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Do Gin-Soaked Raisins Really Help Arthritis Pain?

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Q. My mother read somewhere that vodka-soaked white raisins might be good for arthritis. She is now eating nine a day.

Mom has taken quite a bit of ribbing from the family. What is the benefit from this formula? Can you provide any written details about how to prepare them and how often she should eat them, how they should be stored, etc.?

A. We first heard about a gin-raisin remedy in 1994. Some folks tell us it is worthless while others sing its praises. Here is just one example:

“This remedy has worked for me for over two years. When I forget to eat my raisins for several days my arthritis gets much worse. I can't believe how much better I feel when taking them. Since I do not tolerate medication for inflammation at all, the raisins are my only relief.”

This recipe calls for golden (a.k.a. white) raisins. Put them in a shallow bowl, then pour just enough gin over them to cover them. Allow the gin to evaporate, a process that may take as long as a week. Then keep them refrigerated in a covered container and eat nine raisins daily.

We are sending you our Guide to Home Remedies with recipes for this and other approaches to arthritis. 

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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.2/5 (62 votes)
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I've been using gin-soaked raisins a few months now. I confess to eating more than 9/day. (I do a tablespoon per day, which is maybe 15. I figure based on my size that's not unreasonable.) Works better than anything else I use.

I realized that it must be the sulfur in the raisins that is beneficial. So, I eliminated the raisins and just used MSM pills for awhile, which is high in sulfur. They were nowhere near as effective.

I've tried various topical ointments (Icy Hot, etc.) They help, but again not even close to as helpful as the raisins. So, I'm back on my raisins again.

Wondering about the raisin and Vodka/Gin for arthritis.

Could just the raisins have the same effect?

What kind of gin do you use? Dry? Or a smooth gin? I'd like to try this.

My mother is 92 and is just now going down with arthritis in the hip. She swears by the raisin/gin habit and has also taken much ribbing about it. But why argue with cheap/easy/successful.

I had significant pain in my left hip, knees, legs and back. It grew worse as the day progressed and at the end of the day I seemed to ache all over. Finally, after over-the-counter pain medications once again gave me stomach pain, I decided to try the gin-soaked raisins, with doubt, I must admit.

I used the cheapest gin. I began with 9 raisins and thought I could tell a slight difference. I upped it to 15 per day and slowly, after a month now, I cannot believe the difference.

I am no longer bothered with the pain that filled my life from morning till night.

I would recommend this to anyone and advise them to give it a full trial because it may take awhile to take full effect.

So far, all the recipes I have read do not say whether or not the raisins/gin should be covered until it evaporates. Seems as though if they were covered, they would not evaporate. I will appreciate your answer. I am anxious to try this. I am not tolerant of pain meds.

Living in Australia, I am unable to find golden raisins anywhere. Can you please tell me either how to get them, or will ordinary raisins or sultanas be as succesful in helping arthritis?

I have been using the 'raisin cure' for the past three months. I have knee, lower back and shoulder pain. My knees are better, my back is the same, and my shoulders still hurt but their range of motion has improved significantly. I have always had a problem with medications/cures as they initially are quite effective but then the effects diminish over time. I seem to have reached a stasis with my shoulders which are the biggest problem. I awaken in the middle of the night with severe shoulder pain from sleeping on one side or the other--have to roll over and go back to sleep. I must say that the "raisin party" cure has provided the most profound and long lasting relief of anything I have tried to date. But I have not found it to be a "miracle" cure.

This was on a talk show down in South Carolina. Going to give it a try and will get back to you.

i read about the mixture of gin and raisins but could not find the amount to be used or if you can put this in a glass or plastic container. can you use dry gin?

My son is 30 yrs old and was diagnosed with reactive arthritis. He did better for a few weeks and then the meds caused bad side effects. I am going to buy the raisins and the gin and have him give it a try. I was asking God to help my son, and I believe this is the answer.

I am going to try raisins and gin, I have knee pain and I will try just about anything right now, I will let you know how it works for me.

I've tried this to help with knee pain. I also eat more than 9 - closer to 20. It really helps - seems to reduce inflammation. I notice the difference if I forget to take them for a day.

My grandmother use to make these raisins. She lived in an old farm house and had to travel down steps to wash her laundry and up stairs to get to her bed. She took these everyday and she could walk up the stairs without holding on after starting to eat the raisins every day. So I have started using them also. I have a torn ACL in my left knee and other cartiladge damage in my right knee. I cannot explain the difference only to say that I have found no pills that can match the relief I have with the raisins.

I have the recipe and I prepare it for my husband. As a matter of fact, I just finished preparing the second batch because the first one is already gone. My husband exercises a lot and walks a lot, but he has been experiencing pain on his right leg. He says that this definitely has helped him with that pain, reason for my repeating the concoction for him.

The first time I followed the recipe to a "t" but the raisins never became fully dry and I ended up draining out some of the liquid. So, this time, I just added 1-1/3 cup of gin instead of the whole pint. By the way, the regular gin was not as easy to find as the dry kind, but my husband finally found it.

I will let you all know how it comes out.

I have used this recipe for years with great results.
I stopped for a couple years until the pain and problems with my hands and elbows and shoulders were back to having real pain. I started up again and will never quit this time.

I use a package of white raisins a quart canning jar with the gin. I put the whole package in the jar and cover the raisins in gin.

I keep it closed in the frig. I just have a tablespoon or two of the "juice" each night.
Sometimes I forget and just take it the next night.

As the gin gets low I add from the bottle. I throw out the raisins eventually.
I have always said that I should make muffins with them instead.

For weeks we have been reading comments about gin-soaked golden raisins and wanting to try this remedy out for arthritis. But we can find NOWHERE in Australia from where we can buy golden raisins. Supermarkets, delis, health stores all look at us blankly and no-one on your site ever says from where they can be purchased. It's a huge mystery. Can anyone help please?


Yes this works great for me and I was referred to this by a couple of elderly folks ten years ago or so. I am 56 years old. 57 next month.

It really works great. Try to order them online from the USA or another country nearer to you. I believe you could raise the grapes there also and learn about the drying process. Of course this will take a few years but there could be a demand there for them. Also check with your department of agriculture office perhaps there is a farmer growing the correct grapes now. I hope this helps chronic pain is a real problem. I know.

Does this remedy work for "RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS" ??


The alcohol evaporates from the raisins and the remaining liquid is absorbed by the raisins. You soak the raisins until all the liquid is absorbed which is about a week.

I've heard this is real effective. Can you email me the recipe - how many raisins and how much gin to use and also, should I cover the container or leave it open?

I am 67 years old and I have just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I have severe pain every where in my body. It has changed my life dramatically. Nothing has helped ease the pain. I am going to try the raisins and vodka and pray that it will work.

I believe that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and am in a terrible amount of pain and will be trying the raisin/gin remedy. I've never heard of this and am praying that it works. I am on so much medication and none of it is helping me... only for like an hour and that's just sometimes.

I am also searching on some kind of diet plan for this disease with not very much success.

Thanks so much for posting this and I will pray for you all. You can't relate if you've never experienced suffering everyday. All posts and comments are greatly appreciated:)

It is now March 8 and I have been taking the raisins & Vodka every morning for three weeks now. I have not had the complete fatigue that I was experiencing with the Fibromyalgia. My aches and severe pains have decreased quite a bit, and now I am starting to resume my life again, after a whole year of pain and exhaustion. I don't know if it's the raisins & Vodka for sure, but boy, do I feel so much better. I am going to continue this remedy and see how I progress.

Can you send me the actual recipe for the gin/vodka soaked raisins for arthritis pain?


Please email me the recipe for gin/vodka and raisin for arthritis. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis and diabetic nerve damage. I would love to try this, nothing has worked so far for the pain. Thanks.

Please send the recipe. I used this many years ago with success but I now have pain in my hips. I used golden raisins and gin but I do not remember how many I soaked, for how long, and how many I ate daily.

I am goin to try, I have myofacial syndrome, constant migraines... I will let
you know if it works... also ra..

I am from a little island called Barbados, and I have been having pain in my knees as I stand after getting up from sitting or resting. I turn to the net for home remedies, and came across gin soaked raisins and can tell you they really worked as I don't have that significant amount of pain any more and I have only been taking it for a month. Please glass or plastic will do. Good luck if you are in the process of trying it out, you will be pleased with the results.

Before I started taking this remedy I could barely walk. I've been taking it since July and I'm 90% pain free. The doctor couldn't believe his eyes.

I heard you can't take these if you're a diabetic. My remedy is 500 grams of golden sultanas soaked in 1/2 bottle of gordons gin for 9 days. Stir once daily and on the 10th day put raisins into airtight jars and start taking 9 a day dont break the cycle.


James is from the U.K., hence the name "sultanas" for golden raisins. Ditto in Australia and New Zealand.

If you cover it how is the liquid supposed to evaporate?

I could not remember this recipe so in dire pain, I poured a shot of vodka in some almond milk.. the pain went away.

Maybe it is just the vodka.. ??? try it.

Has anyone ever tried gin-soaked craisins? I can't find anything with a Google search. I got two new hip joints last year, which helped those problems; now, I've had impossible pain in my neck for two months. Since I don't have raisins; but, do have craisins and gin, I'll try them and let you know. Thanx for the NFO.

For the folks in Australia who cannot find white (golden) raisins, they might
contact .They carry an extensive line of dried fruit as well
as nuts.

I used london dry gin 3.99 a bottle 1/3 of a bottle covered the raisins. took about 4-5 days to evaporate. Leaves a very sticky juice at the bottom. 9 raisins did the trick in about 3 hrs. and got better each day. I have been using them for 4 days now and even my plantars faciatis is now doable.

Cheap gin plus raisins/sultans /currants plus container ..Soak if you can stir shake daily for a week or less till they look like the gin has soaked in then enjoy, but don't waste the gin or left over fruit eat /drink that to>>>> Plus always have a batch on hand spare as it's too good and you will run out soon.. email me on how you go and testing other things

Have just soaked 500grms of Sultanas in Gin and covered the dish with plastic. Should I stir them daily and how
long before I can commence eating the sultanas?

March 25, 2013
I JUST MADE THE GIN AND WHITE RAISINS REMEDY around the middle of February 2013. I bought the Ivanbitch gin. I am not lying the pain is gone and the swelling in my right knee and in my right wrist is gone. I went to Joan's fabric store and bought me a single mason jar, quart size for 1.99 each, probably can get one cheaper at walmart etc. I bought two boxes of golden raisins and packed them in one jar. I meant I packed them too. I poured the whole half pint of Ivanbitch gin in the jar with the raisins, afterward, I turned it upside down with the lid on it about 3 times or more, so that the gin could soak through the raisins from top to bottom.

After this, I took the lid off and sat it on the kitchen table. I cut a small piece of cheese cloth and place it on top of the jar without the lid, really any kind of thin piece of cool material can work as long as the gin can evaporates through it, some old stockings that you don't wear can work and a thin dish rag, cut it and lay it on top of the jar, don't put the lid back on. Each morning, I will mashed the raisins further down in the jar, making sure the gin is on top and put the piece of cloth back on top of the jar. I did this for about 14 days, tasting and sampling it along.

You can tell that the gin is evaporating out but don't expect every ounce to evaporate out but it still work. The gin settle into the raisins and give it a preserve taste. Sometimes, I will count nine raisins or just eat a spoon full each day. I really could tell the different within a week. The pain is gone in my right wrist and right knee.

I bought a half pint of Ivanbitch gin because the word, juniper berry is listed as one of the main ingredients, of course, all gins have juniper berry but it's not listed in the ingredient, but since the word juniper is visual as one of the main ingredient, I was told by the clerk at the liquor store to buy it that because this is the brand what most people buy for this recipe. I was hopping, I'm not hopping anymore. I couldn't walk without pains in my right knee. I was taking all kinds of pain pills nothing didn't help, neither did the knee and wrist bracklets.

Now, I am shopping at the mall, pain free and can wear my pumps again. I been on the recipe for about a little over four weeks. Please, don't buy expensive gin to make this recipe, ivanbitch gin is cheaper than seagram gin and its really works. Good luck! Be careful, don't eat too many serving a day, remember the raisins are drunk and you can become tipsy! Marie

I would also like a copy of the receipe. Does the potassium stay the same?

My mom swore by it! I just started taking it for my knees, hands, and ankles. Expecting good results!

Hi, Is there a difference in which type of Gin one uses-
1. Generic Vs. Trade Name
2. Gin Type - Juniper-Flavoured Spirit Drinks, Distilled gin, London gin, Or Gin?

Thank you

People's Pharmacy response: London gin

What is better to use for the mixture with white raisins--vodka or gin? I am really anxious to start this pain treatment. Please respond ASAP

I am 60 years old now and commented on this thread a couple times over the years.
Yes it works great for me and many others that I know. Use a cheap gin and golden raisins in a canning jar.

If you have joint pain and or swelling it could work for you too. I use (drink) a tablespoon or two of the mixture "broth" after a couple days of a fresh batch. After the juice is used up I leave it out of the refrigerator and just eat several raisins daily until most are gone and then just make up a new batch. I always say a prayer over the new batch.

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