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Side Effects of Generic Wellbutrin

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Q. I have taken Wellbutrin XL for two years and it has taken care of my depression beautifully. In January my insurance company switched me to the generic called Budeprion XL. I didn’t think twice about it. I just assumed it was as good as Wellbutrin XL.

After a few months thinking I was losing my mind and that Wellbutrin just wasn't working anymore, it finally dawned on me that I was no longer taking WELLBUTRIN! (I honestly hadn’t even thought about the generic.)

I have been very depressed, crying and irritable with no energy or ambition. While I am not suicidal, it sure doesn’t sound like a bad plan most days. I will stop Budeprion XL immediately even though I will have to pay full price for Wellbutrin XL.

A. More than a dozen people have contacted us regarding experiences strikingly similar to yours. Some of them reported nausea or dizziness as side effects of Budeprion XL; all of them said their symptoms of depression had returned.

We have no scientific evidence that there is a difference between the brand name and the generic. Nevertheless, so many reports convince us that there should be an investigation.

We have arranged with the FDA to analyze any generic pills that readers of The People’s Pharmacy suspect are not equivalent to their branded counterparts. Please describe your experience and send your generic pills with as much information as possible: Name of medication, name of generic drug maker, lot number and date dispensed. (Data may be available from the pharmacy.) Send the parcel to Graedons’ People’s Pharmacy; PO Box 52027; Durham, NC 27717-2027.

  • Currently 4.4/5
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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.4/5 (611 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I have been taking several different medications to see which one fits. The latest on the list is Budeprion xl. The symptoms of bloating, fatigue, being tired, the worst of all, extreme weight. I've only taken the medicine for about 4 to 6 months and my original size was 185 pounds, and now i am about 230.

My story is the same as the others--I was on Wellbutrin XL and felt great, was switched by insurance to bupropion and everything gradually changed for the worse. Rapid weight gain (without changing my eating & exercise habits), bloating, anxiety, insomnia and my depression returned. The worst part is the weight gain--talk about depressing!

My doctor switched me to Celexa (because my insurance wouldn't pay for Lexapro!), but I don't like the side effects so right now I'm not taking any anti-depressants. It borders on fraud that insurance companies force the generic on you when it not only isn't effective but actually makes things worse!

I've been doing well with buproprion 150 SR 3x, but Rite Aid apparently has decided to get cheap and shifted to TEVA budeprion. In the last three weeks, I've been getting more and more depressed and I finally realized today that it's the change in the drug. I dug around and found a few days' worth of buproprion from Watson and I'm going to get a real buproprion or Wellbutrin XL in the next couple of days.

I cannot tell you the relief that I felt after reading the posts regarding generic Wellbutrin XL (TEVA budeprion). I too have the same story. After years of great success with Wellbutrin XL my insurance company switched me to budeprion. My pharmacist told me that it was exactly the same as Wellbutrin XL.

I started feeling extreme fatigue and irritability, anxiety, insomnia, increased headaches and migraines, severe PMS, joint and muscle pain, bloating, rapid weight gain (even though I increased my walking to 20 miles a week and have a good diet, I am still gaining). My GERD was under control but suddenly returned.

A friend told me to think about when my symptoms first started and try to remember if I had changed anything. That's when I realized the change was budeprion. After finding this website I immediately called my doctor to ask for name-brand Wellbutrin XL. I just hope my insurance will agree.

I have been taking Bupropion HCL XL since it came out in generic. The generic pills were BIG and yellow. I received a new prescription about two weeks ago and these pills are very small and white. They say that it is the same thing, but a lot of people have noticed (especially my family) and so have I that I seem to be like I was before. Could it be this new generic pill?

Insurance company has Tier meds and Wellbutrin XL is on the highest Tier, meaning the most out-of-pocket expense. The $45.00 monthly seems minimal, but not when you are single and really trying to stay afloat. I have BUDEPRION XL 300MG and have been taking them (3) days with my symptoms of depression worsening.

My experience of switching from wellbutrin 300 XL to the TEVA generic is very similar to others posted on this site. Last spring my health plan immediately switched from wellbutrin to the TEVA generic. I reported to my pharmaceutical nurse that my symptoms (of paranoia, nervousness, and doom) were returning. I asked if the TEVA generic was identical to wellbutrin. She said generics are "basically" formulated in the same manner, but that depression is an episodic disease. I requested a DAW prescription for wellbutrin, but the pharmacy wanted to charge me nearly $300.00. I continued to take the TEVA generic, but it was not the same as Wellbutrin. Today I picked up my new generic prescription and it had now changed to a generic by Watson. Though I'm glad to see the tablet resembles wellbutrin 300 XL, I'm nervous about any possible side effects and acclimmating horrors from changing brands. Has anyone experienced any dentrimental effects with the Watson Bupropion generic?

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I was switched about a year ago to Budeprion XL 300 and I have yet to feel right. I just thought it was me! Why can't we just get the drugs we need?

In the past few months, I have felt my depression & anxiety returning. I purchased so many TUMS that I should be given stock in the company. My anxiety attacks me in the form of severe chest pains and the weight gain is unbelievable. I too, was at 185lbs and am now diabetic and tipping the scales at 240.

I was beginning to think it was me until I found your website! I was put on a sample of Wellbutrin by my doctor and after finishing the samples, got the prescription filled. The pharmacy gave me Budeprion XL. Depression is coming back, dull headaches have started, and I have developed circular type rashes on my stomach, back and side of neck. Also, I feel shaky.

I am calling the doctor today to get put back on the Wellbutrin even if my ins. doesn't cover it!

I am sorry for everyone else who is going through this, but I am glad that I am not alone.

Sad that so many of us are being affected by the poor showing of TEVA vs. Wellbutrin. I had been taking Wellbutrin SR for Seasonal Affective Disorder and recently my scrip was changed to the generic form produced by TEVA. My progress went right into the tank and I was back to square one after 2 weeks!! I'm calling my doc today to request he re-write the scrip for Wellbutrin products only--fortunately, right now I can cover any excess cost for the non-generic form.

Why can't we get people to believe us when we insist that "One Size Does Not Fit All" when it comes to switching from brand name to generic drugs? I don't know why these two products affect ME in different ways--all I know is that they do and this is a serious quality of life issue for myself and other users. I hope everyone finds a workable, cost-effective answer for their problems!

This is just not fair. I was told the same thing, that Bupropion XL was the same as Wellbutrin XL. My God, if we are prescribed Wellbutrin, it is because we have been diagnosed with depression. Why have us switch? I had been taking Wellbutrin XL for a year and can honestly say I was feeling and had felt like my old self. However, since switching to the generic, my symptoms were slowly returning. At first, I thought it was my imagination. I would fight my daily feelings of depression, as I had done in the past, not really knowing what I was doing. As it came time for me to refill my prescription, I started thinking that over the past month, I really had not been feeling very well, more crying episodes, extreme sadness, loneliness and irritability. It made sense now, it had to be the generic medication, as nothing else had changed in my life. This issue needs to be addressed. We have enough to deal with. Our medication should not be causing us more problems.

I just got on the 300 MG wellbutrin generic brand and I have been throwing up and cannot sleep. I am gonna get back on the real wellbutrin, this generic stuff is just not the same as they told me it was at the pharmacy.

I have been on Bupropion for a couple of years, and it has worked beautifully. I switched from Paxil, and it was so nice to have more energy. I'm not sure I ever used Wellbutrin. But the Bupropion works great (even though it did not work so well for my sister). I hope my insurance doesn't ever tell me to go to the Bodeprion. Sounds like this version is not making the cut for a lot of people.

My first episode of depression was handled by Lexapro and Wellbutrin, excellent results after six weeks. Side-effect was decreased libido.Tapering off medication after two years.

Recurrence of depression six months later following a period of great stress. Started with generic Prozac (fluoxetine). Added generic Buproprion after four weeks. TROUBLE. Eyesight got blurry, anxiety, unable to work during the day, shaky. Tapered off, ramped up on Lamictal. Blurred vision cleared up, anxiety greatly reduced. Working normally now after five months- it took a while. Article on NPR this am made me aware of the problem with Buproprion. I agree strongly.

Very interesting. I have been on Wellbutrin for 10 years. OUTSTANDING drug--changed my life. Thank you GlaxoSmithKline! First the 150 then XL300.

In January '07 my insurance unilaterally placed me on the cheap generic Bupropion. I tried it for exactly 23 days and then my significant other "ordered" me back to the doctor. She noted a huge rise in irritability-(flash snap temper) followed later by listlessness, unfounded guilt and depression.

I went immediately back on the good old pills. Noticed immediately a return to level headedness, confidence and focus. Funny how I didn't personally notice the regression that came on almost immediately (it was pointed out to me--and i agreed) but did experience the remarkable recovery when I went back on the original formula. I can only hope someone finds a nice mean attorney out there and gets this figured out before someone gets hurt.

My physician told me that I was very sensitive to variations in the dosage of my wellbutrin. He told me never to use a generic drug for this prescription for that reason.

Twice I have tried a generic due to pressure by the insurance company. On each occasion I switched back to wellbutrin after one tablet of the generic. For one thing, I immediately experienced discomfort in urinating. I attributed this side effect to a different time release method.

If the skeptics wish to try me, I guarantee that I can take a blind dose of wellbutrin/generic and correctly ascertain within six hours which one I took with a degree of accuracy of 100%.

My insurance fully covers brand name Wellbutrin XL without hassle if that's what's Rx'ed. I'd been taking it for a little over a year for (relatively speaking) mild depression. It worked well. My last several months were generic. Why, I don't know, probably because the Dr. didn't specify. I didn't care because I was a strong believer in not wasting health care money even when it's not my money. Recently it didn't seem to be working anymore. My Dr. switched me to brand name. She said some patients claimed generic didn't work as well. It seems to be working again now that I'm taking brand name. Maybe it's not the difference between brand name and generic. It's such a subjective thing. A recent study showed that kids eating identical food in plain wrappers and in McDonald wrappers said the "McDonald's" tasted better. Although I generally support the idea of generic vs. over-priced and over-hyped Big Pharm brand names, I thought I would report my experience.

My son has been struggling with his most-recent refill of TEVA-manufactured Budeprion (TEVA's trade name for their bupropion generic).

Now that he's ready for another refill, we've called around town and successfully found a couple of pharmacies that carry the Sandoz-made generic. Sandoz bought Eon labs awhie back. Eon, in my personal experience, made the generic bupropion that seemed to work closest to brand Wellbutrin. It pays to call around.

FYI, I know Costco carries generics from a couple of different manufacturers (sadly, including TEVA). If you go to COSTCO's online pharmacy, you will quickly see why TEVA has been able to flood the market. Their stuff is a third the cost of the other generics.

This is very frightening. I had been on Wellbutrin XL for 2 years. Within 10 days of starting that medication my symptoms improved - I had previously had extreme trouble concentrating and lacked motivation to do anything that required mental effort.

I switched to Bupropion HCL XL generic in early August of this year. By the beginning of Sept. I started having difficulty again feeling motivated. Not depressed exactly, just not enthusiastic about anything. I thought it had to do with the end of summer, but now I clearly can see that I'm having that difficulty concentrating and getting started on tasks requiring concentration and have even begun to have trouble articulating my thoughts. I thought this Bupropion was exactly the same as Wellbutrin. I even asked the pharmacist and was told it had the same ingredients.

The difficulty definitely began after the switch, but how can that be if they both have the same ingredients? I'm trying to determine if this is real or imagined. It certainly seems real enough!!!

Just tapered off Paxil to start Wellbutrin SR because the Paxil didn't cut it. I am on my third day of BUDEPRION 150 MG SR--had to be changed because of insurance. I cannot function at all, and I have 3 kids. I have brain zaps, nausea, vomiting, and just feel foggy. Could it be generic or Paxil remains? Anyone?

I thought I was going crazy! I just recently got switched to (TEVA) Buderprion XL 300, this is my second refill. I feel like I did before I started taking Wellbutrin XL 300. Sad and angry, very snappy to my husband, and all I want to do is eat! I loved Wellbutrin XL 300--it saved my life, and it was safe for me to take during my pregnancy, thank goodness. But now I'm just not happy at all. I heard about people questioning the generic from a client and thought I would look it up. Glad to know I am not going crazy, or at least I'm not going alone! Call your doctor, I am!!!

I thought my body was playing tricks with me. I had been taking the Wellbutrin XL for 4years. Then was given generic by Walgreen's (without permission). In just a couple of days it seems as if everything started to fall apart... could not explain to anyone... I was having a meltdown and wanted to die... I figured out myself that it was not working and said NO MORE GENERIC anything...

The thyroid meds are suspect as well. I just heard a news report on the East Coast regarding this problem . In Calif no attention has been called to it... I will make that my mission this week...

I was feeling so bad... it scares me to think about it... Walgreens knew what had happened... I made it very clear to them all that was happening to my mind and body... I think they just dismissed me as a problem patient. I asked them to make a comment in the chart so there would be documentation of the event. It was quite horrible for me... I did wish I was not here anymore... I am happy to say I am much better MUCH better... Thank you Cynthia


I am absolutely terrified of BUDEPRION. I have been on WELLBUTRIN XL 300 MG for at least 3 years and Unison Health Care Plan took it from me and placed me on this BUDEPRION for at least 4 months now. In the first month and since then I have become quite paranoid, emotional, moody, physically ill in many many ways, more depressed than I ever had been before I was ever place on WELLBUTRIN. I have also put on at least 30 pounds.

I happen to know four other people who are going through the exact same circumstances, and a couple of them are becoming suicidal. A friend of mine even committed suicide last November when she was on the antidepressant. I have three different doctors arguing with Unison to give the WELLBUTRIN back to me. They will not do it because they say that my pharmacy argues that the ingredients are the they need to go with the cheaper one.

The same thing is going on with my Nexiums and all other meds I have to take. My stomach meds are just literally being taken from me and my esophagus is an inflamed mess to the point where I can't hardly swallow my foods at times. There reason for taking my meds: They believe that I have been on the medication long enough....I should be healed by now. (My father died of Esophageal cancer.)

Everyday I am trying to get through the day battling my own depression.....sometimes sinking down my bathroom walls to the floor in tears praying that something will change for me. I do this on my own of course because I have finally left the bottle of BUDEPRION alone because they are making me feel like I am losing my mind. I feel that the BUDEPRION and other generics are not always the same and aren't always the best for people, and it is sadly going to take a great number of human lives to use as lab rats before "the man" says "ok maybe generic medicine isn't where we should cut our costs." Anything for a buck though right?

My insurance company also stopped paying for WellbutrinXL and so I was switched to Budeprion XL. My depression is definitely back. I have that empty hopeless feeling, irritability and crying. I suspected the change was the reason and now I see I am not alone. Does someone have to die before they realize there is something wrong?

I have been taking Wellbutrin XL for the past 4 years, and it has been wonderful. But then I started getting the generic brand, made by TEVA and then Watson. Most recently, my prescription was filled with Watson bupropion and I have had a worsening rash on my neck and stomach and back. And I have been shaking so badly recently that it is actually hard to write. With the regular Wellbutrin XL, I always shook a little, but now it's awful. It just occurred to me yesterday that it could be the new drug. So, I'm going to get my doctor's opinion tomorrow as to whether the rash is because of the drug or something else. Definitely, regardless, I will switch to the name brand Wellbutrin.

I was taking Wellbutrin XL, but then the pharmacist switched me to Budeprion SR. However, the SR formulation is NOT the same as the XL; the time-release for the SR requires dosing throughout the day while the XL requires only once-a-day dosing. I have put up with the SR simply because most pharmacists I have spoken with, with the exception of one, cannot be convinced the SR is different than the XL.

My point? Not that the SR works any less well for me, but that you should be careful that you are handed XL if that is what you are prescribed. Taking the full 450 mg of the SR at once, as the pharmacist directed, would have had unpleasant results. Fortunately I am an educated consumer. There seems to be a lot of confusion over this drug and the various formulations.


I am so very happy that I have not lost my mind... I was thinking that it was me. I am a single mom with four children. My children have seen a drastic change in my moods. I have been more depressed, severe headaches, no energy, shaky, and have had numerous crying spells. I only get about 2 to 4 hours of sleep per day, and my anxiety is really bad. I have even started getting panic attacks again. Thank God I am not alone.

I'm glad I am not alone. I have been taking Wellbutrin XL for years, and it has always worked really well for me. Some months ago, I started taking the generic version, Budeprion XL by Teva Pharmaceuticals. I had a recurrence of depression and as a result, had to add Effexor XR along with my Budeprion XL. What I HATE about all SSRIs and SNRIs is the weight gain. I gained 13 lbs in about 45 days! I would love to go off of my Effexor XR, but am afraid to for fear of my debilitating, chronic depression returning.

When I heard on the news that there was a study finding that the generic Wellbutrin may not work as well as the brand name drug, I had an "Ah-ha!" moment. It then occurred to me that my depression resurfaced shortly after my switch to the generic.

What kind of recourse do I have? Can I force my insurance company to cover the name-brand drug at a copay to me that would be the same as if I had the generic filled ($10.00)? I would have an out-of-pocket cost of $60.00/month to have the name brand Wellbutrin XL filled.

The other thing I hate about the generic is the fact that the pill is about three times larger than the little white Wellbutrin XL tablet.

I also didn't put 2 and 2 together until I read other posts about the blurred vision -- I just thought I was getting old and my eyes were getting worse.

Has anyone compared other generic versions of Wellbutrin XL NOT made by Teva?

I had the same experience with Teva Budeprion 300mg xl. I had been taking a generic for buproprion SR 2-150mg pills each day and it worked very well. For some reason I was switched to the 300mg (Budeprion) Teva brand of XL. Within 30 days I was back in the pit of depression. I ended up leaving my part time job and avoiding my family for a good time.

My Psychiatrist decided to increase my dose to 450mg. When I looked on line to see if there was a generic brand I saw all the comments regarding the Teva brand. I went on Wellbutrin XL and was able to keep my dose at 300mg.

Thanks to everyone for writing in. I should have written sooner.

I can't tell you how relieved I've been to read these postings. My depression had been in full remission with Wellbutrin XL for over a year when my insurance company switched me to a generic (Teva) 10 months ago. Within a short time I was convinced I was losing it. I've experienced fuzzy-headed feelings, irritability, crying spells, grogginess, feeling mildly dissociated, insecurity and paranoia, blurry vision, reflux, anxiety verging on panic attacks. Because it coincided with some major stressors in my life, I assumed it was "just me". Now I'm convinced otherwise.

My psychiatrist has prescribed Rozerem to be used episodically if I have trouble sleeping and when I took it about a month ago, the problems with thinking clearly and concentrating noticeably worsened. I thought, "hmmm, must be something to do with serotonin levels". I was taking 300mg Budeprion in the form of two generic 150 mg tabs, so I decided to try taking only one just to see if the symptoms changed. I noticed a major difference the first day and watched myself carefully for any change in depressive symptoms, but actually felt better than I had in months. I let my doctor know. I'm still having blurry vision and trouble thinking, though it's less severe most days.

Then I saw an article talking about a study which found that the generic Bupropion was unpredictable in the levels that would be found in people's blood. There was wide variability, whereas the comparison to Wellbutrin XL showed much lower and very stable levels. I plan to get back on Wellbutrin XL even if I have to pay out of pocket.

Please, please, please talk to your doctor. Don't just discontinue the medication, it may be a greater risk than the side effects are to your health if you're taking it for depression.

It's so good to know we're not alone. Please ask yourself if this is worth changing and get active. Insurance companies should not have the power to dictate medical treatment, most especially for psychiatric symptoms. It's difficult enough for an experienced Psychiatrist to find the right medications to manage an individual's symptoms when s/he has built a relationship and sits face to face with someone. To think that corporations (insurance companies) have any right whatsoever to dictate treatment is outrageous and as consumers we must not stand for it. Make your voices heard!

I started Wellbutrin about 5 years ago and took 300 mg without a problem. About a year ago I was switched to the generic budeprion XL. About that time my menses became very heavy and I started having rage reactions the day before my period started. I thought it was early menopause. It is a relief to know that I am not the only one.




I was recently switched to Bupropion SR from Wellbutrin XL (150 ml) and have felt more irritable, nervous, and more upset about little things since. Also, I have had terrible insomnia and have noticed worse vision, though I thought that was because I was reading so much lately. I am not pleased that Wellbutrin has gone up in price so much, and sincerely hope that the price will come down as the generic substitutes do NOT seem to be the same at all!

I, too, have been on Wellbutrin for a few yars with no problems. When bupropion was substituted, I did not have any problems. But since the pharmacy switched to Budeprion, I am having all the side effects mentioned--increased depression, nausea, dizziness, loss of libido. I think this drug should be investigated further before being used as a substitute for Wellbutrin.

I've had a lot of the same problems as others that have posted here since starting the Budeprion XL 300 MG. I kept having people tell me that the generic is the same as the name brand. It is not true in this case!

My doctor wrote me a new prescription for Wellbutrin XL and put DAW on it to make sure I got the right thing. Even with my insurance it was going to cost $98! I broke down crying in the middle of the store because I didn't have enough to pay for my prescription. Even though name brand medication is supposed to be $30, HAP is allowed to charge a "sur-charge" because there is a generic available. If it actually worked the same I would be all for it.

I have been having suicidal thoughts, crying spells, increased insomnia, agitation, blurred vision, worsened anxiety, heart palpitations, nausea and shakiness. I was able to get 3 pills of actual Wellbutrin till I can get back into my doctors office. Hopefully he will be able to give me some samples. I'm going to be contacting HAP to see if complaining to them will do any good.

I too had taken the name-brand wellbutrin XL and was switched to the generic form. (Buproprion I believe). This for did not work for me. I am penalized, financially, everytime I purchase name-brand Wellbutrin.
All I can say is that it is worth it to me to pay the difference between generic and name-brand in this case. I take the generic for flonase (nasal allergies) with no issue. I absolutely hate that insurers and also employers, substitute their judgment for that of my physician who writes a specific Rx. Good luck to everyone.

THANK GOD FOR AT LEAST ONE OF THESE ARTICLES! I had been on wellbutrin XL 300 for some time and doing rather well, never gave any consideration when my pharmacy switched it over to Teva Budeprion XL other than the name difference that always throws me off! I am not sure how long now it has been (I will be checking) that I have been on the generic. However, here is what I had happen.

Although I have been questioning a little why I have been so quick to snap at others in the past few months and have had many blue days, I just assumed that those would still come now and then and that I would have to deal with them. It wasn't until three days ago that after going through many days of feeling no energy or desire and multiple times of telling other people I just didn't care anymore about things in my life that I used to care about, I finally reached a point that I spent 36 hours sleeping and not wanting or caring about leaving the house that the answer came to me!

I had just gone through this 36 hour sleep and that next night went back to what has been frustrating me, the waking up every two hours. I got up went on the computer and was searching for information on a cancer a friend of mine has just found, and I just started putting in some of the drugs I am on (for no real reason) until I put in Budeprion XL and read your article. After seeing that, I did further searching and found more and more information, leading me to believe that this may be a problem. However, still not relating it to anything going on in my life at this time. I found that night in my med area a sample box of wellbutrin XL 300 and switched the next morning.

HELLO! This morning I wake again early as I have been now for a couple of days and stood there in shock--I had figured it out! These past three days I have been getting up early, feeling MUCH better and treating everyone MUCH better. I am in administration, so to relieve the stress I picked up and have a love for photography, and had even gotten to the point that I told my wife I was going to sell all my equipment because I no longer cared about it.

Thank you for this site and for the job you are doing getting the word out. I am not sure how long I would have gone on the way I was!

For nearly a year, I've been on Wellbutrin XL (450 mg / day) so as to treat my anxiety symptoms. This stuff has worked wonders - my body is not tense, my ADHD symptoms aren't as bad, I'm more relaxed, and my libido is better than ever!

Recently my 3-month prescription of Wellbutrin XL ran out (only ~$150 for 270 pills), at which point, I had to re-fill the medication. Apparently, my current insurance plan does not cover the real medication, but instead, the generic Budeprion XL.

After purchasing the generic Budeprion XL, I quickly discovered that the generic brand is, by far, nothing like the AUTHENTIC Wellbutrin XL.

In a nutshell - I was on Budeprion XL for only ONE DAY and noticed a significant change in the effects of the medication, for the worse. This medication intensified all of my symptoms and did anything but help me, period! It is apparent that I am better off without taking any medication whatsoever (if I am forced to choose between the generic stuff and no medication at all).

I've looked everywhere for a cheaper deal on the AUTHENTIC Wellbutrin XL medication; however, it appears to be the same expensive price (~$350+ / 90 pill supply) at all pharmacies in my local area (I.E. Sams, COSTCO, Walmart, Wallgreens, and CVS). What else am I to do other than suck up the cost???? Basically, I, like many others here, am confronted with 2 options - either option A (enjoy the anxiety, ADHD, and depression symptoms that our bodies naturally give us) or option B (feel normal):D

O well, what else are we to do? ...

It is what it is ...


I'm so, so glad to see this. I started taking buproprion about a month ago to help me quit smoking. I haven't smoked in 20 days, but I also haven't been able to sleep past 4 am, have been increasingly anxious and depressed, and have begun to feel extreme loneliness and listlessness... And have even had thoughts that were borderline suicidal.

Because I wasn't depressed to begin, I was just figuring that I'd entered some horribly bleak period of my life and would have to suffer through it. I'm furious that it's this stupid pill. I wonder... does it work for anyone??

I'm going to the pharmacist tonight to ask for a refill with wellbutrin. Thanks everyone for their honesty in this forum... I am so relieved to know that I will not feel this way forever.

I started taking the generic for Wellbutrin xl 300 mg with Watson pharm about 3 months ago after taking Wellbutrin for 5 months. It's not working as well but I can manage.

Although I am comfortable with the generic, I encourge those who were switched also to try a month of the name-brand. If you see an improvement, then decide if you can afford it. Also please tell your doctor if you feel that there is a difference between the 2.

What people don't know is these pharm. companies send reps out to visit with the doctors to promote. If patients don't tell their doctor how they really feel, the doctor can't give feed back to his reps. Doctors will NOT promote a drug or substitute if they know it does not work. In fact (I am a nurse by the way) doctors that know about certain generic meds that he is told by his patients do not work, that doctor will actually say, "please tell the pharmacy not to use the generic".

So please speak up. It's your health at risk, your body, YOUR DECISION!

My insurance switched me to generic wellbutrin 3 months ago. It has taken me this long to figure out what was wrong--and I've looked at EVERYTHING else. I'm so glad to hear other people with the same issues.

I don't care what it costs me--nothing is worth feeling like this. Just had my Dr write a new script with the brand name medically necessary. I hope it kicks in soon--I'm so irritable. Also--I noticed other people write about the weight gain. I had no idea! I've gained about 7 pounds in 3 months--very strange for me.
Here's to hoping we get some say in this marketplace!

Several years ago, I took Wellbutrin SR with amazing results. The only side effect was faint, transient tinnitus. It went away after a week or so. After a while I was able to d/c the drug.

In winter 07, I was placed on generic Wellbutrin, and almost immediately I experienced loud tinnitus. The med was d/c'd. But the tinnitus continued intermittently, and was distracting.

Last week I went back on generic Wellbutrin and the tinnitus sounded like circadas. It was so loud it made conversation difficult. Also, I experienced anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and surges of happiness--sometimes within the hour. I even bought a herbal remedy for tinnitus.

I feared I would not be able to continue working. I told my husband that I just wanted to die. My physician changed the rx to the brand name, and within six hours I could tell a difference. The ringing dropped down to a muted, tolerable level. The anxiety went away. The butterflies and "little twisty lurch" in my chest went away. No mood swings, just an even keel.

The generic should be pulled from the market. The FDA is doing a disservice to the public by allowing this dangerous impersonator to remain available. Moreover, I blame the insurance companies for pushing the generic form to "cut health costs." I don't know if the pharmacies or the pharmaceutical companies are the ones jacking up the cost for the brand name; I suspect both. I sincerely hope a class action lawsuit results.

I was on the meds from Watson for a year and they were great. Rite Aid switched me to Teva, also the same for a friend, and we both found they did not work! After digging, I found out that Watson is much like Wellbutrin, and Teva is the same except testing showed it releases differently. Many people will notice problems with the generics.

When the facility I go to for counseling hired a new psychologist, I decided to go see her and see if I couldn't get my depression under control. She and I had an hour-long talk, and then I told her that I was on regular Wellbutrin. She asked me how I felt and I told her "Honestly, I am irritable all the time, like I'm a stone's throw from going off on anyone." She said it was because I was on the wrong KIND of Wellbutrin and put me on Wellbutrin XL, 150mg. Since that time, my depression improved SO much, it was if I had a new lease on life.

Suddenly, my insurance carrier (Unison) didn't want to pay for the Wellbutrin anymore and put me on Budeprion. I figured it was ok so I took it. I didn't even notice that I was sliding back into a depression until last month, when I nearly got into a fistfight with a stranger, and then a week later, after 38 years of living a good life, had to go to court on a misdemeanor.

I am just as angry and volatile and grim-thinking as I was before I was put on Wellbutrin XL. My insurance company seems to not care, because they are fighting with my psychologist tooth and nail for me to have my regular prescription.

To anyone that thinks it's all in your head when you were feeling good and now you're not, it's not you. It's the generic prescription. I haven't felt this hopeless in a very long time, and I don't know what I'll do if I can't get my prescription, since I can't afford to pay out-of-pocket for it and I also can't afford to live like this.

WOW! I took Wellbutrin XL several years ago with no really bad side effects. My doctor switched me to Effexor, then Lexapro. (Hated the Effexor and love the Lexapro.) I've put on about 30 pounds since I've been on the Effexor/Lexapro and couldn't get rid of it despite the fact that I started walking 30/40 minutes twice a day with my dogs.

I asked my doctor to switch me back onto Wellbutrin. I received the generic and have been on it for about three weeks. I'm having panic attacks, nervousness, crying spells, sleeplessness, and all-around anxiety.

I happened to talk to my sister today and her son was on XL, then moved to the generic. Exactly the same side effects as me. I've just placed a call to my doctor to put me on XL..........damn the cost.

I can't believe what I am reading. I thought I was going crazy. My depression and extreme irritability have returned with a vengeance! I took Wellbutrin for years with great results but my insurance company made me switch to their home delivery. When I received the medication it looked different but I figured it was the same. I am now in to my second month on Budeprion SR (by TEVA) and feel like I did before taking anything. I thought the home delivery sent me the wrong meds. Now I know that I have to switch back to Wellbutrin even if I have to pay for it.

I am so glad to have found this website. I have been taking Wellbutrin XL 300 and have been switched to generic about almost a year. I didn't really think anything of it, and continued with generic. Until recently, I no longer had insurance coverage so I had to pay full price to get medication and decided to just pay for the real Wellbutrin instead of the generic.

I realized immediately that I felt much better and my appetite decreased. Before, while I was taking the generic, I would eat when I'm stressed out and have been gaining weight. Since going back to Wellbutrin about two weeks, my weight and appetite is going back to "normal". I was originally prescribed Wellbutrin for depression. The doctor carefully chose Wellbutrin because she said other antidepressants may have weight gain as side effect, but Wellbutrin would help control my weight gain from feeling depressed. The generic brand did not have this benefit and I was beginning to gain weight while on the generic.

I'm so glad I unknowingly switched back to Wellbutrin XL. I will from now on ask my doctor to prescribe brand name only. It is not just "in our heads" that generic does not work the same way as brand name. I hope that enough press will be generated on this issue so that insurance companies will reconsider patient needs.

For the last 4 months I have had many of the same side-effects--and all of the concerns--with the generic drug Budeprion. However, before this, I had been on a generic version of Wellbutrin XL 300mg for over 12 months without any of these adverse reactions.

The first generic pill that was used to fill my prescription was a small, round, white pill and the bottle was labeled only as 'Buproprion XL 300mg'. However, the last 4 months, the generic substitution has been a larger, yellow oval pill and the bottle labeled 'Budeprion'. The listed manaufacturer on both labels was 'Teva', but this is not an accurate fact.

After a bit of research, I learned that Teva is only the wholesaler and distributer of these generic versions, and was not the manufacturer of either version of the pill. Over the last 18 months, Teva has had two sources for manufacturing their 'generic' version of buproprion XL 300 mg. The first was Anchen Pharmaceuticals (U.S. company now owned by Watsen Pharmaceuticals) and the second was Biovail Corporation, a Toronto-based pharmaceutical comapny.

Anchen was their original source beause it was Anchen that filed the original required FDA documentation to create a generic version of Wellbutrin XL 300 mg when the appropriate chemical patents had expired. I also learned that Biovail is the manufacturer of the Bupropion pills sold by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) under their Wellbutrin XL brand and is most likely the owner of the expiring patents that opened the door for any of these XL 300mg generics.

Since GSK neither owns the R&D related chemical patents nor owns manufacturing facilities that produce the drug, this means that they are primarily the marketing partner for taking all of Biovail's versions of Buprorpion thru the required FDA approval processes needed before being able to sell any drug in the U.S. In return, GSK received the exclusive marketing, branding, and distribution rights in the U.S. for Biovail's patented versions of the Bupropion XL pills (and then sold these under the GSK brand name of Wellbutrin XL).

The other data-point out there in this confusing mess is that there were several patent infringement law suits launched by Biovail against Teva, Anchen, and any other company involved in producing or selling generic versions of Buproprion XL 300mg. These were settled in March 2007 in Biovial's favor. While the terms of the settlement are not public--they appear to impact who can manufacture / supply Teva and other wholesale firms with their generic version of Buproprion XL 300mg.

The bottom line--from my perspective--is that over the last 18 months I have had my presrcription filled--unknowingly by either me or my pharmacist--with two very different looking and acting generic versions of Buproprion XL 300mg. Both pills had the same company listed--Teva --as their manufacturer, when Teva was not manufacturer of either version. They were only the distributor for both.

These 2 versions of the generic drug with the misrepresented labeling have produced 2 completely different levels of both safety and effectiveness, with the large, yellow, oval pill (Budeprion) giving me many of the same adverse reactions that have been listed on this site by others. But, because of the misrepresentation on the labels regarding the manufacturer, I am uncertain which manufacturer produced which version. This makes it impossible for me to request the generic version of the drug that was both safe and effective for my needs.

Has anyone else had experience with both kinds, generic Buproprion XL 300 Mg from Teva (small, round, white pill and large, oval, yellow pill)?

If so, did they have the same or different reaction to the respective pills?

I was on Bupropion until I felt I needed to up my dosage and then was given Budeprion XL in a higher dose, 300mg. I am on my second bottle and feel worse than I did before I was on Wellbutrin OR Bupropion, even on the higher dose. I have extreme nervousness, paranoia, feelings of suicide and impending doom daily and cry or yell at the drop of a hat. It's really scary. I have asked my pharmacy to change me back to wellbutrin asap (as that was what my doctor's script was for). I will have to pay the difference on top of my co-pay.

I actually had some weight loss--however, psychosis is not an option, so I'm getting off the generics at whatever cost. I am so sorry for anyone dealing with this. I only hope these postings will help you know you're not going crazy and help get you off of the generic drugs! It could be a lifesaver!!

I am glad I am not alone. I was on Wellbutrin XL 150 for a few months and asked to switch to the 300 XL. I was given the generic, without my knowledge, and feel worse than when on the XL 150. Do the ins. companies really have the right to decide what medicine we should be on? My co-pay for the brand name is $120. I cannot afford that a month! I hope asking my doc. to call in brand name only will allow the ins. co. to pay more than they originaly stated and I can get off this Budeprion!

I am so glad to have found you. I was also taking wellbutrin xl, which helped me tremendously. Then due to insurance, it would have cost me an arm and a leg to continue with name brand... The pharmacist told me there is no difference, so I tried the generic and lo and behold, I started feeling down crying and etc. and I realized I had changed, so I went back to wellbutrin. But it's such a pain; I feel bad because the pyschiatrist has to call the insurance company now each time...

I am so despondent over this feeling of being a pest to my dr. I lost my daughter and son in law in a car accident and my life has not been the same... and getting older doesn't help... I feel alive with wellbutrin and feel I can survive life... I go to a psychologist too so I am trying all I can to keep up my chin... I thought the medical industry was here to help, not to add to our depression... Thanks for listening to me... Dee

I'm reading all of the posts and not sure whether to laugh with joy for knowing that there are others that are having issues or cry because I'm so mad this is happening. I have been on Wellbutrin XL for 2 years and have been singing its praises for helping me out of depression and with my ADD.

Things changed for me once I started going through Medco to get my prescriptions filled with the generic. (I just looked at the pill and the name imprinted on it is Anchen.) I have become very sad... not quite full-blown depressed again... but definitely not my usual happy self. I could cry at the drop of a hat! I have also been having horrible headaches, nausea and blurred vision, which I attributed to the bad headaches. I was also having a very salty taste in my mouth that I couldn't get rid of, although this hasn't happened with my latest bottle. Even my teeth and gums tasted salty when my tongue brushed across them.

I am also taking generic Adderall so it could have been that as well. If I get 4 hours of sleep it's a great night! Although, I did take a Tylenol PM and I was able to sleep for a good 8 hours the other night.

I was thinking that I was feeling this way because it's that time of the year.... stressful and long, dark days. But since I have read this I am feeling better already. I am going to call my doctor tomorrow and ask to be prescribed the name brand Wellbutrin XL. Good luck to everyone!

Oh my goodness...I'm so glad it's not just me! I took Wellbutrin SR for two years to quit smoking and for depression. After 150mg a day for the first 3 days my body adjusted perfectly and I was able to go up to the 300mg per day required. I felt great! I was able to stop smoking for a year.

I relapsed and was put back on bupropion SR the generic version. Since then, I have felt terrible! I've had tremors, anxiety, stomach issues, dizziness, depression, tachycardia etc... I am on the Teva brand of bupropion.

I got online today to see why it's affecting me so differently then before. I haven't even been able to increase my dose to two 150mg tablets a day. After day 7 at 150mg with the brand Wellbutrin SR I should be able to go up to two (300mg). The way the generic is affecting me has scared me into not increasing my dose and alternating to one dose every other day.

Does anyone know which generic bupropion is closest to the original brand Wellburtin SR? I will quit taking the generic today.

Thank you,
Glad to know it's not only me.

Thanks to all who have posted. I just typed a search on wellbutrin XL and realized that I too am on the generic little small white pills, 300 mg per day. I too have been so up and down and just feeling really scattered. My husband and I have been arguing so much.

Before I was completely fine on Lexapro, which is what I was taking previously, but it made me gain 20 lbs in a matter of 6 months. I realized now that I felt so much better on that and experienced so few side effects, but yet was scared to gain any more weight so I switched to the generic brand of Wellbutrin XL.

I thought at first I hadn't given it enough time, but here we are 2 months later, and I still feel no change in my way of looking at life. I'm always sad and can cry at the drop of a hat. It's sad because I always think negatively now, and it's ruining my marriage and family.

I think I will be switching back to Lexapro, because even though I gained weight, I know that that helped me more than this generic medicine I am on now. Good luck to everyone in finding the right meds for you. There truly are meds out there for you--you just have to find them!

I was prescribed Wellbutrin XL and took that until my insurance forced me to take the generic. I have taken it for a year, and have gotten progressively worse. My depression returned and the bouts lasted longer and longer. My weight has gone up while I eat less and exercise more. I feel bloated and sluggish.

My doctor said many of her patients were suffering side effects from the generic, and that the generic was not providing the relief from depression as prescribed.

I have returned to the name brand, and the insurance company is requiring me to pay full price even though I tried the genereic for a significant amount of time and my depression returned. The insurance company is penalizing people who are not getting relief from a generic by requiring them to pay full price for the medication that actually works. Should one continue to take a medication even though it is not working because the insurance company decides that is best for you? Actually it only benefits them.

I have been on Budeprion XL for six weeks now. First
100mg for 2 weeks, then they bumped me up again 2 weeks after that. Now I am at 300mg. I have nausea, dizziness, throwing up.

I was taking Wellbutrin XL 150mg for 3 weeks. I was feeling so much better. I saw my doctor Wednesday and she switched me to the generic Budeprion SR 150mg. I took only one and felt so nauseous and dizzy that I couldn't function. I called my doctor first thing this morning and am waiting for her to call me back. I'm definitely not taking any more of these generic pills!

I can't believe that I didn't think of checking on the generic wellbutrin sooner. I was on the Wellbutrin XL 300 mg for a couple of years before the generic came out. I was thrilled to get something cheaper, but in the past few months I have become very emotional, depressed, and sluggish. I am battling with my weight even though I work out with a personal trainer 5 days a week and walk on weekends.

I was thinking about asking for my dose to be increased, but then while looking for info on the increased dose, I found this site. I called my doctor today and had him switch me back to the name brand drug. I had a hard time getting it filled because of insurance, but tomorrow I will start back on Wellbutrin XL. It will cost me $77 a month, but if I feel like I did when on it before, it is worth it.

Right now I am just as depressed as before I took anything, but am feeling better knowing that I might have found the problem. The pharmacist also told me that the generic was the same and said that is was made by the same company as the name brand. I don't think that is true and don't know why someone would tell me that. Hope anyone having problems reads these posts. Thanks to all of you for helping me.

I am so happy that I found this site. After talking to my endocrinologist today and telling her how awful I felt on the "generic" after taking the XL 300 tabs for 2 years, she told me about the controversy. She gave me the 150 mg Wellbutrin so that I can taper off, and then we'll start over.

Like many others who have commented here -- I thought that it was me!

Five years ago I took Wellbutrin, the name brand, for about two years. I went off, to see how I would do. I was fine for about four years and stress in my life brought back to some mild depression. I went to my doctor and he put me back on 150 ST Teva generic.

Previously the only side effect I had was dry mouth. However this time is far different. It's more like what side effect don't I have. I've been on it for abour four months, and the depression appears to be back, or at least the side effects make it seem like it's back. I have ringing in the ears which is very annoying, a low-grade headache and dizziness. I guess some blurred vision, but my new glasses take care of that some of the time.

Today I got on the net and found this site, and the experiences are very simillar. It's not a coincidence when people describe the same thing about the generic. My depression is fairly mild but this can be a huge issue for someone with severe deptression. Put the returning depression with the bad side effects and the combination could be paralyzing. I'll be calling my doctor to get the real thing. I can get it for only $10 more. I hope the change gets me to where I want to be.

For those of you having financial issues with going back to the brand, see if you can find pharmacies that use a different generic. Not all of the generics have the same effect -- whereas my mother got Budeprion and had the massive side-effects, my generic comes from Watson Labs and works exactly like Wellbutrin XL for me. My prescriptions are filled at Rite Aid if that helps anyone find a generic that does not reset their depression.

I got my generic which switched from being called bupropion to budeprion at Rite Aid. It is Watson Labs and I got massive headaches anxiety, jaw clenching and irritability. So Watson might not work for everyone either. Can anyone tell me the difference between bupropion and budeprion? I have had to stay off meds for two months from the extreme headaches. I tried again yesterday to make sure I wasn't crazy; I took 100mg and within about 10 minutes I started feeling tightness around my head and in a few hours I started sweating, feeling nausea and like I would pass out. After that jaw clenching and an uncomfortable feeling of wanting to get climb out of my skin. I am not imagining this difference.

My God, I called my pharmacy this afternoon & got an emergency refill of my rx with regular Wellbutrin SR (WITH insurance my co-pay was $138 - instead of $10 but I'm so very fortunate to be able to pay that) & called my son to go get it for me cuz I'm not even safe on the road right now. Have been trying to figure out what is wrong with me - before the "suicidal ideations" & crying jags & strange thoughts & emotional trainwreck got any worse.

Noticed - after leaning against the counter (crying & holding my hurting head) that my rx said "Budeprion" in parentheses after the Bupropion SR. Originally started on the brand name Wellbutrin SR 150 (just once a day - 2 tends to make me a little manic) a few years ago & it worked wonderfully at the time. I quit taking it for awhile but decided I needed just a little leveling out & when I went back, the generic had come out - but it wasn't TEVA brand. I noticed it didn't work quite as well but for the price difference it was OK. Just recently however, I had hand surgery, developed RSD, was prescribed a 6-day Medrol steroid pack - then after I calmed down from that, started taking Chantix to quit smoking - then the surgeon rx'd Neurontin (tried Lyrica 1st for 2 days & couldn't even see straight) - started the Neurontin at 100 mg 3x/day, building up slowly to 300 mg before wanting to rip somebody's face off - Dr. dropped me back to 100 mg - still agitated & crying & shaking like a ratdog inside - quit that a week ago (even tho it means very very very bad things for my hand - with the RSD - last resort kinda stuff) then went ahead & quit the Chantix 4 days ago but still shaking & crying today & thinking not good thoughts - til I found this website - Oh, & the FDA site that has just recently put out the new warnings for suicide on both Chantix AND Neurontin.

Cheezus Pete - They're gonna kill us all fore it's over with!

I too have had a similar situation. I was on Wellbutrin XL 2 150MG tablets for 2 months after changing from Effexor. I did great with it and continued to do well with my depression. After the 2 months, I switched to the Budeprion XL 300MG. I still did fine depression-wise until just lately. But for months and months I've had a rash and an awful itch that I've tried creams, allergy medication and several other things to try and get rid of. I never linked it to the Budeprion XL, until I found this website.

I asked my dermatologist if it was worth switching anti-depressents to see if it was the cause, and she said anything is worth a try. So I called my OB and they said try going back on the Wellbutrin XL, and that they had had other patients complain about the generic.

So I'm on tht Wellbutrin XL now for 4 days and I have noticed a difference in the rash--it is gone and the itching is slowly decreasing. I'll continue to watch and see how it changes, but as of now I'm convinced that the Budeprion XL is bad news.

I live in Canada. I took Wellbutrin for 5 yrs. Then without knowing, I was given a three month supply of the generic. Within a week I was in trouble, and within 6 weeks was seriously considering suicide. I suffered nausea, 24 hr diarrhea, and very, very low blood pressure for months, not to mention the depths of depression. Relationships with family and friends were damaged.

I was given all sorts of other Rxs for low BP, diarrhea, etc., and 15 months later, thanks to Prevention magazine, I'm able to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Have discussed this with my Dr. and tomorrow I will be starting back on Wellbutrin SR 100 mg again. I hope and pray I can have the happiness and peace of mind I had before the generic took it all away, and I wish there was someone, or some entity, to sound off to!!

My story sounds SO like a lot of these. I have been taking Wellbutrin SR for the last 4 years, with wonderful success. When I went to get my refill the first of this month, I noticed that they had changed the script to budeprion -- the generic. I am all right with most generics, I take almost all of them. That was the first day of 10 from hell. That first night, and the next 10, I couldn't sleep at all, I was so irritabile and angry all the time. I would clasp my jaw and shake for hours on end. Every single day I had a headache behind my eye.

I finally began to search on the internet for the possible cause and was dumbfounded to see that this could be the cause. I tried to get my insurance company to authorize the change back to Wellbutrin SR, but they are making me fight daily. My husband finally made me spend the $198.00 and purchased the drug myself. What a relief -- even the first night I slept all night long, and have been able to smile and feel good again. It's only been a couple of days since, but I will never take this generic drug again!

I've been researching this both online and with other people I know taking Wellbutrin for a week, and from what I've read and heard I think the TEVA generic for "Wellbutrin XL," known as BUDEPRION XL is very BAD news. I am floored that the FDA hasn't found anything wrong with it yet: (Good Article:

The reason I even began looking into it is that I was taking the Canadian Wellbutrin XL (Made by Biovail, who a Canadian pharmacist explained is owned by Glaxo). It's been more or less fine after the slightly bumpy beginning. But sending away to Canada is a drag, and I wanted to look into the generic XL (its price is competitive with the Canadian stuff if you're paying out of pocket).

I'm not a doctor. But from knowing how I felt when I first began taking Wellbutrin in the first 3 weeks before it fully kicked in, it seems people taking the TEVA BUDEPRION XL 300MG are undergoing a parallel process of overdose AND withdrawal. Meaning they're getting more than their body is able to handle at certain times and less than they should be at others. Symptoms include: headaches, anxiety, deepening depression, shaking, crying jags, flashes of anger and paranoia and the return of suicidal ideation, as well as physical symptoms like lower sex drive, listlessness, weight gain and skin rashes.

MSNBC did a story about it and so has NPR news; you can google it. An independent laboratory has found significant differences in the rate at which the TEVA Budeprion releases the drug into the blood stream versus the brand name Wellbutrin XL (manufactured by GLaxoSmithKline). Dissolution tests (which measure the amount of the drug that enters a patient's bloodstream over time) have been performed. The "XL" designation means the drug should release into the blood stream slowly and steadily over a 24 hour period. But the lab test showed that after 2 HOURS while the brand name Wellbutrin XL 300 MG had only released 8% of the drug into the bloodstream, TEVA (generic) "BUDEPRION XL" 300mg released a whopping 34% with an even greater discrepancy as more time passed.

People who were accustomed to a slow steady release were hit first with a huge dose they're not yet able to metabolize properly. So patients taking TEVA BUDEPRION are getting first an overdose and, then, when the drug has dissolved too quickly, a lack of it, and that explains the withdrawal symptoms. I imagine that it must be something like unexpectedly being shot into the atmosphere with a rocket and then being left to crash land without a parachute. You can read more here:, (I think you need to pay to see the full results) or google "laboratory results of budeprion XL" to see others quoting from that lab test.

As far as I understand it, only the TEVA generic is called Budeprion. It is described as a LARGE YELLOW HORSE PILL. I'm taking the WATSON generic for Wellbutrin XL 300mg. Its generic name is BUPROPION. It is a regular sized white pill with the letters and number: WPI 3332 on one side (the number apears directly below "WPI.")

I used to take the Watson generic BUPROPION SR 150 MG 2x a day and never had any terrible problem with it, other than I realized I didn't like the spike I felt after the second dose (the XL is much smoother and steadier) and so far after a few days I feel fine with the Watson XL 300 MG.

It's so difficult to know who to believe in all this. The FDA says they've found nothing to prove the independent lab test and the Pharma industry is NOT above using low quality ingredients and fillers from China (which I suspect is why the TEVA XL Pill isn't dissolving as it should. It might account for why it's such a big pill), or conversely creating a scare over a generic that will cut into profits too soon or too deeply. I worked in the industry (the online marketing side) and I saw first hand how pharma companies will manipulate consumer perception for profits and weaken the trust most people have in generic drugs.

I recommend anyone taking the TEVA Budeprion XL keep a careful record of how they're feeling for a few weeks (significant others and friends are always best or quickest at noticing a difference). Or even better just avoid it and get the Watson generic XL, but again do try and keep an eye out for how it's affecting you. (I'm not sure if there is a Watson generic for the 150 XL.) Canada is always an option of course.

It's truly sad bordering on criminal that the FDA (and many govt regulatory agencies), has been so weakened, by pharma/govt corruption that we can no longer have full faith in prescription drugs. We pay the price in lost productivity and lost health and some will tragically even pay for it with their lives.

Hopefully this all gets sorted out soon.

I have been feeling "out of sorts" all month, and lo and behold--looked at my meds, Bingo! Budeprion by Teva. My new RX is Buproprion by Anchen, does anybody have any thoughts on this brand?

My problem is not with just any generic, but with specific generics. I take Bupripion SR 100 MG 1x day, and have done so for about 4 years. While this is not normal usage (SR is commonly 2ce a day), any more than this and I become irritable and suffer from insomnia. XL also metabolizes far too slowly. I had found a pharmacy that used Watson SR, and was happy with this with no issues. Once in a while when I filled the script at a different pharmacy, which uses Sandoz, I found that I would become agitated and suffer from insomnia.

Recently, my insurance started insisting that any maintenance meds be filled by their "by mail" affiliate--if not, I will progressively be charged more per month, starting after 2 months. I realized that the mail order uses Sandoz, but decided to give it a try. Yesterday was my second day, and I had lots of time to think about the differences between generics when I was up all night last night. I even wondered if I'd been given a generic XL by mistake, due to the mind racing, heart pounding agitation, but pictures have confirmed that I am on the Sandoz SR 100 mg. This means I'm going to need to get a prescription for the brand name. I already have to do this for Prozac--generic fluoxetine also gives me insomnia.

While it's in some ways encouraging to know that so many other people have similar experiences with generic vs. brand, it is also incredibly frustrating that so many of us are stuck in this situation. My advice to people would be to be sure that your doctor believes you and writes your script for "Brand Name Only, Dispense Only as Written." I think most insurances will then accept that you must take the brand, and not penalize you for it (mine does). At one point I did have a doctor who didn't believe that there was any difference between generic and brand, but most well-informed doctors do realize this situation exists.

This website has provided me the first sense of relief I've felt in ten days.

My doctor wrote me a prescription for budeprion SR (it also says TEV on the bottle which I assume means TEVA)to help me quit my recent addiction to smoking and also help my symptoms of PMS.

I had battled bouts depression before, throughout high school and the beginning of college and I was on Wellbutrin at that time, but for the past four or so years I've been able to deal with upseting circumstances without medication.

Upon taking my first 150mg pill, I was feeling a little off, but just figured I was getting used to the drug. Three days later I was told to up the dosage to 300mg. I immediatley noticed a difference. I really thought I was having a nervous breakdown because a lot of things in my life are changing, but soon I realized that something else was going on.

I've only been on the 300mg dosage for five days and it's effecting my life so negativley.

I've been so lethargic, fuzzy-headed and unmotivated, except for short intervals of about 20 minutes at a time a few times a day where I feel like I can force myself to do homework or clean up a little. I have no interest in food, no hunger, and feel physically ill when I think about eating.

I feel hopeless, cold and empty, and have no optimism left in me. I sleep fitfully, and for the past three days have woken up with feelings of panic and obsessive painful thoughts. I also just have the general feeling of not being myself, my apartment looks different, I've decided that no one in my life understands me and have just kind of been reclusive for the past few days. I'm somehow able to keep my head at school and appear just fine, but at work, twice now I've just cried silently praying my boss wouldn't notice.

Luckily I started researching these pills and the fact that other people had these side effects and it's not in my head has actually provided me with a bit of happiness until I can talk to my doctor tomorrow about taking me off meds.

I really never read up on generics because I figured the FDA must monitor them closely and testing would be more thourough. How naive. It must be even harder to have been on a pill that was working just fine, start taking a generic that you expect to act the same, and begin to have these symptoms.

Thank you for this, I really thought it was just me.

I'm really glad i found this forum. i have been taking generic wellbutrin for about a month and a half. i was fine on normal wellbutrin, but now i have noticed that i am very, very angry. I can lose my temper instantly. And it 's just as bad with crying. anything can make me cry uncontrollably. i've been having dull aches in my left temple. And unexplained rib pain, and i am always hungry. the worst is that i just feel so pissed off all the time. and once i go off on a rage, i can't get control of myself. i literally just left a message with my doctor. i have to get off generic. I'm so glad to have found this because i was starting to think that i'm losing my mind. when i was on normal wellbutrin i did not feel this way.

Budeprion XL does not work--why would they sell it? I am going back to Wellbutrin XL 300 MG.

I am SO glad I found this site! I thought for sure I was losing my mind. I started off with the Wellbutrin XL 150 mg and was increased to the 300 mg at my therapist's belief that it wasn't working (this was after only 2 weeks--lol). Of course, my insurance considered Wellbutrin XL 300 mg to be a "tier 3" drug and since a generic was available, they wouldn't cover wellB.

At first I didnt notice much but, I COULD NOT UNDERSTAND WHY I WAS SO RAVENOUS... and not just hungry CRAVING things, specifically--SUGAR, CARBS... "feel good" foods so to speak... which, is so not like me! Of course I like these foods but, I have had a LONG struggle with my weight (lost 60 lbs through diet and exercise) so these cravings are completely counterproductive to my GOALS!

Anyway, I thought I was going crazy... everyone else who had taken wellB had lost weight, so why was I starving to death and couldnt seem to STOP eating?!?!?! Finally, through googling I think I have discovered the cause--the generic. I am almost wishing I had never started taking medicines at all!!!

I called my doctor and I am going back on the NAME BRAND, at 150mg. I don't know what it is but, on the wellB I lost about 10 lbs but in the past 3 months on the generic, I have gained that 10 back PLUS five extra. NOT GOOD FOR SOMEONE TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! be careful!

I too was switched to the TEVA from the Wellbutrin XL. It did not work for me either. How can the drug companies get away with this--it just doesn't work for so many of us, yet we have to pay more for the brand named drug???

I have tried both of the generics for Wellbutrin XL, big yellow pill and small white pill, and neither have come close to working as well as the name brand. However, I don't really have an extra $100 to pay for the name brand so now I am stuck trying to figure out my next move just like many others.

My 13 year old had been taking 200mg daily of budeprion SR and was showing mild improvement. The pharmacy gave us bupropion HCL SR when he needed a refill. Because there was an obvious difference in the pills (one being yellow, one being blue), I questioned them about it. They assured me there was no difference--boy were they wrong!!! The Bupropion HCL ER caused major aggression in my son. I went back to the pharmacy and made them put a note in his file that he HAD to have the budeprion SR, never the bupropion HCL ER again.

However, we recently changed his perscription to 300mg daily, and to put it lightly, it has been a terrible month. He has absolutely zero concentration and is having facial tics (I took him off a med I thought was causing it, generic Buspar) but now I wonder if it is actually the Budeprion SR causing all the trouble? Anyone else have these side effects when changing dosage amounts?

While reading all of these comments, I could not help but cry. I was switched from Wellbutrin XL to Budeprion XL five days ago and have felt like I have lost my mind since then. I can barely stop crying, and the shaky/lightheaded feeling has been non-stop. Not to mention the terrible nightmares that have me dreading going to bed. I don't have any RX coverage through my insurance plan, so this was the least expensive option for me. At this point though, I'd rather scramble to find the money for the name brand then continue on like this.

LJ, fyi, Chantix can you make you a tad unstable by itself without all of the other stuff. I took Chantix for a month last July, and yes, I did quit smoking, but I struggled with anger, anxiety and depression. I had been taking Wellbutrin 150 XL once a day and ended up taking it twice a day because I had a hard time with the 300 generic. Plus I only took 1/2 the recommended dosage of Chantix. Good luck.

I too was switched to generic budeprion XL. I did not realize that my increased depression was caused by the generic. I have had blurry vision, anxiety, shakiness, foggy brain, not clear-headed at all. Can't focus my mind or my eyesight. I'm going off of it. Please somebody do something about it.

I too took brand name Wellbutrin for one month. Then I was switched to generic Bupropion HCL XL. Depression and crying jags returned. It took a while to realize they returned soon after being switched to the generic. What else can we do to prevent this from happening besides complain?

Was so glad to see I'm not the only sufferer. I thought it was just me... crying, sad, irritable, dizzy, anxious, etc. I took the Wellbutrin XL 150's, and my panic disorder was under control and I was actually living again compared to my years of zombie status while on Paxil. My insurance changed, and they would no longer cover the XL... a year and six medications later they started covering the generic, but it's not the same and I know it. I've tried numerous medications including the SR, which we could never get the dosage levels right with.

I don't understand how they can say it's all the same medication if it all reacts differently with your body. Also, how am I supposed to believe that an ungodly big yellow pill is the same thing as a little white one? Don't understand how the insurance knows what is better for me than my own doctor.

I don't know what else to do other than allow the madness to creep back in and deal the best I can. The doctor and I have tried fighting it out with the insurance company three different times and it's just not going to be overturned, and I can't afford to lay out $100 (with the insurance) a month for the good stuff.

I sure hope the insurance companies and anyone else with influence comes to their senses before long. If anyone has any tips to help cope or fight this, I'd love to hear them. My thoughts are with you all my fellow sufferers.

I was prescribed 200mg of Buproprion SR, the Tab Watson version. AFter one day, I had really bad diarrhea, and I felt like I was falling into a deep depression and becoming distant and feeling like a stranger in my own body/life. My doctor told me this medication would give me more energy and make me a bit happier, but it did the exact oppposite. He wanted me on it twice a day. I have no health insurance and the generic, which is all I could afford, still cost me $84!!! I can't afford the $265 for a month RX and that is from Sam's. What is one to do?

I took Wellbutrin for years for moderate depression and anxiety. Over the summer my insurance company decided to change me to the generic. HUGE MISTAKE. I started to get extremely dizzy all the time--especially when I closed my eyes. Trying to sleep at night was a nightmare. I also started to become very paranoid. I couldn't bear to be alone and when I was alone I would completly freak out--especially at night. The worst though was one day I blacked out while driving.

The dr's found nothing wrong with me and said that it could be from the switch in medication since it is not exactly made the same. I am now back on the name brand wellbutrin and am completely fine. It sucks having to pay $70 a month for it, but it is better than dealing with the awful side effects of the generic. I would warn people to stay away from the generic if you can. It is def not the same as the name brand.

I started the generic of Wellbutrin XL on March 9. It is the big yellow oval pill and I have been nauseous the past 4 days and had stomach cramping and headaches. The problem that affects me the most is the insomnia. I can't go to sleep at night and when I do at about 3-4am, I still wake up occasionally, then find it impossible to get out of bed in the morning.

I know now that you really have to pay attention to the side effects from medications. I have been having problems with my hands shaking for years, and the doctor thought I had essential tremor or Parkinson's disease. I forgot to refill my Lipitor for a week and my shaking has stopped!

Sometimes we attribute our problems to something else when all along it could be our meds.

Hi all. I found this in my research and hope it is a valid source for mitigating the cost of brand Wellbutrin. Give it a look and let me know what you think.

I was placed on Welbutrin SR 150 mg twice a day. Prior to starting Welbutrin SR I was seriously depressed even considering suicide. After about a month on the medicaton I was really feeling better. I discovered that a generic XL version was available. I have never had any trouble with generics and was excited about being able to take the once a day formula rather than the twice a day SR formulation. Especially since my prescription plan offers meds by mail at a significant savings.

The pills were very different...but I started ont them anyway. After about two weeks, my symptoms returned, and after a month on the generic I was worse than before... flying into fits of rage, severe headaches and suicidal thoughts. I called my prescription insurance plan and demanded that they give me the name brand medication. Teva needs to be exposed... how are they getting away with this!

Just found out today that my insurance will not cover Wellbutrin 300mg XL as prescribed by the doctor. He had started me off on 150mg XL (which my insurance company covered because they said there is not a generic available??) to see how I reacted. Last Friday I started on 300 mg, and it is like night and day how much better I feel. Until learning from my insurance company that I either go on the generic with all of its horrible side effects or pay out $150 / month to be able to continue taking non-generic as my doctor specifically prescribed.

I have lodged a complaint with my insurance company, but they basically said there is no appeal process available. CAUTION: my insurance card does not say a third level tier drug will cost me this much; it says $50 copay for third tier OR 20%; what the insurance company is saying to me is $50 copay PLUS the cost difference between non-generic Wellbutrin vs. generic. Sounds like a conspiracy to me.

I am very very concerned that big insurance companies would rather their insureds try to kill themselves than allow us to take medications as prescribed because our doctors know the generic form of this medication is seriously dangerous! I know I am not alone in this dilemma, but has anyone out there heard anything about a possible class action suit against the big insurance companies?

I am so glad I found this site! I tried the generic verson of Wellbutrin and thought I must just be very sensitive to it. I had done super well on the brand Wellbutrin xl but felt like I was completely going to lose my mind on the generic! I ended up flushing it all down the toilet. It was horrible stuff!

My insurance company will not cover the real Wellbutrin, and I can't afford to pay for it. I have breast cancer and just learned that my twenty-one year old son is hiv+ and has no health insurance. The stress has thrown me back into a pretty severe depression, and I have no way to get the medication I need.

It makes me so mad when I remember the pharmacist snapping at me when I told him that the generic was not working like the brand Wellbutrin!! He said that it couldn't be true!

I just switched to the generic form of Wellbutrin XL 300mg tablets (to the TEVA made generic) and within a few hours, I felt a huge difference. I knew it wasn't pyschosomatic because I didn't have an inkling that I was even taking a generic version... I thought the pill size had changed because I went from taking two 150mg tablets to the 300 mg tablet, and had no clue it was generic (my husband picked up my prescription).

I went from feeling fabulous, having tons of energy and playing with my two boys... to feeling like my body turned to lead. I am having crying fits. I am just miserable. Since my husband is in the pharma industry, he did the research and found tons of articles about this exact problem. The active (API) has the same biochemical make-up but it is released differently and the tablets are coated differently; and these differences have made ALL the differences in ME! I don't have much money, but I am paying out of pocket for Wellbutrin XL just so I don't lose my mind!!!!

When I was taking Wellbutrin 300XL for mild depression, it seemed to work well.

I have been taking the generic form for over 2 years now and felt from the start it was not working the same, but thought it might just take time to get used to something different.

Seasonal depression returned the last two years as did ups and downs/mood swings. Lately symptoms have been worsening. I had initial weight loss from the Wellbutrin (nice) and have been gaining a little weight despite no diet change since taking the generic. Moodiness, easily being irritated, lack of my normal ability to control stress, and a serious lack of motivation has been rapidly increasing. I thought it might be age-related, but I wonder now.

I just got a new RX for Cymbalta since generic XL seems to not be helping, and am weaning myself off the generic XL before I begin. But with all of this info, think if I went back to Wellbutrin XL brand, I might not need Cymbalta. I agree with many others, the generic form is likely the problem.

Wow, I'm so glad I found this website, I really thought I was going crazy!!! I recently got switched to the generic brand of Wellbutrin, I started having severe headaches, felt hungry all the time, fatigued and bloated but worst of all I was feeling dizzy!!! I'm a very active person, I am an aerobics instructor, last week during the end of the class I got so dizzy I had to stop teaching!!! I've been dizzy ever since, I finally realized it was this darn generic pill!! I'm going back to Wellbutrin... Thanks for all your comments, it's good to know I'm not going nuts!!

Wow, I too tried both the Teva and Watson generic brands... With the Teva I didn't feel quite like myself so I went back to the Drs for a Wellbutrin prescription... Without the pharmacy telling me they put me on the generic brand Watson, within 2 weeks I was having massive dizzy spells, headaches, dry mouth, stomach cramps, bad PMS and not to mention major depression!!! I am now making sure I ONLY get the WELLBUTRIN brand... Thank God for this site!! I thought I was losing my mind until now... A big thanks to all of you who have written in with your experiences, it's really helped:)

I, too, experienced a return of my depression and also stomach problems after switching from Wellbutrin XL 300 to the generic version. My insurance company will only pay for the generic and refuses to believe that there is a difference between it and the name brand. The generic version is NOT the same. I made a formal (on-line) complaint to the FDA, which I highly suggest.

Thank God I'm not the only one!! I didn't know what was wrong with me. My doctor ordered me Wellbutrin and like so many others ins co. switched it to generic. HORRIBLE!! Have been so down and ready to cry at any moment. One day was so bad I was thinking my family would be better off without me. I've never felt that bad before and now reading so many other cases like mine I know it's the meds and not me. I can't believe this is allowed to happen with the ins co's I will not continue this med and will pay whatever it takes to have the brand I was supposed to be taking!!!

I, too have had problems with generic Wellbutrin. After taking Wellbutrin for years, my prescription was changed without notice by the pharmacy to the generic "equivalent".

Usually I'm thrilled to be able to save money with the cheaper generic...but while the small white generic tabs looked the same, they did not work the same. After a week or so I was extremely irritable and agitated. I was crying when I asked the pharmacist what to do because this drug didn't work- and was told my doctor would have to re-write my prescription to specify the brand name drug. In my state of mind, that seemed so frustrating and difficult!

Back to Wellbutrin, and everything's fine. A couple of months later, the doctor forgot and didn't specify Wellbutrin brand. I took the drug home without realizing the error- and then had to try the generic again! After 2 weeks I was back at the Pharmacy, asking for the real thing...again. Crying again. I think I'd be better off with nothing than with the generic.

The depression cleared up with wellbutrin XL, but it was too expensive. Over $300.00 for 60, I believe it was.

I switched to wellbutrin sr 200mg twice a day (400mg/day), which brought the price down to about $120.00/60 tabs, which also managed the depression and I was thrilled to now pay less than half the amount I paid for the XL version.

Yesterday, I got my prescription refilled but it was a different pill so I asked the druggist about it, thinking I'd gotten the wrong drug by mistake. He told me that this new pill is the generic version of bupropion.

I still haven't taken it as I have a few days worth of the brand name version. I'm glad I found this site before taking this new version of the drug. My new pill is pink with IIII on one side and on the other side there is a stylized upper case italicised E.

Is this the same pill many of the people in this forum are talking about? I am afraid to use this version of wellbutrin. I am also allergic to the dyes. Wellbutrin hcl sr is a pure white pill.

After being on WellbutrinXL for several years my depression seemed to be getting worse,or at least not getting better. Then I realized my pharmacy had put me on the generic. At first I didn't think anything of it because I'd always heard generics were just as good, but started to put two and two together and googled it and found this site and many others. My pharmacist says my insurance will only cover the generic. I've quit taking it altogether now because it's simply not working.

I have had the same awful experience that others have had on the generic for Wellbutrin XL 300. I was doing fine on Wellbrutrin XL until like everyone else was switched to the generic because of my insurance company.

I took the generic for about two months before I switched back to the brand Wellbutrin XL300. I wasn't suicidal but I was very depressed, emotional, crying, and had feelings of no hope and despair. I couldn't figure out why all of a sudden I was feeling like this. The feelings I had were worse than when I first started taking Wellbutrin several years ago.

Then one day I was reading my Prevention magazine and it had an article called "Are Generics Safe". I began reading the article and was shocked to find that the generic for Wellbutrin XL 300, Budeprion XL 300 was found to release its active ingredient at a different rate than the brand-name. Teva the maker of Budeprion XL 300 says they followed the same federal guidelines when making this drug, but when did their own testing of Teva's generic they found something interesting. Here is a quoate from the article in Prevention on findings:

"Budeprion XL 300 contained the right amount of the active ingredient, bupropion--but released it at a substantially different rate than the brand-name drug did. In the laboratories' test tubes, Wellbutrin XL 300 released the chemical slowly for the first few hours, while Budeprion XL 300 released the drug far more quickly. In fact, within the first 2 hours, Budeprion delivered more than four times as much drug as Wellbutrin--34% of Budeprion's active ingredient, compared with just 8% of Wellbutrin's. Within 4 hours, the generic pill had released about half of the crucial chemical, while the brand name had given up only one-quarter".

I was so reliefed after I read that article because I thought the problem was just me and that my mental state had gotten terribly worse on its own. The next day I decided to go back to taking the brand-name again even though it is costing me $75 a month instead of $20. I wish I didn't have to pay that amount but under our insurance plan I cannot make an appeal to pay the lower cost even if my doctor prescibes it.

I think it is un-American that these insurance companies and drug makers can make decisions about our health and take you and me and our doctors out of the equation. I wish people would wake up and start sending our government a message to stop this kind of unfair practice.

I am not against taking generics but when you are messing with the mental health of people and more or less making people choose a drug that is far worse for them, then I think that is a tragedy. A lot of people can't afford to pay the regular price for the brand-name. What is it going to take to get this generic Budeprion XL 300 made by Teva taken of the market. I hope in the mean time a tragedy doesn't happen.

I discovered this web site when I began to suspect I had been given the wrong medication in error by my pharmacy and decided to check. I have just started the second month of taking a generic for Wellbutrin that is white, round and displays WPI3332 and on the label refers to SR24.

Depression and many of the symptoms described are present including a rash that I have not experienced ever and difficulty sleeping. A question; can a pharmacy provide a generic without the patient or doctors knowledge because it is directed to do so by the insurance company or to profit? Would it be possible for this site to list the insurance companies who insist on the generic?

I am having the same problems as most everyone one here after being prescribed Budeprion(TEVA) to be taken in combination with Paxil. I had taken the lower dose with no problems when my Dr. decided to increase to the 150 mg. dosage.

I was dizzy and wanted to eat ALL the time. I could eat a carton of ice cream in one sitting and I have never eaten like that before. In fact, I was off of sugar, white flour, etc. and had lost 48 pounds by changing my diet due to High Cholesterol.

But, thanks to the Budeprion all of that work went down the drain--I gained back 23 pounds in just a few weeks. I quit taking it for about 2 weeks and decided to give it another try.

This time around I am not at all hungry, probably because I am dizzy, throwing up and have constant burping(I have been diagnosed with GERD so now that is worse)irritabililty and crying spells.

I cannot function like this so I am just going to take my Paxil by itself and hope for the best until my next Dr. appt. From reading these post I am going to see if my insurance company will cover Wellbutrin and ask him if I could try that. I can truly sympathize with you all!

I apologize in my previous post I stated that my Dr. up my dosage to 150 mg. that is incorrect, I am on the 300 mg. See what it has done to my thought process!

About 6 weeks ago, I started using my mail order pharmacy to order my Wellbutrin SR 150 mg. I noticed the pill was not the white pill I was used to; it was purple. A few weeks ago, I commented to myself and to a friend that I didn't think the new purple pill was working the same as the white one I was used to.

Today is the first time I heard any news about people reporting that they feel that one of the generic Wellbutrin XL does not work like the brand name drug. I think the same is true of the SR version I am taking.

The manufacturer of the purple SR that I have is Sandoz and the manufacturer of the white pill I had been taking is Watson. The Watson generic is manufactured by a division of GSK so it is identical to Wellbutrin SR. Sandoz is a German company. (I find it interesting how the politicians are so concerned about drugs from Canada when so many of our generic drugs are made in other countries, including Canada). I didn't think that there were any differences between generics and brand drugs, but I am convinced now that there is.

Have their been any FDA investigations into the generic Wellbutrins made by Sandoz?

I canceled my doctor appointment today because I have been so frustrated. I really, really believe that the TEVA generic for Wellbutrin XL does not work.

Five years ago I took celexa and wellbutrin and did very well. This time around the budepriox xl is making me feel bloated, I have gained weight and I am still very depressed.

I have rescheduled my appointment and will tell the doctor about all of the comments I have read. She actually prescribed the Wellbutrin XL but the pharmacist said my insurance required that I take the generic. I am now livid that I have lost a month in getting back on track. Thanks so much to all those individuals who have made me realize that I was not just imagining my concerns.

I have noticed my depression come back with a vengeance in the past few months. I have taken Wellbutrin on and off for the past 10 years. Of course, I was switched to Teva's Budeprion at some point.

A doctor I was seeing in 2005 had put me on Lamictal in conjunction to the generic Wellbutrin because it wasn't having the effect he would have liked. This is after three years of being on no antidepressants whatsoever. I stayed on the Budeprion/Lamictal combo for about a year and a half. As a result, my thyroid is slower and my periods are completely irregular.

Due to my increased depression, my new psychiatrist put me on 200 mg of generic Wellbutrin SR twice a day. She mentioned that there were some complaints with the generic Wellbutrin XL, or she would have just given me 400 mg of that.

So that got me thinking.... I think what happened was that the Budeprion was never effective. The Lamictal probably helped me during the time I was on it. I went off of it in November of last year for personal reasons. Almost instantly it seemed like my depression returned.

I'm going to get Buproprion SR 200 mg (to take twice a day) tonight. It's manufactured by Global, not Teva. I hope this will do the trick. I can't go on like this. I feel hopeless, withdrawn, sad all the time, I cry easily, and for the first time in years I've actually contemplated suicide. My personality has completely changed. I'm also recently taking DL-phenylalanine, prescribed by a holistic doctor, and that has helped some. Any advice anyone could give me would be much appreciated.

My understanding is:

Wellbutrin XL (Extended release-once a day) has a generic called Budeprion.

Wellbutrin SR (Sustained release-twice a day) has a generic called Bupropion.

I'm still on SR - have never made it to XL because I didn't want to rock the boat.

I have no insurance, so have mail-orderd Bupropion 150mg from Canada for about 4 years. The pills were round, and an ugly purple-ish color manufactured by NovoPharm in Canada. I have felt great since I started this medication.

Thanks to the poor US dollar, Canada is no longer cheaper, so 2 months ago, I ordered Bupropion SR 150 mg from a US mail order pharmacy and received the Watson version (round white tablets WPI 839). My depression has returned.

1) I was under the impression that only the XL has the generic issue - is the SR being questioned, too?

2) From teh comments above, it seems that people like the Watson version, but I am not doing well at all on it.

Not sure what to do next, but may go back to Canada for my next refill.

Anyone else in my situation with SR and the Watson version?

Oh my gosh, I thought I was crazy. I was on wellbutrin XL300. It was great, I felt great, it curbed my appeite.
This crap budeprion XL 300 is
terrible, I'm shakey I have nausea all the time & my appeite has increased. I'm paying $114.00 for generic I have no idea what it will cost for the real thing again.

ditto, ditto, ditto.

I knew it was not my imagination! Wellbutrin XL works great. Buproprion is sadly inadequate and probably even dangerous for some.

Guess I'll stop my search for a health insurance plan that will cover this drug. I'm paying out of pocket and it doesn't sound like there's much hope for an alternative.

How can we begin to protest the exclusion of this very important antidepressant medication?

A friend of mine told me about this site and when I started reading I couldn't believe all of the people having the same problems as me! I've been on Wellbutrin/Bupropion for years now. It's the only thing that has ever worked for me. Then (in hindsight)after being switched by the pharmacy to the Budeprion my depression returned and I began having massive tremors. My GERD also came back full force, though I am not sure if that is related.

I was switched between Lexapro and Cymbalta and neither of them were as good as the Wellbutrin. They each have their own side effects that I am not willing to live with. Now that I have read this, I'm switching back to the REAL Wellbutrin. Even if it means paying a higher priced copay. They need to remove the Budeprion from the market!! I sit here at 5:36 am wondering what the heck have i gotten myself into. I told my doc I was having some trouble sleeping and the job had become a little more stressful. He prescribed Wellbutrin SR 150 ml, 2 x daily, of course I always choose generic so I got Budeprion SR. Then he also recommended Rozerem to help me get to sleep faster.

Now I can't sleep-and get less than I did before the meds. I've had about 5 hours the past two nights and maybe an hour tonight. I am definitely not taking anymore- this is tearing me up. I drive for a living and my hands are on the steering wheel hard trying to stay awake.

My doc is on call this weekend- not sure if it can happen, but my Insurance will pay for the Wellbutrin at a higher tier ($80.00- for 90 day supply)so I will see if I can get another scrip and get rid of this budeprion SR.

Hi, I feel much better to know that I am not the only one who has had problems with Budeprion XL300 I have had the depression only mildly, but cry for no reason and get very irrated. It started about two years ago and I was having a lot of work done on my house so was attributed to stress. My house is finally done and I still cry for no reason. It can be very embarrassing. I tried to get my Wellbutrin 300xl filled and now have to pay 176.00 a month. It was covered when I first took it.
Thanks to all of you for letting me know that its not just me.

This is terrible! There are so many people here having the same problems and feelings, I actually started crying reading so many of your posts.

Its so nice 2 know I am not alone! I have been taking Welbutrin about 5 years, and the last 4 months I have been switched to generics, the little white one and the big yellow ones. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!! I dont even remember what it is like to feel "Good" Again!

I can't afford name brand and If i go off the generic it is way worse but i can't say that i have anywhere close to the effect of the real Pill. If there is anyone out there who knows a solution as to how to get these off the market so we can only have the choice of Wellbutrin I am open for suggestions.

It seems with as many of us just on this website ALONE having so many problems with this that we should be able to use our freedom of speech to make some kind of difference! I don't know, I would just like the makers of these cheap drugs to have to feel the way me and so many other people are feeling for just one day and then maybe we could be understood more?

Anyhow, thanks everyone, I feel all of you and am So glad 2 know I'm not alone! =)

I have made an appointment with my Doctor. I have been on Wellbutrin/Bupropion for around 3 years. During that time I was started on Wellbutrin XL by the doctor (samples) worked great!!

But the insurance would only pay for generic because it was available. So I went with the Bupropian. I was taking 200 mg for a while and felt it wasn't working very well so the dose was increased to 300 and the XL genric came out.

I thought hurray all will be better again. I thought I was going crazy. The depression seemed to be inching back. I couldn't sleep at night, I had leg pains, I cryed allot, my periods became unreliable. And I been bloated all month long I've been irritable and fret easily. I chalked it up to the change of life. Then I realized it was affecting my sex drive and ruining my sex life.

I started cutting back on my dose. To see if that would help and I ended up with night sweats (when I was actually sleeping) along with my sleeplessness. Xanax has helped me sleep and in a bad spot I can take it to calm me down. (I also have had anxiety attacks pounding heart waking me from sleep)I then was put on Bupropian SR 100 mgs two taken in the A.M. (In January) I read one letter that mentioned overdose in the morning withdrawal at night....Thats me!

I have also noticed a cronic runny nose, dry eyes and shortness of breath at times,aching joints. Again I thought my new regimine of working out was to blame. I saw an article in the paper a week or so ago about generics are they the same? And a case that specifically noted Wellbutrin and the side effects as well as the lack of measuring up to the name brand.

So here I am looking at all these comments thinking...Ah hah!!! light bulb!...I hope my Doctor will rewrite the perscription to the real thing only!! I know I will have a problem with my insurance company but I really would like to see if there is a notable change.

I too have similar experiences. I have been trying to tell my Dr that the medicine doesn't work. The Wellbutrin worked so well for me. After this article I am all so wondering if my generic has been causing a lot of my side effects.

Unexplained Body rash,blurred vision,nausea,headaches and I have been extremely irritable.
thank you for your article.

Because of insurance issues I was also switched from Wellbutrin XL to the generic. I was dizzy, could not sleep, no energy and very irritable (downright mean). I finally figured out it was the generic and I have switched back, my doctor even put on the prescription "brand name medically necessary" and insurance will still not cover it. I will pay the price difference (over $100 a month) and I cannot believe they are trying to convince us it is the same medicine.

I was prescribed Wellbutrin SR 150 mg two a day about 8 years ago. It worked really well. In fact, I dc'ed it at some point because I felt that much better. But I began having same symptoms again (sadness, easily reduced to tears, etc.)and we tried Effexor for a short while but I had about every side effect listed, including a very disturbing feeling that I was removed from everything, just didn't really care about anything.

So I went back to the little purple 150 mg SR pill again. It worked beautifully. About a year ago, I got switched by my insurer to a generic. I am pretty sure it was the Watson generic, and I can't say whether it was a problem or not.

What I do know is that I got switched to the TEVA version in the last few months. Now I am depressed again, I am having anxiety attacks, can't sleep, am ready to cry and feel hopeless A LOT.

In the past, at least I didn't have to worry about weight gain on Wellbutrin SR. I am on Weight Watchers, and I write everything down so I can see what I need to work on to continue my weight loss. BUT recently, I have stuck to the program to almost an absurd degree, and have either lost nothing or actually gained. That has NEVER happened before.

It is very discouraging as I am sure you can appreciate. In addition, I am bloated, I feel stupid... I could go on. I read this stuff today, and suddenly it seems that there is a reason for all of it. So yes, the generic SR is no better than XL in its generic form, and there does SEEM to be a difference in who is making the generic.

This has been very scary. I am going to see my pharmacist in a little while with the pills in hand, so I can try to figure out what the issues are, and then will most likely get my doctor to write brand name only for this one. Thanks to all for sharing their experiences, without which I would have thought I was just nuts.

Yippee!!! I am NOT totally losing it. My experience runs counter to some of the others, but I am convinced that we are all on the right track. I have been on the TEVA Bupropion for a year. My pharmacy (Costco, who will sell you drugs at a low price even if you are not a member) switched to Watson 4 months ago. I have been having those weird 'electric' flashes that I had when I was being weaned off of Lexapro, and I have suddenly sprouted a flabby gut. EEeeeooow! I asked a friend who is a drug rep about it, and she told me about the research regarding generics, and that Wellbutrin in generic form is much talked about. Now, I can see that it is indeed.

Just a personal whine -- I am self-employed, and have only catastrophic insurance. I was thrilled when I got the Watson for $65 instead of the $110 TEVA. Not so anymore. Perhaps the TEVA just works for me. I wonder how well I would do on the ACTUAL Wellbutrin?? Am taking it for ADD, and REALLY should not be taking time out to type this. But my meds aren't working...

; )

My insurance company switched me to Bupropion from Wellbutrin. My doctor explained that it was the same. NOT SO! I switched back. The real shame is that so many people are getting the bums-rush to Bupropion without ever having the opportunity to try a medicine that really works! The generic is being touted as if it were equal to the original. The real shame is that people are not afforded the opportunity to try Wellbutrin! The opportunity to improve their well being and quality of life is being usurped by profit motivated health care providers and misinformed doctors. This is criminal.

I have been on Wellbutrin XL w/ great success for 2.5 years. My insurance, Blue Shield, switched me to generic three months ago and at first, it was $45 out of pocket, then $80 and now $115!!! I am a healthy, active woman who works out regularly but I have been steadily gaining weight -- not only that, I have been experiencing extreme fatigue despite regular sleep patterns, healthy diet and at least 4 days of excercise (1 hour hikes) per week. I am glad I found this site -- I thought I was losing my mind! I am going back to Wellbutrin XL.

I have been trying to understand the differences/similarities between:
1. Wellbutrin SR
2. Budeprion SR
3. Buproprion SR

This medication has been prescribed for depression, not smoking cessation.

I have read many of the comments submitted regarding these medications, but I still cannot get it straight.

My prescription is for Wellbutrin SR, and it has been substituted with what I was told is the generic, Budeprion SR. Now I am being told that the FDA does not recognize Budeprion SR as a generic for Wellbutrin SR so I have to concider Buproprion SR. When I look up Budeprion SR on my insurance web site it describes it as a generic, but a generic for what?

Like many of you, changing medications is not the easiest and I would like to avoid that as much as possible.

I am so-o-o confused.
Please, can anyone help?

Hi I wrote in about three weeks ago and was switched back to the brand of Wellbutrin XL300. It has been almost two weeks, and I still feel tired and a little depressed. How long does it take to for brand Wellbutrin to start working after taking generic? I am beginning to think it's just me.
Thank you

Same i switched from welbutrin xl to the shitty generic form and lost all hope and thought that i was going to be depressed forever and somehow my body just grew a tolerance for the drug but now that so many other ppl agree that budeprion blows i feel much better, currently ive ben off of all anti-depressants for 5 months but dont feel like myself and after reading this am considering talking to my doctor about getting back becuz the orig. wellbutrin worked great, every day was the greatest day of my life, TONNNNSSS of side effectts from generic especially memory loss and feeling shitty

I can't believe how many of us are having the same experience. I was taking Wellbutrin XL150 and when my dose was increased to 300, it went to generic. I'm going through what I'm hearing others say--extreme weight gain, tired, headaches, joint pain, etc. Tried taking myself off by cutting generic pills in half, and symptoms are still bad, so I've taken myself off. Not a good plan! I've got a call in to my Dr. now that I've read that I'm not going crazy & there is a difference between Wellbutrin & generic. I want to start again & make sure I do not get generic.

Just switched from Wellbutrin XL 300mg to Budeprion 300mg which is supposed to be equivalent, but I am here to tell you--IT IS NOT.

I am feeling horrid. Tired, lethargic, I had a slight bit of energy this a.m about 4 hours after taking the med, and it quickly left me. Now I am so fatigued I am writing this laying down on my laptop in bed. I had the option of generic or the real deal, but the price difference got me. It was the difference between $20 for the generic and $60 for the real stuff. I am now here with a bottle of placebo which isn't doing me any favors. The Wellbutrin XL was a lifesaver, now I am in the toilet again with the generic. I am contacting the FDA.

I have been taking the generic for two weeks, same symptoms as all of the above, insurance won't pay for the real thing, out of pocket will be $205 for 30. found several websites in Canada selling the real thing for $155 for 90, my doc wrote me a new prescription to fax to Canada........

I had been taking Wellbutrin XL for years. By the end of last Fall I couldn't understand why I felt so depressed. I thought it was my imagination. I realized I began to take the generic in September. Generic doesn't work. I switched to Cymbalta--much better.

I have been on bupropion hcl er 100mg for less than two weeks, and the side effects are bad. Now we have 2am in the morning, and I still can't sleep; joint pains, snappy, no energy, loss off libido. And blurred vision and weight gain. I was told I was being put on wellbutrin 100mg twice a day. It is the pharmacies who give you what they feel like. The insurance will pay for it except your co-pay is higher. I will call my doctor tomorrow--I'm sick about the way they play with the puplic. Is there no one we can turn to? Thanks for hearing my anger.

I can't believe it! I was also told that my symptoms were NOT related to switching to the generic. Once I switched, I noticed a difference, although couldn't put it all together at first. I have gained weight on the generic, feel light-headed and like I'm in a deep fog (seems to be worse when driving--EXTREMELY SCARY).

I told my neurologist about these symptoms, and he did not seem to think that it was from generic. I am in the same boat as others, don't have enough money to pay for the brand. I don't know what to do. I have medical bills from other places that are eating away at all of my funds. By the way, has anyone had any GI/pancreatic issues since starting this?

I hope that the government steps in soon and realizes that something needs to be done, but that seems like a pipe dream at this point. This cannot continue.

Thank god for this website. I just started Buproprion SR 150MB (Budeprion) from Teva only two days ago. It felt weird -- like I've been going through withdrawals, but I am still taking my previous medication (Lexapro), so I shouldn't be feeling anything like that.

I noticed my hair seemed to be falling out a lot more than normal -- that was weird. Also -- I have been hungry 24 hours a day -- no matter if I just ate or not. I am eating carbs nonstop -- crackers and such, since they're easy to keep upstairs by my bed. But it doesn't matter. I'm always hungry.

I've just called my doctor's office to have them get me a normal name brand Wellbutrin instead of this generic crap.

I haven't slept well since I took it, the first day I took it I felt amped up and agitated (although that is supposedly a side effect of Wellbutrin anyway), but I figured I would call the doctor and ask if he thinks that will go away over time. The agitation has gone away after day one, but now I just feel lost like I'm not being medicated properly for my anxiety... thank god for this site, I can only hope that I have the same success everyone else does with NAME BRAND wellbutrin!

A little over a year ago my pharmacy switched me to Budeprion. I also had a bad reaction to the TEVA brand. I took it for two weeks and had to quit. Gave me the shakes, I felt clouded in my thoughts, my vision was off, and I felt awful. I mentioned it to my doctor, and he said sometimes they have trouble getting the formulations right. Not any trouble I wanted to deal with, so I went back to the high dollar name brand. Sometimes clarity is priceless.

I have checked with the pharmacy, and they no longer have the TEVA brand. So I might try the new one by ANCHEN. I will send in an update on the effects.

I experienced similar side effects from the "generic" version of Wellbutrin XL. As my Dr described, there is no "generic, but a comparable drug", buroprion. My INS would not cover the brand name initially. I had been taking several weeks of the brand name (that I pd full price for) waiting for the ins co to approve. When they did not, I accepted the 150mg Buproprion. Two weeks later I was in the emergency room, I believe on the verge of a nervous break down. The er staff dismissed it & I ended up walking out of there. I saw my dr the next morning & was finally able, due to the "reaction" to get the brand name. I've been on that for 6 mts & have had great results. My dosage was just increased to 300mg & the pharmacy tried to give me the generic!! No way. I really believe that Buproprion should never be considered a generic for Wellbutrin.

Thank God I'm not alone. The pharmacist at my Walgreens thinks I'm imagining things, but I told him I'd go without anything rather than try Budeprion again. Blurred vision was a significant factor (bad enough that my GP ordered an MRI of my head), plus my depression worsened for the first time in 7 years.

Have your doctor write "Fill as written - no generic" on the prescription. You'll still pay the higher copay, but it beats the psych ward any day!

Both the XL and SR generics do not work for me. It didn't take long on either one to realize that they just do not work the same. I don't like the depression, shakiness, irratibility, sick in the stomach, and falling a sleep at a blink in eye. If you are low income, you can send away to the manufacturer for free medicine. They send you a 3 month supply. What's bad for me now is that I got a better paying job and I probably do not qualify anymore. I hope this can help some of you out there.

I do not have px insurance and take the Wellbutrin xl 300. I purchase my medication online from canada--it is half the cost of local pharmacies! When I was on a minimal dosage of 150sr, I bought the bupropion, which was ok; but I didn't see dramatic improvement until the doctor raised me to WB300mg a day. After reading these posts, I will not search further for generic!

Budeprion SUCKS!! I have been taking Wellbutrin XL 150 for 2 years. They switched me to the generic (Budeprion). No wonder I feel like crap! It took me 2 weeks until I figured out what was wrong. Dont take Budeprion! They have to do something about this!

Like many of you here I have taken the generic form of Wellbutrin XL called Budeprion put out by Teva. I had been on Wellbutrin 5 years ago for about a year to help me deal with depression -- the medication was eventually stopped altogether a year later. Three weeks ago, I went to a doctor’s office and was given a script for Wellbutrin to curb my anxiety and possible depression until I could get to a psychologist to evaluate the issue further. When I got to the pharmacy, I had the script filled with the generic Budeprion -- and a nightmare began.

The first few days, I didn't notice anything wrong... and then my behavior started to change. I was more irritable, would cry at the drop of a hat, and felt run down. I initially thought this was the traditional up and down you first experience when you start an anti-depressant, and I mistakenly dismissed the symptoms. By the third week, I was a completely different person. I was irritable, crying every day, having obsessive thoughts, shaking, nausea, thoughts of hurting myself, joint pain, and was downright mean. I felt like I was screaming in my own head all the time. The last day I took the medication, I was experiencing all the symptoms above as well as shaking, unable to concentrate, memory loss, stumbling over words, having difficulty with my speech and extremely dizzy. I found this website that day and switched to Wellbutrin XL in the morning.

The day I switched was a complete change… the side effects began to subside. By the end of the day, I realized how bad I had been on the generic. I am not completely free of side effects but feel significantly better.

After this experience I wanted to warn as many people as possible to STAY AWAY from this drug. I truly have a feeling that if I stayed on the generic I would have eventually injured myself, someone else from all the impairments it caused, or cost me my life altogether.

I went on Wellbutrin XL for depression and the results were remarkable. Celexa and Paxil didn't help, but Wellbutrin XL did. I had more energy, was exercizing, I was sleeping, my appetite decreased to that of a normal person, and I was slowly losing weight and looking like a normal person. My pharmacy, after a year, and a loss of 25 pounds, switched me to budeprion.

I rapidly gained weight, was extremely tired all the time, couldn't sleep, and my depression returned. I was convinced the generic was not working, and after asked my doctor to write DAW on the script. Within a month, I was back to normal. I'm willing to pay the extra $10.00 a month for the brand name, but my mail-away pharmacy has "accidentally" sent my budeprion twice. The person I spoke to said there was no DAW or "brand name necessary" on the script, but when I asked for a copy of it, I quickly received Wellbutrin XL by overnight delivery.

Last week, for the first time in many years, I was able to buy clothing in a "regular" shop instead of a large-size shop.

I am on Lithium 300 mg twice a day, as well as Bupropion hcl 100 mg 3 times a time.

After reading all these articles I am guessing my side effects are from the Bupropion. I've only been on these meds for 4 days, and since day 2 I have been feeling so depressed and as if life doesn't matter. I know it does, but the frame of mind it has me in makes me feel this way. I am so sad, and for reasons unknown now. Life seems worse then it did when I was on this medicine. As for it to help me quit smoking, it hasn't even affected me in that area, I'm now more depressed and I think I smoke more being on the med than off. I don't know if I should just stop taking it or finish my next 4 days of it and see what happens? Does it get better over time?

I just went thru this BS. I can't get the brand for another two weeks, though, but thank god I can switch back to it. I've been on this generic for a week and a half now, and I want to kill someone.

Can nothing be done? Can there be no lawsuit brought about?

My pharmacist said that once other companies begin making this as abundantly as Teva, then all the "bugs" will be worked out and the generic will be fine.


I'll never use another generic after this. I have children to think about, I don't have time for this BS.

The trend I'm seeing is my pharmacy(ies) get whatever their wholesalers send them month to month. While I do OK on most generics for other problems, the substitutes for Wellbutrin are another beast entirely.

The Teva version, for me, is the worst. I just tried another month of it, and I'm a wreck. I've been on the SR version of Wellbutrin for a while. The variation between the generics means I'm not 'even keel' as I am if I get to have the real deal.

Of the generics, I think the Watson version of the SR works best for me.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has this problem (a lot of people say that here, I know).

I've got bouncy leg troubles, I can't concentrate, I've got a hella short fuse, I'm sad and teary, I sleep like crap, and I'm generally a foul soul. And what's up with the weight re-allocation the past few months (while I've been on 4 different versions)? I know fat gravitates to zee gut with age, but this is crazy. I'm not eating any more than usual, truly. I see other people have blurry vision problems, too. I think, in many ways, I might be worse on the pills (Teva especially) than without. We'll see while I wait for my new pharmacy to request the Watson version.

This is criminal, imo.

There is too much of a chance these pills might affect us adversely. It's not fair that I might have a mental breakdown every other month because I'm only offered whatever the wholesaler sends the pharmacy =(

I'm with you guys. After only a short stint on meds for depression two years ago, I called my doctor and went in to talk with her about revisiting WELLBUTRIN - it was the only drug I didn't have fogginess or blunt affect with (I'd tried CELEXA, BUSPAR, and PROZAC as well).

The 2-week brand name half-dose sample of WELLBUTRIN surprised me. I was already feeling better--more productive and focused. I stayed up late to chomp an entire book; I got more housework done. Slept less, but it was mostly because I felt motivated to do the things I'd talked about doing for weeks.

Basically, I'd been striving to focus outside myself and WELLBUTRIN seemed to help me keep my brain/shit together so I could concentrate on work, develop interests that suffered from a long streak of un-productivity and love my family. In those 2 weeks, I saw an improvement.

(I have an eight-month-old son now, and started working full-time three months ago. Even though I'm not into meds, I have too much at stake to risk the kind of nervous breakdowns and poverty of thought I had two years ago.)

So, since the half-dose of WELLBUTRIN seemed to help strike a balance, I got greedy and asked to try the full dose when the sample ran out.

Picked up the meds and they weren't the tablets. The label said Budeprion XL, but I'm used to trusting generics for antibiotics and such.

Been taking the big yellow pills since Friday. Thumbs down. It seems like everything shot south so quickly.

I'm way irritable. Got to see an amazing show last night and I was in that down, sinking haze that seems all too familiar--no matter what good things are going on around you, you can't see them. Couldn't even talk to my husband on our rare date. Been crying more often.

It was such a tease that the sample worked so well. I'll try to get the name brand again--I'll stay with the half-dose this time--but I'm afraid it will be expensive or full-price with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

I hope to God the folks at WELLBUTRIN aren't part of a Big Pharm conspiracy to get patients scrambling for the brand name using crappy generics that may have the same makeup but not the same release rate.

I even thought that for a second looking at these comments, thought they might be planted. Can ya tell I'm uneasy with this whole med thing?

This might be helpful. From Wikipedia, at the bottom of the Buproprion entry:

On October 11, 2007, two providers of consumer information on nutritional products and supplements, and The People’s Pharmacy, released the results of comparative tests of different brands of bupropion.[111] The People's Pharmacy received multiple reports of increased side effects and decreased efficacy of generic bupropion, which prompted it to ask to test the products in question. The tests showed that "one of a few generic versions of Wellbutrin XL 300 mg, sold as Budeprion XL 300 mg, didn't perform the same as the brand-name pill in the lab."[112] The FDA investigated these complaints and concluded that the Budeprion XL is equivalent to Wellbutrin XL in regards to bioavailability of bupropion and its main active metabolite hydroxybupropion. The FDA also noted that the coincidental natural mood variation is the most likely explanation for the apparent worsening of depression after the switch from Wellbutrin XL to Budeprion XL.[113]

Aggh. And then, the NPR spot about an indie study vs. an FDA check:

WOW! I have bipolar and I initially started on the generic WATSON... and later the pharmacy switched the generic to TEVA... My bipolar had been under control for the last couple of years until 3 months ago. I slowly became a whole different person... In fact a monster to everyone in my path.

I started thinking I was taking too much because I went from 150 to 300mg about 6 months ago... because the 150 was not working. Although after reading some of everyone's experiences, I think it could have been the generic not working at all. Well I starting doing some research on 6/23--because I had a doctor's appointment the next day. And I found this site. I broke down in tears--after thinking that my bipolar cocktail stopped wotking--which concerned me very much!!! I did not want to go through the trial and error... trying to fix the bipolar ride I thought I was about to go on.

Now the GOOD NEWS! I went to the doctor's office ready for the brand/generic issue--and my concerns if that could be the reason for the my current downward spiral. Lo & behold the doctor knew about the issue and was willing to try the brand name before we did any other medicine changes. I was proactive and I contacted my insurance company to see what I needed to do before I went to the doctor... Some of the brand names need prior authorization. For my insurance I needed to have the doctor write BRAND NAME ONLY!

I have to take (2) 150mg to make it 300mg... so we have to learn work the system like they are working us. So for some of you ask your doctor to help you with some of the insurance loop holes. I took my first dose yesterday. And I am hopeful that this works. I will post the update...

Thank you for this website.

I seem to have the opposite reaction to most people. I have never taken the brand name Wellbutrin - I started out on Teva's Budeprion 300 (the yellow horse pills). They were magic! I felt great! Just two months ago, my pharmacist switched me over to Bupropion by Anchen. I am tired, apathetic, and my vision has changed dramatically. It never occurred to me that it was the Bupropion. I am calling my insurance company right now.


I was so lucky to find this forum by chance. I have been taking Bupropion SR (mgf Sandoz) since abt 2006 and at first it really helped. But abt July 07 I seemed to start losing motivation. In Nov. 07 I was put on blood pressure meds. For the last couple of months I really thought the blood pressure meds were the cause of my lack of motivation, drive and emotion. In the process of googling my blood pressure meds to see if my theory was correct, I somehow came across this thread. I couldn't believe that what I was reading in some cases was exactly how I was feeling. It suddenly seemed clear - these problems weren't coming from my bp medicine, it was the Bupropion. Last week I called Medco and told them I wanted my prescription changed to Wellbutrin so they marked my prescription DAW and renewed my prescription with Wellbutrin SR. We'll see how it goes... but I am very optimistic that this will get my butt moving again. I can't believe how lucky I am that google sent me to you all!

I want to cry... I thought I really lost control. In the last year I have had a lot of things happen that I just contributed to stress. I have been on wellbutrin 300 XL for 1 1/2 years and got switched as all did to the generic. Now that everything has settled and I'm going to the doctor tomorrow and dreading getting on the scales, because just in the last 8 mos. I've jumped up 5 sizes--about 50 pounds, I bet... I started getting upset because I knew I had no excuse because it had to be my fault that I put all the weight on because the wellbutrin 300 XL didn't cause weight gain... I didn't think until now to look up the generic. I thought it was the same... Oh my!!! Now I feel I have hope again... I printed out the blog and I am giving it to my doctor... To think I could have stopped this months ago... But I guess I can't dwell on the past but look to the future... I am so excited... Thanks to everyone who posted comments...

I just ran across this website today and I feel so much better! I had been on Wellbutrin XL 300 mg for 4 years and it worked wonderfully for my anxiety and depression. Last fall, I refilled my prescription and was stunned to receive the generic version (by Teva), but thought I'd give it a try. It was not apparent, at first, that the generic wasn't working. However, after 3 months I had to go back to the Dr for a RX refill and while we were talking, it dawned on me that I had gradually begun to feel horrible and depressed again. I asked the Dr about the generic, and if she was aware of anyone complaining about it not working as well as the brand.

She wasn't, but wrote my RX to be filled as written--no generic. It costs me $50/mo more, but is worth it. I tried the generic again this month, and started crying, feeling paranoid, completely apathetic etc. within 2 weeks. Now I know I am not crazy and will no longer take the generic, no matter how much $$$ it saves me. It doesn't do me any good to save a little $$ when the result is that I can't bring myself to even go to work (or do anything but surf the net while there). This situation should not be tolerated! We shouldn't have to choose between our health and money. What can be done?

For me, the Watson brand generic of Wellbutrin XL 300 mg works the same as the brand name; if you had/are having trouble with Teva's generic, look for a drug store where they carry the Watson brand and try it.

How can it be legal to arbitrarily change a prescription to generic without notification!?! My story is the same... symptoms of depression have begun invading my life once again - even deeper because I thought the Wellbutrin was no longer working any better than all the other Rx's and that there was no longer hope...

I’m sorry to hear so many of us have had problems with the TEVA manufactured budeprion. I too had been on name brand Wellbutrin XL 300 mg daily for about a year before I was switched to the generic. The dosing was the same and I was certain it was the XL formulation. Like so many others my depression returned, I would get agitated easily and I gained weight. I have read the reports that Wellbutrin XL and TEVA budeprion XL are not the same.

Now today when I had my prescription refilled I was switched to yet another generic. I am now taking bupropion XL 300 mg manufactured by Anchen. Does anyone out there have experience with this generic? I am really concerned I will face yet another significant adjustment period. Does the Anchen version work similar to the name brand, or is it more similar to the TEVA version? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I too have just been given BuPROPion HCL XL 300mg by Anchen. I am between jobs and my COBRA insurance has not kicked in yet. The generic of Wellbutrin cost me $140.00. I dread trying to pay for the 'real' Wellbutrin. But I have to say that I am almost afraid to take the first Anchen tablet tomorrow. Please share any experience that you have had with the Anchen BuPROPion XL 300 mg.

I am diagnosed with major depression. I had been on Wellbutrin XL for about 2 years and doing awesome when I was switched to the generic. I'm not sure which one, but the one with the big yellow pills.

I first noticed horrible indigestion/heartburn everyday, which at 25 I had never really experienced before. Almost immeadiately I noticed a change in my mood and depression got worse. It was the only thing I had changed in my life, so I asked my doctor to rewrite my script for name brand and I haven't had a problem since. I only took the generic for about 15 days.

The pharmacy was actually pretty snotty with me not understanding why I couldn't just take the generic. However $183/month is a huge expense, but I don't want to try anything else as I experience virtually no side effects on Wellbutrin XL. Something needs to be done about this. It looks as though more people are experiencing things worse than I did.

My story is much the same as so many posted on this forum. I was on Wellbutrin 150mg XL for a couple of months, feeling great for the first time in years. Then, on my 3rd refill, my pharmacy substituted (generic) BUDEPRION XL(TEVA brand) without telling me. I discovered this at home when opening the bottle. I too like so many figured, it will work the same, I'll take it. After two weeks, I had regressed significantly with extreme anxiety by late morning and crashing into deep depression by late afternoon. I was returning to my old self, but only, it seemed worse than before. I found this online forum when searching the internet for information, and once I read all the stories, I realized the generic was probably to blame. I read on throughout this forum and looked up some articles that said the generic XL version did not release into the bloodstream at a constant, even rate like the name brand. (Example reference: - this was on the 300mg XL version, but I could imagine the same problem with the 150 mg XL version )

One other occurrence happened to me. I am a migraine sufferer with an average of 4 per month. June is historically a low migraine month for me (I've been tracking it for years now in an Excel spreadsheet), and for the first 2 weeks in June I was migraine free. Once I started the generic, I had 6 migraines in two weeks. I went back to the doctor, told him my experience, told him what I had read, and he put me back on the name brand Wellbutrin 150 XL until I get my next refill (thank God he had some samples in his office). I noticed a difference on the first day. By 1 week later, I was completely leveled out again, feeling good, no migraines, and wondering how the generic could be sold to anyone. I have already given a piece of my mind to the pharmacist for switching me without telling me. It does not work the same! He blamed my insurance company and the computer software that automatically recommends the generic. My doctor promised me that if I showed improvement on the name brand, he would make sure the prescription is written for name brand only. He even thought the differences in the fillers (non-active ingredients) in the generic might have triggered the migraine episodes. So, if you're on the generic, and it's not working, do whatever you can to get the name brand. It will cost more, but it will give you a new lease on life.

By the way, I was in the middle of switching drug insurance plans when all this happened, and the insurance rep came to our company to tell us all about our new “wonderful” plan. When talking about generics, she insisted they are exactly the same as the name brand, just at a cheaper price. At least half the audience (around 30 out of 60 people) voiced strong opinions to the contrary, some saying they were allergic to certain generic versions of medications, but not to the name brand version. The non-active ingredients seemed to be the culprit for them. The insurance companies have too much control over what our health care choices are!

I hope more people speak up for the sake of others! May God bless you all for sharing your story and information.

I had been on the generic version of Wellbutrin XL (Buproprion) for about 2 years and it worked beautifully! However, when I was switched to Buproban, I noticed a difference IMMEDIATELY. I was assured by the pharmacist that it was the same thing, but it didn't work the same so I got the Buproprion back and was back to normal. Recently, my husband was also prescribed Wellbutrin and got Buproprion and all was well with him too until I picked up the refill. This time it was Budeprion. The depressed feelings came back for both of us almost immediately. In fact, my husband started having fits of rage over the smallest thing. I asked him if he had been taking his medication and he said no because it stopped working. I just picked up a new prescription of Buproprion. I hope they pull this medication soon!

Similar story here...mail in pharmacy doc changed my 90 day supply of brand name Wellbutirn XL to generic Teva brand. Within 3 days I went crazy, thought I was imagining things...had a few real Wellbutrin left, started taking them, feel great. Trying to get back on real Wellbutrin.

I experienced a lot of the same symptoms as all of you - and put up with it for 3 months until I simply couldn't live that way any longer. This website helped me understand that it wasn't me - like so many of you said - I WAS NOT CRAZY!! I really had to fight with my insurance company to get the brand Wellbutrin.

A few months ago the FDA decided that the generics are just as good as the brand name Wellbutrin!! They stated that they had only received 86 complaints. The best thing we can do is write letters of complaint to the FDA - you can do it online or by regular mail. We need to keep emailing and/or writing until something is done so we don't have to pay such outrageous prices for these brand name drugs - when they are the only ones that work for us.

It's really sad when it comes down to people having to decide between our meds and gas for our cars or food for our families!

I am so thankful I found this forum. I’m to have surgery next year and my surgeon told me no surgery until I haven’t smoked cigarettes for 9 months. I have smoked for 40 years so I knew I couldn’t stop without help. My GP gave me samples of Wellbutrin XL 150 to see how I did with it. After two weeks my anxiety subsided and I hadn’t had a cigarette, but I was edgy. GP gave me more samples and bumped me up to 300 mg a day. I took two 150’s a day for two weeks and I had never felt better in my life, and I wasn’t smoking. Fabulous. Going for walks, going downtown and finally able to really socialize without the politically incorrect behavior of excusing myself to find a place to light up. I was calm and I wasn’t smoking. The samples ran out and my GP gave me a script for Bupropion XL 300 mg. These are WPI 3332’s and manufactured by Watson I started these July 10 and steadily I became more and more withdrawn, unfocused and anxious and I wanted to eat or drink or smoke and felt like I needed to consume something that would clear my head and bring things back into focus, I started to eat candy and pace and fidget. I figured this would pass but it didn’t. I’d get angry and lose my temper at the slightest thing and recently I jeopardized two close relationships because of my behavior. This morning I woke up just as bad as the day before and I thought - what’s happening to me. I googled Generic Wellbutrin and it brought me here. Thank you all so much for being here. This morning I took the Bupropion XL back to the pharmacy and waited while they replaced it with Wellbutrin XL 300 and I took one immediately. Cost me $183 for 30 tabs but what was I supposed to do? Kill somebody? Myself? And …I’m not crying as I write this, which is huge.

OMG, I had no idea. I have used to be on Wellbutrin excel 300mg. I did well, I lost 40 pounds in 3 months, had excessive energy, quit smoking and all around it stabilized my moods. Since I bought the generic and well as the others I thought I was going crazy.

Loss of appeitite, nausea,severe headaches and dizzness. Increased mood swings and crying. One night my friend had to stay on the phone with me for 2 hours because I lost it. Bloating, increased stomache pain.

I feel awful, and now I see why. I am going to switch my script back to the original. Something has to be different, or I would not have found all of these other people complaining of the same thing. I had bad reactions from my Wellbutrin excel, as I do my generic. God Help us all.

I switched to Budeprion XL300 several months ago as I had signed up for an RX card so it was much cheaper. I noticed that it did not seem to help with the depression as well and I was having irritability, anxiety attacks, etc. As I note with the others above, I thought I was crazy or getting worse. I am planning on speaking to my physician about switching to Lexapro.

My story is so similar to everyone else's. I had been on Welbutrin XL 300mg for a number of years and doing extremely well. My doctor had warned me about switching to a generic. But, last month I decided to try a generic to save $'s ($65 a month versus $185 is a big motivator!), and the pharmacy gave me the one produced by Watson Labs.

Looking back, I realize I started going downhill after about 2 weeks. After an all day crying jag, I went back to the pharmacy and got a new refill back to Welbutrin. There has to be some way to keep these generics from being marketed as "identical substitutes!"

Because of insurance had to try the 150mg generic wellbutrin. I had tried the 300mg and it did not work for me. Neither does the 150mg. The fatigue and weight gain as other has have reported are my symptoms.

Thank god I found this site! I've been dealing with most of the symptoms mentioned here for 7 months. Uncontrollable itching, usually in the evening, weight gain, irritability, etc. Have spent hundreds of $'s going to MD, allergist, dermatologist trying to find the source of my problems. After MRI's, expensive blood work, skin tests, frustration, allergy shots, come to find out the generic wellbutrin xl 300mg from Teva was the culprit. Have stopped taking it and it took about 3 weeks for the symptoms to die down. Now have to fight with insurance co. since name brand is $270 and they cover $30 of that. Stay away from anything from Teva, they should be investigated thoroughly, along with the approval process!!!. Thank you for this site and letting me know I'm not crazy. It's been a rough road.

Have been on Lexapro 20mg and Wellbutrin 150XL for years now...just a terrific combo. Pharmacy just sent Teva generic instead of Wellbutrin this time, I happened to notice the different labeling on the pills.

Took the first one this morning. Here it is nighttime and I'm nauseous and a little dizzy. Could be slightly different chemistry, or possibly differently timed extended release mechanism. But one thing is clear, the generic is not the same as the brand name. I feel lucky to have noticed the change immediately and then found these posts which corroborate what I'm experiencing. I'll be switching back immediately.

As almost everyone else has stated, I have been taking Wellbutrin for about 2+ years with very good results. I originally had taken Lexapro and had libido problems with that drug so we switched to Wellbutrin.

A month ago I was switched to the generic by my insurance company. My cost went from $75 for 90 days to about $25 for 90 days.
Great, or so I thought at the time.

I called my doctor to get his opinion on the switch and was assured that it would be no problem. Well, after about 2-3 weeks of taking the generic I began to get all of the old feelings back. It is now 4AM and I woke up as I have been doing the past few weeks and suddenly realized that maybe it wasn't just me and maybe the medication switch had something to do with it. I got on this website after a google search and realized that I am far from alone with this problem.

I intend to call my doctor in a few hours to get back on the Wellbutrin asap.

I have taken Watson brand Bupropion for more years than I can remember with positive results. Like others my pharmacy switched me to Eon which almost immediately lead to extremely sore mouth, so switched again to a different pharmacy and was given Teva - same result only worse. My mouth and lips feel like I have been eating sunflower seeds for 3 days - on fire.

I would just like to find a pharmacy where I can get Watson again - please, just leave our meds alone - there is a reason we find one that works for us and we stick with it.

I was put on Sandoz Bupropion ER 150 mg by my doctor to help me quit smoking. At first it worked great, i felt like i could concentrate better, i had lost the urge to smoke and the urge to snack which was great.

Then about 5 days into it i started having horrible insomnia. I tried taking sleeping pills and they didn't help at all. I called my Dr. and told him about the insomnia and he told me that it took a while for my body to adjust. So i continued taking the medication as directed.

I don't know if what i experienced was a side effect of the medication or of the insomnia caused by it. I was extremely anxious, i have GAD already. I would pace at work when i had nothing to do, i barely spoke to people i was horribly paranoid, i developed a nervous habit of constantly licking my gums and the insides of my mouth and i was shakey and felt altogether strung out.

After dealing with that for about a week, i developed a rash on the insides of my forearms and was diagnosed with reticular lichen planus, an auto-immune skin disease that they believe is caused by some medications or stress. Either way it is effecting my skin and all of my mucus membranes. If it turns out to be chronic it can be very painful, unsightly, and cause disfiguration.

I called my Dr. and I told him about the Lichen PLanus, he told me that i could stop taking the medication but he didn't think that the medication had anything to do with the onset of this disease. Ironically i wasn't having problems until about a week into taking this medication. I'm still not smoking, and i'm definitely not taking medication like this anytime soon.

It's sad though because its possible that the brand name would not have developed such side effects in me, but because my insurance company wanted to save money i'm now dealing with an auto-immune disease that can last for over a year.

I am a nurse and was very pleased to find this forum and discover I was not alone in experiencing problems with generic version of Wellbutrin. After speaking with two pharmacists about it and having them tell me the drugs were supposed to be the same I resorted to online investigation. I also notice the article is April 2007 and wondering if the FDA interest in analyzing these generic pills is still in effect as I am willing to send in a sample. I have been on either Wellbutrin SR or xl for several years and quite comfortable after what seemed like a long dose adjustment time.

When I called for a reorder the Dr. on call decided to change my prescription to generic and now a week later I am beside myself and feeling terrible. I will be calling my Dr. tomorrow. Thanks again for making this information available to all.

I too am relieved to discover this forum. I have been on Wellbrutrin XL 150 mg for approx. 3 years and have felt wonderful. 6 weeks ago the pharmacy dispensed Budeprion XL 150 mg, and my condition has been declining ever since.

I have experienced fatigue, muscle weakness in arms and legs, trembles, loss of appetite, many sleepless nights, spike in blood pressure and alot of crying. Most disturbing is the return of severe depression and feeling as if I am "outside of myself"; functioning, but just barely.

It finally dawned on me 4 days ago that it must be the Budeprion. I researched and found this site, and BINGO, so many similar complaints. I have been back on Wellbutrin XL for 4 days, I'm feeling a little better,certainly not 100% yet. At least there is hope and I know that I'm not losing my mind.

I simply want to add my name to the list of people here who discovered the hard way that generics and brand-name pharmaceuticals are not always bioequivalent.

On changing to the generic, I experienced trembling, queasiness, much-heightened anxiety, periods of feeling hot, and a dry mouth that refused to go away. Only after a few weeks did I put the possible cause together with the effect. I've returned to the name-brand medication and hope doing so relieves these unpleasant symptoms. Thank you.

If the only discrepancy that's been found with the generic formulation is in the time-release of the drug, wouldn't it help to simply get the 150 mg dose and spread the doses out throughout the day rather than taking them all at once? (Say, taking one in the morning and one at noon?)

I know that kind of defeats the purpose of an XL, but I was initially thrilled at the prospect of saving $40 a month and since the worst effect I've had is a little nausea and insomnia, I'm willing to experiment with this budeprion stuff to see if I can make it work for me.

What do you all think about spreading out the dosages of the generic formulation (Budeprion XL)?

I am relieved to know that I'm not alone in my bad experiences with budeprion versus the brand wellbutrin. I was on wellbutrin xl for 3 and a half years until they switched me to the generic 3 months ago..

ever since I have been having intense dizziness that would come out of nowhere, extreme mood swings/irritability/anxiety and headaches. The other night I believe I had a seizure and have never experienced whatever happened to me in my entire life.

I had drank that night but I also have had alcohol with wellbutrin over the past 4 years so it must be the budeprion. I was in a great mood today until I took the budeprion and now I am irritable and extremely sad/feel like crying. I am going to talk to the pharmacist tomorrow morning!

I have been taking Wellbutrin since it came out in 1988 and it was the best antidepressant I have taken resolved my depression and had no side effects. Most antidepressants made me physically ill.

On my last refill I was given the generic made by TEVA and was wondering why I was now depressed once again after all these years. I went online and found this website and immediately called my doctor and the insurance company to fight for what I call the real Wellbutrin not this junk they are forcing us to take because the insurance says we have too.

My doctor said he knew about the problems with the generic and I was relived to know it was not my imagination. He is going to argue with the insurance company to give me the brand name otherwise I willl have to pay $224 according to my insurance company instead of the usual $30 copay. I am glad to see I am not the only one having problems with the generic brand.

Four days ago I switched from Wellbutrin XL which has worked perfectly for anxiety for years to the generic Budeprion XL. It's not working. Most of the symptoms of my particular anxiety are back. My depression is managed by Lexapro so I have not experienced the crying and sadness some report. I am grateful for this site.

I too have had similar problems with the generic form of Wellbutrin. I have always been a proponent of generic and didn't pay attention to the fact that I was switched over to the generic wellbutrin.

I attributed my anxiety to my daughter's wedding. But it continued after the wedding and I had decided to set up a Dr appt to find out what was wrong. In addition, I have gained about 20 pounds. All I want to do is eat! Then, I read an article in Prevention about generics and in particular about Wellbutrin's generic Xl and how it dumped almost all of the medication into your system within the first hour.

After doing some internet searching, I found this website and in reading the other posts, I found my symptoms described by so many of you. I called my Dr the next day and asked to be switched back to Wellbutrin, not the generic. Fortunately, my insurance will allow that. Hopefully, I will begin to get my life back.

I went back on Wellbutrin in January o8. Wellbutrin has worked well for my ADD/depression in the past. Initially I attempted to fight it when my insurance would not cover brand name drug. I had a feeling the last time I had generic it was not the same. Of course pharmacists and Doctors would not listen. So I went on and did not think about it until yesterday at my Doctors appointment.

I finally mentioned my concern about my memory. He said Oh thats the wellbutrin. You will get it back when you go off. I have gone to three Dr's in last month (very unusual for me) for eye sight problems, heart and fatigue. Not one of them considered side effects as a cause of my symptoms.

Psychiatrist says, weigh out the pros and cons and let me know next month. Thank you for this forum. It has saved my sanity. I am not waiting a month, I will slowly eliminate it out of my system. Lord willing my eyesight and ability to spell will return.

I have never posted to any blog before, but this subject caused me to do so. I am so glad that others have confirmed what has been happening to me. I am a firm believer that generics DO NOT work for everyone. I had bad experiences with the generic for Ortho TriCyclen (spotting, headache, etc.)and with the generic for Wellbutrin. Not only did I feel worse, but I gained weight.

I’m talking 6-8 pounds in a couple of weeks without changing anything else. I actually just realized after reading one of the other comments why I had a terrible migraine a couple of weeks ago, as well. I am at the point of needing to go back through my doctor and beg to have a “brand only” prescription called in for me, which is the only way the insurance company will possibly pay for it.

I wish that doctors and ESPECIALLY insurance companies would believe it’s not all in people’s heads. Believe me I would rather pay for a cheap generic, but not at the cost of feeling worse…what’s the point?

Oh, it makes me feel a lot better to know I am not alone. Tricare stopped paying for Welbutrin XL after I had been on it and feeling great for several years, and I was switched to generic Budeprion XL 2 months ago. I never believed people who told me that generic doesn't work as well as brand name, so the change did not concern me at all.

Within a few weeks I felt the familiar symptoms of depression coming back, I thought it was stress from yet another military move, so I ignored it. The the funk and fogginess, lack of interest in life got worse and I went back to my doc. I'm now fighting Tricare to reinstate my Welbutrin XL so I can feel like a human being again.

Like so many others the generic Budeprion SR 150mg had side effects that I did not experience with WellButrin. The most notable were increased anxiety, dizziness, and headaches.

I could literally feel the blood coursing through my brain. I thought I could hear it too. It would send my anxiety sky high where it would stay all day making it impossible to sleep. I stayed on it for just 2 weeks prior to insisting on a prescription for WellButrin from my Doctor. The FDA seriously needs to take another look. This generic is not safe.

My insurance switched me to the generic Wellbutrin XL 300 and within 2 months I had no reason to live. I saw my Dr. explained to him my feelings about death seeming to be a good idea. We talked and the only change in meds that I had, had was generic XL. I started paying for the difference between my co-pay of generic and brand name, within two weeks I was back to normal. In less than a year I have gone from $44 to $134 for a 30 day supply. I'm being financially forced into a dangerous situation. Thanks, E L

What a dangerous scam! I was put on the generic (did not take the name brand before) and after a couple of days I was crying all the time and was the most depressed ive been in my life. My friends were away so i was alone and scared that i wasn't going to survive.

I called my doctor and he told me to stop taking it right away. I felt better after i skipped my next dose. Found this article after the fact and my jaw dropped upon hearing so many experiences similar to mine. This generic crap should be taken off the market, it makes me upset just thinking about the hell that this pill puts the user through.

I also didn't even mention that fact that this pill EATS YOUR STOMACH instantly after taking it if you don't have it with food. I probably cant afford the name brand and as much as i would like to try it i have to look for yet another solution.

I was switched from sertraline 50 mg (due to lack of emotion and loss of libido) to Wellbutrin; or, at least that is what I thought I was being put on!! I was given the generic budeprion and have been having horrible side effects. I took the real Wellbutrin in 2001 and had no side-effects at all. Now I am dealing with abdominal cramps (so bad one night, I almost asked to go to the hospital), nausea and panic attacks. I keep asking myself, will this ever end?

I have only been on the new med for 3 weeks now, but am still inclined to contact the pharmacy tomorrow to see if I can get the "real" Zoloft (GSK), instead of this generic product (TEVA). If I am not able to obtain the the original Wellbutrin, I will most likely return to Zoloft. Loss of libido far outweights feeling like crap 24 hours each and every day.

I feel completely victimized when insurance companies dictate to people what meds they must take...I am praying this is a mistake on the pharmacist part and I will be able to purchase the original Wellbutrin. ~~ AI

This is a follow up to my previous post. Since my last posting I had my doctor call the insurance company and explain the problems the generic drug was causing and they approved the drug with just a regular co-pay.

It pays to have your doctor call the insurance company and you might get the approval you need.

Since going back on the brand name drug my depression and all the symptoms that were returning have subsided and everything is back to normal for me.

I can echo the same sentiments as others on this site. I've had the same gradual decline in my mood since switching to generic. I'm calling my doctor today to get a script for the brand. This is not the first time that a generic is substandard to the brand.

I'd been taking Wellbutrin XL 150 mg once a day since 2004.

Effective ten days ago, I've been taking Buproprion bearing the TEVA brand. I was switched over automatically by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Western New York.

For the past week or so I've been feeling increasingly jumpy and agitated. I can't focus and tension at the back of my skull makes me feel like I'm going to implode. At first I thought that I was over-caffeinated, but I've been reducing my caffeine (almost to zero) for about four days. It's not the caffeine.

I want my Wellbutrin back -- I'll gladly pay the price of a prescription that works!

I found this site because I just got my new refill of generic wellbutrin XL. I have been on the brand for five years and it was great! My mood leveled off I had energy and felt normal. Last year my ins. switched to the Teva generic and I was surprised by the big yellow pill but thought as most do generic was still ok.

I have had a lot of things start happening that I just chalked up to more life stress, and getting older. When I got my refill today it was now back to a small white pill by Achen and looked more like the original. I finally noticed the difference in the spelling on the Teva bottle and thought to see if there was anything about it.

WOW! almost all of the things I have been dealing with have been noted by everyone else. Weight gain, loss of energy, trouble sleeping, night sweats, joint pain, constant headaches, no libido, upper GI problems, short fuse, mood swings. Has anyone had any problems with the Achen brand? At least I know now that I am not crazy!

I am absolutely outraged that I have been put on this dangerous drug. I started out on Celexa several years ago, and it left me in a fog and with NO libido...not good for a 30 something man. I was then switched to Wellbutrin XL. It worked wonderfully, my moods leveled out, my libido came back (thank goodness!), and life was pretty ok.

Then I got switched to Bupropion SR. I was assured that it was the same as Wellbutrin, but the new directions were to take the drug twice a day (since it was standard release). That lasted a few days. I'm very active and typically forgot to take my second dose every day.

In that time, I've gone through 3 jobs, and am beginning to realize that it may not be all my fault. I've not had the ability to concentrate on anything in depth for quite some time. At times, I feel completely incapacitated.

Recently, I was prescribed Bupropion XL, but was instead given Budeprion XL, I assume because it is so cheap...again the pharmacist states that it's the same as Wellbutrin. I haven't felt this bad in years. I cry, I constantly have that feeling in the pit of my stomach like I'm falling, I have the shakes all the time, and from what my friends and family tell me, I'm quite moody and somewhat unstable.

I placed a call to my Dr's office today (my Dr is conveniently on vacation for two more weeks). Hopefully, I will get an answer today that I can switch to the name brand again. I want my life back.

I began to feel overwhelmed again after 18 months of improvement on Wellbutrin. when I realized, I know I should read the labels, that Costco pharmacy had given me the generic without informing me. (It came in the same nice white bottle). I'm switching back. But considering the number of complaints a FDA investigation is warranted.

As I read everyone's comments, my blood pressure keeps rising! I have also experienced significant issues with generic versions of Wellbutrin XL.

In 1994 (14 years ago), I was officially diagnosed with uni-polar depression. I was on Prozac for about 6 years before the Prozac started losing its impact. In 2000, I was switched to Zoloft...which worked great with the exception of a few undesirable side effects. So, my doctor prescribed Wellbutrin XL to mitigate the negative effects of the Zoloft. The Zoloft-Wellbutrin XL combo has worked great for me for 7 years.

Since being diagnosed in 1994, I had not experienced a single episode of depression. Of course, I had the same blues that every person without an affective disorder experiences...but as anyone who battles chemical depression knows...there is a distinct difference between the normal "blues" of life and depression.

That said, in early 2007, my insurance required that I start taking generic Wellbutrin. My pharmacy prescribed the TEVA Pharmaceuticals version. In hindsight, I did experience some issues with concentration and fatigue, but nothing that jumped out at me so as to make me think that the switch in medication was the culprit. Frankly, I just assumed that it was all circumstantial (i.e. stresses of work, etc).

Then, in March of 2008, I moved my family from Baltimore to the DC Area to be closer to my new job. My new pharmacy gave me the Watson Pharmaceuticals generic of Wellbutrin XL. I asked the pharmacist if it was the same..and he said yes. Within 4-6 weeks, I was experiencing serious depression (suicidal thoughts, always on the verge of tears, extreme anxiety and panic attacks, poor sleep, extreme difficulty concentrating, etc.). As I mentioned, I have not had a serious bout with depression since the cause of my sudden onslaught of depression was abundantly clear.

I talked to my doctor and she affirmed that many of her patients had voiced similar complaints. She prescribed brand name Wellbutrin XL, but warned me that I the insurance company would likely charge me a lot of $$$. Boy, she wasn't kidding!!! When my wife went to pick up my prescription, the bill was almost $400 for a 3 month supply! She called me from the pharmacy and asked me what I wanted to do. I asked the pharmacist if he could just give me a one week supply so I could research other options before laying out that kind of $$$. Within 24 hours back on Wellbutrin XL, I was back to normal!

Since it was becoming clear that there was no way around paying the high price for the brand name, I decided to ask the Pharmacist to special order the TEVA version for me...since the side effects were not as serious as the Watson version. Within 3 weeks back on the TEVA version, I was having serious issues concentrating, night sweats, extreme fatigue, etc. No, the suicidal thought were not there, but having only been in my new job for 9 months, I could not afford to have the kind of concentration problems I was experiencing.

By the Grace of God, my wife stumbled across a large bottle of Wellbutrin XL as she was sorting out our medicine closet. I have no idea why that was there - I don't recall ever putting aside a bottle. Unfortunately, it had expired in 2005, but I decided to go ahead and take it. Once again, within 48 hours, I was back to my normal self.

I have about a 2 week supply left before I will be faced with paying the crazy price for brand name Wellbutrin XL. One thing is clear - I gotta do what I gotta do. I cannot go back on these generics. I was online today looking for possible ways to subsidize the cost of the name brand when I stumbled across this site.

I am sorry to hear that so many people are experiencing the same issues. It's unfortunate that the FDA and our insurance companies don't seem to care about the hundreds (probably thousands) of complaints. I don't care what their "testing" shows - these generics are not equivalent to the brand name!!! Maybe they work for some people, but it is clear they do not work for everyone...and in fact make things worse for many!!!

I will do my part to make my voice heard! Perhaps if we all keep harping on the issue, someone will listen.

Blessings to all of you!!! - Tom

This is really scaring me. Just received the generic in the mail today and googled it since the name was different from a generic my husband had a few years ago. I'm praying that my prescription plan will allow me to revert back to wellbutrin if this doesn't work.

thank god I found this site because I recently was switched to the generic (Teva) brand of Wellbutrin XL 150mg and have been having similar energy, can't focus, headaches. I am off to contact my doctor to try to get him to order me the "real" Wellbutrin. Wish me luck! Jeannie

Been on generic Wellbutric XL for past few months and I can 100% attest that it is NOT working and I have been in a downward depression cycle for more than 3 weeks -- after being on Wellbutrin XL brand 300 mg for past 3-4 years, this is the first time my depression has been so deep and consistent -- do not agree that depression's normal cycle is the cause -- that is baloney.

I am seeing my doctor today and requesting brand Wellbutrin XL 300 mg only - price isn't issue when depression is so costly due to work, etc. THERE IS A DEFINITE DIFFERENCE -- also only 24-36 people tested for this generic version - check the research. I am not alone and the more I read, the more alarmed I am for those who aren't aware of why their depression is returning. When one is depressed, if it gets worse, no action is ever taken or investigated because the depression takes over.

My doctor prescribed Wellbutrin SR 150MG for my occasional mood swings and slight depression. I ended up getting Bupropion SR 150MG from the pharmacy and thought nothing of it; I've had generic prescriptions before. This being the first time trying an anti-depressant medicine, I took it with little thought to any possible side effects.

Almost two weeks into taking the medicine, I was getting bad headaches, weight gain (5 lbs in 1 week!)dizziness and depression; crying at almost anything, miserable, and a feeling of hopelessness. I didn't think it was the meds and that I might be just going through a bad time, but now that I found this site, it's helped clear up the 'why' of what I was going through.

I had never been that low or down prior to taking Bupropion. I'm discontinuing taking Bupropion and speaking with my physician about changing to Wellbutrin.

I cannot believe that this post has been running for a year now, but I, as the others am greatly relieved. I found my 'cocktail' of Lexapro and Wellbutrin XL after much meds adjustment and have been doing wonderfully even surviving a separation and divorce.

Unfortunately, I, like the rest was switched to the TEVA generic form Budeprion XL about 3 weeks ago. I have been slowly going downhill for a week. Sunday was the last straw. I walked around in a daze with a knot in my stomach on the verge of tears and finally it hit me - what have I changed? I remembered the generic. Finding these posts blew me away.

Today I got the brand name Wellbutrin XL back. THANK GOD!!! I had to pay way more so called my insurance company. They have an appeals form I plan to mail to my doctor with backup information. The doctor's office, pharmacy and insurance company all said they'd never heard of anyone having this problem. Apparently, none of them have Googled it - I plan to share. I am on the road to health again!

One really important thing to understand about Wellbutrin XL is that this pill uses a rather complex method of delivering the active ingredient. This pill does not just dissolve normally like 99% of other pills on the planet, this pill utilizes an ion pump mechanism which is necessary for the LONG time release aspect this pill features. A person actually expells the hollow shell of the pill in feces, because the active ingredient is "pumped" out of the pill.

Generic Wellbutrin XL (Budeprion XL), as far as I am aware, cannot use the same ion pump mechanism as the name brand because it is patented by Glaxo. The patent on the active ingredient of Wellbutrin XL ran out however, so the challenge for a generic pill maker in making a generic Wellbutrin XL is in designing a new time release mechanism that releases the medication at exactly the same rate as the ion pump mechanism.

The FDA is only concerned with the customer receiving the same active ingredient as the name brand pill. They are not concerned with the generic pill matching the same rate of absorption as the original name brand pill.

I take xanax, and I have noticed the name brand xanax pill is packed very tightly for longer time release. The generic versions of xanax I have tried are all packed to a lesser extent than the name brand, leading to more rapid absorption.. so you get more effect. In the case of xanax, people tend to prefer the generic because you 'get higher quicker'. This increases sales for the generics. This effect is not desired by Wellbutrin users, because the therapeutic effect of stable dosing becomes compromised.

So, what I believe is happening is the Budeprion XL delayed absorption mechanism is releasing the active ingredient too quickly.

The symptoms people have experienced in this forum seem to match the effects of overdosing on Wellbutrin, becoming ramped up.. then the pill runs out too quickly, causing a emotional crash.

Remember, Wellbutrin is very similar to amphetamines in effect. The wellbutrin mechanism of action can cause compulsivity, sweating, anger, anxiety, intestinal irregularity, light sensitivity, headaches etc. These are all indicators of an individual becoming overstimulated.

It is VERY unlikely there are active chemicals in the generic Budeprion XL that differ from the name brand.

An easy test of my theory can be conducted by getting your Dr. to perscribe you the 3 times a day version of bupropion. You will feel a roller coaster of highs and lows. As I did in the past.

Another way to look at this is: it took glaxo smith kline over 15 years to engineer a once per day dose pill. They started with a 3 per day dosing in a loosely packed pill, then the 2 per day SR version which is a very tightly packed pill. GSK would have marketed the once per day version back in the 80's if they had the delayed absorption technology they have now. After all, who wants to take 2 or 3 pills per day..

I have not taken Budeprion XL, however I have been taking various generic and name brand wellbutrin for the last 6 years. I am currently taking generic wellbutrin SR 100mg x 2 per day. I can tell you with authority that I recieve significantly more stimulation (wellbutrin effect) from those 200mg's of SR than when I took Wellbutrin 300mg XL once per day.

The solution is: to go back to name brand Wellbutrin XL, and hopefully in a few years the generic manufacturers will be able to produce a pill with the same absorption characteristics as the brilliantly designed ion pump mechanism.

What Bush's FDA and healthcare practices are doing to American citizens is SHAMEFUL. I was written a scrip today for Wellbutrin XL 150 mg and took it to WAL-MART (I recently lost my health insurance on my birthday.) because my doctor told me the prescription would only be around $20. After waiting over an hour for the prescription to be filled, I was informed it would cost me $150 to get one month's worth.

Is it so much to ask for us to be happy? To even be able to FUNCTION? This is a disgrace. I am at the point now where I will just have to do without because of all the horrible things I've heard about the generic, and that is also a disgrace. Lower-income (In my case, a young woman at the start of a new career.)

Americans should NOT be treated like animals! We especially should not be treated like second-class citizens who have to slip deeper and deeper into excruciating depression just because of nuances in the prescription drug industry!! Something should be done about this!!

my husband has been on wellbutrin sr 150 for 10 years with no problems but when the generic came out he started taking it and with in 2 weeks he began to feel bad. He had no problem with this drug when he took the name brand. I believe there is a major problem with this drug. We now have to pay 175.00 every 2 months so he can stay on the name brand because are insurance will not cover it 09/11/08

I recently tried to get the name-brand Wellbutrin XL 150 mg filled and found out it was $152.48 for a ONE MONTH'S SUPPLY at wal-mart. That is ridiculous. My mom was heartbroken that I wasn't able to get the medicine I need, so she did some research. She contacted Glaxo Smith Kline and apparently there is a program called Bridges to Access that is for people who don't have health insurance who make less than $26,000 a year. It is a program that helps you get affordable name-brand Wellbutrin for up to a year. I am so glad I've heard about this. I think more people should know about this.

I've taken Wellbutrin Xl 300 mg. for many years and had excellent results. However, when the generic version came out I began taking it to reduce my prescription costs. From reading all of the posts, I'm glad to here I'm not the only person who's experienced negative side effects from generic WB XL. My hair has been coming out more than usual, I rarely sleep, am very paranoid and grouchy. Also have no energy (am unemployed and I need that extra energy!), pick at my face (I've had acne for yrs. but have never picked at it like I'm doing now!) Feel like I may never be normal again. I'm going to call my dr. tomorrow after I call my ins. co. and ask about brand name WB XL.

BUDEPRION XL 150 IS TERRIBLE!! Please do something about this. I took it for a couple weeks and felt awful. WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY $75 a month for Wellbutrin XL 150 just because the generic SUCKS!!!

Boy am I glad to hear I'm not crazy!!! I've been on Wellbutirn XL for 1 year and recently changed to the generic. I have had severe dizzy spells, shakiness and just overall feeling horrible. I will go back to paying the higher price for the non-generic!

At one time I had been put on Wellbutrin. It was great. Just a few months ago I was put on the generic brand. It was not until I began talking to my boss at work that I realized that it could be the meds that were making me feel bad (headaches, extreme mood swings, weight gain, muscle aches, very tired, and emotional.)

She said she had also been feeling bad. We both were prescribed this medicine. After finding this site, and realizing that it is the meds, we have called our doctors to be switched back to the name brand. Hope we both will be feeling better soon. Thanks for sharing your own experiences.

I just wonder how many people have committed suicide or murder while being on this medication.It's too bad the FDA doesn't pay closer attention to what is happening with these generic drugs.

I was recently switched against my clearly-stated wishes to generic TEVA bupropion, 150 mg, and have had almost identical experiences to those listed here. I felt fantastic on Wellbutrin, and now on this generic I'm extremely anxious, almost out of control angry, obsessive, and just feeling miserable.

Only thing different for me compared to others here is that I have LOST at least 10 pounds (not trying - I'm not overweight!!) in the past month. This cannot be healthy.

I've put in another request through my local pharmacy for the brand name Wellbutrin (since my mail order pharmacy forced me to get the generic), and I'm waiting to see if it goes through and just how much it will cost. By the way, the pharmacist did not seem surprised by my request - maybe they're becoming aware of this problem??

Don't use a mail order service for this med - they might give you the brand name for one month, and then they'll automatically give you the worthless generic!!!

My insurance company upped the price on Wellbutrin XL. Against my doctor's instructions, I saved money by switching to the generic Bupropion. I developed slight heat intolerance, sweating, and tremors. I have been waking up early, too. I'm going back to the original!

I stopped the Teva generic a few months after it was released because it doesn't work. Thinking the problem with the medicine should of been fixed, I started up again. I think it's worse cause my whole frontal lobe stays numb. I get very confused and dizzy. Once again I have to stop and will try to just 'be happy'.

My CVS pharmacist says that CVS recently switched suppliers of Wellbutrin XL 300 to "Anchen". He didn't know if this was related to the complaints about effectiveness of drug from previous supplier (which I believe was Teva). Do you have any information on Anchen and whether its generic version is any good?

Wow! I took wellbutrin in the past and had wonderful results. 8 weeks and all of my depression symptoms were gone. I was eating normally, sleeping normally, very little anxiety. All good things. My health insurance switched me to bupropion instead.

Recently I've had very uncomfortable symptoms. My mouth is always dry, I have NO appetite and when I force myself to eat I feel nauseous immediately. I have hot flashes on and off throughout the day. I sweat all night long, waking up drenched. I sweat excessively in my armpits and my hands(always warm and clammy). I frequently feel lightheaded and sometimes can hear like "static" or slight "ringing" in my ears.

I thought I may have the flu or something but have recently come to realize that it may be this new bupropion. I'm waiting for my doctor to get back to me but this drug is NOT working for me.

Good News Everyone! See below...
Generic Wellbutrin Comes Under FDA Microscope
The FDA is considering a postmarketing study of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries’ generic version of the antidepressant Wellbutrin XL in patients who have reported problems with it, agency spokeswoman Crystal Rice said. In April, consumer advocates said they were skeptical of the FDA’s clearance of the drug, noting that the agency had received 85 postmarketing reports of patients experiencing side effects, such as loss of antidepressant effect, after switching from GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) brand version of the drug to the generic version between Jan. 1 and June 30, 2007.
Drug Industry Daily

So, I thought I was totally imagining things. I started taking this pill- was nervous already because all of the sudden there was a different pill in my bottle (which the pharmacist did not tell me)- but I started it anyway. Since then, for 2 months, I have stomach problems EVERY single night....and at the same time EVERY single night. PLUS, I haven't been feeling nearly as good as I was before.

I am glad to see that the FDA is going to be looking into this. In the meantime, I WILL be looking for the Watson brand or will go to the Brand Name. Sheesh! Shame on TEVA for this!

I have the same problems as the others. The generic Wellbutrin makes me so foggy and groggy I can't use it.
I'm thinking it's cheaper using diet pills from a diet Dr. Has there been any progress in getting an FDA study going.? I only need the Wellbutrin during the dark months

Today, I found out this horrible news about generic Wellbutrin's possible ineffectiveness. Perhaps it's to blame for the resurgence of my horrendous depression these last few months. My brain is foggy, my anxiety is suffocating, my thoughts of suicide are rampant. Frankly, I hope to go to sleep and never wake up. The thought of trying another anti-depressant and going through all the side effects again is even more depressing. If generic Wellbutrin is indeed some sick joke of a placebo well it's robbed me of months. Figures that the FDA is not taking these complaints seriously. After all, depressed people are "crazy," right? WRONG.

Wow! I'm so glad I read these postings. I was switched by the pharmacy to Budeprion 2 weeks ago and just tonight decided to research it on the internet since I was feeling worse. I'm experiencing all the same things I've been reading here, like GERD, headaches (which I never get) ringing in my ears and worst of all the anxiety and depression are back. I'm glad I caught this before the weight gain started creeping up on me. Interesting that that's a side effect since I was under the impression that the original Wellbutrin was a slight appetite suppressant.

I have been taking Buderprion for 6 months now and I am having some awful side affects from it. I treat my husband with disrespect as well as my dear friends. I am mean and I say things I would never say to people. I do things that are not normal for me. I cry at the drop of a dime.

I don't want to get out of bed,I'm lazy at home,I have headaches, I don't want to see anyone, I treat my boss badly as well as my co-workers. What a mess! When I think rationally I realize that I have done really wrong. I know I have to apologize to my friends for my behavior but I don't know how to explain why this has happened and not have them think I am using this crap for an excuse.

I am going to my doctor on Monday morning and getting off of this stuff that has screwed me up.
I did not know what was causing these emotions to happen to me until I read about other people having the same things going on. I came across these testimonials when I looked Buproprion I was shocked. I am so glad I found you.
Thank You so much

I just started taking budeprion XL. I took 150 mg the first week and then went to 300mg. I'm having shortness of breath and often feel like I can't get a breath. I've had trouble in the past with anxiety attacks and this is one of the symptoms for me. I've contacted my doctor to see if this is related to the new medicine. He hasn't responded yet, but I wish I'd read these postings earlier. I'll definitely be mentioning it to him when he responds. It's got to be related to this generic drug. Thanks for posting all the comments.

I can relate to all of these comments. It is difficult to know if my increased depression is related to this generic drug or if it is due to a recent diagnosis of sensory neuropathy.

I had the same experience with Budeprion XL. I have been on Wellbutrin XL for years and it has worked so well. I went through a lot of Anti-Anxiety and Anti-Depression medication with negative results before getting on Wellbutrin XL. A couple of months ago my doctor decided to put me on the generic Budeprion XL and it gave me horrible mood swings.

I was angry and depressed all the time! If I had stayed on that stuff, it would have caused my marriage to go under! I got back on Wellbutrin XL and I was back to normal. However, there are "no issues" with the generic per the FDA! Now, they just doubled the cost for copay for anyone staying on Wellbutrin XL.

I just paid around $73 copay for it yesterday. I guess they want a bunch of psychos on Budeprion XL walking around. My wife said she wanted to drop me off at the the CEO for the pharmaceutical companies responsible for the happy pill Budeprion XL and let me stay a few days with them to change their minds.

I have been on Lexapro for 3 years now and its helped. Its not the miracle drug but i can function. The only problem is i gained about 15 pounds with it, so my Dr decided to switch and when i heard the Wellbutrin could control your appetite i was all for it.

I was put on the generic and when i called the pharmacy I was told it was the same thing. I have been on it for 2 days and its horrible. I have nausea and dizziness and i began vomiting. I am going back to Lexapro by tapering off the generic. I will never go back to it. I guess i will have to stick with the weigh gain.

I am so glad I found this site. I have been on welbutrin xl for years. In July got my script filled it was generic, started crying all the time, my dr. has tried 3 different meds now and nothing works. I just found this site yesterday so I will definitely discuss this with him. Thank you for all your information. Like the others I thought my depression was just getting worse.

I too had the same effects. The generic was free, but the brand was 150.00 and that is with insurance (300 bucks alone). So I thought why not. Then after being on the generic for about 2 months, I've feel as if I relapsed into my depression again. Unable to focus, crying all the time, and feeling in a slump with no energy. So today I decided enough! I filled it with the brand name and I am hoping this will work!

I was on Wellbutrin XL 150 mg for five months earlier this year, stopped, and now need to be back on it. I'm very glad I found this site or I would never have known about the generic difference! I was somewhat excited that I wouldn't have to pay $60/mo for this prescription, but after reading everyone else's experiences, I'm not going to take a chance.

Thanks everyone for posting! It has been extremely helpful!

Started taking Wellbutrin SR in 1998 with excellent results. Three years ago Lexapro was added to my RX to help with anxiety attacks. Felt great until I switched to generic Wellbutrin XL. Didn't have any bad side effects, just sort of felt numb all the time, yet functional. I thought the nausea was from the Lexapro!

Still, I've wondered why I haven't felt as good as I did when I started taking the Lexapro in addition to the Wellbutrin.

The generic I was given were the big yellow pills. A few days ago my latest shipment of pills contained small white ones from Anchen. At first I thought they gave me the wrong thing, because my appetite disappeared and my mood went from feeling SUPER good to crashing and feeling SUPER lousy! Maybe it will take a few days for my system to adapt to it, but after reading the posts here, I just don't remember feeling as good as I did on the Wellbutrin SR. Taking the yellow pills was like taking nothing. Taking the white pills is like Mr. Toad's wild ride. Definitely feel better with the white pills, but will have to start taking them on a full stomach, maybe that will slow the absorption.

I'm a pharmacist, actually I work for a health plan at the moment, and I've been on wellbutrin xl for about 3 years in combination with citalopram. Wellbutrin helps treat my fatigue symptoms the most. Without experiencing this first hand, I may not have given these posts much credit.

When the teva generic first became available in Dec 2006, I noticed right away it wasn't working. My fatigue returned immediately and I wanted to sleep for 14-18 hours a day. Even though I thought it was a random event or just all in my head, I asked my MD to sign my Rx DAW so I could continue getting the brand.

Now that I have new insurance I have been getting the generic for a few months. I just couldn't bear the thought paying $100 for brand vs $10 for generic each month. However, the last 3 weeks I have been getting progressively moodier, more tired and emotional, and socially withdrawn. My irrational thoughts are getting to a point where I now realized my depression has returned. This is surprising since I was stable on my previous therapy with the brand drug for over 2 yrs. There are no outside sources to contribute to my depression recurrence, so I must conclude the switch to generic Teva budeprion XL that has led to this. I've just filed a medwatch report with the FDA.

I understand it's frustrating dealing with insurance companies and their policies; they prefer generics and formulary meds but where I work I've learned there are always exceptions to this rule. I recommend trying to contact a customer service agent or a clinical staff member, such as a PharmD or MD, at your insurance company. The first step is to figure out what evidence, such as medical records, they require in order to grant a formulary exception. Then make sure you get this information submitted by your MD to the insurance company. It may sound like a hassle and a lot of work, but if successful you will able to save your money and your mind!

My insurance switched mine last month. I've been on them for 3 weeks and have not felt the same. I have had 2 very low spells, sleep more and have headaches. Glad I'm not the only one!

My insurance co. will no longer cover my Welbutrin-Xl meds. I started taking the generic version and I immediately knew something was going wrong. I was experiencing anxiety, anger, depression all over again but more aggressively. I, also, have issues with my kidneys and there were problems starting that caused me to have to go on antibiotics. This had to be done at an infusion unit at my hospital due to my problems taking antibiotics.

I called my doctor and told his receptionist my problem and requested a new script for only Welbutrin-XL NO Generic. The first script cost me $70.00 and my most recent one cost me $123.00. I can't keep this up and I have to stay on my meds. for my health of mind and for my family's sake. Please help us who are caught in this terrible situation. I really don't know where to start. Thank you for letting us tell our real life situation.

I have been on Wellbutrin XL for 3 years and it has worked wonderfully for me. However, the past month I have been absolutely miserable... I have cried many times (rare for me) and I keep thinking "I am hating life - why am I so blue... I am going to have to ask my doctor to increase my medication dosage - this just isn't working" I have many times thought "Oh, I just want something to numb me! I don't want to feel so emotional anymore!" Yesterday my husband finally got really annoyed with me and asked if I have been taking my medication. I said "Yes... I never miss it!"

Then it dawned on me... I just started my second month of the generic brand (Budeprion XL by Teva). Let me state that I am normally a firm believer in generic brands - I buy them all the time. So, I called my sister (a nurse) and asked her if she has ever heard of generic brands not working as well. She said yes so I googled "generic wellbutrin not working" and I found this site. What a relief! So, I feel like I now have my answer and luckily I have an appointment with my doc this wed. I will definitely be discussing these findings and asking for the REAL DEAL - Wellbutrin XL - no generics!

I have been on generic Wellbutrin for years with great success. In July, I switched pharmacies and the generic Wellbutrin SR I was given was made by Watson. For the first time in my life I started having migraines. (I am 42.) In late July, the migraines were EVERY SINGLE DAY for 8-9 weeks. I had MRI's, CT scans, blood work, went to neurologists, etc, but no one could figure out what the cause was. Out of desperation, I went off the Wellbutrin cold-turkey. 5 days later the migraines went away and haven't had one since ( 3 weeks now.) I don't know what the difference is, but I NEVER want to go through that again!

I am a male, and was 39 years old in 2007 when I started taking generic bupropion.
I believe I am one of the people who are at the greatest risk by taking the generic form of Wellbutrin XL 300. I was particularly vulnerable to a change in the efficacy of my anti-depressant because I was unable to recognize that it had failed. There is a good reason for this:
I had never been depressed before.

I was taking Wellbutrin XL 300 for minor disaffected-type depression and major ADD. The combination of my symptoms made me apathetic, unmotivated, and unable to be effective in my personal and professional life. Wellbutrin gave me satisfactory relief for both conditions. Since my previous depression was only minor, I had never experienced deep depression. I had no frame of reference with which to recognize the danger of acute clinical depression. I was way out of control by the time I realized I was in trouble.

After taking Wellbutrin for about two years, I voluntarily switched to generic bupropion to save money. Wellbutrin was about $90 per month, while the generic was only $10. I filled my prescriptions at Eckerd. I could not distinguish the bupropion from the Wellbutrin I had been taking. My symptoms were still in control. I had been taking the generic drug for about six months when Eckerd was bought by Rite Aid. They changed the management and inventory at my local store in 2007.

I continued to fill my prescriptions there unsuspecting of any change in my medication. Rite Aid probably carried bupropion from a different generic manufacturer than Eckerd did. I am unsure of the makers of my drugs, because I had no reason to question generic drugs. I believed what I had always heard about generics; that they were just as effective as the name brand. Some time later, I became profoundly depressed.

I had a generalized feeling of hopelessness. I was irritable, and was gradually losing emotional control. I was at the verge of tears frequently. I hid it well, but I’m sure my young children suffered from the loss of my humor, patience, and energy. Although not literally suicidal, I am still shaken about where my darkest thoughts had gone, and the distorted things that seemed rational to me. In a rare moment of clarity, I realized that something was wrong. My “minor” depression wasn’t minor any longer. It was really bad now, and it obviously wasn't being treated by the Wellbutrin.

It took me a few days to surmise that my depression began around the same time that my pharmacy had changed owners. Armed with the belief that the generic drugs were causing the problem, I fought myself back to basic functionality and begged my doctor to prescribe Wellbutrin "as written."

When I went to pick up my prescription, I was informed that it was on hold for prior authorization. My insurance company wanted my doctor to justify changing me back to the brand name. It took several desperate, tearful calls and at least a week to obtain real Wellbutrin. During this time my feelings of hopelessness were overwhelming. Once I was back on Wellbutrin XL, my symptoms disappeared entirely within two weeks. I had totally regained my strength, and I was happy again.

It is very disturbing that a drug like Wellbutrin XL, that for me successfully treated such a dangerous disease, was willingly substituted with a generic drug that didn’t work at all. My insurance company gave me a compelling reason to switch to bupropion, and the FDA’s promotion of generic drugs reassured me that it was safe. I made the decision, I suffered, and I recovered. I have to wonder how many people didn’t.

YEA-I don't feel nearly as crazy anymore. I've been taking Wellbutrin on and off for almost 6 years (consistently for the last 3 years) and it saved my life. I started on 300 mg of SR and ended up taking the generic form when I went back on it 3 years ago (big, yellow, smelly pills) and noticed no difference-worked like a charm. When I started teaching, taking a pill in the middle of the day was a hassle and I forgot all the time. I switched to the XL and noticed that 300mg of XL didn't work as well as 300mg of SR had. I was tired and felt sluggish all the time so my doctor upped my dosage to 450mg which I've been on for a year and a half. It wasn't as good at controlling my depression and ADHD as the SR did but it was manageable. I also gained 25 pounds without changing my diet or exercise routine. Recently, I had to switch to the Budeprion XL from Teva due to my insurance and I've gone downhill ever since.

I thought it might have something to do with the stress of my job but the stress level hasn't changed and now I'm having anxiety attacks, headaches, loss of mental focus, and my depression is as bad as it was when I was unmedicated. I'm going to try and go back to the SR since I know the generic form of that works and maybe I can lower my dosage too.

I'm hoping this works because Wellbutrin SR (as well as the generic SR) has been the only AD that makes me feel level and controls my inattentiveness, which, as a middle school teacher is an issue. It was also the only med that didn't affect my libido. Has anyone switched back to the SR with success?

My pharmacy switched me to generic Wellbutrin XL manufactured by Anchen several weeks ago. At first I was having some weird mood swings, but am currently experiencing no adverse side effects.

One thing I do differently is to make sure I eat something when I take my pill. I used to drink coffee first thing in the morning, but now save that for after breakfast. Eating small meals throughout the day to keep something in my stomach is a huge help.

Drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day is another important step.

This has made all the difference for me.

I have only just found out about these "side effects" in the last few weeks. I was switched to the generic about 7 months ago and thought nothing of it at the time. I was happy to finally not have to pay as much. Gradually over the next several months my mental state deteriorated. Major anxiety, lack of confidence, weight gain ( due to inability to control my diet), heavy drinking, and worsening of personal relationships were my main symptoms. I started a stressful new job at exactly the same time as the switch and had been blaming that all along. Prior to starting the generic I was happy, confident, and had lost 95 pounds of weight and was still losing and exercising daily. All that has been all but undone now.

I have stopped taking it and will be getting my doctor to prescribe the name brand! All I can say is Wow! These guys ought to be sued for letting something out that can devastate you like this did me.

Like the others on this site I was also switched fom WellbutrnXL to generic BudeprionXL. Even those these are the same chemically there has to be a tremendous difference in their "payload" delivery. The generic made me feel like I had drank too much caffeine. It was horrible. I can not adequately describe the unease and anxiety I felt. I had to stop the generic after a few days. By the way, the Mfg. was Anchen and the Mktg. was TEVA.

The FDA has taken the side of the insurance companies and continue to maintain there is no difference. This will become another FDA neglect scandal. These people should have to actually take the medication before clearing it. Keep your eyes open because I believe this will soon become a class-action suit against the FDA and Anchen/Teva.

Just wanted to add my experience. Name brand Wellbutrin is the only way to go. I started on that and was fine but switched to the TEVA generic and was irate, broke out all over my face and chest and had stomach problems. I took a day off and started the name brand and feel great again.

I started taking Wellbutrin-XL some time ago with great results. When my pharmacy switched to the generic Buprodion XL I had no qualms due to the fact that they said the generic was the same as the original. My mood over the past few months has progressively gotten worse. I have no energy. I want to sleep all of the time. I have crying spells for no reason. I have had headaches.

In the past couple of weeks I have started having suicidal thoughts. I thought I was going crazy until I stumbled across this website when I googled "Wellbutrin not working any longer". I am calling my doctor today to get back on Wellbutrin XL (NO GENERIC) and prepare myself to battle my insurance provider when I go to get the prescription filled. The thought of saving money every month was appealing to me but not when I feel like this.

Wow, I had the exact same experience....was thrilled there was a generic because the co-pay was so much less, but after two months, I switched back to Wellbutrin (paying even more since it now has a generic) because on the generic my symptoms were returning to pre-Wellbutrin state. I even wrote Wellbutrin's manufacturer and they sent me a documentation form to have my doctor fill out. I do hope at some point the insurance companies will consider Wellbutrin necessary and give us the break on co-pay.

After going off Wellbutrin for a while, I decided to go back on it in order to be prepared for the long cold days ahead, which have always affected me pretty negatively. My pharmacist asked if I wanted the generic form, and I said yes. I was only on it three days when I wanted to eat everything in sight. Ordinarily my appetite is under control just fine but not on generic Wellbutrin! I felt as if I were a starving monster obsessed with food...I hated the way it made me feel so out of control...

So I went off generic Wellbutrin and my appetite went right back to normal. Weird stuff--I despise it with a passion. Glad I only spent $15 on it! (b/c of co-pay)

Thank goodness for this website! I, too, thought it was all in my head when I began to feel worse after switching pharmacies and receiving the big yellow pills from Teva. I started having headaches, loss of energy, losing my temper, and also wanted to eat everything in sight. I was still able to function, but felt as though I were on "auto pilot". I took this generic for 19 days before I found this site.

I called several pharmacies to see if any of them carried the generic from Watson. I had to have my insurance company BC/BS override my prescription since I was in the middle of a refill. My new RX that Kmart filled is Bupropion XL from Anchen, not the generic from Watson that I had requested. I will give this a try for a week or two and see how it works.

Wow... same story for me. I was on Wellbutrin for 3 years or so and everything was fine. Insurance switched me to Budeprion 4-5 months ago and ever since then I've felt like the Goodyear Blimp. I was 145 before I switched (and have been for the last decade or so) and have gained 10 pounds in the last 3 months. The worst part is the bloated feeling I get daily and the bad stomach cramps I often get as a chaser. I recently had my annual checkup and asked my doctor about this... when she found out about the prescription switch she got noticeably and seriously upset. I had no idea this could happen... I have to spend $40 a month for the right stuff, but I'm hoping it will be worth it.

Has anyone experienced allergic reactions to the generic form of Wellbutrin 300mg XL, manufactured by Anchen? I had been on Wellbutrin brand name since 1999 and CVS in NYC would only fill my Rx with generic because my FL doctor didn't write "medically necessary" on the script (NY state law). I took the generic for 2 weeks and suddenly woke up with a case of hives in mid-Sept that has been chronic since then. I've had to take loads of prescription antihistamines, prednisone, etc. and this has turned into a full-blown autoimmune problem.

Next stop is a rheumatologist. I test negative in all my allergy tests, so it can't be food or environment. I started back on the brand name after the hives started, but I wonder if my body went into overdrive from the generic. I'd appreciate any comments if you know of or have experienced allergic skin reactions.

I too have had severe downhill experiences since switching to bupropion 150/2x day.

Everyone that has posted on this message board should go to the fda website ( and write a complaint.

i am currently trying to get back on the Wellbutrin XL, but haven't heard back from my doc yet.

Best of luck to all! and PLEASE, go to FDA website and COMPLAIN! it's the only way to make our voices heard!!!

I noticed when Longs switched me to the generic for Wellbutrin XL - BUPROPION XL made by Watson Labs I felt like I had stopped taking my anti-depressant.
Thanks - I will now shop around for a pharmacy that will supply the name brand!

I have been taken the generic Wellbutrin for two weeks and feel awful. I have to pay out of pocket for this med but I am going to get the real deal. I also have headaches,constipation, can't sleep and sweats. I took Wellbutrin a few years ago and it worked well for me but I also had insurance. The costs of these meds is absolutely criminal, but I would rather give something else up than my sanity!!!

I am too having Welbutrin Generic issues after switching to generic I found it does not work. What can I do? I cannot afford the brand name and insurance wont pay unless generic???/What as a consumer are my options?

Once again Google is my friend! I was started on Wellbutrin XL about a year ago to battle a rather mild depression. Things cleared up nicely as long as I was taking the real deal (free samples provided by my doctor, I am uninsured). I now know why the drug seemed to stop working! Since I started getting my prescription filled with the generic bupropion I have had one anxiety episode which required a month-long stay at a wellness recovery center, and like many other posters have had my depression worsen beyond what it was originally.

I also shake so badly sometimes I have trouble drinking water from a glass or I can't hit my mouth with a forkfull of food! I haven't weighed myself lately but it's easy to tell I've put on pounds by the way my pants don't fit anymore. Four or five hours is all the sleep I've had on any given night for months. Because of what now seem to be clearly side effects of the generic drug, I've been taking buspar for the anxiety and trazadone as a sleep-aid when quite possibly I would not have needed either if I could have stayed with the non-generic Wellbutrin.

But alas I am a poor man and could not at this time afford the Glaxo version...time to huddle down with my doctor and see what else might work, because I am definitely getting worse instead of better!

I have been feeling like so many of these people. The anger, flying off the sleeping...I also took welbrutrin sr 150. I did fine. then I picked my new script up one month and it was bottle says buPROPion HYDROCHLORIDE extended-release tablets USP (SR) 150 mg. When I ask how come was different, was told is the same. But now I wonder..I have been having so many black days. The brand name up in corner says ''actavis''

Is it not maybe me but the pills?

I'm so happy I found this site. I thought I was losing my mind. I only took the generic brand for one month and I was feeling 100 times worse than before I started wellbutrin. I slept all day long, ate like crazy, had very bad stomach problems, hopelessness and became very irritable. I didn't connect the dots and started panicking about having some other major medical problem. I ran bloodwork and found out I had hypoglycemia which didn't make sense because I was eating like crazy. I gained 10 pounds in one month.

I'm back on the wellbutrin for 2 weeks now and almost of all my depression symptoms are gone. I am very concerned about those people who haven't read this site and may be suicidal. We all have to write the FDA and tell them about our experiences. I'm fearful that with the way the economy is going, some people may really harm themselves or others while on these generic meds.

I have some brain damage as a result of an accident. Wellbutrin keeps me from crying for no reason and suffering other symptoms of depression. But I have been switched to the generic, and I am crying again!I was confused until I read these comments. I need the real Wellbutrin that previously helped me. Thanks to everyone who commented and helped me understand what is going on with this medication switch.

I had the same experience everyone else had with the generic for Wellbutrin XL. I have taken the name brand - Wellbutrin XL for more than 3 years. When the generic came out last year, I thought I would try it since it was cheaper. HUGE mistake. HUGE! All of my symptoms returned after just being on the generic for a week. I called the manufacturer and never received a return call. I called my mail order pharmacy and told them about it - they acted like I was crazy. I finally called my doctor, in tears, and told him how I was feeling after taking the generic and he said I was not the first patient of his to say that. He called my pharmacy, told them the name brand was medically necessary and now I'm back on the Wellbutrin and paying the lower price. You all need to call your pharmacies and ask them what the cost of the name brand would be if your doctor prescribed the name brand and said "no sub allowed". Good luck to everyone!!

Just this month I was switched to the generic form of Wellbutrin XL. Originally I was excited to be saving $50 a month. (Some generics have worked well for me.) Within two weeks I was nauseous. Figured I was coming down with something but it didn't go away. Then around 1:00-2:00 in the afternoons I would almost fall asleep at my desk. (I am an insomniac and nothing but sleeping pills has ever worked-and they don't always work.) I was getting my migraines and neck pain back. Figured it was from slouching at my computer all day again.

One day I happened to be on MSN's home page and clicked on a "how do generics match up" link. I'm so glad the main one mentioned was Wellbutrin. I hadn't given that a thought. My insurance company let me get a new bottle of Wellbutrin (at the high co-pay) so I could toss the generic. Within several days, which I thought it would take a couple of weeks, the nauseau and tiredness was gone. I'm still combating the neck pain and migraines.

For the record though, I have never mentally felt different from the drugs. It doesn't help my depression or give me energy, it just keeps the physical pain bearable. (I have REALLY bad posture which has ruined my spine-or did my spine give me the bad posture? hmmm....)

Several years ago when I originally got Wellbutrin XL at one point the pharmacy refilled it with the insurance companies idea of the generic form which was Bupropion. This made me EXTREMELY sick within a week. I was seeing things that weren't there and not seeing things that were. I even yelled at a co-worker. This is something that I would never do. It's my job to get after employees who do that sort of thing. It took a good month of name brand to get back to where I was. My question is, how can the insurance company switch your doctor's prescription? Since when do they have the right to prescribe...they didn't go to college to be doctors!!!

I can understand pushing people to try generics. But we shouldn't be dinged when we can't/they don't work. We also shouldn't be dinged for prescriptions that have no generic equivalent. I'm asthmatic and I have co-pay at the high tier. This alone costs me at least $120 a month. I take less to try to save money, but it's really not smart to do that. Yet my insurance company will GIVE smokers name brand drugs to quit smoking!!! They're half of the cause of MY problem!!!!!

Thanks for letting me rant...

Just read Oprah Magazine, December, 2008 issue. Pg. 151 caught my attention, because I originally started with Lexapro, then switched to Wellbutrin after I asked my doc about the differences I had read about. So, life was BETTER with the Wellbutrin: overall mood, no weepiness, hopefulness, ability to sleep, weight control, libido, etc. Then, without warning, I return home from Walgreens seeing I had a completely different looking pill stock! I called Walgreens to get the correct one ready, I would have to drive back to get it exchanged. Oh no--it is the generic Budeprion, and BCBS would only cover that the most, where the Wellbutrin was mega $$ now.

Great, single mother of 2 teens that I am, I thought I would be open minded about it and try it out. No wonder I thought I was crazy---we have all been duped! I'm currently undergoing parathyroid testing now, also a reason for depression. I am hoping that with that corrected, I won't need an antidepressant ever again. I'm tired of all the pharmaceuticals and medical insurances toying with all our lives like this. I'm sick and tired of being angry, unable to concentrate, articulate and perform in my career as needed with this "placebo" fix. Where's the hope?

I am so glad I found your website. I was switched to the Teva generic more than a year ago and my symptoms of depression have definitely returned but I was chalking it up to a bad batch of the medication! I thought that was silly so then I blamed my worsening depression on the stress of a new job, trouble in a relationship, anything but the use of a generic rather than the GSK product.

I also noticed that the big yellow pills smell of solvent (very strong) and I read that acid based stability processes for the buproprion are more expensive that other methods. The Teva product is not HCl so I am wondering how that affects the stability of the medication on the shelf as well as the sustained release.

The response of the FDA to the complaints is amateur at best. I think looking at their graphs a second time is a joke. We need post-marketing studies pitting the generic against the brand name product. I am picking up the GSK product on Monday.

I was recently prescribed Wellbutrin XL for anxiety/depression. After two and a half weeks, I expected to feel somewhat better; I did not. My doctor upped me to 300 mg. I still feel horrible. I believe my lack of success is because I haven't been given the real Wellbutrin by my pharmacy. I have only received buproprion. I am furious and will call and demand the real stuff-- even if I have to pay more.

I can't believe what I am reading. I am soo glad I found this site. I started with Brand Name Wellbutrin about 9 years ago. A year later i was switched to the generic brand because of cost. My life had been a landslide since then. Being prescribed everything under the sun and in withdrawal from Klonopin for 3 years due to combating the anxiety and depression/anger I was feeling. I am always irritable and just plain out- felling weird. The social anxiety I felt was unbearable and unexplainable. I never felt that way before in my life (very friendly , coolest guy) Just recently I asked the pharmacy for the brand name Wellbutrin.

Holy cow!.. I am taking a different medication. everything works now... depression lifted/ no anger / not stressed out and irritable / the fatigue in the morning is gone!!.. I remember how it feels to wake up refreshed in the morning! Most importantly no social anxiety- I can think straight! There has to be a class action lawsuit against TEVA and I am surely going to look into it. Its criminal to to take away 8 years of my life thinking that the medication you are taking is supposed to help you but is the root of your problem.

I have had uncontrolled itching and rash on my hands and feet. It took 2 years to figure out it was the Budeprion SR. I did not have the problem on Wellbutrin, so am switching back as soon as I can. The budeprion also smells really bad.

I too was on WELLBUTRIN XL 150MG for over a year. I was feeling myself going backwards and not having the energy so my Doctor increased mind to 300XL. My pharmacies told me it was the generic BUPROPION and I thought my Doctor had changed it at the time she increased my dosage. I started this in November 2007.

I knew after about three months I was not myself. I couldn't sleep, (I went days without sleep) my insides would race but I didn't know how to handle it. All I wanted to do was hide. I found myself going to the casino and doing ALOT of gambling. Well I was there I felt I was hiding from the world and all my problems. It took the focus off of me on why I was feeling like I didn't belong anywhere.

Has anyone else turned to gambling? I am now a month back on Wellbutrin and I can really tell the difference and how much better I feel and I don't have the urge of gambling and wanting to hide from my family and the world. I am finally sleeping through the night.

Thank God I found this article and have been able to read about everyone's experiences with generic Wellbutrin XL. I had been taking name brand Wellbutrin XL 300 mg for about eight months, and it worked like a dream. I never felt better, had better concentration, more confidence, and lost about 10 lbs. (I used to be quite an emotional eater). In August I was booted off my parent's health insurance plan (I graduated from college) and sought out my own.

My new insurance would not pay for the name brand (which is almost $200 a month) so I decided to give Bupropion a try. Well it has been almost 4 months since then and I feel like it is not working for me at all. I am so irritable, tired all the time, and cannot concentrate at work or at home. I thought it was all in my head. My prescription runs out at Christmas and I am switching back to name brand. I would have to agree that the cost is worth having your sanity. I guess for the right price in this country you can buy happiness! lol...

I was glad to read that skin problems are occasionally a side effect of Bupropion SR because I have been going nuts trying to figure out what was up with me. I've been on the med for almost a year, and ever since I increased the dose from 150mg a day to 450 a day I have been getting horrible rashes. I feel more alert, have less fatigue and lethargy, but this itching is driving me batty! I called Watson to find out the inactive ingredients, and none of them had gluten or dairy, which I know cause skin problems for me, so I was still confused about these symptoms.
Thank you for this site!

I have been taking Wellbutrin for about 5 years with excellent results. I had intolerable side effects from other classes of anti-depressants (such as Zoloft, Lexapro, etc.) I asked my doctor about switching to the generic of Wellbutrin, and he advised me not to. He told me that his patients who have switched generally do not do well on the generic. The makers
of these ineffective generics need to be help accountable!

I read all the comments up to page 4. I noticed that we all have been taking Wellbutrin XL and did wonderful on it, but now I see many people had to change because insurance will not cover Wellbutrin anymore. I was prescribed BUPROPION HCL XL 300MG. Most of the comparison in the comments was made between Wellbutrin and Budeprion SR. Not many mentioned Bupropion HCL XL. Has anyone tried this-Bupropion HCL XL? I do not know if this medication is causing my insomnia-I take sleeping pills as well. I have recently noticed I too have been gaining weight. I am NOT HAPPY about that. Along with my diabetes and high cholesterol that I do keep under control. The Bupropion seems to work for me.

So glad to find this site. I was on Wellbutrin XL 150mg for over a year...worked great. Insurance switched me to the generic Budeprion. I've noticed a weight gain...thought maybe I had a tapeworm because I was constantly in the kitchen snacking on anything and I feel lethargic. Then in the last few weeks I have experienced a few dizzy spells which scared me especially when I was driving. I plan to contact my doctor on Monday and get my Rx changed back to the Wellbutrin XL. Generics are not always the same and this one is proof.

I have been on Wellbutrin Xl in the past and then went off to have our last child. Well about two years after his birth I started feeling depressed again and not able to focus at my job, and so I went to talk to my doctor. Again he put me on Wellbutrin XL 300mg and then due to this insurance that I have they contacted my doctors office and started to send me meds by mail stating it was cheaper for me. Well the meds they sent me were the generic and I thought it was the same--was even told my this medco company that it was.

So far I have been eating myself out of house and home and then I still feel depressed,not able to focus, and very moody. I thought it was just me getting immune to the medicine-- now I know different..the weirdest thing is now that lately I have been experiencing numbness in my left arm like it feel asleep with all the tingling and numbness.

At first I thought it was that I was sleeping on my arms at night--but now it happens during the daytime too and I'm not able to even pick up a cup with my hand due to the numbness--and now it is not just my left side it is the right side too. I will check up with my doctor to make sure nothing else is going on with me but I have never experienced this or any side effects when on the REAL Wellbutrin XL.

I am a single parent raising a grandson who was prescribed Wellbutrin but took the generic Buproprion 100 mi SR for about a year and a half. The brand he was taking was a blue pill. It was terrible living with him. He was optional and defiant. He was admitted to a wilderness camp to work on his anger. This camp used another brand of Buproprion, it was yellow and then he was changed to a white pill with WPI 858 on the face of it. I took him out of the camp about 5 months later because he was doing so much better. Unfortunately as soon as I renewed his prescription, the old generic brand was given.

He started being ODD again, this is when I realized that this generic was responsible. I sent my angry and depressed grandchild, (that lost his mother) away to a wilderness camp because of the side effects of this generic brand of bubproprion. Our local pharmacist ordered the generic brand that worked best for my grandson. He began immediately to improve. I have talked to several professionals informing them about the difference in the generic "brands" and the effects. I had no idea there were so many people affected by this generic drug. Thank you all for sharing.

I don't know if this has been posted before, but I noticed the last comment is from yesterday so I suppose it bears repeating. I found this study on the FDA's website when I was looking for a follow up.

To sum it up,
"What is FDA's conclusion with respect to use of generic versions of Wellbutrin XL?

The FDA considers the generic form of bupropion XL 300 mg (Teva Pharmaceuticals) bioequivalent and therapeutically equivalent to (interchangeable with) Wellbutrin XL 300 mg."

It seems as though this FDA study is a direct or at least indirect response to The People's Pharmacy, so a thumbs up to both parties.

Thank you all for sharing your stories – this gives me hope!

Another anecdote: I was on Glaxo's Wellbutrin XL 300 mg for about 3 years (2003-2006) with fantastic results. Almost no side effects, 30 lb. weight loss (gradually over a year and a half) and it finally helped to bring my major depression under control. I went off the drug for a few years and managed my depression with therapy and exercise. Unfortunately, my depression worsened again despite my best efforts, and my doc and I agreed to put me back on Wellbutrin XL in early November. This time the scrip was written for generic and I've been getting bupropion manufactured by Anchen.

I have experienced no change in my depression after almost 2 full months and am having big gastrointestinal issues. Eating anything causes severe abdominal pain and often diarrhea. I'm eating infrequently (and much less healthily) but have gained a few pounds. My doc felt that this could all be traced to the bupropion and recommended stopping it, but I was reluctant since I'd had such great results in the past. After reading all of your stories, I'm definitely going to ask her to re-write my scrip for brand name and hope that that makes the difference.

My psychiatrist thought that putting me on wellbutrin would help me concentrate in school. I'm taking celexa along with it. However, my pharmacist didn't give me the real wellbutrin they gave me the generic brand and after seven or eight days i broke out into a full body rash that lasted three days and i had continuous itching along with a swollen face. It was terrible. Did anyone else experience a rash?


WOW! This explains a lot! I was taking Wellbutrin XL for years with no problems. One day when filling a prescription, my pharmacist gave me the generic (TEVA) brand. I was a little hesitant but was excited about the price difference so I tried it.

At first I didn't notice anything different but things gradually started getting bad. I am sad, mad, frustrated, bloated, tired, short-tempered, and yes have increased headaches and have gained weight! At one point I even felt like I didn't care if I lived or died. I cry at the drop of a hat.

I found this website by accident after searching for more information about that generic brand. I knew something was wrong even after the pharmacist told me its exact ally the same as the Wellbutrin. It most definitely is not!

I am going back to Wellbutrin and will be forced by the insurance company to pay much more. It doesn't seem fair.

I am a believer in miracles. When my daughter asked me what I would like for Christmas, I said a magazine. I got The Oprah Magazine(Dec). I couldn't believe it when I read the article on 'Imperfect Copies'. All of a sudden, I could explain what has been happening to me for far too long. I was originally prescribed Wellbutrin but somewhere along the way, it was switched to Bupropion(same insurance story). My doctor just suggested 2 weeks ago that I see a psychiatrist and I agreed, because I really felt I needed to do something. Now I know why and how my quality of life was affected for so long. Thanks everyone for sharing your stories.

Had been on Wellbutrin over 1 year and for the first time in many years felt like a real person, not suicidal, not crying constantly, not moments away from a panic attack.
After 1 week on Bupropion, I was either asleep or crying -- back to being a completely useless person!
I am always told that the reason a "generic" passes the grade is because it's "only a small percentage of patients who experience any difference from the brand name" -- UMMMMM!!!!! It's absolutely disgusting that the medical field declared this crappy low-grade drug to be fit for treating anything, and it is a crime against humanity that insurance companies immediately throw you to the wolves once there is a generic.

Judging from the comments here, it is NOT a "very small percentage" that experience hell on earth with Bupropion instead of their ACTUAL prescription of Wellbutrin.
We're against Insurance and Drug Companies, but we must try to fight these giants.

My 19 year old daughter was prescribed Wellbutrin XL and did very well on it. Helped her ADD and depression. Saved her. When she saw her doctor again for a refill, she noticed the pills looked different and had a different name--a generic. Over the next year, she declined awfully--huge anxiety, depression, inability to concentrate in college, deal with relationships, continue enjoying things she previously had enjoyed.

She changed doctors, and told him what she had been taking, and the doctor wrote a prescription for Wellbutrin XL (this all happened before the generic XL was out). She noticed the change back to the name brand, but thought nothing of it until she mentioned it to the pharmacy tech--who told her there was no Wellbutrin XL generic at that time. Well, seems her first doctor had written her new prescription for SR rather than XL, but with the dosing instructions from the XL (one a day).

So, it nearly cost her her college career. It was a combination of a doctor error, and an inferior medicine. She's back on XL, and we pay $50 a month for the copay. The pharmacy argues with her every month that they are the same, now that there is a generic XL, but we will never go through that hell again. Has anyone sued and won over this?

I am so encouraged to read these comments. I have been on wellbutrin for the past 5 or so years. I willingly switched to Budeprion at my psychiatrist's offer of trying the generic. I've been on it for 5 or so months. I immediately felt different. The past month or so I have felt increasingly irritable, have terrible dreams, am very sad, have absolutely no libido and have gained weight. After reading these posts I feel validated that maybe the symptom I'm experiencing are due to the switch in medication and not just signs of new miserable me--who is no fun to be around. I am going to leave my psychiatrist a message right now.

Thank god I found this article along with other websites with people claiming the same issue! I was on welbutrin xl, it worked wonders! I was happy again, I lost a lot of weight, which was good in my case, but it also gave me the energy to go to the gym and be healthy.

Then I got switched to the generic form and at first I didn't notice anything, but it wasn't until recently that I started to REALLY notice how bad I had gotten. I cry every time someone in my family objects to something I say or do (which is very embarrassing but uncontrollable!), I have angry outbursts, easily agitated, I sometimes feel so miserable with my life, I'm tired all the time, and the worst part is, I gained ALL the weight back that I lost, I don't even have the energy to go to the gym anymore, or even do any physical activities period.

I am so ashamed of myself and I don't want to blame my weight gain, laziness, and my actions all on some medications, but its getting to the point where I don't know what to do. I'm seeing my doctor this week, and I want to be switched off! Hopefully being back on the regular form will work, otherwise I have to go through the whole process of finding a new medication all over again.

I've been taking wellbutrin for 5 years, switched last week to budeprion sr 150 mg due to blue shield insurance coverage. Side effects: extreme nausea, headache, ringing ears, and blurred vision.This has been an awful experience. How can we get our insurance companies to pay for what works?

Here is my long history with Wellbutrin (for those who might find it helpful to hear from someone who has been on it for an extended period of time). I have been on Wellbutrin for the past 15 months or so suffering from mild depression and seasonal affective disorder. I started off on the TEVA 150mg Budeprion SR - it was the worst 3 weeks of my life. I was having serious emotional swings (crying - sobbing) at work, and had a very scary incident of becoming very dizzy with vertigo and having to lay down in my office on the floor. I know some of this is attributable to the fact that my body was adjusting to the meds - it takes 3-4 weeks for your body to adjust esp taking anything for the first time.

I switched to Wellbutrin 150xl and it was magic. I felt energized and emotionally level but still had some side effects like stomach irritation and tinnitis. After about 3 months on 150xl I started to take the 300xl. Took it for about 2 months and had terrible tinnitus and insomnia from it so I was put back on 150xl + 75mg of generic buproprion sr. I didn't notice a difference from the 75mg so I stopped taking it. I have been taking 150xl for about 6 months now with no issues and hopes of coming off the meds (I don't like being on meds and 150 is a pretty low dose so I thought maybe I was getting better on my own).

2 months ago, I went to the pharmacist who said there is a generic available. I said hell might as well try it since I felt like eventually I would just stop taking it. Bad idea.. I'm halfway through my third bottle of of the TEVA budeprion xl 150mg and I feel sluggish, sleepy, unmotivated, and despondent. I have given my body enough time to adjust so I know it is not that..

I talked to my doc who said it might be just that my depression is worse in the winter needing to up my dose - so tomorrow I am picking up 300mg xl of the generic buprioprion manufactured by Anchen. My doc and I haven't heard of many folks having too much trouble with this specific generic so I will give it a shot. If not, I am going back on the brand no matter what it costs.

I found this interesting article:

There is a lot of controversy around this drug and it saddens me that it all comes down to who is making $$... don't they care about helping people? (I can dream can't I?) My only advice to all of you is to give things a chance - all meds respond differently to people and the only reviews you will see on these websites are of those people whom it didn't work for (since those are the people who will be googling on the topic). There are millions out there who are just fine on the generic, so give things a chance - it might save you a lot of money.

Good luck to all of you and hope you feel better soon!

I'm glad you mentioned ringing ears. I've been experiencing that as well, but I never thought about it being connected with the generic medicine. But now it does make sense. As for the blurred vision, I've been seeing little white squigglys or flashes but I just assumed that was associated with the headaches. I do need to have my eyes checked though, it's been years.

I have been treated for depression with Wellbutrin 300mg. Sadly, my insurance will only cover the generic version budeprion. My doctor told me that it was not as good as Wellbutrin. The pharmacist told me that Budeprion ws identical and that it is against the law to sell anything that is not identical...Well this can NOT be true. Because I have been on Wellbutrin for years and have been feeling perfect. Since I switched to Budeprion I have had several bouts of depression. This is horrible!. What can I do to get the Wellbutrin covered by the insurance?...I have to switch back

The company hasn't decided whether it wants to help me pay for my medication, I have no insurance and no income. I live with my parents to do their housekeeping because they both have full-time jobs. We are in debt, and can barely pay for our rent and utilities. And they're trying to tell my father he makes too much money for me to get my medication on the prescription help program. We have problems even buying food.

This is ridiculous. My parents suggested we look into generic Wellbutrin as an option but after reading all the comments on this website there is no WAY I'm going to touch it with a ten foot pole. I've had depression since I was a pre-teen, and my friends who've known me a long time tell me they've seen a huge difference in me from when I started taking Wellbutrin.

I have lots of friends, I go out, I lost a bunch of weight, I'm not afraid to speak to people at stores and restaurants when I need help. I just can't go back to living in a constant state of wanting to die. Not again. I don't know what to do. I'm seriously at the end of my rope. :( I only have two pills left.

I feel very hopeless.

For everyone experiencing problems with budeprion Xl made by TEVA. I go to a small local pharmacy in Myrtle Beach, SC. I started to have these problems to... I finally got up the nerve to talk to my pharmacist and he was kind enough to put a note on my account that I was NOT to get the TEVA generic budeprion... only Bupropion by Watson or Activa. It has been a GODSEND!


I did wonderful on the brand name of Wellbutrin; I had never felt better. Then my insurance company switch me to generic. The first time I tired the generic I noticed that I was starting to feel horrible again and was becoming extremely angry at a drop of a dime; I then paid the high cost and went back on the brand. The brand name jumped to $145 and I was fored to go back on the generic. Within a week, I noticed the extreme irritation returning. I quit a $60,000.00 a year job on the spur of the moment and I am still not sure why!!!! I had a mental meltdown over a very minor problem and walked out. Is there anyone to file a report with about how the generic is actually dangerous and make some people even worst?

This is amazing. I had taken Wellbutrin for a short time and did well on it as a supplemental drug. But when my doctor switched me to Budeproprion, within 5 days of starting the medication, I was nauseous, vomiting and experiencing chest pain that felt like a heart attack. I was diagnosed as having an anxiety attack on put on Lorazepem, a narcotic. Even when taken down to 10mg, I am still having anxiety problems. I'm being weaned off of it and the anxiety is already leaving. This drug is a cruel hoax and should be carefully investigated.

My 29 year old daughter who has no insurance has been on Wellbutrin in the past and is in need of it - physicians have made it difficult for the patients to be seen to receive the needed meds. HELP

I can't believe what I'm reading. I too began feeling feelings of despair, nervous stomach, and unprovoked crying jags after not having experienced it for years on Wellbutrin. It occurred to me the other day that I wasn't taking Wellbutrin anymore; I was taking Bupropion HCL. I logged on today to search whether or not it was indeed the same medication and came upon all these posts. I'm shocked, but not surprised. I think I'll need to pay for the real Wellbutrin because I can not live like that again. I know it will kill me.

I can't believe it took me this long to start researching whether generic Wellbutrin had flaws. I've been taking the generic version for probably two years, feeling all the while that it just wasn't working. Due to costs and the feeling that suspicion of the drug was unfounded, I've just kept taking whatever the Walgreen's generic pill is. Needless to say, depression and anxiety have resurfaced; I've had no real sustained enthusiasm, frequent feelings of doom and dreariness, insomnia, BLURRED VISION!! I just called my doctor and will never take the generic Wellbutrin ever again.

I took Wellbutrin XL for a while and it really seemed to work. Then I started feeling bad again (not interested in anything, no energy, wanted to sleep all the time). I checked my prescription after seeing your website. My prescription said bupropion. It is a little white pill that looks very much like the brand name Wellbutrin pill. On the bupropion pill it says WPI 3332. Other people only seem to have trouble with the budeprion. Has anyone else experienced problems moving from the brand name Wellbutrin XL to bupropion?

I would like to add my voice to the chorus. Every symptom described above has happened to me. I have used the generic Wellbutrin for the last 60 - 90 days. All my depression symptoms have returned and are gaining daily. I have lost work and wages. Is there any way to hold the insurance companies and the manufacturers of the generic Wellbutrin accountable for the suffering that they have inflicted on so many people?

Last month I was out of town for three weeks during the Christmas break from school and I had forgotten to refill my prescription before I left.
I usually get my prescription of BUPROPIAN 300XL from a local independent pharmacy here in St. George Utah, so my doctor just had to call and re-order my prescription at the local 24Hour Walgreens. When I picked up the prescription the pills were huge chalky yellow pills, and the name on the bottle was BUDEPRION 300XL but i didn't really think anything of it at the time.

Well.... 4 weeks later (yesterday) I'm talking to my mom telling her that I am convinced that Wellbutrin (Bupropian) (budeprion) is not working for me anymore because these past 3-4 weeks have been absolutely terrible. I have felt soo sad, alone, stressed, nervous, hopeless, guilt-stricken over nothing, tired, draggy, UNMOTIVATED to do ANYTHING, I have been feeling so terrible about myself and about starting this semester at school (even though I loved last semester and had so much fun).

I have been so sad and my husband has been kinda scared because the night before we were supposed to go to go to a cozy hotel to celebrate out 1-year wedding anniversary , but that night before i was crying until like 3 AM about everything, and nothing at all.

Also, my husband and i have been thinking about having a baby but this month I have felt like I would be a terrible mother because I don't even have the energy to take care of myself, and I don't want to neglect my children just because I've got problems, so I've been terrified of the idea of children now.

I just felt so sad and hopeless, and I have not been sleeping even though I'm overly exhausted and fatigued, because I'm just so nervous about nothing.
I am so grateful to all of you who posted on this site, because i wasn't even looking for a site like this. I did a google search for "wellbutrin not working anymore" and then all this Information about TEVA Budeprion and it reminded me that that is the meds I have been on this past month.

BUPROPION 300XL has been wonderful wonderful wonderful (as a married full-time student with no health insurance i had to switch from brand name Wellbutrin to generic BUPROPION but the transition was seamless)

Whats even more nerving about this whole experience was that THE WALGREENS PRESCRIPTION WAS $140 DOLLARS when my usual prescription is $80!
I'm so grateful I know whats wrong now, and I will only ever get my prescription from my local pharmacy because i trust the generic that they use. Thank you all so much.

I took the 300 XL and then tried the generic. It didn't work well. So we then tried going to the generic SR and using 150 and 200ml. tablets. The SR seemed to do better, but I've had fatigue, muscle aches, and depression returning. I should have just stayed on the Wellbutrin XL and paid the $60 a month. Has anyone else had muscle pain develop when they started on the generic?

I couldn't believe it when I found this web site.I truly thought I was losing my mind and the medication had stopped working and there was no hope left. I have cried uncontrollably while reading the pain and horrible suffering people like myself have had to live with not knowing why.I thank God I found this information.I am stopping the generic even if I have to do without anything. Nothing is worth feeling like this!!!! I just pray more people realize how toxic this generic is.

I have to share this as well. I was and always will pay and take Wellbutrin XL 150 mG. Wallgreens gave me and LIED saying that's what they give me every month ( bupropion HCL XL 150. So I went home not paying attention as the bottle looked the same. Days had passed and I could not sleep, saw black spiders in EVERY DREAM. Would wake up in the middle of the night feeling someone slap me, or push me when I slept. I was losing my mind. I went back to Wallgrens and said you gave me the wrong drugs.

They they had the balls to say, we get more money if we push the generic. OMG are you serious? I have not slept in 5 days, had nightmares and you tell me you lied. To make a long story short. In had to pay 22.00 per pill retail that month. Its worth the 193 every 3 months by the insurance.

Wallgreens sells you generic to profit more. Take the name brand. There is a reason it came out first! They try to mock it and some elements are missing. When you start to feel people hit you in your realize this..

This is the first time I have seen any of this information. I too have had a change since switching to generic Budeprion 150. I don't have the bottle handy, so don't know the mfr.. The reason I started to search may interest some users.

When I went to renew the prescription online through Express Scripts, it was stated that this medication is not available, and won't be for six weeks or longer. I emailed for an explanation and have not heard back.
Could it be that the product, or the product made by certain mfrs. have been pulled from the market?

After reading the stories from users with harsh side effects, I feel lucky with only weight gain and anxiety to deal with.
Best wishes to all those in worse shape than me.

I am so glad I foumd this website. I've been switched to the generic of Wellbutrin XL 300 and have noticed that my depression is as bad, if not worse than it was when I started the medication 2.5 yrs. ago. Now I've lost my job, had major changes recently and thought I was about to crack. Now, after reading some of the above comments, I now know that this medication has made everything much worse. Thanks to all for your comments.

It seems there are two groups of generic Wellbutrin: the ones like TEVA don't release enough active ingredient into blood stream, so they are not effective for depression. Then there are the ones like WATSON that release too much in a short period of time.
I too took brand Wellbutrin a while (7-8 years) ago and it did help beautifully. So when I started feeling depressed about a year ago I asked my doctor for Wellbutrin and started on WATSON bupropion SR 150 mg.
The next day I started feeling like I was poisoning my brain. I started feeling nauseous, having tightness and numbness in various parts of my head, became extremely irritated and unfocused.
I had to stop taking the medication, but I tried it again on two more occasions, because I just couldn’t believe bupropion was causing it. I got the same bad side effects every time.
It seems like most folks are happy with WATSON bupropion, but for me it did not work. In fact, my health started going down the hill since then. I was prescribed B12 shots, since I also have had low RBC for as long as I can remember. B12 helps for about 5 to 7 days, then I go to the same irritated mode, heavy head and foggy brain.
Don’t know if it’s WATSON bupropion that messed up my brain, or it’s something else entirely.

So glad to see these postings. my stomach has really ballooned yet I'm eating the same or less. It finally occurred to me that perhaps my medication is doing this to me. I too am taking generic wellbutrin. The brand one (doctor's sample) worked great for my mood. The generic works very little and now i feel so fat.

I to was switched to generic last year from Wellbutrin XL which had worked very well, like so many others, I thought it was just me. I stopped taking it altogether since it wasn't working anyway and then things got really bad. I was placed on Cymbalta, but that did not work as well. I want to go back on wellbutrin XL, but it'll probably cost an arm and a leg because my insurance company only pays for generic. If generic doesn't work, we should not be required by insurance companies to take it! If the FDA takes the generic off market, insurance companies will have to pay for the original.

I am also really happy to see that I'm not just making up the difference between generic Wellbutrin (made by Anchen for the 300mg dose and another made by Global for my evening 150 mg dose) and the non-generic form. I took Wellbutrin for the last month and I can honestly say my life drastically changed. I hadn't felt so good since elementary school (and I've clearly been struggling with major depression/bipolarism since middle school).

I was so excited to find the solution and then my pharmacy put me on the generic form. Within two days, my energy and motivation have dipped to their lowest points and all I seem to want to do is eat and lie down on my bed. I have to go to class and its a huge struggle to get myself up and out of my room. I thought it was confirmation bias at first, that I was confirming my general distrust with prescription medications.

Now I really don't think that is the case. I can't fully express the strong difference between the two medications, and quite frankly I find this to be very irritating. Whatever company thinks this is anything like regular wellbutrin is just plain stupid. Wellbutrin is known to cause anxiety and boost energy levels. This generic medication makes me more depressed then ever.

I have been on Wellbutrin 150 twice a day for years, and never had a problem. When I filled my prescription recently, I was given a generic - Bupropion 300mg XL from Anchen Pharmacy. I was told Wellbutrin was now a Level 3 drug on my RX plan, and was now much more expensive than what I had been paying in the past. ($88.00 vs. $35.00) Because of that I had to get the generic ($10.00). I have been so sick since the second day that I am going to quit taking it.

I am so dizzy I can't function. I woke up at 2:30 this morning, and the room was spinning. Now the nausea has started. I am shocked by the number of posts that sound so similar. What is wrong with the FDA? Insurance companies are trying to force this stuff on us that is obviously inferior.

Along with everyone else commenting, I too thought I must be crazy when I was getting depressed again while taking the Watson bupropion. I am taking a psychopharmacology class this quarter in school and recently we were discussing generic drugs and their chemical structure. To make a long story short, I put two and two together and am realizing why my depression and addictive eating problems have come back. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories and helping me to realize I am not crazy.

Nothing much to add to the previous comments on this site, but felt that any critical mass to stop the lies that Welbutrin and Buproprion are the same drug would be of benefit. While they have the same chemical make up, the time release between the two drugs are very different, with Bupoprion releasing much more quickly. Kind of like drinking a bottle of wine in 30 minutes compared to several hours.

I too had great success with Welbutrin and went to pick up my prescription and found the generic in the bag. The pharmacist did not even bother to tell me the drugs had been switched. I went back thinking they had made a mistake, and was told it was the same drug but in generic form. So I trusted them. Big mistake--within a week I started feeling anxiety and paranoia and couldn't explain why it was occurring. Similar to others I figured out the only change was the switch in drugs. Got back on Welbutrin and life got back on track. Went to pick up my prescription again however, and it was not ready as they informed me they were checking into giving me the generic. My response was less than restrained this time. I've already complained to the FDA and I suggest others do the same.

I came across this Web site while doing a Google search on Budeprion. I have been on BUDEPRION SR 150mg/twice a day since January 2004 and have had nothing but GREAT results. Soon after I began the prescription, I noticed a big change in my emotions--I wasn't as sensitive and my head wasn't as foggy. I felt very good--and still do. The only adverse reactions have been an occasional rapid heartbeat (which could be attributed to my addiction to Diet Coke!), ear ringing and a decrease in libido. Overall, however, my quality of life is terrific. I was especially grateful for the stability it provided the last two years as my husband and I both changed careers and completed a lengthy international adoption.

I have never been on Wellbutrin or Budeprion XL, and wonder if those having problems with Budeprion XL might consider switching over to Budeprion SR?

1st script was for Buproprion HCL 75mg & although it was made by TEVA, it relieved my depression in that I could have 1 good day out of 2. Then when I got the script refilled I was given Budeprion SR 150 mg and this stuff is horrible! My depression has returned. I wanted to give the new script time to work, but it has not worked at all. All this because I tried to do the right thing and quit smoking (it has been 10 months smoke-free) - but for what?????

I was prescribed Wellbutrin XL about a year ago because I did not like the side effects of Lexapro (it made me like a zombie) and it seemed to work pretty well. All of a sudden I was getting Buduprion XL from the pharmacy and thought it was great because it was cheaper. Now my depression & anxiety are worse than they have ever been!! I don't want to do any of the things that I used to love, I have horrible mood swings, and am extremely irritable.

I never thought that it could be the generic but nothing else really explains the change. I am also taking a mood stabilizer called Lamotrigine which seems to help a little bit.

THANK GOD, I thought it was just me. I was on Bupropion XL and was doing GREAT, now Walgreens changed me to this Budeprion and I have gained weight, very irritated all the time, depressed basically I feel worse then I did years ago before I started the wellbutrin or Bupropion. So I dunno what is in this stuff but it cannot be the same as what I was taking. I hope someone is investigating this.

I was switched to Budeprion XL 300mg last year, and I could only stand taking it for about 2 months. My increased signs of depression were astounding. I got off of it as soon as I realized it was the medicine that was making my symptoms worse. Thankfully, I am now back on Wellbutrin XL, but paying 3 times what it would have cost me to get the generic. Not happy!

I am so glad to see the above post. There is no way the generic could be the same. I would have to say, after being on Wellbutrin for two years, I can see an alarming difference in the two meds. I have just filled my second prescription of Teva and have discontinued it's use.

Like everyone here my story is basically the same. When I was first prescribed Wellbutrin XL and started taking it I thought I had a new lease on life. The clouds of fear, self doubt, anger, anxiety, they all went away. I felt human again. My insurance refused to cover the cost from the very start so I was stuck paying out of pocket, but I didn't care. Then when the generic of the Wellburtin XL 300 mg became available the cost nearly double to $193. At the same time, my pharmacist assured me "it is the exact same thing." Well, after taking one dose of the generic form I thought I was losing my mind and certifiably insane.

I was with a friend who witnessed this sudden switch from Dr. Jykle to Mr. Hyde. She was horrified. So was I. I felt totally out of control. I went back to the pharmacy and demanded they take it back and give me the "real deal." At first the pharmacist didn't want to take it back because "you opened it." My friend had to hold me down. At that point they switched the medication. However, when my doctor later called saying I was only to have brand, they said my insurance would not cover it.

So I have been paying $193 out of pocket every month for the last year. Now with everything on a downswing with the economy I can no longer afford the $193 a month. I've shopped around for a cheaper price. I can no longer afford this medication and fear where my life will be in the next couple of months. I refuse to take the generic - it's poison! If there is any mention of a class action suit - please sign me up!

I feel as if the drug company knowingly hooked us onto their product (because it works), but with the help of insurance companies, we are forced to take generic poison OR pay "whatever it costs" for the real deal. If this was heroin we are talking about, then I'm sure someone would be behind bars! Thanks for letting me rant.

Hi all,
Oh me oh my - to be with others who suffer. I feel for each and every one of us who suffers from these disabling diseases. I thought I was over my depression and moving on to a life of true peace and happiness....I remember taking the generic Wellbutrin manufactured by Anchen labs with the A102 on the pill. Then I was changed to that made by Watson labs, the bigger pill that has the WPI 3332 on the pill. Well, I never put two and two together. Who can when their whole world starts crashing down on them?

I sank deeper and deeper into depression and it coincided with the holidays so I just figured it was that....Well, I just happened to find about a 2 week supply of the old A102s and took those for the last 10 days and guess what? My depression has lifted! I am in control and my ol' self again? Now, is it because the holidays are over? Is it because the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars?

I DON'T THINK SO!!! There is a different formulations between manufacturers of Wellbutrin generics! I called my local pharmacy (I have to use mail order of course) and lo and behold - they keep TEVA on the shelf except for ONE client for whom they special order from Anchen pharmaceuticals....I wonder why?).

We must make our voices heard! We are suffering needlessly! I suffered for 4 months thinking I was going to have to be hospitalized again. I thought I was losing my mind. We must get the word out to others who are suffering needlessly. I am an advocate and belong to national advocacy organizations. You can bet - this will become my crusade!!

My best to all of you who are suffering. I am going to do my best to end this insanity.

Wow, good to see others are experiencing what I have. My drug company made me switch to the generic of Wellbutrin XL. I gained 20 pounds, became more and more depressed BUT, I just paid $230 for the non-generic. America...........

I have been taking Wellbutrin xl 150 for 4 years and due to the wonderful state of the economy I decided to try the generic to save money. i am now taking the Tvea 150 and it has been almost 3 weeks and so far so good---but I do have a metal taste in my mouth. I tried it once before and I did notice a difference but thought I would try again; after reading this I will be paying close attention and thanks for this website.

I have been taking Budeprion SR 150 mg twice a day for the last 22 days. Although I have felt more energized than when I took Zoloft, I have become very concerned about how I've been feeling otherwise.
I have been experiencing tingling in my face....a "swishing" sensation whenever I turn my head, and dizzy spells.

Has anyone else experienced this? It almost feels like coming off SSRIs. I'm an RN, so I am also paranoid because of these symptoms.
Please let me know if anyone else has felt "Oh so strange" like me.

I am a psychotherapist and user of Wellbutrin. I have noted numerous clients complaining about the generics, both budeprion and buproprion, being less effective than their original Wellbutrin. I realized I had noticed some difference as well. All have since requested their pharmacies and doctors put them back on non-generic and all have noted improvement again.

I intend to change back myself. In some cases, when clients have drug coverage on their insurance, the insurance companies have not paid or will only pay if the physician writes for no generic substitution. For those clients who must pay for the prescriptions themselves there is a huge difference but, as one said, why spend less money on something that doesn't work.

Since the school district that I work in started requiring us to pay an extra $50 a month for smokers, I decided to take my doctor's advice and take Budeprion SR (as an aid to quit smoking). Since I started taking 150 MG 2X a day, I have experienced weight gain, left side numbness (thinking I was having a heart attack or stroke), and an inability to focus.
Is this common? If so, should I wean myself off of them immediately.
P.S. I am still smoking, even though not as much. (about 6 a day)
I would much rather smoke than feel this way.

I have been struggling with depression since 1990. I have been in therapy working with a wonderful Psychologist since 1999, but no matter how much "work" we did I could not shake the depression. I could tread water, but it didn't take much to pull me back under.

FINALLY in 2009 I was ready to take the plunge and try a med. I have been seeing a psychiatrist who first prescribed Klonopin for PTSD. Insurance covers generic Clonazepam.

So I slept 20 hours a day and when awake I felt confused, slow & sad. It did knock out my nightmares and allow me to sleep, I just couldn't stay awake.

At the next visit I asked him to initial the "Dispense as Written" box so the pharmacy would give me Kolonipin. Although the Psychiatrist called my insurance, Tricare. I was told I had to have an allergic reaction and be taken to the hospital to get coverage for non-generic. I have been paying out of pocket for the real stuff and it works so much better. No sleep hangover, lethargy, & no overwhelming sadness.

2 weeks ago I started taking Wellbutrin XR 150. Insurance covers the non-generic. The pharmacy gave me the TEVA brand. Whoa Nelly! For 7 days it was like someone put a dime in me and I couldn't stop shaking & talking. I felt my body "bump" up 3x's a day. My family asked me how I felt and I told them I wanted to walk around hollerin' "YEEHAW"! I sped around the house. I mixed up words, clenched my jaw, gained 5 lbs in 7 days, and had so many rapid thoughts I could not tell a story in a straight line. I was, however, out of bed, and talking again:)

But it was too much so I asked the Psychiatrist for the real Wellbutrin SR 150 and again paid out of pocket. It has only been 3 days. So far I feel good. Calmer, happy, less anxious, more social, less fearful, & way more energetic. I think that both the Wellbutrin generic and non generic have made it more difficult to sleep, but my husband and family have noticed such a huge positive change in my personality that I am going to try this drug for a bit longer. I am not yet sure that this is the best drug to treat my depression, but I am certain that Brand name drugs and their Generic drug versions are different.

If it's not working, try something else.

I have been taking budeprion 150XL for about 4 to 6 mos. and while I do suffer from depression, why is my symptoms worse on meds. than without them? The weight gain is horrific. I changed to a healthier diet, fish, chicken, turkey and fruits and vegetables. I exercise daily and walk as well, and my hips continue to spread, why is that? My mood swings are scary, and my self pity is even worse. Are the wholesalers experimenting on us, are we to suffer because insurance companies want to cut back on something we work hard to have?

My mail order pharmacy is forcing generic welbutrin on me. I had already reported problems to both my doctor and the pharmacy. I can't get them to understand.

I was prescribed wellbutrin XL for depression. I was given the generic by the pharmacy. I started feeling better within days. However I have been experiencing multiple side effects since taking the first dose. Blurred vision, ringing in ears, rapid heartbeat, problems with memory, headache and now I am covered from head to toe with a rash.

At first I felt like I was getting my life back,but the side effects are not worth taking this drug. I am going to call the pharmacy and request brand name. I am happy I found this website.

In response to Estelle R. I also felt the same "swishing" sensation when turning my head for the first 6 weeks or so when I first started taking Teva's Budeprion XL 300 (once a day). It eventually went away and I've done okay on this generic. However, I never took Wellbutrin originally -only this generic, so I can't offer a comparison. Our insurance now requires mail order pharmacy and they've switched me to the generic Bupropion HCL XL by Anchen. I'm not sure what to expect. Has anyone made this switch?

I switched to the Teva generic of Wellbutrin and the very morning I took my first dose, I had a cup of coffee and got on my treadmill and began having atrial fibrillation for the first time in my life. I'm a runner and have pushed myself hard in the past. This was just a mild fast walk. My heart rate went from fifty beats a minute up to two hundred and forty and back to seventy.

It bounced around all over the place and scared the hell out of me. I saw a doctor, ended up with a cardiologist and an ablation procedure. I believe the budeprion or whatever the Teva version is caused and electrical shock to my nervous system and threw my heart rhythm out of synch. There should be class action suit against the company. It may be bio equivalent but there is something else in the tablets that is causing excess side effects.

Ditto! I also did well on Wellbutrin XL and the switch to generic by our insurance company recently is disturbing. The generic doesn't seem to work at all for me and now the cost for Wellbutrin XL is more than twice as much as it used to be.

I believe the problem is in how the generic is time-released. Maybe the active ingredient is nearly the same but the time-release component doesn't work nearly as well. I basically felt most days like I haven't been taking anything at all.

When I switched back to Wellbutrin XL I noticed a marked improvement (and so did my family) within a couple of days. Who can we complain to about this to get this changed? I'm going to start with my doctor and my insurance company.

OMG! I am so glad I found this site! I also thought I was losing my mind! My husband thought I had secretly stopped taking my depression pills because I am so bad. I had no idea that it could be because of this generic wellbutrin xl by watson. I have already opened the bottle and cant afford to pay another bottle out of pocket but I def will make sure I get the name brand next month. This was a HUGE eye opener and very sad that the insurance companies again are not looking out for what is best for us. THANK YOU

I was on prozac and they took me off of prozac and placed me on the Buderprion SR 150...I was a MESS, I cried uncontrollably, lashed out at loved ones, didn't want to get out of bed to go to work or be a mom, I gained weight and still am fighting trying to get off what I gained while I was on that stuff. I stopped taking it...was so disappointed in myself because I thought it was me, but it's nice to know that others out there were going through the same thing.

My Dr. prescribed Wellbutrin to help me quit smoking. After 2 days I wasn't speaking clearly, very angry for nothing and didn't want to get out of bed unless I was going to eat something. I cried last night and finally decided, it would be better to smoke than live another day on the drug that made me contemplate suicide to leave the overwhelming depression I had on the meds.... this only took me 2 days, I can't imagine what it would do to others on it for a more substantial time, and no it wasn't just the withdrawals from quitting smoking, I hadn't smoked for 2 weeks and the Wellbutrin was a preventative measure taken to "increase my chances for lifelong success."

I take Budeprion XL 300mg by Watson and it works just fine for my chronic depression. I have no complaints, and it's cheaper too.

The thing about generics is they can vary by something like 20% efficiency compared to name brands. That can make a big difference for some people, and for others not so much.

The teva product is awful, all the other bupropion generics have worked fine for me. I won't go into the symptoms because everyone else here has covered them. I called the FDA a few months ago and they said they had not completed their investigation. I informed her that I was a Chemist and that I had personally done standard dissolution testing and it can be done in 1 day. 1 day people. What are they doing?

I just found out that the FDA says that we are all crazy.

an excerpt:
The time to maximum drug plasma concentration (Tmax) was examined but is not required to be within any specified limits. The bupropion Tmax was faster for Teva’s XL product (2-3 hours) than Wellbutrin XL (5-6 hours). The median Tmax values for hydroxybuproprion (the active metabolite) with Teva’s product was 10 hours while Wellbutrin’s hydroxybuproprion Tmax was 12 hours (in both fasting and fed subjects). These differences in Tmax for both bupropion and its active metabolite, however, were not considered clinically significant.


I beg to differ.

I started on real wellbutrin xl for 2 months and then switched to generic bupropion and have had a down hill slide constant headaches, night sweats, depression, and never happy and a snap temper. I'm going back to the original and try it.

There are different generic versions of Welbutrin. I have taken the generic Bupropion SR by Actav since 2001 When I switched pharmacies, they changed me to a different generic made by Teva, which is called Budeprion SR I realized 2 days ago that the medication had a different name and I called the pharmacy to see why. They said, that, it is the same medication, but by a different manufacturer.

I have been feeling different and not well, things like some nausea, irritable, dizziness, really bad insomnia, gaining weight, hungry all the time, fatigued, some suicidal thoughts, trouble with feeling motivated, and depression. I did a few searches on the internet about the generic forms of Wellbutrin. I'm wondering if this Budeprion is the problem. I changed back to my old pharmacy so, I could go back to taking the Bupropion made by Actav since I was doing fine before.

I want to see if I start to feel better again. I will be talking to the psychiatrist when I see her about all of this. Has any one else here had, problems with Budeprion SR by Teva?

Budeprion from Rite Aid made my son psychotic 1-1/2 hours after taking it last weekend! He drove in his PAJAMAS to a very high location in the mts. and threatened to hurt himself in a deadly manner. His voice was even different. I will NEVER let him take anything but Wellbutrin (the true brand) after this.

The pharmacist who was on duty over the weekend acted like this reaction was not possible. He was very condescending. Then, through another pharmacist on duty, he tried to give me another bottle of Budeprion, 3 days after I asked for the real Wellbutrin! Needless to say, I refused it!!!

Buproprion (another generic) worked for my son, but he will NEVER again use Budeprion!! I then called my son's doctor and subsequently bought Welbutrin from Walgren's after that. My good son is 100% fine with Wellbutrin. Rite Aid had better get real and get Wellbutrin!! I hope this helps other patients out there!

I have been taking Wellbutrin 300 XL for depression for about 2 years with great success. I was recently switched to a generic called "Budeprion XL" which looks like a large yellowish antibiotic. It is by Teva. I have become extremely depressed again, barely getting out of bed, crying and experiencing an almost total loss of interest in life and family. It has also caused an incredible increase in my Interstitial Cystitis pain (chronic bladder pain disease) to the point of being unbearable. I am also gaining a lot of weight after only one month. I am fighting with my Doctor and insurance company to switch me back to Wellbutrin XL by Glaxo Smith Kline.

I am appalled by the lack of oversight by the FDA on this. Now that I have done research,I have found that it is very well known in the community to NEVER get put on this totally ineffective drug. I pray we don't lose anyone to suicide because of this horrible generic. I'm trying to hang on in the hope of getting my name brand antidepressant back. If I cannot, I'm not sure what I will do.

It seems that all pharmacies are using the Teva generic. I had been using the Watson generic Bupropion SR, but then all the pharmacies near me only carried the Budeprion SR. I am convinced the Budeprion is the problem. The Watson Bupropion worked as well as the Wellbutrin SR, but once I started on the Budeprion SR, I definitely noticed a difference in my mood.

So, after several months, I switched back to the Wellbutrin SR, and within 2 weeks, I was feeling better. My depression is subtle (Dysthymia) and so are the changes in mood that I feel, but when I step back and look at my behavior, mood, feelings this past month, I know they are different than when I was using the Budeprion. Psychological effect? Possible, but doubtful. I just asked my Target Pharmacy what brand generic they use and they said they use the Sandoz Buproprion SR, and that Teva doesn't make a 150mg SR....she is incorrect, so there is a lot of misinformation out there. I will avoid the Budeprion and search for the Watson Buproprion.

I almost cried, actually I did tear up, when I found this website. I had come off both my anti-depressants, Cymbalta and Wellbutrin XL 300 around Xmas to prepare for our new, private insurance who were not going to cover anything related to my depression. Nice. No job. No prescriptions. No problems?! Wrong. Once I got through the painful months of withdrawal, I decided that I needed to get the Wellbutrin no matter what. Well, b/c the cost of the generic Teva was so much less, I got it.

BIG MISTAKE. I thought I was going crazy. I started it a month ago, and I've been going down hill ever since. I know what depression feels like, and it's awful! I had no idea that the generic could actually be exacerbating the depression. After reading multiple posts on this site, I'm convinced that's what's happening to me. Now, I'm trying to figure out how to afford the brand name. Wellbutrin used to offer coupons on its website. Can't find those anymore. Any suggestions on where to find it for less? Are Canadian pharmacies reliable? I have no idea. I just know that I need help.

My doc is out of town, and they have no samples at the office. How hard does this have to be?! At any rate, I'm with all of you who feel like the generic is not a true representation of the name brand. I believe there is about 2 years of documentation on this site. Seems as though this would be enough to invoke change, and stop this nonsense. These are folks lives we're talking about. This is critical.

Today my mood was so bad, I decided to look up info on the antidepressant I started on about 2 weeks ago. I shall be calling my psychiatrist tomorrow. I was actually fantacising about how much I would like to beat my children up for behaviour that I know is completely normal in kids. I have barely slept at all in 2 weeks, I take strong headache tablets 6 hourly, when I have never suffered from headaches previously. I cry over absolutely everything- even happy things, and I keep getting fairly bad chest pain on the left side and wondered if I was possibly building up to a MI. I am only 40 and never had chest pain before. But then I thought, well maybe a heart attack would be a blessing anyway.

What is the name of my medication? Budeprion. Thank God I read this website before I did something terrible to my children. What is the matter with the FDA and medical insurance companies. Wouldnt it cost a lot more picking up the pieces of mutiple family members than just allowing one person the correct slightly more expensive medication?

I too was switched to Teva's Budeprion XL with horrible results. I started having severe headaches, numbness in my face and left side of my body, irritability, weight gain . . . I switched back to Wellbutrin XL and within a week I was back to normal. I went to the FDA's website and read their report on how the generic version was tested - their report didn't show a lot of differences, but there has to be some error in the testing.

With mental disorders, it seems we are always having to 'prove' our symptoms - which I'm personally sick of. You can't make this stuff up - I know my body, I know what works and I know when something doesn't work. I sure spent enough time in clinics and trying different medications to find one that did the job - that was Wellbutrin for me.

I just had a call from my daughter and doctor wants to put her 16 year old son on the generic wellbutrin xl, starting out at 150mg for one week, then increasing it to 300 mg daily.

I am a retired RN, not sure if my grandson should be on an anti-depressant. He is involved in all sports, has friends, but has trouble coping with spats with his girl friend. However, his father's background has a lot of suicides in it. What are your opinions of having a teenager started on this medication? Please respond.

I have found that I am sensitive the the differences in the brand name and generic versions of several medications. Wellbutrin, Desyrel and Lamitcal. I have been fighting with my insurances companies for years that I need the brand name drug. Every time I change insurance companies I go through this "prove that it does not work" harassment.

I am currently requesting coverage Wellbutrin XL - my out of pocket is $197 and lamictal $345. Who can afford that?. So often the answer to this problem is "try something new or just increase the dose..." how many people can afford the toil this takes on our lives, careers, family, our emotional well being? This is never an easy change. I do not want to become depressed again or become non-functional. I wonder if these were not "psych meds" if the response would be the same.

The stigma of depression or any type of mental illness continues. Can you imagine an insurance company telling a seizure patient or diabetic to just try something else? I feel too vulnerable to pursue any sort of legal action. I am tired of insurance companies directing my medical treatment. This should be between me and my doctor.

This is absolutely terrifying to me. I was just prescribed Wellbutrin XL, and have not yet picked it up from the pharmacy. After reading this, I do not even want to try the generic (which is SIGNIFIGANTLY less money). I do not believe I can afford the brand name, so this drug that may finally help me seems out of the question. I am appalled that there are 11 pages of comments within the last almost year, of people who have had their lives turned upside down.

I just wanted some info on Wellbutrin XL, but got caught up in reading all the posts. Just a note, most drug companies have a policy to help people pay for their prescriptions, but you have to ask!!I think if you contact the drug manufacturer they will give you the info to get this help started. Or, you might get your doctor to help get you started.

Stumbling upon this site this evening (or morning as it is about 1am and my ear is ringing) gives me some hope. I was prescribed Wellbutrin XL (unfortunately I can't remember the exact dosage but it was on the lighter side) in October 2008 for depression. I had always had a mild tinnitus in my left ear, but would often go for days without even hearing it. After 7-10 days on the generic (I don't take any meds really so I didn't even think about it) the ringing in my ear had become severely worse. My psychiatrist told me to go off of the pills and it should subside.

Well, here we are almost six months later and my left ear still has a maddening ring. I am wondering if going on the name brand version will help it to subside, as one of the much earlier posters said. I am also considering talking to a psychiatrist about a daily dosage of Xanax, as many people report tinnitus relief from that. I don't expect it to go away completely, I just wish it were manageable like before the Budeprion.

OMG!! I have been struggling for the past 4 or 5 months, feeling like my life was over. I can't concentrate on work, I don't have any energy, I ache everywhere, I have blurred vision (thought I might be having a stroke), I can't sleep, I've gained 15 lbs, the gerd is terrible at night . . . really, I thought I was ready to check out.

I debated about switching to generic medicine and the only reason I did is the fact I have no insurance (that's another story), the Wellbutrin XL went up to $185. a month then the generic went from $113 to $75 so I switched last mid-July.

At this point, I think taking nothing will be better. When will the drug companies and physicians start treating us as human beings? Now to gradually getting off this stuff.

I have taken Wellbutrin XL twice already and I felt great after a month. Last month my insurance changed me to the Budeprion XL and I have been feeling worse than before! I am snappy and moody and I am experiencing a lot of dry mouth and blurred vision. I think it is ridiculous that my insurance isn't covering the REAL Wellbutrin!

I was on wellbutrin for over one year. during that time I cried, screamed, said mean things to people who did not deserve it, ruining many formerly solid friendships, including a precious love affair. Finally, I started hallucinating during my waking hours at work, same time every night (7pm). It was not until then that it occurred to me it was the wellbutrin. One of the side effects is unusual sleep occurrences. That was it for me. Dr said "cut back your dose". I said heck w/ that, I am off this junk. Never again.....

I have been on two medications-the first is Citalopram (the generic for Celexa) 40mg twice a day) for the past 2 1/2 years and Budeprion SR (the generic of Welbutrin)for approximately 6 months on 150mg twice a day. I was experiencing ringing in my ears, pains in back of neck, heart palpitations (actually thought I was having a heart attack one night) and also something really bizarre... I have been waking up at night with tremors.

That is scary. I figured since the newest drug may be causing all of this that I would go off the Budeprion.
I am off of the Budeprion per doctors orders and now am experiencing a lot of weird things...Headaches, crying, nausea, shakes, tingling feelings all over my body, and I want to sleep all the time.

Then I decided to go off the Citalopram to get all the medication out of my system and the doctor told me to take 1/2 of the 40mg pill for 1 week and then stop. I feel sick all the time.

Does anyone know how long these symptoms will occur until the medication is completely out of my system?

The Budeprion is not good at all. I can't write, think properly or even hold a conversation at times. Typing is extremely difficult because of the shaking it causes. Eating is extremely hard to do. My speech is awful. I can't even get my resume looking proper. It hasn't really helped anything. People look at me like Im strung out or something. Lights are on and no one is home. The tremors and ticks it causes are terrible. I too have had blurred vision. It is the Teva brand that I have.

I lost my job and I seriously think the side effects had something to do with it. I was not productive at all. I mean I had to put extreme effort into accomplishing something so simple. My work has suffered tremendously because I'm very inattentive, and not interested. Sexual side effects major. Frightening thing is my doctor asked me if I needed to up my dosage. I can't imagine doing so with the problems it causes already. I can't stay asleep at night for more than two hours and then I'm wide awake.

It is taking me an extremely long time to write this. Can't focus my vision, can't type with the ticks and muscle twinges. I can't think, it's like someone hit an off switch.

This stuff is dangerous.

I had used Zyban years ago for smoking cessation, and was amazed at how, for once in my life, I felt good.

Took a few more years and some postpartum issues I couldn't shake. Decided to try Wellbutrin again to shake the depression and SAD. Asked my Dr. for the generic to save $, since my insurance won't pay for Wellbutrin. After a month on the regular bupropion generic (twice a day), I still couldn't sleep at all... my mood swings seem much worse, I'm angry all the time.

I asked if maybe the XR generic would help. After one week on the generic XR, I am sobbing over everything.. even good news seems traumatic and stressful. I am worse then I was when I took nothing! I am either a zombie,or flying off the handle in rage!
I am now asking to be put on REAL Wellbutrin, and will not be taking the generic path again!

My doctor prescribed me Wellburtin XL for my PMS. However, the pharmacy gave me Budeprion. The ironic thing was that the generic drug made my PMS worse, and what's more, it made me miss my period. Not only did it in increase my PMS, but it made it drag on until my period was 2 weeks late. (And I have always gotten my period EVERY 28 days my whole life.)

I went off the drug and within 2 days my period came. Budeprion also made me bloated (9 pounds worth of bloat within a week!) and it made me break out in pimples all over my face. When my doctor first described all the wonderful things Wellbutrin would do for me, I was excited. But after the Budeprion experience, I feel my life is better without it!

I had the same experience as many of you here. My local pharmacy filled the original prescription with bupropion. These were round tablets, blue in color.

When it came time to refill the prescription, I sent it off to where I have done business before. They refilled the prescription using Budeprion XL. These tablets were oblong and yellow.

Within 24 hours, I experienced high anxiety and nausea. I had never felt either of these side effects with the blue bupropion tablets.

I immediately got my doc to call in another refill to the local pharmacy so I could go back to the bupropion. I threw the yellow Budeprion tablets down the toilet.

I too have had horrendous reactions to the generic. Twice I have tried the generic and get agitated, more depressed, and suicidal. How can they call this generic the same as the brand name?????

I had been on(150mg 2Xday)Wellbutrin for over 8 years.It completely eliminated my chronic depression without side effects.My prescription was changed to Budeprion because of insurance.Within a few days I became angry, agitated & mean right after I took each dose,followed by depression.It was severe and debilitating.

I had no idea what was wrong-why it suddenly wasn't working-until I read about similar reactions.As soon as I changed back to the brand name,I "miraculously" returned to my normal,calm,non-depressed self.This generic is causing misery, despair,and suicides.Think about all the victims that are told they're having a problem when it's this drug.Get it banned!

Shame, shame, SHAME on the FDA and the INSURANCE COMPANIES. I started generic Wellbutrin (Global) and within a couple of weeks I have been raging at my husband and my children, had crying spells, insomnia and I'm putting on weight. How in the world can the FDA JUSTIFY this when SO MANY PEOPLE are suffering the EXACT same way?! SHAME!

I too have experienced problems with the generic Wellbutrin. I was on Wellbutrin XL 300 mg for years (maybe 4 or 5) with no problems. Switched to generic when it first came out and immediately noticed a return of depression symptoms. Doc said there was no difference and kept me on generic. That was several months ago. Recently I was just miserable and contacted my doc to switch me to something else. By this time he has heard of all the complaints and switched me back to the brand. Its been 4 days and it feels like I just started the medication for the first time. Was there any active ingredient in the generic one??

I too have experienced problems with the generic Wellbutrin. I was on Wellbutrin XL 300 mg for years (maybe 4 or 5) with no problems. Switched to generic when it first came out and immediately noticed a return of depression symptoms. Doc said there was no difference and kept me on generic. That was several months ago. Recently I was just miserable and contacted my doc to switch me to something else. By this time he has heard of all the complaints and switched me back to the brand. Its been 4 days and it feels like I just started the medication for the first time. Was there any active ingredient in the generic one??

I have successfully taken Wellbutrin XL for eight years and functioned very well, despite having become disabled from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Major Depression) eight years ago.

This year AARP switched me to cheaper EON mfr. Bupropion ER TAB 150 MG ($300 for 90 day supply) instead of Wellbutrin XL ($1090 for 90 day supply). Like everyone else who has posted on this site, and I became violently ill and had migraine headaches from March 23 to April 10, was so nauseated I could not eat for many days, was hospitalized, had CT scans, spinal taps, and found out ultimately that it is the EON mfr. Bupropion (generic Wellbutrin) that has been making me so ill.

Doctor advised stopping EON Bupropion immediately, and provided 10 day supply of Wellbutrin XL, and all symptoms have disappeared within four days.

I have successfully taken Wellbutrin XL for eight years and functioned very well, despite having become disabled from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Major Depression) eight years ago.

This year AARP switched me to cheaper EON mfr. Bupropion ER TAB 150 MG ($300 for 90 day supply) instead of Wellbutrin XL ($1090 for 90 day supply). Like everyone else who has posted on this site, and I became violently ill and had migraine headaches from March 23 to April 10, was so nauseated I could not eat for many days, was hospitalized, had CT scans, spinal taps, and found out ultimately that it is the EON mfr. Bupropion (generic Wellbutrin) that has been making me so ill.

Doctor advised stopping EON Bupropion immediately, and provided 10 day supply of Wellbutrin XL, and all symptoms have disappeared within four days.

I started on the Wellbutrin XL. I had been on it for some time and was changed to generic. Not realizing there might be a difference, I went to see the doctor. She added another anti-depressant to my medicines. I have missed quite a bit of work due to migraines and being very tired. (not even being able to pick my head up off the pillow). I am still feeling this way!

I have started weaning my way off of the other anti-depressant. Still feeling tired and I DO LIKE TO EAT. I found this site by trying to find what appetite suppressant I could use along with the brupropion. Instead I am calling the doctor first thing in AM to get the name brand Wellbutrin XL. (not in the office today!) THANKS TO ALL WHO WROTE IN

I have been taking wellbutrin xl 150 for 1 year and was recently switched to budeprion xl 150 by Teva. After two weeks I was a little shaky inside and could cry at the drop of a hat. Now its been 25 days and my blood pressure has increased, can't sleep a full night yet can't stay awake from about 8-10 p.m. Just got the original again today but was wondering how long it would take to get full results of original and get the generic out of my system.

This site saved me a lot of hassle. I have been taking Buproprion XL from watson, 300mg and it was working nicely, i felt great. Then i switched insurance companies and ended up with the Budeperion from Teva.

The teva brand (big yellow pill) made me tired, increased the ringing in my ear, and gave me diahreah. I have also had a hard time concentrating on simple things (basic math ,spelling of words & I graduated college top of my class).

I felt worse than before I started treatment. Funny thing is that you specifically have to ask for which generic brand you want- once i found that out i got right back the Watson Buproprion.

Hope this helps! Its amazing that the FDA allows such a thing.

Joe and Terry,

Where is your full disclosure? What big Pharmas are padding your nest. Come on, come clean with us.


Dear D,

Sorry to disappoint...but we take NO (ZERO-NADA-ZIP-NOTHING) money from any pharmaceutical company. Full disclosure...WE TAKE NO MONEY FROM BIG PHARMA!!! Read our material and that will become obvious.
Why would any drug company want to support such independent commentaries about the pharmaceutical industry?

For 25 years we supported generic drugs enthusiastically. In fact we were among the country's most ardent generic drug enthusiasts. But we listen to our visitors and readers and they tell us that 1) the FDA needs to be a better job monitoring the drug pipeline and 2) foreign imports are not checked very carefully. Most of the raw ingredients from generic drugs come from countries like China and India where US FDA oversight is often inadequate.

My son is on wellbutrin xl 300, and abilify. He has mood swings, yelling, no ambition, getting depressed, he is taking the generic wellbutrin xl 300. He seems to be getting worse, instead of better.

Oh my god I feel so blessed to have found this thread. I have just started Wellbutrin two weeks ago for my depression. The pharmacy filled it generically and I thought that it would work the same. Since this is my first time taking the medication I thought all was well until a week after I had to go from the first 150 mg dose to the 300 mg dose.

I noticed I stared to feel really sick. Dizzy, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, chills, muscle twitching, heart palpitations, mood swings, crying spells. I went to the ER thinking I was going to have a seizure with the way my body would tremble. I was sent home with a clean bill of health. I was shocked because I really felt ill. Now I know it's from the medication. I am calling my doctor immediately and switching to the name brand medication ASAP!

I am so glad I found this site. I was actually trying to figure out how to get off of Wellbutrin. I have been on the generic for about a year now. About 5 weeks ago I refilled my prescription but with a new company so I was given different generics. They have 3332 on them, my others had A102. Until now I thought I was going nuts. I have had weird dizzy spells, shakiness, anxiety, anger, sleepiness, and lack of motivation for the past few weeks It never occurred to me it was the different generic. Thanks for all the information.

Add another one to the list forced to switch from wellbutrin to the Generic Bupropian. I had been switched in the past and after some time passed I went deeper and deeper into a relapse with depression. My husband questioned the change with my doctor and she acknowledged there had been several cases of complaints like this, so I was changed back to Wellbutrin.

Within a relatively short time I began a steady improvement back to where I was originally. Now, My health care provider has changed and guess what? I have to accept the generic over the name brand or they will not cover it. I am looking at a sentance of depression if I accept the generic or only a temporary supply of name brand for a short time left before I can't afford it any longer.

Here is my story.

I am not easy to get to take pills. So, when I needed a little help after three years of dealing with a chemical injury - I had to get some help and gave in.
We started with the generic brand of Wellbutrin (TEVA).

Lose dose 150 first.
I had some pain reduction and I thought "so cool". But I had this "rush" sensation. Kind of a "speedy" feeling. I also would feel a little irritable about mid day and snap a bit more. All this I felt I had to give time to adjust. After two weeks I could not stop itching. It was torture - am I deal with pain pretty well, so torture is not over dramatizing.

I had to stop the drug. Then I read here what was happening. After waiting for the itching to stop (about 5-6 weeks) I tried different anti dep. with no luck. I took a vacation from trying anything. Who wants to have more problems, right?

After that the Doctor and I tried real Wellbutrin XL.
Huge difference! Hardly any side effects (mild and now gone) and no "rush like sensations or irritability". Thank heavens there are doctors who believe you and check right? The real stuff works for me.

The Watson brand didn't give me side effects, but the Teva brand needs to be taken off the shelves. I wish someone could do something to eliminate this brand before some really gets hurt. I suppose several people will have to die before it even gets any attention. So sad!! I really felt better with the brand name and loved the weight loss. I never felt better. I currently don't have insurance after being laid off...waiting on my COBRA. I may spend the $250.00 at Rite Aid or the $230.00 at Walmart, although Walmart said they would have to order for me. How crazy is that???

Wow, I am so glad I found this site now there is hope. I too was on name brand wellbutrin xl 300 and felt great, lost weight, depression lifted, anxiety gone, I had my life back. Our company's insurance plan changed and I started on a downward spiral on budeprion xl 300. I mentioned it to my doctor and she reassured me generic was the same as brand name.

I continued to take it because it was cheaper and thought she was probably right... but I started having mood swings, anxiety returned, days couldn't get out of bed and weight gain of 50 pounds. I can't continue like this so when I visit my Dr. I will request back to name brand whatever the cost.

I believe my quality of life means a lot more than saving a few dollars. I think the generic version should be taken off the market and by all the posts to this site many other people would agree.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I was inconsolable not knowing what was wrong. I started the generic Bupropion almost 3 weeks ago and felt almost immediately what so many of you have already said.The dizziness, the nausea, the crying,the despair, and so on. Today I have asked my Dr. for the NON-generic.I am giving my Dr. a copy of these postings. He was not even aware that so many were having trouble with the generic. I see these postings go back at least a year. What do we have to do to protect ourselves? I am sending you my generic Bupropion for analysis.

I had been taking wellbutrin for several years, when I lost my insurance and had to switch to the generic. It definitely does not work as well. It keeps my moods under control, but I get lightheaded, chills and sweats at unpredictable moments. But what mostly got me is that I have been taking it for 10 months now, and during that time I have been suffering from acne and weight gain. I am always hungry. I used to be the complete opposite. I really don't eat much, and try to work out. it doesn't work. I will stop taking them and will consider trying a natural product.

I did not know how many people share my experience. I was on wellbutrin xl for a year and it worked great with my depression. About a month ago my Dr. recommended to go back to the antidepresant med. but the pharmacy dispatched the generic one.

It was awful-- a very different experience from the wellbutrin, lack of sleep, accelerated heart rate feeling anxious. I had to stopped medication because I was going crazy.

Definitely, the generic version is not working so well for everybody.
It is good to know it was not only me.

I took Wellbutrin for years, I started out paying $20.00 a month for refills. My doctor weaned my off the pills- I was off for about four years, when certain experiences triggered the depression again-I decided it was time to start anti depressants again. I was given Burpropion (generic for Wellbutrin). This generic drug made me 10 times worse.

I couldn't stop crying... I thought maybe it was all in my head-I finally spoke to my Dr about the difference between the generic and the name brand. She said this wasn't the first time she had heard this complaint about this drug. She since prescribed me Wellbutrin SR-and I'm starting to feel better.

This is a serious problem- I am paying $100.00 a month now for Wellbutrin, but what else can I do. The generic just didn't cut it. Hopefully something is done about this, times are too difficult right now to deal with this kind mess too

I recently was prescribed lexapro for anxiety from my doctor in which I took it for 2 weeks and had really bad results. Bad nightmares,sweating, dizziness, anxiety. Doc took me off and prescribed me bupropion HCI 150 Mg for one week and then 300 mg to start the following week. It's made by a company called GLOBAL in which I never heard of before. These are also oval yellow pills as well and are kinda big. I've now been on this for one week and feel a somewhat tired all the time and dizzy and often staring. Anyone experienced this before. Should I continue to take this and wait it out? Has this helped anyone quite smoking? I also drink and the other day after drinking I just felt really sick all day. I don't know if this is how I should feel.

The brand Wellbrutrin XL 150mg really is better! I can't believe it. I no longer feel rage or blow up at any given moment. :)

Yes! Yes! Yes!

The change from Wellbutrin XL to the generic, due to insurance coverage, resulted in a variety of symptoms for me, though it was not until I read the comments on this site that I realized the symptoms were connected to the generic.

I quit the generic because I was feeling so very sleepy during the day. But experiences of word mix-ups (great if you're a writer, but nevertheless a bit disturbing!); episodes of non-stop talking (I just couldn't shut myself up!); episodes of non-stop eating; a sobbing meltdown; and mild, but scary, sensations in my chest ....all these occurred after the switch. I hadn't made the connection. I just thought I was getting weirder and older! And then I came across this website, and the light bulb popped on.

Thank you to all of you for sharing your experiences.

I am SO relieved to know what's going on with me and that I'm not alone. I was taken off Wellbutrin XL last summer when it seemed I was well enough to do so. My depression returned, however, so my doctor and I decided to resume Wellbutrin. He suggested I try the generic, though, due to the cost difference, and it's been awful.

I didn't realize how bad it was until my significant other asked if I was okay and pointed out how my behavior had gotten worse. I've been nauseated, foggy and anxious and am not losing weight despite a great increase in exercise. I'm calling the doctor tomorrow to go back to Wellbutrin.

It's a cliche, but I had no idea that others were also having these problems with the generic form. I'm lucky and only pay $80 for a 3-month supply (via a mail-order pharmacy plan). This generic form simply does not work. I will research who to complain to - the pharmacy, the FDA, the company benefits' office - to try to change this.

I've been taking Wellbutrin off/on for 15 years. I take 300 mg. of the XL *used regular before XL was available with no problems*. I didn't take the generic version, Budeprion, until 6 months ago. I usually use generics when I get prescriptions filled - as they only cost $5 copay with my insurance.

I filled my prescription with 300mg Budeprion XL, and went home. Over the course of the next few months I started having dizzy-spells at work...always around the same time (11 a.m.) The dizzy spells progressed into massive sweating, dry mouth, dilated pupils, and a heart-rate of 145 resting.

I didn't know what was happening, so I scheduled an appointment with my MD so that I'd be in his office at the time of "attack". Turns out my blood pressure was vacillating wildly between low/high. I had a battery of heart exams, chemical workups - and everything was normal.

Then, on a routine visit to my therapist, where I was explaining my problems, she asked if I had started taking any different medications. I thought about it, then realized I had switched to the generic right around the time my weird symptoms started. She said I was to stop taking it immediately, and wrote me a 'script to only fill with Wellbutrin XL. I filled my prescription ($160 a month!!!) and I am feeling great again. No problems whatsoever.

My MD thinks that the generic coating causes a large dump of the chemical to enter the bloodstream all at once, inducing symptoms of poisoning. Makes sense to me. Wellbutrin has been a lifesaver for me, I wish I didn't have to spend an arm/leg for it, but it's worth it.

I've been on and off Wellbutrin for the last 6 years and until the last several months did not have any problems. Both Wellbutrin and Bupropion worked well. When the tablet color changed I assumed it was just a different manufacturer and paid it no mind. I did note after a week or two than my mood had deteriorated considerably and still did connect the tablet change. I thought it was me!

In the few months since the pharmacy changed me from Bupropion to Budepropion (without advising me they were making this change) I have had many of the symptoms noted by others: depression, crying spells, mood swings, irritability, sweats alternating with chills, sleep disturbances, nausea and decreased appetite, G.I. disturbances, fatigue, and today chest pains. I will not be taking any more Budepropion.

It is not only ineffective for depression, the side effects are decreasing my quality of life if not endangering it. I have a serious medical condition and am now concerned about what other effects this "medication" may be having that are deleterious to my health. If I cannot obtain Bupropion I will have to find a way to afford Wellbutrin or have my doctor try a different med.

How long can the FDA pretend they are unaware there is a problem with this generic? The FDA and drug companies do not appear to have the welfare of the consumers in mind.

Oh, by the way, another family member is on Wellbutrin and her psychiatrist will not allow any of his patients to take any generics for Wellbutrin. Evidently this physician is fully aware of this issue.

My goodness! I have just been taking the generic for a week and already can't sleep, gained weight and have major nausea. I called my pharmacy and they said they would happily trade in my generic for the real thing. I am printing this info out and taking it to the Pharmacist though.

I used to take Wellbutrin SR 150 two years ago. I decided to get back on it about a month ago. I was prescribed the generic version, and didn't give it a second thought. I've been on it a month and it hasn't worked. I know how the my body reacts to the name brand, and I'm not sure why the FDA approved this placebo. It makes me tired and severely depressed. My insurance company won't pay for the name brand all because the FDA claims this drug is equivalent to the name brand. IT IS NOT!!!!!!

I have been on the generic for about 18 months. Did really well in the beginning, but the last 8 to 10 months have been a nightmare. My doctor kept telling me that the generic would not cause me to gain weight, but I have binge eating for months now. Can't sleep, even more depressed than ever.

I thought I was going crazy, really wanted to kill myself. I couldn't figure it out. I have a pretty good life. I had become worried about everything, making lists of stuff to get done and obsessing over the lists. My body felt like I was all stiff and lost a lot of feeling all over. I couldn't see clearly, it was like a haze. I just felt sick and tired and only did what I had to do to get by, nothing more. I had no ambition and would think bad things like my boyfriend was lying and cheating on me.

I looked for things that weren't even an issue and was constantly miserable and paranoid. I did some pretty bad things that made me feel evil and that I was losing my mind. I couldn't find myself. I looked online to see why my med wasn't working. I found the answer and cried. It was that I was getting the generic for Wellbutrin XL my pharmacy filled it because it was cheaper, they thought they were doing me a favor, but I almost killed myself and ruined my job and family.

I know what each person is going through. Don't keep taking the generic if you have these symptoms: very hungry, paranoid, worrisome, irrational, mean, spiteful, unclear vision, loss of sensitivity to limbs and entire body, feeling sad and doomed, thinking of ending your life because you just feel mentally awful and physically too.

This almost took my life. I got the real brand and within a day I was feeling better, had more sensation back in my body and felt hope coming back. I felt like I was in a bubble on the generic and that I had no control over my emotions and whole life. I am so glad I researched and found the answer that I really didn't expect before it was too late.

This is a list of what I went through for close to 2 years. I hope this helps others.

On Generic from 3/07-8/07

SR x 2 150 mg dosage (7am & 1pm)
Medication was taken for a period of 3 months

*Headaches, mild to severe from about one hour after medication was taken both morning
Headaches, severe
Hyper feelings
Let down feelings, feeling of overwhelming

*denotes a new symptom during medication period, other symptoms were apart of original diagnosis

Generic XL x1 300mg dosage
Medication was taken for a period of 2 months

Headaches, mild to sever from about one hour after medication was taken
Irritably, normally after 3 hours after medication was taken
Let down feelings, feeling of overwhelming

*denotes a new symptom during medication period, other symptoms were apart of original diagnosis

Name brand from 8/07-9/08

Wellbutrin XL x1 300mg dosage

Expressive dreams (dreams went away about 2.5 months into treatment)
Reduced appetite, from about 2100 calories to 1600 resulted in about a 5 pound weight loss over a 4 month period (appetite resumed, weight stayed off)

Was changed back to Generic 9/08 due to medical coverage

Generic XL x1 300mg dosage

Headaches, severe
Hyper feelings
Let down feelings, feeling of overwhelming
(all symptoms returned with in one week and remained x6 months patient went off medication due to reactions)

Agree! Generic wellbutrin is NOT the same.

I never tried the brand Wellbutrin but after being put on Budeprion, I'm scared to try ever try anything again. It made me angry and irrational. I was would scream and cuss at my husband (I didn't cuss before) and then cry uncontrollably. Physically, I had extreme dry mouth with a bad taste, insomnia, tremors, chest pain and palpitations. I had been on SSRIs in the past and never had side effects like this.

Hi To All.
I'm not use to write on blog, this is my first time but I have to.
I'm wondering, how many more complains are needed to take action on this. I'm almost new on wellbutrin xl, I've been taking it like 6 months, is great, I loss weight, I wake up happy and with a lot energy, obviously I am always dehydrated and suffer from insomnia and very vivid weird dreams but, the good part is more than the bad ones. Now, although my plan covered brand name, the copay is bigger than the generic. So, I tried last month with the generic......
Results, FATAL!!! Plus dehydration, and not vivid dream but nightmares, I started to have a lot of hot flashes, considerable increase in blood pressure, more depressed, lack of energy, and worse, MORE ANXIOUS AND MANIAC THAN EVER!!! even breath problem, menstrual changes finally a huge disaster in just one month.

I've been even presenting symptoms like seizure, what are they waiting for.. that someone already died or suicide in order to start taking action!!!!

My insurance switched me to the generic Wellbutrin over 9 months ago. I have gained weight and have felt depressed (possibly because I gained weight). I have had fatigue, as well. I read the info on this site two weeks ago and immediately switched to Wellbutrin XL again. I am feeling better already. I regret not reading what others have said sooner.

Just been prescribed Wellbutrin XL for anxiety. After reading the posts on this site I called the pharmacy to find out which version I was getting since I haven't picked it up yet and was told it was the generic. I asked her if this is what the Dr. prescribed and she said no, the pharmacy automatically gives you the generic unless YOU specify even if the Dr. ordered something else. So apparently they take it upon themselves to change your med. Make sure you call the pharmacy before you pick it up to get what the Dr. ordered. Hope this helps!!!

My daughter after not seeing me in 2 yrs. noticed I wasn't doing very well. She asked if I was taking Wellbutrin. Sure enough we checked the bottle it was indeed the generic. I gained a lot of weight but have been exercising to try to keep the weight off, but I was getting nowhere. I recently went back on the Wellbutrin brand and have noticed a great difference. I am slowing losing the weight and feeling much, much better...To think I thought this was all part of getting older. Thank goodness for sites like yours.

Thank you.....thank you all

I too was switched to Wellburtin XL. I started feeling tired, gained weight, started feeling nerves all the time. I did not sleep at night, so I would be so tired during the day. I started talking with a friend about this and she found this website. She was also switched. I went to the pharmacy and told them I did not want generic anymore. I started paying $65.00 for the prescription instead of $10.00. It is worth my sanity, but I find it sad that the insurance company is telling me what I should be taking. They need to start caring about their clients and they would not have to pay so much to fix the mistakes that happen because of their stupid choices in changing your medicine without being a Dr.

My Dr put me on Wellbutrin XL 300 I was feeling really good lots of energy, even lost some weight. My insurance company changes my prescription to generic otherwise I would have to spend a lot of money for brand name. I did not think anything of it till I started reading articles that other people were having the same problems. What can we do? I was thinking about going off the medicine altogether but not sure how I will feel.
Any advice? Would like to hear some feedback.

Wow, now I know I'm not crazy. All the same things are happening to me. Taken off Wellbutrin and put on the generic. I thought it was all in my head, suddenly getting worse, gaining weight, blurred vision, extreme forgetfulness. You know it is the same for other medications - including medication to bring down cholesterol - the doctor didn't want to take me off Tricor and gave me the prescription that was generic but I lost my job.

I thought all generics were the same. How can this be? I also heard that some meds manufactured in China are fakes...and well, our pharmacies here in the U.S. might be giving us the fakes.....Is there something we can do?

Hi, I was taking brand name Wellbutrin SR, but then the pharmacy kept having trouble getting it in. I really did not want to take the generic form b/c I had read so many horrible things about it. Anyway, I found a pharmacy that was able to get the name brand, and I had it filled one time.

The next month when I tried to get it filled they told me that the pharmacist said they quit making the brand name Wellbutrin, so I had to start on the generic. I am NOT having the same good results on the generic. I am irritable and just want to scream at everyone for no reason at all. Does anyone know if this is true?

Did they really stop making the brand name Wellbutrin, or maybe it was just Wellbutrin SR? If they are making Wellbutrin XL I could probably have my doctor switch me to that. If anyone knows anything about this please let me know. Thanks!

Well, my recent 90 day refill is $420 of Wellbutrin XL 150 mg. This is really getting hard to pay for. My insurance company mail order carries budeprion by BTA pharmaceuticals. Has anyone had better luck with that than the TEVA?

I thank God I found this site!
I thought I was imagining things. The pharmacy switched me to the generic without telling me. My OCD was becoming worse, I gained a lot of weight, and lost interest in sex since going on the Teva brand. Today I called my doctor and am switching back to Wellbutrin XL. My insurance company will not allow me have the prescription filled until June 21.

I'm so glad I have found this. I have suffered from depression since I began high school. I started taking Wellbutrin XL and was on it for about 2 1/2 years and it worked great. It worked so well for me that I actually thought I didn't need to take it any more. And being a stupid know it all teenager I stopped taking it and I was fine for a few months, but then I began to feel my symptoms coming back again. So I went to my doctor and he decided to put me back on Wellbutrin, but our insurance won't pay for the brand name so I had to take the generic.

After about a month of taking it I began to feel extreme anxiety about all parts of my life, which is something I never used to do. I don't feel like myself and I have problems talking to people, even my own friends. I have trouble sleeping at night and I can't count the number of times I've come home crying myself to sleep. It's hurting my friends because they don't know how to help me.

I'm just glad It's not just me and that it could possibly be the medicine. Tomorrow I'm going to talk to my doctor and see if it would be a good idea to stop taking the budeprion until we find a way to get me back on Wellbutrin again.

It is obvious that the generic brand of Welbutrin has a problem. I took Welbutrin as well and my life had changed for the better. I couldn't believe that this medicine could make better than I have ever felt. Then I was switched to the generic as well and I took a drastic turn for the worst. I didn't realize my medicine had been changed. I told my doctor something was wrong and she increased my dosage to the max.

Slowly I was getting worse than I was before I started medication. I was also given three other types of medicine such as Cymbalta, sleeping medication for the insomnia and adderol for energy. Today I decided to research the side effects of all my meds to figure out why is this happening. Thank you for the website as now I am educated on what to share with my doctor.

I will request the name brand instead of the generic even if I have to pay more. My health and the results from the Welbutrin are worth it. I will update this site and let you know if the Welbutrin name brand makes a difference. In good health, take care. God bless.

I have never been on Welbutrin, but my doctor just prescribed me the generic version last week. For the last few days I thought I was losing my mind. High anxiety, feeling of doom, insomnia, feeling like I want to cry all day.... he prescribed it to me to help me stop smoking. I think I'm going to stop taking it and tough it out somehow... it's been an awful few days. I didn't realize until now what it was from, but now I think it's the generic Welbutrin!

I am glad to see that I'm not the only one complaining that the generic " budeprion" is not the same as "wellbutrin". I've been on wellbutrin for years and was doing just fine and low and behold my insurance switched me to the generic. Its been down hill ever since. I didn't realize that the weight gain, heartburn and insomnia were all a result of the switch to this big yellow pill that I can't swallow. Please will somebody think of the patients first and not the bottom line!

Generic Wellbutrin does not work. Once switched over, everything goes back to where it once was. So sad that we are unable to get meds prescribed and when they are so expensive, we can't afford.

My story is even stranger. My doctor prescribed Wellbutrin XL for two months as an energy enhancer. The local pharmacy gave me a generic buproprion manufactured by Watson. I had great results. However, when I checked in with my doctor and she agreed to a longer term prescription, I filled it by mail with my insurance company's preferred mail order company. It sent me a generic buproprion, this time manufactured by Anchen.

After only a few days on the Anchen one, I was tired and had terribly dry mouth - my tongue was shriveled up and I was rabid for water all the time! My doctor sent in a brand-only prescription, so now I am on the original Wellbutrin. I have no more side-effects - but no more favorable results, either!

My doctor has now written me a prescription for Watson brand only, but she isn't confident any pharmacy can guarantee which manufacturer of the generic it will have at any one time. So... I agree there are significant differences among the original Wellbutrin and the many generics. For me, one of the generics is best. Go figure!

Hello Everyone! Currently on hold with my insur co reg GENERIC Well XL 150 mg - I don't want the generic & the increased cost is absurd!

Tried generic brand a few yrs ago & symptoms retd (lethargy, exhaustion, depression, etc). Mentioned this to a friend who works on drug studies & she said THE GENERIC ON THIS DRUG HAS BEEN PROVEN TO BE LESS EFFECTIVE THAN NAME BRAND!

She said generics in this category (anti-depressants) are made rapidly - maybe TOO rapidly!

FDA assures gen & name brand are the same - the only differences are FILLERS and DYES. (hmm?) Perhaps, somehow we are sensitive to these "other fillers/dyes."

Anyway, please ask HOW YOU CAN APPEAL your insur co's decision to "make" you take the generic, by having a copay that is out of this world.

It's tough to do, but we MUST stand up for ourselves. These posts helped me awhile back when I was wondering why I felt so terrible - & the only change was Gen Well.

THANKS EVERYONE! Here's to standing up for our health! Maybe a drug company will come up with a better generic - but, in the meantime, I'm sticking with the name brand.

I have been on Wellbutrin XL for five years. A couple of years ago I was switch to Budeprion XL, a generic that was a small white pill. It was not quite as good, but I could manage. Two months ago I was switched to another form of Budeprion XL that is a large dark colored round pill. It is not working at all. I am depressed and in so much pain.

In the last couple of months I have been to several doctors for severe leg pain, and my already existing restless leg condition is so much worse. I wake up every two hours at night and only get about four to five hours of sleep per night. I am desperate for rest, but can't get any. I have gained at least 15 pounds since I started this new generic.

I am starting to have panic attacks, which I never had before. I started researching my meds to see what could be causing me all this trouble. I was so shocked when I read all of the comments on this site. I am experiencing so much of it. My insurance will not cover brand. I also have lots of bloating, and fatigue.

My insurance company will not let me have brand, but I am worse off taking this generic with all of the side effects. I may have to stop this medicine. Please list comments if anyone of you are having severe leg pain like I am.

I have been on the generic wellbutrin 150 release tab for depression. I have noticed I eat more, very forgetful, lots of rage and yelling at kids and husband for minuscule things and I feel sadder. I have only been on this drug for 6 weeks. I want to get off of it. Is it ok to just stop cold turkey?

I can't handle this anymore. I would rather opt for holistic treatments.

Wow...I was amazed reading these stories, but not surprised. I was on Paxil several years ago and could not understand why no matter how hard I tried or what I did I could not lose weight. All I did was gain weight. The day I discovered from reading the side effects of Paxil that my weight gain was due to taking it I immediately stopped. Cold turkey... I was shaky, felt drunk, dizzy, crying constantly and quit my job without notice.

It took nearly a week for the Paxil to get out of my system. Two years ago I saw a therapist who suggested I take medication for my severe depression, anxiety disorder, and post traumatic stress syndrome. I fought it...I told her I didn't want to gain the weight back. The therapist suggested Wellbutrin XL and said weight loss was a side effect of the medication.

So, I decided although uneasy of the idea, to take the medication. I did wonderful on the Wellbutrin XL. I had to quit taking the medication last summer when I was laid off for the second time and once employed again and experiencing some stress in my life I thought I should go back on it. After putting two and two together recently I started to realize all of the health problems I have had in the last nine months could be from the "generic" Budeprion XL that I was placed on by the doctor.

In the last nine months I have had several bladder and kidney infections (which I never had before), nausea, dry heaves, indigestion, inability to lose weight even when reducing my food intake and exercising (my weight just sits there), abdominal pain, low back pain, chills, night sweats....I could go on and on. I have been checked out in the last three weeks by three specialists and wasted countless dollars on doctors, only to discover by chance that this could all be caused by the generic medication.

It does make sense... I began having these problems once I started taking the generic. I am going off of this medication and not taking anything else. It seems every medication on the market has some "side effects," and even more that the drug companies do not disclose to us as patients.

What did people do years ago before these drugs? They took absolutely nothing. I am going with that theory. As little medication as possible. I hope my story helps someone else who is experiencing these symptoms.

I did wonderfully on Wellbutrin XL 300. Two months ago I switched to the generic because I could not afford name now that my insurance doesn't cover it. My life has managed to fall apart quickly. I have extreme depression, weight gain, fatigue that is incapacitating, and really bad anxiety. My pharmacist insists it works the same, BS! Shame on the FDA for keeping the generic on the market!

I had the same problem. My mail order company switched to Bupropion. I had been taking Wellbutrin XL 300 for a long time and felt fine. Within 36 hours, my face was extremely red, hot, and itchy from the neck up. Even my co-workers noticed. After three weeks, I became severely suicidal, had insomnia, and was gaining weight. I quit taking the drug completely. My symptoms improved but eventually I had to go back on the Wellbutrin again. I won't take any generic drugs again.

I have been taking Wellbutrin for years with great results. I have been switched twice by the Insurance to the Generic version (Bupropion). Each time I sink into deep depression. I can't get anybody to understand that the Generic version is NOT THE SAME as the original medication. HELP!

I was switched to generic Wellbutrin XL two months ago. Since then I feel more depressed than ever, tired, lack of energy etc. I never in a million years thought that the pill that was supposed to make me feel better could be making me feel worse. I stopped taking it 3 days ago but my therapist told me today that that was not a good idea and I should ween myself off. I took the pill today and by 2pm I was once again lethargic, tired, agitated etc. I called my insurance company and they said that there is nothing that can be done to lower the cost of the brand Wellbutrin. Has anyone had success with any other medicine?

My pharmacy also switched me to a generic Wellbutrin. Have had horrible headaches and more for me!

I have been taking brand wellbutrin XL 450 mg. for about 4-5-6 years. it was the only anti-depressant that didn't make me feel like a couch potato. i had given up on myself until i tried this webutrin xl....then....RELIEF! felt normal and for a good amount of years..GREAT! June 2008 they made a generic welbutrin XL. I was thrilled. $10 scripts vs. $30 scripts.

About 2 months later many of the depression symptoms were returning for no apparent reason. Considered what I was eating differently, etc....and remembered the generic wellbutrin. My doctor agreed that it could be the generic drugs. i went back on the brand meds and felt fine ever since.

early this year i was informed that wellbutrin xl 450mg was changed from a level 2 drug to a level 3 drug which means my cost for the drug was only covered 50% and now would cost me $250. Considering we are swimming in dept that was not an option.

Since February the decline has been draining. There is no other explanation than this one stupid medication that worked so well for me.

i am in despair!! i refused hospitalization, outpatient hospital treatments and anything else that was recommended. I thought I found what worked wonderfully me, unfortunately it became cost prohibitive.

In my last effort, i felt i owed it to myself and family to try the brand one month just to rule it out. I charged the $225 prescription charge to my credit card.

If it works I will know that it was the drug. i will fight one last brief battle with the insurance company, if i win the battle and i can afford the drug.....whew that was a close one. if i lose, i will look forward to my eternal sleep.

To the last post, please never quit. I know it must feel horrible and hopeless, but you can overcome your situation. It sure probably doesn't feel like it, but God can rescue you from ANY situation...He hasn't abandoned you!!

I'm soooo glad I found this posting. I never took any anxiety or depression medicine before. My doctor put me on the generic brand on May 1, 2009 for some mild anxiety and depression. The following days were absolutely horrible mentally. I couldn't think clearly enough to realize it was the medicine.
I was fearful, had thoughts of suicide, had feeling of doom, and that life was over for me... I also felt like I was going to lose my mind.

It wasn't until the 3rd day, when I went to my church and asked for some friends to pray for me that I realized it was the medicine. I went off the next day.

I definitely feel better, but I fear my mind has been traumatized... like my thought patterns have changed even though I only took the medicine for 4 days, and it's been over a month.

Can medicine affect the mind like that? Can the thoughts you had during your medicine traumatize your mind? The reason I ask is because I wasn't having thoughts like I did before I went on the medicine.

It seems like I need to reprogram my mind, because whatever the medicine did to me those four days was ridiculous.

I'm wondering if I should go on the good Welbutrin just to counteract what happened to my mind during the crappy Welburin.

Any recommendations?

I started taking generic wellbutrin for depression 2 months ago, 150mg SR. I started on 150mg for 7 days, then went up to 300mg XL. I felt incredible and how I had dreamed of feeling for about two weeks, then some minor flashes of irritability started to appear. After a month, I went to my doctor, and told him that I felt like the medication was letting much of my old, scary symptoms shine through, and he put me on the generic XL 300mg pill. As soon as I started taking this, I stopped feeling good.

I took it for two weeks, then self-medicated by adding in the remainder of my 150mg SR pills for the two weeks before my meeting with my psychiatrist (DO NOT DO THIS. IT IS NOT ADVISED. I MADE A BAD CHOICE AND COULD HAVE DONE SERIOUS DAMAGE TO MYSELF.), and when I met with him, I told him about the ineffectiveness of the 300mg, and he bumped my prescription up to 450mg XL. at this time, I also had him write my script for trade name Wellbutrin.

I have been taking this for about 5 days, and have felt much more agitated and on edge, and have been snapping at my boyfriend much more frequently. When I snap, I feel like I am saying and doing things because I want to hurt his feelings, and I wasn't mean like that before. Like, today I freaked out because we are taking a class together, and he was too tired and skipped the class, and I went bananas about it and then couldn't go myself because I was seething then sobbing.

After I just feel so full of rage and want to tell him that I hate him and never want to talk to him again, I crumble a few minutes later and just feel so sad that I just want to die, not like suicidal, but in a total disinterest in being alive. I take my medication in the morning, 300mg at 9 and 150mg at 12, but my explosive behavior can happen anytime.

I have contacted my doctor about this, but also would like to hear feedback from people who might have experienced this firsthand.
So, I guess what I'm looking for is this (to summarize):

-has anyone else gone from generic to trade name, and if so could you tell me what your reaction was?

-has anyone on generic noticed a difference in the effectiveness of taking 150mg SR 2x a day and taking 300mg XL once a day?

-are the symptoms I am experiencing normal for the first week of starting wellbutrin? I'm trying to remain optimistic because I know sometimes people's symptoms get worse for the first week they are taking an antidepressant, but I also don't want to continue if I'm making myself worse.

thank you so much for any answers I might get.

My doctor prescribed me Wellbutrin SR, starting with 100mg 2x per day. After the first dose I had an awful headache. Although the pill was time released it seemed to administer most of its potency in the first few hours and then become basically ineffective. I tried the meds for a few more days but the headaches became unbearable. When I went online to research this med I came across this website and realized that I was not the only one experiencing these problems and they seems linked to the generic brand of the medication.

I was given Budeprion SR (TEVA). When I discussed this with my doctor she switched me to name brand Wellbutrin and I have not suffered any side effects whatsoever. It should be against the law for the insurance companies to demand that you take a generic when there is clear evidence that they are not always as effective as name brand. (BTW-my doctor said she herself never takes the generic form of any medication. She has had similar experiences with ineffectiveness with generic antibiotics)

Newbie on buproprion asks: I'm just getting started on buproprion (sometimes apparently spelled bupropion, without the second "r"). My pharmacy filled the first three prescriptions with the Sandoz/Eon 150mg (purple pills). I haven't had the Wellbutrin SR 150 mg for comparison, but the Sandoz/Eon seemed to help with my depression, although I had problems initially with dry mouth and more recently with slight dizziness; slight nausea made it easy to drop 10 lbs, a side effect I didn't mind.

Today they filled it with the Watson 150mg (white pills). Based on comments above it sounds like the Watson is worth a try but I should watch out for rashes, shaking, and migraines?

Overall I am getting the impression that the original brand name GlaxoSmithKline Wellbutrin/Zyban is the gold standard that anyone who can afford it should insist upon. Does everyone agree about that, or has anyone actually had a better experience with a generic?

KJ, who posted on June 15, please update and let us know you are ok and hanging in there!

Please remember what it was like to feel good as you did last year and keep pursuing your choices for your own and your family's sakes. Don't give up!

Hopefully switching back to what worked before will stabilize you enough to consider your next move so you can get set up for the long term.

Enlist your doctor's help -- maybe he/she can suggest a resource that you haven't yet considered, help you argue with the insurance company, adjust to a cheaper form (XL vs SR or different dosage schedule), or provide you with samples to stretch out your supply. (Remember, though, that you should probably not try to make your bottle last longer by breaking up the pills; splitting them messes up the time-release feature and they might dissolve too quickly, dumping too much active ingredient in you all at once with nothing left for later.)

The pharmacist might have some ideas too. Maybe you could request a different generic; there seem to be several manufacturers of them and some may work better for you than others. (Avoid Teva, try Watson maybe?)

Perhaps there is a community or government organization, such as your church or social services office, that could help bridge the cost gap.

You might also consider switching insurance companies (by making a job change, maybe?) to one that covers what you need at a price you can keep up with.

Advocate for yourself and keep pressing until you have what you need. I'm sure everyone here understands how essential it can be to get the right pill so you can function, and to be able to pay for it. We're pulling for you!

I have been taking the generic of Welbutrin XL 300, Buproprion XL 300 mg for 3 months, and feel great. I have had no depression am able to stay focused, not gained a pound. I am truly happy with the generic, a lot cheaper only 12.00 for 90 pills!!!! After reading all of the comments I was scared to try, but I am happy I have. My husband says I exactly the same as when I was on the name brand!!!!! I was truly worried about gaining weight on the generic, but have not gained at all, and my appetite is also the same.

I was recently dx'd with MDD... the first time in my life for anything like this and never on any other psych meds.

anyway, I have been taking BUDEPRION XL 150 by Teva for 4 days... I am even more exhausted than before, my eyes feel like I have been awake for 48 hours straight after having sand thrown in them... I am just as irritable and sad as I was before I started this... the only new thing is the eye strain and exhausted by 2 pm instead of 6 pm.

My DR. advised me to take 1 per day for a week, and if I don't feel any change, to up my dosage... I will be checking in with him prior to upping the dosage as I am not sure if I take them at the same time, or at different times in the day.

I gather from my conversation with DR that I should be feeling different/better within a week, but I'm not sure I can differentiate any more... After reading so many blogs/comments/websites about the problems with the generic, especially Teva, I have to admit I'm scared! My question is, are the symptoms/problems being listed for the XL 150 or the XL 300 or the SR 150 or SR 300? Not very many of the postings are clear on that.

Thank you.. and KJ, please don't give up hope, even though there isn't much of it out there... every day you can wake up is another day with your family.

I am so glad to read all of these posts. I was taking the generic form of wellbutrin XL and rapidly gained weight... and I have been dieting and exercising. I switched to the real deal just yesterday so I am praying this helps take the weight back off. I feel huge in the tummy, bloated and I had a flat stomach!! I went from 127 to 150 and that is just not normal!!

I have been taking Budeprion XL 300 for the past 2 years and I feel even more depressed than before. I don't think about suicide but I do think about how easy it would be to die. I am currently trying to get through school, for nursing, and it has been hell trying to motivate myself to go to classes. I know that I SHOULD go but I am not able to get myself out the door. I have a fantastic marriage that I am afraid of ruining with this self-destructive pattern I have developed over the past 2 years. All of this started after going on Budeprion XL 300.

I was originally prescribed Wellbutrin 300 but after 3 month's I switched to the generic TEVA brand Budeprion. I feel like I have lost 2 years of my life because of this damn drug. I am tired, depressed, anxious, and angry all the time and thanks to the insomnia I was able to find this website and see that I wasn't the only one. There is currently a class action suit filed against TEVA and you can be damn sure I'm participating in it. Take care and thanks for letting me vent.

I think it is crazy that Insurance companies can get by with NOT PAYING FOR WELLBUTRIN XL with so many complaints over the generic....MAYBE A LAWSUIT over someone taking their life due to THE FACT THAT THE GENERIC DID NOT WORK will WAKE UP THE FDA AND THE INSURANCE COMPANIES!!!!!!!!!!!

I quit taking Wellbutrin XL 5+ years ago because of feeling unemotional. Since then, my moods have been up and down and "manageable" until 6mos ago when I got so angry that I walked out of my house leaving 3 of 4 kids crying in the doorway. I called my husband and said I can't take it anymore and wasn't sure when or if I was going to come back.

After "disappearing" for 3 days, I met with my therapist who said that meds are needed and gave me names of several psychiatrists. I started to see a psychiatrist and after some trial and error, I'm on Budeprion XL 300mg (Teva) and Fluoxetine 20mg (Sandoz). I feel the best I have in over 20+ years. Yes, life has it's ups and downs and I get bummed, but I also now appreciate everything I have. I can be happy and enjoy life and living.

I must say that I feel for those of you who had to switch and things didn't work. Maybe you need to see a psychiatrist who is better informed that a regular MD or OB-Gyn (both who have given me prescriptions with only some good results). I also see a MSW every two weeks to help me keep a healthy prospective on my life. Pills aren't the end all be all and what works for one may not work for the other.

Maybe a mix of meds that manage different effects is what one may need. Could also be that after taking Wellbutrin for so long, your body is used to it and had adverse reactions to a sudden switch. I'm not for or against brand names and generics. In fact, I hate taking meds and so have struggled with depression and ADD for years. I can no longer be selfish at the cost of my children's safety and mental well-being.

Thank you. I have also noticed a difference. I could fall asleep at anytime of the day now. My legs feel heavy - it is difficult to walk. I had great energy before on Wellbutrin - not on the generic. I will call my ARNP tomorrow am.

Thank Goodness !!!. I thought I was going crazy. Been taking the generic form Wellbutrin made by Watson for years. Two weeks ago picked up meds and notice different shape.

Been two weeks and Husbands says I am crabby and mean. Felt like crying and tried as hell.

Come to find out it's because of Teva's generic form of Wellbutrin. Stopped taking and waiting for new drugs from Watson to get in. Walgreens was great when I called. Told me they can order it for me. This way I don't get stuck paying for the name brand.

Hopefully by next week I feel like myself again.

I used Wellbutrin several years ago with wonderful results. I was able to concentrate, remain level headed and had a good outlook on life. I stopped taking it to have a child. Several months ago I felt the depression coming back. My doctor agreed to put me on Wellbutrin because I had such a good experience with it many years ago. I received the generic version budeprion but had no reason to think it would not work. After a month I realized that this generic is nothing like the brand name.

I told my doctor, she checked the little box requesting name brand only on my next months prescription but Tricare refused it. The cost for the name brand is astronomical and I can not afford it. $200 for a 30 day supply of 150/1xday. Maybe if Glaxo would reduce the cost a little the insurance companies would pick it back up.

Recently rx'd wellbutrin (though script does not say no subs). I wanted to research it and found this. I am thinking of just trashing the script as it sounds better to swim around in the abyss unaided vs. add on the symptoms described here. Is there a way, if your insurance wont pay for brand, to ask the pharmacy to rx the brand and charge for the generic and you will pay the difference out of pocket cash? I mean, I understand insurance companies trying to save money but we pay them for the insurance. It would make sense to say you can have X drug but we will only pay for the generic cost. OK so they pay for what the generic would cost and I eat the rest-at least some of the price is absorbed by insurance.

OMG!!!!!! I'm so happy I found this site! I don't think I've ever been on the name brand Wellbutrin XL300, but have had the generic, mfg by TEVA. I have all of the symptoms, plus some described above. I just thought the meds wouldn't help everything, and that I was making my own body feel this way, with my emotions.

I have three toddlers, ages 10months,2 and 3. I have EXTREME fatigue, headaches (daily), sinus issues, muscle aches, nausea, heartburn, blurred vision, anxious ALL the time, no interest in anything, and still have panic attacks (which is why I was put on meds). I am honestly just going to try to do without any meds. I'm happy to know that I don't have something else majorly wrong with me, and it's only the medicine! Thanks to all of you who have posted!

Stay on meds !!!
Ask the pharmacy to switch it to generic Watson brand.
I have been taking the generic wellbutrin made by Watson for over 3 years. Felt great. Had my scrip fill at Walgreens instead of mail order. I could not figure out why after 2 weeks I was angry at everyone, no energy, no interest, just wanted to sleep and be mad. Figured out it was the different name brand. Started just 5 days ago on the Watson brand and feel better. Not as tried, not as bitchy. Husband said almost back to my nice self.
Good Luck

Ditto to everything that has been said about generic Wellbutrin. Some people say that Watson brand of Wellbutrin works like the real thing. Is it the same for both Wellbutrin SR and Wellbutrin XL?

I've been on Wellbutrin XL for years and LOVE IT. Just like others on this site, I was switched to Teva generic. HOLY COW AFTER THE THIRD DAY I WANTED TO DIE.

My insurance doesn't pay much for Wellbutrin just generic. The price is so high. DO YOU THINK I SHOULD TRY WATSON BRAND OF WELLBUTRIN XR?

Thanks for any answers you may have!!!!

I would stop taking any generic brand. I have been having trouble with dizziness, and nausea but the worst of all is that I have problems with concentration, memory, trouble sleeping and having trouble with coordination. I take a lot of other meds but today I decided to stop taking most all of it. Wellbutrin (GENERIC) was one I was still going to take. I decided to research all the meds I took for side effects. I am SO glad this web site. I realized that although I have been taking Wellbutrin for years I recently switched to the generic form for cost reasons. After reading this I will stop taking this type of Wellbutrin. I was beginning to worry that I was getting Altzheimers. Something needs to be done about this drug fast. Do you know if anything is being done? This is serious...

I have been on generic Wellbutrin XL AND generic Zoloft for ....... I am not sure how long. At one time I was on the brand name of both. All I know is over the past.........year or so, my depression has gotten worse. I don't know what to do. I guess talk to my doctor about it. I hate feeling this way.

I guess I just needed to vent.

Thanks for listening.

The same thing is happening to me. I've taken Wellbutrin XL for a few years with good results. Since I'm now uninsured, I switched to the generic to save money. I've gained 20 lbs. in the last 6 months and my depression and irritability are back. The manufacturer is Watson. I'm definitely going to go back to the "real" Wellbutrin!

Is there anyone on this medicine that is having the sensation that they are smelling smoke? Namely cigarette smoke. Since moving to 450 per day, I have been smelling smoke. I live in an apt so maybe it is the neighbors, but neither my wife or kid (or parents when they were here) smell anything and I have smelled it in my care - and I don't smoke or anyone I know. Wondering if anyone has had this same issue???


I have never been on the regular wellbutrin, but I have found the generic little white bupropion XL to be wonderful. My body feels a little weakened and I have slight tremors and higher pulse, but these seem not excessive. Only been on them for a month and a half, so I am hoping some of these effects will go away as I get used to the drug. I see this thread is a couple of years old--maybe something changed.

I started taking 150mg budeprion a little less than 3 months ago. About 5 weeks into my course, I started to develop extreme IBS-like GI issues. I am significantly bloated every single day, to the point where I look about six months pregnant. I have extreme abdominal fullness--while my appetite is the same, it is difficult to eat because food seems to inflame my stomach. I have intermittent bouts of heartburn, indigestion and nausea. I have not changed my diet one iota and have no history of GI issues. I have taken wellbutrin before with no side effects. Is it possible my symptoms are related to this drug? Really? Any advice is extremely welcome!

Have been taking 200SR bupropion and have been very irritable and short tempered, can barely keep my job seeing that it is in customer service. Cannot afford to lose my job. Switched over to 150 Wellbutrin XL and have been not irritable and can stand helping people out without getting annoyed. There is a big difference in my opinion between the generic and the brand name of this medication.

I have been taking budeprion for six weeks and have developed increased agitation and feelings of sadness. I went in last week and was prescribed Fluoxetine (Prozac) for these symptoms and I feel better than before. I'm not sure there are any benefits to taking budeprion. My brother takes Cymbalta and Wellbutrin and swears by them. I however cannot get them through my insurance.

No wonder things like medical marijuana have become so popular, at least those patients know what they're going to get, and without the surprise negative effects.

Does anyone know the track record for the Actavis South A version of Bupropion XL 300mg? My pharmacy changed from Anchen to this and I'm a little dizzy this morning.

Any info?


I have been taking Wellbutrin for several years, and have gone through about five different generics over the time elapsed. Recently my doctor switched me to the TEVA generic, for no reason other than that I was previously taking two 150mg pills at once, and now I'm taking one 300mg pill. Never mind that we decided to switch me from SR to XL, the reason my doctor gave was for switching from two pills to one.

I have been depressed, gained weight, irritable, have been fighting with my fiancée non-stop and my sex drive has plummeted. I have been very anxious and having panic attacks. I have already scheduled an appointment with my doctor to switch to a different generic. I'm sorry but I don't care that the amount of active ingredient is the same in the generic as in the name-brand, they are not the same thing, as my experience has shown.

I'm glad to hear I am not alone, although I'm sorry that there are so many people having this problem and for two years (how long this thread has been going). I can't believe I didn't think of the problem before.

Wow. It is nice to know that I am not alone. For those of you who it works for, Kudos! :) I also take the generic of Zoloft. I just need to get an appointment made with my doctor. Cause the way I feel right now, I'm about ready to stop them both. Ugh!!

Just picked up my prescription of Budeprion XL 300mg and Fluoxetine 20mg. After reading all the entries above, I decided to look at my meds a little closer. I was surprised. The bottle of budeprion states the manufacturer is Teva but the "Medication Guide" sheet states that the manufacturer is Anchen and that they manufacture it for Teva. I thought I knew which generics by which manufacturers to avoid (from all the above) but now I don't know. I guess if things start going downhill for me, I'll just switch to name brand Wellbutrin and not take chances with anything else.

PS I did notice that I'd get sick to my stomach if I took the meds before I ate. Try taking the pills after you've had a decent breakfast.

My insurance would not pay anything for the brand Wellbutrin, and I had horrible reactions to the generics, so I have to pay out of pocket for it. I was on 150 xl and had to cut down to 1/2 of a 75mg (regular, not sr or xl) brand tablet because it's all I can afford! It's been hard for me to function this way. I just found out that there's another generic available that I haven't tried; it's manufactured by Actavis, and I, too, would love to know if anyone has had any experience with this particular generic version of bupropion.

Have you checked with your doctor about splitting the tablets? It is my understanding that you can't really do that because it screws up the time-release of the medicine.

I have never been on "real" Welbutrin, but I have had decent results with generics made by Watson or Sandoz.

I have found this to be true too, I was taking the med to help take the edge off because of stress, I immediately began to put on weight and was much more tired and irritable.

I just quit taking the stuff all together, but then again I am not dealing with full blown depression either.

Just about 2 weeks ago I got a prescription for Budeprion XL 150 mg that was fine until today, the bottle said take one pill for the first 10 days and after that take 2. Today I took 2 and I thought I was going to die. I have severe abdominal pain, cramps, nausea, anxiety, it was awful. Now I am scared to take 2 pills tomorrow. After reading everyones comments about this generic medicine I am really concerned if I should be taking this at all. I definatley do not want to feel like I did earlier today, or gain weight ect.....Is there any good news about this drug at all????

I have been on Wellbutrin XL and then generic Bupropion for about 7 years - 200mg 2x a day.

On August 5th, I switched from some generic bupropion (peach colored pills), to the Watson generic bupropion. A couple days later I started having severe abdominal cramping, stomach pain and nausea - all day, every day. Everything I eat or drink (including water) seems to make it worse. I am also experiencing this super hungry empty/hollow feeling even after I eat. I have been feeling randomly disgusted w/ myself too. Another thing - I quit Prilosec about a month ago w/o any issues.

Everyone seems to think the Watson brand works better than other generics. Could the Watson generic be causing these issues???

I had a stroke 4 years ago and I am on a lot of different meds. After complaining of fatigue and depression, my doc added Wellbutrin to my already prescribed Prozac (Fluoxetine) and of course the pharmacy gave me the generic - Bupropion HCL SR 100MG by Watson.

That was on 8/13. So after 9 days, I here I am looking for clues to find out the reason as to why my hands are shaking, I am having tremors, my legs are very heavy, in fact my whole body feels very heavy, there's an awful dry taste in my mouth... And I thought I needed new glasses because my vision had become more blurry!

I'm so glad I found this site! I am going to ask my doc to let me try the name brand.


This is what I hate. Insurance companies changing prescriptions because they think they know better than your doctor, or you yourselves. I had a similar experience with another antidepressant. It worked great, but my insurance made me do mail order prescription and they arbitrarily changed it to what they said was a generic.

Well, my depression returned and my doctor at first didn't know what was going on until I mentioned that they switched to generic. He put me back on the name brand and my depression symptoms subsided.

I have been doing very well on Prozac and Wellbutrin 300 XL for several years. Twice I have tried to switch to the generic Wellbutrin for cost reasons, which were $40 vs. $15 for generic where I was working. The first time I stuck it out for several days until the anxiety, jumpiness and a new persistent headache convinced me I should go back to the brand Wellbutrin. It was hard for me to work with these feelings "on board."

I no longer work at the company where I could get brand prescriptions for $40, and looking back, I see I was lucky, because once my COBRA runs out, I am looking at a huge increase in drug costs. I tried generic Wellbutrin again today, and noticed the "wired" feeling, jumpiness, headache, anxiety and nausea again. So I am going back to the brand, and will either pay for it out of pocket, try to find an insurance company that might pay part of it, or ask my Dr. if we can just discontinue this drug. It isn't worth it.

Reading all the comments that others have left, I would just like to say that I am sorry that so many have gone through similar experiences, some for months and years. As several have said, it is hard enough to have a mental illness and then on top of that, take drugs that do not help or even worsen the condition. In May 2009, the FDA published an article about generic Wellbutrin and concluded that the generic is "equivalent" to brand Wellbutrin, except for the fact that the generic's peak level occurs more quickly than that of the brand Wellbutrin. The FDA states that this difference in absorption should not make any clinical difference,so most likely what people have complained about is just due to the "cyclic nature" of depression and mental illness. Unfortunately, the FDA's conclusion looks like another example of the medical establishment not trusting the experiences of patients.

I'll follow the class action suit against TEVA with interest.

Thank you all SO much for these postings! I started taking generic Bupropion XL at 300mg per day about a month ago for anxiety. I switched from generic Prozac because of all the sexual side effects and weight gain I had with SSRI's. Within a couple of weeks on the Bupropion, my life went from pretty happy and stable to pure emotional hell. After having burst into TEARS at work twice during one day, I decided to google side effects of Bupropion since that was the only new thing in my life, and I haven't cried at work EVER in 20 years.

Previous to taking this crap, I had totally loved my job. Then I read everyone's postings about Teva and called my pharmacy to see who the manufacturer was. Guess who??? Teva!! I filled out the form for the FDA. It is a crime that this garbage is even legal. I had to pay money to feel that crappy? I felt depressed for the first time in my life, and totally overwhelmed by my job that I've been doing for decades. Everything made me cry. It was ridiculous!!

My Dr. switched me to Bupropion SR from Glaxo-Smith-Kline. After only a few days, I already feel less tearful.

I too took wellbutrin sr 150 for years. At first the clinic was giving me tons of free samples. No problems or side effects. One a day significantly helped my chronic depression. Then they kinda kicked me to the curb on the samples so I decided to try the generic brand of sr 150 since I have lack of funds. Gradually the depression came back while taking the same dose every day. I decided to just quit and did. Now its been 1 year and I feel the depression on some level most of the time. Then it dawned on me. Maybe there is a difference. Sure seems like it. The generic pills are purple with an E415 on them.

I've just started taking the generic Wellbutrin (never taken this drug before). I've been given a generic called bupropion (hcl 150 mg). The company name is Actavis South and the pill is white with 141 stamped on one side (the other side is blank). Anybody know if this is a reasonable generic to take? It seems from my reading that the generic called budpropion, by Teva, is the main drug in question, is that correct?

At this point (I am only at day 3), I could easily switch to the non-generic if I want, but I would want to know it is worth the cost. Any help much appreciated.

I am SO glad I found this page. I started taking the generic Wellbutrin XL a little over a month ago. My family and boyfriend says I have become more unpredictable, impulsive, and more withdrawn than I was before I was on it. The indigestion and reflux started first. I noticed the tinnitus before, but I also have TMJ and sometimes the jaw issue can aggravate my hearing. This, however, is totally different. The ringing and white noise sound is so loud that I can hardly hear people speaking to me. I am either yelling at people or whispering because I have no idea how loud my own voice is!

I'm a pretty unstable person as it is, so I wasn't sure if I was just going crazier or what. I'm glad to know this is probably all attributed to one thing in particular. Great. Now I get to go BACK to my doctor and try yet another concoction of prescriptions! (and this is why I quit taking meds in the first place...)

I've been looking for proof that there WAS a difference between Wellbutrin XL 300 and Buproprian 300. Thank GOD I found this website!

I was put on Wellbutrin back in November 2005 and within a month was already feeling better. I even lost weight, which was not expected but very appreciated. While on Wellbutrin I think I lost somewhere around 12 lbs but definitely no more than that. It only took about 4 months but afterward my weight was steady. I was happy, physically and mentally.

Suddenly my insurance dropped Wellbutrin and forced me financially to switch to generic, Buproprian. I don't think I noticed a change right away but my family had begun to make comments about my behavior. I then started to pay attention and without a doubt I was slowly feeling just like I had felt before I was ever put on medication.

I've done some research but could never find anything to support my feeling. Until now. I intend to take this information to my doctor and then to my insurance company. I refuse to pay more for a product just because they feel a cheaper version will do the same. It's obvious it doesn't. Thank you all so much!

I have Nystagmus, a neurological disease that has to do with the eyes.
I'm legally blind. I was prescribed the generic by my general physician and even went to a psychologist for an alternative because of the blurred vision. Neither one could confirm it was because of the generic.

I'm so happy to read that other people had similar experiences. I wish I found this out earlier before spending hundreds of dollars on two idiots who probably didn't even bother to look.

I find it amazing how many posts there have been regarding the conversion from Wellbutrin XL to Budeprion XL. I was prescribed Wellbutrin (first SR, then XL) about four years ago, and after years of successful treatment, I was switched to Budeprion XL 300mg.

Within two months, I thought I had simply grown an immunity to Wellbutrin. I began having panic attacks, which I'd never had before, along with a return of depression. This period of my life nearly cost me some close friendships. I didn't think the generic had much to do with the change, since I'd never had problems before with generics. However, after reading the stories from others, and the ConsumerLabs report, it seems clear to me that this generic from Teva, while it may be bioequivalent, does not work the same.

When it comes to the brain, you'd think the FDA would be far more concerned with variances in drug efficacy. The studies show the differences in dispersement of the hydroxybupropion, but claims of bioequivalence do not ring true. I had no idea the FDA was studying Budeprion, otherwise I would have volunteered to throw in my personal story. I believe there are a lot more who experience similar effects, but they are not reported accurately.

I have no problem with Teva wanting to release a generic, but when the variation in how an extended-release drug works is as vast as it is (too much of the drug released too quickly), the FDA should really be more strict.

I have been on the TEVA brand of budepropion for several years and it has truly sucked. I am so glad it is not just me. So happy to have found this site. Misery loves company.

I can tell you after reading this I completely agree, I also had been on the brand name for years and was switched. You will be happy to know that you may not have to pay full price. My doctor sent it to the insurance company as "brand name medically necessary due to adverse affects of generic". It worked and insurance covers me to be on brand name. I was miserable on generic, even thought about leaving my husband that I love dearly, because I could not stand being around anybody! All thanks to a generic drug. I am much better now.

I wanted to share that I was one of the lucky one's who jumped on the internet immed. after my pschy. Dr. prescribed 'wellbutrin' after a I apparently became immune to Effexor after ~ 5 yrs. & attemped suicide. He started me on 150 XL and the pills I got a pharmacy were small white & had A 101 printed on them.

I did not realize at the time these were generics, not Wellb., but did start feeling very motivated after ~ 10 days and he said eventually I'd taper off Effexor (very slowly of course due to side effects). He them bumped me up to 300XL & when i went to pharm., they gave me a bottle of the big yellow 'horse' pill that had an odd smell to it.

Having read this website, I told them no way, these aren't calibrated for the correct time release as Teva didn't buy the patent to the special coating to ensure even 24 hr drug dosing. They looked at me like I had six eyes and educated me that the 150 white pill I was already taking was also a generic 'budeprion XL' made by Teva and made me feel very stupid.

I then went home & re-researched and found that although it does say Teva on my 150's as the 'Manuf.', someone on a post shared Teva 'markets' at least two generic Wellb. and the small white 150 generics I had where actually made by 'Anchor'. I then went back to my Dr. and asked him to prescribe my white generic 150's for 2x a day (morning & afternoon) so that I could say on the white ones that worked well for me & I just take both in the morning.

He agreed even though he said he didn't buy into the controvery. I told him he needs to go to any wellb. post and educate himself! Anyway, wanted to share that even though I am on a generic that shows 'Teva' on the bottle, it seems to work for me by using the loophole to avoid the yellow pill at all costs.

I never did start on the 'real' Wellb. but assume if I had, then even the white generic that work for me now may have made me crash & burn so I choose not to push for the 'real' and just feel thankful the white generic worked. I have lost a lot of weight on the 150 x 2 small white pill but the one side effect that is a little scary is the blurred vision.

I failed when renewed my license (didn't realize how bad it was until I took this test) but when I mentioned to them i was on new medication that was known to cause blurred vision, she went ahead and passed me. I've had lasik so still not sure what to do on this one & my husband has to drive at night (I'm only 44 yrs old). Does anyone know if the 'real' wellb. cause blurriness as well?

I can't tell you how happy I am to find this website and this comment list.

My doc switched me from Cymbalta to Wellbutrin about 2 months ago. I started on Cymbalta because he said that Cymbalta was faster-acting. I started to gain weight and I wanted off pills completely. He convinced me to try Wellbutrin. He said I wouldn't gain weight.

During my last recheck I mentioned that I thought I was gaining, but he said it doesn't cause weight gain.

Well, I've gained 8 pounds in the past 2 months, my appetite is out of control, and I binge on sweets and salt. I am also very impatient, get mad easily, road rage has returned, as well as GERD. Most of these symptoms were managed perfectly with Vyvanse. Wellbutrin was supposed to manage a bout of depression. Well, everything has gone to hell because I'm irritated ALL THE TIME and depressed about my weight gain and inablity to zip my pants.

I finally started looking for side effects by drug name, because I have been taking Budopropion XL 150mg, not Wellbutrin.

Thank you thank you thank you!!! I was on zoloft for about 3 months and had gained about 10lbs... actually decreasing my food intake when I seen the pounds adding up... I even fasted for a week (which in my modeling days used to get me down at least 5 lbs)... well I gained 2 lbs. I was however feeling good mentally, so I did my research and found out about Wellbutrin, as it was supposed to have less chance of gaining weight.

I switched over asap... and noticed an increased depression, sadness, desperation, no energy, EXTREME sleepiness, but not being able to sleep. I thought this was just an adjustment period... well 2 months later, I have gained another 8lbs (currently consuming only 1800 calories a day at 5'11)... blurry vision, CAN'T put thoughts together... express myself clearly... this is a big part of my job so this is increasing my stress more.

I have walked out of my work twice last week, and today just started crying while mopping the floors. I would have NEVER known I was on the generic version and the BIG difference if I did not find this site...thank you and thank you to the all knowing search engine!

My story isn't much different from the many others posted here. Over many years, I had tried every single antidepressant available. The ONLY one that worked was Wellbutrin. I was so thankful to have found something that finally enabled me to live a "normal" life after struggling for so long with bouts of depression, anxiety, etc. When the drug went generic, I totally assumed that it would work in exactly the same way.

I immediately experienced nausea and within days, the depression was returning and my PTSD symptoms were getting more severe. I went back to paying for the original medicine. That was several years ago. I am now not employed so I decided to try the generic again. After only two doses, it was the same story- nausea immediately, which I never experienced on the Wellbutrin.

I am way too scared to continue the generic, so I will switch back, but I feel that insurance companies should absolutely have to make the co-payment the same if your psychiatrist says that the generic medication does not work properly or you cannot tolerate it. It is SOOOO frustrating!!!

My experience with Teva has been okay but I just recently got a generic made by Watson (Buproprion XL 300 mg - pill #WPI 3332) which has given me extreme nausea which I never had before. I don't think any of the generics have been as effective as Wellbutrin which has the added benefits of increased focus & concentration. What's the point of generics if it's not the same as the original?

This sounds very familiar, though I am also taking generics for Zoloft and Lamictal...not sure which one(s) are to blame.

I'm so glad I found this web site! I have been on bupropion for depression and anxiety since 2006. Approximately four months ago my pharmacy switched from the Watson brand (round, white pills stamped with black lettering) to the Teva version (big, yellow pills with an engraved G). The pharmacist informed me that it was just a brand change, it would still work the same.... blah,blah,blah.... so I didn't think anything of it.

Well, the last four months have been hell. My depression and anxiety has returned with a vengeance. It's like this black cloud has fallen over me. I'm crying at the drop of a hat. I'm having awful mood swings. In fact, I've burned some bridges with two really close friends because I just exploded on them for basically nothing. I'm isolating myself. I'll spend in entire weekend holed up in my house alone. I have no desire to go out with friends and socialize any more. I've gained almost 20 pounds (especially around my mid section) despite the fact that I work out 6 days a week and religiously count my calories.

No matter what is going on, I cannot feel excited or happy. It so strange because there were some pretty big things that happened to me in the last few months that should bring me joy. I finally finished graduate school and received my Masters degree. I took a trip to Vegas with my two best friends. The depression totally ruined both experiences for me. For the longest time, I thought I was going crazy. I was doing everything that I was supposed to do (attend my weekly therapy sessions, take my medication, work out, etc) and it wasn't working. I kept telling my therapist that something was "off" but I never connected it to the change in medication brands. I thought maybe my meds were off but I thought that I needed to change to a whole new kind.

So when I Google "generic Wellbutrin no longer working" and found this site I was elated. "Yay I'm not losing my mind!" I called the pharmacist and told her what was going on, that I thought it was the Teva meds, and I wanted to change back to the Watson brand. She gave me the whole speech about how their exactly the same, and she doesn't think it will make a difference, but she'll order me one month of the Watson brand anyway so I can see for myself..... blah,blah,blah.

So I'm going to pick that up tomorrow and see what happens. After reading all of this I just KNOW that's what it is. I'm so excited right now because that means that I have finally figured it out. Now I can correct it and get back to a happier state of mind.

I was surprised to see so many results similar to my own upon being switched from name-brand Wellbutrin. I have the same complaint with the insurance company (they blame my employer - said they are the ones that make the determination on "preferred" drugs), and if I want to continue the name-brand, it's over $100 per month.
Has anyone had any luck going from Wellbutrin to another type of antidepressant? I understand there is no other choice in that particular class of a/d.

Another question - did anyone experience hair-loss as a side effect of the generic? My hair started coming out in handfuls, and I want to know if it was due to the drug.

I have been taking 300mg generic bupropion HCL manufactured by Anchen for several years. This most recent prescription is manufactured by Actavis US. Since I started taking it, I've been zinging all around -- depressed, then panicked, then apathetic.

Has anyone else had this experience?

Thank you for posting..... I am glad to hear a good outcome... I am going to try the generic due to your posting, fingers crossed.

Yeah...I'm not crazy! I'm so thankful I found this site. I have been on the Budeprion by TEVA for 3 weeks now. I went to my Dr. yesterday for a follow-up. He wanted to switch me to Effexor because I have gained around 5+ lbs since I started this medicine, and was complaining of fatigue. I am so much more tired than when I started this medicine along with a few other side effects. I thought the fatigue was just because I was relaxed for the first time in months of going through personal Hell in my life.

Anyways after reading up on Effexor I decided it really didn't sound like something I wanted to try. I had been on the generic years ago, and don't remember this fatigue and weight gain. I think it has to do with the company that makes them, because the old one was BUproprion not BUDEprion.

So I called my Dr. this morning to ask if he could give me a prescription for the name brand and even though it will cost me $69.93, it will be worth it for my mental health, if the name brand helps as much as it is supposed to. I will try and update here, after I have been on it for awhile.

Thanks to everyone sharing their helpful posts on here!

Greetings! My story starts slightly differently, but the symptoms are so similar. I was taking Cymbalta for 3 years after 2 major depression episodes. It worked like a charm! I never felt so content and happy with life. However, Cymbalta has its own side effects and for me it was constipation and lowered libido.

So I explained this to my doctor and he suggested Wellbutrin. Better yet, there was no copay at the pharmacy! I know it takes time for new medicines to settle in, but after 3 days of Wellbutrin (or what I THOUGHT was Wellbutrin), I was crying, agitated, sick, and felt like I had no place in the world again. To make a long story short...I felt depressed all over again.

I was looking at forums like this when I saw this particular one and people were mentioning the generic form of Wellbutrin. When I looked on my Rx bottle, guess what? I noticed I was NOT taking Wellbutrin, but instead, Budeprion XL!!! It would have been nice if I had been asked if I preferred the generic or brand name. No wonder it was "free". Cymbalta costs me $50 a month and I probably need to up the fiber to offset the constipation, but it's worth every single inconvenience.

I would rather be poor and happy with lazy bowels than hating life. To everyone else, thanks for speaking out. You helped this one person realize the shadiness of the generic vs. brand name.

I'm glad I found this page. I have been on 3 bupropion XL 150 since Feb 2009.

I was on 2 bupropion XL 150 a day before that for quite some time (possibly since 2005). Has anyone been suffering from very achy joints? I can't sit down for 5 minutes and all my joints ache when trying to get up and moving around. Mind you, once I get moving around I feel better but it take about 5 minutes for the joints not to hurt. I also suffer from bloating and very bad gas. Has anyone suffered this side effect?

YES!! I smell a smoke, car exhaust odor. I kept asking people around me "don't you smell it!" and no one did, very frustrating, I know exactly what you mean!

I have the same thing--not quite weight gain but extreme abdominal distension, bloating and fullness. I have no idea where it is coming from. Did you ever officially trace your symptoms back to the budeprion? Thanks!

Oh boy. I went off the generic welbutrin and gained 25 pds. That was after losing 115 pds. Now I know why. Bad gastric problems also. Getting off this junk. Would rather be depressed and skinny then (still mildly) depressed and fat.

OMG I am so sorry that you all are having such problems but reading these stories has given me hope that I will be able to feel better again one day. I am having the same problems, I had been taking Wellbutrin XL 450mg for a couple of years and then had to change to the generic Buprion because of the price.

Since I have started my depression has gotten worse (even my family has noticed the difference) and weight gain but due to some increased amount of stress at my job and personal life I was just putting it off at that being the cause, but now that I now have a less stressful job and my personal life is getting better but I am still having the same problems.

Since the change in medications, I am having headaches more and more frequently and increased emotional eating which has caused weight gain. I have approximately 2 weeks of the generic left and I will be switching back to the name brand ASAP!!! I am hoping and praying that I will be back to my old self again. I am so excited.

You said it all, Jayne: "Why can't we just get the drugs we need?" I am appalled at the price differential for brand vs. generic formulas. I decompensated with the generic, and do very well with the brand name - Wellbutrin XL. In my view, this situation for consumers is consistent with drug company ethics - taking advantage of those whose choices are limited and for whom the stakes couldn't be higher. A captive audience, so to speak.

Thank you everyone for these reports. I have been crying for three days and getting deep depressions and I thought "Hell whats going on?" When did I get so moody? My doctor thought to add in Celexa, I said lets wait.. maybe skip my nightly glass of wine. Now I realize its because I was switched 4 days ago from the White Wellbutrin SR to the Purple.. Damn that was harsh..

My pharmacist is switching me back. thank god. If I hadn't read these blogs I would have thought I was in trouble rather than the pills being wrong for me...

Ok now I am more confused than ever. I have been on Wellbutrin for almost 2 years after severe post traumatic stress an major depression. I always took 150 2xa day. Honestly, I can't tell you if it was generic or not: Sr or XL I know the pill was normal size, round, white, smooth and had black letters.

I was saved. I was able to recover and cope. Then 1 year ago I lost insurance. I believe I still got the same pill: I remember that even with insurance my co-pay was about $60 a month. Then when I lost insurance, I paid out of pocket and it was still about $60 a month. I felt fine.

Flash forward to this weekend. I refilled and got the purple pills. Didn't like the idea but took it as ordered. Then within 2 days the crying jags started. Very very bad.
Then I found this blog and I discovered all the bad info on generic. So I called my pharmacist and she said she had switched to Sandoz because that's what her distributor supplied her. I told her the crying jags, she said no problem she'd get me back on the white pill.

She said I had always been on Watson SR She said another patient had the same reaction to the Sandoz. So I pick up the white pill and it looks different.. not as smooth a coating, a bitter taste, and the code WPI 839 etched in it. I have a long talk w/ pharmacist, she insists I was always on generic even from the beginning: and that she couldn't remember if the pill had letters. Finally I go home, look up pictures, and I see that the Glaxo Smith Kline has a white XL with letters and call her back.

She insists I was never on 150 XL; she looks Watson up on her computer and finds the white smooth coat with black letters, a Watson brand WPI 839 painted on in black. That rings a bell. Now why the blazes is Watson screwing with their pill?

Is this a disguised TEVA or SANDOZ? It will be a few days to see if I am normal again.. but does anyone have any experience with the Watson pill changing its surface print as well?? Sadly I cant find an old pill to see what it looked like. Any advice would help!!!

But at least I am not crying tonight like I was on the Sandoz.

I was just switched to the Generic TEVA and my depression came back big time along with anxiety. There is no justice in this world when we are not allowed to take medication that actually works.

How can we unite against our insurance carriers????

As Thanksgiving approaches, VERY THANKFUL for this HELPFUL website! Like so many who shared their experiences, know generics can deliver unpleasant to horrible side affects/effects. I have a Rx for Wellbutrin SR written two months ago by my doctor yet can't bring myself to fill Rx with affordable generic and can't quite rationalize the staggering cost of the brand.

First wondered about generics years ago when I took generic rather than Advil for bad toothache. Thought I was being silly but something either works or it doesn't! I mentioned to pharmacist, and reply was that the chemical was the same but the ingredients such as wetting agents, et al could be different as could cause less effective (or worse) results. She said that brand name manufacturers spent time/money testing products whereas not true with generics.

I read discussion of brand vs generic issue recently and generics had to have higher standards/stricter controls until mid-1980's when Senate passed bill that allowed for lower quality control of generics. Intent of bill was probably to keep costs of generics low but failed to realize the adverse problems cheap drugs could
cause to those Rx intended to help.

It's one thing to have a generic dish-washing soap not clean "sparkly bright"
and another to have a generic antidepressant cause increased thoughts of suicide....

Certainly a concern as our country debates the National Health Care issues. I support current legislation but am very concerned about this generic vs brand PROBLEM. Either make the generics of higher quality and/or bring down the price of the brand Rx.

Still can't understand why the brand drugs cost so SO much more - one would think more people would choose the brand if the price difference wasn't so vast... At least have a choice that is more of a choice. I would agree to pay a percentage more than the co-pay if, for me, the generic didn't work as intended. Cost of brand Rx sometimes seems as if one is purchasing illegal drugs!

Just reading stories by so many on this web-site about hours/days/months/years wasted for patients and doctors (and pharmacies and insurance companies) because of adverse reactions and complications from generics. Enough problems already exist with medications that have been developed and tested by major pharmaceutical companies.

I'll have my Rx filled with the real Wellbutrin and feel better knowing that I am not crazy and negative side effects, from generic, isn't just "my imagination."

*******Public service message: Remember DO NOT dump unwanted medications down sink or toilet as these chemicals end up in our water supply. UCK. Take unused Rx to pharmacy where it can be disposed properly.

I am so glad I found this thread, even though it's a couple years old. Since I switched to generic Wellbutrin (bupropion) about 18 months ago, I have experienced the same symptoms as many others here. Gained 20 pounds in 2008 and 30 more in 2009. Became increasingly depressed, moody, irritable, forgetful, and GERD symptoms returned.

My doctors tried to tell me that this was menopause. But when I finally consulted a psychiatrist, she felt it was depression, she increased my Wellbutrin from 350 to 450, and switched me back to brand. Expensive, but if it works, I don't care. This has been one of the worst years of my life. I've only been taking the brand RX at higher dosage for one day, so haven't seen much improvement yet. Hope to notice significant change after a week.

Has anyone who had been successfully taking the Watson version of Wellbutrin XL but then had a problem when Watson relatively recently apparently changed their formulation, had any luck with another brand of generic Wellbutrin XL? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

My situation is a little different because I was switched from one generic form to another. I have been on generic Bupropion from day one, and once I got on the right dose (225 mg/day), it completely changed my life. I think I was taking the yellow 75 mg made by Teva? Having never taken actual Wellbutrin, I did not know the difference, but my life greatly improved.

Recently, my pharmacist switched me to the purple Sandoz pill and I slowly started to fall apart. I didn't think much about the fact that I spend the first weekend in bed, because it was the holiday weekend and I figured I just needed rest. But the depression, bad mood, tinnitus, headaches and two more weekends in bed (and a weekend of irritability and pointless fighting with my significant other) had led me to believe that the "new" generic is causing me some problems.

I called my pharmacist and asked to be switched back to the "old" generic. I can barely get out of bed and my whole body aches. Tomorrow, I can switched back and it couldn't come soon enough.

Anyone else had this problem?

I've been going out of my mind for over a year, feeling like an alien had taken over my body. Can't stop eating, low libido, very irritable, emotional, and depressed, apathetic, poor sleep quality, extremely sluggish. Oh, and I forgot to mention my memory is just unbelievably bad! The biggest concerns were the depression, weight gain, and memory problems. My family could tell I was not myself. I felt totally disconnected from myself.

This whole year of doctor after doctor (endocrinologist, new primary care physician, hematologist, new gynecologist), why didn't any of them think it might be the generic Wellbutrin? It's been 8 days since I'm back on the brand, and I have started noticing improvement. Music makes me happy again. Before, I felt like I was in a fog all the time, and my job was becoming so difficult. I've also had a few emotional episodes at work. I wish I'd figured this out before I gained back 30 pounds!

Unfortunately, my month's supply of 300 and 150 is costing me $180!! Well, that's pretty high, but what's the point of wasting money on the generic when it makes me worse? Something has to be done about this. If I can't afford this after a while, I'll just taper off and see how I do. I have very few antidepressants I'm allowed to take, due to weight issues, clotting disorder, and a minor heart defect. Because of these problems, none of the doctors I consulted would do nothing to change or increase my antidepressant. They all blamed my symptoms on menopause.

The only way to change it was to see a psychiatrist. If only I'd gone to one sooner! She is the first one to say it is NOT menopause. I never believed it was menopause because I was declared post menopausal seven years ago. And I’ve never had hot flashes and night sweats.

I am so relieved to have found that others have been having the same problem.

I started with generic Wellbutrin SR in November (150 mg for first three days, 300 going forward). I felt great, but very jittery. I didn't mind the jitters because almost immediately my depression lifted, my mood got so much better, my appetite lowered and I had tons of energy. I was thrilled. However, 10 days into taking it, I broke out in hives.

I stopped taking the medication and the hives went away. Two weeks from the breakout, I started on brand name Wellbutrin XL (150mg). It's day 11 today and so far (knock on wood), no hives. The experience on the brand name is very different. Granted, I'm on half the dose, but the positive effects are coming on much more gradually.

I feel better and much more in control of my emotions (particularly, irritability). Though I have more energy, it’s not as much as I had on 300 mg of the generic. My appetite is under control. I don’t think about food all the time. I'm going to stay on 150 mg for a month and see what happens. This dose might to the trick. I searched online for success stories of individuals having allergic reactions to generic and not to brand name.

There are a few and they gave me hope b/c I liked this medication so much. So, for those of you, who have a similar experience, talk to your doctor. I still have Claritin in my purse just in case, but I’m hoping that the brand name won’t cause any problems.
Good luck!

OK, to the person looking for the numbers on the smooth white round pill from Watson it is 867. For some reason now Watson has one engraved with WPI 839.

Not sure but pharmacies carry both. You need to call around and ask what they have in stock.

I'm starting to take the engraved Watson wpi839 today. Keep you guys updated on this.

Does anyone know the difference between the smooth white Watson with black lettering wpi867 and the engraved white lettering with wpi839???

Please let me know.

Yes, I too experience joint pain. I have been on all forms of Wellbutrin (150, 300, generic, XL, SR) since approx. 2004. There is a definite, definite difference! The only one that controls my symptoms with the most tolerable side effects is the Wellbutrin XL. I was laid off my job last year, hence losing insurance coverage. Thankfully, last year, there was the Bridges to Access program where I was thankfully able to get the med for free.

Now that is not even possible. The health dept put me on generic SR. Depression & anxiety returned within in days. Thankfully, the counselor at the health dept has a "stash" of XL she has provided me with. I truly fear if she will no longer be able to supply me with the XL. I would also be interested in results of an investigation into all this. The pills are not the same, I don't care what the pharmacist says!

In 2007 when I went on Wellbutrin again, I started off with the generic, manufactured by TEVA. Now this is the original formula, not the SR/XL. My depression had no change whatsoever, I didn't feel that slight jumpiness that I'm used to feeling when I take my dose. Then my p-doc at the time found an article about the Wellbutrin/Teva scandal. We both decided to give brand-name Wellbutrin and then I was finally having good results.

So I guess my questions are, has anyone else experienced what I did with the original buproprion formula?

Are there any other manufacturers in the US of generic buproprion? I'd be willing to give another company a shot, since the name brand stuff is expensive, even with insurance.

Several years ago I tried the generic and it did not help me so my doctor stated medically necessary. So my insurance covered it. Beginning this year they are not covering it. Although I can get it at a discount, I still can't afford it.

Think it over big wigs, if generic was exactly the same, why would anyone pay the price for brand name? Personally I don't wear my drug labels to display to the world for prestige and it's not a topic of general conversation. I fall through the cracks for other assistance. Any help out there??
Believe me, the world doesn't want to look cross-ways at me when I'm not taking the Wellbutrin.

I have never been on brand name Wellbutrin, always generic. I have been taking Buproprion Hcl XL 300mg tablets for the last year and feel really great. I have lost about 20lb, am no longer constantly tired and am sleeping better. Reading everyone's comments makes me wonder if I would be even better on the Brand name but I'll never find out as my insurance company charges $340 copay for 90 day supply for brand vs $20 copay for 90 days generic.

I have been on 3 generics for Wellbutrin 300 XL. I was on Wellbutrin with no problem. But without warning, Target switched me from brand name to the first generic, Zyban, and I was over eating, shaky, anxious, nervous. It was not helping but only making my situation worse. I told Target not to give me that one again. I went back on Wellbutrin.

Then Target, switched to a second one, and that was buproprion 300 XL. Although I could tolerate it, it was not working as well as the Wellbutrin. I could tell that something was going on. I did not feel the same way as the Wellbutrin. I could tell a difference while on this one. Then Target switched me to a third one because my state health plan changed 1/1/2010, and would no longer pay for the brand name if there were generics. This one was budeprion HCL 300 MG XL. By the second month, I could tell that I was getting in bad shape. The depression was getting deeper and darker. I was becoming suicidal. I had the desire to end it all. It was messing up my mind.

Now, I am in a delimma. I cannot take these generics, and I cannot afford the Wellbutrin. I have been tried on other psychotic drugs and cannot take them. Wellbutrin is the only one that works for me and only by brand name.

Now, the PA wants to try me on another generic, Buspirone. I won't take it because I am afraid to. I do not care what the FDA, State Health Plan, Pharmacies, Pharmaceutical Drug Companies, or health care providers say - THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BRAND NAME AND GENERIC. I am proof.

This is so unfair to someone who needs their medications, but because it needs to be the brand name, the insurance will not pay, and you are forced to pay the copay and the difference. This is where health reform needs to start - WITH DRUG COMPANIES AND DRUGS. Now, I am without medication and not sure what the withdrawal symptoms will be unless I can buy it from Canada.


I am so glad to have found this website. I've been struggling for some time with the generic brand, never realizing it could be different than the name brand. I actually Googled "wellbutrin isn't working" and this website came up. I took Wellbutrin (name brand) for several years in college with beautiful results. Years later, my depression returned and I asked to take the Wellbutrin again but the results were never the same.

I thought maybe change in my hormones/body might be a reason. Love to hear what, if anything, can be done to get insurance companies to pay for the name brand. I would never be able to afford it without coverage from them. Thanks! Rebecca

Has anyone experiences an extreme feeling of being bloated on bupronpion???

It is ridiculous that I am forced to pay $185 a month for Wellbutrin. How can we get them to lower the price? If I stop taking it, I know the depression will be back again. Something is wrong with this picture.

Wow, it's amazing that I found this site, finally some answers and people who are experiencing the same things that I am. I used to take Wellbutrin XL for depression/mood swings/smoking cessation, before being switched to the generic version of it, and before- no problems. I was able to quit smoking within a matter of 2 weeks (smoked for 7 years- 23 y/o).

After my insurance got screwy when I graduated college and I couldn't get a full time job with benefits, I couldn't afford medications so I had to get off of them. That was not a pretty situation.

I finally was able to get a new job with decent health insurance and started seeing my doctor again. After a couple of years I unfortunately started smoking again- albeit only 1-2 cigarettes a day, and I wanted to quit. (interestingly enough, at my new job is where I was tempted to start smoking again). I got my prescription for what I assumed was Wellbutrin XL, then was disappointed to see that my insurance would only pay for the generic form of it. So I started taking the generic version, Bupropion and it is NOT the same.

I have noticed facial tightening, jaw clenching and frowning that I can't control. One morning I woke up and my boyfriend said to me, "were you having a bad dream, you looked really sad in your sleep?" That's when I'm able to sleep. Many times during the day I find myself with a grimace-like expression on my face and lock jaw and people ask me, "what's wrong, you look like your in a bad mood."

Since I started taking Bupropion I have not slept through an entire night- always waking up 3-4 times not being able to fall back to sleep. I get this insatiable desire to eat or drink something like milk or OJ in the middle of the night too. It's been about 5 months of not getting a good night sleep and it's taking a toll on my sanity. That never happened with Wellbutrin.

One other weird thing I have noticed is ringing in my ears. It's like all of the sudden out of nowhere, in one ear I go deaf then a tuning fork gets struck- it lasts anywhere from 10-30 seconds. Weird, I know.

I don't know what to do anymore, I can't afford Wellbutrin XL, and I'm afraid to go off the meds again because that was a big mess before.

Hi -
I have spent all day investigating Wellbutrin (SR and XL) versus the generics. The generics are NOT the same - and the pills give off a noxious odor (and taste) that gets worse as time passes. This did not happen with the generic XL 150mg.
Also - the generic XL 150mg were a really small pill with a coating.

But I just realized something - Wellbutrin is BUPROPION HCl and the generics are BUPROPRION! (Notice the additional R?) TEVA manufactures the BupropRion (extra R) - the pills I took that didn't have the same effect for me. But I did find that Watson manufactures a generic bupropion HCl in SR and XL. Notice no additional R?

I am going to call my DR RIGHT NOW and tell her! I only figured it out because of the listing of all drugs that Watson had on their website - and I noticed that both of the drugs were listed. Has anyone else noticed this?


I just read your comment on the Bupropion/Buproprion and what you have noticed. So I looked at my pill bottle and I take the 300mg tab of Bupropion HCL XL (no R) and it is also produced by Watson Labs.

I did notice in the past, when I took 150mg made by a different generic manufacturer that the pills smelled very sulfurous (rotten egg-like). They were mustard colored tablets, and I remember when I opened the bottle I had to hold it away from my face because they stunk so bad. I can't remember if that particular version was XL or SR, it has been a long time since I took it.

Hope that is helpful.

Have you thought about taking something different like Effexor or Zoloft? Zoloft worked real well for me, but I did have some of the side effects so the doctor switched me to Wellbutrin and the pharmacy gave me the generic, but thankfully I found this site and read about all the same side effects other people were having from the generic that I was having.

I called my doctor the next morning... the doctor, nurse, pharmacist, insurance company, pharmacy dept specialist for the ins co... ALL TOLD ME THEY WERE THE SAME THING and I kept telling them they were wrong. Everyone of them told me that I should switch to another drug all together since I would have the same side effects. (By the way, my doctor even recommended me going back on zoloft even though I had just spent 2 weeks weaning my off of it??!) And, HELLO... why would I, or anyone, opt to pay out the nose for the "SAME" drug? It's obviously ridiculous to think that they are made with the same exact ingredients!

Then why wouldn't they be the same price? I am so seriously disturbed that all the "professionals" are so ignorant!!! I finally got the Wellbutrin XL 300mg today and have felt fine ever since. (Yesterday I could barely stand I was so bloated I seriously looked like I was 9 months pregnant and it was so painful, felt like I swallowed a basketball. I couldn't eat and had to go to bed only to look at the clock every 1/2 hour. I didn't sleep a wink.).

I really want to print all these testimonials out and bring it to my pharmacist and doctor. Maybe if we all do that we can educate the "educated"?? Good health and mental well being to all of you!!!!

I have been battling depression and anxiety for years. I found that after trying everything out there, my doctor prescribed an older anti-depressant, Nortriptyline and it worked for both depression and anxiety! After a year or so of being on it and not liking the weight gain side effect, my doctor added a generic wellbutrin (Teva's budeprion xl) and I felt great. The combo helped my depression/anxiety/migraines and I stopped gaining weight.

I was on this combo for about 4 to 5 months and decided to go mail order for a 90 days supply at once to save money. Well, they sent me Anchen's buproprion xl and I have headaches every day and nausea and irritability. It took me a little while to figure out that these side effects all started when I changed my generic from Teva's to Anchen's.

I never really believed people who claimed generics were not exactly the same as brand names. Now, not only do I believe that, I also believe generics from one company to another can be very different!

I agree with those who have reported bloating & unexplained weight-gain while taking the generic form of Wellbutrin XL. I also was just recently started on Bupropion XL first at 150 mg for a week & then titrated up to 300 mg. I noticed no change whatsoever... I felt just like I had previously been feeling.

I've been on it for almost a month now & have noticed over the last couple of weeks that my weight has increased anywhere from 5 to 10 lbs (no reason for the weight-gain, eating the same).

I had already did my research on this medication so was aware that bloating and weight-gain could be a side-effect... HOWEVER, I have only read about it happening with the generic version of Wellbutrin.

Today when I refilled my medication, I asked for the BRAND NAME WELLBUTRIN not the Bupropion. I will try this out & see what happens. If I continue to notice the weight-gain & no change in mood then I will just have to stop taking it altogether. But first I will give the brand name a try before I give up.

I'll gladly come back with an up-date in a couple weeks or so to let everyone know how it's going.

I have been taking Wellbutrin since November. I started off with Teva which actually worked quite well for me. A few times my pharmacy switched me to the Watson brand which did not work. I got tired of the mood fluctuations brought on by the pharmacy switch and requested my psychiatrist to request "dispense as written" to avoid the generic juggle. I was just going to pay the extra $30 or so dollars. It's been almost 3 weeks on "the brand" and I feel horrible. I thought it would make me feel better not worse. It's perplexing to me.

Is everybody taking the Wellbutrin XL 300 having to pay $300.00 out of pocket? I am, and I have BCBS. $300.00 for a 30 day supply of this medicine is really unjustifiable and fraudulent to me. I have taken the Budeprion for 2 years. It metabolizes all in the morning and then I crash in the afternoon and can barely function. I started taking the brand Wellbutrin and it is night and day a different medicine. I am feeling more stable throughout the day. $300.00 for 30 pills? Is there any recourse?

Hey John! I also have BCBS for health insurance. There was a loop hole in my policy that allowed me to get Wellbutrin XL (a tier 3 drug) for $40. Originally they told me it would be $180. I got around it by having my doctor write me a prescription for Wellbutrin XL and note that it must be "filled as prescribed" which means the doctor is requesting the name brand drug. If the patient asks for it, they get hit with penalties. But if your doctor will comply and write you the script, it might work. Best of luck!

John, I had the same symptoms with the generic, plus lots more. I have a new RX waiting for me to pick up at Walmart. God, I HOPE it's not $300 this time! I should call ahead to find out, but I'm afraid to ask! Last month it was $190 for a 30-day supply of 300's and 150's. I have Federal BCBS. I asked my doctor if we could get it from Canada, and she just laughed. I am stuck. There's no other RX I can take. Anything else will be unsafe for my heart, and may make me gain weight again. If I have to stop taking this, I will try massive doses of St. John's Wort instead, but will not go back to, and pay for, generic Wellbutrin again. It makes me sick to think of the money wasted on the generic, when it actually made me worse.

3 Comments/Questions:

1.EEEK! Walgreen's out here (Arizona) has stopped taking orders for Wellbutrin SR, and the Teva "equivalent" as well - said a lawsuit is preventing them from ordering GSK's or Teva's (Any info...?). The GSK Wellbutrin SR 150's worked great when I quit smoking and was depressed. I kept off cigarettes for 3 years w/o Wellbutrin, but started again. Yep, they stuck me on Teva's 150 SR's and they don't do squat.

Now, I can't get the name brand and I've tried the Wellbutrin XL, but it didn't help with nicotine addiction :( Can't take Chantrix. So my doc is putting me on APLENZIN. Onto question #2.

2. Anyone with experience with Aplenzin? It's a form Bupropion hydroBROMIDE, but I'm not finding much info about it, esp. patient feedback. We may as well start, it looks like they are going to push the heck out of it (free samples, manufacturer cost coupons, etc.)

3. I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The rheumy doc wants to put me on Savella - I've heard horror stories from my pharmacist(!) regarding this drug. He said he receives a ridiculous amount of complaints for such a new drug that's not heavily sold. Has anyone had a decrease in fibromyalgia pain from taking Wellbutrin? (Biochemically, it's not a ridiculous question and I'd rather take this instead, if it can help...)

Any info would be appreciated...


I completely agree with all the posts regarding generic NOT being the same as the Brand Name. On the generic Bupropion I was extremely irritable, never slept and gained weight. The doctor actually switched me to a different med (lexapro) but when that didn't completely work he told me to try the Brand Name Wellbutrin XL 150.... because he too believes there is a difference!

I've been on the brand name for one week and I can not believe what a positive difference it has made! The only drawback is I'm paying thru the nose for it.... around $150 a month... yikes!!!

"Has anyone had a decrease in fibromyalgia pain from taking Wellbutrin? (Biochemically, it's not a ridiculous question and I'd rather take this instead, if it can help...)"

I take the original Wellbutrin, not ER or XL. With that in mind...

Personally, I've noticed that Wellbutrin help with my fibro-related aches and fatigue in the sense that mood elevation helps my body feel better too. But it's not as if Wellbutrin is a pain reliever, if this makes sense.

My neurologist wants me to try nortriptyline since I can't afford Lyrica or Savella, and he said that might help my pain. I ran this by my p-doc who said that they go well together with Wellbutrin working on dopamine and nortriptyline with serotonin.

I take generic wellbutrin XL 300 with nortriptyline 25 for depression/anxiety. I think Nortriptyline is wonderful. I could never take any of the new antidepressants as I had anxiety too and they made it worse. The only problem I had was weight gain so my doctor added the generic wellbutrin xl and I weaned off of the nortriptyline but once off the nortriptyline, I had anxiety, irritability and worst of all - headaches every day, all day, and nothing could touch the pain (I'm prone to migraines too).

So added back the nortriptyline with the generic wellbutrin and after a week or so, headaches gone. There is definitely something that helps pain in nortriptyline. And I think they work well together.

Thanks for the info. I really hope they start carrying GSK's Wellbutrin SR again. It helped me a lot and I think Teva has put a big stink on what is actually a very useful drug. SSRI's has ruined some people's lives and some of these other antidepressants (Lyrica, etc.) are having terrible side-effects, as well.

It was great to see all these responses about Wellbutrin. I have been on the Brand SR for over 20 years... off and on. I am trying the Generic because my insurance won't pay much for the Brand name anymore... even if I am allergic to Generic. I am finding the generic absolutely intolerable, but it doesn't seem anyone is hearing me.
I have had a rash on my arm for about two months.

I was told I could mix my pills. One day the generic and the next day the brand. I have been trying to take the Generic more often.

I have coughing, and arm jumping up the wazoo. I was given Requip to help with the arm and leg jumping... which has helped.

It will cost me over $600 out of pocket for a 3 month supply of Brand name Wellbutrin because Gigna Insurance won't pay for Brand the way they used to.
It doesn't seem to matter that I am allergic or not. According to them... Generic is good as Brand. Well... if that is the case... I would like to see what doctors give their own families Generic anything.

I never associated weight gain with the Generic... because I was always told that Wellbutrin would help with possible weight loss. But that would explain why I had a weight gain of over 15 pounds... the two weeks I was sick and not holding down much... except soup.

I noticed nothing different with my Fibromyalgia... except I am always in some sort of pain.

My hands bother me more when I have taken the Generic and I find myself walking the floor trying to exercise my arms hoping to alleviate the pain.

Glad to have read all of your answers. Now I don't feel so alone about problems with the Generics or paying $600 for Brand name Wellbutrn.
Thank you everyone :)

After taking the original time release formula (300 mg) of Wellbutrin for almost 3 years, my insurance company switched me to the generic version in January 2010. Within just a few weeks, I felt different but thought it was maybe just work and home. Terrible ringing in the ears, emotional highs and lows, compulsion to speak, lack of appetite and then craving everything, insomnia, heartburn (which I've NEVER had problems with at all and my diet had not changed), no energy, lack of desire/interest in anything, no libido (Wellbutrin did NOT have this affect on this at all!), weight gain (5-10 pds in 3 months - and the original formula DID NOT have this affect on me at all!), racing thoughts, anxiousness, constipation, irritability, bloating/gas, feeling helpless and hopeless, inability to focus and concentrate....

I thought I was going crazy and could not understand what was going on. The man in my life had been switched to a generic lipitor last summer and is having issues. It dawned on me that this may be the very SAME ISSUE!! I work in cancer research at a prominent and internationally known medical institution - I UNDERSTAND that different formulations are more often NOT the same after testing (eg, oral regimen vs. intravenous regimen). Ding, ding, ding, DING!!

I immediately saw my doctor of over 15 yrs. We are trying a 10 day script with 3 refills, of the original non-generic formulation. If it improves - we are appealing the insurance company to allow me to be paid for the original formulation!!

What pains me is that, after searching for this for the first time and finding out I'm not alone, I see that I may still have a "surcharge" applied as there's generic formulations available. That is WRONG if the generic has no effect and WORSENS the depression!! The insurance company should pay for the original formulation and the pharmacy should DROP the surcharge. The formulations are NOT the same!! Why should WE be punished and charged for a medication that does NOT work with our body chemistries?

Again, I am so glad to have found this and realize that I am not alone and I am not losing my mind. Nothing else has changed in my life, except getting the generic version of Wellbutrin!!! In fact, situationally, my life has gotten better on a personal level with some extenuating circumstances alleviated over the last year and I actually have WAY LESS stressors - so it really points to the generic version!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for providing this forum and for all of the readers who take the time to post here. It has been a great help and I will continue watching this site.