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Scary Side Effects of Chantix?

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Q. The story about the person who became depressed on Chantix caught my eye. My husband and I were both on Chantix to quit smoking back in June. Neither of us has a history of depression, but after he was on it he tried (with no warning) to take his own life.

I tell everyone thinking about taking Chantix to make sure they talk to the doctor about ALL of the possible side effects. In rare instances, suicidal ideation and psychotic episodes may happen. That is stated in the prescribing information, which also says that depression and anxiety are frequent side effects.

A. Chantix (varenicline) is a relatively new oral prescription medicine to help people quit smoking. Separating drug side effects from nicotine withdrawal can be tricky.

When people quit smoking it is not unusual to feel angry and irritable. Other symptoms may include anxiety, depression, impatience, and problems concentrating.

Some readers have noted similar experiences to yours, though. One person reported: "Two weeks after being on Chantix my emotions have been off the scale: from crying to yelling to feeling totally helpless. I have, twice before, quit smoking cold turkey and NEVER felt so depressed.

"After 48 hours without Chantix I am full of energy and ready to fulfill my responsibilities. I think, for me, that the depression must be a side effect and not just the nicotine withdrawal, based on my cold-turkey experiences."

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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 3.6/5 (321 votes)
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I took Chantix to stop smoking, and I have been depressed and irritable since completion of 3 months of therapy. That was 6 months ago. The most troubling side effect has been decreased libido and inability to orgasm. Why didn't my dr. tell me about these s.e.? I would rather die of lung cancer than feel like I do now.

I have used chantix twice. The fist time I stopped smoking for 10 months, and I'm now on my second round. I have never felt depressed or irritable. The only side effects I felt were vague nausea and vivid dreams. Taking the second dose earlier in the day has helped with the dreams, taking the first dose after breakfast has helped with the nausea.

I had success using Chantix. No depression and I haven't had or wanted a cigarette for months. I was a smoker for 40 years and tried quitting as many times. This did it for me. I know I won't smoke again. The desire and taste is gone. I cheated a few times in the beginning. I'm finished with cigarettes.

We had a wonderful program at our local hospital to facilitate smoking quitters. We used Nicotrol Inhalers with a very high rate of success plus weekly meetings. We needed a script from our doctors to get the inhalers. They are not cheap but they ARE effective!! I have been smoke free since July 8, 2001.

I am taking Chantix now, and have suffered from depression all my life. Since I have been on Chantix and off cigarettes, I have noticed a big improvement in my depression. The only side effects I have noticed have been mild nausea if taken on an empty stomach and vivid dreams. The dreams seem to be more frequent the later in the evening I take the Chantix.

My daughter took Chantix for about 3 months, then stopped cold turkey. Three days later she had chest pains and SOB. The ER could not figure out what was going on. It was the cold turkey on the Chantix. Lasted one day then gone. ALL tests came back normal. You need to ease off of this med, not stop all at once. The literature says so, but it is not stressed. Check the package.

I have smoked cigarettes for over 20 years. I have tried quitting 10+ times with the longest period being 15 days (and probably cheating during that period). It has been 30 days of being a non-smoker (no cheating), and I owe it to Chantix. Yes I do experience nausea if I take on an empty stomach and yes I do have vivid dreams. I will happily live with these side effects for the rest of my life if I never smoke again!

I used Chantix to quit smoking on 12/25/06. Best thing I ever did. The only side effect I had was excess gas, which was no big deal. Its been 10 months without smoking and Chantix really helped those first couple of weeks after I stopped smoking. I only took it for 30 days total and had no problem when I stopped taking it.

I took Chantix for a couple of months and did stop smoking. I stopped taking Chantix suddenly and had terrible side effects. I would never take this medicine again.

Yes this drug really works. Had terrible, terrible gas and bloating. Had tongue problems and dry mouth. Would I take it again, yes. I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT I DON'T SMOKE!

I have been taking Chantix for 3 weeks. It definately takes the edge off. I still occasionally have the urge to start again. As far as the dreams, they are intense and very strange. I do feel tired by late afternoon, but overall, it seems the pill is working.

I started taking Chantix in August 2007. I can honestly say that the drug has worked for me, but not without some serious side effects. The first side effect I experienced were horrible headaches; the second is the crazy, very detailed, very disturbing dreams that seemed to consume my entire night's sleep; the third side effect that I am currently experiencing is not being able to sleep. I fall immediately to sleep, but within 3 hours I wake up and I am completely awake and not able to fall back to sleep for well over 4 hours. This has been occurring every night and I am completely and totally exhausted. Last evening I took a sleep aide with the hopes that I would sleep through the night, but no such luck.

The no-sleeping side effect started approximately 4 days after I stopped taking my 3 months worth of Chantix. I did experience some other mild side effects, which I could handle.

I would recommend to anyone wanting to stop smoking to take Chantix, but you need more will power then you think because you need to be able to get through some pretty intense side effects.

I am on my second week on Chantix. I have NOT lost the urge to smoke. I have the side effects--constipation, nausea but the nausea goes away in 15 minutes, and is much less if I eat first.

How long does a person have to be on Chantix to quit smoking and not have the urge to smoke?

My son started taking chantix in late september. He has had a severe change in mood swings, depression, violence and suicidal expressions. Tonight he went on a rage and had to be removed from my house. Another son took chantix for two days and just informed me of his experience (nightmares and thoughts of suicide) which has prompted me to do an internet search of this poison. Please help with any info related to adverse reactions. He has also had rashes and horrible pus producing bumps under his armpit and on one side of his face.

I experienced severe depression, anxiety and anger ranging to rage (very unlike me) and suicidal ideation while taking this medicine. I thought I was going crazy and did not attribute it to the medicine until I stopped the Chantix and symptoms abated.

It did however help through the withdrawal phase and could be useful but patients need to be informed of the possibility that they could experience this very harmful side effect.

I have been taking Chantix for 15 days. My symptoms started immediatly. The first week it was mainly the nausea, weird dreams, weakness, and the headaches and constipation. The headaches are more like migraines. Towards the end of the first week is when the mood swings and depression started. It has just gotten worse.

I am usually not this way, but I scream and yell a lot. I can't stand to be around my children. Which is so not normal. I love my children. My husband says that I have turned into one of those crazy chicks. I usually talk to my best friend at least once a day and now I don't even answer her phone calls.

I do not want to be around anyone or talk to anyone. It is nothing for me to lock myself in my bedroom and just cry.

I have not had a cig since my quit date. (day 8) I still want one. I thought that maybe the side effects would go away but now I am starting to think not. I am scared to just stop taking the medication. I am going to the doctor this week.

2 years ago I quit cold turkey. I did not have a cig for 7 months. The withdrawals then were not near as bad as what I am going through right now. I am just going to pray that I will not have any long lasting effects. After going through what I am going through- I would not suggest this medication to anyone. If you really want to quit, go cold turkey.

My first day I did okay. The second day after having several coughing sessions and being very short of breath I did my asthma inhalers on reaction; later my heart rate increased and I realized that it was because of the inhalers. I desprately want to quit smoking and I know that it was the inhalers causing my problem. I have sleep problems anyway so they are normal and frankly I have missed having dreams which haven't been what I call nightmares. I'm sticking to my quest.

I started taking Chantix 11/2/07. I have quit smoking but I have to stop this med. I seriously am afraid of what will happen to me if I continue. Every second I don't occupy my mind with something I am thinking that I don't need to be alive.

My life is very stressful right now. Holidays, struggling marriage, kids. I have always been one that handled stress well, even thrived on it to some degree. Since taking this stuff I just want to give up. I cry too much, I get angry if the wind blows the wrong way, I'm afraid I am going to hurt myself. I started cutting back to just one tablet a day. I am afraid to stop it cold turkey. I don't want to smoke ever again.

I took Chantix last year and also suffered from moderate (to serious) depression. It took me six months of being off the med to make the connection.

What I found when I reveiwed the MD section of the Chantix website is that there were reports of depression as a side effect in their trials.

I also learned that Chantix is blocking Dopamine receptors - the pleasure center in your brain that nicotine activates. I now strongly believe that the medication "threw off" the Dopamine levels in my brain. The only anti-depressant I know of that works with Dopamine (as opposed to seratonin) is Wellbutrin - also marketed under the name of Zyban as a quit-smoking drug. Within days of taking the Wellbutrin my mood returned to normal.

I would recommend to anyone dealing with this side-effect to talk to their doctor about using Wellbutrin to get things back to normal.

I would use Chantix again, but with more awareness of this potential side-effect.

I absolutely feel like I have to write this: my experience on this was frightening. I have extreme mood swings, nigtmares, and impatience I can't describe. However the most scary thing is the SUICIDAL THOUGHTS out of nowhere. Severe intense depression too. Just QUIT!!!

I have been taking Chantix since 8/1/07 and have not smoked since the first week. However, I'm scared to death to quit taking it--several times I forgot to take my Chantix for a couple of days and experienced full-blown depression, crying, raging at my husband and kids. Thought I was having a PMS day even though I've been postmenopausal for 2 years! Help, how do I get off this drug without ruining Christmas for everybody? (I did cut back to one pill per day two months ago because of the insomnia/crazy dreams).

I have had constipation and really bad gas. Irritation, agitation, depression, just all around pissed off. I started taking chantix on Nov.13,2007. I have been having really crazy dreams. The past few days I have had outbursts of crying. Instigating arguments with my S.O. And sex is really the farthest thought from my mind.

My husband has been on chantix for 3 months, still smokes, but a lot less. He has been more aggressive and restless since staring to take this. At first the trouble sleeping and the vivid dreams bothered him. The other night he missed a dose and took 2. After a couple of hours he flew into a rage, trashed things in the house and then left. The next day he stopped taking chantix. I believe it works for some, but others have BAD side effects.

I am in my third week of Chantix, and have not smoked since day number 8. I have experienced some vivid dreams, but besides that, have not had any problems. I would definately reccommend to quit smoking. I am hoping it continues like this.

Ever since 2 months ago my mother has been very irritable and she's pregnant. The doctor said it's better for her to take it than not. I don't know what there is else to do.

Started Chantix and had great initial success... I work as a counselor in a pshychiatric hospital. I've never had a period of aggessive behavior, I don't drink alcohol or use drugs... pretty much laid back and calm.

After starting chantix I started experiencing increased irritability--I knew irritability was a side effect of Chantix and decided to live with the irritability. By the third week, I was having intense rageful episodes... 2 to 3 times per day. I had destroyed a laptop computer, a desktop pc, I had even at one time seriously considered shooting a train engineer because his train was "blocking" traffic....

Again I had never--even at times when I stopped smoking without anything--had these thoughts and feelings of intense rage. After the shooting thought though, I decided that I would discontinue chantix...

Within 3 days I was back to a level of peace that I was more used to... Luckily I didn't restart smoking. Chantix, could be such a wonderful product if it weren't for these side effects.

This is my secnd time taking Chantix. Last March, I took it for 3 months and quit smoking for 2 months after I quit the Chantix. I really don't remember having any side effects. This time is totally different. The crazy dreams seem to last all night and I'm depressed and exhausted the next day. I seem to cry at anything. I've been blaming hormones and PMS until I found this board. Now that I realize what I'm dealing with, I plan to continue the Chantix, deal with the side effects as best I can, and not smoke.

My best friend's mother is 56 yrs old and took Chantix for 6 months and quit successfully. Following stopping Chantix, she was having what we thought was anxiety. Now they have determined that it is Picks Disease which is a neurodegentrative brain disease. Could this be caused by Chantix? After reading the side effects of Chantix and the symptoms of Picks Disease, you just have to really wonder. Has anyone heard of this before?

Has anyone experienced nose bleeds or excessive loss of hair from Chantix?

I took Chantix in March of 2007, stopped smoking after only four days. The headaches were too much to take and they only came when I lit up. The dreams were strange, vivid and terrible. I am 39 years old and would wake my husband screaming at the top of my lungs. I have never dreamed like that not even as a kid.

My energy level went through the roof for about two weeks and than I crashed and it took everything I had to get out of bed, and then the crying, feeling hopeless and the big one trying to figure out how to run my car into a tree without my husband having to work the wreck (he's law enforcement).

This is when my friends started asking why I wasn't leaving my house and I started breaking out in a rash on the back of my neck and was itching every minute of the day. I talked to my Dr. and he wasn't much help. I stopped taking the med. and I'm just starting to get out of the house.

I started chantix aug 21/07. I quit smoking sept 3/07. I cut back to one pill a day in the eleventh week because I thought I was strong enough and because the constipation was so bad. It was better almost immediately. I also had a hard time with my stomach and the morning pill. Taking one pill a day I could take it in the afternoon and everything was fine. I didn't stop abruptly. I did a wean of sorts. Went to a pill every second day, then every third. I've been off chantix for three weeks now and a non-smoker for over 3 months. But I'm tired, and I'm having leg aches and water retention. If these are side effects, did or does anyone else have them and will they go away soon? Or is it just the time of year--you know winter, short days, Xmas?

I took chantix for 3 months, quit on 9/01/07 after 2 weeks of taking it, had nausea, headaches, malaise, vivid, but often funny dreams, and some bizarre outbursts. What bothered me is after tapering and then stopping the drug, 3 weeks later my cravings were like that of 2 days of going cold turkey. I wanted to kill someone for a cigarette, and unfortunately started again. It blocks your cravings, but they return after stopping. I think a small every other day dose for the rest of my life may have worked.

I'm now finishing up my 4th week of Chantix and I feel like sh!*! I've quit smoking, well except for 1-2 a day that I don't even finish--I was a 2-pack-a-day smoker before. Since starting Chantix I have been more depressed than usual, no thoughts of suicide but just have weird thoughts like where is my life going, why am I here, etc. Sometimes I feel like just crying for no good reason. I've had violent thoughts and can go into a rage over nothing. This is all since I started taking Chantix. I am usually very much in the Christmas spirit by now, but this year I could care less if it came or not.

Now, after reading everyone's comments, I am afraid to go off this crap for fear of the withdrawal. I already take an antidepressant as well as an anti-anxiety drug. The only reason I took this in the first place is because I'm having lap-band surgery in January and the surgeon said I had to quit 5 weeks before it to reduce the risk of blood clots. Now i'm kind of wondering if the weight loss is going to be worth all this. I don't even feel like myself, just feel like i'm in a never ending cycle of work and sleep, no enjoyment at all.

If anyone has any suggestions for me please let me know. My last pill will be Sunday evening and i'm considering quitting it after that.

I started Chantix Friday, 11/30/07. I had to quit taking the medication the following Saturday, 12/08/07. The last pill I took was for the AM., I was experiencing nausea, vomiting, strange disturbing dreams, trouble sleeping, taste changes (metal taste), couldn't concentrate, feeling dizzy, I was so tired and weak I have not been able to drive or work in 2 weeks. My head still feels like it's in a vice, I feel pressure. I'm praying these side effects will eventually subside. Today is Friday 12/14/07 and I'm still not back to normal.

Yikes!!! I have been taking Chantix for a month and quit smoking 19 days ago. I had to cut back the Chantix to 1/2 pill twice a day because of nausea and wicked dreams. I noticed that lately I have been crying unexplainably and having brief suicidal thoughts. When I googled chantix and excessive crying I was shocked to see others with the same side effects. I will stop taking the Chantix tomorrow!! I'd rather smoke then feel like this.

I have smoked for the past 26 years. There is no magic pill, you still have to have the desire to quit. It does make it much easier once you convince yourself that you want to quit. Can't imagine life without cigarettes? It's out there, and if I can do it, you can too. I too have had some small side effets, decreased libido, trouble orgasming, and occasional hellish-nightmares. In all, I'd do it again to rid myself of the monkey that stayed on my back for 26 years.

I went to see my MD on Friday 12-14-2007 and he gave me a RX for Chantix. I have not gotten it filled yet as I wanted to do some research on it first. After looking at this site, I need some honest opinions from people. PLEASE HELP.

I am Bipolar with Panic Disorder--I have been on numerous medications, the last being Cymbalta and Klonopin. I stopped all those medications in june and my episodes are starting to creep up on me again. My doctor feels that Chantix will help with my Bipolar as well as smoking. I do not want to doubt him as he has the medical degree not me, but I am really having my reservations. I did take Wellbuturin about 3 years ago and it sent my anxiety through the roof. Does anyone reading this have any depression or anxiety issues that Chantix did not increase?

I took Chantix for 7 months. After smoking for 30 years, it took 6 months of Chantix to get me to quit. Just to make sure it "took" I continued taking Chantix. I have been nicotine free since July 21, 2007.

I have also wanted to beat the crap out of complete strangers for absolutely no reason and wanted to kick my foot through my car door. I'm a father of two lovely girls and husband to a very tolerant woman. Tonight at a stop sign, I screamed at the car in front for not going quickly enough.

I know Chantix helped me quit smoking, and has turned me into a psychotic jerk. I'll be contacting a doctor soon, perhaps to give Wellbutrin a spin.

All I know is some lawyer is going to get rich, drug prices will go through the roof, and no one will give a damn about the rest of us who can't stand the thought of class action suits because they just take time that our legal system could be using to punish criminals, not selfish corporate jerks who don't care about killing their customers.

Thanks. Merry Christmas.

I have been experiencing HORRIBLE gas. I almost went to the emergency room thinking something exploded in my body. I am not experiencing suicidal thoughts, or anger issues, but I don't know how much longer I can stay on this drug if the pain continues.

The biggest problem I've had since I took chantix is my sex life. The second I let myself have a orgasm I start getting the most incredible headache anyone could every imagine. It hurts so bad I break out in tears. For a couple of days after, the back of my head feels as though someone has hit it with a two by four. I would like to know if anyone else has had this problem because my doctor said he doesn't think that chantix is the cause, but my husband and I are sure that it is chantix.

I tried to kill myself three days after starting this evil medication. From the first day, I felt a horrible depression that did not let up until two days after I started taking it. I had overwhelming thoughts of suicide and just gave in to them. Lucky to still be here.

I happened upon this information about the side effects of chantix by accident. I started taking Chantix back in June of 2007. By the end of the summer, I felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I spoke to my doctor and tossed around the idea that maybe I had A.D.D. or something. I went to psychologist and talked to him about how INSANE my life felt. I had thought it was because of not smoking. I thought it was due to the nicotine withdrawal.

While taking Chantix (and not smoking successfully for three months) my life felt completely unmanageable. I was scatterbrained. I felt like I was on tons of speed and couldn't follow through with any tasks. It was after I found myself clutching the cucumber pieces that I had peeled in the kitchen while I was trying to sort the laundry that I couldn't stand it anymore.

I did visit that therapist and he said I wasn't A.D.D. -- I just have a lot to deal with (single mom, home owner, business owner and full time teacher).

Well I smoke again and feel much more in control of stuff that I have to do. I would not recommend this medicine to anyone.

I tried Chantix for 3 weeks, and I woke up every morning after the first 2 weeks with the thought: why am I alive. I had no desire to do anything. It took me 15 minutes to gather my strength and actually get out of my car in the parking lot to go to work. I had no desire whatsoever to do anything or even say anything; and worst of all, horrible bed experience, it practically put a bullet in my sex life.

I think smoking is much better than chantix. Pfizer should change their slogan for chantix to:
"Dead people don't smoke!!!"

Wow..I thought I was going nuts!! My husband and I both started Chantix the 18th of Nov. 2007. We stopped yesterday 12/25/07... It has been the month+ from hell...

Besides the dreams, lack of sleep, nausea (I LOST 5 LBS), we have both dropped into a terrible depression (not speaking to each other or snapping each other's heads off).

It came finally to a head Christmas eve when my husband was so sick he couldn't take the chantix... he felt so much better Xmas day that he didn't take it again and I went looking online for some answers.

Thanks to you all we stopped the meds and today was the first day I almost felt normal in a month. I confided in my husband that I have been trying to figure out a way to kill myself for over 2 weeks but kept thinking what if I only hurt myself and become a burden... I also began to believe that God didn't exist anymore and every night that I said my prayers I found my mind over-riding my prayers with thoughts of doubt... I am not a religious freak but have always found comfort in my faith...

Well the upside is we have stopped this downhill spiral and only now have to pick up the pieces... Like trying to catch up on our bills because I forgot to pay them last month and was too depressed to look at them this month... Hope I can repair the damage...

Thanks to all of you on this site and I hope they pull this poison off the market before others have to go through this hell... and PLEASE tell your doctors... They may have more power in stopping this than anyone...


I want to know what other medications some of you with the bad experiences are taking. I do know that a lot of drugs and herbals can interact with one another. My husband started taking chantix today. He does not take any other medications. All my friends who have taken this product have had great success. It is too bad some people can't take it.

I started taking Chantix three and a half weeks ago. At first I felt great and stopped smoking after the first five days. The vivid, crazy dreams were even kind of fun, but now I am so depressed I can barely get up in the morning. I am agitated and it's very hard for me to focus. All I want to do is sleep and cry. I thought about killing myself yesterday. The nausea, stomach pain and constipation are so bad it's been a chore to function. I have never suffered from depression in my life, so I was kind of blind-sided by all this.

I didn't associate any of this with the Chantix. My mother mentioned that there were some horrible side effects associated with Chantix that she just heard about on the news today, so I went online and I am so thankful I found this site. I didn't know what was wrong with me until I read the other posts. I can't tell you how relieved I feel right now. I am going to stop taking this immediatly. I would not recommed this drug to anyone. Beware!!! I'm sure the repercussions of this drug are going to be widespread.

I am a nurse who has smoked for 17 years. I used to enjoy it. As a single mom smoking sometimes was my only friend. Now I hate it. I feel embarassed lighting up in public and I can't think of the amount of money I have spent not only on cigs but also on body sprays, air freshners, teeth whiteners... etc.

I tried chantix when it first came out and it was horrible. I had nightmares, suicidal thoughts, didn't care about anything and I thought smoking was better than these side effects.

This time around I started wellbutrin which is equivalent to zyban about a month before starting the chantix. It has been so much better. My mood has been pretty even keel although I do have some nausea, my dreams are just silly, not nightmares like before. I am only taking small doses of the chantix and titrating slowly. Its been 7 days and I am down to 4 cigs a day.

As for the person whose doctor said it will help her bipolar....Dont listen!! This is not the drug for you!! Get a second opinion.

I've been taking Chantix since 10/26/07. My brothers have just told me that my moods are unbareable. They are very worried about me. I'm not suicidal--more like severely depressed, but not all day. It's strange. I feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster. I could be laughing and having a great time one minute and a second later in a rage screaming at someone. I'm not liking this at all.

I have quit before. I stopped cold turkey and it lasted for 2 years. I used the gum and it lasted for 6 months. NONE of those times did I feel like this. I'm currently taking Lexapro for depression and have been on it for 2 years. It has worked wonderfully for me. I felt like a new person. But now I'm feeling like a new person and not in a good way.

I'm weaning off the Chantix. I'd rather smoke then hurt someone. Or myself by the sounds of other postings.

Good luck to everyone who is trying to quit.

I started taking Chantix on December 24th. I was really looking forward to this because I heard of people quitting on it. After my 6th day of taking Chantix I am unable to think straight. I am an avid exerciser and I can barely gather enough energy to work out for 30 minutes.

After reading all the other posts about this drug I am NOT taking another pill. I am still going to try to quit but I will use willpower or the patch. I need to function, and these pills are stopping my thinking process.

It is only a matter of time before someone does something horrible to themselves or others while taking Chantix. I have never had any problems with depression and I am feeling useless and sad. I cry for no reason at all and I am even having a hard time gathering thoughts to write this. People have quit before this drug was on the market. If you are serious about quitting then just do it. I would not recommend this to anyone!

This is in specific response to Mary Clark. I have had these headaches after taking Chantix and I understand fully the pain that you mentioned. I started taking Chantix on 9/17 and was doing great. I quit smoking a week later.

On 11/26 I experienced the worst headache of my life and then another one 5 days later. The day after the second headache, I also experienced the mood problem everyone has been discussing. The only common thread in the two experiences was needing to use the restroom and having to wait. I agree that these Chantix-induced headaches are also connected to sex or having an orgasm.

I am certain that Chantix is the cause. After I quit taking it on 11/26, I gradually started smoking again. Disappointed that I was smoking, I decided to take 1/2 of a pill since I wasn't certain the headaches were connected. Thirty minutes later the headache returned--not the severe onset but the lingering headache. It only lasted for a couple of days that time and I quit Chantix for good. I've not had another headache of that type since--even the less severe form is very distinguishable from a typical headache.

I have been taking chantix for 3 months, haven't smoked, but occassionally want to. I had a puff in the first month and it tasted horrible. Vivid dreams is my only side effect. I am wondering how best to discontinue the drug. Any links to this info?

I began taking Chantix in late October of 2007. Had problems with nausea throughout, but no vivid dreams. I have had a serious problem with depression and moodiness, however. Stopped taking it about two weeks ago. How long will it be until I get back to normal?

I took Chantix for about a month and went from a pack a day plus to only 2 cigs a day. I was ecstatic. Trouble was I am bipolar and had a serious psychotic episode at work that landed me in the local behavioral health unit for five days and also cost me my job (I actually quit during the episode and did it quite verbally). I've been out of work for 2 months now and still have a long time until I will be stable enough to work.

Also shortly after getting home from the hospital I had the worst headache of my life and lost the peripherial vision in my right eye. Six weeks later I still don't have the vision back and without a job and without health insurance I can't see a specialist, just my gp.

I don't know if it is all realted or not but I won't go on Chantix again. Yes, it sure took the craving away but the price was too hard to pay. I am only smoking 5 cigarettes a day and I did that without Chantix. It's good enough for me right now.

Not everyone will suffer such debilitaying side effects but anyone who has a pre-existing psychological disorder should use caution and discuss with physician and mental health doc.

To the person who would rather "die of lung cancer than feel like I do now." You've never watched anyone slowly die while the cancer eats away at their insides and their hope disappears from the outside. You've never sat by their bedside and prayed for their final breath so that their pain would end. Know what you are saying before you say it.

Chantix is a miracle drug. I tried everything and could not stop. It did make me feel a little sick for the first half an hour after taking it, but that was the only side effect.

If anyone is reading this and is thinking that they would really like to quit smoking but don't know how, I have nothing but great things to say about it.

I was on Chantix for 6 months. I quit smoking but... I have been hospitalized 3 times during this period for depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and actions. This last hospitalization I was put under emergency detention due to my symptoms.

Thankfully, with this last hospitalization, my MD was aware of the recent reports of bad side effects from Chantix. The medicine was discontinued and the intense anxiety has decreased. The depression, mood instability and general feeling of instability has remained. In addition, I was having trouble contolling my blood sugar level (diabetic) and developed bad edema and water retention. I think they are all related to the Chantix.

I would urge all who are using or are planning on using Chantix to do so with extreme caution. Any change in mood stability or physical health should be looked at in relation to the Chantix. Share the side effects with people around you so they can help you identify any changes you might have after taking Chantix. I was not able to see the downslide in myself. Thankfully I did not eternally harm myself or anyone else.

My husband started Chantix 4 days ago, and tonight came home and just started yelling about nothing, left, then came back and refused to speak to me. He hasn't even come to his quit day yet. Is this a side effect of the Chantix? He tried to quit several times before and had some irritability, but not like this.

Hi, I'm in the UK. On Christmas eve my boyfriend of four months had been drinking... he has been using Chamix for some months. He went beserk for no reason, assaulted me & spent two hours destroying my apartment causing endless damage. I waited in an ambulance for the police to come which took approx an hour... they found him unconscious after taking an overdose of 50 paracetamol & co-codamol. He survived, I have ended the relationship & pressed charges... then found this information. As far as I know he has no past mental health problems or violence in his past. Please can anyone advise, thank you.

My husband started taking this New Year's Day. For the first time in my marriage, I was scared for my kids. He has depression but won't admit it. This has made him angry. I would rather have him smoke than put my kids through this. I tried Chantix and quit because of the side effects but at least I admitted them. Of course try it because some people do have success. Yet like any other addiction I think they should give you this while you are in a nice quiet stress free place.

My ex-wife committed suicide 4 days after starting Chantix. She was still smoking and had been previously diagnosed as bipolar. This was in June of 2007--prior to any warnings. Pfizer talks about no suicides in their clinical trials but in my research, it seems that bipolar people were specifically excluded from clinical trials (likely due to the fact that bipolar people have issues with dopamine levels). However, Pfizer does not warn against prescribing Chantix to bipolar people. Just doesn't make sense to me or my 2 daughters who miss their mom!

I started Chantix 12/22 and after cheating with a puff or two (which tasted terrible) for the first 2 weeks, have been smoke-free for the first time in 33 years. For the first few weeks, I was very nauseous. That has gone away, but the gas pain and bloating are terrible. I have had vivid, amusing what seems like all-night dreams since I started. A little depression around the holidays (which is normal), but all in all I am thrilled. Just hope this gas goes away soon. I DO take the full dose, so maybe I will cut back in the hope that it will relieve the bloating and gas.

I'm not smoking, but it was an emotional roller coaster of hell. But I will never smoke again because I could never imagine taking it again.

I am in my 3rd week of chantix. I have smoked for approximately 12 years, more or less 1 pack a day.

The first week, I had nausea, headaches, dreams (not terrifying, just weird), and could not get back to sleep once I was awake, but i was already lessening my smoking substantially.

The headaches went away after the first week, the nausea lessened by taking the meds with food, the sleeplessness became less troublesome.

However, now my mood swings wildly, and I am very anxious--it feels like I am losing my mind. I made the mistake of having a few drinks after work this week. Don't do that. Although the medication says not to drink, there are no side effects related mentioned, and most medicine says that. I had 2-3 drinks over a few-hour period, then it hit. It was like I had been drinking all day and getting progressively worse.

Somehow I made it home, only to have a horrible fight with my wife. Although I wasn't violent, I said many, many vile things that I would never ever say. I am so ashamed and feel like a fool.

I have contacted my provider and will be reducing my dose by 1/2 tomorrow. I will taper myself off of this medication. It does work, they just need to counsel you on the side effects. 1) NEVER EVER DRINK ONE DROP OF ALCOHOL 2) get on an anti-depressant prior to starting this medication.

Cigarettes taste horrible, I no longer feel the need, I think I will have this kicked within the month. Even if I was uncertain, I wouldn't continue past that--I could see where I could become a danger to my family or myself. Anyone else had the similar experience with alcohol?

I have been taking Chantix now for a month and I have not smoked now for about 2 weeks... I have noticed that I get anxious and seem not to be able to focus on anything... I have been overreacting to situations but I think I can handle it... so I am going to keep taking the Chantix anyway... because I dont want to smoke... If it gets too bad I'll just start tapering off... I am relieved though that i am not the only one feeling this way... and I am not "going crazy" .. I would recommend Chantix, the benifits are outweighing the side effects.. so far...

I was on chantix for about 3 weeks. I had awful side effects--I had sleep, anger, depression problems. To me it wasn't worth it. It has almost cost me my wife and 3 kids. I'm also in the military.

I've been taking Chantix for close to 3 weeks now... On this medicine I can't sleep at all... I'm up all night tossing and turning... I get nausea on an empty stomach but otherwise I don't have cravings for cigs which is awesome... so besides the side effects it's working great.

I took Chantix for half the program. I have suffered with my heart pounding--had to try sleeping sitting up. Quit caffeine and still had the problem. It has taken 9 months now, and I still cannot sleep on left or right side or heart feels awful. Now I have IC extreme pain in my bladder and kidneys, no cure. Everything has happened since taking Chantix. I live in pain every day. I would rather have smoked the rest of my life. I think someone with undiagnosed heart condition could be killed by this drug. It has been and continues to be a nightmare. I stopped the program halfway through and just did cold turkey. I am not saying it did not help, I am saying it was not worth it.

I have been on chantix for 2 weeks and stopped 2 days ago. The depression was unbearable!!! PURE INSANITY!! Fits of rage, I was seeing shadows--I thought I was going completely crazy!!! The dreams were PURE TERROR... It scared me soooo bad, I just quit taking it, before I killed somebody or myself... My legs and feet are so swollen! How long does it take to get out of my system?? WHY DIDN'T MY DOCTOR TELL ME THIS COULD HAPPEN!!! Instead I thought these feelings were side effects of not smoking. I would never rec. Chantix to anyone...

I started chantix almost 2 weeks ago... I have such a feeling of fullness and I am so uncomfortable, I feel like I am 9 months pregnant with a big old belly that won't go down, and I'm not pregnant or overweight, it totally sucks!!! Don't know how much longer I can take this awful feeling. Didn't think it was a side effect until I found this site. I was ready to go to a GI specialest.

Still smoking about 5 cigs a day down from 20+. Will I just stop smoking one day soon so I can get off this miserable pill? How does that work? Also had thoughts of why am I alive, and wanting to snap someone's neck, thankfully that hasn't happened. Are we the people taking chantix guinea pigs??

My girlfriend started taking Chantix in august '07 and it made quitting very easy for her. She also takes an anti-anxiety med, but she experienced almost no ill side-effects from the drug, so I started taking it in Sept. '07 Neither of us follwed the recommended dosage guidelines. I took only .5 mg every other day. I experienced super-vivid dreams and some associated lack of sleep, so much so that I stopped taking the drug after three weeks. I was still able to quit smoking, but it was a supreme effort on my part, as I had been a solid pack a day smoker for just over twenty years. I feel like the Chantix helped, but I couldn't stand the not sleeping. I am dismayed by the stories of people who suffered all these terrible side-effects, I just don't see how a nueral inhibitor could turn someone suicidal so quickly and without warning. It doesn't make sense to me.

SO FAR SO GOOD. I have only had gas, and I am 18 days smoke-free.

I'm on day 7 of Chantix... tomorrow is my quit date. The only side effect I've had is constipation; however, after reading everything I've read on this site, I'm dreading continuing. Cross your fingers because I'm going to stay on it and hopefully quit smoking and take the chance of the horrible side effects a lot of you are talking about. Thanks for all the info!

Today is Day 8 on Chantrix. The urge for a smoke seems to have diminished greatly. I've been up 4 hours and had only one cig. Been a smoker for almost 35 years and have never quit. Side effects so far have only been colorful dreams that seem to last all night, and very mild, occasional nausea.

I know this drug affects everyone differently, like most any drug. I want to stop smoking, so will continue the treatment, but asked my wife to immediately tell me if she sees any "weird" behaviour. I've also noticed online articles often, but not always, point to alcohol use as being a factor in many of the more extreme symptoms. I'm glad I don't drink.

Thought to add something important after reading more comments. I am also on Glucophage (2000 mg/day) and Lovastatin (40 mg/day). I take one baby aspirin/day and currently Aleve for a terrible backache. None of this has seemed to add or change the side effects of all night dreams and mild nausea.

Stopped smoking using Chantix oct 07... Constipation and nausea I thought were my only side effects until I found this site. Now I'm relieved I'm not crazy... The mood swings I was attributing to starting my menopause... Think I'm gonna start tapering.. I really hate being like this and my husband doesn't deserve my fits of rage...

i have not had 1 problem with chantix. I've been smoke free for 5 days and feel better now than I ever have... I have no idea what some of you people are talking about--mood swings, suicide?? I do have vivid dreams but they have surpassed a lot..

Today is my first day off Chantix. I'm stopping after taking for 11 weeks. First of all, I have been smoke-free for over 8 weeks. I really hope that once I'm not taking it I can stay this way.

I found this site because I stopped taking it today and I'm very unhappy. I was wondering if it was because of stopping the med. The funny thing is I've forgotten a dose here and there and did not feel this way, so I really think it is all in my head and not from stopping Chantix. What I think a lot of this boils down to is we read all the bad things and overreact.

This medication is supposed to make smoking less desirable, but our bodies still have to go through withdrawal from nicotine and all the other poisons we've been putting in our lungs for years.

As for the side effects of taking Chantix: nausea if I didn't eat first, problems sleeping (but I didn't sleep much before taking it), and some very vivid dreams. Never nightmares, just dreams I had to decide if it really happened or not, sometimes I'd even wake up laughing because it was like watching a funny movie. To tell the truth when I tried the patch in the past I had more problems with not sleeping and bad dreams than with the chantix.

So how much of this is the medication, and how much is withdrawal.

I was a 1-pack-a-day smoker and took Chantix, as prescribed, for just over 2 weeks and quit smoking. That was 3/31/07. As of 1/22/08 I am still smoke-free.

Side effects experienced:
1.) Intensified bad dreams in the first few days. I stopped taking the 2nd pill late at night (took it earlier) and the dreams went away.
2.) Bad nausea.

Since quitting, I now have some extreme pain and aching in my hands and wrist. This started in September of 2007. I’ve been to the doctor and have had xrays, blood work and no problems have been found. I wonder if the the Chantix could have caused this? Has anyone else had this problem since quitting Chantix?

I began taking chantix on May 25, 07. I stopped smoking on May 31. I ended up being admitted to a psych unit with "major depression" on July 22. I have always handled stressful and depressing times in the past with the help of my family and friends. Instead, I was so depressed and isolated that I couldn't continue to function.

Not once did I connect these feelings to the chantix. Hearing the news talk about " a link to chantix and depression" I immediately began researching on sites like this. Thank God for this site. I was able to put the missing piece of the puzzle in place! I have been chantix-free since my hospitalization and continue to get stronger every day. I strongly urge people to opt for other methods of quitting. Chantix has had a devastating effect on my life.

Well, I quit! I haven't had a cig since last Friday at 9:30pm. I'm so proud of myself, and it's not THAT bad. The only side effects I'm having are still constipation and vivid dreams, but I think the vivid dreams are fun! It IS like watching a movie. I don't feel any better, after a week of being smoke-free, physically, like a lot of people say they do. Hopefully soon I will! Congrats to everyone that has been able to quit. It's a tough job, but we did it!! I thank Chantix 100%.

I just started taking chantix. I'm on day 8. I have no cravings so far today. Ever since I started taking two pills a day, I'm tired all day long. I'm losing my mind or so my boss says. I couldn't even do payroll this morning--he had to take over because I couldn't think. Is this normal? I don't want to fall into depression. This site has made me so scared. I'm not an angry person; I don't want to be an angry person. What happens if I stop now? Wow, this is scary stuff. Oh and I have no appetite at all and going to the grocery store just confuses me. Anyone else have this going on?

After reading everyone's thoughts on chantix, and dealing with my own experiences, I decided to get in on this posting. Hopefully with all these first-hand experiences, the next person can make a better decision whether or not to start or stop taking this drug.

I was a 22yr 1pack+/- a day smoker. I started the .5 pill on 12-25-07. I stopped smoking 1-2-08. I have not completely stopped, as I have had 4 or 5 cigs since then, so average out to be 1 cig a week. First week of the .5 pill had same weird vivid dreams like a lot of others; those have since gone away, I would say sometime after the first week. Now the only regular side effects that I know of are the constipation and gas.

Now the side effects that my wife sees: an extreme change in mood swings after that first week, say when I started the 1.0 pills. I thought I was just edgy from not having the nicotine, but I thought the cleansing of nicotine and withdrawal were supposed to be gone by now, and I think it's just getting worse. The fights my wife and I get in are happening more often and are more intense, to the point that I have thought about leaving and getting a divorce.

My wife was a little later than me to start the chantix, she started her pills maybe 10 days ago, and after our last fight 2 days ago she said she's gonna stop taking them as she does not like the way I have become and does not want to make things worse for her or us. Yes, I too can see the edginess and temper issue; I did not think it was that bad, but after being told what I do and relax and think about it, yes it has elavated to a level that I do not like and am considering weaning off of chantix.

It's been just over a month since my first pill, and I think I am going to start tommorrow on reducing the amounts just like I had to get on, I am going to do to get off. On the positive side, I liked the way it helped me not to smoke, I hope to continue not smoking after the pill is gone. Did not have suicidal thoughts thank God, but I don't like the way as others have said, the wind blows the wrong way and I am soo p.o.'d. I guess that;s about all, hopes this helps others.

I started taking Chantix on 1/11, and it seemed to help out a lot with the nicotine withdrawal. The negative side effects (bad gas, difficulty sleeping) got bad enough after two weeks so as to cause me to quit taking Chantix. This last weekend has been really rough--intense insomnia followed by whole days where I would sleep for a few hours at a time and wake up tired. After reading all these Chantix horror stories, I wouldn't recommend this medication to anyone. I am worried that my own depression, anger, and sleeplessness will continue for long after I've stopped taking this drug.

Day 5, I am holding a cigarette, but I don't why. I was upset about my girfriend breaking up with me, but now I can't remember why. So far, a mild euphoria, and slight sense of disconnect.

Sorry to hear of all the suffering. I think I'll be able to quit. Best of luck to everyone.

The only bad side effect for me is bad gas and constipation. I have vivid dreams, but I actually love them. It's a great drug and if it works for me it can work for anyone!!

I started taking Chantix about 4 weeks ago. For the first two weeks it was great! However, I slipped up and started smoking again at the beginning of week 3.

After a few days of smoking again and not being motivated, I was planning on continuing with the medication. However, one night I started to feel incrediable anger towards everyone around me. I picked a fight with my husband and bad-mouthed my step children, to the point of calling them names and declaring I hated them! I love my children to death. By the next day I was also contemplating suicide and threatening harm towards others.

I finally realized I needed help, so I went to the doctor who diagnosed me with bi-polar and prescribed me medication. However, my grandmother told me about the side effects of Chatix and my doctor agrees that this is more than likely what happened to me, not bi-polar.

Chantix does help you quit smoking, but the side effects can be really scary.

I took the Chantix in August of 2007 for two months, and on the third refill, I never did finish that package, and I have been smoke-free ever since without any side effects.

I am so relieved that I at least have the hope that the drug my husband takes is more than likely the reason for my husband's heartless mean hatred toward me. Drinking any chance he can get, not even sorry to make me cry at least 10 days last month; he cannot figure out if he even cares if I live through the night. My kids are lost and acting out the same verbal assaults.

He acts as if I'm someone whose really done wrong, and that if I don't shut up I'll truly know how he feels about me. I'm scared. Every night after work I begin wondering if ever I should go home. But he must have control because he can turn it off and act really sweet to the kids out of guilt. He was a real nice man, but we're so far behind on any scale of help. He claims I'm all to blame because I'm melodramatic.

I started Chantix at the beginning of January and am now into my 5th week. Initially I had a lot of vivid dreams, but these have passed. No depression to deal with so far, but then I am exercising, have lost 20 lbs and am feeling good. I am having problems maintaining an erection or reaching climax, which basically sucks. I am certainly aware of the depression/suicide risk and cannot wait to get off this drug. At the moment it just seems like the lesser of two evils, and despite it helping me (not had a cigarette in over a month after a 20-year pack a day habit), I do not trust it.

As a side, taking Chantix to quit smoking when you are ready to commit to a lifestyle change is one thing.... taking it and continuing to smoke is just stupid, double trouble as far as I am concerned. Make sure your mind is geared up for quitting before you start, or your attitude will kill your quit.

I would also like to add to the comments on my last post that typical side effects for quitting smoking with Chantix or NRT for me have been constipation, insomnia and irritability... some of what people are feeling while on Chantix may be a side affect of not smoking and should pass.

I started taking chantix, and the first week I would get bad headaches, but I was trying to deal with it. But the second week I didn't get out of bed, I just wanted to die. I felt like I was a burden on everyone, and my husband and children would be better off without me. I stopped taking chantix and got better.

I went to the doctor, and he did nothing. But if I hadn't stopped taking Chantix, I don't know if I would have been here one more day. I have never really been a depressed person, and all this took me by surprise. Someone needs to do something!

I am on week 5 of Chantix and have so far had minimal problems. The 1st week or so I would get nausea in the morning if I had not eaten.

The only problems have been with sleeping. I wake up about 3 times in the middle of the night. Sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for a few hours. The dreams are also a problem. They are more real, vivid and bizarre then normal. This is terrible for me since I regularly have nightmares and lately they have been REALLY freaky.

Those are the only side effects so far. I have not had any problems with mood or depression. I also have not had any problems with alcohol, even if I take the pill with beers after dinner.

I would recommend this drug to everyone serious about quitting smoking, just be ready for the side effects because they will kick your butt. In the end I think it is worth it to finally be smoke free.

In response to DB from 1/21/08... although I have suffered the same general symptoms as most of the posts (nausea, depression, vivid dreams and/or nightmares, etc.), I too have had problems with my hands and wrists that are unexplainable by my doctor. X-rays and bloodwork and examinations have found no apparent problem. It also makes me wonder if others have this problem?

I am entering week 4 of Chantix. I stopped smoking on day 6 of the drug with the attitude that if this drug helped me to quit, I would never pick up another cigarette again. At the time that I quit smoking, I was up to 1 1/2 - 2 packs a day. I am smoke free for the first time in 39 years.

Side effects? vivid dreams--sometimes; headaches--sometimes, and nausea more often than I would like (5-6 hours a day).

Benefits? I do not stand outside in the freezing cold and rain while I have to smoke. I do not almost have fender-benders because I have dropped a cigarette while driving. My clothes have no new burn places, nor does my carpet. The bronchitis that I had in early January 2008 was the last time that I smoked even when I did not have enough air to breathe -- I gave the cigarettes the oxygen that I need to breathe. I can enjoy movies and tolerate meetings at work without being distracted by thoughts of how I can escape and smoke. I am in control of an area of my life that controlled me for 39 years.

I do not seek to minimize anyone's elses symptoms nor my own. The people that are having pyschological issues should run, not walk, to their physician for answers that they will never find on a site that allows us to share our "chantix experience." For me, taking a deep clean breath and having nausea, dreams, gas and bloating is weighed against the coughing and expense and for me, chantix helps me win and take back an area of my life.

Started Chantix in mid-Dec. 2007. I had no major problems at first, just the excessive gas, bloating and cramping. I had the dreams, but they were fun. I did notice more difficulty getting up in the morning. I felt that I could deal with these since I had also stopped smoking.

My problems began about 6.5 weeks after starting the chantix. My ability to concentrate is gone; it's not that my mind wanders off the subject, I just can't focus, I go blank. I am a student, and I am having difficulty connecting the dots--I can't seem to apply what I read and know to solving problems; I can't make logical connections. My moods are crazy. The rage I feel at times is scary since it is so foreign to me. it is more like a deep down hatefulness. I cry all the time, I keep asking myself why am I here?

I have stopped the chantix, but these symptoms have not gone away. How long does it take to get back to normal?

I was on Chantix and ended up losing all of my hair. They have not determined that this was the cause of my hair loss but my hair started falling out in my second month of taking the drug.

I'm pregnant and have been trying to quit smoking since I found out. My doctor prescribed me chantix, he told me it was safe to use while pregnant, and I just finished my first week. I've been feeling so weird and having strange dreams and a horrible time sleeping; I wake up every hour all night long since I started it.

I just chalked it up to being pregnant and nicotine withdrawal until I got online and did some research. Chantix has never been tested on pregnant women, yet my doctor told me it was safe!! I have a history of suicidal tendencies when I was younger, and I'm afraid this medication is going to push me over the edge, especially since there is already so much high drama in my life right now with an unexpected baby and a dad who I am not at all sure is going to stick with me through this.

I know the risks of smoking: chance of low birth weight and premature birth. What are the risks of chantix? I'm damned if i do and damned if I don't! I am terrified of what this drug might be doing to my baby or what it might do to me psychologically when I am already so hormonally out of whack. Has anyone out there quit smoking with chantix while pregnant?

I took Chantix for two months. Initially I felt great, though my friends and family found me manic and edgy. I thought I was doing fine! I was concerned that I felt I needed the drug and craved it wildly up to two hours before my next scheduled pill. Then the drug threw me into one of the worst depressive episodes I have ever had, and the depression continued after I had stopped the drug. It is only because I thought it would be a lot of trouble for my family that I didn't kill myself.

I was diagnosed as bipolar almost 20 years ago and I can tell you that I have NEVER felt that terrible about myself and wanted so much to die.

On the upside I did quit smoking for six months and am currently in the midst of a relapse into smoking. However I feel sure I can pull myself out of it.

I completely agree that the Chantix will help you QUIT, but my experience was just like some that I read. I was fine at first, just nausea was the worst, but hey, it was worth it if I wasn't smoking. So I continued and I started getting really emotional and crying and yelling all the time. (Very depressed and suicidial) I was a mess. I hated myself, then I felt sorry for myself. It was so HORRIBLE. I took myself off the drug and within 2-3 days it was so much better. It's definitely worth quitting smoking but at what expense??

This is my 3rd week on Chantix, and I plan to quit taking it. Although I have quit smoking, the side effects are too much for me to handle. I feel like I live in a fog all day. I have no recollection of the drive to and from work. I forget things all of the time. The nightmares are more like night terrors for me... I wake my husband up screaming. My vision has been blurry--I thought I needed new glasses. I have insomina and average about 3 hours of sleep a night. I am tired all of the time. I no longer have a personality. I am on an emotional rollarcoaster ride that seems to never end. I'm so depressed--I don't know how to function. I have no energy!

BEFORE Chantix, I was the happiest person alive! I would NEVER recommend this product to anyone! I do not believe enough studies were conducted on this product before FDA approval. If I didn't work out every day--I would probably be more depressed. Hopefully, this will get out of my system, and I can get back to normal.

I took Chantix for 5 weeks. I quit smoking the 2nd week and haven't smoked since. I stopped taking Chantix because I was having excruciating all-day migraines from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep (if I could sleep at all). It has been about 3 weeks since I stopped taking Chantix, and I still have these horrible migraines and cannot sleep for more than a few minutes without waking up. It takes me at least 4 hours to fall asleep, even with sleep aids. I would not recommend Chantix to anyone.

I haven't smoked in 35 days thanks to Chantix. Anyone who has a predisposition for depression should ALWAYS tell ALL of their dr's, family members, friends, etc that they are quitting smoking because that is a really big stressor and can cause the depression to emerge. I have had a handful of VERY disturbing dreams while taking Chantix, but no other side effects.

I have had a lot of mental health problems in my life and was suicidal for YEARS. I have been in inpatient and outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment is continued, and I see a psychologist at least once a month. Everyone wants to blame someone other than themselves when they are suicidal. It is a very embarrassing thing.

I'm not saying that the pill does not bring out these tendencies, I'm just saying that I think people are UNDERRATING the addiction to nicotine.

I am so happy I am smoke free now. I can taste, smell, and overall enjoy life so much more.

I've been on Chantix since Feb. 2, 2008. Did the week of pills as prescribed and quit on the 8th day. I have no urge to smoke. The side effect are becoming unbearable. Insomnia, lack of appetite and major depression set in within a few days of taking the drug. I am going to make it through the first month's supply and then adios it.

I visited my doctor earlier this week and he attributed the symptoms to nicotine withdrawal. I was put on 20 mg. of Lexapro and given Ambien for the sleep problem. My wife and kids are supportive, but scared. It is a stressful time though. I was downsized from my job on Oct. 1 and haven't worked since. With the Chantix and the depression, not sure when I will begin looking for a new job. I feel really worthless and don't have much hope. I am going to beat these cigarettes, though. Thirty years of 2 packs a day and I'm on day 11 without one. How long does nicotine withdrawal take? Please let me know your thoughts. Jim

I am just like most of you. I wish I would have known back then what I know now.

1. I have severe edema, swelling legs and ankles.

2. Severe Insomnia.

3. Severe hair loss.

4. Shortness of breath.

5. Gained 25 pounds.

All of this didn't start until I stopped taking Chantix about 4 mo's ago. I'm really scared about what is going to happen next.

I started Chantix about 3 weeks ago, and am still smoking a bit, a couple a day. They don't taste good and I throw them away. I have had a very foggy head, and severe occular migraines every day. I am exhausted and stressed and having trouble making decisions, and have a vague feeling of hopelessness. I am off this Chantix, I was only smoking 4 to 10 cigs a day before I started it.

I only took Chantix for 7 days, the last two days just once a day. I was hoping things would be okay with taking it just once daily, but they were not. I quit smoking, which is wonderful. The nausea went away after I quit taking it, but the aches in my hips, knees, and ankles did not. I still cannot sleep! The dreams kept me awake while I was on it. I was thinking about the dreams and what I should do differently while I was having them. I heard the noises around me. I wasn't really sleeping. I was like a zombie all day. After being off of the chantix for about a month and a half, it is still the same. I even try taking something like tylenol pm and can't sleep. I ache and I'm so tired! I felt much better when I was a smoker!!! Of course I'm not stupid, so will not start smoking again, but will this ever end???

I started using Chantix about a month ago, and it was really working great. I cut down from 2 packs a day to 4 cigs a day and was feeling pretty good. I just finished up my 4th week, however, and about 2 weeks ago I started getting migraines and something was going wrong with my eyes so that it would appear that there was a split in the air. The migraines would follow this episode. The first onset lasted about a half hour, but have grown to last 3 hours now. I will not be renewing my prescription as I would rather find another means to quit than deal with 3 hours of severe pain.

I just wish someone could tell me how long these side effects will last. As I said in my post the other day, I've been off chantix for 4 mo's. I'm in pain every day. Also I can't think straight or say a full sentence without trying to figure out what I was GOING to say. My eyes are blurry. Sleep; forget it. What's that? I forgot what that is. My Dr. even has me on sleeping pills. No; does not work. So many side effects and nothing we can do. Should be something. Does anyone know of something to make all of this go away? I'm swelled from holding water, headaches, insomnia, blurry vision, horrible mood, can't think straight, bones hurt, can't breath etc. Someone please give advice on what to do.

Insomnia, upset stomach but the worst is my hot tongue--it still hasn't gone away after 4 months of not smoking. Suggestions please.

I can definitely relate to James McClain's postings on the 21st and 28th. I also finished my regimen of Chantix four months ago and I'm experiencing most of James' problems, the worst being insomnia and fatigue. The only good thing about this whole Chantix experience is that I did quit smoking after 47 years. However, I feel worse now than when I was smoking.

I started Chantix two weeks ago, and I have not smoked at all. I have not been sleeping soundly and the dreams are the strangest things that I have ever experienced. The dreams feel real, and I think about what I dreamt all day. Also, I am experiencing nausea for most of the day. Other than that things are fine.

I took Chantix back in Febuary of 07, did the full 3 months and only had the vivid dreams as a side effect. Then around the time of september I started to have heart racing at night when I went to bed; it was so bad that one of the times I woke up at 4 in the morning thinking I was having a heart attack and went to the ER. My heart was pounding out of my chest; after all the tests, they sent me home saying there is nothing wrong with you. Well, I never had anything like this happen before, and this has almost become a routine at night. Anybody else have heart pounding or something simlar to it?

I took the pills for awhile and never thought much about it until I heard the reports on it... it never helped me quit smoking, but I now think it is possibly what casused me to have a severe asthma attack. I had a lot of depression and anxiety and COULDN'T THINK STRAIGHT... KEPT ENDING UP IN THE HOSPITAL, finally having an almost fatal attack last summer. I now have no desire for sex or to go anywhere or do anything. Chantix is the only thing I'd done different .

People if you want to quit smoking... really do... then call the hot-lines... they work along with good diet and prayer. Instead of paying 100 dollars for a bottle of pills most Americans can't afford, it's time our country got socialized medicine and clinics for nicotine addicts. We also need affordable or free clinics for alchoholism and drug addiction... a 4 week program don't cut it.

People we pay the taxes and go without! Right now I could care less who gets President because I have to worry about possible permanent damage from chantix and maybe another fatal asthma attack. While the pharmacies and pill manufacturers get rich we suffer greatly. Chantix isn't the only destructive drug out there.

I started Chantix on March 1st, 2008. I deceided not to read side effects because I am the type of person who will automatically develope them. My first week was uneventful except I felt I had a bad taste in my mouth. I continued my usual smoking routine, and gradually found I was thinking less and less about having a smoke. My hardest part was coming home, which is where I do most of my smoking. I always look forward to having a drink and a cigarette when I get home. Unfortunately I am also dealing with and in the middle of an unwanted separation (not the best time to quit, but I really want to quit).

I have had the nausea if I take the pill on an empty stomach. I am usually a very active person and ballet is my major form of exercise. I am an older adult and therefore I have been on Aleve for arthritis and such. I usually could spring across the floor with the youngest of them, but this past Saturday which was one full week on Chantix for me, I was in my ballet class and literally felt like I was going to collapse. My legs began to ache and they lost so much strength I actually had to sit out a few routines. Since then I continue to have extremly achy legs. I was wondering if the Chantix is intereferring with the Aleve? Also am I in danger for having a drink while on this pill? If any of you have any idea to my dilemma I sure would appreciate the input.Thanks SLS

Yeah, my doc told me only one guy in Texas had problems with Chantix. I am on week number 5 and smoking 1-2 a day. I smoked at least a pack from 14 and am now 48. The nausea was awful the first three weeks. Gas is still there. There is definately a difference in mood when you get to the higher dose, and it intensifies with every day. Depression, suicidal thoughts, pissed off at everything. Life feels pointless. I have no psychiatric history. I knew this was too good to be true. I will start reducing dose and stopping it tomorrow--hopefully I won't smoke.

Oh, forgot -- blisters in mouth and god awful heat flashes, but not sure if those are associated with this.

I started Chantix in January and took it about 3 weeks. Immediately I began noticing that I wasn't getting the same pleasure from smoking and quit completely Feb. 7 while on a trip to Atlantic City, and even now just walking by someone smoking turns my stomach.

But. . . I almost lost my job. My supervisor gave me 10 days to get myself together or she was going to fire me. I didn't know what was wrong with me, I had no motivation, I couldn't think straight, I was screwing up on my job (I work for an organ procurement office and when I screw up people literally die), and worst of all, I couldn't rally enough energy to care.

I knew that something was terribly wrong one day when I was sitting at a red light and couldn't figure out what to do, so I watched other drivers around me to know when I was supposed to go. I had no motivation to go to work, and in the middle of a staffing when I present cases in front of our president, doctors, surgeons, executive, I completely forgot what I was saying and ended up looking like a fool while trying to stumble through my presentation.

Chantix almost cost me my job, and I still feel the effects. I get headaches, heart palpatations, still feel confused, have a loss of words, anxious and even a little paranoid.

I have been off Chantix for about 3 weeks now. How long should I expect to have the nausea, heart palpatations, mood swings, and anxiety/confusion, inability to concentrate?

SLS, Just a heads up I do believe the package says do not drink alcohol with Chantix... also be prepared for more interesting side effects to come.

I was on Chantix for 2 months when I started getting migraines with visual aura. I had been prone to migraines, but never the visual aura or ones this intense. The migraines would hit me out of the blue, which was scary especially when it happened while I was driving. I was out of work for several days as well. I had a migraine for a straight week, but my doctor said that Chantix wasn't responsible for it.

I stopped taking Chantix and it took about 4 days before my head started feeling better. I also had a violent dream that really scared me badly. I went back to smoking, sadly, but haven't given up on myself yet and don't smoke like I used to. I work with others that have taken the drug successfully. My doctor is encouraging me to try it again as he doesn't believe the headaches were a side effect of the medication, but I don't want to go through that again.

I have been off Chantix for 6 months, and I am still having problems. The problems didn't start until a couple of months AFTER stopping the pills.

I did stop smoking but I am having severe side effects and they're not getting any better.

This is what I have so far:

Severe headaches, blurry vision, hot flashes, severe insomnia, can't concentrate, no energy, heart pounds, severe swelling in my legs and hands, weight gain, hair loss & shortness of breath.

I never had any of this until taking Chantix. I didn't have these side effects while on the medication, or I would have stopped taking them. I only took the pill for 6 weeks. I didn't even stay on them as long as they recommend you to. And I am having all these effects. I hate getting up each day because I suffer every day. Smoking would have been better. I was healthier then!

Does anyone know how long this will last? My doctor hasn't heard anything about chantix. I told her to google it. There is so much out there about the severe side effects. You'd think someone would know something to tell all of us.

I took Chantix for just 3-4 weeks, and quit successfully one day before the recommended quit date. I am smoke-free now for almost 3 months.

I had all the side effects I was told about -- insomnia, vivid dreams, gas, nausea. I also, though, had fits of anger while on the drug, and was prone to making rash decisions (like splitting up with my partner, pretty out of the blue) and have suffered from a low level of anxiety, an inability to concentrate, and depression (crying fits) since I went off the drug. It's been almost 2 months off the drug and these things are not getting better. I still can't get up in the morning. Sometimes I can't convince myself to go to work. I still sometimes go for several nights waking up 3-4 times a night, which has never been an issue for me. I am very moody.

I am going to my GP to discuss a plan to get me back on track emotionally. I have clinically depressed family members so recognize the symptoms, but as I am in my mid 30s and have never suffered from depression, it took a while for me to realize what was going on with me.

The drug worked great for the quitting smoking ... I smoked for 20 years and have tried quitting in the past. I still have no desire to smoke at all. However, the side effects are pretty horrible. I don't know that I can say it's worth it, in light of the fact that I am now a depressed non smoker instead of an emotionally healthy smoker. Six of one etc.

It should be worth noting that when quitting cold turkey in the past, I did not experience problems like I am now, so I don't think they can be attributed to the quitting.

I have been on Chantix for about 2 mos. and didn't experience any adverse behavior effects until I upped the dosage to the 2 pills a day. Once there, I began to experience irrational outbursts of anger that were totally out of character for me. Blessedly, I was alone during the experience, or my kids would have been horrified.

I cut back to one pill a day, and it has helped considerably. Because I can feel these "episodes" coming on, I have also been able to talk myself down from them because I've now identified where the behavior is coming from. Interestingly, too: I have been on Naproxen, an anti-inflammatory painkiller, for an unrelated ailment and find that if I take it along with the chantix, it seems to control my emotions much better. Weird....

Aside from the above, I am really having great success with the chantix but would absolutely recommend monitoring one's behavior very, very, closely while on this drug. Good luck to all!

Thank God it's not all in my head! I haven't taken chantix since oct. It is now march, and I am going through a rough time. My vision is blurry at times, I've gotten some chest pain and anxiousness, I've had times when I have been very short tempered--when I was on it, I walked out of my job twice, I am unsteady on my feet sometimes, and I noticed for about the past week, my memory is worse than usual. I don't type as well as I used to; I'm just really messed up in the head--I keep doing stupid things, saying WHAT is wrong with me.... and up until I went out and bought a support for my elbow about a week ago, my elbows (but mostly my right one) were killing me. All of a sudden they arent bothering me, but we will see what happens there.

I smoked for 40 plus years. I started Chantix at the end of January and have not had a smok since. Problem is I am starting to have some of the same weird thoughts that I have seen in this site. In addition I seem to be anxious all the time. I am going to back off to one a day and see what happens. Some of the wierd thoughts are troubling.

We have been meaning to contact you way before now, after reading an article in our local paper on "Chantix".

My husband, Dave, took Chantix for 3 weeks in November 2006. He quit taking it on his own because he became so depressed and had no desire to do anything! He could not get his mind on work, and would sit and stare at nothing. He later told me that often he would just sit in a chair in his shop, not even knowing how long he was there.

I was so worried about him--he decided to quit taking this terrible medication.

We certainly hope this medication will be taken off the market soon!

Elaine and Dave Betts

Lewes, Delaware

P.S. Dave is still not his usual self!

I have been on Chantix for a month now. I have had a lot of side effects: constipation, bloating, etc. The worst for me was itchy red rash from my neck to my ankles. After 2 weeks, the rash faded somewhat, but now I have very rough and very, very dry skin.

I have tried several lotions and baby oils to soften my skin--nothing seems to help. Also some of my skin on my thighs is discolored now (purplish); I sure hope this clears up soon, it is very annoying.

I have quit smoking, and this has been a rough road to go down. It is worth quitting, but darn those side effects. I have also dealt with depression most of my adult life, along with anxiety. I have not noticed any changes with that.

I started taking Chantix in March of 2008. I was only able to go 4 days without smoking, but the symptoms became very strange. I felt like I had taken a truth serum--if I thought it, I said it, without regard to anyone's feelings. Between the rage and the crying spurts, I never felt good about what I was trying to do. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I have taken Chantix for four weeks and have only had the nausea and vivid dreams side effects.

I know from trying to quit cold turkey in the past that just the nicotine withdrawal alone caused headaches, weakness, concentration problems, etc. I also had horrible nightmares. A lot of what I'm reading are actually symptoms of nictotine withdrawal, whether or not they are associated with Chantix. Also, I don't know, but it seems to me that even after you go off the Chantix your body may still be looking for the nicotine, so the symptoms would still be there. The American Cancer Society says that nicotine cravings/withdrawals can last up to two years after quitting.

These are nicotine withdrawal symptoms from the American Cancer Society website:

dizziness (which may only last 1-2 days after quitting)
feelings of frustration, impatience, and anger
sleep disturbances, including having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and having bad dreams or even nightmares
trouble concentrating
increased appetite

I'm alarmed at the number of people who described suicidal thoughts as a result of taking the Chantix -- then later in the post mention that they have been depressed or suicidal in the past or that a family member has been depressed or suicical in the past -- that means that the predisposition was already there and a number of things could trigger it. It doesn't seem logical to me that one pill in any form (antidepressant, Chantix, etc.) can take a happy-go-lucky person to a suicide risk in two weeks.

I don't want to make light of anyone's problems or symptoms, but I wouldn't want anyone to be discouraged from at least trying it. I'm a proponent of the medication since it's worked so well for my husband and me.

I started on Chantix Feb. 15th and have only smoked twice since the first week - bad taste and no familiar satisfaction from it. I take 0.5 morning + 1.0 at night due to the queasiness. I have had the amazing dreams, some of which might be viewed as "scary" but I am kind of entertained by them. My breathing is improving to the point that workouts are not nearly as taxing.

However I did experience the itch, and the long-lasting headaches are still with me. The worst was yesterday at work when, for the first time in my 50 years, I experienced a migraine. I couldn't read the text on the screen in front of me and watched as the "aura" slowly moved across my field of vision (stroke? blindness?) eventually disappearing but followed by the head-in-a-vice feeling.

I'll stay on my 1.5mg daily for now, as it has helped greatly, but another migraine and I'll wean off quickly. And I have not been depressed, just somewhat dulled by it.

BK - your symptoms are that of nicotine withdrawal. It may not be the Chantix. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms can last up to two years (see post above).

I think that many expected to have no withdrawal since they are taking Chantix. This is not the case. Nicotine withdrawal will still be there, for some, more severe than for others.

Hang in there and good luck - congratulations for quitting smoking!

I started chantix at the beginning of march went through the first box. Only had constipation and moodiness then for my birthday had a couple of beers and sleptwalk fell down the stairs while sleepwalking woke back up in bed and could not remember any of it but had blood and injuries. Pieced it together the next day. Doctor told me to quit takeing it right away. I hate this drug and wish they would pull it.

I too have had the sever anger, suicide, and mood swings, but the product seems to be the only thing that makes not smoking a reality and am wondering if anyone has attempted to use chantix with a mood stabilizer or elevator like Xanax? I have read the literature and don't see any drug interaction warnings.
Has anyone tried this?

KL; I don't agree. I was a smoker for 35 years. I quit 2 times. Both cold turkey when I found out I was pregnant. I had the normal withdrawel symptoms. What I went thru then is NOTHING compared to what I'm going thru now. And these other people on this board. It's different. Believe me; been there.
It will soon be a year and the symptoms are getting worse, not better!

Migraines, hair loss, imsomnia, blurry vision, hot flashes, heart racing, swelling of legs/ankles, shortness of breath, joint pain etc. This started after I'd been off the Chantix for a month or so. I only took the pill for 5 weeks.

My husband took it for 8 weeks. What's so amazing is he didn't start his symptoms until 3 weeks after mine. His is only migraines, joint pain, rash. It is NOT withdrawels from the cig.'s.

I think everyone on this board is wanting to know what else to expect and how long to expect all of this to go on. And also to relate to others who are going thru this. I'm afraid after your post; no one is wanting to tell their story now. There hasn't been anything said since you stated it was withdrawels from the nicotine. I sure hope they get back on here.
Have a blessed day.

i agree with you cheryl i have been off chantix over 3 months my legs ache i get dizzy when i look up/my nose has been a constant water fall of clear liquid and i still feel the anger one minute and cry the next minute

I started Chantix on March 13, '08. Very quickly I went from 2 packs a day to less than half a pack. But the nausea was horrible. For almost two weeks I simply couldn't function. There is a three day period of which I don't remember much at all. When I was functional, I was so violent and angry. Then the horrible nightmares hit. Never, never have I experienced such dreams.

On the morning of the 25th I threw the cigarettes out for good JUST so I could quit the Chantix. For that day and the next I only took 1/2 a pill in the AM.

Now I'm scared because it's been almost 3 weeks and I'm still feeling violent and having nightmares. I'm so ashamed of my outbursts (after their over), but I simply can't control this. I feel like I'm going crazy and it's been weeks without cigs or the drugs. I'm just praying that it'll eventually end. I quit before for four years and didn't go through this. I can't believe I'm considering going back to smoking. Not because of the cravings (there really aren't any), but in an effort to restore my sanity.

For the woman who is bipolar and thinking about Chantix: PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS DRUG! I was mentally stable before I started this medication. I can't imagine what it'll do to someone who's already on shaky ground!

Don't feel as though I have anything original to contribute to this thread, just an augmentation: After 8 weeks of Chantix I found myself dreading going to sleep because of the intense dreams I'd knew I'd have. None that I remember quite fit the definition of nightmare, but all were disturbing. I'd awaken at 3 in the morning and be unable to get back to sleep.

To my consequent fatigue, I began adding irritability, a diminished ability to focus and concentrate at work, and a new-to-me short temper that manifested mainly when I was driving.

So: Three days ago I stopped the Chantix cold turkey. So far, so good, although I'm still irritable. But last night at last I got a good night's sleep, and I'm hoping for another.

To give credit where credit's due, I have no desire whatsoever to smoke a cigarette. Net result? Unsettling. Not what I'd thought it would be. Tolerable. And, I'm frustrated that Pfizer provides NO information I can locate about how to taper off the medication. So I quit cold.

I took chantix last october for about 3 weeks. I was so overly emotional while taking it. I finally had to stop. I had one bad day after stopping the perscription where i was just really moody. but two months later I suddenly developed extreme anxiety and depression. Has anyone else gone through this after a few months of being off of it? my mother had a similar experience

I just started taking Chantix and I already have a headache! While I was driving, I felt like passing out. I just phoned my doctor to prescribe me something else.. I can't concentrate and I just SNAP majorly at people. I dont like this stuff at all.

I have been on chantix 2 times.The first time the dreams had me terrifed to go to sleep.I was very depressed and lost my appitite,i had a constant awful taste in my mouth,but i was determined to take the chantix and quit smoking because i have C.O.P.D .

After about 6 weeks i couldn't take the feeling of wanting to hide in my bedroom away from everyone because i knew my behavior was not normal.I was talking to myself,crying alot and had to no idea what was happening.My faimly talked me into quitting the chantix and i did.

A year later i wanted to try chantix again,this time i was having nightmares,sleepwalking,and had thoughts of overdossing just to make everything stop!I decided i would rather smoke and die slowly then keep going through this horrifac experiance.I DO NOT RECOMMEND CHANTIX TO ANYONE!

Side Effects of bloating, gas, severe constipatoion. I feel like I am 9 months pregnant. Can't fit into any of my pants. So bad I had to purchase new one's so I could go out to work. I have been on Chantix for 3 weeks. HOW LONG WILL THIS LAST? I however, have not expirienced any depression or suicidal thoughts. I think that people who are already taking antidepressants are immune to that type of side effect. Good luck if you are considering taking this med. I am seriously considering stopping the Chantix due to the intolerable side effects.

I took chantix 3 months ago. I started noticing changes in my personality immediately. I am a passive person but wanted to become insanely aggressive.

Now most days I am ok and getting back to myself but there are way too many frequent days I am depressed and my anger is over exaggerated. I wish I never took it. I was only on for 2 weeks. I can imagine the effects of 3 months. I quit smoking but the pain I feel and what I have put my family through isnt worth it at all

I started taking Chantix two weeks and two days ago. I read every single post on this forum before I decided to add one of my own.

I have quit smoking before and been under way more stressful situations (you are not allowed to smoke in bootcamp). Bootcamp was very stressful, for everyone. And I couldn't smoke. That was 2 months.

I've been on Chantix for 2 weeks and I've already got in some extremely terrible arguments with my wife and dreamed about many adulterous things I would never do. The difference is that for a few hours one day I thought I did do them! Then I finally asked my friend if I fell a sleep and I didn't notice that I had. He said no, so it turns out my 'daydream' was so vivid I thought I did it.

I am extremely irrate all the time. I have no patience for morons or fools lately. If I know an answer to a question someone has, and someone has the wrong answer, I verbally abuse them for their stupidity.

I still 'want' to smoke, though Chantix has helped with the urge to smoke. I've gone from a pack a day to about 7 or 8 cigarettes in the past two weeks. I've felt depressed too, and gone into one fit of rage. Thank god I have not been violent, but I've never been the type to strike someone.

Obviously there are many things we won't know for years about this drug. Look at how many decades it took for the data about the birth control pill to get back to us. I've experienced an extreme preoccupation with sex lately, but have had no real libido. I know that sounds like an oxymoron or a paradox but it's true.

Every day that goes by, I get more and more irritable yet start to want to smoke more again. I certainly hope my hair doesn't all fall out or I will get an attorney. I think I will just stop taking the Chantix starting this evening. Thank you to everyone that shared their stories both good and bad.

Oh, I've been smoking for 12 years.When I went to bootcamp I was 25 and had already been smoking for 7 going on 8 years. That was four years ago. And I was not this quick to anger even in bootcamp.

Quit smoking after 40 years using chantix.Had uber vivid dreams, irrational rage,and a total collapse of my formerly healthy libido.After 1 year of no smoking& no chantix, rage is diminished, dreams not quite as vivid, libido is still gone. I love not being enslaved by nicotine, but i sure as hell miss my sex life.

Side Effects...Unconfidence...Musings... Natural Source-Seeking

I went on Chantix a month ago near my impending 30th birthday- smoker for 15 years.. Nausea yes, but after a week or so I noticed I could handle that by eating. But what's the point of eating if you can't take a poo- for days on end? Feeling clogged up all the time made me feel gross. But the worst feeling (I just stopped cold turkey today out of the blue because this dawned on me) is it was, strangely, Very Hard to focus (I'm a natural daydreamer anyway, but chantix-I think- made me feel super dumb at times)Since I just got a new job as an editor, that was beyond a bad thing.

I don't know what the heck I'm going to do- as everyone realizes in this forum- it isn't the "wonder drug" we thought it was. I know full well I'll relapse back into smoking this early in my semi-quit mode; I'm somewhere in the grey.

I think the key lies in having to replace the body-hurting habit with a body-helping one. You need to develop the dicipline and somewhat positive outlook that, say, climbing a mountain is more inspiring then just sitting around bullshitting with wine and smokes. Perhaps even making a search to find that the balance of moderation. Being in physically good shape ((we all know as smokers, that's the first thing to go)) probably will make me feel a heck of alot stronger and happy, but you know what? I'm a good storyteller and wine and a cig are,like, ritual, sometimes- Americans, relax!!

Realize almost every other country enjoys life more and we screw ourselves by trying to be health obsessed/ a nation of fat people - smokers aren't bad people but we must all push ourselves even if it's in other directions, unconnected to our habits. I'm signing off by saying, I'm trying the natural approach and looking into herbs, meditation and "getting back to my roots"- For thousands of years, no one took synthetic medicine...we should all just try to gravitate more to the n a t u r a l.

I started taking Chantix in Sept. i went through the second dose pack, then had to quit. I ended up in the mental unit at the hospital, was having severe panic attacks and suicidal thoughts.

It started about a week after starting the drug but I continued taking it thinking the symptoms would go away. But they didnt. So had to stop.

I have been smoke free since then. this medication will definetly help you stop smoking. But your life will never be the same. I now can not have a relationships with my children or my grandchildren.because of the depression and the anger. I miss and love all of them but i dont want to hurt them.

I have had a big change in my personality, Im not the same persom anymore. I really have no feelings about anything or anybody. Its really sad to live like this. I miss my family.The depression and the suicidal thoughts are there everyday. Have been many places for help, but have not got any.

I have lost my home and the people I know I still love. This is no way to live your life.Am having chest pain and arm pain also, am still having severe panic attacks. None of the medications help.depression is getting worse.Dont want to go out or see anyone. Cant think straight.My life as I once knew it is over, I dont think I will ever get it back. I sure hope someone finds somethig soon to help.

Please don't take this drug if you haven't started yet or if you are, toss them. I have never had heart problems until I took this drug. My heart started skipping while on it. The day I threw them out was the day I went to bed thinking I wouldn't wake up in the morning. I can feel my heart stop several times a minute now. I had a clean bill of health before I started taking chantix. I had a very strong heart. Now that has changed. Doctor said I will have to live with this for the rest of my life.

I started taking Chantix on April 20th and noticed a severe change in my mood only three days later. By the seventh day If I had any emotion at all it was angry.

I have the best husband in the world and by the seventh day could care less if we were together or apart. We have two children and by the seventh day they heard me crying myself to sleep.

I felt as if no one cared about me and I just felt like crawling in a hole and dying. I explained to my 11 year old that sometimes you just have to cry to get "things" out of your system and that I had been upset and just had to "get it out". But I actually had feelings of --well, my family would be better off without me--but I really knew deep down inside me that was not true.

I only took seven days of this medication. Yesterday, on Monday I was in bed all day not wanting to live and tried to sleep the day thru. I also take Wellbutrin and Xanax. That night I told my husband of the vivid dreams and felt as if my emotions for the past few days was due to the Chantix. I am planning on telling him alot more tonight since I found this site.

Today is Tuesday and I am at work. So far, so good.

I had gone online and read things about this drug and decided to go ahead and take it anyway. From reading about what some of you have written, you too saw changing symptoms within a few days.

I have a question for those of you that took Chantix for only a week or so.....did these feelings continue or did they stop once you stopped the medication??????

I feel ok right now but anxious of how I am going to feel!? Is this "hell" over yet??? Has seven days of medication changed my life??? I certainly hope not. I hope that by stopping after my seventh day...I will get back to normal quickly. I have a call into my doctor now and am waiting.

I have been using Chantix for 8 days. Not only do I have severe headaches & nausea, I am now having anxiety attacks 2-3 hours after taking it and can't stop moving to go to sleep. I cannot concentrate and I feel like checking myself into a mental hospital. Is this normal ?

I began taking Chantix in January 2008. Great news... I quit smoking after more than 25 years! I still had withdrawals and cravings. I had awful dreams and stomach upset, but I thought I could deal with that.

I noticed as time went on that I grew more and more angry and depressed. My motivation was nearly gone and I felt miserable. Friends and family noticed the changes in me and it made me very sad and angry, but I couldn't stop being mean or sad. I weaned off of Chantix a couple weeks ago... nobody said to wean off, I just did. I have tremendous self control because I haven't killed myself or done anything to anyone.

I feel better BUT not normal yet. I have never felt so tired. I have headaches, slurred speech, stomach upset, vision changes (slight), depression, diminished thinking ability, on and on. I am relieved to hear that Chantix is the reason...obviously. I am not a nut. Hopefully the medicine won't take too long to get out of my system/brain. I also have INTENSE urges to smoke... but I haven't. Who cares anyway, I mean does it matter that I don't smoke? In exchange I fight to think, function, and struggle to want to exist. Day by day, minute by minute.... it is SLOWLY improving.

I took Chantix. Yes, it helped me stop smoking. However the side effects were BAD. I was achy all day (like I had the flu) and drowsy, I started getting horrible dreams, like my worst fears I could ever think of happening to my children were happening in these dreams. I also started gettin insomnia. Every night from 3 - 4 I was awake. And the rage... I didn't think it was that bad, my poor husband took most of my anger. Everything set me off, the car breaking down, things not working right, things he did. I did get off the medicine and started smoking but quit on my own. After three days most of the nicotine is out of your body and withdrawals are NOTHING compared to this medicine. Even a year after taking this I wonder if my anger is so bad because of this drug.

I started taking Chantix on April 21 and quit taking it on April 28th, my target quit date.

I avoided the majority of side effects others have mentioned. The side effect I immediately had was a headache on the first day. By the third day, I felt like I couldn't think clearly.

When I hit the double dose days, I fell into a stupor, sleeping at least nearly 18 hours a day for 3 days (it was the weekend).

Was not irritable, angry, or depressed. In fact, felt like I had no emotions at all. Didn't dream or think at all. Co-workers have since told me that I simply checked out, mentally. Performed work tasks okay, but didn't participate in conversation at all. They said that many times I just sat and stared at nothing, like a zombie.

Quit taking the meds after Day 7, and my friends noticed a huge difference right away. I felt like a million bucks within 2 days.

Though I didn't even hit my quit date for not smoking, I can't imagine being on this stuff for any length of time.

I have been a smoker on and off for 15 years. The most sucessful I was in quitting was cold turkey, when I found out I was pregnant. Now that I have smoked longer, I realized the addiciton was very powerful and I couldn't just quit like that. I decided to take Chantix.
The first 4 days were ok. My dreams were totally wild and crazy, although vivid dreams are a normal thing. These dreams were totally nuts.

I was also told ahead of time to make sure I ate well before I took the pill, and I was regimented about that as well. The first week was fine. Mild nausea, but not much else. Week 2, the nausea became so bad at times, I would have to lay down for at least an hour after taking the drug. Week 3 the nausea and headaches worsened, and I weaned myself off of the medication. When I began to feel those horrible cravings, I took a pill and dealt with it; but within a week I was off the drug.

The headaches were really scary. I felt like my head was going to explode.

I am so grateful that it gave me the kick-start to quit smoking, but I think they should lower the doses, and offer a program like I gave myself.

I am not someone who normally pays attention to all of the crazy drug side effects; but this time, this drug made me feel really weird.

I have now been smoke-free since March 19. You know, I still think about having a smoke every single day. But the physical addiction is gone; so I have decided to change the way I think about smoking so I can continue to be smoke-free. It's not easy, but it's better for me than Chantix.

I took chantix for 7-8 days in Oct 07 and it is now May 08. I felt really spaced out, tired and depressed at the end of the first week I took it, a huge change in my normally happy self. I was in tears thinking something was really wrong with me, probably the first time I have broke down and cried for no real reason EVER.

Prior to that week of chantix I was really happy, energetic and social. Never stopped smoking so no chance any of my symptoms are withdrawal-related.

A month after stopping chantix I went to the emergency room feeling just plain wrong, had no idea how to describe the overall feeling. Told them I had difficulty swallowing, anxiety and felt really spaced out. I thought they were going to find a tumor or something seriously wrong. They found nothing. Freaked me out so I went home and bought health insurance.

I have now been to three physicians, an Ear Nose and Throat doc and an Optometrist and have aquired thousand of dollars in debt. NOTHING has ever been found. I hadn't been to a single doc in the past 15 years prior! NOW... My vision is blurry, I have occasional anxiety, I am depressed, very low motivation to do anything and I can't sleep (up till 6am every night, driving me nuts). Luckily I can work my own hours, otherwise I would have serious money issues.

This is all new to me, no past diagnosis of anything at all. I have had slumps before in my life and perhaps mild seasonal depression but not this, not even close. Have now had a CAT scan of my head thinking I had a brain tumor, nothing. Tension in my neck/throat is still there. The biggest problem I have now is the general lack of motivation, spaced out feelings, blurry vision and depression that doesn't seem to go away. I still excercise a bit trying to get past all of this, depression comes right back, spaceyness never goes away. I will go mountain biking and feel spaced out the whole time. Almost seems unsafe to drive or bike sometimes. I really want this to go away.

I don't know if it could possibly still be from the chantix, I took it for 8 days 8 months ago, but I have never felt like this. I do know that it is the same feeling that came to me at the end of the first week of taking chantix though. I am going to get on antidressants, I can't take it any longer. I hope they help or at least starts to get me back to being me. I try to ignore it but it is always there.

I would highly advise not taking chantix and quitting by other means. Both seem equally important. Even if it is only one in a thousand or so that feel this, I know you don't want to be the one who feels like this.

Anyone with short term use and lingering symtoms please post your situations. I have stopped smoking with wellbutrin in the past and it did help me with the nicotine withdrawal symptoms, check that out if you need help.

I took this poison for 2 weeks, and it was the worst 2 weeks of my life. I guess it's great if you are one of the few that don't experience the awful side effects, but for most people it is a gamble not worth taking. I felt horrible all the time. Extreme depression, anxiety, rage fits, suicidal thoughts constantly, it's a miracle that I'm not in prison or 6 feet under right now.

I have quit before using nicotine replacements and cold turkey, and although I did experience some anxiety, irritability, and trouble focusing, I never at any moment thought I might as well end it all or perhaps hurt a loved one.

If you choose to take this drug, please be very aware of these side effects, and stop taking it the minute you think dying sounds pretty good. Once I quit taking it after 2 weeks, it was as if the haze lifted and all was well. I was no longer this zombie that no one even knew! It was amazing to say the least. I've never felt better in my life than the day I stopped taking Chantix.

I fully plan on finding another solution to the difficult task of quitting smoking, but I would rather die from lung cancer, than to live another day under the spell of that "life changing" poison. Good luck!

My father and my family have become recent victims of the rare but severe adverse reactions linked to Champix in which my father had accidentally taken his own life during what appeared to be a major “psychotic event”. He had been drinking in combination with taking Champix, which appears to have resulted in hanging himself in the garden shed.

I had spoken to him only hours before, and he was his usual happy self, just settling in for the night to watch some TV and have a few drinks. He was a contented happy man with everything going for him and everything to live for. He was happily married and had recently become a grandfather and was about to become one for the second time. With no financial worries and his working life nearing an end, he was positively looking forward to his twilight years of watching his grandkids grow up and share his retirement with my mother, family and his wide circle of friends.

He had began taking Champix in early February and had reported to the family that he had suffered from some of the more common side-effects including vomiting, headaches and disturbed sleeping, but did not elaborate on why he thought his sleep had been effected.

On the 23rd of March 2008, his body was discovered by my brother at the family home. There was no note and there appears to have been no premeditation to the events. The authorities so far are treating his death as a “terrible accident” in which they believe there was no intent to end his life. In my opinion with the evidence that has been explained to me, he appears to have behaved completely out of character including damaging our home in a way that would be totally alien to my father given the pride he had in his home.

In my mind there is no doubt that these pills, which are designed to mimic the “high” from smoking by releasing dopamine which effects behaviour, had a huge part to play in my father’s premature death.

I went on Chantix about 7 months ago. Within the first week, I noticed digestive problems. I quit taking the pills after 1 month. The side effects were too much for me to take. My lower body swelled up 20 lbs worth within 2 months. It looks and feels like water retention. I have had ongoing problems since the 1st week on the pills. I have had a colonoscopy, I have been scoped down my throat to my stomach, I have had exploratory surgery, I have had every test known to man run on me, and still find nothing.

The last couple of weeks my vision is blurred, have terrible headaches, and feel like I am going to faint. I went to the ER 2 days ago to find nothing as of yet. I am having an MRI and Stress test done this week. I seem to feel in a fog or daze most of the time. The doctors deny that Chantix could cause any of this, but I believe it is to blame.

I am so sorry to hear about the misery of those who have had adverse reactions to this drug. My doctor recently prescribed it for me, but I won't take it now. It would be too risky. I have quit for 9 months by attending smoking cessation classes offered by my local health dept. and a local hospital. I used the almost-free nicotine patches only during the day (I had vivid dreams and insomnia if I used them at night).

It wasn't easy, but wasn't the hardest thing I've ever done. I did gain weight because I started snacking instead of smoking and didn't increase the amount of exercise I did. When I went through a series of losses, I suddenly started smoking again.

All of the rewards of quitting smoking were great: being able to sleep better, my night vision improved, I could sing again (in the shower), breathe more easily, had more stamina and less anxiety, a cleaner-smelling house, car and me, and, eventually, more patience and greater ability to concentrate. I think I'll go that route again.

I wish you all had had a chance to make that choice too. I wish all of you better health very soon. You may want to check out Mehmet Oz's plan for quitting smoking at I agree with another person who posted on this site that you have to find ways other than smoking of coping with life's bumps in the road -- for me exercise helped and a return to some creative pursuits.

I started taking Chantix 8 days ago. My doctor pretty much forced it on me. I didn't go into this with the "I want to quit" mentality.

So far, I've had trouble sleeping due to the crazy dreams I've been having. The first night was the worst because I woke up every 2 hours. Even now, when I wake up, it takes a minute or two before I realize it was just a dream.

I do have a history of depression, but I was fine for almost a year. Suddenly, I'm depressed/tired again.

I will say that it does decrease my desire for cigarettes as long as I'm not drinking.

I'm a manager at a restaurant (where a cigarette break is of high value), and I've already noticed that I don't take as many breaks as I used to. Yesterday I took a break and made it through half a cigarette... then I decided I just didn't want it.

So this med has its ups and downs as all of them do.

I started taking Chantix on Wednesday and was fine for the first three days, but on Saturday I was so agitated with my one son (who usually agitates me) that I just couldn't handle it and became so anxious about it I didn't know what to do but not be around him. I also slept for eight hours that night, but barely had the energy to get out of bed for church on Sunday morning. I play in our praise band and about half way through our set I felt detached from what was going on and couldn't read the music or play guitar and had to just stop for a bit. This freaked me out a bit afterwards and decided these things must all be related and decided to stop taking the medication.

Just for the record I don't have a history of mental illness or depression, except a bit of ADD, but I've had some adverse psychological reactions to drugs that most people generally don't have reactions to (some legal and some of the kind you take in college).

My girlfriend has been on Chantix for about a week and a half, and it has caused a number of serious side effects which make me question why anyone would ever let this drug reach the market!

It started with an upper respiratory infection for which she needed to go on antibiotics, and ended with serious depression, spells of anger, anxiety and exhaustion. As soon as she was off the drug for more than a day, she felt a lot better.

She told me yesterday that she had thoughts of killing herself at the worst moments.

I am sorry but no one should ever take this drug. If the thousands of people having the same effects don't change your mind... maybe the fact that suicide shouldn't ever be an acceptable risk when quitting smoking. After all, you're on the drug to SAVE YOUR LIFE.

Smoke-free on chantix 6 weeks. Only side effect is terrible gas. I would recommend slowly tapering off this drug as I had bouts of anxiety and sleeplessness when I quit cold turkey. Great medication if you want to quit.

Have read all the comments. And I believe all of you! It's different for every person. I have been smoking for over 30 years. Am now 50 and I had to have surgery last year. The surgery went fine, but breathing. I spent about 2 weeks in the hospital, and could not breathe. Oh yeah, sure, I was breathing or else I would be dead! But I spent 2 weeks doing nothing buy trying to breath, focused on nothing but breathing. Nightmare! Could not sleep, not eat, had a fan in front of my face for 2 weeks.

Cigs suck and so do those who manufacture them. And I know they will have to answer to the almighty in the end! I love smoking. But I also love to breathe. Chantix saved my life! Sure weird dreams, fart like crazy, sick as hell for hours after taking. Beats dying! And being sick all the time I haven't gained a pound! I'm in my 5th week. Still sneak a drag now and then and yuck!

Anyway, it's well worth trying, and I gotta say thanks to Chantix. I did spend one day wanting to kill myself, but hell, I tried to kill myself every day I smoked! All drugs have side effects. It's your job to educate yourself and figure out if it's worth it to you. Take responsibility! Life is always about choices and you make those choices. Good luck

My husband started taking this drug about three months ago. We have been married for over 20 years, and I can count on one hand how many times we have argued in those years. But this weekend, I was unsure whether he was going to kill me or himself, or both of us.

He had doubled up on his dose, because he had forgotten to take it earlier, and then had a couple of glasses of wine. After a couple of hours, he was full of rage, and told me that I was making him crazy.
I told him that he needed to quit taking this medicine, as he has NEVER acted like that before. Now I found this website, and I am unsure whether he needs to wean off of it, or just stop taking it.

He is very robotic-acting, and is stating that he will wean off of it, but he does not want to start smoking again. This drug appears addicting to me. I would never reccommend this to anyone.

i've been taking Chantix for three months.

Every time I google the side effects, I see the same group of complaints -- anxiety, depression, anger issues, etc.

Often these complaints are followed by a damning statement about Chantix.

I have to say it:



Chantix is not liking putting a frozen dinner in the microwave. Chantix is not like turning on a toaster. Chantix is not easy.

This is life, this is quitting smoking, and this is a hard process. And yes it does require some participation on your part, and yes you will experience discomfort.

Numerous people, most famously Ray Charles, have stated that quitting smoking is the hardest thing they have ever had to do. Harder than quitting drugs like heroin or cocaine.

Chantix has, in my experience, made this process easier, for which I am extremely grateful. Without it i was angry, irritable, depressed (sound familiar?).

With Chantix, I get the same symptoms, but they are manageable.

yes, I have the dreams and the nausea, but I also have an increased chance at success.


That's what it's all about.

best of luck.

I have been very pleased with Chantix. I might even call it a miracle drug. I have smoked for 47 years, all my adult life. I tried quitting cold turkey a few times but didn't even make it through one day.

I am on day 13 smoke-free. I have taken Chantix as directed with one exception. I am a small person and the two 1 mg. pills was too much for me. I just take one pill after a meal with the glass of water and have experienced no side effects except gas and remembered dreams, but not bad necessarily. My husband is quiting as well and has few side effects other than feeling a little tired.

I didn't expect quiting with Chantix to be completely painless. For a few days I was getting weary of fighting off the thoughts of wanting to smoke every half hour or so. But these thoughts are getting more infrequent now.

I find these posts on bad things happening months after stopping Chantix worrisome. I hope that doesn't happen to me. I don't know if I should continue to take as directed for the greatest chance of success or wean myself off as soon as possible.

I'm grateful that the Chantix helped me get off the smokes or chew. I've been on it again for the past 6 months, but have been on then off for 2 years now due to the frequent tobacco relapses. I have had horrible insomnia but never connected it to the Chantix. Since I was a kid I occasionally sleepwalk. Over the past 2 years this has been a nightly experience. It occurs with or without alcohol.

I'm not on any other medications. I've tried to urinate in the sink, on the floor, in the closet, you name it. Thank God my wife is a light sleeper. I've raided the fridge and done other complex tasks with no memory for the event.

Last night I got up at 2 in the morning and started shaving, my wife asked me why and I stated I had to get to work, then explained I had to get something downstairs. She wasn't able to stop me in time, and I fell down the stairs. She managed to guide me back to bed. Zero recall of this.

When I woke I wasn't sure if it really happened or just one of my usual vivid dreams. She informed me that it did happen. I'm pretty banged up today but no broken bones. I've never connected the sleepwalking and insomnia to the medication. By the way, I'm a doctor (should know better not to smoke) and have prescribed Chantix many times. I will be more informative to my patients and more vigilant for side effects my patients might not volunteer.

My husband started taking Chantix in December of 2007 when quitting cold turkey proved harder than he thought. The first few weeks, the only things he experienced were vivid dreams that he could remember in detail, and a little bit of nausea. Now that it has been over 6 months, and he is still taking Chantix, he continues to still cheat every once in a while, he has severe mood swings and displays bizarre behavior. At times he gets panicky, experiences anxiety, and displays the inability to cope with small instances that come up.

He has started to display this behavior in front of friends and family on 2 large gatherings to where they got scared and questioned if he is okay. He informed me a few weeks ago that he has racing thoughts and he thinks he needs medicine to calm him down because he feels like he can not escape or cure the "stress" in his life.

Those were magic words to me and I immedialtely called his Dr. to give this info to him and make hubby an appointment. None of these bizarre things were going on pre-Chantix. The past few months he has seemed very distant with our family and has lost the desire to do activities with the kids that we did this time last year and enjoyed. I am afraid he is making himslef sick by taking this medication, but doesn't realize it. If the Dr. does not take him off this stuff immediately, I will flush the remaining pills and refuse he takes it. Chantix will not be allowed in my home!

I started taking Chantix on 5/12/08 and put the cigarettes down 8 days later. I was told that you just had to put them down and then let the pill do it's thing. I am a single 55 year old woman who has smoked most of my life. I still crave cigarettes and it is June 3rd and I have been taking the pills for 3 1/2 weeks. I chew gum or find something to do when I have cravings. I get queasy in the mornings but that is the only time. I do not have weird dreams, but I am soooooo very tired. I sleep twice as much as I did, and I have been very, very depressed, but that is starting to lift. I am not as hungry as I had been before I started the pill so I have not gained any weight at all. I have IBS and a Thyroid Disease. My IBS has gotten so much better since I have been taking this pill. I was very surprised to here about all the stomach problems. Start taking one cap lid of Myralax every night in water, coke, juice, or anything you like and that should make you fill like a different person. My doctor put me on it right before I started taking this pill and I have no more stomach problems including gas or constipation.

It scares me about all what I have been reading from everyone, but I am going to stay on the pills. I have tried quitting many times before and I usually was depressed with anxiety and that was trying cold turkey, so I can't expect this to be a miracle drug and not have some sort of side effects. Although I was disappointed that my cravings are as strong as they have been taking the Chantix pill. I desperately want to quit and I quit last time on the Nicorette Gum, but was then addicted to the gum. I made the mistake of smoking one of my boyfriend's cigarettes 2 years ago and started smoking and still chewed the gum at work. Not good! I had 2 addictions going on. I only chew spearmint gum now and am trying so very hard to quit both of the addictions with this pill.

I wish everyone the best and am soooo very sorry for the problems that some of you have experienced. If you do not take this pill anymore then I do recommend the Nicorette Gum. I chewed it 3 years and did not smoke. My doctor said the gum cannot hurt you. You can gradually wean yourself off the gum I just did not choose to because I had a lot of stress in my life.

WOW! this is so nice to read. I thought I was going insane. I took the Chantix, only experiencing the crazy dreams and mild nausea. I gradually smoked less and quit after 6 weeks. After another 15 days on Chantix... I didn't like how I was feeling. Something didn't seem right, I was sad, cried way too easily, and I felt hopeless, like my life had no meaning.

I stopped taking it and thought I would get better. Bad idea!! I crashed big time! It only lasted for about 3 days but was very severe! I wanted to kill anything in front of me and hurt my family and friends emotionally. I am a soft-spoken, kind person. Yes, I quit smoking, but this is horrible stuff. Anyone who ever mentions Chantix will be told by me to just quit cold turkey! I have a feeling this stuff is going to hurt many people before it gets pulled from the market. Take care everyone.

I started taking chantix on 6-6-08. It's been 4 days on it. I don't know if this is common with quiting smoking or this drug, but my cravings are not too bad but my temper has gotten so bad I looked at my wife of 12 years and blew up at her because she took our kid to a b-day party. I never got upset like that before--usually I like being alone and relax; instead I got mad and took off all day and half the night. Thought about having a butt, but that's as far as I got. I am stressed out--I found out I need surg. on my shoulder and will be out of work for awhile. After reading everything from people, I wounder if I should be taking this stuff at this time, but I need to quit smoking. I will post more on 6-13-08.

Well well well, I am really starting to see the light. I have been on this junk for a full month, and I am not sure who I am anymore. I haven't smoked though I wanted to, but didn't. Now that my libido is gone, I am in total shock. I have always had a full erection--now I could care less and that really bothers me. What do I need to do now? Go for another script of viagra? Hey, it's not funny.

I was on my second week of chantix. It really was helping. I woke up this morning and I had bad eye pain. This has been a tough week with a 35 yr old friend dying and both grandparents in hospital possibly dying, but my mood has been out of control. From reading what everyone else posted the chantix must have added to my anger. I called my Dr, and she said eye pain was a s.e. so I should stop right away. The littlest thing just set me off. Good luck to all who try. I'd rather try on my own to quit.

Well I'm back with my progress report. I started chantix on 6-6 one week. After starting it, I have not been sleeping but maybe 2 hours a night. Have major constipation. My body says get some sleep, but I just cannot. I went from drinking a couple of glasses of water a day to probably a gallon. I am thirsty all the time. I did have some itching like on the fourth day of taking it, but not anymore. I haven't had any dreams yet, but if it's all true, I'm sure they will start when I actualy get some sleep besides a couple of hours.

Ii told my wife what's happening, and she thinks I'm crazy for still taking this stuff. The only good thing I see from this is that i still have not craved a butt. I even go outside at work and talk to the guys while they smoke, and it doesn't bother me at all that they are smoking around me. I never thought how much they stink.

I started a no smoking fund to go toward my new fishing boat, so at about $50 bucks a week, that's $200 a month. I should be able to get a nice boat for that payment, plus I will have some good times with my 3 kids. I will post more on my progress next week. Hopefully I will be getting some sleep by then.

Well, I had to quit taking this crap. I started taking it on 6-6-08 and now it is 6-17. I had so many so called common side affects that it was driving me crazy. My eyes started to hurt--it felt like someone was sticking a needle in them--I cried at times--I'm 39 years old--I was so tired, but I could not sleep; I work 60 plus hours a week and was only sleeping about 2 hours a day, not good; my temper went out of whack--could be from not sleeping.

When I took this junk in the morning, my stomach would hurt, and at night I felt like I was tripping my brains out. My co workers were asking me if I was ok and wondered if I could do my job safely. I did not last past the second round of the pills and the side effects I had were not worth taking this junk anymore.

I am not smoking because I look at my kids every day and it gives me willpower not to smoke. I hope that they ban this garbage. What they call common side effects could be dangerous to others. I had to quit because the common side effects were getting worse with every day I took it. I hope people have a deep talk with their drs. before they take this crap. Good luck to everyone who decides to take this, and be careful.

Has anyone else wet the bed while taking Chantix? Had a very vivid dream that I had gotten out of bed, gone into the bathroom, sat down and urinated. Woke up and discovered that I had wet the bed. I spoke with a friend whose husband is also taking Chantix, she said he had also wet the bed a couple months ago but didn't even consider that it could be a Chantix side effect. Another friend who works in a tourist-related field said she had heard from tourists that they had the same sympton while taking Chantix. I have only been on it for one month, knew to expect the nausea and weird dreams (which I accepted) but since the second week when I began taking 1 mg in am and 1 mg in pm, my anxiety and mood swings have gotten bad. Now I am wetting the bed. I stopped taking Chantix entirely. Not happy because I really want to quit. I plan to try again, just not with Chantix. I am afraid of what else I may do while sleeping.

I am taking Chantix for the second time. I first tried to quit around Christmas, but with the parties going on, and the drinking (I love to smoke while drinking). . . I recently started taking it again. I am having very vivid dreams that last all night. I will dream, and after waking up, I will fall asleep and the dream continues where it left off. The dreams are almost real, they are so intense. I am dreaming my worst thoughts in my head. I hope this will stop soon!!!!


I have had a lot of symptoms, not so good, since day 8 on Champix. Bad headaches, always on the right side of my head, bad breath (my mother tells me), extreme thirst, painful gas, bloody dead bodies in one particular frightening dream, and so confused, so tired, and a painful flare-up of arthritis. My blood sugar readings are always low (3.4-4.6), and then you do feel like sh*t. I also was so irritated, and that's definately not my personality. I could sleep for 12 hours all night and fall asleep for three more in the evening. I was sick!!

My doctor said I had nicotine withdrawal. I felt in my gut that it was the Champix. So I went off the Champix, and the headaches are gone. I hope the real me comes back soon. And yes, I'd rather smoke than feel half dead. If I still sound irritated, I apologize.

I have been taking Chantix for 2 months now. I thought it was the miracle drug. I quit smoking after day 11, but now I am so moody. I don't want to be around anyone, I don't answer the phone, I yell out of control at my kids, I have thoughts of suicide, which really scares me. I have never been like this. I have always been happy and wanted to be around people. I am also scared to get off the medicine, because I don't want to start smoking again.

I would recommend this medicine to people--it really does help you to stop smoking. But be aware of the side effects.

I took Chantix for only a week. i quit cold turkey, but now have alopacia. I have lost most of my non-gray . Anyone having extreme hair loss?

I just started taking Chantix tonight. I had a stop date and WANT to stop smoking. I've been smoking for 15 years. I decided to go this route b/c my mother who has been smoking for 30 years stopped after a week of taking Chantix and has not smoked in 4 months. I have read the side effects and I know that everything will definitely be "by the book" on this one as my mother did. Eat first, take the pill and drink 8-10 ounces of water.

A lot that I just read on this web site...doesn't sound like people did it "by the directions." Follow the directions and go by that. What the Chantix website does NOT tell one... DO NOT DRINK... maybe a couple, but not in excessive amounts. From a friend's experience on Chantix, this is the only time he had suicidal thoughts, anger, depression, etc. is when he drank excessively. From what I've read so far, no one has mentioned the effects of Chantix when drinking. Please beware, that it can hurt relationships and yourself.

The side effects of nausea, constipation, gas... is nothing when it comes to one's life. If anyone else knows anything about drinking alcohol and taking Chantix, please be honest and post as it would help a lot of people. It's because of blogs like this that helps our own people.

My mother-in-law started Chantix last July and is almost one year off of cigarettes; however, she is now extremely sick. She has been complaining about the nausea, insomnia, moodiness, extreme itching, bloating, etc. She went to the doctor in February for a routine check and everything seemed ok...her health and these symptoms have continued to worsen even after being off Chantix for 6 months. In June, after another trip to the doctor, they have found a tumor in her liver, blocked passage between the liver and pancreas and now her lymph system in her abdomen is covered with cancer. We are suspicious and can't get Chantix off our minds; did this cause it...anyone with any help...please!!

I have taken it before and I am back on it. It seems like the first week is always the toughest...I am so anxious and my mood swings are horrible also I say thing that I wouldn't normally say...After that it is smooth sailing.

I think Chantix is a miracle for people who really want to quit smoking. The dreams WOW! yes, they are vivid, and I am AWARE that I am dreaming when those really frightenng ones occur. I am able to wake myself up.

Most dreams are sexual or very violent. Strange. BUT it's worth it. I have found that I do better taking 1 pill a day, rather than 2. I feel exhausted about an hour after taking it. I now take it in the early a.m. with some food and lay back down shortly after. By not taking it at night, the crazy dreams have subsided. I think 2 pills was too much for me. I am no longer a smoker!

I was on chantex's for a mo. I went into a angery person, & short tempered. Went to bed on a Saturday nite, I don't know what time it was when I woke up, but I was chilled to the bone and had a very high fever, couldn't even hold a glass of water. I covered back up and passed out till 8:am, alot better, but still not feeling well. Thru the pills out and won't take again. I called the manufacture and told them all my sytems, haven't heard any thing. Thank You G. D.

I took Chantex for 7 weeks. I was not smoking by the 4th week. I picked a date not to smoke. Chantex worked for me. I took myself off Chantex after the 7th week because of the side effects. I had constipation and felt nausea every day which I could handle.

When I woke up one morning and still felt like I was in my dream is where I drew the line and got off the drug. I could not handle that feeling. A lot of will power is what it takes not to smoke.

I'm still smoke free and it has been for almost 2 months. Chantex helped me through the roughest part at the beginning but the will power is what is making me smoke free now.

I started on program on 7/3. I was really happy that after the 4th day I really didn't want a cig. I am still doing really well. The only side effect I am having was a intense nausea, but this came after take the pill on an empty stomach. (Note to self...don't do that).

I am only on 1 mg a day now, per my Dr. After reading people responses on this website. will certainly monitor my behavor. I will only do another 20 days, then I think I will stop. My pharmacist said that a lot of people only do 30 days a have success.

I used Chantix and experienced some awful side affects too. I quit taking it as soon as I was able to stop lighting my cigs which was about 2 weeks into the program. I am still smokefree, albeit not Chantix symptoms free though but getting better everyday! Its a serious drug but it works. I hope it isnt as harmful in the long run to my health as smoking was. Im glad I dont smoke but I do worry what the medication did to me. I can tell I dont feel the same emotionallyefore I took it. I have to try really hard to muster up joy in things, I have a short fuse now and I do not like being around others anymore, makes me want to be a recluse. Its getting better day for day that Im not on it anymore.

I was fighting back tears as I read about people who had lost (or nearly lost) their loved ones to suicide because of the poorly-publicized adverse effects of Chantix.

It's very hard for me to talk about, but I owe it to everyone, smokers and nonsmokers alike, to share this information. If it can prevent one person from experiencing what I went through, then it's worth it.

Within a few weeks of starting to take Chantix, I noticed a sharp reduction in nicotine cravings. Eventually, I lost the desire to smoke altogether. All seemed to be going well, but I was oblivious to the insidious changes that were occurring within me.

During the course of my "treatment" with Chantix, I began to have irrational thoughts, anxiety, panic attacks, and suicidal ideation. The panic attacks became so unbearable that I'd be afraid to be at home alone at night. I'd drive aimlessly in the car to calm myself down, because I felt safe and in control of my environment. Sometimes I couldn't bring myself to come home until dawn. I did not make the association between my experiences and the Chantix, because I was experiencing a number of stressors in my life at the time. I attributed my problems to an inability to cope with my own problems.

I was able to conceal my depression and anxiety from my coworkers... But it was too much for me to contain my rage and impulsivity at home. I vaguely remember all the times I was cruel to my loved ones, especially my fiance. He and I fought constantly. I had NO sense of restraint whatsoever, and I would fly into a rage before I even realized what was happening. I felt incapable of controlling my emotions. Looking back, it seems like a blur. I felt so detached from myself, and so out of control, as if I were witnessing someone else's behavior. I felt powerless, but somehow I knew that my thoughts and actions were irrational.

I do remember crying and praying in desperation, and contemplating suicide time and time again.

I won't get into detail here, but I can say that I had a very obtainable and lethal plan.

I hit rock bottom when my own family came to my house to find me unconscious on the floor after having a complete mental breakdown, resulting in emotional and physical exhaustion. I'll never forget feeling like my own mother was looking at me as an object of pity, as if I were a wounded animal. My fiance struggled to cope with all I put him through, but he was resilient and faithful through it all.

I never cried so much in my life as I did when I was taking Chantix, and for the few months following. It took me THAT LONG to recover from the effects of Chantix! Only with the care of my loved ones, a counselor, my PCP, and a psychiatrist was I able to survive.

I was a different person, unrecognizable to myself, while taking Chantix.

I'm now functioning back at my baseline, taking an antidepressant, with lorazepam prn for anxiety. I haven't had to take the lorazepam for weeks; I HAVE had anxiety, but nothing anywhere near the terrifying panic that I experienced during and after the Chantix. I do smoke occasionally, not even every day. So, I'm still struggling with smoking cessation (don't we all), but I'm a lot better off than I would have been if I'd continued taking the Chantix!

I encourage you all to try to stop smoking, but to exercise extreme caution with Chantix!

I have read through some of these comments and the people that say these side effects of anxiety and nervousness are to be expected with quitting cigarettes. I don't firmly agree, I have quit cold turkey before and have felt a little angry but not like this. Last week, I started taking Chantix.

After two days I had to stop taking Chantix I was on my way to work and my heart started beating rapidly, I was nervous. I felt like I was going to pass out at the wheel. I have since been to the ER and they are still running tests but my doctor has stated that with no history of this in the past, he feels that it is totally chantix.

So he has ordered me to quit taking it. Now it's been 3 days since all of this and I don't really seem to feel any better. Hopefully soon I will, How can you focus when you can't breath? Isn't that the reason for wanting to quit? I think this stuff is awful and definately not safe and should be taken off the market.

I've had friends that have had to get off of this because they have had dreams about killing their own children. Now is this drug about safely quitting smoking or a company trying to make mad money?

I have not used Chantix yet. And after reading some of these stories I am not sure I want to start.
I think it has alot to do with the chemicals in the brain. As to what kind of side effects you would have.
I am a little scared to take itm, but would much rather be smoke free then continue to poison my body. I am thinking of getting pregnant soon, and wonder how it would affect the baby, or if I would continue to take it.
Can anyone ease my worries???

I'm starting my 4th month on the medication and have experienced all the side effects so far except the suicide.......of course. I was a heavy smoker for 40 years....starting in 68' when I started jumping out of planes with the 82nd Abn.

Something about jumping out of planes makes you want to smoke I guess. Then last April I had an accident falling off a backyard fireplace and broke my wrist and some stupid bone in the thumb. My doctor had to put a pin in it....and suggested I quit smoking so the bones would mend properly.

Heard about Chantix in a advertisement and got on it promptly. After 2 weeks it was a piece of cake to quit.....but I realized that if I missed a dose I'd get into these mood swings. Mostly yelling at the wife. So.....I kept on taking the stuff and like I said...this is the 4th prescription.

I run a Power Plant in Utah (control room operator) and I think this stuff as adversly effected my judgement and I'm currently off sick because I don't want to be a liability to the know...pushing the wrong button. Have to contact my Union Stewart sometime today to see what he can do to keep me out of the control room. Noticed in some other sites that the Government is banning pilots and air traffic controllers from using it........and now bus drivers and truck drivers.

Guess us Power Plant Operators should be put on that list. Yeah.....I keep a secret pack out in the backyard for those cheating moments....but for the most part.....the stuff works... but I should have been on a anti-depressent along with it.

I took Chantix for about a month and it worked great for me. Cravings significantly decreased after about 1 week and became pretty much negligible after two. I have tried the Gum and the patch with Welbutrin and none of it worked this well.

The worst side effect I experienced were vivid dreams, it was like taking some of the worst moments of my life and reliving them. A few times I woke feeling angry, agitated, and was unable to go back to sleep. This occurred mostly during the first 10 days as the dosage was going up.

The Craving for Cigarettes came back pretty strong when I quit taking it, but not bad enough to make me start smoking again.

Maybe I didn't experience other side effects because I never took it on an empty stomach and Gradually decreased the dosage when I quit taking it. I already have trouble sleeping, depression, and suicidal thoughts but it didn't make any of these things worse.

I would of probably taken it for the full three months but it my employer discourages the use of it due to it's potential side effects, and it was kind of expensive at $130/month. But overall I'd say it was worth it to be a non-smoker.

I feel the same as all you above. Depressed is not the word! Stomach pain is an understatement.

I just started taking Chantix last night. My doctor warned me of potential stomach issues and mood changes so I knew all of that going into this.

This morning I definitely felt "different". My stomach felt bloated but the urge to smoke was less and when I did have that first morning smoke it was not a satisfying activity.

My mood on the other hand was very bland. I just moved into a beautiful new house with my partner and for the first time I felt none of the excitement related to being in a new home.. That I thought was very strange.

Soon we left for breakfast. When I got up to leave the restaurant I couldn't believe the painful cramping! Its been almost 2 hours and Its still pretty bad though it is subsiding.

After reading everyone's experiences, there's no way in hell I am going to continue with this poison. I've been on antidepressants before and they just made me suicidal (driving your car off a cliff type stuff) -- which is totally uncharacteristic for me.

So I am so glad I found out how bad this stuff is before I got in to deep. Ive quit the old fashioned way before and so that's the route I will go this time around. Quitting with Chantix is not worth the risk of permanent bodily physical/ mental damage.

I started taking Chantix on July 1 and finally quit smoking around August 1, it does feel good not craving a cigerette. The side effects that are bothering me are insomnia and my arms and the back of my neck itch uncontrolably, I am going to start taking one a day now to see if that helps with the itching

I have used Chantix twice. The first time I had no side effects. However, the second time I had and still suffer from the side effects some six months later. While using it I began to have intense anger issues, frustration, road rage and aggression.

I almost got in a fight on a golf course which is completely unlike me. After being off the medication I still have some lingering side effects. I would NOT recommend anyone to take this medication. It is not worth the risk. I wish i had never taken it. All I want is my old self back and am scared I will never go back to the person I was before Chantix.

I began experiencing partial paralysis on June 19, 2008. It affected my lower limbs and to some degree my arms (I could still walk at the time, but it was very very painful and I couldn't go up stairs). I went to urgent care and the doctor diagnosed me as having Lyme Disease based on my symptoms.

I was given doxycycline and within a day or two I was feeling better. The symptoms reoccurred on June 29 and the next day I went back to urgent care (I had no one to drive me) and was given more doxycycline. It cleared up and I seemed to be fine until July, 14th. I woke up and was stiff again and it progressively worsened that time.

I had an unrelated medical procedure that day and I asked the doctor if he could just prescribe some more doxycycline and he did. It continued to worsen that night, but I kept thinking it would get better. After midnight I could no longer get out of my chair. I fell asleep and my alarm woke me up the next morning about 8am.

I couldn't even move my arms at this point. I tried to move but I slipped out of the chair onto the floor. I managed to knock over my end table to get to my phone and managed to get a hold of my dad. He rushed over. He had to dress me, as I couldn't do it myself. He managed to get me in the car and we went to the emergency room.

They ran multiple tests, including a spinal tap, to determine what had happened. They found that my potassium level was at 2.2 when 3.7 is the bottom end of normal. They diagnosed me with severe hypokalemia and Rhabdomyolysis, Lyme Disease was a misdiagnosis. Hypokalemia is listed as a side effect of Chantix on their website down at the very bottom of the page among the numerous other side effects.

The doctors said that Chantix is the only thing they could think of that would have caused all of this. The ER doctor told me that if my alarm hadn't woke me up I could have possibly died, as it was beginning to affect my breathing and if it had progressed much longer my breathing may have stopped and/or my heart muscle could have been affected. I was given potassium pills and a potassium IV. I stayed in the hospital from 7/15 to 7/20.

Since then I have been weak and having pains in my legs that affects my sleep. I am exhausted throughout the day, even when I do manage to sleep decently. Any task exhausts me, such as driving; I almost fall asleep. I have tried to go into work a couple of times and I can't stay because I get so tired & weak.

I went to my family doctor on August 11th, and my potassium had fallen to 3.4, below normal. I have been taking vitamins with potassium in it and eating potassium rich foods, to no avail it would seem. I also have been experiencing extreme emotions, especially the “negative “ones. Anytime I watch anything sad or touching I bawl and bawl until I can’t see. I have this irresistible urge to flee, just to get away from my life. I get filled with panic in public sometimes. I became reclusive, not wanting to see anyone or do anything.

I also suffered from increased frequency of migraines and/or tension headaches. I can’t think correctly and it is getting harder to hold a conversation as my mind wanders off topic every few minutes (or seconds in some cases). My legs ache constantly and my joints also. They pop and crack almost every time I move them. The restless legs keep me up at night and it is unbearable to lay flat on a bed.

It did help me quit smoking, but it almost killed me and has screwed up my body and mind. I’d rather smoke.

My husband has been on Chantix for about a month now. Let's put it this way......I no longer have MY husband. This drug has made him hateful and just plain mean. He picks fights at home and work. Anything can make him go off. Things will be fine for a few hours and then out of the blue he wants to fight.

We've had disagreements before but we've always talked things out rationally. There is nothing rational about him now. There is no compromising or coming to an agreement. It's almost like he gets pleasure out of arguing. The arguments escalate and I'm just shocked that my loving husband has turned into Dr. Jeykle and Mr. Hyde. We've only been married 3 months so I've went from wedding bliss to thinking perhaps I made a mistake. I just want my husband back.

I'm 46 yrs old and smoked 2 packs a day for over 15 years. I started taking Chantix in July '08, weaned myself completely "cigarette free" in 2 weeks and now I'm in my late 2nd month...still smoke free and getting easier by the day. I have had one side effect and that is the vivid dreaming you hear about. But I love it! Every night it is like going to the movies. The dreams are long and so vivid that they are actually like watching a movie.So far, none have been out of the ordinary/weird/scary or anything.

My husband developed Type 3 diabetes after taking Chantix.

I went searching the Web to find out if anyone else was suffering from the same feelings I have had since starting the Chantix.

I misplaced the information packet so when I went to read what the possible side effects were the Chantix website listed a number of things and then said speak to your doctor about other possible side effects. I assumed that these would be the uncommon side effects which is why Chantix didn't list them.

I am in the middle of my third week and I can tell you that my mood, depression, anger, frustration, tolerance, etc are horrible. I cannot handle any kind of stress - which my threshold has been reduced to missing a green light or something minor.

It is effecting my job, my marriage and my relationship with my children.

I am stopping this med cold turkey - maybe I'll sleep without a vivid dream and have more peace.

I have quit before and NEVER had this type of reaction - ever.

I would caution others to be very careful when considering this medication and feel that doctors should do med checks each week to monitor for a persons mood and emotions - this is just careless dispensing of meds to the masses for maximum profit.

Hi i started chantix about 3 or weeks ago, the first week was easy i could still smoke and i was happy. I had smoked for almost ten years but was ready for a change. Then the second week rolled around i was full of energy i would bounce off the walls started working out excessively. Then by the third week my family said they had had enough I had apparently been getting aggressive or mad or upset at the drop of a dime.

I hadn't noticed. What i had noticed was the terrible tooth aches i felt like i had a cavity in every tooth. I have read reports of people having the same issue, also i no longer hyper very down and notice i am no longer my self.

I cant keep eating tylenol likes its candy. So i am weaning my self off the drug and have scheduled a dentist appointment for tomorrow to verify that there is nothing wrong with my teeth. This Drug is not worth it at all. yes i haven't smoked in two weeks but why put myself through all this!

I have used the Chantix for 1 month, and I have quit using smokeless tobacco. I was a one-can-a-dayer, and have not used since starting the 2nd week of treatment. However, after the 1st month and after completing the medication, I have felt intense rage, depression, and intense anxiety. Be aware that even after completing the medication, for at least a week anyways, the rage and anxiety may intensify. I can't imagine taking this medication again.

my friend told me about this pill, she was a smoker for 30 years , went to a doctor and he prescribed it without telling her anything else and without examining her in any way. I was shocked, when she told me this, I couldn't believe he told her there were no dangers or side effects.

that would be too good to be true I told her .I am planning to see a doctor to inquire about this medication for myself asap, and am researching it thoroughly before i do, so I know what to ask and tell the doctor!

Thank you to everyone who has posted such useful information on this site. It seems to me that each person is different and this drug can work for some with lil to no side affects and in others can really be severely dangerous. I cant believe doctors aren't stressing these effects to people when prescribing it!

I did stop smoking using Chantix. When I started taking it, I noticed I did not want to get out of the bed in the mornings. I have since noticed unusual swelling in my legs. My feet and ankles have started to swell. Doctors have not been able to figure out what causes this. I wonder if Chantix could have caused this.

My husband started this medication in june 08. July 08 he moved out saying he could no longer handle living the life we live and is still to this day taking it and contemplating divorce. He has NEVER been a violent person and has now kicked a hole in a wall, fractured a door, thrown a table and is very easily aggravated.

Someone should do something about this drug. He will consider stopping the drug next month, but in the meantime his kids and I miss him. This is not him and before this med I would have sworn on a bible that he'd never do this to us. Just up and leave his kids. Not him. AND HE'S STILL SMOKING!!!! Not a much, but i'd rather him smoke...honestly!!! Think twice, 500 times, before starting this drug!!!

I have been on Chantix for 8 days now and still have the urge to smoke. I have been a smoker for 25 years at a pack a day. I am down to 3to 4 a day. Dreams are not to bad, have really bad gas and stomach pain.. I have also noticed that I am acting quite "loopy" I put the silver foil in the freezer the other day as well as occasionally forgetful and confused.

I've been reading about the awful side effects and I am scared to keep taking this drug!! I noticed I was very irritable towards my daughter this morning..Maybe I'll just cut back on the dosage and see what happens.

Unlike so many others posting, I haven't had a really bad time on the Chantix so far. I started on 9/13 but put my quit date off by a couple of days. I can say that I've been smoke free for 3 complete days, and though not much, that feels like a worthy accomplishment! The vivid dreams are interesting and fun, though I do wake up tossing and turning a few times a night.

So far so good, and since I'm still withdrawing off the nicotine, I'm attributing weird feelings, listlessness and emotions to that. But all these posts are scaring me (!) so I think with my resolve and just one month's worth of Chantix I can quit. I do like not having to worry about always having cigarettes with me, and where to sneak off to have one, and feeling like a pariah! (Smoker for 20 years, now age 51, in good health otherwise, now enjoying breathing only air!)

I started taking Chantix about two weeks ago. I finally put down the cigarettes this past Sunday. I have smoked about 10 cigarettes since then, and each one tastes worse than the last. Is this common? I get a strong baking soda taste and some after taste that I never had before.

I too had some problems with agitation. I am bipolar with anxiety issues and have been doing great until the first and second week of taking the Chantix. I knew about some of the side effects but I was prepared. I kicked my son out of the house (he's 17) raised cain at my husband, had two fights with my husband and told my 19 year old to get out within that time period.

I've started taking my Klonopin daily (prescribed for my panic attacks) and have managed to steer off the mental affects. Unfortunately now I have moderate to severe nausea and mild headaches.

The Chantix is definitely helping quit, but I agree the personal cost is higher than the monetary loss.

I will continue taking it until I haven't smoked at all for at least a week. I then plan to taper off.

I cannot believe how much is written on the web about terrible side effects from Chantix. I smoked for 20 years, over a pack a day. I decided three weeks ago to try Chantix because I had heard so many "great" things about it. The first week was awful--- nausea, sleeplessness, depression. The second week was even worse, to the point that I felt like just curling up in bed and rotting, that I couldn't even work or exist I felt SO terrible. I stopped taking Chantix because of the massive depressive complications to my life. If you need to quit, do it the old fashioned way. Cold turkey....better yet, don't ever start smoking!

The suggestion to talk to a doctor about the possible side effects, is somewhat of a joke in my opinion as they are the folks receiving incentives from the pharmaceutical company. My experience with Chantix almost cost me my life. I experienced a major depression disorder, anxiety, bipolar II, attempted suicide, lost my job and ended up in 5 hospitals over 6 months. Clearly, the significant chemical imbalance created by this drug came very close to ending my life.

Like others, I have been completely unable to stay asleep after taking Chantix. I have been off of the medication for 10 months and to this day, I fall asleep easily, and wake up 3-4 hours later and that's it for the night. I feel I am dying of exhaustion.

Has anyone found a way to get over this without taking more Chantix? I do not want to be on anti-depressants for the rest of my life because I took Chantix to quit smoking.

i took chantix for three months i threw up once a day while on it i developed a rash on my back and head upper arm and butt and i still have it. its been almost seven months and am still itching i went to a skin specialist she said i have a high histhimine level in my body. when will it end?

I started taking Chantix 2.5 weeks ago. I have had very vivid dreams, but it has completely curbed my "appetite" to smoke! I have not suffered any moments of depression, but I was already on an anti-depressent medication before starting to take this, so maybe that is what helped me out. The only thing I have noticed is that I have woken up twice to my heart almost feeling like it had an irregular heartbeat. Has anyone else felt that?

I started taking Chantix 8 weeks ago, and have been a non smoker for 7 weeks. Dealing with smoking urges was so much easier with Chantix, and I really feel that I broke the addiction.

I couldn't handle the nausea of taking two pills a day, so I just took the morning pill. I also take Wellbutrin, and have been a very positive person during the entire quit.

A little over a week ago, I decided to get off the Chantix and began to wean myself off by cutting my pills in half. Three days ago, I stopped taking the pills altogether. This morning I woke up to a severe depression, and it feels like the days before Wellbutrin. I'm angry and I'm tearful over the littlest things. I'm going to my doctor tomorrow to let him know. I don't know what else to do.

I took Chantix for approximately four months and although it made me stop smoking, I experienced horrible side effects. I was also taking Paxil, hormones and requip for restless leg syndrome. I lost the will to function and to live. In a fit of rage I threw all my prescriptions in the trash and have spent the past year trying to get back to the person I was before. It's like my brain chemistry changed and I feel like I will be depressed and lethargic for the rest of my life. And I started smoking again.

Because this medication is so new you must weigh the pros and cons and monitor yourself very closely if you decide to take it. Doctors do not always consider the interactions of other medications and do not always listen when you try and tell them how you feel.

I started taking Chantix about a 2 weeks ago and the only side effect I can identify are some pretty vivid dreams; no nightmares ..just some pretty trippy stuff. A little nausea the first couple days but not since.

I'm preparing for my quit day coming up and am welcoming it. I've been a smoker for years. I quit for 2 years with the help of a multi-injection (scopalamine & Atropomine) a few years ago.. only to start again the same day my mother died.

No headaches or suicidal thoughts.. thankfully. I can tell you one thing.. Going from 1+packs a day to less than 6 per day feels great.

wish me luck as I wish everyone else the same.

I am a nurse and have been on Chantix now for 3 weeks.
I no longer have the urge to light up. The only side effects I have is that my head feels strange,like light headed and I am having strange VIVID sexual dreams for the past 2 weeks now... which I must admit is AWESOME I quite enjoy them!! lol! No violent or horrible dreams at all. So far this medication is FANTASTIC.

After 35 years, I started taking Chantrix. Aside from a mild, occasional irritability and vivid dreams, I have experienced no side effects. It did take me 4 times in first 3 weeks to quit, but since then I have been smoke free. I am still working on the habit (I have substituted toothpicks for cigarettes), but I think I have the nicotine beat. I have 1 more week of Chantrix left and I am wondering about quitting it.

I took Chantix a couple of years ago. I can't remember exactly when due to my loss of memory. I also had severe depression and irrational behavior. My hormones were and still are very messed up. I was recently diagnosed with a pituitary tumor. I now wonder if this is not a side effect of this drug. Anybody else have this experience? I think it should be looked into.

My husband took Chantix. He experienced the nausea, dreams and headaches. Those are not normal for him. He also became VERY short tempered. He walked around angry all the time. Angry for no reason. Unreasonably angry. He is normally very mild mannered and easy going. I could not figure out WHY this was going on, what was different.

One day, it hit me the Chantix was one thing that had changed over the last couple of months. He stopped taking it at my urging. Now he has been off the Chantix for a month or so and he is back to his sweet loving self. He said he never really felt any different then. But now, he see's and feels that he was different. I can see how this drug would be good, even great for some, but WOW it really didn't work out well for my husband.

I have been using Chantix and can see how taking the full recommended dose for the recommended period of time could send you over the edge. Some of the side effects experienced while taking this medication seem to be unavoidable (vivid dreams, insomnia). However, the more serious side effects i.e. depression, I have found can be avoided using the following guidelines:

- Don't take the recommended dose of 2 1mg tablets a day - this seems way too much and unnecessary. When using the starter pack, don't even allow yourself to get up to taking this amount per day.

- Instead, take 0.5mgs for the first few days as recommended. After the first 3 days, take 0.5mgs in the morning after breakfast and another 0.5mgs around 3pm to reduce the chances of vivid dreams that night. Do this for 2 days and then for 3 days, don't take the drug at all. Continue taking the drug like this - 2 days on,3 days off, until you feel you can do without it.

As a note, when you finish all the 0.5mg pills in the starter pack, cut the 1mg pills in half so that they can be taken as 2 0.5mg doses.

Using this method, I have avoided becoming depressed, and have also been able to last the 3 days that I have not been taking the medication without a desire to smoke. Admittedly, cigarette cravings do start to creep in again on the 3rd day of not taking the medication, but I guess this is good training for when I completely stop taking Chantix. I have also found that the insomnia and weird dreams have disappeared on the days that I am not taking Chantix.

This seems to be a much safer way to take the drug that allows some plateau time to get your thoughts together and get a few decent nights of sleep in.

I have no doubts that Chantix is effective at blocking the urge to smoke, but something needs to be done about those side effects.

Hope someone will find this info helpful.


I started taking Chantix 3 weeks ago for the 1st time. I have severe insomnia. I haven't slept more than 2/3 hours at a time. I love that fact that I'm not smoking, but I can't function this way!

I have been on Chantix for almost a month now and quit smoking two days before my quit date. The only side effect I have experienced is feeling sick to my stomach for 2 hours after I take it. I think it reacts differently with everyone's body chemistry. I am not depressed, angry or aggressive.

If you think about it, we all should be somewhat angry, depressed and aggressive we just given up a habit that was a big part of our lives. Without Chantix after the first day of not smoking I would have been ready to mow down anyone who got in my way.

I've been taking Chantix for 3 1/2 weeks now and have to admit that it is the easiest time I've ever had quitting smoking...but now I'm having trouble with the side effects. There are the physical side effects, nausea and headaches are bearable. The water retention is horrible! I've been watching my weight go up 1 pound a day this week.

What I miss most is my brain. Somehow it just stopped functioning and I have no ability to focus or concentrate. I have no motivation. I am so cranky I can't stand myself, and the crankiness comes in huge waves that just wash over me and I become a raging maniac. I feel like I sleep harder and longer but am not refreshed when I wake up. The dreams I don't mind at all, I've always enjoyed dreaming. I can't wake up when the alarm goes off. It went off for an hour yesterday. So I get in to work late and when I'm at work I can't focus.

I've started to take myself off the drug...I thought I would go off the same way they had me go on, with 1/2 mg twice a day for 3 days and 1/2 mg a day for 4 days. This is my 3rd day on the lower dose and no noticeable improvement yet.

I've quit smoking before (many times!) and haven't felt this way. I think the answer is just to NOT START AGAIN.

I took chantix Dec 07 for three months. It worked I did quit smoking. Doctor said I might slide back and may need to do another three months. I never did and did slide back but didn't smoke as much. Then in one months time I ended up in the hospital with internal bleeding and then a pulmonary embolism. My vascular surgeon said that Chantix has a side effect of producing blood clots. Now I am on coumadin for the rest of my life. This side effect is not in the paperwork and my Oncologist also said it would be risky for me to continue on with the medicine.


I took Chantix in May/June 07. I successfully quit smoking but have had severe anger issues and depression ever since. I have now been diagnosed with thyroid problems and will probably require a lifetime of medication.

My husband started taking Chantix 10/17/08 and we believe is having some terrible side effects. His legs are swelling up and when you touch them they dent in. They also hurt very bad. He is a type 2 diabetic and takes medication. Has anyone else got this problem?

I just started taking Chantrix. (Starting week 2) Have mild to moderate nausea in the morning. Also headache off and on. (Which I think is from nicotine withdrawal) I also have some major muscle pain and back ache. Anyone else have this? But the dreams are a hoot! I can't wait to go to sleep at night. I took me about 4 days to figure out where they were coming from. Although last night I had a hard time sleeping and was awake an hour before the alarm, and wasn't able to go back to sleep. Reading all these posts have me a little scared. Maybe I should be weaning myself off of this stuff??

Oh, one other thing. I did try wellbutrin a few years ago. It was AWFUL! I was so nasty, I couldn't stand myself. I was Super "B". Haven't had that problem with Chantix.

I've been on Chatix for 2 months now. I had constipation, nausea, insomnia, vivid dreams and memory problems (I couldn't recall friends names and started forgetting little things or details I had to do), I was constantly tired and irritated very easily. After reading every body's experience I decided to cut down the dose. I did for one week 1mm in the morning and 0.5mm (half pill) in the evening. Last week I did half pill in the morning, half in the evening.

From the side effects I have only the vivid dreams, but I do actually kind of like that part. I'm still kind of easily irritated but it is not worst than a PMS. The pills still work and I'm not smoking but I get more cravings. Well, they all last for 5 min and less and I'm looking at it as a way to practice for the no pills time. I'm planning to keep on the halves for a while and than next month to go 1 week just half pill in the morning and than half pill every other day for a week and than half pill every 3rd day and etc.

I believe that will help to ease the side effects on stopping the pill cold turkey. My advice to the people that are starting now is not to go on the 2 mm per day dose at all. To avoid nausea eat a big breakfast and than take the pill. If you can't eat breakfast try to have some cereal or at least a cup of yogurt before the pill. Do not take the evening pill after 6 pm, that will help with the insomnia. Than you won't have to be awake at 3 am wondering if you can have a cigarette. Good luck to everybody. It is not easy but I'm planning to stay quit, so I don't have to go through something like that again.

I stopped smoking and biting my nails. I had no intentions of stopping nail biting, just happened to notice it at the end of the 30 days.

I just went on Chantix for the 2nd time -- the first time I really wasn't ready to quit. I must say the 2mg they have me on by week 2 is crazy... there is NO way my body can take it.. i'm female at 130 pounds. I only went up to 1 mg and I am cutting it back to .5mg in another week. I am so ready to really quit .. I am using this to help with the nicotine addition but than I'm taking back control. After reading all these blogs.. no way am I staying on this. I think Pfizer is not being honest and considering peoples different weight and makeup. The bottom line is you have to be determined NOT to smoke. This is just a crutch.. that sounds like could kill us too.

Hi All again,
I'm just on a half pill per day and I'm doing fine. I cut the mm quicker as last week I started having blood from my nose in the morning. I will stick to my plan to decrease the pills gradually as I'm worry about the side effects if I stop them at once. Yes, these pills are not fun. Well, along with my smoking I did quit drinking coke, I think they kind of help for all type of addictions.

Or may be not, I still eat chocolates like crazy. Pfizer is honest about the side effects if you read your brochure carefully. At least for the ones that were reported and the pill haven't been on the market long enough to know about the long term side effects. What they are not honest about is that you can actually experience all the side effects plus some unreported ones and I don't think they are very honest with the percentage. This is the first time in my life I did experience a side effect from a pill and I had them all.

That was very unusual and stressful for me. I don't take medicated pills very often. Actually I even forget to take my vitamins, so I can say I hardly take any pills. Taking this on regular basis was a big deal for me and yes, I had all the side effects. I'm still not smoking, I'm down to half pill per day and the cravings are bad but still manage to fight them successfully. Hopefully never go back on that stinky habit. Good luck to everybody!

Wow - reading all these posts now makes me wish I would have found this and read this a long time ago. I started taking Chantix in Nov 2007. It did take away the cravings for cigarettes. I didn't read the fine print on this drug before taking it. I knew a couple of people that had taken it, and it seemed to work really great for them, so I really wanted to try it. It did take away the cravings for cigarettes better than anything I had ever tried. However, I started having some of the side effects such as extreme anxiety, anger, depression, etc.

That kept getting worse. At the time, I was still going through some post partem issues (had started back up smoking after my daughter was born). After like a month and a half, and things just getting worse, I just quit taking it. Then about a month later, I tried taking my life and had to get hospitalized for it. A month after that I found myself in the hospital diagnosed with MS which unto itself has as a symptom depression. I truly believe the Chantix mixed with all the other factors greatly contributed to the level of depression I reached. I think had I really done my homework on this drug, I never would have used it.

Took chantix for three weeks, stopped smoking after the second week (mostly; still have 1 or two cigs every couple of days) , 3 weeks after stopping the drug i woke up one morning fine and happy, by noon i was angry and enraged at everything and had broken almost every piece of glass in my house, by mid afternoon i was hysterical and crying non stop, and by dinner i had taken a razor and slashed the crap out of my wrists for absolutely NO reason.
I want this drug pulled off the market.
My neighbor had the same thing happen only he was locked up for it.

I have taken Chantix twice this year, and had the nausea, gas, and dream symptoms, I agree with taking less , I have started smoking again, because I had a crisis with my younger sister passing away. I have experienced some severe depression since I have been off the Chantix, I feel so unworthy I don't know what to do with myself. I am going to go to the doctor monday to see about putting me on Wellbutrin in addition to going back on the Chantix, I hate smoking, I don't know what the answer is. My husband say's he can't stand to come home because I am always so depressed and sad, I can't even explain why or how to him it's like I am paralyzed in my own mind. I just want to be alone, after I think, this will make me feel better I just want to run away and be by myself.

My mother started taking Chantix about two weeks ago. She got it from her brother who experienced bad mood swings and hallucinations. My mom has been fine with her mood. No bad headaches, no nightmares, no suicidal thought and she can sleep normal.
The only thing that's been happening is she forgets what she tells people. Or will claim that she told someone to do something like make her breakfast when she really didn't. Her husband asked her to go to a Packer party the night before and had no idea what he was talking about when it was time to go. I'm worried but I wonder if it'll be okay in the end. If she just fights through it. A doctor is not monitoring her taking this. But I don't want her to stop cause she hasn't quit for 40 years so it is a big step for her. She chews gum and it curbs her cravings. She's actually lost 18 lbs and she's been eating normal. What do you suggest?

First off, I quit 2 months ago (29 Oct) with the help of Chantix. I had a quad bypass a few years ago and was smoking the day I got out of the hospital. Would have smoked in the hospital if I could have found one.

All the bad side effects are real. I tried 6 months ago but felt overwhelmed by the anxiety and said forget it in no time. When I was a stupid stoned out kid I had a problem with depression so I knew I was "at risk". Anyway I had to quit and wanted to bad enough finally to stick to it. This time I asked my Doctor for a script of xanex .25mg to go along with it. I finished out my first week of the chantix and started the xanex to help mitigate the anxiety before my quit date. Then I did something different. I took the week off from work, suffered through the worst of it with the xanex, dvd's, and lots of snacks. I know there are better ways (exercise), but the week off really did help alot. Everyone needs a little time off and that is well worth your vacation days.

As I said, I have been smoke free for over two months and it's getting better and better. To help motivate me to stay quit, my wife has agreed not to complain about me getting a motorcycle unless I start back. Fair enough I thought. Yeah, I know they can kill you too. But at least it's not suicide. It's only the last 8 years that I haven't had a bike though.

Good luck to everyone. Remember, eat plenty before you take it, and always drink plenty of water when you do. And God blesses those who bless themselves. Not only do you have to do it, you can.

Nov 2007 I took this drug and on the 2nd week I awoke to a severe burning, itching feeling on my face and neck. My whole face and neck was 2 times their normal size, My husband rush me to the ER and there I stayed for 2 nights while the doctors tried to figure out what to do to get me back to normal. After the 2nd day of being flush with steroids and my face and neck were back to normal, I will never touch that chantix again, now it has been a year later and I still suffer from the red itchy rash all over my face and neck and my upper lip swells up. This rash will appear out of nowhere, I can be clear for 2 months and wake up to the itchy burning rash. Has any one else suffered from this side effect?

I've taken Chantix for 3 months. I made it through 24 hours without a ciggy for the first time in years. Then it became a few days, then a few weeks. I've found that I'm drinking like i did in college. I'm a little out of control and I think it may be related to the Chantix. I used to only drink a glass of wine a week or sometimes per month. But now, one glass of wine seems to somehow lead to shots. This is odd behavior for someone who left drinking irresponsibly back in college.

With all the negative feedback regarding Chantix you have to wonder that people are not recognizing the possibility to some of these bad side effects is simply nicotine withdrawal from a very addicted person.

People have stated they feel depressed and agitated and suicidal, even when they were not like this before. (How could you when you stimulated your dopamine receptors 20, 40 or more times a day?) Which is what happens to people who stop getting their mandatory Nicotine fix. Yes some people also stated that they never even stopped smoking while on the drug so how can it be Nicotine withdrawal, right?!!

Well guess what, they must have not done their homework to know how this drug works, as if they did they would know that while on the drug, even if they did smoke 3 packs a day, they are not getting any Nicotine! As the drug blocks the nicotine receptors, remember?

Yes all drugs have side affects, and this is a serious drug that does wonders to help you to stop smoking. I am sure you all will agree it does mess with your head to make you stop smoking. With such a severe addictive substance like Nicotine, it has to be something at this level. I would urge everyone who is thinking about going on Chantix to really take this seriously and talk to your doctor in great depth. Make sure you understand what you are doing, and do use the drug as directed. I do agree with a lot of the posts that maybe reducing the dosage is a good idea, as everyone is different. Bottom line is be careful, and watch out for any changes and have loved ones help you out while on this medication. (Maybe being on this for more than a couple of months is not such a good idea?) With all this said, I think this pill is indeed a Miracle drug and is able to help many end this deadly addiction which will surely kill you if you do not stop now.

I do agree time will tell as to what some long term affects will be for this drug, but also remember what smoking is doing to your body as well!

Good luck everyone and stay away from Nicotine!

I finally decided to start taking Chantix three days ago. In those three short days I experienced too many negative side effects that I can't live with. The nausea, stomach issues, dreams, headaches... And I never even got to the second dose day. For me the risks of this medication are not worth it. I quit before three times and made the conscious choice to go back to smoking. I know I can do it again on my own and have the will power to put it down for good. Even if I am doing it more for my young children than for me.

Getting sick, experiencing crazy scary dreams that wake me all night, and the thought of possible mental issues is too risky for me. Good luck to the rest of you.

I was a smoker for 11 years at 1 pack a day. Not the heaviest smoker of all time. So i try cold turkey.....No Luck. Wait a couple months and try again...again no luck. So i go to my doctor to talk options. Something you should know is that i don't even like to take Tylenol for a headache.I HATE Pills. He immediately writes me a prescription for chantix tells me side effects like nightmares, Sleeplessness, Loose stool and upset stomach. And tells me how to get it free.

So i sign up prepare and start my program Aug 2nd 2008. The first few weeks were O.K but i could definitely feel the difference with my brain. But i was determined so i kept up with it. Until it actually started to become noticeable to the people around me. I just wasn't myself. Around week 8 i just couldn't take it anymore, my relationships were falling apart at every corner. I became distant and started feeling like i had to lie to people because i felt cornered and paranoid.

Now i knew that when i quit smoking my brain would start operating differently. But i didn't think i would become a completely new person. I don't even recognize myself anymore most of the time. The thoughts of suicide are there but its because of the paranoia and i know it. Unfortunately I just cant seem to rewire my brain with positivity. All i know is that if this doesn't pass i don't know what i'm going to do. And there was NO mention of this in my doctors office. Obviously chantix wasn't for me.

I quit smoking with chantix 12/31/07. Because of the vivid dreams I stopped using chantix after 30 days. I have not had a puff since I quit and I thank the makers of chantix for that.
Over the past several months I have experienced severe signs of depression. My doctor and I are not sure if it is related to the chantix.
I trust that the depression will end at some point and I will be happier because I'm nicotine free.

After coming down with bronchitis three times in six months, I decided it was probably time to quit smoking, and my doctor prescribed me Chantix. I have been on Chantix for a little less than a month and have not had a cigarette in that time. It's not that I don't occasionally feel like having a cigarette, but I can fairly easily control the urge (it's more a want than a need).

I haven't experienced the same cold sweats or increased irritability that I went through the last time I tried quitting smoking (cold turkey that time). I have, however, experienced a few side effects. The strange and vivid dreams, while not truly nightmares, are a marked departure from my normal sleep cycle (I almost never remembered my dreams prior to starting Chantix). I also find that it is harder to fall asleep at night and harder to wake up in the morning (I tend to sleep through my alarm much more frequently).

Perhaps the most distressing side effect I have experienced has been a decrease in my sex drive; it hasn't rendered me impotent but sex is something I don't think about too often (which, for a young man like myself, is probably not normal). However, so far the benefits far outweigh the negatives, and I feel fairly confident that once I go off the Chantix I will continue to be smoke free. Just bear in mind there are some risks involved.

I took Chantix in 2007 for a total of 4 months. Did not ever quit completely. I experienced all of the side effects listed at that time. Since then I have had problems with acute vertigo, fallen twice, experienced heart palpitations, headaches, had visual disturbances accompanied by numbness and tingling in hand and arm, had a marked increase in blood glucose although not diagnosed with diabetes, and have progressively become more reclusive. Based on what I have read, I feel these symptoms could very possibly be associated with the Chantix. I am just wondering how long these side effects last. Are they permanent? Thank you.

I have used chantix twice. First time, several years ago. No problems, no vivid dreams--no more so than usual. Was on it for 3 months and actually felt great. Was not taking any other meds that I am aware of. Started smoking about three months after I stopped Chantix. Have always had mild to moderate issues with depression. Was diagnosed this year with ADHD and Bipolar II (not to mention menopause issues--yeah me!) And this time on Chantix my experience was horrific--noticed the sadness almost immediately but discounted it as I was pre-menstrual.

Dreams were much more vivid and weird and each day the manic/depressive behavior became steadily worse until by day 14 I was in full blown rapid cycle manic depression. Stopped taking Chantix--1/2 pil last night, none today. So, my question is--is my reaction different this time because of the meds that I am on--versus no meds last time? I asked my Pharmacist when i filled the script and he said--"no drug interactions."

But I have to wonder if that is only because of lack of information: I take Lamictal 200mg, prempro .625, Lyrica 125 mg 3 x per day, hydracodone 500 mg x 2, soma 350 x 3. Would love to hear feedback--will also tell my Dr.'s, so that they may do what they will with the info.

I started taking chantix and on day 8 I quit smoking after 25 years of a pack a day. Today is day 14, 6 days of no smoking I feel fantastic, the only side effect I have is some rough gas. If I smell a cigarette I get a instant headache, other than that I feel better than I have in years!

I have tried Chantix twice and it looks like it has just about freed me of 17 years of nicotine addiction. I was smoking about a pack a day on weekends, and on weekdays I would use a 21 mg nicotine patch during the 10-12 hours that I was at work + smoke a few cigarettes before and after work.

The first time I tried Chantix (March 2008) was horrible, my anxiety shot through the roof immediately the first day. I was still smoking at this time, but not using the nicotine patch at work. During the time that I was at work, I couldn't concentrate on anything and couldn't get anything done. It was a busy time at work, so I just couldn't go through with it. Stopped taking Chantix after 3 days, went back on the patch, and went back to normal.

The second time has been much better. I quit the patch immediately again, but I chose a time to start the program that was less busy at work, and made sure I could get away from work a couple of times a day to smoke. During the first week, I cut back on the smoking without even trying. The second week, I was smoking 2-3 a day. After two weeks, I smoked my last cigarette, and I have now gone 27 days without smoking.

I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW EASY THIS HAS BEEN. I've had very few side effects this time, just the dreams and some gas issues. I barely even notice the dreams any more. I still get the occasional urge, but they're mild and brief. I can be around smokers and be in situations where I used to smoke without wanting a cigarette. It's been a breeze.

I'm kind of scared of going off it though, because whenever I forget to take it, I get VERY irritable, angry, and depressed.

Chantix has different side effects for everyone.. as expressed on the page above. I tried chantix right when it came first i thought it was great... i did not want a cigarette at all.. after taking it always gave me nausea, however, as the first week went on; i had trouble sleeping.

In fact could not go to sleep. I was irritable, aggressive, almost impossible to be around, had sensitivity to light, severe depression, night tremors, the list goes on. For me the facts are this. chantix does work for quitting... but is it really worth the smokes? I was so depressed and realized that the drug was making me unbearable to be around, i did not even like myself, who is normally the center of the party!... i just want people to be fully aware of what could happen to you.

I used it for two months.. and it took me four months to get back to normal (in the head). Just be careful and make sure your doctor gives you the full information on it, instead of just writing the prescription.

I started taking Chantix 3 weeks ago but did not have any adverce side affects untill 2&1/2 weeks in. I am a very positive and upbeat person who always looks at the bright side of things, that is until the side affects... I have never felt so out of control. The tears, the woes me, the sadness. I have cried more in the last week than I have in the last 3 years but what really bothered me most were the irrational thoughts.

I have no history of mental illness so I feel very lucky to have caught on to what was going on right away. I stopped taking Chantix right away and immediately felt better. I know that medication does not affect people the same way just be vigilant.

I took Chantix for 2 months, stopping the medication about 3 weeks ago. I quit smoking during the first month and didn't feel like I needed the 3rd month of the medicine. I no longer have any desire to smoke. Chantix worked very well for me. I was terribly addicted to nicotine. I have noticed that I am losing a lot of hair. Even though hair loss is not listed as a side effect, I see that others have had this problem on the medication. My question is, will it come back and how long will it take?

I smoked for 30 years and I took Chantix in Oct of 2006 for 30 days. I did not have any of the side effects. I am a year old 45 Police Officer and I have been smoke free since. I feel great and since then 3 of my Family member have Quit with Chantix also.

I took the medication for 2 months. I had to stop due to severe memory loss and lack of sleep. I have been smoke free since June 2007. I didn't have any mood swings nor did I get depressed, I guess I was one of the lucky ones. I did have trouble sleeping right away and I would forget things if I didn't write them down, like pick kids up at school, buy milk, go to bank, my day had to be written down for me to function. I also developed a brown patch on my forehead and above my eyebrows. I know that was caused by the chantix because once I did stop taking it, the brown spots went away.

I wouldn't recommend this drug to anyone because I don't feel it is anywhere near safe enough for people to take. It has caused people to do many horrible things, things that they would not have done before taking this drug. I am smoke free. I plan on staying that way so I will never have to take this drug again. Would I take it if I started smoking again? Honestly, probably yes.

It did work for me, and a few other people I know as well. But this drug should be closely monitored as should the people taking it. What good is it to be a non smoker if your not around to brag about it.

my S.O. has experienced 1 year of side effects after being on Chantix for 3 weeks. He is not the same person, and it has been hell. It is only in the last few months that he seems slowly to be returning to normal, but side effects persist. I have started a forum for people at to share their experiences/help with side effects.

My husband and I have a very good marriage and have had for the last ten years. He took Chantix once before with out any side effects and it really helped, but he stopped taking it too soon (because of the cost) and started smoking again.
About four months ago he started Chantix for the second time and all seemed well. However over the last few weeks he has become distant. I thought it was because of the drop in libido side effect and tried to just let it go.

He is now telling me that he does not know why, but he feels like he is not sure if he loves me like he used to. I understand this happens in marriages, but not usually in a matter of two weeks. He has stopped taking Chantix as of today, hopefully things will return to normal.

I successfully stopped a 20-year smoking addiction after 3 weeks on Chantix. Luckily, the only side effects I had were a little gas and vivid dreams, but not really nightmares - no worse than when using Nicoderm or Nicorette. I've been a nonsmoker about 1-1/2 yrs. I want my DH to try this for his smokeless tobacco (dip) addiction. We'll be extra mindful of all the SEs mentioned and talk to his doctor.

Someone stated he/she would rather die of cancer than take Chantix. You should rethink that. Have you ever seen what a person goes through with cancer? Chantix SEs are temporary and you have control over starting and stopping it.

Started taking Chantix New Years Day, This little pill is amazing!! I have been totally smoke free since 1/7/09 ! Will make you sick if taken on an empty stomach, but other than that it's been fairly easy. Hard for me to believe. Not only do I feel better, I can now smell my on perfume & goodness you can definitely tell if someone smokes , stinks!!! And to think I use to smell like that!!

This is day two on Chantix, and I am experiencing a great amount of anxiety. Last night, I couldn't sleep until 3 a.m. - I am usually in bed by 10! But, I am hopeful that the side effects will subside.

I tried Wellbutrin/Zyban a few years ago and, after being on it for months, experienced a grand mal seizure. I woke up in an ambulance and did not even know who I was. Sadly, there are "warning signs", such as swelling in the extremities, that indicate a seizure is forthcoming, and my physician failed to make the connection when I went in to find out why my ankles and calves looked like that of an elephant.

The reason I bring this up is because of the importance of educating oneself with respect to the potential side effects and adverse reactions of ANY medication - if you are going to take something, look into it. As in my case, even my own doctor did not make a connection. Had I been driving when the seizure took place, my daughter would likely be without a mom.

Wish me luck on the Chantix - I really want it to work!

I started taking Chantix last April, and I took it for about 2 and a half months.

I started smoking at a pretty young age, and I smoked for over 10 years (I'm 24 now).

Chantix did successfully help me quit smoking; however, I'm a completely different person.

I'm never happy, I've lost my libido, and I just feel like a completely different person...and this is over 6 months after I stopped taking Chantix.

Now, I'm considering starting smoking again with the thought that maybe I'll be my old happy self again.

I wish the side effects would go away. I'm glad that other people can stand the side effects but some of these are too extreme to be worth using this drug.

My husband has been off of this medicine for 9 months and has not remotely returned to normal. He is depressed, anxious and flys off the handle at the simplest things. And it happened once he got off the medicine.

It was extreme the first 6 months and now has quieted a bit but its still there.

NONE of this was mentioned by the doctor when it was first prescribed to him.

Then in September 2008 I saw the page on the Chantix website that it may cause mood swings, 180 degree behavior, etc. Finally I wasn't crazy and my husband wasn't psychotic. I cried when I read it because I was having such a difficult time getting the doctors to listen to me and acknowledge what was happening to him and there it was in black and white.

We have been back to the doctor and but they still say that this medicine has nothing to do with these side effects - the response I got was "Well, if it happens to 1 person in 5,000" they have to put it down. Obviously this is happening to a bit more than 1 in 5,000 or I wouldn't be finding all these forums, lists, and articles about it. (The FAA will not let their employees use the drug - if that doesn't say something...)

This is our second time at the doctors and once again they are putting him on random bi-polar and anti-depressant medication - without even thinking about the side effect of Chantix (which I mention and asked about to every nurse and doctor and they just say "Okay" and ignore me)

I'm glad my husband quit - I just would like to have him back. I almost want to him to start smoking again so he can have the will and drive to live again.

I have been on Chantix for 7.5 weeks and smoke-free for 6.5, after losing 10+ years of my life to a controlling habit.

Side effect? Frequent heartburn, vivid dreams that have lessened as time has passed... but pretty awful gas. I hope my colleagues and spouse don't hate me because of it.

Bottom line? Smoking is a neurotic behavior to begin with. Chantix may worsen this in some-- but losing your "best friend" might affect emotional and mental functioning. Please allow yourself to grieve for the time you spent as a smoker.

It's better to now than force those you love to take time at the end of your life to grieve because you chose to smoke.

Godspeed to your unaffiliated success.

This medicine is NUTS! I have taken it for the past four days and I feel like I want to kill someone. I threw my girlfriend out of the house yesterday for no reason. I really wanted to kill her. This med shoul be pulled and someone at the company who makes it should be shot. As for helping with Bi-Polar? you mine as well do cocaine or heroine, because that will be better off for you.

I have taken chantix twice. The first time side effects were vivid dreams and nausea, dizziness and flu like symptoms. SO, I stopped taking it. In Oct./08 I started again. By Nov. 7 or so I was having severe nausea, vivid dreams, dizziness, depression, acid reflux and a burning tingling feeling on my tongue with a very bad taste.

I cut down to taking one pill a day...the night dose. Symptoms got better. I stopped taking the drug sometime in Dec. because I couldn't stand the taste in my mouth and the way my tongue felt. Like burned with pepper or something. I even felt a little scatter brained.

I'm a nurse. I tried to figure out what I did differently that made me feel so out of my normal self. It has to be the chantix. I have not smoked since Oct. of 08. No desire but after reading all these posts am really worried about the long term side effects and how long they will last.

I am not normally depressed. Am usually upbeat. Occasionally a little light headed but passes quickly. Glad I no longer smoke but I want to be happy again and have a normal tongue and have my taste back. I take tagamet everyday now which helps the upset stomach.

I will check the life after chantix site. Glad I am not going crazy and other people are in the same boat as I am. That makes me feel better but I wish I had known all this stuff before starting chantix. As I am sure everyone else feels the same way that has taken this drug.

I took chantix and my dr. told me to not stop smoking right away to keep smoking for 7 to 10 days and then quit. I did! For one year and then after a bunch of stress I started again. (stupid) I am now taking it again and have noticed nausea.

The last time I took it I didn't have any side effects. However my sister-in-law took chantix and she had to quit because the side effects were awful on her. She was so irritable that her parents told her to quit the medicine. It was really awful for her. It did work for me.

At first I thought I wanted a cig and then when I went to take a drag it was awful I then had no urge to smoke after doing this a few times.

Just remember when you quit smoking there are other habits you have to change not just the smoking. If you relate having a cig with a cup of coffee out on the patio then have your coffee somewhere else. I wish anyone reading this luck.

I have to say I took Chantix in January of 2007 and stopped smoking completely for 5 1/2 months. I have in 21 years of smoking tried everything on the market.. Nicotine patches, nasal sprays, inhalers, gums, you name it I tried it.

I never went 1 day without smoking when I tried the other methods.. When I started Chantix in January of 07 I did not think it would work either. I did not pick a quit date I just kept taking the medicine as prescribed and figured I would quit when I was ready. After about 4 weeks I realized I was down to 3 cigarettes a day without even trying, so I decided to throw away the pack I had and see what happened. I never had the urge to buy another pack. I was completely off of both the Chantix and Cigarettes for over 2 months with no urge for either.

I had several major life changes occur in May of 07 and was around many of my family members for support, they are all smokers I would go outside with them and as a crutch and social habit I smoked. It took 3 days before I was addicted to the nicotine again I knew when I woke up on the 4th day that I was hooked again. Yes there are some side effects with Chantix, the main one was the nausea: you have to eat first, and also I used a banana to eat with it to minimize the upset stomach.

I am now ready to give it a try again and am confident I will be successful for good this time! Thank god for chantix, I want to breath again!

Ever since I have been off of Chantix, 1 year 3 months, I have been suffering from all kinds of weird symptoms. The symptoms started the next 2 days or so after stopping the drug. I started feeling real disconnected from reality. It was almost a dream state while I was awake. It was so bad that I started having panic attacks and could not function. I went to the ER a couple of times for help and they put me on anti anxiety meds and antidepressants.

I have had several tests of bloodwork, MRI and EEG and everything appears to be normal. I have been seeing a psychiatrist for sometime now and he has changed my meds from bipolar meds to anti psychotics to antidepressants and yet I still feel really disconnected, disoriented, ringing in the ears, unable to concentrate or focus, buzzing sensation in my head and I feel really bad all the time.. almost like I have the flu or something.

I have posted on several websites and had a few responses with people who had similar issues but nothing to help with my current condition. This drug was great until I stopped taking it. I quit smoking with no problem and well, because I went to the ER and they thought I was having nicotine withdrawals I decided to start back smoking to rule it out. Now I am terribly messed up and I still have a bad habit of smoking.

At this point I will try anything to feel better. It's almost like being on LSD all day everyday. Frankly I am tired of hearing I have some kind of mental disorder when none of these symptoms occurred before, but I guess it could be some kind of medication induced mental impairment. Anyways, any suggestions are welcome as I am exhausting the doctors.

okay I'm scared of this medicine, I have been on it for five days. I am already experiencing the dreams, weird dreams, the feeling like I'm going to throw up and the headaches, no not taking it anymore!!!

I'm on Chantix right now. I've been taking it for a few weeks and have just recently quit smoking. It has been all good for me. No major problems with side effects. Little nausea, sort of vivid dreams (but nothing even close to as vivid as the nicotine patches), and I guess less sex crave (which as a male, I don't mind taking a break from). I've already been diagnosed with depression so no problems at all with suicidal thoughts. I'm really glad I started it, because the nicotine hook caught me pretty deep. Looking forward to spending some time as a non-smoker. I'll probably start again in the future but that's life. Recommend Chantix.

Just making another comment, I've been on Chantix for a few weeks and have stopped smoking (a true miracle!). I've gotten a feel for the side effects. If you've NEVER taken ANY psycho-active medication you might feel like you're not your normal self. But the "change of self" that I've experienced so far is NOTHING even close to most of the anti-depressants and anti-psychotics that I've taken in the past. The other day I walking through the supermarket and I saw some ~15 year old girls looking at condoms and it made me strangely mad at the world.

I thought they were too young to be looking at condoms and wanted to knock stuff off the shelves. But then I realized, NO! it's just the Chantix and just went about my day like normal.

What do I do about the constipation? I took Milk of Mag. 2 nights in a row, and nothing. It has always totally cleaned me out. Now I haven't gone since a week ago yesterday. This is my 2nd day not smoking... my husband too. I don't like waking up and not getting back to sleep but I am not smoking!!

I started taking chantix with the hope of kicking the tobacco habit. well after aprox. 3 weeks i feel that going cold turkey is whole lot safer for me. after the first day nightmares i have been having them ever since.

Depression, scatter brained, waking every couple hours only to go back to sleep to more nightmares. I went on days off and really don't remember what the hell i did,... at all. I had thoughts of just getting in my car and leaving my whole life behind. wanted to be isolated wanted to be alone. fits of rage. monday i woke to find that i had completely destroyed my house. i don't even remember it. Started drinking heavy to sleep, but the monday before last went to a friends house to have one after work witch turned into me drinking over a case by myself, that's not like me at all.

depression and not knowing reality i think up in my head forced me to go to hospital er on tuesday, tell them I think I'm having side effects to this med. but they say I'm depressed and need counseling. Hell yes I'm depressed, i think I'm going nuts. life has been rough for the last couple years, but that's just something i have grown accustomed to. the only thing new in my life is this demon of a drug that i tried to help me quit tobacco.

Well the fear of catching cancer is a whole lot less scary than the conditions i have had since i got on this monster. I quit taking them on monday and i still don't feel right. i still have the dreams still feel like I'm in a daze. I hope i get back to good ol reality so i can once again try quitting tobacco cold turkey.

Now that i know how bad some drugs make you feel withdrawal seems so much easier to deal with. Would I take or recommend it to anyone HELL NO! Not unless You want to take the risk of having your life turn into a nightmare you cant wake up from.

I did the Chantix for over two months last year and stopped taking it in March due to side effects. I am still experiencing the side effects - heart palpitations, severe sweating, flushing, weight gain, lack of sleep - the episodes are every two hours around the clock since March 2008. I have seen numerous doctors and specialists trying to find another reason for the problems I am experiencing but even neurologists can come up with an answer except I am experiencing a "autonomic storm" because it is the autonomic functions that have gone haywire in me.

I am now seeing a cardiologist because they suspect there may be damage to my heart because of this. The depression has not been good but I am determined not to let it get the better of me. Because of all of this, it has affected every aspect of my life for the worse - not better. Quitting smoking with the doctor's help was the worst mistake I ever made. I still didn't quit on the Chantix - I quit on my own later. Anybody else having problems after quitting the Chantix for such a duration? I am at my wits end because of this drug. I would not recommend anybody to go through what I have!!!!

I started taking Chantix 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, I was going to take my pill, and I dropped it. I couldn't find it on the floor, so I said "hell, I'll just go get another." I took that one, and the pill I "lost" happened to fall into my drink.

Within an hour, my blood pressure had dropped to 80 over 100, and I was on the verge of blacking out. I was puking like I have never puked before, and I woke up this morning with the worst headache imaginable. This medication is terrible. I'm glad to have found this site, and many other people that agree that this medication is terrible.

Has anyone experienced numbing and or tingling of hands and feet? I am currently on Chantix and having this problem. I have tried several med, physical therapy and a chiropractor. Nothing worked so I thought maybe it could be Chantix.

I just stopped taking it, after being on it only 3 days!

I have never experienced such horrible side effects of any medication I am just praying this stuff leaves my system, quickly!

I have a constant headache, not even a normal one, I would say on the verge of a migraine.

And I have non stop nausea and throwing-up here and there.

I thought if I slept, these symptoms would go away or ease off a bit...not the case, just the two symptoms alone keep me up at night.

I guess everyone is different, but, for me, these were a waste of money ( And they were not cheap with no insurance! ) body just can not handle them nor do I want to try!

I am going to stick with the gum!

My wife has been taking this stuff for about two weeks now, headaches started first and then the mood swing, she has kicked me out the house. She is not the same person now as she was before. She has aggression towards everything and everyone. This horrible poison sucks!!!

The only side effect I have found is an odd taste, kind of like salt, but hard to explain. Other than that, it has been great so far, I'm on my last week of the 1st month. My Quit date was 8 days after the first pill and quit after 4 days of taking Chantix and haven't even looked back. My wife is taking it too, it took her a bit longer to stop smoking, but to this date she has had zero side effects as well.

My 31 year old son took Chantix to quit smoking. After taking the drug he was found by a friend having convulsions, foaming at the mouth, and unconscious. An aid car was summoned and he ended up in the E.R.

After spending four days in the hospital and one month later I hardly know him. I broke down for him.

He is irritable, angry, hallucinations, black outs, memory loss, and a definite change in personality. A person who use to be nice to hang around with now is not.

We don't know what to do..he's losing weight and hurting. My wife and I are heart broken.

Yesterday was day 10 of taking Chantix and my last day! I haven't stopped smoking and may even be smoking more. The mood swings, constant tired feeling, weight gain, and the crying have gotten to me. My boss told me if I didn't quit taking it he would fire me. My husband told me he wanted his wife back. I hate smoking and really wanted this to work but I think I would rather go cold turkey than to make everyone including myself suffer.

This was my second time trying Chantix. The first time went relatively smooth with only a couple of mild side effects: anxiety, restlessness, upset stomach, nausea… all survivable. The second time I took Chantix, everything was different. I was only on it for 3 weeks and I felt like I was losing my mind. Normally that line sounds so cliché but anyone that’s been on this medication will understand. I was completely unstable, mood wise. One minute I was coping with not smoking and the next I was a raging idiot.

Nothing made me happy and I couldn’t comprehend anyone else’s rational concept of how I was behaving. I felt paranoid and scared of everything. Slowly I started thinking about suicide, but blocked it out and just thought I was going through a “rough patch”. But it just kept getting worse… I couldn’t concentrate at work, my feet swelled, my heart raced at night and I could not stay asleep (even on sleeping pills) for more than a few hours. I was exhausted every day and was miserable to be around.

I got into a huge fight with my partner and went into a violent rage, scaring the crap out of her. I stopped taking Chantix cold turkey the next day after I nearly tried drowning myself in a pool. Within one day of quitting Chantix all suicidal ideations stopped.

I felt more aware and less like a zombie, but I also had to accept the other repercussions of Chantix. I lost my relationship, weakened my job security, placed myself in counseling and have moderate depression to deal with. I never ever, ever want to be that person again, smoker or not.

Been taking the Rx for some time now. I have not smoked nor do I want to. I quit the pill and the feelings of agitation, rage, depression,and isolation increased, I can hardly stand anyone let alone myself. My daughter is experiencing the same symptoms when she tries to get off the pill.

After 30 years and only one previous attempt at quitting I started on Champix (as it is here in Ireland) in early September '08. Did as instructed and had last cigarette after 8 days. I found the first 3/4 days very tough which I put down to nicotine withdrawal. Certainly didn't want to smoke as the taste was awful and my desire for cigarettes as such gone.

Fast forward a month, and still taking Champix/Chantix. I was having the disturbed dreams and waking hourly and then going back to sleep but I was sticking with it and glad to not be smoking.

But, in a week when I had a lot of anxiety and a significant disagreement/argument with a work colleague, I went sleep-walking for the first time in my adult life and fell and broke my heel. Champix/Chantix didn't cause this but I strongly believe it added to the mix of different circumstances to make it happen.

Weeks later, still on Champix/Chantix and recuperating from the broken heel with bed rest, my anxiety levels had created a level of paranoia so strong that I provoked the break-up of a new relationship. Again, Champix/Chantix was not the sole cause of this paranoia and anxiety but a contributory factor.

Sleep-walking - it should be factored in as a possibility here as well.

After attempting to quit many times and failing, I used Chantix for only 2 months and was able to quit forever. It has been over a year and half and I've never cheated. I'll never pick up a cigarette again. I felt light nausea at the beginning and had vivid dreams. I strongly urge anyone who really wants to quit to try this method. It is so wonderful to not smoke.

Wow, I'm amazed at all the negative responses. I tried Chantix for 3 months last year, side effects were sleeping 10-12 hours at night and great dreams! I started smoking soon after going off and my doc told me I need to go on it for 6 months. I am now on my last week and filled with so much happiness because I no longer smoke nor have the desire to. I'm a little nervous about weaning off the drug but with being able to breath, cross country ski, take long walks, and praying a lot, I'm pretty sure this is it after 45 years of smoking. Guess it all depends on the person. I have been on Paxil for anxiety for about 10 years so maybe that's why I didn't suffer all those major side effects. Good Luck to you all.

I just stared Chantix (starter pack)yesterday 3/10/09. I don't know if I am dreaming this or not, but I can start smelling things allot better and food is starting to taste even better. My cravings are going down slowly. I haven't had any vivid dreams yet, but the nausea feeling is there. I even woke up a lot easier this morning and the coffee tasted better.

I started taking Chantix on February 23rd, 2009. Immediately the craving for nicotine decreased and the crazy vivid dreams started. I could deal with that but less than 2 weeks into it, the intense depression started. I am normally an upbeat person. I had never had any kind of history of depression or anxiety. I was so depressed and angry I would lay in bed at night and pray that I wouldn't wake up. Never in my life had I felt like that before. I took it on my own to stop taking the Chantix, in only 3 days I was back to myself. I'm going on the patch to stop smoking and I will never take Chantix again. I was wondering if women are more prone to these side effects than what men are?

I am on my second week of chantix and am experiencing nausea, headaches, and chills for about an hour or two after taking it. I have tried everything, taking it with food versus without and taking it with juice other than water with no success in decreasing the symptoms. I don't want to stop because it's working. Any suggestions to help this????

I began Chantix about 6 weeks ago. Since I began taking Chantix, I now have dreams about people I know and the dreams wake me up from my sleep as though they are real and they just happened. I have become a very irritable person with a short temper. I can now go from very tired, to ready, able, and willing to cuss tell someone about them self. I haven't hit or struck anyone yet. What's next? This medication did thus far make me quit smoking in the first two weeks. The anger, I pray, goes away after the prescription is gone. That is if I don't have a heart attack from the withdrawals from Chantix. I heard the withdrawals were BAD.

I have been taking chantix for 3 weeks now. Although I didn't quit on the 8th day, I did quit during the second week. The only problems I have had are terrible stomach pains with nausea, waking up very hot, and sometimes sweating, and also since I quit I smell more than I want to (not all smells are pleasant). Also I do have a problem falling asleep. Other than that I have not wanted to go into a fit of rage like a lot of the people posting here, nor do I feel the need to kill myself, so I feel this medication is working pretty good for me at least.

Also try taking the pill while you're eating (about half-way through the meal) it seems to help somewhat with the nausea but not completely.

I am so depressed, its my 4th day and I am going to stop it from today. Last I took Chantix was last night and its been 26 hours but thoughts of suicides are still here. I know my life is more important than working on quitting cig. I have tried cold turkey and was able to quit it for years, but started again because I wanted to, this time I didn't want to quit cold turkey and thought why go through the suffering of cold if there is help?

I do have tendency of depression and I am very sensitive by nature. So little bit of imbalance can throw me off, I cried last night and went to bed crying in my work cloths and if this makes any sense I still haven't changed or showered, kept looking for answer and found this site. I feel better already that this depression is not self created it is temporary when I quit Chantix.

Please think before you really take this medication, do your home work and try quitting cold turkey first. Good luck to all who are looking to quit and to those who are able to quit but Chantix wasn't made for my body......I will try to forget all about this very soon and will throw the med out.

I just started chantix 5 hours ago. Whats up with the bitter taste in my mouth?? I really notice it when I do have a cigarette.

After two weeks of Chantix my husband, who has issues with anger anyway, became so uncontrollable and raging everyday that I had to have a Protection from abuse order put out on him. It wasn't until I started researching that I realized that it's the Chantix making his anger 10 times what it usually is. Now we have to stay away form each other for 30 days until we see a judge again.

He has stopped taking the Chantix as of three days ago and I can already tell he is getting better. He told me that after taking a dose he feels his heart racing and palpitations and just goes from fine to raging in minutes. He even lost it on his son which he never does. I hope that anyone experiencing this type of side effect stops taking the Chantix as soon as they can. I'm now sure that we were not the only family affected in this way. God Bless

I took chantix thinking it was a wonder drug to help me quit smoking which my Dr. said was good. After about a few days on chantix, I noticed that when I smoked, I did not get the buzz of the nicotine that I use to, so I felt that smoking was useless. After my quit date a week later, I had the worst night of my life.

The chantix actually made me withdrawal from my 3 meds (antidepressant, fibromyalgia med and vicodin) It was a huge withdrawal and I thought I was going to die there that night. I tried taking my meds and sleeping pills, but it would not go through the receptors to help me!

My heart felt as if it were going to explode! I had visions of terrible horrible deaths like especially of the poor people in the twin towers burning and jumping off.. over and over in my mind which I could not control or stop. I felt like I was going crazy! hallucinations, dehydration, cramping feet legs, hands, forearms.

Cold lower extremities, cold/hot flashing, tinkling noises in my ears and head. I even saw the grim reaper! So, scary. so life changing. I did quit smoking, but it's because I was dying. I still feel weird and it's been 2 weeks since I stopped taking it. It took me about 4 days to get out of bed after stopping that night. THIS STUFF NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET!

I have been on Chantix for 12 days now, cigarette free since day 8, I used to smoke 1 pack/day. I have experienced no side effects that are due to the Chantix. I have quit smoking for 1 week before, and at that time I also experienced feelings of low blood pressure, agitation, increased irritability, and feeling shaky.

I am just kind of sick of everyone blaming Chantix for all of their bad feelings or side effects! Of course you are going to have side effects, you just gave up nicotine, duh! I am happy this web-site actually has a lot of success stories from Chantix. To be honest with you I was scared to start Chantix because of all of the stories I have read talking about depression and suicidal thoughts. I have experienced no depression, I feel great!

I actually have control of my life and I do not worry about when my next cigarette will be, I recommend this product to anyone! I know different products work differently for people, but I have really been successful with Chantix. I would have to say day 8, the day I quit smoking was the hardest! It was the urges to smoke that got to me, you definitely have to keep yourself busy on your quit day! Anyway best of luck to all who quit smoking, whatever route you try to go! Hope my story inspired others to quit smoking!

After taking Chantix for three weeks I had to stop due to the terrible headaches. Chantix did decrease my need to smoke, but the headaches were and are horrible. I have been off the drug for 24 hours and still have the headache which didn't start until I began taking the pill. My friend takes the drug with no side effects except for the dreams, but this drug is not for me.

Chantix was recommended by my doctor because the patch I preferred to use could raise my blood pressure, which I already take a med for. My husband, by the way, is also trying to quit, but is using the patch. I started Chantix on 3/13 and noticed almost immediately the change in my interest in smoking.

I had that bitter taste in my mouth and also felt a tightness on the top of my head (not a headache) but it was tolerable. On the night of the 7th day, I could not sleep. I tossed for 2 or 3 hours but finally dozed off for a while. I did experience the dreams, but they had not been terrorizing, just vivid & depicting every day people, travel or activities. I also had several sensitive moments during this first week, where it was easy for the tears to flow.

The 8th day was my planned quit date, which also was the date the dose increased to 1mg 2X per day. I only took the 1mg the morning of 3/20 and by early evening the tightness on the top of my head got more pronounced. I felt like I had a helmet on and something was pressing it, somewhat like a vise. Along with that I had pressure in my chest, like an elephant was sitting on it, followed by sweating and anxiety, probably due to panic over these circumstances.

It would be a while before my husband and sons would be home, so I just tried to keep busy. These symptoms remained and after finally discussing with my family, we all agreed that I would stop the med.

I slept very well that night, and the following day was feeling more like myself. Yes, disappointed, but relieved about stopping the Chantix. I was not mentally accepting from the start, and will not know if the frightening symptoms I had had would have passed, if they were due to withdrawal or something more serious. If this had not happened on a weekend, perhaps the doctor would have recommended a lower dose. I won't know until I speak to him.

I have smoked since, but not as much. I plan to ask my physician if I can try a low dose patch, instead. I truly want to stop this 40 year habit, short of dying due to it.

I have been taking chantix for 6 weeks. I have not smoked in 4 weeks. I am a smoker of 42 years. I have tried quitting with other products but this is the only one that has helped me. I do still get cravings, some are pretty bad, but I can get past them. My husband still smokes and now has to go outside. I don't get nauseated as much or as long, my dreams aren't as vivid.

I still have gas and bloating. I can live with that as long I am not smoking. I tell myself through out the day that I will never smoke again. To the person asking when does it take effect,... you have to help it take effect, pick your stop date, it doesn't have to be in 7 days, it took me 14 days, and then stick to it. I realized in a week or two that I was thinking less and less of smoking, especially at the times when I would want a cigarette the most, like after eating. Congratulations to all who have stopped, and to those the will stop, you can do it. We will all support you!!!

While on Chantix I woke one morning to a severe nose bleed that caused a trip to the hospital by ambulance. The er doc could not figure out the problem. I was flooded with Afrin nasal spray which shrinks blood vessels the same as it does for the mucous membranes. Was sent to a series of tests & nothing was ever found. Also during this time I was very ill & had some dreams that I wish to never experience again. Would I take Chantix again? Never.

I smoked for about 30 years. Chantix is the best thing I've ever tried. I'm in my 4th week of taking them. I still was having that one cig a day when I woke up. That seemed to be the hardest time for me. Vivid dreams, but not bad ones, actually some were pretty good. Haven't smoked in a week. To every one who says lung cancer is better than mood change you are wrong. My wife die of that and its horrible. Good luck everyone I think this is the best thing that ever came on the market!!!

OK, here is the deal: I'm suppose to start on chantix tomorrow and I am bi-polar. My doctor told me the only side effects that he knew of was weird dreams and constipation, he said that the people that he has prescribed it to, that is what they have told him, and if that's all the side effects there are then I will take it. But what scares me, is that like I said I'm already bi-polar and if anyone knows about bi-polar we have outbursts sometimes for no reason. I don't take any medication for it anymore cause it makes me sleep all the time, so I guess my question is does anyone think that this medication chantix would be right for me to take?
Thank you.

Smoked since I was 16 until I reached 55. Tried to quit so many times and tried everything, inhaler, patches, other pills, pretty much everything available. Took chantix, have been smoke free now for over 8 months and could not be happier. I had crazy vivid dreams, also another benefit is I cut way back on drinking. No mood swings noticed at all. I would gladly take it again and cannot believe it worked.

I am on my 12th day taking Chantix. So far, my experience has been good. The side effects I have been experiencing are the vivid dreams, constipation and gas. Not too bad. I actually have improved mood and well-being on the Chantix. I'm almost elated!

I'm still smoking but very little. I had one this morning, but havne't had any the rest of the day, which is the best I've done so far. I've been steadily cutting down every day for the past 4 days. I was a pack-a-day smoker a week ago, and now today I have had one. I'm loving how this is working. It still takes effort not to smoke, but Chantix makes it much easier. I'm hoping I have experienced the worst of the side effects. If so, this will be the best decision I have ever made!

Started taking Chantix this X-mass, and went through 3 boxes until 3/30/09. Stopped smoking completely after 2 weeks of taking Chantix. Did not mind side effects while taking Chantix, but nobody told me about after-Chantix side effects. Now I have mood swings, sleep disorder, headache, depression, etc. If these simptoms will not stop in a week, I will see my doctor.

I do believe that Chantix can be a miracle drug for those who can tolerate it and are willing to put up with the side effects.

I started Chantix 8 week ago. My quit date was one week after I started the Chantix.

I experienced initialy some constipation after about a week and then increasingly uncomfortable after about a month on Chantix.

I have not had any tobacco use since my quit day but I have used an occassional piece or nicorrette low dose from time to time.

On my first refill the nause got so bad that I started taking a half a pill a day and I have been maintaining that. This seems to have relieved the nausea and constipation. No craving for tobacco at all. No emotional side effects but yes I have noticed the " vivid" dreams.

I dont think dreams are ever " normal " but on Chantix they seem to stand out more. I plan on terminating the Chantix in a couple weeks and hope to be off tobacco for good.

I have kept in touch with my Dr. on my progress and we both think Chantix has been beneficial on getting me off a 10 year habit. I feel confident that I have quit for good.

Update: Still going strong. Just started week three and I have been 5 days completely smoke-free. I've had one bout with unexplained irritability, still having gas and constipation, vivid dreams...and let's add weight gain to the mix. :( However, I am still feeling good and not regretting my decision to do Chantix. We'll see how this continues. :)

chantix worked for so thrilled i dont smoke anymore. my side effects were very vivid dreams that seem incredibly real.bad headaches,and i felt really high.the nausea and dizziness made me feel not that great. suggestions......take with food

Ive been taking chantix for about two months.Im still smoking though.Somedays very little.The dreams Ive experienced are more like nightmares.They are very violent and often wake me up.I take mega doses of sleeping pills to stay asleep.Im begining to wonder if this is worth it?

I quit smoking about a year ago, but recently started up again, so i decided to try chantix this time.

bad idea. im always tired but cant sleep, im constantly angry (actually, its stronger than anger, its more like rage), i cry for no reason, i have developed a crippling anxiety that is damaging my personal relationships, i havent crapped in a week, and the worst part, i have absolutely NO interest in sex - i now have the sex drive of a 90 year old. i dont just feel sad and depressed, i feel crazy.

this pill is horrible. do not take it. and to the morons who say "well thats just nicotine withdrawel", shut your uninformed face. i quit cold turkey for a year after 10 years of a pack a day, and never had anything more than minor irritability. it wasnt easy, but it didnt turn me into a lunatic either. im off that evil little pill 4 days now. i had my first decent sleep in a long time.

My husband and I made the choice to take Chantix to help stop smoking. Initially, we had all of the side effects: mild headaches at the base of the skull daily, very vivid dreams, talking in our sleep, severe exhaustion right after taking the pill, sleeping for a few hours and then waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning wide awake. I had severe vomiting when I took with just a little food and severe abdominal pain.

After the first month, we both decided to go off of the medication, at that point I had only been taking one pill in the evening as I was too tired during the day if I took it.

The past 6 weeks have absoultely sucked. I no longer have side effects, but my husband is all over the place. Very angry, out of nowhere and if alcohol has been consumed, look out. He has had high anger and what I believe to be a psychotic episode.

Please be aware of the impact of alcohol, I was ready for legal separation after this last episode. Each time we would have drinks, he would absoultely flip his lid over very small things, in fact, nothing at all.

I can only hope that after enough time, these effects will go away and as for a happy hour, those are gone now too as the alcohol intensifies the side effects.

I cannot say that I would recommend it. We are at 60 days without smoking which is terriffic, but the worry and strain since are a bit difficult to swallow.

I want my husband back and I do not want him to feel this way, he does not understand what is going on either. All I can say is these things did not happen pre Chantix.

Take this with caution and I would not recommend this to anyone who has had mental health issues in the past or currently.

ii have been on chantix for almost a week now. the dreams i have are really weird and i have been moody. but for the most part the med is really working. i went from 10 a day to 2 a day. i couldn't believe it and i owe it all to chantix

I'm so relieved to have found this web site. I took Chantix from Oct '08 to Feb. of '09. While taking the drug I had the side effects of nausea, night mares, head aches, weird thoughts, & depression.
I hung in there & quit smoking. I was so proud of myself. But, it's now April of '09 & I'm still not feeling good. I have head aches, depression, hot flashes, periods of extreme fatique, dizzness. I told my husband I wish I had never taken Chantix. I'm hanging in there hoping this will pass too.

After taking 1 mg dose of Chantix, I started experiencing severe side effects of wrenching in the upper chest (as though something were stuck in my esophagus) and shortness of breath (even when at rest). Two months into my regimen, I experienced blurred vision, and went to a 1 mg. dose every other day.

I started chantix on 3/23/09 and quit smoking on 3/30. Asside from a couple bellyaches at the beginning and when the dosage increased I haven't had any other problems. I have felt a bit sluggish throughout the day but if that's the price I have to pay then so be it. I was smoking 2 packs a day (about $12 a day here in Mich.)and now I haven't had one cig in 2 weeks! I do think that people with pre-existing mental issues should take this med with caution, but I would highly recommend it to anybody else.

I satarted Chantix 11 days ago and quit smoking 4 days ago. Even before quitting (after starting Chantix tahat first week), I was having all night dreams, no energy and mood swings. I am now crying all day and/or sleeping, hate everyone in the world, have moods swings so severe that I feel about to burst, can't eat...all in all I would say I am severely depressed and after reading some other statements..I am not taking my pill tonight.

I satarted Chantix 11 days ago and quit smoking 4 days ago. Even before quitting (after starting Chantix tahat first week), I was having all night dreams, no energy and mood swings. I am now crying all day and/or sleeping, hate everyone in the world, have moods swings so severe that I feel about to burst, can't eat...all in all I would say I am severely depressed and after reading some other statements..I am not taking my pill tonight.

Hey. I am on day 2 of Chantix, and frankly these posts freak me out. 400 mostly negative posts in about a year and a half. O.K. Are these the norm? I don't think so. I'm doing all the research I can and for one, don't use the side effects info on the Chantix website. I believe what they are telling me, I'm concerned what they are not telling me.

I believe these posts are true and people are scared. I told you I am. But as a reference point, I went to the website
html and got the results of 5,380 people being studied while using Chantix. On this post we have 400 mostly negative posts. 10% of the 5,380 people being studied would be 538 people with similar symptoms. Actually, as you can see for yourself on the website, 40% have nausea and vomiting, 35% wild dreams, 15% insomnia, 10% abdominal pain and drowsiness, and 5% have a variety of other symptoms.

I have to assume some of the people experiencing some of the more serious problems have underlying and undiagnosed issues. I.E. developing Diabetes, when the Chantix info states it's not for people with kidney problems. Did they have undiagnosed kidney issues? And I certainly would not use it with alcohol, or knew of an existing mental illness. This stuff hasn't been out that long, 2006. We are all Guinea Pigs to a point. Is it worth the risk? You have to decide that. I'm just trying to put it all into perspective.

What particularly is of concern to me is the side effects after you stop the meds. I realize it takes awhile to get out of your system, but having problems 6 months later is unacceptable to me.

I'm considering taking 1mg during the day, maybe split in 2 doses. I'm on day 2, .5mg once a day and it helps me not smoke. You don't smoke while you're sleeping, so why take one before bed.

I realize they want it to build up in your system, but as far as I can see, that's exactly what is causing the problem. One last thing. If your Dr. just writes you a script for this stuff and says good luck, that's scary. From what I can tell, everyone I know has gotten exactly the same script. A women who weighs 120lbs. getting the same script as a guy who weighs 220? Then after these real concerns present themselves, they are willing to lower the dose, the damage may already have been done. Just my thoughts, do your homework.

I started chantix after a week of NOT smoking. I was doing well on just the patch alone, but did not like the fact that I was still a slave to the nicotine. I think this was my first mistake. I got off the patch the day I started the pill and the nausea came on pretty much as soon as I swallowed the pill, I have also had gas and severe constipation. I was prepared and willing to deal with these side effects if it helped with the smoking addiction.

My dreams were very wild I probably had 15 a night- that I remembered, and I would hit the 5 min snooze button and have another dream, wake up hit snooze, and have another dream. It was so bizarre. I thought I was getting better sleep until I realized that I was waking up after every dream. I had my husband take 1 mg before bed one night to understand what I was explaining and he said he would never take it again just based on to sleep disturbances, he said it was like having night terrors.

I hate to admit this but woke up this morning with a wet bed! I looked over to see if my 3 year old had climbed in and had an accident, he was not there. I had wet the bed at 25 years old after a dream of using the restroom. I relapsed on the chantix two days ago after going 3 weeks with out a single cig and have probably smoked 10 in the last three days and now I'm struggling with quitting again.

The only side effect I have not experienced is the most severe, depression. I think it was because at the same time I was taking the pill I was also taking .5mg of Xanax for anxiety. I'm not advocating that anyone else do this, my Dr.'s were aware of my medical history. Good luck to all on or off this drug. I am determined to make myself a non-smoker! I hope you all will be too!

I just finished taking Chantix for about 5 weeks. I only had slight nausea and slightly more vivid dreams then normal. About a day after stopping the Chantix I had only 1 full day of high irritability...but the next day I was fine. I have been off Chantix for only 2 weeks, but the cig habit has been successfully kicked.

I am on day ten of Chantix. I quit smoking on day eight. I have no desire to smoke anymore after 30 years of the habit. Side effects are basically the same as everyone else, weird dreams, nausea and constipation.

At this point I don't believe the cure is worse than the diseases caused from smoking.
I will hang in there unless something else develops.

Just wanted to say a word on this Chantix debate. I am on my 2nd month of the med and quit completely 18 days ago. To the poster TJM, I found by breaking the .5mg Xanax in half and taking half with my morning dose and half with my night dose helps with the anxiety and cravings for which I have none now.

I suffer from anxiety and depression but have not had an increase in either since taking the Chantix. As far as the weird dreams I have actually looked forward to bedtime to see what is next. Some have been hilarious. I also am a lifetime sufferer of insomnia but have not noticed any difference in it either.

I have however lost my taste for coffee also. Which is a side effect I was not expecting and hope to regain it after the Chantix. It has worked for me, even with the fact I have multiple disabilities and take a 2 handfuls of other meds daily. And the money savings is worth the the chance. Thanks Chantix

I am concluding my third week of Chantix. While I have no desire to smoke (the last couple of cigarettes I had tasted terrible and did NOTHING for me), I have noticed something strange going on within myself. . .

It's like I'm dead inside. I have little to no emotions, I want to be by myself all of the time, have very little patience, and feel extremely lethargic, with little energy. Depression? Absolutely. And what is stranger is that I have been taking the antidepressant Lexapro each day for well over a year. Ordinarily, that antidepressant works just fine for me.

Now I dread what I might have to face by going off of the Chantix even after a mere three weeks. I just don't like this "dead," un-enthused feeling I carry around with me all of the time.

Maybe taking a single pill only every other day will help. Sometimes I think the old adage is true that the only way to stop smoking is by cold turkey. I'ts GREAT having no cigarette cravings on the Chantix, but feeling like an empty, dead person inside is even another price to pay.

What particularly is of concern to me is the side effects after you stop the meds. I realize it takes awhile to get out of your system, but having problems 6 months later is unacceptable to me.

this is all horrible.. I started chantix 4 days ago and already have bizzare nightmares/dreams, nausea, etc. I really want to quit so I am going to continue with the pills, and hope that I don't get any other side effects. Did anyone stop smoking and stop taking the pills after One Month (4 weeks) of the pills? Because I definitely do not want to take them longer then a month, but don't want to go back to smoking!! ahh

I started Chantix on 3-29-09, 1 day later than I had planned. I delayed a day after reading all the horrific side effects people have had. I got scared. But then I had a talk with my adult son, told him to watch me close and take me straight to the hospital should I get depressed etc. (My husband had passed away 5 month prior so even my doctor was concerned about depression being a strong possibility) well I guess I am one of the lucky ones, the only side effects I have had are vivid dreams (not bad ones) but they do interfere with your sleep paterns so I was also taking a sleeping pill at night to help.

SOME scatter-brainedness but not much, and the ease with which it allowed me to quit smoking was well worth it! I have been on for 5 weeks now 4 without smoking a single cigarette (25 year pack a day smoker by the way) so I say Thank you Chantix, I don't think I will take it the whole 3 months, I will stop taking it soon, if the cravings come back, I will address that then. Good luck to all, but everyone is different and it worked GREAT for me!

I just read an article in Youngstown's Vindicator (Sun. 4/26/09) and cannot believe the similarities in it with my wife and I. We both started chantix in late january and no doubt it works for stopping smoking. We took it together to improve or lives for the kids. I took it more religiously than her. We stopped taking the drug last week after reading so many reports of bizarre behaviors i.e. rage, violence, black outs etc.. from others online.

This seemed to explain what was wrong in our lives. We both drink probably a little too much, but always have. We are happily married for 13 years with 4 beautiful children. Not knowing the possible serious mental effects of this drug, because pfizer doesn't tell of them esp. when alcohol is mixed, - we have been in fights together and against each other.

We have never physically touched each other in anger prior. I have major black out episodes, called her names in rage that i never have done before, especially when drinking. She has been sleeping excessively and not caring about her home like she always has loved to. She experiences blackouts frequently if drinking. I / we were so out of our norm she went to court to have me mentally committed to a psych. hospital and I also have spent a night in jail for domestic violence. Thankfully it was not serious and was two ways.

There is no doubt in our minds chantix made us these raging lunatics. We have stopped taking the pills for 5 days now. Not sure this is the best thing to do either. She is doing better than me.

My sleep is terrible sometimes non-existent. All my joints and muscles ache for no apparent reason. I have an intense headache, at the base of the skull, that will not go away regardless of OTC medications I take. No energy at all. I awoke two mornings ago in excessive sweats and chills. Seems everything around me is in slow motion.

I just want to get back to normal and hope that won't be to far in the future. Would love to hear from more couples who have experienced similar.

I am finishing week 6 on Chantix. I quit smoking in Week 5. When I first started the meds, I felt a little disconnected, but it passed in 2 days. I guess I just had to adjust to it. I also got constipated the first 2 weeks, but that has also passed. I suffered from being tired all of the time, but I think that was due more to cutting back and then quitting nicotine. I have been smoking for 28 years and this is the only product that has made quitting possible for me. I just finished my first full week smoke free.

I feel like a different person! I will never go back to that nasty habit. Oh, and from time to time, I forget to take my pill and have not had any side effects from that. Anyone thinking of trying Chantix, read the blogs, but then discuss your medical condition with your doctor to see if this is a fit for you. Try it if your doctor agrees. Living as a non-smoker is AMAZING!! Oh, and for those taking Chantix, the cheapest I have found it is at Costco where it is $116 per month. Others, including Wal-Mart were $135 - $147. Good Luck to all on your path to becoming smoke free regardless of the method you use. Sue

I have been on Chantix for almost 2 weeks now. Off Cigarettes for almost a week. After 30 years of smoking, I'm actually doing it! I guess I'm the exception to the side effects. The worst thing I've had is vivid dreams, nothing bad, actually some are quite nice.

I guess you really just have to want to quit.

I quit smoking for the second time in my life using Chantix. I had pretty severe nausea and vivid dreams so I stopped using the drugs after 3 weeks, knowing I'd gotten through the worst of cravings. It's obviously different for everyone, but I doubt I would have succeeded on my own or without that hotline that Chantix offers... that got me through Day 1, now I'm on day 59.

I took chantix for five days and had to stop. I was so bloated it was miserable. I didn't have weird dreams or depression but it gave me an uncontrollable rage like I have never experienced before. I have a loving wife and beautiful daughter and if I wanted to keep my family I had to get off of it. I am still not smoking going on two weeks now without the medicine or smokes but now I feel dizzy with an extreme headache and messed up stomach. I would not recommend anybody to take this medicine.

April 27th began my 7th week on Chantrix. I cheated some during the first week but since then I have been smoke free for the first time in 48 years and I feel so good!!! Side effects? Yes, I had them for a few weeks but side effects usually diminish or go away completely if you'll wait them out. The worst of it was gas and bloating. The gas wasn't like normal was gas from the depths of hell!!! I should have been dropped onto a remote, deserted island for about 3 weeks.

Thank God I didn't let temporary side effects deter me from pursuing my goal.

I'd recommend Chantix to anyone that really wants to quit. It doesn't do everything for you but it's kinda like a good bra. It helps keep part of you where you want it to be.

We all deserve a huge pat on the back for deciding to give up the chains of addiction. Good luck to all.

I have not used chantix, but my bf is using it right now and having bad side effects; researching that is how I found this article and comments. Thank you to everyone who has shared your experiences.

To those who say that extreme anxiety and depression are to be expected if you quit smoking and that it's probably nicotine withdrawal not chantix, wrong!!

I quit cold turkey recently & did not have those problems. I also have a long history of depression and some anxiety. I also used wellbutrin to quit over 10 years ago, and it worked for me. Again, no major depression or anxiety when I quit -- nothing at all like these horror stories I hear with chantix.

If you would like to quit, this book really helped me: the easy way to stop smoking by allen carr. he also has a book the little book of quitting, which is a short version of the most important points. i read the easyway book at my library and bought the little book to review if i get craving. here's a website with more info:

good luck to all.


I have been taking Chantix for 6 days now. I started on a Saturday. That night the horrible dragging vivid dreams started, and so did my loss of sleep. Even if I sleep through the night I feel exhausted and sore. Every day this week I have left work early, and when I do I take a nap on the couch. I have a history of depression, but have not had symptoms in years.

Although I am already noticing a loss of the need to smoke, I am seriously contemplating stopping my treatment for fear of losing my job and regaining a problem with depression. From what I have seen on this website the side-effects only seem to get worse. Any advice???

I have been taking this for only 2 days now, and my attitude has completely changed, I find myself yelling at my kids over things I normally would not yell about, my husband said I was very mean in my sleep last night. It's kinda scaring me, I don't want my kids to be scared of me.

My husband took Chantix for about 2 weeks. Was completely smoke free for the second one. On the last day he said he was feeling so edgy like he was just going to explode at any given moment. He decided he could not take that feeling anymore and stopped the Chantix. Now, 10 days off the med, he is moody and depressed. Crying yesterday and saying I just want to die. Stay AWAY from this drug!

Following the Chantix dosage instructions, I quit cigs in September 2008, and experienced no side effects while on Chantix (except possibly some weepiness after a couple months, but that could have been due to the excitement of the presidential election).

However, when I went off the Chantix after 12 weeks, I gradually became more and more irritable and felt just crappy. So I went back on Chantix for 2 more months; when I went off the Chantix again, once again I felt horrible; I was even having road rage.

My advice is to slowly wean off the Chantix, not go off Chantix cold turkey. That is what I'm doing now; I'm down to 1/2 mg every other day and I'm OK so far.

I'm on my 2nd week of Chantix. I've cut down quite a bit and the urge is gone. I'm smoking less & less every day. I didn't experience any insomnia, it was the opposite in fact. I have always had a very difficult time sleeping, but since I've been on this I'm exhausted all the time. It will be worth it. Dreams are crazy, but amusing. Good luck to you ex smokers.

I have been smoke free for 1 1/2 years thanks to Chantix! I took advantage of the full program they offered, even calling the hotline when I wanted a cigarette.

I followed everything that the Chantix program said to do. All I had were strong dreams the first two weeks (not nightmares).

Thank you Chantix! You saved my life (and a lot of money too)!!!

I started champix 11 days ago,and have a few bad side affects.

1... insomnia

2...very sick, I have vomited almost every time I take them.

3...I feel high,and zoned out all the time. its like an out of body experiences,constantly. I'm just not here.

4...mood swings are so bad. I threw my partner out of the home, and told him not to come back, asked him home a few hours later.
mood swings are not so bad now.

5...lazy eyes. my eyes feel like they are so heavy, and rolling in my head.

but I am not smoking now, and they worked for my cravings, and am afraid to come off them in case i smoke again.

I posted earlier explaining that I had some of the side effects, mildly, but they all tapered off. At the time I was still taking Chantix. I am now completely smoke free for 2 weeks! I decided to drop the Chantix 3 days ago because of my success. I was worried that I might start craving smokes more, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did I go off of the meds cold turkey with no side effects, but I also have no increased desire to smoke. Now, the quitting excuse is wearing thin, so now I am going to start attacking the weight gain from comfort food while I was quitting. I wish they had a "quit chocolate" pill that worked like Chantix!
Good luck all!

I am 24 years old and a smoker for 7 years at about 1.5 packs per day.

I am on day 9 of the Chantix (1mg / day).

I find myself smoking but just out of habit (mostly when I start to drive), it tastes bad and I get a headache when I smoke now.

Chantix definitely takes the craving away.

I have a mild history of depression, but I believe that was mis-diagnosed by the doctor.

Side effects I've experienced:

Gas - it never ends.

Nausea - I'm not a breakfast person. If I take the 1 mg pill without eating something first I will vomit 20 minutes after taking it. Today I ate a bagel first and then took the pill, bad nausea came but went away after 20 minutes. I'll try it with a bigger breakfast tomorrow.

Headaches - Mostly they come at night, and after reading this site I realize it comes after drinking a beer or smoking a cigarette. This headache just lingers, not extremely painful.

I'm kind of disappointed that I haven't had any of these vivid dreams, I was actually looking forward to those. I am not irritable (or at least more so than normal).

Reading some of these posts some people make it sound as if they weren't told about the side effects of this medication. I received 3 long lectures before I even took the first pill. First the nurse I spoke with on the phone talked my ear off about possible side effects, then my doctor did the same thing. Even the pharmacist wouldn't hand the pills over until she finished her spiel, then there were 2 full pamphlets saying the same thing in the box.

For me the benefit of this medication outweighs the cost. I know I'll be smoke free, I've had the same pack of cigarettes for 3 days now and I won't be buying another one after it's finished.

I am glad I read this board though to learn about how alcohol impacts this medication, also about weening off instead of quitting chantix cold turkey. Luckily I have excellent health benefits and it only costs me $5 to get Chantix.

2 1/2 weeks into it. I've cut down quite a bit but the side effects are awful. I'm a male, in my 30's, in the prime of my life. I smoked 1 pack/day for 15 years, various unsuccessful attempts at quitting.
The nausea is awful, the dreams are kind of cool, no nightmares while asleep. Like someone else said, I wake up feeling like I haven't slept. I've had no insomnia problems taking Chantix, and I usually have a difficult time sleeping. A couple of times I had to pull over while driving because the light headedness and nausea was so bad.

Today, things took a major turn for the worse. I was driving to work, as normal, listening to the radio. Suddenly I got light headed, couldn't focus on the road or make sense of the radio. I became very confused. I had an uncontrollable thought for a split second to do something that would make it stop. It was almost an impulse. I've never "lost it" like this before, and although it was only for a fraction of a second it scared the sh*t out of me.

I've never suffered from depression and I'm very happy, with myself and with life. It was not a controllable thought, more of an urge; almost a self protection type of instinct, I really can't explain it. I am very sensitive to medications and avoid taking anything. I think this will be my last day taking Chantix.

I quit smoking once for a year cold turkey on my own, and the most I felt was a little anxious at the withdrawal. Then I went back to smoking for a few years, when I took chantix to quit I got very depressed. I would have sudden fits of crying for NO reason. I was paranoid. I told my husband "I feel like I want to kill myself, but I don't know why" and he said "Baby why would you say that, that is so wrong!" and I said, "I know it's wrong! I know its not right and I know it's not what I want~ but I can hear myself telling me to do it!"

Now to be honest. I have always been a VERY normal VERY sane person. I think so sane that I knew that what I was telling myself was wrong. I went to the Doctor he told me there are no such side effects as what I was telling him and to "GET SOME REST". I immediately took myself off the chantix within 3 days I slowly felt back to normal. Then I thought... well maybe the Dr was right! So I cut the dosage in half and went to try one more time... Within one day I felt those sudden uncontrollable crying fits coming back. I went off and never looked back!

I just hope there is no long term effects!... It has been a few years now since then and I have never felt that way again. This December I quit smoking cold turkey... it's been 5 months since I smoked and I have not ONE of the feelings I just told you I had with Chantix!

I took Chantix for 4 whole months. I only have a few pills left so I decided FINALLY quit smoking so I can have enough pills to wean myself off of the medication. I am on day 5 of being a non-smoker!!! That is the longest I have ever gone and I don’t crave a cig AT ALL!

I did experience the nausea and VIVID dreams but it was worth it to not be a smoker. I KNOW I QUIT FOR GOOD. :-) I would recommend Chantix to friends and family. My mother and I have both quit using it.

Some advice I would give:
-Take first dosage right after you eat breakfast. It helps with the nausea. The nausea only lasts about 15 mins.
-Take 2nd dosage early in the day, like around 3pm. It helps with the vivid dreams.
-Wean yourself off the the medication. Take 4 pills for 3 days, 3 pills for 3 days, 2 pills for 3 days, and then 1 pill for 3 days. IT WORKS!!!! :-)

I took this drug for one day. The first day I began to have delusions that my sense of smell was miraculously better. After three days I was admitted to the hospital because of psychotic and paranoid delusions, confusion, and dissociation. I was kept at the hospital for over two weeks until the doctors finally figured out that it was the Chantix that triggered this episode.

I strongly advise anyone planning to take this drug to either get over the possibility of lung cancer or to try something else. This is a bad drug, and there is a lawsuit against it for many reasons, the biggest of which is suicide and depression caused by it but the cases also range all the way up to causing seizures and heart failure. Don't take this. It almost ruined my life, and now I have to take antipsychotic drugs to balance out the damage this stuff did to my brain. Please, stay away from it.

I used Wellbutrin and the patch and quit about three years ago, but started up again a year late. Last year I took Chantix for months and never quit. The side effects were really mild and not a problem. I decided to give Chantix another try about 3 weeks ago.

I have little desire to smoke, although I am still smoking a few each day. But, this time the side effects are not good. I'm nauseous all day, can't sleep much at night and worst of all, I'm exhausted all day long. Before, I couldn't fall asleep during the day even if you paid me. Now, I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat.

I have been on Chantix several times - hopefully this will be the last. Chantix really nips the cigarette craving in the bud and for that I am grateful.

Here are the problems I have had which I can directly attribute to Chantix use:

Nausea - I have figured out that if I eat something fairly substantial and take the Chantix in the middle of the meal (i.e. sandwich the pill in the middle of my meal in my stomach), then I don't have the nausea problem.

Headache - I have had a nagging headache for the last several days. I take some Tylenol to work through that.

I am also having some heat rash symptoms that I've never experienced before, but I'm not sure if that's due to Chantix or due to getting older.

I have been smoking for 20 years and have tried to quit many, many times. Chantix has made it possible for me. I haven't had a cigarette in over two weeks. I can deal with the side affects for a couple of months if it means that I will add a couple of years (hopefully cancer-free) to my life.

I took Chantix for 3.5 weeks. No depression or suicidal tendencies. I did quit smoking and have been off for 6 weeks now. No desire to return to it. I did however experience a severe (allergic?) reaction to the med. My face swelled up like a beach ball and one eye swelled shut. I had strange red blotchy itchy rash patches in odd places all over my torso and felt Just wrong-all over. Everything seemed disgusting to me....smells sounds...etc.

I also had vivid and abnormal dreams, but that part was kind of interesting and did not not bother me at all. The scary part is, the swollen face and rash thing keeps flaring back up again, even though I took the last dose of Chantix 3.5 weeks ago. Will this ever stop? It is extremely uncomfortable. Anyone else experience this??


If you want to get a divorce take Chantix! My husband started 3 months ago and immediately his personality changed. From being even tempered to bursts of rage that were not like him. I started looking for another place to live. He lost interest in everything and was MEAN. Watch the side effects - I don't think it's worth it and I think this drug needs to be taken off the market.

I have taken Chantix for three weeks over a year ago, then after had stopped cigarettes, I went only for a couple of months. I had no side effects then but started Chantix again on Monday May 11, 2009, at 1/2 mg a day and since I have started it, I have slept for almost three days solid. I have taken no other drugs but just can't seem to keep my focus or my eyes open.

I did not take it yesterday. I am a recovering anorexic and am deathly afraid of gaining weight, I kept telling my doctor that I was afraid to take this but would not listen. I asked him if things were true what I had read and seen on TV and he mainly said that it was just a lot of lawyer wanting to make money is his opinion.

I have also noticed some dizziness and the lack of concentration. I will not take any more of this as I have already had many heart problems and blood pressure problems.

This is my second time being on Chantix. I first started taking it in August 2008. I ended up experiencing major mood swings, nausea that lasted all the time, and major migraines. I went from smoking 1 to 1 1/2 packs a day, down to maybe 1 cigarette a day. When the 3 months was over, I stopped taking the Chantix and started smoking like crazy again.

I have a history of depression, but have been off medication for several years. I have not had any depression issues, every since I got off of anti-depressants. I am now on my second go around with Chantix and have only been on it for just over a week. I have already noticed major mood swings, being non-stop "pissy" with my friends, family, and co-workers, absolutely no sex drive (which is very unusal for me), a loss of appetite, and being tired and physically exhausted, no matter how much sleep I got the night before. I am looking forward to being done with smoking and done with Chantix.

My husband started Chantix 3 months ago. Day 4 he quit. I couldn't believe it! Then the anger, depression, severe irritation, and terrible mood swings kicked in. This is a man who NEVER got angry. Most laid back person you ever met. His mood swings and severe anger scares me. Any little thing would set him off. He has terrible stomach pain from gas and bloating, NO LIBIDO what-so-ever, and because he knows that this medicine is causing all this, he quit cold turkey without telling me.

I'm a nurse and I have never experienced such Rage. He experienced severe chest pain, shortness of breath, and severe fatigue. I couldn't tell if he was having a heart attack or if it was withdrawal. In my opinion this medication should be taken off the market. DO NOT TAKE IT.. THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO STOP. This medication is ruining our life.


I do not recommend this drug to anyone who has a history of depression. Not only did I become severely depressed after a week on this medication, I felt drugged. My thinking is still quite hazy and I have been off of it for two days. I did not feel like myself at all and the depression was the most severe that I can remember.

I was not affected by dreams or nausea, but I cannot tolerate feeling so confused and hazy. My vision also seems affected, as though I cannot focus properly, but this could be due to other medications I take, although I do not remember this side effect being so prominent. I feel like someone gave me a "stupid" pill.

Well this is day 10 without cigs and still have the urge now and but hopefully I can side step going back to smoking. The chantix seems to be helping and the side effects are minimal tho a bit disturbing including mildly upset stomach if taken without food and vivid dreams. My question is whether or not it is disturbing my sexual function which seems to have dropped off somewhat now that I'm on the drug some two weeks or so.

I quit smoking October 13, 2007 with the help of Chantix. I am still smoke free today, 05/25/09.
I did have headaches then and still have nasty headaches now almost daily, was restless then and still restless now, sick to my stomach, dreams when I did sleep.
Nasty metalic taste, a little moodier than normal but no connection. Now my mood swings so fast I can't keep up with it.

Now it's a year and a half later. I am now so depressed, upset, mad, angry, and hateful.
I was never close to mom before but now I just can't stand her, I don't want her near me. My husband is upset with me because I don't want anything to do with sex.

I have gained 26 pounds and feel way too big.
Today out in the garden, I had really bad thoughts go through my mind. Sometimes I even think about death, why can't I just lay down and die?
My dad died December 08 and I have not finished dealing with that. I can't hardly speak about him, visit his grave, think about him without bawling. But yet think of my mom and I instantly wish it were her in that grave and become instantly outraged. Hate everything about her.

I have told my family of my thoughts of chantix causing this but they don't think so.
I also looked up symptoms of manic and bipolar depression. I thought maybe I have one of those or both or all. Maybe I do now. I feel like I went crazy and should have never stopped smoking.
I have terrible outbursts of anger and I think my husband is even scared of me now.

No one wants to say much to me because they are all walking on eggs shells.

I knew who I was before the chantix. I even kind of liked me then. Now I have no idea who I am and I hate me.

I believed in God before, now I don't know. I used to think I could feel His spirit move in me but now I don't know. It took an awful lot to upset me before now all you have to do is wake up in the morning. I don't remember the last good day I had. I don't remember the last time I laughed or was actually nice to anyone. I think when I see or talk to anyone I will be nice this time and I just can't.

I've completed the 3 month program and I'm smoke free.

While on Chantix I experienced dizziness, trouble concentrating, vivid dreams, intense irritability (rage), mood swings, suicidal thoughts, upset stomach and an intense "craving" for something other than a cigarette.

I've been off of Chantix for over 3 weeks now and most of these side effects remain.

The intense "cravings" led to a week long inhalant huffing binge that looks like it may cost me my job.

Now I'm on anti-anxiety meds.

I have been a smoker for 15yrs. I recently got A prescription from my doctor for Chantix. I smoked for the first 2 day's while taking chantix, then quit on the 3rd day. I was amazed on how well it worked! Sure I thought about smoking, just out of sheer habit, but I did not crave it. I only took A month's supply of chantix and have been smoke free. I had no problem's to speak of while on chantix.

I think I had a little Anxiety for the first couple day's, but that may have been caused by the shutdown of the nicotine intake. I had some cool dreams. I had no problems when I stopped taking it either. Chantix is awesome and I'm smoke free and loving it.

I smoked for 35 years and thanks to Chantix, I quit smoking 6 months ago. I never, ever thought I would be able to stop. I had no side effects like the people on this site say they are having. You will get sick to your stomach if taken without food but the instructions say to take it with food.

I personally think the "side effects" people are talking about here is not contributed to taking Chantix, it is just withdrawal from nicotine. I was depressed for a while but I did not blame it on Chantix, it was just that my entire lifestyle changed after 35 years of smoking being part of my life.

I have been taking Chantix for 3 weeks. I have quit smoking but still have the cravings. DO NOT mix alcohol with this medicine. I had a very bad reaction that I have never experienced before in my life. I want to get off this med asap. I am usually a happy go lucky person and this medicine is making me somebody I don't like. I would rather smoke than go mental.

I quit with Chantix two years ago and was smoke free for a year. One night at the bar I was back at it.

I'm a week without smoking on Chantix again, and I'm sure I will never smoke again. My aggressive behavior and irritability is almost gone.

S.E.: Inability to focus attention, RLS, disturbing dreams, broken sleep patterns.

I know this article is way old, but since there has been some recent activity lately I thought I would post my 2 cents... it seems that the behavioral effects are different for different people. I am on Chantix for the second time (relapsed after the first successful treatment and smoked for a few months) and both times it has had this wonderful, calming effect on me. My mood is very mellow and I feel no anxiety whatsoever (I am usually a little on the anxious side).

Actually, during the period I was off Chantix, I couldn't wait to get back on it, because it felt so good. Guess I'll have to talk to the Dr. about hooking me up with some anti-anxiety meds or something when I go off Chantix... I didn't know it was possible to feel this good. Plus of course I am not smoking. Interestingly, I know several other people who have said the same thing, they love being on it.

I do have some nausea, bloating, etc., but nothing too horrible.

My husband... or shall I say soon to be ex husband started taking Chantix 2 months ago. Since then we have separated and he called me yesterday saying he didn't want to live any more. We had an emergency family intervention with the help from his side of the family and he will not be taking this drug any more.

My only concern now is the side affects of not having it in his system any more. I've read a lot of these and have done a lot of research on Chantix. I think it has the potential to work for some but as it stands now, this drug caused my husband to become very depressed, enraged, and lose all emotion or will to live. I'm not certain if we will work things out but I do feel like him taking this medication led to our separation. We have been happily married for 9 years. It has been 2 months since he started taking this medication and 3 weeks since I moved out.

He told me he just fell out of love with me and didn't want me around any more. I'm certain this drug caused this and I'm just hoping one day he will get himself together so that POSSIBLY we can work things out.

Insomnia, gas, headache, unexplained facial rash blurred vision and now tingling in hands and feet. I had a complete physical prior to taking chantix and passed with flying colors. The dermatologist is trying to figure out if the facial rash was triggered by the Chantix/allergic reaction. The tingling in my hands and feet has really freaked me out. Has anyone else had the same issue?

I have been considering taking Chantix for several weeks. Since March 09 I have had a double by-pass, which failed, double angioplasty, a heart attack another quitting smoking is an absolute must for me unless I choose to be suicidal... I am also bi-polar... Chantix was described to me by my primary care doc as a wonder drug, but after reading all this I guess I can only try to quit cold turkey, and from what I have experienced just from the recent hospital stays, nicotine withdrawal alone has some of the same side effects as taking Chantix for me.

This is not my first rodeo with pharmaceuticals for smoking cessation...I tried Zyban and felt horrible: anxiety through the roof. I even felt like I was constantly on the verge of having a seizure or something. After taking it for 2 weeks I suddenly lost my vision bi-laterally, and had to have emergency surgery for narrow angle glaucoma.

I asked the surgeon about whether the Zyban could have caused the incident. No reference in the PDR regarding an increase in ocular pressure at that time. The following year I tried it again. That time a half dose for a week before I went blind again, and the second time the vision loss was substantial.

I have read at least one post regarding vision loss and more than likely this person has had an episode of narrow angle glaucoma from Chantix...definitely need to see a specialist ASAP and get that pressure down at least. Needless to say with my history I won't be using this drug at all, and this does sound like a class action suit waiting to happen...

I started taking Chantix 3 weeks ago. At first, I only experienced slight nausea, which was easily stopped by eating before I took the pill. As far as vivid dreams, if you take the pill earlier in the evening, the dreams aren't so bad. I am now almost finished with 3rd week of Chantix, and I don't think I've ever been so unhappy, irritable and testy in my life.

Thank goodness my husband is a very patient man, he has had to endure the "silent treatment" fits of rage, and me not wanting a thing to do with him, or anyone else for that matter. I am so tired all of the time, and the bloating is crazy (which in turn brings on gas). I have started to hate my job for no reason, and when I go home I go straight to bed and don't want to talk to ANYONE. I talked to my husband about it this morning, and I think I am going to stop taking the Chantix.

Yes, it has helped me to quit smoking, I have not smoked for two weeks and have very minimal cravings, but the side effects are far worse than I ever expected. I at times have even started to feel like why be alive if I feel like this? It is a scary drug, I would not recommend it to anyone. Please talk to your doctor IN DETAIL about all side effects. I'm not sure this drug should be available.

I am a 56 year old male professional with a 40 plus year history of smoking. Like most others, I have quit lots of times, but obviously never totally. My company advised they were going tobacco free and were offering Tobacco Cessation assistance to employees, so I thought I would take advantage of it. It was probably the second best decision of my life!! I began Chantix therapy on 6/22/09, chose 6/29/09 as my quit date, and have been smoke free since.

Amazingly, I have not had any cravings whatsoever. I do periodically have moments of being antsy, but they typically occur at times when I would habitually have a smoke. I have the benefit of a company sponsored counselor whom I speak with weekly. In addition, I have a very supportive wife, children, and co-workers. My advice to anyone who is considering taking Chantix, do so, but learn as much as you can about the drug, what some of the effects could be, so you know what to expect or understand what is happening and how to deal with it, if need be.

I have had no significant issues with taking the Chantix, but I follow the instructions religiously. I don't doubt that there are some folks who simply cant take Chantix for any variety of reasons, but I wouldn't let their experience deter you from trying what could be just what you need to free yourself from the grips of tobacco.

By the way, the first best decision I made was marrying the love of my life 33+ years ago! She is getting to know me as a non-smoker for the first time, and judging from her behavior, she likes the new me...Give it a may work for you as well!!

My husband is Bipolar and took Chantix... awful symptoms but your experiences may be different. The drug interacts with different people differently. I did my reading once my husband had awful dreams, anxiety and my normally patient husband was irritable. It did make him want to quit but it made his depression MUCH worse. He slipped into a deep depression that lasted 2 years after he stopped the Chantix. For us, it was not worth it.

I took Chantix just over a year ago and have been smoke free ever since. I had smoked 1 pack per day for nearly 23 years. I experienced some mild nausea if I didn't eat before taking the pill and some restlessness at night. No vivid dreams or depression. This pill was amazing for me. It took what once would be a serious craving and turned it into a fleeting thought.

Wow, I've been using smokless tobacco for about 10 years. On average, I use a can and a half a day. That's equal to smoking about 3 packs a day. I started Chantix on 7-28-09, also my quit date since I had teeth pulled and had to quit anyway. I'm still in the first week, and have only taken two small dips since. I have noticed extreme irritability, destructive feelings, (I nearly ran some cars off the road yesterday because they were driving 50 in a 70).

Last night the dreams started. Very vivid and I can remember them when I wake up. Most of them are violent dreams of me doing harm to others and have almost a satanic feel to them. The really scary thing is I woke up this morning feeling very refreshed, remembering what I had dreamed about and not in the least bit disturbed about it. I have not felt the depression or suicidal thoughts. I'll deal with the side effects if Chantix help me quit smokeless tobacco though.

Started tablets 5 weeks ago, last smoke 3 wks and 1 day. Smoked for 25 years. Was a 50/day smoker. Found this drug made quitting so easy. No anxiety. Only problem was the initial feeling of something missing from not having the cig in my hand all the time. BUT, have suffered from SEVERE bloating and flatulence, excessively vivid dreams, needed less sleep than normal and then progressed to needing more, feeling disconnected and dopey, progressing to thoughts of "why am I here?".

Having suffered depression in the past, as most people do at some point over the course of their lives, I note that these feelings were not quite the same. More disconnected. Like I could see no point to persisting. Find I can get angry very easily, but not connected to any feelings of need for a smoke as not having them. Stopped taking tabs 3 days ago, but not feeling better yet. Still don't want a smoke. Won't be starting again.

I am not feeling suicidal, but am concerned enough to stop these tabs. Don't discount the tablets having these effects as nicotine withdrawal. After 25 years of smoking heavily and a number of attempts at giving up, I think I can tell the difference in the feelings and symptoms.

I notice that most of those suggesting that it's possibly all from the addiction and not the tablets are remarkably symptom free or suffering minor symptoms. Anyone with more severe symptoms think it's from nicotine withdrawal and would have happened without these tablets? Regarding comments - If suffering severe symptoms you should be rushing to the Dr. and not discussing here - I'm doing both. We need to be informed.

I am totally overwhelmed. I have been smoking for 20 years (about a pack each day, more or less) and I have tried to quit several times. My doctor gave me a prescription for Chantix today and it is now being filled at my local pharmacy. Profoundly, after reading all of the stories of horrible side effects, I STILL WANT to try the drug because my desire to quit smoking is so terribly strong. I do not, however, know if I'm GOING to use the Chantix.

The pattern that I see regarding side effects are intense and vivid dreams, constipation, severe gas, depression, rage, and thoughts of suicide. I think that I can live with the dreams and I may be able to combat the constipation and gas with other more natural products, but I am really afraid of the depression, rage and thoughts of suicide. I am already a bit moody (mostly around my monthly many women can be), and I have always forged on through bouts of sadness due to life's disappointments in a normal, healthy way. I consider myself relatively healthy (other than the smoking, of course) and I absolutely couldn't imagine taking my own life or the life of someone else, so I'm curious if those people who have experienced these sorts of side effects had some sort of predisposition to those sorts of behaviors?

When I talked to my doctor today, I mentioned to him that I had recently had a conversation with a friend who is also desiring to quit smoking. She went on a website and read a bunch of horror stories of people who took a particular drug to quit smoking. At the time, I couldn't remember the name of the drug she was speaking about, but I was sure it may be Chantix.

My doctor told me that the most common side effects were depression and anxiety, and the onset of both is a direct result of nicotine withdrawal, not Chantix. However, after reading all of these stories I cannot understand how my doctor could either be ill-informed of other common side effects, or prescribe a drug that may potential be the cause of so much physical and emotional pain.

I noticed that a few people said that they began taking anti-depressants prior to starting the Chantix program. I'd like to know if there is anyone out there who has done so, have you experienced any of the common side effects or any other side effects? If so, what are they and how often do you experience them? Also, how long do you have to take the anti-depressants after you discontinue the use of Chantix and do the anti-depressants have any adverse side effects? And one more thing...I read a few stories stating that some people had a decreased libido and/or an inability to orgasm. Ugh! Do the anti-depressants help to eliminate this problem? Please respond immediately because I am seriously teetering back and forth as to whether or not I should try this drug.

This will be my third attempt using the Chantix - The last time I was successful quitting for 21 days (the longest I've ever been successful previously was 2 months in Navy Boot Camp) however I was actually having morbid and suicidal thoughts which I have never ever had in my entire life.

I have been clean and sober for 6 yrs and quitting drinking was much easier. After that 21 days and feeling miserable I made the mistake of picking up the cigarettes again and I was right back to where I left off. I didn't care though - I couldn't continue feeling that way.

When I relapsed I must have smoked that first pack in about 6 hrs and soon enough I was right back to my 2 packs per day habit.

Now I'm trying again. They're getting way too expensive and ordering them off the reservations feels like I'm doing a drug deal (whether it's legal or not) - I have a different plan - this time I will stay on the chantix for 72 hrs (long enough for the chemical addiction to nicotine to leave my body) and then I will go on the patch and step down off the patch.

I've tried Bupropion (Zyban / Welbutrin) previously with zero success. But just like drinking - you have to want to quit - even chantix won't "give you the desire to stop". I know all this from my 12 step program in AA. I must apply the same principles to this as I did to drinking.

I am on month 2 of my Chantix and today is the first normal day I have had in weeks. I have had the most horrific, violent, disturbing dreams that I have ever had in my life. The kind that bother you all day after you wake up. I get horribly nauseous every morning until I eat something after I take the pill. I get a headache every day about 1pm for no apparent reason. I have horrible gas and I am exhausted and can barely stand to get up and go to work in the mornings.

I am so edgy and stressed out that I can barely be around people. I easily go into full on rages and I can't stand to be around my husband and child. I am not like this!! I am a laid back happy go lucky person, who loves my family. I am really starting to thank Chantix is evil!! The really bad thing is that it works if you want to quit smoking. I haven't smoked in 2 weeks and I am starting to lose the urge to pick one up. Oh did I forget to mention the mouth sores I have had, the urge to eat pounds of sugar all day, and the lack of interest in everything. My list goes on and on. If you want to quit smoking then be prepared for 3 months of hell. If you can make it that long. Be careful and stay away from sharp objects...seriously.

I have had great success with chantix up until today. I have been on chantix now for 6 weeks. I stopped smoking the third day I was on it and did not have really any bad side effects. Today out of no where I got a very over whelming feel of saddnes and uncontrollable crying. I could not shake these symptoms at all. I felt so worthless and felt like I could not deal with anything. I know starting tomarrow I'm calling my doctor to see about getting off this medication and never going to look back. Very bad experience that I never want to feel again.

I started smoking in the army 10 years ago. I was up to 2 packs a day. I have tried everything to quit over the past two years with no luck. when a friend told me about Chantix I took it for a week and quit after five days of taking the drug. I quit taking the drug after two weeks of using it and have not smoked since. Yes, I want to smoke sometimes, but the intense withdrawals are gone. I did not experience any other side effects except gas, and vivid dreams one of which was a nightmare. I feel a lot better now that I can breathe.

It takes will power to quit after using this, it only helps with the cravings, doesn't take them away. I will NEVER smoke again. I quit the drug cold turkey, the first day after I quit the drug I wanted a cigarette horribly but fought through the craving. The second day was better etc etc. Smoke free for 3 months now.

I have been on Chantix for about 5 weeks now. I can't say if it will
make me give up smoking as I have tried several times before. I probably
will stop taking it, not because of psychotic effects, but that the nausea
is a really horrible vomiting feeling, even though I cut back down to
one a day.

I believe the mental effects are not from Chantix but the result of the
absence of a cigarette in one's life. Chantix only blocks the effects
of nicotine on the brain receptors. The result is you experience what all
non-smokers get when they try their first cigarette - i.e a horrible taste
and wonderment to why people do it. What Chantix doesn't address is the association of the cigarette to the many pleasures of life. The absence of
the cigarette takes away everything else worth living for..etc. This can
only be resolved by re-training, okay some call it brainwashing, but it is
no different to what the cigarette did to us in the first place.

I had taken chantix about a year ago and quit for 6 months with limited side effects. Six months ago I was diagnosed bipolar (the least severe one) but anyway, my doctor put me on lamictal and I have been doing wonderfully. 3 weeks ago I started chantix for the second time and had totally different side effects. I cant sleep, but cant seem to get out of bed either, I am very moody, especially with my fiance. We can be having a great time one minute and then...BOOM...I flip for no reason.

Whatever he says I blow way out of proportion. After I'm finished screaming, I feel so stupid and sorry for acting the way I did...I just cry uncontrollably. I then try to convince my fiance that he shouldn't be with me because I'm crazy and I don't deserve him. The strong man that he is, he sticks by me, but says it has to stop.

We both agreed I should stop taking chantix which was 3 days ago. I have not gotten any better yet...but we are both praying I will go back to my normal, happy, lovey self really soon.

I took Chantix for 6 weeks and it seem to work well. I noticed that it made cigarettes taste bad. That helped. I quit taking the prescription and developed flu like symptoms and had a complete loss of smell. My Ear nose an throat doctor examined me and did all the tests. He said there was nothing that could be done and just to hope your sense of smell returns.

It's now been a year and I have not been able to taste anything. I've heard that others have experienced this same effect after taking Chantix. My life has been miserable and the joy of dinner out and eating has gone. I'm so distressed that I would join anyone in a class lawsuit against Pfizer for not warning smokers that this effect could happen to them.

Have any other people had long lasting effects from chantix?? My bf took it over a yr ago... he has been hospitalized 3 times, been put on every psych med you can imagine and his career is over. The doctors just don't know what to do, they keep giving him more meds that don't work. He is depressed, has severe anxiety, can't concentrate...the list goes on. This is a horrible ruins peoples lives. I'm curious to see how many people are going through the same thing and if anything has helped.

Unfortunately it's a blurry line between med side effects and withdrawal symptoms. After failing in '07 (mostly due to half-hearted commitment to quit) I decided to attempt again in Feb. '09. I was undergoing major foot surgery and I knew smoking is extremely detrimental to recovery. I planned my quit date to coincide with my surgery date, and I began to cut back, not as Chantix recommends, but did curtail over a two week period in preparation for the big day-surgery/quitting.

As had happened in '07, the dreams were incredibly vivid-not nightmarish, pleasurable in fact-but disturbing. Appetite was suppressed, experienced a little nausea, the "blues", frequent insomnia, and sometimes I couldn't read (limited focus), but because I was also taking post-op meds, I could not be sure if it was the Chantix, the meds, or the withdrawal symptoms, which I know from previous experience, can be brutal. Good planning, right? I think so; just the thought of smoking was so repulsive to me and I didn't care what got the credit!

Nevertheless, I played it safe and stayed on Chantix for a third month,even if it meant resorting to Lunesta for awhile. So, long story short, I simultaneously recovered from my surgery and my horrible addiction to the most self-destructive habit known to mankind, in my opinion.

Yes, I think about it now and then, especially while enjoying a glass of great wine, but I make myself go through the ridiculous ritual mentally (purchase, opening, tapping, lighting up, and not the first drag, but rather the seventh or eighth, when inhaling has become automatic and no longer that rewarding) and I cringe. (Not to mention the cost, which is a bargain in the big picture, but commitment required, please!)

For me, Chantix was a means to unload the monkey I had been carrying on my back for 40 years. Uncomfortable shedding my "friend"? You bet, but I was able to finally cross over to the side of the "NON's": non-fidgeters, stinkers, grouches, out-of-breathers, excuse-makers, physical flunkees, and social pariahs. Too little too late? Maybe, but I'm choosing to be optimistic. My doctor is ultra-conservative, yet he really encouraged me to use Chantix and I am so grateful.

With your MD's ok, your mindset, and a good plan for behavior modification, I would not hesitate to recommend Chantix. But you must WANT to leave the habit behind and move on. Good luck and bon voyage!

Been on chantix for 14 days now and haven't had a smoke in 7 days. still have minor cravings but its seems easy to deal with those cravings and not smoke. the worst side affects so far are constipation, upset stomach (but if i take it while eating starchy foods its much much better), and have had some dreaming issues but very minor. I don't normally remember any dreams whatsoever, so I'm not sure if dreaming is a good or bad side effect.

I have noticed myself getting upset more often and over unimportant things. Mostly at work. But that those feelings leave just as quick and I'll be normal. If feeling like my intestines are full of bowling balls is the worst thing I experience and this drug saves me $3000 or more a year by not buying smokes I'll be more than happy!

My wife also started taking chantix the same day I did. She seems to be doing ok. If she's dealing with any side effects she isn't saying much about it, but she has said multiple times how much she wants a smoke (but she hasn't had one in 6 days).

I think this is happening to me... I took chantix two years ago for quite a while, it did curb my smoking a lot, but I had every side effect there was (however did not relate it to chantix because I had just got married and son went to army). I had not ever really been on any type of meds before other than vitamins and tylenol etc.

Now two years later I am always nervous and feel very anxious and sometimes think I am having a heart attack, I have no insurance and therefore got NO HELP! I think chantix has ruined my self esteem...I wish i had never taken this drug! I hope everyone will think twice before taking chantix!

I'm sorry you are having lasting side effects too... wellbutrin is supposed to be the drug to counter act side effects of chantix but unfortunately some people are sensitive and cant take any SSRI's or psych meds (like my BF).

I think chantix should be taken off the's not worth the chance of having long lasting side effects. The severe anxiety is debilitating... has it gotten better for you over time?

Has anyone experienced increase cholesterol or triglyceride levels while on Chantix?

I used Chantix three years ago and quit smoking for all of three months.
Retried again last year and had terrible side effects including raising my cholesterol 120 pts. It has taken until this past month to get my levels back into normal range.

Finishing up 2nd week of Chantix. Only smoked once since the quit day. Crazy, Awesome dreams. No nausea in the morning, but a little when I get home. I guess I should take it with food. No suicidal thoughts, but never had any in the first place. No increased anger, but I find myself complaining a lot more. First day in the gym since I quit smoking. It was great, I can breath. Also, the world now smells like a korean restaurant. That is not the Chantix's fault. Sex is fine.

Chantix worked, but the side effects were too much for me. Severe nausea, everything smelled bad and tasted bad, I lost weight. The dreams were intense (the only thing I enjoyed), but the real clencher was severe depression and suicidal thoughts, it was so bad I would rather smoke then feel like that.

I quit cold turkey and got chest pains and the depression is still bad (not as bad as on it). My leg started shaking uncontrollable too, and it still hasn't stopped. they had to give me xanax to try to control it, but it doesn't stop it really. I am so mad that the doctor talked me into this drug, I wanted the nicatrol inhaler, but she said this was better.

Let me explain to those who have never used this how exactly it stops you from smoking: It blocks the receptors in your brain from getting the dopamine that nicotine helps release so smoking doesn't feel as good. But then, nothing else feels as good either. If you have ever had any depression TRY ANOTHER WAY.

I just finished my Chantix last night. Even though I have stopped smoking it has been one of the worst experiences of my life. I have been treated prior to Chantix with depression. It worsened to the point of many suicidal thoughts and one action. I realized I did not want to die and called a friend. I experienced vivid dreams. I would wake up screaming and yelling.

They were so bizarre-my granddaughter turning into a hamster-things like that. I would wake up exhausted. I had extreme nausea with Chantix. A friend of mine was on her second go round with Chantix and became severely depressed and went off it.

When I would tell my friends my dreams they would say "Quit the Chantix and go back to smoking."
I would never use this drug again.

Started taking the drug 3 months ago- no side effects at all!! Sex life is good, no dreams nada....

After 30 years of smoking I am finally convinced that I can do this....

I can't believe it!! After 32 years of smoking, I am at the point where I don't give a damn about a cig... I do not have bad dreams or side effects, what I have is no desire to smoke.

Apparently, Chantix effects everyone differently. I can, however, debunk the myth that the anxiety and depression are caused from nicotine withdrawal. I quit taking Chantix last night, Day 6, due to feelings of depression, feeling disconnected and flat emotions. Additionally, I have had this odd headache, feel like I'm in a fog and this morning I could barely walk straight after getting out of bed. I have continued to smoke my two packs a day the whole time so lack of nicotine is not the issue.

I'm sure Chantix works a near miracle for some people but is bad news for others. I wish so strongly that it could have worked for me. I am so tired of smoking.

My first time on chantix, I had very bad thumping headaches at the same time as orgasm. I think it was the chantix, this time taking chantix I have a mild headache all the time.

Has anyone on Chantix ever experienced very sore joints? Knees, shoulders, wrists, fingers. This has been really painful for me. This is my second time trying to quit with Chantix and same painful joints. I did not put the two together until I realized it was the same few month two years ago that I had the same painful joints.

After reading so many of these I thought the pain I feel in my joints, was caused by something else. Two years ago Jan. 2008 I was taking Chantix and quite smoking for 3 months. The terrible joint pain especially in my knees. Fast forward to Oct., 2009 I started taking Chantix a month ago and my pain started about 2 weeks ago. My shoulders, wrists, fingers, knees are all in pain, but again mostly my knees. I am living off OTC pain relievers and Bio-Freeze gel. I have made an appt. with my M.D., but friend thought I might have lupus, that really scared me.

I am going to live with the pain for now. I still crave a smoke now and then. I have adult onset Asthma and COPD, so I really need to quit, no matter the pain.

I started taking Chantix and got about half way into my second week before I quit taking it. It didn't seem to help my cravings much. But that's not the point.

I have had a bit of a history dealing with anxiety. The therapist I've seen for it qualifies it as a mild case. I've very rarely had feelings of depression, but still a few.

Upon beginning Chantix, I have felt depression kicking in. By day 11 or so, I was miserable!!! Not much anxiety, just depressed and sad. There's really no reason for it. Things are all going pretty well in my life, but everything seems gloomy and the few things that could be "a bit better" now seem completely hopeless!

My last dose was about 48 hours ago. I have been up and down since. I wonder how much longer this will last. I can't stand it!! I can't believe my doc recommended this for me knowing that I have had issues with Anxiety and possibly depression before! There seem to be people all over the Internet talking about Chantix and Depression.

Be careful if you decide to take this med!

I started taking Chantix 3 weeks ago. The first full dose day, I started feeling nuts - horrible headaches and extremely high level of anxiety. I reduced my dosage to .5 mg per day and I feel much better. Today is day 8 of not smoking. I feel ok. I think that the recommended dosage for me was way too high.

I also started taking Chantix despite the warnings of side effects. Some of my friends have tried it and it worked for them; others said it was not a good experience. I got up to day 9 and today I have thrown the rest of the month supply in the trash. I don't even care that it cost me nearly $150--it's not worth it. Not only have I had the insomnia, nightmares, and nausea, but I am becoming severely depressed and irritable thanks to Chantix. And it hasn't made me not want to smoke, either.

If you start this drug and start feeling the negative side effects, STOP. I don't believe this medication is for everyone.

I started taking Chantix 9 days ago and basically feel fine. My actual quit day was 2 days ago and the cravings are def. diminishing. I actually feel less irritable. I have never had a problem with depression. I do have some joint aching and vivid dreams, but nothing that I can't deal with.

I don't get nauseated and my appetite seems less which is good as I am overweight to begin with and don't need to gain weight by quitting smoking. As long as I stay like this I will continue. Chantix worked for my boyfriend too.

I am on my 10th day of Chantix, so far so good. I am a bit fuzzy, get dizzy spells, of course there is the nausea and intense dreams at night. I am definitely tired from lack of restful sleep, which makes me wonder if the lack of sleep has something to do with people's level of irritability? I usually have more of an aggressive personality so I am thankful that I haven't become more aggressive, in fact it so far seems I am less irritable and reactive to stupidity (at least so far).

This is only day 3 of no smoking, however I think if I can make it through the first box of meds (that will be 3 weeks of no smoking) I will slowly lower the dosage due to what I have seen posted on this site. I have let all of my co workers know I am trying to quit smoking and I am taking a medication that has high risk of changing my personality, possibly making me suicidal etc. I would rather people are aware of what could happen to stop it over keeping it a secret and taking a bigger risk of no longer being here or losing my mind :).

Outside of the 'normal' side effects, it has worked wonderfully; I don't feel like I need the nicotine (however I still want to smoke out of habit), and I am definitely not as mean as I have been during the prior attempts to quit cold turkey.

If you choose to try the medication, I would suggest letting the people that see you day in and day out (at work, at the gym, etc) what the possible side effects are and to have them tell you if they notice any extreme personality changes etc. Kind of a safety net so to speak.

I wish the best to everyone that has posted here..

Currently on my 6th day of this wonderful drug Chantix. My oh my. Yes, there are side effects. But are they any worse than those I would experience years down the road had I not made the choice to put a stop to my nicotine addiction? I have not had the dreams so many describe. I do experience a little nausea, but nothing one cant handle. The nausea cant be any worse than after a night out on the town.

And if I eat something, the nausea DOESNT HAPPEN! The prescription clearly reads TAKE WITH FOOD. The headaches come and go. And who is to say it is from the the Chantix? I wouldn't put it past my work, or my spouse or traffic on the way home or those bills on my counter or, yes that's right...the lack of nicotine.

All I can say is I am happy I have made this choice. I haven't had a smoke since day 3 (I smoked a pack a day before that for 10 years) and I plan to never smoke again. The only time I even remotely think I want a smoke is out of habit ie with coffee, or a beer or when I wake up. Other than that, I'm on the road to officially being a NON SMOKER and I owe it to myself for making the choice to see my doctor who prescribed me CHANTIX!

I've been taking Chantix a little over a week now, and I have not quit, but I plan to do so in 3 days (my husband's quit date) I have only ever tried cold turkey and the gum (which gave me terrible heartburn!) I have been smoking for my than half of my life now (I'm 30 and ready to quit!!)

So far my side effects have been EXTREME water retention (I've never had this before!) My eyes burn up all of the sudden and tears literally pour down my face. My nose is drippy and my ankles are huge, my feet are swollen. I have the strangest dreams... dreams about someone I wasn't even friends with in high school, a tv show I haven't seen in years, the woman I saw on the street last week... so weird. These dreams wake me up, then I immediately fall back to sleep into another weirdo dream.

I also have dry mouth, I'm sooo tired ALL the time (I was never a big sleeper, now its my favorite thing!) and eekkk...constipation. I feel bloated and gross.

My concern is that I have had mild depression and anxiety in the past (years ago), I'm not on any other meds,and I take the recommended dose of Chantix. I'm just a little worried about these suicidal thoughts and fits of rage everyone is talking about. Since I haven't been taking Chantix to long, I'm afraid this could happen to me. I have 2 small children and I'm a stay at home if I'm taking a medication that could potentially make me flip on my kids...this concerns me.

My question these episodes happen suddenly, or is it a build up over a few days/weeks? Also, when in the progression of the med does this (usually) take place? Can this happen @ anytime, or does it usually happen in the first few weeks, etc? Also if this were to happen, how long after stopping Chantix would these mood disorders stop? Thanks and good luck to all :)

Hey MM, just wanted to commend you on your bravery and commitment to make your life better. Excellent job!!! I have also dealt with AA (my mom and dad) quitting smoking (all of us and my husband) I'm sure your family is very proud of you, you've had to overcome literally a super human feat. Kudos to you! Great work :)

SM, I'm so happy to hear about your success story!! Good for you, I'm glad you finally beat "the demon." Best of luck to you:)

This drug is a nightmare!!! My boyfriend took it for 2 weeks and during that period, he was an absolute JERK!! He was very depressed and sat in his room for almost a week straight and didn't want to do anything. He was a jerk and his temper was so short. I was on the verge of breaking up with him. This medication did more harm than I could have imagined. As soon as he got off Chantix, I got my old boyfriend back.

The medication turned him into a complete monster. I didn't even know who he was. I'm just glad hes off it now, he also had crazy dreams and insomnia. He wouldn't fall asleep until about 4am every night. I don't recommend this medication to ANYONE! I THINK ITS TERRIBLE!

I took Chantix almost 2 yrs ago and I believe that I am still have major side effects from it. My husband said I am a different person than what I was before that medicine and yes, it did help me quit smoking, but I am on anti-depressant and I am in therapy because of the severe depression and anxiety that I believe that this drug has caused. I believe that I am still suffering from side of effects of this drug almost 2 years later has anyone else has a similar experience?

This is my 2nd time on this med. First time I took it for a little over 2 months. It worked great, no side effects, but I stopped taking it, remodeled a bathroom and got married all in the span of 2 weeks. Oh and my husband was still smoking, so very easy for me to go back to smoking. This time around my husband is also on it. We're into our 2nd week, both of us have stopped smoking.

Only side effect for both of us have been nausea (easily remedied by taking with food) and very vivid dreams with recall. Not disturbing dreams, just very random. My husband has been a little irritable but it's nowhere near as bad as when he tried to stop smoking cold turkey, so I can't really consider that a side effect. All in all, no complaints from us.

I'm very interested in knowing the ages of some of the successful ex-smokers. The reason for my curiosity is my Mother. She is 72 years old, has smoked for 50 years, has COPD and a recent heart attack. She started taking Chantix one and a half weeks ago and immediately started having the dreams. My Dad would say they are nightmares. She is talking, yelling and twitching while asleep. When awake she is confused a lot.

Before taking Chantrix she was fine, even at 72. When awake she complains about being extremely weak which could be because of her health problems but 3 days ago she fell, busted her head, 10 stitches, and said her legs just got weak. So.... in closing, again I'm very interested (and concerned) in knowing if there is someone out there similar in age, health and side effects that might be able to put my mind at rest that these extreme side effects will pass and my Mother will be able to stop smoking.

I started Chantix after many unsuccessful attempts over the last year or so. I've been smoking over 40 years and have quit a few times for short periods after having an illnesses that precluded smoking. Foolishly I started again believing that quitting was as simple as getting a bad cold or flu. Now at 60 I realized after heart surgery that had to quit and was desperate to do what ever it took. I had friends who had taken it without ill effects so I felt safe in trying it and a physician who seemed not at all concerned explaining the side effects were far less risky than those of smoking.

I took the first pill from the starter kit the evening of the day my physician prescribed it. Wow, that night I had the most vivid, colorful, interactive dreams I could ever remember. When I got up the next morning I commented to my partner that this drug was great and quitting smoking will be fun and the dreams would be a great reward.

But something was a little bit off. When I took my morning shower I couldn't remember which washcloth was mine and what to do next after I washed my hair. The whole day was a little off. By night three the dreams had turned into nightmares from which I awoke angry and agitated. I found it hard to function, kind of disconnect from my normal conscious self. I rationalized it away as getting use to the drug which is something my physician warned me about.

I awoke the morning of the 4th day after another dream/nightmare. My partner was snoring which agitated me to the point where I thought a bullet would certainly solve this problem. The shock of such a thought, which is so far removed from the way I normally feel, scared me and I was only 4 days into the regime. On day four the dosage doubles and the thought of an increased effect of this drug scared me so I went online to see what info the might be out there about this drug. What I found convinced me that I did not want to risk my future to a drug that may or may not work and has a great potential for devastating consequences.

I chose not to continue with day 4 Chantix and have successfully completed day 4 of cold turkey. I believe that we are all different and that some individuals are more prone to the purported possible side effects of this drug. For me it felt as if I were having an allergic reaction to the drug as the effects came on so rapidly. Unlike my friends, most of whom reported no adverse reactions, I reason that I must be among those who believe this drug should be taken with an extreme degree of caution and awareness of possible serious side effects.

Did you ever gain back your Libido? I have lost mine as well, been off chantix for two weeks now and it's just gone.

I have been off chantix for 2+ years. Before taking it I struggled with alcohol and gambling. I started taking it and wow did I have a problem. I had to call 800-bets-off and started AA immediately. To this day I am still getting "episodes" and VERY moody. I never yelled like I do now at the kids. I have been told I am bi-polar and everything else under the sun. I am heading back to the doctor to see what can be done but have been to 6 different docs and they all say it can't be the chantix including my wife (for now). My life is totally different and don't know how to fix it.

Has anyone had success suffering from this? I consider myself educated as I work in the insurance industry and struggle with what seems to me as lack of motivation and my mind wandering. When I go into episodes I sometimes black out in them. Please reply if you have had any luck treating this as it seems my temper is getting worse.

Honestly for me I think chantix had some pretty bad side effects, I never really experienced depression, I was only on it for about 5 days, starting on day 2 of taking this medicine I started experiencing blackouts at fairly high rate. Each one lasted for an unknown amount of time, however I would guess the longest one was at least 1 hour. I'm not talking blacked out as in fell asleep, I'm talking blacked out and have no idea what I had done, said, or what. I never came to in the same place.

The part that was finally the last for me was when I came to I was in my car it was running, I still have no idea what I did during that period of time. Freaked me out, so I saw my doctor and stopped taking chantix. No blackouts since then


My story is the same as yours.. I tried Chantix 2 times and first time it worked for a few months and the second I fell into the same drinking trap you did. Blackouts and depression of wanting to leave my life the people around me and my family... It's been about 8 months since I decided to stop taking it.. I am smoking still but unfortunately I CAN NOT shake the side effects... The dreams, depression and now I think I am becoming an alcoholic because it is the only thing that helps me sleep and numbs the pain... So not only am I still smoking and I feel there is no good reason to live, but I now need to seek counseling for alcohol... We need to work together and get this drug off the market.


I haven't read ALL the posts here, but the vast majority seem to be from people who have just started taking Chantix. I feel so bad for you because the real problems can be after you've stopped taking it.

My husband took Chantix for a month - he quit smoking on the 8th day like he was supposed to, and knew he wasn't smoking again, so he weaned off the Chantix by the end of 4 or 5 weeks. Yes, he had weird dreams while taking it, but the problems have been since he stopped taking it. He started having extreme anxiety. Not just periodic anxiety attacks, but anxiety all the time. Debilitating anxiety, to the point where he could hardly do his job. This continued for several weeks before we started to realize that it had to be from the Chantix.

Then one day he woke up and his left arm was numb and tingling, and he was light-headed. He went to work but started having chest pain, intense pressure in his head and couldn't focus on what was being said to him - he just sort of zoned out. He drank some water, took an aspirin, and felt better, but I told him to call the doctor, who told him to go to the ER. His blood pressure (at least an hour after the episode) was 170 over 120(?) and the ER doctor said he would not have wanted to have it that high for very long, and it didn't come down until they put a nitro patch on him... but none of their testing showed anything wrong!!

The doctor who admitted him to the hospital for observation said he probably had high blood pressure because coming to the ER was stressful. Are you kidding me?
Anyway, the doctors are only trying to treat the anxiety. He's been trying different anti-depressants that are supposed to help with anxiety, but the side effect of depression is keeping him from functioning very well. He's also taking sleeping meds or else he can't sleep, and anti-anxiety meds because he still has problems with anxiety. He can't work ,and doesn't want to do anything. It's just a mess!

He's been off Chantix for about 3 1/2 months. The warnings on Chantix say to stop taking it if you notice certain side effects- but they don't tell you what you can do if the side effects start after you have ALREADY STOPPED taking it!! And they don't tell you it can be debilitating anxiety or that it can last indefinitely! I am telling everyone I know to not take Chantix because the risk of having these problems, or worse, just aren't worth it. Find another way to quit smoking, please!

This site said not all comments are posted, so I don't know how they screen them, but I hope everyone can read about our experience.
Good luck!

I took Chantix last January (08) for approx. 12 weeks. I put no effort into stopping smoking, but within 12 weeks I went from 3 packs of cigarettes a day to 3 cigarettes a day. I did, however suffer from some pretty severe psycho-emotional problems during that time and for several months after that.

I am normally a very stable-mooded, positive person. But during my Chantix use I definitely experienced unreasonable anger, depression, feelings of hopelessness, fleeting thoughts of being better off dead. Dreams were vivid but I can't say they were unpleasant. Unfortunately, I was experiencing a stressed-out home life during that time period too (adult child moved back in with her baby) so I didn't instantly recognize that the Chantix was causing many of the issues during the time.

I stopped using it to see if those problems would cease but my daughter moved out right around the same time. The emotional problems lingered for several months after discontinuing use. Others definitely noticed. One thing to consider: I am one of those people that have weird mood reactions to some prescription meds and many over-the-counter diet/nutrition supplements. I have slowly built my smoking habit back to a pack and 1/2 a day over the past year.

I am going to give Chantix another shot, but I plan to discuss with my Dr. the problems I had previously. I understand there is an additional drug they can give to counteract those symptoms. I will report my progress.

Nancy, DO NOT give the Chantix another try. The water retention from it just killed my mom on January 7th 2010. She took Chantix from November 5th until about November 25th, 2009.

Recorded weight by doctors between October 22nd, and December 3rd she gained 75 pounds of nothing but FLUID!!!! Her liver started going bad then her kidneys shut down. If you had the problems with swelling before don't go for a second round!!! I am burying my mother today because of the Chantix. I'd rather have her smoking and here, than where she is now!


Varenicline-associated acute renal failure.
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My husband was on Chantix for 4months and he went into a deep depression after quitting it, doc just gave him wellbutrin... I hope it works for him. I hate to see him cry for everything and anything.

In respond to the reader asking about a possible connection between and Pick's disease I wanted her/him to know that my 62yr.old brother took chantix and successfully quit smoking. However, he now has Pick's Disease. I'm sure, at this point, he'd rather be smoking.

Is there any way you could give her my e-mail address (you have my permission), so that we could communicate? If I don't hear anything from her for awhile, I can only assume that a concerned and huge company as yours just doesn't want the general public to know about this.

I'm in the latter part of my 3rd week taking Chantix, and I haven't had any of the major side effects other than a bit of nausea when I take the morning pill, which is my fault because I usually don't eat anything right away.

I am still smoking, but a lot less than I was before I started taking the pills. I smoked 2 packs a day, and now I am down to 1/2 pack or less. I am still taking the pills, and I am fortunate to have not suffered anything dramatic thus far. I will be starting week 4 in two days.

I had smoked for 30 years, and started when I was 11, I will say that Chantix did help me succeed in not smoking. I am 3 months smoke free. Although it has not come without a price.

As with some others I do have a history of depression and am being treated with Wellbutrin. I took Chantix for 2 1/2 months and weaned off of it carefully. Although I feel like I am going absolutely crazy. I do have suicidal thoughts and do not want to live any longer. I am making very unlikely and unusual mistakes on my job that have been noticed and may end up costing me my job.

I am very irritable and edgy. My husband says he never knows which Ruth is going to wake up in the morning. I have now been off of Chantix for 6 weeks now and my Dr. doesn't believe that this is from the Chantix and is sending me to a psychologist (which at this point is best before I do end up hurting myself). But the mere fact that he doesn't believe me has me very upset.

Does anyone know how long the after effects take to start to subside? And does anyone know if this Chantix should not be prescribed in addition to Wellbutrin? I really need help.

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: THE MANUFACTURER'S PRESCRIBING INFORMATION SPECIFICALLY STATES IT DOES NOT INTERACT WITH WELLBUTRIN: Drug interaction studies were performed with varenicline and digoxin, warfarin, transdermal nicotine, bupropion, cimetidine and metformin. No clinically meaningful pharmacokinetic drug-drug interactions have been identified.

For Ruth - I had no history of depression but had tried Welbutrin for smoking cessation, unsuccessfully. First attempt with Chantix failed but second time around, a year ago this month, it worked. Yes, I experienced depression but I figured I was going thru major withdrawal symptoms -- after all, as my doctor said, nicotine is as addictive, if not more, than cocaine or even heroin.

Chantix helped me ride it out, but there's got to be some parts of your brain that still "remember" and feel very deprived. And after 40 years of smoking, yeah, my mind and body were protesting in every way imaginable, including a deep sadness as if I had lost my best friend. We're used to thinking cigarettes are our "friends", always there when we need them - of course, that's not the least bit true! I hope through your therapy and patience, you soon celebrate your "loss" as I was able to. It took about 4 months of bewilderment, anger, and lots of tears before I started feeling better, but I can't say I am my old self -- my "old self" was an addict. I wish you luck.

I started taking Chantix on Feb 7, 2010. I started feeling more irritable after a couple of days but I'm not sure that it was the meds and just my natural withdrawal from my long time friend, Nicotine.

On Saturday Feb 13 I broke out in hives under my bottom lip. By Tuesday Feb 16 my throat was swollen as if I had strep throat. It hurt to swallow. My tongue became so swollen that it showed indentations of my teeth. My doctor advised me to take Benadryl and call an ambulance to get the ER immediately. I am no longer taking Chantix but it may be helpful to some.

Good Luck to all,

Please... don't take this drug when pregnant. Your hormones are all over the place anyway, and being pregnant is NOT the time to start gambling with your state of mind - surely it's not worth the risk? My friend had a terrifying experience with Chantix, I was very afraid for her. She eventually switched to electronic cigarettes which do not emit any second hand smoke or odor, only harmless water vapor (she was trying to quit as she didn't want to smoke around her kids) but it took her a long time to get over the effects of chantix. Please be very cautious!


Wow this thread looks like an advertisement about reason's not to take Chantix. I have been taking it for two months. I have bi-polar and depression illness which scared me to death due to the reports people are giving about Chantix. I took it anyway, I decided that you are going to hear from more unhappy people than you will the happy ones.

I have had gas and bloating, some dreams... not to disturbing, more interesting. And NO suicidal thoughts. I successfully quit smoking. I am thrilled. Chantix does not "BLOCK" dopamine receptors as somebody suggested. It actually releases dopamine... in much smaller amounts then nicotine does. To address another post here, You can't wait for the pill to "make you stop wanting cigarettes" It does not work that way. Just stop smoking sometime after the first week. You will see that you have no chemical nicotine withdraw symptoms.

You WILL still have to deal with the psychological symptoms.... I suggest joining an online support group like cessation. You will get a ton of information there along with a space just for people quitting with Chantix.
I am happy to say that Chantix has saved my life.

My husband has been taking chantix and is now on his 7th week, he has gone from 3 packs a day down to 1 or 2 packs in a week. I am starting to get concerned about his behavior, he is starting to get very moody and hostile even. I am more concerned with him having severe headaches, heartburn and depression. Him being a man doesn't want to go to the doctor and he says it will go away.

I want him to stop taking the chantix but now am concerned about when he gets off of the medicine what will happen.....


I hope you and you're wife are doing better. I stopped taking Chantix 3 days ago. I awoke one morning having flu like symptoms, legs and hands shaking, dizziness and felt like I was having a stroke.... I've been smoke free since January 19th, I don't want to go back to smoking.

I have placed a call to my doctor as I am afraid of what is happening to me. I can't focus, my legs and arms feel like jelly all the time and I've always been very active and energetic. I really do not feel like dealing with work issues and I have to make self motivate myself everyday. I am looking into ways to remove all the effects from my body. I would not recommend this product to ANYONE.

My husband, a very bright successful man, took Chantix from 11/07-2/08. Quit smoking successfully and bragged about it!

There are no symptoms of dementia in his family and at 61 he has had to retire, use only cash for all the mixed up financial transactions, have a schedule of daily activities. After 2 years of behavioral changes, we have been to a Neuroloigist with an initial diagnosis of Alz. Disease.

They ordered tests and are looking at Pick's disease- Frontotemporal dementia or FTD. I will know the conclusive diagnosis soon after all the secondary tests are run. But he has 7 brothers and sisters, all fine, and his parents, although withered in body are sharp as tacks at 89 and 85. His parents many sibs, unless gone to cancer, are still alive and the same good shape.

No grandparents history of problems like this. Doesn't make sense. Chantix effects the same part of the brain and I am worried!

All I can say to all potential users of chantix, find a different solution. I took chantix for about three weeks until I suffered my first seizure in my whole life. I fell and broke my jaw. Since that time I stopped taking chantix but have continued to have seizures. I have had about 6 now. I went 6 months seizure free before getting behind the wheel. I was on the highway driving 75mph at which time I had a seizure. I swerved hit 2 other cars and my car flipped about 5 times before stopping. I suffered a brain contusion and have been recovering ever since. Will these ever end? Is there a cure?

I tried using chantix but suffered side effects that have still not faded. It's been a year. I feel no emotion whatsoever. No happiness sadness anger nothing. My wife left me now. No one wants to be around me cause I'm brutally honest, working on it, it seems that I have to use logic to get through the day and everything is much more complicated now. Has anyone else noticed this? Also because I did not care about anything I decided that I do in fact like the taste so I still smoke. Anyone agree?

I have been on Chantix for over 3 weeks and will stop asap !
Yes it did wonders to help me quit.... 2 weeks smoke free now but the past 3-4 days things have taken a turn for the worse.
I have always been VERY PASSIVE and even headed with everyday situations But as of late this is not the case. I get truly angry with many people and my family/wife. I thought this was due to withdrawals but the nicotine leaves the system in 3 days! What I'm feeling is not withdrawal it's true anger that is uncontrollable.....TIME TO STOP THE MADNESS!

I have been taking Chantix for 6 days. Some of the side effects I have had so far are... I have been very tired in the late afternoon. I do feel like I want to be alone. I also feel that my sense or perception is altered. I almost feel to lazy to go and have a cigarette.

I don't like the feeling that the meds makes me feel. I do feel like my emotions have been raised. I cried like a baby the other day when my daughter didn't want to go to school. Dreams have been a bit more vivid and strange. I actually stopped smoking today (day 6) so hopefully I can stop taking the meds sooner. I dislike the feeling so much that it is helping me quit (don't know if that is intended) yesterday I slept 13hrs and woke up feeling positive that smoking is in the past.

I hope everyone ultimately has a safe experience and better understanding of the effects of the drug.

I lost my wife due to the side effects of Chantix. Although for most people this is a miracle drug it was a nightmare for my family. It caused anger, depression, and psychotic episodes with my wife. She quit smoking completely within weeks of taking Chantix but became completely angry for over a year after. She started waking up in the middle of the night saying "you are going to kill me, you and your friends are going to kill me" then run to her sons room and lock the door. I know that this is only a small percentage of cases but PLEASE monitor this drug closely and stop at any sign of adverse mental effects. We are divorced because of these effects I hope others can prevent that from happening.

You make a very good point, your body and your emotions go through hellish changes no matter which method you try to quit smoking. So how much is withdraw and how much is the medication? I started taking Chantix and had to cut the dose down to 1/4 of a pill a day and have gradually increased to 2 whole pills a day, due to the nausea. I have been on Chantix for three weeks now and I have started smoking much less and do see me stopping completely.

I have such surreal dreams that I have to look around my house to make sure I didn't really do the things I dreamed about, and sometimes the dreams make me feel a little crazy. I will wean off the Chantix when I quit smoking. And the other night I had vivid dreams about how great it felt to be a non-smoker. I do think doctors need to educate patients on the side effects more, but I would recommend this medication to be used with extreme caution. It beats smoking.

I've been on Chantix for almost 6 weeks and ended up calling my doctor to see if I needed to wean or just stop the medication because of all the bad reactions listed in the medication insert that I've had. I did stop smoking after the first week.

The first week was fine and then I had flu like symptoms, sweating, chills, migraine headaches, vomiting, weakness, unable to sleep more than a few hours, isolation, depression, nightmares, leg cramps, anger, rage, yelling at people for no reason confusion, nothing tastes right, not wanting to eat, everything smells awful, not wanting to do anything, especially go out in public and work.

I hate the way I feel. All I want to do is stay in pjs on the couch and not interact with anyone. I'm having memory issues. My husband of 1 1/2 years says that he wants his "happy" wife back. I'm afraid that these symptoms will continue even after stopping the Chantix. I will never use this medication again or recommend it to anyone!!!

Okay I am about a 1 -2 pack a day smoker. I started the 3 pills starter pack... one pill a day. I stopped. I then got 5 days in a row... horrible migraines... with the aura and blind spots then pain... then vomiting just from the pain. I don't know what to do. I just started back up hoping the migraines aren't related.

My husband wants me to quit; it's destroying our marriage due to the cost of the cigs. I may try wellbutrin or zyban. Lost and don't know what to do.

My mother was diagnosed with bipolar I disorder eight years ago, and since getting on her medication had been doing fine. But this past week things got progressively worse. First she threw away everything in our house that was "unnatural"= meat products, nail polish, she even cut the fuse out of our air conditioner.

She told me to go away with her because of "Bad spirits" but the worst came then next day. She kept talking about a "white cat" and then claimed my dad was having affairs with her best friend (Both were beside her trying to calm her down) She started crying when I left with my dad and said that she knew he abused me (He has never touched a hair on my head).

She then started yelling obscenities at her friend and punched her numerous times, my dad tried to intervene and she got a golf club and swung it at him. She pushed me. Bottom line she is in the mental hospital now with no signs of recovery. The psychiatrist prescribed her chantix about two weeks ago and told her "now I warned you it could possible produce a manic episode" this is while she is on one. My mother is acting normal when I visit her but still has delusions- my dad is out to get her, the staff is trying to make her disappear.

I fear what will happen when she comes home. This is the worst possible thing to ever happen.

Its really interesting to read about the people that felt they had side effects @6 months after taking Chantix. I was 34 yo when I took Chantix (two years ago), work as an ICU nurse, and the only side effects I had was a little nausea for about 30 minutes after taking the medication. However, at about 6 months after stopping the medication, I had heart racing, severely high blood pressure, palpitations, GI upset and fatigue. I was at work one night and felt "weird".... my BP was 210/107 and the supervisor had to call a nurse in to take over my patients while I went to the ER. I was rx an anti-anxiety med even though the only thing I felt causing me anxiety was my declining health.

Over the next few months I started BP medicine, (which half the time worked), had my gallbladder out, went to the MD a million times, missed a lot of work, etc..... Only now (2 years later) does it seem to be improving. It is really scary ( and trust me this is the very short version) because the doctors don't really listen but you know something has clicked inside your body and changed it forever. I am still not feeling like I did before the Chantix but I have had some improvement with the "anxiety", heart racing and palpitations and feelings of hopelessness that resulted.

Think hard before taking the medication. It was pretty easy for me to quit with the medicine but I don't think I will ever be the same. I appreciate this blog and everyone's input because until right this minute, I did not know of anyone else that felt the medication had caused similar side effects 6 months AFTER taking the medication.


I am also bi-polar and taking Chantix. I had a few side effects like constipation and one day I cried in church. All in all it is, in my opinion, worth taking if you want to quit smoking. My Doctor knows the meds I take for Depression/PTS . . . and he was all for Chantix. It is just worth the risk because smoking is so harmful to your health.

Hope that helps.

I am a smoker for the past 45 years. I just started Chantix 4 days ago and I noticed an almost immediate difference in a cigarette about 2 hours after the first 0.5mg pill. When I smoked I got absolutely no kick out of it. I knew at that time I was on the right course. They tell you to smoke for a week after you start Chantix. Perhaps so you can let go of an old friend slowly.

My side effects are primarily headaches but Tylenol or aspirin takes care of that. I certainly feel differently now than prior to starting Chantix. I recognize that I am easily irritated but that is my problem so I do what I can to think a bit more before I react. Have had a few stupid dreams, nothing to write home about.

Here is my dilemma. If I don't quit smoking I could die from the side effects of tobacco. It used to be I couldn't quit cold turkey... and still can't. It was fear... fear that I couldn't quit and fear that if I didn't quit, smoking would kill me. I tried the patches and lozenges. All those did was to give me a fix but in another form. Besides... who among us ever tried the patch and didn't still smoke at the same time. Lotsa nicotine.

Chantix removes the incentive to smoke. I strongly recommend anyone that wants to quit smoking to give it a try. It won't be a great deal of fun... but after a few days you will wonder where all that extra breath came from and you will wonder where all that extra money came from. I can tell you this... after a few hours you probably won't crave a smoke. I didn't and I remember feeling so grateful that something finally removed the incentive to smoke.

No, I do not own stock in Pfizer labs. They have developed what I think is a terrific product that will save lives.

I took Chantix about three years ago. I have been having terrible dreams since. I don't sleep any more, have gained about 60 lbs, and developed sleep hypopnea. I thought the dreams would stop, but they have not. I would do anything to sleep again, and have even thought of suicide.

The things that go through your head when you don't sleep are scary. I wish to be dead. Prior to taking Chantix never thought of suicide or had a desire to be dead. If smoking will reverse this I would gladly start again. Feel like I've sold my soul.


I'm taking Chanitx for the third time (~5 weeks in). First time I wanted to start smoking again. Second time I couldn't truly commit to quitting at all. Now I'm ready. As always there are lots of things that feel better about not smoking -- more air, less fatigue and, as has been said, no more standing around in the rain and cold.

There are side effects:
Bloating and constipation. Bad. The best remedy I have found is to pay close attention to what I eat -- smaller meals, vegetables, fruit, fish, a lot of yogurt. (I think maybe the yogurt controls the gas.) Also, I drink Dieter's Tea *exactly* as directed. The small amount of senna is just enough to keep things moving, if sluggishly.
Vivid dreams. Good, actually. The ones at the beginning tended to the nightmarish, but the ones I'm having now are more like a philosophy of film class. Extremely detailed and my mind occasionally steps back and does some analysis with the observing dream layer attendees. Wish I had more time to sleep, because I enjoy the dreaming.

I've smoked for a startling and scary number of years (that's what you get for starting in high school) and have quit for varying periods of time using every method available. Quitting all by itself -- even cold turkey -- can have all kinds of physiological and psychological side effects. If you started smoking in your teens, then your body grew up with tar, nicotine, and myriad compounds coursing through it. Of course it reacts when these are gone! Your internal environment has changed. That's why it's so hard to quit and that's also why it's such a shame that there isn't much sympathy for us in the medical profession in particular or the public in general.

One of the reasons that it often takes people multiple tries to quit is that they underestimate just how difficult it may be for them. Some people need NRT; others need Chantix; some lucky stiffs can go cold turkey. I was really hoping that some of that mythical tobacco money might go to improving in-patient treatment because I know that for me, at least, the best possible aid to quitting would be a basket chair on a grassy hillside for two weeks. Oh well.

Good luck, everybody. And if you don't quit, hey, there's no law against smoking. There's still a little room left for personal choice.

My ex-wife used Chantix to stop smoking. It worked fine but in the months that followed she began to become very unstable mentally. I beleive Chantix was a large factor if not the main factor in the demise of our marriage. She was kind loving person until this drug entered our life and now because of that my marriage, my life, and my children have all been destroyed.

I starting taking Chantix at the end of April for my 7 days and immediately notice that my cigarettes tasted funny almost like a chemical taste that I have never noticed before, but I still smoked my 7 days before putting them down just as instructions recommended.

May 4th was my first day to quit a little tough because it was on my mind so much, slipped up a couple of days later and smoked 2 cigs and the next day 2 cigs and never touched them again. Today is June 14th and I am still smoke free!! I have to say Chantix is an amazing drug that really does help you quit... I had a few minor side effects and that was the dreams everyone is talking about, nothing that I couldn't deal with, yes you get a little irritable but I think everyone gets that way when they quit smoking.

I also want to add that I did not take the 2 pills a day most days, maybe that is why the side effects were not that bad for me. I never did get the medicine re-filled hopefully the cravings will not return, I will let you know how I do... I am still in shock that I don't smoke anymore, you will not believe how good it feels to have extra Oxygen.

It appears to help with smoking cessation, but will power is still a MUST. As far as muscle cramps, flatulence, and trouble climaxing and maintaining a erection until climax, I sadly admit all have been "popping into my life" ! A very ladylike supervisor at work who was taking chantix and also knew I was taking it approached me today and asked if i was still taking it, because she was forced to stop taking it.

I asked why, and she reluctantly paused and said "dreams, very real dreams that are not like I am". I told her in confidence that it caused me dreams also and I told her mine were sexual dreams. She then in the most proper professional way told me her's were too..a. nd she was troubled by them without any details.

She chose because of this to stop. I actually thanked her and told her even my wife didn't want to hear the details of my dreams and thanked her very much for her honesty, before walking away.

Until now, I had not really told anyone (but my wife) about the vivid dreams (and she won't listen to the details) and must be careful describing them lest this website consider this an unacceptable post, but what I write here is carefully descriptive. My dreams since I began taking Chantix are most vivid, realistic, and always bizarre with all of them being "embarrassingly erotic" (and I am very hard to embarrass).

I submit this for you to tell you that as long as you can handle the bizarre, and are not freaked out by the gas, wild dreams, and time period of sexual "oh boys", still try to quit smoking... good luck to you. I wrote this to be helpful, and I rarely have ever posted this much "personal info" which some may consider too much info.

Almost as soon as I began using this I got ED. I was really sexually active before. I thought it must be something else. I will take a couple more days at half dosage to keep from starting smoking again then I hope my good old libido returns. If not I will be a pretty miserable guy.

I just want to say thanks to everybody sharing their personal experience with Chantix, I now have decided to never take this crap regardless of how "great" it is. Even if by chance I'm one of the few who don't experience bad side effect to me the chance isn't worth it. In a way after reading all of this, I wish the FDA would remove it's approval on the drug.

I am a poster child for the "rare" psychological side effects of Chantix. I am a U.S. Marine stationed in Twentynine Palms, CA. I quit taking Chantix 11 days ago and have been on it since last April. I quit smoking which is nice but I have completely changed. I am no longer me. Since I have quit, I have been having anxiety attacks at least twice a day, suicide ideation, and an overall feeling of being completely lost.

I've had an MRI done on my brain yesterday and found no problems. I have made two trips to the ER for some sort of panic attack where I just feel like the world is being taken away from me and I am going to die. I am supposed to get out of the Marines in about 3 months, but they think I'm going to be a medical hold. I have no past history of mental or psychological disorders.

I am looking for anybody that has experienced this, I need to know if this is permanent. I can barely function now. A psychiatrist here has me on anti anxiety meds. The doctors here don't really think this is from the Chantix because they haven't really had any experience with it yet. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

It took me twelve days to not have the urge to smoke, and within those 12 days i just smoked less and less.

I have been on Chantix for 2 weeks and i am feeling just horrible. I am not smoking anymore, but I feel flu-ish and have been spotting since the day after I started it , so one day short of 2 weeks now. I have nausea, headache, ans absolutely no energy. My husband is getting really irritated about me being lazy as he calls it, but that is not it, I am just completely worn out. I also feel as if I have tightness in my chest. I also broke out in a rash today, day 14 on Chantix. I understand these symptoms are common, but what about the spotting, should I be concerned? As for taking chantix ever again, no I don't think so, this experience is enough to keep me smoke free till the day I die.

I started taking Chantix on 9/20 and have been so sick the past 2 days. no sleep, vomiting and the headaches are crippling. I have sharp pain above my left eye and can barely stand sunlight. I had to leave work yesterday because I couldn't stop vomiting and will not be going in today because the headache is so bad I can't concentrate. I'm very calm and don't have any other side effects as of yet but just 1/2 hr ago my dog annoyed me. She's 10 yrs old and I've NEVER once hit her but today I pushed her with my foot to move out of my way.

Thank goodness I didn't hurt her it was just a shove but it broke my heart that I was capable of something like this. I felt so horrible that I started crying and hugged her so much and still can't stop crying. I decided I rather quit cold turkey than to suffer like this. PLEASE don't take this drug I'd rather smoke and die of cancer than to hurt anyone along my quitting process. This is my bad habit and no one needs to suffer for my stupidity of starting the the 1st place. Good luck to you ALL.

My mom (age 70) took Chantix for two weeks and stopped a week ago. She is now confused, dazed, paranoid, has hallucinations amd cannot concentrate or function. It seems to be worse each day. I took her to the doctor this morning. He ordered a blood test and told her to come back in 3 weeks. I'm afraid she will be dead or in a nut house before then. Does this go away in time. What medication might help?

I started Chantix on 10/10/10. Started immediately with the rotten taste in my mouth. It has gone on to the worst case of cotton mouth any one should ever have. I have had a nagging headache since day 3. I feel just a little woozy at all times.

I am not smoking, however I wonder if its worth it after reading all of these posts. I have a history of depression and anxiety but have been on anti-depressants for years. I'm not having any real mood swings I'm very mellow and would love to just nap for the day.

Sleeping is fine even the dreams don't bother me all that much. Its kind of cool to remember every detail of a dream instead of fragments. I'm wondering if all of the side effects will get worse or better with time. I'm going to try to finish out the week and then wean off. Has anyone else done this?

P.S. My doctor warned me about all of the mental stuff before she wrote the RX. She told me to make everyone around me aware of the fact that I was taking this drug and to watch for weird behavior.

We have been on Chantix for about 4 1/2 weeks. I don't know how much of this is being caused from the Chantix, or how much of it isn't. My husband had a stroke, 3 weeks ago. Since being released from the hospital last Weds., he has been nothing but argumentative, combative, hateful, etc. I've been called names that I could not possibly put into words here. I've been hit, kicked in the stomach, and more. Told to shut up everytime I open my mouth. He was never this way before either the stroke or the Chantix.

I am at the end of month 1 on Chantix. This is a miracle drug for me. I quit by day 14 and have been 15 days smoke free now. Very little willpower needed if you have your mind on it. Side effects: once when I took it very late, I had a bad dream but I've had those without the med. I sleep like a baby! Gas and constipation have been a problem, but I can deal with it to quit.

I will renew my prescription tomorrow and recommend this to anyone. I know several people who have tried Chantix with great results. I have met 2 people who complained that they felt paranoid (she will try again though) and one said she was quick to anger on the medication. The other 6 had no problems and have been smoke free for greater than 1-3 years so far.

For Thankful -- likewise, because I too used Chantix successfully. I played it safe and took it for four months. Yes, it was a little rough the first month, but next two were a piece of cake, and DAILY, I thanked God that there was such a drug out there. CONGRATS! HANG IN THERE!

It'll be two years this February - 2010! Haven't cheated once -- never even want one!

I would encourage anyone to discuss this route with their doctor. OF COURSE YOU'RE GOING TO FEEL LIKE _____ ! (Hello, withdrawal???) But if you're a good candidate, you CAN shake the monkey with a little less (lot!) PAIN-- with Chantix!

I used Chantix back in May of 2008 to quit, and I did. Smoke free for almost 2.5 years after smoking a pack a day for 26 years. I am a believer in the product, but wonder at what cost? I have some serious issues going on, and the doctors can't seem to find anything wrong with me... healthy as a horse.

1. I really suffer from lack of patience anymore. Little things, stupid things, just get me angry. Road rage is terrible, even when someone simply doesn't use a turn signal.

2. Constant headaches... although minor, are really annoying. Doctor says it's stress, which I have never had in 39 years prior to Chantix. I can't even have more than a few beers and I have a migraine for days.

3. Constant dizziness. I always feel like my head is slightly spinning, or light headed. I can't remember anything short term and get distracted so easily. I always seem to be in a daze if I'm not truly focused.

I am just wondering if anyone else is having these same symptoms?

over 2 years and this is still happening and seems to be getting worse... I just wonder what the really long term affect is going to be.

After finding this forum I wish I would have never taken chantix. I started the drug fully aware of all the side effects that could happen. I have quit cold turkey before and it was a thousand times easier than this has been. Both my husband and I had the same quit date. He quit cold turkey and I quit with the chantix. He is happy and has successfully quit and I am miserable and depressed every day -although I have also quit.

Within the first week of using chantix I experienced the normal side effects from depression, anxiety, nausea, and vivid dreams. I could deal with those and I knew that they were part of what would happen using this medication. Within the next month though I started to become severely depressed and would start crying over nothing and became suicidal and I am not a crier and never once I have experienced depression nor has anyone else in my family.

It has always taken a lot to get me emotionally upset and now I can not stop crying. Even the smallest things can set me off. I have also gained almost 30 pounds within 2 months. I have also been pretty healthy for most of my life. My husband finally said no more and wanted me off the medication and I agreed with him. It was not worth the medical and emotional complications even if if did help me to quit.

That was a mistake. I quit chantix cold turkey. Within 24 hours I was rushed to the emergency room with what felt like a heart attack extreme nausea. From reading this forum it seems like I am not the only one that has had this happen. My doctor had no explanation for the reason why. All my blood tests came back normal and he could not find any reason.

To this day I have extreme shortness of breath, my stomach is constantly nauseous and the best way to describe the feeling is like I have done 500 sit ups, I have lost my libido, I have zero patience, constant headaches now, and insomnia- I typically get no more than 3 hours of sleep and that is an off and on sleep. I have no stress in my life and have always been a happy and healthy person up until now. From what I am reading it seems like this could go on for a long time. Does anyone know how long this could be for? I just want my life back.

I smoked heavy for 50 years. Had quadruple bipass surgery July 4th of this year. came home from the hospital determined not to smoke anymore and began Chantix. I continued to smoke for 4-5 days on Chantix but they started tasting terrible and gave no satisfaction and I became indifferent about them and then stopped buying them.

About the only side effects I had was vivid dreams and decreased libido. After 2 months I started taking 1/2 of a pill nightly instead of the usual dosage. I have remained on that with no problems now for 2 months and plan to go down to one every other night, and then stop completely. I was lucky in that Chantix worked great for me with no severe side effects. I would have to recommend it's use, but would stop if the side effects are too much.

After taking it as directed for only 2 weeks, count me in as one of those who had major problems with Chantix. Nausea, headaches, depression, joint pain, weird dreams, just go through the list of published possible side effects and I can't find one I didn't experience plus a couple extra. As for helping me to quit smoking, it did nothing to reduce the cravings for a cigarette. Cravings seemed to be worse than going cold turkey, maybe it was because the drug made me so miserable smoking a cigarette was one of the few normal things I could do.

The scary part is that I've been off of it for over a month now and still haven't recovered my "normal" emotional state. While most of the symptoms gradually eased off; I no longer have any patience, lost my ability to focus on a task, and just feel emotionally flat. Joint pain also remains, especially where I have had previous arthritis problems.

I envy those who Chantix has helped quit smoking, but I would never recommend it to anyone. If you do use it please be extremely careful with it, and listen to your friends and family when they notice a change in your behavior.

I started Chantix two weeks ago. I have not been able to get off the couch for those two weeks and mundane daily activities have become so difficult. Saying that, I have been without a cigarette now for three days and I don't even want one.

I'm still on the fence as to whether it is worth it, because I am obviously debilitatingly depressed - but smoke free.

Further I have a stomach ache almost all the time from the drug. It's really miserable, but working.

I have been taking this drug for 3 weeks. Been quit smoking 11 days. Pretty easy if you really put your mind to it. Chantix helps tremendously with the withdrawal symptoms. Cravings are not nearly as powerful. I don't feel the greatest while taking it. Constipation bad. Gas bad. Sleep disturbances. But hey, it really is worth it if I can rid myself of these cancer sticks once and for all. I am ready. Been smoking for 35 years! Yowsa. Some of the mental problems people talk about with chantix might be from the nicotine withdrawal causing depression etc.

Hello there. This is gonna be a long one... I am on my 2nd round of Chantix. I started taking it last night, I'm fine, just a headache and shaky, like internally shaky when I move. I've had headaches the past few days anyways, but today I know it's the Chantix. I can deal with it. The first time I took Chantix, my doctors even warned me due to the medications I was on. I was on Depakote, Cymbalta, Klonapin and Ambien CR as needed. That was exactly 2 years ago. They were right in warning me! I had restlessness/heightened anxiety (took extra klonapin and I was fine), but then I would pass out on the couch and have INSANE dreams.

Most of the time the dreams were just VIVID and good, some REALLY good, lol. Not nightmares I don't think. Then, came the suicidal thoughts... Frame by frame thoughts. Step by step, motion by motion thoughts! TERRIFYING! I ended up calling my buddy to come "watch over" me some nights. I don't think it took away my sex drive, I've never had much of one, and I don't orgasm (try explaining THAT to your man, "baby, I just can't! EVER!") I am a FIRM believer that all these side effects were DUE to the other meds I was on.

I am not on the depression meds anymore. I AM still on the anxiety meds (Klonapin or Clonazapam) and now I am on Suboxone. I was addicted to Norco for FOUR YEARS! Now, I am clean. All because of this team of doctors and this Suboxone, has saved my life. Yesterday, I brought the idea of giving Chantix another shot to my doctors, since they have helped me SO much, and unlike most doctors who wanna get you in and out of their offices, they actually CARE about my well-being.

We discussed my meds, went through EXACTLY what I went through the last time I tried Chantix (it worked SO damn well, but the side effects were too much I decided "I'd rather smoke than this! This isn't me, this is the meds" - at least I could rationalize that, some people fall into the effects, and I'll tell you now, it's not you, it's the medication, understand that). That's probably what saved me, I was able to understand, "this is NOT me. This is the medication."

Now, last time, I remember stopping and smoking and I was back to normal right away. I'm hoping that this time I don't have such INTENSE effects. I can handle MILD side effects, also, I know what to expect, so when they DO come along, I know they're coming, they're not a surprise! I believe that since I am not on anti-depressants that I will be fine. Probably mild side effects, but not like 2 years ago. My doctors gave me the "green light" to try again.

I was VERY animate about "are you SURE? Do YOU believe it would be safe for me to try this medication again? I want to, but I want YOUR opinion FIRST, if you say no, then no." They did give me direct pager numbers just in case, but said I shouldn't have a problem. That if I feel that I can handle the side effects, now that I've experienced them at their WORST and know what to expect.

I think I'll be just fine. If they creep up on me, I know what they are, can identify them, and I can know "it's not me", and continue. Now, if they GET to what they were, bye bye Chantix again. :( I just wanted to try again since it worked SO well. I HATED cigarettes while on it, hated the smell, the taste, everything about them! Just couldn't handle the side effects mixing with my other medication.

I believe that if you are on other psych drugs, you WILL have problems. Every person I've met that has tried Chantix and was on anti-depressants or stronger, had serious issues. Even mild depression and mild suicidal thoughts I can deal with. I don't even leave the house for work so that's good, when I'm depressed and not wanting to leave the house, I don't have to. I just work from home anyways. I have 2 silly cats, and it's kinda hard to be depressed with these two around...

I hope this helps. I hope that if you are thinking about trying Chantix, you should think about any other medications you are on. If you are on anti-depressants, DON'T try it! It will severely intensify your depression and give you INTENSE suicidal thoughts/ideas. If you do try/are ON Chantix, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE understand, that when certain side effects pop up that are not your normal thoughts/ways, KNOW that it is the Chantix, identify that, and it will help you SO much to get through it.

If it gets too intense, consult your doctor, and stop taking it. If you can identify that "this is the medicine, I want to NOT smoke, I can deal with this" then you will be just fine. I'll post again in a few days/weeks to keep y'all up to speed on the progress of Chantix Round 2, ding ding!

Have a great holiday, and if you're near where I am (Chicago) stay WARM!

My boyfriend has smoked for I don't know how many years, started taking Chantix in October, and has quit successfully.

He stopped taking Chantix about 5 weeks ago, and the last two weeks have been a living hell. He has yelled and screamed at me about random things that would not have normally set him off like that. I would have thought that this medicine would be out of his system by now, but I can not take this any more... I don't know if I should call his doctor or have him do it... I don't know what will make him more mad.

My quit date, day 8 on Chantix, is tomorrow. I've had strange dreams, but horrible, horrible headaches. I had an episode last week on day 3 where I left the house and didn’t come home for some time after yelling at my wife. I’ve never acted that way. I totally felt consumed with anger and rage.

We had another smaller incident a couple days after. Today I slept in past 9 AM which caused me to miss my probation alcohol testing. I never sleep in and never use an alarm clock. Most of the day today I just laid around with the worst headache and tried to sleep it off which only seemed to make it worse. The urge to continue smoking is strongly diminishing and I feel like I will have no problem going without a puff tomorrow, but will I make it through this insanity?

After reading others testimonials, tomorrow instead of taking the two pills I'm going to break one in half for the day and try to wean myself off of this stuff. I don’t think it’s worth it. I’ll see the doctor in a couple weeks as prescribed and see if she can get me some Zyban or something else.

I wish everyone the best whether quitting smoking or making it through the Chantix side effects.

My Husband and I have been on chantix since December 5, 2010 and successfully stopped smoking on the 8th day. The urges subside more and more everyday which is amazing. We both smoked about a pack a day, myself for 11 years, my husband 25 years. After reading almost every post I feel the need to share our "revelation" about the side effects.

Yes I have had the typical headaches, stomach irritability, and sleep troubles, but all tolerable. Our worst side effect is the irrational behavior. We never fought, as we are both fairly calm and reasonable people, but started to a few days after quitting. The other day in a middle of yet another silly argument that got way out of hand we talked about it. At first we thought it was just because of the medicine, and a nasty side effect. However, more importantly we both realized that in the past when we started to get annoyed with each other about a small or significant issue we would walk away, have a smoke and then return and have a calm conversation about it.

Now we stay in our spots because we are NOT smokers anymore, and a calm discussion gets blown out of proportion. It was walk away have a smoke calm down then deal with your issues, whether it was at work, home, in the car and regardless of what the issue was about. This in our opinion is not a side effect from the medication, but a side effect from quitting smoking, and the medicine perhaps intensifies it. Smoking was not just linked to eating, driving, or a cup of coffee, it was a huge emotional support, a time to give your mind a break, and I am sure this is the same for almost every smoker.

So maybe these personality changes are because even after a few weeks, months, maybe years, you are still learning how to be a non-smoker. Now, when we start to talk and see each other getting irritated one of us says STOP, and that's the cue things are getting carried away, we stop and think about what is actually happening, is this worth getting angry about, how can we more effectively deal with what is going on, and we talk calmly and honestly about what we are feeling.

And it has worked we have not had an argument since because the argument is never worth while. So for others experiencing the irritable moods and anger and rage, try to realize that you have made the biggest change in your life, and your body and emotions are reacting to that, not just the medication. Sometimes realizing what is happening and thinking about it can help in itself. Think about how you acted in the past, and push yourself to behave that way again despite the uncontrolled feelings. I hope this helps even a few people.

Also, our doctor was very specific about writing our prescriptions only AFTER she went over our past mental history and that of our families. She specifically said if there is any past history of depression even mild, she was NOT going to give us the medicine because of the more dangerous side effects. Doctors know that you should not take this if you have had any depression issues, so be honest with your doctor. For others who have never had depression issues in the past but do now, which is a well known serious side effect of chantix, I feel very sorry, because this medication does work. Good luck to all who are on this journey of being smoke free... it is a bumpy one but well worth it, regardless of what method you use to get there!

I am taking Chantix (started 9 days ago), and have not smoked since day 2. HOWEVER... I am more irritable, want to cry, angry, and depressed. I have depression anyways, but wow... this is ridiculous. I also am having shortness of breath. I am going to start weaning myself off of the Chantix, because what I have read on here about the side effects of just stopping it. I would not take Chantix again. I feel like a zombie... an angry depressed zombie.

My experience with Chantix - I successfully quit smoking which is AMAZING but it had a load of side effects, enough to cause me to discontinue after 5 weeks. From worst to least: Consistent nausea, insomnia, leg cramping at night, intermittent heartburn, unpleasant taste in mouth, lower back ache. My dreams were definitely more vivid but not nightmares, more like an awesome 3-D movie! The advertising states that it makes smoking less appealing, I disagree, it made me violently sick when I increased to the 1mg dose. Even though I weaned myself off before stopping, I experienced severe depression for about 3 days. I would never take this stuff again, even though I am so grateful that I have quit smoking.

My Dad is a 53 year old man who also used Chantix to stop smoking. He began experiencing issues with memory loss at work (a job he did for years welding wind towers). He was diagnosed with FTD in March of 2008. Like your husband, his family has no history of any dementia like symptoms whatsoever. I too have suspected Chantix ever since. Have you heard anything recently?

Going into my 7th day using Chantix. Nausea all day, every day.

Wife asked me to move a perfectly good computer monitor to another room. Carried it by the staircase and had to really control myself from the urge to throw it down the flight of stairs. Why? I'm not sure but I have never experienced that emotion before. I'm stopping this drug before I start picking on my wife and won't even be aware if it... I going to look for an alternative to this stuff. I still really want to quit!!

After 18 years of trying to quit and spending $250 a month on Nicotine gum and patches for four years, I was desperate to quit! After reading the reviews about Chantix I thought twice about taking it. I was an ASS the first two days (While still chewing gum) but after that I was ok. On the day I had no nicotine for the first time in years, I was amazed at how much easier it was. Chantix took the edge away.

I also realized something as a business person. I am in business to do good in the world. I expect that others are too. How can a company knowingly produce a product which has no benefit to society and contributes to the deaths of millions survive? They survive because they manipulated my thoughts with their drugs and I BOUGHT INTO IT! I was part of the problem. I am not any more! THANKS CHANTIX!!!

I am on day 8-today was to be my first day without smoking but I have not lost the desire to smoke at all... I have had a horrible taste in my mouth that brushing/flossing/mouthwash will NOT get rid of. Had some headaches and heartburn also. Is it safe to smoke on this stuff past the 7 day mark?

I am at Day 15 on Chantix and still smoking. But only 1 or 2 for the day... and every drag tastes so bad, I wonder why I ever lit it up in the 1st place. The urge is gone... can go hours and hours and it NEVER cross my mind.

The side effects are the worst!! I get nauseous a lot, and actually get sick, throwing up about 1/2 the time. I am craving very juicy, acidy things... like OJ, salad, fruit... but if I eat those before taking it.... even hours before, I WILL be sick, I have to eat huge and BLAND to not get sick. So this means my whole diet has changed. It is very annoying.

I have been very irritable and not so patient w/ my 2 boys whom I raise 100% solo. They know Mommy is a little off from the Chantix... and they still love me. All I do is look at their faces and see the 2 reason's why I have to keep taking CHANTIX!! Side effects and all!!

Just curious as to how it went? I've been on Chantix for 2 weeks and am diagnosed Skizo. So far only constipation, dizziness, cannot stay awake.

Today completes the third week of being on Chantix, I still want a cigarette I won't lie about that. I don't want it so bad that I will go out and get them like I have done in the past. In the past I have tried to quit with 3 months being the longest I could go ... but I cheated in the three months hiding in a corner like a drug addict. I don't do that on Chantix. I do get the headaches, nausea and absolutely no energy. To my knowledge I have had no other side effects such as bad dreams, mood swings, or suicidal thoughts or tendencies. For that I am quite thankful.

I have friends who have a son who took Chantix and they told me that the side effects kick in when you discontinue use of this medication. That is what is worrying me... I am at this point afraid to come off of it. My friends son committed suicide a few days after stopping this drug. No, I did not know this at the time I went on it.

Can anyone who has been on this tell me how it felt when you discontinued use of this drug?

Thank you so much in advance for any help that you can give me.

Congrats Luann - Quitting is not easy, with or without Chantix! Next month, 2/23, will be 2 years since I stopped smoking. I took Chantix for 4 months, overkill maybe, but I wanted to be absolutely sure I was DONE. Yes, I felt a little depressed and without energy, but I expected side effects not only from the med, but the lack of nicotine!!! Nicotine is a powerful and very addictive drug -- of course my body was protesting the cessation. But I didn't want a cigarette! When I stopped Chantix, I experienced no side effects whatsoever. Instead, the colds stopped, my complexion improved, I could take deeper breaths, and the sneaking around was no more. Good luck to you. May you experience similar success.

I only took it for 2 weeks.. not even using how it was supposed to be used because I would forget to take the morning or evening. I think I even forgot to take it the whole day, once or twice. Anyways, the only symptoms I got was vivid dreams. I smoked for the 1st week and by like the 7th or 8th day, they tasted so gross, that every time I smoked, it did nothing for me, but taste nasty.

So, as a 10 year former smoker, I have not had one in 3 months. THANK YOU Chantix : ) This stuff is awesome. I've tried to quit so many times with little to no luck. This stuff made it easy as pie. Besides, the dreams were really cool, (I got to be a super hero that flew around). I had no depression, just take it how you want because it'll work no matter what. I didn't even finish the 1st month of pills. I got to week 2, was done, and didn't need to spend another $160 a month for 2 more months. Oh, by the way, your local health department should coupons for Chantix for $30 off. I know not much, but any discount is better than the full price. Just don't hype yourself up.

I took Chantix in 2008. I had no problems quitting by the end of the first week because as the days went on I smoked less and less. The Good: I had no side effects with depression and it really made it easy to quit. The Bad: The dreams are VIVID and sometimes really scary. Also, I made the mistake of swallowing each pill with a glass of milk. After two months of this I had created so much stomach acid it burned my tummy and my esophagus so that each time I took the pill I would have to lay down for an hour.

After consulting my doctor he told me I shouldn't have too much dairy with this pill and I had to swear off dairy for a month to let myself heal. This goes against everything I know; most pills tell you to drink it with milk or eat food. However, no more smoking so it was worth it and I would definitely use it again.

My husband has been taking Chantix, finished the starter pack and on to the full dose. Within days of the full dose he started experiencing obsessions. In particular video games. He had not slept in over 5 days. Not one hour. His body motions were repetitive and unusual. Anxiety so bad that I could not leave the house. Every time I would leave the house, I would get a call from him immediately that I needed to come home.

This is a hard thing for you to see your loved one go through. I think if he would have been a single man, he would have killed himself. He is now 4 days clean of the Chantix, and still recovering slowly. Sleep is still minimal and comes in short naps. I am due to start back to work, after taking a leave with an understanding employer. I hope I can make it through a full day without a phone call. My husband still cannot work and our finances have gone to hell.

When its all said and done, just quit smoking another way. And to think, my husband was scared of the withdraw of the nicotine disrupting his life.

Even if you quit cold turkey you are likely to become irritable in the first few weeks and maybe even months after quitting. I don't think you can relate an increase in irritability to taking Chantix as much as stopping smoking, period.

I did not experience depression with taking Chantix. I did experience the vivid dreams so widely reported here, but there wasn't anything necessarily scary about them, jut more colorful.

I quit using Chantix, and had been a smoker for 40 years. I'm now 18 months clean of tobacco, and I am certain my health will be better over the remainder of my life for quitting. Being a little more irritable during the process was not much of a downside for the benefit received.

I have been taking Chantix for 3 months now and it works well as far as not smoking goes. The side effects are good and bad in my opinion. The vivid dreams are actually kinda interesting. The one side effect that I noticed that I have not heard mentioned to much is short term memory loss. This has gotten progressively worse the longer I have taken the drug.

I had no problems before with my memory but now I forget what I was doing as soon as seconds after I start something. If my symptoms improve after my course of this medication is over then I know it is directly related to the drug. I can't help but wonder if the way chantix effects your sleep cycles that it might have other unintentional side effects when it comes to brain chemistry.

Not smoking and happy for now!!

You're not the only one with short term memory loss. Along with every single side effect possible with this medication, I suffered the memory loss. My doctor finally took me off Chantix once I became so depressed, etc. I've been off Chantix about a year - and still suffer from some of the effects, especially the short term memory loss.

Thank God for the Chantix. I tried everything before without success and thought I would go to my grave as a smoker. I had no withdrawals or side effects when I quit 10/06/08 and I have not smoked since and have barely had any urges.

I understand that smoking has some pretty severe side effects and my 2 pack per day, 37 year addiction will probably cause more problems for me later in life but I would rather chance the side effects of Chantix than further smoking.

Remember that when you quit you are giving up your best friend so a little depression is normal. The smoking was probably masking some depression anyway. Stick with it. You'll be so much better off without the smoking!

My sister was taking this drug, I just recently found out about it, she experienced the majority of the side effects this drug produces, from nausea, depression, anxiety, yelling, crying, not wanting to be around anyone, she thought the police were outside her house and they were gonna take her and the kids away, she was so scared to go outside, she wouldn't eat she thought that the government was poisoning food and water.

One day recently she took off, packed her clothes and left town, I had to search for my sister, it was the scariest thing I ever went through, not knowing if your loved one was dead or alive.. I found her on the East Coast, someone called the cops about a woman that was at their house, they said she just walked in there house and sat down by the fire, her clothes were soaking and wet and she was just trying to get warm, so they called the police to come pick her up and they did, right now my beloved sister is in a locked facility, medicated with anti-psychotics to keep from going mad, I advise anyone who is using this drug to stay away from it, it could hurt you in ways you wouldn't imagine...REAL TALK!!!!!

Has anyone else experienced chronic diarrhea since stopping the drug? I stopped taking the drug about 16 months ago and have been sick - especially recently - where I have to use the bathroom after every meal, sometimes 2-3 times.

My husband took Chantix for 3 months. Now he has severe headaches that do not go away and some trouble with his vision. The headaches are a constant ache from the base of his neck to his eyes. The headaches intensify during sex and have made him miserable. There is no relief to them - sleeping does not help as they are so bad that he wakes up at all hours of the night with headaches and no OTC meds have helped either. Glad to find this site as we are hearing from the "professionals" that it is stress and not related to Chantix, which I believe it IS! Is there any help out there anywhere for these problems???

My husband is on Chantix. He experiences (and ENJOYS) the vivid dreams. However the worst part is definitely the uncontrollable outbursts and hour long tirades when he screams and says the most hurtful things you can imagine. These "Chantix Rages", as I call them, are so severe that it can make living with him unbearable. I know when he is on his Chantix and when he is not merely by the difference in his temper. I hate to say this... but sometimes I would almost rather he smoked the damn cigarettes (which he still does, anyway.) Thanks for letting me rant. Going out of my mind.

I started Chantix about a month and a half ago and quit taking it about 3 weeks ago because the side effects were getting worse. The weird dreams, headaches, vomiting, and anger. I though being off of it for a few weeks the effects would go away but they are worse than ever. I constantly cry, want to be alone but then thinks no one cares because i am alone. I cannot control the crying and the anger towards someone is horrible.

I started Chantix about 2-3 weeks ago. I had your regular side effects, the vivid dreams, on the verge of bi-polar explosive anger snaps, bad headaches, but to me they weren't too bad. Not sleeping for 24+hours then sleeping for 12+ hours, back and forth and back and forth, hence it is 2:30am and I'm writing this.

I do have to THANK Chantix though. I have smoked since I was 14 and I'm turning 27 later this month! At least a pack a day, I was a hardcore drug user for 4 years too, Meth, Coke, you name it, I did it. Quit everything but smoking by myself, no re-hab, no help! But, smoking I just could not give up!

Tried the patch, the vivid dreams were non-existent... they were vivid NIGHT TERRORS!! I would wake up in a cold sweat screaming my head off, scaring the shit out of my fiance! I said heck with this, I'd rather smoke! Tried everything else, but so far so good with Chantix... I did have a few days of BAD chest pain, and I could breathe fine, so I was guessing that it was in my heart, I have low cholesterol, good and bad, so who knows!

I knew that if I gave up taking Chantix that I would be a smoker for life. But, one topic I noticed people talking about was the orgasm... Now, normally Chantix is suppose to make you have insomnia, but with me it was insomnia AND Heavy HEAVY sleeping. Let's just say that while on Chantix my orgasms have been... well intense!!

DG, posted some good things too, things I went through with my fiance, course he has cancer and I'm just trying to quit smoking, but we both have the same side effects from the meds.

About depression, I was depressed for over 4 years, a deep depression. Just the fact that I was trying to accept the fact that I was gay was hard enough in life at 14 without everything else in the world!! Smoking was a huge emotional support, I didn't care if it was ruining my life, but once I had picked myself up, even after 4 suicide attempts, ONE which would have worked if my mother hadn't come home early that day!! But yeah, once I picked myself up, I just couldn't put them down, it became what I was, not who I was!!

I DID experience depression while taking the meds, YOU HAVE TO GET IT IN YOUR HEAD... Your body AND MIND are going through withdrawals!!! Your mind and body and even psyche have become dependent on this drug !!! Suddenly stopping it, well of course there are side effects!! but NOTHING worse than smoking !!!!! Chantix Blocks the receptors in your brain, SO even if you do smoke, you get NO nicotine out of it, your body just doesn't absorb it, BUT it does absorb the rest of the garbage that they put in cigarettes these days! Your body is cleansing all that stuff out of your body... while going through withdrawals... everything is out of whack!! AND stressing you the hell out, and what do you do when you get stressed, you smoke, which doesn't help anymore, none, it ONLY hurts now... THAT is why you quit, it forces you, THAT is why the side effects are things and you feel even worse!!

All I can draw from Chantix is that NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE has the same side effects!!! BE WARNED !! I have heard from people about people they know, out of the blue attempting or committing suicide, horrible depression, insomnia, heavy sleep, horrid anger spats, vivid dreams, vivid night terrors, horrible head aches, chest pains, memory loss, horrible stomach pains from not eating before taking the pill... the list goes ON and ON!! BUT, you have to ask yourself, put up with this for 3months and quit smoking... OR keep smoking and hurt yourself even more so over a longer period of time and hurt your loved ones at the same time...

Yeah, it gets ya a little off your game, but keep with it, it works, I hope this info comes in handy to someone!

ONE BIG thing I forgot to mention is that, certain things DO HELP! Such as, if you smoke outside, staying inside ONLY makes it harder!! GO OUTSIDE for like 5min, walk around, hold a cig in your hands if you have to. Hell, I had to go outside, get a smoke and light it, and just hold it in my hand... as I did that I felt the stress melt away, THAT is what I was addicted to, being able to have a little get away, well you're not losing that!!

So, go outside, walk around, change your surroundings, take in a few breaths, meditate if you have to!! I meditate every day, even when I did smoke, it calms you down no matter who you are, if you get up and say this isn't working, then you are NOT giving it the chance it deserves, and YOU deserve to be happy and live a better life!!!

Most importantly DO NOT ATTEMPT TO QUIT UNLESS YOU HAVE SUPPORT FROM AT LEAST ONE PERSON!!!!! THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I CAN SUGGEST!!! Having someone there for you, who Loves you, will help you quit more than anything, I didn't have that and about... well lets just say, horrible things... Only because I had no support in doing so, my fiance and roommate would do nothing but yell at me when I smoked, they wanted me to quit, they were expensive, etc etc... YET, when I tried to quit, I got no support to quit what-so-ever!!!!

I feel better about quitting than I ever have, because I did it on my own!! BUT, if you feel yourself slipping or anything else, get the support you need!! Doctor, mental help, friends, family, anything!!

I'd like to comment here also about chantix.

I was very worried about taking these pills... all the things I've read about and being depressed in the past I didn't want to bring anything on to make that worse obvi... so I tried a patch for couple days... not too committed as I really didn't want to quit... I need smoking for my nerves lol... but its been 20 yrs I got 2 little kids and 2 bigger kids husband pets etc... they might need me so can't kill myself with smoking lol.

I talked to my dr about it and was first prescribed paxil which I was on about 6 weeks before I started the chantix... was to start chantix earlier but I kept putting it off... so I started taking it 8 days ago. So far it seems good... the only side effect I find is insomnia... I'm a stay at home parent so I don't go out to work but I could not imagine doing so feeling like this and I'm most grateful to have an understanding husband... and I could see how the tiredness brings on most other side effects mentioned... headaches, irritable, sore muscles etc... and when I do sleep it's not settled sleep usually. I've always been a vivid dreamer type so that I'm not real sure about, might be a bit longer but that's about it.

One thing I was worried about quitting smoking was weight gain which doesn't seem to be an issue so far.

Chantix has killed the urge to smoke tho, I used to smoke 10 or so a day easily, usually at night or early am when no kids around and I'm on my laptop or something... and during the starter week I did cut right back to one or two a day. Sunday was my quit day. I will admit I got a bit stressed and lit a smoke and by the time I was half done I put it out and went back in the house...

I do think about it more usual smoke times... after dinner, early am especially, I just do other stuff n try not to think about it to much and hope I'm not going to have other side effects later...

So for me its working anyway, I do want to quit as I know its not healthy and it's a bad example also, my older kids are teens and I tell them all the time I wish I'd never started no matter how un cool I was at the time.. haha...

As for the depression thing like I said I'm very used to depression... so I can deal with that and my dr did help me... I could very much see tho if you are a person who is un used to depression and it comes up out of nowhere it can be very overwhelming to deal with. So anyone who reads thanks for taking the time and if you've made it this far your committed to quitting one way or the other and Ihope it works and has worked for all who posted.


my husband has the same sx. I am so confused I want to help him. He cant even work. I would like to compare stories.

I learned so much about Chantix reading message boards that I thought it only fair to post for someone else's benefit. I took Chantix twice to quit. Once in 2009 and again this year. I was successful in quitting both times but both experiences were completely different for me. The first time I took it, I followed the dosing instructions to the letter. On day 7, I upped the dose to the full blue pill twice a day and I actually quit on day 11. By day 15 or 16, I was in the hospital with a suicide attempt. I was perfectly happy when I started the chantix. Despite all of the warnings about depression etc., I was really positive when I started it. I also lived alone at the time with my one child and I worked from home so I did not have a lot of human interaction. I think if I did, someone might have seen me becoming depressed and warned me about how I was acting. I didn't notice it myself.

It came on really quickly and I was oblivious to how I was feeling. I didn't feel depressed like crying all the time, it was more like I became number and number until I didn't feel anything at all. I had really vivid dreams the first time around but the Chantix did not make me nauseous. Within 24 hours of the suicide attempt, I was back home and looking back on it like it was an out of body experience.

By the time the Chantix was out of my system, I couldn't believe what had happened. I was in no way in the same state of mind and after 1 day, everything became clear. I could see how I had been getting more and more numb and what had been happening. It's like the fog was lifted when the Chantix was leaving my body. I was still able to quit but started smoking again about 8 months later (dumbest decision ever btw)
Even with the bad experience I had with Chantix, I also praised what a 'wonder drug' it was. I had tried to quit cold turkey before and the emotional mess I became was unbearable. I also flew into rages from the niccotine withdrawal, but never had that with the chantix. With the Chantix, I didn't crave it and by about day 8 on it, Cigarettes were gross and I was only smoking a couple a day because I had a hard time letting go of the habit. It was so easy to quit such a monstrous addition with the help of Chantix.

So 2011, I make it a goal to give it a shot again. I knew I was perfectly fine on the Chantix until I upped the dose to that full dose twice a day. So I talked with my doctor about trying it but without the full dosing.

It made a huge difference. If you think about it, most medication is based on weight for dosing instructions. Now I am female, 5'4" 115 lbs. You can't tell me that my body absorbs or reacts to a medication the same way that a male 6'3" 250 lbs does. I think that is one of the biggest problems with the medication is that the dosage instructions are universal. So this time around, I did the starter pack as prescribed. Half dose white pill once a day for the first 3 days, then half dose white pill twice a day for the next 4 days. When it was time to up the dosage to the full dose blue pill twice a day, I did a full dose in the morning, and broke the pill in half at night.

I did that for 3 days and then quit smoking. Once I had quit, I reduced my dose to a half blue pill in the morning, and a half blue pill at night. HUGE difference from the last time. After a week, I lowered to 1/2 blue pill in the morning only and then after 7 days, quit the Chantix all together. I had some normal side effects. Really vivid dreams, insomnia and it did make me nauseous this time, but I found if I ate half my meal in the morning, took the pill, then ate the other half, the nausea was bearable and usually passed after about 30 minutes. I had no depression, no numbness etc.

I'm not advising anyone to do this. I just want to share my experience. My advice would be to talk with your doctor and find a dosing plan that works for you. Also, the biggest piece of advice I can offer, is let everyone close to you know that you are beginning the medication and what the possible side effects are. Find someone to check in with you everyday if you are alone and if you are married or live with someone, make a plan of action in case your behavior begins to change dramatically. It is better to cut back the dosing and take slightly longer to quit, than to kill yourself trying.

This time around, I had a small circle of friends and family that I called on the day I started letting them know I was beginning. They checked in with me every day from beginning to end.

You will have some depression, anxiety and anger when quitting at times. Those feelings should be more fleeting than long term and are normally associated with withdrawal. It is a good idea to make a list of things to look for. A list of what is normal behavior and vs. what is a possible risky side effect of the medication. i.e. If you haven't laughed or smiled for one whole day, call someone and let them know. If it is 2 days, call your doctor.

If you are angry for hours instead of moments, call your doctor. You may cry more over things as nicotine withdrawal naturally makes you sad, but if you are crying for an entire day, call your doctor.

If you want to sleep until noon one day, that's probably normal, but If you haven't wanted to get out of bed for 24 hours, call someone.

I don't think anyone should be on this medication for longer than 30 days. That is just my opinion. The main objective is to get you through withdrawals slowly without actually quitting smoking first, sort of tricking you mentally and within 6-10 days of Chantix, you have actually physically withdrawn from nicotine. Stay on it for a few more weeks as a back up plan in case you slip, but after that, you should be strong enough to go it on your own. Personally, I felt really empowered by 30 days and never wanted to go back to smoking.

I know it sounds crazy, but overall, I had a positive experience with Chantix and would highly recommend it. I just don't think the dosing amounts are right for everyone. As with anything, tailor it to your needs and reaction to it. There is no cookie cutter way to use any medication for every single person and everyone is different.

I took chantix for 3 months. I am diabetic and experienced an increase in blood glucose levels and had to adjust. I got very short fused on it to where the assisted living home I live in now has evicted me since they did not know I was having a drug reaction. So now am working on getting the medication out of me to resume a normal life. Was it worth it? Yes. Was there things that have changed with me yes. Would I do it again, yes. Smoking 40 years was enough.

Husband started on Chantix about six weeks ago. I have known him for over 30 years. The man I live with in no way even resembles him. Angry, irrational, cold, unfeeling, uncommunicative. I have tried to approach him regarding side effects and it falls on deaf ears.

He is also experiencing headaches and body pain. In a rage he has disowned his 14 year old daughter who was always the apple of his eye. Does nothing but yell at our 18 yr old. He is bitter and vile, extremely critical and unreasonable. I am not sure I can stay till he is finished as I am not sure I am willing to continue to put my children and myself through this.

I supported him whole heartedly. Found other activities to deviate from our normal routine which would have included him smoking. The whole family is walking on eggshells when he comes home. Has suddenly taken up drinking... it's all sooooo weird. Sure we would have a glass of wine w/dinner if we went out to eat. But now he is drinking during work in the middle of the day and when he gets home its always with a bottle in tow. This is someone i have known since I was 14 years old!! I am now 47. OH yea... he has quit smoking!!!

I agree with JET 100 percent. I quit smoking yesterday when I started week 2 of full doses. I was awake all last night and all day today I had such feeling of anxiousness. No feelings like that on the 1st week. I called my doctor and told her I was not happy with how I feel with the big dose. She told me that since I am pretty small I probably don't need as much and for me to half my pills and just take a morning one.

I'm 120 lbs at 5'3". She said I can cut my pills until I find something that I can tolerate. I am thrilled that I don't want to smoke anymore. Tried to quit many times before. I smoked 30 years 1 pack a day sometimes more if i was stressed. If you're a smaller person you don't need nearly as much of this drug. Other side effects so far is always feeling dehydrated and nausea.

I noticed SEVERAL people complained of gas and bloating... well I also take 500 MG Probiotic daily and have no gas or bloating it also keeps you regular so the constipation is not nearly as bad. I have lost a lot of weight since taking probiotics. I get mine at GNC a little pricy like a dollar a day for each pill but then again so much cheaper than a pack of smokes. :) Really worth a try.

One of the people and the doctor that I have have asked that I let you all see my total documentation on this pill. Yes I posted a little bit of it but now will post the rest of it for all to read and yes I think the drug was worth it but need to be monitored very closely with certain conditions.

Chantix Experiences and me

After smoking 42 years I decided to quit smoking. It was a hard decision for me since I have given up all my other vices and have nothing left to do. As a little back ground I am 53 year old male with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and karscoffs dementia. I looked at several different types of smoking cessation methods before deciding on chantix mostly because of success rate and how it worked.

After making my decision I ordered it I hated the cost since had very little money left to spend. We started reading about what we had to look out for when taking it, ok some diabetic concerns, ok insulin not working right ok. Bad dreams hey no show stoppers yet.

So I started taking my first week of chantix and smoking I noticed I didn’t smoke as much. That is a good thing. And did not really want one, what I didn’t take notice of is that my blood sugars were creeping up.

On the second week was my quit smoking week so I did not smoke. My numbers were still going up and I notice myself taking a lot more insulin now. I was expecting this to happen so was not concerned.

By half way through the second month of the three month treatment plan my blood sugars were considered out of control for most people who didn’t know how to read the charts but still were getting bad. I was becoming very short fused and was starting to recluse myself to avoid conflict.

Even tho it seem to always finding me so couldn’t avoid it at times. I would blow off at anything the only ones I would have patience for are the ones I knew could not help it. I was being screwed at every turn and that is the feelings I had all the time.

By the third month I was shooting insulin 5 times a day and was totally out of control then. I was told by management that I could not live here with my sugars so far out of control. Along with that came the accusations of me eating foods that I shouldn’t but when I asked who was not told I would have wanted their job for lying on that one by that time my moods were very volatile and I wanted off the chantix since I then figured out that was the problem, but I was told by someone that was not going to happen.

I was told then I only had a week left but I was also having some problems with bad thoughts that were very dangerous for me to have. At one point I was thinking deep and hard and just relax and let it happen. Then thought just hold on for one more week then found out had 3 weeks left. So lock myself away as much as I could but people kept coming in and messing with me so I was trying.

I finally told the nurse I was having suicidal thoughts didn’t tell her been fighting them for over a week now. Finally they took me off of the chantix and by then I was meaner then a pit bull. I asked to go to the Doctor and told the nurse why and the urgency of it that took 4 days to get me there. It was discussed that the chantix was the problem and so we upped my antidepressant and put me on a pill to help with my anger issues at this time till the chantix is out of my system.

As was it worth it yes I do not smoke and broke over 40 year habit. As far as being prepared for the possible side effects of this drug. The people taken care of me should have been better prepared for this particular drug. People on insulin like I am should be aware that there levels might shoot up and they will have to compensate with short acting insulin.

Mood swings that might be associated with just quitting smoking are probably due to this drug and are uncontrollable without help I still just want to scream a just nothing but instead take a pill to keep me calm. My skin feels like it is crawling I have felt this before when I have went off a medication all of this is manageable if noticed and not ignored and treated as it is just because they are quitting smoking. Because it could be something a lot more, as far as it making my diabetes worse well my feeling it is a family disease and not from a drug. All in all it is a good drug expensive but good.
End of my thoughts on chantix.

I also keep data bases on my insulin and diabetic numbers so have a lot of documentation on this.

I started taking Chantix 8 days ago. I seemed to do okay on the 0.5 pills, no depression, vivid dreams, slight nausea. I started the second week of pills yesterday and hit a wall of depression. I don't mind the dreams at all, I find them entertaining, but I am wondering since I really didn't want a cigarette during the last part of my first week with the 0.5 pills, if I need to be taking such a large dose now?

I will finish out this week, but may have to decrease my dosage if my attitude does not get any better. I have quit cold turkey in the past, using anger as my incentive, but I am not longer have that motivation. Good luck to all of you who choose to quit smoking, however you may accomplish it.

I've smoked about 15 cigs a day for 35 years. I tried Chantix, suddenly I had extreme chain-smoking urges, got up to 3 packs a day and ultimately quit taking Chantix. I have now worked myself down to 1-1/2 pack a day, but it seems like the Chantix dialed-up my urge for nicotine and then it never dropped back to normal. Chantix actually made my habit worse (and cost a bundle!)

I haven't been on this medicine for more than a week and I have quit taking it. First I'm mad that I have wasted $180 on the medicine. First it was the nausea, lack of concentration. Okay give it a week and we will see how if it will pass. Then my dreams kept getting strange. Just before I was scheduled to start the second week, my throat started hurting terribly, I've had a fever for two days and haven't eaten for two days.

Then the most troubling is that I don't want to spend time with my 2 year old. I've been having mood swings, and I always feel like I am on a cloud. So before I go and try to do any suicidal things and flip out on the wrong person. I am quitting the medicine. I cannot afford to lose my son.

I just went off the pill on Monday and I've had no energy. I hope this gets better.

I have been smoke free since Sept 2010, so almost 9 months. I was a pack and a half a day smoker and I did this for 30 years. I took Chantix for approx 3 Months. I experienced the usual side effects of nausea and an occasional mood swing. To me it was worth it to quit smoking. I have now been off Chantix for 6 months and I am finding myself googling over violent outbursts, depression and suicidal thoughts.

I have NEVER in my 43 years of living have had any of these things happen to me before. I am now putting it together that it is the Chantix. I read on here to get my doctor to prescribe Wellburtin. If that poster is still here, please post and tell me you are good. I need some hope.

I have posted before here and for my mood swings and anger problems my doctor prescribed me a pill for that it keeps them under control pretty well. It also keeps the thought of hopelessness down along with a anti depressant. Hopefully this will help some people please tell your doctor of these side effects. It is not worth trying to keep them to your self and becoming violent or hurting someone that doesn't deserve it.

Currently taking Chantix: Day 5 (as of this writing.)
Age: 40
Sex: Female
Smoking for: 16+ years (1 pack per day.)

My doctor offered me the Chantix prescription, but also was very careful to explain that I should tell all of my family & friends that I'll be taking it since they'll notice any potential behavioral changes before I would. And, to especially be on the lookout for suicidal thoughts, depression, and any other serious averse reactions. I'm to follow up with her from 3 weeks of the fi