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Can Preparation H Reverse Wrinkles?

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Q. Is it true that Preparation H helps wrinkles on the face?

A. Decades ago Hollywood starlets were reputed to use the hemorrhoid cream Preparation H on their faces to smooth out wrinkles. The shark liver oil and live yeast cell derivative (LYCD) the product contained might even have had some benefit.

We’ll never know for sure. Preparation H has been reformulated. It no longer contains LYCD because the manufacturer could not produce studies demonstrating that LYCD would benefit healing of hemorrhoids. As a result, the FDA disallowed it. Any old reports about its power against wrinkles and other skin problems might not be relevant now.

In Canada, however, Preparation H may still contain LYCD, known there as BioDyne. Purchasing it online requires reading the ingredients list carefully, as not all Prep H sold in Canada contains BioDyne.

Susan told us: "I have not used the "old formula" of Preparation H for myself; however, I have used it on my horses and always included it in my first-aid supplies at the barn.

"My mare once snagged her neck badly on a small-diameter cedar-tree limb that was incompletely cut and sticking out on a fence post. It was quite deep. After I filled the wound completely with the Prep. H just a few times, it healed completely, leaving no indication of the wound -- no scar or anything.

"I was disappointed to read years ago about the formulation being changed to eliminate the shark liver oil and the LYCD. The new product did not heal as well as the old."


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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 3.7/5 (283 votes)
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I never would have believed it! NEVER!!!

For the past 10 years (I am 46) I have had some rather serious itchy skin problems that there just don't seem to be any answers for. (I've tried everything, prescription & OTC.) Well yesterday (Dec 7th) my friend asked me what I first thought to be a very silly question. She said "Have you ever tried preparationH for the itching?"

I obvioulsy said NO thinking she was teasing me. Well, after giggling over this idea for several minutes, I decided, why not. I mean I've tried everything else. So we headed over to the "PH" aisle and chose a tube of the PH Cooling Gel (only because it had free wipe samples with it). Anyway, as we were still giggling over the possibility that this product might help my situation, she told me that models use this stuff for puffy eyes and wrinkles. Then my giggles turned to all out laughter. But after a few minutes of assurances from her that she really was telling the truth, I made my purchase and headed home. I smeared this stuff all over my itchy irritated feet and leg (just my left leg, 1 leg, 2 feet, go figure, lol) and I wait.... Nothing happens.

I was still itching and was out 6 bucks to boot... Oh well, I said, it's not the first time I've blown 6 dollars on a new product, but then I remembered what she said about the models, and even though I was a little embarassed by what I was about to do and feeling like maybe someone was watching me and laughing their butt off, I figured I was already in a deep hole so it couldn't hurt to try it. I dabbed just a little on my top lip (I'm an ex - 4 pack a day smoker and although I've quit, I have some really deep crevices, a.k.a. wrinkles across my top lip).

So, there I was, waiting for whoever it was that might have been watching me to jump out and click a camera or something, but no one was there. It was just me, my wrinkles and this tube of preparation H, so with a little more confidence I rubbed a dime's worth of this stuff across my upper lip.

Within just a few minutes I saw what nobody reading this is going to believe. I saw several years drop off my face... Those years were immediately replaced with a stupid little grin as I looked in the mirror and realized that my deepest crevice has turned into a shallow line. I grabbed that tube and started smearing it around my eyes, my entire mouth and forehead. By then I didn't care who might be watching, because I knew I was the only one laughing.

Today (Dec 8) I started looking online to see if anyone else had had a similar experience; that's when I found this site. I read the original answer about the shark oil.

I don't know anything about shark oil, nor do I know what makes PH work on hemorrhoids and don't care. I am stating, emphatically, to whoever reads these kinds of posts, that in just one application the difference was noticable to me and to my husband. So, as long as it works, I'M USING IT!

Laughing about it, but using it just the same....

Thanks for letting me share a slightly embarassing, but very exciting discovery!

Sherry P

Preparation H with Bio Dyne works. But you can only purchase it in Canada.

I was sleeping, suddenly I was awakened by a severe pain on the left side of my left leg. Rushed into the bathroom in search of ben-gay. I searched and searched--no ben-gay. I had foot cream, anti-biotic ointment, lotion, preparation H. I was desparate for relief, so I applied the preparation H to my painful leg. Within minutes relief came. I could again return to a restful night's sleep.The pain has not returned. Told a friend who suffered from arthritis, she had the same results. I am 63 years old, my friend is 57.

Yes, it really does work. But you have to buy the formula with LYCD (Live Yeast Cell Derivative) in it which is no longer available in the US. Years ago they took out this key ingrediant that helps with fine lines and wrinkles. I have been using it for about a week and already notice a difference in the fine lines under my eyes. Look for the original formuala online (try

My son is using Prep H for his shrink fat...can you send some info on how that is useless?????? I am afraid he will get ill also...

In reference to Barbara, I have heard of Prep H being used on the abs. It is mostly used by body builders before a show, and they rub it on their stomachs and then usually use saran wrap over it. It doesn't shrink fat, but it is supposed to extract the excess water giving slight, temporary changes. I have never heard anything bad about it, and it has definitely been used for that reason for a long time.

I would also have to say that it probably isn't helping your son lose weight there. If you look up Prep H and body builders on google, you can see topics from body builders saying you need to work out to get that smaller stomach, the Prep H just helps them have a quick fix enhancement on their already enhanced bodies.

Good luck! I really do suggest you check out some body builder forums and ask them what they think!

I tried Preparation H today, and it worked! I only had 3 hrs sleep and my eyes were puffy (below the eyes) and my neck looked wrinkly... a real mess. After applying Preparation H for 20 minutes... I was stunned. My skin felt soft and the wrinkles were almost gone.... now 14hrs later it still looks great. I am now throwing out all the 20.00 plus wrinkle removers.....Give it a try!!!!

I have started using the Big H, but I have a concern. Maybe someone can help me with this one. If the ointment leeches(sic)? into the eyes, is it harmful? And, if you ingest a small amount after applying it around the mouth, is it harmful? I read that it could be cancer-causing with over use.

Dear Concerned Readers;

I would like tosay, " we live in a world of appearances and I was observant of this years ago. When I was 27, I asked a friend who was 64, "what do you use on your skin because you look great?" She replied, PREP H and and virgin Olive Oil and no facial soap for the face. I laughed. But I wondered and I tried it. That was 14 years ago.Today, I am 40 1/2 and I look about 26 to 27 years old. The other secret is Apple Cider Vinegar and the powerful usage of Apple Cider Vinegar. I tried everything for my teen/adult acne, but Apple Cider Vinegar and water, with a washcloth, astringent Peroxide and PREP H

Age is Figment of the imagination, My figment is to Prep H...It WORKS!!!

I've been reading all the positive effects of PH and wrinkles. My question is, does the regular PH that is purchase over the counter work, or does it have to contain LYCD in it?

I was wondering if this works for everyone or is it like most other creams it only works for some.I have been using strivectin and I think it does work some but it is really slow and I am looking for something to speed up the removal or reduction of crows feet.

Can you use the ointment or does it have to be the cream?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff - I seriously saw results soon after I started using it!
mme - the ointment works just as well but it's not as nice for the face because it's an ointment and doesn't blend in as well (I use it at night myself). Also the ointment smells mediciny -- but the cream smells fishy so - pick your stink.

where would i order this PREP-H plese let me know i have really deep wrinkles ---

i started to use udder guard that is use for cows teats to help the teats be soft. would it harm me to use it on my face?

Are the results of Prep. H permanent or short-lived? Must it be used daily or once wrinkles are gone, do they stay gone for more than a day?? Also, is there any long-term side effect of using it? For example, could your skin suddenly overcompensate for whatever Prep H is doing and then you'd find yourself with wrinkles-galore or worse?

I visited my dermatologist about 6 months ago to get moles / freckles checked, and also to ask her about treatments for eye puffiness/circles.

She sold me a tiny vial ($75!) of an eye balm she said might help a little bit.

The stuff smelled nice and was a decent moisturizer, I suppose. But it didn't do anything for the puffiness or circles- I almost wondered whether it was making it worse.

I had read several glowing endorsements of Canadian Prep-H with Biodyne and figured, "What the heck? It's cheap. I'll just order it online from a Canadian pharmacy." And so I did. (I would list URL here but that might make some people question my motives... So I'll skip that.)

It arrived in a week. I started using it. A wee bit in the morning- when eyes were the puffiest. Occasionally some at bedtime.

Add me to the list of enthusiastic endorsers of this as a treatment for puffy eyes. It works far, far better than the $75 stuff. It doesn't smell so great-but that fades after application. I'm very pleased with the results and plan to keep using it. I'd recommend it to anyone dealing with puffy eyes.

Where can I find preperation H in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Just got PH all over my face... I'm really hoping you all are telling the truth.
The ingredients in my PH tube are:
mineral oil, petrolatum, phenylephrine and shark liver oil. My face is really shinny...I don't think my skin will absorb all the oil and the thickness. I really want my pores to shrink... I'll let you know. :)

I'm 58 yrs old and a retired hairdresser. I have used prep h since I was 15. My hands look like a 20yr old girls hands, no wrinkles and I have always told all my friends about it (they also laugh) ...but I know it works for me. Also I do order mine from Canada.

Hi everyone! I have heard a lot of wonderful comments on how well preparation h works. I would love someone to tell me if just regular preparation in the US works?? I have been melting down the suppositories because they do contain shark liver oil.. your comments on this would be greatly appreciated..

I am very interested in all this information about preparation H. Question: does it have to have the shark oil in it or not does it still work with out it? I have to stretch my money so this sounds like a dream. I so want to try it but would love to know with or without does it still work? Waiting to hear any input would be great! thank you! ;-)


I have been using the Canadian version for about 4 days now. It does seem to smooth out my face and does reduce the baggage under my eyes after a night of drinking.

Ok- I purchased Prep H and my face does feel smoother after one application. My questions are: Must it be used daily or once wrinkles are gone, do they stay gone for more than a day?? Also, is there any long-term side effect of using it? For example, could your skin suddenly overcompensate for whatever Prep H is doing and then you'd find yourself with wrinkles-galore or worse?

thank you

Everyone must remember, the Preparation H that works for wrinkles and bags under the eyes etc. is the one from Canada. You can order it on line. I ordered mine on line; it took about a week for it to arrive. I just put some on about 10 minutes ago.

Preparation H has been used for years for wrinkles and puffy eyes. For some reason the U.S. changed the formula. I purchased a tube about a month ago in the store. I put it under my eyes, not realizing that the formula had change. It burned my skin. I had to wash it off immediately. Then I did research on the computer and found out that the original formula is only sold in Canada. It was easy to order it on line through one of the Canada Pharmacies websites.

Is there a web site I can go and buy this and how much is this?Is it safe to use and is it called preparation h? How long do you leave this on and then wash it off? Can you put it all over your face? Is it the kind we can buy over the counter here does it work too? Sorry, so many questions, but this is so amazing.

I have been using the Canadian Preparation H CREAM with Bio-Dyne on my face and neck, morning and night, for about a year now. I wash with an inexpensive moisturizing cleansing bar, then put on the Prep H. That's it! No masks, no scrubs, nothing else. I have dry skin. I am 49 years old. I have good skin and good genes to begin with, but everyone thinks I look young. Some people have thought I was my son's wife. I'm two years older than my husband, but I don't look it.

He won't put the stuff on his face, he wants me to buy him the expensive stuff, but it's not working for him. You'd think he'd get it. I have very dry eyes and have never had a problem with the Prep H burning or stinging my eyes and I do apply it around my eyes, not IN my eyes, of course, but gently around my eye area. I also have sensitive skin and have never had a problem.

I do get monthly blemishes. The cream doesn't stop those, but they are not bad. I love mineral make-up to cover those up! I think, after reading someone's post above, that I'm going to start using it on my hands! I never really thought of that. It doesn't smell yummy, but you only smell it for a few minutes. I always go and kiss my boys good-night with it on my face and they never say, "Mom, you stink!"
Here are the ingredients: Shark Liver Oil 3.0%, Yeast as a live cell derivative (Bio-Dyne:Skin Respiratory Factor)1.0%

Try it, you might like it! 50g will cost you between $24.15 - $27.99, including shipping, from the checking around that I have done.
I bought two 50g tubes a year ago, and I'm just coming to the end of the tubes and getting ready to reorder. That's how I stumbled upon these posts. I bet I could still get another month or more out of those tubes. You only need a tiny bit. I use a pea sized blob on my face and neck and often have to blot off extra.

I hope my post was helpful for someone.
We can't keep these "secrets" to ourselves!

I have Preparation H in front of me this very moment and it still contains Shark Oil. Good try though! and it does help with wrinkles, my father is about 70 years old now and is very wrinkle-less and had weighed 300 lbs. at one time, but used this product on his face and he is the one who told me about it because I have bags underneath my eyes from sleepless nights and I am using it. My husband told me it has been helping, so there.

I was wondering if anyone knows if it helps with that baby fat...on the belly??? Stretch marks??? I bought some yesterday in Canada and thought it might help if I try it... I am thin but carry excess skin on my belly from having two children.

I was looking for the Canadian Prep H on eBay & found that there are two kinds of the cream now. One shows the regular cream in a tube & the other is a jar & is labeled as skincare. The skincare kind says that it doesn't have the odor.

Has anyone tried the new Canadian skincare kind of Prep H? Does it work as well?

Whoops! I just realized that the other item in the jar that was labeled Prep H on the item name wasn't the true stuff. I had to go down the page to read the fine print where it said it was not affiliated with the company that makes Prep H.... Don't be fooled by this seller. I'm gonna report them to eBay.

I ordered & got the real Prep H from Canada a few days ago. I could see a marked difference within just about 20 minutes! It also has a nice feel on the skin. It isn't such a big difference that people are gonna think I had a face lift, but I can sure see it myself. It helps the undereye puffies & seems to smooth out the cheek wrinkles that I have from smoking. Of course, the deep wrinkles weren't affected much, but this is more than I expected. I will definitely continue using it. I have yet to try putting foundation over it, but it seems like it will glide on easily if I let it soak in for awhile first.

Thanks everyone!!!

Is there a difference between cream and ointment? Is one more effective than the other?


I wanted to know what are the steps to take. Do I apply the virgin Olive Oil first or do I use the Apple Cider Vinegar and water, astringent Peroxide and PREP H?

Could you please let me know the sequence?
The Prep H is that to be used everyday and even night? Is the oinnment or cream better? Which Prep H would you recommend? What kind of Peroxide do you use what brand?

Thank you so much for your input and help. Have a blessed day!

ph works on wrinkles. can you get it in the usa or canada only..

The Canadian version of Preparation H contains Biodyne, which the U.S. version does not. There is a cream and an ointment. Both are equally effective but the ointment is heavier and greasier. If you wish to use this on your face, buy the cream version of Preparation H WITH BIODYNE as it does not leave a shiny, greasy film.

There is a gel version of Preparation H but it does NOT contain biodyne.

Oh my. I bought this today, but it wasn't a cream or an ointment, it was a gel and didn't have a smell at all. I bought it for the sole purpose of trying to lesson my wrinkles (thanks to many years of smoking) and within a few minutes I noticed a difference and within about 20 mins, my skin was tighter, deep wrinkles lessened to lines and I find my forehead is not moving as much when I smile and my crows feet are practically gone.

I love this stuff already, I am just worried in case it has any side effects. The gel absorbed really quickly. I hope this is ok to use regularly, cos now I think I am going to be addicted to the stuff. I have already had my teenage daughter laughing at me for it, but it was worth it :D

Great post, the old lady's picture is adorable.

I must add that prep h has really made a difference with the lines around my mouth. Also, I have veins above my eyelid and prep h has eased the appearance of these veins. I further advanced the use under my chin and neck. Yep, it works... and from other comments I will use it on my hands, can't wait... My concern is what are the negative long term affects. But I will continue the use.

Just started using Prep h on my face after noticing a friends skin looking so great (I actually thought she had botoxed). After reading about the live yeast cells i checked and luckily this ingredient is in the Prep h sold here in South Africa!

Unfortunately I used it for 2 months and it does not work, so don't waste you're money. IS

Did you have the Canadian version?

Did you use the U.S. version?

Hi d.d., I'm also from SA, and I'm using the ointment. Is there a cream version available locally, because the ointment is a bit too greasy on the face, although it's excellent for other dry areas and the ingredients are just right. If you found a cream version, please let me know where! Thanks

So I can get a tube of the Canadian "Preparation H" or I can get a small jar that has the shark oil and 1% biodyne that is called simply "Prep H".

Anyone know what the difference is? The jar says it is specifically made for the face without the smell... any difference in quality or effects? Thanks!

I purchased Prep H from Canada which supposedly is the "real deal" with the yeast and Biodyne. The cost with shipping was around $25. I used it for a month and didn't see much of a difference in my "crow's feet", however, I started using it on my decolletage area and have seen immediate results. That area of your body (chest) shows one's age if you've been exposed to a lot of sun. So be sure to always protect it with Sunscreen and rub Prep H on it daily.

So, after reading all these reviews about Preparation H, I ordered one online and I couldn't wait to get it. I finally did, 3 days ago.. I'm not sure if I am posting this review a bit too soon but I saw people here mentioning that they saw results as soon as 10 minutes. I guess I had high expectations? I have been using it for 3 days, mornings and nights but I have not seen any results.

I'm afraid I see a little bit more wrinkles. I'm 35 and I started getting some wrinkles around the eyes, nothing bad but nothing is better. Anyway, I will keep using for at least one more week, my wrinkles are not that bad compared to some reviewers here that claimed to fix the problem in as little as 10 minutes. Anybody else? I guess I'm just disappointed after waiting almost a month for the shipping. I will post updates of course, if I get as lucky as the above reviewers.

Hi All

A friend who had a very bad week said 'thank god for prep H' when asked why she said it worked on her puffy from crying eyes. I got some this afternoon to try on my eyes and I could see a difference immediately. I have just put some on the whole of my face and can feel it tightening. It has witch hazel in it so will soothe and it good for skin anyway.
I'm in the UK!

Love it! I'm 40 and my skin under eyes was really dry. I purchased Canadian Preparation-H about a month ago and have been using it daily since then.
It helped! My skin looks younger and firmer. I also started using apple cider vinegar as a tonic.

Nope. It doesn't work. I've been using it for a month and a half and nothing happened. Nada! I'm starting to feel that people that claim it helped immediately are those who actually sell it. I knew it was too good to be true and it is. I have very little wrinkles and it did absolutely nothing.

I am past 80 years old, about 40-50 years ago, at Walgreens drugs, they had an ointment named,"Sperty biodyne ointment'" and it had shark liver oil and lycd ingredients in it. We started using it for cuts and abrasions, and found that it healed real fast, and with very little scarring. We were really impressed with it. Then, it became unavailable, and we found that the old preparation H had the same ingredients and started to use that. The old Sperty Biodyne co. of Cincinnati went out of business.

Then the dang FDA got to meddling in the affair and Prep-H formula was forced to change the formula and removed the LYCD from it. Now after considerable searching I just today received five(5);75 gram tubes of Prep-H from a Canadian drug firm at $21.00 U.S. per tube plus S/H. Last tube of Prep-H that I bought in the USA cost me $2.50 at Dollar general Stores. Thanks to FDA meddling that's quite a jump in price. Tom P., U.S.A.


After so many years, I re-read the website. This is how I have been doing it and as of today the same way. I am a Male by the way and I use to model and had a bad case of acne and Eczema. Here goes: I use a cold cream on my face to take off the dirt first, then I fill the vanity sink with lukewarm water, then I pour about a cup of apple cider vinegar in the water and I take a terry cloth towel and wash my face (as if I had soap) in the apple cider vinegar and water (Keep your eyes close because the vinegar will sting your eyes).

After thoroughly washing your face and neck, you will see the dirt and oil float to the top as well as you skin will immediately glow, feel clean and fresh!!! Then I let the dirt water out of the sink and rinse my face with cool lukewarm water.

I then use peroxide as an astringent but not everyday (about three times a week... less if your skin is overly sensitive) afterwards I take PREP H with shark oil and apply it to my face then I add a moisturizer or toner like esoterica, then I use a sunblock (the higher 30 to 50) the better.

And there it is!!! I do this morning and night. Now I am 43 years of age and still look about 27. My Aunt at Easter 2011 asked me, "What have you done have you had a face lift?" I had to laugh because she needed a whole shipment of PREP!!! It works!!!

For my health gray-less flocks, I keep a Gallon of Apple Cider Vinegar inserted with Clean Fresh Sage and Rosemary (Herbs) in the fridge and after I Shampoo my hair, put it on my hair and let it air dry and follow my hair regimen. I also mix the yolk of an egg and mayo together for a conditioner and "What Shine and Protein My Hair has"!!!

I am a Chicagoan from the States and Chicago is a city that Prides itself on Dress, etc. Men and Women of all ethnic groups pride themselves on their looks in my fair city, and always has... no such thing as metrosexual!!

So I hope this works for you!!! Last but not least, We can't help it when we are born and we sure don't know when we are leaving earth but we can look good on Earth in the Living and Look good in the Box in the Dead!!! Lol

Also, I only use virgin olive oil on my skin for a moisturizer (biblically and people on the Mediterranean have used it for thousands of years for food and skin) But I only use lite virgin olive oil. I add Fresh Rose peddles to the Bottle and when I use it up I purchase a new bottle and put fresh rose peddles in the new bottle. I use Olive Oil and Prep H together at night for my skin moisturizer, after I have bathed or showered.

Hope that works!!! Blessings to you!!! Make' em Green With Envy for Keeping you, together!!!


I use any brand of Peroxide and the Regular Prep H but I like the grease-less PreP H With the Green Writing on the tube during the day and the regular at night when the body is a rest.



How often to use the finger mixture in your hair? daily? Also how often do you use the yolk/mayo conditioner? Do you use the olive oil every night? I am 30 and look young but I want to keep it that way...Thanks :)


Where do you buy your preparation H? looked up US ingredients and it still says shark liver oil but nothing about yeast... is that the key?? Please let me know ASAP would like to get this regimen started.

My grandmother passed away at 95 years old a few years ago and looked like she was 60. I am almost 46 and look 25. I use the same things my grandmother did all her life. Noxema and Ponds face cream.

She started using Noxema in her early 20's. Since 1914, it has been sold in a small cobalt blue jar. Noxzema contains camphor, menthol, phenol and eucalyptus, among other ingredients.

She started using Ponds cold cream in her teens as her mother used it. It has been sold since the 1800's and contains Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum), Water, Beeswax (Apis Mellifera), Ceresin, Sodium Borate, Fragrance (Parfum), Carbomer.

Before Noxema she used Ivory soap on a cloth with a sprinkle of salt and some herbs her mother kept in a glass bottle.

Neither of us smoked, drank, and always slept with 2 pillows.

Helllooooooo Everyone,
I am a African American female, an I have been using Prep H for about 2 days now. First I started with the Greasy stuff (lol) now I am using the CREAM. So far I see an feel a difference in my skin. I am 27, but I look around 20. I have tried every skin regiment in BOOK lol an nothing seem to get rid of my BAGS under my eyes. Now I am trying Prep H hopefully it will get rid of them for good. I will post back in about 2 weeks to let you all know how it is working!!!
Peace an Blessings~~~ CREAM

I decided to try prep H on my face two days ago. I'm only 27, don't have a lot of wrinkles, but I do have a lot of pigment issues from acne scars and a lot of larger pores and some fine little wrinkles here and there no thanks to stress from kids. My preparation h is from the u.s. and doesn't contain this lycd that people claim is the only one that works.

Well I am proof that the regular u.s. brand works pretty darn good! Immediately after using it my face looks tighter, smoother, softer, and my acne pigment issue is dramatically less noticeable. I have used literally tons of different anti wrinkle veranda ranging from home made to $200 prescription products, and NONE have left me with such instant results with no side effects! I would Definitely say give this a try, even the u.s. brand

Hid.d. - Like Johanita, I live in South Africa. Having read all the testimonials here for Prep H it really sounds like I should give it a try! Is it easily available at all the well known pharmacies here in Jo'burg and Cape Town? Guess it needs to be bought from the meds. counter?

It's all about the Canadian version. Finally, a cosmetic product you can only get IN CANADA! Yeah! BioDyne for the win ladies. I have this "furrowed brow" thing going on and it WENT AWAY after I put it on my face. I was using it for my allergies (itchy rash on my face from contact dermatitis, as I have really sensitive skin) Not only did it calm the itching but my face looked AWESOME!

Okay, so the Prep H also raises the Blood Pressure...I purchased and now want to give it a try can you tell me if applying this to your face hands and neck raise your BP?...

People's Pharmacy response: It might. Although that skin is less permeable than the tender tissue for which it is intended, it is a much bigger surface area.

I ordered the Canadian prep h and have been using it for two weeks under my eyes, sadly I see no difference at all with fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, etc. very disappointed!

I had a friend tell me about using prep h so I gave it a try, but only on 1/2 of my face. I used a generic US version. After using it in the AM and at bed time for 4 days I can see an obvious difference. Then I took a picture so I could see without my glasses. My face has toned a lot on the PH side and that side of my mouth has smoothed out as well as around my eyes. So I put it on my hands. Then I found this site :). It may take longer but I'm staying with the US version since it worked for me. I just hope my face evens out soon, I'm kinda uneven for now.

Hi carla my name is tricia I'm getting married sat 28 2012 at 2pm
Is the ph ur using bought here us is it a ointment or cream plz respond ASAP so I buy the right stuff plz

Hi to everyone. Ok I have read each and every comment on this page. I have heard about ph helping out for puffiness under the eyes but not about the wrinkles. I am 43 and I have a few wrinkles and I am going to try it and give honest results!
SO see you in a few days!

Yes, the current fromula works and so does the Prep H cream, both sold at any US store. The advantage of the cream is that you can use it under your makeup with no shine or greasiness.

I remembered that preparation H suppositories contain shark oil and since I had some in my medicine cabinet, I decided to try them. They work beautifully and are not greasy, so can be worn under makeup. Using them twice a day seems to keep the wrinkles away. I just store them in my medicine cabinet and peel back the foil wrapper to put on like chap stick. Works like magic!

I will be trying this out for the first time shortly. I hope the US suppositories work just as well as said above. I'm only 27 but I have horrible laugh lines on my face esp my forehead. Wish me luck! :)

I will be 37 this year and the past 6 months I have noticed the skin under my eyes was always puffy and lines were forming around my eyes and on the top of my cheek bones. I have been using prep H every morning for a month now and apply it all over my face and neck and I have to say I look 10 years younger :) the lines are gone the puffiness is gone. It worked pretty much instantly.

If you are thinking about trying it you need to buy the cream as it contains LYCD (Live Yeast Cell Derivative) and it is only in Canada. This ingredient was removed from Prep H sold in the states as it is the main ingredient cosmetic companies put in the expensive anti wrinkle creams. The cooling gel wont work as it does not contain this ingredient. I live in Canada and a tube costs about $10. I have thrown out the hundreds of dollars worth of wrinkle cream and stocked up on Prep H. Also it is good on the hands keeps the wrinkles and age spots away :).

I must say it is amazing how redundant the questions are, as far as the difference in the US Preparation H and the Canadian. Most just need to read EVERY comment and the answers are THERE.

I have spoken to several people over the years who use Prep H with bio-dyne, and swear by it for wrinkles and eye puffiness.

Info about the original product is found on Wiki.

However, even though everyone is suggesting, just do a search for Canadian pharmacies and purchase there. Ive been searching online for an hour, and even when they are saying it has the actual ingredient, when you read the fine -ingredient- print, its not there.

I wish someone would please email me where you are buying the "real thing."


Thanks for all the info guys!! I really appreciate it!

I'm going to try this but does anyone know the effect for someone who has HBP?

These stories are all very intriguing and interesting, but isn't anyone concerned about the OTHER ingredients in Preparation H -- especially if they're putting it anywhere near their eyes?

Ingredients like "White Petrolatum USP" (petroleum oil -- petroleum as in 'gasoline'), Propyl Gallate, Propylene Glycol, Edetate Disodium, Glyceryl Stearate, Laureth 23, etc., etc.?


Thanks in advance.

Do not get the ointment it stinks really bad and is very greasy. The cream is white and has no smell.

Should you use the cream or the gel preparation h or does it matter? I was told by a friend she said the clear gel I do not have hemorrhoids so I do not know the difference. I am in my 50's and never had to use it thanks for any info..:)

I am also from south africa and bought prep h today. Just want to know if you still using it, and if any side effects. Also, how long do I need to use if for? On a perm basis or only for occasions?

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