Q. Last night I sliced my finger on the inside of a can that I was rinsing out. It was a fairly significant cut.
I rinsed it and applied pressure, then went to the cupboard and pulled out a packet of black pepper (which had been stored in the cupboard specifically to treat cuts). I put black pepper on the bleeding cut and then bandaged it and it seemed fine. After a few minutes, I started to think maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to put pepper into an open wound. I decided to rinse out the cut and make sure it was clean, then wrap it again and start over.

But when I took the bandage off, the bleeding had stopped and the cut was basically sealed. I rinsed it and put a new bandage on. This morning, I looked again and it hardly looks like there was a cut at all, though it’s still quite tender. I’m amazed this worked so well!

A. Thanks for your story. Other readers have reported that ground black pepper does seem to help stop bleeding, but a serious cut requires medical attention instead of home remedies.

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