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Q. I’ve read that olive oil can be used for vaginal dryness. I couldn’t tell if I should include olive oil in my diet or actually apply it directly to the vagina.

A. This remedy calls for topical application of olive oil to the vagina. It seems to lubricate those dry tissues. Here is what one reader reported:

“I have been using olive oil for this purpose for a couple of years. When my doctor did a pelvic exam, he thought I was taking hormones although I am not. I think olive oil has natural vitamin E to keep women youthful.”

Another natural option comes from New Zealand and contains kiwi vine extract. The product is called SYLK and is available on the Web (www.sylkusa.com) or at (866) 831-2920.

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  1. Sandra

    I’ve been using olive oil for almost a year. It’s made a huge difference. I never liked using KY and since starting the olive oil I haven’t needed the KY at all.

  2. Lizzie

    Coconut oil sounds like a great option for vaginal dryness… My question is do you apply in internally inside vagina or just on the labia?

  3. debbie
    United States

    I’m going to try coconut oil :)

  4. Jackie

    I’m so glad I found this site.


    Does that coconut oil really work

  6. Vivian

    Love the articles on coconut oil.

  7. Rubi

    I have been using coconut oil and replens. It works for a couple of hours, but then I run straight to restroom to take a got shower and reapply coconut oil. I’m wondering if I’m using the right coconut oil. Any suggestions? I really need help… while the hot warm showers help, I still wake up constantly at night… I’m 35 y old and so done :-(

  8. C
    SI new york

    I’m happy I found this site!! I need help with dryness! Going to try coconut oil ASAP!

  9. NM

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I started taking garlic capsules and fish oil 6 mths ago and there was instant relief with vaginal dryness.
    I think it helped in my overall health as well with better skin condition, less itchy with winter clothing, more regular bowel movement etc. etc. however the vaginal dryness has come back so now trying coconut oil and vit e. thanks again.

  10. sbh

    I’m 54 and my husband and I have not had sex in 4 yrs. The pain is so intense it also bring me to tears and feel like a razor blade. My dr gave me cream to use for 6 weeks and nothing worked. I have pain from the cream.
    I so glad to read that others are also having problems and have come up with new ideas to help keep sex alive..
    Good luck

  11. TC

    My wife is post menopausal and we have issues with dryness. Coconut oil is available at any large asian market. Cheaper there as well. I put it in her daily and really enjoy my job.

  12. Charlotte

    Grateful to all of the great information from you ladies and gentlemen. My question is is there any certainty that those great oils will re-stablished the natural lubrication in the vagina, especially the coconut oil, it has so many miraculous cure and benefits. Thank you very much.

  13. LJ

    Thanx to everyone who has posted on this site….I will definately be giving the coconut oil a try.Vagifem was also given to me from my doctor but I don’t want to go down that road.

  14. carol

    As far as coconut oil…refined or unrefined? Or does it make a difference? just to let you know my doctor told me severe dryness can lead to infections and also urinary incontinence! Another problem

  15. ama

    I am 28 yrs old. I am also having vaginal dryness for the past 2 yrs. pls give me advice for home remedies.

  16. r a u

    My daughter is suffering from veginal dryness and pain. So intercourse is not possible after the two months of marriage

  17. Janice

    Count me in on being one of the grateful ones, finding this site. I am almost 60, have been post menopausal for almost 6 years and sex has been nil for the last 2 and a half years. It was just too painful. Husband has been so understanding.
    I’m also estrogen/progesterone positive breast cancer survivor. I will not knowingly take anything that contains either of those hormones. I went to see a new gyno last week (my former gyno retired), because of some vaginal soreness. She suggested olive oil. I’m more excited about the coconut oil though. I already take 400iu Vit. E every day orally. I’m going to give the coconut oil a try first. I have always used panty liners, so any little dribbling won’t be a problem.
    Thanks to you all for offering your stories. I’ll try to report back, after using the coconut oil and let everyone know my experience.

  18. cras

    Thanks God I found this site, very informative. I just turned 59 and started suffering from vaginal dryness that seems to be getting worse and really painful. My only question is how much would be the appropriate amount of the oils to be inserted in the vagina? I appreciate your prompt response, thank you so much!!

  19. jak

    So thankful to the Creator of the universe for the distribution of gifts and for a confirmation about the coconut oil.

  20. hb55

    I’m so thankful I found this board !! I’m 58 – made it thru menopause with no HR – now suffering from extreme dryness & Atrophy. Just using the vitamin E capsules twice has made a difference !! It’s crazy :-). Getting coconut oil today !! Thank everyone SO much !!!

  21. E Berman

    I have been suffering for years with vaginal dryness after my hysterectomy 16 years ago at age 30. The doctors gave me HR therapy and creams and I stopped them all because of the side effects. Who would believe that coconut oil would be my cure! It works like a charm, and smells pleasant too! No Rx needed! What a pleasure! Thanks for the amazing tip!
    E Berman

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