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Olive Oil Combats Vaginal Dryness

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Q. I've read that olive oil can be used for vaginal dryness. I couldn't tell if I should include olive oil in my diet or actually apply it directly to the vagina.

A. This remedy calls for topical application of olive oil to the vagina. It seems to lubricate those dry tissues. Here is what one reader reported: "I have been using olive oil for this purpose for a couple of years. When my doctor did a pelvic exam, he thought I was taking hormones although I am not. I think olive oil has natural vitamin E to keep women youthful."

Another natural option comes from New Zealand and contains kiwi vine extract. The product is called SYLK and is available on the Web ( or at (866) 831-2920.

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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4/5 (495 votes)
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Doctor wanted me on Premarin cream, and I opted against it. I took hormones for 10 months, and had to stop, and I then had a breast cyst that was because of taking these hormones. I am now having problems because of the dryness, and do not know what to do, and I refuse to start again on anything that pertains to hormones. Is olive oil safe?

I am a breast cancer survivor who has been taking an AI for over a year & now have extreme vaginal dryness. I will check out the Sylk site, but would like to know what type olive oil (lite? extra virgin?or makes no differnce)
& how often should it be used? Thx for this good info! The only product my doctors offered is Replens - it does not help much if at all & is rather costly.

Olive oil has a distinctive smell. Wouldn't people notice?

M Pierce

The "extra light" has very little odor. A test of that is to apply to the hands like using lotion. After the skin absorbs it, sniff the hands. Very little, if any, smell residue.

I am also a breast cancer survivor and i started using Vitamin E about four days ago and i find it has helped me with my vaginal dryness and atrophy. I use the vitamin E vaginaly.I have tried other things but this seems to work the best i have never tried olive oil.

Have just recently read in one of the cancer publications re Vit. E, but no one has mentioned where to purchase or in what form???? I did look at Vit E oil in one drug store but it had other ingredients that I am not sure about. How about using the capsules by cutting the end off to get to the liquid? Might take a lot of capsules.....Charlene what form do you use??? I am currently trying the olive oil & find some relief & wonder about adding Vit E to it.. hmmmmm.

Karen i use Vit E 400 ut twice a day. All i do is get the regular vit e they look clear with the gel inside and i use a needle to poke two holes in one capsule and then i insert the capsule in myself vaginaly. Your body heat makes it melt and it has helped me alot.

i do this morning and evening for one week and then i was told after that i should use it just twice a week. if you find that twice a week is not enough then you can go back to the twice a day schedule. there is nothing in the vit E that will hurt you. This is the only thing that has helped me.

I was wondering if a person took 2 tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil dry orally would it help vaginal dryness.

For many years, I have been using extra virgin olive oil for masturbation, and after marriage me and my wife use it as lubricant during intercourse. Extra virgin olive oil is a healty alternative to chemical-based sex lubricants available in the market.

I use olive oil for lubricant and for moisture, never have I had a problem it feels great does not have an odor either.

I understand you put olive oil in vaginally but how??

Hi Charlene,
I'm 58 years old and have had a hysterectomy a few months ago. I also suffer from vaginal dryness. You said that you insert vitamin e gel capsules vaginally. My question is what happens to the outer casing of the capsule? Does that dissolve too?

I'm a newly-wed and I have noticed severe vaginal dryness all the time. My vagina, labia, and vulva are so dry that they itch constantly and it really hurts when my husband tries to touch me to "get things started." I tried using Cetaphil and it relieves temporarily but the relief is short-lived. Could extra-virgin olive oil help me, too?

Reading about the use of olive oil or vit. E for vaginal lubrication. Does anyone know for sure if these oils are safe when inserted vaginally?

I am also newly wed and me too having the problem as of jenna, My vagina, labia, and vulva are so dry that they itch constantly and it really hurts when my husband tries to touch me to "get things started. Somebody told me about the use of olive oil directly in vagina, I just started it but I am very tensed that is it safe or not?... if anybody has knowledge about it plz post here...


Just thought I would let your readers know, I'm 58 and had a hysterectomy years ago. I use pure natural coconut oil. It smells so good and is a natural product that you can buy in health food stores, it's not that expensive just make sure you get the natural coconut. It usually comes in a glass jar. I read this in one of my womens magazines, it was recommended by a woman obgyn.

Just apply liberally to the vaginal area and the smell alone is wonderful, there's no additives of any kind, it doesn't burn like the commercial products you buy.

Me and my wife used olive oil during intercourse. it sounds good. Just four to five drops makes the miracle. No side effect. 100% safe for both. No irritation or itching all. And the beauty is we gave birth to a beautiful baby even. So no worries go for some good extra virgin olive oil from the market. Use the natures gift and gift your wife with a baby. Cheers. I am posting this out of my 1 year usage experience. then its up to you. plz don't waste your money in some other thing.

I'm newly wed and have been suffering from vaginal dryness since my c-section over a year ago. With a 2nd c-section combined with the cutting of my tubes only a few months away, I'm worried it's going to worsen the situation. I want to be able to go back to having regular (un-painful) sex as soon as possible does the olive oil really work? And is it safe to use for the last few months of my pregnancy?


I must share with your readers. During my menopause years, I began Vitamin E capsules. Just 2 400IU daily. It worked for me, with no side effects. I asked my Doctor about it and he said, "if it works for you, continue to take it." I ran out of the capsules and did not purchase any for two weeks, the hot flashes returned, until I began taking them again.


Walgreen's sells Vitamin E, just the oil, in a bottle. It's very cheap AND, it's great for really dry skin during the winter. I used it as a face moisturizer, stroke it in, let it sit, wash off excess with some warm water and whatever soap. Works good on mild itchy eczema. Had not heard of olive oil for vaginal use, but certainly will consider it. The vitamin E works pretty well too.

I would think a reliable brand of vitamin e pill inserted vaginally would slowly dissolve just as it would if taken orally.
For those suffering from vaginal irritation, I have very sensitive skin and often have similar flare-ups. Here's what helps me:
1. Soaking in a tub with a little vinegar and salt added to the warm water.
2. Soaking in a tub with a little baking soda and oatmeal added to the warm water.
(you can alternate those two kinds, one day do the vinegar, the next day do the oatmeal/baking soda)
3. Use only a mild soap on the vagina and don't over-wash it! I have to use baby soap or even baby shampoo. Many times it's the soap and other products that irritate me. I also used to be a little OCD about over washing my entire body including my vagina, and now that I quit that I have less flare-ups and irritation.
4. I have also found Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to be the best lubricant for sex. Google it and check it out for yourself. Of course you have to be careful if you are using certain kinds of birth control (like condoms) but for a married couple it's great. It looks like shortening or butter but melts at body temperature. It's also pleasant during oral sex, and does not irritate me or burn the way some of the other personal lubricants do.

I am in my mid-40s, and experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms, so this article and the responses have been helpful. I am going to try the vitamin E pill in my vagina occasionally.

Has anyone experienced getting yeast infections and/or bacterial vagnosis (BV) from using vitamin E and/or coconut oil vaginally? I am just wondering if the normal functions of the vagina can handle having either of the above oils inside it.

Sometimes the KY-type products would sting & irritate me, and sometimes even a certain laundry detergent irritates my skin. I have had less incidents of yeast infection and BV since I have been more careful about what soaps and products I use, and since using the coconut oil. I used to get a 2 or more infections per year, and now I would say it has been 2 or 3 years since having an infection. But I have been making an effort to be healthier overall, eating better and such. Hope that helps.

Thanks everyone for your blog info. I had a complete hysterectomy 2 years ago and it's turned my world upside-down. Not only the weight gain issue but the vaginal dryness has really put a riff in my marriage. I also got prescribed Premarin cream. I used it reluctantly and sparingly. I'm so excited to try all three; vitamin E (I've been taking orally anyway) Olive oil and coconut oil.
Does anyone have a good way of inserting this?

Thanks all for all of this helpful information.

I must say that the SYLK Kiwi Fruit Extract lubricant is quite nice. I would like to ask, since there have been many comments about light extra virgin olive oil, how do you all use this?

1. With a tampon covered in olive oil?

2. ????

Thanks for your answers to this question. I just don't know how to apply... :-)

I have been battling this for almost two antidepressants makes everything dry, including my mouth and emotional stress and depression really get my atrophy going. (I'm 60)

I went to an OB GYN who put in an e-string (round plastic insert with estrogen) and worked beautifully...for four months until my body said NO to the estrogen. Now, I am using regular applicators you get with Premarin (not good stuff, either) or Replens and fill with olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin e and even aloe vera JUICE, not gel, as the gel has a tendency to sting a little.

I also get nasty pelvic pain and cramping when I have this an am getting rather sick of it after two plus years. During a stressful time this last week, I found out I had a yeast infection for the first time ever, took a diflucan and felt so much better; but, the atrophy is still there and doing a balancing act between the above mentioned treatments and at times, Estrace. Just use a clean vaginal applicator to apply in to the vaginal and you can probably get them for little or nothing at the drug store. Worth a try, anyway!

I purchased plastic droppers - used for giving young children liquid medication. They have work great for inserting the oil.

I scoop solidified coconut oil from the refrigerated jar with a melon baller. Place it in a sandwich bag and shape it into a round ball with my hands and store it in the refrigerator. Insert in to the vagina with finger about 10 or 15 minutes before needed. When it melts it can be a little messy but it works pretty well for my menopausal skin during sex.

I have been suffering from intestial cystis for four years, I have seen four highly specialized physicians, all with a different view in regards to my problem. At this moment I am suffering with a terrible flair up.

I have had bladder instillation, different meds, creams, nothing helps for a long period of time.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: We are so sorry. We know your condition is painful and can be debilitating.

More for prevention than for helping an acute flare-up: Some people with IC find that Prelief with meals reduces the irritating qualities of foods.

help how do you get olive oil to stay in? I'm a 68 yrs had a few female surgery and when we have sex the pain lasts almost 2 weeks.

I personally have found that coconut oil is much better. Apply the oil to the labia regularly & rub it inside your vagina regularly, as well. This helps moisturize which may possibly help prevent the pain. You can use it as an all natural lubricant, also. Use it the same way you would use a regular personal lubricant (some people apply it to the vagina, some rub it on the penis, some do both...whatever you prefer.) and don't be afraid to use a lot...there's no such thing as too much lube!!

Thanks for the tips...I have very dry vagina and it hurts sooo bad when I have sex with has brought me to tears a few dr. gave me some cream to insert it has estrogen in it so don't want to keep using so I really appreciate these ideas will definitely try...I really hope one works for me so I can surprise hubby by starting the sex...I am 55 soon to be 56 so have several years of good sex life yet. Thanks again

I just found this blog and am looking forward to trying these suggestions. But I am also wondering: can taking HCTZ (a water pill) have any effect on dryness? I have read that you should try drinking more water to see if that helps, but with the water pill, you are also getting rid of more of the water!

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: We are not aware of HCTZ causing vaginal dryness. We are also not aware that drinking more water will have any impact on vaginal dryness.

I have used extea virgin olive oil. I put a few large drops on my "vaginal exerciser" and then insert it. It works perfect without side effects EXCEPT after a while there is a definite smell that would be embarassing.

I'm 56, post hysterectomy for 25+ yrs, but for almost one year, I've suffered this itch/burning painful issue that my doctor(s) can't fix, or treat to my satisfaction. Now, reading about Coconut oil, Extra Virgin Olive oil, and Vitamin E, it seems too good to be true, however, I've done my research and vitamins do help - and we normally don't get enough in our diets to take care of our bodies, as we change, no matter what your age is, so this makes sense. Thanks so much for sharing. Gonna give it all a try, leaning towards natural coconut oil, smells great, and it is very rich and thick. Take care all.

Thanks so much for the info of Vitamin E and Coconut Oil and Extra Virgin Oil for Vaginal Dryness. Where can you buy the Coconut Oil? Is it like Olive Oil or firmer? I was wondering if it can be administered the same way?

And also wondering with all this oil and Vitamin E floating around everywhere do your sheets get to be a real mess and changing them daily necessary?

Also wondering does it work immediately or only after a week or so? My husband has waited patiently for me to solve this....

It has been quite awhile since you posted your question. Just happened upon this site.
Re vag dryness and pure virgin coconut oil: This kind of coconut oil is antifungal and I use it in shakes I make against a Candida yeast problem I have systemically. CO is staple in my anti-yeast diet. So I am definitely going to try it for the dryness


Want to thank you all for the good advice here. I am looking for a natural solution to my dryness problem, which recently has gotten very bad. I'd wondered about Vitamin E; never even thought of olive or coconut oils.

I've lost my job recently, and presently, I've got no health insurance (COBRA for me and my self-employed spouse is $1200/month). I visited my doctor right after being laid off and we talked about the dryness problem. She offered a prescription for estrogen cream, but I declined. There are no conclusive studies in my opinion and I didn't feel the problem was that bad at the time. Thankfully, I've got no other problems that could cause this, but it has gotten worse over the weeks. I've probably made it worse trying to find a solution, too.

I've actually got Vitamin E that I can try this with. I'm also going to search out Coconut Oil at my local health/natural food stores.

Thanks to all who shared here and helped me find a possible solution.

I am suffering from vaginal dryness since my c-section over a Month ago, so Thanks for the tips... it has been very helpful info, as I have very dry vagina and it hurts so bad, I am leaning towards the Coconut oil, but just want to know how to insert it to the vagina.. shall I use a tampon or Tempex covered in Coconut oil?
kindly help me.

I've been using Coconut Oil for about a year, it is far more effective than Olive Oil, smells better, tastes better, and is generally a better way to go. I have found that the best way to insert it is to just thoroughly coat my index & middle finger, rub it in on my labia & around the opening of my vagina first, then insert one finger at a time inside my vagina & rub the oil around. You can use it just to moisturize or also as a personal lubricant, effective immediately.

Coconut Oil has so many uses, I love having it around the house (I have a small jar I put some in for the vaginal uses, one for cooking, & I also use it as an all over moisturizer in a third jar, by far the best moisturizer after shaving!) You can buy it at any health food store or many grocery stores, just make sure you check the label to make sure its pure coconut oil. Its solid up to slightly above room temperature but melts on your skin easily.

Coconut oil works as a personal lubricant, as well as relieving dryness over time. You can have sex after rubbing it in a little, and you can use it regularly to combat the dryness as well.

NO!!!! Oil of any kind is not recommended with latex condoms.

The vaginal dryness is unbearable - the Dr prescribed a vaginal hormone (caused some bleeding) and rec Replens or Astroglide - they proved to be ineffective and expensive. Extra virgin olive oil mixed with a small amt of tea tree oil applied several times a day works well - sometimes I add vit E oil. I will be adding some coconut oil to my regimen. Thanx.

I have tried Estrace, Premarin... was just given an estring Friday- and pulled it out!!! MAJOR HEADACHE and BURNING!!! I simply cannot-- cannot--- use this prescription stuff. I keep getting recurrent bacterial infections though I'm not sexually active. I'm 40 - had a hysterectomy about 9 years ago... Then around a year or two ago the atrophy/dryness hits. SO- if you use this olive oil- the lightest kind--- do you use it on the outside or the outside or inside? I can't handle these other things kicked out of the pharmacies and doc has essentially given up. My doctor said it wouldn't burn! I am thinking- there must be SOMETHING else!!! I burn and itch all of the time... no relief ever. I just threw the Estring away. I never get headaches- and this is the WORST headache I've ever had.

I would strongly recommend coconut oil, rather than olive oil. I have tried both and have found coconut oil has a better smell and feel, it also has some antifungal/antibacterial properties to it I think.

I use it inside and out, I rub it on my labia and the vaginal opening first, and then inside with a finger. Relief is instant! I've started using it regularly, after every shower. Its a great moisturizer for the entire body, too.

Thank you for the ideas. Have been suffering from dryness for about a year. Just got back from the doctor and she prescribes vagifem. Read the side effects and am scared to try it. Tried Estrace and had problems with headache, severe bleeding to name a few.

Thank you very much for the advice. I have tried the vagifem; the tablets were very costly, and the cream--what a mess! The ring for some reason moved around lots and kept slipping out and chafing. I ended up with lumps, and at first thought it might be herpes or warts, but the doctor confirmed them to be skin tags that were able to be frozen/burnt off--but I was looking at what cost to get skin tags removed again. So I had mostly given up.

I'm 40 now, and had to have a complete hysterectomy and my ovaries removed due to health issues 19 years ago and had tried everything--even testosterone shots to help boost my sex drive in the hope that it might help with lubrication and interest. But I only started growing facial hair and still no help.

I recently tried the vitamin E, but find it sticky. Is the coconut oil sticky as well? Also, is it very expensive? I have spent a small fortune, as have many of us, with false hopes for a cure or any type of relief.

So many thanks to the people here for their advise and openness on a topic many of us feel to scared to talk about, or look for help, and would rather suffer in silence.


When I first read this post, I tried the vitamin E. It works OK I guess, although I never officially "tried" it out. I then got the extra virgin oil. I always need to use panty liners with these, btw. I finally got to the health food store, where you can buy the extra virgin coconut oil. If you read through other posts you will see ideas on how it has been applied. I tried the way someone suggested about putting it in the refrigerator, and then inserting it in with a tampon inserter. It ended up leaking onto my bedding, even though I had a liner on. So now I use less of it.

Someone else suggested putting it in after showering every day. If I don't do that though, I might just used the olive oil. I am sorry to say that after all this time, I have only checked it out sexually once. But it did help with lubrication , although I still gave up in the end. Hopefully next time!

I am a 57 year old woman and I have been VERY successful with RAW COCONUT OIL to cure vaginal dryness. I dig out a small ball of it and push it up into my vagina and I also use PJUR (a wonderful silky lubricant), together my partner (68 years old) and I have sex like we are still 25.

There are absolutely no complaints with either one of us. We are very happy and there is plenty of moisture and absolutely NO DISCOMFORT. I promise you will be happy you tried this remedy.

I'm 33....should I even have vaginal dryness & could weightloss and stress cause it?


I am 55.
Post menopausal.

I am thrilled to read all the positive input regarding olive oil, coconut oil and vitamin e.

I had so many questions and your suggestions will be helpful to me.
I am very tired of the painful intercourse. I have to have something. I have used the e ring in the past but I have worried about the long term side effects.

We do not have insurance that will cover the high cost of the ring. I am least of anything "hormonal". I do not want to be a medical study statistic.

My marriage is important to me and sex is key to a healthy relationship. My husband has been patient but it is time to resolve this if we can. The pain is unbearable.
I am willing to experiment with the ideas and methods.

Thank you to everyone that has contributed their insights.

Thank-you everyone for all this helpful information.

I am glad I got this "string" of notes today. I had wanted to post something I had read about, but couldn't find a past post on my computer to tag on to.

In the AJC (Atlanta newspaper) a couple of weeks ago, there was a very small article about a new drug for women who experience pain during intercourse. It has already been approved by the FDA!! It is a daily pill and is called Osphena. It is designed to help with the symptoms of menopause that make vaginal tissue thinner and more fragile. It is made by a Japanese company Shionogi, which has operations in Florham Park, NJ. I don't know when it will be available, but hopefully soon! Yay!!

I would not trust ANYTHING approved by the FDA. I discovered this listing of posts and am very encouraged.

I will be 60 in May. Sex has been difficult since menopause, but has become intolerable during the past year. I am not averse to trying olive oil or coconut oil to relieve vaginal dryness, not just during sex but on a regular basis.

Doctors offer no help. OTC stuff is full of parabens and chemicals. Thanks for all the ideas and input.

Have just found this wonderful website after searching for natural remedies to vaginal dryness.

I`m 58, had oestrogen+ breast cancer 10 years ago, followed up by 5 years of Tamoxifen. I`m also an epileptic.

I`ve had a problem with dryness for the last 5 years, steadily getting worse. Frequents bouts of urinary tract infections, or symptoms of them, about every 2 months.

Fortunately (?) I`m single, so just looking for relief from the burning / itching symptoms of atrophy. My gyni explained that the atrophy affects the urethra as well as the vagina. Normal vaginal flora decline leaving the area vulnerable to e-coli which is always lurking in the bum area. One thing that has helped is rinsing my bum with clean warm water after a poo, just on toilet paper.

I`ve reluctantly tried topical and systemic oestrogen, but this reacted badly with my anti-convulsants. Also tried Replens MD, which worked very well for some time.

Thanks everyone for these natural remedy solutions - can`t wait to try them!
After all, this must be a problem which has always plagued many older women, long before modern pharmacy.

At 59, I have finally joined the ranks of vaginal dryness. I use a combo of olive oil, coconut oil and a splash of lavender oil, all organic, as a facial/body moisturizer. In a moment of desperation, I reached for it and to my surprise, it is also a great "motion lotion." Happy times ahead!

I like this recipe, how much of each do you use, and what do you insert it with? Vaginal dryness and pain with intercourse is the absolute pits! I'm 53 and went through menopause at 47. I have a wonderful and patient husband and we want to be intimate and be able to enjoy it. Thank you.

I have a baby medicine dropper for tsp olive oil before intercourse..
I feel like I am inserting air...
A medicine syringe is rough on end....but seems like it would work...
Use the oil as lubricant....for him.

One Vitamin e capsule inserted with wet finger daily for maintenance.

I am so glad i found this!!!!

Oh am I so very glad to have happened upon this site. Even though years ago I spasmodically used organic virgin coconut oil and Vitamin E capsules after having many years of painful intercourse. I am now confident that if I religiously use these healing methods I will be cured of my vaginal soreness. This is so debilitating for us women and is very frustrating for our partners. I am 56 years old and I am not willing to use HRT or any medically prescribed hormone potions. I am a nurse and prefer natural healing remedies.

God has given us natural healing properties to help us in this and other areas, we just have to find what they are. Through Internet sites like this one, woman can be of assistance to each other. Thanks again to you all for the great helpful advice.

I hope you see this. I suffered from I.C. for years. The dmso was more irritating than helpful. I'm doing well now thanks to;

1. Being placed on Diflucan by my immunologist. I took this once daily for a year.

2. A yeast-free diet (Get Crook's book The Yeast Connection and the recipe book).

3. Going up at least 1 size in underwear and pants. Always use cotton undies so no moisture breeds yeast. When undies/pants are tight, they abrade the urethra, firing up I.C.

4. Doing Dr. Parson's (UCSD) Bladder Holding Protocol.

I used Elmiron before these and it did help some - it helps replace the mucosal gag layer of the bladder. I no longer need it. After a few days on Diflucan and a yeast-free diet, I was out of pain.

Hello Dear Friends,
I have unbearable itchiness with raw red skin around the labia, and tiny raised bumps. The urethra is sore after urinating. My doctor diagnosed a yeast infection. She gave me Diflocan. It seemed to make things worse. Now in addition to the redness I have dry flaky skin around the labia which is a torment. Do any of know if coconut oil has anit-fungal properties?

It might help cure up this infection, whatever it is. I don't have health insurance, so every time I visit this physician it costs me at least $150 for just a few minutes of her time, I simply can't afford her any more and would love a natural remedy.

I am so glad I found this community of caring women!

Coconut Oil is the best!
I prefer it to the Olive Oil.
I insert two vitamin e gelcaps at night....
the Coconut oil is used as you normally would any lubricant.

I get lots of pain during intercourse sometimes leading to bleeding because am dry. It's quite annoying that I can only go one round even when I still want more sex. I have tried local herbs all in vain. Do I have to apply the oils prior to having sex?

Make it a daily regimen to insert 2 olive oil gelcaps in the evening.
if you do this during the day, be sure to use a panty liner.
Lubricate each other with the coconut oil.
It seemed better than olive oil for me.

Thank you everyone.. made up my mind to use coconut oil, which I have plenty at home. Am 34 and have been living with VAD and my sex life has come to a standstill.. gonna try it..


I am age 77. Had a total hysterectomy at age 34, then no hormones for 36 years!!! Since age 70, I have used low-dose bioidentical hormones estriol and progesterone. The dose is low because of my age. They work great. They must be prescribed by a gynecologist and are made at a compound pharmacy. My vagina came back to life with those hormones. Estriol twice a week, progesterone every day but off 3 days of the month. Estriol inserted vaginally, progesterone topically on body where skin is thin and not fatty, but not on or in vagina.

I have been using olive oil from my head to toe for the last 6 months my skin and hair condition has improved greatly. I buy a large bottle of extra virgin olive oil. I use it right after my shower. I will try it and see what difference it makes. And I don't know about the odor but I haven't had any complaints.

I have used Vitamin E oil soft gels in the past and found them to be very sticky. I used one each night at bedtime, wore a pantie liner but the oil still leaked onto the sheets. What am I doing wrong? This site is by far the most helpful I have found for the problem of vaginal dryness. Brilliant. Thank you all for the suggestions and tips. Wonderful.

Kudos to everyone here--thank you People's Pharmacy and everyone! It's so vital that we reach out and help each other so we don't have to suffer in silence as women have done in previous generations. Communication and education are key. It takes some courage and receptivity but here we are. There is far too much suffering that can be at least alleviated naturally. Diet, exercise, ie yoga, water, etc. are crucial. Olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil vitamin E, aloe vera, etc. are all excellent choices, internally and externally.

Additionally, Carlson's vitamin E suppositories and an Ayurvedic herb, Shatavari for vaginal dryness and atrophy. Fenugreek seeds too. Calendula and Self-Heal cream (FES) topically and generally for dry, chapped, irritated, inflamed skin. Many natural choices.

Just make certain instructions are followed and that ideally everything's pure and organic. The above advice from People's Pharmacy is exceedingly important, especially regarding individual sensitivities, allergies or possible conventional medication contraindications.

Checking with health professionals and accurate research ensure safety. Keep loving and nurturing yourselves as well as others! Great health and joy to all!

I just use one capsule...sometimes two at night.
"nohankypanky", how many capsules are you using at night?
I do not use them during to day.
I just put the vitamin e gel capsule(s) in at night.
For intercourse, coconut oil is by far the best for us.

I have problem with Vaginal dryness I have try many herbs can I use olive Oil combats for my dryness, where can I buy? How much does it cost.

I need help. My problem is not pain during and after intercourse but burning and irritation all day and night and painful when urinating. I've tried Premarin, replens, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, a diet high in good cholesterol, menopause supplements. it's not working or very little improvements with the natural products and is very costly. It rules my days, I am so miserable. Will the CO, EVOO, and Vit E work for my problem? Or are there any other suggestions? I am desperate.

be sure and use extra virgin olive oil. regular and virgin olive oil are chemically pressed. only extra virgin is mechanically pressed. extra virgin light is an excellent oil for basically everything...

I`m 54 year old and going through the menopause and i`m constantly in pain and painful urination as well and having to pass urine every 15 minutes which is very inconvineint can`t do any thing or plan any activity the longest i can last is about 45 minutes please help I`m desprate

People's Pharmacy response: Check with the doctor to make sure you don't have cystitis. The symptoms sound suspicious. This is not a typical symptom of menopause.

Letty, Please see a Doctor! You need lab work. If you have a yeast or urinary tract infection it can't be ignored.

I had the same symptoms. When I was treated for a yeast infection two times straight, she said the infection was cured according to lab tests. The symptoms remained the same. I asked for a test for urinary tract infection as well. That too came back negative.

I went to an acupuncturist. She said I had a systemic yeast infection and put me on a no yeast no sugar diet. After 5 weeks on the diet the burning stopped. The burning had lasted for six months. I have been left with other problems such as vestibulitis, chronic pelvic pain, and with dry tissues, that I am still dealing with. I wish you all the best.

I was treated for bladder and yeast infection by my doctor but it was not my problem. That's when he prescribed Premarin for me. I have since tried Vit E and CO but they didn't work either. I came upon information about bacterial vaginosis (BV) and gave some of the home remedies a try. It actually is working.

It's been two weeks since I started and it only now that it is cleared up. I am keeping up with the treatment as I don't want it to come back and may cut back if it doesn't come back. I have never heard of BV before but apparently it's very common and some woman don't have symptoms. Thank you SW for your comment.

I try to stick to a candida diet but have let it slide lately so thanks for the reminder. There are a lot of different ways suggested to treat the BV. What works for one person doesn't work for another.

I tried the vit e oil for dryness and it works WONDERFULLY (plus the coconut oil for sexy time). only thing is now I noticed I've had little to no discharge. this may be because my vagina has been out of whack with dryness for 10 years. but when I stick a finger in there to check, I do have discharge of a pasty texture. I have no odor, no itching of any kind, and I'm 90% sure its not a yeast infection because this is a different consistency. Yeast is cottage cheese, very clumpy, this is more like a smooth dough, kinda pliable. Anyone else notice this with the addition of the vitamin e oil? I'm just worried that if I'm not having discharge, I may have future problems?

Three things to note : yes vitamins e caps can be inserted - easiest method old spermicide insert also take GNC menopause formula black cohash and soy if you aren't allergic next drink lots of water and finally take evening primrose oil caplets.

This blog has been very helpful!! I am 42 y/o & I am peri-menapause. Due to my family history of cancer I didn't want to take any estrogen. After just 1 dose of the vit e I feel a difference. One of my concerns is what happens to the outer shell of the vit e? Does it also dissolve? Others have posted about possible infection from using any of the oils it a risk?

People's Pharmacy response: There probably is some risk of infection, but you should be able to minimize it so that it is negligible by making sure everything (including your hand) is clean, clean, clean before you apply.

I am going to give Olive oil a try. I'll get back to you on what I find.

I am 51 and a 7yr Breast Cancer Survivor, Chemo & Radiation then tamoxifen until my hysterectomy 2 years ago. I have had severe dryness since chemo. Intercourse was painful even with lubricants, I would swell and burn for days. Luckily I came across these posts a month ago. Tried vitamin E and started noticing a huge difference immediately. For the last 2 weeks I've been using Organic Coconut Oil from Trader Joes. It is fantastic. I have zero dryness, sex is pleasurable again, no burning or irritation. I use it morning and night. Thank you ladies for all the comments and suggestions!! You're a life saver.

I am 51 and a 7 yr breast cancer survivor. I went through Chemo and radiation, took tamoxifen until my hysterectomy 2 yrs ago. Since chemo I have had severe vaginal dryness. Sex was painful with burning and irritation for days afterwards. About a month ago I came across this blog. I started using vitamin E and noticed a difference immediately. A couple weeks ago I switched to Organic a Coconut Oil from Trader Joes in the morning and night.... it's wonderful. No more dryness, intercourse is pleasurable again (it's not sticky and smells great) no swelling, burning or irritation afterwards. Reading all of your blogs have been a life saver. Thank you ladies and Peoples Pharmacy.

I just got the RX for Estrace, $160 and just by chance found this website. Well I already use Coconut Oil for my Paleo diet and Olive Oil for my skin mixed with eccential oils. These suggestions are great. Thanks

I am interested in trying the Vitamin E capsules: my mother used to break them open on her hands to heal small cuts. Has anyone ever tried Omega Fish Oil capsules the same way? I like neither the smell of coconut (though I like eating it) nor the smell of olive oil.

After reading about the coconut oil I got some, but it made it really sore, I only used for two days, does this happen in the beginning. Can any one say how much and how often you use it, maybe I should of mixed with the olive oil.

update: all is well. just turns out that it was a change in consistency do to the time right before my cycle. vit e externally and coconut oil during intercourse saved my life. I'm a changed woman!

Ps. you can get the vit e in a bottle in liquid form (non capsule). no need to put a whole capsule up there, a few drops in more than enough.

In regard to I.C. I was diagnosed in my mid 20s with this horrible condition. What I have since discovered, on my own, is when I do not use harsh laundry soap, use plain WHITE toilet paper AND do not use any kind of soap on my inner labia, I have no problems with this. I really think my urethra and bladder were so irritated from these harsh soaps. When I tested this theory by using soap again, BAM the IC came back. I am a believer that you should use nothing but PLAIN WATER to wash your inner labia and vagina.

What a wonderful amount of information. I have suffered so much in the last 10 years and tried everything on the market in terms of lubricants. Before this week is out I will be trying this. Many times because of dryness right at the entrance I get very sore.

I have been suffering for years with vaginal dryness after my hysterectomy 16 years ago at age 30. The doctors gave me HR therapy and creams and I stopped them all because of the side effects. Who would believe that coconut oil would be my cure! It works like a charm, and smells pleasant too! No Rx needed! What a pleasure! Thanks for the amazing tip!
E Berman

I'm so thankful I found this board !! I'm 58 - made it thru menopause with no HR - now suffering from extreme dryness & Atrophy. Just using the vitamin E capsules twice has made a difference !! It's crazy :-). Getting coconut oil today !! Thank everyone SO much !!!

So thankful to the Creator of the universe for the distribution of gifts and for a confirmation about the coconut oil.

Thanks God I found this site, very informative. I just turned 59 and started suffering from vaginal dryness that seems to be getting worse and really painful. My only question is how much would be the appropriate amount of the oils to be inserted in the vagina? I appreciate your prompt response, thank you so much!!

Count me in on being one of the grateful ones, finding this site. I am almost 60, have been post menopausal for almost 6 years and sex has been nil for the last 2 and a half years. It was just too painful. Husband has been so understanding.

I'm also estrogen/progesterone positive breast cancer survivor. I will not knowingly take anything that contains either of those hormones. I went to see a new gyno last week (my former gyno retired), because of some vaginal soreness. She suggested olive oil. I'm more excited about the coconut oil though. I already take 400iu Vit. E every day orally. I'm going to give the coconut oil a try first. I have always used panty liners, so any little dribbling won't be a problem.

Thanks to you all for offering your stories. I'll try to report back, after using the coconut oil and let everyone know my experience.

My daughter is suffering from veginal dryness and pain. So intercourse is not possible after the two months of marriage

I am 28 yrs old. I am also having vaginal dryness for the past 2 yrs. pls give me advice for home remedies.

As far as coconut oil...refined or unrefined? Or does it make a difference? just to let you know my doctor told me severe dryness can lead to infections and also urinary incontinence! Another problem

Thanx to everyone who has posted on this site....I will definately be giving the coconut oil a try.Vagifem was also given to me from my doctor but I don't want to go down that road.

Grateful to all of the great information from you ladies and gentlemen. My question is is there any certainty that those great oils will re-stablished the natural lubrication in the vagina, especially the coconut oil, it has so many miraculous cure and benefits. Thank you very much.

My wife is post menopausal and we have issues with dryness. Coconut oil is available at any large asian market. Cheaper there as well. I put it in her daily and really enjoy my job.

I'm 54 and my husband and I have not had sex in 4 yrs. The pain is so intense it also bring me to tears and feel like a razor blade. My dr gave me cream to use for 6 weeks and nothing worked. I have pain from the cream.

I so glad to read that others are also having problems and have come up with new ideas to help keep sex alive..

Good luck

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