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How Dangerous Is Brazil Nut Gluttony?

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Q. I was taken aback by your remarks about limiting the number of Brazil nuts eaten. Many years ago when I was growing up, my parents bought nuts at Christmastime. Brazil nuts were my favorites and I ate tons of them. I continued the tradition as an adult. I ate lots myself and gave them to my children.

I have not seen Brazil nuts much recently and I seldom eat them. But what did I do to my health and my children’s with all these nuts?

A. Any health problems that might arise as a result of excess selenium would fade after you were no longer eating Brazil nuts or other selenium-rich foods. Selenium is a little bit like Goldilocks’ porridge: you need enough, but not too much.

The most common symptoms of selenium poisoning are seen in hair and nails. They can become quite brittle and fall out. Other problems you might have noted around Christmastime could have included rash, stomach upset, irritability or fatigue.

The tolerable upper limit of selenium is 400 micrograms a day for adults and less for children. An ounce of Brazil nuts, about half a dozen, may contain as much as 800 micrograms of selenium, so it makes sense not to gorge on too many too often.

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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.5/5 (133 votes)
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My husband is deathly allergic to brazil nuts, so this story caught our eye. We are wondering if it might have something to do with the high levels of selenium in them, and if that is what he is allergic to? He is not allergic to any other type of nut, although avoids them all since many nuts are processed with Brazil nuts.

He developed the allergy at the age of 4, when his parents had to rush him to the emergency room because his tongue and throat had swelled shut. Years later, when he was in his twenties, I had the same experience with him. However, a trip to the ER, or some adrenaline and epinephrine are all it takes to relieve the symptoms, just like many other nut allerges.

Also, I just did a bit of research at the Office of Dietary Supplements website and found that canned tuna and large amounts of cooked beef have the 2nd and 3rd largest amounts of selenium in them (trace compared to Brazil nuts, though). However, he sometimes has a strange reaction of minor throat swelling to eating these two things as well. (

If you have any thoughts on if his allergy is actually to selenium, we would appreciate hearing them.

Earlier this week I ate a large quantity (probably about 20 or 25) of brazil nuts and suddenly began to feel a constriction in my lungs. My skin then felt very hot, and looking in the mirror I saw that I had turned a bright shade of red all over my face and body. The symptoms began to recede after about 10 mins (while my husband and I were deciding whether to call a doctor) and disappeared within about 30 minutes. Apart from feeling a bit sick and shaky for a while, I have had no subsequent ill effects. Does this mean I am now allergic to brazil nuts or could I still eat them in moderation?

I eat Brazil nuts all the time. In fact, just before reading this article, I had pushed back at least 10. I eat them almost every day for a snack between breakfast and lunch and sometimes a second time between lunch and dinner. I eat them regularly during Christmas time and throughout the year (when available under $6.00/bag). I have never had any symptoms of rashes, irritability, or gastric problems. To compound the selenium intake problem, I also eat tuna and peanuts (both up there on the list of high selenium foods).

Could it be possible that my body has become accustomed to having high amounts of the mineral in my body? Much like a smoker would with tobacco? I have never really considered myself in danger if I polish off a 1/4lb bag of Brazil nuts in a day or two. Should I be?


I have a similar allergy as Lori explained for her husband. AND for the past year have been treated for hypothyroidism...there has to be a link and i'm looking for more info.


I have always been extremely allergic to Brazil nuts. I eat other nuts occasionally with no problems whatsoever. However, if I eat other nuts that have been processed with Brazil nuts I get a severe reaction including throat and lung constrictions.

I had an experience several years ago on Christmas Eve, where I ate two Brazil nuts and promptly felt dizzy, fell down and hit my head and couldn't get back up. I happened to be at my parents house for the holidays so they called 911. The ambulance showed up in about 3 minutes (even though there was a blizzard here in Denver), and they said if they'd been delayed I would have been dead due to expansion of capillaries reducing oxygen flow to my brain. I now read food labels extremely carefully! I can't even imagine how much of a pain it must be to have the same issue with peanuts!!

I am also highly allergic to Brazil nuts. I found out about the allergy as a child. Having only had maybe 4 incidents, I now carry an Epi-pen. As long as I knew there were no Brazil nuts, I have always gone ahead and eaten all the other nuts. Until, the case of the Rocky Road ice cream. Apparently, the almonds had run out and they finished the recipe with Brazil nuts!! I took two licks and knew within moments I was having a reaction. These type of nuts are very oily and are used as substitutes for other types of nuts. Someone told me that Brazil nuts or the oil is being added to lipstick. SO BEWARE!!

for years at Christmas time my eyes would get irritated and watery. Skin dry and very itchy, always more so at Christmas than any other time in the winter. This one holiday season I was at my friends house and his children needed some nuts cracked. I picked up a Brazil nut and cracked it. Within seconds my eyes started watering , so I rubbed them with my fingers. Within one minute my whole face had swollen up. It looked like I was rocky at the end of rocky part one. My throat felt extremely dry and irritable. (always an open bowl of nuts at Christmas time).

Earlier today (between 4-6pm) I probably ate about 20-30 brazil nuts, mainly because I was peckish, and they were the only snack at hand! About 7pm I started getting stomach pains, which peaked (pain) at about 9-9:30pm. It is 11:15pm now and the pain has dulled. I am guessing I got selenium poisoning? It was not an experience I would want to go through again, and will definitely not be touching Brazil's for a while!! Brazil nut gluttony isn't worth it, I hope this saves someone the pain!!

My partner just ate one Brazil nut and within 3 minutes, his tongue swelled to 5 times its thickness and double its width. He can barely talk.
He took 10 mil of piriton (antihistamine) and the Dr said that it should be enough but if it worsens to go into hospital. He has no allergies to anything else and never knew he was allergic to BN's. Neither of us had any idea they were so potent/dangerous.

I'm glad I found this. I think I may be allergic to brazil nuts also. I eat nuts every day of my life but rarely Brazil nuts. A couple weeks before Christmas I brought a bag of mixed nuts and started eating all the brazil nuts. I liked them so much I got a whole bag of them.

I was eating about 10 - 12 of them a day. My reaction was not immediate but within a few days I started to feel discomfort in my chest area. As described in the above letters like a tightness or constriction. It came and went within about 30 to 45 seconds. I felt this almost every day so I called my doctor. They said call 911 and go to the emergency room.

I drove myself there and they kept me in the hospital for 24 hours. They performed a battery of tests on me thinking it was my heart. All tests came back negative. They said my heart and lungs are fine. I was relieved but also irritated because I wanted to know what this feeling was. Then I began to wonder if it could be something I was eating.

Then I thought of the Brazil nuts . Does this sound like a nut allergy ? Starting today 1/1/10 I wont eat anymore of them and I'll see what happens. Can this type of allergic reaction come upon someone slowly as opposed to the almost immediate reaction others describe?

An allergic reaction to the nuts would most be caused by an antigen (protein specific to the nut) that his body recognized and activated his immune defenses. Since selenium is needed (albeit very small doses) for the functioning of the body, it is highly unlikely your husband has an allergy to selenium.

While it is impossible to rule out that your body has adapted to high levels of selenium, it is likely that such high levels are having an ill effect on you at the cellular level even if it has not manifested itself as physical symptoms. Metals like selenium are needed in trace amounts in the body for specific proteins to operate. However, when there is too much of these trace metals, they can interfere with the functioning of other proteins around them.

Body mass, metabolic rate, and efficiency of the liver are all variables that may be acting in your favor, but the long and short of it is that you shouldn't be stressing your body by giving it high levels of selenium, or any other trace metal for that matter.

A difference needs to be drawn between allergic reactions to brazil nuts and selenium poisoning. These two illnesses are caused by different pathways in the body and while they may exhibit somewhat similar symptoms, they are not linked.

Allergies to nuts, including brazil nuts, are caused by antigens contained in the nuts that your body's immune system recognizes as foreign. A cascade of immune reactions results, of which histamine is one of the main offenders. These cause the breathing difficulties and hives that people have described above. The severity of the allergy will vary between individuals, but it will likely not take many nuts to trigger a reaction if the body has an allergy to it.

On the other hand, selenium poisoning would require many more nuts to be ingested than would cause an allergic reaction. Selenium poisoning is like any other metal poisoning, it interferes with the activity of proteins is not supposed to be associated with. It would take more time to develop symptoms of poisoning than allergies, since it must be digested and absorbed for the metals to enter the bloodstream and tissues of the body, while an allergic reaction could be triggered by breathing in trace amounts of the nut antigen in the air.

Hopefully this will help all of you differentiate your symptoms into one cause.

The first thing gets into my mind after reading all those allergy like symptoms that some persons do and the other do not experience while eating Brazil nuts is actually an allergy reaction to mold MYCOTOXINS which are scientifically proven content of Brazil nuts and many other nuts (peanuts are the second on the list, but black pepper and maize also).

I'm not an M.D., only a biologist and never experienced anything similar but I humbly suggest to anyone whom has had such an allergy/poisoning symptoms from eating Brazil nuts to seriously check for mycotoxin allergy, better to say to undergo tests for food allergy, specially to foods well known for their mycotoxin inoculation. There is a great chance something important will be revealed.

Good health and greetings from Serbia

I have been eating brazil nuts for the last 3 months - a few a day usually. I have been
getting a dry mouth lately, especially the tongue, but only when I sleep. It wakes me up
as I have to get some water, but then in a hour or two I wake up again. Last night I had about a dozen of a new batch of brazil nuts and it was worse. Very dry tongue, woke up with heart pounding. Stopped the nuts today, but 1 am woke with pounding heart, very dry tongue and tingling arms. Any idea how long it will take to go away?

Thanks Dave.

Years ago I was pigging out on handfuls of Brazil nuts on top of eating cereal all the time. After a few week s of eating handful after handful of these things something weird happened. I was sitting at home by myself and start to notice I felt really cold from the top of my head and just sick to my stomach. I started to panic heart was pumping and ran outside to find my parents who were on a walk. I was breathing quickly having this weird panic attack.

My parents and I got inside and I started to freak because I felt like I was going to black out which I did. My vision went black for a few but I was still conscious. After that my nerves felt shot and I went for a walk with my dad I felt so lightheaded/Dreamlike. After that I didn't touch Brazil nuts and suffered from weird panic attacks for a month after. Weirdest thing ever, after I stop the Brazil nuts the symptoms slowly resided.

selenium absolutely affects the thyroid gland, as does iodine.

There is a journal article regarding 201 cases of selenium poisoning in the US in 2008, where a supplement was sold with 200 times the stated amount of selenium. Those who were sick took an average of 40,000mcg of selenium daily for at least two weeks (this would be the equivalent of 400 to 4000 brazil nuts daily - the selenium in Brazil nuts can vary by a factor of ten) These people suffered diarrhea, hair loss, nail discoloration and nausea.

Only one person was hospitalized. Some symptoms persisted for over ninety days.

So I think it is unlikely that you would get selenium poisoning from eating a handful of nuts, maybe you are allergic to them. Garlic breath and hair falling out are early warning signs of selenium toxicity.

There is a report of death from sodium selenite poisoning in a 75 year old man with prostate cancer who had heard that selenium could be used to treat prostate cancer. He took 10g of sodium selenite in one day (equivalent to 50,000 200mcg capsules) and died the same day.

The other thing is selenium can displace mercury - if you have amalgam fillings or other
sources of mercury, mercury itself can cause neurological symptoms, such as tachychardia and nerve tingling.

After eating seafood paella in a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro last week, my tongue, lips and palate swelled up to where my speech was distorted. I ran to my room and swallowed two Benadryl tabs. When I returned to the restaurant, the symptoms continued to worsen. Swallowing became difficult, but breathing was OK. I went the lobby and called for an ambulance that never came after waiting 40 min. In that time someone gave me a Claritin tab, which I chewed and swallowed.

A lady from the US had an Epi-Pen but did not provide it because she wanted a physician to approve it. No physician was present, so no Epi-Pen. Thankfully the Benadryl kicked in and the symptoms stabilized. The hotel provided a wheelchair and a towel filled with ice cubes. My friends said that my face had turned almost maroon during that time.

I checked what ingredient could have been present in the rice that started the initial symptoms. Guess what? Brazil nut oil is often used to cook rice as well as fish in Brazil. I have had anaphylactic type reactions to Brazil nuts once or twice since I was 8 years old. Although I have been to Brazil three times previously I never had a problem because I apparently didn't eat any food prepared in Brazil nut oil.

When I tried to get an Epi-Pen while in Rio I was told that no pharmacies carried them. It is still hard for me to believe that this is true in a city of over 7 million. I was able to get a physician to provide a friend of mine with two 1-mL carpules of epinephrine and a pack of syringes. On the plane, I had another minor reaction to a multigrain roll that caused my tongue to swell slightly. I chewed up two Benadryl tabs and I recovered soon after (1 hour).

I picked up a two-pack of Epi-Pens back in the US. My co-pay cost: $25. Insurance payment: $165. This is an expensive solution for those who do not have insurance. Epinephrine carpules and syringes are a less expensive alternative but some training is needed and this option is more time consuming to those without training on measuring out the 0.1 to 0.3 mL that are required.

I hope that this information saves someone the frightening and dangerous experience that I had on this trip.

Note; I avoided other food experiences by having a friend write a note in Portuguese on the back of a business card that said I could not eat any food processed in nut oil.

Hello Everyone,

I am glad I found this board and read all of your stories. It sounds like most of the reactions have been anaphylactic in nature. I have been eating Brazil nuts lately upon the recommendation from a book, The Clear Skin Diet, that Brazil nuts contain Selenium which is good for the skin. I have always loved Brazil nuts so I thought it would be a great way to help my skin and have a healthy snack - but, I never ate them as often and in as much quantity as I do now.

I am not allergic to nuts (so I thought) and never expected to have a reaction. But, about three days ago, my head began to itch and then I noticed little red welts all over my body - hives. Now the hives are much larger and they are more prevalent in the evening and over night. Is it possible that this is a reaction to Brazil nuts?

Everyone else seems to be saying it's more of a breathing issue. I was probably eating about 10-12 nuts a day. Please let me know if HIVES can be a symptom of a nut allergy as well. Otherwise, I haven't a clue what is causing these hives. THANK YOU!


Here's an article with a good description of Brazil nut proteins and allergy associated with them. I was test subject number 3 in the skin prick test. I reacted to a dilution of 1:1,000,000 by subcutaneous testing. If you have any doubt at all--see a physician before you have a reaction and carry 2 Epi-pens. It may take awhile for paramedic rescue to get to you and epinephrine has a short duration of action.

I'm allergic to Brazil nuts too. No other kind of nut though that I am aware of. My mom and dad thought my allergies were all in my head so my mom baked my birthday cake using brazil nuts. Big mistake Happy birthday nutbar son!!!! I'm also allergic to molds extremely. Cats and horses and some tree and grass pollens.

Read all comments above - thought I was the only one with severe Brazil nut allergy. Just glad I'm not alone. I have noticed over the last few years they're becoming more and more common as ingredients whereas in my youth they were a scarcity except at Christmas. My advice - avoid all nuts - especially mixed!

Big thanks for advice.

My wife is always telling me not to eat so many Brazil Nuts. The lat 10 days I have eaten more than usual - may be up to 6 a day - may be a total of 40 nuts or may be up to 6mg of selenium which is way too much. I have noticed a metallic taste in my mouth. That known in Selenium toxicity so i am going to stop for a while and not OD in future !
Malcolm NZ

I ate more than 20 Brazilian nuts and started to feel lethargic. I went upstairs to go to bed and noticed my face felt swelled-up and hot and was a maroon to redish color. My face looked like I was out in the sun all day and got a terrible sunburn all over my face. I then had symptoms of tachycardia and started feeling like my body was freezing.

At that time I felt my body shaking while I was under the covers of my bed trying to warm up. I knew it was not that cold inside my house for me to be shaking as bad as I was. It felt as if I was outside in the winter without no clothes on. My mouth was shaking and my legs were shaking also. I could not warm up under the covers so I decided to try to trick my body into thinking I was not cold by taking a real hot shower by staying in the shower to heat up my body.

I did not know at the time that I was having an allergic reaction to Brazilian nuts because I have never had any allergic reactions before like this and have ate Brazilian nuts before without any symptoms. I then stayed in the shower about 15-20 minutes while the whole time my body was shaking vigorously. I then stopped shaking a little bit and got out of the shower just to see that my symptoms did not go away and I started shaking again. I then got right back in the shower and stayed in there for about 10 more minutes and then quickly got out and got underneath the covers and my shaking finally subsided because the covers then trapped in all the heat my body was producing from the hot shower.

I felt like I could not sleep at night and was afraid to even drive myself to the emergency department. The next day my nose was running all-day-long even though I took six Sudafed tablets. My coworker told me to take Allegra because my face turning as red as it did showed that I was having an allergic reaction. I just took an Allegra and it seems like my nose is starting to stop running. I am posting this because I read other people's articles and am glad to find out it was not the flu that I was suffering and it was an allergic reaction.

I had the same symptoms as you and have wrote on this blog. I am very glad that you shared your story because it helped me to see that I am not allergic to Brazilian nuts. I also felt sick and shaky for about 30 minutes until the symptoms went away from taking a real hot shower. I felt so cold and shivering all over my body that I took a shower to try to warm up.

I did not know that it was because I was having an allergic reaction to Brazilian nuts and just thought that I caught a real bad bug from someone and was suffering from the flu. My coworker told me that my face turning really red most likely sounded like I was suffering an allergic reaction because it happened right after I ate the Brazilian nuts.

My future advice to myself is just because something is suppose to be good for you, it does not mean that if you consume a lot of something that is a little good for you that it will be a lot better for you. I plan to stay away from Brazilian nuts in the future just to prevent any more of these reactions.

My advice to you is that if there is something that does not agree with your body, you should not try to provoke it because you are putting a lot of stress on your kidneys and other organs that you do not need to have on them. I would just try eating other types of nuts.

Wthin the last year, I have been eating mixed nuts as a snack. Then I noticed that I start coughing from time to time after eating the nuts. I do not have the same effect when I avoid eating Brazil Nuts.

Today I just ate 1/2 cup of nuts and one Brazil nut (thinking that one nut would not be a problem). However my cough lasted longer, likely due to throat constriction. The reaction lasted 20-30 min.

For sure the next time, I will not eat Brazil nuts at all and have an antihistamine with me. I will also mention this problem to my doctor at the next visit.

I also think that this reaction is likely due to a protein allergen not to selenium toxicity (I am not a doctor but a biologist)
The posts above were helpful. Thank you all who posted their story.

Be very careful with Brazil nuts. In 2002 I happened eat about 6-8 of them when suddenly my chest constricted, felt very heavy and I was unable to breathe for about 2-4 minutes, breaking out in a cold sweat. I suspected I could have had a heart attack, but felt my nut consumption was probably to blame and did not seek medical attention.

Four years later an EKG revealed an irregularity that after further tests proved I had had a heart attack. Doctors are skeptical about the nuts causing it, but I avoided Brazil nuts until Nov. 2011. After eating several, the same symptoms appeared, chest constriction, etc., except I WAS ABLE to breathe. Based on my medical history my husband called the ambulance and paramedics. My blood pressure, blood sugar an oxygen levels were normal, but this time I noticed the soles of my feet burning and itching. Hives appeared on my stomach and arms.

I opted to contact my cardiologist the next day rather than go to the emergency room since I'd had normal results from a routine heart nuclear stress test in August. I now have an epipen in the event this problem recurs, however, you can bet I'll be avoiding Brazil nuts for the rest of my life.


This is strange. I remember eating Brazil nuts when I was young but when I go older I never knew I was allergic to nuts at all. I do remember getting a slight rash when I was young but that was it when I got older and in my 40's I had a trip to the hospital which almost I died from peanut sauce on some ribs at work. My throat closed up and cpr had to me done on me and I remember is waking up in the hospital the next day. The smell of planters peanuts drives my senses crazy. I cannot tolerate it or peanut butter.

I bought a bag of brazil nuts last week and my son and I were eating a small handful each most days. After a couple of days, I started to get very distressing symptoms (sensation of brain expansion and swollen throat, primarily), but hadn't made the connection until today when I hadn't eaten anything else and thought to look into it online. My son has been complaining of itchy spots (little red patches, if you look hard) all over for a few days, and no other explanation is evident. I shall dispose of the remaining nuts and see how his skin goes.... I certainly won't ever be tempted to try another one!

I was eating about 4-5 handfuls a day for 3-4 days before I got really sick and stopped eating them. I can't even stand the smell of them now and I threw them all out. Now I've had constant diarrhea for the last 4 days and can only eat a little bit of food at a time because it's hard to keep down. How long will this last? It doesn't seem to be getting better :(

I've been allergic to Brazil nuts for as long as I can remember.
First exposure was around the age of 4 or 5. The only thing I remember was an itchy mouth, tongue, & throat, and my lips and tongue swelling.

The second time it happened was when I ate a small bite of some easter candy when I was 11 or so. If I remember correctly the oral reaction (itching and swelling) wasn't as severe, but it did cause me to vomit terribly a short time later. I think the initial attack was slightly weaker because of the small amount of the nut which I consumed.

The third reaction was around the age of 17/18. I grabbed a handful of bridge mix and included in the mix is, of course, chocolate covered brazil nuts. For some reason the reaction always waits until just after I swallow before it kicks in, then it rears it's head. This time was much worse than ever- Itchy tongue, cheeks, and lips. Swelling tongue and constricting throat, difficulty breathing and hives. My mom promptly drove me to the ER. Two magic phrases that get you immediate treatment in an emergency room are 1) heart attack 2) anaphylaxis (or I ting om habbing allegy am I cand breev) as long as you can convey that your throat is constricting, they'll pay attention.

There I received epinephrine and benadryl and I learned about the "second wave" attack, which happens after you survive the initial anaphylactic blast. Second wave consists of your stomach contents violently being projected across the room. It doesn't last long, but it's not fun.

I'm glad I found this forum, it reminded me that i need to get a new epi-pen - if you discover you have an allergy, especially a nut allergy- don't play around, they typically get heavier, faster and more deadly with every exposure.

my mom had brizilian nuts last night and today she woke up sweating non stop, being sick & shaking why is this?

I bought a bag also and I was up to eating between 6-8 a day. I noticed that I was getting so sick during the day that I had to stop what I was doing to rest. I became SEVERELY sick, sweating, legs numb, face hot, shaking, unable to restore proper breathing pattern, metallic taste in mouth and a bad headache. I will NEVER eat these things again. The hospital said that it was not an allergic reaction. The doctor said that my body was responding to an overdose of selenium! I think there should be a warning label attached to these nuts as a precautionary measure.

I had a simular reaction to eating some brazil nuts a few weeks ago. I am hypothyroid and the brazil nuts created what felt like hyperthyroid symptoms. I woke up after three hours of sleep with a racing heart and I was very hot and could not sleep. I had some beta blocker medication which I was prescribed years ago when I was suffering from hyperthyroidism, I took one dose and felt a bit better. I remembered reading recently that selenium deficiency could cause someone to become hypothyroid so I began taking selenium supplements and I became hyperthyroid as a result. Selenium is needed to convert T4 into active T3 hormone so if a person doesn't have enough selenium they will become hypothyroid.

I have been experimenting with the amount of selenium and brazil nuts I am consuming and I have been able to cut back on my Armour thyroid medication by 75%. I have been taking 800 mcg of selenium a day and consuming about 8 to 10 brazil nuts as well for the last 6 days and I have been feeling much better. I have contacted my doctor and he is planning to run thyroid tests on me next week to see if my thyroid is really working on less medication while consuming the selenium supplements. As of today it appears that I can cut my thyroid medication by possibly 87% or more.

I would guess that anyone having the same experience as your mom and I would most likely be suffering from hypothyroidism.

People's Pharmacy response: We emphasize that this type of experiment should be done in collaboration with your doctor. 800 micrograms of selenium a day could be toxic.

Lately I have been snacking on brazils for their selenium due to a suspected under active thyroid. Three days ago I got itchy spots starting in the back of my head. Soon after large itchy hives travelled down over my shoulders, chest, torso and the next day my arms, backside and legs.

I am allergic to penicillin mould so thought I had accidentally ingested some in my food. After finding this site I am now wondering if it was the nuts and as someone suggested "mycotoxicity". At last this is all making sense so thanks for your help. I also will be avoiding them in the future.

It seems as though nobody got the memo; eat ONLY 1-2 Brazil nuts a day. That dosage is the amount of selium you need for your thyroid hormone to function normally. Either 1 Brazil nut or approximately 6 cups of crimini mushrooms.

Had an episode at 3 years old and one when 12 years old ("so long has passed it can't hurt me again... ouch!"). I had only eaten a small bite both times and both times my parents rushed me to the hospital. From then on, always carried with me a cortisone pill and now an epi-pen. AFAIK I'm only allergic to Brazil nuts, I can eat all the "normal" nuts (never tried macadamia or pecan though, not common in my region) as long as I crack them out of their shell.

Doctors told me the brazil nut allergy works for accumulation because, for some reason, my body cannot process some of the elements in it. There is an allergen database online showing that brazil nuts contain two special allergen not contained in anything else (according to the database) and I think that this might be the reason why I can safely eat other nuts. Careful! it could work differently if you are allergic to other nuts too.

Hope this helps, only it's a stress to be always on guard, a couple of weeks ago there were Brazil nuts in a salad in the cafe' I was about to eat in, needless to say I changed my lunch plan!

hace aproximadamenten tres meses consumi una generosa cantidad de nueces del brasil. En ese momento no sabia que producian alergias sin embargo hace 15 dias me salio un brote en la espalda y axilas. es bastante doloroso. parece que es herpes ¡sera que esta ingesta de nueces me produjo este molesto brote?
agradezco me informen algo al respecto.

People's Pharmacy respuesta: Creemos que las nueces del brasil probablemente no tienen responsibilidad. (tiempo que paso entre el consumo y el brote) Si es herpes, una medicina antiviral tal vez ayuda al alivio

My thyroid readings fluctuate and so do my moods/memory etc. Doctor says until I have 3 consec high reading he will not do anything.
I read that 1-2 Brazil nuts would help and they do help but only to a point.

I am going to docs for Blood tests and wondered how long before the Blood tests I should stop eating Brazil nuts to give a clear reading.

I have been eating 3 Brazil Nuts a day for quite a few months now. (Solely for the health benefits of selenium).
A few weeks ago, I noticed that my nails have become very brittle (peeling) and notice hair falling out.
I have also been waking up with a bad taste in my mouth.
I am so grateful to has read the article and all the comments. I am definitely stopping the consumption of the Brazil Nuts and will find another source of selenium. Thanks!!

Hi everyone,

There is something else to consider with Brazil nuts, and that is that they are particularly prone to getting moldy and many people have mold allergies. I can often taste this in them. Germany has severely restricted the sale of Brazil nuts for this reason.
What a shame...

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