Q. I've had success with Listerine for smelly feet. If it kills germs that cause bad breath, it might k.o. germs that cause stinky feet.

I applied Listerine to clean feet and wiped out the insides of my shoes as well. At the end of the day, both feet and shoes are odor free.

A. The herbal extracts and alcohol in Listerine are versatile for battling fungi and bacteria that can cause odor or itch.

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  1. CG

    I recently read a comment from one of your readers about using Campho-Phenique for smelly feet. Another option is the crystal type deodorants sold in health food and natural product stores. I had trouble with my feet smelling by the end of the day when I wore shoes without socks (high heels). So I use the crystal deodorant on my feet and the problem is solved. It works all day long. You simply wet the crystal and rub it on your feet. It leaves no residue on your feet or in your shoes!

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