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Vinegar for Underarm Odor

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Almost all antiperspirants contain aluminum, in one form or another. It is hard to say at this time whether we absorb any of that aluminum into our systems and even if we did, whether it would be harmful. Nonetheless, some people prefer to minimize their exposure. Here’s an interesting alternative: Q.Thank you so much for writing about using vinegar and water on underarms. I have had a problem with smelly underarms most of my life and have tried almost every product on the market. Nothing really stopped the odor. When I read about vinegar, I gave it a try. It has been a miracle. I can now go out in the heat, exercise and go through the day without smelling at all. It is amazing and cheap. A. Thanks for the testimonial. We heard this from another reader: “I had chemo treatment for breast cancer in 2002 and found that all antiperspirants caused redness and irritation. My doctor advised me not to use any deodorant, but that did not suit me. I tried plain white vinegar, and it worked so well I’ve kept it up ever since.�? Diluted vinegar should be applied only to unbroken skin (not after shaving), or it will sting. If it causes any rash or other reaction, it should be discontinued immediately.


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  • Currently 3.6/5
  • 1
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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this remedy work? Average rating: 3.6/5 (455 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I read about the risk of using regular deodorants because of the potentially risky ingredients they contain, so I decided to try an organic deodorant. Not only it did not work but I started having underarm odor even after I returned to my old product of 15 years. After I went online and researched underarm odor, I found a site with a reader's comment assuring that baking soda and lemon make a good remedy for this embarrasing disorder. I made myself a mixture of baking soda and lemon extract in a little water and put it in a dispenser bottle. I apply it every morning and it works. The odor dissapears for more than a day and I can now use the organic deodorant effectively. Since baking soda is abrassive and does not completely dissolve, I recommend not to rub the solution too much under the arm or any other affected area. Thanks

Your site for vinegar versus fungus would not come up so I am using this site to let you know my success. Toenail fungus. About two years ago I started spraying vinegar (I keep a spray bottle in the bathroom) on my dried toes after every bath. My toenails are now beautiful and fungus free. Inexpensive and easy and no side effects. It just took a while. Please tell that ignorant podiatrist he is misinformed. It does work!
Katherine Webb

My former job was working backstage for the wardrobe department in theatre. Actors sweat, and clothes that are not machine washable are only dry-cleaned once a week. Clothes get sweaty each day and smell.

The solution that I was taught and used everywhere is to spray undiluted white vinegar or vodka (the cheaper and higher proof the better) on the armpits and other areas that get sweaty. Once the vinegar or vodka was allowed to dry, the clothes didn't smell. It worked for the 15 years that I did it.

Vinegar for underarm odor didn't work for me, but Milk of Magnesia applied to the underarm area works perfectly. Also it doesn't sting even when used after shaving.

Pls. help me to resolve my underarm odor. I've tried already almost all deodorants on the market. I want to ask if the vinegar you are talking must be a distilled one or if I can make use of the crane vinegar used for cooking.

Don't use baking soda. It made my armpits' skin dark, and I don't know why. The odor was gone, but it left my skin so dark. Please recommend another remedy for under arm odor that works and does not darken the skin. Thanks.

I agree that baking soda should not be used. It does control odor but it severely irritates my skin and turns my arm pits black. I am going to try vinegar although I am skeptical. I have tried rubbing alcohol and peroxide to no avail. I truly hope the vinegar works.

Instead of using deoderant for underarms, I tried Listerine. It works for me.

I tried the Milk of Magnesia. It is a miracle! Works perfectly! The vinegar left me smelling like saurkraut and really didn't work (sorry).

I switched to mostly using a non-aluminum deodorant about 2 years ago and have been very happy; my arthritis showed a 50% improvement within a month. It's important that you use a natural deodorant that contains rock salt for odor control; I prefer the ones that also contain lavender oil. I only use an antiperspirant when I don't want sweat stains to show. It's also better for your clothes not to use antiperspirants.

I've tried something I read about in a travel magazine: in the morning I apply a small amount of anitbacterial hand cleaner (like Purell) to my underarms, and follow it with a light application of baby powder (cornstarch version). Works for me and eliminates deodorant stains on dark clothing.

I use 1/2 cup of corn starch and 1/2 cup of baking soda, mixed together and used with a puff. Works great for underarm odor if you're allergic to deodorant, or just don't want to use chemicals.

I actually have a question. I today, just went to my doctor about under arm odor that I have had for more then two years. He has no idea what to do for me so he initially wanted me to see an endocronologist. I called them and they say I need to see a Nuerologist. ???? So after the run around I came home after work today, worked out, smelled, got a shower, and looked for applecider vinegar.

I couldnt find it in my house so i used ride vinegar. then after 10 minutes I applied regular deodarant. So far, an hour later, i am smelling great. But will it last? Whats the deal with the nuerologist? Should I apply the deodarant after I use vinegar?
I would love to hear your thoughts.

i have been living with underarm odor since my daughter was born 5yrs ago, i was told it was hormones, however when i shower the smell never totally goes aawy, and sometimes i scrubb so much that my arms are sore and irritated,ive tried every deodorants,but to no avail!! im very frustrated, embarrassed and hopeless, i will be getting married within a year and i dont want that to be an issue for me. someone please help

People's Pharmacy Answer:

You may want to try Milk of Magnesia. Let us know if it works please. You are clearly a tough case. If you search this Web site for milk of magnesia you will discover that many folks have found a little of this white laxative on their armpits works wonders.

You can start taking liquid Chlorophyll from the health food store or pharmacy. A teaspoon or less in a glass of water.
It helps so much!!!! Digestion, glowy skin, natural deodorant, Liquid sunshine!

I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar with a cheap bottle of hair conditioner mixed together and poured into my laundry rinse cycle. No more itchy skin, no more clothes odor and NO MORE ALLERGIES! I have been mixing vinegar with a pinch of
baking soda and a drop of clear dish soap to a spray bottle topped off with water. What a great cleaner.
Love vinegar!!!!!!

I tried baking soda, but it itched a lot and did not work every time. I didn't get any rash though or change of colour of my armpits. I find it hard to imagine how could the skin turn black or very dark ... Unless you have naturally dark(er) complection.

Now I am testing home made apple vinegar. We'll see how that goes ...

My daughter and I have been trying to find an answer to this one lately...something natural that will keep us from smelling. The vinegar only lasted about half a day for me. I do like a rock deodorant I bought at a health food store but I can't use it every day as then my underarms get kind of raw. My daughter hadn't been able to find anything that worked until we combined two of the mentioned remedies. First we spray with vodka, let it dry and then use the Milk of Magnesia on top of that. Works beautifully! So happy to find something natural to solve this problem!

I decided to try the alcohol instead of the vinegar due to fear of the lingering smell.I am happy to say the alcohol as worked wonderfully for me.

My underarms become very irritated and itchy with regular commercial deodorants. I like Purell the best because it dries quickly and really works. No underarm odor. The information on these pages are so helpful. Thank you.

I have tried using zinc and it works for me -- under arm odor is caused by bacteria that's why Purell type products work - they are alcohol and kill the bacteria. Also vinegar is anti bacterial along with tea tree oil (which MUST be mixed with a carrier oil if used on skin ! Never use essential oil by itself !!!) zinc also helps to prevent wetness (you can use baby rash type cream) works great!

I am booked for botox injections to stop my underarm sweating. I was looking for any chance I've missed trying a treatment or product. I've tried it all. Carrying extra shirts, wet wipes etc has helped get me through with less embarrassment, but I'd like a break. I was also trying to find info on whether not sweating in my underarms would effect risk of breast cancer, lymphoma by reducing lymph circulation. Haven't found any major deterrents yet. Good luck everyone.

I too began using baking soda instead of deoderant/antipersperant. I have never had an odor/sweat problem, but two years ago I had my first child. Since then I have experienced an increased odor. Even after applying deodorant a slight odor would occur. Also, after showering at night, if I didn't apply deodorant, I would develop an odor later that evening or in the morning.

I began using baking soda each night (or morning if I showered in the morning) about 2 weeks ago. I haven't experienced any odor issues, but this morning I noticed that my armpits were really dark and covered with dead skin. They were also peeling on the edges. I didn't notice this yesterday, but I guess I could have just over looked it.

I keep a giant bottle of white vinegar under my kitchen sink and a small bottle in the bathroom to spray the shower so I guess I'll try that and some of the other suggestions.

i have a really bad under arm odor and i would really like to know how to apply the vinegar under-arms. ex: after showering, before showering, etc.

My daughter and I have the underarm smell problem. I have tried every deodorant. I have tried rock deodorant, aubrey’s natural deodorant spray and milk of magnesia. While showering, I now use betadine from time to time. After bathing apply deodorant. It combats the odor for a while. So, whenever I notice the deodorant is not doing the job, I shower again using the betatdine. Note: some people are allergic to betadine.

I don't know how I acquire this underarm odor but it really is a very big problem to me... also my 9 yr old daughter suffers from this odor, what shall we do? please help!

Hello...I am just one of many people who suffer from underarm odor, ever since I reached my adolescence. Too bad for me... it's really a hindrance to do anything in my life really hard. That I don't know how to solve it.. tried so many deo and anti perspirants.. and now driclor. I thought this will be the end, but sad to say its not. It irritates my skin a lot and I smell stinky. Please help me. I want to try that milk of magnesia but don't know if its available here in Iligan City Philippines.

I had bad underarm odor after stopping hormone pills. I found that my underarms were turning yellow. I also read about the harms of the chemicals in over counter deodorants.

I tried help..guess I have bad case.
I then purchased some Tea Tree Oil online... I use it diluted with water and small amount of scented oil mixed in a jar. I use cotton to apply. I guess you could use small spray bottle.

So far seams to help. I don't shave so if you shave I would test it first. Also the Tea Tree Oil works great on bug bites and small cuts.

I have a problem with underarm odor and wetness. I don't sweat so much until I get wet spots on my clothes but I feel like not long after I apply my deodorant that my underarms are wet and I get a musty smell. I have tried different deodorants and nothing helps. I am tired of this musty smell, it always happens, especially when it is real hot outside. Can anyone tell me what to do to get rid of this musty underarm odor??

Hi, I have a six year old that suffers from god awful underarm odor and something that seems to work well for her is lemon. I cut a lemon in half and rub it on her underarms no rash has appeared just light tickling.

I have tried every deodorant on the market to no avail. I have suffered from foul armpits as far back as I can remember. I've used dove, ladies speed stick, soft n dry, degree, ladies choice, suave, mitchum, ban,crystal, vinegar, baking soda, milk of magnesia, alcohol, arrid, adidas and certain dri. Certain dri was the best that I had found but there still seemed to be an underlying must to my pits.

I decided to try Listerine as I'd seen in some comments. I promise that this is the best thing I've ever used. I can actually wear it alone although I'd been putting the certain dri over it. I forgot the other day and just wiped with the Listerine alone. I was frightened that I would smell before the days end but I was actually fresh when I got home. For me to be fresh is something that just doesn't happen trust me. Listerine is the way to go!!!

Listerine...the mouthwash?

Hi all,

I have a really serious underarm problem that started a few years ago, maybe 5 or 6. I have tried every single cormorant on the market, including the clinical strength ones and even men's deodorant. In the shower, I wash my underarms and scrub even with pumice stones to get the smell out and I can never leave the shower totally odor-free. This is extremely embarrassing.

I can't give anyone hugs or hold the rail on the train without offending people. I used to dance and I would have to apply deodorant before and after. I still have to apply every few hours now and I don't dance anymore. When I get stressed, it's worse. The deodorant doesn't work and I tried the vinegar also. It worked for about 3 hours on one day only.

I don't want to treat this, I want to cure it. I want to be able to apply one a day, not be disgusting in a matter of an hour after a shower. Please, can anyone help? I'm so ashamed by this. I'm extremely clean and I can't stop the smell.

Thank you so much in advance for anyone that can help me. This is a really extreme case.


Can I use the white vinegar used for cooking?

I have been to general doctors and one endocrinologist and all he was suggesting was that I go to a dermatologist. I have hyperhidrosis, I am a little afraid of how a botox injection will affect my body but nothing else seem to work. I have read that sweat is not the cause of the odor but when it mixes with the bacteria from your skin is the cause of the problem.

Since no doctor can recommend anything to kill that bacteria, reducing the sweating is my only option. I was surprised that the people on this web site know more about solutions to this problem than the doctors.

I have tried most of these remedies with no success but for a few hours turnip juice seem to work for a short time. Squeeze the turnip juice in a t-shirt and rub it on your underarm and let it dry

I've experimented with several homemade deodorants -many mentioned here. I'll relate my experiences in case they will help people:

a. I first tried a simple powder of 1/2 baking soda and 1/2 cornstarch. The baking powder neutralizes bacteria while the cornstarch absorbs the moisture where odor-producing bacteria grow. I scented with some essential oils. This worked great for me and several friends who I talked into trying my recipe. In fact, it worked better than any commercial product I've tried. After a few days of use, I had absolutely NO underarm odor. I don't know if all the bacteria were dead or what. I bought a little makeup brush to brush on the powder. It was messy in a way but very effective. After about six months, however, I started getting rashes under my arms. I read online to reduce the baking soda in the mix and tried again. Still had rashes. I think the powder works well but some people may not be able to tolerate the baking soda.

b. I also experimented with mixing the powder into coconut oil to make a solid. I never worked out a viable product but others may have more success.

c. My old commercial deodorants gave me rashes. The new powder worked great but started giving me rashes. Cologne would work for awhile but really only masked any odor for awhile. That's when I read about using vinegar. I bought a small spray bottle and mixed in a bit of my favorite cologne and white vinegar. I spray it on and it works as well as the powder. There is initially a smell of vinegar for a minute or two until the spray dries, but then I cannot smell any vinegar. Pros: Works great. Cheap. Easy to spray on. Cons: Traveling requires putting the bottle in a ziploc bag or you may face a suitcase splashed with vinegar.

I stopped using deodorant all together because I could not find one that worked for me. My husband was not so pleased about this so I began looking into other options. I tried Burt's Bees, the one for men and it sort of worked, but not fully. I just bought the Avalon Organics the lavender one and Weleda, the citrus one.

Usually there is always at least a hint of body odor no matter what for me, but not this time. I sprayed one on each side to do a comparison. So far, they both appear to be working. They are both sprays and from what I read, sprays are supposed to work the best to combat body odor.

The first ingredient in each of the sprays is alcohol. These so far are the most effective ones that I have used If these don't work I plan to use the lemon and then the vinegar. I will follow up if things change.

My under arms get sweat and smells very stinky. I have gone through the comments and I would like to use the vinegar. Please suggest me how to use the vinegar (non-diluted or diluted-- if so what is the ratio and with what) to the under arms and when to use.

I am very new to the product vinegar. Please give the clear picture which brand I have to go for and what type of white vinegar I have to use.

I would be very thankful for your suggestion.

Does the Weleda (Citrus) still works for you?

The Weleda was ok. I found the avalon organics lavender to work the best so I also bought the grapefruit and geranium and I switch between the two. I infrequently use the weleda. I like the smell of it, it just does not last like the avalons.

I too cannot use commercial antiperspirants. I get a rash from every one, starting when I was about 18 (now I'm 31). I've tried many "natural" deodorants; some give me a rash, and none of them seem to work very well for me.

The solution I've found is hand sanitizer. (like Purell, Germ-X, even store brands work fine) I spread a good amount of it under my arms after drying off from a shower. Keeps odor away for about 24 hours.

I've also found that wearing synthetic fibers (polyester, rayon, nylon, spandex/lycra, etc) can increase odor, probably because they don't breathe as well as natural fibers like cotton. It is hard to find tops & sweaters that are 100% cotton but I try.

Also, I never wear a shirt/top more than once before laundering it.
I hope this helps. I truly understand how frustrating this problem can be.

Today I diluted salt into water and took a cloth then poured the salt water on it and wiped my underarm. My underarm does not smell, there is no smell at all.

I am one of those people who deal with this problem everyday.
Personally, the only thing that has worked for underarm odor is Milk of Magnesia. It doesn't matter what brand you select. On the other hand, Milk of Magnesia does not help with underarm wetness. I notice when I am "Nervous" or "Stressed".......THAT IS WHEN WETNESS kicks in. If I pay more attention to the wetness the wetter I get. Sometimes, I feel it is psychological.

I have had a problem with commercial deodorants causing itching on my underarms and then a rash... because of that I began looking for a substitute. My husband has had the same problem and alerted me that he had been using "Pinkxalve" pronounced as pink salve... which is actually a diaper ointment. Main ingredient is zinc oxide. I have used it now for about a year and it actually works. Only problem is that it its a bit messy as I put it on with my fingertips... but then I wipe the remainder on the area below my breasts where I often have a rash in hot weather. Seems to help there too. Sounds funky - I know - but it does work.


In response to many reports of success with MoM (milk of magnesia) dabbed on the underarms we are poised to launch a new product from The People's Pharmacy: Milk of Magnesia roll-on deodorant. Visit this Web site in about a week or so to see the product and purchase online.

OMG, if your doctor gave you a referral (and they should have, not just 'you should go see them') to an endo. the neurologist should NOT refer you to another doctor over the phone. I can't imagine why they should do that anyways, when neurologists are more cognitive. Yeah the hormones that may be increasing your b.o. can be in your brain, but the endo. is the one that looks at hormones... b.o. can definitely be a sign on an endocronoligcal imbalance.

NEW REMEDY: Any brand of "triple antibiotic ointment," a first aid cream of the kind you can buy over the counter in the U.S. Kills the bacteria and helps promote healing if you have redness from other deodorants. Lasts for one day to a week (!) depending on the temperature (for example, if you're out camping and can't shower). I'm in subtropical Florida. Haven't had a problem with staining on my cotton/poly blend loose shirts, but you might want to test first.

Hi Room!
I have developed this problem in the past year. Yes, I am peri menopausal, w/ a thyroid problem. I use Jason's deodorant, Arm and Hammer Essentials and a mixture of Tea Tree Oil w/ Witch Hazel applied with a cotton round. This works really well for me, even after I shave (-8

My mind wants to know what causes this within me? Anyone read that it is an amino acid problem? I once read that for the Japanese kamikaze pilots, if they had armpit order they were not allowed to fly, because they believe that there was an underlying problem.
Any info would be greatly appreciated ! I would like to get back to: "Raise your hands if your SURE" lol

I had an allergic reaction to anti-perspirant deodorant. My armpits turned a dark blue black like a bad bruise and I hurt everywhere. I went to the doctor and he said I had aluminum poisoning and it was affecting my lymph nodes. It took some time to clean my system out and I got rid of the aluminum anti-perspirant and all of the aluminum cookware in my house. I've used plain deodorant and am not happy with it. Am now going to try some of the remedies listed here.

This method seems to work really well. I use a spray bottle (2 squirts under each arm) and neat white vinegar.

I've been having this problem for YEARS YEARSSSSSS. I tried the vinegar but it really hurts the armpit and leaves an after smell. I washed it off about 20 times max. My question is how long should we do this? for a week everyday or every 2 weeks everyday? it doesn't explain I am helpless and embarrassed. help

I have been using vinegar all week since I heard about it on the Dr. Oz show. I'm tired of my white blouses with yellow marks from the deodorant and listening about how it is not good for us. So far the vinegar is working wonderfully and this morning I found a old bottle of roll on deodorant, took out the ball and replaced contents with vinegar. Works perfectly; once it dries... no odor.

This might put some companies out of business... ha ha but we have to think what is best for our bodies.

I have been wanting to go away from commercial deodorant to something cheaper, better for me, and more effective (there was always a hint of body odor under the deodorant I used no matter what brand)

I have had wonderful experiences with the baking soda as it leaves me smell free, however it is chafing and darkening my underarms, even when mixed with water to a paste or with lotion. SO I am planning to try vinegar, lemon, and purell just to see how they work out.

Maybe I should try the baking soda again and dissolve it completely in boiling water or something. I don't know it works great I just don't like the chafing or darkening.

We will see I guess :) Good luck to all.

Why doesn't this page say anything more than "vinegar for Underarm odor". There are no instructions at all. Is it white vinegar or cider vinegar? Is it straight or diluted? What exactly is the "remedy". Is there some other link to follow with this information?

Make sure you follow these helpful hints.

Its not just the body but our clothes too need to be treated. Just throwing them in the laundry does not often kill the stubborn bacteria and your BO will come back when you wear those clothes, no matter what deodorant or antiperspirant you use. I always soak the armpit section of my clothes in vinegar and leave them aside for a couple of hours before putting them in the washer. I don't soak the entire clothes cos then I will need to bring home gallons of vinegar. Its best not to dilute it with water but you can mix it with baking soda (not baking powder). I fill a cup with vinegar, then dip in only the armpit section of the shirt, squeeze out the excess vinegar... and then repeat for all the other clothes.

1 cup is sufficient for around a dozen shirts. I find this works more effective than just spraying and I would have a darn clean fresh smelling laundry. If you have a crystal stone, you can wet it and rub it on the armpit part of your clothes, yes, the clothes. This enormously reduces the chances of bacteria forming and smelling on your clothes. Do this in the night or an hour earlier before you leave home cos the wet stain takes a little time to dry.

I don't know about you guys, but my clothes often smell much worse than my armpits when I sweat. When I do these 2 steps above, almost ANY deodorant works and I don't stink for the next 24 hours. I still do sweat sometimes but it dries up and is odorless. Rubbing the stone on white shirts work the best cos they don't leave any salt stain, so I have a wardrobe full of whites now.

This is saying a lot from someone who has a horrible BO problem since young and can't wear white because of the yellow stains from anti-perspirants. On days when I don't need to go out, I just use my own homemade deodorant, which is basically purified water, himalayan salt and lemongrass essential oil mixed together. Just spray twice a day - night and morning, and it works really good if you are not doing anything active.

May I ask what type of vinegar you use in the spray bottle, and is it diluted and/or mixed with anything else?
Does vinegar control wetness as well as smell?

I used vinger under my arm after reading your articles and it readily do work I have been looking for something to use for fifty years thank God for vinger

Hi everyone. I've been experimenting with lots and lots of alternatives to commercial deodorants. So far I've had great success with applying a 50:50 mix of water and vinegar (I've used it undiluted as well) as an all over body spray/apply with wash cloth before getting into the shower. Let it stay on your body for at least 3 minutes then take a shower as usual. No smelly odor even on 90+ degree sweaty days. This even worked for my teen son! He only applied it to his underarms and groin area and it really worked.

I've also used organic cornstarch with a few drops of lemongrass oil sprinkled in. Shake up the container and let it air dry for a day. It can be used as a body powder for an all day fresh smell.

Hello everyone. I have been using LEMON JUICE as a natural deodorant for the past five years. One of my friends was given this tip by her doctor and she passed it on to two of her friends. We three have been using it and it works perfectly! We just buy lemons, cut a piece and squeeze the juice under our arms and off we go! It works even in the hot and humid weather of Hawaii.

Only downside is that you need to have a steady stream of lemons--and it stings when you shave--(just shave at night)--but it works really, really well. Give it a whirl.

One last thing, body odors can comes from INSIDE the body, so please try to follow a more alkaline diet (look online for tips) and also anti-candida.

Also, please do try chlorophyll-- it is famous for getting all sorts of body odors--under control.

Good luck!

I am facing the problem of underamr odors..can u plz help me out how much vinegar and water should be used??


vinegar didn't work for me... any other remedy????

Go to a dermo. I had the same problem. They will treat you with Rx treatments for bromhidrosis. The things prescribed have worked for me for a year... when nothing did previously!

thanks I will surely visit a dermo as this prob is unbearable!!

Podiatrist would tell you anything for you not use an alternative to what he can prescribe. They have to stay in business. If we all start trying more natural as opposed to visiting doctors they will eventually go out of business. One doctor got mad at me once when I told him I did not get results after visiting few doctors so I went to a naturopathic doctor.

which milk of magnesia brand is most effective.. when I googled it I found many options I didn't know which one you guys are referring too!


You can use any over-the-counter brand of milk of magnesia. Philips brand is the most well known, but there are many "house brands" of generic milk of magnesia. The only disadvantage is that you have to slosh it on your underarms which can be messy.

That is why we created The People's Pharmacy brand of Milk of Magnesia Deodorant in a roll-on. It makes application a lot easier. Here is a link:


I remember using deodorants such as old spice and powerstick. Once I started using the gel kind I fell in love with it. I think I'd been using it for so long that my body built up a reaction to it, my doctor mentioned this can happen as people are exposed to something for long periods of time. I switched to a solid stick form deodorant and it seemed to work fine for a few years and all of a sudden I started getting terrible rashes. If I would wake up at 8-10 in the morning and apply it my armpits notably the right one would be itching and pink within 12 hours.

Beyond that it changed to a red color, itched worse, and gave of a very unpleasant odor that you could even smell over the scented deodorant. Needless to say I'm fed up with deodorants. I don't see why they need such harsh ingredients in them just to cover up a slight odor. I'll try the vinegar remedy in topic and also the one about baking soda and lemon someone mentioned. However, could someone please post the recipe to making it, how much of what ingredient? Thanks

Well when I was between 8 to 14 I had this issue real bad, also I had over active hormones then, the doctor tested me so much when I was little cause my body was moving too fast, I was very hairy, had breasts by the third grade, so I was tested on a lot, one of my issues was underarms, by 14 I didn't have that issue anymore, I thought it came from me learning myself, I would take baths about three times a day, and I was fine, as years went by I would just take bath twice a day, that became my thing for years, but after a while I noticed i didn't have that problem anymore, until a year ago, I noticed every time I get a period or my cycle time, my hormones go crazy, and I cant control my underarms, I would have to go to work with a rag and deodorant. I can just get out the shower put deodorant on, then fully dress then I'm walking out the door, and I am like OMG what is wrong with me, and running back in the bathroom scrubbing my underarms, and re applying deodorant, I put on so much deodorant on that when I wash my clothes I cant get the white stains from the deodorant off my tops. And I buy 4 bottles at a time, the only thing that does work sometimes is for me to apply my deodorant off and on out the day, like how a women would check there lipstick, also I have the same issue when I shave that area.

I am a heavy sweat-er, have been since I was very young and dancing a lot. I've never found a good deodorant that didn't wear off as I was exercising, or make me concerned about blocked sweat glands or health side-effects. My husband started me using white vinegar on our laundry and there was no odors even on the smelliest clothes, so I tried it as a deodorant, and not only can I get through a heavy workout without and odor, but I can even last the rest of the day if I am too busy to shower, without feeling like I have any odor at all. Really a miracle in my case - I wish I'd known about it sooner!!!!!!

Hey, I also heard about using white vinegar. Does heinz distilled white vinegar work? If it does, then how do I use it? Mixed with water? Be specific please thanks a lot!!!

I want to be notified of updates.

I read almost half posts.. what is milk of magnesia?? mom??? and how I can apply it on me?? answer plz

gud evening...I almost read all the posts.....Is that milk of magnesia roll on available already her in the phils in mercury drus store?...what kind of vinegar, the one were using in cooking?....plz help me

There is only one place to get The People's Pharmacy Milk of Magnesia (MoM) Roll-On Deodorant. That is in our website store. Here is a link. Cut and paste into your browser:

As for vinegar...any old white vinegar will do.

I have had the worst armpit smell imaginable at least since my daughter was born, and initially quite a few years ago after I stopped taking birth control pills. I think it's partially hormonal, and is intensified by social or emotional unease.

I have taken a tea/tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll in water once a day when I remember and I do believe it helps and has other benefits, but when I sweat, particularly a 'nervous', for lack of a better word, sweat I still stink.

I recently started making my own liquid fabric softener:
1/2 cup baking soda diluted in 1/2 cup water
3 cups white vinegar (watch out for the bubbles)
3 cups water
12 drops essential oil (I used lavender and eucalyptus)

It works pretty good for a fabric softener.... then I by chance used it to combat the order created by a leaky garbage bag in our garbage can... INSTANT DEODORIZER!! A few days later I was, as usual, annoyed by my stinky pits within two hours of a morning shower and was by coincidence doing laundry..... I grabbed a paper towel near by and wet it with the fabric softener solution and dabbed it under my arms.... Voila no odor just a slight fragrance of lavender!

We'll see how long this works out?

hi! I've experience the same problem wit deodorants, tried all kinds, and came across this website, will definitely try the white vinegar, if not ill try the milk of magnesia! (wish me luck)

My 19 year old daughter, has been experiencing underarm odor for the past year. After researching online I found that a dermatologist is the professional to see for this problem. (BACTERIA PROBLEM)

She advised my daughter to use Dial soap--the orange one, which is an antibacterial soap--under the arm. She is supposed to lather for a few minutes before washing the soap off. Or she was advised to use a teaspoon of bleach to two cups of water spray on or use a cotton ball, to put underarm, leave for a few minutes then wash off. This was supposed to help help kill the bacteria.

After two days my daughter does smell a difference. I hope this helps!


EEEK! We do not like the idea of putting bleach (even if it is diluted) on underarms! The possibility of creating irritation to sensitive underarm tissues scares us. There is also the possibility of absorbing chlorine into the body, since the skin in the underarm area is thin and can absorb chemicals.

We suggest your daughter try milk of magnesia (MoM). You will find lots of interesting stories here:

You can apply milk of magnesia by pouring some onto your palm and then sloshing it on the underarms. We think this is a more elegant solution:

i have a problem about underarm odor, i go for almost dermatologist and applied all they suggested deodorant but nothing woks. please advise me of what to do to prevent this embarrasing thing. thanks a lot. god bless you all


Have you tried milk of magnesia?

You may wish to give it a try.

I have underarm smell even after a bath. For 5 years. I want any home remedy for this.

I have suffered from this since I had chemo and then a hysterectomy. I have been so depressed about it and thought I was alone. For some reason this a.m. I decided to goggle your site. Not only do I not feel like a freak, I actually cried reading comments. Thank you all so much for sharing. I will try the vinegar and MoM.

My daughter now 6 has had q bad odor under her arms from the time she was about 4. We have been to the Dr and been told to use baby powder and alcohol and so forth. My mother in law (From a village in HONDURAS) advised me to use a ripe yellow LEMON. It took a few days to work but you cit the lemon into wedges and rub all under arm. Do this daily. It completely takes all odor away. If I forget after 3 days it will take a few treatments for it to take the smell away again.

SMELL the LEMON before you apply it to your arm pit and smell it after you rub it around a few times, the LEMON will NO longer smell. Use a different wedge under each arm and the first few times it may take en entire LEMON. I hope this helps!!!

Would I rub the milk of magnesia on the underarms or drink it?

People's Pharmacy response: It is applied to the underarm.

I know this will sound crazy but I actually paid money to find out this secret & it works well for me. Do not use soap on your underarms, instead use a loofa a real one not a plastic one. It is actually a dried goard you can find them at walmart stores. They are cheap & last about a month or 2.

Use it to gently scrub the underarm & I repeat apply no soap. After a couple days my smell was gone & I also sweat a lot less. I have always sweat really bad & I do fine now. I still use deo. I found that it was the soap that made me smell it was odd but it worked. My husband still thinks it's odd to not wash with soap but it works for me & I am super proud of it. Hope this helps you & please share...

My son's shirts, especially his t-shirts, seemed permanently 'tainted' when he moved back in with us. When several regular wash cycles didn't do the trick, I used plain vinegar in a spray bottle on the shirts' underarm areas before putting them in the laundry. Voila! Vinegar is now a laundry staple at my house.

Thank you for all the comments I will try the methods tomorrow I hope it works for me. I have an odor under my arm for about two years now!

I started using white vinegar rinse under my arms and it has greatly reduced and usually removed any body odor from my under arms throughout the day. It has seriously worked for me. Also it has helped with a re occurring strange hair condition, that was like a patch of oily or even waxy hair that is at the crown of my head. Vinegar helps clear that away as well, when no other product really worked.

I've been suffering from this condition since I thought I started to use my father's right guard deodorant spray when I was 15 teen. I went to the Dr. about 5 years ago. She asked me if I was a nervous person and I said yes. She tried to help with her medicine cream which did not work never went back to her.

I'm 50 years old young person with a complex feeling about the mu under arms heavy odor. Never got over it. But, I am very glad that I heard about vinegar I will start it as well tomorrow, thank your for your advice.

Hi! i'm 15 years old turning 16 dis year. I've read the comments here and I jotted down the solutions for under arm odor. Unfortunately I haven't try the vinegar and milk of magnesia but I will try one of dis days. Obviously I'm also suffering from UAO or under arm odor. It is so embarrassing dat's why I'm so obsess finding solutions for my big problem. I'm also wondering if vinegar for cooking is good??? Cause I just want to be sure. PLEEEAAAASSSSE!!!!!! answer the questions ASAP. Thanksss!!!! Help us to have more self-confidence. And also to gain white under arms....

Yes "abz" they are talking about cooking vinegar. Also putting slices of lemon under your arms works too! If the odor is extremely strong then you may have to rub the wedge around a few times expelling all the juices (then wipe clean with dry cloth) and repeat until smell is gone. Do daily before school and at night to keep odor away.

Did you use the lemon juice or was it just the baking soda?

I have had this underarm problem for as long as I can remember and I'm only 16. It's very embarrassing and its making it very hard for me to enjoy my teenage years. I've tried every deodorant there is, tried remedies, and went to the doctor and she prescribed me some kind of liquid to put there, it didn't work. I take showers more than the average person does but it doesn't get rid of the odor. I really need help with this ! Please help!!!

The world's most embarrassing thing is the underarm odour. Gosh. I have dis problem since 14 now 25. Use every thing recommended, no way. I bathe 4 times a day, scrub so hard, apply deodorant, no way. Am sick and tired of this. Pls help. Thank u.

When using the vinegar remedy do I wash with soap first then use the vinegar or do I wash with just vinegar. Another question is can I use vinegar and mom on my armpits.
Please answer back I really need to know.

dis vinegar method didnt work 4 me becoz of da smell. the only one dat works is baking soda. few months of putting baking soda i have to say day my underarm odor gradually lessen.

I'm trying milk of magnesia, how do I apply it and do I rinse it off and apply deodorant??? Please respond asap..thx

I am 55 years old and have lived with stinky pits for over 40 years. I found this site yesterday and feel like a new person! This morning I showered, dabbed my pits with Listerine, dried, then dabbed my pits with hand sanitizer, dried, then dabbed my pits with Milk of Magnesia (fresh mint flavor). Six hours later, I went for a 2.5 mile walk in a tank top in 80-degree weather, pumping my arms with hand weights. I still smell as fresh as when I applied all the above this morning.

Normally, I can't go sleeveless because the odor is worse than if I have my pits covered. I am so excited about this. My personal hygiene has always been exemplary. I always have wet wipes with me to clean my pits and reapply deodorant (I've tried everything on the market plus prescription) throughout the day. This is like being set free! Thank you!

I'm a female and when I reached my late 30's my under odor began. My underarm odor remains after bathing, regardless of what soap I use. The baking soda makes my underarms very itchy, every deodorant (including scent-free) does not eliminate odor and I fear vinegar will bring a foul smell. The underarm odor also remains regardless of what material I wear. Rubbing alcohol doesn't work. I've seen a rheumatolgist who informed me I testerone in my blood. (?) I will try the milk of magnesia a try. But I would definitely like other remedies to stop this embarrassing problem.

does vinegar really works? If it will work I will try it, and I will not use deodorant because like 1 hour it's starting to smell already. pls reply asap

do you have to use it before getting dressed or at night time? if its in the morning won't I smell of vinegar?

Do you just use the lemon under your arms and no soap or do you use soap then the lemon?

After reading this article yesterday, I sprayed undiluted apple cider vinegar on my smelly armpits and it worked instantly!!! I used about 2 or 3 spritzes and it didn't cause a rash or burn or anything. I think I will stop buying deodorant. I would like to know more of the science behind this if anyone could write in.

I was very open to using apple cider (vs. white) vinegar because when I went through menopause 12 years ago, I read about bathing in apple cider vinegar to detoxify my body. I don't know about the toxins, but my skin felt very smooth and soft afterwards.

Hello Guys,I discovered one good to remove Body odor.. Drink fresh tomato juice 12oz everyday for a week and add 3 cups of tomato juice to a tub of water then soak there into a tub at least for 15 minutes or more.. It helped me with my very long time BO.. I tried vinegar, soda those were not helped me but tomato the one for me..

Just simple to make tomato and cheaper one too.. Remove the skins and seeds of tomatoes then put into blender.. Hope it will you too..

Make ripe tomato juice in blender then drink 12oz each day for a week and also add 3cups of tomato juice to a tub of water then soak to it at least for 15 minutes or more.. remove the skins and seeds of tomato before blender when you going to drink it.. Because the seeds it is not to good for who have arthritis... Hope it will help you too..

My youngest daughter has gone through this and so have I. We tried EVERYTHING until one day I used my teens acne face wash. I let it set while I did everything else then rinsed. NO SMELL! It works because it kills the bacteria. We also use a medicine call Drysol that a girlfriend of mine told me about. It decreases the sweat on your body. You can even use it on ur hands and feet or forehead.

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Drysol is a prescription medicine that is usually effective. It does contain aluminum compounds, however.

Vinegar didn't work for me. So yesterday I went to the store and bought LISTERINE and MILK OF MAGNESIA. What I did was showered, got a cotton ball :
Applied undiluted apple cider vinegar, let dry...
Applied undiluted , let dry...
Then applied MILK OF MAGNESIA.

It's been way over 12 hours and I DO NOT SMELL!!! This is truly a miracle! I can't believe this worked for me. I've had smelly under arms for about 35 years. I wish I would have found out about this before. But better late than never. Now I can have more confidence and wear cute tops and not worry about body odor.
Hope this helps!

I tried my own remedy and it consisted of apple cider vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water. It works sooo good. And how I apply is that I put it in a spray bottle and spray it on my armpits as soon as I get out the shower after I thoroughly dry my armpits off. It also helps if you use anti bacterial soap on them too. I recommend Dial, the gold bar.

UPDATE: Today I only applied the milk of magnesia and it worked fine. It's pretty humid today and my body feels sticky but my under arms are pretty dry and doesn't smell. I think I'll put the vinegar and LISTERINE before the M.O.M only at nite.

I AM SO HAPPY that I don't smell and that my under arms are dry. I'm not used to this.... It's kind of weird but new.

Please try MILK OF MAGNESIA and apply it with a cotton ball and let dry.

Hi! I'm a 20 yr old girl.. I had a problem with my underarm.. Hair goes back fast after waxing and my underarm stinks! What can I do? What to do with the vinegar? Thanks

I just learned about vinegar yesterday, and honestly I'm speechless. I've had under arm odor for about 3 or 4 years now and it's been the most embarrassing thing, and I'm 16 so I'm in high school which just makes everything worse. I would try to wear sweatshirts and not go too close to people because I was so embarrassed... I wouldn't even hug my boyfriend. I had such bad armpits that it would start to smell 5 minutes after I took a shower and deodorant made it even worse. I get so frustrated about it, I was looking for answers everywhere as I thought I couldn't take it any linger and there had to be something I could do.

I came across that vinegar and water works and baking soda... so I thought I'd give it a shot, I had nothing to lose. I patted on some vinegar with a towel and let it sit for about 5 minutes and then I patted it dry a little and then put baking soda on. I will tell you... I didn't smell 5 minutes later... not even 5 hours later... in fact I woke up the next morning and STILL didn't smell. I am in love. That's all I can say. This is a miracle, I can't even explain... AND I won't have to spend money on deodorant any more! seriously.. try this!!

Hi i have a problem with smelly armpits. It started about 4years ago, it is very embarrassing I smell like a pig, people look at you and move away from you. I have tried all types of deodorant but none seem to work. I have read that vinegar put under the armpits works is this true. Please someone help it is driving me insane.

Try milk of magnesia. It will work and it has no odor.

I live in the phillipines too and have the problem.

Hi...I am surprised that what the problem I am having most have got even the solution for that. I will try all this home remedies.
Thank you all...

I've been using the crystal deodorant, in the ball form, for several years and have been so pleased. Then, a few weeks ago, I irritated my underarm area because there was a rough spot on the ball. I developed a red itchy rash. Not sure if it is just an irritation or an allergic dermatitis.

I already had a scheduled appointment coming up with my dermatologist, so I just needed to find a solution until then. I wanted something to soothe the rash, and something to use in place of my deodorant. When I did some Googling, vinegar kept coming up as a common solution. I started to apply plain old white distilled vinegar to my underarm areas after bathing. Voila!!! No underarm odor, and the rash is almost gone. I may never buy deodorant again. Vinegar smell hasn't been a problem as it disappears once dry.

I use vinegar now and antiperspirant also but it has allergic reaction my friend get affected of that.... I'm very disappointed what can I do pls tell me.... when I use vinegar after bathing or before bathing..???? and can I use antiperspirant..?? and which time can I use it..??? after applying the vinegar or before..??

People with Hyperthyroidism tends to sweat a lot. So this might be what the doctor thinks that why he suggested that you go and see an Endocrinologists who is better able to determine if you have any thyroidal issues.

Hi! Underarm odor has been a problem for me for a few months now, I think it's from my deodorant. I use Secret btw. I've used it ever since and it has always worked for me, until a few months back.. And ive noticed that the deodorant has been deposited to my underarm pores.. (Like whiteheads in the face) And it smells really bad once you try to take it out.

I'm planning to try every remedy I see here and see what will work for me.. But if I try these ( MoM, lemon, listerine, vinegar..) do I have to stop using my deodorant at all or should I still use it? Hope to hear from anyone.. Thanks!

Try each of the one your mentioned with OUT deodorant.. like one week try the vinegar, the next lemon and so forth. Just remember to use each method how the person explained to do so. I am the one who said to use Lemon and they need to be used after bathing as well. Each person is different and for my daughter personally nothing works besides Lemons. She is only about to be 7 and I refuse any kind of deodorant until she is way older because of the aluminium etc. In it.

Lol. I will gonna try hope it will work for me. thank you!

Hi can anyone tell me I suffer from very smelly armpits. I have just had botox injections in my armpits, but the doctor said it is unlikely to stop the smell. Has anyone been told the same thing, or dose the botox work? I need to know.

does it really work?how u use it?after shower or before?pls adviced me..tnx :)

where can I buy a milk of magnesia??? vinegar doesn't work for me... I am so depressed... I'm from Philippines

I'm from the Philippines.. I used listerine and vinegar but it doesn't have an effect to my body odor.. so I try to use eskinol pimple fighting facial deep cleanser (micro cleanser- anti bacteria, color green) ... let it dry to ur skin and den apply belo deo (color pink)... just try it... from the people in the philippines coz we wot able to buy a MoM.

I'm from the Philippines and I wonder where can I buy Milk of Magnesia in Manila? Thanks

This works for me, except. if I stop for a day or so, the smelly underarms return. I have tried tea-tree solution, which worked better than most things, but, nothing has taken it away for good. Currently looking into the possibility that it could be Candida Related.

This is an unfriendly topic, and what works for one may not work for another simply because the cause may vary. If the cause is hormonal, or a bacteria infection...then the person will need to work from the inside out for permanent results. Has any one the same thoughts? Has anyone had success from going on an Anti-Candida Diet to combat an imbalance of yeast bacteria? Does anyone who has this health concern of smelly underarms also have hormonal concerns? I bet there is a link between the inside to the smelly outside! Have fun investigating, as I will too!

I have a simple solution that worked for me! 1 teaspoon of Bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) in a glass of water. Have 1 glass a week and it changes the acidetity in your body!

I have found I have this horrible body odor under my right armpit in the last 2 - 3 years... my cancer was Stage 2 breast cancer in the left breast, so lymph nodes taken were in the left also. My surgery was almost 6 years ago, chemo and radiation as well. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer to the bone. However I did not do chemo or radiation this time around. I have done natural and alternative treatments, along with change in diet. Most of that has helped to put my cancer 85% into remission... with one lone hot spot hanging on for dear life! laughs.

Anyway, the body odor from my right armpit has been horrendous. I hate going out, changing clothes, knowing the minute I start sweating it's going to be on the new clothes, etc. So today, finally tired of the smell, even after a fresh shower, I came to the internet and found this site. I have just used Listerine, and then Milk of Magnesia... the smell is already gone!!! I cannot wait to see how it is at the end of the day! I was already using Milk of Magnesia for the terrible constipation that pain medicines cause, now it does double duty.

Oh and for the person doing the Bicarbonate of soda once a week, I drink that on a regular basis so it doesn't work for everyone.
Thank you for sites like this where we can express our concerns safely and find solutions at the same time.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned drinking fenugreek tea?
It is a blood purifier and safe during pregnancy, lactation and so on.
I drank it for years and friends were always telling me I smelled like maple syrup (which for me was a definite step up from horrible BO)!

I would just steep 1 tsp of the seeds in a quart size jar (with boiled water) and drink daily or a few times a week. It did the trick. Doesn't taste bad- a little like a curry soup. Fenugreek is an actual ingredient in most curry powders and is found in many middle eastern, Mediterranean and Indian recipes. It is edible and safe. It won't cure BO, but it will make you smell much better for a day or two (or as long as you drink it regularly).

My daughter is only 8 yrs. old when she already had a underarm odor....Felt so bad about it...please help me help her.

I would like to know if I apply vinegar on my armpit after I took a bath?or what?

I came here looking for answers like everyone else and after reading these comments it seems the remedies that are working are ANTIMICROBIALS: Listerine, purell, vinegar, lemon (strong acids/bases can fight bacteria..not sure what the Milk of magnesia has in it that works...but for me I'm gonna give Purell a try

I have tried every single thing I have found on the internet and nothing works. Rx Drysol stopped the sweat but that is when the odor started. I never had a problem with odor before, only the sweat.

I've tried: Vinegar, Witch hazel, Milk of Magnesia, peroxide, purell. taking Chlorophyll, zinc and apple cider vin tablets. Multiple different types of deodorants, natural and regular and rock crystal. Hibiclens and deodorant soaps. Tea tree oil.
New on this site: lemon and listerine. that will be what I try next........sigh

We have the same problem. Please let me know if you already have the solution on this. Please! Thanks in advance..

I am menopausal and have my own personal summers often. I'm also a farmer and work outside and I workout 5 times a week. I sweat!!!! I started smelling really bad a few weeks ago and was up to 6 showers a day. I've tried every deodorant imaginable and nothing worked. Last night I applied Listerine after my evening shower and woke up fresh!!!! After working outside in 98 degree heat and humidity, I didn't stink! After my shower I applied the Listerine and allowed it to dry. I then applied the MOM, went to the gym and did my favorite Zumba class and I am absolutely fresh!!!!!! It's a miracle!!!!!!

hi, urhmm I've been having under arm smell for about 4 years now. Tried every thing, baking powder, lemon, different deodorant but since I have broken skin it burn and cause rash. I am going insane and sad, feel different, stressed out.. I'm always thinking about it.. feel ashamed to hang out with my friends, don't want to attend school because of the smell.

I really want a solution to it please can anyone help?
waiting for a reply...................
thank you

Peoples Pharmacy response: You might want to check out milk of magnesia. Here are a couple of links:

Hi, so I am a high school student in the South so it gets very hot very often. I have the same problem as other commenters. I seem to get #musty fast, fast every single day!! I would say that this has been happening for about 3 years now. Take showers, twice a day. But I noticed once I get out of the shower...not long from then, I start to sweat, even after deodorant. I have tried baking soda (makes black, I've tried alchohol, and corn starch. I am thinking about trying the Listerine and vinegar and purell as other users suggest but I would like to know what kind, Please??! This has to go, I am a cheerleader and have to put some on almost every hour at school. It is soo embarrassing because I'm known to be a gorgeous, outgoing girl!!? I'm afraid to even hug people often as I used to because of this stinch?! HELPP!!!

Use lemon slices. I have tried EVERYTHING for my daughter who is about to be 9. She has been having this issue for YEARS and its so bad it makes my head hurt and vomit....

The only thing we found to work is lemon. Yes a lemon from the store, cut it in wedges and rub it under your arms (NOT right after you shave because it will burn). You can also squeeze some in a bottle and spritz it on throughout the day if needed. It lasts all day with ny daughter. We put it on twice daily if we have afternoon activities.

It's sad... isn't it

A lot of people actually suffer from staph, strep, or yeast infections under the armpits. Soak a hot rag in APPLE CIDER VINEGAR but don't burn your skin because when you hold the hot compress full of 1/4 apple cider vinegar and 3/4 water ratio it allows the vinegar to actually penetrate through the hair follicle in which "these bacteria's" have more than likely founded its home in your hair follicle underlying beneath your skin. This is why once you sweat you smell it! The smell is very strong musty and usually noticeable once you give your underarms an ounce of air through movement.

Another thing, most staph, strep, and yeast infections under the arms is over-looked until it becomes usually an abcess or boil or a reddening/ brownish ring more noticeable than the lighter pinky/ tan color inside the ring. Another factor is when you shave if you often have little bumps maybe not red or stingy like razor bumps then its a sign of an infection (yeast, bacterial, or fungual) which is usually treated with an oral antibiotic also try to find a face wash with sulfur in it.

How much was the surgery?? I've also tried everything and nothing works!! I'm desperate!!!!

can I use regular salt?

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