Q. You recently had a question from a person with arthritic fingers who can't use anti-inflammatory drugs because of an ulcer. Many years ago, an old man panning gold in icy water told me of an arthritis cure. He'd had arthritis in his fingers so bad he could hardly move them. He started taking a teaspoon of cayenne a day in a small glass of tomato juice. He said this remedy took a month to take effect and a month to wear off.

When I got an arthritis attack in my hip, I started taking cayenne. I found that one-fourth teaspoon a day in a tall glass of orange juice works for me.

A. We’ve heard of lots of arthritis remedies over the years but we’ve never heard about swallowing cayenne. It is a time-honored ingredient in arthritis rubs, however.


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  1. ketan

    Hi, if taking Cayenne peppers orally will it cause any ulcer or piles as it is very hot in nature? Can I mix it with apple cider vinegar for arthritis?

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