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New Ways to Get Rid of Skin Tags

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Q. Some time ago I read in your column about someone who had success removing skin tags with a liquid bandage. I would appreciate hearing about this remedy.

I have several of these growths around my neck where the chain of my necklace rests. I have been considering having them removed by a dermatologist, but would like to try this remedy first.

A. We have heard from many readers who tell us New-Skin Liquid Bandage works: “I used it twice a day for three days and the skin tags came off!” Others tell us it may take a few weeks.

Another approach some readers have tried involves a wart remedy: “I found Compound W works just as well for getting rid of skin tags.”

There is also an old-fashioned approach to skin tag removal: “I had a rather large one on the side of my neck. My dermatologist said to just ignore it. Soon after, I mentioned to a friend (an orthopedic doctor) how much I hated it, and he promptly tied and knotted a piece of thread around it and cut the ends off real close. You couldn't even see it. He said that would shut off the blood supply to the tag and it would fall off very quickly. It was gone in three days.”

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  • Currently 4.1/5
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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.1/5 (280 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I have these tags over my body and I was wondering if these are related to diabeties. I have this and I also understand it is in the genes. Is this true? Thank you.

I question tying string on skin tags. This produces a non draining wound that might be susceptible to Tetanus.

I read about this removal of TAGS using New Skin on your site and decided to give it a try. It does work! I found that that you have to experiment a lot and keep adding more layers of New Skin each day. The stuff is not cheap for the amount you get and I really think it is just Clear Fingernail Polish with a fancy name---it sure smells like it. I wish I knew someone to run ingredient tests of both products and see how they match up.

I noticed the comments re. using thread to remove skin tags. My daughter swears by dental floss.......Just tie tightly around the tag, and it comes off in a few days.

Lil Gibson
Greensboro, NC

Several years ago my Dr. told me to use the dental floss method on skin tags, it did work. Was at the dermatologist a while back for something else and while there mentioned some skin tags. The nurse cut them off with a sissors and told to do the same next time.
I'm concerned about using "New Sking" now if it can kill off a skin tag what does it do to a wound?

I have not tried the liquid bandage yet, but I have used dental floss to tie off skin tags that have long pedicles. My dermatologist charges $10 per tag to snip them off with small sharp scissors.

I just used the tying off method and it really works. Most importantly if the tag is on your neck or another spot that is hard for you to work on yourself get help. Mine was on my neck so I had my husband help me. He tied an ordinary piece of sewing thread as tightly as he could as close to the base of the skin tag as he could get and then knotted it 3 or 4 times. It did sting a little for a few minutes, but after that it was completely painless. Within 30 or 40 minutes it was looking darker. The next morning it was really dark, and by the second day it was totally black and starting to harden up and shrivel up. On the 4th day it just came right off, thread and all.
This was a fairly large tag that had been there for nearly 20 years, so I assume that a smaller tag would come off even faster.

My OB/GYN told me to cut them off with scissors, which I do regularly with no problems. Bleeds for a minute or two--just put a bandaid on it.

New Skin also works on warts. Just paint it on and the wart will disappear in a few days.

I tied off a skin tag, apparently not tight enough -- it's now red, sore and swollen! I was afraid to cut it because I thought it might bleed too much, but I'm going to try the New Skin approach and hope that works!

I have tried a couple of methods on my skin tags... a lot of skin tags, many different sizes from tiny to very large, including a few I call "hanging large ones" with a base width of a penny. Cutting works well, slight sting, healed in a day or so... I also tried the string method with no sucess on one of the large hanging ones. The problem I believe doing that was... I used thread, with such a large skin tag I should have used something larger like the dental floss. The thread had cut into the skin tag instead of cutting off the circlation. I plan on trying the dental floss in the near future. I still have many tags under my arms... a lot of cutting that I am reluctant to do. Looking for other methods like wart remover, freezing or trying new skin/nail polish. Cutting is still an option...just thinking about spending money on expensive very sharp scissors, nippers or a blade. Then using silver nitrate to help stop the bleeding on the large ones.

I tried it....I did the triple Whammy. I had a mini raisin...rather a skin tag on my neck/shoulder. I tied a thread around it, used new skin, and clear band-aids and in a week it fell off. I am so pleased. Thanks for all your help.

Beginning 2 weeks agok I used liquid bandage on my skin tags. Within a couple of days some of them turned brown. Wtihin a week they were falling off. Right now I still have a few small bumps left, but the rest fell off.

I have had them for years, under my arms, around my waist where the band of the underwear goes around and they have made me very conscious of always wearing the right size sleeves. This morning I came across an article about liquid bandage and I am really excited about using it. I asked my doctor about it one time as far as removal goes and he said that he gets real tired standing there cutting them but in reality I could tell they just grossed him out. I really hope this works.

I tried the liquid bandage for 2 weeks and it didn't work. I'm going to either tie my skin tag off or have my husband cut it off!

I have been using New Skin for the past month on numerous skin tags. One dried up and fell off in about 4 days. Some of the others have taken 2 weeks. I have been after a real stubborn one for over 3 weeks and I finally see some progress on it. Be patient with the process, it works!!

You can also try nail polish, it does the same thing that New Skin does. It can take a few weeks, but it's worth it considering that you're only paying a couple of bucks for the nail polish as apposed to a couple HUNDRED buck for a dermatologist to remove them.

A lot of women who have PCOS have skin tags also.

PLEASE WHAT is PCOS? I have many new tags different sizes and also new large moles on my back and chest (since the last 6 months) I this something that my body is reacting? or is normal in old age?


I tried the tie off method on a couple of skin tags a few years ago. One dried up and came off with the thread and only left a "beauty mark."
The Other scared the dickens out of me. It did DRY UP but it would not come off. I ended up trying to pull it off. It lifted off, but was still attached to a tough WHITE STRING that went into my neck. The more I pulled the longer the thin white sting came out. Finally I cut it and the string "snapped back" into my neck. There was NO PAIN and NO BLEEDING. Just that Gross tight white string like thing.
Can anyone tell me what the heck that was?

I am now scared to death to ever do that again.
Thanks. TJ

Thanks for all the suggestions!! I tried using the dental floss and tied it very tight around the root of the tag. I tried to tighten the knot and pull it real tight. Before I knew it, the skin tag snapped and came out! It looked really ugly when it's out and so far it's healing nicely! :)

I tried tying my skin tag off with dental floss... within a day it became inflamed and instead of being raisin sized it turned grape sized and full of what looked like blood. After much contemplation and hard work I actually cut the string off (which was very hard because it was tied pretty tight) But now i have a blueberry sized thing just hanging. At first I could squeeze it and the blood would drain back in but over night i guess the blood harden because now its half hard and dark and half normal flesh colored. Should I wait to see what happens? Should I try tying it again because maybe it wasn't tight enough? Should I just cut it off? I need help... currently it seems to be oozing a clear substance.

When you cut the skin tags off with a scissors, did the site bleed? Did you have to put some Neosporin or other anti-bacterial on the area after you cut off the tag?

I have used string to cut off blood flow to a couple on my neck and it works fine. However a couple are still too small for me to fit string around so I'm hoping this New Skin idea works.

I had a few skin tags under each arm pit, so decided to cut them off. It stings slightly and bleeds a bit, but I put tissue over them till bleeding stopped. The problem now is many have grown under my armpits about 12 per arm, and I have a large one on my buttock, about the size of half an olive. So I looked into it, and cutting them, even though it is a quick method, is wrong, for the root remains, so more grow back. I think seeing the doctors are a waste of money, so I will try the wart removal stuff, but first will try the nail polish people have said worked.

P.C.O.S. is Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome. (cysts on the ovaries)

I have had this condition for many many years. I also have insulin resistance, which is another condition in which skin tags can occur.

I had my fiance tie a knot using dental floss and I'm not sure if its too tight? But my skin tag was smaller before he tied it. Now its swollen n still soft... the skin tag is on my neck so I covered it with a bandage.... now around my tag, the skin is red n itchy and the tag is pink.... around the base, I can see that the dental floss was really tight cuz it actually CUT the base... I am afraid to cut the tag off... I can't cut the floss off because its really tight... any suggestions? I've had the floss on for 4 days now... are there anyway I can totally numb the tag so that I can have my finance cut it off without me feeling the pain???

Crystal, what was the outcome?? This is happening to me. It's swollen, red (blood blister), skin has peeled. It doesn't really hurt, just stings. What did you do?

I've had my tags for years, done the thread tied and had it work sometimes and sometimes not (got to get it tight), I've had the doctor cut them off too, but I didn't really see anyone discuss that can freeze them. I had 1 on my inner arm that the doctor froze like a wart - it became swollen like a blister about 3x the size it was but I left it along and it went down, dried up & fell off within a few days.

Other than the tread method it was less painful than the cutting off method. I would think the Freezone wart freezing over-the-counter product would do the same thing. I'm going to try that since it's so hard to get the strings around and tight sometimes, especially little ones.

How often do you have to apply the "new skin" for it to be affective - do you just do a layer a day or something?

People's Pharmacy response: People have told us they apply it once or twice daily.

I have one that has developed on my thigh, it was just a small speckle and over the last several months turned into a hanging skin tag. It's getting bigger, though I have no pain, it's a real eyesore. I've tied a rubber band around it as tight as I can, I feel some tingling and a little soreness, which I'm sure is normal. I'm hoping it will fall off soon. A recent visit to my ob/gyn due some very irregular menstrual cycles revealed I may have PCOS, so that explains this skin tag. I have a few small ones over my body, but this one equals all of them!

Tried this and it didn't work for me.

I used New Skin on several skin tags on my neck.....within 2 weeks, 2 fell bleeding , no scar! I'm still using it until the others fall off. I tried other methods such as apple cider vinegar and nail polish, but this one worked.

The largest skin tag that I have is on the back of my underarm, where my tank tops will rub it and eventually irritate it. I was told that icks would help but it did get rid of it. I tried the over the counter wart freeze... I placed a piece of the box lid over the tag and cut a small slit to pull the tag through.
My husband pressed a lil too hard and froze my skin! OMG... I was in pain for a few days! I hope the nail polish works. I used liquid skin when I bowled and nail polish would of done the same. Wish me luck 'cause Super Glue is my next attempt :)

Dental floss will work every time if done properly. I've read some comments about the failure of this method, but if you tie it off TIGHT, it will absolutely work - no question. If the blood supply is constricted to the skin tag, and it will shrivel up and fall off. There really isn't another possible outcome! Here is exactly how to do it.

1. Use dental floss - not string or fishing line. The floss is strong enough to do the job, and is grabs onto itself better than fishing line.
2. Pre-loop a slip knot in the floss and put it over the tag.
3. Pull the tag away from the body to allow your floss to tie as close to the base as possible.
4. Pull the floss TIGHT - TIGHT - TIGHT. It should hurt a little, and pull as hard as you can. Immediately tie two or three more knots to secure the tie, each time pulling hard. Trim the excess floss.
5. You're done! first it will be blue (5 min), then purple (first hour through day 1), then black (day 2 or 3), then gone in about day 4 or 5.

It may be a little uncomfortable at first, but don't worry, it's safe and it works. Now go get rid of that skin tag.

Follow up... I tried the Super Glue instead of NuSkin..r emembering that NuSkin was similar to Super Glue... IT WORKED! Less expensive as well. Within a week one fell off. Make sure that you cover one skin tag at a time, allowing the glue to dry completely. Definitely works. :))

Did the nail polish work?

omg !!!! i have so many skin tags had them for years. been to the doctors they took about 20 of them off my neck 2 weeks later they came back and suckers charge a lot to take them off!!!so my dad tried this he tied a hair on the skin tags really tight and in a day or 2 the tag came off. but now i just want to know if this "new skin" works?

I'm getting married in 9 days and I have 2 'rice crispy' sized skin tags on my armpit. It wouldn't be so bad except that I'm wearing a strapless dress. I'm considering removal before the wedding but I want it to heal before the wedding also. I would rather have skin tags than a big ugly scar in my photos. I have had them since childhood, and have always avoided removal due to the sensitivity of the area. Advice, suggestions?

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: We wouldn't recommend doing anything just now right before the wedding. (Hope it is a memorable event!) Afterwards, try tying one off with thread, tightly, and put liquid bandage on the other. Let us know which works better. A true experiment.

well i dont know tying them off with string works
but cutting them off no that does hurt
vinegar, apple cider vinegar does work and it takes 3 to 4 days

I have been applying Apple Cider Vinegar to several skin tags on my neck twice daily for 2 weeks and it is not long does it take?

After seeing a 'tagaway' commercial on tv I frantically started googling for home remedies. This is what I am trying:

Groin tag (tiny): duct tape
Armpit tag (small) duct tape
2 torso tags (small) clear nail polish
2 neck tags (small) enzyme exfoliant mask w/acid in it from aestitician. (this product is full of essential oils and fruit acids, since I put it on my face I figured I would give it a whirl)

And finally... I am still trying to get up the nerve to tie off a raisin sized tag on my hip bone area.

I will report back.

Just wondering how the experiment turned out. I just tied a small piece of dental floss around my dog's tag. It didn't seem to hurt her: a very good patient.(And doctor.)

I have used Nu (New) Skin for years (same bottle over a five year period, and there's more left). It worked great for a tag on my neck, and my inner arm near the bra strap. However, it did and does stink like nail polish, so I picked up a cheap bottle of clear polish, and next time I shall try the polish. I applied the Nu Skin three times a day around the "neck" of the tag, and within a week the "neck" of the tag died, for lack of circulation. The Nu Skin contracts as it dries, and when it contracts around the neck of the tag, voila: it all eventually dries out and falls off.

Hi I'm from the Philippines.. . skin tag is my problem for 5 yrs now. I tried to the doctor but it is very costly and I can't afford... just wondering if New Skin is available here in our country.....

Skin tags in many people are probably linked to impaired metabolism of carbs- for example people with diabetes and insulin resistance (the latter frequently present in women with Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome) tend to have more of them. I have PCOS myself and have been suffering from both multiple wart and skin tags.

When I was trying to conceive I have taken metformin for a couple of months to help regulate my blood sugar and, consequently, balance up my hormones aiding my chances for pregnancy. Within this time my skin improved considerably - no new tags appeared and warts started to shrink. I think a natural and best remedy for this sort of problems would be addressing the root of the problem- e.g. changing a diet to a low GI (glycemic index) one to eliminate excessive amounts of simple carbs and also exercise. Otherwise one will be dependent on tablets + painful surgical procedures to remove the little 'nasties'....

Have read all the way through these posts as I was just about ready to give in and visit the doc! Have a skintag which measures about 5mm on the back of my underarm, which has started catching on clothes and generally annoying me. Knew about the thread method so tied some around mine as tight as I could about a week ago. It's now slightly swollen, slightly sore and a darker pink than my skin tone. Was just starting to panic about whether it's getting infected when I found this forum.

I have some New Skin in the cupboard (different brand but I assume it does the same thing!) so I've just painted on my first covering. Am praying that both methods working together will nip this in the bud... excuse the pun!

Our family doctor has suggested using dental floss on the large one my husband has on his side.

I know there are compounds for removing them but they're not recommended for diabetics so the dental floss seems like a good way to go with this.

Thanks to RDF for your detailed instructions - they are very helpful.

Thank you guys for talking about your skin tags, I will definitely try your ways on how to get rid of them....wish me luck!!!

Hi. I've had a small grape size skin tag on my behind, right in my crack. Very difficult to feel sexy with a nasty skin colored grape in my butt cheeks. Anyways, yesterday I tied it off with some dental floss, it's kinda sore. Today I got a little elastic and wrapped it on there real tight. It seems to be working already, it's getting darker in color so I'm assuming. I mean I come from the country and that's what they do to animals tails, balls, extra toes and so on. So I'm really praying this works! I'll keep y'all updated, cause you read all this stuff and never get updates. No one wants to live with something like this. It sucks!

So I have this large skin tag under my left armpit. I tied it off using upholstery thread last night. Today it is a very deep purple, almost black. It is a bit sore, but the skin around the tag is getting red, like blood at the surface or a rash. Does this normally happen? Should I just wait it out?

People's Pharmacy response: We have not tried this ourselves, so were not sure if the redness is common or if it is signaling a bad reaction. Please keep an eye on it and if it seems to be getting worse, seek medical attention.

Wait it out! I posted right above you. I was just getting on here to update that it took about 4 days but last night I am free of that horrible tag! I actually had to cut a small strand that was left on it, but from the band bring there for 4 days I could feel a thing!! I didn't bleed a bit either! It was sore for the first few days, and gradually turned blackish/purple. But...IT'S GONE!!!!
I recommend anyone that has a tag large enough to get the small bands and wrap that sucker. Tough it out and don't take it off!

I was just getting on here to update that it took about 4 days but last night I am free of that horrible tag! I actually had to cut a small strand that was left on it, but from the band being there for 4 days I couldn't feel a thing!! I didn't bleed a bit either! It was sore for the first few days, and it gradually turned blackish/purple. But...IT'S GONE!!!!
I recommend anyone that has a tag large enough to get the small bands and wrap that sucker. Tough it out and don't take it off!

Thank you. As it turns out, it was not a rash, but blood. The tag was oozing clear fluid (lymphatic?) and some blood. I spoke to a nurse who is a member of my church (I am a pastor), and she told me that it just sounded like I didn't have it tied off tight enough and blood was still getting through to the tag. She told me to use dental floss and tie it off again, close to the skin and TIGHT!!! I did that, and by the next morning the oozing/bleeding had stopped, the tag had shriveled considerably and was turning hard. The tag is still there, but is MUCH smaller and I assume ready to fall off any time soon. So that was the lesson - use dental floss because (1) it is strong enough to pull it tight without breaking and it grips on itself, and (2) make sure to tie it TIGHT!!!
Thanks again for your response.

2 days after tying the tag off's off!!!!

Good for you...I know what a burden those things are!

Mine did the same thing. I'm curious as to if it grew back or how long did it take for it to heal up?

It was healed almost immediately. So far so good. If it decides to grow back, I will tie it off properly before it gets very big! I am happy that I tried this, although I was a bit apprehensive at first - but that was because I did it wrong.
All the best!

I have two small skin tags on my neck and was
wondering if you could recommend a fast and convenient method of Removal.

I read that skin tags r caused from rubbing, friction of the skin. I have been using Tag Away for 3 weeks three times a day plus. The tags change color and hard, but not falling off.

I read the article about using New Skin so I applied it so it would cover them really good so no air could get through. Burns like heck, but no worse if u cut or use the Tag Away. I actually had a small one on my neck, but it was whitish. I pulled it out with my fingernails and pulled it off. It did bleed and I put toilet tissue on it until it stopped.

I live in Florida and always clean, therefore I can only assume it is caused by the bra rubbing the skin. As for the one I "nailed" It was not at all like the others. I am constantly scrub my neck with exfoliates and have nothing rubbing my neck. I have been so desperate I have contemplated cutting them off, but I think that will be a last resort. I do recall my Italian nano cutting his off.

People's Pharmacy response: We don't recommend cutting skin tags off, but some readers have suggested tying floss around a skin tag to cut off the circulation. Apparently eventually they fall off.

Make sure what you are treating is a skin tag and not a more serious problem; have your doctor look at it when you see him or her.

I'm overweight and have noticed my neck is getting a bumpy appearance. I am sure I will develop a ton of skin tags on my neck due to friction and I want to prevent that. There is nothing to tie off right now and there are so many bumps that I can't use the freezing type of skin tag remover or else I would need to freeze my whole neck, including the area without bumps. Is there any creams I could try? Dry brushing? Exfoliating? Anything that I can use on my whole neck area? Any advice would be most appreciated.

I never comment but am so excited I had to share. I have had a large mole on my chest since I was young. I went to a dermatologist while I had insurance but she refused to take it off since I was pregnant. A doctor friend said he would remove it but changed his mind when he saw size and location. It took mine 4 days to fall off... I was very worried since floss was stuck. Doesn't look like it is going to scar too bad. I'm so happy to be free of it. Thanks for the info.

"Getting rid of tags" Take the inner part of the banana peel and cut the peel in a small size and place the banana peel over the tag with a Band-Aid. Do this daily until the tag fall off. If you don't want the banana peel on 24 hours a day you can put the banana peel on at night prior to bed but it will take just a little bit longer than wearing the banana peel 24 hours. Works great and no pain.

I had skin tags frozen yesterday does anyone know how long it takes for the redness to go away or is there something I can put on them to take the redness away as I go back to work in 3 days thank you for your help

Put some whiskey on it then it should go away or fall off its 1 idea.

I'm just terrified if I do use the string, the outcome will be wrong.

I wouldn't use the string or floss unless it's where you can get to it easily. I successfully removed mine with a tiny rubber band wrapped a few times. It cuts the circulation off and turns black and falls off in a few days. Yes it can be a little painful but it's worth it in the end! If it's not too big you could just clip it with some sharp mustache scissors or nail clippers. Good luck!

If I use the string or floss, how long does it usually take?

I have a large skin tag the size of a small grape in the area between my leg and where my buttock starts, I've had it for many years and over time it has gotten larger. It does not hurt but sometimes rubs because it is right where the underwear wear. The most logical of the home remedies seems to be the dental floss, what are the suggestions in place of going to the doctor?

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