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Generic Drug Equality Questioned

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If you have more to say, post a comment below! Finds Generic Antidepressant Behaves Differently from Original Drug.  May Explain Complaints by Patients.

WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK AND DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA  — reported today that its tests of a generic version of the popular antidepressant drug Wellbutrin showed differences between the generic and original that might explain recent consumer complaints about the generic product.  In February, readers of The People’s Pharmacy® syndicated newspaper column began reporting problems with a generic version of once-a-day Wellbutrin XL 300.  Prior to generic competition, annual U.S. sales of Wellbutrin XL 300 mg were nearly one billion dollars.

The report, available at, shows that the generic product released drug at a very different rate than the original Wellbutrin XL.  Tests also showed that two generic bupropion SR (twice-a-day) products released drug somewhat differently – although these were within the fairly wide limits permitted by the FDA.  Time-released generic drugs often use tablet technologies different from the original product, possibly explaining the variations found.

Personal accounts posted at generally indicate that while taking the brand name antidepressant Wellbutrin XL 300 for months or years, people felt well and their psychological symptoms of depression were successfully controlled. After switching to a generic formulation many reported symptoms such as headaches, irritability, nausea and insomnia – known side-effects of bupropion. Others shared stories of becoming easily upset or aggressive, crying, gaining weight or experiencing a return of depressive symptoms. Some reported thoughts of suicide while taking the generic form of Wellbutrin. A large number of accounts note that returning to the original product brought symptoms under control.

Joe and Teresa Graedon, co-authors of The People’s Pharmacy®, immediately reported these cases to officials at the Food and Drug Administration who assured the Graedons that the FDA would look into the issue. The agency has not yet reported the results of its investigation.  The Graedons, aware of’s experience in testing health and nutrition products, suggested that it initiate laboratory testing to see whether there was any measurable difference between the generic formulation and the originator product.

Tod Cooperman, MD, President of, stated that “This information shatters the myth that generics are always identical to the original and it questions the belief that generics are always equivalent. Even if the active ingredient is the same, releasing it at a different rate may alter a drug’s effects.”  He added, “Generic drugs are essential to keeping medical costs down, but consumers and healthcare providers need to be aware of the potential differences among products otherwise thought to be the same.  Generics are not clinically tested for safety and efficacy, so the consumer will be the first to find out if there is a problem.” intends to publish additional reports on generic drugs on its website.

The testing was funded by without drug company involvement. The full report is available to subscribers at  The report includes test results, information about other generic versions of bupropion on the market, and a list of other popular extended-release generic drugs.  The Graedons and The People’s Pharmacy® receive no financial support from pharmaceutical companies. Reports of generic drug problems by consumers are posted at is a leading provider of consumer information and independent evaluations of products that affect health and nutrition. Reviews of popular types of vitamins and supplements are also available at  Soon to be released are new Product Reviews of magnesium, resveratrol (red wine extract), potassium, and omega-3 and -6 fatty acids and turmeric. Subscription to is available online.  The company is privately held and based in Westchester, New York. It has no ownership from, or interest in, companies that manufacture, distribute, or sell consumer products.

The People’s Pharmacy® is a leading provider of consumer health information. Joe Graedon, MS, pharmacology, and Teresa Graedon, PhD, medical anthropology, have been writing a syndicated newspaper column (distributed by King Features Syndicate) for 29 years. They co-host The People’s Pharmacy® radio show heard on more than 125 public radio stations. They have written more than 10 consumer-related health books that address pharmaceuticals, herbs and dietary supplements.
For further information, contact Tod Cooperman, MD, at:
Joe or Teresa Graedon can be reached at:

  • Currently 3.8/5
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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 3.8/5 (298 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I join others in sharing that being forcibly changed from Wellbutrin XL to any generic given by my pharmacy does not work the same way.

After being switched, many of my symptoms swiftly returned. Within days my stability mood-wise was dropping to the point that I was having suicide ideation again. My thought that it was from changing to generic was disregarded by my physician and by my pharmacist...
adding to my feelings of failure and my fears that I would never feel well again.

Generic shift from Celexa may also explain the difficulties my husband is experiencing. We thought his dose may have needed adjustment, but now I'm wondering about it. He seems to be getting half the relief he was getting before.

Our insurance company raised the copay for the brand name from $25 to $50... a definite budget-buster!

This is my second time posting about the differences in generic and brand name drugs. After my husband was switched from Lotrel to the Teva generic, his blood pressure has not been as well controlled... between the change from going to generic Celexa and now this change, I wonder how much his health is being affected.

I guess the insurance company would rather pay for problems than for preventative measures like staying with drugs that work.

I've used the generic SR version and have had good results.

I have taken Ambien 10 mg on an infrequent basis over the last several years to aid with sleeping during stressful times. During my last prescription I was notified by my health insurance company that there was a generic available. Just last month, I requested a new prescription, and it was filled with the generic version. I only received half of my prescription as my insurance company requires pre-certification on this type of medicine. On those nights that I have used the generic version... it is as if I had not taken anything. I would wake up 4 or more times during those nights and it would be difficult to go back to or stay asleep. I suspected it was different and after reading this article I am going to request the name brand.

I have always believed that generic and brand drugs were different in their effectiveness and quality. However, insurance companies are no longer offering a lower price for the brand name even if doctor mandated. I still take VASOTEC only and at a high price. My experience with the generic is that my legs swell so much, I can't wear shoes. I don't think my doctor believed me. He made me try it again for several weeks with the same results.

I also experienced similar problems with bupropion, but thought it was me getting more depressed beyond the drug's effectiveness. When I told my doctor, he switched me to another generic--not believing me of course. I feel 100% better knowing it was not me!!

Drug companies, doctors seeing 70 plus people in a day and insurance companies--we are in trouble.

My final comment; imagine if BIG PIZZA COMPANY stated on their ads: you may experience sexual side effects, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, lowered resistance to infection, impotence, excessive bleeding, and dizziness. Would we ever eat pizza again--NO!! Why do we take the drugs?

I took generic bupropion as an aide in smoking cessation. It was not the timed-release type. I experienced severe heart palpitations and ceased taking the drug. I continued to experience arrhythmias of long duration. About two weeks later, I had a stress test and was admitted to the hospital. I was diagnosed with atrial fib/flutter and treated with radio ablation.

There should be stronger warnings on these products (both Wellbutrin and generics), and perhaps it is not advisable to prescribe the non time-release product at all.

Though I believe that the drug triggered an underlying condition, I do not know, and probably will never know, the likelihood that I might have avoided the need for heart medication followed by the radio ablation had I not been exposed to this drug.

I am still not smoking.

After using the brand Dexedrine 5 mg tablets as treatment for ADD, for 8-9 years, SK Beecham stopped making the brand version. I then began taking the generic Dextroamphetamine manufactured by Barr. I find this medication desperately inferior. At times I'm not sure the generic tablets have any therapeutic value. Thank goodness I am still able to get brand 15 mg spansules/capsules.

I am in the process of investigating other generic versions with the hopes of finding a manufacturer that makes a truer replica. I cannot believe this could happen in the United States, and I worry for those who are forced to take life-saving generics.
What has happened to oversight of the pharmaceutical industry?

I looked forward to Celexa becoming generic, but when I got my first generic prescription of it, I started becoming depressed again. I switched back to the name brand and was fine again within a week. I have tried the generic three times because it is so much cheaper, but each time I become depressed again. A friend of mine had to double her dose of generic Celexa to feel normal. I wish someone would fix this problem...I can't really afford the Celexa brand. Is there an understanding between the makers of the brand name and the generic to keep both sides happy? I have to wonder!

I have been taking the generic drug BudeprionXL-300 for about 3 months since switching from Wellbutrin, and the serious depression has started to return. I heard the story on NPR this morning on my way to work about Linda Douglas, and I started to realize that she was talking about the same symptoms that I was going through, and I realized that the new drug was not working!! I was feeling the way that I did before I started to take Wellbutrin. I was feeling really bad this morning on my way to work and THANK GOD I heard her story. I called my doctor right away and asked her to please give me a prescription for my regular drug Wellbutrin 300 XL and that I no longer wanted to take that generic drug. Thank you,

Lisa Garner
Charlotte, NC

I had been on Zoloft for approximately 9 months before the generic became available. I was stabilized and feeling good. Within a week of switching to the generic I began experiencing new side effects including bizarre dreams and, more importantly, my agitation/anxiety and depression began to resurface. Fortunately I was able to notice after 2 months on generic that the change had coincided with the switch and was able to get back on the name brand Zoloft and become stabilized again. I told both my psychiatrist (who believed me) and the pharmacy (who acted liked I was crazy).


I too take Wellbutrin xl 300 mg and was switched from brand name to Teva's generic version by my pharmacy/health plan. I experienced a huge spike in depression that had been well controlled on brand name Wellbutrin for several years previously. Normally I have no problems taking generics, but with these findings, and my increase in depression this last year, I have to question the efficacy of Teva's version of Wellbutrin XL.

I had identical issue with the Wellbutrin XL 300. The doctor gave me a 3 month supply of the name brand and it worked great. I felt like a new person. Then my insurance made me switch to generic. I'm now on 2 additional medicines to control 2 other issues I didn't previously have: Headaches and anxiety. Will definitely be talking to by doctor.

I switched from brand-name Wellbutrin to somebody's bupropion, and I'm very glad I did. The generic's profile of percentage release per hour seems to fit my particular situation much better than the brand-name product, and I feel better all day long now that I have switched. It was with Wellbutrin that I had side-effects. So, while I have the same concerns as anyone that generic drugs are made properly, I would disagree that the findings about generic Wellbutrin are universally bad news. We are all different from each other, and test tubes are different from all of us. Your mileage will vary, and maybe it's necessary even to try a number of different manufacturers of this particular drug before hitting upon what's right for you.

When it became available, I started taking the generic version of Glynase. The pill given me was six sided and green. It worked great, and, best of all, I could feel that a low blood sugar event was about to start, so I was able to eat something in time to prevent or slow the event.

Eventually, my local CVS stopped giving me this green generic pill, and substituted an oval yellow pill instead. This pill does not seem to lower my blood sugar as well, and I get no warning that I'm about to have a low blood sugar event. Not even a minute or two of sweating and chills. It just happens.


My daughter has been on Zoloft for 6 years. It has helped tremendously with her depression/anxiety. She tried the generic to save some money and within a week she was displaying pre-zoloft conditions. It was very scary. We immediately changed her prescription and within a day she had leveled out to normal.

I had been taking Wellbutrin for a couple of years. My doctor increased my dosage from 300 to 450 mg this past summer. My insurance carrier refused to cover the name brand product for Wellbutrin. Instead I had to order a 90 day supply of a generic from a pharm - warehouse per the insurance company

After about 30-45 days I became very irritable, sometimes just snapping and verbally abusing people, friends and family. I had a feeling of worthlessness. After a rage episode last month, I stopped taking the medication. I felt it better to have anxiety and depression than to hurt someone.

This past spring my friends and family will tell you, I was the happiest they had seen me in a long time. By September, I was the angriest and most unpleasant person to be around.

I am adjusting well to being off Wellbutrin and I am using Xanax for my anxiety.

I take regular Wellbutrin (not XL or SR) and have had the same issues. I use a lot of other generics (like Adderall) that are fine BUT with generic Wellbutrin, I get headaches AND depression..SO I have to pay A LOT more to get non generic...someone needs to fix's CRAZY. Thank you for listening

Years ago, I started on plain old name brand Prozac. I felt wonderful for a few months. Then my pharmacy switched me to generic and within two weeks, I was no longer feeling the happiness I had found on Prozac.

I asked my doctor to put DAW on the prescription because of the difference I had seen. He said no and tried to assure me that there was no difference. (I knew that in my body, there was a definite difference). After a few more months of returned depression, I switched to a new antidepressant to find relief again.

While I've used many generics without issue, there was a definite difference in the generic Prozac. (By the way, I didn't realize they were generic until I noticed the difference in the way I felt and began to question why the pills were a different color).

I had poor results (as if I wasn't taking anything) with the generic of Zoloft that Teva also makes.
I switched back and things are back to normal.

Add me to the list of people who felt a difference between the name brand Wellbutrin and its generic. I just recently started taking Wellbutrin XL and noticed an immediate effect right away on my overall mood. However, for some reason my pharmacy gave me the name brand for my first 30 day supply, then next 2 months I took the generic and the benefits I was feeling disappeared. My therapist mentioned that a lot of her patients did complain of a difference so I also decided to switch back.

Interestingly enough I just today started on it again and saw the article on about the ConsumerLab findings…

I thought I might be imagining things when I switched from name brand Wellbutrin to generic Wellbutrin and began having depression symptoms. I was on 300 mg daily and thought that maybe it was time to up the dosage or switch to another antidepressant when it didn't seem to work anymore. I suspected the generic drug might be the problem so I asked for a month's supply of the name brand and felt better almost instantly. I'm glad to know that this issue is being looked at.

generic prozac- my son was doing well on brand name, recently switched to generic and is agitated, anxious and depressed. we will be switching back to brand name to see if it makes a difference.

thank you,

For the first several months of my treatment for depression, my doctor provided me with samples of Wellbutrin XL. I immediately noticed improvement, so she wrote a prescription.

My health insurance would not pay for the brand name, so I was provided with the generic. Within days many of my depressive symptoms had returned, including restlessness, irritability, mood changes, and fatigue. My doctor changed my prescription to "brand necessary" so I could get Wellbutrin XL, and my treatment success returned.

My insurance company still refused to pay for it, though, and I cannot afford to keep paying out of pocket. I have even tried alternating the days I take generic and brand pills, but within just a few days symptoms start to return.

I will have no choice when this prescription is over than to try a different drug altogether. It's a shame because the Wellbutrin XL is working. I think in the case of this medication, insurance companies should be required to pay for the brand name.

I had never been diagnosed with depression until I was 29. As a child growing up in a middle class family in upstate New York, I was an incredibly happy boy. Entering my teen years is when things began to change drastically. I remember feeling spurts of joy and happiness but more often these years were filled with despair, sadness, confusion, emptiness and hopelessness.

In retrospect I should have been using antidepressants since adolescence. But at the time growing up in a small town, depression was something that other people had and it certainly wasn't something that we had in my family. So I thought this was the case for me. I finally realized that nearly a quarter century of my life had passed by miserably. I literally believed that everybody in the world thought about eating a bullet every now and then.

My life changed when I began taking Wellbutrin XL 3 years ago along with several other drugs. After two years on Wellbutrin I was growing concerned about cost.

I decided to switch to a generic version because I felt like I was being ripped off by the manufacturer and the industry in general. Now I pay a fraction of what I used to and I still feel great. Perhaps I am one of the lucky ones who have not had to switch back to Wellbutrin XL.

I have read the article about the People’s Pharmacy and ConsumerLab finding that possibly generic antidepressants behave differently from the original drug. I myself asked not only my doctor but as well my physician about the efficacies of the generic drug but both assured me that it would perform in the same manner I was used to. Fortunately it has continued to do so.

While everyone's biochemistry is a bit different and how individuals react to dosage is not necessarily consistent, there are other aspects to be considered here. For instance, what happens if all these complaints lead to the recall of the generic drug I use? Not only that, how many people out there are having success with the use of the generic version of Wellbutrin? Has anyone checked to verify if the generic versions are performing well with other individuals? I happened upon this website accidentally so just reading about the complaints is a bit of coincidence for me.

There are many sides to issues we face in this country yet Americans typically see one side, "their own." If any drug period fails to perform the way it is intended to, investigations should take place. But at what and whose cost? Every action taken has a reaction.

Generic drug companies may need to adapt their release mechanism if in fact this is the reason for the difference in effect. Bottom line here is that everyone who takes antidepressants didn't get where they were overnight. To find the right antidepressant for many of you took time, did it not? Some of us started out on Prozac, or Lexapro or any number of other drugs and combinations.

And of course there is the argument many will make that they can't afford name brand drugs. I couldn't either. And if you want to fight and lobby about something why not the price we pay for name brand drugs. How about a complete reform of healthcare that politicians keep promising around election time yet nothing happens when they are in office? Instead of complaining about what doesn't work why not be grateful that you have health coverage in the first place? I realize there are many of you that don't have coverage but a lot of states like New York (where I live) are providing free healthcare now to low income families and individuals.

I came to the conclusion about 2 months ago that the generic for Wellbutrin XL was not working in me.

Over the course of this year I've had a gradual slide downwards from the switch. I started having suicidal thoughts and talked to my Dr. about going back to brand.

Costs me a bit more. But I'm now back to feeling normal again.

I tried the generic brand of Zoloft and within a week all the mood-swings, depression were back, I had the perscription changed back ASAP. NO GENERIC FOR ME!

I have taken Zoloft for 12 years. I was sent the generic version when my prescription was refilled. There was nothing with the medication to tell
me that I was sent a generic version of my medication.

After a few days I found my self having anxiety attacks, mood swings and trouble remembering
things. I called my doctor and told her about the feelings I was having and she told me that I needed to go back on my Zoloft. Since I have gone back on the Zoloft I am feeling better and all of my symptoms are gone.

The one big problem I now have is the cost of my Zoloft has to $198.00 for a 90 day supply. I feel that I am being penalized by my insurance company because I cannot take the generic brand.

I have been on pain medication for 5 years. The generic Oxycodone does not at all work like the brand name Percocet does. I thought that generics were suppose to be the same. But I can tell you that there is a great big difference. My insurance company will not put it on the drug list so I have to be in pain most of the day. The generic only last about one and a half hours compared to 4 hours of the name brand. After taking these for 5 years I can sincerely say there is a difference between generic pain killers and brand name pain killers.

I could not agree more with this article!!!!
I started out taking Wellbutrin XL for a year. My moods and depression had improved significantly. Then one day my insurance company changed me to the Teva generic. Within 6 months, I had gained 10 pounds and my depression was back as if I wasn't taking anything.

I went back to my physician who agreed to switch me back and have now been back on Wellbutrin XL for a month and can tell a HUGE difference. My mood and depression is MUCH better then when I was on the generic version.

Typically insurance companies will try to switch brand name for generic in order to save money. You can avoid this by having your physician insist to the pharmacy to give you the brand name. In some cases, your physician may have to call the pharmacy to straighten this out. I am glad that I am not the only one who experienced this problem!!

On a different note, I have worked in the clinical research business for 10 years. I have coordinated multiple drug studies trying to get them FDA approved. Although the system isn't perfect, you would be surprised how thorough the system really is and how much testing is performed. Does there need to be changes? Absolutely! Do generic drugs need to be tested just as much as brand name? Absolutely!

My dog was prescribed Viagra for Pulmonary Hypetension and after taking it for two weeks, he had a dramatic improvement in his symptoms. Then he was switched to a generic version because of the cost factor (1/3) the original. After two weeks he became lethargic, passing out, and after 3 days at the Vet's office, he passed away.
This is too much of a co-incidence to overlook. The generic was formulated by a Pharmacist in Brooklyn NJ

I too have been treated with Wellbutrin for years. I started with two doses a day and was switched to the Wellbutrin XL when it was released. Having been treated with Paxil, Prozac and several other anti-depressants in the past, the improvement with Wellbutrin was immediately noticed.

During my last physical, my doctor changed me to the generic and I have noticed increasing problems. My symptoms are weight gain, extreme irritability, panic attacks, severe headaches and sleeplessness. I have put a call into my doctor's office to try to get my Wellbutrin back immediately. I am somewhat relieved to know that I'm not alone but frustrated that this drug was offered as a generic without being a reliable substitute. How many other drugs will this turn out to the the case with?

Finally! So glad I read this article! I switched from Wellbutrin to bupropion and really felt a difference. I felt like I might as well been taking a placebo. Now I just have to hope my insurance company will agree to cover it...wish me luck with that.

My medication was switched to generic a few months ago and within the past 6 weeks most of my depression symptoms have returned.

I am currently on the bupropion SR (twice-a-day) and, this is just really weird, because last night I started questioning if it was working like Wellbutrin should.

I would like to know if these problems were reported with wellbutrin sr 150mg....?

I thought I was the only one who noticed a difference. I take Buspar for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). I had taken Buspar for a few years and it worked very well. It is designed to stop anxiety attacks and the physical symptoms that come with anxiety.

About 3 years ago, a generic version was made available, which I was more than happy to try, since it was so much less expensive. Within weeks I felt my old symptoms coming back. Anxiety, panic, phantom pains, muscle twitching. I wasn't sure what was happening, but since the only change I had made was switching to the generic version of my medication, I decided to insist upon the name brand drug from my pharmacy. Within a few days of taking it, I started to feel better and was completely back to normal after a few weeks.

When I discussed this with my physician and the pharmacy they seemed to think it was odd, since they both insisted the same formula is used to make the generic versions of the drug. I beg to differ. There must be some type of variance that obviously impacts the efficacy of the generic drug enough that it became noticable. I am very hesitant to take any generic versions of any other drugs as a result of this.

After trying 5 or 6 different antidepressants with no relief and lots of side effects, my doctor gave me samples of Welbutrin SR. I had remarkable results within several weeks. I didnt even recognize myself for the change and my family was pleased to become reacquainted with the 'normal' me.

After the samples, the doc gave me a prescription. The name brand was very expensive; I don't have insurance so she wrote for the Teva generic Buproprion. It's still $50 a month. I don't believe that it works the same; I continue to have what I consider 'breakthru' anxiety attacks, and monthly episodes of profound fatigue and sadness.

I also had to start taking medication for hypertension; yet another $60 worth of prescriptions I cant afford either. I have just graduated from college; and hopefully will find a full time job instead of 3 part time jobs.

If I get a medical plan, I will switch back to the name brand Welbutrin. It will probably be expensive, but perhaps some of the side effects will disappear and the monthly 'episodes' will end.

I know from working in a pharmacy that the cost of many medications are just pennies to produce; the pharmacy and patients bare the burden of repaying the drug companies for the research monkeys, samples and promotions bringing the drugs to market. However; there is no recourse for those of us that have no other method than to reach in our pockets to decide between successful treatment or the electric bill.

To the person taking the generic dextroamphetimine for ADD -- you and I have the same story! I noticed a change almost immediately when I was switched from dexedrine to the generic. I agree that it is much less effective and have always felt that way, but I've never run into anyone who could validate my experience. It seems that within the first hour or two after taking it, I get fidgety and get dry mouth. By about the third hour, I'm starting to feel just fine. By about four hours I am tired and tend not to notice any therapeutic benefits in concentration for the duration of the day. It was much different with dexedrine -- it never made me fidgety and I felt that my concentration was improved for most of the day and I was never left feeling tired.

I think the consumer labs outcomes of testing Wellbutrin XL and generic from Teva actually exonerates the generic of causing therapeutic failures in depressed patients switched from brand.

The only reason the generic might cause return of depressed symptoms is if it failed to deliver the same amount of medication. Wellbutrin XL is one of three formulations of Wellbutrin--and no one seems to be arguing that switching between any of these other formulations of a brand medication is causing return of depression. Yet a switch from Wellbutrin XL to Wellbutrin SR would have a very similar effect on dissolution rates and absorption of drug. I am sorry there is not more objective information supported by this website.

Daniel J. Dugan, Pharm.D., BCPP
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Behavioral Health
Kaiser Permanente

I had the same thing occur with generic Paxil--It just did not work!!!! Depression quickly returned. Re-started the brand name Paxil and everything is OK again.

The generic drug for Synthroid did not work for my hypothyroidism. I can't remember its name. It has been a couple years since I had to make the change. So now I have to pay higher insurance co-pays because I "choose" not to use the generic alternative to Synthroid (BCBS).

I have been taking the generic version for some time now and have, as recently as last night, been questioning its effectiveness. I had taken the non-generic for several years with much success. Recently, I noticed a significant increase in my symptoms of anger, depression, palpitations and anxiety. I had thought about calling my doctor about trying a different product since this one wasn't working for me anymore. How odd to find this article today. Since I am in the process of refilling the prescription, I will now ask to be given the original Wellbutrin 300 XL as before. It has been the only product to really give me my life back. My children call them "happy pills" and have been questioning me lately as to whether I had been taking them. I should have known to listen to them. Hopefully, my symptoms will ease or disappear and I can be "happy" again.

I took brand name Ambien 10 mg for a year before generics came out. When they came out with generics, my plan said I had to use it so I got 30 tablets of the generic by Mylan. Before, the brand name always worked in 30 minutes or so. The Mylan stuff did absolutely nothing. I even chewed them up after the first couple tabs and still nothing. A couple nights, I chewed up one at 11pm, 1am, 3 am, then stopped because it was too close to morning. Absolutely zero effect. I even took the bottle back to the pharmacy and asked them to confirm the identity of the tablet, which they did, and I learned it was the Mylan product. I asked to get the brand name stuff from then on and paid extra, but it works, whereas the generic really did absolutely nothing as far as I could tell.

I had been very happy with Ambien 10mg for a long period of time. Was switched to the generic 3 months ago, it has been a headache literally. No sleep pattern whatsoever. Wake up every hour on the hour, stay awake just looking at the clock. I am stunned by this!! Headaches and feel like I'm a walking mummy.

I've been on the generic for 6 months and have definitely noticed I'm not getting the same results. I'm probably going to have to buy from Canada because I can't afford to switch health plans and they won't cover the brand name. Can't someone DO something?

I was diagnosed with GERD almost 3 yrs ago after an ER episode with esophageal spasm. Very painful. After GI scoping, Dr. prescribed Nexium. First prescription was filled with the name brand and the relief was unbelievable. Wow! Within two weeks I was feeling great, and never touching antacids.

Next prescription, I got generic "Omeprazole 20MG cap". LOUSY! Started popping Tums again, would get the heartburn at night, molting-bird-in-the-mouth taste in the morning... yuk.

Went back to Nexium brand name. WOW! Felt great. Doc said try the generic again, maybe you've healed up enough. Well, I'm back on the same generic, and it's failing again.

Doc says maybe since we can clinically prove the failure x2 we can get the insurance to cover the brand name. At this point I'm lucky enough to be employed and stable enough to foot the bill for the brand name if the insurance won't cover it, but what about Medicare recipients, or Medicaid? Do we just make them suffer with generics that fail them?

I was also changed to generic Wellubtrin XL. After a few days, I developed fine tremors in both hands and other coordination problems. The depression has returned a little. I am ready to go to Canada to buy the "real" med again.

I had been on Zoloft for 3 years before the generic became available. All was well. The fears, anxiety and panic attacks were gone.

When the generic became available, my pharmacist guaranteed it was the same pill so I had no objections. My fears and anxiety started to return but the panic attacks were still under control so I didn't make the connection although I knew something just wasn't the same.

Once I read this article, I had an "ah ha" moment and everything made sense. I will reach deeper into my pocket on my next prescription refill and go back to the brand name.

I took name brand Prozac until the Medicare part D changed their formularies and my plan. My physician said I should take 40 mg of generic instead of 30 mg of the name brand. Not only did the generic upset my stomach, but it didn't work well for me either for depression. I have tried several different generics and the last generic didn't upset my stomach but didn't work well either. It took several weeks of taking the generics for the depression and moodiness to return. Now I am back to name brand paying very high prices during the Medicare gap. But it was not worth the inconsistency and other problems I experienced with the generic to continue. I hope generic drugs can be controlled better in the future.

Also, I take Amantadine (I have Multiple Sclerosis) and one generic was fine (Upshur) and the other I tried again upset my stomach. So this trial and error is terrible. Seems the wealthy only can take the real brand names under current restrictions and policies because they can pay for them. Mostly with all generics I've tried, there are some acceptable. But in those name brands that require an additional ingredient to assimilate and absorb better, they just don't hold up. We never know when the pharmacy will substitute a different generic (different manufacturer) after we have taken one that does work. This was the case with both Amantadine and Prozac. I also found this to be true with Valium. The generics don't act in the same manner (also inconsistent) and they require a higher dose, which I don't want to do.

I too have had generic problems. My problem was with prozac. My pharmacy switched to a new generic and within days I was feeling different. I went to walgreens and asked them who made the new generic (canada) and asked to order the old one. So far they have been able to comply but my order takes an extra day You all should go to your pharmacy and get copies of what didn't work and let your doctor know and the pharmacy.... This is the only way to get things to change.

I used brand Celexa for 3 years successfully to control panic and GAD. I was switched to generic by a new insurer but did not care until after a few days I noticed side effects as if my dose had been adjusted. Panic returned also. At the advice of doctor and therapist I waited it out for 4 months to see if it would settle down. I was then placed back on brand and all symptoms remitted within less than 30 days. That was over two years ago and no problems since. Only symptom breakthrough was during four months on generic. I have always sworn generic was not the same, I am happy to see some scientific evidence to prove FDA and generic companies wrong. Thank you for pushing the issue.

My doctor switched me from brand name Wellbutrin Xl 150 mg to a higher dosage of 300 mg. I picked up my prescription and after I got home I realized that it was Budeprion, the generic and not the brand name. I called my doctor and said it would be fine, and I decided to go along with her advice and take it.

It's been a month and I feel worse. The first two weeks after my new prescription I took two of the Wellbutrin 150 mg that I had left over from my previous prescription and felt great. It was a few days after taking the Budeprion that I felt these horrible feelings of depression, migraine, and I even had upset stomach and in a few instances I threw up and the vomit had some of the undisolved Budeprion pills. I hate it and want to share my experience.

I will contact my doctor and tell her that I no longer want to take the generic version.

Thank you,

Juan Garcia

I was strongly encouraged by my insurance company to switch from Wellbutrin to bupropion. I had been on Wellbutrin for a few years and it made such a positive difference in my life. After switching to the generic I noticed within a few weeks that my depression had returned. I mentioned this to both my doctor and pharmacy and they both said the generic was no different. My doctor even suggested switching to a new anti-depressant. I have been feeling just awful the past few months and have been becoming more and more depressed. After seeing your article on this morning I feel vindicated. I called my doctor and had an order for Wellbutrin placed immediately. It will cost me more money but it is definitely worth it. For the first time in several months I am feeling positive because I know once I start back on Wellbutrin I will get back to my "happy" self. THANK YOU!!!!

I also tried the generic versions of Wellbutrin XL 300 mg, sold as Budeprion XL 300 mg due to my health insurance preferring I use generic drugs when available. This caused me to have severe pains in my head. Not just a typical headache either. It was a pain that I have never felt before. It would come and go. When the pain came I would have to stop what I was doing and just close my eyes and grit my teeth. I missed three days of work and went to see two different doctors. They prescribed me painkillers which did not work on this type of pain. I was eventually referred to get a MRI on my head to make sure there was not some kind of major issue. I stopped taking this medication and the sharp pains went away. I have never had a pain like this before in my life and it is very hard to describe and explain in this email. I have also never had this pain again after I stopped using this medication.

I understand that almost all generic drugs are as good as the original and offer major cost savings to the consumer, but someone needs to do some further studies on this particular generic before someone actually gets hurt and has a stroke. This medication is not safe.

Michael Christenbury

I had my depression return after getting a mail order generic of Paxil. After over 10 years of being treated successfully with Paxil, my depression returned worse than it had ever been. I was suicidal and completely hopeless. My doctor didn't think it could be the generic version, so I switched to Cymbalta. After about a month of slowly getting better, I now am free of the intense suicidal thoughts and hopelessness.

I have been trying to take the generic version of Wellbutrin for the past 8 weeks. My doctor has increased the dose up to 300 mg a day despite blinding headaches, stomach pains and this odd sense like I am going to explode out of my skin at times. My sleep-wake cycle is all mixed up now and I only slept for 3 hours each of the last 4 nights. My depression seems to be almost masked in a way, and I am numb, and I am now actively suicidal as well.

I was sad and sleepy when I started the meds but I never got headaches or stomachaches before now. I also have never been anxious before now.

Quite literally I found this article while trying to look up the symptoms of an over-dose--I didn't OD but was thinking I might if it was lethal, as I can't live like this. I also thought perhaps my body isn't breaking the Bupropion down or the huge swings in the amount in my blood stream are making me sicker each day I am taking it.

Not only have I been told I have to take generics by my insurance company here in Washington all of the insurance companies have banded together and grade the docs on if they prescribe generics or not. So my doctor told me that if he wants to be rated higher on quality he has to prescribe a generic for the first 3 tries at drug treatment.

I have taken Zoloft for 10 years for anxiety disorder (OCD and panic disorder). Late last year I was switched to the TEVA generic sertraline. The first thing I noticed about the generic TEVA sertraline pills was that they were approximately 3 times larger than the brand-name Zoloft pills (more fillers?). I thought that was odd, so I went online and verified that they were indeed the correct dosage (100 mg tablets). Since I take 150 mg per day, I have to break or cut one pill in half at the score line each day. The first time I broke one of the generic TEVA sertraline pills in half, I noticed that they were very crumbly (unlike the smaller brand-name pills). Being a health professional, the larger-size pills and crumbly texture concerned me, but I continued taking my prescription.

In January 2007, when I was taking my pills (1.5 pills per day) with breakfast, the generic TEVA sertraline 1/2 pill became lodged in the back of my throat. The crumbly edge of the generic pill had stuck to the back of my throat. It began to dissolve INSTANTLY as I was trying to cough it up. I began to choke. I could feel myself inhaling small bits of the dissolving pill. By the time I was able to cough the rest of the pill up, I had inhaled at least half of the dissolved 1/2 pill (roughly 25 mg of sertraline). The back of my throat felt severely burned... like I had a rug burn in my throat. I could barely swallow. Of more concern, my lungs were hurting and felt like they were on fire.

Luckily I chose to go ahead and go into work (at a large pubic hospital) even though I felt awful. That probably saved my life. I could barely speak, so I stayed in my office and reassigned someone else to cover my clinic that morning. I kept sucking on lozenges and drinking ice water to soothe my throat.

Around 11:00 am (3 hours after choking on the pill), I coughed twice and then was unable to breathe at all. Turning blue, I stumbled down the hallway to Employee Health where the nurses reopened my airway and sent me downstairs to the Emergency Room triage area. While being examined there, I became unable to breathe yet again. Suddenly and all at once I coughed up over 8 ounces of mucous directly from my lungs, even though I first thought I was vomiting.

I spent the rest of the day on a stretcher in the E.R., receiving breathing treatments and x-rays. My throat and lungs had been burned by the dissolved medication that I had inhaled. I experienced a severe airway reaction. Basically my lungs filled up with fluid in an attempt to protect the delicate lung tissue and to expel the medication particles that I had aspirated. My lungs had filled with fluid/mucous for 3 hours, after which time I could no longer breathe. If I had remained at home that morning, I could have died, as my treating physicians and colleagues told me over and over again.

I was on aspiration pneumonia watch for over a week, which is insane since I am only in my 30s, far too young to worry about such a thing. I missed multiple days of work and spent a few hundred dollars on medications, the ER visit, and follow-up visits and xrays with my primary physician. My lungs ached for weeks. My scorched throat healed in about 10 days. It took over a month for me to recover. However, no one knows if I have any permanent lung damage as a result.

I completed a medication complaint with both TEVA and the FDA. However, since I was treated in a public hospital and had roughly 5 attending physicians throughout the day, I think they had a difficult time verifying my medical records or speaking with any of the doctors. I do not know the final conclusions related to their investigations.

My personal physician switched me back to the brand-name Zoloft pills immediately, but my health insurance company would not cover them. I ended up switching to another generic sertraline tablet manufactured by a different company that produced pills in the same size and shape as the brand-name Zoloft pills. I had to switch pharmacies in order to find one that carried the generic sertraline manufactured by someone other than TEVA. It took many phone calls and a lot of Internet research before finding someone else who used a different supplier and manufacturer. I have not experienced any problems with these generic sertraline pills.

I conducted my own experiment to compare the TEVA generic pill with a Zoloft brand-name pill (of which I still had a few). I split each pill in half, put them on a plate, and placed one drop of water on each and let them sit for 5 seconds. Then I picked up each pill at the same time (using both hands) and gently rolled the pills between my thumbs and index fingers. The entire TEVA generic pill instantly fell apart into a pile of crumbs. The brand-name pill remained intact, but had softened slightly and left a yellowish film on my fingers. I was shocked by the difference. No wonder the TEVA generic 1/2 pill had broken apart immediately when it became lodged in the back of my throat.

I was ill for 3 weeks this summer (August 2007) with a severe case of bronchitis requiring breathing treatments, steroids, and several rounds of antibiotics. My personal physician speculated that my lungs had been compromised by the insult in January, which may have contributed to the severity of this summer illness. I wonder what other long-term lung-related problems I might experience for the rest of my life as a result of the TEVA pill dissolving so quickly in the back of my throat.

I ALWAYS use generic medications without hesitation... both over-the-counter and prescription drugs. I have never before experienced such a problem. I do not have any pre-existing lung problems (like asthma), nor do I have any other medical problems. I am just thankful to be alive.


I could not believe my ears when I heard the NPR program about the less effective Teva generic for Wellbutrin! I switched to the generic 10 months ago because my insurance would flat not pay for the Wellbutrin at all. I, too, felt more anxious, agitated, and depressed after switching to the generic but kept taking my regimen thinking it was just other things going on in my life. I discussed my symptoms with my doctor who I see regularly but he doubted any problems with the generic. I have continued to take the generic but know I have also had more sexual dysfunction on the generic than the brand. I am a pharmacist and always stand behind the generic companies and their drugs. However, I do believe Teva has missed the mark on their Budeprion XL product, and I was relieved to have my own doubts about the product confirmed somewhat.

The summer of 2006 after years and years on Wellbutrin, I was switched to generic and all of a sudden it just didn't work anymore. I didn't understand what was wrong nor did my doctors, needless to say. I ended up switching to another type of medicine but it took me until now to get back my equilibrium.

It was a messy year and a half for me and really adversely affected my quality of life and my ability to function.

I had been doing fine on Wellbutrin for several years and was thrilled to find out that it was being released as a generic. I get 3-month supplies from my Rx provider and started going downhill fairly quickly. Crying too easily is always the big red flag for me and after almost 3 months on the generic, I'm crying at the drop of a hat. God knows what it will cost to get back on the brand name, but I can't afford not to get it now that I've gotten confirmation from what I consider to be reliable test results (not the drug company's).

After trying unsuccessfully other meds I found Wellbutrin XL 300 was wonderful. I took it for years before the generic came out. Then my insurance would only pay for the generic. Now I find I am more tired and although a little better in life than without anything, I certainly am not as good as I was with the original Wellbutrin. I hope this information gets out before someone relying on this med finds a terrible fate because it does not work as well as needed.

After all, depression is nothing to mess with......

I have been taking Teva's generic form of Wellbutrin XL, and my symptoms of depression have returned. I couldn't figure out why. I was wondering if there was something wrong with the pills themselves, because it seems as if I wasn't taking anything for my depression. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels the generic form isn't working well.

Blood pressure and chest pressure were well controlled with Toprol XL, a brand name medication. Insurance company required generics and I am now having problems with cardiac symptoms once again... arrhythmias, chest pressure, and racing heart. No previous problems with use of Toprol XL for past 10 years. Guess to insurance company saving money is more important than patient safety!

Had symptoms of panic and anxiety reappear after trying generac paxil,and xanax.My doctor agreed and said a lot of patients had reported the same thing.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for ConsumerLab's report on generic antidepressants, as there is a real story here. Here's mine: Every time my employer switched healthcare providers, an attempt was made to put me on a Prozac generic, and each time it was not effective and old symptoms returned. (What a relief to find that I am not the only one this has happened to and why.)

I certainly do not mind using generics IF THEY WORK and resent the implication that I am seeking special treatment when this is not the case. Now that I have retired and moved to another state, it's been necessary to make yet ANOTHER change, and guess what: I have been notified, to my distress, by my new Medicare supplement plan, that Prozac is NOT covered. This is especially upsetting in my present circumstances.

Hopefully, now that consumers have a voice on the internet something will be done to help us.

Thank you.

I have a concern regarding the generic form of Celexa (citalopram). I was switched from Celexa 20 mg to generic citalopram. My symptoms of depression and anxiety returned within 3 days. It took me a few weeks to identify the reason for my recurrent symptoms. I am back on Celexa (brand) and feeling well again. I will be glad to pay the difference in prescription cost. My plan is to educate my employer (a large healthcare institution) on brand name meds vs generic. Especially, with antidepressants.

I have taken Wellbutrin both the XL and the once a day at various times over the past 10 years. After a nearly two-year discontinuance of Wellbutrin XL (non-generic), I began taking the generic Wellbutrin XL in February, 2007. I too wondered at times if I'd forgotten to take my meds. I felt MORE suicidal than I ever felt before. My depression never fully resolved, and I feel a chronic low level sense of despair most days. Lydia Roll, Georgia

I have been taking Teva's bupropion XL. Although I am no longer depressed, my anxiety has gone through the roof. I had a panic attack at work 2 weeks ago, something I hadn't had in about 15 years. I spoke with my pharmacist yesterday, and she told me that they no longer carried Teva, and will exchange my remaining Teva pills for the new generic at no charge. I will try the new generic, as I understand that Teva was the worst in the lab tests. If my anxiety continues, I will switch back to the brand name, despite the horrendous co-pay.

I, too, have been feeling like somehow I am to blame for my anxiety. Just knowing that maybe I'm not crazy makes me feel better.

I have been taking Wellbutrin XL for several years with wonderful results. When I changed insurance this year, my new insurance company insisted I try the generic. Within a few days I was moody, crying for no reason and began to put on weight at a surprising rate. After three weeks of this, I finally contacted my doctor. My doctor tried to convince me that the generic was exactly the same, but I knew it wasn't. Within about a week of switching back, I was back to normal. Hearing about this article on NPR was so validating to me.

The initial release would explain why when I take the drug I can't sit still and can't stop talking (I'm a quiet guy). The drug has helped, but these side effects can be a problem especially when exaggerated.

I have some experience with a double dose. My pharmacy erroneously indicated on the label 3 tablets twice daily when it should have been once daily. So instead of 150 mg X 3 once a day I took it according to the label and took twice as much as the maximum allowed. Needless to say I spent the night in the emergency room until the side effects subsided.

When I first take the generic in the proper dosage, the side effects I experienced the night in the emergency return, but not as strong, and last for two or three hours.

I will have to ask the insurance company to review the generic I am taking.

For months I had been taking Wellbutrin XL, then was switched to the generic. During the past few months, my depression has returned, along with horrible nightmares and unbearable chest pain. I am calling my doctor today to ask to be switched back to Wellbutrin.

Imagine my surprise when I saw your article on on October 12th and I thought I was actually reading about myself. I have taken Wellbutrin XL 300 mg since July of 2006, for treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder related depression, and have had much much success with it.

Due to cost factors and changes in my pharmacy plan I switched to BUDEPRION XL 300 mg. (TEVA) in March of 2007 and began a gradual downward spiral within 2-3 months. This continued to escalate over the summer months and by early September I finally decided that I needed to see my physician. I would become easily upset, experience attacks of panic and anxiety, and had a constant feeling of sadness. This worsened to the point that I would break down and cry for no reason at all and could not control it. It was affecting my job and got to the point that my coworkers, who are both RN's, suggested that I see either my physician or therapist.

All of this was so unusual, considering that my seasonal-related depression episodes usually do not begin to escalate until mid to late December, usually subsiding in early spring. I began to think that maybe it could be medication-related and mentioned this to my physician during my exam, questioning whether there could be a difference in the generic and name brand. He gave me 2 weeks of name brand samples, and within 2-3 days I experienced a dramatic change (for the better) in my symptoms. He has written a prescription name brand medically necessary, but in the meantime my mail order pharmacy had sent my next refill, and I noticed that it looked different (the color and this pill had a coating versus the prior brand that did not).

Upon further investigation, this prescription was labeled Bupropion HCL XL 300 mg and is manufactured by ANCHEN Pharmaceuticals. I decided to give these a try and have not yet experienced any problems like the prior generic. Could there be a difference in the effectiveness of different generics?

I have been taking Wellbutrin SR for 4 years now and I just recently switched to the generic, Budeprion SR. For about 2 months now I've had headaches, extreme anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and insomnia. I didn't know what to do. I went back into counseling and considered changing medicines. After reading this article it all makes sense! I looked back at my prescription and the past 2 months I have been taking the generic brand.

A year ago I was placed on Toprol XL for chest pains and hypertension; I had no problem with them. Recently when I went to refill my prescription I was given the generic brand, Metoprolol Succinate XL. I was told it was produced by the same company and I should have no problem.

Well, I tried the pills for one week and got so sick. At first I wasn't sure why my heart was racing, palpitating and pounding like it was going to explode through my chest. I concluded that it had to be the new pills. I called my physician who called in a prescription for Toprol only and I quit taking the generics. Once I restarted the Toprol I felt much better and experienced no more physical problems.

What I don't understand is why do I have to pay more for the brand even though the generic nearly killed me. When I initially started Toprol I paid a very low co-pay. Then I paid the same low co-pay for the generic brand. But when taken off the generic and given the brand again, I am now required to pay three times the original amount. It's like I am being penalized because I can't take the generic. Why is that?

I have used several antidepresants over the last 20 years but Wellbutrin XL was by far the most effective for me. That is until I was forced to use the generic by my insurance company.

I was able to function like a normal human being, stay active with my grandchildren, hobbies and do my job at work without working myself into an anxiety fit because I can't concentrate. Since the switch, I "go off" on my family, experience irrational fears and just want to crawl in a hole and sleep forever.This is not me. I also have major difficulty concentrating and staying on task with anything.

I am in the process of trying to get them to cover name brand to see if my depression/anxiety/anger symptoms improve again. If not then I'll just bite the bullet and pay out of pocket for the name brand myself. I shouldn't have to use different medication to save my insurance company money. What do I pay premiums for anyway?

My doctor increased my Bupriopion SR to 450 mgs because I still wasn't felling better. After taking the extra 150 mgs. I started to break out in sweats,and I have a panic attack at least every other day. I am more depressed, I have mood swings, and I was once violent. I didn't realize it could have been the generic brand until I read about it. I called my doctor to change back to the brand name. I haven't gotten it yet, but I will keep you updated.

Thanks for looking into the Wellbutrin generic. I have no experience with the XL version, but have questioned whether the twice-a-day generic was doing anything for me. I had taken the brand-name version off and on from 1999 (age 50) to 2004 for ADHD and mild depression, then a new job's insurance switched to the generic.

For example, one of the first positive things I noticed with the brand-name drug was a very sudden disappearance of chronic lower back problems. With the generic, my back has been worse than ever.

One mildly unpleasant effect of the brand-name drug (a feeling of facial tension -- like a slight pinching around the right eyebrow) also disappeared with the generic, which had me wondering whether it was having any effect at all.

I've been off the generic for a few weeks and have noticed no appreciable change for better or for worse.

(I also took a break from it in 2005 when my doctor recommended Straterra -- the worst experience of my life, with side effects that combined the hot flashes and night sweats of menopause with seriously uncomfortable prostate trouble... only 80 percent of which went away when I quit the Straterra and went back to the Bupropion SR.)

I've just moved to a new city and look forward to discussing all of this with a new doctor...

This exact scenario happened to me -- I was on Wellbutrin XL for 3 years and when they made the generic, my company automatically switched me. I became INCREDIBLY irritable and shaky -- and felt very uncomfortable. I had to explain this to numerous people at my insurance company before they would switch me back. You can ask your company for a "formulary exception" and especially where it concerns antidepressants, they'll usually act right away.

I'm off the drug now completely (gained about 10 lbs), but I feel ok and am sleeping better.

Great eye-opening article and huge commendations to Consumer Lab for initiating testing. Key insight to be gained from this article and associated report is that it's not just about brand drug vs. generic, but rather brand drug vs. generic drug #1 vs. generic drug #2 vs. generic drug #3, since in many cases it's not just about the active ingredient but also the delivery of that active ingredient.

It's disappointing that many doctors (not all) and pharmacies fail to recognize that while the active ingredient is the same, the delivery technology may be vastly different not only from a brand drug to a generic, but from one generic to the next. The fillers, as well, may cause problems. In the case of Wellbutrin/bupropion XL, the Consumer Lab study indicated that the generic TEVA-distributed drug (manufactured by IMPAX Laboratories) released/dissolved at a very different rate than the branded drug (marketed and distributed by Glaxo and manufactured by Biovail Corporation for Glaxo). The side effects and reduced efficacy experienced by folks who have switched from Glaxo's to TEVA's drug makes complete sense in light of this generic's very different manner of release.

I've used both the branded Glaxo bupropion SR (Wellbutrin SR) and the generic Watson bupropion SR and found them to work equally well with similar side effects (for me). This similarity in effect was borne out by the Consumer Lab study which indicated that the Watson bupropion SR was the "authorized generic"--in this case, although it is distributed by Watson Labs, it is actually manufactured by a division of Glaxo... and utilizes the same drug delivery technology as the Glaxo/branded Wellbutrin SR.

I am not a doctor, am not affiliated with any drug company, and I mention this as just a thought... one patient treating depression to another: For those who have been forced to switch to a generic of Glaxo's Wellbutrin XL and have had a negative experience, perhaps consider and talk to your doctor (if available and covered... though even if not covered, perhaps it still might be more affordable) about switching to Watson's bupropion SR--you usually need to take it 2 (and sometimes 3) times a day, but it may work out better. It might be worth a try.

After struggling with depression since adolescence, I was relieved to finally find a drug that worked. Granted, this was after numerous drugs and drug combos. My pharmacy switched my Welbutrin SR to generic without telling me last month. I thought nothing of it... until after several days depression symptoms returned--headaches, irritability, crying, feelings of hopelessness, etc. I called the pharmacy two weeks ago and told them to switch me back to name brand. I was shocked, and felt validated, when I read this article today.

Insurance companies should be forced to cover the costs of name brands. We are paying a copay and pay monthly fees, so they should cover what keeps us healthy. I hate insurance--what a raquet. I wish we didn't need it, but the cost of healthcare is exorbitant...

I have worked in pharmacy for 10+ years, and I'm a huge fan of generic drugs. There are rarely issues with switching from a brand name drug to its generic version. Unfortunately, there are a few drugs where problems occur. Wellbutrin XL/bupropion is one of those drugs. Like many others here I was stable on Wellbutrin XL 300 mg for several years until about 6 weeks ago when I was switched to the Teva generic. Since then I have been edgier, more irritable, weepy, and I'm gaining weight again. The most frustrating thing at this point is that my life is good, I am happy, so these depressive feelings are confusing to say the least. I am seeing my doctor next week and begging her to write a prior authorization to switch me back to the brand name product. At this point I don't care about the price difference--the lost productivity costs a lot more than even paying the higher price.

Years ago I used brand name Prozac. I felt great with that, but it was expensive. I then went to a generic and was still fine. After not using Prozac for several years, I felt I needed it again. I tried a generic again. I ended up curled in a ball feeling sick and miserable after just 3 days of use. I never took that capsule again but instead took regular Prozac, and after realizing I was feeling so much better, I felt very brave and had the doctor call a DIFFERENT pharmacy for generic Prozac, and I am fine. It definitely depends on the company that manufactures the drug. This new company is a 20 mg. blue capsule with the numbers 4356 on it. However, I will always try to stick with the brands. Some things cannot be played with.

About generic vs. brand name. I had taken lorazepam for years but only the drug manufactured by Mylan was effective for me and did not cause any problems or side effects. The latest refill gave me a pill that even though it was scored, was so hard it could not be broken. I had not had this problem in the years I used this drug. Furthermore, after taking the apparently reformulated drug, within a week or so, I was so depressed, I felt I was crawling out of my skin. My doctor then prescribed the name brand Ativan. It costs a whole lot more, but I am not depressed from taking it.

Why do they change the formulation for no reason? BTW, lorazepam was a good generic, one that used to give consistent relief. Now I have premium prices for the brand name, but it gives relief.

I have been taking the Teva generic Wellbutrin XL 300 mg and was recently switched by my mail order pharmacy to another generic version (made by Achen? or something like that) and have had the same experience that many have written in when they were first switched to generic. The Teva brand seemed to be working for me but this new one is not. Has anyone else seen a difference between the two makers? This newest one resembles the name brand Wellbutrin XL 300 mg (small, round and white)while the Teva was the large yellow pill.

I too found the generic for Zoloft less effective after several months. Because my prescription plan would not pay for the brand name product once the generic was approved by the FDA, I paid for a small supply of Zoloft and noted a great difference in effectiveness after a week or so. Subsequently I reported this to the plan provider. They immediately sent me a form to use to request an exception to their policy. It was short and simple, asked for a brief report from me and, on the same single sheet of 8 by 11 paper, a report from my psychiatrist. We mailed this to the plan, I had a phone call in three days to tell me that my appeal had been approved. I have filled several Zoloft prescriptions since and have only been charged the original co-pay.

No complaint about my prescription plan. Also my pharmacist did say that other patients had reported the same problem with the generic.

For the last 15 years I have been required to take anti-depressants and have tried just about all the brands. In the last while my insurance company and Pharmacare here in Canada have refused to pay for the name brands. I am retired and on a fixed income and whenever the pharmacy replaces the brand name with a generic drug I start to go downhill within days and my life becomes miserable, I am unable to concentrate on any task and all I really want to do is sleep because when asleep I do not worry about how impossible I am for my husband and family to live with. I have twice thought seriously about suicide, both times when taking a generic substitute.

I have read your website and am a little relieved to see that this problem is not in my imagination. However, being relieved does not improve my quality of life. I will, if I have no other alternative have to insist on brand name in future and for as long as I can pay the extra cost myself, but I do feel that everyone involved in this situation should write and contact anyone who they think may be able to help the drug companies solve this situation.

My husband is out right now, traveling around our town to find a pharmacy that actually carries the brand name of Prozac. It is coming to the point where if someone doesn't listen soon I am afraid I will lose my husband of 31 years. Would it not be better for the brand name companies to lower their prices just a little so that all the people who don't do well on generics can benefit by being able to purchase the brand name? Right now, the pharmacies don't even carry them as they know nobody can afford to buy them.

It's time for the minority to make a lot of noise and have someone seriously look into this problem because in the long run it costs the medical systems more due to extra doctor, hospital and psychiatrist visits.

Years ago, I was taking alprazolam, the generic for Xanax. It was working fine until CVS switched to a generic that was made by another company. I could tell that it was watered-down because the efficacy was about half that of the first generic. I have not agreed to take a generic drug since, even though the co-pays for the brand names have busted my budget. I told this to my psychiatrist, and he said, and I quote, "I don't blame you."

After being switched to generic Wellbutrin XL 300 by my pharmacy last winter I experienced anxiety and mood swings that prompted the addition of a mix of drugs to stabilize my mood and lower my anxiety. After reading this report, I am convinced that this was due to the difference between the generic and the brand name. Neither I nor my doctor considered the switch to generic noteworthy or attached the change in symptoms to the change to generic until these test results came out. Now perhaps I can go back on the brand name and reduce the number of drugs I need to take to keep my depression stabilized.

I've been experiencing the same types of symptoms with the generic Wellbutrin XL. After trying several different medications for depression, I finally found Wellbutrin and the change was wonderful. After taking it for about a year, I've been switched to the generic, first from the Teva company and most recently from Anchen Pharm. The change has been gradual, but the depression has returned along with other symptoms I'd never had before (anxiety and episodes of panic). My mood hasn't been stable and I've experienced bouts of depression deeper than before taking ANY medication.

This isn't something that should be ignored by the health community. Insurance companies need to listen to their customers! Most of us would love to save money with a generic, but if it doesn't work well for certain individuals, we should be allowed to switch back to what DOES work without having to jump through a ridiculous number of hoops. Let's hope they hear some of these comments and do something about this.

I'd like to share my experience with a generic drug.

I've taken Glucovance 5mg/500mg for some time and its done a good job of controlling my type II diabetes. However, a few days after starting a new refill bottle, my blood sugar was out of control.

Not knowing what was causing it, I contacted my doctor's office and they tried to help me adjust the dosage to regain desired levels. Nothing worked and my numbers were all over the map -- highs creeping into the 300's and lows dropping into the 40's. My vision was blurred, I had nausea and felt absolutely terrible.

Several days later, as I was holding for the doctor again, I glanced at the bottle in my hand and realized the pharmacy had given me a generic. The pills were the same size, shape and color so I never noticed the difference, that is until my numbers went haywire.

I have to pay a lot more for the Glucovance, but I'll pay a bigger price in the long run if I can't keep my diabetes in check.

(And I started doing something I should have been doing all along -- verifying the contents before taking any prescription medicine!)

I have taken fluoxetine (Prozac) for 13 years. Originally I was on brand name Prozac and then switched to a generic made by Alphapharm. Both relieved my symptoms. Within the last six months Medco changed the generic it was shipping to one made by Ivax. Within a week I began experiencing depression and anxiety. Not all generics are the same.

Last fall the mail-order pharmacy managed by my insurance company switched me (without notice) to generic Allegra. I've never had a problem with a generic drug before, but when I started the new prescription, my nose ran like I wasn't taking anything at all! Just to be sure it wasn't just me, my husband (who was also taking the same dosage of Allegra) took the generic instead for a few days. His experience was the same... as if he was taking nothing for his allergies at all.

It took a call to my physician and almost a month to get another prescription for Allegra "dispense as written", i.e., don't substitute with a generic. The insurance company obliged, but instead of my usual $15 copay (for 3 months), I was charged over $100! It took a few phone calls and a letter from my physician to get a refund, and now I have to send in the same letter every year in order to not pay the higher "non-generic" price.

Insurance companies really don't care if generics are effective for everyone or not. They only care about the bottom line.

When my prescription for methotrexate was changed to another generic, my lupus flared, but resolved when I went back to the original formulation. This has now happened to me twice with different generic brands, and I know of others with autoimmune diseases that have had similar experiences when their immunosuppressive therapy was switched from the brand name product or to an alternate generic. Some generics seem to be OK, but there is no way to tell in advance.

Is it also possible that there are different efficacies between two generic version of the same drug? For several years, I took IC Gabapentin 300 mg TEV (a red capsule, generic version of Neurontin) for fibromyalgia, which helped with insomnia and muscle spasms.

When I recently switched insurers, I was given Gabapentin 300 mg SAN (a yellow capsule), and it has no effect at all on the insomnia or the muscle spasms. It feels like a different drug entirely. Do you know who makes these different versions, and have you heard any similar comments from others?

Thank heavens I am not completely crazy - my doctor indicates no generic on my Zoloft script and the insurance says give her the generic. This is the second go around with the generic and it does not work - agitates, anxiety, sleeping much more, no motiviation, tearful, angry, frustrated and ready to rage without much provocation. When I take Zoloft, the real, all of these disappear and life can be good. I do not have a problem taking a generic if it will work for me like my regular prescription - the generic of Zoloft, on the East Coast, is not effective for me and I could just scream!!!!! My prayers are with everyone having this problem.

I have been taking Wellbutrin XL for a couple of years with excellent results. Several months ago my pharmacy gave me a generic form. At my next appointment, I asked my doctor to increase my dose because I thought the current dose wasn't working (it didn't occur to me that it could be a problem with the generic). The higher dose did little else than drastically increase my side effects.

Luckily, my husband was on the same dosage as me, and I swapped with him and started taking his non-generic. A couple of months later, my pharmacy gave me a different formulation of the generic, and these seemed to be fine.

The latest prescription was back to the original generic, and I am completely frustrated. I'm having a hard time focusing with all of the thoughts swirling in my head, and other pre-Wellbutrin symptoms are returning. Still waiting for a call back from the doctor's office on whether she'll prescribe the non-generic form...

Maybe I'm not imagining things after all... I have been looking for something for the past few years to back up my theory on generic Prozac. I have taken brand name for 16 yrs and only 20 mg. Never needed an increase, never experienced side effects, felt normal and anxiety free.

3 yrs. ago approx. medicaid refused to pay for brand name and since I have low income can only opt to take what they were giving, which is the generic for prozac (fluoxentine). I was more than happy to try this since I was assured by docs and pharmacists it was exactly the same.

My depression and anxiety attacks started to come back, not as bad as it would be without anything, but they were back. I thought nothing of the meds so just dealt with it and made the docs increase my Klonopin.

About a year ago I started to experience twitching in my right eye on and off which to me was just normal until it got so bad that it was a constant twitch 24/7 and for one year straight. I had seen neurologist, neuropthamalogist, pshyciatrists, cardiologist, to see what could be wrong. The eye twitch would now come and go but now I had twitching in my legs, arms, butt, but way beneath the skin. Went to neurologist and had an EMG done and a few other nerve tests... nothing!!! I now had a twitch/thumping in my right ear. I went to an EMT and he did every test under the sun, and could find nothing wrong. He gave me a script for an MRI of the brain and ear with contrast. Had that done and it came back negative... then it dawned on me that this all started when I switched from brand name Prozac to generic.

I think I have found the problem... now I have to try and convince my insurance company to allow me to take brand name, although I think that they won't... I think that these pharmaceuticals and insurance companies need to get together to see what is best for the patients not their pockets or the government.

I know this is a big business but people are suffering because of this. I am determined to prove that the generic of Prozac is definately the culprit. If anyone else has experienced this please post it. Thanks!

This website has been of great relief to me! I was taking the generic version of Ultram (Tramadol) for several years when my pharmacy suddenly changed manufacturers (and did not point it out to me before I left the pharmacy with it).

I gave them the benefit of the doubt, but within 24 hours of taking the other generic, I knew something was terribly wrong. All of my pain symtpoms returned overnight, accompanied by extreme anxiety.

I had to jump through hoops with the pharmacy but managed to get my doctor to write the script as DAW and within an hour of taking the labelform "Ultram", I felt completely different. The anxiety disappeared along with the lower back and leg pain.

I have other family members who are taking the new generic of this med and it works the same for them so it is very clear to me that the generics do not work the same from one person to the next. And that's okay as long as if it doesnt work for you, you are given the option of receiving the drug DAW, no questions or hassles!

I, too, have had side effects and a return of symptoms after changing from Wellbutrin XL 300 mg to Budeprion 300 mg. I had been taking Wellbutrin for ADD symptoms since shortly after it came on the market (10-15 years ago?) and had been stable on it.

My wife of four years (who has not known me without the medication) has noticed the change as have several of my coworkers, so I know that the return of my symptoms is not "in my head." In addition to some ADD symptoms returning, symptoms of depression, which I had experienced seven years ago, have also returned.

I have not yet changed back, having just returned from the pharmacy after finding out that my drug plan will not pay for a refill until 12/19. I will be talking to the insurance company rep tomorrow to see if there is anything I can do short of pay full price (over $380!) for a 90 day refill.

My orthopedic doctors order Vicodin for post-op pain and when I have gotten this in the hospital, it would really zonk me and be really effective.

However, when I go to get my prescription filled at Walmart, they always give the generic. I could take a 250 mg pill and I would lie awake for hours unable to go to sleep. I have always felt something is not right here.
I would prefer generic Darvocet over generic Vicodin any day.I am presently on Norco 5 and I find this does not do a thing for my pain until I finally get up after hours of lying awake and take a second one.

I feel brand names are definitely better than generic.

I started on the generic by Greenstone in Sept. and within a week to ten days I was having nausea, loss of appetite, just an overall strange feeling. I thought I was coming down with the flu. Then I started having high levels of anxiety, panic attacks, and my obsessives thoughts were coming back. (That was the reason I was on Zoloft in the first place.) I was having my pre-zoloft symptons.

All that had changed in my life was taking the generic. Put one and one together and now I am back on the brand name but it's taking time to get to where I was feeling before the generic. Generic is not for everyone, especially if you have been on the brand name for awhile. The active ingredients are the same but it's the inactive ingredients (fillers) that seem to be the problem.

I have Grave's Disease. My thyroid was radiated about 11 years ago & I was put on Synthroid. My thyroid levels remained stable until my pharmacy switched me to a generic. My thyroid levels immediately went up and I had an acute attack of thyroid eye disease, which required 8 operations to correct.

I was perscriped Bactrium for a UTI, and it was not resolved until I got brand name. This also happened with xanax & lortab. I think generic requires a higher dose, & the fillers are not of quality. I find when I take generic drugs, it takes more or longer to work. Thank You

I just lost an appeal with my insurance company for using Celexa vs. the generic. I tried the generic for 6 weeks and, for the first time in the 8 years that I have been using Celexa, my symptoms reappeared. I guess when your doctor asks, "So, how are you doing?" crying is not the usual response.

I returned to the brand name and within a few days felt like myself again. I use other generics because they are so inexpensive and, when they work, are like a miracle. But how do you measure the efficacy of depression-related drugs? Only by the patient's evaluation, not that of some ding-dong pharmacist (not even a doctor) who works for the insurance company.

This is basically fraud against the consumer/patient and should be treated with the same criminal penalities as other types of criminal battery. The fraud is in the presentation of untested presumptions as actual medical fact. Depression is a dangerous disease with a relatively high mortality rate. It is being dismissed as the patient being uncooperative and a person having a bad day. Do insurance companies withhold effective treatment from diabetics? cancer patients? Never mind. I just answered my own question. This is out of control.

I use Effexor as an anti-depressant. I tried a generic because the insurance company raised my co-pay to over $100 when a generic was approved. It took two days to suspect that the generic was not working the same and three days to know for sure. I went from feeling great to depressed, crying, not seeing any point to life.

Interestingly, the same thing happened when I tried a time-release pill made by Effexor when it was released.

Now, with the original product, I am living a life full of joy, subtle ups and downs, and appreciating the help.
Odd how drugs that are supposed to be "exactly like" the original product can affect different bodies in different ways.

Thank you for a venue to use to let people know it can be the medicine... not just the imagination!

I've taken both Wellbutrin IR, SR and buproprion versions of both with few side effects. A recent change to Budeprion SR has me in misery. Honestly, I'd rather die than go on feeling like this. Almost daily migraines, severe neck pain, off the charts anxiety, crankiness, outrageous nightmares, muscle tension, episodes of sleep paralysis....I thought I was completely psychotic until I realized that all my symptoms coincided with the switch over to budeprion SR. This week, my depression is back full force along with a degree of agitation I've never had before. I'm switching back today, and insisting my doctor file an adverse event report.

I have been taking 25 mg of Coreg twice daily for nearly 4 years (for CHF/HBP which developed after being given a contraindicated drug) and it has proven to be effective.
Recently, Walgreens Pharmacy Mail Service substituted the generic form, carvedilol, in lieu of the brand-name medication. While initially pleased at the lower cost, after four or five days of feeling fatigued and having an elevated blood pressure (an increase of 25-35/15-25 mmHg) it dawned on me that perhaps the change was a consequence of using the generic version. I had a few of the brand name Coreg left and began taking those; after a day or two, my symptoms improved and the blood pressure returned to its usual level. A week later, I tried the generic again, and as before, the results were the same (an elevated BP and fatigue).
The generic was manufactured by TEVA, and given the reported lack of bioequivalence for its generic version of Wellbutrin, the reliability of the company's generic version of Coreg would seem to be suspect. If others report this, and my experience was not due to one defective lot of the drug, then TEVA's Coreg would be a good candidate for testing.

As many others have said, this line of inquiry started by the People's Pharmacy has been very eye-opening for me. I have been taking Wellbutrin XL 300 mg for about 18 months for post-partum depression and seasonal affective disorder. I feel like it saved my life. It also greatly enriched the time I spend with my daughter.

About a month ago, when funds were low, I decided to try the generic. (I just looked at my bottle and it is the Budeprion version manufactured by TEVA.) The pharmacist assured me that he had not had any complaints from other patients who had switched. I was skeptical, but as a single mother, I needed every penny I could save on the outrageous costs for Wellbutrin.

The pharmacist gave me 5 days' worth of the generic to try and said that I had a small window of time in which I could switch back to the brand name if I had any problems. Well, after the 5 days, everything seemed fine so I filled the rest of the 90 day supply with the generics.

It has taken me almost a whole 30-day supply to realize that something was wrong. Like another person posted here, I was attributing my increased irritability, depression, anxiety, insomnia, nausea and weight gain to other things going on in my life. When in fact, nothing much in my life had changed since a month ago when I was taking the brand name pills. "Did I take my freakin' pill this morning?" became a daily mantra. Even on the few occasions in the past when I had skipped a brand name Wellbutrin pill, it was barely more than a blip on the radar screen--a headache at most.

While web surfing tonight on some other medical topics, it occured to me to do some more research on Wellbutrin. I came across this topic thread and now I see the light. So, I'm sitting here at 1:00 am, feeling weird (as usual these days), and making a post on the internet. At least this is a worthwhile topic. When the rest of the eastern seaboard wakes up and starts their day, I'll be putting in calls to my doctor, pharmacy, and my insurance company. I do have the option of getting brand-name Wellbutrin with my insurance, but they will be hearing from me about why they need to reconsider charging through the roof for brand names at the expense of patient safety.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to afford to change my prescription back to brand name for another week or two, if they'll even let me do that in the middle of a 90-day supply. But, continuing on as I have been is now unacceptable.

I'm thinking about asking if the pharmacist can get another generic version of Wellbutrin XL so I can try that until I can afford the brand name. They can gladly have these two unopened TEVA bottles back! I'm willing to work with another generic version if it allows me to function, but overall I'm thinking better safe than sorry and fork over the big bucks for brand name. I usually am more than happy to take a generic version, but in this case it's not an acceptable alternative. I have had a similar experience with only one other generic drug (a birth control pill), so I feel that I have a balanced perspective of using generics and brand names.

For those of you who don't have the option of brand name Wellbutrin though your insurance, do some research with other pharmacies for alternative formulations of the generic AND make some fuss with your insurance company about the financial liability of depressed patients being given inadequate medications. Maybe if we start getting some support from doctors in the form of documentation, the insurance companies will start listening.

Best wishes to everyone going through this nightmare. If you know someone on Wellbutrin, please give them this information. It could save a life...

When I took my first dose of a generic version of Ambien (10 mg.), I didn't notice at that point that a generic had been substituted for my usual brand name prescription. That is, until I had an awful night's sleep (it took hours to doze off) and spent half the following day in an unproductive fog. A believer in the value of generics, and quite tired from the previous night's poor sleep, I tried the generic again. Same problem.

Upon looking into the prescription bottle I noticed not one, but TWO generic varieties. I brought the bottle back to the pharmacist who informed me that they had no other complaints and they would not take the drug back (where else do you buy a defective product and have no recourse?). I had to ask my physician for a DAW prescription.

I am truly disappointed to learn that some generic equivalents are hardly equivalents. With drug prices as high as they are, it would have been nice if one could have as much faith in their efficacy as in their more expensive name-brand counterparts.

Our insurance took Allegra-D off their formulary without any notification, so when we went to get our Rx filled, our local pharmacist informed us of the change. We reluctantly got the generic Fexofenadine HCL for our 16 year old. A few hours after just one pill our son broke out into severe hives that were all over his body and very painful. We were just shy of using the epi- pen.

We appealed to the insurance along with a doctor's letter explaining that our son has several pharmaceutical allergies and we have to try all new medications including generics with caution. We tried talking to the pharmacist to see where the discrepancies were between the two meds but didn't get anywhere with that either.

I don't like being bullied by the insurance. I need a choice. We now have a $48 bottle medicine of no use to us. Who's saving money?

My husband was on the name brand prescription of Zestril for his high blood pressure. Of course our insurance required him to switch to the generic version. His blood pressure was immediately out of control and he was having side effects of headaches, nausea and shakiness. We talked to our pharmacist and he suggested we ask our doctor for a new prescription stating "name brand only." Of course we have to pay the difference between the cost of generic and name brand out of pocket, but at least his blood pressure is under control. I'm glad you are checking into this. Thanks.

I have been on Oxycontin for years to relieve chronic pain from FMS. There was no generic for several years. When one was made available, I believe it was in 2005, the pharmacist filled my script with it. When I picked it up he said: "I hope it works for you." I wasn't sure what to make of it so I just assumed he was hoping I could continue to save money on the generic.

After being on it for a week, I realized I had been sick for most of it. Many of my symptoms were similar to withdrawal. Because this med is a class 4 narcotic, it took me several days before I could get a new script from my doctor for the name brand. Once back on Oxycontin, all my symptoms disappeared. I have not tried the generic since.

I used the name brand birth control, Ortho Try Cylcen, for about 10 years before deciding to go off of it to become pregnant. After my daughter was born (because of an insurance switch) I was put on a generic form Tri Sprintec. I can honestly say that it was horrible! It significantly affected my mood, energy level and even caused mid cycle periods that lasted about double as long as a regular period for me. At first I wrote it off as my hormones re-leveling after pregnancy. But after a number of months I could not ignore it. My doctor wrote a DAW prescription and I am know paying full price for the name brand. What a difference in the first month back on the name brand. I feel like the fog in my head has lifted, I have energy, my periods are normal again. I will never use generics again!

My wife has been on the anti-depressent prozac for about 15 yrs now. She recently tried the generic version of prozac and had a similiar reaction that many others are having with the Wellbutrin. The only way she can have the same results with the generic is to increase her dose from 25 mg with the name brand to about 40 mg with the generic.

I can't believe how many people on here just like me are suffering with their meds. This doesn't stop at just drugs, it is also health insurance premiums. I recently paid for medical coverage up front for the whole year and now am having to contact a lawyer to pay a hospital stay my wife had within 10 days of the coverage date. This wasn't fraud on our part but something the doctor told us to do right away without even going home to think about it. So now we have a 20,000 dollar bill that medical mutual won't pay.

My husband and I (age 70) switched from xanax to alprazolam a few years ago. I've noticed a severe rash on my buttox in combination w/severe urinary tract infections. Our physician finally rid the urinary tract infections w/generic for SEPTRA DS 800-160 TAB MONA with SMZ/TMP DS 800-160 TAB (SAND).

My face, normally free of blemishes, is now covered with a severe rash consisting of small yellow pustules to flat "wart-like" skin colored blemishes combined w/ red sore spots on my whole forehead and onto my eyelids as well as my eyebrows. My nose, cheeks from left edge of face to rt. side edge appears to look like rosacea, but no rx brand creams are helping. Sometimes the rash can be seen on body limbs as well.

Could this rash be a result of a reaction from the switch of xanax to its well-known generic mentioned at the beginning of my Q? One doctor thought it "might be" contact dermatitis, but suggested we try METRONIDAZOLE 0.75% CREAM (GLAD) sparingly 2x daily for the rash to see if it was rosacea. After 3 wks, if I show no improvement, we will go to a steroid cream rx strength to see if it is, in fact, contact dermatitis, which is an extreme possibilitiy.

I am a polio survivor from the early 50's diagnosed with severe PPS and as a result must use a BI-PAP w/oxygen concentrator bleeding in no more than 1.5 litres of O2. The delivery system is thru an InnoMed Nasal Airre II mask that touches all the areas where the mask touches.

Again, I've used this mask for several years before all these symptoms began by switching to ALPRAZOLAM FROM XANAX!!





I have been on Oramorph for severe chronic pain. I was switched to a generic called morphine sulfate and it doesn't help my pain at all. The doctor says it's the same medicine. It's not, because I'm here suffering.

Upon being given the generic drug for Toprol XL this summer, I didnt feel good--I developed a bad taste in my mouth, and my blood pressure was staying up in the 150 to 160 range. I went to my dr. and ended up having to be put on three differnt BP meds before finding one that keeps my BP under control.

My 90-year-old mother is normally a happy, vibrant and active person who enjoys many interests. She takes minimal doses of Triamterene-generic of Maxzide in the AM with breakfast and Amlodipine, generic for Norvasc at night with dinner.

For several months, it seems, she wakes up fine but then gets VERY shaky and has all she can do to "get down" her bowl of cereal or much food at all at breakfast. It's almost like morning sickness. We go to her primary care doc tomorrow. What's your take? It is really depressing for her. Her BP is moderately high but well controlled on meds. She took Maxzide and Norvasc for years, seemingly w/o problems. Help! Thanks.

I too experienced horrible symptoms on the generic form of wellbutrin. My symptoms were so severe, I had to go to the ER, where numerous tests were done. I lost time at work because of severe headaches, nausea, and fatigue. After researching about the problem I found my generic version was made by TEVA. This problem should be immediately checked by the FDA before someone gets hurt.

I have been using Toprol xl 50mg sa ast for six years without a problem. In order to save a little money I had asked the pharmacist for the generic, metoprolol succ er 50mg tasan. In about a month my blood pressure went up and I had retained more fluids than normal. I went back to the original toprol xl and slowly the blood pressure went down and fluid retension went back to normal. Maybe it's just a bad experience for me, but I thought it would be worth mentioning.

I knew it! I have been saying for the last year that there has to be some difference between a generic and an original. Now this proves it. I was on Wellburtin XL 300 and was forced to switch to the generic. I, like the others, experienced MAJOR problems with the generic. I had to return to the doctor (another co-payment) to explain this was drug related... not that my depression had worsned, so he could write another prescription as a NGA (no generic allowed) and got several phone calls from MEDCO persuading me to switch to the generic. I angrily told them to fill the prescription as written. A 90-day supply for generic costs $40 from MEDCO. A 90-day of the original costs $110. So, if there is really NO difference between a generic and original drug, then why would I be paying $70 less??

I have been on Lotrel, and was changed to the Teva generic around May 07. By week two, I was down on my back because I pulled my back for a week, then I would wake up with pain in my shoulder. If it wasn't one joint it was another hurting--the pain was really bad, and the cold air made it worse. My pelvis felt like the joints were opening, and then it was one ankel. I could not even wear my shoes, and no heels.

I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, and then I remembered that my husband reacted to lipitor, and I had been changed to the TEVA generic For Lotrel three months earlier. I'm so happy that my doctor believed me and put me back on Lotrel, because the pain is really bad.

I reported it to the FDA. I don't want anyone else to go through the pain I had and still have: my back pulls at times, ankle can't wear heels that much or walk for long, my wrists, and my pelvis. There is still a lot of pain, though not as bad.

Thank you--I feel I have to let other people know about it. I called TEVA and let them know already, too.

I have taken Mysoline, an anticonvulsant drug for 28 years. At one time I tried the generic Primidone but I started having small seizures. I quickly realized that there was a difference in the drugs and returned to Mysoline. The price of mysoline has rapidly increased over the last few years. The jump from Aug 07 to Dec. 07 went from $450 to $900. My insurance covers $50. I feel like I am being controlled and have no choice as I do not want to go through the trials and risks of a new drug when I drive and take care of my infant grandchild.

I have successfully been on Coreg for cardiac arrhythemia for 2 yrs. In Dec. I was given a generic (Carvedilol) for it. It acted as a pro-arrhythemic for me, as my heart rate skyrocketed, my heart beat irregularly plus felt generally unwell. I ended up paying $75 for the non generic, as could not tolerate the way it made me feel. My appeals have been in vain so far. They should heed those who are made worse by their generics.

I have to check in on this one. I was given Zoloft for fibromyalgia depression--there was no generic at the time. However, last year a generic became available, and of course, my insurance would not pay for the name brand. So I was willing to try the generic.

I became nauseated and was that way all day. I could not take it at all. I had to pay for the name brand myself and it was over $100 for 30 pills. The pharmacist told me it was the "fillers" in the generic and some people are sensitive (I guess I'm one).

I was paying for the name brand until the insurance finally acted on my Dr.'s request, and now they pay for all but $50, which is my copay (better but not great). I wish something could be done about this problem. Some of us cannot afford the sky-high prices of name brand drugs.

I saw your article a month after I switched back to name brand Wellbutrin XL.

I was making a change from Cymbalta to Wellbutrin XL. I did a tapering off and a gradual increase on the Wellbutrin XL. The change went smoothly.

I responded quickly to the samples of Wellbutrin XL 300 my doctor gave me. I was feeling like a normal person.

I filled my prescription for the generic version. About two weeks later, I was thinking I needed the dosage upped. It was like I fell down a black hole. I was crying all the time, didn't want to leave the house, etc.

It took a couple of days for me to realize that it was possibly because I was taking the generic version.

All I had to do was call my doctor to request a new prescription for the name brand. It took almost 4 weeks on the name brand before I felt back to normal. I'm fine now.

Your article mentioned a possible anxiety side effect.
I suffer from anxiety also. I was thinking I needed to get my anxiety drug adjusted. The anxiety is gone. Was I getting a side effect from getting too much of the generic version of Wellbutrin XL into my system at a given time? Who knows?

I have to pay 20.00 more per month, but taking the generic was like not taking anything.

My doctor will get a couple of nasty letters from my insurance company. I'll get a few "we can save you money if you take the generic" calls.

I've had problems with generic versions of other drugs so I always try to get samples of the brand name first. I feel I have to do my own name brand vs. generic testing on just about anything I take.

I am diabetic and take anti-diabetes drugs. I was taking Glucotrol XL with good results when my insurance company told me I had to use the generic. There is a difference in the co-pay, generic being less, so I said sure. They put me on Glipizide. Within a day I was having chest pains and I was sure I was having a heart attack. I told my wife to take me to Emergency but she said, the only thing different is the Glipizide. So she went to the pharmacy and asked if it could be causing the problem and the pharmacist immediately gave her the Glucotrol XL instead. The symptoms immediately went away. BUT my insurance company didn't care. They now charge me a premium to take the Glucotrol XL. It is so expensive I cannot believe that it would be less to cover it than an Emergency Room visit but they told me to go to Emergency!

I thought it was just me; all of the old feelings returning after a year or so on Wellbutrin 300XL. I too was switched to the generic due to my insurance (Medicare) & have been told that I can't go back to the only one that worked for me. How many of us have to commit suicide, or live with these types of feeling to get ourselves heard!!!!!!!

I have been taking Glucophage for a number of years. It seems my pharmacy changes generics every few months! I have had a huge variation in the efficacy of different generics: from having side effects from overdose to having little or no control of my blood sugar.

In this case, TEVA worked most closely to the original. I had to change pharmacies to get it, and there's no guarantee that they will continue to use one brand for their generic version.

About a month after switching to the generic brand of celexa, I noticed an increase in my depression. I am just now... 6 mos. later, realizing that it is possibly the change to the generic doing this. Over the past 6 mos, I have gotten increasingly more depressed.

I was taking Nexium, and it was working great. I was forced to go generic for my reflux and take omeprazole instead of Nexium. Within a few weeks my vocal cords were burned, and I had to have my stomach scoped. The insurance company didn't save any money by me going generic. I'm back on Nexium and doing fine.

Also the generic for Tarka does not work for high blood pressure. My face turned bright red and my heart raced while taking the generic.

I have taken 300 mg of Wellbutrin XL with excellent results for over 3 years. Several months ago when I got a refill, I was told that my insurance company would no longer pay for the name brand & that I had been switched to the generic. Within days I was depressed, could not sleep and had night sweats, crying jags and jumbled thoughts. I was so confused and overwhelmed it did not occur to me what the problem was for over a week. After 2 days of back & forth with the pharmacy and the insurance company I was told that if my doctor wrote the prescription for "no generics", the insurance company would pay, but it took them 2 days to tell me that after originally telling me that I had no choice but to take the generic.

I also take Nor-Q-D and was switched to the generic in the same manner. I was all for it, since the generic was $5 and my co-pay for the name brand was $30, but by late the next day, I had a migraine headache. After going back on the name brand, my headache vanished. The same thing happened a year or so later on a Friday afternoon, so I took the pills over the weekend and sure enough, the headache came back. No - GENERICS ARE NOT THE SAME. I don't care what they say.

My friend subscribes to Prevention magazine, and she knew about the problems I had when my insurance switched me from Wellbutrin XL 300 to generic (Teva). She called me this morning to tell me about this article, and I could not believe what I heard! After the switch, I could not figure out what was wrong with me until I did a little research and hypothesized that it might be the generic vs. non-generic. My insurance company would not allow me to switch back to the Wellbutrin XL, and my doctor did not go to bat for me. I am now taking Bupropion SR 200 mg (Sandoz) twice a day. I was really afraid to take this generic version, but I feel much better on this than I did on the Budeprion.

I have atrial fibrillation, so my cardiologist prescribed
Disopyramide (generic equivalent of Norpace) for my arrhythmia. I received no benefit, whatsoever, from the
generic medication.

A different physician mentioned he was surprised my cardiologist would prescribe a generic, so I requested the brand name be filled. Once on Norpace, I immediately noticed a vast difference; the irregular beats were controlled and not nearly as obvious.

No one will ever convince me that generics are identical to the brand name drugs.

I too had a return of symptoms, however, my generic Wellbutrin was passing all the way through me without dissolving.

Since I am on a combination of two antidepressants, I never had a full relapse of symptoms, but I knew something was wrong. It took probably 4 months for me to figure out what it was.

I feel that part of my life was taken away from me. Time I will never get back.

My father (age 82) was switched to two generic medications that did not work as well as the original medication -- so much so that we were close to hospitalizing him until he was allowed to take the originals again and all symptoms cleared up as they were supposed to with the originals:
carvedilol for Coregg
gabpentin for Lyrica

Generics are NOT identical to the original drug and should not be advertised that they are!!! Thanks for listening -- we went through heck getting him straightened out and able to function with the correct meds.

I was switched from Zoloft to the generic at the end of 2006. It took me longer to figure out something wasn't right because the changes were gradual until the second half of 2007. I had a meltdown in December with extreme irritability and anger, fighting with my husband, crying every day, feeling like I was going to explode and the desire/need to start smoking again after 8 years without. My doctor suggested I get back on brand name Zoloft which I had been on for years and was doing fine on. The trick is to find it. I went to one pharmacy to get a 30-day filled to make sure this will help me and was told they don't carry Zoloft anymore, just the generic. I also don't tolerate the generic of Norvasc and am paying premium prices for that drug.

I have been taking Buproprion SR 150 MG twice a day for the past month after switching from Cymbalta, which I had been taking for a couple of years. The Cymbalta had a bad effect on my libido but was otherwise great. I had taken Wellbutrin for a couple of years prior to Cymbalta. Can't remember why the doctor switched me to Cymbalta. Anyways, this past month has been hell. I thought I was really losing my mind until I read of the problems others have had with generic Wellbutrin. I am going to request the pharmacy give me the actual Wellbutrin brand and I will gladly pay the price to have my sanity back.

Have you received comments about the efficacy of Synthroid v. levothroxin? Since switching to the generic over a year ago, in general, I have less energy and have been slowly gaining weight. My hormone levels are checked annually. Although dieting for several months I lose no weight.

My pharmacist gave me the generic of Toprol XL. She told me that it was a federal law that I had to take it. Two weeks later I checked my BP and it was 168/105. That was the highest reading I ever had. My pharmacist insisted that the generic wasn't the problem. I went back to my doctor, who gave me another prescription for Toprol XL with the "Do Not Substitute" on it required to get the brand name. Now my BP is normal again. The generic does not work. Someone better tell the pharmacists.

Several years ago my insurance company (BCBS) made it harder to have Wellbutrin. I knew nothing of this controversy detailed here. I sank like a rock into black depression, anxiety, and anger.... much worse than before even beginning the Wellbutrin. My PA believed me and I switched to the brand name, albeit more expensive.

I have been on the generic form of metformin for over three years for PCOS. I kept reading about the weight loss associated with the drug, but it never seemed to have any impact for me. I took 2 breaks from the drug during 2 pregnancies. When I started back on it after this last preg/nursing period, I stopped getting my prescription filled at the HMO's pharmacy and the grocery store and switched to Target. Almost immediately on the Target's generic I started losing weight. I looked to see who the manufacturer was and it was different from the other providers'. This is all to say that I believe this is one more example of significant differences in the composition of generic drugs.

I have been taking Zoloft for over ten years with no side effects. When it started coming in generic, I was switched to Sertraline. Not only am I struggling with the depression again, I am experiencing worrisome side effects: palpatations and dizziness. When I saw my doctor and was switched back to the non-generic zoloft my insurance wouldn't pay for it. It costs nearly one hundred dollars a month, and we just can't afford that.

I couldn't agree more!! I was also taking the generic
Wellbutrin 300XL, and all of my symptoms returned on the generic; I felt like I was going to have a breakdown. I then switched back to the brand name just last week and all of my symptoms are going away, and I feel like I'm back in control.

I have been on Wellbutrin XL for many years, and it has helped me a lot. Then my prescription plan said I could only get generic. I actually started weaning myself off of it until using the generic. Then once again events happened in my life and depression hit and I went back to my bottle of Wellbutrin XL and finished what I had. Then I started taking the generic.

At first I didn't notice anything, but then the depression gripped hold of me like the breath had been sucked out of me. I would cry over anything, I would get this rage inside of me that I would let loose sometimes. And my husband wanted to know what on earth was going on with me? I have never acted this way he would say.

Then I read an article about generics and wellbutrin xl being one of the worst. So I went back to my Dr. and asked for a rx that would say brand name. Well my prescription company called me to let me know if I wanted that filled it was going to cost me. THe highest copay $100.00 plus a penalty fee of another $80.00. for a 90-day supply. What was I to say?

I have tried all of the SSRI's and they do not work for me. I feel more depressed for being penalized for wanting a BRAND NAME. I am having a hard time with the fact we live in a society in which our companies we work for are dictating to the ins. co. that they want total generic cooperation, for a lower premium, yet I know what my husband has to pay for his part of the insurance as well. Not to mention the co-payments keep rising, at almost the cost of an office visit in some cases. And the co-payments are applicable everywhere these days. Get an xray, take some blood, have surgery done, ER visit, hospital stay, even a flu shot. But to be forced to TAKE A MEDICATION THAT IS NOT DOING WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO. And what will the FDA do when there are suicides due to this? I would like to know who is watching the FDA?

I previously took Celexa for depression and panic attacks. When the pharmacist filled my prescription with the generic for Celexa, I started noticing my depression coming back. Then slowly I started having panic attacks again.

I felt like I was going backwards in my treatment for panic attacks and depression. I finally got fed up and my Dr. changed me to Cymbalta. This has been a wonder drug for me. I very rarely have any depression. I have more energy and no panic attacks. I know that when the generic for Cymbalta comes out I WILL NOT take the generic, even if I have to pay the difference and fight my insurance company.

When you are dealing with depression and you finally have it under control, it is awful to feel like you have to start all over again because of a generic drug not working.

I recently posted about my experience with generic wellbutrin. For the last 4 weeks I have exhausted all means to try and do something about Budeprion manufactured by Teva. My last conversation was with Dr. Wolfe, director of the Health Research Group at Public Citizen. He stated the FDA testing of generics is sufficient to show they work the same as brand drugs. According to the "orange book", Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations, 28th Edition, FDA, a standard bioequivalence (PK) study is conducted using a two-treatment crossover study dosing in a limited number of volunteers, usually 24 to 36 adults. How can anyone deny that number when it is stated in black and white. I'm amazed that 24 to 36 volunteers is all that is needed to get a generic drug approved.

What is it going to take for the FDA to do something about the generic form of Wellbutrin?

I do not believe the generic Prozac that my local Rite Aid Pharmacy claims they get from TEVA is working for my depression. I have taken Prozac for 20 years. The brand always works, but every time I try switching to the generic, I become depressed again within a couple of weeks. I wish I had a lab and could test this crappy generic so I could prove it is the drug and not me!

In February 2007 I was switched to the generic sertraline after years of being on zoloft. I had my dosage increased and continued to experience increased breakthrough symptoms of anxiety, depression, panic and bizarre dreams. Prior to the switch I was stable on 150 mg. of Zoloft. I am now fighting with my insurance company to pay for the brand name versus the generic. My pharmacy told me that I should not notice any change because the same company manufactures it. It wasn't until I started reading and hearing other people complain about side effects from the generic sertraline that I was able to identify my own issues with it. I think consumerlab should test the generic sertraline.

The generic form of wellbutrin is awful!! My ins made me switch to the generic form, oh my gosh. I don't smile anymore, I hate everything, I feel like beating something!! That's not how I am. I work in a Dr's office and we have had a lot of complaints, this needs to be addressed!!!

I have tried taking the generic form of Wellbutrin (budeprion) 3 times (for 2-3 months each time) during the past 2 years and the result is always the same: return of depressive symptoms and suicidal ideation, as well as increased anxiety. I was so relieved to hear on the People's Pharmacy that others have experienced the same thing, because it confirmed my suspicion that budeprion is ineffective. Non-generic Wellbutrin is over $100/month and the generic is $20, which is why I switched to generic in the first place. Is there any way to petition insurance companies to cover the cost of non-generic meds when there's sufficient evidence that the generic form doesn't work?

I have encountered my own problems. For the past five months I have been depressed again after success on Wellbutrin XL for years. I've been trying other medications thinking I had Seasonal Affective Disorder. Now I realize it could be the generic Wellbutrin XL I started 5 months ago. I started to sleep 14 hours per day. I was more sensitive to criticism. I started weeping and having thoughts about death. I had to take naps under my desk in my office at work. My performance at work has dropped significantly and all my friends and family have been worried about me because of the dramatic change in my sleeping habits.

I am planning to start a petition at: with the intent of getting the generic form of Wellbutrin XL into clinical studies and eventually banning the drug if the studies prove it is not effective.

In a few days, look for my petition and please sign it and pass it to anyone you can.

Check out this article:
The brand maker of Wellbutrin XL tried to stop sales of the generic form by starting a petition "intended to protect the public against the potentially harmful effects of generic versions of Wellbutrin XL that may not be a bioequivalent to Biovail's branded product, or may be misleadingly labeled."

I don't believe their efforts were based soley on money.


I was taking generic prozac and ended up adding wellbutrin and buspar trying to make it work, and was still struggling. I decided to try the brand Prozac to see if it would work any better. Within a month's time, I felt so much better that I was able to quit taking the Wellbutrin and Buspar. I continued taking the brand prozac and felt better than I had in a long time. I then thought I'd try the generic again just to make sure it wasn't a placebo effect. Within a week I was almost suicidal. I went back to the brand Prozac and again felt tremendously better. Amazing difference. The bad thing is that it costs me $100 per month as compared to $7 per month for the generic (insurance rules). I am sticking with the brand.

I am still recovering emotionally & physically from a bad experience with Metoprolol Succ. ER Tabs, generic for Toprol XL. I had just gotten over flu when I was switched to this generic & believed I was feeling poorly because of flu, never suspeciting the generic. Then it dawned on me, I always started feeling bad shortly after taking Metoprolol. I switched back to Toprol XL. (I feel better now, but don't know if there will be any long-term effects.)

I had suffered for 3 months, not knowing if I was going to live or die. (I had rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure, nausea, appetite loss, dizziness, hot flashes, & depression, not to mention I was scared to death!) When I went to dr, he found nothing except that my blood pressure was up. Please believe people when they say Metoprolol should be taken off the market!! Thanks

I take Inderal LA 80 MG caps to help prevent migraines. When I switched to the generic Propanolol ER 80 MG caps, the frequency of migraines increased dramatically. When I returned to the Inderal brand, the frequency diminished to the pre-generic drug level.

I actually welcome the fact that generics may produce different effects than brand, because it opens up a much wider range of treatment options than before. The effects of any drug, brand or generic, can be positive for some people and negative for others. In my case, Teva Budeprion XL 300 mg worked better for me than brand, whereas Anchen Buproprion Hcl XL 300 mg was a disaster. But I'm sure there are some out there where the Anchen works great for them and the Teva is a disaster. So is Teva no good? Or is Anchen no good? The answer is that Teva and Anchen are both good and no good, relative to the person.

I've got bipolar disorder and my pdoc worked me up from Wellbutrin XL 150 mg to Wellbutrin XL 300 mg in an attempt to improve mood. I got a much better mood reaction on 300 mg than 150 mg. Am I to say that Wellbutrin is good or no good because the 150 mg dosage didn't work well whereas the 300 mg dosage did? I see no conceptual difference whatsoever between changing dosage of a given drug to try and produce a positive effect and changing between brand and generics to try to produce a positive effect. In fact, changing from brand to generic always produces the positive effect of being cheaper than brand but may or may not produce positive mood effects.

The true wrong that is being done is the FDA, the drug companies, and the insurance companies insisting that brand and generics are equivalent in effects for all people. This is no different than were they to say that different dosages of the same medication produce the same effect.

I myself would never support any effort to get Teva banned. Nor would I ever support any effort to get Anchen banned. But I will support efforts to get the FDA, drug companies, and insurance companies to recognize that generics are not equivalent in all people. The fraud committed by them is if they are using a false medical pretense for no other purpose than making a profit, and in the process inflicting damage on the public, both medically and financially. In fact, it may even be negligent homicide if someone dies as a result of being forced to use a generic. I don't believe the FDA, drug companies, and insurance companies realize they are playing with fire if they are indeed knowingly perpetuating fraud. I only hope that the situation is corrected before any major lawsuit occurs, as this would be a no-win for everyone. No win for them because they will pay out large sums of money. No win for the public because they will simply raise the price of their drugs to get their money back.

I recently was prescribed the generic version of Ambien and it does not work anywhere near the way that Ambien does. I am disappointed because my insurance will not cover Ambien since there is a generic (substandard) available.

I too am also taking Budeprion XL 300 mg by TEVA pharm. after having a bad liver reaction to Cymbalta. For one thing, it's way too high of a dose, I suspect, because I feel jittery and shaky on it. My pyschiatrist's assistant said to cut it in half and take 1/2 twice a day, but it says specifically on the label NOT to break them. But I have been anyway. It helps a little, but I can't take it much longer; I've had several accounts of suicidal thoughts, despair, and unprovoked anger at my family. I was NEVER like this before I started taking this crap. I've taken regular wellbutrin (brand) before, with good results, so why is this occurring?

Also, my pharmacy recently switched my regular Prasco's generic Ambien to Mylan's, and it is NOT WORKING. I mean, at all. WTH? How do I get my old ones back? Should I call every pharmacy in town asking what manufacturer makes their ambien? I'm going to look like a nutcase. But hey, I am one, so there u go...

I had been taking Wellbutrin for several years. Last year my insurance company switched me from wellbutrin xl to budeprion xl. Soon after I was back to depression and experiencing major anxiety attacks and mood swings. I just thought I was stressed from work -- I started taking ambien each night in order to fall asleep. I ended up in the emergency room with one anxiety attack -- thinking I was having a heart attack. It wasn't until I heard the article on NPR one morning that I made the connection -- all these changes since starting to take the budeprion. I called my doctor immediately and asked to write a sctipt that switched me back to wellbutrin, and I am back to normal. I hope the makers of budeprion are somehow held accountable!

This is a copy of what I sent to Walgreens Mail Order: I am concerned about the generic medication you provide in response to prescriptions submitted. I have take Naproxen 500mg tablets for years as needed for my arthritis and bursitis. I have always been conservative in taking it, but usually take most of the 120 tablets over a year’s period. Last year you filled my prescription with a generic version -- it was pinkish with the number 149 on one side and 93 on the other side. When I took one it seemed to take longer to take effect, and it did not help long term with the bursitis. I also always slept poorly after taking one pill in the morning. Often I had to take it for two days before seeing anything other than a few hours of relief. By the end of the year I really had to be in pain to take one. The discomfort of sleeplessness, etc. was not worth the pain relief unless the pain was severe. I even was wondering if the medication was no longer effective for me and if I should make another doctor’s appointment to get something new. After a year, I ended up with approximately half the tablets left instead of most them gone.

Recently I filled a new prescription from my annual visit to my doctor. Once I received the new supply, I threw the old ones out instead of my usual finishing them first. This year the bottle is not a generic but the label says Naproxen 500 mg tablets, Glenmark. I took the first one on Sunday, March 16th. I now regret that I did not inquire about the generic sooner. It fully relieved my discomfort instead of just minimizing it. It worked like I remember it originally working for both time of relief and comfort. And, I slept soundly after taking one pill in the morning. It even worked so well that I was comfortable today and did not need to take another. I will not take a generic of Naproxen again. And I will think twice about accepting any other medicine in a generic form in the future.

I was taking Toprol XL and was forced to switch to the generic by my insurance company. Two weeks after the switch, my bllod pressure was out of control. So, I went back to the brand.

Have taken Wellbutrin for years UNTIL 3 months ago--generic works just partially and then wears out and old symptons appear and sleepless nights. Also, after TOPROL for years, this generic just isn't right for me.

the generic of Norvasc works only 50% as the brand name

re:generic drugs.
I have been experiencing real,fearful and uncomfortable problems with my last month's supply of atenolol.
It is as if they are not even working! (I have not changed my daily routine or foods, etc.); My heart would race as if I had forgotten to take my nightly dose.
It seemed that as the month's supply was used up, the problem got worse. My blood pressure went up and fluctuated. I have made two trips to my family doctor, resulting in EKG and other tests.
I doubled up a few doses and that seemed to help, but that ought not to be!
I noticed that there were other times when doses seemed to vary.
I looked around the house and found a few older tablets (in my purse for emergencies); I could tell a difference with the first dose! It worked like a dream.
Unfortunately, when I had to go back to my "junky generic" batch, the problems started again.
I am getting my supply refilled today. I am asking for the brandname and paying the difference, if I can. I can not stand the thought of going through this past few weeks again!

I,like many of the people who have commented on this site, have experienced a problem with the generic form of Wellbutrin XL. I suffered with depression and was put on the brand name drug and it worked and made such a difference in my life.

Then I was switched to the generic and I could quickly tell a difference. The first half of the day I felt jittery and nervous and like I could not focus or concentrate. I felt like I shouldn't be driving because I felt doped up.The second half of the day I felt fatigued and depressed.

Then I came home and typed generic wellbutrin on the computer and found out about all the trouble other people were having and about the msnbc show and npr program about this drug. It was so bad I would rather not take it at all than take the generic and then my depression symptoms would come back.

I told my doctor and she wrote medically necessary on the prescription but even the top insurance company said generic is mandatory and the doctor would have to file a pre-approval form and this can take 2-4 weeks then they will have a committee decide whether they will cover it. The name brand drug costs over $200. If Consumer Labs and the FDA have found that the generic doesn't act the same then why hasn't anything been done about this?

Having been bothered by insomnia for years I finally gave in and started taking Ambien. With good results. How great to sleep through the night again.

Then I found it was in a generic so I started using that. I took the Ambien for 3 mo. approximately, 5 mg. per night. Then I switched to Zolpediem. Same dosage. It worked almost as well but after a few months I developed tinnitus in my left ear. I didn't connect this to the drug usage until after seeing two ENT Dr.'s who couldn't find anything wrong with my ear. I started reading all I could on Ambien and in the list of seldom side effects was ringing in the ears.

Was this from the generic or simple continued usage of the drug? I don't know but it makes me wonder. I stopped taking the generic and have not went back to the Ambien. Now I don't sleep and have tinnitus. Amd I'm very leery of any drugs at all now. Has anyone else been bothered by this condition?

I'd been on a combination of Wellbutrin and Zoloft for PMDD for about 4 years and my life had become 'normal'. Then I was switched to generic Zoloft and still things were fine until my Wellbutrin was replaced with the generic version of the XL 300 mg by Teva.

The first thing that put me off with the pill itself--it's big and the coating makes it difficult to swallow. I had an upset stomach for about 3 weeks after I started taking it. But I thought I'd get used to it and it would be fine. Then within about 2 months, my PMDD symptoms seemed to come back on me, though not as severe as before the drug therapy. Throughout the rest of the month I was more anxious and very weepy.

I thought my condition had worsened until a friend questioned my drugs and if I'd been switched to any generics. I'm fighting with the insurance now to get the DAW my doctor ordered. I'd always heard that generics were 'identical' to brand names. I didn't realize that the FDA has a different definition of 'identical'.

I take Zanaflex for Multiple Sclerosis. My insurance will now only cover the generic. I gladly tried Tizanidine and knew right away it did not work for me. Very disappointed as I must pay full price for Zanaflex. Something must be done about our health care system!

The doctor prescribed Lamisil for my fungal condition. I am taking the generic version of Lamisil which is Terbinafine. Has anyone reported having any problems with Terbinafine?

I am so glad to know that the problem "isn't just me"! I had been taking Wellbutrin 300 XL for several months when the pharmacy switched my prescription to the generic. During that month alone, I kept wondering why my symptoms were coming back.

When I went to get the refill the next month, I mentioned it to the pharmacist and he said it could be because it was generic. He switched me back, which of course has a higher co-pay, but my symptoms began to go away.

I eventually came off of the Wellbutrin to see how I would do with no medication. Within six months my symptoms were back. My doctor wrote my prescription, but the insurance company refused to pay for anything but the generic.

After a lot of phone calls, I was finally able to get the Wellbutrin 150XL, but I am afraid it won't be enough. I understand the insurance wanting to take the inexpensive road; I would much rather pay the generic co-pay. But not if it doesn't work! The insurance company should be required to cover what the doctor has prescribed.

I have taken Zocor (10mg) for several years. Switched to generic Simvastatin which resulted in significant leg ache/leg discomfort. After several weeks, with my physicians help, I returned to Zocor at a tremendous increase in price. The leg problems went away.

I had been on several medications at the same time. One of them was an antidepressant, generic form fluoxetine. Generic brands have differences between them too! I had been on fluoxetine from one company and had been stable. Then out of the blue the pharmacy changed my fluoxetine to "RANBAXY" brand FLUOXETINE for about 6 months, I fell into a deep depression and felt suicidal and had no idea why.

My psychiartist discharged me from her care saying that she couldn't help me. For some unknown reason my pharmacy switched me back to my previous brand of fluoxetine. In a few days I felt better. Then it all clicked. I could have committed suicide, and it could have been due to the fact that PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS NEED TO BE BETTER REGULATED.

I went to see a psychiatrist to switch over from celexa to Wellbutrin due to the sexual side effects. She gave me a two week sample and it worked like magic! All my symptoms were gone and I could feel that I no longer had any sexual side effects, which was a HUGE shocker to me since I had been on anti depressants since childhood.

Once I went to fill my prescription I found it was $115 with my insurance! I am a student with little income and that was too much. I went back to celexa and my doctor did not even tell me that there was a generic version;this was last year so I am not sure if it was out yet. I then finally heard of the generic version and bought it immediately. I was sick before I started taking it so I thought my symptoms were due to a cold. But now I KNOW that these are side effects from the generic version and have stopped taking them and have gone back to celexa due to the side effects.

I had extreme nausea and bouts of depression and I could not function anymore on the generic version. I am very ANGRY because my insurance covers very little. I take generic celexa which works perfectly except for the sexual side effects. But generic wellbutrin is a joke and should not even be on the market.

I have been on a steady dose of Valium for 10 years (10mg/day). The valium has helped control anxiety and prevented depression. My insurance company has flat out refused to allow me to have a brand name so I have been on the generic for 3 months. Within a week of taking the generic I had horrible headaches and horrific nightmares. My muscles hurt too. I stuck with it because I can't afford to buy the name brand on my own. I had been taking a half tablet twice a day of the brand name. I had to cut out the second half tablet to end the nightmares and headaches BUT what I'm paying for that now is increased anxiety, somewhat manic behavior AND I'm beginning to feel depressed.

The even better news is that Wellbutrin is what I take for depression. The Valium has kept me off Wellbutrin for almost 10 years. My psychiatrist admits the generic is different but says most all his patients are forced to use generic. I feel so badly taking this drug because of all the side effects. That kind of indicates to me that the chemical reaction isn't complete or the material isn't pure. I'm at wits end.

Hytrin/Terazosin. I take it for prostate symptoms.

I changed from branded Hytrin to a generic made by Apotex. The generic was completely ineffective. I could barely pee.

I then changed to a generic made by Geneva. It works well for me, as good or nearly as good as the branded product.

You can buy the Geneva generic terazosin at Costco.

Last week I was prescribed
Nitrofurantoin -Macro 100mg. for a urinary tract infection.
This is a generic made by EON among other companies
After taking two pills twelve hours apart, I felt a constriction in my chest and mistakingly took a third twelve hours later.

Within 2 hours I felt as if I was having an asthmatic attack with burning in my throat as I breathed, constriction in my chest, and a dry cough.

When I called my doctor the next morning, he told me to stop taking it immediately.

After checking the side effects on the internet, I found warnings that this dangerous side effect could happen after long-term use and about 1 in 5000 had this occur on short term use. In some cases, there had been permanent lung damage.

We expect our doctors to prescribe reasonably safe drugs, but I'm afraid the lack of oversight by the FDA has imperiled all Americans.

I believe the generic brand Amlodipine Benazepril for Lotrel does not control the blood pressure as well as Lotrel does. I am also concerned that this generic brand may also cause other health issues. Like severe inflammation and muscle weakness as well as unusual fatigue. I am curious if anyone else has experienced these side affects from taking the generic drug.

I have tried numerous times to take the generic for Tenormin, which is Atenolol. When I take the generic, I have chest pains and SOB, a few times went to E.R. not knowing what the problem was.

My last try with atenolol almost caused a heart attack. I called my physcian, got RX for Tenormin & within 3 hours, I was feeling fine.

I was so angry, I went to the pharmacy and got the address of company who made the generic. I would love to shut them down. There is no way that medication is anything but sugar or whatever filler they use. The company is in India and I would like to know how I could get the generic tested.

After several years with good cholesterol control on Lipitor and then Zocor, I received a refill of the generic, simvastatin. Within six months my total cholesterol went from around 200 to 268.

I expressed concern to my doctor and he doubled the dose from 40 to 80 mg and told me diet and exercise should lower my cholesterol. There had been no change in my diet or exercise in that six month period. Six months later, even with double the dose, my total cholesterol was 275.

My most recent refill was from a different manufacturer. I'm due for a checkup in a month, and it will be interesting to see what, if any effect it has.

I haven't seen any complaints about simvastatin being less effective than Zocor, but I'm sure there is a difference.

I've recently been switched to the generic for Norvasc and for Allegra and have had no problems with either.

I have had good results for many generics in the past, so when my pharmasist suggested I try the generic for Protonix, I did. Within a few days I was having increasingly bad pains in my stomach. It finally dawned on my that it the new medication wasn't working. I switched back to Protonix. Within a couple of days my stomach started to improve and found all my discomfort resolved within a week.

I also know another person that had the same experience about the same time I did. My pharmasist told me two of his other customers had the same problem and when they switched back to the original Protonix, they felt better.

I used 1mg Ativan in the hospital, but now take a generic version, Lorizipan.

I have to take 2 mg of the generic to get the same results at with Ativan.

I have been treating for gastric reflux with Protonix in the morning and Zantac 150 in the evening with good results. I bought the drug store brand of acid reducer "150" instead of the Zantac, and starting getting the pain back right away. I switched back to the Zantac 150 and have had no pain return. how do you explain that?

My husband has a bad knee. Got RX for ETODOLAC 500mg TABLET (TARO PHARM USA). This is the generic, 1st refill same, and is walking better, 3rd refill pharmacy changed mfg to APOTEX CORP... after 6 days on this med he's limping & hurting again! I called pharmacy, and she will check with wholesaler to see if can get TARO PHARM, but who will pay? I wasn't even told of the change!

ALSO, when I get bronchitis The z-pak now I get generic & get to go back to the dr 2-3 times more!!!

Reading about brand-name vs. generic medications on your website has been a huge relief for me. For years my symptoms of depression had been well controlled on brand-name Prozac. My Medicare Part D Insurance would not pay for brand-name Prozac, so my pharmacy switched my prescription to generic Prozac. Within days I was pacing the floor, experiencing paranoid and suicidal ideation, had difficulty sleeping, and would have stopped eating altogether if I hadn't been living with others.

I had to be hospitalized in order to create a case for a convincing appeal. A psychiatrist and several psychiatric nurses talked with my insurance company and demanded that they pay for brand-name Prozac. Unfortunately, the appeal only lasts a year. I wonder what I will need to go through to renew my prescription.

It is interesting how each individual's body chemistry is so different. I also take generic Zocor and have wonderful results. I have talked with others who can't take generic statins. Thank you for assuring consumers out there that they are not imagining things when generic drugs don't work for them.

I have been on Tenormin for 28 years. Within this time I have used generics, and they are not all the same. I adversly reacted to Rugby brand with pounding temples and heartbeat. I recently was switched to Ranbaxy without being told. My heart was beating too hard, and my blood pressure was wacky, like one pill worked and one did not. I called my pharmacist and got one day of true tenormin until he could get the brand which works well for me, that is Sandoz, I am now back on that and feel normal! yeah!

I wrote Ranbaxy a note to let them know...I do not think they have the correct formulation.

I was switched from Arava, an arthritis drug, to the generic Leflunomide, and within a month my symptoms returned, and they had been under control. My doctor increased my dosage of the generic and that stabalized my disease again. My insurance questioned it, but did pay in the end.

I tried the generic of Celexa, and within two hours I felt dizzy-headed and sick to my stomach. My insurance company will not pay for the name brand, but I must say I will pay the out of the pocket money before I will take the generic. Do you think we could get some help here? Why are we forced to take generic because our insurance had rather pay nothing? Do they care?! Don't think so. I ask the FDA to recall the generic brand or check it further. Thanks.

My doctor gave me some samples of Wellbutrin XL 300 mg for severe depression, and it gave me complete relief. When I filled the prescription, the pharmacy replaced it with the generic Budeprion XL 300mg and told me it was the same thing. Within 2 days, all of my depression symptoms returned. I stayed on the generic form for a month to give it a real chance to work, but it never did. As soon as I got back on the brand name, I felt great again. The difference is like day and night. There is no way the generic Budeprion XL 300 mg is the same as Wellbutrin XL 300mg. NO WAY!

"A huge sigh of relief for me today!" I was convinced I had lost my mind and I know my husband would agree.

For a couple of years I had been on Wellbutrin XL 300mg.
At the beginning of May 2008 my insurace would only cover the generic form of wellbutrin {Budeprion XL}. I thought, that's fine as my pharmacist assured me it was the same as Wellbutrin.

The first week on it I noticed I wasn't feeling worse, but also wasn't feeling better. But over the course of the next two weeks following I just wasn't feeling right. I was anxious, easily upset, unusually angry and irritable nearly all the time. I started feeling almost psychotic, and for the forst time I had suicidal thoughts. I was paniced and after a complete mental breakdown I stopped my Budeprion XL. and came online to research if there was anyone else like me... I was so surprised and relieved to see it wasn't all in my head. It was a month from hell. My marraige was nearing divorce, amd my poor children didn't have a stable mother, not to mention that 2 of my 4 children have disabilities which require me to be well and healthy.

It was completely unfair for my family to have to witness what could be prevented only if the FDA would pull this drug until further studies are done on it. I am appalled it is still be used. What is it going to take fot them to realize this generic form isn't working?

Needless to say I am back on Wellbutrin XL 300mg and feeling stable , happy and moving on with my life. They claim that it is common for people to sink back into depression but can the explain why everyone on Budeprion XL suddenly relapses, only to go back to wellbutrin and feel a sense of wellbeing and happiness again??? Open you eyes people!

I am a Vietnam Veteran diagnosed with PTSD in 2003. I am rated 100% disabled due to continued treatment. After two years testing various drugs under my VA doctor care, we found a medication that performed better without the side affects of everything else I tried. It was Zoloft. After just a month, my depressive state improved, as well as my anxiety attacks. I smiled again and was able to function better.

In 2007 the VA changed my zoloft to sertraline, and within a couple of weeks my PTSD symptoms began to resurface. Now they changed my sertraline again, manufactured by Cobolt, a new company. Just when I thought Sertraline couldn't get worse this product is even less effective.

How can we send young men and women into battle and treat them for PTSD with substandard medication? I am venting my complaint with the VA, my Congressman, the press and anyone who will listen.

I've taken ditropan XL for over 12 years for bladder spasms (spinal cord injury). The brand name perscription worked great, but the generic brand does not seem to have the time release. My Dr. even put no exceptions on my perscrption, but Workers Comp. still would not pay for the brand name.

I cannot pay for the brand name myself, so I am forced to wear adult depends or to staight cath every 2-3 hrs. I don't drink as much water as I should any more, witch causes more bladder infections.

I have taken Paxil/Paxil CR since the early 1990's. There have been occasions when I have forgotten to take it, didn't bring it with me on vacation or was in the hospital for a week and did not take this medication. At these times, I did not feel any withdrawal or differences in my physical or mental state.

A week ago, I renewed my prescription to a generic brand. My insurance company had sent letters (3) of information regarding the cost benefits of changing to a generic form of Paxil CR. Within three days of taking the generic pills there was a dramatic change in my whole self. Confusion, compulsions, forgetfulness, dizziness, awful dreams, a general lack of well being and other odd feelings.

The first two days, I thought that I may be coming down with something or my sinuses were just bothering me. The third day I woke up in the morning to most of the above and my hands trembling.

What else could be causing this but the new medication? Paxil is the only daily medication that I take. Something was wrong. I felt it had to be the change in meds and called my pharmacist.

My fear here is that when I could not, for some reason, take my daily dosage of Paxil, I really felt no different at all. Taking the generic form for only three days, put me into a state that I do not want to re-visit. How can this be possible if this generic form of Paxil is identical in content? I don't think it is at all.

Back on Paxil and feeling well again for now. Although, I am hearing that this "non-addictive" drug (as I was told 16-18 years ago) is considered one of the worst anti-depressants ever to get off of. I don't know what to do about that. And that scares me too.

I will end with repeating, that I feel that the generic brand of Paxil made me ill immediately after taking it. And that it certainly did not have the same effect that Paxil has had on me in the past. I would never take it again.

I was switched to the generic Zoloft for the first time about a year ago. It did not work for me -- my depression symptoms returned in less than a week. I went back to name brand and was fine. I switched insurance, and now have to pay close to $100 for a 30-day supply.

The pill texture is strikingly different -- it dissolves much faster, and I wonder if that is the problem.

I have NO problem with the idea of generics. I have taken a generic for my thyroid hormone medication, and it works wonderfully.

I have taken Wellbutrin XL 300MG's for 4 years. It has seriously worked wonders for my depression. My depressive symptoms had disappeared. Then, this year I was switched to the generic form, Budeprion XL by TEVA. Within weeks, my friends and co-workers noticed that i was moody and very irritable. I also began to feel very tired. It then hit me. This is how I felt before starting Wellbutrin years ago. Since beginning the generic form, all of my symptoms have returned. In addition, I have also started to gain weight. Nearly 20 pounds in 6 months. What can I do to get my insurance company to pay for the brand name? Please help!

I am glad to see here that I am not the only person dealing with this issue. Recently I too have encountered a noted lack of effectiveness when taking two different generic versions of Celexa, or citalopram 40mg. I have taken Celexa 40 mg (both the brand as well as a generic that loked identical to the brand) for at least 6 years, and have had great success in managing my depression and anxiety with its use.

Unfortunately, CVS recently switched to a different manufacturer of citalopram 40mg. I noticed right away due to the new appearance of the pill, but thought little of it. When I asked the pharmacist, she explained it was just a different manufacturer and that the drug was exactly the same.

But almost immediately, within 2-3 days of taking the "other" manufacturer's version, I experienced greater anxiety than I had dealt with in years, as well as a return of depressive symptoms and fatigue. I asked my doctor if it was possible that the different manufacturer's generic could be significantly different than the brand and/or the generic that I had been taking for so many years. He said YES, and he promptly warned his colleagues that CVS had changed manufacturers. I then tried Target rx, since they offer the $4 generics. Their manuf. is Dr. Reddys out of India. The results of this "version" have not been much better, in fact I feel it may be even less effective for me.

I looked online and read of Inwood Labs, who claim they are the ONLY lab authorized to replicate the Celexa brand name drug exactly. Now I just need to find out where I can buy them. I do find it frustrating that the pharmacies will tell their patients that the generics are all the same -- the same as the brand as well as each other -- yet it is obvious that this is not always the case.

I tried the generic of Wellbutrin XL 300mg a little over a year ago. I was excited to think I could save so much money. After about 2 weeks my therapist asked if I had completely stopped taking my medications. My thinking had become so confused and slowed in such a short period of time that I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. It wasn't until I met with my psychiatrist that we put together the link in my increased depressive symptoms (particularly, psychomotor retardation) and the initiation of the generic. Once returned to the brand drug, I was fine. But not without several weeks of problems at work due to my symptoms.

I tried the generic again about 6 months ago because my new insurance will not pay for it, even if my doctor says it is medically necessary. I became terribly depressed again and feared I may need to be hospitalized.

Fortunately the brand drug, again, pulled be back out of the depression. Since the brand medication makes such a huge difference in my ability to function and maintain a job, I have to pay the extra $80 per month. Even if that means less money toward other things I may want/need. It angers me that the FDA has decided the brand and generic are equivalent when they so obviously are not.

I switched to generic Zoloft and felt the difference within a few days. I was on a very, very low dose so I think I am very sensitive to it, and after even 2-3 days, I felt anxious and depressed. I stayed on the generic about a week, thinking I was just going through a hard time. After reading an article online about generics though, I switched back to the real Zoloft, and my symptoms went away again. Even though it is MUCH more expensive, taking the generic is an even big waste of money, because I felt worse and yet had side effects. I will never take a generic again!

I'm glad that I'm not alone. It only took me took weeks to realize that my generic Paxil CR was not working correctly. I was having unexplained weepiness and cry jags. Luckily, my doctor called the pharmacy and I was able to switch back. I will not know for another few weeks, when I get a refill, if my insurance will cover the non-generic. It was covering it before. If not, I will pay full price. It's totally worth it. I've had to take antidepressants since I was 18 and it took six years to find the right one for me.

I too have been given generic Allegra recently and find it does not work nearly as well. The cost for brand name is $90.00 and for generic it is $10.00, both purchased using the same insurance benefits. That kind of price difference is too large a gap to not understand there is a difference.

My son also takes a generic brand of Ritalin, and often times is given a generic of the generic because they run out of one generic brand or another. The changes in his behavior are notable and directly relate to changes in prescription. Who wins here?

That's all it is about, who wins the most in profits using the largest amount of people to do it.

After battling fibromyalgia for many years and having to pay an outrageous amount of money for brand name Ultram, I was ecstatic to see a generic on the market; however, it didn't work. It was a few years back so I don't recall the name, but I felt like I had taken a placebo or something without any active ingredient. I called the doctor in tears and have taken the brand name since. I'd rather pay the outrageous price; at least I can function.

I have been taking generic Lorazepam for 2 years for heart palpitations during sleep. Noticed a change in effect and a strange smell to the tablet on last two refills. Will go to ativan to see if that helps. I will also check where it is produced. I don't want to be anyones guinea pig.

The generic, Finasteride, does not work like the Proscar that it replaced. However, the Finesteride put out by the original Proscar manufacturer, Merck, works like the original.

I take fioricet for severe headaches. It works wonderfully. My insurance changed me to the generic. It is not the same. The original fioricet made my headaches go away, but I could still function. The generic knocks me out! 20 minutes after I take one pill, I can't keep my eyes open. I have to admit that both medications help with the pain. But with the original drug, I can stay awake. They are absolutely not the same.

I thought I was losing it until I came across your site. Thank you. Please trust me that we are not making this up. I'm very disappointed in my psych for not having taken my complaints about the cheap generic brand of Wellbutrin more seriously.

I took Wellbutrin for 6-7 years and was OK but about 3 years ago Brooks (now Rite Aid) and Walgreen's told me they were no longer carrying the pioneer Wellbutrin. They unilaterally switched me to the generic brand.

My depression, which by the way I've inherited from my mom and dad, has gone from bad to worse plus I have a myriad of side effects -- the thought of suicide, the fear of dying, hopelessness, anger, guilt, passiveness, fatigue, dizziness, confusion, headaches, nausea, anxiety, lack of self worth, sadness,apathy, negative thinking and even lying, lack of focus, weird thoughts, inability to think on my feet, weight gain (even though I work out 4 times a week and curb my calorie and fat intake). The symptoms are worse if I don't think the Rx at the same time every day and without a meal full of protein and calcium.

Libido is non existent; I can't even imagine myself being intimate with someone. Since I'm 52 years old, I attributed these symptoms to menopause and prayed that one day I'll feel like a human being. I noticed the difference in myself after the first day of taking the generic brand, so I phoned the pharmacy and my doctor to ask whether they had given me the right drug. Since they kept telling me that there's no difference in the brands, I'm still taking the cheap one even though my monthly co-payment through my PPO is only about $45.00.

The problem is that the pharmacies in my area continue to tell me that they don't carry the pioneer Wellbutrin. I'm crying right now because I think I should have been more proactive about this issue. I'm seeing my psych later this week and am requesting an Rx for the real Wellbutrin. Thank you all for sharing. I'll follow up soon.

My 84 year old mother had a bad experience when she was switched to a generic form of Effexor.

Unfortunately, it took several weeks of vertigo, "swishing" side effects, and other strange sensations before she put two and two together and wondered if the strange feelings might be related to the fact that she started on the generic.

She got some samples of the "real" stuff from her doctor and within a few days the side effects diminished and she's back to normal - except that she's really mad that for two weeks she suffered, could hardly walk, and couldn't figure out what was wrong with her (she even went to the emergency room at one point and they told her she had vertigo). Outrageous!

My doctor prescribed Sertraline HCL and it has caused a burning sensation in my throat and chest about once a week. An excessive amount of phlegm in my throat is present as well.

I rubbed the Walgreen brand of Capaicen on a friend who had extreme pain in his leg. In about 20 min. he begged to go to the emergency room as his leg felt as if it was burning up inside. Earlier, the hand I had used to rub in the cream had given me the same burning sensation. It took a long time to subside. It was a horrible experience, and since he has high blood pressure, I thought it might cause a stroke. Warnings should be stronger about the reaction.

It was subtle at first so I really did not think much of it. Everyone has up and down days. Then my husband mentioned that my behavior was different. After about 10 days on the generic I started relapsing. I started sleeping more, crying more, feelings of sadness and hopelessness, questioned if life was really worth being on this earth, I was more aggitated and irritable, had no energy. In retrospect I did not realize at the time what was wrong. The minute I explained it to my doctor he knew exactly what was wrong.

This is also when I learned about the problems with the generic form. My next RX had BRAND ONLY written on it! It took about 8 days for the Brand version to take hold, what a relief! As of July 1st my insurance changed the tier from 2 to 3 which made my cost go from $35.00 a month to $60.00 a month!! I take 450 mg daily. I am not complaining about the cost as I know it would put me in a financial bind if I had to pay full price out of pocket.

I was taking a generic brand of Paroxetine 40mg manufactured by Apotex, a generic for Paxil. Recently, my mail order pharmacy sent me another generic brand mgf.'d by TEVA, after several weeks of taking this brand, I became very aggravated, tired, depressed, headachey,forgetful, etc.

I just wasn't myself ! I could just sleep the day away???? It felt like most of the withdrawal sypmtons I read about that people went through weaning themselves off of paxil....

I went to the doctor and she wants me to try another pharmacy to see if I can go back to apotex or par-pharmaceitical, inc. mfg.s, and see if that works, otherwise I will go back to Paxil non-generic.
My Dr.'s other thought was maybe it is hormones? So she is sending me to have some tests done.

I refuse to take TEVA's brand of paroxitene though, because I do believe the generic form is not doing its job at all !! It's just too coincidental that after starting Paroxetine by TEVA, I felt my depression symptions return. My Dr. gave me samples of Pexeva, another generic of paxil, to take until I get my new rx filled.

I hope I can find a pharmacy that still uses Apotex, otherwise I will pay 4 times the amount for the brand name Paxil. Anyone know of a pharmacy, please let me know.

I'm just shocked by all this about Wellbutrin XL! I've noticed I've been VERY irritable all summer long, and was really frustrated because I had no idea why. I had been on Wellbutrin XL for a year and a half, and I had never been happier in my entire life... until about 2 months ago... which just happened to be when I was switched to Budeprion XL!!!

I stumbled on this info just last night. I had enough of feeling miserable so I googled "wellbutrin quit working". I found all these stories similar to mine. I did the math, and sure enough - the time I started feeling horrible was right around the time I switched to the generic drug.

I asked the pharmacy to give me Wellbutrin from now on, which isn't a problem... but I just had my 30-day script filled yesterday and now insurance says I have to wait 3 weeks before they'll allow me to have another one filled. NO WAY can I wait that long! So I have to call my dr. and have him call the insurance company and basically give everyone permission to give me the stupid name brand drug NOW before I completely lose my mind!

I report this on behalf of my elderly mother who doesn't have internet access. About
25 yrs. ago, she experienced recurrent episodes of angina.
Diagnosed w/ prolapsed mitral valve, she was put on Inderal (the brand), and it was very effective in eliminating all angina. BUT when she got a Rx for propanolol and began taking it w/out hesitation or question, the angina returned.

Finally we began to wonder if there was a difference in them. Her MD prescribed the brand Inderal
again, and that was the end of her angina. Because she was on a very limited income, she wanted to take the generic, but twice more the same thing happened. She has now been on Inderal (brand) for many years with no sign of angina at any time.

I was on Lisinopril several years ago with no side effects. I went back on a generic form manufactured by Watson several weeks ago and within several hours had a headache directly above my left ear. I've never had a headache in that location, but I stayed on the drug several more days and the headache continued. When I went off it the headache disappeared. I tried again and the headache returned. My dr. then put me on the branded Lisinopril and I've had no problems...

I had been taking generic Wellbutrin and experienced the symptoms described in your article. I always felt depressed or anxious. I asked my doctor to prescribe Brand Wellbutrin XL 300 and I have been feeling much better. I am convinced that the generic of this drug does not perform the same as the Brand name.

I have high blood pressure and was taking Zestril 40mg.,when my insurance company refused to pay for name brand I was forced to go to generic-Lisinopril, guess what!! My blood pressure shot thru the sky! My kids when they were little could not take the generic brand of Ritalin, it was like you never gave them the pill!! Whats Up?

I had been on Wellbutrin 300XL for several years. My insurance company switched me to the generic Budeprion 300XL last December and I began experiencing suicidal ideation, depression, and severe mood swings.

When I brought it to my psychiatrist's attention, she switched me back to Wellbutrin. To my relief and everyone around me, things went back to normal. I had tried persuading my insurance company to give me a discount based upon the generic form's ineffectiveness but they said no since it is FDA approved.

While I have had to pay close to 100$ instead of $20 copay, I felt it was worth it if it would avoid hospitalization or suicide. Last month my pharmacy made a mistake and replaced it with the generic Budeprion again. I thought since I was doing well; and money being tight; maybe I would give it another shot.

The symptoms are starting to come back again. It looks like if the FDA won't do anything I'm going to just have to find a way to pay for the Wellbutrin if I want to stay healthy.

Wanted to report that I find that generic Wellbutrin XL does not control my depression symptoms. After about two weeks of taking the generic form, I begin to feel depressed and anxious again.

The generic form of Ambian does not work as well for me. I have a lot of trouble falling asleep after taking the generic.

I take diazapam it use to be valium. fl medicaid said take generic. i took different ones as the drug store provided. they only want to give you ones made by mylan.

mylan seems to have a monopoly on all drug stores walmarts, walgreens etc.That generic does not work like valium at all. it makes me agitated.and it should make me relaxed.
i first need a valium after taking it.

Joan B.

I took Toprol XL and never had a problem . I then took generic Metaprolol with no problem . Then the pharmacy changed manufacturers of the generic version and after a few days my ankles swelled . I switched back to name brand Toprol and the swelling went away as quick as it came .

I was taking a generic xanax from Walgrens in NC. They changed the supplier of the xanax, pill shape changed so it we obvious.

When I put this new pill in my mouth it burned my throat! I called the drug store and yes the supplier had been changed, the pharmacist took back the pills and gave me brand but now its $50 instead of $10.

Recently they switched generic on my allergy spray and now it burns my nose. I have to believe the drug stores are finding cheaper and unreliable suppliers of generic drugs. Very scary and

Please add me to your list and I commend you efforts to bring this issue to the attention of the FDA concerning generic drugs. I have an incurable bladder disease which is controlled by certain drugs. Recently I was given a generic, that if anything, I now suspect is actually increasing my symptoms.

The original drug I was taking was Pyridium, also a generic, but quite effective. The second and third generic I was offered and these have cause me great adverse effects. I am now questioning the filler, which my body may be trying to reject.

If you can help in anyway; please email me or add me to the list of people convinced that generics need better testing and followup.

I have bipolar disorder, type II, and was stable on a combination of Lamictal and Wellbutrin XL. In the summer of 2007, my mail-order pharmacy substituted the generic version of the drug manufactured by Anchen. I experienced some mild changes in mood, but nothing serious. The next refill was the generic manufactured by Teva. Within 2 days of starting the Teva pills I was hypomanic, with panic attacks, paranoia, mild hallucinations, and suicidal ideations.

It took a few days to put two and two together. Then I decided to go back to the brand name WB XL I had in a drawer. Within a day of resuming the brand-name drug I stabilized, although it took weeks to return to normal from my relapse.

Now I find out that Lamictal has gone generic, and guess which company has the exclusive rights: TEVA! Lamictal is horribly expensive; I will pay $450 every 90 days for it. The alternative is to take a chance and run the risk of losing my job if I have another breakdown.

To KHP: If the medication works I'm all for it. I take as many generics as I can. However, the system is currently rigged so that the insurance company can refuse to recognize actual clinical differences in drug effects once a generic is approved. Thus, although my doctor can insist on the brand name, I can't get out of paying 50% of the cost. 50% of Wellbutrin's price is $200 for 90 day; Lamictal costs $450 for 90 days.

There MUST be a middle ground, right?

I have been taking Generic Watson M349 Vicodin since Oct 2007,but In July my medical plans changed so I had to get my own medication so I went to Walmart with 100 pill Vicodin 5/500 prescription. I did not recognize the generic Vicodin they gave me. It was M357. They said it was the same .... clearly not nearly. I am glad to be back with the M349's. There IS a difference.

I have taken Zithromax for sinus infections for years with excellent results. I was given Azithromycin by Greenstone Co the generic version of Zithromax twice and it did not work either time.

I have been on toprol xl for a lot of years. Then when the generic came about I switched to it. My blood pressure went way up. I took it for two weeks the I told the Dr. to put me back on the name brand. I don't have the trouble now. My insurance refuses to pay anything on my name brand.

I am currently in the "throes" of a horrible setback with the generic version of Wellbutrin XL- Bupropion, by Watson from Walmart. I recently switched from Target. I was not aware that the two stores used different generics. It has become terribly apparent that they do.

I really did not put this together until this morning, after I have been yelling at my children, husband, and dogs for 3 days now... and not just a little, either. I feel awful. I am sitting here crying just typing this and I want to switch back but I paid full price for a 90 day supply and cannot afford to go back to Target to get another prescription.

Last year, BlueCross(now Anthem Blue Cross)changed from 300mg Wellbutrin-XL to the generic form. I had been stable on brand name form. I thought that I was reacting to new stresses of university expectations, but symptoms of severe anxiety worsened over 2 to 3 months.

Finally I began to PAY ATTENTION to symptoms. I found that within 2 to 3 hours of ingesting the drug, I became extremely agitated, severely anxious, felt as if my heart would explode out my chest. This would last about 4 hours,then resolve, and leave me feeling "flat". This did NOT occur with Wellbutrin-XL.

I changed to 150mg as that was not yet dropped from the insurance company's formulary to generic. NO PROBLEMS>

NOW they have dropped the 150mg Wellbutrin-XL. Generic:$5/month. Brand name: $45/month--$30 with a waiver. Brand name previously cost $15/month. Insurance costs overall are going UP--sky high--while benefits are being continually restricted.

Drug companies ARE making too much money--but those producing 'generic' forms are not being monitored for quality. I only wish Ms. Jaeger could experience similar needs, and similar adverse reactions to generics,to provide understanding, empathy,compassion, and revision to the FDA's beliefs.

Our 24 year old daughter was experiencing some anxiety related to some weight loss and an acne medicine called Oracea (doxycycline). She went to our family physician on Sept 3rd who prescribed an antidepressant called Clonazepam also know as Klonopin. The Doctor along with the prescribed medicines gave our daughter free samples of Cymbalta manufactured by Eli Lilly.

Our daughter took these medicines beginning on Thur Sept 5th often complaining about how bad they made her feel by Sunday eve Sept 7th she began talking about losing a desire to live on Monday morning she drove her beautiful 4 yr old daughter to school then drove to wonderful fiances home in Mathews NC where she took a gun and killed herself. Is there anybody out there that can help us? We feel that between Eli Lilly (who has yet to return our calls of 4 weeks ago and a well meaning but negligent family physician that our daughter was MURDERED!

Pastor Barry

I just found this from info in Wikipedia.

I started taking 300mg of Wellbutrin XL in March 2006. I was working at a job that I didn't love, but was reasonably interesting & steady. Being on it made such a difference in my life--I wasn't tired all the time, my sleep schedule normalized, I was able to be happy about things I should be happy about, I wasn't a walking zombie.

Late August 2006 I changed jobs, broke up with my boyfriend (again-we'd been off and on since college) and basically had a whole lot of things that I probably wouldn't have been able to deal with before I started Wellbutrin. But I could and I did. Because I was making, not just significantly less money at my new job, but essentially NO money, I was really excited when the pharmacist switched me to the generic Budeprion. Cost was so much less, I didn't need my parents help to afford my medication. Over the course of the next few months, I noticed that I was more stressed out, more depressed, gaining weight, basically being symptomatic in ways I hadn't been since I started the Wellbutrin.

But, I attributed it to my job, which was making me miserable for too many reasons to mention. I just figured I'd get normal again once I was done with it and would muddle through for the couple more months. Finally in June 2007 I went back to the company I'd been with before. Job was a bit more interesting and I had a new appreciation for a regular schedule, decent paycheck and reasonable expectations of me. So after about a month, when I was still feeling depressed, I talked to my doctor. I didn't have to explain anything, just mentioned that I didn't think the generic was working for me. She said that it can happen, some people just don't react the same to generics even if they're bioequivilant and wrote me a new script for the brand name Wellbutrin XL. I got an energy jolt again as soon as I switched back (when I started on Wellbutrin I didn't sleep much for the first few days but I wasn't tired, for the first time in what seems like years.)

I didn't think much of it; my new insurance didn't give me a hard time about being on the name brand (other than the higher cost than the generic) and I haven't thought about it since. I thought it was just me, just one of those things. It was shocking to find ALL of this, especially since I wasn't even looking for it; just stumbled across while surfing.

I was on Generic Wellbutrin to help stop smoking. It seemed to be helping, then I became extremely irritable and then severely depressed. I will never take this drug again.

Validating, but concerning to learn that my experiences with switches from Wellbutrin XL, both 300 mg and 150 mg to generic forms are not uncommon. About a year ago, my doctor and I agreed to an increase from 150 mg to 300 mg Wellbrutin XL - did very well on 150 mg 2X day, until switched to 300 mg 1X day generic. Experienced inability to sleep, anxiety - jumping out of your skin type. Went back on 150mg Wellbrutin XL and increased therapy and have done well for months. Until pharmarcy realized they'd made mistake by not switching me to generic with this last refill, and seeing the $65 co-pay, I agreed to go with generic.

Scrambled thoughts, stomach problems, jumping out of my skin - horrible! Am going through job change soon, so am going to pay for the brand for a couple of months and then see what my new insurance will cover. FDA - take a harder look!

I am a fan of generic medications whenever possible as they offer cost savings to the individual as well as the insurance providers (which lowers overall cost over a period of time). However, I was switched to generic Wellbutrin XL after years of taking it and immediately had adverse reactions. I developed headaches and incredible fits of intense sweating and hot flashes. Though I had some issues with sweating and hot flashes when beginning treatment with Wellbutrin XL, nothing was as intense and unbearable as the ones I experienced when changing to the Teva generic.

I am at the beginning of the second month of my switch to the generic of Wellbutrin XL 150 mg. My euphoria over the reduction in price soon waned after I started to experience side effects. Nausea, headache, insomnia, more than usual hot flashes, crying at the smallest thing, and just a general blah feeling. It never dawned on me that it might be because I had switched my anti-depressant to the generic version. Only after reading s small article in this month's "O" magazine did I put 2+2 together. I called my pharmacy and ordered my original Wellbutrin XL prescription---guess there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to generics.

Has anyone else had problems with generic of Lamictal? I have taken this for years for bipolar II with great results. The last few months I have had a couple of terrible depressive episodes, thoughts of suicide, wondering if the meds had just stopped working. It never occurred to me that it could be related to the generic until I saw the article in Oprah Magazine this month! Coincidentally (?) I was switched to generic by Teva (!) a couple of months ago -- I will be calling my doctor and pharmacist today to get more info on this.

I was taking Wellbutrin XL 150 mg for ADD. It worked very well and was able to concentrate and did not have the normal anxiety or irritability. I was able to vastly improve my relationships with people around me, especially my wife. My co-pay went up to $36 and the pharmacist suggested the generic Budeprion XL 150 mg, that it was exactly the same for less. I started noticing the same impulsiveness I had before and also the instant anger and irritability but thought it was just me. My wife confirmed that it started after changing to the generic. I will be switching back to the Wellbutrin XL 150 and will report any changes.

When insurance company (medco) voluntarily replaced my Wellbutrin XL (150mg) with Bupropion HCL (150mg), I called ins. co. to complain. Although they assured me the two drugs were exactly the same, they sent me my Wellbutrin. Unfortunately, I hate to waste anything and thought that I may as well take the generic rather than throw it away and, PLUS, the insurance company ASSURED ME IT WAS EXACTLY THE SAME. Well, my emotional state deteriorated -- at first slowly and then quickly.

I became prone to explosive shows of temper (for no apparent reason), was unable to control the show of any emotion(crying, anger, etc.), and was slipping quickly into a dark depression. I was increasingly unable to function on any kind of even keel on a day-to-day basis. Not only did I suffer a scary spiral out of control, but my family did as well as they had to suffer through these consequences. After reading an O magazine article (the day before I was to have an emergency meeting with my doctor), it became clear to me what had happened.

It is appalling that no clinical testing is required of generic drugs, that insurance companies are seemingly free to make substitutions (unless there is a threat of a lawsuit), and that hundreds of people are suffering dire consequences as a result. Who will take responsibility for this nightmare?

The one I have horrible problems with is generic ultram - generic is tramadol. And the more generics of this they put out-it gets only worse.Sue L.-Thanks.

I have been on Zoloft for 9 years and it made a huge difference in my life. Since being on the generic Sertraline by Apotex, I've regressed and lost all ambition.

I'm retired and on a very tight budget so I want to know if any other generic brand has had better results and fewer complaints before I go back to Zoloft.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I am a mental health professional, with a Masters for the pst 17 years, and am currently an intern in a PsyD Clinical Psychology Program. I have a long history of being attentionally challenged, but suffered severe negative consequences after going on an aromatase inhibitor "estrogen deprivation". Adderall SR 20mg did not do quite the job I needed and also did not last long enough. My MD tried me on 20mg IR (three times a day) and I obtained generic (Core pharmaceuticals). The medication lifted the fog, gave me a severe dry mouth, but there was no change in any other symptoms.

Additionally, my symptoms intensified with every passing day as the prior benefit of my Adderall XR wore off. I found it frightening to discover that I was barely functioning, and would have had to remove myself from my position if I became much worse. I went back to the MD who restarted Adderall SR 20mg and wrote prescription for 20mg Namebrand IR to take in the PM. It was my belief that the problem was from the generic version - not the prescribed medication.

Although the MD gave me the new prescription, it was obvious that she did not buy that the generic was a problem. I am an educated consumer, and believe that the person with the experience is never at the mercy of the person with an opinion. There is no doubt in my mind that the 20 mg amphetamine salts that I obtained, produced by Core Pharmeceuticals, is in no way comparable and at least my batch, should not be on the market. I wish I could obtain confirmation by sending sample to an independent lab for analysis.

My wife has used Duoneb inhalation solution for COPD for about 5 years with great success. Recently 2 generic versions made by Sandoz & Mylan became available. She tried both of these and on each version after about 1 week her level of respiratory distress increased as a function of time using the generic. Oximeter readings showed that her blood oxygen was indeed dropping. She switched back to the name brand and the problems abated & ceased. We suspect that the level of the active ingredients in the generic versions are significantly lower than the name brand. Low enough to where the therapeutic affective is nil.

My son was seizure free for three years after his Arachnoid Cyst was discovered and treated. He had been removed from all other seizure meds and his Lamictal was controlling him. On August 18, 2008, Walgreens substituted his name brand medicine with the generic lamotrigine. He had never been told "NOT" to use generic seizure meds so he never questioned them. They gave him the same dosage, but in 4 days he was in grand mall seizures. Three ambulance rides later, and a 9 day stay in the hospital he was under control again after being returned to his name brand meds. However, he is now back on the whole regime of many drugs to control the seizures.

ALL three of his neurologists, all of his doctors and the nurses said that NO generic drug should be used in place of the name brand seizure meds. They have all stated that the drugs are not the same. His nuerologist even reported his case to the the FDA in an attempt to get generic seizure drugs off the market. He is 32 years old and has lost his driver's license for another year.

The generic lamotrigine was released from Jerusulem July of 2008.

I have been telling people to watch their perscriptions, and last week a very dear friend was given the generic drug for his seizure medicine. It was another seizure drug that had just been released the week before. Since he is in very delicate health with a severe glioma, his wife refused the generic drug. She had to beg Walgreens with an adamant refusal of the generic drug until she is able to reach the neurologist.

Please remember that the generic drugs are substituted WITHOUT written permission if the original perscription does not state "Dispense as Written",or "No generic substitutions".

I have noticed a problem with the generic form of the sleep aid Ambien. The generic drug is: zolpidem tartrate. For several years I took Ambien to sleep at night. I would break one tablet into thirds and only take a third of a pill a night. I could sleep through the night and wake refreshed the next day. With the generic, I'm taking a full pill, and still waking up in the middle of the night, unable to go back to sleep. This affects the quality of my life (not to mention my mood!). I'm going to have my doctor write DAW on my next Ambien prescription, so that I don't get a generic. Something about the time release factor of the generic makes it much less effective for me as a consumer. I'd encourage all patients who take ambien to have their doctors write DAW on the prescription to avoid getting a generic.

I have been taking Budeprion XL for about 1 1/2 months. The doctor prescribed Wellbutrin and I found the pharmacy gave me Budeprion XL. At this time I noticed my Tinnitus has increased to new levels of discomfort about 1/2 hour after taking the drug in the A.M. Seeing that the Bud XL releases 34% compared to 8% of the Wellbutrin version could explain the problem. I find the squealing lessens in the afternoon and night. When I take the pill in the morning, I am ok for about a half hour, then the noise from the tinnitus starts at a deafening level. Needless to say, I got off the drug and have had no more problems. I was thrilled to find out and isolate the cause. I hope others become aware of this awful side effect.

My insurance company switched from Atenolol to the generic brand Tenormin. My BP kept going up. Anyone else experienced changes?

I figured out this Wellbutrin xl thing after my insurance company made me switch to the generic a couple years ago. My son-in-law is my pharmacist and at the time thought I was crazy when I said it didn't work. Now we know better. I have to pay for the name brand now and I'm considering weaning myself off but this is the only thing that has worked for me. The cost of the name brand is unreal.

I had been taking Wellbutrin 300XL for about 7 years for chronic fatigue and depression. I never knew I could feel normal again until I started taking that drug. Then my pharmacy gave me the generic without informing me. I took it thinking that it was the same. It made me sick. I started having severe headaches and restless sleep with nightmares and night sweats. When I went to refill the prescription my pharmacy told me my insurance would not cover the brand name.

So I had to have my doctor call in that I could not take the generic. Of course, the insurance raised my copay to $40 then. Now a year later, my insurance won't cover it at all. I have to pay the $40 copay plus the difference, which comes to almost $200. I can't possibly pay that each month, so I didn't get my prescription refilled. My doctor faxed something to the insurance company but they can override it. Now, I am stuck. Either I don't take it, which makes me feel sick, or I take the generic, which makes me feel sick. I am in a no-win situation.

I did not know anything about generic Wellbutrin (bupropion) until reading the article in Oprah. November 2008 was a nightmare for me. I was taking Effexor, Paxil and Lamictal for 2 yrs. for severe depression. I had a depressive episode after the death of my sister-in-law and my psychiatrist took me off Effexor and started WellbutrinXL. However, my insurance changed it to Budeprion SR 150mg when I had the RX filled.

After 15 days of cutting down on Effexor and taking 1 Budeprion SR a day, I began taking the full dosage of Budeprion. Within a few weeks, I was having severe migraine headaches (never had one before). Mentally, I continued downhill quickly. I could not finish a sentence, even though in my mind I knew what I wanted to say. A trip to the hospital by ambulance resulted in a 2-day stay with no conclusive diagnosis. I had a Cat scan of my head and blood-work.

Within a few days, I was even worse-when my husband came home from work, I was nearly comatose, could not understand anything he said to me and had the horrible pain in my head.
He called the neighbor who is a R.N. and she said to call an ambulance immediately. I cannot remember the ride to the hospital, being in the ER or anything else from that night.

After another Cat Scan of my head, a scan of the carotid arteries and lots of bloodwork, it was finally decided that I was having a bad reaction to the Budeprion. Of course, now I am completely off of it and told my psychiatrist I do not even want to try Wellbutrin. Luckily, I have fairly good insurance. It has paid over $8,000.00 so far of my medical expenses from the 2 hospitalizations that were necessary to discover it was the Budeprion.

I am relieved to say that I am now feeling fine. Have not had a headache since late Nov. and my brain is also back to normal. That was the worst experience of my life. My husband and family thought I was having a stroke or had a brain tumor. I had no idea that a medication could cause such a severe medical/mental reaction.
Please continue to get the word out about generics, especially Budeprion.

Wellbutrin generic caused my
blood pressure to skyrocket and I am still taking 3 BP
meds after more than 3 years.

When a dermatologist put my son on Accutane for acne, I researched it online. I found out from young people online that the generic brand was causing terrible side effects. Unbeknownst to me, the pharmacy did give me generic accutane for one month..fortunately I noticed the difference and requested to go back for the next refill to the "real" accutane. I think its criminal for our insurance companies to force generics on people when, clearly, they are not the same, and oft times they can cause severe physical and mental side effects. Thank you for your enlightening radio program.

After ten years of having my hard-to-control blood pressure stabilized on Norvasc and clonidine, a generic for Norvasc came out and my doctor wrote my prescription for the generic. After taking the generic for three days, I woke at 4 AM with my blood pressure at 245/120. Even after getting the Norvasc name brand back, it was three weeks before my blood pressure was again under the marginally good control that I have. My sister-in-law experienced the same kind of thing with the generic form of Norvasc.

I have found that the generic Oxycodone do not seem to work. In fact, there were many times I felt that I received a placebo. I asked to be switched to the brand name Percocet & found that this provides pain relief. In checking the manufacturer of the brand and the generic, they are both the same--Endo Pharm Inc.! A few years back there was a problem with "Able Labs" & their generics, including their narcotics, & they were shut down. I am interested in any info as to the efficacy of the generic Oxycodone. The price on the brand is several hundred dollars more.

I have taken generic Lortab or Vicodin off and on for several years for chronic pain management as well as post-surgical pain. My most recent prescription for Hydrocodone-APAP 10-500 was filled with a white, oblong tablet imprinted with IP 119. The manufacturer is Interpharm, Inc. I noticed an issue with the very first dose of this new prescription. I had racing thoughts and insomnia, symptoms which I had never experienced before with a brand or generic Lortab or Vicodin.

The symptoms were bothersome enough that I avoided taking any until the pain was intolerable, but the same symptoms occurred each time I took a tablet. I even returned to the pharmacy (CVS) with the bottle to verify that it was the correct medication, but they assured me the only difference from previous prescriptions is the manufacturer. I am wary of using this medication and may very well have to pay the cost of name brand to avoid using this particular generic brand.

I was prescribed Effexor XR 150 mg in 2004 after discussing symptoms of irritability, impatience and anger with my primary care physician.

The medication worked well for me and in October of 2007 I discussed, with my new family physician, weaning off of the Effexor XR. I started to feel lousy again, so I went back on the full dose of Effexor XR. I thought the failure was because of me, perhaps too stressful of a time to be weaning off, and I would try to wean off again later.

In December of 2007 I tried to wean off again under my doctor's care without success. Once again, I thought I just couldn't handle stress well, so I went back on the Effexor XR 150 mg.

In April of 2008 I received a letter from the medical director of my family physician's medical group stating he had had direct communication with my doctor, and they agreed I should switch to the generic of Effexor XR. The letter stated that my doctor believed the generic would provide me the results of the Effexor XR 150 mg. I began the generic, Venlafaxine, at the end of April 2008.

By May I was not sleeping well for the first time in my life, and I was feeling emotional and irritable. I blamed it on the stress of planning a family member's wedding that I was in charge of, which was taking place in July.

By the time the wedding festivities were over in early August I was suicidal. My husband called 911, and I was admitted to a mental health hospital for treatment. As an afterthought on the way out of my first appointment with the psychiatrist I mentioned that I had switched to the generic of Effexor XR at the end of April. She informed me that the generic of Effexor XR didn't exist yet!

It turns out that the two times I had tried to wean off of the Effexor XR and in April when I was switched to the generic of Effexor XR it was really the generic for regular Effexor, Venlafaxine. Not only was it the wrong medication, but the directions said, "Take 2 tablets by mouth daily" instead of "Take one tablet by mouth twice daily." I was taking the two tablets at the same time before bed because of feelings of nausea. To top things off, not only was it the wrong medication and the wrong instruction, I later found out the prescription change was not recorded in my medical file!

Even after all of this, as I was released from the hospital two days later, the psychiatrist checked the "may substitute" box on the prescription pad for the Effexor XR! My husband called her immediately, but she did not return our call. At a later appointment she explained that she checked the box because the generic would be available soon.

I discovered The People's Pharmacy online while researching this issue last fall. I decided to consult with an attorney to discuss my situation. I finally received a letter from him last week stating, "While it was perhaps unwise to switch your medication from the Effexor XR to a generic form of Effexor, it does not appear that this medication change produced any permanent injury."

From now on, I will be acutely aware of any changes in my prescriptions. Especially in the case of psychiatric medications, generics are not the same as the the brand name medications!

I am glad to see this issue addressed. I noticed an unusual weight gain and started to feel the familiar and unwelcome signs of depression edging in and was wondering what the problem was since I had been successfully treated with Wellbutrin XL for several years.

After months of unexplained symptoms, I realized that there was only one major change in my life and that was the 3-4 months of generic Welbutrin I had been taking! My doctor, ever concerned with saving money, told me that my insurance would not cover it and would not write it "brand name medically necessary".

While I appreciated his trying to save me from the huge expense of paying for this out of pocket, I assured him it would make a difference. After two rejections from the insurance, they finally processed it, but did not pay for it. In the past five months I have been back on the brand name version, the weight has come off, and my outlook has improved and my energy level is back where it should be.

Today I had a pleasant surprise when I picked up my refill and found the copay to be $35, thanks to a recent switch from ANTHEM to a regional insurance plan. Somebody somewhere realizes that this makes a difference. As a former drug rep who was told by a DR. that two medicines are not trustworthy as generics (anti-depressants and birth control), I believe that now and am glad that the People's Pharmacy and all of it's listeners were here to validate me.

PLEASE stress to your doctor that he can write "brand name medically necessary" and even if some additional paper work or prior authorizations are required, it is worth the well-being that comes with successful treatment.

In Nov. I was switched to from Fosamax which I had been taking for about 7 years to a the generic brand, Aldondrate. I am a very active person and for the past couple of weeks my hips and knee joints are extremely achy and sore. just curious if anyone has had problems with the generic Fosamax.

So I had my atenolol blood pressure medicine replaced and it didn't work. I've been on it for 20 years, no problems. I discovered it was manufactured by Ranbaxy and my old bottle was Sandoz. I asked the pharmacy to switch it out and they said their contract is now with Ranbaxy. I went to another pharmacy today and got the Sandoz and within a few hours, my pressure was back to 121/82 (it wouldn't go below 144/111 with the Ranbaxy brand and got as high as 160/114).

When I told my doc, she said I'm the third patient that told her about this same problem with exactly the same drug and to stay away from the Ranbaxy version. Check out this link to shows Warning Letters to Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd Ranbaxy, where it was recently announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued warning letters suspending importation of approximately 30 products manufactured in two plants in India. I'm calling the FDA complaint hotline on Monday.

I had been taking Zoloft for 10 years when they gave me a generic. It was almost as if I had stopped the meds entirely. My husband noticed a difference as well. I became depressed again. The doctor said I could take the zoloft brand but the insurance co-pay wouldn't pay for it. I would have to pay the retail which i couldn't do. They increased the dose on the generic to 100 from 50 and that did seem to help but who wants to take twice as much of a medication. Really wish I could take the REAL meds that helped me so much to begin with.

I was switched to a generic wellbutrin xl 300mg. I didn't think about it until I realized I didn't want to leave the house or do anything. A friend commented that I wasn't my usual self. I'm going to speak with my doctor about switching even if I have to pay for it.

I have been taking Protonix for severe Gerd due to a hiatal hernia. The last time I had it filled I was given a pill marked 124 instead of protonix and within three days was in violent pain. After going back to a few of the real protonix I had was OK.

I have had problems with several generic drugs. The first was the generic for Relafen. Almost immediately after starting the generic my pain level increased dramatically. When I would go back to the name brand drug the pain was reduced to tolerable levels. Relafen (the name brand drug) is no longer made and the generic doesn't work for me. I am now taking Mobic which is not as effective for me as the Relafen was. I am also unable to take the generic form of Mobic as it does not work.

A few months ago I had to begin taking blood pressure medication and was prescribed Norvasc. The pharmacy has always filled this prescription with a generic and I had no problems with it until a couple of weeks ago when my face suddenly turned bright red and felt warm to the touch. After long discussion with my doctor about any possible changes in my life/daily routine he asked if I had gotten any new refills on my prescriptions.

I had gotten the one for Norvasc and there had been a note from the pharmacy that while the pills may look different they were the same as the ones I had received previously. The medication in this refill came from a different manufacturer and even though it was supposed to be exactly the same I was getting too much of the drug. He had me cut the pills in half and I've had no further problem with this particular medication.

I've also been taking a generic form of Neurontin for about six months. It took a couple of months to get to a level that was effective and things were fine for a couple of months. Once again I received a refill of my medication that was from a different manufacturer and within a week was having problems. The generic from the original manufacturer is not available in my area for whatever reason (back ordered? no longer making that medication?) but I was able to get enough of the medication that came from the original manufacturer from a local pharmacy to last me a week.

I noticed a difference within 24 hours. At the end of the week I had no other choice but to go back on the "new" generic provided by the mail order pharmacy. Again I had the same problems. I called around to the local pharmacies and found that all but 2 of them were now getting their generic Neurontin from the same source as the mail order pharmacy. My doctor wrote a new prescription and I went to one of the pharmacies that got it's generic Neurontin from a different source. I started on it Friday and am beginning to notice an improvement (this is Tuesday). While this "newest" generic is more effective than the "new" generic I sure would like to get the "original" generic.

All of this tells me that while generic drugs are supposed to be as effective as the name brand drugs and while the generics contain the same active ingredient as the name brand drugs, the inactive ingredients and how they allow the active ingredient to work properly are not the same. These differences from the name brand drug and even from generic to generic may mean a medication works well, is somewhat effective or doesn't work at all.

I have had problems with the generic for Tenormin....I take it to treat the symptoms of MVP....but when I tried to take the generic all the symptoms came back, esp the "flutter" assoc. with the MVP.

Celexa.....was given samples of the worked well but when given the generic the following month it made me extremely sleepy.

I came across a column in my paper from The Peoples Pharmacy, Joe & Teresa Graedon, regarding Wellbutrin generics. Upon reading it, I realized that I was having the same symptoms after being switched to Budeprion XL at my health insurance's request. I'm seeing my doctor today about switching back to Wellbutrin XL.

I was switched from Ambien 10 mg (which I'd used since its introduction) to the generic in 2008 per the insurance company's instructions to the pharmacy when re-approving the drug. Using a whole generic tablet, I could not sleep, even when I added Valerian tea and Benadry 25 mg capsules. I just lay in bed with my eyes closed, wishing I could conk out. As soon as my doctor ordered Ambien/no generic, I could drop off easily, sleeping my usual 3-5 hours, using only 2/3 tablet.

I don't sleep longer even with a whole 10mg; I pay 100%, so take the minimum dose that works to make a refill last longer. The generic might as well have been a sugar pill. Without the Ambien, I go about 5 days without sleep, when I start to nod off for a few minutes at all the wrong times.

I tried generic Zoloft after having been on name brand for 3 years. I felt a lot more depressed, until my doctor switched me back to name brand. Then, my daughter was put on name-brand risperdal, went generic for a month, saw her symptoms worsen enormously, so we switched her back to name brand, too.

I was on a generic form of lamictal for about 6 months when I began having break through seizures.I changed neurologists and he prescribed the name brand Lamictal after he told me of other patients having the same problem with the generic.
Now instead of paying $10 for 3 month supply,I pay $65 for a 3 month supply .
It may not sound like much,but when you have 10 name brand prescriptions it gets a bit pricey.

I was taking Tramadol 50 (generic Ultram) with good results. My pharmacy changed drug companies and this generic drug causes nausea and severe itching. Unfortunately my severe back and leg pain has returned because I can not take this new generic. I have a new prescription and I am taking it to another pharmacy in hopes they will tell me if it is the same manufacturer that is indicated on the label.

I've tried 2 different generic versions of Ambien 10 mg, and neither stacks up to the name brand, which I'd taken for years. One version(company unknown) seems to have absolutely no effect, no matter how much I take (it's coated orange in color and is the oblong shape of the original Ambien), whereas the other, made by Dr. Reddy, is round, physically crumbly, and leaves a hangover effect the next day, as if you've taken a benzodiazepine.

The original Ambien 10 mg was effective, worked reliably within 30 mins., kept you asleep for 5 hours, and you could take a little part of a pill, and be assured you'd fall asleep promptly and stay asleep. I've heard Prasca makes a generic that's identical to the original Ambien, but I don't know what drug stores carry it. Does anyone know?

I have a question, I have taken 4-6 lortabs daily for chronic pain for a couple of years and I usually use the generic brand, but yesterday when I went to the doctor they did a urine screen to make sure I had the lortab in my system and no other drugs, which was fine. I had run out of lortab and taken only 2 lortab 10mg the day before, but my urine came back negative, can anyone tell me how that is possible?

I have a rare blood disorder that causes me to have a very high platelet count. They treat it with a drug called Agrylin 0.5. My dosage is around $2000 a month for the brand name. When the generic came out I took it for a month and my platelet count soared. I have had a mini stroke and clots in my neck in the past and my doctor was so frightened by the generic that she put me back on the brand name.

My questions are: How did they find the 20 test study patients for this generic as the disease is rare? How do they even know if a generic for a rare disease is safe if only 8000 people nationwide have the disease? Have you had any other reports on the generic of this drug? Thanks for any help you can give.

I've had major depression for almost 15 years. I've taken (all brand names) Zoloft, Celexa, Lexapro, Paxil, Effexor XR, Wellbutrin SR, Lithium, and a couple of others that I'm sure I'm not remembering.

The only drug that I ever really responded to was the Wellbutrin. It worked wonderfully for awhile, but would always kind of taper off in its effectiveness.

In the second half of 2008, I was taking a generic version of Wellbutrin XL (not sure on manufacturer), as well as Lithium. I wasn't responding as well as I usually did to Wellbutrin, but I was better than what has sadly become normal for me. I still had major trouble leaving the house, being around groups of people, and would also have crying spells that would be off-and-on for several days at a time at least once a month. My anxiety level seemed to have also risen.

In January, I weaned off of the Lithium and the generic Wellbutrin XL, as I didn't really feel like they were working, and if a prescription isn't going to work, I'd rather not take it.

That was my first experience with a generic Wellbutrin. In late May, I decided to give it another shot, as my mood/outlook had worsened. I started on the Teva-manufactured Budeprion XL a few weeks ago, and am doing very poorly. I've become incredibly irritable, more aggressive, extremely isolated, prone to massive fits of crying, and although I don't think I could ever go through with suicide, I think about it constantly.

Everything that people are saying here makes perfect sense to me. I'm getting back on the brand name Wellbutrin XL ASAP.

I was on Lotrel for my blood pressure, the doctor called in my prescription. When I picked it up, I didn't even notice that the pharmacy gave me the Generic, mind you I have been taking these pills for about 5 years. I felt so sick after a month on them and couldn't figure out why. I then put two and two together and read the bottle, it was a generic brand.

I was out of control crying, depressed, waking up feeling my blood pressure going crazy. I called the Dr. and he switched me again. They gave me something different. I was real sick, more than before. So I called the doctor up again, told him I wanted the original med. back. The name Brand NOT the GENERIC.

So they called it in. I went back and told the doctors what happened. They agreed and now they have it in my chart NO GENERIC PILLS. If they take this away from me again I will go out of my mind. I know why these pills are so cheap they don't work like the name brand pills do.

When my doctor prescribed Ultram for my neurologic pain, it worked for the first time and I could be nearly pain free for a few hours. Then the pharmacy changed to the generic Tramadol and I never had total pain relief for any length of time, nor did the reduction last as long.

Generic drugs save money somewhere and I've never used any generic that was as effective at the name brand, including Contac, Excedrin, Synthroid and Prozac.

I find a real difference between Ambien, which I've taken for years, and the generic (from two different manufacturers). Not only do I not fall asleep as rapidly with the generic, nor stay asleep (my sleep is much more shallow, and I toss and turn and wake up multiple times during the night), but the generic leaves me feeling fatigued for most of the day, as if I had taken a long-acting rather than a short-acting drug. I'm in the process of getting a prescription for the regular Ambien, so I can carefully compare the differences.

I wonder how much pharmaceutical companies have paid for these stories. This is merely BS. Prescription drug makers screw up too...I've been on generic Wellbutrin and it hasn't changed things. There's something called the placebo effect...that's probably what's responsible for these generic 'problems.' Also, most generic meds have multiple manufacturers. This is the same as saying generic excedrin would be worse than 'the real thing,' which is equally untrue. There's nothing wrong with generics, other than saving people money and preventing patents from lasting into infinity. I've been on lexapro for nearly 10 years now, and have been waiting for it to go generic. Propecia would be about 90 percent cheaper as a generic too.

I have been taking Alprazolam now for 1 year. (.5 mg)
I started taking it to try to help deal with Vertigo.
It did help me through that, but now when I don't take it or when it wears off I have this weird floaty feeling in my head.

I had been thinking that I still had vertigo, but now I think it's the Alprazolam.

My aunt had told me she took this once and it made her feel spacey.

I so desperately want to ween off this drug, and only take it when I have a panic attack, not to use it everyday.

I started out taking the name brand Wellbutrin XL 300, in 2006 I took the generic brand-- not sure of the maker and it was fine. 3 months ago when I refilled my prescription it looked different than the previous generic. I called the pharmacy right away thinking they screwed up and gave me a different drug. They advised they switched to a different generic.

For the past 2 months I have began to feel extremely anxious and started getting really bad anxiety attacks again and I have been in a horrible mood like a mad dog in a rage at the least little thing. I thought I was loosing my mind, I just spoke with my doctor today and told her that I felt one of my medications was causing this rage thing, it was then that she advised that there were problems with the generic wellbutrin 300xl and that several patients had complained of the same symptoms.

She just wrote a new prescription for the Name Brand as Medically Necessary. I will find out if the insurance company is going to give me a problem. I don't know that they will because I have a higher co-pay for name brands so hopefully they will not give me a problem. I feel like a maniac, I get so angry I am afraid I could hurt someone, this happened to me years ago on Paxil.

I had the same problem a while back with Wellbutrin XL 300 mg generics. Got switched to the big smelly horse pill version of the generic by TEVA and within a month was experiencing suicidal ideation.

My doctor switched me to 2 150 mg brand name pills a day. Everything went back to normal. The 150 mg generics came out and I was nervous, but the Watson generic my university's pharmacy was dispensing worked fine.

Last month, I had to go to CVS because school is out. Bad news when I shook the bag and the sound was not right... They gave me smelly horse pill versions by Global Pharm.

I felt like I was going to have a heart attack for four days straight after starting the Global generics. (I usually take my Adderall an hour after the Wellbutrin). I even had chest pain the 3rd and 4th day.

I figured out that if I only take my Adderall in the afternoon (i.e. NOT when the crap generic is pouring out way too much of the drug in the first few hours), then my heart rate is pretty much fine. Of course this means I get half the productivity I was getting when I took the Adderall in the morning and mid afternoon. VERY frustrating.

PLEASE encourage all of these people complaining to report their problems to the FDA using the FDA's Medwatch Form:

I read several reports of last year's FDA decision that the TEVA generic Wellbutrin was fine that dismissed the small number (like 84) complaints that had been submitted, when thousands of people had been switched to the drug. I have read many more than 84 complaints about this in various forums, but no one is mentioning complaining to the FDA.

Okay so I've been on the generic Zoloft for as long as generic has been available in this Rx. I know this b/c I started taking this drug when it was still brand only available. There are different generic (brands) available for this drug now. Ever since I started taking the Camber brand, for almost 4 mos. now, I can definitely feel physically & mentally a difference. I am well aware of the fact that these generic drugs of ANY kind are supposed to be "equivalent" as I am a Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician, (CPhT).

When I can wake up at 4am & start weeping I know there is a problem. Since I have already opened yet again another bottle of this Camber generic "equivalent" of Zoloft I'm really not sure how to go about trying to explain to my MD/or pharmacy that I need the other generic & I need my insurance co. to allow me to pay my normal co-pay. I know that any pharmacy in the U.S. is not permitted to take back opened or even unopened bottles of ANY Rx after it has left the pharmacy.

Same story as many others -- I've been taking Wellbutrin XL 300mg for a number of years with little problem, and the Watson version of the generic since it came out, which also seemed to work fine. I switched to the Teva Budeprion about a month ago (changed pharmacies) and since then have been moody, depressed, experiencing crying jags, etc. although nothing else in my life has changed and my moods have been pretty stable for several years. I called today to move my prescription back to the original pharmacy that uses the Watson brand -- hopefully this will solve the problem.

Dear Joe and Terry,

I had a recently frightening personal experience with this drug. I believe the formulation of the Teva generic is dangerous to patients. Please discuss the recent FDA warning about propoxyphen with your listeners.

I am an RN and take this drug occasionally for chronic pain. I know this drug has its critics, but one reason I take it is because I can take just one tablet and continue to work around the house without pain and without drowsiness. Although I have taken this drug for many years, I only take about 4 pills in a month.

The pharmacy filled my latest prescription with the generic from Teva (a white pill, not the usual pink ones). I took one of these pills and sat down and fell into a deep sleep -- so deep I was snoring and would stop breathing and wake myself up -- I do not normally have sleep apnea. I roused once, intending to get up to run an errand, and fell promptly back to sleep. Eventually, after about 6 hours, I woke up and returned to "normal".

I have taken both the name brand and the generic from Qualitest. I have never experienced drowsiness with Darvocet or its generic before. I have seen patients who take much larger quantities of this drug than I do, and I am afraid that if my experience with just one pill were multiplied by more than one pill or multiple doses, this could be very dangerous.

I complained to my pharmacist at Rite-Aid here in Raleigh and he felt like something was going on with me -- not the drug --- that I was unusually tired or sleepy already. I had just woken up for the day! He felt that the "warning" from the FDA was for patients that take more than the prescribed dose and intentionally overdose. I believe that the increase in overdoses may be due to the increased use of the Teva generic and its dangerous side effects.

Thanks for listening. If you have heard other stories and can e-mail me personally, that would be great, but I do understand you get lots of mail.

J.T., RN

I have been taking Toprolol XL for about eleven years I take 200mg per day. I was changed to generic brand and soon started having trouble. The generic stops working long before it should and I have to take the second dose early to get my heart to settle down. The difference is very marked and the generic does not do the job by no means. I would be very interested to know if others are also having this problem. Thanks

I began on Wellbutrin in February 2009.

It is great! Wow, finally, we found the fix!

Then, the pharmacy changed to generic, I didn't realize the problem at the time.

At the end of March 2009 I had my hair appointment, nothing unusual.
Sometime towards the end of May or beginning of June, 2009 I noticed my hair was thinning - I could see my scalp. I do not have female pattern hair loss. Female hair loss does not run in my family (on either side).

At the beginning of July 2009 I had my next hair appointment. My hair dresser noticed a significant difference in my hair and suggested I see a doctor. I wear bangs - I have seen NO hair growth/length since my hair appointment in July 2009. The hair on my legs and underarms has almost stopped growing as well.

The only change in my life (including exercise, diet, stress) is the change from Wellbutrin to the generic version. The prescription I have in my hand is Budeprion XL, 150 mg, by Teva.

You see, several years ago I had cancer. I had surgery, chemotherapy, the whole bag of goods. My hair fell out. So, to face this again is a BIG DEAL. On the original prescription the doctor noted 'no substitutions', which is unusual, but she is a great doctor so I didn't worry. Now I understand why she wrote 'no substitutions'.

After taking Zoloft for years, I have found the generic to be inferior. Increasing the dosage helps tremendously, but I get headaches -- possibly from fillers as I am sensitive to a lot of additives. I cut dosage back today and thankfully am headache-free for a change, but what to do about the blues...? (I'm also certain generic form of Imitrex is inferior as I have to take a larger dose to get rid of migraines.)

I was switched from Lamictal for cyclothymic disorder to the generic Lamotrigine mfr. Teva USA. I thought I was going crazy--I felt like I had a thousand bugs crawling under my skin, and as though I would scream uncontrollably. In addition, my anxiety symptoms not only returned, but increased 10 fold. The kicker? Insurance only pays for generic. So I am paying $170 for the real thing, as opposed to $10 for the generic.

I have never been required to take prescription drugs before. My doc recommended Wellbutrin XL for weight loss. I was given the generic and by the second day, I had a racing heart and insomnia. After a week, I weaned myself off. Although the drug gave me energy and reduced cravings, I felt horrible on it and couldn't sleep. NOT WORTH IT!

I had a horrible time on the generic. My depression worsened to the point I felt I wasn't even taking medication at all. My doctor prescribed the non-generic for me, but of course my insurance requires me to pay the difference since I am refusing the generic.

I used the generic form of Wellbutrin XL for 90 days (May - July 2008) and found it pretty useless. It was not all that inexpensive, either. I will either pay a premium and buy the "real thing" or do without. Using the generic form is about as helpful as going without.

I have been taking Wellbutrin SR for almost 10 years. First 150mg 2x daily then 200mg 2x daily after my second child was born. I notice if I miss a few over a week's time...I recently have had depression return full force. I was a mess by the time I realized that really something had to be wrong. Thought it could be stress from work, kids, etc. Finally it dawned on me to see if I had a generic version.

Well, I did. But, after looking in my records it turns out I pretty much always did (Watson). I knew something was going on so I persisted asking questions at the pharmacy. Turns out that the NDC number which tracks the company, the drug, and the number per unit (like the bottle) for every drug, was different. So the drug, though Watson Wellburtin SR 200mg, was different. They changed the formulation and the new one IS NOT EFFECTIVE FOR ME.

The pills look very different - no coating and pock marks on them like material is missing. My insurance company is refusing to pay for the brand now I am not sure what to do. The pharmacist is hording all of the old Watson ones she had on the shelf for me, but that is not a long term solution...

FYI the NDC number for the one that worked and the one that does not work are below, in case anyone else is experiencing the same.

NDC (good) 0591-3385-60
NDC (bad, new) 0591-3542-60

I completely disagree with your comments about generics being the same. Just because you have not experienced it does not make it true. I am a scientist who has some experience with research in drug delivery and small changes to filler, compaction of the pill, coating, can all affect release in ways that are unpredictable. In addition, just like any drug, people can respond very differently to the same drug. That is why there are so many antidepressants on the market that work by different mechanisms.

I was on Wellbutrin SR for almost 10 years. As far as I know I was on the generic version the entire time or almost the whole time. Recently I began having severe problems with depression again in ways that could only mean the drug was not working. At that time I actually didn't pay attention to whether I had generic or not. But I thought something had to be different. Turns out the NDC number on the "new" pills versus the "old" that were in my record at the pharmacy were different. That means the drug was NOT the same. They have to have a new number if they change the formulation. The new one does not work the same for me. I paid out of pocket for the "old" ones and am feeling better after a couple of days back on the old.

I spent over 45 minutes on the phone this morning with Caremark (don't know WHY they use the word CARE in their name!) telling them this new generic they sent me was giving me severe headaches. Their pharmacist agreed that generics of medications can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. I asked that they send another 90 day supply manufactured by the company that was the maker of the generic I had been getting for the past 3 1/2 years.

They told me they could do that but I'd have to pay another $200. Of course I went to do the research online and I was not surprised that once again our healthCARE (??) system abuses us, the insureds.

This Buprop 12 SR TAB, manufactured by Watson Labs which is a very poor excuse for Welbutrin, makes me feel dizzy, weepy, my heart is racing, I have nausea and one hell of a headache that Advil cannot even touch! The healthCARE plan that made me feel so bad with their substitution (CHEAP) drugs is not going to help me unless I pay them for the meds that won't work PLUS the meds they know and I know have worked for 3 1/2 years.

Why won't the FDA do ANYTHING TO MAKE THIS RIGHT FOR THE AMERICAN PATIENT? WHY won't the pharmacies, manufacturers, FDA, insurance companies do what is RIGHT???

Recently the PAR Pharmacuetical Company developed a generic patch to replace the Boehringer Ingelheim Catapress TTS patch for blood pressure control. Insurance companies will no longer cover the name brand because the generic is available. The generic patch is 3+ times larger, made of stiff plastic, does not stick, and the medication is gone within 3-5 days (this is a 7-day patch). It also DOES NOT WORK. After removing the name brand patch and replacing it with the generic, my blood pressure went from 115/72 to 160/95 within 24 hours. My doctor's have now increased 2 of my other drugs to compensate for this, but my blood pressure is still not stable. I have contacted both the drug company and the FDA to express my displeasure with this new drug. Why the FDA approved it, I'm not quite sure because one of their requirements is that the drug (in this case, the patch) be the same size as the name brand. This drug needs to be removed from the market so that the users of the patch can receive the name brand patch and have it covered under their insurance. Oh yes, to buy the name brand is $279 per month--not exactly feasible for 99% of the users.

I was also give the REAL Prozac when I first began treatment and was very pleased with the results. Because the meds were more than I could afford, Eli Lilly had a program that helped me afford the drug. That program stopped when plan D was issued by Medicare and I had to switch to the generic Prozac.

After 2 weeks I was starting to feel depression and anxiety like before. I have since tried several different generics but have yet found one that worked as well as the REAL Prozac. I'm a firm believer in the brand names.

me too I took wellbutrin and felt better good even and now I take the generic and I am not depressed but I feel like I could kill someone I noticed how intense it was after a week or so, called the pharmacy to switch back and they told me it was the law to give me generic unless the script said "no substitutes " I told them the script was for wellbutrin not bupropion or whatever and they hung up I have been taking this stuff for 4 weeks waiting for my next appointment because at least I can get work done but I keep losing my temper and smashing peple up I am running out of friends and clients

Health professionals have long known that generics are not equal, especially medications for seizures, hyperactivity, cardiac problems, hyperlipidemia, and any psychiatric disorder. This was true in the 90's but is especially so now when we don't know where our meds are being manufactured or the conditions in that company, many of which are overseas. Anymore you have to do research and it can be difficult. If you do find a generic that works for you let your healthcare provider know you will not accept another generic.

I strongly suspect that switching from Wellbutrin to generic (bupropion) over a year ago has caused most of my symptoms. I've had very fast weight gain, mood swings (intensely sad, intensely angry, indifference, crying jags), memory loss, poor quality sleep, fatigue, low sex drive, and major depression. Doctors have been blaming all my symptoms on menopause, even though my labs showed I was post-menopausal seven years ago.

It wasn't until I saw a psychiatrist that someone felt my problems were primarily depression-related, not menopausal. She definitely believes I have a chemical imbalance. The doctor increased the dosage, and changed it back to Wellbutrin. After paying for my first RX, I was going to ask her for generic, until I did some research here! Doctor told me to expect to notice improvement in 1-2 weeks.

Have you had any luck finding another generic that works?

I have been on Wellbutrin 150 mg in both the XL and SR form as I titrate the dose depending on the time of year. I did well on the brand, I did well on the generic made by Watson. But when my insurance required me to take the Teva form of the generic, I ran into trouble.

Teva's formulation may release the same amount over 24 hrs. as the testers say, but the release is unpredictable instead of even.

At first I had no idea what was wrong as I am a pharmacist and have dispensed and recommended generics for years. But nothing prepared me for the havoc Teva's products caused me as well as my patients.

Teva has cut some corners in the manufacturing process or done something to ensure that their cost makes it the choice of insurers, who wish to pay the very least possible for a drug benefit. I do not think the drug is reliable. Watson and other generic manufacturers make a reliable and effective generic form of Wellbutrin. Teva should never be used.

I have CRPS, chronic nerve pain and have been taking generic TEVA brand neurontin/gabapentin for 6 years with no problems. Walgreens stopped carrying TEVA and switched to GREENSTONE brand. I was getting muscle twitching, heart palpitations, anxiety and when I talked to the pharmacist, he insisted that the generics were the same formula.

After a few more days of symptoms and another call to pharmacy, they said it was possible the formula was slightly different and that when you are on a steady dose for chronic issues that your body might be sensitive to the slight variations. They special ordered TEVA brand for many months until last month when I noticed it was Greenstone again.

When I called to tell them they made a mistake, they said that TEVA is no longer making Gabapentin. Kind of in a panic, I took the Greenstone. I had some heart palpitations for a few days but it seems to have gone away. What choice do I have? I didn't know whether any other brand would be any different. It is very validating to hear that this is not all in my head.

I had awful reflux issues after taking an antibiotic for 5 weeks. My doctor prescribed me the generic version of Nexium - nothing - it did not relieve my problem. After a few months of 24 hr agony he prescribed "the real thing", Nexium. He said " I don't know why but It works better than the generic". When I went to fill the prescription I was floored when they told me it would be $350.00! United Health Care would not pay for anything - only the generic. Thank goodness I still had BCBS also - at least they would pay for half the cost.

The results were unbelievable. The Nexium worked! the generic didn't! It took a year all together but I don't need to take anything anymore. I feel for all those who have written concerning their nightmare stories about their generics. This is a subject that needs further research, there are too many stories of generic failures.

For the last 3 years I have been on a generic form of Welbutrin then Welbutrin SR and I did as well as on the name brand for the first several years until this last year. Then I started having suicidal thoughts, severe anxiety and unstable moods. I had been changed to the TEVA brand and the pharmacy said they, individually, had no control over the brands CVS uses.

I spoke with my doctor who wrote for no generic Wellbutrin and I paid $120 vs $30 of Southern Health's uncovered cost for a month's supply and the symptoms completely left. After 2 months of this, I gave in because of the cost. I suffer with suicidal thoughts but try to maintain a positive attitude for my co-wokers. My cat sympathizes with me, so she is a help when I just lie down and cry. I am considering just stopping the medication but am afraid the symptoms will escalate.

See if you can determine what was the generic that you did well on; CVS pharmacists should be able to tell you what they used to use. Then go to a mom and pop pharmacy -- more than one if necessary -- and see if they can get it for you. I had been taking Watson generic and doing fine and then Rite-Aid switched to Teva. I went into a small independent in my town and they said they could get me Watson. The big chains have a central buying system so the individual pharmacist has no control; not so in the small drugstore.

I'm not certain I've ever had a brand-name prescription drug. I've always been handed a generic. However, I have had my brand switched to another generic, and they certainly are not always equal to one another.

When I became very sick about 12 years ago, I also became very depressed. I lost my job, my home, a car, etc. But I didn't lose my kids, so it could have been worse. Anyway, after being sick for a few months, my doc suggested anti-depressants to help me get through all this.

Starting with Prozac (which began my life of migraine headaches) moving on to Welbutrin, Paxil, Effexor and finally to Celexa - which did the job. About 2 years ago, my pharmacist filled my Celexa script with a generic med. I take a lot of generics, so wasn't opposed to that. I took it expecting the same results as the name brand gave me.

About 2 weeks into using the generic, I noticed that I was thinking suicidal thoughts again. I'm in a lot of pain most of the time, which used to make me think about ending that pain permanently. But those same kids I didn't lose earlier squelched any serious thoughts of that. However, here I was thinking about it again. I had no idea where these thoughts were coming from.

I finally figured out that my pills had been changed and immediately called the pharmacy. Of course I got the run-around about generic being identical to name brand regarding the active ingredients. I called my doc after that, and he immediately gave me a script for name brand and all was well. All this was to say that many times the generics ARE just as good as the name brands. But sometimes, for some people, they are not.

Listen to your body and talk to your doctor if you notice that your generic meds don't seem to be working the same as your name brand ones. I guess the opposite can be true as well - maybe generics work better for some people than the name brand..

So basically your saying we are Lab Rats. I also found that the so called generic for Wellbutrin did not work. I could get the meds but had to pay (talk about an insurance racket) the difference between the Brand and generic PLUS my highest co-pay to get the meds that worked. This practice would have cost me $175.00 per month. Solution: I asked my Dr for a written prescription and got them from Canada, price $195.00 for a 3 month supply and that included shipping.

So those of you who want the Brand can shop around on the internet. I know Bush said Canada drugs were not safe (like they are going to poison their own people). WHATS THE DIFFERENCE? LAB RATS!

I will send the findings to my Insurance Co and my Doctor. Maybe handing the findings to the manufacturers would help. THEY have the POWER

I have recently taken these generic Lortabs following surgery and have had the same symptoms you describe, as well as others. I also had really bizarre side effects such as a tightening in my throat and strange sensation there are well. I would rather have been given nothing than these pills. The pain-lessening effect was much lower than other Lortabs I have had to take before and it really makes me wonder what is in these things.

Nexium doesn't have a generic. It is the active isomer of Prilosec, so it's basically two omeprazole instead of one. Could be the reason for your failure?

Has anyone experienced problems with LEVETRIRACETAM, The generic substitute for Keppra? I was diagnosed with "Partial Complex Seizure Disorder" seven years ago and at that time was put on Keppra. I have been on the generic now for approximately a year. I don't know if it's my imagination or not, but I feel that it's not quite as effective.

I found that two different generics for Wellbutrin worked completely differently. One worked better than the name brand, while the other did not work at all.

I was prescribed Bupropion 150mg SR tablets which I had gotten from Rite Aid. I took them twice a day. After the first week I felt wonderful, like my old self. In my 4th week of taking them I started breaking out in hives. My Dr. did not feel this was related to Bupropion, hives would have started much sooner after starting the drug.

(I had subsequently changed dryer sheet brands and think that may have done it) I went off for about 3 wks. and got another months supply. I had this prescription filled at Walmart. I felt not as well. I seemed edgy again, eating a lot, not concentrating as well. Both were manufactured by Actavissou. I brought my Walmart pills to Rite Aid and asked the pharmacist if they were the same. She felt the Walmart and Rite Aid pills were the same.

I don't understand why I felt so much better on the Rite Aid prescription. Any answers to that?

For people who need the Brand Name medicine.... often a drug company will offer to subsidize your medication... In other words, if the cost is expensive, there are programs that many of them have to send you your meds for free. But this medication will be sent to your Doctor instead of a pharmacy. This really helped me out since my meds have to be the Brand Name!

I am going through a nightmare with Kroger's generics, mainly Ambien. I take Ambien 10 and had been using HEB Pharmacy and switched to Kroger for the gas discounts at their stores. Well on HEB's generic I took half a pill and slept like a baby. On Kroger's one whole pill and not a good night's rest. So I finally called the pharmacist and she said, oh we all use different generics and they are all different. That they could have a "DIFFERENT INGREDIENT" in their generic over what HEB did and sometimes it might not work.

My mom is elderly and has complained about her Xanax generic not the same.. now I believe her. So if it is not working, try another pharmacy, see what brand the existing pharmacy using for their generics, another might work. As bad as the FDA is about approving medical procedures that could be helping us why aren't they more consistent with generic drugs?

Are there any articles (I did not find any) on the differences between name brand clonazepam (Klonopin) and generic substitutes? My wife has tried the generic and she can tell within one day that it is not working effectively. Our insurance will not fully (or efficiently) cover name brand (we have to pay for the difference in the allowable charge between the generic [e.g., $30] and brand name drug [e.g., $350] even though the doctor prescribes it.

Our only possible recourse is if she has had medically documented adverse reactions to 2 different generic version of clonazepam. Is there ANY medical, solid, evidence-based research on the differences of generics, and/or specifically on Klonopin? We are appealing to Anthem but with little hope. The fact that they require people to experiment on themselves with generic medicines to "prove" what seems to be known about the inequality between generics and name brand is ludicrous.


Bupropion HCL XL, is not worth the money you pay. I was taking Wellbutrin and then all of a sudden I get this generic. I went and complained to my doctor and he wrote out a new prescription and put brand only. This I mailed off to Medco which fills my prescription. Well I get a generic back in the mail. Who Ok'd?, supposedly my doctor. This time a different pharmacist company. Those seem to be ok. When I ordered a refill, what do I get, the same pharmacist company that didn't work before "ANCHEN".

Didn't notice at first which pharmacist company was on the refill. I became agitated, short tempered, angry with everyone and that is not me. Not sleeping and drinking a lot. I feel sorry for anyone out there that doesn't recognize change. I wish the FDA would test all generic products to make sure that they are identical to the original. I am willing to pay for the name brand. I know that works. Good luck to everyone taking generics.

I was taking Wellbutrin XL 300 for years and was doing very well. Then without notice MEDCO switched me to the TEVA generic. I took this for three months and during this time I got continually worse, my mood (much sadder) and temper (episodes of anger) were out of control. I told my doctor I needed to return to the Wellbutrin XL300; he asked why and I told him that I felt as though I was taking a placebo. I often said if I had the money I would take the Budeprion XL 300 to an independent lab for evaluation.

After a go around with MEDCO, I finally was off the generic and back on the brand at additional expense to me. Just recently this happened again, but this time I was switched to another generic which had an appearance similar to Wellbutrin XL 300. I didn't notice much difference in the first two months, but am just now feeling a bit more sad.

I recently submitted a 90 day order and today received notice that my prescription has been shipped. I just checked to see which generic they selected and I see that it is Watson. I wanted to learn more about it and my surfing landed me on this website. ONLY now did I learn that so many complaints had been made about TEVA Budeprion XL and I will be sure to bring this to the attention of MEDCO and my physician. I priced both generics on the MEDCO website and I see that right now TEVA is priced slightly higher than Watson. I fear that if the TEVA price comes down, it will once again be the MEDCO choice.

RAS -- thought you might want to hear my experience with Watson -- I have found it to be the equal of name brand and use an independent drugstore which can get me Watson when I get refills. So good luck. I'll be curious to read of your experience with Watson.

Just started on the new generic form of Effexor RX from Teva. I am not finding it to be as effective though will wait for a while to pass judgment. I am interested to know how others believe it is working for them. Thank you.

I find it interesting that Teva is a drug manufacturer mentioned in many of the comments. I was thrilled a week ago to find that Effexor was finally available in generic. It saved me $55 over the brand name, great news for my tight budget! Two days later, a minor event at work caused me to burst into tears. Next day, the same thing happened.

Suddenly I felt worthless, and for two days struggled to get out of bed, then spent the days sitting on the sofa, feeling worthless. Then, it hit me. In the seven days since I started on the new generic, I was slipping back into my old depressive patterns.

So I checked with my pharmacy to switch back to the brand name and found out that my insurance company had raised the price of the name brand by $40. That's $110 per month for a prescription that was costing me $70. Bottom line, the generic version isn't going to work for me, so I'm punished for using it with a $50 penalty. Anyone else having problems with Teva's new generic Effexor?

I went from taking regular effexor xl to the teva generic. Right away I was feeling badly. I got headaches, felt exhausted, have been very emotional and irritable. Not to mention I have been eating more than I have in two years!!!! I also have been biting my nails again like crazy and my attention has regressed. I called my doctor and she has tried to get me back on the brand, but my insurance, Amerihealth Mercy, refused her when she tried to get prior authorization for it.

I have also been having "death thoughts"... You know, the kind where you are objectively thinking about death more often than normal, and your past, but not to the point of plotting how to off yourself... This is VERY SERIOUS to me. I have a two year old and a four month old, a husband, and I am in college. If I start going backwards, losing all the progress I made in the last two years, I am scared to find out how desperate I could become. Up till about a year ago I was almost totally home bound. I can not go back to that.

Arimidex and Anastozole (generic):
I had been taking Arimidex for about 3.5 years. It's an oral chemotherapy drug for types of breast cancer, often given to patients to extend treatment in those who have already gone through the intravenous chemo protocols. Originally, I was told that the Arimidex had certain side effects and I was aware, thankfully, of only a few that were the most obvious. For me they were bone pain, headaches, fatigue, and peripheral neuropathy (tingling in fingers and toes) which can lead to paralysis. I am lucky that it didn't happen to me. There were such severe side effects from the intravenous drugs that it really took awhile to become aware of additional side effects of the pills I started taking directly after that course of therapy. Thank God I'm in remission which is why I am still taking this drug. After all I've been through for this disease, I feel it would be senseless to stop treatment now.

When the company AstraZeneca lost the patent (it expired) on the med they had developed, the insurance company forced me to now buy the generic. I did research the company that produces it in India. If it was China, I would not have even started taking it.

I tried the Anastozole for 1 week. I had pronounced fatigue and spontaneous bruising on my arms and legs. I could not work. I could barely get out of bed. I am lucky I have the husband I do. He was on the phone with the insurance company's pharmacist for about 1 & 1/2 hours. This was on a Friday afternoon and my doctor had gone for the weekend. They agreed to underwrite part of the cost of the original drug bringing my out-of-pocket to $140. Prior to the Arimidex going generic it was costing me $350 due to my insurance company now invoking a high annual pharmacy deductible . This is for 30 little pills.

Take away from my experience: Generics are NOT the same and according to the individual there can be serious interactions when taking a generic, as any drug that is new to your system. The active ingredients may be the same but the labs are not required to reveal what the inactive ingredients and fillers are to the FDA. Insurance companies must respond in your favor if your doctor lets the insurance company know that the patient has adverse reactions to the generic.

I have the same experience with the generic Celexa... I get pills that look different all the time. They are generic. All do not work the same as the brand name.

Several years ago the pharmacist refilled my Wellbutrin prescription with the generic from Teva. Within days I started falling apart -- crying uncontrollably and feeling like I was heading back into major depression. I went back to my pharmacists and asked why he replaced the name-brand Wellbutrin with the generic without making me aware of this switch. He said if the doctor doesn't make a note on the prescription to prescribe the name brand than the generic is used.

This is wrong! I tried to return the Teva produced pills, and of course the pharmacist wouldn't nor would he replace them with the real Wellbutrin. I was able to get a few pills to carry me over until I could get another prescription from my doctor, but my insurance wouldn't pay since the Teva medication had already been dispensed. Trust me ... the generic is not the same.

many times you get what you pay for....also the Toprol-XL generics were pulled last good!

I agree... Not all generic forms of medication are equivalent to other generics. For example, currently I am prescribed Clonazepam 1 mg x3 daily for severe panic disorder and to help control my rapid heart rate (all together, and prescribed a beta-blocker). My personal pharmacy usually carries Teva Brand (a green pill = Clonazepam 1 mg). However, last month when I got my prescription filled, they used Qualitest Pharmaceuticals (a blue pill = Clonazepam 1 mg).

While using the Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Brand Clonezapam 1 mg x3 daily, I was completely free of any panic disorder. For the first time in 11 years, I did not have a panic attack the entire month I was taking this brand medication and my heart rate regulated. Instead of resting at 130-140 and jumping to 160-170 bpm.

Now, I am back to the Teva Brand Clonezapam... And within about 3 days I can already tell a difference in my anxiety level (and heart rate goes with it). It it extremely high and I have already had a couple of panic attacks. At this exact moment, it is 3 a.m. and I can not sleep, probably because my heart rate is 137.

On my last Dr.'s visit, I told the Dr. that I had a really good month... No attacks, heart rate was in good range (along with a beta-blocker). I thought things were looking up for me for once. I thought I was getting my life back under control after 11 years. I was using a medication that was working for my disorder. However, I was fooled! Going back to the Teva Brand Medication, I am still in the same shape; under control somewhat, but not like last month while using Qualitest.

Since the pharmacy I use is kinda like a "Mom & Pop's" Drug Store, I ask if they could get the Qualitest Brand Medication back. Their reply to me was, "We have people sitting all-day long searching Pharmaceutical Companies to compare prices, and we always go with what is cheaper. Last month Qualitest was cheaper. Actually, it is always cheaper, but we use Teva anyway!"

I thought to myself, "What? Isn't that an oxymoron?"

I did a little research to follow-up. Yes, I come from a small town with 12 pharmacies... But there is a Wal-Mart Pharmacy, Wal-Greens, Rite-Aid, etc... Wal-Mart and Wal-Greens carry Mylan Brand and all the others.......... TEVA!

Thankfully, I have an appointment with a Heart Specialist next month. Although, I've already completed an EKG, EEG and wore a 24-hr Heart Monitor. Results: Rapid Heart Rate due to Anxiety (go figure).

I might as well take a placebo than a TEVA BRAND MEDICATION!!!

Found your site researching info as I am trying to see if I can appeal the copay I must pay for Wellbutrin XL 300mg with Medco. I would love to take the generic; but I, like many others, had terrible side effects. Medco will dispense the brand, but it costs me $341.88 every 3 months and I have been laid off from my job. Help! Someone must hear us that the generic is not the same as brand with Wellbutrin XL 300mg. About a year ago I did report the adverse reactions to the FDA.

We must all do this - but they must act on the information!!! These costs are depressing me more. Maybe I should just go off of it.

Please perform the same tests on Barr pharmaceutical's Adderall substitute. I find the effectiveness of my daily dosage varies from month to month and even sometimes from day to day. I cannot afford the brand name Adderall, and my doctor says there is no difference between the brand name and the generic.

I cannot function in school or in the workplace when I never know from day to day whether my medication is going to work or not. I have at different times been on dosages from as low as 20mg per day to as high as 60mg per day, and twice I have contacted my doctor and the pharmacy to complain that my medication was not working, only to be brushed off.

Has anyone tried filing a FOIA on the FDA to obtain the number of complaints from doctors and patients regarding the difference between brand name drugs and generics?

I recently began taking Fluoxetine, which is generic prozac. My first 90 day supply was made by Mallinckrodt - it was seriously a life saver. Absolutely no complaints. A week and a half ago I had to refill the prescription and went back to the Kaiser Pharmacy and was given the Teva version of this.

Within a day or 2 I noticed that it was not the same drug as before. Immediately became depressed, anxious, headaches etc. I have been in touch with my Kaiser Doctor and he suggested that I find another pharmacy that carries the previous brand so he can call the prescription in there. After reading the symptoms from the Wellbutrin study - it looks like the same thing is happening to me.

I am taking the Mylan bupropion XL generic brand of Wellbutrin. It is not the same. I was on actavist generic brand and it worked for me. But with the mylan one I am falling apart. Very weepy. On the weekends will stay in my pj's all day. Lots of anxiety and anger. I will just flip real easily. This is not good. Calling my doctor tomorrow. I tried it for a month and felt like I was getting worse and worse. Now I am on the edge and I will pay out of pocket for the Welluburtin XL

I have been taking Actavis brand buproprion xl for several years with no problem. My pharmacy switch me to Mylan brand 2 months ago. I could not figure out what was wrong with me. I was exhausted all the time. My doctor ran all kinds of blood tests only to find that everything was normal. It finally hit me about the change in manufacturers.

I have all the symptoms of depression except for crying. There is definitely a HUGE difference in effectiveness of Mylan brand to the other. My doctor has changed me to Effexor today because the brand named Wellbutrin will cost me $225 even with my insurance! Crazy!

I have had similar reactions to generic Welbutrin XL however my insurance company will not pay for the brand name. Is there any way to get the brand name so I will start feeling well again?

Had similar experiences with statins in treating out of control cholesterol. Results were disappointing. Results with Lipitor were dramatic. Dr says it's like looking at a different person.

My daughter has been taking YAZ for several years for severe, disabling cramps. The pharmacy switched her to a generic and the cramps reappeared. She suffered for several months, not realizing what was going on. When I told her about a generic problem that I had had, she switched back to YAZ and all is fine.

Effexor XR is the med I have been taking. I am just realizing the stuff I have been experiencing for the last SEVERAL weeks/months may be as a result of my switch to generic.

I was taking Effexor XR and have increased up to a dose of 300 mg and for the most part it seems to take care of most of my symptoms. Occasionally I still have problems with counting and repeating words or phrases, but I am typically functional and doing well with most daily activities. I get my prescriptions filled at the pharmacy in the hospital where I work and get 3 months worth at a time. The last time I went to fill my meds, they asked if I would like the generic as it is now available. I said sure, since I have not had a problem with generics in the past.

I didn't think anything of it until I noticed last week that several times over the course of this round of meds, I have felt like I was going into withdrawal in the mornings even though I had taken my meds. I was getting the "shocks" that I get when I forget to take my meds for a day or two even though I take my medicine every day at the same time.

I have also noticed that my throat is scratchy like when I was having an allergic reaction to a medicine in the past. I originally thought it was the water I drink as I am getting the feeling when I drink water and coffee, but over the weekend noticed that I get that feeling no matter what I drink. Now after going to Web MD and looking up my symptoms, I saw that it could be a reaction to medications.

So I googled Effexor XR and saw that "problems" popped up in the search bar auto complete so I decided to click on it. After reading for like the last hour, I am convinced the generic version of Effexor XR by TEVA is not the same thing as the original med. I will no longer be taking the generic and will try to never take a generic by TEVA. I can't believe there is not a better system to make sure generics are what they are supposed to be. Here is to hoping I will feel better when I get to switch back and hoping this scratchy throat doesn't get worse before I can get my meds.

Used Ambien brand for years all fine. Company switched to generic, did not work, doctor wrote DAW, with each script, Caremark refuses it, calls him, he resends it DAW, over and over each prescription.

Have told them there is only one generic company that worked, and Dr. Reddy's never does, they would guarantee or respond to anything other than the generic they use at the moment. If you see where generics by certain companies are actually manufactured, like Dr. Reddy's, which has also been a problem with generics of diabetic meds for me, it is hard not to ask questions about quality control.
When the patient can describe clearly what works and what doesn't, the doctor who is the script source responds appropriately, and the company repeatedly tries to force a generic, and changes it with every script, and spends time asking the doctor to change it over and over, even when it is a DAW, what are patients or consumers at the mercy of?

It is not medical, it is economic. Anyone trained in bio-medical field who understands that they are active ingredients, and pathways of delivery, changes in manufacturing processes and orders and matrixs the drugs are in, do not and cannot guarantee that they work with same dosage, timing, or effects.

What recourse is there in this new area of problems with generics and who mediates such complaints and might advocate for patient rights for what actually works for the patient medically?

I was on Arimidex for 4 years, after radiation treatments for breast cancer, which wasn't in lymph nodes. Arimidex has some side effects, but, I put up with them, for 4 years. When Arimidex lost the patent, and it became generic, then, I started having problems with the generic.

Stomach upset, headache, and my memory would come and go. Went off of it, and reported it to FDA. Was put on Femara, and it wiped me out with fatigue. Mind went blank while driving, and that did it. Only happened for a split second, but, I didn't know where I was. I am now off of the Aromatase Inhibitors. They need to study these side effects more.

I have had the same experience as many others with the Wellbutrin XL & SR. Brand works wonders, generic does not work at all. I have had a similar experience with Topamax. I've been on it for years for migraine prevention and as a mood stabilizer.

When the generic came out, I was excited as it was 1/6 of the price. Within days of switching, I had a migraine.... a week later, another... 3 days later, yet another. On top of it all, I felt like crying (which could have been because I was in so much pain). Had some of the brand so, on the advice of my doctor, started taking those again... no migraines. Have had to fight with the insurance every year to get them "pre-authorized", but it's well worth it to be basically "migraine-free".

On another note, my husband has been taking Mylan allopurinol 300mg for years for gout. While he still has an occasional attack (because he does not watch his diet carefully enough and can't resist Italian Sausage, which he knows triggers an attack... silly man!), for the most part, it is well controlled. He recently switched his prescription to another pharmacy with "$4 generics".

He noticed the pill was a different color, but doesn't buy into the "all generics are not created equal" philosophy... he doesn't even believe that there is a difference between brand and generic... thinks it's "all in my head". At least, he did until NOW... his most recent prescription was filled with Qualitest allopurinol and since he started taking it, he has had daily diarrhea about 8 hours after taking it (you could pretty much set your watch by it), regardless of what he does/doesn't eat/drink when taking it.

The WORST part of all of this is that I WORK in a pharmacy and have to look people in the eye and LIE to them and tell them "your pills might LOOK different, but it's the same medication and will work the same way" whenever we change generic manufacturers or a medication becomes available in generic :(

I get very upset when my own primary physician doesn't believe me about the generic arimidex! The cancer oncologist took me off of it, but the primary physician made a smart remark. Generic is not the same, and I had to stop the drug.

Insurance won't pay for original! Come on everyone, we have to fight back! The FDA even said they had complaints, but couldn't tell me what they were, because of the Freedom Of Information act! All they do is lie to us, and it makes me mad!

If people cannot afford this medicine in the first place -- why don't you make this report free to those who really need it? I just spent $575 on a ONE MONTH supply today because I cannot take the generic. I took the generic and it did not work as well; I had a mini meltdown.

I have tried doing this with another medication that I take and the same result happened -- that brand name drug is almost $300 for a ONE MONTH supply. People cannot afford this, I depend upon my parents as I am still a student that was kicked off government insurance because I am "too old".

My income is technically $0! I tried applying back to the insurance that my family is still on, including my brother, but they would not take me because of pre-existing conditions, which affects more than half of the population of the US. Therefore I am stuck with the only insurance that will take me, the state -- which is for all the rejects.

I cannot even chose my own health insurance and until 2014, no one else will accept me onto their policy! By then my family, who is already in debt, will have spent another $26,000 on medication ALONE (I take about 5 medications) just to keep me sane and from killing myself! Shame on these companies! They are robbing the poor just to get rich; it's like a modern day version of Robin Hood with King Pharmaceutical Companies.

Was forced to switch to the generic form of Effexor XR, noticed within 1 week the medication made me feel horrible!! Unfortunately because this generic is now offered my insurance expects me to pay $87.00 per month for my script!! I am so lucky my pharmacist is a wonderful person, (Rite Aid Pharmacy) and told me about a script card that is offered by Wyeth pharm. to help with the cost as long as you meet the criteria.

Freedom Of Information act or FOIA means you have to put your request in writing. There is a form specifically for this. This means they have to tell you. Are you sure that is what they said?

I was taking budprion by teva and had major side effects,head aches irritability, weight gain among other symptoms and that pill was round and white. My pharmacy gave me another generic and this one says bupropion hcl sr and its a round blue pill w/ the letter E and the number 410(Eon labs). Does anyone have any experience w/ this pill? Did it work for you? What were your symptoms? Thank u

What works for others may not work for you. So my advice it take it and see how you feel. You will know with in a day or two. If there is a generic that works for you call different pharmacies until you find one that carries it. I found that Osco Drugs will work with you and order the manufacturer you need. Where as Walgreen's will not. They buy in bulk and whatever their buyer selects is what you get. Talk to the pharmacist and see if they can order the one that works for you.

I was given the generic for the Z-Pac for infection. I took it as directed and continued to get worse. When I returned to the doctor she had to give me Levaquin (sp), brand name, I was 90% better in two days. When examining the generic Z-Pac container I found it was made in Zegred, Croatia.

Since then I have noticed that most of our medicines are made outside the country where there is no meaningful inspection or regulation. And those politicians who were against the health reform insist we cannot get medicine from Canada because it will not be as safe as the USA medicine. Ba Humbug. The drug companies buy from other countries and tell us the medicines are safe, charge exorbitant prices and expect us to keep quiet.

Avoid the yellow pills if you need more than 150mgs a day. Express Scripts forced me over from another white and similar generic I had been using for years, to the oval yellow pills. Not only did I feel odd, it gave me massive headaches and changed my anti-coagulation scores significantly. I felt like I was close to getting a stroke. The local pharmacist said they won't sell it at all anymore, because especially people at the 300mg level had such bad experiences. Very risky that the FDA still allows it to be sold.

I took the generic for seroquel. it is normally called quetiapine but the boxes were labeled qutipin and it is made in India. Normally seroquel has a sedative effect and I take them an hour before bed. These overstimulated my mind and I got very little sleep. I purchased them through a canadian pharmacy as the generic is not sold in the U.S. Sadly, U.S. seroquel is cost prohibitive with my insurance plan which covers no preventative care, especially for preexisting conditions.

It is hard to be self employed and get treatment for mental illness. I wish I had been born in Europe or Canada.

I've been on 15mg oxycodone for a few years on different generics. 3 days ago I got one that I had never gotten before. I realized it was not as effective as any of the others. I called the pharmacy and was told there was nothing they could do to help me.

They said there is a shortage and they have to use whatever they can get, I'm now going through withdrawal be cause the dose must be to low. This is a disgrace in the country we live in I've been wondering if anyone else has had this issue with this drug. Please comment if you can to let me know the pill has a 187 and is green.

I read your info in the Atl. Journal & Const. (AJC) about yellow mustard and cramps. I have a good one for you.

Most people who take niacin experience blushing. A simple cure to eliminate this blushing is to eat one or two tablespoons of applesauce. I use this every day and it works. A nurse in Charleston, SC told me about this.

Thank you so much, RJC. This addressed exactly what was going on with me, and I appreciate your level-headed approach. In January 2012, Walgreens was no longer covered in network by my insurer -- Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. So when I switched to a different pharmacy, they filled my generic BupropionHCI 150 XL with a pre-filled bottle from Anchen.

The little white tablets look *almost* the same as before, but there's a subtle difference. And it caused a huge difference in me. I began feeling listless, sleeping 4-6 extra hours during the day, plus longer at night. The exact same scenario happened last July (2010) when I had to get my prescription filled in New York because I was out of town for work. I'm pretty sure that one was from Anchen, as well, because it came in a pre-filled, white bottle. (But I can't be 100% sure and I don't still have that bottle.)

I guess my point is, if you're taking a generic form of Wellbutrin (which I'm quite willing to do), it may require some legwork checking with different pharmacies to see what manufacturers they carry, depending on how you react to different generics. This is just unfortunate, because that testing time results in a lot of lost productivity and normalcy. For many of us who are depressed, it doesn't become immediately apparent to us that we're slipping unless pointed out by a friend or family member.

I am not sure this website can do anything regarding an insurance company's refusal to pay SOMETHING on Brand named Zoloft but thought I'd share my story anyway, at least to relieve great frustration! After many trial medications Zoloft worked the best for maintaining my diagnosis of depression/anxiety/PTSD. I have been on this for probably 20 years with very little side effects. It started out with at least 80% being paid for which was do able.

Then along came the generic Sertraline HCL Mfg Northstar. I thought "great!" less expense. This generic caused me an upset stomach and some vomiting so I promptly went back to Zoloft. As the years went by, the cost to me went up but was still do able. In 2011, my husband was laid off so I am covering both of us on my insurance. Come to find out, they have Zoloft on a 3rd tier drug list and I was told even with a doctors written order they will not cover this drug.

My company recently changed their drug company and I was turned down again for coverage. So stupidly I thought I'd give that same generic a try again to save ME money. This time, it caused me great acid reflux symptoms and nausea, I had a small panic attack (which I haven't had in years!) besides feeling drowsy. I am definitely off of that and back on Zoloft to the tune of $162.00 out of pocket (the price fluctuates) for a 30 day supply. I will be paying cash for it but it bothers me that I pay over 400.00 in premiums per month and have a high deductible that I can't meet in a year and the insurance company won't even pay a percentage of the cost for that drug!

I have similar feelings about my insurance premiums, and I feel for you, RAS!

My doctor prescribed Yasmin (a birth control pill) for me a few years ago to treat a hormone imbalance. The Yasmin treats my symptoms perfectly. However when the generic version Ocella was created, my pharmacy substituted it for the Yasmin, and all my prior symptoms returned (irritability, hair falling out, problems with my period, etc). My doctor began instructing the pharmacy not to substitute the generic Ocella. As of this year, my insurance company is starting to charge a lot more for non generic medications and my out of pocket cost has almost doubled. I think this is totally not fair, since the generic meds are often way inferior to the brand name meds. I think the FDA needs to investigate this issue and require generic drugs to be identical to brand name ones!

Had onset of dizziness that gradually decreased toward evening. Blood work, ent, neurology-brain mri found no anomalies. A reveiw of timeline disclosed a switch from brand name Uraxatral to generic. Switching to generic about the same time as onset of dizziness appeared to be the problem. Went off generic and back to brand name Uraxatral and symptoms disappeared. Obviously the generic is not the same as name brand.

Hundreds of users complaining of issues with Wellbutrin generics, but not listing the generics lab name (this is VERY important for some of us). I have been battling depression for over 6 years, now. Standard SSRIs do nothing for me, so my doctor told me to try Bupropion (for it's increase in energy as well as help with calming food cravings). I started Bupropion (By Actavis) 2 weeks ago. I'm currently taking Two 150mgs tablets of the XL version. I will report back in 4 weeks with how I am doing.

When my doctor first placed me on this I asked for name brand right off the bat, however she said insurance won't pay for it. I'm going to try this route and if I don't continue to feel it's best for me, I will pay out of pocket.

I find that right now the medication takes around 2-3 hours to take effect after ingesting. It feels like it dumps into my system at that time leaving me with a stoned and dazed feeling. After that feeling goes (around 20 minutes) I have a brief period of mental clarity and feeling more like a normal person. That, too, goes after about 30-40 minutes. The rest of the day is a crap shoot.

I agree with what some have said on here that the medication (generic versions) dump into your system right off the bat. I also agree that those like myself and others that feel it dumps too quickly should try the generic brand of standard wellbutrin (NOT SR or XL) That will take away the timing issue all together.

What could be causing me to burp up liquid which awakens me from a deep sleep?

I was on name brand Wellbutrin XL for years. I had no depression, no anxiety, lots of energy. I lost 50 lbs in a year with proper diet and exercise. The Wellbutrin completely took my sweet tooth away. Then the dreaded generic version came out. Because my insurance co. will no longer pay for the name brand, I was forced to use the generic brand. I hate it!! My depression has returned, my anxiety has returned. I know exactly when it is going to hit... in the mid afternoon, I become a crying mess and I have no desire to do anything!

It is by far the worse feeling I have every felt. If any one is considering taking the generic form of Wellbutrin, I would say if you do not feel 100% better with in a few weeks, do not waste your time with continuing on it. Wellbutrin is a great medicine... the generic in my opinion is a joke!

I too was doing extremely well on brand name Dexedrine. the only manufacturer is is Barr for the IR tabs. Teva has taken over. I do not feel any effect when taking them. I know there have been shortages during the last few months. I am curious to know if the latest batches of meds have been adulterated, watered down, to stretch out the active ingredient.

We are all very frustrated, and there are no other manufacturers to go to. Sort of a monopoly where the patient has no options.

Best of luck. Hopefully there will be some light at the end of the tunnel.

Please can someone let me know if what pill code is GC 101 my pharmacy said it is acetaminophen, but another pharmacy told me that it is Bupropion for depression I would very much like to know because there has been headache, twitching, seizure done EEG, X tray and everything doctor cannot find out what is wrong.

I am very concerned about generic drug manufacturers that are providing substandard medication. In May, I transferred generic soma (carispoprodol 350mgs) from CVS to Rite Aid. Rite Aid gave me a generic made by Aurobindo Pharma. The medication was a complete therapeutic failure, similar to taking sugar pills.

Also, I had recently transferred my omeprazole DR (generic prilosec) from CVS to Rite Aid. With CVS's generic, I was able to reduce my dosage to one a day rather than the two per day as prescribed. When I started using Rite Aid's generic of prilosec, my heartburn made it necessary to go back up to two per day. I am seriously questioning the integrity of Rite Aid's generic pharmaceutical choices.

I also received a bottle of my generic simvastatin from Rite Aid which included two pills that looked similar but had completely different markings. The color was off, so I'm glad I noticed it before taking it. Does anyone else have the same issues and concerns with Rite Aid's generic drugs?

I love my Rite Aid pharmacy, but I love my health more. I'll be transferring all of my generics back to CVS.


Inconsistent control of target b.p. symptoms, especially systolic. We previously detailed our observations & investigations, but, with no feedback, not sure it was noticed.

If memory serves well, we recall settling on a supplier used by target. We had to change to rite aid, where we noticed their "equivalent" did not fully control the b.p. & they special-ordered the target version. After numerous refills, there would be batches that seemed to fail, or be inconsistent from dose to dose.

We google searched the supplier, a new jersey-israel connection, if we remember well? what we saw was not reassuring, let alone encouraging. The supply chain left doubts about parts of shipments' exposure to humidity/heat, etc. & we noticed minor texture/color variations in the same refilled. Yet, there are so many variables in the physiology to complicate the isolation of pharmacological parameters that making a case is daunting. Still, something more than a "hoax" was going on to frustrate affecting an effective remedy.

I have had problems with Lamotrigine also. I never took the Lamictal but was put on Lamotrigine with terrible results that changed my life! I have depression, not manic but was given this drug. After one month I started going to a regular family Dr who continued to give it to me but never asked any questions about how I was doing. I did not know what was happening to me but I became suicidal, crying everyday. I thought it was for depression so the more depressed I got the more I increased the dose! I started to not care about anything. Everything started changing, time seemed to slow down, I cried everyday, couldn't do the things I use to do like cooking, cleaning.

The worst part was when I started losing my memory and couldn't remember how to drive from one place to other. It's like my brain slowed down. I went off of it two years ago and I am still not the same as I was before taking it! I can't get a Dr to realize that this medicine did something to my brain. It was really scarily how my thoughts changed and my personality. Like I had no control over my thoughts while on it. I took it for 15 months. I wish I knew how to undo what ever it did. I want to be like I was again. I still have memory problems two years later. I was a person who was always up and going and cleaning and never sat down [like ADHD] now all of that is gone. My mind is so messed up now. Has anyone had these changes then got better later?

I took Lamotrigine also and started having anxiety attacks in the morning. I never had them before and didn't understand it at the time but now I know they were anxiety . I woke up feeling like something awful was happening and fearful and would cry every morning. Started feeling scared when out places, was more depressed than ever in my life.

I took the Azithromycin also and noticed a big difference. Didn't work like the z pack

I have never taken Wellbutrin but was put on Bupropion extended release, at first it was great then WOW... I like the person above was so verbally abusive and just plain mean and I couldn't understand why, this was not how I had ever acted. I did also in fact gain weight, fast like 10 pounds of what seems purely stomach fat. I wore a size 3 when I started and now I'm in 5 and 7s-WTH? I was on it from 02/2012 to just 3 weeks ago and I am a lot nicer person now. But I bet it takes me a lot longer to lose this stomach fat.

How would one know whether the generic brands of eyedrops for glaucoma (Dorzolamide and Lantanoprost) are effective? If my generic eye drops aren't effective, I would slowly and imperceptibly start losing my vision? Any suggestions?
Thank you

I am an RN and have always been thought thought that people who reported different results from generics to be exaggerating. I have been on Lexapro for 7 years and was delighted when the cheaper generic version was available as I pay out of pocket. Two weeks in on the generic and I was crashing emotionally. I switched back to the Lexapro and evened out emotionally. I buy the 20 mg tablets and cut them in half. Don't know if this affects something in the generic version, but what I experienced was akin to stopping the drug abruptly.

Has anyone else seen a difference between MANUFACTURERs of generics? I was on Diovan HCTZ, and was switched to the generic Valsartan HCTZ and my pharmacy provided the one supplied by Sandoz. This month, they switched to the one manufactured by Mylan. It does not feel so effective. Can different generic producers make similar but different products?

@Maggie - not sure about Diovan but my wife is on Klonopin and cannot use the generic for similar reasons (she has tried but it IS NOT THE SAME). We pay big bucks each month for the name brand and insurance covers only about 10% because a generic is available. It is a farce and a shame!

My pharmacy recently switched me to a different generic brand of wellbutrin and I start to experience headaches, nausea, irritability and the ability to focus on anything specific. I swiched back and within a few days these symptoms disappeared. I just wanted to post this for anyone who has gone through the same experience. Hope this info can be helpful.

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