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Generic Antidepressant Raises Questions

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The first email message in February piqued our interest: “I have been taking Budeprion XL 300 mg for 3 months instead of Wellbutrin XL 300 mg. I find that I am easily upset and cry very easily. Sometimes I feel aggressive. I also have short stabbing pains in my head.

“Taking the brand name drug (Wellbutrin) helped me feel the best I have felt in 20 years—not depressed and able to enjoy being with my family and friends.”

Wellbutrin XL is a long-acting antidepressant different from Prozac and SSRI medicines. The XL formulation from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is designed to be taken once a day to release a steady level of the active ingredient, bupropion, over 24 hours.

The patent on this pill recently expired and a generic version called Budeprion XL became available. Not long after, we started receiving letters and email messages about problems with Budeprion XL. At last count, more than 100 readers have reported their experiences with this generic drug.

One reader wrote: “I just had a nightmare experience switching from brand name Wellbutrin XL 300 mg to the generic Budeprion XL 300 mg, both extended-release. I have no history of ‘suicidality,’ but after switching to the generic, I went into a week of steadily rising panic. Then I hit rock bottom. I wanted to die.

“I made it through the worst of it, called a suicide hotline and didn't take any more Budeprion. The next day I felt much better and today I'm back to my normal self.

“I just saw my psychiatrist who said my reaction was almost certainly from a toxic dose of bupropion building up in my body. He says many of the generics are not absorbed or metabolized at the same rate as the brand name drugs, so you can get unpredictable effects. This one nearly killed me.”

We have no way to verify whether there is a problem with this generic drug. We notified the FDA of the messages we received. The agency assures us that it will analyze the drug and the reports it has received.

Anyone who would like to report a generic drug problem may visit our Web site ( and add comments to the growing list.

We have heard from several people that their depression returned when they started on the generic formulation. Another reader also became suicidal: “The pharmacy gave me Budeprion instead of brand name Wellbutrin. I steadily deteriorated into a suicidal crisis. I had never been suicidal before! My therapist gave me a new prescription for Wellbutrin and within a week, I was better.”

Others have reported side effects: “Soon after starting Budeprion I started having feelings of despair, hopelessness, disorganized thinking and anxiety, and fell into a depression. I have had physical problems as well: migraines of prolonged duration and greater intensity, sleep disturbances, night sweats, rapid weight gain, low energy and abrupt and painful changes in my menstrual cycle.  All of these changes coincide with my taking Budeprion instead of Wellbutrin XL. I have just resumed taking Wellbutrin XL and I am already feeling better and thinking more clearly.”

The FDA assures us that the approval process ensures that generic drugs are as good as their brand name equivalents. Our readers’ reports make us wonder if that is true.

  • Currently 3.4/5
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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 3.4/5 (36 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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my wife was switched over to the generic that last week of march. within 4 days she started becoming panicy and had uncontrollable crying fits and was very irritated. She had difficulty getting out of bed and going to work. At work, she could not focus and would at times close her door and put her head on her desk.. for hours. It was terrible
We didn't know what to do. We saw her doctor after a couple of months of no improvement and at that meeting i learned that she had been switched to the generic version. The doctor switched her back to the name brand Wellbutrin and after about 3 days she started getting better and now seems back to where she was before the switch. I was so thankful to read your article in the paper Sunday and she was too. She had thought something was wrong with her. As it turns out, it was the meds.


I was taking Wellbutrin XL for almost one year and felt so much better than I had in a long time. I even lost weight. Then my doctor prescribed the generic version and I began feeling depressed again and had many days of feeling like I didn't want to live. I feel nautious all the time, dizzy with strange headaches, my left side hurts and I gained all my weight back. I asked my doctor if I was developing a tolerance to the drug or of the generic might not work like the real thing.

My insurance won't cover the real Wellbutrin since a generic is available. So, I've been looking online at side effects for the generic and have discovered many blogs with the same experience I have had. I think I am going to go ahead and pay the full price and see if I feel good again.

I have been taking Wellbutrin XL with a very good result for months. Yesterday I took for the first time the generic formula,Budeprion XL, and experienced anxiety attacks and cried all day. I will never take it again.

I have been successfully taking Wellbutrin XL for at least 5 years. As my insurance was changed I was forced to switch Budeprion XL as the name brand was cost prohibitive. Due to a sudden death of a close friend and other mitigating factors, I thought that my symptoms you described were part of a major depressive episode. While I did experience a major depressive episode, after time the major issues of the depression had subsided, but I was still feeling not quite right.

I nearly leapt out of my chair when I read your article about the symptoms others were describing: migraines of prolonged duration and intensity (my topamax was increased to help with this, something I dislike because Topamax in itself makes me feel loopy), sleep disturbances (I sleep for 4 hours, am awake for 2 or 3, then finally am able to return to sleep with weird dreams), night sweats (I thought I was hitting early menopause at 39), rapid weight gain (compulsive eating and not being able to stop), low energy (sleep difficulties I thought were the problem; caffeine intake tripled), and abrupt and painful changes in my menstrual cycle (again thought early menopause).

Thus, I will have to find a way to make Wellbutrin cost effective (lowering dosage on Topamax will probably help). Thank you for getting the word out.

I, too, have been on the "anti-depressant roller coaster" for the past year. The similar side effects your readers are experiencing are uncanny. It astounds me that these drugs are so easy to come by, when their use and dis-use create such powerful changes in one's body chemistry. Yikes! No wonder I liked the old non-generic Wellbutrin from several years ago and not the one I was recently given. Thanks so much for all your wonderful information...Diane


I have remained stable on Wellbutrin XL for two years now. I told my psychiatrist about my insurance coverage notice. It says anyone who begins taking Wellbutrin will have to use the generic. They haven't said anything about those who have been taking it. My psyciatrist said there was no way he wanted me to risk my stability by taking the generic. When my meds fail, I have ended up having to receive shock treatments in order to get stabilized and after over 50 I have permanent brain damage to my short term memory which fortunately responds to medication. Psychiatric medications are too delicate to be made into generics. The FDA needs to investigate generics much more thoroughly. They're not generics, they're imitations.

I too have had the same effects on a generic Wellbutrin. When I first started having the recurrent symptoms of depression with crying, irritability, etc, I called my doctor and he increased my Wellbutrin to 300 mg. On this medication my symptoms increased to night sweats, sleep interruption, strange dreams, and increased appetite. I appreciate hearing that others have these same results with generic Wellbutrin because I was feeling pretty desperate about how I was feeling-- it has been very scary to be plunged back into the depression I'm having.

I had the same experience with the Budeprion. I took Wellbutrin XL several years ago to quit smoking and felt great. Recently I was prescribed Wellbutrin SR for depression and was given the generic. Within days I was on the verge of tears at any moment, even at work. I felt hopeless and more depressed than I was before I took it. I found myself enraged about the tiniest things, and extremely irritable toward my 5 year old. Anxiety and nervousness much increased. I only took it for two weeks and got the dr to prescribe the brand.

I had been taking Wellbrutin for almost 4 years. My Doc prescribed it for 2 reasons, to help me quit smoking and depression. I have been smoke free for 4 years and feeling fantastic, Oh and lost 15 pds. Now that they switched me to generic Bupropion xl, I stay home and feel sorry for myself, and cry the entire weekend. My kids have not seen me this sad in years and don't know how to handle this. Now that I read your info I will be calling my doc in the morning and finding some other product, but I do love Wellbrutin.

I am so glad I found this website. I just got a new psychiatrist 2 months ago and she re-prescribed me on Welbutrin, well I thought she did. I saw that I got the generic and ended up taking it anyway. Well after I should start feeling better I still felt bad and sometimes worse than I had when I wasn't even on an anti-depressant. I hate to admit it but even my sex drive has gone completely out the window. I don't know how to make the FDA do further testing of generic perscriptions but they should.

I've been taking Zoloft for many years and had been doing fairly well. Then I switched to the generic version of Zoloft and have not been doing so well. I never thought about a possible link between my falling back into depression and the fact that I was on a generic for Zoloft.

Has anyone else experienced a problem with Zoloft? I see that many have found a problem with generic Wellbutrin, but wonder if there are similar experiences with Zoloft?

Thanks for your input.

I was taking Wellbutrin XL for almost 2 years after the birth of my 2nd child. Before I had kids I had mild to moderate depression manefesting mostly as anger, irritability and anxiety.

I had post-partum depression (PPD) with kid #1 but I never sought professional help. The PPD made me worse than normal. I felt confused and chaotic and was very impatient and irritated, to say the least.

When kid #2 was born the PPD was worse and my moods were worse and more extreme. My kids were paying the price, mostly kid #1. I didn't want to make the same mistake again so after describing my symptoms to my dr. he called my pharmacy right away and got on Wellbutrin XL that same day. My life changed dramatically almost instantly.

WhereI had an almost impossible time looking at the bright side, I now was hopeful, positive, energetic and enthusiastic about being a new mom again. Problems got solved without the anxiety and mental chaos. I felt great - I felt normal.

I got pregnant with kid #3 and stopped taking the Wellbutrin. Fortunately I had THE BEST ob/gyn to help me through the pregnancy chemical-free. He kept a close eye on me, was very supportive and gave me lots of positive reinforcement about all that I was doing good.

After the baby was 8 weeks and since I was nursing, I got the ok from my baby's pediatrician to go back on the Wellbutrin/c I was crying all of the time and had deep feelings of sadness and guilt over not having time for my older kids. I had a bottle at home from before that I filled but never took b/c I got pregant. And once again I started to feel normal again.

I was still tired and emotional but I was able to enjoy the challenges of being a new mom. A month later on 7/4, I refilled again and was given the generic. I noticed it looked different but didn't think anything of it until I started feeling like I wasn't taking anything again. I feel out of control, chaotic, angry, impatient with my kids (5 & 3), and today I just lost it. I'm screaming at my kids and crying over the guilt. I feel worthless & hopeless. I'm a mess.

Last week it even crossed my mind that the pharmacy may have given me the wrong rx. So I got online to verify and discovered that I'm not alone!! It wasn't doing anything to help me, rather it was making feel the worse than I've ever felt.

My experience for the past 2 years and the previous month were positive. When I am taking Wellbutrin XL, I don't even think that I have a problem with depression and anxiety. Life is good. I could take the good with the bad. I found humor in my kid's bad behavior and the patience to correct them in a positve and nurturing way. On the contrary, in the past few weeks I just kept thinking that I was feeling like I felt when I wasn't taking anything.

This generic may have the same ingredients but it's not getting into my system the way it needs to in order to be effective. This is really bad right now b/c when I wasn't taking anything I had lots of people looking out for me. My mother practically lived here, my friends and family came by regularly and when I started back on the medicine, I sent Mom home b/c I was smooth sailing, handling everything and didn't need anymore help.

I shouldn't have been by myself with my kids in this mental state. My kids have not deserved the mommy they've had in the past 3 weeks. This drug is NO GOOD and is causing more harm than anything else.

I had been on Welbutrin for a bout a year before switching to a generic. During the three months I was taking the generic, I felt like it was not working for me at all. All my symptoms that I had been prescribed Welbutrin for had returned.

I switched to another pharmacy which had another brand of the generic. And then I went through a two week difficult period where my body had to readjust to the drug again. It seems like the former brand was not working for me at all. I don't remember the brand that did not work, but I am using the generic made by Watson and it is working fine for me.

I was on Wellbutrin twice a day for a few years, and I felt great! Then I tried the generic. I felt horrible for the first month, told my doctor, and she said I should try another month and see what happened. I gained weight, lost track of friends, no yard work was getting done, no house work was getting done.

She put me on Welbutrin XL (not generic at that time) once a day… and my life came back within a week! I felt great again!

Then a few months ago, I picked up my prescription at the pharmacy, and it didn't look the same. When my doctor renewed my prescription, she'd made it generic.

I called my doctor, and she said over and over again that there is NO DIFFERENCE between the name brand and the generic, and that the insurance companies were *making* doctors prescribe generic.

Well, I know what my body feels like, and it feels like crap! I told her I was scared to try the generic again, because I'd hated it the last time, and my workload has been doubled at work, and I just didn’t have the time to play around with it. She asked me to try it for a couple months and let her know.

Now we’re at a couple months. I’ve gained 15 lbs, have headaches all the time, am falling behind in house work, yard work, work, and finding excuses to not answer the phone or see friends!!

I understand that the drug may have the same ingredients, but is it the same release time? WHATEVER is different… it's terrible! I take generic versions of other drugs without problems… this Bupropion just doesn’t work!

Anyone know of anything that they’ve replaced Welbutrin with that has worked? Another brand of drug?

I took Wellbutrin XL 150 mg for a month. Since everything had worked out fine, I knew I would be switching to the 300 mg prescription. I was aware of having to switch to generic because I work for the company that designs my plan.

After reading about so many people having trouble with the generic, though, I decided to pay the extra costs for the name brand, as my plan does provide for it, but at a higher co-pay plus the difference in the drug prices.

My doctor, however, advised that while there ARE certain medications for which you do NOT want to take the generic version, Wellbutrin XL is not one of those. So I got the generic prescription for these HUGE, clunky, NON-COATED pills.

I had headaches with the Wellbutrin, but my headaches were pretty instantaneous with the generic. I assumed this was because of the dosage. But the real problem is that ever since I have been on the generic, I have cried my eyes out EVERY single day.

After reading the posts on this site, I know that I am not crazy. I refuse to take the generic anymore, but it just frustrates me that the government thinks they have to make a generic for EVERYTHING, and that consumers aren't really given a choice in the matter. Who cares if these drug companies make billions of dollars! Generics should not be forced upon people who do not want them.

Why can't the prescription companies negotiate lower costs with the original distributors? I mean, samples are given out quite frequently! So why not limit the samples and decrease the costs of the drugs for the stingy prescription companies?! AND most of the original distributors end up making generic versions anyway, so why not just lower the costs in the first place--stop the generic reproduction of certain drugs and make everyone happy.

I just believe that there HAS to be a better way.

This Budeprion XL stuff is not good! I am really, really angry that it was substituted. Someone needs to contact the Food and Drug Adminstration and ask them what in the world did they do in evaluating this drug. Everyone go back to Wellbutrin.

I was put on Wellbutrin XL 300 by my doctor on July 9, 2007. I was given 10 days of free samples of the brand name, and then given a prescription. I could see a difference overnight with the Wellbutrin. I had energy and the strength to get out of the house. I no longer felt like I was in a bottomless pit of despair.

I started taking Budeprion XL 300 on July 19. I was fine for the first week, but on week two I started having symptoms.

I started crying for no reason. I had angry outbursts and was irritated all the time. I started sleeping 12 hours or more a day. I had a lot of nausea and stopped eating so much...but I started gaining weight for no reason. I had 'lightning headaches' in the left side of my head which were so instantaneously painful that I would almost vomit. I had sexual side effects.. I sank back into the darkness and started contemplating suicide. I was completely irrational and just didn't want to exist anymore.

At that time, I had no idea these symptoms could be drug related. Especially since the Wellbutrin had worked so well in the beginning. I thought I was just sad because I wasn't coping well with my life.

I told my doctor about my symptoms and her solution was to put me on the mood stabilizer Depakote. That worked wonders for me as it gave me the same flicker of hope I had during the ten days of Wellbutrin use.

Only when I got my prescription refilled and they gave me BuPROPion HCL instead of Budeprion did I start to question the medicine. I was nervous because they were so different in appearance (BuPROPion looks like Wellbutrin, Budeprion looks like a horse tablet). I had a really bad experience with Paxil in 2002 where I went bonkers and fantasized about suicide 24/7. So, I started doing some research.

Lo and behold, I found this site, and dozens more like it, talking about the problems people were having with Budeprion. I am still in utter shock. Budeprion almost killed me...and I didn't even see it coming. I just thought something was wrong with me.

Two days ago I started taking the BuPROPion. I can already tell a world of difference. I have tons more energy and don't feel like I am in a pit of doom.

If this is happening to us, how many more people is it affecting? How many more people don't know the generic drug might be harmful because they started on the brand name and everything was fine? How many people have attempted to take their own life because of this? How many people were successful?

We need to unite to get the word out. I, like many others, cannot get Wellbutrin XL 300 because my insurance no longer covers it. Is anyone else terrified at the thought of the medical repercussions of Budeprion?

Me too! After being switched to generic last year, my dosage was increased and increased--and I was still mildly depressed (was up to taking 400/day!). I have been back on brand for two days, and I feel upbeat and even wired, so hopefully my dosage will come down a lot! I can't believe it! I feel relieved.

I've been on Wellbutrin for six years. Since I've been put on the generic, I just haven't been the same. Now I don't feel so alone by finding all these other poor victims. I am tired all the time. And yes, my moods are unstable. I cry all the time for long periods of time that I can't stop.

My biggest nightmare was when I got my refill and the generic was different then usual. Several different companies can make the same generic drug--what an even bigger mistake. I saw the pills were shaped differently. So I double-checked the bottle, and it was the same drug, just a different manufacturer. And instead of being listed as BUDEPRION it was listed as BUPROPION HYDROCHLORIDE. So I checked on the computer. It was considerd the same drug.

Anyway, after the first day I felt like I was taking valium and being slighltly paralyzed. At first I did not realize it was the medication. I couldnt' figure out what was wrong with me. I take my meds at night. Right after the second night I stayed up late. It was worse. My motor skills were not normal, my gate was completly off, and I kept banging into things. Also, my vision was slightly distorted. By morning things were not much better.

Now I was getting scared, so I took the pills to the pharmacist. When I explained all of what was happening, he told me A LOT of people respond to generic Wellbutrin in that way . He would also make sure that I get the original generic I was getting, and if they did not have it, they would give me the brand at no extra cost.

I could not funtion, my motor skills were completley off, my vision was blurred, and I could not stay awake. I felt like i was drugged out of my mind. The kicker is I am not overly sensitive to ANY medications. On a regular basis I take Topamax, Vicodin hp. fiorecet/codien, singulair, atenonel, daypro, singulair, Proair and MANY OTHERS.

I have been on two different generic in two months for Wellbutrin XL 300. Right now (this month) I am on Bupropion. I am having swollen lymph nodes in my arm pits. They swell and are painful then go back down every few days. They come up in various spots in my arm pits. I kept trying to figure out what I might be allergic to or if I have cancer or something and now I am thinking it might be this dang generic. On the other generic I had huge swollen lymph nodes and a horrid rash but it went away with zinc oxide ointment. My sleep has been not as sound and the top of my right leg (near groin) has been throbbing a bit at night. I hope I can get in to see my doctor soon- I have no insurance and this is very disturbing to me.

I took Wellbutrin last year for depression as well as to quit smoking. It worked great and I really did feel better. Stopped taking it in November/December 2006 since I thought I didn't need it anymore. I got back on it again in July this year when I realized that the Wellbutrin had made a difference.

Anyway, my insurance naturally made me get the generic Budeprion XL. I have not had a good night of sleep since. I either cannot fall asleep, or when I do, I am awake after 2-3 hours and cannot go back to sleep. I have had dizziness, weird tingling sensations in my head, and I am more depressed than ever. I attributed all of this to me. Except, I kept thinking maybe it was the generic since the pill was so very different than the original.

When I found these comments last night, I was very relieved to know that it is not just me. I called my doctor this morning to get a prescription for the Wellbutrin. I hope the FDA pays attention to this. Something is seriously different/wrong about this generic.

I took Wellbutrin a few years ago to quit smoking, and it worked great. Unfortunately I went back to smoking while my husband was in Iraq. About a year after he returned I decided it was time to quit smoking again.

My doctor prescribed Wellbutrin, but I was forced to get the generic version budeprion by my insurance company. Its been 4 1/2 months on the generic and thank God I found this website. I'm 37 and I literally thought I was going through a midlife crisis or something. I've become so stressed out and unhappy with my life. Since taking the budeprion I am completely unable to concentrate and focus on anything. My anxiety level is through the roof. And I am constantly feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. I have to take a sleep aid every night, otherwise I am up sometimes until 6 am wired with thoughts racing.

I have no history of mental illness and thought I was losing my mind until finally I started looking into this generic version of Wellbutrin. My symptoms are too familiar with others I have read. Even when my husband was overseas in Iraq, my anxiety was not this overwhelming.

I am calling my doctor tomorrow to change back to the brand Wellbutrin. And if my insurance won't allow it, I'm never taking this generic version again. I can't believe there is no warning about this difference.

I am very relieved to find these posts. I have been taking Wellbutrin XL 300 mg for over two years and have been doing very well. Even very recently, I have continued to improve in additional areas such as having a good attitude about housework and being able to complete tasks.

Last week, I was switched to BuPROPion XL 300 mg. It cost a lot less so we were pleased but I've been experiencing 'zombie' like feelings when I wake up in the night...tingling sensations, very foggy, crazy dreams, not able to move myself very well at first, sweating. I know these symptoms very well... They are what happens if I forget to take a pill. But, I haven't forgotten any pills and I couldn't understand this.

Yesterday, what should have been a normal disagreement with my husband turned into a mental breakdown. I was so angry and I had a huge outburst of screaming and cussing at my husband, and got out of the car, dropping my stuff in the road and walking down the street barefoot and sobbing. I cried for hours. Since I've been on medication, I don't do that anymore. When we tried to talk it out later that night I was trying to communicate rationally, but I was very hostile. These are not like me AT ALL. I also remember surpising myself at the things that would fly out of my mouth earlier this week. I was irritable, not like myself. I'm not even irritable on PMS.

I was very confused about my behavior. Finally, I went on the internet this morning to look up my drugs and see if anyone else had any complaints, and I was shocked to see all of these postings! But also, I'm so relieved. I thought I was going crazy. I couldn't sleep this morning, which is also unlike me. I've called my pharmacy and will be filling a new rx later today. I just knew something wasn't right.

Thank you to each and every single person who posted. It is so helpful to read through the details of what others are experiencing instead of reading drug company info. and to know you are not alone.

I'm angry that we aren't given a warning to look out for this kind of thing when switching to a generic. We get warnings about everything but for some reason this statement that the generic is exactly the same thing persists. If it's possible that different people can react differently to generics, just let us know to look out for it!!! Don't make us suffer through it, wondering why we're falling apart.

I took Prozac for years with good results. After the generic came out and I began taking it, I became depressed. I thought I had taken it fo too long and it just had stopped working. But when I started taking the weekly Prozac for which there is no generic, my depression became better.

I went back to the generic Prozac because it was cheaper. My depression came back, and I finally figured out that my symptoms were from taking the generic form.

The same thing happened with my estrogen patch: my doctor stated that the generic estrogen patch can be up to 50% less effective, so I just have to pay more for some brands.

This does not seem fair--if the drug does not work, then it is not an equivalent. I used to be "pro generic" but not now!

I too was prescribed Budeprion XL I had been taking the name brand (Wellbutrin XL) I was doing wonderful! the best I have felt in a long time!!! I picked up my new perscription of wellbutrin or what I thought was wellbutrin XL and within days I started experiencing terrible side effects. I thought I was losing it. I believe this could be extremely dangerous and the FDA really needs to be aware of this. I feel bad for anyone who has gone through this. M.B.

I think I had a "light bulb moment" today. I also was prescribed the generic yellow horse pill and only realized this week that that must be the reason I feel so bad. I feel very down and have memory and sleep problems. I'm a nurse and thought generics were EXACTLY the same. This week we had a patient ask for the "real" drug because the generic caused her certain side effects. I thought that was strange, but then did my research and discovered all these comments. Obviously, some people are sensitive to the additives in generics. I will not take one more pill and insist on the real thing TOMORROW. Thanks to all of you!

I was a huge fan of Wellbutrin once I started taking it back in 2002 when it was still in regular form. I then moved on to the XL tablets when they hit the market. I could not have been happier with the results. I was on it for almost four years when a doctor had me stop taking it to see if it was leading to my migraine problem. My migraines did lower in frequency, but I eventually knew that it wasn't worth not taking the Wellbutrin. The second time around this summer when I was prescribed Wellbutrin by a different doctor, he told me that I should ask for the generic form because the co-pay would be half of what I would pay for name-brand. I was hesitant at first, but I was assured it was the same thing.

I can assure all of the readers on this forum that it was not at all the same medication that I was receiving from the name brand Wellbutrin XL. I, too, was given the Buproprion XL 300 tablets. The ones I had were a chalk yellow color and oval in shape. What made it worse was the doctor gave me some free samples to get started with the name-brand pills. Once I switched over to the generic form I about lost my mind. The thoughts of suicide were unstoppable, I cried at just about everything, and I spent a great deal of time just sitting and trying very hard to keep my thoughts straight.

I really tried to tell myself that it must just be a really stressful time in my life and that the pills were not strong enough--until I finally went to a new doctor yesterday and told him and the nurse that I thought I was really losing my mind. Finally someone understood, and they informed me that the generic form of Wellbutrin is known not to work. I was happy to hear this because after several months I really thought I was getting ready to mentally snap. I cannot say enough bad things about the generic form, and no amount of discount is worth giving up the name-brand Wellbutrin.

I was very curious to do more research on the topic, and I was happy to come across this site. I was able to start putting the pieces together regarding some of the other weird things I've been experiencing such as insane dreams, crazy night sweats, and the whole issue of waking up and not being able to go back to sleep for several hours. Also, as a longtime sufferer of migraines, I can tell you that they have never been worse. They last longer, have now been occurring on both sides of my head, and don't seem to go away so easily with my migraine medication.

I just started taking my name brand tablets yesterday, and I am optimistic that things will start feeling better in my head soon. I already feel relieved to know that I am not the only one who experienced the downside of a crappy generic version of Wellbutrin XL 300. I thank you all for sharing your stories, and I wanted to share mine with you, as well.

I have read many stories on this site and I felt should tell my own. I was on 300 mg a day of Wellbutrin SR (brand). My doctor increased the level to 400 mg. And yes, the pharmacy filled it as generic (they didn't ask me). They claimed it was exactly the same, and were very nice about it, so I believed them and started taking the generic. I immediately started feeling weird and bloated... but attributed this to the increased level of meds. Two weeks later, I was convinced something was wrong. My husband even asked if this med was working. I get anxious from gaining weight, and although it may have only been water weight, I felt terrible! I immediately called to order the brand name, but most don't keep the brand name of 200 mg tablets in stock. So I had to wait a few more days for the brand name... it was worth it! It has now been 1 month since and I do feel better... still bloated and upset sometimes but going to refill as the brand name for another month to see what happens. At least I TRUST the brand name!

WOW!! I am so glad I stumbled on this website. I, like all other people posting on this site, have had a terrible reaction to the generic Wellbutrin. Several months ago, I picked up my refill and the pharmacist told me that the generic was available now and that mine had been changed. I was hesitant but took home the pills. I felt bad that entire month and decided that it was the generic version, so the next refill I requested the brand name. I was a whole lot better after that and actually brought this up to my doctor and he assured me that the generic was the same. I decided that it must have been in my head, and the last two months I have struggled along with the generic. I am ready for a refill and I have to say I don't care if it costs me $500 for the brand name, it IS NOT THE SAME. I have never felt as bad as I have the last two months on the generic. Similar to another post I read here, what should have been a minor disagreement with my husband turned in to a major ordeal, with bouts of uncontrollable crying, screaming, ranting and raving. I have never been so hateful in my life. It literally has put a huge ugly scar on our relationship. TODAY I am picking up refill for the brand name. I have no idea how to explain this to my husband, or how to even apologize. For everyone out there who has been prescribed Wellbutrin, PLEASE PLEASE do not take the generic, it just might cost you EVERYTHING.

I take several prescription drugs for acid reflux and chronic depression. A few months ago, my on-line pharmacy insisted on replacing Wellbutrin XL with the generic. Since then, I've had headaches, emotional turbulence and thoughts of suicide. I began to suspect the generic a few weeks ago and did not take it for several days. The emotional turbulence eased and the odd headaches stopped. When I started it back up again, the headaches returned and so did my emotional turbulence. This morning, I became aware that other people experience these problems. I'm angry that this generic was pushed on me and relieved to know that I'm not crazy.

I only found out today about the problems with budeprion xl. Couldn't believe it. I've taken Welbutrin for years and felt great and now I'm tired, irritable, depressed more.Thought it was just the menopause. I will be calling my doctor.

I've been taking Wellbutrin XL 300 mg for several years for migraine prevention. When it went generic, I switched. A few months ago I spoke to my Dr. about anxiety, irritability for no reason, on edge and overeating situations. I asked to be reduced to 150 mg. This put me back to the brand name since they don't make 150 mg generic. Suddenly my migraines have decreased, as well as irritability and feelings of anxiety and hopelessness. Can't help but wonder if it was the generic more than the dosage...

My insurance company switched me to budeprion in January -- after 3 successful years with Wellbutrin. I became depressed, angry -- feelings of not being able to cope with anything.... I had had a traumatic injury several months before, so just chalked it up to the trauma my body had been through and the pain meds I had been taking.
Even after I stopped the pain meds -- gradually decreasing until I could take Naproxen -- the symptoms continued to get worse and worse.

I ended up having a horrible confrontation with my daughter -- and couldn't cope at all. I quit taking it -- began eating healthy, taking vitamins -- took nortriptylene for some of the chronic pain.

Well, I went back to dr. and asked to get back on Wellbutrin -- doing better but anxious too much -- certainly not angry anymore.

After just a couple of weeks on the new bottle, anger returned -- outbursts, fatigue, inability to cope with anything, every horrible thing I had suffered before.

I am going to ask for Cymbalta -- or something. When I asked to try something new, dr. said not much difference in them -- but I know now that there is . . .

I am glad I found this website. I'm going to print it and show it to my doc. I have Healthease (medicaid HMO) and of course they only pay for budeprion. So, after becoming suicidal on this nightmare drug, he had to get an "authorization" which is good for six months. Unfortunately, I had to wait two weeks for the authorization to go through so in the meantime he gave me wellbutrin samples. This drug needs to be pulled from the market!

I have been taking Wellbutrin XL 300 for over 5 years with no problems. I had tried many other antidepressants without success. Earlier this year my doctor failed to write "Brand Name Only" and the mail pharmacy filled it with Budeprion. In less than a week I had fallen into severe depression again. It was a nightmare. I went back to the doctor and got him to re-write for brand name only and within a few weeks I was back to normal. I have been told that next year my insurance is changing and I won't have a choice. I cannot afford to pay for the real drug if insurance won't pay yet I can't afford NOT to take it. Something is wrong with this generic drug and it should be taken off the market at all costs!!!

After struggling to make it through the holidays, I've realized that it's the new generic Watson brand of buprioprion (WPI 3332 on white tablet) that is most likely causing my symptoms. I have been feeling horrible beyond belief -- echoing many of the posts on this site. I have been feeling brittly anxious and unable to concentrate, as if i'd taken too much sudafed. And, most alarming, utterly hopeless and suicidal, which is something i've never before experienced, or imagined experiencing.

I did not have this experience at all with the smaller Anchen A102, or any other brands i've taken.

One day without the Watson version and i feel immeasurably more in control.

I was also relieved (sort of) to read about this about a month ago when it happened to be on My pharmacy rotates back and forth between generics, and even the brand name, which must be when they are out of the generic.

I can think of no other explanation for my sudden bout with suicidal thoughts in October. It left just as suddenly after about 3 or 4 weeks, and I suspect it was the generic. Even in my most severe depression years ago, I was never suicidal. This recent episode was terribly frightening because it was from out of the blue. I hope we can fight this - it has to be costing lives somewhere.

I had an experience when i was switched from Zoloft to the generic form because my insurance no longer covered Zoloft since there was a generic. The pharmacy said that it was the exact same thing as the brand name but just cheaper. So I had no idea what was going on after a couple weeks when I felt myself going in a downward spiral fast.

I talked to my mother and she told me sometimes generics dont work like the name brand, and to talk to my doctor. I'M GLAD I DID!! My doctor told me that generics can have the same medications in it but some are processed and made differetly which can lead to some peoples' bodies not absorbing them well.

I now have had my doctor work with my insurance to ge me back on Zoloft. The name brand is more than 3 times more expensive, but to me it's a good investment.

Generic for Zoloft has not worked for my daughter or my friend. Both have asked the doctor to write, "name brand medically necessary" on the perscription so that insurance will cover it, but at a higher copay. One doctor said that there was a 20% difference allowed on generics. I believe it was more like a 50% difference.

I'm on the generic for Wellbutrin (300 mg.) and on Zoloft (50 mg.). A lot of what I've read here makes sense. I thought I was the only person sleeping too much, etc. Is it possible that I could be making it up? I mean I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety twice now. Does this make any sense? Any advice?

After having a horrible experience with Zoloft, my doctor put me on Wellbutrin XL for my anxiety. Just like everyone else, my pharmacy refilled my prescription with the generic a few months ago. I am saving a lot of money with the generic. At first, I didn't notice any change. Recently, after taking the generic for about 4 months, I am slowly beginning to feel very anxious. It's almost as if I am not taking anything to prevent my anxiety at all. I am worrying more, my hands shake a lot, and I have a weird feeling like there is a lump in my throat. There is definitely a difference between this generic and Wellbutrin.

I had been taking Wellbutrin for about 8 years when a pharmacist changed me to Budeprion. I could tell a big difference, but my doctor and the pharmacist would not listen to me. They made me feel like I was just imagining it. Glad to know it's not "all in my head!"

My teenage son was switched from the name brand to the generic. Within a week he began to have olfactory hallucinations. He could smell inanimate objects like silverware, etc; the smells were often inaccurate. He was very disturbed. We switched him back and he got better within a few weeks. This was frightening. I am very frustrated with generic medications such as these.

This all makes sense now. After switching to Budeprion, my feelings of depression increased. I began having suicidal thoughts. My mind was not clear and was foggy. I even had problems remembering what I ate for lunch.
I just stopped taking the pill on Friday becuase I could tell something was wrong.

I still feel like I'm losing my mind. I just found this website and am going to call my doctor first thing in the morning!

After taking Wellbutrin XL 300mg for about 2 years after the birth of my second daughter, they changed me to the generic Budeprion made by Teva. And until I came across this website did I realize that I am so glad I am not the only one. I actually called my doctor and asked for a higher dose because I felt that I was still having anxiety episodes and major, major mood swings definitely related to my cycle. I also suffer from post-partum depression. He told me that maybe I have had some extra stress and wait it out and call if it doesn't get better.

Well time flies with a family and school activities and now I have noticed many months later after switching to the generic that I have had this really weird heart beat. I feel it about a few times a month for probably the last 3-4 months. It beats super, super hard that I can feel it in my throat and it happens anywhere from 3-6 times in a row. And no matter what I am doing I notice it! And it scares me.

I started researching the side effects of Wellbutrin and came across this website. HALLELUIAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made an appt today with a new doctor for a complete physical, and I hope he can write the script for the name brand! Because now I am quite certain that everything is due to the worst generic drug ever made: Budeprion!

I started with Wellbutrin XL 150 mg and uptitrated to 300 mg on day 4, which worked fine for the next twenty days. After the pills were over, I switched to the generic bupropion XL 300 mg (Watson) daily. After 3 days of this medication, I started having anxiety/agitation about four hours after taking the medicine, which gradually wore off towards the evening. These symptoms stopped after holding the drug and returned after resuming the agent. Using the drug on alternate days did not quite help (the agitation was less but the effect of the drug was also less).

I searched the issue on the web and found out about the study on ConsumerLab which had been initiated by your organization. It appears that the drug is released faster for the Teva product (so you get a higher dose). Since this drug has a narrow therapeutic index, this can be an issue for some people like me.

The brand name does cost more than the generic but I think it is worth the cost. I hope they will come out with a generic with a comparably slower and prolonged drug release. I am guessing that the generic pill from Watson has the same drug with different pharmacokinetics due to a different delayed release system.

Alternately, you can use the three times a day generic drug which should (hopefully) work the same, but comes with the hassle of multiple daily dosing.

I have been taking Wellbutrin XL 300 for about five years feeling very well. My health insurance company required that I change to the generic. Since changing to the generic I feel that I have been slowly regressing to my previously sad and anxious state. I have noticed weakness in my limbs and shaking of my hands. I have been feeling wide awake after no sleep at 5:00a.m. My life is turning upside down. How do we go about getting the FDA to suspend the use of this drug until more testing of it is done? Seems like there must be some way we can unite and force their hand.

I just wanted to add to the ever growing list of problems with Budeprion. I was taking Lexapro and was having trouble with extreme fatigue so I was switched to "Wellbutrin" but it was actually Budeprion. I have had similar side effects that everyone else seems to be having- but I have just one question? This may be a coincidence but I woke up today with a rash covering my legs, arms and stomach and my hands, wrists, and knees are swollen and sore. Could this possibly be a side effect? Just wondering if anyone else has experiences this- although I really doubt that its correlated.

I appreciate all of you so much. I have been irratable, not able to sleep, very down in the dumps, and downright nasty to my husband and daughters. I have been on the generic Welbutrin for awhile now, but in the last 3 months the mood swings and depression has worsened. Should I just stop taking it? I will call my doctor, but in the meantime, should I just stop taking it? I realize that you are all having similar issues and I don't feel so horrible now. THANK YOU! :)

I had been taking Budeprion XL 300mg for about two months,felt great. Mood swings were fewer, I felt I had more self control in stressful moments, and started losing weight which was great... on my next refill I started getting bad headaches feeling nausea the rest of the day.I thought maybe they gave me the wrong pills,so I checked on the bottle they both said the same thing same mg, the only difference was they were both different pharmaceutical companies. My question is, Is there a difference between the two of them. I feel just awful about an hour after taking it,I don't really understand.Someone Please HELP. I would love it if someone knew what the problem might be...

I am having a lot of problems with budeprion xl
300mg: I feel worst then ever before. I want the wellbutrin xl 300mg I was on before. The cost is very high--I just don't know what other generic drug to replace wellbutrin xl with, that I could afford. I don't want to be depressed as before.

Wow--good to know. I am not actually CRAZY! It has been about 3-6 months now of taking the generic brand of Wellbutrin XL 300, and I am constantly angry, yawning all the time, crying spells, yelling at my kids, constant appetite, and even a little paranoid! I thought maybe it's that time of the month for all my feelings lately, but now reading all of this I now know it's got to be the generic form of Wellbutrin XL. I just called my Doc and asked him to prescribe the brand name for me. I am looking forward for a new me again.

My husband started to take this generic drug about a month ago for depression, and because we are separating. Since then, he has become far more depressed and angry, especially the last week, and is so hostile and silent to me I feel like he is going to explode! He will sit there and look at me with this nasty expression then turn away if I look him in the eye. I am frustrated and scared--he is a physician and his partner prescribed for him--so I don't know who to get help from.

Before he became really angry, he told me he was really having mood swings on this drug but expected it to ease over time. It's getting worse! We were trying to stay friends through the breakup, but he is suddenly acting like he hates me--and I'm afraid to confront him when he's like this. This drug seems like bad news to me and it's making my homelife HELL!

If so many people agree that budeprion xl doesn't work, why can't we do anything about it? The drug companies should not be given so much power over us. It is obvious that it is for their own profit at our expense. Does anyone know what we can do to get the results we need?

My situation is a bit different - I was on the generic Buproprion SR for a month (150 mg twice a day) and by the end of the month I was feeling tremendously better, I was very excited. My only concern was I would forget sometimes to take my second dose. I looked into it and read about XL and that I would only have to take it once daily, so I asked my doctor if she could prescribe XL for me. Immediately after taking this generic Buproprion XL I slipped back into complete depression, the same as I was before I started taking medication. I've been taking the generic XL for two weeks and it seems that I feel worse than ever. It appears this drug does nothing.

OK, SO WHAT DO WE DO NOW??? I can't tell you how grateful I am to have come across this information. I have known for a long time that this medication is not really working. But I am so afraid to stop taking it because a couple days without it and I feel myself spiraling downward emotionally. It seems to be a case of "at least it's better than nothing". I have no insurance and I cannot afford the brand name medication. I AM SO TIRED OF BEING MEDICALLY DEPENDENT FOR ONLY A MARGINAL AMOUNT OF EMOTIONAL BALANCE. I JUST KNOW THAT I DO NOT HAVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE THAT I WANT AND SHOULD HAVE. What can we do about this??

it looks like maybe nobody has posted on this topic for a few months, but i just wanted to say that i felt vindicated by reading about everyone elses reaction to the generic welbutrin. i was taking welbutrin in 2003, and it completely got me off of the couch and out of the tissues.

i quit taking it (b/c i felt so much better), & i sort of went into hiding from the therapist since i was better. when i ended up back on his couch in 2007, he put me back on the same meds again, but now there was a generic, & that's what the pharmacy gave me. i was maniacal until i asked my dr to just humor me & please specifically prescribe the real stuff. much better now.

God, I am so glad that I found this site. I cannot believe what I am reading, I have been on Buedeprion for two and a half months and it has been the worst time of my life. I have had many suicidal thoughts and outbursts of crying along with panic attacks and fits of anxiety.

I was prescribed this drug by my primary care physician and she told me whatever I do, don't stop taking it on my own, or I will experience severe withdrawal symptoms. Every one of the symptoms written here I have experienced the sudden anger, aggressiveness, confusion, etc....I have an appointment with mental health professional this week and I am getting off of this stuff as soon as possible. This drug should be taken off of the market now. It is too dangerous.

I am so glad I read this website. I was previously on Effexor XR for five years and was happy with it, just felt like I wanted to be off of it. I had awful side effects trying to get off. When I was completely off for two months all my depression symptoms came back so I went to the doctor and she said she would prescribe me to Wellbutrin in which I was ok with.

That is the not the prescription I picked up so immediately called and was told it was generic Budeprion but still really expensive! I have been taking it for a full two months and have gained 20lbs. That is depressing itself!! I am glad I read this. I will go back to effexor in a heart beat even though the process of getting off effexor is hard. Its definitely a lot better than budeprion!

I think there have been more than enough comments that a story of my own experience won't mean much to those having the same troubles, but for the sake of showing that there are more of us than the FDA seems to accept as effected by this medication, here it is...

I'd been taking regular Buproprion for months with no problems except slightly increased anxiety. After that I was switched to Budeprion XL 150mg as the extended release formula was supposed to reduce the anxiety side effects. That worked well for me but I was still depressed a month and a half later so my doctor increased the dosage to Budeprion XL 300mg.

All was well for a few days, then it slowly started going downhill. Now a week and a half later I'm having intense nightmares all night every night. I'm waking up frequently and am tired all day as a result. My depression is worse than ever, and I spend hours crying at work. I don't feel like living anymore and thought I was going crazy until I read this article. First thing in the morning I'm calling my doctor and getting this changed.

One thing I'd like to note though if it hasn't been mentioned already: On the FDA web page it even states that they DID NOT TEST the 300mg version of this generic!!! They tested the 150mg version and assumed the 300mg version would be the same! This is an outrage in my opinion, and something should be done about it.

I started on generic Wellbutrin SR a couple of years ago-- the generic Budeprion SR by Teva, a yellow pill with a 'G' embossed on it. I had absolutely NO problems with it. All was well with the world (finally!).

My insurance provider then made us switch to a mail-order pharmacy, and they switched me to Buproprion SR by EON. Same dosage.

Within a DAY of taking the EON version, I was hit with an absolutely blinding headache. It was so bad, I had to leave work. Nothing I took would make it go away.

Initially, I did not make any connection between the switch in generics. I didn't think the headache was drug-related at all. I continued to take it, and the headache persisted. It hurt nearly to the point of nausea. I was so distracted by pain that I forgot to take my meds, and within 2 days, the headache was gone. I started the generic again, and WHAMMO! It was back.

Since I can't get the Teva generic, I must now pay out-of-pocket for the name brand. I don't like it, but the thought of continuing the EON brand was intolerable.

My doctor was sympathetic, and he explained that with generics, the active ingredients MUST, by law, be the same as the name brand. However, the law is less stringent when it comes to the inactive ingredients, such as pill coatings. He felt it was very likely, with a sustained-release formula, that the EON generic had a coating that dissolved more quickly than the Teva, essentially giving me an overdose.

I too tried the generic for awhile and it did not work for was like going off it. I went back on the branded and was fine. At some point they refilled me with the generic again and I didn't know it and the same thing happened. I called and asked about it when I started feeling like my prescription wasn't working and sure was the generic.

I am so glad I ran into these articles on Wellbutrin. I used Wellbutrin XL sucessfully for years. Now I was also forced to change to the generic for insurance reasons. I have had sleep disturbances, headaches, lack of energy and motivation, dizziness; and much worsening of my depression. I take 450 mg per day. This dosage is only available in taking a 300mg dose and a 150 mg dose. This month I noticed that they are from 2 different manufacturers. Budeprion XL from Teva and Bupropion HCL XL from Anchen. I can't imagine that is good. I now think that my worsening of symptoms might be generic related.

I had been taking Wellbutrin XL 150 mg for about a year and made great progress. I was switched by my insurance company (on 8/16/08)to Budeprion XL 150 mg.

I immediately started feeling sad even though nothing in my life had changed. By the fifth day on Budeprion tears were streaming constantly down my face and I could not stop crying. My therapist said three of her depressed clients had "crashed" in the same way that very week after being switched to Budeprion.

I went back on Wellbutrin XL but it took about four days before I felt better.

After reading so many comments from people who got suicidal after switching to Budeprion, and after my own experience, I reason that this generic drug is a danger to depressed people.

It may be "safe" in terms of not causing organic damage, but it is not at "safe" when a person's life depends the state of their emotional health.

Trying to ween myself off wellbutrin. Cut about 1/5 off my tablet three weeks ago. Been suffering - SUFFERING - from joint pain and stabbing pain in my head. Why, why, why are we drugging ourselves like this? It's torture. I can't believe my chemistry will ever be the same after being on this drug. I'm scared and very uncomfortable.

I started taking Effexor XR 5 1/2 years ago from my general doctor after a serious mental breakdown. It worked wonderfully for those years but recently I had my second major 'episode'. My doctor sent me to a specialist who gave me a two week taper off of Effexor XR and a new 300mg prescription for Budeprion. Between the two I struggle to maintain hope.
Hearing that many of you went thru months of this has me scared to death.
Hearing your stories has giving me hope.
Thank you.

My husband started budeprion XL and he was ok at 150mg then he started taking 2 a day and suddenly he was dizzy all the time. We called ER and they told him to go off it cold turkey. He still has the dizziness which is described as every time he moves his eyes right to left he gets a jolt of dizziness for a few seconds. Has anyone experienced this and how long will it take for the meds to go out of his system.

I was taking Budeprion xl 150mg for a couple months. I didn't have any horrible side-effects except that I did get a constant ringing in my ears, but I could deal with it easily. However, I wasn't experiencing much relief with my depression so my doc upped me to 300mg about a month ago. Several days later I had a very weird episode where I actually felt stoned out of my mind. It lasted for about an hour and really freaked me out.

However, I was taking an antibiotic at the same time and thought maybe I had accidentally taken two budeprions, or that it was just a strong reaction to the switch. I decided to give it another week before talking to my doctor. I was scared though that it would happen again (because the first time it happened just as I was getting to work, not good.) So I started getting panic attacks.

All of the negative side effects went away within the first week of starting the higher dose. Fast forward to a month later and I am starting to feel horrible side effects. The depression hasn't gotten worse, it has actually helped. But for over a week now I have been EXTREMELY nauseated and it comes in waves. I got super super bloated and constipated. I have about no appetite and then out of the blue I will become starving to the point of painful, but when I try to eat I get full super quickly.

I have lost 5 lbs because I haven't been able to eat or keep food down. And all of these symptoms, could be mistaken for pregnancy symptoms. So I have been extremely paranoid, I've actually taken three pregnancy tests. But the thing is, it is so unlikely that I am pregnant. And if I was it would only have happened three weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure these symptoms wouldn't come on that quickly. Still, my anxiety about it is going to be through the roof for another two weeks when I will know for sure.

The only thing that makes me question the possibility is that these symptoms of nausea and such only started a little over a week ago and I started the high dose a month ago. Does anyone know if its possible for the side-effects to start weeks after starting a higher dose?? If anyone could help or have input it would be greatly appreciated!!

I have found that different pharmacies carry different generic versions of Wellbutrin. At Kroger, I was given Bupropion SR 150mg. When I transferred to CVS, I was given Budeprion SR 150mg - which is from a different manufacturer, and has caused me to feel anxious, among other things, after only 2 weeks of changing.

I urge anyone with problems with Budeprion to call around and find a pharmacy that has Bupropion. It is a better generic.

I agree with SN. I have had very good luck with Bupropion. Budeprion throws me into a depression, and when I was on it before, I had severe suicidal thoughts (worse than when I was depressed). That happened two years ago. Why is the FDA still allowing a drug so different from the original on the market? Criminal, just criminal. They should be ashamed of themselves. May they make their peace with Karma.

I communicated to my doctor that I had a horrible experience on the generic and had researched the truth of the matter. There is a reason why there are articles written about the generic wellbutrin xl (bupropion) from NPR, The New York Times, Self magazine, and many others. The FDA did not pressure the drug companies to thoroughly test the generic. Plus the companies are making so much money they are paying off whistle blowers left and right.

The FDA and the major drug companies are not taking responsibility.

Here is the real issue, I feel - It is not enough to sit in our homes and feel thankful that we found out about this lie. We have a responsibility to communicate it and to protect as many people as we can. Think of the nightmare side effects it had on you. Would you truly want anyone else to go through that?
Let's take ACTION.

I suffered from depression and found major relief from Wellbutrin. I had no side effects and felt better than I ever had before with no side effects except for an initial sensitivity to caffeine that went away. About 3 years ago I was switched to budeprion, and started experiencing several side effects, but unfortunately didn't make the connection.

Besides feeling depressed again, although not as bad as before I began wellbutrin, I experienced: extreme photo sensitivity, which caused dark blotches on my skin no matter how much sunscreen I used; very painful cramping during my periods; extreme sweating where no deodorant including clinical strength formulas worked; anxiety and obsessive negative thoughts; and extreme PMS.

Unfortunately I never thought that budeprion was the cause because I thought generic medicines were the same. I just thought the wellbutrin had stopped working, but was afraid to switch to another medicine. After coming across other people's complaints online, I switched back to wellbutrin and feel great! I now have none of the side effects described above. I am paying $50 instead of $10 per month, but it's definitely worth it! I am wondering if anyone else experienced the physical side effects that I did...

After I switched from 200SR bupropion to 150 Wellbutrin XL it did wonders. When I was on 200SR bupropion I was irritable and very short tempered. When I switched over to XL I was no longer irritable and was able to handle issues very well unlike before. I don't care what people say that the ingredients are the same cause with my personal experience they are NOT the same thing.

This has been happening to me too with the Bupropion. I know this was posted a long time ago but it's one of the only comments I've come across. I am taking Bupropion and lymph nodes are really sore and swollen. I have an appt. with ear/nose/throat doctor and have been crying thinking I have stomach or throat cancer or something ... I don't know what I'm thinking. I just wanted to know if this went away when you stopped taking the Bupropion.

I've been taking bupropion hcl for a couple months now and have noticed some disturbing things. I'm having episodes of dizziness that last for long periods that gets so bad that I sometimes I can't even carry a conversation. My vision is off at night. I've been feeling sick to my stomach and getting stomach pains, extremely sore breasts and sweating profusely. My neck and underarms are sore... even forearms and groin.

I think that is where lymph nodes are and that worries me. I have an appt. to see an ear/nose/throat doctor to talk about whether I could have caner even though I'm only 24 yrs old, but I was a smoker. I was taking the bupropion to quick smoking and it has really helped. The more I'm reading the more I think it could be an allergic reaction to the drug. I don't know if I should stop taking it cold turkey.

When I was first switched from Wellbutrin to a generic (for cost savings) the pharmacy gave me Buproprion. I did not think I had a problem with Buproprion, but now they only offer Brudeprion. I find the Brudeprion is ineffective & cannot find a pharmacy that can assure me I will only get Buproprion. After reading a main article on MSN this morning & reading the comments on this web site that was referenced, I will ask the psychiatrist (who agrees that Budeprion is a problem) to switch me back to Wellbutrin! It will be worth the extra $20.00 a month & I will try to cut back elsewhere.

About four months ago I had to finally switch to the generic version on Paxil CR. I had been on it for about one week when I discovered I was starting to have more thoughts about death than usual and was becoming increasingly worried about my health. Over the course of a month, I became a total shut in, losing my job and dropping out of school. I couldn't get out of bed to do anything. Finally, I was prescribed my regular Paxil CR again and within about one to three days, felt as though I could function HAPPILY again. I thought I would be saving myself some money by going generic but it simply isn't worth me losing my mind! I'll spend the extra money gladly.

A few months ago I had my Welbutrin XL swiched to the generic Bupropion and within a week or two I was having the most horrific panic attacks, which I had never had in my life, I had called my doctor about this and was prescribed Xanax for them and when I still wasn't feeling better in a week called my doctor back because I actually felt as though I was going crazy.

After speaking with her (my doctor) for a few minutes she left the room and seconds later returned and asked me if I had for some reason switched to the generic Welbutin, bupropion. I said yes, my insurance company will no longer cover my Welbutirn, and she immediately knew what was going on.

Thank God for my physician! I will never forget the look on her face when I told her I was on the generic. I am now back on Welbutrin but obviously paying through the nose to for this. I just wish keeping healthy were more affordable. The generic company should really pay for the suffering the many of us have had to endure because of their product.

Lisa F

In 2001, Wellbutrin XR saved my life. Went off it for a while, got depressed, went back on... worked great. Then I went off it again (yes, I have a compliance problem when I've been feeling good for a while). The next time I went back on it was a generic and didn't seem to do anything. I thought the drug had become ineffective for me.

Just before I got pregnant with my daughter, I went back off the generic Bupropion XL since it didn't seem to be working anyway and I was trying to conceive. I stayed off of everything until after breastfeeding, so it's been a 20 months or more since I've taken any.

I went back on "wellbutrin" a few weeks ago, hoping that after being off it so long, it might work again. I was excited as I felt the generic "Budeprion SR" 150mg start to pick me up, take away the suicidal thoughts, etc. Then I titrated up to twice a day, in prep for my once-a-day XR switch. After almost 3 weeks on the Budeprion, I feel like I have what "roid-rage" must be like. I'm a total, irritable snapcase, and half the time, I can't even feel it coming.

I was devastated until I ran across all of these posts. The temper blow outs have been approaching something that feels almost violent, with urges to do things like hit my husband - WHICH I WOULD NEVER DO NOR HAVE EVER CONSIDERED DOING BEFORE. I've also been having mild panic attacks 2-3 hours after taking a dose, which never occurred before on the brand name. I could never feel the pill I took before, just the overall effects after build up. This is a totally different and very scary experience.

I've been freaking out, wondering what I'd do next since Wellbutrin XL worked so well for me before and is the only thing that's ever worked for me.

I'm relieved that switching back to brand-name may bring the improvement I was hoping for. Psych appointment in two days. Can't wait to bring this up. Thanks!

Like so many of you, I seem to be having problems with generic wellbutrin. However, the oddity with mine is that I was initially given Watson Bupropion SR 100 mg. The pill was a white coated pill with black writing on it. It worked great. The odd part is that when I put in my refill, I was sent a white aspirin looking pill that had the identification of watson "engraved" into it. Within hours of taking it, I noticed that I was itching head to toe, dismissed it at first, but noticed eventually that this was happening after every dosage.

Then within one week of starting this version...DEEP depression set in, hopelessness, thoughts of suicide, etc. Contacted my Psychiatrist at the V.A., told him what was happening and what I was told by the Pharmacy that some manufacturers "farm out" the making of some products, hence the different appearance of the tablet. My doctor attempted to get approval for name brand since with the V.A. I could very possibly be getting a different generic each month from any of the manufactures of bupropion.

The approval was rejected due to cost factors. Until now I was indifferent to generics, but after such a horrible experience I believe that one's emotional health isn't worth the risk of taking possible inferior products.

I had been taking 150 mg (75 mg, twice daily) of the generic BuPROpion for about 3 years when my doctor switched me to a single 150 mg pill which ended up being BuDEprion. After taking the Budeprion for about 2 months I noticed a big change in my weight (10 pound weight gain) that I cannot account for any other way. I switched back to the Bupropion about 4 months ago, but have yet to lose the weight I gained on Budeprion (and I'm fairly active, running approx. 5-6 miles per day, every day and watching what I eat). I believe that Budeprion should be taken off the market.

My wife had complications after pregnancy for about a year. During that time she was put in different opiates to help with the pain. When taking her off the opiates she would have withdrawals. Our Dr. put her on Wellbutrin XL to help with the process. Walgreen's gave her a generic form called Budeprion XL and that is when she began to feel: irritable, extreme headaches hopeless, restless, anxiety and suicidal. My wife was admitted into the ER and was diagnosed with tension headaches.

My wife and I both decided for her to stop taking Budeprion once we saw the warnings on All of the symptoms stopped at once. Since not taking the Budeprion she has not had any issues at all so that is why we are convinced of the cause.

Yes I Have had these side effects of dizziness etc. did you find out how long this will go on??? My Head hurts, they did an EKG cause the doc thought there was something wrong with my heart!
Help, need more info.

Wow this is something.... I got on the Generic Wellbutrin XL 150 on Sept 30th, had some issues with crying, sadness, worse than before the pills, so Dr. said it's the depression so up the dosage to 300mg, which I did on Oct 27th.... I am having some issues crying, sadness, weird thoughts, fear... mind you prior to Sept 30 I had incidents of here and there crying near my menstrual cycle and did have some gloomy feelings but chalked it up to being off work for 16 months..

I have never felt this bad mentally in my life... I have never cried this much in my life... I feel like my mind is not my own, I feel like someone is gonna put me away... Prior to all this I was active, did things with my family (yes I occasionally had panic attacks which I got under control)-- but now I feel like am I in a pit and I am crying out for someone to help me.... I almost feel like I need to be put somewhere to figure out what is going on...This is not normal, if this med was supposed to make me feel better it has not, I am going to a new Dr tomorrow to try to get off this..

I was put on Budeprion XL too and had all the negative effects mentioned before like sadness, crying fits, weight gain and so on. My pharmacist at Rite Aid gave me Bupropion HCL Xl after talking to him and everything changed within the first four days. I got my energy back, the headaches are gone, so are the crying fits and the overall sadness.

They cost the same as Budeprion and I can sincerely recommend that brand.

I have gone through hell with the Budeprion and three days I ago I FINALLY figured out what was happening. I was on Wellbutrin for years and it was helping me. I went off of it but decided with my husband deploying to Iraq I needed some assistance with the Wellbutrin again. I went into a tailspin and didn't know why (I thought it was the deployment).

Here are my symptoms that developed over the past six months: Rapid weight gain, nausea, diarrhea, leg jerks, lump feeling in my throat, abdominal pain, lower back pain, hip pain, crying jags, aggression, depression, feeling of doom, anxiety. I have had several medical tests hoping to find medical reasons for my symptoms. Low and behold, now I realize the reason was BUDEPRION. My insurance won't cover WELLBUTRIN but they will cover BUPROPRION. I have been on the Buproprion for three days and I already feel better. Thank everyone SO much for taking time to report on this site. I really feel like my life has been saved.

The generic for Wellbutrin XL did NOT work for me AT ALL!! As some have already said, within a few days I became very moody, cried easily, etc... I tried a month of it at my doctor's insistence but finally said no No NO to the stuff & went back on brand name. It was a horrible experience. On the flip side, my mother-in-law uses Bupropion without any adverse effects. *shrugs*


I'm wondering what your experience with the Anchen brand Bupropion was/is. I have no history of having taken any other brand of bupropion but was recently prescribed the Anchen brand.

So far, I'm only 3 days going on 4 days into treatment and so far, I'm feeling agitated, and my mind is in a fog, yet, I no longer like to multi task, and I'm a lot more active (as in OCD active, have to clean the room, things need to be put in order, etc.)

Also, another symptom is that I feel like concentrating on something (ie studying), but nothing registers. Please tell me the fogginess goes away on the Anchen brand!

Did you experience similar symptoms and when did they go away if ever?



I was prescribed Wellbutrin years ago (maybe 10) before there was a generic version I believe. My story is the same as all the others, Wellbutrin was a miracle for me, literally! It brought me out completely of my depression mentally and physically. I was not initially aware when was switched to a generic brand, but started feeling off a couple years ago.

Those old flat feelings started to return, with no life changes that could be a contributor. When I finally put the pieces together and find all this information online about others' similar experiences I asked my pharmacy to switch me back to the name brand. With my insurance plan, there is a $150 difference in price. Ouch, I can't afford that.

So I started researching different generics. My advice is to find the generic that works for you if you can't get/afford the name brand from GlaxoSmithKline. From all my reading it sounds like Watson is the closest formulation. CVS and Walgreens are good about getting your medicine from the manufacturer you prefer if you ask.

I feel the FDA is letting us down immensely! All of these testimonies are overwhelming evidence that there is a significant difference in the efficacy of these different manufacturers and most especially between Wellbutrin and the generic versions. Who do we write to about this? I will write to the FDA, but feel like there has to be some recourse considering their lack of acknowledgment of the problem previously.

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