by GREENSTONE seems to work as well, and as quickly, as the name brand. In contrast, a generic made by Mylan did not work at all and I took it back to the pharmacy.

I discussed this once with a pharmacist who said she had worked in the pharmaceutical industry, and she said she always specifically requested Greenstone generics, if available, for herself and her family "because of what I know about how some of the others are made".

I hope this helps,

Atenolol helped. 40 years old. Regular blood pressure and cholesterol. 7 years ago, I was pretty sure I was having a heart attack. That day my heart rate and blood pressure was really high (they told me). I rushed to the hospital. I was really afraid. I was connected to the heart monitor. The "bips" of every beat made me even more afraid. After check me the doctor said my heart was ok. They gave me some ansiolitic (I guess) and I could rest. Three days later I had another episode.

Insomnia came in to my life. In day time while working I was OK. The anxiety came at time to sleep. Listen and feeling my heartbeats made me afraid so I couldn't sleep. That made me nervous and my heart frequency was incremented by he effect of adrenalin. Sometimes I could sleep until 1 or 2 am only to woke up at 4 or 5 am. Went to the shrink. Prescribed me paroxetin and xanax. Paroxetin made me more anxious and carried side effects (anorgasmia). I discontinued myself the paroxetin. With xanax only I could sleep. Knowing I had some drug that helped made me feel relaxed.

With ATENOLOL, I realized emotions or fear, had no effects on my heart frequency. So that's the way atenolol helped. If I'm anxious my body release adrenalin. Adrenalin increases heart beat. Tachycardia make me more anxious so if atenolol blocks the effect of adrenalin on my heart prevents anxiety. Please feel free to ask for advice. TKS

I was prescribed propanolol "as needed" in case of tachycadia. According to (Liebowitz and col, 1992) can be taken as monodosis or regularly. (searched in google). People with performance anxiety take betablockers before an event.

I have had anxiety attacks for the last 20 years. I tried atenolol and it worked a little but not completely so I had a cardiac ablation. I now take 50 mg atenolol 3 times a day for it. I no longer have the racing heart rate but still have the panic attacks. I wish a doctor would give me xanax but every time I have asked they just look at me like I'm eating babies. Hope this helps.

My story is very similar to yours. Shortly after giving birth, I started having major heart palpitations and, as a result of this, fear and anxiety about having to stop what I was doing and deal with this new heart development. After years of dealing with it, I was finally put on Atenalol and it helped a lot but made me sleepy. So, a cardiologist finally diagnosed me with premature ventricular contraction and put me on flecinide. A wonder drug. Made my heart palpitations go away with no side effects.

Just started taking...worried about weight gain and being tired...anyone experiencing either??? (25mg)

I take 1mg of Lorazepam once a day for my panic disorder. I've had this for yrs. Its the
best drug out there for anxiety. Also have highblood pressure.

I was prescribed Atenolol for it. It will also help my palps too. I'm scared to start the drug. Any advice would help. Thanks:-)
I'm 38 yr.old female

People's Pharmacy response: Ask your doctor why atenolol would be better for you than any of the other possible drugs. In the UK, it is not considered first line treatment for hypertension.

I was on Xanax too. Generics are NOT the same. I found the alprazolam by greenstone labs to be equal to the brand. Try that. Never Mylan. That generic caused withdrawal for me. Good luck.

Hi Joshua,

My name is Zyra. I'm 27 years old. I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I just want to know if your symptoms are like having a heart attack, starting from having palpitations, chest pain, difficulty breathing and increased in blood pressure..etc. Because that's what I usually feel when having an anxiety attack and most of the time it happened even while working or even on a fine day. This all started when my dad died last month from Myocardial Infarction and stress and grief probably triggered this because I use to function normally. I was brought to ER twice and was told I'm having an anxiety attack and should see a shrink. And so I went to one and was diagnosed with GAD.

I went to a cardiologist just to make sure my heart is fine and I have yet to take echocardiography but my ECG was fine. She prescribed me with Atenolol too and is hesitant to take it. I'm scared every time I had attacks. I feel like I'm going to die. It's good to know now you have it for 11 years and is still coping well. I want to talk to people having same problem as mine. Maybe just to have a support system or to feel better knowing others can overcome this. Thanks!


Hope all is well today. It's good to know that your there to listen about anxiety attacks. We are of the same age and I was diagnose with Generalized Anxiety Attack recently. Three days after my dad died of Myocardial Infarction, I was brought to ER twice because I feel like I'm having a heart attack, Palpitation, chest pain, difficulty breathing, numbness of extremities and pale nailbeds. I was referred to a shrink and said I have GAD and prescribed with Valium 1/2 tab once daily or if necessary. I like it first but the second time I took it I had palpitations, so I stopped it. I'm having attacks even if I'm not stressed out or is just sitting watching TV. I could hear my hear beating so fast (palps) and is very hyper vigilant with any symptoms.

The fear is paralyzing. I still went to see a cardiologist just to make sure my heart is fine, after she took my ECG, it showed up fine and I have yet to undergo Echocardiograph. She prescribed me with atenolol and is hesitant to take it as maintenance. I'm wondering if there are times you managed your attacked without medications? Would this ever go away and not come back? I'm scared this would ruin my life.

I have had chronic anxiety panic disorder, I started to lose my memory so my Dr. put, me on atenolol, 25 mg I don't know if it works.

I haven't been diagnosed with anxiety/panic attacks yet, but I've been on Atenlol for years for hypertension (I'm 25). Recently, I started seeing a naturopath and I was taken off the atenlol and put on supplements, and next thing I know, I'm having panic attacks and anxiety. My pressure got up to 175/121. Once I took my Atenlol, it lowered very quickly. I took a loranzapam to sleep and now I'm doing just fine. I was told I've probably been medicating anxiety this whole time, but if it's working, then it's a lot better than the other addicting drugs. Works for me

Dear Jennifer: You may not realize it, but those doctor's are soooo right. I have been on a roller coaster with benzo's since 2006. Two references I found for w/d's are exactly what it feels like and it is hell. One reference "put your finger in an open, on, light socket for three weeks". That is exactly what the withdrawal's feel like.

Another reference I read is "It's like somebody putting gasoline in your veins, and then lighting them on fire". God Bless whoever that doctor is. I am currently about 1 1/2 weeks without a benzo and I am in Hell. Am just laying here waiting, counting the hours, till I can refill my prescription.

My physician gave me atenelol last week because I went in, without benzo's in my system and my b/p was through the roof. She had me transported to the hospital via ambulance. They gave me an ativan, and poof, 20 minutes later, I was normal. A horrible, horrible way to live. Good luck.

Hi Sherry,
I have SVT as well. My doctor prescribed 25 mg of atenolol a day for me. It took care of my tachycardia for sure, but I was exhausted all the time and didn't have the energy to do anything I liked. It slowed my heart rate down and lowered my blood pressure so much that I ended up in the hospital. I'm now on 250 mg of digoxin a day and I feel much better. The only bad thing about digoxin is that is has so many drug interactions with other drugs including acetaminophen, ibuprofen, antihistamines and so on. Getting a cold on digoxin sucks as a result, but I like it a lot more than atenolol.

I started taking Atenolol three months ago after being diagnosed with high blood pressure due to anxiety (all bio reports were fine after a general check-up at 42). I also was having huge migraines and digestive problems for two years, which took me to the gastroenterologist who prescribed me the drug.

Along with increasing my general condition and well-being, bringing my blood pressure level to 12/7 and a resting heart rate to 55-60, I also noticed that my behavior changed a lot. I got more introspective and less interactive with people, and felt somehow "empty" in many moments from then on.

As I am in an executive position which demands decisions, presence and leadership, I feel this condition is quite difficult because not only I feel detached from everything, but it´s also hard to focus on any subject and I´m totally driveless.

I started to wonder if this might be a side effect of Atenolol, which I´m taking as a single dairy 50 mg dose (doc said that I should take it forever). If yes, which would be my alternatives considering that it also brought me many positive effects such as the end of migraines and heartburn and also a good weight loss?

Thanks in advance for any help/insight provided!

I was prescribed Atenolol 25 mg once a day. BP was elevated due to anxiety. I started taking Atenolol and feel tired and BP is dropping. I researched at the library books on lowering blood pressure without prescription drugs. There is a book titled, The Blood Pressure Cure, 8 weeks to lower blood pressure without prescription drugs, by Robert E. Kowalski. I am going to read it and empower myself to find other options.

Josh, I just read about your medication problems and anxiety. I too have suffered with anxiety most of my life and I am 59. In 1998 I was introduced to Inderal which saved my life because of the anxiety- high b.p. and night time awakenings of pure terror I developed and arrhythmia. It is indescribable the anxiety one feels at night when the heart starts pounding out of a sound sleep. I have never found out what caused it, but it was the first time I used Paxil and the last. Paxil brought out a heart problem I believe, even though my Dr. thinks it didn't.

Any way I cannot take SSRI of any kind or I have a panic out of a sound sleep and 15 mins of my heart going into A fib. Any way, what I would like to ask you is, have you had any weight gain problems from the Atenolol? Inderal has been a miracle drug to me but the weight gain is making me very depressed, I was once very small until I started taking Inderal, I am now over a 100lbs. over weight and Inderal has gradually caused this. Any information would be helpful Thanks, Debbie F.

I am 54 now, started at 35 to regularly take Atenolol with clonazapam. Back when I was 35 to age 46 or so, the combination seemed to work great. I felt 'cured' of panic disorder. I went off atenolol and cut way back on clonazapam and such, I got worse. And worse. My dr put me back on a smaller dose of atenolol with a smaller dose of clonazapam. Hoping it will work like the first time. (no side effects from atenolol)

hello all, I too was on atenolol for 2 years. Soon after reaching my 40's I started having heart palpitations and anxiety however I didn't know the two had anything in common. I started seeing a heart dr. who put me on atenolol to control the palps, but I already had low blood pressure. It worked great for the first year but the atenolol felt as if it was being accumulated in my system as if I kept taking a high dose even though it was the same. My blood pressure dropped and my pulse was in the 50's and I was tired all the time. My dr. cut my does in half, which worked for a while then my pulse dropped into the 40's and we cut the dose to a quarter. each time I felt better, then after a month or two it would fall again and I got to the point I was so tired I was afraid to drive and would fall asleep in less than a minute from the time my head hit the pillow, and now I started having dizzy spells.

In all, the atenolol worked but the drop in my blood pressure was becoming a problem. I had to ask myself, what is causing this problem? and why am I using a drug to cover it up? Needless to say, I stopped taking the drug because I wanted to see if I could fix it with diet. I felt like I ate a healthy diet already, but wanted to take it to the next level. I had a clue because it was always worse after I had a glass of red wine so I knew it had an affect on me. I did some research on the internet and decided to stay away from preservatives even food that had high amounts in it naturally. I tried eating organic when ever possible too.

Sooo, after no more buying food in boxes, cans or select frozen foods, I have not only stopped my palpitations but it stopped my anxiety, rashes, and night sweats. I still have to watch what I eat because it is always there waiting to pop up after too many bad food choices or too much alcohol (especially alcohol and sugar together).

My advice to everyone is to fix your problem, don't damage your body more by adding medications to it. most every health problem is cause by diet. Americans eat and sell the worst food, even our fruits and veggies are chemically altered to grow faster and produce more cheaper, don't forget about poisons and pesticides.

Thanks for that Ps. Comment. Yes anxiety is an awful feeling many times I prayed I wouldn't die. I hope yours in finally under control.

I am 52 and suffered from anxity at the age of 30. Started with indirol and lexzellium. But once I saw the doctor at 40, he suggested atenolol 25( 1/2 morning and 1/2 evening) and half lexotonil at night. After a month I started only 1/2 of 25 mg atenolol and 1/2 of lexotonil at night. I am fine. My bp in rest position is 100/60 and in day time 110/70 or maximum 120/80 and heart rate as approaching 70. But I am afraid of taking these medicines for a long time due to their possible side-effects. Can you suggest me some thing, because I do not want to go doctor where my heart start racing with 120 bpm and bp 150/100. Waiting for reply

I have a fear of flying, And I have been taking Atenolol before I fly for years. It works great for anxiety.

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