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Ambien Can Cause Indigestion

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Q. I have been taking Ambien for about six months. It really helps me get a decent night’s sleep but now I have heartburn.

Can Ambien cause reflux? I hate to take Nexium to counteract indigestion that might be caused by Ambien.

A. Ambien (zolpidem) can cause indigestion or reflux. Here is another reader’s experience: “Ambien gave me a great night's sleep after years of wakefulness. The cost was disabling digestive problems: bloating, pain and acid reflux.

“After a year of pain, more than $20,000 in uncomfortable testing and drugs for reflux, I took myself off Ambien. Two doctors had insisted that my digestive woes were not related to Ambien but after three nights of sleeplessness, the digestive problems went away.”

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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.6/5 (114 votes)
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I have had similar problems with Ambien. I have already been diagnosed with acid reflux, but it is 10 times worse while taking Ambien. Whenever I take Ambien, I always vomit stomach acid and bile the next morning. So, now I am having to get an EGD done to make sure that my esophagus is not damaged. Anyway, I feel your pain. I would rather have sleepless nights than have the stomach problems that go along with taking Ambien.

I have been on CCBs (calcium channel blokers) for high blood pressure for the last four years, and have added Ambien since January 2007.

I developed terrible gastritis & bile reflux without warning starting in August of this year. I wonder if the combination of these two drugs is the cause of my problem. Taking Nexium 40 mgs and being on a very restricted diet has not helped!

Anybody out there in a similar situation?

Ambien was a wonderful sleep aid; however, I developed very bad heartburn symptoms that I had never had (I'm 60), and it took me a while to associate the two. I experimented by stopping the drug, and when I did, the heartburn disappeared. This side effect should be listed by the drug company, as it became severe after several months on the drug.

I was diagosed with acid reflux last year and had several tests done. The EGD, 24 hour PH Study, Upper GI series and they all came back within normal range. But I was still experiencing regurgitation as well as heartburn.

When my gastroenterologist put me on Nexium, Aciphex, Protonix, and Prilosec they all made my heartburn worse. I then stopped all medications but not the Ambien. But later I started wondering if the Ambien could be causing my reflux symptoms. So I decided to stop taking the Ambien, and sure enough after about two days my symptoms started to subside.

My doctor told me that Ambien doesn't cause gastro problems, but it did in my case. If you do experience acid reflux write down everyhing you're eating and taking and you might be suprised to find out that Ambien could be the culprit.

I have been taking Ambien for about a month. I started having severe abdominal pains and reflux since I began taking it. I thought my problem was related to increased stress, and weight gain. I tried a bland diet to help, with no improvement. I was really becoming concerned, and here I am presently with no health insurance.

It occured to me a few days ago that it might be a side effect of the Ambien, so I did an internet search about it. I didn't find it listed as an official side effect, but I found several sites like this one, and I was so excited! I have been off of the Ambien for two days and my pain is almost completely gone.

Thank you all for posting.

I started taking Ambien about 4 months ago. Almost immediately I experienced horrible heartburn and acid reflux. I have Gerds and have been on and off Nexium for several years. It was so bad I went to the gastro doctor and he increased my dosage of Nexium from 40 mg to 80 a day. When that did not work, he put me on prevacid and something else. Nothing is working. I could down an entire bottle of maalox, eat 20 bottles of antacids and rolaids and still feel horrible. I decided to go online and guess what I found? Yep, this website. I will no longer take Ambien starting tonight and can hardly wait to see if this cures my problem. In addition to the acid reflux, I have been experiencing sinus and allergy problems. Anybody else have these issues?

Yesterday evening I got online and read the entries on acid reflux caused by Ambien. I did not take Ambien last night and would you believe the heartburn and acid reflux are gone. I had my first cup of coffee in months this morning with no horrible burning. I feel like a new person.

I have spent hundreds of dollars on antacids and misc other medications, not including two trips to my gastro doctor, who probably things I was making everything up. Now we will see if my allergies and sinus nasal drip disappear.

Thank you so much for the immediate help. I will now be able to enjoy eating and living... What a relief. These side effects need to be on the labels of Ambien or any Ambien generic medications. People like myself, who already have GERDS, should never be given this medication. I am so, so happy today...

Ambien appears to be the cause of my digestive problems. I had been taking Ambien for over a year. With an excruciating sore throat and trouble breathing, I went to nine doctors in one month. I had ended up with an ambulance trip to the emergency room when my breathing became compromised. After ruling everything else out, they finally decided it was acid reflux. The gastrologist did an endoscopy and diagnosed esophogitis. I missed work for a month. I was on four prescription meds. My gastrologist began talking about surgery and I was beginning to accept any intervention that might give me my health back. I had done all the lifestyle changes with GERD and was sleeping at a 45 degree angle to try to manage my night time reflux accompanied with aspirating digestive acids into my lungs. Trying to sleep sitting up I kept taking the Ambien.

I mentioned to every doctor that I was taking Ambien and no one drew a correlation. I decided I should write down everything that was different in my life this year from last year that might have triggered my problems. Taking Ambien was one thing on the list. I went looking for information on Ambien and acid reflux and found this site. I have been off Ambien for three nights and my awful symptoms are abating. I am convinced a drug side effect has been what has been plaguing my life for four months.

I started Ambien 10 days ago. My laryngopharyngeal reflux is out of control since 4 days ago.

Ihave lost 5 pounds since I am unable to eat much due to the acid reflux, stomach pain, abdominal cramps. Had to go to ER as became severely dehydrated as a result of nausea.

Hope all of you are right and that stopping the Ambien will give me relief. I am stopping it tonight and going back on 50 mg. Trazedone which has given me no trouble in 10 yrs. other than daytime sleepiness.

Lastnight I took an ambien before bed, and this morning I woke up to the most horrible sore throat I have ever experienced. After reading this, Im positive that ambien caused this

After months of uncomfortable digestive problems and numerous tests and medications, my doctor has determined that I have very slow intestinal motility due to something blocking the nerve activity to the area. I have been taking Ambien for many months now. Does anybody have similar problems, or information about this?

I took Ambien for a month and developed nausea and severe heartburn. This side effect really needs to be on the package insert. I did not put it together right away that Ambien was the cause and even asked my doctor about the possibility (which he denied). Then I stopped taking it and now I am well again.

I have been taking Ambien for about two weeks, and the heartburn started almost immediately. Thank you for all the posts, I don't feel I'm losing my mind now :) .

I had a history of somewhat severe acid reflux before I began taking Ambien about a year ago, so when my indigestion/acid reflux took a turn for the worse, I just assumed it was unrelated to the Ambien. After reading this site, I'm absolutely certain that I was wrong. I took a Lunesta last night instead of my normal Ambien, and I'm amazed. I woke up this morning feeling great (aside from the bitter aftertaste that Lunesta is known for). I used to have "coffee grounds" vomit every single morning, but today I was fine! Hopefully this isn't just a fluke, because I'm looking forward to being able to drink a beer and eat some pizza without fear of gastrointestinal retribution.

I've been using Ambien for sleeplessness due to pain and stiffness from fibromyalgia. After many months of using it, I developed horrible stomach pain last fall and had an endoscopy, during which several small bleeding spots were cauterized. I also had some signs of acid reflux in the esophagus.

The gastroenterologist had me use Prilosec to manage the stomach symptoms, and they disappeared until last week when they started up again. I think I'll try stopping Ambien since the Prilosec does seem to be working this time. I think there's probably a correlation here.

I am so glad I found these other posts. I'm 28, and I started taking Ambien about a month ago a couple times a week and have thrown up stomach bile and acid the next morning about half the time. This stuff has to be just horrible for the stomach, I'm surprised there is not more significant warnings about this side effect.

I am having acid refulx symptoms. They came on very suddenly. The only change I can see is that I have been taking Ambien for about a month. I am going to stop the Ambien tonight. I pray that this stops the symptons. I am a yong healthy women so I can't imagine what would cause me to have GERD. Wish me luck...

Ambien has given me the ABSOLUTE WORST STOMACH PROBLEMS IN DECADES! I've been diagnosed with GERD but it comes and goes; it can be months before I have any stomach problems. After just 2 Ambien...5 days apart I am in total agony. Bloated and filled with gas my stomch hurts to touch. It hurts to move, bend, sit, lie down. IT JUST PLAIN HURTS!!!! Don't even try it!

I'm 30 years old. For two months, I have thought I had complications due to food poisoning. It wasn't until this morning that the 'light bulb' went off and I realized that it was the Ambien causing these stomach symptoms. Because, when I am off it, the symptoms quickly resolve. I have had severe diarrhea, stomach cramps, boating, indigestion, etc.

Basically, my stomach is completely screwed up. But, like other users, I am faced with either not sleeping well or stomach issues. I think I am going to investigate other options... as chronic digestive problems are not good.

its 3 a.m. and i'm still up. cant go to sleep. took an ambien the night before last and my stomach is killing me. i can barely sit still due to the hurting. i was diagnosed with gastritis in dec and i'm thinking this could be whats causing it.

i've been taking ambiem pretty consistently and each time i pay the price for it! i've gotta stop this med. my whole stomach is on fire and i'm nauseous which doesn't happen quite often (nausea). i almost wanna go to the hospital it's so bad, but that probably is just a waste of time and money.

they'll just blow it off. my gut instinct tells me its this medicine cuz when i'm on it, its horrible. my stomach doesn't start acting up till about 12 hours after i take the medicine. i know i'm not alone since i've found this site, thanks for making this site. i'm a 25 year old male. i'm officially off this med, i hope my stomach starts feeling better..

Hope this helps some of you. I've also have acid reflux. Tried many over the counters, some did nothing, a couple of them help to varying degrees but nothing totally eliminated it. Have been taking Nexium, but seems to be less effective as time goes on. So I called my Mom who is 78 yrs old & seems to be able to recall every old home remedy in the book.

To my surprise, she's had reflux also, but started taking a coffee cup of room temp water with a T. of apple cider vinegar, 1 t. of honey, or to taste to quell the taste of the vinegar, & add enough ice to get real cold & just sip the water till gone. Said she only has to take it once a week to keep the reflux at bay.

Since then, I've talked to several friends who are also taking it & ALL swear by it. A neighbor tells me now he only has to drink this once a month to keep the reflux at bay. Does anyone have any comments good or bad taking this?

I'm so happy to have found this site. I started taking Lexapro and Ambien about a month ago for anxiety-related sleep problems. I've been sleeping so much better, but have developed a persistent pain in my stomach and constant nausea.

I have been on Lexapro before with no stomach problems, but didn't think the Ambien could cause them. Then I actually slept two nights ago without the Ambien, and I felt so good yesterday, the best in a long time. Then I took Ambien last night, my usual 5mg plus another cut in half two hours later when it didn't work.

I woke up this morning with that horrible nausea again. So I think I'm finally putting the pieces together. I'll skip the Ambien a few nights and see how it goes. Thank you all for your helpful comments.

I am having terrible stomach pain, gas, bloating, indigestion. I have been on Ambien for (5+ years) I skipped it last night and did not sleep much at all. I am experiencing awful withdrawals from this drug. I usually took 5mg and switched ti 2.5 mg tonight in hopes of winging myself off this drug.

I need some sleep but I also am having a difficult time dealing with the stomach pain, especially when sitting down. Your thoughts on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Also I covet your prayers. I have a stressful sit down job and I have been battling non diabetic perphieral neuropathy since 1991. Help!!!!!!!!

i googled acid reflux and ambien and found this site. thank god. i had horrible acid reflux for many years and 5 years ago they found benign tumors in my esophagus caused by the reflux. went on acifex and have been on it for 5 years with no further acid reflux problems.

I started taking ambien about a month ago and developed horrible acid reflux. didn't put two and two together until last weekend when i thought about what was new in my life (besides stress). when i figured out ambien and googled and found the helpful comments on this site i immediately stopped the ambien. it's three days later and feel like a new person. back to normal. i appreciate everyone who has posted on this site.

I have been on ambien for the past 5 years as well. Not until recently did i become so sick i could barely compose myself. I too panicked of the thought of even trying to lay down without it, but after reading all your posts i stopped taking it as well. I mean whats worse-- being a little groggy or riddled with stomach pain?

I tossed and turned the first night but my belly was not great but not worse in the a.m. Day 2 i fell asleep around 2:45 up by 6 but total improvement of all stomach symptoms. by the third night after 5 years i fell asleep at 12 and up at 7. each night seems to get easier. So if u want to stop u can just make sure it is when u have 2 consecutive days off.

I have had acid reflux for about 6 years and ambien for about the same amount of time. I never put two and two together until about two or three months ago when I decided to come off ambien altogether and sleep naturally. I have been taking yoga which relaxes me and helps me sleep. I started weaning myself off ambien slowly, and had a little bit of a pill every other day. Until I stopped altogether about three weeks ago. I did have a 1/4 of an ambien one or two nights that I couldn't sleep and bingo! got reflux the next day both days.

Then I started thinking that maybe ambien was the culprit. When I decided to research online, I found this website. Thank you, ex fellow acid reflux sufferers! I feel my suspicions are confirmed by reading all your experiences.
(by the way, I also discovered online - no doctor ever told me in 6 years - that proton inhibitors interfere with calcium absorption, so your bones are at risk!)

I used to have horrible heartburn all the time and found out it all was due to a 20lb. weight gain. So 7 yrs. ago I lost the 20lbs. and it went completely away. 6 days ago I started taking Ambien and the outrageous pain started up the very next day after taking it. I have thought about everything I've eaten and nothing has been different except for taking the Ambien. So I did a search for Ambien and found that heartburn was not a side affect. Then I found this site and found all of you. So tonight I am not going to take it and see what happens after a few days. It's so miserable that I would rather not sleep than to have this pain. Thanks so much to all of you for this info. I write back after I know the results. S.C.

have been taking ambien for 2 years and am experiencing bloating and indigestion almost constantly. I am 66 years old and have never had stomach problems until a few months ago. Need a good nights sleep, will try lunesta or nothing at all.

Holy cow, I've got all the markers. Ambien, too much holiday celebration, stress from family illness, etc. I feel like I could take a pin and pop this nasty gas bubble right under my sternum. Question: Why is that sitting at my computer or lying down seems to trigger the gas/acid discomfort and belching? Anybody?

Like others on here, I strongly suspect that the reflux and stomach problems I have had for the past year were caused by ambien. I never had these problems until I started taking ambien. I stopped taking ambien about a month ago and I have been feeling better. The reflux is not totally gone yet but the upper-stomach pressure is practically gone. Last night was the first night in over a month that I took an ambien.

Today I had severe upper-stomach pressure. I was sitting around today for hours trying to figure out why my stomach was bothering me today for the first time in a long time. Then it hit that I took an ambien last night. I am convinced that all of my stomach problems and reflux over the past year have been caused by ambien.

I have been on ambien for about 1 1/2 years. 9 months ago i experienced a SEVERE sore throat with minor abdominal pain. I have seen 5 doctors since for my problems and have done every test possible including ultrasound, multiple ct scans, barium swallow, EGD, tons of blood and throat cultures and most recent, a septoplasty for sinusitis. I have been on 4 types of acid reflux medicines, 3 types of antibiotics, nasal sprays and the list goes on and on. Ive been in such a horrible physical and now mental state and i feel like the doctors aren't helping me. My next step WAS to get my tonsils taken out, although i have never had a problem with them, that's what the doctor recommends. Now that I've found this site...I will now stop my ambien and see what happens. Thank you all so much for your postings, wish me luck!

I have been on Ambien for about 4 months. I usually only take half a pill. I have been experiencing, tummy pain, constipation, loose stools... for the past 5 months but no heartburn or reflux. I tend to drink alcohol regularly as well.

My tummy pain is largely located on my lower left side.. sometimes the right side and sometimes around the navel. I have gained some weight and have not wanted to do any sit-ups or ab exercises for fear of bursting something. The gastro Dr. thinks it's early hernia's (I'm 33) but I think it's something else. I go for a CT scan next week and a colonoscopy next month.

Has anyone else experienced pain in the lower left quadrant of the abdomen? It might be caused by Ambien but I doubt it since I started experiencing the discomfort the month prior to starting on it.

I have been taking ambien for the past 4 months and I just started getting bad abdominal pain. I went to the ER and they did CT scan and blood work on me, it came out normal. And just reading this makes me think that I should stop taking this med! You just hear all kids of stuff about ambien...and it's never good!

I started taking ambien 10 mg about 9 months ago and at a frequency of about 3 times per week. I started having intermittent stomach pain that has been worsening. I decided to google it today and I see that I am not alone in making the connection between stomach pain and ambien.

I am so glad that I found this page. I took Ambien for almost a year and woke up throwing up stomach bile almost everyday. I took it for anxiety related sleeplessness and when I wake up nauseous and panicky It just makes it worse. I am only going to use it when I absolutely need it. I can't spend a hour every morning throwing up! Plus it makes my panic attacks worse!

I Have had acid reflux about 7 years. I have been heartburn free for 3 years on prilosec and just started to get heartburn when I took ambien. I didn't take one last night and my stomach felt great the next day!

I started taking ambien two weeks ago! I am belching have stomach cramps, heartburn and diarrhea as of tonight I will go sleepless I am already tired of these side effects of this drug. I wish their was a really good natural remedy for the sleepless nights without having to turn to such unnatural things!!!

I too have been taking the generic version of ambien (zolpidem) for the past 6 years. I've had horrific heartburn for the past three months and have been put on Nexium. I experimented three nights ago and just took myself off of the 10 mg. dose of zolpidem and haven't had any heartburn at all. Nor have I had to take Nexium. I feel much better in the morning without the hangover from this sleeping med.

I bought a bottle of "Tranquilnite" made by New Chapter and its easing the transition away from the drug. The herbs in this formula don't disagree with me and I feel much better in the AM.

Glad I bumped into this site to find out that others have had the same reaction to Ambien and its generic equivalent, Zolpidem.

amazing...started taking ambien to help sleep 3 months ago...developed acid reflux and irregular heartbeat...tons of tests....had to go off ambien for a minor surgery and every issue cleared up. Took an ambien when done with pain meds and it was as if the flood gates of hell broke loose...went off of ambien and all is well.....why is there not a warning on the bottle?

I took Ambien (brand) and found it very helpful. I refilled the prescription with the TEVA generic; I experienced severe gastric symptoms. I did not connect the problems to Ambien at first, because I had taken it before without incident. I stopped taking the TEVA generic, but it took almost a week to feel any better.

Several months later, longing for some sleep I refilled the Rx at a different pharmacy. They filled it with an Actavis generic. I did not experience any digestive symptoms, so I figured the first episode might not have been related to the ambien. When the Actavis ran out, I went back to the TEVA generic without much thought and sure enough the same weird gastric symptoms returned. I am certain that there is something wrong with the TEVA formulation, but it is very difficult to prove. If you have had a similar experience, please report it.

Thank goodness I visted this web site. I have always had an iron stomach. Six months ago, I started taking Ambien to sleep through my hot flashes--it worked beautifully.

Unfortunately, during a routine endoscopy four months after I started taking Ambien, it was discovered that my stomach was very inflammed. I was experiencing acid-like symptoms at the time, but I never thought it could be the Ambien because my doctor said Ambien does not have that side effect.

As a result of the endoscopy, and without determining the cause for the inflammation, the doctor put me on Nexium and over the shelf antacids--neither of which helped. I finally put myself through an elimination diet--coffee, sodas, alcohol, salt, spices, et al, one at a time. Nothing helped and I was getting sicker by the day.

Finally, in deparation, I stopped taking Ambien. Within 72 hours, I felt like a new woman. Every day since then, I feel better and better. Why aren't the doctors listening? This could be a pretty serious complication for some people. Thank you all for sharing your stories. They confirm what I had already concluded.

I too have been having strange feelings in my stomach since taking Ambien. Shortly after taking the first pill... I noticed a strange butterfly fluttering feeling in my stomach since taking Ambien. Though I've stopped taking Ambien... the feeling has not left.

I'm left wondering how long until the fluttering feeling of heartburn will subside?

Because of one problem... have I caused another!

Was I better off before... not sleeping?

Food nor liquids have taken away the heartburn just yet.

Now... I'm left with sleepless nights OBSESSING over heartburn.

Last week I did a googled "Ambien Reflux" and found this blog. I am an opera singer and have been on Ambien for two years. I made no correlation between the drug and my vocal issues. One day off Ambien and I don't need to take Omneprosole. I have hope for my future.

I starting taking Ambien for sleep several months ago and the more I took it the more dependent I became on it for sleep. I started having terrible reflux and severe stomach pains. I ended up in the hospital taking numerous tests only to find that I had severe gastritis and reflux. It took about 6 weeks to get it out of my system. Thanks to the website I discovered that this could have been the problem all along. I will never take this drug again. I am now able to sleep without taking anything and feel 100% better.

I'm so glad I found this site. I was just diagnosed with acid reflux. I've had it for about a year it's been terribly disabling. I've also been taking Ambien for just a little longer than that. I too had a feeling after I was finally diagnosed that Ambien might be the cause. I'm going to stay off it now and see what happens. I feel that this is probably the answer given what I've been reading here. Thanks. I'll try and post a followup in a few days.

Hi, I posted last week and indeed Ambien was the cause of my acid reflux and abdominal pain. After a year of searching for the cause I'm so glad it's finally resolved. Doctor's should be made aware of this. It would have saved so much time and effort.

Hi! I'm so happy I found this site! I have been on Ambien since my diagnosis with cancer in February. During treatments, I had dealt with terrible nausea but thought it was due to radiation or other medications. Now that radiation treatments are over, the nausea is even worse and my oncologist said it shouldn't be caused by the maintenance drugs I'm on. I was diagnosed with Acid Refulx and IBS. Nexium took care of the refulx, but nausea is constant and severe. Like many of you, the light bulb went off yesterday that Ambien is the one constant. I didn't take one last night and today was worlds better! I'm DONE with Ambien! Why didn't my doctors think of this???

I have been on ambien for about 6 months. Just recently started dealing with stomach pains and nausea. I thought it was a return of breast cancer (diagnosed and treated 2 tears ago) I have my ambien out and ready to take for tonight ...... but on second thought DEFINITELY.....will not. Looking forward to a full cup of coffee in the morning.

I know I won't sleep tonight or for many nights until I find something else to aid in sleeping. Any suggestions other than unisom? Guess it is time to check with my Doctor and see what he may suggest. I am 58 and had gastric bypass in 2006... so I certainly don't need any stomach disorders. I am now worried about withdrawal from this drug. It was my own little happy hour and my escape to sleep. I will miss my slumber and bliss.....but not the worry of pain and sickness again.
Thanks CL

I started taking Ambien a month ago because my father passed away and I couldn't sleep through the night because of it. Two weeks after starting I noticed that my appetite was crazy weird -- one moment I was ravenously hungry and then the next I was nauseated. I just chalked it up to grief.

A week later my stomach was acting up so bad, I started using Zantac and Pepto-Bismol, but after a week of that, I had a lump in my throat so I went to my doctor. I asked her if my heartburn (which I'd never had before) could be related to the Ambien and she said that it wasn't one of the side effects of the drug.

The lump started to hurt and a couple of times I woke up with an acidic taste in my mouth. Then, I started feeling pains in my neck and chest and called my doctor's office who told me I should go to the ER to get checked out for a heart attack. The cardiac work showed nothing and the PAC told me to take Tylenol for the pain in my chest.

That night I decided to go off Ambien. I vaguely remember waking up sweating a couple of times that night (after only a month on the drug!). The next day I bought a wedge pillow and took Valerian instead to help me sleep. I had lost 7 lbs in a month and hadn't been able to eat much of anything, but two days off Ambien I was able to eat more than I had the past couple of days combined.

It's been three nights since I stopped and the pain in my throat has subsided to a tightness. The only troublesome thing right now is the tiredness from sleeping on a wedge (not comfortable!). I'm hoping that all my symptoms will eventually go away. And, I'm thankful I found this website to confirm my belief that Ambien was causing my symptoms and hopefully, now that I've stopped taking it, I can believe that I can get back to normal.

I stopped taking Ambien a few months ago because it was causing heart burn. I tried it again recently, cutting the 10mg pill in half. The half still gave me a good night's sleep, but the heart burn reappeared. It just took longer to show up, but it came back, so I'm off Ambien again.

My 92 yr old mother has been on Ambien for years and has suffered from gastro problems the whole time. What can she take besides 5mg generic ambien? Lunesta costs too much, melatonin did not work, and I don't want her on prilosec. Any suggestions?

I, too, have had problems with both of these drugs. Prilosec took away my reflux, but Ambien broght it back. Ambien CR made it much WORSE! I'd rather lose sleep than live with the pain. Does anyone know of both a reflux AND a sleep aid that one can take together?

Hello all. I am so glad I found this site. I was on a respirator for 4 weeks seriously ill in Dec 2008 and Jan 2009. I have been taking Ambien nightly (10 mg) since February. I have always had severe stomach cramping, upper stomach cramping and tenderness, (right under my left rib cage). Tremendous bloating feeling, tightness, and cramping, specially after I eat. I did not have terrible reflux as mentioned by others on this site.

Tonight will be my second night off of the ambien, I am trying to do this cold turkey because I can't stand the stomach cramps, tightness, and bloating feeling. Does anyone know how long it should take after stopping the ambien to see a difference in the stomach, bloating, and muscle tightness? Please let me know. Prior to reading these posts I thought I was dying....

Thank you.

I started taking ambien in January 2009. Around June 2009 I started to experience heart burn and a heavy feeling in my chest. When I first reported it to my doctor I was told to go to the emergency room for heart tests. My heart checked out fine. One month later, I had terrible heart burn and chest pressure again and spent another session on the emergency room to include later a heart stress test and a scope of my esophagus. Bottom line... there is nothing wrong with my heart or anything else.

I was put on two different anti acids which helped to some degree... but I had to avoid many foods. By Dec. 2009 I decided I wanted to stop taking ambien and try a more natural sleep aid. Surprise! After two days my heart burn went away and I was back to normal... although not sleeping as well.

My next step is a sleep clinic for professional sleep advice. Thank you

I've been taking Lunesta (similar to Ambien) for more than a year. In the past month, I suddenly developed larygoesophageal reflux -- lump in my throat, painful swallowing, neck pain, ear pain. I thought it was my thyroid nodules and went to see a surgeon, who diagnosed reflux.

Do you know why your doctors didn't tell you about this? Because it is nowhere in the literature! Case reports are the only way this is getting recognized.

YES....It causes indigestion!

I have NEVER had indigestion or heartburn...If I take Zolpidem (generic ambien) for more than a few days in a row I get very bad indigestion.

Now I just decide whether I want to be tired, or have an upset stomach! I go a few days and don't take it and I'm fine....

I wonder if the non-generic has the same side effects?

I've been having severe stomach pain on upper right side under rib cage, severe gas, extreme fatigue and bloating. I am a 32yr old male and feel 9 months pregnant. I workout 4x a week, jog and eat healthy. Got diagnosed with gastritis last month.

Never in million years did I realize the Ambien has been causing my demise. I've been taking it for 6 months. After reading this I immediately stopped 2 nights ago. I am starting to feel much better. Even though I completely cut off sodas, spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine three months ago I was still feeling like crap.

Thank you all for your comments my life will be much better now. I will rather not sleep than go through what I have been going.

I have been taking Ambien for about a year. I took 5 mg. but then recently started taking 10 mg. I have never had any problems with heartburn in my life until about 8 weeks ago.

I was put on Prilosec 2 times a day, which did not help. I called my doctor and asked if Ambien could have anything to do with it. She said no, so i continued to take it.

I have since had to make an appt. to see a gastro doctor since the heartburn only got worse. I decided to look on the internet to see if anyone else has had this problem and found this site. I could not believe what I read!

I stopped taking the Ambien about a week ago. I am finally starting to feel better :)

I am taking all these posts to my doctor also!I am so glad i found this site. I thought I was losing my mind.

I'm 39 and in great shape. Last summer I was diagnosed with strep throat. I ended up taking antibiotics for 6 weeks. I kept telling the Dr.s there was something in my throat. After much placation, "it's acid reflux, here take this" I referred myself to an ENT who looked down my throat to see a cyst on my larynx and also scheduled me to have my tonsils out due to the chronic strep.

Had surgery to remove that but it's likely it was caused by acid reflux. I say all that to say I was taking Ambien CR (cut in half). I realized the correlation of the acid reflux and my taking the Ambien. I don't take Ambien = I don't have reflux issues. Reflux caused burning in my throat which most likely caused the cyst on my larynx and chronic strep/tonsilitis both of which led to surgery.

It's a shame I didn't notice the correlation before I allowed my body to be cut on. All thanks to Ambien. No Ambien = No reflux; Know Ambien = Know reflux.

Hi Martin, I read your post online about your ambien, reflux problem. I was wondering if your symptoms have went away yet. I also have stopped taking ambien (about 21 days now) and am still having problems with reflux. I am on prilosec 2 times a day, and it seems to work for a day then my symptoms are back! I had never had heartburn or reflux in my life before ambien. Just hoping to hear some good news from someone else going through the same thing. I would like to enjoy a cup of coffee again!

Thanks, PS

I have been using Ambien 10mgs for 2 months now. I wake up at night with terrible stomach pain. Indigestion all day long. Also bad headaches, and I never get headaches. I didn't see anywhere on drug side effects about stomach pain, so I never put two and two together. But after finding this site I am pretty sure it's the Ambien. I can't sleep with the stomach pain, so why take the drug? I do think the drug companies need to list this as a side effect.

After 5 months of reflux and regurgitation (no heartburn) the 4th doctor and several tests later thought I had LPR. Took protonix, no change, suddenly had an epiphany! The only thing I hadn't changed was taking ambien.

I had been taking 12.5 mg of ambien every night for several months after having hip surgery.

I had never had any problems with indigestion in my life and I was 72 yrs at the time.
voila! After two sleepless nights the LPR was gone!
ambien is for the birds - find another way

Started by taking a 5mg ambien on Thursday night which only got me halfway through the night. Friday night I took 10mg. Saturday at just about noon I got nausea and horrible chest pains with gas. After taking two more pills on Saturday night Sunday at the same time my symptom returned but this time worse lasting through the night. So I decided it must be the ambien causing this, and did not take any sunday night.

Despite this my heartburn on Monday is still bad and my throat is on fire. Probotics, enzymes, Antacids, pepcid ac, and milk have not helped. I'm hoping after another day or two symptoms will abate as others have said. This is a drug that doesn't let go of you easy, and I'm glad I quit it early.

I was put on Ambien 10 years ago while on chemo. My doctor said it was very mild and wouldn't hurt me to take it. Now I am having stomach problems when I wake up. Don't feel like eating also hurting. If I get off of Ambien I cannot sleep at all. What can I do?


Thank God I found this site! Started taking Ambien about 2 months ago. (Also have been on Nexium for a few years for mild GERD probably due to my inhalers as I am asthmatic.) At first it was SEVERE bloating, belching, etc. I suspected the Nexium which they know now causes its own problems, so I stopped taking it. Then my worst problem became the worst most constant heartburn I have ever had. Nothing helped it, prescription or over the counter.

Have been afraid and in misery. Yesterday I decided to research the meds I am taking and now it all makes sense. It has definitely been the Ambien. I didn't take it last night and today it is not perfect but MUCH BETTER! Can't wait for tomorrow:-)

Am scheduled for an endoscopy to asses the damage.

Having rotating shifts I was taking very infrequently Ambien. I was suffering from gerd, severe acid reflux and sever chest pains. Taking nexium, then prilosec, and Ambien. I had only taken ambient for less than 6 months. In addition, never more than 2 nights in a row. I was diagnosed with pronounced Paraesophageal Hiatal Hernia (sp) Laparoscopically repaired. Which did stop the acid reflux.

Then the bloating and the severe gas pain continued. The doctors removed my gall bladder, believing it was causing my stomach to spasm and fill with air. The absolute excruciating pain and bloating continued. My diet was down to water. I stopped Ambien four weeks ago and the pain and the bloating completely went away. I wish I had tried that before.

It is just proof before you start any medication you go online and review patient complaints. Doctors are so much on the medicinal kick they never fully care about side effects. Just look around your local physicians office see how many “free” perks the medicine companies give to your doctor. I now take melatonin and sleep like an absolute baby every night.

Hi Martin - I am writing regarding your issue with severe bloating from taking ambien and am wondering if you are still having this problem or if it has cleared up since you stopped taking it?

I have been having extreme bloating issues and I also exercise 4-6 times per week.
Please respond. I am very concerned and uncomfortable.

Thank you!

I was having all these weird symptoms and could not figure out what was causing them. I had every test done in the world. I had endoscopes, a colonoscopy, ct-scans, MRIs. Over an 18 month period, my medical bills were well over $30,000. I couldn't figure out was wrong with me. I'm only 44 years old. I've been very healthy all my life. I'm 5'9, 140 pounds. I don't smoke or drink.

I had these strange symptoms. I had stomach pressure every day. It was beyond bloating. It was this constant stomach pressure. Another symptom I had was that I had to keep clearing my throat. I had never had this symptom before. The doctors told me it was reflux but they said it was laryngopharyngeal reflux which is slightly different from GERD. It gave me this weird feeling in my chest.

I would also feel somewhat nauseated at times. The weirdest symptom that I would get, which I would only get occasionally, was that I would sometimes wake up freezing cold and shaking even though the temperature was 76 degrees in my room. I would get these chills but there was no fever and no sweating.

There were times that I suspected that Ambien was causing my problems but the doctors didn't think it was the Ambien. In addition, I didn't even take Ambien that often. I was only taking it 2-3 times a week. There were a few times when I stopped taking it for a week or so, but that didn't seem to cure me. It wasn't until I stopped taking it for 3-4 weeks that all of my symptoms went away.

For all of you out there that suspect that Ambien is causing your problems, make sure you stop taking it for at least 3-4 weeks. It may take that long for all of your symptoms to go away.

In my case, not only does Ambien cause gastric problems on its own, but seems to work in concert with other medications you take to make the situation really intolerable. A can of plain seltzer felt like a hand grenade going off in my stomach.

Presently I am laying off my Cozaar, Atenolol and Ambien for a day or two to see if things cool down.


I also had the exact same thing. I had horrible stomach bloating that I didn't know why it was happening, except that it didn't happen all the time. So I started to think, "what did I change?" to make this bloating occur and the only med I had added was ambien. I stopped it and almost immediately my stomach bloating disappeared. It took almost 3 days for it to completely go. Before my stomach felt like it was on fire! It ruined a 5 day vacation for me. I won't take it again

Ive been taking ambiem for 2 years now and have terrible stomach problems, any suggestions on how to get off this medications with a substitute?

Yes, I replaced it with Lunesta 2mg. I also take one 0.25mg of Xanax to relax before bed. Also, I take probiotics twice a day in pill form. As of today, my stomach is the best its ever been. Some people don't like Lunesta because it can leave a bad taste in your mouth the next morning, but I don't think its that bad and its much better than a bad stomach!

Well, I'm glad I found this site. I too have been experiencing unexplained bloating (all the tests run and gall bladder removed two weeks ago to no avail). I am going to remove the Ambien and see if I get a result. I must confess I am hopeful yet skeptical. If all of you are right, the first round of drinks is on me.

I was diagnosed with an eroded esophagus 2 1/2 years ago. Had been on prilosec, after ten years, was immune. Insurance would not pay for prevacid or nexium, so Barretts esophagus, one mass of eroded flesh, choked, couldn't swallow, food getting caught in the strictures of the esophagus which almost closed up, was getting excruciating pain, even when not eating, and massive burning pain in the stomach, heartburn so bad, I refused to eat. Even added tums and a foaming antacid gaviscon.. just had a scope done, a little redness, but nothing that would explain the horrible burning pain in my digestive tract..

Finally I got on medicare and they paid for the nexium, but only one dose, still didn't get better, had to go on sleeping pills, none of them were working. prosom, restoril, otcs like benadryl, unisom, drowsy, but no sleep, been on and off ambien for almost two years. Why, I don't know, but I never blamed it for the horrible stomach, and abdominal pain, and worse heartburn at night and when I wake up, never thought it related to ambien.

I like ambien, cause it works fast, and you are not in la la land when you wake up. well, I am sleep deprived for years, that is bad, long periods of sleep deprivation can cause stroke, heart attack, fatigue, and other problems.

I am going off it tonight, for a few nights and see if there is a difference. I am suffering, and I have l7 medical problems, some serious, this is making the little life I have a living hell. In addition, I have been getting terrible, terrible, nightmares,
and the most depressing and despairing thoughts, for weeks at a time. Everyone has their depressing moments and times in their lives. This is like I wanted to die. some of the thoughts, I would say to myself, what in the Name of God is happening to me. This is horrible.

Then decided to read carefully and slowly the leaflet that came with ambien. It can besides horrible heartburn, stomach pain, etc. cause suicidal and depressing and despairing thoughts, I would never take my life, but I was so depressed and no reason many times. We all have problems, but this feelings didn't make sense.

I know these feelings were from the ambien cause I went off it for awhile and they stopped. So desperate for sleep, I went back on, handled it better cause I knew there was no foundation for the feelings. Now I intend to find out if the ambien is causing the reflux worse and digestive pain.. I have too many things wrong to go through more of this. I will post back with the results after a few days.

Hi fellow sufferers. Well, I have had a fundoplication for severe gerd about three years ago, and have had no GI problems until I started taking generic Ambien about three months ago. For the past 3 weeks, I have had severe bloating, associated with burping, and a sensation of discomfort in my upper abdomen, that made me think I had an ulcer or maybe stomach cancer.

So, I ordered an upper GI study on myself, and was found to have signs of gastritis and duodenitis, as well as a recurrence of my reflex. Although it could still be something else, I´m banking on your opinions that the ambien is probably the cause, and will discontinue it as of today.

I have only been taking about 3mg nightly, but in reviewing other side effects, they don't seem to be dose related. I´m hoping that you guys are right, and that these awful symptoms go away. I suggest a small dose of temazepam, along with about 10 mg of diphenhydramine. When I say a small dose of temazepam, I mean about 10 mg for several days to avoid 3 or 5 sleepless nights when withdrawing from ambien. Good luck, and thanks a lot for sharing

So glad I found this website. I have been suffering with IBS and GERD for years even after having a nissin done. The gastro put me on dexilant and I've been fine. I have sleep apnea and feel no physical benefit from using the CPAP so my doctor put me on ambien (even though I really have no trouble sleeping).

I've had horrible bloating ever since. Last Wednesday he put me on ambien CR because the CPAP was still waking me up during the night. With the first dose I had terrible heartburn and was washing down Pepcid AC's with mylanta, my stomach has been fried ever since and I feel so down in the dumps I can't get out of bed. I guess I'm done with the ambien and hopefully my digestion problems will go away.

My doctor put me on Ambien two years ago and the GERD didn't hit me until last January. It was so unbelievably painful and I had no idea what was causing it. I had an endoscopy and went through all the testing... nothing helped. Although I suffer from depression and anxiety, the last year or so has been so much worse. A few weeks ago, I ran out of Ambien and couldn't get the doctor to write a new prescription for two days... by the time he turned it in, I had been off it for 3 nights, getting past the worse part of the withdrawal.

I decided to try to go off of it. A couple of days later I noticed my GERD was gone. I was surprised by the relief, but wasn't taking anything for granted. Now, it has been several weeks and the GERD has not returned. I am not taking the prescription for it anymore either and I can eat anything I want without pain. I have also noticed that I am much less depressed and I feel like I have come out of a funk. I would have never guessed all this was coming from the Ambien but it is a relief to finally feel better.

I started taking ambien when I was put back on paxil for my anxiety... I was prescribed ambien and paxil on Nov 30th (two weeks ago). Since then I have been miserable... extreme anxiety, panic, stomach and back pain, burping, gas, reflux (even though I take nexium), horrible thoughts of dying etc.... I even broke down to my wife and cried....

I've been taking 10mg of ambien since Nov 30th and I still was only able to sleep 4-5 hours a night and wake up paranoid and a thumping heartbeat... after reading this I have a feeling it's the ambien and I'm done taking it!!! I'd rather deal with sleeplessness than feeling horrible.

I have been taking ambien pretty much daily for about a year. I would never take an entire pill, usually I would break it into thirds, just enough to help me get to sleep. About 2 months ago, I started experience pain on the left side, right under the rib cage. I would usually feel this pain at night. The pain seemed to get worse and worse and then I started experiencing stomach pains, bloating, gas, etc. along with the pain under the left rib cage.

I went to my doctor, we did blood work, and an ultrasound and found nothing out of the ordinary. My doctor also suggested that it may be acid reflux and told me to try taking zantac to reduce the acid in my stomach to see if that would help. This past thanksgiving break, I didn't take ambien for the entire week and felt much better.

After thanksgiving, I went back to taking the ambien and the stomach bloating and pain came back. After I found this site with others experiencing similar issues, I finally realized that the ambien may have something to do with my problems. I've since stopped taking ambien and my stomach problems have gone away. The pain under left rib cage is getting better daily. I would much rather lay awake all night than go through the pain that I've experienced so I won't be taking ambien anymore.

I have been taking Ambien for 14 years. I was recently diagnosed with reflux and Barretts disease! I couldn't figure out how this happened?? I'm a very active 66 year old (golf, tennis and biking) not abusing my body. After reviewing my eating and (rare glass of wine) habits a light bulb went off and thought it could be ambien?? The damage is done!! What to eat??

Happy New's my resolution and new found "aha moment"......I have suffered with GERD for about ten years but keep it under control with Protronix, a careful diet and have been successful at keeping the symptoms at bay. However, last week I started taking Ambien again as the "holiday stress" has been affecting my ability to sleep.

Suddenly, my reflux symptoms are back in full force. Went to my computer tonight as I am in too much pain to sleep and thank goodness I found this website! Thanks to everyone who has contributed as I will not take the Ambien that is sitting right next to me and see if there truly is a difference. I never stopped to think about the correlation of heartburn or GERD and Ambien. And, yes, I concur... why don't the doctors and drug companies have this as a possible side effect?

I was on Ambien for one month and was so excited to have some sleep after months of not sleeping. But after 3 weeks on the medicine, I noticed that I started having abdominal pain and heartburn. I had already been diagnosed with GERD and had taken Nexium for this, but this felt a little different. This abdominal pain went on for over a week and my husband finally said "do you think it could be the Ambien making you feel like this?" I immediately went online and finding this site and learning about your experiences was so welcoming.

Unfortunately, I lost 11 lbs. and already have a small frame, and now I can't gain it back. It took about 2 weeks for the Ambien to get completely out of my system and I do feel better, and am able to eat again. So, thank you all for posting your comments because it was truly a relief to find out that the Ambien was the cause of my problems.

While I do have to sacrifice having a good nights rest to feel good during the day, I am managing just fine. I have had some tell me that I should have an endoscopy just in case there was damage done. Any thoughts?

I am so glad I found this site. I just went through a few months of running from DR to DR with severe abdominal pains , reflux and nausea. I had an endoscopy, ultrasounds of abdominal, pelvis and kidneys and even 2 CT scans. I was finally diagnosed with IBS and was told there is no treatment or cure.

I put my "brain" to work overtime and decided to stop the Ambien... and well you must have guessed by now... When I stopped the Ambien my abdominal pains STOPPED as well.
Only problem.... I can't sleep !

I'm fascinated with this. A couple of months ago I started taking using the Ambien CR generic, Zolpidem ER, 6.25. As with everyone else discussing this topic, it was great getting consistent sleep, maybe the first time in close to 30 years (I'm 57), but about a week ago, started getting very acidic in the very upper part of my stomach. I thought it was due to stress, as I have had a lot, but I've been through this amount of stress on numerous occasions and never had this sort of symptom. I had taken regular Zolpidem off/on for about a year, but never came close to this high-acid symptom. I decided to try the Zolpidem ER, since I just because available and it does help me sleep a bit longer.

Here's my question to you all. How many are taking an 'extended release' Ambien or Zolpidem? Maybe there's an ingredient in the extended release versions that's causing the stomach acid?

To all, let's figure this out.

Yes, tough, tough sacrifice ... knowing that one can get a decent nights sleep ... but, this acid in the upper stomach is strong!

Again, however, I did not have this problem with the regular Zolpidem .... but, then again, I wasn't falling asleep as long either. Oh well ...



This is really scary to read. My mom has been on Ambien for years probably more than 10 and she just recently started having problems with her stomach, major bloating, can not eat with out feeling so sick. They did every test possible and they were not cheap. CT scans, x-rays, even put her on a machine that she carried around for a day that would make sure a medicine traveled through her body to check for blockage.

She has been in constant pain for months and it took forever to figure out what was wrong. Last week they told her she has a tumor in her stomach. My question is if the Dr knows it would only be a temporary relief for sleep why do they prescribe it for years? My mom tried to get off the pills and she started to have anxiety, shaking, and would wake up a think she was having a heart attack so she told her Dr and he said then keep taking it.

She has burnt her house down on it, tries to cook and my brother would come home to burnt food in the oven. It's sad that they think this is OK. But she can't sleep when she doesn't take it. I can't say the tumors are from Ambien, it's not proven but the other symptoms alone should be enough. Sorry for the venting I am just glad I found other people having problems with Ambien.

try passionflower drops- it helps me.

Glad to know I'm not the only one, so thank you all for posting all that you have gone through on this medication. I've gone through gallons of blood lab workups, gallbladder studies, liver, spleen, pancreas, etc. Endoscopy showed I was suffering from gastritis, but everything else looked 'normal'. Had full symptoms of diverticulitis, but nothing showed on the CT scan, MRI with iodine contrast.

I was getting sent across the state to have my bile ducts examined, for full symptoms, too. The only thing that had everyone scratching their heads was the elevated white blood cell count and no visible origin. After four months of feeling like I'd been put through the grinder and getting 'that look' from the various doctors and specialists, I decided to listen to myself and quit the ambien/zolpidem.

I was amazed at how fast I started to feel better. Still haven't fixed my sleep problem, but I'll take a benadryl and deal with it rather than go through that personal medical hell again. Can I forward this website to my doctors and specialists?

I too am having symptoms of indigestion and heartburn from taking Ambien! I didn't put it together until I read this website. I am really upset that Doctors are not
following up on this? This is a major symptom that should be listed under side effects! Let the patient decide if they want stomach pain all day, or sleep at night!

Well after googling stomach problems with ambien, your stories are reinforcing my theory that a new generic version that is being sold at Walgreens, small white pills with a v inscribed on one side, is causing me to have bloating, all day, and diarrhea.

I have been on other versions of ambien for quite a while in the past and it never did this to me. I started them 5 days ago and have had stomach issues for the last 3 days. They are not as effective either, I've been waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning as opposed to the old generic, which would keep me asleep all night with no negative side effects.

OMG.... I am currently recovering from surgery that fix my paraeshpageal hernia. Had horrible acid reflux problems for at least 10 yrs. that meds no longer controlled. Just as I was recovering from the pain of the surgery I started having problems sleeping. So I took Ambien for a couple of nights and have really upset, unsettled stomach that I should NOT have after just going through the surgery. This was the only med that I had taken... had to be related. I am going to stop and deal with my sleep issues some other way.

Thank you all for your comments!

I take generic ambien (zolpidem) because I cannot sleep, it helps me so much but the next day my stomach hurts so bad I feel like I have to puke and I have to lay in bed all day. I need ambien to sleep but I wonder if it is even worth it.

Same here - been on Ambien (Zolpidem) every night for able 5 years. Last July - started having reflux - sometimes severe. Have taken prevacid and zantac on/off for the past several months - symptoms have gone away/then come back - until this May - then, having reflux constantly - and getting worse. On Prevacid right now - symptoms at bay - but can tell not a long term solution. Will try weaning off Zolpidem for next 7 days - and report back if my reflux goes away permanent.

I am pissed at my Dr for not at least mentioning there might be a connection! It's like if something is wrong - take another pill - before you know it - you are taking ten pills a day! It just ain't right.

I had a terrible cold which developed into pneumonia and was having a horrible time getting to sleep due to excessive coughing. The doctor gave me 3 ambien to help me sleep. I ended up not taking them. I just put them in my medicine box.

About a week ago, I was having a hard time sleeping so decided to take a half of one... and took the other half a few nights later. I started having stomach problems. I am sure this was the cause because the sort of pain was almost as if something was directly irritating my stomach.

I have no idea why patients are not informed about this side effect. Had I had known, I never would have taken it. I think they are WAY too strong!

I am so glad I found this site... I have been having severe gastritis and acid reflux... none of the meds (prilosec 40mg and Carafate) were working AT ALL... I changed my diet and wasn't eating anything I wasn't supposed to... I even quit smoking because that is also a cause of symptoms... so I didn't understand why the pain was so severe.

I then decided to see if any of my medications could be the culprit. When I did a search on ambien side effects I came across this site and others. So that Sunday night I didn't take my ambien... and wouldn't you know that my gastritis and acid reflux disappeared the next day. It's been 5 days and I am feeling great !!! So Glad I found this site. thanks all.

All these stories correlate exactly with mine. Been taking Ambien to sleep for over two years - alternating sometimes with Xanax. I'm 65 years old, healthy, not overweight and don't eat dairy, meat or oils. I don't eat late at night or drink heavily. I never take Ambien if I've had a drink. But, my throat has been sore for about 4 months - "a frog in my throat" and when I have to talk a lot, I feel the strain.

The doctor said it was post-nasal drip and gave me decongestants and Nasonex - but I'm finding that the problem is less when I skip the sleeping pill - so now VERY motivated to suffer through sleeplessness to find out. Also found this link to Xanax and acid reflux: - Many thanks to everyone on this very helpful site.

I think it (Ambien) may have something to do with relaxing a muscle called the LES thus allowing the acid to move up out of its nasty little home. I hated Lunesta, did not work as well. Any other sleep aids that work well? I am up every hour all night long with not much sleep. I feel like I am babysitting the clock!

In the last month, I have felt general malaise and just not feeling well. Most notable is bloating, heartburn type pain, sometimes stomach pain. Had an ER visit to rule out heart attack. Visit to gastroenterologist gave dx = acid reflux disease. I have never had troubles like this.

Due to stress and sleep problems I have been taking ambien and oxazepam quite regularly especially for the last month or so but longer than that. Last night on bing or google search I typed the sequence " ambien bloating" and came up with a comment from some one on this site that said he took ambien, had acid reflux problems and quit, had three sleepless nights and then problem went away. That would be nice.

How well was this checked out or verified? Would be nice to know if this is generally true. If anyone has more info I would appreciate an email. I an not taking ambien for the second sleepless night. Hope it works. Comments welcome. I told all Drs. I visited I took ambien and none commented but hope this is true.

I have been taking ambiem for about 2 yrs straight-can't sleep a wink without it!! However, I have developed digestion problems recently involving the stomach, and bowels have become irregular. Have just come up with this problem during the past several months. I have only just today used google to address a possible correlation with my ambien use. Low and behold, my search has led me to this website.

Tomorrow I must have a ultrasound to help determine whether or not I am experiencing gallbladder problems or something else. If test results show no gallstones, then I must have yet another kind of test to see if my gallbladder is malfunctioning. This test is more involved.

Maybe all my digestive woos are related to this sleep. It makes sense. Since ambien works on the nerves and it decreases nerves motility, it can possibly effect the stomach and small and large intestines and other organs involved in the digestive processes.

Thank you for this site and thanks to everyone for sharing their personal stories. My story is quite similar. I am 59 years old and in good health. I have been taking Ambien/zolpidem for over 4 years. About a year and a half ago I began experiencing extreme upper abdominal gas and belching. I did not know what triggered it - I thought it was certain foods, etc.

I went to a gastroenterologist and had an endoscopy, CT scan and a colonoscopy all of which showed no problems. I listed the zolpidem on the drugs I was taking, but Dr. made no correlation between my complaints and any side effects from the Ambien. He suggested, rather "told me" my problem was because I was swallowing air! In effect, he dismissed my symptoms, told me nothing was wrong except the air swallowing and all my scopes were good so bye-bye. I was demoralized and downhearted when I left his office. And a bit angry because I knew I could not swallow that volume of air!

The symptoms would come and go. Now I know why: I did not take Ambien regularly, every day. I took it only once in awhile when I needed it. I would take it for a period of a week or two or three then I would stop. Looking back, I did not have the gastric episodes when I did not take Ambien, but I did not even suspect it could have been a factor.

I googled ambien and bloating and happened upon this site. I am deeply grateful for it.

Every doctor I have seen believes Ambien/zolpidem is a relatively benign drug, and it probably is for a majority of people. It does not raise any red flags for doctors because of this. I believe that is why no doctor even thought it might be a possible source of my discomfort.

I want to report that I stopped taking the zolpidem (.5 dosage) four days ago and noticed almost immediate relief from the gas and bloating the next morning. It has been 4 days now and each day is better than the last. If it continues this way, there can be no question it was the Ambien.

I still think it is a good drug for what it does. It did not affect me this way when I first began taking it. My body may have just developed a sensitivity to the drug over time? Maybe I wasn't taking it for long enough periods to cause the sensitivity. Not sure.

I don't usually post on message boards/forums, but I had to take the time to do so. Perhaps my experience will help another.

I had posted a comment a number of months ago. Absolutely, no question about it, that Zolpidem (both the ER and the 10 mg. regular) give me scary symptoms in upper stomach, heartburn, and as one person mentioned, a sensation in my left side, just below my rib cage. Usually, by the 2nd day off, the pain subsides, but it took me awhile to figure out what was causing this.

It is possible, that the combination of certain foods and the zolpidem might bring these symptoms on more noticeably. I don't know, maybe oily or hot spices. The bottom line is that the symptoms are so bad that it's scary to experience them. It almost feels like the inside of my upper stomach is 'burnt'.

The other thing that I can say with certainty (at least with me), is that Zolpidem constipates me. It took me awhile to track this one down also. By the 2nd or 3rd day off Zolpidem, things became normal. I think the constipation can increase the GI problems in general.

Unfortunately, it seems that the amount of the drug one has to take, in order to sleep for about 5-5.5 hours is too much, hence there is a lot of residual left that might encourage these symptoms to be stronger.

I'm trying to go without, but that will usually equate to 2,1 or zero hours sleep.

Let's hope, someday, somehow, there will be something available that will trigger sleep without any health risks.

I doubt this is possible, but might be worth investigating .. Is it remotely possible that there is a slight difference in the inactive ingredients between the generic manufacturers. I think generics have to be within 5% accuracy on the 'active' ingredient, but I'm not sure on the inactive ingredients.

I have been on Ambien/Zolpidem for a bit over a year. I noticed that I started to have right side pain/burning sensations that were unbearable.
I noted that when I took my nightly dose of zolpidem the burning and pain would go away immediately, and it was a blessed relief. I have never experienced such agonizing burning and pain, and might I add terrible gas.

I soon looked forward to "bedtime" as I knew the dreadful symptoms would go away. After reading this site I decided to stop the Zolpidem. It's been three days and the burning and pain is almost gone!

No more zolpidem for me...I'd rather go without sleep!

Omg God Bless all of you. This medication has ruined many days of my life!
I wish you all relieve and hope many others do not go through this. Going to the doctor to assess the damage.

Thank you, thank you,thank you! I felt so sick last week that I thought I was having a heart attack. I was two seconds from going to the nearest emergency room. It was the worst case of heartburn, gas, and indigestion, I had experienced since I had to have my gallbladder and gallstones removed back in May.

The bloating was so bad that I looked eight months pregnant, and no amount of Mylanta, Pepto Bismol, or Tums I took would help. I've been taking Ambien on and off for years so I never would have dreamed that it was the cause of my distress. I'm 47 years old and it took my 23 year old daughter to suggest that I stop taking it for a few days.

Well, it only took two days for the symptoms to clear up but, I was still skeptical. I started taking it again two nights later and the pain was back but not as severe. That convinced me. I don't care what the doctors are telling you guys, its the Ambien! Thank God for this site and for letting me know that I am not alone.

I've been thru it all, apparently from Ambien CR. Since I knew that Time-Release coatings cause problems even on vitamins, so I asked the Pharmacist about it. "No, it won't hurt you. You can even cut it in half." I let myself believe that since I needed sleep so badly. My entire digestive tract was hurting besides reflux & colitis. It wiped out my energy because of affecting my absorption of food, diarrhea, etc. I've been treating my symptoms w/ probiotics & other digestive health stuff & it helped, but, quitting Ambien was the only "cure". NOT taking it on an empty stomach (against Dr's advice) may help some people, but, some of us just don't have the digestive lining to cope w/ even that.

In reading about all of the trouble with Ambien, I am convinced that it is THE root cause of my discomfort. I took it for the first time in my life last night and at 3 in the morning I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. The chest pain was so severe, I honestly thought I was having a heart attack, the only missing sensation was the shooting pain in my arms. I am 41 years old, I do smoke and presently my doctor prescribed Ambien to help me sleep while trying to get off of another medication.
Thank you all so very much for sharing. I have gained enough insight with Ambien to NEVER take it again. God bless you all and I pray that your suffering ends quickly.

I've been taking ambien for several years. Over the past couple of years I too have developed some similar symptoms, indigestion, burning, constant throat clearing. Its getting worse, with the throat clearing going on for hours and hours. After reading all the posts on this site, I'm not alone. Think its time to stop with the Zolpidem and see how it goes. I will come back to this site and post my results.

I've been taking ambien or zolpidem on and off for several years. For the past two months, though, I took 1/2 pill (5 mg) every day. 3 weeks ago, I developed excruciating acid reflux, to the point that I couldn't eat or drink anything without burning pain. I am so happy that I found this online community because I immediately went off ambien and within 3 days my symptoms cleared up completely. Here is a link to an article describing a scientific study that found the same link between ambien and acid reflux, and gives what I think is a very logical medical explanation for the link.,,20307960,00.html

I had also developed constant weird little headrushes or dizziness or lightheadness. That has cleared up as well since I've taken myself off ambien. I also developed severe depression, feelings of hopelessness and intense, crazy irritability that was off the charts. It was really the worst I had ever felt. That's gone too!!!

My doctor did not connect the ambien (which he prescribed) to the headrushes. I hadn't gone to him about the stomach problem but I bet he wouldn't have figured that out either. I am NEVER taking ambien again. Now I just need to figure out some nice safe remedies to get to sleep.

This is my 3rd post. Positively, ambien caused me GI symptoms (acid, constipation), along with heartburn. In reply to your 'head rushes', in my opinion, it's all related to the stomach acids. I felt on a few occasions that I was going to faint, very strange! I think it was the combination of stomach acids and dehydration. Yes, I am extremely surprised that by now, doctors wouldn't have the word that at least Ambien might be causing these symptoms!

For me, I guess I've never been a good sleeper, but you know what ... I've been off ambien for nearly 2 months, and although I don't sleep much, I feel OK .. and that's good enough for me. I will continue to pursue reasons why I am such a light sleeper, and feel confident that I will make headway on that. One thing that has helped me a little is the mouthpiece that prevents my lower jaw from falling back (hence, tongue and soft palate block my throat). This is part of it.

When you believe it from empirical evidence that something causing certain symptoms, like ambien causing stomach acids and constipation, and you test it a few times with the same results, one can confidently conclude that they have found the source of a problem and it's a good thing to be able to confirm something so resolutely.


I am so glad I found this web site.... Long story shortened --- after a year with GERD/abdominal pain/arrhythmia/mood swings - I had the typical series of tests EKG, ECHO, CTA, Holter monitor, 7 day Event Monitor and an endoscopy -- and even though all results came back normal I was a little frustrated that nothing could explain all my symptoms... Then I googled ' Ambien and acid reflux' and there was my answer.... and a few clicks of my mouse and found this site....

The best news is that, after the one year of symptoms during which I was taking Ambien, the second day after stopping Ambien the symptoms were GONE!!!! I would never have believed it could happen so fast and the decision to stop has truly changed my life... I will trade a lousy night sleep for a symptom free day. Doctors dispense this drug far took easily without realizing that the symptoms we are all experiencing aren't listed as such for ambien.... hope my saga helps someone else --- happy new year

Ambien cost me, BIGTIME! I was having a tough time sleeping so my Dr. put me on the generic 12.5 extended release tabs. After taking them for 6 weeks or so I started having some abdominal pain. Of course I had NO idea it was from this medicine!

My wife and I left for vacation and at 1000 miles from home in Houston, TX I ended up in the emergency room on my vacation with severe abdominal pain. It was mostly on the lower right so of course they thought appendix. So they did a CT scan and a lot of bloodwork, appendix looked fine. So another CT looking for kidney stones. Nope, nothing, everything looks great.

Ok Doc, where is this pain coming from? I don't know, he said. Probably IBS. So we make the 1000 mile trip back to Illinois, me in terrible pain, and I spend the next 2 months here seeing endocrinologist, internalists, colonoscopy, ect. Thousands of dollars, missed work, pain all the time, no answers. Oh OK here it comes, "maybe you need some lexapro and and appointment with a psychiatrist". PLEASE!

So, I spend many many hours on the Internet researching and type in "Ambien" and "abdomen" in google and it brings me here. I quit Ambien that night, and within 3 days I can already tell that is going to be my answer. In 10 days, completely pain free. Not sleeping as good as I would like, sleeping worse probably, because of the $$ I now owe for NO reason.

ill ambien bankrupt me? It certainly ruined a portion of my life. Anyone going to have a class action suit? Please email me. If you take Ambien and are having phantom appendix like attacks, the Ambien could be why.

ive had sleep issues since high school. i have always taken something. i quit drugs & alcohol but stayed on sleeping pills. tried lunesta which made me vomit after awhile --switched back to ambien. Although it erases memory, it seems to work for sleep---i threw up tonight after taking it

this is insane....i cant live with being sick to my stomach....

i am going to force myself to quit--i def. believe ambien is causing severe stomach issues!!!
constipation, vomiting, nausea -- my stomach is sore and feels raw much of the time now

this drug is not my friend--sleep or no sleep --i am going to quit !!!

People's Pharmacy response: Nausea and vomiting, along with other digestive problems, have been reported in people taking Ambien.

It has been about one month since i quit Ambien and the results are remarkable.... no longer depressed, no abdominal pain, no episodes of multiple PVC's and no withdrawal symptoms and with patience I get 6-7 hours of sleep. Best of all I feel normal again.

Suffered from insomnia and decided to try ambien for the first time. Was prescribed the medication and started taking it along with sinus medication and ibuprofen 800 mg. Has developed 2 days later the worse GERD symptoms with stomach pain and hypersalivation and has decided to stop immediately the sinus medication as well as the ibuprofen.

To dissipate confusion, I also put myself off the ambien. Started feeling better which has improved after 2 days. Now the insomnia continued and I decided to take ambien as a solo medication, staying out of the sinus medication and the ibuprofen which might have caused gastritis in my opinion. 2 days later, I started developing the same GERD symptoms.

Knowing my body, I believed that the only reasons would have been a new sickness or iatrogenic with the ambien. I went to that forum and discovered the problem. Now I am 2 days again off the AMBIEN and this morning I am writing as a health care provider with an espresso coffee at my desk and a spicy sandwich and almost back to my normal state.

Just received a call from my girlfriend who is suffering from GERD and has started taking also ambien 2 weeks ago. Despite my advice she has continued until yesterday. The call of this morning is one of distress as she had to go to the ER. This am due to vomiting and GERD Symptoms that have become out of control.

I started taking Ambien when I was pregnant... early in pregnancy. So I had terrible indigestion, constipation, abdominal discomfort, and an extreme feeling of fullness/bloating. I at the time chalked it up to pregnancy symptoms. WRONG. 9 months later I had my baby and stopped taking the ambien for about 2 months because I was up all night nursing my son, so I could not take the ambien. During this time had NO stomach issues.

Then started taking the ambien again when the baby was sleeping longer stretches. Then again, the horrible bloating and fullness, indigestion and gassey-ness started again. Although I didn't put two and two together for about two months. Which were 2 awful months.

I went thru upper GI's, gallbladder ultrasounds, HIDA scans all came back normal. A little inflammation was all that was found in my stomach.

So now on my own to figure out the problem. Well - one day it came to me "maybe its the Ambien"? Sure enough... after about a week off of it that overwhelming bloating and fullness was completely gone, as well as the abdominal pain.

So no more Ambien for this mama! Now I am just plain tired. My doc gave me amytriptaline? We'll see!

I have had a host of digestive problems. Hoping to get off ambien and finally get help...
Slooow digestive tract.. abdominal pain... Can't eat anything without pain afterwards... Ambien is the real problem....

I cannot believe the amount of people that are affected by Ambien. I have been taking Ambien to sleep as well as ativan. I have been taking the Ambien 2 sometimes 3 times a week for the past couple of months and i did notice when i took it a few nights ago that i woke up in the middle of the night with acid reflux.

I took it again last night and had awful reflux and was awake for 2 hrs pounding back tums and a Prevacid and nothing helped. I am still feeling the effects.

I do suffer from reflux and have for yrs. This i believe is the worst i have had in quite a while. I have breathing problems from a botched surgery a yr ago and it felt like i was having more of a problem breathing as well. Now that was scary.

I am done taking Ambien. It does help you get a good nights rest but at what cost. The symptoms will only get worse and yes they do need to make people aware that this is a serious side effect. If a Dr says that the Ambien does not cause stomach issues they need to do some research.

I've been on Ambien for more than a year, and never had any gastro problems until I was given the Qualitest brand generic Zolpidem. This one does not allow me to keep ANY food down the next day. I saw somebody else complaining of the pills with the V on them, and yes, those are Qualitest.

There must be a weird binder in there that's causing this nausea, because the Roxane Labs. version of generic Zolpidem has never given me a problem. Next time I see my doctor, I am going to request that she include a note to the pharmacist indicating that they do not give me the one made by Qualitest.

If you're looking to solve these stomach issues, try the one made by Roxane Labs. They are white, circular tablets that have always worked for me. I usually get them at Rite Aid, but this last time I found myself at a different Rite Aid, and they gave me these Qualitest ones. I knew straight away something wasn't right, as I didn't feel right just 30 minutes after taking one. I really think it depends on the maker of the generic.

4 years ago me and my husband went to China, before going to China I started taking ambien, we were in China for 3 weeks, my diet there was very bad being I did not like the food, I drank lots of coke and lived on French fries. On our way home I started having heartburn so bad I could not function, I of course thought it was from the way I ate in China.

My Dr. could not find anything wrong, sent me to a specialist and he did the tube down my throat and said he found nothing, He thought it was stress. I was then put on Xanax (thinking I was going crazy) it of course relaxed the muscle in my throat and worked great but after 4 years of taking Xanax everyday like it was candy just to stop the pain in my throat and chest I went to a new Dr, she wanted to find a medicine that would help but that was less addictive so then I was put on zoloft, still having to take Xanax and now adding zoloft.

I went from being very health and now taking 3 different meds a day :/ .

When this did not help she decided to send me to another specialist. Ran all the test he could from swallow test, tube down throat and finally went and had the tube up my nose and down my throat for 24 hours, the worse test ever. Results showed I had serve acid reflux and muscle spasms in my throat. Now!!!! They are going to put me on acid reflux meds (that my insurance has not approved) and high blood pressure meds for the muscle spasms.

I have great blood pressure, great heart rate, my weight is good, I run every day. So now we have added 2 more meds to the 3 meds I am already taking because I have to come off the other meds slowly. I have not started on the two new meds and my ambien ran out so for 3 days I was off my ambien on the 3rd day I did not have to take a Xanax, I thought nothing of it and was very happy when my ambien was filled. I got a GREAT nights sleep and the next day I was in serve pain in my throat and chest, I had to take a Xanax right away.

I found this sight and was blown away. Talked to my Dr. and told them I wanted to try and come off the ambien before I started taking these other meds, I have been off the zoloft now for 3 days, no bad side effects and last night no ambien. Wish me luck, it will be awesome after 4 years of pain if I solved my on problem by finding this site. I am so ready to be back to my old self and med

It has been 5 months since I stopped taking ambien and my abdominal discomfort and major episodes of arrhythmia that I had for almost 2 years have not returned... I manage to sleep 4-7 hours/night with the help of .3 mg tablet of melatonin (dosage recommended by MIT study) available from walgreen's web site..

I am completed shocked and blown away that ambien could be the etiology of all of my reflux problems. I had taken myself off of ambien a few months ago and then stupidly started back. Well then I began to have early morning awakenings around 3 am with severe abdominal pain and need to defecate. Then when able to go back to sleep and then get up I would immediately throw up hot clear to yellow vomitus.

I had read over the previous posts about the ambien with the "v" on it and I realized that my last two prescriptions have had this on here. I have seen a gi specialist and am scheduled to undergo both an egd and colonoscopy. I am praying for the ambien to be the etiology for symptoms that I have experienced (weight loss, anorexia, early morning wakening, and of course amnesia of any events from the precious night!) arghhhh!!

What a huge help this site is!

I have been taking ambien cr for about 5 weeks and have had
Terrible stomach pain and off/on sudden diarrhea for about the same amount of time.

I stopped after reading this and will post up the results in a few days about the change... If there is a change (hopefully)

Thank God I found this page. For months I've been suffering with non-stop nasal drip, asthma, and in the past few days, the horrific acid burning began in my throat, chest, and below my ribs. I felt like I had ingested battery acid. Wasted money on blood tests, EKG, antihistamines, inhalers, steroids, prilosec. None of which helped me (heavy doses of prednisone did help the airway inflammation a bit, but the doctors thought it was an allergy).

I finally started to think about what had changed in my life when my health went downhill (I'm only in my early 30s!), and finally thought of the ambien. I didn't take it last night, and what do you know? The burning is already gone.

I would like to mention that I was in fact taking the teva generics from Walgreens. Now that I think about it, the ONE time that I did take a brand from a different pharmacy which were tan oval pills instead of the teva, I don't remember my symptoms being that bad. If I do get the ovals again, I will try them and see if my symptoms return. If not, I'll try a teva pill and see if that does it. I will give an update. If it is not the zolpidem itself, but the binders inside of the Teva generics causing these issues, that is truly disturbing...

Wow, this is what I suspected back in 1998 when I had to go off Ambien.. I started taking Ambien in 1993, I took it for 5 yrs, I had 2 go off it when I got pregnant with my daughter in 1998.

For 5 years this was my hell being on Ambien. I would wake up in the morning with a wrenching stomach ache. After every meal I ate, with in 20 minutes I would get a tightness in my upper gi. THIS WAS A VERY VICIOUS CYCLE, I LOST SO MUCH WEIGH DURING THAT TIME CAUSE I HATED EATING, KNOWING I WOULD GET A HORRIBLE STOMACH WITH IN 2O MINUTES.

I did not realize Ambien was the culprit until a year after my daughter was born, I put on so much weight during my pregnancy, cause 4 the first time in 5 yrs, I could eat and not get a stomach ache, so I had a lot of weight 2 lose after my daughter was born. I am a runner so I eventually lost the 70 pounds, but I got real run down and got the flu twice. The Doctor said u need 2 get sleep, so I took Ambien and the next morning the horrible stomach ache came back. That's when I realized it was Ambien that caused my problems.

Amazing. I have severe insomnia - migraines - but on top of it all - Multiple Sclerosis.
But I've been on every sleep aid under the sun. Most recently back to ambien. But with this Ive been getting heart burn, chest pains, nausea every day = they wanted to say it was the new MS medication but now I'm thinking its probably the AMBIEN! My question is - did anyone try another sleep aid?

Lunesta didn't do anything for me after awhile. Been on lexapro - xanax etc. Melatonin doesn't work I have severe issues so the natural supplements don't work. Just curious but I should stop the Ambien before even assuming any further. Everything you all described are exactly my symptoms. And going off of it would be an easy fix -I shall call my doctor asap!

I am definitely stopping ambien! I have the exact same symptoms as most of the people that posted! I am hoping I will start feeling better. Thanks!

I have been having so many stomach problems. I have thought so many times about it being Ambien, since I have been taking it for several months now. After reading these post, I am now wondering if my stomach problems could be from Ambien?? Well, I guess I will take myself off of it and see if this helps. When I experience the stomach issues, it seems to help if I eat something. Has anyone else had this same issue?

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have found your website after a search of my symptoms which are like an intestinal gastritis related problem. I take the generic zolpidem at night. I break it in half and get great night's sleep, but I have started to get constipation one day, followed by another with cramping and diarreha. I also have had a slight sore throat which I Ttributed to allergies. This has been a lifesaver.

Ditto on everyone else's comments regarding Ambien and stomach pain. I'm sitting here in agony after starting 4-5mg of Ambien about 3-4 weeks ago. Yes, it helped me sleep but the price is way too high -- extreme stomach pain all day long. Pain didn't start until a week ago. Will quit taking it immediately and feel confident pain will stop as I've never experienced this kind of discomfort in my life. Sorry about those who've experienced lasting damage, and hope everyone's able to heal after discontinuing this nasty drug.

I began taking Ambien about a month ago and experiencing terrible upper abdominal pain, bloating and nausea shortly after starting on the medication. I had several days that I literally was vomiting up bile and thought something was terribly wrong with me. I went to doctor, began taking Aciphex and symptoms still did not subside. Finally, after going over everything I could think of that I had changed recently, I decided to stop the Ambien and guess what? The symptoms went away within about 48 hours of stopping the medication. I literally thought I was dying and am so, so glad I figured it out. The same doctor who prescribed the Ambien prescribed the Aciphex and never even mentioned the problem could be related to the drug. I am amazed and so grateful to have come across this website.

I just quit taking Ambien last night after reading all of your posts. My stomach is still a little sore & bloated after eating but my chest does not feel achy & the coughing has subsided. My symptoms were identical to GERD or hiatal hernia. Even my lungs felt like they were irritated. I have never had acid stomach problems until I began taking Ambien. This is truly a nightmare. Switching back to Lunesta because it never gave me any health problems. Just wish it was generic because it's quit pricey-well worth it after this journey. Thank you all.

Hey everyone.

I am an aspiring bodybuilder. I am also a certified personal trainer. I have been taking Ambien for about 1 and a half years now and I have just started experiencing severe acid reflux and indigestion. The doctors tried relating it to my supplements. I said fine, I will stop the supplements. I stopped everything and the reflux went away. About a week ago, I went back on Ambien and almost immediately the next day my chest was hurting and I wasn't properly digesting my food. I could relate the symptoms to a heart attack, especially if you have never had reflux before. The doctor told me that it was possible the Ambien could do this as it weakens the organs around your stomach to help you relax, thus resulting acid to leave the stomach.

Prilosac OTC can work to reduce acid, but it will make indigestion more possible with a lack of acid. The ultimate cure was to stop Ambien. It took a few days to recover but I now feel normal again. And just to let everyone know, I did develop a dependency to Ambien and had been taking 20mg( 2 pills) most nights. Sometimes more than that. Yes, my tolerance was so high I needed to take more than 10mg. I hope this post helps people out. Whether there is a correlation between the dosage and reflux or just the Ambien period, a correlation definitely exists.

Hello. I saw your post from a few years ago regarding Ambien and sinus issues. Can you tell me if your sinus issues stopped once you quit taking Ambien? I have had surgeries, all kinds of allergy medicines, steroids, antibiotics, etc. and nothing has helped, and during all this time I've been taking Ambien without realizing there is a possible connection. I'm very interested in knowing if quitting Ambien helped your sinus issues. Thanks.

I saw your post regarding your septoplasty and sinus issues that were possibly related to Ambien use. I'm in exactly the same situation and it has been maddening. I'm scheduled for a 3rd sinus operation in 2 days, and only recently have found references such as yours that suggestion Ambien and sinus issues may be related. Can you tell me if things got better for your sinuses once you stopped Ambien? Thank you much for your response.

Yes! If you have not tried stopping the ambien, try it. It may take a while for the symptoms to begin to clear up, so don't assume that if you don't feel better in a few days that it isn't the ambien. I would say stop taking it for at least 3 weeks and see if there is any improvement. I know how hard it is to imagine sleeping without it, especially if you have been on it for so long. But think of it as a short trial.

I use a combination of benadryl and melatonin to sleep when I can't use ambien.
All of my issues cleared up after I completely stopped taking the ambien. Occasionally, I do still take it, and if it is for any extended period of time, the symptoms return. Sinus issues, asthma, cough, acid reflux, and eventually a horrible burn down my esophagus and a strange short of breath "fluffy" feeling in my chest. If you determine that your problems are caused by the ambien, then you can decide whether or not the benefits outweigh the complications, but definitely stop the ambien completely for a while. It is very possible that it has been the source of your problems the entire time.

Also, if you are not taking the name brand of Ambien and your prescription is for generic zolpidem, switching manufacturers may help if your problems are caused by the binding agents, which are different for every manufacturer. I have found that the white round tablets by Teva pharmaceuticals (the word TEVA is printed on one side) seems to give me the side effects to a much greater degree than the others. Good luck and I hope that you feel better soon!

Ambien CR (generic blue in color) purchased at Costco did not effect my stomach like the past experience I wrote about. I was shocked when I began taking it again & I didn't have all of the problems that I experienced previously with horrible indigestion. Didn't realize that the binding agents were the culprit. I feel very healthy with absolutely no side effects at this time.

I too, have been on ambien for about 8 months. Almost from the beginning I have had the bloating, pain and discomfort. It got worse and worse leading to many tests by my doctor. Scopes and pipida scans , blood work, ultrasounds all negative, Finally most recently they said my gallbladder needed to be removed. For three weeks post op I didn't take ambien. Then recently started back on them. Every thing has come back the pain the bloating, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence. I'm as miserable as I was before I lost my gallbladder.

Now after read all of this, I wonder if I gave up a good gallbladder. I also notice when I miss a day or two start to feel great again. I think I'm going to go cold turkey as well. I need the sleep, but I need to feel good awake as well. I hope that some one come up with a cake and Ice cream solution for this.

I have been using Ambien for years, especially during travel. Multiple visits to the ER in foreign countries with intense gallbladder pain, indigestion and abdominal pain. I was scheduled to have my gallbladder removed twice, although all gallbladder function tests were in the normal range - it was the pain that was sending me through the roof and surgery seemed like the only option. I have been off Ambien for TWO days only and I am beginning to feel so much better. I am curious to learn if anybody else has experienced a correlation between Ambien and gallbladder issues - thank you!

Same thing happend to me, it started as stomach pain that got worse and worse by the week and eventually i wound up with crippling stomach pain, hemorrhoids, and a hernia that I believe was all caused by my ambien cr because every time I stopped taking it the symptoms would go away after about 2 days.

I want everyone to know that it can take 3-4 weeks for your stomach to heal and for the symptoms to go away. If you stop taking Ambien for just a week or two, you may still have the symptoms. This is one of the reasons it took me a couple of years to figure out what was causing my symptoms. I didn't stop taking the Ambien for a long enough period to allow my stomach to heal. When I finally was off Ambien for 3-4 weeks, all my symptoms went away.

I went through hell as a result of that drug. I had about $40,000 in medical bills from all the diagnostic tests and procedures I had. Nobody could figure out what was causing the reflux, stomach bloating, nausea, and other weird symptoms. The endoscopy showed that I had some gastritis, but I wasn't taking anything that could cause gastritis.

Anyway, this site saved me. After reading the stories here, I stopped taking ambien and I was totally cured in about 3-4 weeks.

I am so glad to have found this site, and I have read all the posts! I have been on 5 - 10 mg Ambien for 4 years and have all the same symptoms. I never related ambien use and the severe GI symptoms (gerd, L side stomach pain and pressure, gas etc.) I have seen many doctors, had many tests and taken many meds as that what doctors do... treat symptoms rather than find the cause. so while I will definitely get off ambien, I then have to figure out how to solve the sleep problem... suggestions?

Good thing I found this website. I started taking the generic ambien Zolpidem from TEVA and developed excruciating heartburn and stomach pain. I was scared and miserable so I started to figure out what was causing all the discomfort. As a last resort I Googled "Ambien stomach pain"...and up popped this site with all the information.

I'm going to stop using it immediately and I'm going to show the site and the comments to my physician. I started using Zolpidem while traveling to help adjust to different time zones. Not worth it! The stomach pain was incredible... being tired for a few days is a way better trade-off. I almost ended up in the ER one night but stuck it out because of the ridiculous co-pay! The manufacturers need to list this side effect on their literature. I'm also going to show this site to my pharmacist. Thanks thanks thanks everybody! Hope you are all on the mend!

I have been taking Ambien for over two years. I will not take it more than once or twice a week because it works so well and I don't ever want to need or have to rely on it on a nightly basis. As it says on the package, I do not eat within a few hours of taking it. So I was really quite shocked about all of these troubles I am reading here. Are the people who have been taking it for years and having terrible GR, do you take this drug every night to sleep?
I am very sorry for your troubles and pain, but please people, take care of yourselves. No drug is completely harmless. This is not a medicine that should be used nightly, but rather an aid to help regulate your sleep.

Well, another Ambien story. I was on Ambien for about 6 years. I have terrible RUQ pain, lost 50 lbs, At times can barely sip water. Most of the time I don't want to eat, knowing my stomach will kill me. Tried Gluten free diet, etc...

I went to 3 different GI's, Endoscopies, Colonoscopies, Ultrasounds, CT Scans, Bloodwork. All say gastritis, Took Prilosec and Zantac. Nothing really helps.

I started reading these posts and stopped my Ambien, It has been a week now. Pain is starting to go away slowly. I pray that it will all go away. I want my life back!!!!! I love to eat!!!!

I am pissed that my doctor let me take it for so long. I should have never taken it.

I am coming up on my two year anniversary of my discovery of this web site and the cause of almost 2 years worth of medical bills for arrhythmia and abdominal pain. I was on prescribed Ambien for 2 plus years and had symptoms for over a year... within 48 hours after stopping Ambien my symptoms disappeared. I have remained symptom free for nearly two years now and would encourage all to spread the word to others. I have "cured" at least one person that was taking Ambien and had developed gastro-intestinal problems. Consistent all night sleep still is a problem but nothing like what I went through. Melatonin (.3mg) still seems to help.

I will never forget this website. It changed my life. To know others who had the same experiences with a drug the doctors believe to be "relatively benign", but was wreaking havoc with my stomach. The bloating was the worst for me, followed closely by the acid reflux and extreme eructation (burping beyond belief). As long as this site exists, I will return to see others being helped.

It has been almost 3 years since I quit Ambien. I felt better almost immediately as I have said before.

To sleep I turned to melatonin, a regular 15 minute "cool down" yoga routine and a cup of herbal tea before bedtime. I have also learned to quiet my mind when I start worrying that I will not get to sleep, by reassuring myself that I WILL sleep eventually. Sleep will come. My best wishes to everyone.

Life has changed! I'm 65 and in good help, except for this digestive condition. I had hip replacement surgery 1 1/2 yrs ago, after surgery doc recommended Ambien to help me sleep. After a few months of Ambien, I started to develop a strange digestive pattern. Every morning around 10-12 noon I start tremendous belching, become bloated and nausea sets in, I can hardly eat all day, but around 4-7 pm symptoms subside and the evenings I'm fine, this pattern has been going on for 8 months DAILY, very depressing. I've sen 4 docs, 2 different GI docs, and an ENT along with my primary care doc. I've had an unltra-sound, CAT scan, endoscopy, colonoscopy, nothing! GI doc thought I might have an h. Plylori bacterial infection and placed me on a cocktail of antibiotics, no help. Other GI doc said maybe I had sleep apnea and was taking in air at night. I then wore a sleep apnea mask for 3 weeks, no help. Now the 2 GI docs want me to take a strong antibiotic called Xifaxan, I'm hesitant to take it and it is VERY expensive. Now I've read the postings about Ambien! WOW! I can't wait to see what happens as I quit the Ambien, THANKS to all!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so so happy I found this website. I have been taking ambien for year and noticed acid and the other night I had a terrible stomach pain like a knot in my stomach. I did not take ambien last night. I was hurting so bad I was afraid to take it and believe me after reading these articles I would rather stay awake 48 hours than have the pain I was having and it wasn't the fist time it's just this time it hit me hard like a knot and soreness in my stomach.

I am now taking prilosec but after reading I am giving up ambien. I like to thank everyone for posting and I am wondering has anyone taking ambien and about 30 minutes later your sneezing I do it every time I take it and wake up with my throat so dry I have to keep water beside the bed but living in the south you tend to think oh well it's sinuses but I think it's the Ambien I will stop tonight.

It will be two nights with out it and I will be back to post If I see a great change again thank each and everyone for posting I was ready to go to Doctor and be put threw I am sure useless testing thanks again everyone.

A family member is a physician. After telling her that I suffered from severe acid reflux she commented that ambien could be the cause. Apparently ambien relaxes the esophagus, acid is released overnight, and reflux results. Makes sense to me. Good bye ambien!

I started taking Ambien about a week ago and started having an extreme bloated feeling, nausea, and complete loss of appetite. I have never had those feelings in my life. I was ready to make an appointment today to go to the Doctor, because I was sure I had something serious and deadly.

I am so relieved to see this site. I still plan to go to the Doctor, but I feel like I have found what is wrong with me. What a relief. I thought I had Cancer. I will stop taking Ambien this evening. Thank God I only took it for a week.

Thank you so much.

I have been taking Ambien nightly for 10 years. I have had severe acid reflux for the same amount of time. Now. I find out that the ambien may be causing the reflux. I also found out that Prilosec causes weakening of the bones that may cause breakage even to the femur! Trying to get off the prilosec (started weaning one week ago) is killing because the reflux has tripled! Now I will have to stop taking the ambien. I had rather go without sleep for days (which I have) than to have a severe bout of acid reflux. I am so glad that I found this website.

I have read many of these comments connecting Ambien with acid reflux and I am surprised and relieved! Surprised that all my misery with GI problems could be attributed to Ambien. Relieved because I will just go off it and see what happens. I have had such bad stomach pain, reflux and GI issues that I have landed in the hospital ER. I only take 2.5 mg of Ambien so I'm surprised that this small dose is wreaking havoc with my stomach but it very well could. I also take Norvasc, a calcium channel blocker for blood pressure and someone mentioned maybe there is a correlation there with reflux disease.

I find it funny (not really) that we take one medication for something and need to take another to take care of the side effects from the first.
Big Pharma is killing us.

Hi all. I cannot believe I found this blog. Mysteriously I started to get stomach pain about 4 weeks ago after being on ambien for about 6 weeks. Then two weeks ago I started to get acid reflux. I'm 62 and I have had acid reflux or Gerd or heartburn my whole life. Although I did have several ulcers but that was due to h-pylori or too much ibprophen.

So, last night by chance I reduced my dose of ambient from 5 to 2 mg, then this morning I found this blog. Even reducing 2 mg has made a difference in the stomach pain. But I still have some acid reflux. Ok. I am off this stuff for good. And I hope my stomach muscle that keeps the acid in my stomach will no longer be relaxed from ambien per a few comments above.

Amazing. I cannot believe all the confirming testimonies. Our doctors lives in their own world of how they were trained. So sad that so many suffer because of the formal structure of medical education.

Wow - glad I found this. I took a few months off from Ambien because the 60 minutes report regarding its effects on women freaked me out. Instead, I was taking half a Xanax (one milligram). It did the job, but as a benzo, it made me feel drowsy in the mornings - besides that, I didn't experience other negative side effects with Xanax. The only issue was tolerance/dependence (needing to bump-up the dosage), so I got my script filled for Ambien to get the Xanax out of my system/get rid of the dependence tolerance issues. (I've tried klonopin and Ativan - neither of those sat well with me. Restoril gave me horrific nightmares.)

Last night I took a 5mg pill of Ambien. This morning, at first, I was pleasantly surprised to have woken up naturally/on my own after approximately 7 hours, completely alert. With Xanax, I would need to set 2 alarms (one next to the coffee maker) and also had to drink 2 cups of coffee to really wake up. As someone mentioned on this thread, though, exactly 12 hours after having taken it (late this morning), I started to feel really sick to my stomach and looked in the mirror to find I was really pale. I felt debilitated - almost like a full-on migraine attack or effects of food poisoning were starting up (they take me out an entire day).

I took some pepto (all I have bc I normally don't get stomach problems) and now I am lying in bed doing work on my laptop. I normally have a lot of energy but I feel really worn-out. In hindsight, there have been a few times in the past when I thought I had a stomach bug or food poisoning, but I'm realizing the culprit was probably Ambien. Last night, I did not eat or drink anything unusual - the only change was having taken Ambien.

So, I'm going to stop using it. I Will try other things this weekend (homeopathic or perhaps even Benadryl). I'll probably go back on Xanax next week as it seems to be the only other med that works as a sleep aid for me.

I know that Lunesta came out with a generic last month, which I will look into - usually, it takes awhile for generics to become available at my HMO's pharmacy where I can get them affordable. I will also look into getting the generic at Costco/see if they have it b/c it's a little cheaper than other pharmacies if my HMO doesn't have it yet.

Well it's been awhile but the Ambien was certainly the cause of my stomach issues. Got off of it and within days was back to normal......coincidentally melatonin has the same effect, just slightly milder.

Hi all. I have taken ambien 10mg for about 6 weeks. The first 4 weeks It made me a good night sleep . The past 2 weeks I have had stomach problem. I started to get acid reflux and upper stomach pain. I'm glad I found this blog. I'd rather have sleepless night than getting stomach problem. I'm going to stop using it tonight. I'll see what happens the next few days.

Lucky I found this site as well. Have taken Ambien for a number of years. Usually 1/2 a 5mg. Last year I got switched to Zolpidem and got the ordered filled with 10mg tabs. I usually bite half of one a few nights a week. In the past three months I have developed intolerable GI problems and abdominal pain. Having found these posts I have gone pretty much cold turkey getting off the Zolpidem... GI and Abdominal issues are clearly subsiding. My doc had no idea what was going on. Since I only take Ambien you would think he would have known of this correlation and made some suggestions. I see a GI doc in 2 weeks - we'll see if he makes the connection.

I am having horrific pains in my gut. I take 5 mg of zolpidem daily. You think this is my problem? I am desperate. I had an endoscope yesterday and no problems with my stomach showed up.
y mm

I too started having issues after an injury to my stomach in May, I was certain there wasn't any reason why one day I could take Ambien no issues and the next I was suffering such bad abdominal pain I couldn't walk, sit or eat hardly anything.

I spent countless hours in the ER and having all the GI tests done to find that my pyloric valve had swollen up to about the size of a que ball, the only relief I have had was taking myself off the Ambien, I have tested this several times, each time I take one, the next day I am in so much pain I can hardly stand it. Doctors didn't think this was related, but this is the 3rd time I have tested this.

After taking ambien 12.5 MG for 20 days I started having stomach cramps, bloating, acid reflux, heartburn and nervous feeling. Finally after 4 days of not taking it, I'm feeling better. The doctor that prescribed it didn't agree with what I said about this side effects.

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