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Generic Drugs From India and China May Not Be Safe

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It’s worse than we imagined.

For the last five years or so we have been sounding an alarm about generic drugs. That’s because we’ve been hearing from readers and listeners that sometimes their generic medicine has not worked as expected. In other cases they have experienced unpleasant or even dangerous side effects.

For almost 30 years we championed generics as a wonderful way for consumers to save money. We believed that the FDA was protecting consumers from poor quality medications.

Within the last decade, however, there has been a tremendous shift in the source of medications. Both raw ingredients and finished generic drugs are increasingly coming from countries like India and China.

There is an article in the Washington Post (June 17, 2007) by Marc Kaufman titled “FDA Scrutiny Scant in India, China as Drugs Pour into the U.S.”

It reveals that over the last seven years FDA has made 200 inspections of plants in both countries compared to 1222 quality insurance inspections in the U.S. last year. There is no possible way for FDA to inspect all the plants in China and India that are producing pharmaceuticals that land on American drugstore shelves.

The intense competition among generic drug makers and their search for the cheapest raw materials has driven the huge increase of imports. The same motivation drove pet food manufacturers to purchase wheat gluten contaminated with melamine from China. We worry that the FDA cannot guarantee the safety of these inexpensive pharmaceutical products any more than they could protect our pets.

If you have experienced a problem with a generic drug you can add your comment on the home page of this Web site:


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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 3.3/5 (185 votes)
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The Ranbaxy generic for Diflucan from India did not work for me.

I think you're greatly overstating risks from generic medications from abroad, unnecessarily scaring people away from taking cheaper but equally effective generic drugs, and ironically implying that brand-name drugs are safer! Numerous US-based pharmaceutical companies get their brand-name drugs' active ingredients from other countries, so there's nothing inherently safer about brand-name drugs nor anything more dangerous about generics.

What's ironic is that as under-regulated as prescription drugs are, so-called "nutritional" and "herbal" supplements are completely unregulated - when you buy something labelled a "supplement," you have NO WAY of knowing what's in it -- whether it really has as much of the ingredients as it claims, the purity of them, whether it has, say, mercury or lead, etc etc. This is all because Big Supplements (yes, akin to Big Pharma) fought tooth and nail against FDA regulation of their products, and got Congress to grant their wishes in DSHEA.

So, yes, at the pharmacy counter, buyer beware -- but in the supplements aisle - buyer REALLY beware.

Strangley, I have gotten nose bleeds, from an 81 mg childrens' ASA, whereas,a 5 gr. Bayer, does not seem to cause that same side effect.

It would be interesting if someone could do a sort of "triage" analysis of the risks of different drugs, ranking them according to how hard they are to make, and how much damage they can cause if they are not properly made. For example, I have been buying dirt cheap generic Nexium from India for about 10% of its US price. I figure Nexium is a glorified antacid, unlikely to kill me, and easy to spot if it isn't working, while some other drugs with more complex and subtle effects I want the real thing.

I have had much success treating Bipolar disorder with Trileptal over the last few years. It has now gone generic, and I have had NOBODY on generic Trileptal manufactured by Glenmark or Sun (both Indian companies) maintained mood stability once they switched. I have no feedback whatsoever yet on the other generic Trileptal manufacturer's products.

Is there a way to get meds from china analyzed?

I’ve seen ads on TV for Caduet. It has two ingredients. One is Amlodipine and the other is Atorvastatin. With my RxDrugCard I can get 30 tablets of Amlodipine for $9 and 30 tablets of Simvastatin for $9. I’ll bet they are charging more than $18 for this new drug! Don’t pressure your doctor into giving you something just because it’s new. Do your homework. Find a drug card like I did at I think that is the best drug card available for prescription discounts.

i take generic zocor (simvastatin) and generic ambien (zolpidem). i now have symptoms of peripheral neuropathy and i've stopped the zocor, will change to name brand ambien (5 mg) for sleep. have to have tests now to find out cause of burning feet, pins and needles in arms and face. what a drag! would appreciate any others' comments.

I too am concerned about these medications. My son has taken Trileptal for six years. When insurance rules forced a switch to generic last year, he has had daily headaches.

Can medication be analyzed here in the US to find out if it is indeed what it claims to be and if any unwanted ingredients are also included?

I keep thinking of the melamine in pet food and milk products. Is there any way to find out if the raw ingredients used in pharmaceutical manufacture have been contaminated with...well, who knows?

Just another scare tactic to keep people from getting cheaper meds from abroad! It's been part of the Republican scheme for years and backed by the Bush administration! My meds from India work fine and people wake up2...most meds are med in India, New Zealand and not here in the U.S. Pfizer has 80 manufacturing plants in the world, and not one here in the U.S.!

I recently bought nexium 40 mg from India. First of all, its a tablet, not a time release capsule as it should be. needless to say, the medication was completely useless. It did not work so I experienced an entire day of gut wrenching reflux symptoms. Nexium is not a glorified antacid, it is a proton inhibitor which in most cases, will last approximately 16 hours. This Indian product had a half life of about 2 minutes. The peak plasma concentration of nexium should be about 1.5 hours. Indeed, not only did it not work, but it was misrepresented as the same exact medicine as the brand. I am a retired Board Certified Physician. I believe that my grievances have some validity.

I have taken a generic type of z -pak, and I swear it caused me to react as if I swallowed pet dander. I only have allergies to animals, and I am wondering if the Indian factory in which is was made had rats, which I am highly allergic to. It may sound ridiculous, but this reaction never happened when I took U.S. marketed Z-pak about 6 years ago. I have only ever gotten hives from contact with a rodent. I have had allergy tests run as well, and have never experienced food or drug allergies. I will avoid these generics if possible, and thank you for your article because I thought I was the only one concerned about these outsourced pharmaceuticals.

I bought S-Fulvin 250 mg (generic Griseofulvin) from for the treatment of ringworms. My sister simply got the original drug from brand name Grifulvin V 500 mg from her doctor in Miami to treat ringworms too, and she said she saw results in 4 days, but still had to take the 500 mg/day dose for 30 days. So, I took 250 mg x2 per day expecting great results at a bargain price, since I lost my job and can't afford a doctor visit yet. For me, it's been over 2 weeks and NO RESULTS AT ALL. Luckily, Capital One refunded my money. Now, I only worry what I've been putting in my body for 2 weeks!!! Glad I found this article.

the generic kelflex called cephalexein made in India and marked 'mfg. aurobino does not work. my husband has a bad infection in his finger and it doesn't work. I have had problems when using that manufacturer also. we get that from kaiser.

Does there exist a list of foreign (India, China) suppliers of generics that are considered to be safe or known to manufacture high quality/safe generics? Or are all of them questionable? Surely some must be known to be above board.

The US medication and pharma industry collude to put high priced drugs in the market.

I have a mom in India that takes Indian medication, and we use some medications from India - fine too.

For example, a Rs.10 for 10 tablets medication for Diabetes works out to 2 cents per pill. This works just fine. Granted, there will be some medicines that may not work too well, but don't just slander the industry.

I guess if you are on some excellent employer paid insurance, go ahead. For the millions that have no health insurance, is there an option?

I just received some generic from GENPHARMA LTD. from India. I took it for 3 days it did not work. had to change back to Zantac.

The simple option is for the FDA to certify these foreign manufacturers to match the same standard's set for US branded manufacturers. Generics save a lot of money. Who will buy aspirin from Bayer (the inventor) at 100% premium?

thank u
great post
love it

My husband broke out in a complete body hive rash after taking a Zpack generic from India...I have read similar stories on the internet today...I'm reporting to the FDA...they must be stopped!!!

My husband broke out in a complete body hive rash after taking a Zpack generic from India...I have read similar stories on the internet today...I'm reporting to the FDA...they must be stopped!!!

I contacted a drug company in Canada to get Plavix for my dad. It is so expensive here and he needs its everyday. I sent a copy of my dad's superscription to Canada and they sent me Medicine from India. It was not the real thing at all. In fact my dad suffered from the medicine.

It was awful. He felt like he was going to have a heart attack. I quickly changed his Plavix back to the one's from the USA and he is doing much better now. The Pharmacist said not to change his Plavix to Canada but I did anyway. It could have been fatal. PLEASE BE CAREFUL out there.

Generic Limictal for seizure control almost killed my daughter. Our pharmacy switched on us, first blaming CVS corporate, then when questioned further blamed our insurance company, which is BS. The drugs coming from India and China are NOT inspected. Remember China already killed our dogs, and they poisoned their own babies with tainted milk, you think they care about our health???? No, only our money, our drugs need to be kept in this country, they want to kill themselves off, go ahead, but never again will my family be given generics.

What a joke this health care system is in, no wonder the good ole USA has become the laughing stock of the world. But as long as the money keeps rolling in to China and India we will keep getting substandard meds. Makes me sick.

I had zopiclone for 7 years witch helped me greatly. But now I got a generic from (Apothecon) MATRIX LABORATORIES ltd. from India. It doesn't work at all. I had severe side effects as well. Any one else with the same problem?

Any news on Carisoprodol from Delta Enterprises in India? After taking them I had bleeding from the anus. It stopped however.

What was the manufacture of the Generic Plavix your father took? I too have 180 tablets of an Indian Generic Clopidogrel (Plavix) and have verified with my doctor that this factory is a good factory. What was the name on the package? Thank you. From Oregon

I have been taking Citalapram make by Dr. Reddy, an Indian Company for almost 6 years. It is the generic for Celexa. I was recently switched to Blu Pharma, a company from the U.S. and noticed that the medication is not working as well. My depression has come back and I feel like I am not taking anything for it now. I have mentioned this to my Target Pharmacist and his response was, "MMMM, that's strange." Anyone out there with a similar experience? My daughter is on the same medication (80mg day, I take 40 mg). She had the same reaction when switched from Dr. Reddy to Blu Pharma.

I have hypertension and take 3 meds including Avapro 300mg that is expensive. After just returning from the local pharmacy angry over increasing prices, I placed my first order from an online pharmacy in India. I got a 4 months supply of drugs for less than I pay for one month here in USA. Drug prices are ridiculous and too many politicians are paid off. Every time I go to the pharmacy the price is higher fore the same prescriptions.

Its my first India order. If it kills me I guess I'll be added to the list of people who died due to greed in the American pharmaceutical industry.

I was taking 20 mg of generic celexa I think from torrent pharma that I got at cvs. I then switched to the same dose by dr reddy pharma that I was getting from Kroger because it was cheaper. It was a 3 month prescription and I started to seriously decline while on it.

I wonder if you just get used to the form you are on and your Dr prescribes at a level that works with the brand you are taking. You may need to modify your dosage based on this new generic. My doctor said it was possible that the new form wasn't breaking down the same way in my stomach and therefore not working the same.

Perhaps you are having a similar experience? As it turned out I switched medications entirely.

I ordered some 10 mg generic Cialis from one of the online dealers and the meds came from India. I had previously had name brand prescribed to me. I used the first 10 mg tablet and I thought I was going to die! Racing heart, breathlessness, etc. There was something wrong with that pill unlike the name brand, and believe me, I did not get the desired effect from the med!

I had some generic xanax (alprazolam) from india (company name cipla) the tablets are called tranax-1 alprazolam 1mg.

The first batch I got were ok but the last batch were dreadful with serious side effects and I have been very ill for weeks with breathing problems headache flu symptoms.

Be very careful with overseas generics.
We just don't know what ingredients they are using for binding, bulking etc.

My experience was the reverse of yours in that I was taking the 20mg of generic celexa from dr reddy with no problems; then my last scrip from rite-aid they switched it to Torrent and I've been feeling sick (nausea, headaches, unfocused) ever since.

I'm going to the drugstore today to tell them that I want a replacement prescription. I just don't feel comfortable taking these new pills. They say they're all the same but I don't believe it!

I buy brand name medications through a Canadian pharmacy. So far, no problems and less cost. They also carry generics which are made in India. I'm placing my trust in the Canadian pharmacy that the Indian drugs are o.k.

I've found the generics from India to be cheaper and the same effectiveness for me. The big difference with my medication was that ordering it online from India as a generic saved me over 80% of the cost of a drug that is not available as generic in the US still.

I have ordered Lipitor generic from Canada Drugs and they sent me a generic made in India by a company called Cipla. Has anyone had experience with this? How do you know it is working? Canada says its generic meds are tested by a third party. How can I be sure of any of this? Lipitor is too expensive in US to take.

I was on Celexa for years, I switched my prescription from CVS to Wal-Mart because Celexa is on their $4 generics list. The tablets from Walmart were manufactured by "Dr. Reddys" I started having really strange symptoms after starting the WM generic, such as blurred vision, cluster headaches, stomach cramps, etc.

After doing about 5 mins of research, I discovered that "Dr. Reddy Pharma" is located in INDIA! I immediately transferred the Rx back to CVS, and stopped taking the medication until I could get a refill from CVS. Upon stopping the WM generic, all of my strange symptoms stopped within 24 hours! After finding all this out, I now ask the pharmacy for the name of the manufacturer of ALL generics I have a Rx for, and if its not mfg. in the USA, I find a pharmacy that carries a generic that is! CONSUMER BEWARE!!

My insurance company forced me to switch from name-brand Synthroid to the generic Levothyroxine. I noticed a "reaction" immediately to the generic version and despite my doctor insisting the pharmacy to DISPENSE AS WRITTEN (the name-brand), the insurance company said "no". The events that followed was, is and continues to be an absolute nightmare. Here is the "short" version.

Over the next several months, I "acquired" several other medical conditions: rosacea, tongue swelling, gall bladder attacks, reduced liver function, digestive issues, back / kidney pain and hair-loss, just to name a few. The hair-loss was so bad, my friends had an "intervention" and asked me if I had cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. WOW! The whole time, my doctor, who I have been very happy with for the last 20 years was baffled. He is no longer my doctor, by the way.

Partially out of desperation, I went to go see a Naturapath, who took one look at me and said, "you either have heavy-metal poisoning or mold toxicity". Excuse me? It took a few weeks of testing, but we finally determined it was mold (Stachybotrys) and the source was, you guessed it, Levothyroxine; a generic medication manufactured in China.

I reported the issue to the pharmacy and their response was, "that's impossible." I reported the findings to my doctor and his response was, "that's impossible." I reported the issue to my insurance company and their response was, "this is not our fault and we cannot do anything about it" and advised me to take it up with the pharmacy again. Since they did not dispense the medication, they cannot be responsible for whatever was in the medication. How convenient for them!

I have been taking medication for congestive heart failure for 10 years--initially as needed, then several months ago daily. I felt my prescription at Target Pharmacy was not doing its job and inquired as to whether it was from a different manufacturer--it was.

Target had switched from SANDOZ to RAMBAXY--a manufacturer in India that has a lengthy history of investigations by the FDA and DOJ for falsifying records, failure to furnish documentation during investigations and selling counterfeit drugs! In 2009 the FDA banned 30 generic drugs from this company! These investigations are recent and ongoing.

I guess I bought into Target's slogan--EXPECT THE BEST! Sometime ago Walmart was exposed for dispensing drugs from RANBAXY--now TARGET. Target resolved my issue by faxing my prescription to CVS.

My big issue with Target is that a drug for congestive heart failure is a life or death issue! Thankfully, the new prescription from CVS is a world of difference. Some elderly people with this condition might not think to question the effectiveness.

I have a number of generic prescriptions distributed by "global" companies. Is there any way to find out if the drugs were made in the US, China, or India? And yet our own Congress prohibits importation from Canada!

After reading some of these responses I'm not sure what to believe. I know you can't trust China, but India is a different story. They have the most US FDA approved manufacturing facilities outside of the US and have their own very stringent regulations because the government over there view pharmaceuticals as critical to their long term economic survival.

Over 60 % of the active ingredients manufactured in India is sold to US companies.... hence a large portion of the branded drugs in the US have "Indian guts". So, do we really know where our drugs are coming from? The same Ranbaxy that was complained about has 3 plants in the US. It is also worth noting that none of the 30 medications from Ranbaxy that experienced a temporary ban in 2008 were found to be contaminated of substandard when tested by the US FDA; US consumers were told they were safe to use.

I bought generic Ultam from a Canadian pharmacy and received TraMol-sr. It came from India. I took one and threw the rest away. The side affects were awful. I felt like I had the flu. Never again will I buy meds over the internet. Those of you that do beware of drugs that come from India.

Had to switch insurance companies due to cost. New company has lousy coverage. Switched to Canadian Pharmacy for generic Celebrex from India (US pharmacies do not offer). Have taken for several weeks with no problems. If our lawmakers would quit lining their pockets with lobbyist money we would not have to resort to this.

I took 2 different antidepressant medications manufactured in India (initially with no knowledge they were manufactured there) and found both of them did not work like either like other name brand medicines or other generics I'd previously taken.

Only after researching the situation emphatically did I realize these were both manufactured in India. Perhaps you have had no problem with your medication because it doesn't need to fall within a narrow window of therapeutic effectiveness. Other medications like central nervous system or endocrine system meds, which have a very narrow therapeutic margin of effectiveness.

Many doctors now recommend that patients *do not* switch to generic drugs after effective treatment with a name brand. Or perhaps you've forgotten the Chinese toy lead paint fiasco, the tainted dog food debauchery or the dry wall crisis. (India is also the only country in the world that still allows the manufacture and use of asbestos.)

Frankly, exporting our health care is wrong & whoever is responsible needs to be corrected. Allowing foreign companies to manufacture medications critical to the health and well-being of our citizens is an issue of NATIONAL SECURITY!!!!

How does one find out where the CVS pharmacy pharmacy get their drugs, do they buy them from China or India?
CVS and caremark merged in business making them the largest pharmaceutical companies in the nation.

I want to find out where they purchase their drugs from.


the Canadian pharmacies GET their drugs from India: where am I supposed to go when I NEED a medicine & my insurance no longer wants to cover it & i cant afford it?

can you NAME these meds that are bad?

I have been using a generic for Plavix, clopidogrel, manufactured in India by Genpharma Pvt. Ltd.
Does any one know of any problems with this medications?
Is there anyway to have the pills tested?


I just found this site by accident while looking up where most of our generic drugs come from. I have been taking the generic version of Imitrex (sumatriptan) for migraines for more than 10 years. Received my renewed prescription from our prescription company that handles it through our insurance. It looked different from what I had been taking, but just thought maybe they had improved the packaging.

After taking one for a migraine the other night, started having hallucinations all the next day, and a bit more the following day. So decided to look more closely as to where these pills were coming from. Guess What??? They are manufactured in India! I want to know why! Remember a few years back when Pres. Bush was telling all us seniors to stop buying our prescriptions from Canada or Mexico, because they were unsafe! This is ridiculous and I am really angry! What the hell is going on in our country?

But the people in India & China have similar diseases and are cured with this Generics only. How come it is non-effective?

I took the generic of ZPac antibiotic made in India and had a bad side effect. My lower legs no longer wanted to move! Quite scary. This is the second time that a medicine from India has negatively affected my health. The first one was a generic capsule. What can the 'average' person do to fight this garbage? I would love to see a law made to ban medicines from Asia!

The People's Pharmacy is hardly a source for unbiased information about the U.S. Pharmaceutical industry. Drugs that are imported from Canada or India are perfectly safe. Next time you pick up that Lisinopril from Wal Mart for $4, look at the packaging to see where it's made. You got it! It was made in India. Most drugs (the overwhelming majority) of drugs sold in the United States are made in China and India and imported here for distribution through big retail pharmacies.

If a drug has no generic, you'll find it only made in the United States and the price is outrageous. Do you think drugs made in the United States are safer? No at all! The big retail pharmacies rarely buy direct from the manufacturer. Instead, they buy from wholesalers. These wholesalers are essentially unregulated by the FDA. Thus, all matter of fake or phony drugs are introduced into the supply chain from the U.S. Manufacturer of the drug to that friend big retail pharmacist who sells it to you and reaps a huge profit.

Don't let the "Peoples Pharmacy" fool you. The pharmaceutical industry is a crooked scam. The answer is to deregulated the pharmaceutical industry and lower the cost of healthcare.

People's Pharmacy response: Bill, we don't disagree. It's true that wholesalers get very little oversight and it is possible for counterfeits to get into the drug supply through that route (see Katherine Eban's book, Dangerous Doses, or listen to our interviews with her:

It is also true that most of the drugs you buy at low cost in your local pharmacy (also those bought via mail order) have been manufactured outside the US. We don't think there is adequate oversight of good manufacturing practice for such medications, but there is clearly sloppy manufacturing practice in some US plants as well.

Where we disagree is in the solution to the problem. We don't see how deregulating an industry where "crooked scams" are the norm will help protect the public.

But haven't you been reading? Most medications are made in India and China so you probably have taken them before and didn't know it. This medication may have not been right for you is all. I find it hard to believe that it's not all in your heads, if it's not THE REAL DEAL, (non generic) people freak out !!!!

I just switched to Indian made Lexapro today because its a lot cheaper but it makes my eyes dry and red. I feel a bit dizzy, heavy head and neck ache as well after taken the medicine. I will switch back to original one.

In December 2011 I went for my physical. One of the nurses suggested I try Wal-mart for my Paxil prescription to save money. I was using a generic from CVS (paroxetine) for over 2 years and felt great on it. At $25.00 per month it was expensive so I gave Wal-mart a try at $10.00 for a 3 month supply.

I have felt horrible since going on it and I am going back on the CVS prescription today. I have had bad headaches, dizziness, am very tense and overall feel like crap. In fact friends and family noticed the difference in me. Come to find out the pills were made in INDIA. I am never taking them again. BEWARE!!

I came across this web site accidentally, and after reading all the posts I came to the conclusion that all of us medicine users better put all of our energies into putting pressure on our government to force the FDA to force all USA drug companies to produce their Name Brand and Generic Brand medicines using USA made and inspected contents.

Also, the FDA must impose that all medicines imported from other countries like China and India must be labeled clearly with the country's name as the producer of the medicine and a warning that the medicine may not be the same as the USA made medicine.

We the people of the USA must put a stop to allowing the USA drug companies to rip us off on high prices and kill us on their drugs! Has anyone heard any of the "political debates" discuss the above issues?

I am a retired family physician. We "enjoy" a free health system which provides free generic medication. Most of the drugs are manufactured in India, provided by the Health Service, but are being increasingly sold to the public and prescribed by their doctors.

Many of these drugs appear to be satisfactory, but I have had several experiences in which patients have changed from their original medication to the cheap generics, causing loss of blood pressure or diabetic control. Control of their condition was regained on reverting to the original drugs.

The only adverse reaction I have seen is a severe dermatitis following the use of Scaboma ointment for Scabies. This was dispensed in lieu of my prescribed drug to a family of five and in two other families not seen by me.

I have for many years prescribed drugs made in India only where the patient insists that they are unable to afford the brand name drug, and they obtain it free of cost in the Health Service.

My wife and I are retired IBMers. So we have a decent prescription plan (Medicare Part D) through IBM. This year they switched to CVS from Medco and guess what? The first two drugs we received were generics made in Dr Reddy's Laboratories in India. Both got tossed in the trash and we had a local pharmacy fill them from US and Canadian manufacturing plants. CVS does list the manufacturer on the bottle and we had to look up where the plant was. My local pharmacist does tell me the location of the manufacturer. The drugs cost me about 2X but no big deal--they went from $5 per bottle to $10 for a 30 days supply.

Same here for "Nexsium" from Nepal. Symptomatic GERD within 3 days

Problems with lamotrigine drug by northstar in Memphis, ten. made in India formulation was too strong. Daughter ended up in hospital with confusion and dizziness.

There is a problem with the different generic counterparts when pharmacies change their manufacture for some of these drugs.

It is a shame that the insurance companies tell our companies and people what to do. The regular drug is not the same as the real drug. It is also a shame that the real drug is too expensive for the average consumer.

Things have good to change to protect people!

Its very interesting discussion. What I feel is original patent holder must share manufacturing with generic players because I am scared to know that Bayer sells nexavar at $5,500 a month in India and I don't think any one can afford that much price. Except 0.01% of Indians.

I took zpack made in china and I have hives. What does it mean?

I have never had a problem with high cholesterol. However, after major heart surgery my cardiologist thought I should start taking Simvastatin. I've been getting it from Walgreens, but with the last refill I asked for Aetna Home delivery. I didn't realize that they would get it from Dr Reddy's Lab in India. The pills looked dark brown and scary. After reading these posts, I don't think I will take this prescription.

Generic drugs are junk. I was just in the hospital because of a bad reaction. I notice that if I fill a script for the same drug at a different pharmacy and get a different generic it might not work as well better or do something its not supposed to do at all. I really need psychological help and want it but if it means taking pills from 3rd world countries and dealing with snooty pharmacists that tell me its fine when it clearly wasn't count me out. I bet that people that work for these companies and their families don't have to deal with this, I pissed the pharmacist off cause I asked if she would give it to her kid. Now they won't let me fill scripts there anymore like I would anyway but it just seems sleazy and kind of makes me think I'm better off without meds.

I was wondering if the box was white and purple. I'm trying to find name of company.

I used the brand Imitrex for migraine headaches for years with excellent results. After being switched to the generic Dr. Reddy's Sumatriptan, I get half the relief of the headache that Imitrex provided, often the headaches reoccur, dragging on for days, and I am getting hives EVERY time that I take the medication. Never had hives with Imitrex.

I was put on venlafaxine several years ago and have many times experienced the horrible withdrawal symptoms from either trying to quit with the help of a doctor, forgetting a dose or sometimes for no reason at all. I spent most of that time uninsured paying over 100 dollars every month to take a medication that I would be incapacitated without, due to it's neuro effects.

Finally one day when fed up with the cost I ordered it from an online source operating out of India. I got 90 pills for 60 bucks and not once had any physical problems. The only thing I don't like about it is the long shipping period.

I recently got a job that offered a health plan, so decided to get my generic med from my pharmacy down the street, and it was only $10. But I started having all the withdrawal affects, despite not changing my dosage. So my doctor wrote me a prescription for the name brand Effexor for $60, and I'm still having the withdrawal symptoms.

I'm waiting anxiously for my order from India to arrive. In the mean time I'm stuck in bed writhing in pain, unable to leave the house because of all the dizzyness, nausea and brain zaps. I don't know what it is about the Indian stuff that makes it so much better than the US sold stuff, but I definitely recommend it for anyone on SSRIs or SNRIs who experience the dreaded withdrawal syndrome.

About 2 weeks ago I visited my doctor for a cold/flu that manifested into a sinus infection and bronchitis. She prescribed a Z-pack antibiotic of 5 pills. My co-pay was $40.00. When my husband brought this home I immediately noticed the words MADE IN INDIA. In the past when I've needed to take this type of antibiotic it worked quickly, within 2 or 3 days, and I would have to remind myself to finish the entire prescription.

Well, I took the entire Z-pack, plus the cough pearls, and a Ventalin inhaler. I was NOT one bit better after 5 days, so I had to go back to my doc. She agreed I was not any better. Now I'm on a stronger antibiotic, Leviquin (1 tablet each day for 7 days) and 2 weeks of prednisone. This is day 4 on the new med therapy, I'm not well, but I do feel much better. I would like to add that every patient should be advised where their drugs are being made so that we have a choice of whether to take them or find another pharmacy.

As a Cancer patient I believe I have a right to know if these toxic or fake drugs will do me more harm than good. Friends, please remember, if our government won't oversee labs and manufacturing warehouses in other countries, then we must be our own medical advocates.

I had a UTI ad took what I believed was a generic of Bactrim, As a nurse I usually check the label and, this time I didn't and took the meds as prescribed, only after 3 days I was not feeling better, but worse, severe headaches, joints swollen and aching, puritis from head to toe plus UTI had gotten worse.

I did an in home urine test and UTI was worse, meds finished, looked at label and checked generic name against the PDR and my nurses drug handbook, not in either, went on line and found I got medication from India.

This COULD NOT of had ANY ACTIVE INGREDIENT, TOOK ANOTHER ANTI-BIOTIC FOR a week, then followed up with an urologist only to find I was suffering from a secondary infection with possibly caused by the first medication being contaminated with e-coli, I am now starting my third round of another anti-biotic, since July as I just can't seem to find a medication to counteract he first bogus med and it's damage.

Ins. co saved a few dollars on the generic form India but it's cost them a lot since. I am switching my meds to Walgreens as soon as one is built close to me, until then I will take my drug handbook with me and refuse anything not listed.

My husband buys heart med from Big Mountain Drugs in Canada. The last refill came from India. He is now experiencing chest pains daily. The scary thing, is that we don't know if the chest pains are occurring due to a lack of effectiveness of the medication, or due to his condition worsening that would have occurred anyways.

Ive taken Z paks many times over the years for simple sinus infections, last week i received one from my pharmacy and immediately noticed it was marked Made in India. I had reservations, but took it anyway. On day 3 I broke out in hives.

I stopped the medication and will never take another drug made in in India, or China after reading all these comments.

I read through nearly all of these comments. It looks to me that most people with issues have problems after knowing the drug is from over seas or are biased to start. This leads me to think that many of the issues people are having are physiological in nature.

I'd bet that the expensive US Brand drug would give bad results if it was packaged in a box saying "Made in India or China..." and the India/China drugs would give great results if labeled, "Made in USA". My wife and I use several RX drugs from India with great results and save about $850 every month! Even if I were filthy rich, I would buy my RX drugs from India. Why waste good money?

BTY, Just because the FDA inspects drugs factories in the US doesn't keep problems from occurring. No amount of government intervention will fix all problems and in many cases causes more. All the intervention only adds to the cost of US drugs and doesn't make them any more effective or safe. If you want cheaper drugs, let the market set the prices and they will be cheaper and better and people will not have to wait for 15 or 20 years for the FDA to approve new meds.


I have to agree with you! I ordered some meds from India recently and am awaiting their arrival. I came here to read this site and almost was scared from taking them. After your keen observation I went back and looked at the comments and realized that you were right and I am definitely going to try my meds from India...they are so much cheaper why would I spend more?
Thank you for sharing your experience.

I am guessing you do not know what an AB rated generic is?

I recently, within the last two years, began using Cialis with great results. When I told him that my insurance didn't cover it, my urologist gave me a nice supply of free samples. When I ran out, I called my local Walgreens to find out that each pill without insurance would cost $18! Insane! This is a whole other issue for another day, however.

So instead of bothering my doctor every few months I ordered a supply of 60 "generic" 40 mg Cialis pills from India. The 20mg pills of brand name Cialis that I got from my urologist were not available online, so I figured I'd try the 40mg versions and would cut them in half if it was too much. So they came in about 12 days, and I tried one out; I was skeptical at first because each pill was only about a dollar, and generally in life if something seems too good to be true it probably is...

So I immediately noticed that the side effects I usually get with Cialis began about a half an hour after the first pill. Bad heart burn, slight headache, slight inflammation of nasal membranes. I was never so happy to get these side effects, because it meant that the drug was good! And it did work I found out that night! Now as far as safety is concerned, I would probably stay away from drugs made in China; I'm not too confident I'm getting a safe product when it comes from China!

I don't know that India is better, I've never heard anything bad about their exports, but that doesn't mean anything. Something like Cialis is one thing. If you're getting a medication from overseas that you must take everyday, and that missing this medication for any length of time could be life threatening, like blood pressure meds or other cardiovascular drugs, I would probably still look for generic versions, but I wouldn't get them from overseas. It's not worth the risk. One great thing about Cialis is that the overseas version is generic; the US has no generic alternative, so the companies that make Cialis and Viagra are raking it in.

I had thought that once a drug is on the market for 10 years that other companies were then allowed to produce generic versions, but I guess I was wrong. Viagra has been around well over 10 years and there's no generic available here. So the generic Cialis works great and at $60/ sixty pills it's a great buy. They gave me 4 free Viagra pills with the order but I haven't tried one yet. Again, as with the Cialis, they only come in 100mg pills I stead of the 50mg I've taken in the past, so I'll probably cut this one in half when I try it.

I hope this was helpful. You may want to consult with your doctor before ordering these meds to see if he thinks the benefits outweigh the risks, if any.
Dr. M

I am taking Farcun 200 fluonazole for yeast I can only find Farcan, has anyone ordered yeast meds? I have been really sick starting to get concerned. I just need to know this a real drug payed 326.00 for 120 pills.

Does anyone have experience buying generic Benicar from India?

For years I used Timolol Maleate manufactured by Falcon in Texas for my Glaucoma. This product decreased my eye pressure from 27 in both eyes to 13 & 14 without any side effects.

A couple of years ago my drug provider switched to Timolol Maleste manufactured by FDC Limited at 8-8,M.I.D.C., Waluj; Dist.Aurangabad 431 136 India. My eye pressure spiked to 20 & 21 and my eyes were constantly bloodshot.

I stopped using this version of Timolol and used sevral bottles of Falcon manufactured Timolol that I still had. The eye pressure deceased first to 17 then back down to 13 & 14. When I ran out of the Falcon-made Timolol I reverted to the FDC / India Timolol only to see my pressure increase to 19 & 20 with constant eye pain,redness and several broken blood vessels..

If I can't get my drug provider to see the light and provide the home grown generic Timolol manufactured by Falcon, I will get it on my own.

A word to the wise: Third World Countries will provide Third Rate Products especially when they are not being supervised.

I have ordered Prednisone (Prednisolone) from India for years and it works fine.... ditto Albuertol (Salbutrol) inhalers.

The drugs are named differently, as they are in all of Europe and The Middle East/Asia.

My only issue is the packages end up held by Customs and I get a letter asking if they are mine and are they legal!!! Just send my packages, Big Brother.... I need medications to BREATHE and when I can get the same result at 20% the cost... PLEASE allow me my meds w/o the hassles!

People's Pharmacy response: Your comment is a reminder that different people have had varying experiences. We do recommend that consumers exercise caution and know something about the purveyor when they buy medications.

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