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Potato Against Wart

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Q. I had a wart on my finger for 15 years. A few doctors said they could cut if off, but I don’t like the idea of surgery.

My mother told me of an old gypsy remedy, but I would never try it. It was too hokey. One day I argued with her and, in an effort to prove her wrong, I decided to go ahead and use the remedy. I just knew it wouldn't work. Well, within two weeks the wart was gone.

Here it is: cut a slice from a potato, rub the white part on the wart, then go bury the potato in the yard. Supposedly if you dig up the potato later, it will have grown the wart on it.

This sounds way too silly, but it did work. Mom was right, and she won the argument.

A. We don’t know if this is a gypsy remedy, but it certainly is old. We have heard from a number of other people who have treated their warts successfully by rubbing them with raw potato or potato peel and burying the piece of potato.

  • Currently 4.1/5
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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.1/5 (56 votes)
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When I was a child both hands were covered with warts. Many home remedies were tried. One worked completely: For two weeks, each night at bedtime, rub hands thoroughly with castor oil and tie a sock on each hand.

Years ago, my aunt, a nurse, broke open the stalk of a milkweed plant and smeared some of the white goo on my wart. The wart soon disappeared and never returned.

I had a wart on my thumb when I was little, and a lady told me to pee on a penny and rub the penny on the wart. I did, and it went away.

I was told by my grandmother to rub warts with potato skins, or place potato skins on them. I put a piece of potato skin on the warts with a Band Aid, and it worked on all of them.

I have just read the website of an aromatherapist. She states that warts are caused by a virus (as is also stated on your website), and that they are an external sign of an internal potassium deficiency. I thought, after reading about the comments of your readers regarding their experiences with treating warts, that a possible common factor in their treatments is potassium (potatoes, milkweed, urine [perhaps the body's own potassium]. Thanks for your show and website.

Viral warts will resolve on their own over time... but it can take a long time! This complicates our ability to determine effective strategies for managing warts (did it resolve because of the potato goo, or on its own?). One thing's for sure... we should find a fancy name for the potato process, like "ablative potato therapy," or "Solanum tuberosum Linnaeus ablation." Perhaps then doctors could bill for it! (Joking of course--but I'm sure someone would.)

I have warts on both my eyelids and the bottoms of my eyes. It's horrifying. This is day one of the potato remedy. Dr. wants to slice warts open and "hope" it works! I'm sooo desperate!

Thanks for tips!

When I was about 8 years old my brother and I both had warts on our hands. Our Aunt asked us if she could buy them from us. We agreed and she gave us a quarter for each wart. A week later they were gone and never returned.

I told this remedy to a doctor that I work with. Her daughter had several warts that had been burned off, then cut off and still grew back. She did not want to go back to the doctor, because the treatments were painful. So they decided to try the potato remedy even though they were both doubting that it would work. She sliced a white potato into wafer-thin pieces, then placed it on the warts and covered with a dressing. She left it on overnight for one week. The only thing that they did not do was to bury the potato. After one week the warts were gone, and that was almost one year ago. They have not come back since. I think they are believers now.

I have an old medical text book with about 30 volumes in it. It's about 100 years old and the preventative medicine section prescribes this potato remedy (which I first heard about myself 30 years ago from my Great Grandmother).

The only difference is that the medical text book doesn't require hiding the potato, burying it or anything like that. Just rubbing the raw potato on the wart, pimple etc.

When I was young I had warts on my hands and fingers. My grandmother rubbed the warts with potato skins and then buried the skins. All the warts went away.

Twenty years ago I had warts (verruca) on the sole of my left foot and on my right hand, perhaps from touching the ones on my foot. A friend advised me of the potato rubbing remedy. Within three weeks of daily treatment, they disappeared, and remain gone to this day.

I had a few small warts on my left foot a while back, and I read that I should use a potato peel to get rid of them. Well I applied the potato peel and used a band aide to keep it in place. Within a month they were all gone. Thank God Almighty for all the natural resources He has made and given us to help our bodies with different problems!

I have a question for those who used the potato overnight remedy. Did you apply the potato peel for just one night, covered with a bandaid--or every single night for a period of time? Thanks; my 6-year old daughter is getting flack from her schoolmates about her warts and I'd like to be able to get rid of them naturally.

When I was about nine years old I had warts on my thumbs and fingers of both hands, A little girl that had moved in down the street one day told me her mom was a witch and she could get rid of my warts. She ran home and soon came back with a piece of potato peeling. she told me that her mom instructed her to rub the peeling on my warts and as she did she said the following. "As this peeling rots away so your warts shall go away" then she told me to bury the peeling in my front yard and not to bother it. After several weeks I looked down and to my surprise the warts were all gone and they never did come back.

Susie had also told me to make sure the peeling has no eye on it, or it wouldn't work, as the peeling would then grow and not rot away. This is a true story so help me God. To this day I still remember how Susie rid me of my embarrassing warts! I Love you Susie where ever you are! I Miss you too!

Nope. just rub the white part on the warts every day, (morning and night). You will see them start to go away. Also you can try Apple Cider Vinegar treatment, but I heard it stings.

When I was a kid my mom took me to the doctor for a wart on the side of my hand. He said he could remove it, but then told her about this potato remedy. I don't remember how long it took for the wart to go away, but it DID go. No pain, no scarring, wonderful.

I have a wart, and have for a few months. I've been using tea tree oil, which has yet to make a difference. I read about the potato remedy, just rubbed it on, and within hours had results. I didn't keep it on or anything. Didn't bury it. Just put a band aid on when I was done. Easy peezy.

I ran across this site so I thought I would share my story with you. When I was about ten years old I had a wart on my forehead. I had it a long time and I've no idea how it got there, but it was ugly. My Mom told me about my aunt who could take them off without touching you. Everyone in the family went to her when they had one. I went to see her and she looked at it (didn't touch it) and told me to forget all about the wart. Needless to say, I kept checking it everyday. One day I just looked in the mirror and it was gone. It only took a few weeks to disappear.

A year and a half ago my daughter had two warts on her fingers. We tried many over the counter products that didn't work. My Mom called my aunt on the phone and my aunt talked to my daughter and asked where the warts were. My aunt then told her to forget all about the warts. We noticed a week later that they were gone.

I had heard many stories of her doing that when I was growing up but it is still amazing to me. We all want to know how she does it without even touching someone. She won't share her secret with anyone right now but she said that she might pass it down when the time is right.

Have a great day!

We have used the potato remedy on common and planter warts for years with consistent success. There is no need to bury the potato though. The remedy is simple. Just peel a meaty slice of potato and cover the clean wart. Tape the potato in place and leave for 2-3 days. When the potato is removed, the wart will have turned black or dark brown.

On common warts, this is an indication that it is dead. On planters warts, it usually requires multiple treatments due to the depth and seeds in planters warts. This has worked on all three of my children even after having some removed medically that grew back.

The potato is the only consistent remedy that has worked. Before using the potato, we tried acid, burning and scraping, and liquid nitrogen. They all grew back. The enzyme in the potato actually kills the virus. Its really cool, cheap, and way less painful. Good Luck.

I have 6 warts on my right hand, a couple of which have been there for several years. Too long to remember. I actually underwent past treatments of liquid nitrogen at the derm's office years ago, just to have them come back along with extra ones!!! I refused to go back due to the severe pain and the idea of having a hand covered in warts after it was all said and done. I mean the one time I did go to remove three, it resulted in six!

However, over the years I still dealt with shame of having the disgusting little things on my hand! Recently I thought I'd try to remove them at home. I first purchased salicylic acid from Walmart and started placing it on the warts, then covered with bandaids. I did this 3 times total (as it says to apply twice a day up to twelve weeks on the bottle). It burned terribly after the 2nd application due to the blistering of the surrounding skin.

I began to research online about home remedies and came across the banana peel and potato therapy. I remembered having a plantars wart on my toe when I was just younger that my grandma had cut a potato for and it had actually healed! ... At the time I just thought it had eased the pain but not really healed it. After all, a POTATO! ?? .... But after reading reviews, I was rather convinced that maybe my grandma was right!

So....I wanted to try both banana on two warts, and the potato on the others. I began 4 days ago placing cut potatoes on some of the warts and wrapping them in bandaids both night and day, (the bananas the same way on the last two warts). After 2 days, I saw a difference in size on the potato treated ones... they were smaller!!! The banana treated ones looked the same (not to say it wouldn't work) just not as fast for me as the others. So, I began potatoes on those two also.

Tonight I wrapped all of them with potatoes and duct tape. Not so much attractive, but hey if its temporary I say what the heck!? I hope and pray that they ALL will be gone eventually! I will update once I see complete progress! So far, I think it is helping! :)I All smiles!

'He' was, by your logic, kind enough to give them to us though.

My dog has an eyelid wart, so I am going to try the raw potato remedy. He is 9yrs old and I don't want him to go through any surgery. I would like to hear about how this remedy works and how long it took... thanks!!

I too had a very bad Wart under my left foot that gave me pain for 4 months. Then as said I started rubbing the wart with potato slices twice in a day for 3 minutes and the pain completely subsided in 15 days and the whole item in about a month. A very very effective home remedy as I experienced.

I have not done this yet but my mums friend had warts when she was 14 and she pee'd on them and they went away in about a week I don't really want to pee on my hands soo I will be trying this I hate getting bullied from my warts

A friends brother had a huge wart on his finger. He went to the doctors, tried all their methods. He tried the Compound W Freeze Off, nothing took this thing off!!! His sister later said "Why don't you try Grammy's potato method?" He said, "I'll try anything at this point, it's painful and I cannot do my job with this on my hand." So she went and got a potato, cut it in half and he rubbed it on his huge wart, this thing was like dime size! She told him then to go bury it and as the potato rots in the ground the wart will die off too.

They have an Indian heritage and she said it's an old Indian Remedy. They both agreed who cared where the remedy comes from, just so it works. Low and behold, if I had not seen this gone in about a couple weeks, I would not have believed it! Skin is clear and soft like nothing was ever even there!

So this morning I have decided to give it a try as well on my planter wart that just keeps getting larger and a new baby one starting. They are on my fingers and sometimes the larger one is actually painful if I grip something to tighten it. So this morning I cut a potato in half, rubbed it on both and buried it in the front yard. They say the secret of the remedy is don't tell anyone where you buried it! So I did this at about 5:30 am this morning when no one was around and I buried it. Now it's the waiting game. If it doesn't work I will try what others suggest: a daily treatment of potato slices and bandage it up!

God I hope this works, I've been dealing with it for much too long.

The potato thing worked for me as a child I rubbed the middle of a raw potato on the two warts I had on my hand and they both disappeared.

When I was about 8 or 9 years old I had flat warts on both forearms. They extended from my wrist all the way up my arm. I was covered with them. Several things were tried but nothing made any difference. One day a neighbor suggested that I cut a potato end off and rub my inner arm over the warts. It seemed strange at the time. I did this for a few days and then forgot about it.

About 2 weeks later I was helping wash the dishes in the sink and noticed that all the warts had completely gone... Not a single one remained. I learned something very important at a very young age and that has stayed with me for many years. In gratitude I write this B. G.

When I was little, I had a wart on my calf for a long time. My grandma got sick of looking at it, went into the kitchen, cut a potato and rubbed it on the wart. The wart went away.....I'll never forget that. Sometimes those old wives' tales work !

I used to have many warts on my foot about a year ago and I started using this remedy, needless to say it works like a charm and I recommend you do it. Cut a slice of potato and just tape it on the wart overnight or simply rub the liquid and let it dry. Another remedy to help is your own urine, pee on a coin to rub it on the wart. Taping the wart will deoxygenate the virus and these methods will help kill them

I have a bad case of flat warts spreading all over my whole body now. Almost impossible to cure, Tried ACV: it affected the warts - and also made them spread like crazy. I guess they were angry because I tried to evict them. Anyway, I tried Tea tree oil, manuka honey, duct tape, vitamin c, zinc ointment, lavender oil, acids, a lot of things.
I also rubbed a potato slice on my shoulder, like why not. I only did it once and forgot about it, Now guess what part is smooth and healthy! My shoulder! I can't quite believe it but from now on, I will eat, breathe and bathe in potatoes.
It's worth a try!

I had one on my eyelid two days ago I took a potato put it in a ziplock and put it in refrigerator and cut lil slice and rubbed it on my eyelid then cut a small piece and put a bandaid on it for a few hrs and then the following day I sliced me a piece every so many hrs rubbed it and then I looked in the mirror at the end of the day it was gone was so happy too see it gone.

I also heard when I was growing up u can do this to warts by cutting in half and rubbing it and throwing the it over ya shoulder the potato outside and not looking back my niece lost her warts when I treated her this way.

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