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Soap Under the Sheets for RLS, Leg Cramps

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There is now a prescription drug (Requip) to treat RLS (restless leg syndrome). The only problem is that some people fall asleep during the day. This could be risky if they are behind the wheel. As far as we can tell, there are no side effects to putting soap under the bottom sheet.

Q. Several months ago I went to my neurologist for my yearly physical and told him about a problem I had with my legs "jumping" at night and waking me up. He gave me the technical name for it and wrote me a prescription for Mirapex. I then told him I had read in your column about putting a bar of soap in the bed, so he told me to try the soap and fill the prescription if it didn't work. I still have the unfilled prescription sitting on my bathroom vanity. When we went on a trip to Yellowstone, I took my soap along and slept fine every night we were gone.

A. This home remedy mystifies us, but we have heard from many readers like you. The risk of unwrapping a fresh bar of soap and putting it under the bottom sheet where the legs will be is almost zero. The cost is far less than a prescription. Positive responses from other readers experimenting with Ivory soap remedy:

“A while back I wrote to complain that the bar of soap under the bottom sheet quit working for my restless legs. (It was great at first.) Then I got to thinking, it worked before, so why not now? That bar of soap had been there for six months, so I replaced it. The result: no more restless legs. A few times that I had symptoms, I put my feet on the soap and the sensations went away in about two minutes.

“My husband was having severe leg cramps at night. Without telling him, I placed a soap bar under his sheets for two nights before he noticed. It worked! He’s had no more cramps. We still can't believe it! “

“I have had severe leg cramps for years. When I read about putting a bar of soap in bed, I got a bar of Ivory and put it under the bottom sheet near my legs. It’s been a month since I did that, and I have not had one leg cramp.

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  • Currently 4.1/5
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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this remedy work? Average rating: 4.1/5 (1553 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I read about this home remedy in the newspaper. I have indeed suffered from RLS basically all of my life, and I am over 50! My mother always told me I had "growing pains" -- HA!
When I read this, I thought it was the silliest thing I had ever heard of. I truly believe in home remedies, but just sleeping with a bar of soap?!?! Well, let me assure any and everyone! It WORKS. I have now had 5 nights of sleep - in my own bed - no walking around, no moving from one place to another just to find comfort -just pure wonderful sleep. TRY IT!!!

I tried it, I cut the end out of a sock, put the bar of soap under my knee and secrued it in place by pulling the sock over it. I also found out that taking SAM E a supplement was a part of the cramping problem. I sopped the SAM E. 4/28/07

I have been using Vanilla/Lavender By Bath and Body works, only because it has been advertised for sleep relaxation. I will try the soap.

I have taken "quinine", for leg cramps for years........Dont know what I will do with out it.....Am going to try the Ivory
to-day....Will post again in a couple of days and tell you the results.....

Joe Smith

Landis N.C.

After the pharmacist explained he could no longer fill my quinine sulfate prescription, another shopper in the pharmacy came up to me and said not to question her why, but that I should try putting a bar of soap under the sheet. That was nearly three months ago. What happened to the RLS? Washed away? How can that bar of soap work on the old formerly-cramped legs? It seems to have worked for me!

I saw an article in our local newspaper about 6 months ago about putting soap under the sheets for RLS and tried it immediately. Since that time I have not had a single leg cramp. I use Caress.

I went on a trip recently and had my bar of soap with me. I was staying at a B&B and when I got back that evening my soap was gone! I called the proprietor of the B&B and asked him where the devil my soap was. He told me he thought it was in the bed by mistake and had thrown it away. When I told him why I needed it he said that he would go through the garbage and find it--which he did. He also told me that he, too, has leg cramps and was going to try this remedy.

My doctor just gave me this mystified look and said "whatever." He was the one raising such Sam Hill about me taking potassium!

What a wonderful, really inexpensive treatment that stops RLS.

I tried the Ivory......didnt work.....took "Quinine" the next nite and slept......I have ordered another "leg cramp" medicine from Homeopathic Labs......
If the results are good I will let you know....

Joe in Landis

I keep reading about how they cure RLS with a bar of soap. Well, it did not work for me. And another comment: Does RLS cause leg cramps? That's not the way I understnd RLS. It does cause some almost indescribable symptoms, but not muscle cramps in the legs.

I have tried the soap and it did not work for me. I have tried several prescriptions used to treat Parkinson's disease to no avail. I currently use tramadol - one 50 mg. tab about an hour before going to bed. It works well for me. Tramadol is a prescription med so you'll have to talk your doctor into writing a Rx.

I have suffered from severe leg cramps for years. I read about the Ivory soap, tried it and I have not had a leg cramp since. What makes it work, does anybody know?

I have severe Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD). Have used Sinemet and Mirapex over the last 8 years, but stopped each due to side effects. Currently unmedicated and miserable with the leg movements at night, waiting on test results and the docs to decide next line of defense. Someone mentioned the Ivory soap. Well, I tried it in a wrap around my ankles and under my feet in a double socks, but what seems the best is I have four bars across my lower bed so that no matter where I move my feet, one is near. If a movement wakes me, I move my foot to touch the soap, and fall right back asleep. Hasn't been a cure, but certainly has made it more tolerable and less sleep robbing. Can't begin to understand it. The most logical theory I've read is one wondering if the leg movements are like electrical currents, maybe the composition/density of the soap absorbs the brunt of the charge. (Like rubber and lightning.) Would love to understand why, but just having a degree of relief is good enough for me.

I used to suffer with leg cramps at night, particularly after walking, which is my main form of exercise. Ever since placing a bar of soap (Caress) beneath my top sheet at the foot of the bed, cramping has been nonexistent!! Thanks so much.

My experience with nighttime leg cramps is lifelong. When quinine pills were no longer available, a Nursing professor at the University where I worked recommended I drink tonic water with quinine in it. I found that Schweppes Tonic Water works best for me. I will, however, try putting soap under my sheet.

I know this is just anecdotal information, but I was having a lot of problems with leg cramps, because of a tumor in my knee. I thought why not try this and it worked! I never had any more leg cramps after the night I put that dumb bar of soap between the sheets next to my feet. It has been over a year now and still no leg cramps!

I have tried several kinds of bar soap for leg cramps. First being Ivory..I learned that I need to change the soap about every 3-4 months. I buy them at the 99 cent store. 3 bars for for 99 cents is the best investment for a good nights sleep.It took 3 nights before it worked ,but that was 2 years ago and no leg cramps for me now. I use the cheap nylon anklets or cut the foot off old panty hose to slip the soap into, that seems to help keep it in place. I use two bars under the bottom sheet,one on each side near my feet. THANK YOU DR. GOTT for listening to your readers and passing along their health tips. Also I did ask my DR. about Vicks for toenail fungus ,he said it couldn't hurt ( after over the counter meds, and two very expensive prescriptions that DIDN'T work ) After twice daily use, for about 4 months the fungus started to go away. Now it is gone and from time to time I apply Vicks to all my toenails just to make them look & feel better and hopefully keep the fungus from coming back. No one knows why it works and I don't care.I just know it works for me.

I have had leg cramps for years. I have taken potassium pills and eaten a banana every day, but still had cramps. My doctor told me to try tonic water because quinine pills could be dangerous. Well it worked, but the ivory soap is more convenient. Please tell me how it works and why. Also, do most people unwrap it first? How often should it be replaced? I called the Ivory soap number and they told me they have no idea what I was talking about. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

We too read about putting an unwrapped bar of soap under the fitted sheet . My husband has been having severe cramping in his legs for years. I have several herniated disc bulges and Fibromyalgia and my legs hurt all the time. First night we tried the only bar of soap in the house which was irish spring. (we use liquid soap to bathe). We are both RN's and we do not know why but it did work . We put a bar of Ivory under both sides of our bedsheets as well , my leg pain went away last night and he has not had cramps for 2 nights now. Nothing else had been helping him, not prescriptions , not anything and he has had 2 great nights of sleep so far.

Yes, this remedy does work. I haven't had leg cramps since I put the bar of soap in my bed. I have told others who thought I was crazy until they had the same results.

Thanks for you great column

I will try this for sure after walking or exercising the leg muscles (that is when I get leg/calf cramps); BUT - I wish so much that I'd known about this 5 or more yrs ago when my son would wake up in the night (often) with severe leg cramps. I only thought it was growing pains for him & doctors had no idea what to say. I will pass this along & use the soap too !
Thank you so much.

I have been suffering from leg cramps since starting statins for high cholesterol! I hesitated about putting the soap under the husband laughed....but it works!!! Thank you so much. I also carry a small "hotel" type bar in my pocket.

It makes me crazy not to know why the soap thing works, but I use the soap anyway. It doesn't matter what kind of soap, or how big a bar. Just as long as it's under the sheet in my bed. Ever since my neighbor told me this cockamamy soap rememdy about 9 months ago, I've used it. I used to get the most excrutiating leg cramps that run along the inside of my thigh, and in these past nine months I've only had the cramp twice - one time was after our cleaning service changed our sheets and took out the soap, and the other time was last night after I fell asleep on the couch. Ouch!! I actually hobbled to my bed in agony, looking for the soap. I pressed it all along the cramp and felt relief much sooner than in the past. I have no idea if it's psychosomatic, but I don't care. My husband thinks I'm nuts - but all I care about is getting rid of that God-awful pain! I need to thank my neighbor for telling me about this remedy, and I wish you all restful nights of pain-free sleep.

"Suffered" with restless legs (RLS) since last year. Presently on Miraprex which seems to help. I tried the Ivory soap last year with no effect, so I'm willing to give it another try using the method prescribed here.
Oak Island

I read your newspaper article about the soap and, feeling a little silly, I thought what the heck, but I won't tell my husband! I don't like to take any medication so maybe this is the answer for the severe cramps in my lower legs. Well, it does work and I have been putting Ivory soap under the bottom sheet for many, many months with complete success! I need a fresh bar every 3 months or so. Bought the larger sized bars and cut one in half. Works just as well for about $.07/month!

My husband, a very analytical type, said: "There's no way that putting a bar of soap under the sheet can work" but he did try it for his leg cramps (he's a Diabetic Type II). The next morning he said: "There's no way that can work - but it DID!" We have had TWO bars of soap under our sheet ever since and no more leg cramps for either of us. I also rest my foot where I have Morton's Neuroma on the bar of soap when it aches and the ache goes away.

I have suffered from RLS for 50 years, I am 75, and it is getting worse, even with medication. I am taking clonazepam 2 mg. I still walk most of the night. Than after foot surgery the doctor gave me Requip. I took them three nights, and did not sleep one second for all three days and night. I almost fainted in the pharmacy, trying to get back on my old prescription. If this soap remedy works I will thank the good Lord on my knees. Sure is worth a try.
Thanks for the tip.
Rose Taylor Charleston,SC.

When I first heard about the soap in the bed, I laughed and said no way. I suffer from leg cramps and thought I would try it. I did not have any Caress, but I did have Tropical Zest. It worked. I had the best sleep ever. I found the article online and e-mailed it to everyone I know.

I will use it forever!

concerning a soap bar under sheets.....Per my friend Sheila.
Thanks ao much. It worked great the first night but I have a major problem. My Dog and cat who have arthritis get to bed before I do and they have been laying on it every night!! Now I have no bed for me. Animals don't lie! so it must work!

i finally fell asleep last night then woke back up an hour and a half later... i just started getting cramps in my legs and the creapy crawly feeling in my legs... i know people who have RLS so i decided to look it up and see if there was anything i could do... im at the computer right now with a bar of soap under each leg and it seems to be working!!! i thought it was crazy but i figured what do i have to lose? i m going to go try to lay back down and see if i cant fall back asleep. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! try it!!!!

i finally fell asleep last night then woke back up an hour and a half later... i just started getting cramps in my legs and the creapy crawly feeling in my legs... i know people who have RLS so i decided to look it up and see if there was anything i could do... im at the computer right now with a bar of soap under each leg and it seems to be working!!! i thought it was crazy but i figured what do i have to lose? i m going to go try to lay back down and see if i cant fall back asleep. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! try it!!!!

My brother told me about this cure. He had heard it from a friend and was very skeptical. He tried it and it worked wonders for him. After reading the other personal experiences you have here, I'm going to add it to my aging dogs' bed to see if it helps her arthiritis. Will let you know. Thanks.. Mary

Another reason for painful leg cramps and a remedy.
Statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) can cause leg cramps by preventing optimum oxygenation of the muscles. Before I learned this I had been using magnesium, 100 mg a day, per my doctor and it cut the leg cramps by half. Instead of jumping out of bed in pain 7 times each night, I only had about 3 episodes.
An excellent health food store owner told me about the side effect of Red Yeast Rice (a natural statin)I had been taking. The leg cramps started then. He suggested 100 mg of Coenzyme Q-10 at night along with the magnesium. The Q-10 improves oxygen circulation. It is working. I only occasionally get a foot cramp. But will try the soap if I stop the Q-10. It can't hurt and is cheaper.

I read in the newspaper column that the bar of soap under the sheet must be unwrapped and could not be Dial or Dove.

Darn! I've been using a wrapped bar of Dial for over 6 months under my sheet and the leg cramps are gone!

Im just wondering how this works? I have tried everything under the sun to get rid of my restless legs, and today i found this. I don't like taking prescription medication because of the side affects. I will try this trick and let you know if it works. Is there any special kind of soap, or do they all work?

Soap not only works for me on leg cramps but for hand and foot cramps, too. Also, I have costochondritis, an inflamation of the chest wall, and soap will stop the pain almost immediately. I've gotten so I keep small hotel size bars of soap in my car and purse so I always have one close by.

I previously wrote about the effect of statins causing leg cramps and said I would give up the co enzyme Q 10 and magnesium for a few nights and try the bar of soap. Well---it didn't work. After three nights I was in agony. As soon as I went back to the supplements, the leg cramps disappeared.

I'm sure the bar of soap works for some, but not for someone taking statins, even if mine is red yeast rice, also a supplement.

This was mentioned by one of my clients a few weeks ago and I decided to try it since I frequently experience foot and leg cramps at night. Works well. I even tried it for menstrual cramps and definitely experienced muscle relaxation. Safer than Midol!

I have been suffering from leg cramps for 4 years now. I was prescribed Requip last year. Sometimes it worked. Last night the cramps were terrible. Went online to find a remedy and came across this site. I will try the soap. I really need a good nights sleep. So if the soap works, I will pass the word on to everyone I know. I will keep you posted.

I have had GREAT success with a few bars of soap under our bottom sheet for a couple of years now. A few weeks ago, the restless leg started again (not charlie horses, but restless leg). I thought back to what was "different", (in daily routine, food, etc.) that might have caused the restless leg to start up again. THEN I remembered that I had not changed my 2 bars of Irish Spring in a long while; I had gotten used to being RESTLESS leg symptom-free for so long a time that I just forgot about the soap.(I also have used other brands, but prefer Irish spring). I changed the soap bars and gradually the restless leg symptoms faded away to nothingness!!!

I noticed that the symptoms GRADUALLY went away when I began using the soap remedy the first time, and they GRADUALLY began again when the soap began to lose its effectiveness. I thought that it might work in reverse and take a few nights for the new soap to start working again. Yep. It was about three, maybe four nights before I noticed that I did not have symptoms any more.

My hubby did not believe me (at first) about the soap "cure"; one night he was having a really bad CHARLIE HORSE; I told him I was going to get my bar of soap from under the sheet. He asked me (between moans of pain) why I would get a bar of soap? and I told him that it works on charlie horses, also. He just laughed, as he moaned in pain. I asked him where it hurt the most and I shoved the bar of Irish Spring under his leg RIGHT where he told me the worst part of the pain was. IF I had tried counting to 10 , I would not have reached it before he stopped moaning and told me that the charlie horse had stopped! Now, HE tells his friends about the soap remedy/cure for charlie horses and restless leg syndrom.

I think it works because the ingredients in the soap have a positive charge. (I am making a guess that the potassium and magnesium and other ingredients in the soap have the positive charge.) I am also guessing that pain and other disturbances create a negative charge (not hocus pocus), but really do create some sort of negative charge, just like our body carries a negative charge, I was told.I think that touching or being near the positively charged bar of soap cancels out the negatively charged pain, etc.

Sheila Henderson, Branson, MO

I tried the Ivory soap after reading about it here. and after less than a week my leg cramps stopped!! The Tonic water with quinine helps but not as completely as SOAP:)

Don't care why. Relief.

A few years ago I purchased an over-the-counter drug called Legatrin (by Dr. Scholl's). My husband has for years had severe leg cramps, mostly at night, so he tried one tablet when he went to bed. (It called for two as a dose.) A couple hours later I pulled back the sheets and saw that he had red spots all over his body, head to toe. I thought it was an allergy to something. A few months later, he worked hard one day in construction and expected to have the leg cramps, so I gave him another dose. Again, a couple hours later I discovered he had red spots all over his body, and, he felt bad.

Seeing the doctor the next day, they were alarmed, put him in the hospital for four days, because they suspected cancer, leukemia, any number of possibilities. They said that he was bleeding into his skin and also that meant he was bleeding into other organs including his brain, lungs, etc. due to an extremely low platelet count. Every test was done, and the result was that it was none of the illnesses they suspected, but possibly a reaction to the quinine in that little tablet that caused the symptom.

He came home, his blood became normal again, and the bleeding hasn't happened since. We are now going to try the "soap between the sheets" remedy.

My son found this article about a month ago, and read it to me. I was certainly very skeptical about the results of placing the Ivory soap between the mattress and bottom fitted sheet. I have had the new fresh bar of soap in place for 3 plus weeks now.My restless legs are near 90% cured. The doctor (a rheumatologist) gave me a prescription for "Requip" in January, but I was fearful of interactions with my other pills. I honestly take about 14 prescriptions a day. I am 91 years old and I am thankful that I am getting relief from RLS. I also have fibromyalgia. I appreciate this forum on the internet where I can be educated on matters of my interest.
Thanks, Pauline

Incredible! I can't believe this! I am up right now at 1 AM because I can't sleep. i am going to the market RIGHT NOW to get some of this soap treatment. THANKS SO MUCH!!! I hope it works!

I learned about the soap under the sheet a year ago. I have had the soap there since and it works great for RLS. I didn't hear that it should be a specific kind. I use Lever and it works great. I just thought, I am gonna try it when I am sitting in my lounge chair and get restless legs. Hope it works there too.

I am 58 years old and have had RLS for quite a few years, now. (I didn't really know there was an actual medical name for it, or that anyone else had this "weird, indescribable" sensation in their legs until a drug ad came on TV a year or so ago and described it.) I would never take meds for something like this, but it can be really annoying. I am not plaqued by cramping, just this "creepy-crawly, fidgety" leg sensation.

Sometimes, in the evening, even before I lay down to sleep, I can tell that the RLS is present, and as soon as I lay down and place one ankle, foot or leg on the bar of Ivory that's tucked under the bottom sheet, the sensation goes away. I've used the Ivory for about 1 month. I am amazed, can't explain it...but it works for me!

Yes I came across an article stating to put a bar of soap in the bed for RLS. IT WORKS. I had spent many nites up walking off RLS not getting a good nite of sleep so I tried it it really works.

I had severe leg cramps and got no help from my pysician. Went online and found the soap cure, tried it and it didn't work. Went on the quinne pills and they did work. But now they are off the market so back to the soap, only this time I cut off the feet of an old pair of socks, pulled them on and put the soap in them right at the muscle above the ankle. Works like a charm! I guess my legs weren't near enough to the soap the first time I tried it. Darned if I know how it works but it does for me and I'm grateful and not dreading bedtime anymore.

Like so many others, I went through a sleep disorder clinic and was diagnosed with
RLS, restless leg syndrome, as
the cause of interrupted sleep
and given a RX for Requip.I
took it for over a month, and
I must admit, it did help.
Then I read about the bar of
soap under the bottom fitted
sheet, and I said "what do I have to lose.
That was more than 2 months
ago. IT WORKS!!!!! I don't know why, but I no longer take
Requip and I'll be cancelling
my Sept appointment with the sleep study Doctor.

More than 2 years ago, after reading about the bar of soap for RLS, at the end of the bed, I tried it. It worked. I'd used it for several months before we went to Australia for 3 weeks. I didn't think about taking the soap with me, and by the end of the trip, I was having leg movement. It went away as soon as I got home to my bed with the soap in it. I talked to my family doctor about the RLS and told him about the soap. He said it sounded like a pretty cheap and uninvasive treatment and if it worked, "Go ahead and use it."
Today, the only problem I have with RLS is in the evening when I sit and relax while watching TV. I mentioned this to my chiropractor and he suggested taking Horse Chestnut Seed. It's taken a couple of weeks, but that helps in the evening before I go to bed.

I,too have been taking RX for RLS. Sometimes 1 pill sometimes 2. I would wake up in the mornings stiff and tried even with the RX. My friend told me about the IVORY soap under the sheet. I thought she was crazy, but hey how much does a bar of soap cost and the sheets smell good. It has been about two weeks now. Not only is the RLS gone but the stiffness I felt in my hips and the cramping in my feet also have gone.

Yes, this soap under the sheet remedy totally eliminated my 3-4 times per night cramps!
When I went away for a week, and forgot to put the soap under my sheet, the awful cramps reminded me. The hotel travel soap worked fine.
After 6 months, the soap stops working and I have to replace it. The old soap can still be used for bathing..

My best friend told me about this soap claim about a week ago. She had been told 'anything but Ivory'. I thought maybe it was because it was 'too pure & natural'........though I've been reading a lot of Ivory testimonials, so I don't know what to believe. I laughed at the whole idea, but figured anything was worth a try, especially if it didn't need a prescription or have to be ingested. Also, it's about as cheap & harmless as you can get.

After suffering from RLS for the last 2 1/2 years AND I take Red Yeast Rice (statin) 3X a day, I immediately went to the store to purchase a bar of soap, decided on Lever 2000 w/fresh aloe scent.....smells wonderful & is smooth & oval (no sharp edges). It truly has been a miracle cure! I don't care how it works or just WORKS! Anyone with RLS will agree that that's what counts.

I am 42 years old, and own a successful business. I have suffered from RLS since the age of 14. I have tried many different remedies, even resorting to beating on my thighs at night until they were numb so I might sleep. Nothing has worked with the exception of some minor relief from Hylands "Leg Cramps With Quinine" pills, of which I take many.

Last night I drifted off to sleep around 10:30 pm. I awoke suddenly at 11:30 pm, and had my typical terrible antsy feeling in my legs. I sat up in bed immediately, ready to get up and walk around, when out of frustration I grabbed my notebook and fired it up. I searched RLS, and found references to soap.

I was willing to try anything, but highly suspicious of the soap claim. My wife brought me a new bar of Zest, I opened it, rubbed it directly on my thighs, and tossed it in bed with me.

I then waited for the RLS to return with a vengeance. It did not return!!!!! This is no joke. Try it: you have nothing to lose but your RLS.

I later got up and put the soap under the bottom sheet, on top of the mattress pad, where it remains.

I have been suffering with leg and foot pain for several years. I was homing in on a sciatic problem, but never could understand all the fatigue in my feet and legs--just accepted that this was part of it. My leg muscles constantly twitch and flutter, and I have spent a small fortune seeking some relief.

Finally, fed up the other night due to lack of sleep, I typed in twitchy leg muscles as a search on the computer, and all the RLS links popped up. Every symptom fits for me! I cannot believe that a doctor has NEVER even suggested that as a possibility, although I have been seeking help from an orthopedist.

To make a long story short, silly as I felt, I ran out and bought several bars of Ivory soap. The first night I sat and rubbed a bar on my pulsing legs while watching TV. I felt a little relief, but was convinced that I had only wished it better! Then I placed 3 bars across the bottom of the mattress, and still had a lot of energy in my legs, but not drawing and throbbing. I got through the first night without midnight stretches and pressure point relief. Last night, I was giddy as I climbed in bed with my Ivory, and had a relatively pain-free night.

Tonight is night three, and I am AMAZED and soooooo grateful. I will pass this remedy on to everyone I know!!!!! I could own a chunk of Ivory stock with all the money I have spent on trying to find a pain cure....SOAP??????

A bar of soap? I didn't believe it. I suffered with leg and rib cramps so debilitating that I was often only able to crawl to the bathtub, where a VERY HOT epsom-salts soak would help.

After reading your column, though, I thought, "Try it, what do you have to lose?" I put the soap at the bottom of my bed, and I also put two 'hotel' sized ones in the area of my upper rib cage. I even put small used pieces in my bra.

Today is day 37. NOT ONE CRAMP, LEG OR RIBCAGE! I am a true believer.

I cannot attest to the efficacy of the bar of soap method, but can for selenium supplementation. It helps every time.

I have leg cramps seldom, but do have a problem with hand cramps, especially while driving. The cramps take place in my fingers & thumb. They are difficult to work out. Will the soap help these cramps ?

My husband told me about the soap; I didn't believe it, but when I had a cramp in the middle of the night I went and fished a new bar of soap out of the drawer. (He had heard you could use anything except Dial and Dove.) Mine was Lever 100. Worked instantly. I am dumbfounded, but thrilled.

I read an article about putting soap under the bottom sheet to cure leg cramps. I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. When I told my wife I intended to try it, she thought I'd lost my mind.
I am in my 50's and have been suffering severe leg cramps during the night. The only thing that relieves them is to get up and walk them out.

I put a bar of soap under the bottom sheet on my bed. It didn't prevent leg cramps, but may have reduced the frequency. When I did get a leg cramp, I positioned my leg over the bar of soap, and within a few minutes the cramp was gone. I have done this again and again and it works every time. I am truly amazed. I've got to find out WHY this works. Thanks for helping me sleep at night.


It was so nice last night not having been jolted awake by that sudden leg cramp!

During World War II, drafted inductees, who did not want to serve in the military, would put a bar of soap under each arm before they were examined by the service doctor. This would raise their temperature giving a false reading indicating they had a fever. So apparently the skin ingests some substance of the soap causing the blood vessels to dilate allowing more blood, heat and nourishment to the leg muscles. Or possibly, the Potassium in the soap is ingested directly to the muscle. Potassium is important in nerve function and in influencing osmotic balance between cells and the interstitiual fluid.

osmotic pressure…the pressure exerted by a solvent passing through a semipermeable membrane [skin] osmosis.

Ps:139:14: I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made:
marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

I have occasionally had RLS and have successfully cured it by exercising on a regular basis. Sometimes I have leg cramps too and suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia.... I will try the soap, I am so excited. Thanks to all who took the time to write....

I laughed when my brother told me about the soap for leg cramps. I was getting leg cramps (charley horses) & foot cramps really bad; up & down all night. Only had A new bar of Dove, put it under my sheet , haven't had a cramp in a month.

I had hesitated to try the bar of soap for my leg cramps, but finally two newspaper doctor columns (yours was one of them) mentioned it the very same day.
So I decided to give it a try, but not tell anyone, because I just knew it wouldn't work.
Surprise! It worked! Until one night it didn't, but the next morning I discovered the bar had slipped down to the side of the bed without my knowing. This sort of proved to me that it wasn't all in my head. The bar of soap really works! At home I use my regular Irish Spring, and by the time the bar in the shower needs replacing, I take the bar that's been in the bed, move it to the shower and put a new bar in the bed.
When travelling I find that the small hotel bars also work.
I've even gotten up the nerve to tell other people about it.

I have been doing the bar of soap trick for over two years. No more neck pain.

Senior from Salem, S. C.

My back has given me problems for many years, and for the past 2-3 months, I've awakened every morning with pain and muscle cramps (or spasms?) in my lower back, sometimes so bad that I had real difficulty rolling over and getting out of bed. I keep my Advil very handy, and have been taking 4 Advil every single morning just so that I could function. After listing to Joe and Terry talk about the soap trick so many times, I decided to try it, thinking that if it would help leg muscle cramps, why not back muscle cramps? Three days of sleeping with the soap = three days of no back pain, and no Advil! Crazy, but it seems to work.

I read about the soap for leg cramps on your website yesterday. Last night I tried it for the first time. I have sciatica and my left leg and foot pain seems more like nerve pain than muscle pain. I felt it twitching, put the soap directly on my leg, and it stopped. No getting up and walking around until the cramping stopped. AMAZING! I used an old bar of Zest and Dial right from my shower. Tonight it goes under the bottom sheet for additional testing.

I suffered from horrible leg cramps for a long time. After reading about the soap, I tried it, and IT WORKED GREAT!!! No leg cramps for me anymore. I tell everyone I can about this remedy.

I have been using 2 bars of Ivory soap every night for the past two years. At first my husband laughed at me, but after noticing that I wasn't waking him up as much he quieted down. =)

I have terrible cramps due to my arthritis and fibromyalgia. I find that if I have a bout and I rub the bar over the cramp, it's gone in minutes. So much better than dealing with the cramp for sometimes days.

I use two bars, as one always finds the other side of bed, end of bed or falls off the edge of bed at least one night a week. (I put mine right against me--not under another layer of sheets.) I have two in the nightstand for the nights that I have several cramps in different parts of my body--shin, knee, arm and back. I also have two bars at work to help if I have a cramp. (I go to the bathroom, if I can walk, to use them, or sneak it under my pant leg, or wrap it with an ace wrap.) =)

What a relief! This silly trick with the soap seems to be working! It's been about a month since my last agonizing, have-to-walk-it-off foot/leg cramp. Offering a thought as to why it works--it seems the soap slides around a bit down there, so when I sense a cramp coming on, I have to locate that bar and manuever it into position. That little game of footsy with the soap provides the relief, and I find the fragrance released by the soap is relaxing. Right now, I'm using Camay. I look forward to trying a lavender-scented brand next! Thanks!

An unwrapped bar of Ivory soap under the bottom sheet near the feet. AMAZING! I think it works. I have suffered in agony for years. Leaping out of bed on rigid, pointed toes 7 and 8 times or more some nights. I have fallen in the dark and hit my head, because I couldn't get my feet flat on the floor. I have fallen asleep standing up, bent over my bed. The cramps get so bad it feels like a dog has it's teeth clenched into my thighs and calves. Drinking vinegar solution used to help. But lately, even that horrible mixture hasn't worked. I've done the quinine thing. Clonazipam. Sleeping meds. Soma. Prescription anti-spasmodics. Every vitamin, mineral and homeopathic remedy imaginable. I was about to go totally crazy. I had tried the soap thing to no avail. But my neighbor insisted I try Ivory bar soap, and give it more than one night. I HAVE SLEPT WITHOUT CRAMPING FOR 3 NIGHTS NOW. Can't wait to go to bed and see if it's a fluke, or if I really am getting relief. Stay tuned.

I tried your remedy of putting a bar of soap under my sheet. That night I had no severe leg cramps, but had to quit using it, because it gave me an allergic reaction with severe petechiae on both lower legs. (I had not used anything or taken any new medications.) I used the same soap I bathe with, but I do have sensitivity to some soaps. It did nothing for my RLS which I have all day, not just a night. Is there a specific brand I should use? By the way, I am also a retired RN, who does believe in alternative treatments.

I wake up with cramps on both legs, but my main problem is the irritating prickling sensations on both feet, for which I take "gabapentin 800mg" with some relief. Gabapentin does not help the cramping on my legs. Will try the Ivory Soap suggestion.

Will let you know.

I told my sister that she had been drinking too much, but I was told that this really works. My wife suffers from RLS and this will be her next trial remedy.

You folks are ridiculous, superstitious and ignorant.

Soap. You should be renewing your subscriptions to Weekly World News and readers digest.

It's no dumber than supply side economics or our current foreign policy though.

God help us all.

I read with interest the pros and cons from readers that tossed the idea about of soap under the sheet. My husband, a brittle diabetic and a cancer survivor with many arthritis problems, decided to try our Irish Spring soap under our sheet and even when we traveled. Why? It works! His restless legs ease off and he is able to sleep without the leg pain. I was a harder sell, but it did actually work for me also.

I am interested in the comment I read with regard to arthritic animals... I bet it does work for them also... being as we humans have domesticated them so much. I shall tell my daughter about it for her aged dog.

Thank you for the "gem" of information that has given us many better nights of rest! And yes, it does work! So far I have not found a doctor that can tell me why, but I sure tell everyone to read about it in your column. Thanks!

I have fibromyalgia and am having a bad night. So, surfing the web to keep my mind occupied, and ended up here. I don't have RLS, tho do get charley horse. ANYWAY, was reading about the soap. I have severe lower back pain, one thing that's keeping me awake right now. I thought, what the heck, maybe it will help my back. I tucked a bar of Irish Spring, the only bar soap I have right now, between the band of my PJ bottoms and the aching place on my back. I feel better!! Honestly!! Of course I cannot lie down with it tucked there, but I will sit here and surf a bit longer, then remove it and try to sleep again. I'm really not making this up. I am going to report this to my FM group in the AM if it continues to work.
This is so strange. Thanks for the 'inspiration'.

I think that the person who wrote in that "You folks are ridiculous, superstitious and ignorant" is a hypocrite. Superstitious is "a belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge". The comment was obviously made without practical experience or knowledge, so it is a superstition that simple remedies can't work.

Just because the science is not yet known does not mean it doesn't work.

Thanks for the ivory soap recommendation. I have been using an olive oil-based soap for years, and it works. I buy the homemade soap, but if ivory does it too, I will try that.

Great article, people laugh but it does work.

I am 44 yrs old & have been having nightly leg cramps now for 5-6 months. Sunday night was so bad, I barely slept. I went to the Dr. on Monday & he suggested stretching & drinking more water. I read this web site Monday night & put a bar of Lever 1000 soap in my bed. Have not had a single leg cramp in 2 nights. Thanks everyone for posting here. Very helpful suggestions.

Soap under the sheet worked for me. Maybe it is in the mind, but I have no more aches. Told doctor, requested he not laugh. He didn't. Stated the mind is a marvelous thing. Thank you for a good night of sleep for the past 2 months.

I tried the bar of soap and it seemed to work, but it was like a big lump in the bed and sometimes I hit my ankle bone on it.

I found a product called CrampArrest Pouch online for about 12 dollars total at Same concept, I guess, but only a small flat packet that I don't even notice under the bottom sheet anymore. Lasts me about 5 or 6 months. Even comes in scents with essential oils that can help with other things like arthritis, gout or insomnia.

I love it and would never go back to using the lump of soap in the bed!

Over a period of 2 or 3 years I went from a leg cramp every month or so to 3 or 4 times a week. My wife and I had read about the soap idea and she suggested that maybe it was the lump that was the "cure". She made a small pillow for me (about 16in. long, 6in. wide and 2in. thick) and I make sure it is under my knees when I get into bed. I haven't had a leg cramp in over two years except for the one time we vacationed without the pillow and on the third night I got a cramp. This may be an alternate solution for some people.

As a nurse, I scoffed at the idea of soap under the sheets for leg pain. My pain is mostly foot pain after working. I would moan in agony with my feet. I had read the articles in the paper and laughed.

Then an 83-year-old patient told me she used soap under the sheets and it works. So I thought, "What do I have to lose trying?". I went home that night, slipped a bar of Zest under the sheet and have not removed it since.

Did it work? Something did as my feet no longer hurt when I hit the bed. By the way, my cat now sleeps very close to the spot where the soap is located. Perhaps she is receiving some benefit from it too.

When I told a doctor at the hospital where I work about the soap, he laughed and said something critical and medical. Maybe he won't like the idea of someone not seeing a doctor and not taking un-needed medicine?

Quinine is readily available in the grocery store--tonic water contains it, and solves my leg cramps. When I mentioned that to my doctor, she said, "Some of my patients are having trouble getting quinine--I'll tell them about tonic water, because you're right--quinine is there."

I have suffered from RLS for a few years. I have taken several different types of RXs for this dreaded disorder. Since I hate taking medication, I am going to give the soap a try. I stopped taking the medication because I didn't care for the various side effects it was having on my body. So, as most of you may know, the RLS is back and worse than ever before. I will let you know if this helps.

I've had RLS for years and get total relief by rubbing Vicks on the bottom of my feet at bedtime. This has worked for 6 mos. with only 1 relapse.

I read the column on the bar of soap to cure leg cramps and thought well, why not--I have the soap, there's no drug interaction, and if it doesn't work I can put the bar back in the bath. Well, hurray! After jumping out of bed in the middle of the night with cramps in my legs and the top of my feet all the time, and tonic with quinine had not worked, low and behold--it worked--I've not had cramps in my feet and legs for the 4 months since I did it. If I start feeling one coming I reach for the soap under my feet and move it around until my foot rests on it--then I go back to sleep. Thank you so much!

I don't believe in copper bracelets and such but I keep a bar of soap (Dove) in a sock under my pillow and when I feel the need I put it between my knees and I don't kick my wife out of bed. It's a great remedy to a lifetime problem.

My husband does a lot of walking and got bad leg cramps every night when he went to bed. I read an article in the newspaper about putting a bar of soap at the foot of the bed for relief of leg cramps. I told my husband about it and he thought it was nuts, but just the same I put the bar of soap at the foot of the bed, and it has remained there ever since.

My husband has not had a leg cramp since, we do not know why this works but it has. I have read several articles concerning this remedy and the doctors have no explanation. And the lady that said she controls her leg cramps and thinks the soap is just a matter of suggestion is incorrect in my opinion due to my husband's pessimism when I put the soap in the bed. Bet my husband would not consider my removing the soap now. He has not had a leg cramp for 2 years now.

I have been using the soap for leg cramps for a year and can't believe the relief. Heard about it from a family member who heard it from a nurse.

My husband laughs and scoffs, but he doesn't have me waking him to rub my calves anymore either.

My husband's jerking movements have kept me awake for years. Whenever I need a good night's sleep I ask him to sleep in the guest room. We have tried this remedy for 2 nights and it seems to work (for both of us). Thanks to all who wrote about their experiences, Without your comments I would not have even tried it because it sounds so silly.

My wife is trying it right now. I'll let you know how it works. She gets cramps in her legs. Is that the same as restless legs??

Okay, I admit I was a skeptic on this one. I'm all for natural remedies whenever possible, but soap under the sheets? No way. Well, consider me a changed woman. I've had off and on bouts of RLS for awhile and two nights ago I had a particularly troublesome bout. Then I thought, what about the soap remedy... what do I have to lose? So, out came a bar I'd gotten during a recent hotel stay. I popped it under the sheet just as is and within 5 minutes, no more problem. I went right back to sleep. I don't think it was a fluke because my episodes usually last for quite a bit. This was almost immediate. Thank you, Graedons!

I think I have RLS. My legs cramp up in the shin, toes, calf--EVERYWHERE! I get the little movements in the legs and then I know they are coming. I won't sleep much. I've tried the tonic water, vitamins and the soap once. I think I will try another bar or two! Epsom salt bath seem to help alot.

I have gone to my dr. who has only offered me some horrible sleeping pills--I tried them once and woke up feeling like a zombie for another 4 hours! I have had bloodwork and all is normal. I am ready to go back and ask for more tests. I seem to get the onset of attacks when I exercise. I do very high intensity work-outs usually two hours almost daily. The only way to get them to stop is to not work out for a week or so.

Sometimes they go away for a while but always return!

Please help!!

My little dog's legs jerk at night. She is on medication and her legs are getting worse. Would Ivory soap do the same for her as humans? Let me know. la

This is the most amazing remedy I have ever used. My son is taking a medication, benztropine, for pacing. For two years he has paced through our apartment at least 200, yes! 200, times a day! After reading this and trying it my son immediately stopped! I ws sitting at the computer still reading info on this site and realized he hadn't been up to "just walk". He also had a problem with RLS while sleeping, to the point where he flings himself off the bed! It really, really WORKS! Thanks so much for this site!

I will try this when I get some soap. I just put my last bar in the shower. My mom tried it last night & it worked for her.

I have suffered from leg cramps and rls since 1998. I have taken quinine and many Dr. remedies. I tried the dial blue with a wonderful fragrance, and I have not had leg cramps or rls in three months. The other night I started to cramp in my toes and when I checked, my soap was on the floor after my husband changed the sheets. I replaced it and the cramps are gone. Thank God and who ever thought of this.

I just found out that I was having a baby. And I went to my DR. and told him I was having really bad leg cramps, but before I found out that I was having a baby, they were still there. So I will try it. Hope it works. I am really tired.=)

I too have RLS, and use the soap under the sheets. I have found that Ivory soap does not usually work. I am not sure why, but I can use other soaps, and they work just fine.

I suffered from severe leg cramps and used the soap under the sheet to relieve the cramps. I mentioned this to my doctor, who recommended taking a 600 Mg. Calcium Plus D daily. Guess what? I have not had a leg cramp for over 6 months.

I was suffering from RLS for the last two years. Whenever I used to go for sleep, the cramps started to creep in my legs like anything. I tried all the supplements like cal., Mg., vitamin E and whatnot, but there was no relief as such. Then one day I just opened this site and read about the bar of soap. I told everyone at home but all laughed at me saying how could one soap cure RLS. But I did not listen to anyone and just opened one white soap and kept it under the sheet of my bed, and BELIEVE me that was the first night I could sleep without cramps. Thanks a lot once again. And for those who are just thinking to try this miracle medicine.... GO AHEAD... and TRY IT NOW.

I am a 27-year-old who was recently diagnosed with RLS. Funny, my 85-year-old grandmother mentioned she had read something about soap and muscle cramps in the paper--we all thought she was senile! I should know better than to doubt Gran, right?!

I'll be trying this tonight for sure *fingers crossed.*

Also--I suffer from cramps in my feet and legs, but the sensation I have is best described as a small "pulse" or "twitch" all over my legs from knee to foot. Mostly the back of my legs. The sensation is inconsistent and "pops up" all over my legs, but is persistent throughout the night. Sometimes if I touch my leg, I can actually feel it on my hand. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


I had terrible foot cramps, especially at night. My friend suggested that I put a bar of soap in a sock and put the sock on my foot so the bar of soap was on the bottom of my foot. IT WORKS! Yes, I was also a skeptic but it really does work!

I have PLMD and restless legs and have had them for years. I tried the bar of soap technique, and it did not work for me. What works best for me is taking 250mg of magnesium at bedtime.

I am 83 yrs old. I have been using soap under my sheet for my leg cramps for about 2 years since I read about it in your column in the Senior Spectrum. Works great. I started having pains in my right thumb to my elbow (too much computer usage) and started holding a small bar of hotel soap and find relief there too. I put the soap under my upper arm area when I go to bed, too. Works for me.

I was talking to a lady at the grocery store a couple of months ago and mentioned I had not slept well because of RLS. I had this horrible feeling in my legs that made me feel like I had to continually move them to find a comfortable positon for them. I was also having leg cramps at night in the calves of my legs that hurt so bad I had to get up and walk them out. In the morning my legs would be so sore from the night cramps.

I thought the soap story was a little far-fetched, but decided to give it a try. Didn't feel good after taking Requip. Since then I have tried Ivory and Irish Spring, and both have worked wonderfully. I don't care how it works, I just know it does. A couple of nights when my soap had fallen down beside the bed into the floor I had the restless legs back again. I just toss them under my covers and it works almost immediately for me. I'll always have a bar of soap in my bed and I tell everyone that complains of RLS about this extremely cheap remedy. It's great!!!

I have tried many home remedies, and this is the first that is absolutely effective! I have always experienced moderate to severe leg and feet cramps, more recently RLS. I read your Ivory soap remedy, have used it for nearly two years and have had only a few cramps which lasted only a minute or two until I got the soap on my leg/foot and NO RLS! This is an amazing home exaggeration, no kidding!!!!

I read in a newspaper column about the soap under the bottom sheet for legs cramps. At the time I was taking Quinine capsules every night that took care of the cramps. When I could no longer get the Quinine, I tried the soap (Dial) and it works great!! Now my husband has a bar in his bed because he had been getting bad leg cramps since before we were married, over 45 years ago. We both swear by it but have no idea why it works. It just does, and that is all that matters to us.

I did the experiment with Ivory soap and the microwave with my students today. I'm going to use the fluff that resulted from it and put it under my bottom sheet in a mesh bag. I too have leg cramps and can't wait to see if it works.

It's a placebo, it only will work if you believe it will. My mother-in-law told my wife to try it, and I told my wife it's just a placebo, if she wants to try it, wait until I'm not expecting it. She waited a few weeks (I had forgotten all about it), slipped it in there, and I still suffered from leg cramps.

But I guess if you don't believe in it, it won't work either.

I read this article and went home and told my spouse about the remedy. He had vey bad leg cramps that would get him out of the bed screaming at night. I put the soap in the bed even though he stated you believe everything you read. Well, it made a believer out of him. It has been about seven weeks, and he has only had one episode, and he put his foot on the soap, and he stated that the pain went away much faster. He now tells everyone about the soap in the bed.

Well let me tell you the soap works great.If I stay over night somewhere else I take my soap. Now let me tell you, my 14 year old dog took over my soap. Yep she did. So now I have 3 bars across my bed. If it helps her as it did me. I am so happy.

I have had leg cramps at night for many years. I read about soap in my local paper. I tried it, and I have not had any cramps since. I don't know why but it works. I no longer jump out of bed with severe leg cramps.

I am amazed, albeit skeptical, about the soap for RLS. But I have it and so does my 4 year old son. He has had it since he was 6 months old. I have taken him to many doctors including a pediatric neurologist who wants to put him on those Parkinson’s meds! But they are all untested on kids so I said no way… but we have nights where he is screaming all night begging me “mommy please make my legs stop!” It is heart breaking that there is nothing I can do. NOW I will try the soap method! I have zero to lose, right?!! Can’t be any safe method for a 4 year old, that is for sure! I would love to know the physiological and chemical reasons WHY it works….

Like so many others, I also laughed at the thought of a bar of soap relieving leg cramps! !A sister insisted I at least try it without scoffing. To humor her, I put a bar of Tone soap under my sheet. She was right!!!!! Soap really works and I too push it around to touch where the cramps are worse. Never again will I be without my "Bed-buddy", and I keep a bar of some soap in my suitcase for traveling. Such a relief, and peace at night!!!

I just had the worst night of my life with leg cramps and will try the soap. Anything is better than that pain.

I am also an insulin dependent diabetic and that creates problems with taking some herbal remedies. One light in the tunnel.

My cardiologist has sent a prescription for quinine to a Canadian pharmacy for me. That has always worked in the past, but since they took it off the market the cramps are back. Hopefully that will arrive soon and with the soap, I'll finally get some sleep.

I just started having calf cramps at night and my friend Heidi turned me on to this remedy. I laughed at her at first, but when I was jolted up from sleep at 4a.m. with a cramp, I decide to use the soap the following night. It worked!! Don't ask me how, but I've had restful nights since!

I am 7 months pregnant and been plauged with leg cramps at night. I tried everything that was suggested, more water, more fruits and veggies with potassium, sitting down more, standing up more, stretching. Nothing was working. Then I read to put the bar of soap under my sheets. IT WAS A MIRACLE! I have not had a muscle cramp since. If my calves start to feel like they are tightening, I just put my leg directly on the bar of soap, and they relax. I don't know what it is but it WORKS. I have gotten a full nights sleep everynight since! Thank you for the remedy!

This really does work! My mom used to take valium to sleep but now she's all soap :) However, soap doesn't cut it for me, even in my sock, I use menthol gel.

I had surgery on my right foot. Since then I have pain at night when I overdo during the day. It hurt so bad I had to get up out of bed and walk around for a few minutes, sometimes the pain went away some times not. I read about the soap treatment and had some Irish Spring in the house. It works great, when the pain starts at night I put the soap on my foot and instant relief. I don't know if it is in your mind or not, but it sure works. Thank you so much.

We have been using a bar of soap for 3 or 4 years. I have told many people about it. My stepson came in from hunting with a terrible leg cramp; I gave him a bar of soap and told him to put it over the cramp,. His comment as the cramp went away,'I"ll be damned!' Thank God for home remedies!

I too was a skeptic, but my toes were cramping almost every night. I put a bar of ivory soap under the bottom sheet...and I'm telling you the truth! It works!! Don't know how it works, but at this point, I don't care how, but it just does. What have you got to loose? You loose those night cramps, that's what you loose!

I have a muscle condition and arthritis, with a lot of leg & lower back pain. I tried the Ivory soap. It HELPS!! It can't hurt to try it!

In reviewing posts, it is evident that soap doesn't work for everyone and some have to use it in different ways for maximum effectiveness. If it DOES work, you may want to play around with different options to determine your minimum cure requirements.

I was awakened nearly every night with creepy-crawlies, twitches or itching in my legs. Tried the soap thing, and it worked for me.

With time and experimentation, I learned that I don't need a full size bar of soap (love those flat hotel soaps!), that wrapped is fine, that my feet don't need to directly touch the soap, and that the soap's effectiveness wears off after a few months.

And every month my cleaning lady takes my bar of soap off the mattress and lays it on the nightstand when she makes my bed. I'm sure she thinks I'm nuts!

My mom told me to put a bar of soap under my sheets about 15 years ago when I was pregnant and having leg cramps. I laughed and thought she was crazy for suggesting such a thing! For the past year or so, I've had RLS. My mother-in-law gave me your book, and it also suggested to use a bar of soap for either RLS or leg cramps. I'm the crazy one here, I should have tried it 15 years ago! It has stopped all of my symptoms of these syndromes! It was a little hard to get used to that lump of soap in the bed, but once you realize what it is, you won't be bothered by it and you will definately miss it when it slips out of the bed by mistake! I urge everyone to try it. Really....what have you got to lose? Once it wears out of the healing properties (2-3 months) it is still very usable as just plain old soap. You can still come clean with it. Good luck to everyone that gives it a try!

I have suffered from RLS and cramps behind my knees that cause my legs to twist at night for the last 7-8 years. I was told 27 days ago about the soap remedy. The RLS and cramps stopped immediatly when I put an Irish Spring bar at the foot of my bed. It also has helped my 13 yr old dog's stiff joints--she has her own bar. I have myelodysplastic syndrome and severe anemia so I assumed I would have to just live with the leg problems. Why does this work and who discovered it?

I saw your program on PBS and tried the soap. I used a small piece of soap about the size of a business card and thick as a pencil. It worked great!

I use the soap for restless legs. I don't put it under the sheet, but hold it in my hand. If I wake up during the night and don't have my soap, I find it and go back to sleep or put it under my pillow. While traveling, I picked up the small size soaps and wrapped them in Saran Wrap so as to avoid getting the soap smell on my hands. It works!

Rather severe leg cramps most nights that seem to come in waves, starting as soon as I got in bed. Soap thing absolutely useless, unless using a bar to massage the muscle/tendon out. Doubt any property in the soap, however. I will have to go the route of eliminating a lot of the niacin I got from supplements, back to tea rather than coffee, more calcium. AND, if all else fails, tell my nerologist I need to up my dosage of Neurontin/gabapentin from 1,500 mg daily (only 300 mg before bed) to another 300 mg unless/until I get this under control some other way. (I am on the Rx as I have tortocollis, totally relieved once on gabapentin 11 years ago... bless you Dr. George Paulson of Ohio State Medical Center).

I have MS and recently had two back surgeries within three weeks. The pain of the muscles and nerves healing, in addition to the MS, is causing severe leg cramps, especially at night. My family doctor told me to try the soap under the sheets; he has other patients that swear by it. The only explanation he could give as to why it works - you're moving that bar every time your feet touch it, even though you are asleep and not aware of it. This gentle movement keeps the blood flowing in your legs and prevents the cramps. His only other suggestion was to pick a bar that smelled good! Well, I tried it - it works! Sometimes the simplest remedies are the best!!

Sorry guys..

I tried this. In fact I was so excited that I could stop with the Mirapex I went out and bought every brand of soap mentioned.

night 1 - 1 bar of Dove didnt work. Back to Mirapex

night 2 - 2 bars of soap. 2 different brands. Didnt work. Mirapex again

every night since - placed 1/2 dozen bars of soap down there...Nothing...still taking mirapex

I read somewhere that leg cramps are caused by magnesium deficiency. I started taking 400 mg magnesium citrate every night before bed, and the leg cramps disappeared. I also slept better and didn't feel as achy when I woke up. Magnesium is cheap and safe, but apparently will give you diarrhea if you take a lot at once. Because of this, it is advised that you take the citrate and gluconate forms instead of the elemental form, because they're more easily absorbed so you don't have to take as much. I really hope this helps someome.

I suffer from RLS. I was taking requip, however, after a few days it interfered with my sleep. i could not sleep. i have read your comments on the bar of soap, so I put a bar in my bed. I am so sleep deprived, I can't stand it. I am willing to try anything. This can drive you nuts with that creepy crawling feeling and I think it is trying to spread to my arms. So wish me luck, I will let you know how it works. Thanks!!!!!

I am using the bar of soap and it has stopped leg cramps.
I am never knows what makes miracles

I work in a physical therapy clinic and recently discussed my RLS symptoms with a PT here. He explained HOW the bar of soap works: If you are laying on any hard bump inder your legs, it is putting pressure on the muscles/nerves in and around the back of your knee. This blocks the neurotransmitters from telling your muscles to contract, thus eliminating the urge to move. It could be anything hard that is about the size of a bar of soap, such as a 1 pound weight. Beyond that, look up the word "psychosomatic".

A pregnant friend said her doctor said her leg cramps were from a lack of potassium and to eat a banana a day.

I found that soap under the sheet helped somewhat, but since having a banana a day, I've only had mild leg cramps once in the past 2 weeks. Previously I had them several times a night.

Yesterday morning at 4:30 a.m., I turned to the internet to try to find a solution to the problem that was causing me to spend my days sleep deprived. I had been having severe leg cramps (charley horses, really) for more than a week.

This wasn't happening just once per night, but more like once every hour after the first deep hour or two of sleep. Some I could stretch out by just jumping out of bed and pushing my heels down while leaning over. Others required stretching and then walking, before they'd calm back down enough for me to not have to actively work to control them.

I was in pain, exhausted and my borderline high blood pressure was high. I came across this website and figured it couldn't hurt to give it a try. It didn't make any sense, but I was desperate. I put a couple bars of soap under the sheet and went back to bed. I slept for 1.5 hours and when I woke up, it wasn't with a painful charley horse. I thought it was interesting, but wasn't convinced it was anything but coincidence. Last night I left the soap under the sheet and put some small bars inside my knee socks. I slept better than I have in a very long time.

I did feel the beginning of a cramp in one leg, so I put another bar in the sock near the cramping muscle. It never developed into a full fledged charley horse. As an added benefit, my blood pressure is in the normal range this morning. Most mornings, I can see erratic twitches all over my calf muscles. That isn't happening this morning. I don't normally post on websites, but as a long time sufferer, I wanted to let others know that this whacky cure seems to have worked for me.

What a surprise to read your column in the Asbury Press on August 5th. I have suffered from RLs and leg cramps for years. I was taking something but quinine and it helped.

2 years ago I was attending a workshop on homeopathic medicine and asked whether there was a homeopathic remedy. The person giving the workshop had no remedy, but someone attending the workshop had just read an article about putting a bar of soap under the bedsheet. no one there ( a mix of health care professionals ) had ever heard of this approach, but the woman who spoke up also said that she had been using it for a month and it stopped her cramping.

We were staying in a hotel for a series of workshops and a convention. The only soap that was available was the bar of hotel soap, which I put in the bed that night. It worked.

for 2 years I have slept with a bar of soap. It doesn't seem to matter what brand. I do change it periodically. I have never been able to find anyone else who ever heard of this remedy until now. I have recommended it to friends who have tried it and it has worked for some and not others. some have said it is a placebo effect.

I don't care because my sleepness and uncomfortable nights have stopped. Does anyone have any idea WHY it works???? I was so delighted to read your column and all the testimonials, just because it affirms something I have been doing with success.
Thanks and if anyone has an explanation, I would be interested to hear it.
Cathie S.

I had foot surgery and my foot and legs would get terrible cramps.I found your site and bought 2 bars of Irish spring soap.I do not know how it works but I have not had cramps since using the soap treatment. I just told my granddaughter about this when she started to complain about leg cramps. The best part is you can use the soap in the bathroom when you replace it every couple of months, how is that for recycling.

I heard it had to be zest and that is what I am using to get rid of terrible ankle, foot and leg cramps. I have been cramp free for almost 2 months thanks to zest.

A terrible sensation in the legs that my mother describes as fidgety. I describe it as sleepless nights of torture.There is only one bit of relief for me (although it does not seem to work for my 82 year old mother} & that is the bar of soap.

My wife slipped a bar under the sheets without my knowledge & you know the rest of the story.
The brand does not seem to matter but it does need refreshed every few months.

Every once in a while I will awake with the "fidgety" legs & realize that MY Bar OF Soap has slipped from under my sheets & onto the floor. Find it, put it back & good-night.
Thank-you Soapmakers

I have fibromyalgia and RLS, but even worse than the RLS was the constant foot, calf & thigh cramps. They were excrutiating and the only thing that helped at all was hobbling to the shower in the middle of the night and spraying water as hot as I could stand it for about 5-10 minutes.

Tried the potassium and other supposed helps but nothing worked. So,when a friend told me about the "soap in the bed" thing I thought it was the craziest thing I'd ever heard. But desperation won out over my jaded view of anything so simple and cheap and so that very night I tried it...not 1 cramp.

I felt it was just a fluke and that surely the 2nd night the cramps would return. Well, it's been over 2 weeks and NOT 1 CRAMP ANYWHERE! I am still in shock that this really works....doesn't just help alleviate virtually eliminates them entirely. It's been such a novelty thatit took me a whole week before I realized I also had not had 1 bout of RLS.

Two for one...all with 1 little bar of soap! Moral of pays to keep an open mind even when you are inclined to be very skeptical.
S. Kittoe

I to have leg cramps in my left leg and was told about the soap. I placed it unopened under my sheets and have had no cramps since.

In desperation I tried the soap under my sheets, it really works for me. I use Ivory soap and when my legs start to get restless I replace the bar. A bar usually last 2 or 3 months. I was drinking tonic water before that and while it did help it was never as good as this. I also had hip pain when I started the soap, which the Dr said was sciatica, and it no longer bothers me.

I am a 42 year old male.
I took a fall from the top of a truck two years ago. LOTS of LEG PAIN for 2 years. My mother in law told me about putting IVORY soap in the bed.
NO MORE LEG PAIN!!! I can not say enough about this.

For quite a while my legs had an uncomfortable feeling, didn't hurt, but I felt I had to keep moving them. I put a bar of Caress under my sheet and it worked wonderfully. The last month every evening when I sat in my recliner to watch TV the inside of my right leg would have a tingling, burning sensation. After I went to bed, with my soap, it quit and would not start again until the next evening. Thanks for passing this wonderful cheap answer along.

I was having leg cramps with increasing frequency and attributed it to the statins I was taking to reduce cholesterol, although my doctor said "no." I went on a cruise and was getting the cramps more frequently, probably because of the restricted bed area.

A fellow traveler told me he had read about the soap cure (a bar under the bottom sheet) in a medical column in Florida. Sounded crazy, but I said, "Why not?" Tried it, and the frequency of the cramps was reduced. When I got home I continued to try it and now after a week, I haven't had a single episode.

I suffered from the Restless Leg also and it drove me crazy. A friend of mine told me about the soap but to put it in my socks and I tried it after several nights of this and it worked. If I hadn't tried it I wouldn't have believed it either. Try it what do you have to lose?

I jump out of bed at about 3am each morning with excruciating leg cramps. I tried the quinine route, the tonic water, etc. to no avail. I heard about the soap remedy a few days ago. I tried it (Dial) one night. Didn't work. Will try Ivory and give it a few nights more.
I'll try ANYTHING at this point.

My arthritis made me sleep in a recliner, so I couldn't use my soap for cramps any more. I tried rubbing a dry bar of ivory on my dry legs after showering, and found it effective. I have also had trouble, sometimes debilitating, with neck muscle cramps, so I rubbed them too. No more cramps! People laugh and tell me it's placebo effect. I say "Who cares? It works!" Thanks for the tips. --H Miller

I have suffered from RLS since my teens. I have tried Requip and clonazepam. Both helped, but I felt doped after waking. Now I take Horse Chestnut extract and have had great results.

75 years old
For years I have had leg cramps. I also have developed a urinary problem (4-5 times a night).
Finally one night I couldn't straighten up my legs to walk to the bathroom. Accident.
I found out about the People's Pharmacy and the bar of soap. In over a year I have only had about 5 mild cramp.

My husband has suffered from rls for years and in the last year it has been constant day and night. Whenever he would sit or lie down the rls would start and he would start pacing the floor. He has tried all the medications available. Early on they helped but eventually stopped. I had heard about taking magnesium but since we had been to numerous doctors and specialist never tried it.

Last week I gave him some as a last resort as he had been up for days and was crying out of frustration. I had a bottle of magnesium citrate I had bought for $1.25 at the dollar store. He slept from 2am till 4pm the next day. That was 8 days ago. I have been giving him about 2 tsp. 2x aday. It's a miracle. Magnesium is a laxative so experiment with dosage. I have read that many people are magnesium deficient and that blood work does not tell if you are deficient on the cellular level. I hope this works for others as I know the torture my husband has lived through. Good luck and God Bless.

Unfortunately I can't find the original article that all these comments are referring to, but obviously it's not too difficult to get the gist of the idea of how to do this "soap remedy".

I don't have RLS, and don't *routinely* get leg cramps, but I do get either mild cramps (if I'm lucky) or possibly a charlie horse once or twice a month.

Rather than having a big lump or two under my sheets, I'm thinking this should work as well if I whittle off a bunch of soap shavings, put them in a pillow case, and put the pillow case under the bedsheet. I'll give it a try.

Also, just an interesting bit of information: about five years ago someone (I don't even remember who it was, at this point)told me that if I got a toe cramp or a foot cramp, I could make it go away by pinching my upper lip. That does, in fact work! It helps, to a lesser degree, with calf and thigh cramps as well. I have no idea why ("reflex point"? "acupressure point:??), but it will indeed make a toe or foot cramp disappear in about 30 seconds. But for those killer calf and thigh cramps, I'd much rather just not get them at all, so I'll try the soap!

I've been suffering with leg cramps in the calves for about 6 months and have been diagnosed with RLS. Mirapex helped for awhile then went to a vascular specialist and he thought maybe I have varicose veins. Suggested compression stockings. No help at all so tried the Ivory soap under the sheets for 3 nights now. First night didn't work, 2nd and 3rd. night slept like a baby. Can't believe this but it really worked. My husband thought it was crazy but if it keeps me from wandering around every night I'm game!

Such an odd thing, but it really works! My husband periodically gets excrutiating leg cramps in the middle of the night. He had been taking muscle relaxers for them, but when it was time to pay for a new prescription, I came across this article. I thought, 'what the heck', and I got him to try it.

Worked so well on preventing/eliminating his cramps! Similarly, I began getting cramps in my left foot. Just the other night, it was so painful and lasted for about 20 minutes. I actually felt silly reaching for that bar of soap, even though it helped my husband, but I grabbed it anyway and placed it against the sole of my foot. Waited for the cramps to return, but they vanished. If I was slightly skeptical before, I am not now! Don't poo-poo this remedy until you have tried it!

I heard about the bar of soap and wondered if it would work for me also. Whether it is due to ingredients or psychological leanings, I don't care. It helps alleviate my symptoms. I am also on Requip medication and there is now an FDA approved generic drug called Ropinirole which is manufactured by 3 pharmaceutical companies. It has cut my cost immensely. Some people may not be aware it is available in generic form as it only became available this past spring.

I had heard about a year ago about putting a bar of soap under the bottom sheet to help leg cramps. I was on various medications for leg cramps which did not help. As a long time hospital/long term care administrator I was dubious. I tried the soap and have not had any cramps for over a year!

Unfortunately I keep reading about leg cramps and not true RLS. I think the name of this article needs to be changed to leg cramps. I have a severe case of RLS and the soap which I have used to several months now doesn't work. Again, people here seem to be suffering more of leg cramps than RLS which is two very different things.

I have been troubled by leg cramps at night for years. After hearing on your program about the soap, I tried it. It works! After using this remedy for over a year, I won't go to bed without a small bar of soap under the sheets. Thank you!

I was having severe leg and foot cramps, to the point where it would jolt me out of bed. I would have to forcefully push my foot down while in terrible pain. Quinine and heat weren't working, and one day my young coordinator at work said that her grandmother swore by a bar of soap betwen the sheets. All I had was a bar of fancy French soap, but I put it in between the sheets as directed. I haven't had a cramp since, but if I feel one starting, I put my foot on the soap, and it disappears. My husband thinks I'm crazy, but hey, if it works, I don't care.

I have cramps all over my body when I try to get one out it moved to another part of my body.. I would like to know if the soap would help. I'm suffering really bad.

Ok; I give up. LOL (from the relief of pain and feeling stupid with a bar of soap in mysocks) I woke screaming from leg cramps in both legs. This happens about once every other month. Been taking all the chemical remedies. Being it does not happen that often, it's hard to tell what works. I read here that in some cases people reported rubbing the soap after the fact relieved some of the after pain.

My left leg recovered enough to bear weight in 10 min or so. Right leg was so so sore. Rubbing and stretching was not helping as I sat here reading all this. So got the soap out. Lightly rubbed it on my sore right calf. In like a couple min it was good enough to walk. And now it’s a bit sore but nothing like it was. It was one of those where you're so shocked you try to make the pain come back. Unbelievable….Next to the sheets…thanks.

I am a nurse and I have used soap "secretly" under patients sheets who struggle with RLS. They all tell me the only nights they get sleep/rest is when I am there. The other nights they are miserable and their medications don't work. I use soap under my sheets at home too, and I don't wake up with charlie horses or pain any more like I used to. I don't know why or how it works, I'm just glad it works for me.

Soap...who would believe that could work for leg cramps?

I was downright skeptical, but I decided to give it a try, a bar of soap could not have any bad side effects, therefore it was worth a try. So I tried it for a week, and surprise no leg cramps this past week!
I can't hardly believe it, and wonder if I'm just having a good week without cramps?

That seems unlikely since this had become a nightly event. All I keep thinking is,
Sounds silly, even somewhat impossible, but my cramps have not visited me for the week with my bar of "Dove" wrapped up in a foot sock, and placed between my sheets. Thank you to who ever found this treatment, it could not have been a drug company! Good luck to all who also decided to try it.

This may sound silly but it works for me. I have used the bar soap remedy for years. I found out that liquid dish soap works almost instantly to stop cramps. About 5 years ago I was standing in the kitchen and got A severe leg cramp. I grabbed A bottle of liquid detergent and rubbed it on the back of my leg. In less than a minute the pain was gone.This has worked for me and some of my friends many times. I walk 4 miles every day and carry a small bottle of soap in case I get a cramp. It works for me.

Thank you for your response. I will try the Ivory soap remedy and let you know how it works for me.

RLS is Not Leg Cramps. Soap may work for leg cramps but it does not work for RLS.

I used the soap remedy and, not only did it IMMEDIATELY stop my severe leg cramps, I had just begun experiencing intermittent erectile dysfunction. After the first night with a bar of Ivory soap under the bottom sheet - about knee level - the cramps stopped, and so did the ED symptoms. I checked out the ingredients of Ivory soap and found that it contains magnesium sulfate, which is used by paramedics to treat aspects of heart attack, asthma attacks, etc. because it relaxes smooth muscle fibers (like those surrounding blood vessels and G.I. tract). It also slows deep tendon reflexes. Apparently magnesium sulfate is absorbed from the soap through the skin of the legs and feet increasing blood flow and relaxing deep tendon response. Works for me!

Soap between the sheets works for my husband, who is on dialysis and can't take potassium. His cramps were getting worse and worse and disrupting both of our night's sleep. We started using the soap a few months ago and he got immediate results. We both sleep much better now.

The leg cramps start back up if the soap falls off the side of the mattress. Last night a cramp started but he swears it stopped instantly when he rolled over and his knee touched the soap. We've shared the soap trick with other families who have a member on dialysis. It's worked for them, too, even if they don't like to admit it.

The previous comment mentioned arthritic dogs and cats. Our 13-year-old cat will sleep on top of the bar of soap. We should probably add another bar just for her.

I had RLS symptoms and tried the soap, etc. I had read that anemia could cause it but I dismissed it because I had never been anemic...well, sure enough, I was. Started taking ferrous sulfate and had relief in under 48 hours. I still have it sometimes, but nothing like before.

i read all these soap confessions and tried it although i have no leg cramps but i have severe backache, my doctor said my spine is messed up, i can't bend backwards and i always wake up with backache. Now, i don't have backache anymore and i can bend backwards like a ballet dancer. My question is did the soap corrected my spinal column? I don't feel the pain anymore, i feel i'm back in my younger years...btw i'm only 40.

I have had leg cramps and will try the soap tonight.

Question..does it matter what kind of soap you use? I see many mention Ivory soap.

on using soap for leg cramps. Only use white soap except Dove or Ivory. I use Dial white with great results.

I use a bar of soap still in its box (dial) under my great..been doing it for two weeks...must be placebo effect but who cares...finally some good sleep for me...yippee

I am absolutely stymied by all of this soap in the bed stuff!! IT WORKS!!! I've suffered from such killer leg cramps that I can only cry. A friend told me about Ivory Soap and although it took me 5 more days (and more cramp issues) before I gave it a try, try I did and I'm just absolutely amazed!!!! NO leg cramps. I'm able to stretch in the bed before I get up without cramps and my legs feel better all day!! What in the Sam Hill is the deal with this????? Who cares. Its safe, it works and I feel BETTER!!!!! Wow.

My friend is a nurse and I asked her the other day about dealing with RLS. I have it horribly and I know she suffers from it as well. She is the one who told me about the soap in the bed treatment. She said, "I know it sounds crazy, but it really does work." She said that they use the treatment in our local nursing home and have even had patients in the hospital bring their own when needing to stay for a few days!

She is a very logical person so I wanted to believe her. Still, I was skeptical...being a person of logic myself. So I went online and found this site (and others). I was so impressed by all of the positive experiences that I went out and bought a 3 pack of Ivory.....which was the brand my friend had also recommended. Last night was the first night I have slept all the way through without RLS.

I didn't put the soap under the bottom sheet. Instead I put it in a thin small sock and put it above the bottom sheet by my feet. Last night when it felt like my RLS was about to come on, I placed a foot on the soap and in less than a minute all feelings of RLS was gone. No creepy crawlies, no urge to ball up/tighten thigh and calf muscles. My knees also have a tendency to become achy and I had none of that last night either.

I am so glad I heard of this. I never took any RX meds for RLS. I don't like anything that makes me tired, loopy, or could possibly become physically dependent on. I recommend this to anyone with leg problems at night.

I had leg cramps nightly for years. I was told about the soap and I only have leg craps about once every three months now. I believe.... and have told several friends for whom it has worked for as well.

This is unbelievable, suffered since January with horrible pain in my legs, mostly the right side, along with hip and groan pain. Therapist recommended to sleep on my back, that would ease the pain, but having mild sleep apnea was told not to do that. Talking to a friend the other day about the pain, she said use soap under your sheets, it works for me and the first night was such relief and the second night slept even better. Hooray!

I am a trainer for our local footy team and a few of our players suffer from cramps during the game. I use soap on the effected area for a minute or two and then they can go back on and play.

I got sick of having to deal with this problem as the guys have to come off the field so decided to experiment and sliced some squares of soap and taped it to the area before they went on the field and the guys played with the soap on. Guess worked! No cramps through the whole game.

Cheryl, in Australia

Wow, does anybody understand why the soap thing really works for "leg cramps"? All I know is my 76yr old mother has dealt with leg cramps for years now. Upon watching Dr Gott my mother asked me what I thought of this remedy?? Well, I told her it's just mumbo jumbo,and don't waste your time.

Well, of course Mother knows best right? I'm shocked to realize that she has been doing it now for two weeks, and surprising to say "I was wrong." She has been cramp free now for 10 days now and I'm really shocked! NOW, my question is.... What in soap would take leg craps away??? Somebody help!!!! I'm a real skeptic on things like this, but trust me, It WORKS!

Jim,from Idaho

Didn't work for me either, my husband and sister tried it, didn't work for them either. Maybe it is "mind over body" when it works for some?

My husband told me about using soap for my leg cramps and it works.
He had been on this site and seen that a bar of soap STOPPED leg cramps and told me. At first I told him he was crazy!!

Then I tried it, and it does work!! That was a few years ago!! I use any soap, when we go and stay some place I use the ones that the hotel gives ya. I also so bring them home and use them later!

I tried the soap and it worked. I used Jergens since I loved the almond scent. One night a cramp woke me and I moved my leg couldn't find the soap. Got out of bed and found the soap on the floor put it under the foot with the leg cramp and even though I could not put my weight on it due to the pain -- it stopped the cramp. I replace the soap when I need a new bar in the bath.

I had read (I think on this site) about mustard for leg cramps, and have used that and it will stop a cramp. Just some plain old yellow mustard on a tea spoon.

I felt silly trying the soap thing, but did try and it didn't work for me or my husband. Sounds as if someone may be making $ from soap sales.

Thought it was a silly idea even though I heard it from one of the doctors I worked with. Tried it, noticed a "slight" a change so took the soap out. Boy! Did the cramps come back then when I stretched ever so slightly. Now the bar of soap is there no matter what and no matter how silly my husband thinks I am! Word of caution though, I switched from Dove and found out that the newer, fragrant bar of soap gave me leg rash. Doctor then recommended using only Dove which is hypoallergenic!

My husband used to get leg cramps all the time at night. I read on the internet about ivory soap in the bed. It helps him. He hasn't had a cramp in about 6 months.

It also worked for my 2 year old with very bad night time leg cramps. We use Ivory. This is amazing!

Does this soap remedy work for sciatica also?

I have a relative who uses a cheese grater to grate the soap to put between the mattress pad and fitted sheet. I'm not sure it works better than the whole bar, but it would certainly be more comfortable!

I think the soap thing works. We tried it. If you still need quinine, buy tonic water.

I had a good laugh at the soap idea. Five weeks later...I am not laughing anymore. I have been on requip for 4 1/2 years and only went without when I filled my RX late. I did not sleep well those nights at all. I have been using the soap under my top sheet now for 5 weeks and have had no problems with my RLS at night. It may start to set in in the evening but once I go to bed, It goes away. Can't explain it but definitely recommend it. Signed, a very happy soap user!!

I too have suffered terribly from RLS, starting when I was pregnant with my first child who is now turning 13. I have tried Requip and Mirapax and they both help but I am left feeling groggy and kind of dizzy throughout the day. I was told about the Ivory soap in the bed and tried it years ago and the soap got lost down the side, etc. and I didn't give it a second chance and wrote it off as not working.

I was told about it recently and thought what the heck I will give it another shot because I am going insane with lack of sleep from my legs every night of my life. What do you know, I have slept pretty darn good ever since the soap has been there. I kind of rub my legs on the bar of soap, through the sheet, at calf area and then I try to keep the bar at the calf area and between my legs and I sleep! I actually sleep! I actually dream now and have REM sleep!!!

I am not awake from 2-4 or 5 in the morning every single night of my life doing leg lifts and stretches, anything to tire out my restless legs!!! Wonderful! I hope it keeps working! ;)

About those leg cramps after starting statins... you need to tell your doctor. Statins can cause muscle cramps and weakness as a side effect.

I do not have a high opinion of statin drugs, but you really feel the need to take them, you must also take COQ-10. COQ-10 and cholesterol are created by the liver, and statin drugs interrupt the production of both. What's ironic is that the heart, which you are trying to protect, LOVES COQ-10. I encourage you to do some reading on cholesterol as well. It's not the enemy we think it is. Just get your triglycerides down. I dropped mine to 44 by eliminating grains and sugar from my diet... Good luck.

I used the soap between the sheets for about a year and it did not help my legs at all. The only thing that helps me with leg cramps is tonic w/quinine.

This is the most AMAZING home remedy! I was experiencing the most extreme symptoms of restless leg syndrome and was taking Requip. My boss sent me to this page on this website. I was skeptical at first but after only 1 night with the soap between the sheets I was sold! I have not experienced even 1 symptom since! I have passed along this remedy to family members and they have had the same immediate result... no more cramping and jumping! I hope it works for everyone as well as it works for me! Now, if I could just find a cure for Neuropathy! ;-)

My sister-in-law has suffered for decades with restless legs at night. In August 2009, when visiting them I told her about the bar of soap under the sheets remedy. Whilst everyone thought it was the daftest thing they had ever heard, she tried it that night. I didn't hear any more until this week when my brother emailed me to say that they were back from visiting their daughter in America. Excellent holiday apart from my sister-in-law's restless leg problem which came back. He noticed it first! However, now she's home and back in a bed with a bar of soap, she is fine!

All I can suggest is try it.

My Mom told me about using the soap but I have a water bed with a small leak and could not (would not) put a bar of soap between my sheets so I actually leave a small scented bar on my bedside table close enough to smell it. I too have not had cramps now for months. If I do wake with the beginnings of a cramp, I grab my soap and breath in the scent and like magic the cramp disappears before it really starts. Oh and you might want to know that a lack of Magnesium and not only potassium is a culprit for cramping especially for the ladies.

A follow up to my previous post. I mentioned Magnesium deficiency as a cause of leg cramps and have just discovered that most soap contains magnesium sulfate (Epson's salt) and as our skin breathes I am guessing that we are absorbing that ingredient. It might be the very reason that soap works. A theory any way.

I still cannot believe it! But this really helps. I decided to buy Irish Spring since several people mentioned it (you get 2 bars for $.99 at the 99cent store) and there is divided opinion on Dove and Ivory. Since I wear socks to bed I decided to tape slivers on each of my calves and shins besides the bar of soap. It's been 2 weeks now and I have not slept so well in years. I have a bone marrow type cancer which causes severe pain from the ankle to the hip in my left leg. Last night I taped a sliver on the outside of me left thigh - no pain. I am so grateful. Lilly

The reason I am typing this at 1:10 AM is the soap doesn't work, at least for this RLS sufferer.

Have you checked out any other ideas for RLS? Indian Tonic Water which contains quinine seems to work for some.

I've been using soap for the past year with great results. Any soap seems to do the trick. I use the small hotel bars because of the size. If the pain comes back just change the soap, even if it's in the middle of the night. Don't have any explanation as to why, just know that it does work.

I tried the soap and it did not work for me :( Still woke up about 5 times last night... was really hoping it worked.

I had chemotherapy several years ago. One particular drug effected the nerves in my feet and lower legs. Instead of clearing up after I finished the chemo, it actually got worse. I would get cramps and painful charley horses every night. In one week, two people told me about using Ivory Soap in the bed so I figured there was nothing to lose in trying it. I can't believe the difference it has made. I rarely have a cramp now and if I do it is usually because the soap has slid down to the foot of the bed. I am also taking magnesium at bedtime.

I have been suffering from severe violent leg cramps that seize up my muscles, usually the inner thigh but sometimes the calves as well and cause me to cry out in pain, wake me up and cause me to walk/dance around for awhile until they finally subside. They also made my legs feel sore the next day, as if if I had exercised strenuously (but I didn't). Hearing about the soap remedy, although skeptical, I bought a couple of bars of caress at the $1 store and placed it between the sheets.

Presto!!! No more cramps for about a month now. It does, indeed, seem to defy logic but it works!

TRY IT! Perhaps someday we'll discover the mystery of why it works.

Don't knock something until you try it. If you've ever had these God awful pains, you would be willing to try ANYTHING to relieve it.

I've had backache pain for the last eight years and go to the chiropractor on a regular basis. When I heard of the soap bar remedy... I thought why not give it a try and I have been back pain free for the past month. Now when I talk to people with my experience, I'm surprised to hear that they have been using this soap remedy themselves and sometimes for years at a time. Whatever works!

This is the most ridiculas thing I ever heard of...but it works!!!!
I am 59 years old and have had RLS since I was a child. My mother too said it was growing pains.

My brother-in-law told me about the soap. I laughed him off because I thought he was yanking my chain. But that night I took a bar of Ivory soap and placed it under the sheets. I was amazed that I got a good night's sleep. The best in months and months. I didn't even unwrap the soap!

Anyway, it works and I don't care why. I'm going to place encyclopedias under my pillow next and try to raise my IQ !

I was another person who heard about the soap underneath the sheets! My partner has RLS ! Severely!! So two nights ago I put a bar of soap between the sheets without him knowing, and this morning he said hes been sleeping all night with no leg problems! I laughed and lifted the sheet up and said it must work!

I just started using this last Saturday night. I was told to try it, any kind of soap would work.... I use Dove, and tried it, by Wednesday morning, I was walking pretty good. I have bad back pain with arthritis, and it started hurting my legs..... I feel really good. This is incredible.... smells great, and costs practically nothing.

I very seldom get cramps of any kind, but one night a couple months ago some terrible cramp came on in my right leg - it woke me up. I remembered the suggestion from The People's Pharmacy program about soap under the sheet because it was such a weird recommendation - I had laughed at the idea when I heard it. I limped and crawled to the bathroom in terrible pain and found a bar of soap.

I was in too much pain to wait for sticking the soap under the bed sheet, so I rubbed the cramped leg with the soap. The pain disappeared as soon as the soap touched the skin. I couldn't believe how quickly and how completely it worked. I'm a believer.

Very funny about the encyclopedia, I might try that:)

I had heard this remedy discussed on your radio show. While jumping around in cramping desperation one night- I placed a bar of soap at the foot of my bed. There is no doubt it alleviated the cramping. My husband, not understanding what this bar of soap was doing under the sheets was forever removing it. Until I caught him and explained it's purpose. Since then, on occasion he had had a wake up fit with EXTREME cramping in his thighs after working long days on a ladder.

Without his consent- I placed another bar of soap on his side (to get us both some peace). He never embraced the hocus pocus- until last night- when he was suffering (when he is suffering, we all are suffering) and I convinced him to replace the bar of soap. Lo and behold- he now believes!

The duration does factor in- about 6 weeks it seems to lose it efficacy. So I bought a whole bunch of soap- (Irish Spring, just what was on hand to begin with) and have it on hand. I re-purpose it to the shower stall when it's usefulness is outlived under the bed sheets.

This morning, I did an internet search as to the "why" of it's effectiveness, still many references state the unknown, one did indicate that the presence of sodium chloride may be the culprit. That it absorbs into the skin... whatever the reason for it's effectiveness- I am ever so grateful to have heard this mentioned and thank you for the sleep it has afforded!

I use DIAL and it works. If it works for me it must work for others.

Ok, I'm trying this. If it works I will re-post.

I'm 26 and have been fortunate to have been diagnosed with arthritis at this young of an age.. I heard about this trick from my sister when she was talking to my grandmother (93 with arthritis as well) I've been using dove soap and I can't believe how well it's worked.. I don't even need to use naproxen.

My father and I both have had great results. Seems like the cheaper the soap the better. Soaps w/ aromas (irish spring, dove) did not work for us.

I've had RLS for probably the last 6 months or so and had to take Tylenol p.m. every night to help fall asleep because my legs were just killing me. I finally tried Ivory soap 3 bars at the foot of my bed and I've been sleeping like a baby without any medicine for 2 weeks now!

I suffered horribly with leg cramps for years, and I was very young so I felt very depressed about my future with this issue. I was up almost every night, crying and rubbing the back of my legs (which didn't help much because I couldn't really dig in to the pain), and then one day my mom told me about the soap. She said she had heard about it from a lady at church who swore it worked and my mom was so desperate to relieve her leg pain she decided to give it a try - and it worked!

I thought my mom was crazy but decided to try it myself and IT CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I rarely have leg pain anymore and I make sure I have soap with me wherever I sleep (traveling, friend's house, etc.). I told a friend at work about it and she too has had success with it. What do you have to lose??? Try it - it worked for me!!

This did not work for me

I had quite a laugh when a friend told me about the bar of soap trick, ha,ha, wish I had known about this years ago, for my Dad as well as myself. Can't really understand how but who cares, it really does work!!! I use the green Zest because its what I had on hand, works for me. Didn't know about putting it under the bottom sheet though, I have it in between top and bottom and it still works. Kudos to whoever thought this one up!!! (I'm up now because I was in bed most of the day with a headache, got anymore wonderful remedies??)

I have a 2 year old little girl that has been to hell and back trying to find answers as to her constant discomfort. She has screamed bloody murder since an infant. Has been through MRIs, Xrays, scopes, blood tests, hospital stays, EEGs and more to find out what wrong with her. We just got her sleep study results back and they said she has a significant case of RLS. Go figure. I have heard tons of different potential diagnoses; autism, anxiety, night terrors, possible ODD, and on and on.... THIS diagnosis is the first that as a Mom I feel like By George They've GOT IT! It totally makes sense. She screams when she's in her car seat pulling her legs up, never sits even when I can tell she wants to, constantly kicks, randomly walks on her toes when she seems uncomfortable and has moved her legs in her sleep since I can remember. Last night when she woke up screaming I asked her "Is it your legs that hurt?!" and she said "Yes, mama, yes". It was almost like she said thank you mom, you've finally figured it out. Now just to find a way to make it better.

I too have occasional RLS and had heard about the soap thing before but never have tried it since my RLS is pretty mild. But I just called my husband and told him to buy 3 different kinds of soaps as I plan to put ALL 3 in our bed tonight, well after I rub them on her entire body (LOL) to hopefully have my daughter get some relief. I am praying and praying this works. I'll come back and update.

I guess the good thing, is that if this DOES work. We'll know it's not a placebo effect as my daughter is only 2 years old and doesn't know any better.

A co-worker was talking about using soap for leg cramps... said she read it in your article. I have had night leg pain for awhile now and do not want to take any medications. I am going to try the soap. I told my husband about it and he said that back when he was enlisting in the service that men would put a bar of soap under their arm for awhile before going in for their physical, to raise their blood pressure!!
So if it raises blood pressure, then maybe dilates the vessels in legs to relieve cramping ???? I don't know, but I am going to try it.........

I tried this at the advise of a friend who knew I suffered TERRIBLY with leg cramps. It was at a last resort.... not really believing it would work, but willing to try ANYTHING, I unwrapped the soap and placed it under the sheet. AMAZINGLY, the cramps were gone!

I had read your information quite a while back and even suggested it to friends and family... but had forgotten. That was until I called my Mother yesterday telling her that I had been suffering from severe muscle cramping all down the left side of my spine for several days. She reminded me of the soap. So I placed the soap near my spine all night long, moving it as I turned over at times. When I would awaken to turn over, I would realize that the cramping was easing.

So the soap works... not only for leg cramps, but for other muscle spasms as well!

When I first heard about the bar of soap treatment, I thought "It wouldn't hurt". I've had tremendous relief. If I have even a slight discomfort, all I have to do it scoop up my bar of soap and pull it towards my legs.

I'm 57 and have RLS and Plantar Faciatis. The bottom of my feet used to hurt so bad in the morning when I got out of bed that I could hardly walk. Someone suggested I put a bar of Irish Spring soap at the bottom of your bed, so I tried it. I haven't had any RLS or foot pain since. It's amazing!

I've suffered from leg, feet and hand cramps for several years. After Quinine pills were taken off the market, I drank tonic water, used homeopathic pills, ordered a solution on-line which consists of vinegar, garlic juice and ginger juice. With all of this, I was still up every night limping in pain, crying, stomping, rubbing my legs and feet. Then I heard about the bar of soap. I tried it and the very first time it worked. I could literally feel the negative energy being pulled out of my legs. I do have to change the soap about once a month, but it does work. Praise God!

I am scared to stop taking my RLS medicine. Even with the terrible side effects. RLS is terrible!!!!

Both my kids have it too, so does their daddy. We have tried everything! Did this work for you? I'm going to try it on both my little ones tomorrow. Good luck!

Yes, it really works! yes!

Ok so I'm going to try this with my dad. He has very bad thigh cramps to the point where he almost cries, so I'm going to try two brands: dove and ivory. I'll post the results on youtube with a link.

Did it work for the child's RLS problem? Why are so many people posting that they are going to try it? We want to know if it worked please!

Please note if you have RLS (not just leg cramps which could be RLS).

Please post after you have tried it as we RLS sufferers are doing a lot of skimming over to get the info that is important. Results are important.

Since I have been reading this long commentary, I have put the only bars of soap that I have which are two older, scented, opened, and specialty shaped bars of soap directly on the source ares of my severe RLS. It has absorbed the heat and somewhat quelled the annoying uncomfortable fidgeting muscle feeling


Hello All! It was I with the toddler with RLS. We put 3, yes 3 bars of soap in our bed (my daughter still co-sleeps) and yes - it did help. It did not make the problem go away. But she went from waking screaming 5-6 times a night to 1-2 times and some mild kicking. I will also say that at the same time I started to "box" her in with pillows. This REALLY seems to help a lot. I think by not giving her the chance to move around, her legs don't go nuts. So I can't say for sure one way or the other. I will say that I do not plan to take the bars (now down to 2 cuz I need one! LoL) out any time soon.

As for me, I have also tried rubbing the bar of soap on my legs when I get RLS in our recliner. I wouldn't say it "melted" it away like described above, but it did seem to help some.

I'm still a believer and will continue to try it and promote the idea. It may just be that my daughter has more going on than just RLS.

Good luck everyone!

I've suffered from RLS for years, known as jumpy feet in our family.
Someone told me about the soap under the sheet about two years ago and though I laughed I thought I'd give it a try.
It was like a miracle. I change the soap every few months when I feel it's working less well and it always works for me. I emailed my cousin after trying it for a month as she had RLS really bad and she is amazed at how effective it's been.
It's really like a miracle.
Give it a try it's great. M

I could not sleep due to restless leg with frequent urination and I was told about the soap for restless leg, so I did some reading, also noted were Gatorade, Advil, shower and stretching. I had tried the shower, exercise, and Advil with no success. I then added two bars of Ivory and drank some Gatorade. Now I sleep like a log so much that I have a hard time getting up due to such a deep sleep!

Thanks for your reply. I am having the same results as you daughter most likely because my RLS is very severe. I have it in the day time, in the arms, shoulders, as well as in the legs.

I sleep with 2 new lever 2000 bars, 2 new Irish Spring bars, and 3 new ivory bars. I lay on them and put them where the RLS is worst. The ivory can get crumbly under the pressure. The Irish Spring gets moist or melts where it touches my skin and is too fragrant, and the lever 2000 caused a strange like toxic pain at one point, but it has a soft nice fragrance. The bars are causing my husband to have a sore throat and they are giving me a cough.

Last night I put ace bandages on my arms and legs and placed the soap directly up against the RLS areas. I was up most of the night and spent 13 hours in bed.

After 6 days of not taking my RLS medication and using this soap only, the RLS is dimmed by the soap, but the RLS is still strong enough to keep me awake most of the night. It works when the RLS finally calms down usually at day break. ha ha

I have tried Meripex and Requip. Meripex worked, but it gave me amnesia; Requip gave me a huge thick red rash on the front of my neck right after taking it, and I don't remember if it helped or not. Tonic water by itself has not worked for me in the past. Tonight I am going to try the Epsom Salt bath and tonic water. I hope it works because I don't like having to taking narcotics for this.

Gosh what is causing this RLS? Children are getting it! This is strange because at the RLS meeting in Houston several years ago my husband and I were the youngest people there at 40 something. Most were 70's and 80's +.

My husband has RLS and I spent many nights trying to go to sleep is spite of his kicking. One night , in desperation, I got up and found a bar of soap and put it under the sheet on his side without telling him. I had heard of it helping cramps but did not know it would help RLS. As I changed the sheets this morning, the bar of soap fell onto the floor and I realized that he hadn't had any symptoms since I put the soap in the bed. As far as it being psychosomatic, he doesn't know the soap is there! What a relief.

The key is SCORING the soap every time you change the bed if not more often. I use a fork and dig fresh lines all over the soap this bring it back to freshness. Releasing the mystery that WORKS WELL FOR ME AND MY MOM. TRY this !

As a retired physician I was skeptical when my wife suggested using soap under the sheets for my leg cramps. I'm happy to say that I'm among the majority of people with nocturnal leg cramps that get almost 100% relief with soap. It works! Dial seems best for me. A friend also got relief with Dial but not Ivory so if one type fails to help try a different type of soap. My question is why does it work? I seriously doubt that it's due to a placebo effect.

This is a one month follow up to my severe RLS and soap experience. I bought two ice packs that came with felt-like material pouches and velcro straps. I have been putting soap in them and strapping them to my legs and it works! The secret is to put new soap in every three days or so for me as the old soap stops working in days. We recently went on vacation and I refilled them often with hotel soaps. I had more energy than I have had in years! It is so nice to have non-interrupted sleep and no hang-over effect from the narcotics.

Now I have a bag of opened soap bars next to my bed. I need to find a deal on soap because I use so much. : )

I have heard that the relief comes from the Epsom salt in the soap.

I tried this remedy for my feet and leg cramps after being told of the 'home remedy" by and old gentleman. My husband thought I was crazy but I like to avoid medications whenever possible. I thought what do I have to lose. It works. No more jumping up in the middle of the night in pain and taking hours to fall back asleep. I like others would like to know WHY but I am not going to lose sleep over it.

My husband and I have been using the soap under our sheets for about two years, it has worked for us. I am never w/o my soap, I use Palmolive, (ivory and/or irish mist did not have the same results.) I don't care why it works, my friend says it is all in mind, that's ok with me. It works.

We are skeptical but going to give it a try. Will post back results.

I am a hair stylist and at age 57 have from time to time started having my toes drawing and charlie horses. This week end I had a busy weekend at my niece's wedding and had charlies horses and toes drawing so bad that I started to throw up! My husband reminded me a lady at our Elks lodge had said a bar of soap would work! All I can say this is the craziest thing I have ever done but IT WORKS!!!! I used Dove bar Soap!

I to have leg cramps and have tried Mirapex. Didn't like the effect of it and told my doctor about my legs and he laughed and said "I know you will think I am crazy but I hear soap under your sheet will help, it is worth a try." I tried and it does work No more cramps. THANKS DR. TAN.

Placebo effect.

Placebo effect? Maybe but it works, it's essentially free (after a few months replace the soap and use it for showers) and if placebo effect should be low risk, unlike the drugs!

My mom has suffered with restless legs her whole life and she has tried everything. I told her about the soap under the sheets. It works so well that every time I see her she keeps thanking me for telling her about it.

I am an orthopaedic surgeon and have written numerous scientific articles over the past 20 years. I have been trying to design a scientific study regarding Ivory Soap and leg cramps since the anecdotal evidence seems so strong. But, for the life of me, I have not been able to accomplish this design. Please continue to post on this subject.

An older woman told me about this remedy at the grocery store. She said her husband swears by it. I have RLS and very achy knees. I used the glycerin grapeseed oil and lemongrass dial soap. Within minutes of hopping into bed it worked with the soap by my side. The other night my sciatica was really painful so I decided to time it with the soap. It only took 4 minutes and I had relief. I will never go to bed without my soap. Is it aromatherapy or what? It is unbelievable. I work at this grocery store and the dial soap is flying off the shelves!

It really works for myself & my mother!!
I told my friends - it works for them & their Mom too!
No kidding.

My husband heard about using soap for leg cramps while listening to the Howard Stern show. When he heard it, as well as when he repeated it to me I had very high doubts. A few months ago I was in such pain and figured "What would it hurt" and tried putting bar soap directly on where my leg cramp was. Much to my surprise within a minute or two the cramp was gone. This also helps during the day if I get a leg cramp, and after reading this I will be putting a sliver of soap under my bottom bed sheet tonight. Thank you!

This is truly an amazing remedy. I have been "using" the Ivory Soap under my sheet for 2 years now and my leg cramps are 95% gone. Occasionally I have a foot cramp and it even helps that. The other night I had such a horrible cramp while watching TV that my husband, in desperation, got a bar of Ivory Soap out and I held it and my cramp went away. Even I couldn't believe that one! No one was more skeptical than I was but now I am a true believer.

Really works for me... when I started to have leg problems again, a new bar of soap did the trick. When friends complain about leg pain, I suggest trying the soap method. They think it sounds a little nutty, so they just keep on complaining. Isn't it wonderful to have an open mind?

It works!! It took a few days(don't know why), but I haven't slept like this in ages...I use Dial.

If the RLS is severe enough it does indeed cause leg cramps - I am an example of someone that does have both the RLS & the cramps in the legs.

I did the same thing one day and I get cramps horribly and it works! I don't know why but it beats medicine. Thank you Dove soap for keeping me clean and cramp free!

I want to try the soap remedy for my RLS and my husband's leg cramps. So does it matter whether the bar of soap is unwrapped before putting it under the sheet?

I find your discussion of soap as a remedy for restless leg syndrome and cramps fascinating, but I am searching for information on another subject. While volunteering at the Pa. Chapter booth of the American Chestnut Foundation at the Pa. State Farm Show at Harrisburg, Pa.on Thursday, a woman came up to me and told me that when she was a little girl, her grandmother would get her to help gather American Chestnuts every fall to put under the bed mattresses in each bedroom.

She did not know the purpose of this. Does anyone have any idea what the purpose of doing this could have been?

Is there a special brand of soap, do you unwrap it & where do you place it under the sheets, Help!! I've had RlS for years & now even the Mirapex seems to be loosing it's effectiveness. I'll try anything. I'll even stand on my head & gargle peanut butter.


This post is in response to the person asking what type of soap, where to put, etc:
I will share my experience-

I use Irish Spring- (b/c it worked the first time, so I bought in bulk @ Sam's) unwrap it place under sheet near area of cramping- every 6 weeks or so- replace with new- and re-purpose old soap to shower stall.

A doctor friend of mine told my husband to put a bar or soap in the bed for my leg and foot cramps. He doesn't know why it works, but it DOES FOR ME. I used to take quinine sulfate and that would take care of my cramps. Well, I googled quinine sulfate and found out why it is not on the market any more. If you take it, or want to, DON'T! Truly scary things about it you will find. Soap is safe and does the job. Who knows why?

I know exactly what you mean. I've had it for 38 years, and it's indescribable. You can try and try to make someone understand, but when I cannot even explain it, there's a problem. I would rather have intense pain than RLS.

Rls issues for years. Tried everything. Soap didn't work. Exercise didn't. Tonic water didn't... Holistic pills. Massage didn't. Nothing nothing nothing!

Cut out smoking and all caffeine and rls is gone completely.

My grandmother suffered terrible from RLS for much of her adult life. It was her gift to me and my gift to my three boys.. I gave the soap remedy a try in desperation when I was pregnant the first time. For me this was a miracle. My symptoms were remedied that first night. For my family, it doesn't matter what brand of soap. We keep it between the sheets where we can touch it with our lower legs or feet. My father in law has had leg cramping and for years and he applies liquid soap, like lotion, to his legs prior to going to bed. I've often thought that this would make my skin too dry but it works for him.

If you are suffering from this, why not give it a try, it certainly can not hurt you and who cares what other people think if it gives you relief. I just wish we had known this trick years ago which could have helped my Gram who suffered terribly!

Sleep well!

my mom told me about putting a bar of soap under the sheets by her feet for cramps, I laughed so hard I almost peed on myself. So one night I was talking to her on the phone and I started getting a cramp in my hand, so I started laughing again, got up, grabbed an old cotton glove, put it on and stuck a bar of soap inside the glove in the palm of my hand. The cramp in my hand went away almost instantly. I was shocked !! I also get weird pains in the bend of my knees trying to sleep, so now I sleep with a bar of soap under my knees and have no problem going to sleep, if i could just stop laughing. I use a bar of lava. It works for me very well. Don't laugh, try it.......PEACE.......CHAP.

Ivory Soap WORKED. I have had RLS for 26 years. It runs in the family.

At first I used SILENT NIGHT from Nature's Way. Worked for 30 days, then stopped.
Next I used Iron Carbonyl, which generally worked. Did this for 10 years.

Now I use IVORY SOAP for my RLS. It is AMAZING. I pack it in all my suitcases and overnight bags, take it on the plane, in the car.


On a visit to my brother's, who suffers from severe RLS and PLMD (as I also do), he told me about using Irish Spring under the bed sheets for relief. I scoffed and took my regular dose of mirapex and as usual didn't sleep well at all that first night. The second night I agreed to let him try the soap remedy on me. He shaves the soap onto the mattress so that it is distributed all over the bed, and covers it with a sheet.

I climbed into bed that night, still scoffing, and again didn't sleep worth a darn that night. However, because I was visiting I also slept in pajamas -- something I don't do at home. I thought about through the next day, and that night I went to bed wearing only a pair of shorts. I slept like a dream!

I stayed with my brother for an entire month, and once I figured out not to wear pajamas to bed, that soap under my sheets worked like a charm and continues to do so a full year later (changing the soap regularly, of course).

I have had severe muscle spasms from taking cholesterol drugs. They were so severe I would have to get out of bed and walk bent over because I could not stand up straight.

A friend told me about the soap and decided to try it. I used a sliver of glycerin soap and just tossed it in the bed where it would be in the leg area... and have not had a muscle spasm since. A week of being pain-free is so great. Tell everyone that it is a Miracle cure.


Wow, I have suffered from RLS for years and the occurring leg cramps, this is incredible. This is the first night I've ever slept through without kicking off the sheets and waking up at 4am every morning. I used oil of olay, put one unopened package under each knee and on opened near my feet. I must say I had a hard time telling my husband and others about this but.... who care, let them think I'm nuts. Thanks for this website. Does anyone know why this works? KW

Why Oil of Olay???
Try regular or deodorant soap. Less messy I'd assume.
I've not seen a proposed mechanism of action but there is obviously something in soap that prevents muscle spasm. Been using various kinds of soap for three or more years and all work for me. Just hope there isn't a delayed, serious, long term side-effect like ALS!!! Being semi-facetious but one never knows.

Mainly because that's always what we use and have, I don't think it matters what kind. " Don't fix it if it doesn't need fixing "as my mom would say.

Setting the soap on the nightstand next to my bed worked just as well as under the covers. It didn't!!

I have had RLS since '93 (it was labeled "severe" in two sleep lab studies at two separate sleep clinics). It dominated my life for about a decade. The daytime sleepiness was as horrible as the night-walks in the freezing rain of Northwest winters.

I refused to do the hardcore RLS drugs, with all their side effects, accommodation, and rebound. For several years I searched out all the alternative modalities (from acupuncture to homeopathy, and beyond) in the Seattle area for help. Nothing helped much, but I met some very nice people. I just found the standard wisdom that sugar, caffeine, and lack of exercise coincided with greater severity of symptoms.

Clean living and lots of exercise gave me some relief over time. I also discovered something I have not heard about anywhere else, even on a Google search: *soy* in all its forms triggers RLS for me. I cut out soy as much as I was able to (it's in everything!), and the RLS diminished more.

But it's only been in the past 8 months that I've almost (95+% of the time) gone without RLS, and my "secret" has been a nightly Cal-Mag (with a separate D). I also take a multivitamin and multi-mineral in the morning. I'm not sure what in this supplement cocktail is doing the trick, but I am supporting the supplement from now until the day I croak if it keeps away the nasty, insidious RLS which stole years from my life.

I still have a dread of sleeptime, which developed during the 90's out of anticipation of endless struggles with RLS in bed, writhing away and having to get up once, twice, three times, four times sometimes. All the hot baths and endless self-massage of my quads in the dark night while the world slept... I hated it so damn much. Now I stay up late still -- it's a habit I haven't broken even though there is no "reason" to have it.

When I do feel a touch of RLS these days, it is (comparatively) very slight. Next time I will try soap. Can it be any brand, or does it have to be "Placebo" brand? Whatever works I'm all for. I'm just thrilled to be closer to "normal" now.

Based on what I've read on this thread, the brand of soap doesn't seem to matter for many folks. It does for me, though. I have to use original Irish Spring, or it doesn't seem to work for me. I found that out quite by accident when my partner replaced the soap with one of the other kinds of Irish Spring without telling me. My RLS was in full swing for nearly a week before I found he had changed the soap. Once I replaced it with the original Irish Spring, it was smooth sleeping again.

Like you, Adriano, I have severe RLS (and PLMD), but I've had it since childhood. It affects not only my legs, but my arms, torso and face as well. I take the hard meds (mirapex currently), because I have strong symptoms day and night and carrying a bar of soap in my pockets during the day just isn't practical.

Also like you, I've learned to dread nighttime, even though the soap allows me to get some sleep more often than not. I am so sick of being tired all the time, watching the world sleep as I plow along the sidewalks of Philadelphia in the middle of the night, no matter the weather. I hate not being able to enjoy a movie in a real theater.

More than anything, though, I've learned to hate traveling, even though I love to travel. My job has me on a plane usually a few times a month, and I dread it for days in advance. Usually by the time the flight is getting ready to land, I've been dreaming for hours about throwing open the hatch and jumping out of the plane.

I'm happy to hear you're reclaiming your life. The soap has helped me to do that some degree, too. I look forward to even more.

Your experience with the two kinds of Irish Spring is really baffling, and argues against the effect being purely placebo and for it being one of those things which science can't yet explain. I'm glad that you've found something that is helping to some degree.

I had no idea Irish Spring was still around. My main memory of it is from growing up and laughing at my dad's disgust with the commercials. He was born in Ireland, and so felt affronted by the "stage Irish" ("I like it, too!")

I also tried Mirapex a few years ago when it was starting to be prescribed off-label for RLS. I didn't consider it a nuclear option like Sinemet and Klonopin, both of which I refused. Still, even with a low dose, I seem to get every side-effect on the scare sheet. I began taking it at a particularly bad time, and it gave immediate relief, which then gradually faded. I remember that months later, when the RLS was again raging, I stopped it, and shortly after stopping I then had a long holiday from RLS. I have no idea how much of this sequence had to do with the drug and how much had to do with my expectations and the placebo effect, but the change was dramatic.

There was a study out this week which links RLS with "left ventricular hypertrophy" or hardening of the cardiac muscle walls. I don't doubt that having had RLS, and having taken drugs for it (as well as for ADHD), my long-term health & quality of life will be lessened even if I manage to beat the symptoms. I really wish there was more basic research on RLS, but what's the market incentive, and where's the money to be made? I think the pharmaceuticals will continue to be pretty loaded with baggage for the foreseeable. I'd love to be wrong about that. Human beings possibly just weren't designed to live as long as we now do.

I also love to travel even though sitting for hours can be hell, pacing the plane back and forth. I've walked in the wee hours in many cities around the world. Though sometimes interesting, how much nicer it would have been to do most of that walking in the daytime, with energy. RLS has been an unwelcome, costly burden that has hobbled my career and relationships, and I'm very aware that it may well return. I don't want to forget it. I'm beginning a long course in "mindfulness" next month. Maybe it will help. Now that the symptoms have diminished, I can finally again sit still, as I could until my early 30's. I'll also keep the soap nearby.

I am curious about one thing. Why exactly is it impractical to carry around slices (as in the commercial) of Irish Spring in plastic in your pockets?

Crazy idea but can't wait to try it on my hubby!

I have an adult daughter who suffers horribly from leg cramps and I have severe RLS. This evening I began getting the familiar awful feelings in my left leg. I had a bar of Irish Spring a few feet away and put it under my leg, but the RLS did not vanish. I will try it again with a newer bar.

In response to the posting from Kn on February 22, 2011, when I first experienced RLS I was not having caffeine in any form, not even chocolate, because I was pregnant. I have also cut out all caffeine at other points in my life, for years at a time. I started drinking coffee again a few years ago because studies began coming out saying it has health benefits.

My RLS has gotten worse over the years and I do not know if the severity corresponds to when I began drinking coffee and tea again (I never drank soda) but I did have RLS when I was caffeine-free. I have never smoked. I hope people will try Kn’s suggestion because it worked for Kn, but from my personal experience it is not across-the-board the cause of RLS.

I want, however, to pass on to readers what I have been doing to get relief during RLS attacks: One day I realized that when I got up and walked somewhere, even just to the bathroom, during an RLS attack, the feelings subsided. This was a surprise because I'd spent years trying aggressive activities such as leg exercises, deep-knee bends, intense stretches, exercycling, and massages.

I don't remember how I realized that getting up and walking was the best way to relieve the feelings. In my experience walking, unfortunately, cannot be used as a preventative. (It does not matter how much I walk or exercise in a day. Whether RLS strikes seems unrelated to the day's activity type or level.) But once I have the RLS feelings, if I get up and walk they go away even when I am too tired in the beginning of an attack to make myself get up and I put off walking until the RLS feelings have become unbearably intense. Of course, sometimes I have to get up over and over again because they come back, but walking brings amazing relief every time.

I have had this since I was a kid, used to call it "running legs." I thought i was the only person that ever had it didn't know it was a real condition but anyway, I discovered that popping my ankles stops the sensation instantly. Point your feet down then up and turn circles till it pops, try it it really works.

how can this possibly work, a bar of soap? I have severe RLS every once in a good while. hoping this will work....

I am was very skeptic on this working and kinda wishing it wouldn't so I could have a few laughs but this worked for me and if someone says it don't then I think they are selling for the drug companies. I was up for a week straight and my legs almost hit the ceiling from bouncing around. Well last night I slept like a baby.

I have had RLS for years and years. It is maddening. Many times I have gone for weeks with averaging only a couple hours of sleep each night. Let me say first that RLS is NOT leg cramps. It is a tickly tingly sensation inside your legs that makes you feel uncomfortable and you feel like you need to move to a more comfortable position. These feelings plus the constant moving about in your bed at night prevent sleep. This is RLS.

I have tried prescription drugs such as Requip, Klonopin, Xanax, and Mirapex. None of them worked for me however I have found that if I drink some wine, stay up really really late, and then position myself in bed on my right side and bending my left leg up towards my chin as far as it will go, that I can finally fall asleep. I don't know what else to do! I have not tried soap under the sheet but you can bet I sure will give it a try! I am desperate and willing to try anything!

I was told about soap bars to stop leg cramps two days ago. My legs cramp so badly that it seems that my legs could break when the muscles tense up. I tried it and for the past two days have had complete relief. Why isn't this remedy more widely known? Any idea why it works?

My sister told me about the bar of soap alternative to muscle aches, leg cramps, body aches. She had seen it mentioned on a healthy natural medical talk show. I was skeptical but gave it a try. I have slept with a bar under my sheet near my feet nearly every night for the last two and half months. I even take it when I travel. It really works. I think the soap that has a hard mill is better. You do not want to use a soft soap. I did not want to post this comment until I had actually tried this myself and I promise it works!

I have suffered from RLS for most of my 28 years and have been on Requip since 2006, starting at 1mg ending at 3mg. I found out last week I was pregnant and as anyone taking these types of meds knows, they are not safe for baby, so I had to stop taking it immediately. For the first few nights I got no sleep... zip, zilch, nada, zero. My husband was desperate to find anything that worked so he researched and found this.

I laughed (and griped) at him thinking how dumb this idea was but was so tired I said why not. So far so good several days in. We have bought 4 of the travel size bars of Dove and put all 4 under the bottom sheet. This is also not the only thing we are trying but does seem to help. As everyone else has said, if you've made it here what else have you got to lose by trying it?

I hear about using soap in bed when I was young and grew up believing it was just an old wives tale. I was recently moving my 80+ year old dad and noticed he had soap in the bed. He said it helps him from getting leg cramps. Still skeptical, I thought I would give it a try since I was unable to locate potassium at the local store. I was quite surprised when a several year old bar of Ivory soap (destined for the garbage) turned out to be more effective than the pill I had taken for years. I am now a believer. Like many others, I would sure like to know why.

Sounds crazy but my knees were aching so much, it hurt to swing them off of the bed. I reached under the sheet and got my Ivory soap, that I used for my leg cramps. Rubbed it on both of my knees and got up to begin my day. I don't know if it was the soap or all in my mind but I felt like I could walk a mile.

This was three weeks ago and now I've been rubbing my knees at even the slightest inking of pain and it goes away. No more Advil, no more Aleve for now. Don't know if it will work on shoulder pain or not, haven't tried it yet.

Occasionally I get what I believe might be restless leg syndrome. Last night it was horrible. I was extremely fidgety and couldn't settle down. I Googled for homeopathic remedies and I found many mentions about soap. Since my husband buys soap at Costco, I knew I had plenty. I tossed it in bed and within seconds I started feeling calmer. IT WORKS!!

Now, I am honestly wondering if it would work with a hyper active child. I have a hyper active grandchild here today and might see what happens.

I have been suffering with leg cramps for 6 years waking up 6 times nearly every night minimum wake up with cramps 4 times, the result of it giving me very restless sleep!!! Doctors had prescribed me various medicine and I really did take it religiously but it did not really help, till I related my story to a cousin that lives abroad and her reply was try a bar of soap!

I was puzzled at first how it will help me but I had nothing to loose so I did and it certainly worked miracles!! I have not had cramps for nearly a year now.

I went to my doctors and told her that I have found a way to get rid of my cramps as she knew how bad I was suffering and she had a huge smile to what I told her about a normal bar of soap.
Now I have it even under the settee which I sit as I also get cramp when I sit down.

Any more remedies like this for bad nerves I would appreciate it!!! Peppers apparently if you eat them often (the hotter the better) will keep any pain away !!!

Can anyone recommend a particular brand of soap? I'm wondering if Ivory is better than Safeguard or if Dove is best. What about a bottle of doctor Bronners liquid soap?

I had suffered back pain for years and a month ago read about soap for leg cramps. I figured, hey if it works for legs why not the back right? So frustrated with the pain I had my wife duct tape a bar of soap to my back. It worked great until my wife had to remove it from my gorilla like back the next day. Now I regularly have my wife shave my back in the shower and use a medical tape with less adhesive.

I have been using the soap at the bottom of the bed near my feet for five years.
I place a bar of Ivory soap into a poly bag, and pin it to the bottom sheet. Have not had a cramp in my leg since.

I have discovered other uses for the soap. Had a bad pain in my neck, rubbed the soap on my neck for 30 seconds pain gone. Could not turn my neck to the right or left without pain & a pulling, used the soap, and can turn my next both ways now with no problems.

One other recent thing, had a pinched nerve in my back causing severe pain, After it had let up a lot, but still hurting, tried the soap, pain gone.

I do not know why this works, but do not care why, just that it is wonderful and no visits to the doctor are necessary.

Hi Joseph, I have suffered for a couple of years with leg cramps/charlie horses. The bar of soap works but it does have to be a fresh bar of soap and I notice fresh sheets help as well. It has something to do with the soap an the sheets working together.

I too use soap for the relief of my RLS & night cramps. I've found the soap that works best has sodium tallowate in it. The ones without, don't seem to work. The only problem is the soap is uncomfortable in my bed and often kick it throughout the night. Would be really cool if someone made a soap holder or mattress that could house the soap. Hmmm maybe I'm onto something. AE

Joe, how did this work for you? JMR

Have been using the soap for over five years. Cannot live without it.
Found a new use for it. I have been getting neck pains & arm pains. I keep a small bar of hotel soap under my pillow. When I get a pain, I place the soap against the area, say back of my neck, and within a matter of minutes the pain is gone.

YES it really works.... My aunt told me about it and thought how silly..... But I tried it and WOW it worked....She told me Irish Spring and that is what I used and I was simply amazed......

I have been using soap for fibromyalgia & restless leg syndrome relief for years. I have tried many soaps and it seems like those with higher amounts of sodium tallowate work the best. I wonder why? What hasn't anyone patented an invention to help us sufferers with soap in it... like a mattress you can lay on embedded with soap? The damn soap under my sheets keeps waking me up at night every time I kick it....sheeesh.

I am an RN and have been having restless legs for a few months on and off. The night before last I got very little sleep and was almost in tears when I finally went back to bed for the third time.

I went to work the next morning, and mentioned my trouble to another nurse. She told me about the bar of soap between the sheets. I tried it last night and it worked. (I used a homemade bar of goat milk soap). I will try it for other aches and pains in the future. Wonderful home remedy.

I and my partner heard about the soap in the bed. We both suffer from leg cramps and have tried quinine which some times worked. Since placing a bar of Johnsons baby soap in the bed [not under the sheet] we have had no cramps this has been over a month on trial

I've heard about the "soap under the sheet" thing for years. I've also suffered from RLS and leg cramps for years. I always laughed it off; after all, it sounds just as ridiculous as rubbing banana peel on your forehead to cure a headache. One evening last week, a friend suggested I try the soap remedy, telling me about several people she's known that it works for.

I felt a little foolish as I slipped that bar of soap under my sheet - but the cramps are gone! Since I already take a prescription for the RLS, I can't say if the soap helps that also, but I'm willing to bet that it does since I now sleep even more soundly. I have no idea why it works, and I don't care. The only thing I care about is that my leg cramps are gone and I can sleep at night. And I'm sure my husband is thankful that he isn't being kicked in the middle of the night by my RLS! time I get a headache, maybe I will reach for a banana instead of the ibuprofen...

A friend told me about this 2yrs ago. I was reluctant to try it, but damn if it worked. I have used dove and caress and both work great. I can't remember how long it took to start working, but I know it wasn't long. Every now and then it comes back, just to find out I pushed the soap out from under the sheets. I will immediately get up, find it and put it back in place. I don't know how or why this works, but its a cheap safe way to get rid of RLS. Try it, what can you loose? Nothing... cause you can always use the soap in the shower! Kudos to whomever figured this remedy out!!

I rub the soap from my knee all the way to under my feet every night and have not had a leg cramp in two weeks. I also wear a sock and place one small bar of soap inside it ( on the side ), and my wife tells me I don't have to go that far, but it works and I recommend it for everyone. I have even told many people and they are now free of leg cramps, and even my doctor said he was going to try it; if he ever had problems with leg cramps.

Hi James,
I too have terrible leg cramps... Sometimes I think the muscle will rip off the bone... Do you put the soap unwrapped in the bed? And are you supposed to sleep with your legs or feet on or against the soap and skin?
Thank you very much,

Hi Mary,
I too have terrible leg cramps... Sometimes I think the muscle will rip off the bone... Do you put the soap unwrapped in the bed? And are you supposed to sleep with your legs or feet on or against the soap and skin? In other words can I sleep with PJ's?
Thank you very much,
Ruth P.

OK I'm all for natural remedies and I have read alot of testimonials in my day but this page is outrageous! So I thought I'd try it.

I grabbed the only bar I could find. Burts Bees Shampoo Bar and within 3 minutes my back was pain free. I put it in a old knee high stocking and placed it over my L4 and L5 area and whalaa - miracle I tell you. I have 2 old fractures and 2 ruptured disks.

So my hubby was laughing at me and decided to try it. He has scoliosis. His exact words - well I've allways known you are a witch doctor! I swear I think it's grounding some kind of electromagnetic energy from the nervous system. What the heck man - I am amazed. I'll repost if it continues to work.

Im gonna let my cat sleep with it and see how it works on her frozen knee/fracture.

Too Cool!!!!

I found this remedy on the net after suffering for quite a few years from night cramp in my lower legs, the pain was unbearable. When I read this I was a bit sceptical but was willing to try it - that was 9 weeks ago and I can honestly and thankfully say it works.It is great to go to bed at night and not be woken up with cramp. I would love to know how this works?



I suffered almost nightly from horrible, debilitating leg cramps. I often would get less than 2 hours of sleep a night, night after night. I was miserable. I'm 61 years old, and I have diabetes (both risk factors for nocturnal leg cramps). I talked with my primary care physician. He advised me to hydrate well and make sure I got plenty of potassium and magnesium (either in my diet or via supplements).

I tried exercise, stretching, warm baths, drinking sport drinks (e.g., Gator-Aide) and reduced salt diet. Nothing worked. A quinine product call "Leg Cramps" helped a little, some times. I read about the use of soap at the foot of the bed and didn't believe it. I work in a medical profession at a hospital and have a significant amount of training in neuroanatomy and physiology.

There is no obvious, clear reason for the soap to work. But, it does. About 3 years ago, in utter desperation, I tried a bar of Ivory soap under my bottom sheet, about knee level. IT WORKED !!! About 3 weeks after I began using the soap, I woke up one night with cramps in my feet and lower legs. I got up to check on my bar of soap and found I had pushed it off of the mattress in my sleep. I put it back under the sheet, and 3 years later, I'm still using it every night.

During these last 3 years, I have had 3-4 nights when the cramps returned. I checked to see if I had kicked the soap off of the mattress again. Finding that it was still there, I simply replaced it with a new, fresh bar, and the cramps went away immediately. I don't know how/why the soap works, but it does. My wife says it is simply the "power of suggestion". Maybe that's true, but I don't care. It works for me and I will use it forever.

I have told many of my friends about this remedy. Most just laugh and give me a playful slap on the shoulder, and shake their heads. Let them laugh. The friends who have tried it have all had the same result and have thanked me profusely. If you suffer from nocturnal leg cramps, don't ignore this remedy. Give it a try. I'll bet you a nickel it will solve your problem (not just help it a little) and you too will shake your head in wonder as to how in the world this works. But, I promise you, it will work and you will thank what ever higher power you believe in that you tried it.

Painful leg cramps is not Restless Leg Syndrome

I have heard about the "soap under the bed sheet" remedy, but it seems to only work for people with painful leg cramps, which is not the same thing as RLS. From reading the user comments here, it seems that only those complaining of leg cramping were helped by the soap remedy. When I have RLS, my legs don't hurt. Instead, I just have an uncontrollable urge to move my legs as soon as my body becomes still and begins to fall asleep. Which means it is very difficult to fall asleep.

Does anyone have advice for real Restless Leg Syndrome?

No idea who told me about the bar of soap, but I put a bar of Lever soap under the fitted sheet and my HORRID restless leg syndrome disappeared!! This went on for over 1 1/2 years then the RLS came back. Saw my Dr couple weeks later and told him the RLS is back with a vengeance! I jokingly said, "The bar of soap died!" He said, "Did you try a new bar?" "No, didn't think about doing that." Got home and put a new bar of Leger soap under the sheet and the RLS disappeared again! My Dr now believes this "old wives tale". He did not believe it to start with!!

My husband has bad arthritis in his knees. I read a message saying a man cut the toe out of a sock, put a bar of soap in it and it greatly helps his knee pain. I'll tell my husband now!
Thank you all very much! Michele

Fresh bars of soap (I use Irish Spring Original) attached to your legs directly will work for severe RLS. I put 5 or 6 on each leg, and I have to renew the soap bars every week.

Just recently, I have found cannabis creams do work well for severe RLS!!! Both of these creams that I am using are from different collectives, and I really didn't expect them to work with my severe RLS because I needed strong doses of hydrocodone, morphine or methadone at night to pharmaceutically make it go away (with a hangover effect fogging up my brain). Cannabis creams are legal in CA and other states for medical reasons. They do not have THC in them it seems because it doesn't make me high at all, but it does make the horrible RLS go away!

Can you use any soap or does it have to be Ivory?

Any soap, but I prefer Ivory.

Using soap for about eight years now, with no leg cramps. Also at night, I keep a small bar of soap under my pillow. If I get a neck pain, or pain in my arm, I just rub the soap on the painful area, and pain goes away almost immediately.

Does it matter?

Thanks! I will try the multiple bars of soap and also see if I can get cannabis cream in Florida.

Two words... it works.. had cramping Mon. Tues, Wednesday. Put a bar of dial in bed... no cramps. All I can is try it....

I agree with Chris, RLS and leg cramps are NOT the same. I have had RLS for over 20 years and have never had a leg cramp. Nevertheless, the RLS greatly affects my ability to sleep well. Has anyone out there had success with the bar of soap specifically for RLS? Would love to hear from others. Thanks!

I suffer from fibromyalgia and am currently going through a very bad flare up. Most of my pain in front of neck and chest - sometimes back of neck, shoulders and upper back. Today I had a dental apnt and knew that it was going to be very hard for me to survive. Found this post right before going and tucked a couple of small slivers of soap into my bra. Wearing a bra is a very painful thing for me right now and usually has me in tears within a couple of hours. I wore it for 5 hours with the soap in the bra and pain nothing like it normally would be. Putting two bars under my sheets tonight! Nothing to loose trying it....

Apparently, soaps today are made with lots of placebo. :P

I have RLS really bad and I've done and tried everything for it but funny thing is no pill does what ivory soap dose its funny cuz I've heard about this for yrs and thought omg this will never work to my surprise I tried it 3 nights ago and it honestly works no RLS and I'm sleeping ..... thank u ivory soap or who ever thought it up.

I have RSL. It doesn't wake me, but I do kick my husband! I have the bar of soap (any type) under the fitted sheet on my side of the bed and no more kicking my husband! He is much happier now.

This is unbelievable. I have been taking requip for the past 3 years for my restless legs. Some nights were so bad, I would pace the house and cry. I tried the Vicks Vapor Rub and it worked a bit, but then I got back up and had problems again.
Tonight I rubbed a bar of Irish Spring (dry) on my legs and top of my feet. I then put the bar under my fitted sheet. I can't believe the difference in just 15 minutes. It hasn't gone away, but it has dramatically improved. A few more nights and maybe the requip can go away for good!!

Most comments on here attesting to the efficacy of soap mention that it cured the poster's leg cramps. I would like to know if anyone who suffers with RLS, NOT leg cramps, has received relief? There is a difference between leg cramps vs. RLS. Did it help? Were you able to discontinue meds? Where in the bed must it be placed? Any particular type of soap that must be used?

My mother suggested I try this and after several conversations about it, finally did it. It worked for me! I have used the soap under the sheets for years - sometimes it doesn't seem to work as well as others. After much thought (knowing I had to be crazy for it to work), I have decided it works because unconsciously I move the soap around with me feet, therefore relaxing the legs. I have caught myself moving the soap and stretching the feet and legs. Kind of like a baby stroking a soft blanket and it soothing them to sleep ...

I have suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome for the past 10 or so years. I rarely if ever have leg cramps. Two years ago my sister-in-law who is a nurse told me about putting a bar of Ivory soap between the sheets on my bed. As with most people's comments I've read on this subject, I was very skeptical but decided I had nothing to lose so bought 1 bar and used it that night. I can honestly say that since that time I have rarely suffered RLS again. When I do feel that 'creepy crawly' painful march up and down my leg, I just place my foot or leg against the soap and the painful sensations disappear usually within a minute.

Airplane travel was always a problem for me - my last flight to Hawaii (8 hours) was a nightmare. Now I take a bar of Ivory soap cut in half and put half into each of my ankle socks. My flight from start to finish is RLS free - what a relief!

I keep a bar of Ivory in the car, 1 near my TV chair and 1 in my purse as I never know when my legs are going to start hurting. I have told my family (who all used to suffer from RLS), co-workers, and friends about this wonderful, easy fix. I find that over time the bar of Ivory seems to lose its strength so I just replace it with a new bar. I buy my Ivory in packs of 12 so I always have one available. I did not want to take any prescription meds for this problem and am so happy that for a few cents, I am free of RLS. As I said, I don't have leg cramps so I don't know how this would work for them, but I for RLS it is simply fabulous!!

When the Ivory Soap stops working after you have used it for two or three months, you can score the surface with a tool or even with your fingernails, and it will start to work again.

This is the first time I have heard of anyone else having this cramp. The soap definitely helps. Wish I could talk with you. I don't even know how to describe the excruciating pain I had one a couple weeks ago that left my leg sore for a week. The cramp from the groin area going down the inner thigh to the knee is horrendous!

Yes, it may sound ridiculous, but a bar of soap at the foot of the bed, under the sheet, stops leg cramps. I placed a bar of Ivory soap in a poly bag, and pinned it to the mattress at the bottom right of my bed, so I could move my legs to touch the soap. I have not had any leg cramps for many years. Just recently I discovered another use for the soap. I use a small bar of soap, like hotel soap, in a poly bag, and apply it to my neck, and arms when I get pains, and within a few minutes, the pains are gone.

Try it, and if you need more information just place in Google, “soap & leg cramps”, and many things will come up about it.

Now, utterly by accident, I have discovered a cure for finger cramps, and locked fingers.

Suddenly a finger would lock on me in an askew position, and when trying to straighten it out with difficulty, would cause pain. I have discovered that by placing a small bar of soap, like hotel soap, between the affected finger, and the one next to it, the finger would revert to normal position in just a few seconds.

I always carry a small bar of soap with me, and also keep a small bar under my pillow at night.

I am wondering why the medical profession is keeping this information a dark secret!
By the way, I have been using the same bar of Ivory soap in my bed for over a year.

I have Fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome also severe arthritis. I tried the soap under my sheets and it really works I was able to get a good nights rest which is very important, without leg cramps. My husband changed the sheets last week and took my bar of soap out and I had cramps three nights straight. When I realized it was removed I put it back, no cramps. It's great remedy.

arise ye folks for the real cure has arrived! it works like a gem
and it's veerryyy cheap to have. not to add "tasty".

leave the soap in the bathroom where your sheets won't get soaped up or wake you up when they land under your rib cage in the middle of the night.

I suffered from not sleeping regularly in my own horrid case that my sons dubbed as having "the chigitees" -- for lack of "what the heck is happening to mom's suddenly jumpity-wormy legs!".

couldn't sleep so I spent my nights studying the internet without results.

finally.........lo and behold! there is nothing to replace the natural way.

guaranteed results within 10 minutes to 30 minutes max after taking just one good bite. in time, your body's system will have had enough to keep you well but depending on your own quotidian diet habits.

ready??? set??? - gooooooooooo.....
keep bananas in a bowl as we do in mexico where natural cures remain popular.

yes folks, those incredibly cheap full of potassium bananas! a few bites will do. but how, say ye? because your problem is lack of potassium, or your daily diet is not providing enough. sometimes it's due to overindulgence of ready? wine, brandy,etc. today's society we often dine at night.

send your check to.....just kidding but the above does work every time. just note that bananas are also......oops...fattening.


While I am happy that bananas work for you, they don't work for everyone. My hubby has RLS and he has found limited success with potassium, both in supplement and food sources. He also supplements B complex, Iron and magnesium, and has had success soaking in epsom salts, which is a transdermal way to get magnesium. Problem is, these are all hit and miss.

He is guaranteed to have RLS if he neglects these things, but even with diligent use, he suffers periods of RLS... the creepy-crawly kind, not leg cramps. I've seen him get only 3 hours of sleep in 3 days. Believe me, we've tried everything short of pharmaceutical drugs, and we're getting close to that point.

I don't know how I haven't heard about soap before. I've been researching remedies for RLS for ages! No matter. If it works, it works. I'm not even going to tell him, because I know he'll think it's insane. (and who can blame him?) I'm just going to go out tomorrow and get a bunch of unscented soaps and place them in the bed and couch while he's at work. He often sleeps on the couch because he knows his kicking will keep me awake, and I often sleep on the couch to let him enjoy the bed. He also gets RLS while sitting at night, so I will just quietly tuck the soap in between the cushions. If I find him improving, then I'll let him in on it. I also suffer from back pain, so I'll be curious to see if the soap helps that at all.

RLS is considered to be a nerve disorder, so it is possible that soap works due to its negative charge. This negative charge is also what makes it clean your skin by attracting the dirt and oils. It could also explain why the soap "wears out" after being under the sheet for a while and why some claim to revive their soap by scoring it.

When you consider how the nervous system works, and how resting neurons are in a polarized, negative state, it is theoretically possible that for whatever the reason, RLS and leg cramping are the result of the nerves not being able to achieve this negative state. Considering that the nervous system is electrochemical, it also stands to reason that soap, which gets its negative charge through a chemical reaction that allows oil and water to mix, could have an electrochemical effect on the nervous system through osmosis merely by being close enough to the body. I'm no expert, but when looking for a logical explanation, this is what I come up with. Is it really so far-fetched?

It's obvious that this is working for a lot of people, including skeptics. Considering pharmaceutical research is where the big bucks get spent, (since it's where the big bucks get made) it's no surprise that more research isn't being done into why some "old wives tales" actually work. This doesn't stop the ones that do from actually working, thank goodness. ;^) We seem to be rediscovering to these remedies more and more.

I'll post again in a week or so when I know whether or not it works for hubby. Fingers crossed!

Worked perfectly! My cramps are only occasional, and always come from the front hip flexor. I used a hotel soap which I've been washing my hands with, so it's small with no edges. I wore bike shorts to bed to hold the soap in place against my upper leg where I get the cramps, & slept great!

Ok, so I don't need a week to tell you what happened...

I put the soap in the bed and in between the couch cushions, because he often sleeps on the couch as to not keep me awake with his "shaky legs" throughout the night. He slept fine through the night on the couch. It happens, but it's rare. So since he works 4 days a week, he was home today and wanted pizza for lunch. He took a nap a few hours later. When he woke up I asked how his legs were. He said he was fine, which he couldn't understand since eating pizza "guarantees I'll have shaky legs". He napped fine and I noticed that he had his knee bent to be touching where the soap was.

But tonight was the real test. We went to his sister's for movie night. We brought some beer (a trigger) and had some chips (another trigger). His legs were ok for longer than normal, but when I saw him starting to fidget, I asked if it was his legs and he confirmed that it was. I had brought some soap slices with me and stuck them into his socks, not telling him what they were. After about 5 minutes, I asked how his legs were. He was surprised to realize that they were actually calm! I then told him, his sister and her hubby what I had done, and how he had gotten relief having had no idea what I had done!

This is not a mere placebo effect! Stick the soap right against your skin if you must, but it works!! Hubby has gotten relief without even knowing that I had done ANYTHING! If it isn't working for you, try a different brand, try more bars of soap, or try putting it in your socks. It WORKS!!!

Having suffered excruciating leg cramps for years - not just in the calf of my legs but in the large muscles in my thighs, and not wanting to take any more quinine which was prescribed by my doctor, I decided to try the soap cure.

Well it worked for me from the first night I put it in the bed. Just plain ordinary soap from the supermarket. I never took another quinine tablet from then on and the soap is still working after over six months.
I did not suffer from RLS, just cramp.
What a relief - give it a try.

I never really thought it would work, or that perhaps it was mind over matter, but then, what harm could it do? So I took my dear friends advice, and it worked. I am so grateful, RLS is so frustrating and this easy remedy has worked every time. I just have to remember to bring a bar with me to the theatre and on plane rides!!

Thanks Rosie, for the excellent information!!

I want to kiss whomever found this myth, the moment I put the bar under my sheets my legs stopped moving, I have no idea how it works but the bar of soap is amazing :)

How much of this 'cure' is merely the fact that you THINK it will work. There is NO valid medical thought behind it. If I told you that putting a penny in your pocket would alleviate your headaches, you would do that as well, I presume. Wow.

I heard about this and thought.....what?? no way........but......yes, yes, yes.......this does really work!

I had been getting really BAD leg cramps at night. The kind that wake you up out of a sound sleep and make you jump out of bed and stretch and cuss and walk around. I have tried everything........pills, lots of water, name it, no luck. Then one of my friends suggested soap......what?! Yea, he says....just try it. Ok, so I go to the bathroom and get a new bar of I did have to experiment were to put it cause there's nothing more wrong than rolling over on it in the middle of the night, but I haven't had ONE leg cramp since in BED. I still get leg cramps all the time, but...not while I'm sleeping...makes NO SENSE to me whatsoever, but it DOES work.

You re missing the point, Wils. Who in their right mind cares that there's no "valid medical thought" behind the relief from pain? ...The pain is relieved!..with no side effects... at very little cost... That's the WHOLE point! As for me, I'm hoping that the medical profession will someday get intelligent enough to figure out why it works... I kind of doubt that that will happen because the medical establishment can't make any money out of the soap-under-the-sheets-cure so they won't waste their time. In the meantime, the soap-under-the-sheet-system has worked for me for ten years now and I'll take the relief from pain over the lack of a valid explanation by medical explanation any day.

I was experiencing restless legs after eating sulfite-containing food. I tried the soap under the sheet. To my amazement, it really did work.

I was having severe leg cramps at night and tried a bar of soap in the bed and it has been working well for the past month or so! I am not sure of what is in the soap that triggers the leg cramps to cease but it is fantastic and cheap! I used a bar of Dial soap by the way.

I put many pieces of soap under the sheet and they did not help the cramping...but it did smell good....'restless legs' is another issue and may be helped with magnesium...(however it is spelt!)

I have been doing this for years and it does work!

Thanks a million to the person who replaced her bar of soap after six months. I had knee surgery a year and a half ago and was having severe leg cramps at night whenever I overdid. I tried the bar of soap trick and voila... they were gone. In the last two weeks they have returned and my sleep (and husband's) has disintegrated as I have had to jump out of bed several times a night to stamp out charlie horses. This morning I decided to check online to find out if the soap cure was just temporary for anyone else... and read that replacing the bar of soap fixed the issue! I am looking forward to sleeping well again tonight. (Hope it works for me as easily.)

Based on some of the comments that I have read it seems that the soap needs to Ivory, is that correct?

I put a bar of Ivory down in the bed near my feet. It worked, no more cramps. My RN daughter suggested it was probably the increased calcium I ingested so I took the bar out one night. Guess what, back in the bed the Ivory goes as I had 3 cramps that night, God Bless my Ivory!

I was having excruciating leg and foot cramps at night. My calves were as hard as rocks and my feet were almost paralyzed. I put a bar of soap under my sheet and have not had any pain or cramp in a week. The soap is the only thing that changed. I can now stop taking Lyrica, thank God.

I used Ivory soap

Does it have to be ivory soap ? I am allergic to it. But I have terrible leg cramps.

I used the same bar of Jergens for almost a year until it stopped working and my cramps returned full force. I replaced it with a new bar of Irish Spring and my cramps disappeared again. I'll venture that any brand works.

Oh my gosh it works for me! But I use any kind of soap. Mostly Irish spring. I'm amazed and so happy and can sleep much better. Don't understand it but it works!!

I've had RLS since my teens and now I'm in my 50s. My condition was getting worse and quite annoying until recently when I have started 3 things that have removed the leg sensations. 1) drinking 72 to 94 ozs water a day. 2) eating a very low carb diet and 3) I'm using a few drops on my lower spine of an herbal oil with rosemary, ginger, lavender and jojoba. If these turn out to not be enough at some point I will start taking 1 regular aspirin and having a bar of soap at my knees in bed, which have helped in the past. I'm so surprised at the complete success of the large amounts of water and low carb for removing my restless leg that I had to share to help others. Good luck!

I believe the soap rids the area of ticks, mites, & fleas. The mites especially are very hard to see, so we are not aware of them. That is why one woman said after several months the soap stopped working until she replaced it.

The little biters jerk us awake without knowing why. Dust mites are everywhere, but most notably in our bedding.

I have tried the soap and it did not work. True RLS is medically associated with random electrical firings in the brain. If you do the research you will find they are not caused by bug bites. Mine were observed during a sleep study when I was tested for sleep apnea. They did in fact wake me up during the night while I was connected to all the monitoring equipment. I took Requip with some success for about 6 or 7 years. Then my doctor switched me to a low dose of Clonazepam (.5mg) and the difference is amazing. My symptoms totally disappeared. This like Requip is by prescription. I've been taking it for about 3 years.

This is the BEST! Since my stem cell transplant for leukemia I have had lots of cramping and twitching of hands, neck, abdomen, legs and feet. One day my leg was bouncing while I was on the net. Did a GOOGLE search and found this 'cure'. Went to the bathroom, opened a bar of Irish Spring, slapped that bar on my leg and the twitching stopped. STOPPED.

I now sleep with about six bars of soap and move them where I have the spasm and SLEEP. My twelve year old had growing pains so I cut the top off a sweat sock and put the soap next to his leg held in place with the sock top. The next morning his leg felt great. This has also helped my husband with shoulder pain that he has suffered from for YEARS. Plus, you smell so fresh. : )

I have DDD, herniated lumbar and thoracic vertebrae, acute osteophytes and foraminal narrowing. Through many years of pain management and many different types of medications, I have found that using regular Ivory soap under my top sheet and making sure that my top sheet touches the floor will quell the symptoms virtually every time. I certainly sleep much better and my girlfriend says that my legs have calmed down while I am sleeping. I cannot stress how much better my quality of life is now that I get good sleep almost every night. YAY!

A friend that is a retired nurse shared this cure with me when I complained about leg cramps. A few times a month I have terrible 'charley horse' pain. The last one I had radiated up my back and was painful for days. I have been sleeping with a bar of soap for one month now and have not had a a re-occurrence. I fell asleep on the couch and felt one coming on, so I rushed to my bed and it went away. Definitely worth the try!

I was VERY skeptical of using this, but since having sleep problems for many years didn't need one more thing. Thought I'd throw it under my sheet, and it couldn't do any harm. Did NOT expect it to work. It works!!

Have suffered with RLS for many years (I am in my late 60's). I have, over the years, tried many supposed remedies, avoiding formal medication.

2 months ago I finally agreed with my doctor to go on medication. One dose was enough. Although I had a good nights sleep, the side effects were too much.

I again ventured onto the web pages and discovered "the soap "cure. Believe me, I laughed at the notion but went ahead and tried it. It works. I have never slept better for many a year. I change the soap at 4 week intervals.

I have since passed this idea onto a number of my golfing friends (I was amazed at how many suffered). After having a good laugh, twelve out of fourteen have found it works.

Do not use "Dove". This soap does not work.

I suffer from RLS. I have not tried soap, but I know that taking 100-200 mg of magnesium about 30 minutes before bed cures it for me every time.

Restless legs is far different from leg cramps. Leg cramps hurt like the dickens, but when gone, they are gone and you can sleep. You can also sit, relax, take trips. Restless legs is like worms/bugs crawling just under the skin. With a small electric-like shock running up and down. Not only can you not sleep, you can not lie down or sit down. It can also reach the arms, which is true in my case.

Mirapex has helped from what it used to be. Walking the streets at 3:00 am made me dread bed time. But the Mirapex came after years and years of suffering. The restless legs are winning, but I'm so very glad to have something that helps even a little. I haven't tried the soap yet. Not because I think it's silly, but the soap is my last hope for a normal life, and what if it doesn't work? When it gets so bad I want my legs cut off, then I will try the soap, and hope against hope that it works.

My 18 year old daughter has been suffering with leg cramps every night for the last 2-3 weeks. She is trying the soap under her sheets for the first time tonight. Wishing her a good nights rest!

Ok.... I have had 2 sleep studies done. On the video.. I not only have RLS, I practically do the "CAN-CAN" in my sleep.
It is AMAZING to see!!!

Tried the magnesium. Tried the potassium and banana's. Was given the typical prescriptions and refuse to take them. Have you read the side effects of some of those things? I have dove soap tonight. I am giving it a try.

Tomorrow I will get some Ivory. It has been YEARS since I have slept well. If I do tonight... or tomorrow, and it works, I will shout this from the roof tops and then go buy stock in Ivory Soap!!
VIVA LE FRANCE...No more CAN-CAN I hope!!

It was just last week when I was searching for a home remedy for arthritis in the legs. I was having this severe pain on my both legs after taking an exercise work. I loved the walk and I really wanted to continue it this summer as to be fit, but the pain in my legs will not allow me. In the net I came across an article that talked about this idea of putting a tablet of soap under the sheet.

I was reluctant, but two days after I decided to try it and it worked like magic, within two to five minutes the pain reduced drastically. I am so happy, because for weeks I have not had a good night sleep. I did not think of any particular brand I just bought any one I saw and it worked (The one I bought was imperial leather soap). I am going to introduce my 73 years old mother to it since she is also suffering from severe arthritis pain on her both legs. Thanks for this information it is quite educating, and I sure it will help thousands of people who need this healing.
Edi - Republic of Ireland

I was diagnosed with RLS 2 yrs. ago, and they wanted to put me on oxycodne and some medicine they use to treat Parkinsons, I opted to just suffer, and suffer I did. I would wake up with tingling and cramping so bad every night. I would wake up and be in such pain and spasm that even though it hurt I couldn't hold still, I would walk for 20-30 min. in terrible pain crying some times. Waiting for it to settle down.

A friend told me about this a couple weeks ago, as silly as it sounded I was desperate and willing to try anything..So happy I did I am totally pain free and no script, just a bar of soap! lol This is great! Also I have a lot of arthritis in my feet really bad they go into spasm and get totally deformed, I do not know if it is mere coincidence or what but hubby noticed it first, said he had not seen me have a bad spell with them since I started doing the soap, and I realized he was right.

So I believe it is also helping with the arthritis! Doing happy dance! Not a believer yet? Try it you will be! What have you got to lose? The cost of a bar of soap, and your pain is all you'll lose.

I wouldn't sleep without the soap in my bed. I put two bars at my feet and one between my wife and I at shoulder high. I know of people who put it in their pocket while jogging or walking, put it on any ache or pain and the pain is gone in minutes. try it, it won't cost a cent. slip it under your belt next to the skin for back pain

I had leg cramps for few months. My doctor told me to put soap under my sheets. So i did. After four days my leg cramps were gone. Its been about 6 weeks and i am cramps free. My DOC told me that ivery and irish soap are not working. I read the blog and some people are using this brand and claiming it works.I use LEVER 2000. Pleae try it. Its free and work for me.

I just recently started having RLS andhe last 3 nights were the worst. I had a total of 3 hour's sleep ina 48 hour span. I got up last night to relieve the sensatio n checked home remedies n saw this article.

Thought it sounded strange but I was desperate to try anything, within minutes after tossing n turning in bed I was sound asleep!

I don't understand it but hopefully it'll continue to give a good night's sleep!! Thanks to whoever shared this!!!!

For years, I have had painful tingling & numbness in my fingers at nite. I would shake my arms for over an hour to get the feeling back. Now I wear big gloves to bed with a bar of soap inside in palm of hands & I don't have that tingling anymore. What a relief!! It doesn't have to be a big bar = one that has been used & down to a sliver works fine. I use Ivory, but I think any kind would work. Need to get the word out about this. My friend had leg cramps at nite, & now has a bar of soap under his sheet & he no longer has the cramps.

Thought this sounded nuts, but tired of suffering with my legs. So I gave it a try - and it really works! My soap is Dove and I just have it under the top sheet around my legs. Unreal!!

My friend just gave me a bar of ivory soap. I dont know yet but I am placing under my sheet and hope it works

I have tried the soap for over a week now and it has done nothing for me I sleep maybe an hour or so every night, nothing works not even tylenol or advil, and the tiger balm does nothing.

OK so RLS and leg cramps are not the same right? Because my RLS is like an awful anxious weird indescribable feeling that I have to keep moving my legs and sometimes arms or an overpowering really crazy electric feeling comes over those areas and it is just unbearable. You HAVE to move and it comes right back. Most people on here seem to be complaining of leg cramps which is a whole nother animal. Any thoughts?

I have had RLS before they even had a name for it, suffered for many years. My doctor wanted me to take prescription meds for it I said no because I do not like to put garbage into my body. I had been going to a chiropractor the last few years and that helped me with my RLS, however, since my move out west I have yet to find another one chiropractor. My legs started acting up again and I was curious about home remedies, so I clicked on your website to see what I could find to help me naturally.

Well I have to tell you that the soap is the craziest thing I have ever heard of, but I tried it about a month ago. I just want to say Thank you for posting this. I can now sleep without my legs bothering me. I also told my granddaughter who has this problem. I also have been upping my intake of water each day which helps with the leg cramps.

I don't believe it really matters what type of bar soap it is, I think it may be the lye in it that helps. Whatever it is, I do thank The Good Lord for this site. Keep up the good work. I will tell anyone who has this problem about this solution.
Thank you again and God Bless.

I find I have to have the soap touching my skin for it to work. I have cut the bottom out of a pair of white cotton socks and use the tube part and then cut off a piece of the soap and place it in each sock. Just to be sure I place a piece of soap in the pocket of my tshirt that I sleep in. I also notice that I seem to have to use a fresh bar every 8 to 10 days. No matter, it gives me relief.

I have severe "rls" not only in my legs but arms as well. I am on medication from my neurologist and it has helped but I find that I still get some jerking in my legs early in the morning with some feeling of the rls syndrome. I am presently trying the soap theory but it has not worked for me even though I now have just a small amount of jerking and currents in the legs. I'll try anything as this wretched problem can drive anyone crazy. I did not use ivory soap but I will buy today. I have been using dove.

The best comment I've read so far, that describes me perfectly is from a woman called Kelly.

She wrote OK so RLS and leg cramps are not the same right? Because my RLS is like an awful anxious weird indescribable feeling that I have to keep moving my legs and sometimes arms or an overpowering really crazy electric feeling comes over those areas and it is just unbearable. You HAVE to move and it comes right back. Thanks Kelly.

I brought this in to my doctor. I take Mirapex, and don't try to go to bed until I have done everything else first, like checking the door, the kids, putting pyjamas etc. The mirapex along with Rivitrol takes about 20 minutes to start working. I do something standing up until I feel a slight woozy feeling, and then I immediately lie down, get comfortable and hope for the best. Betty, if you have it this bad, then be aware that if you have to have a cat scan, or anything you need to be very still for, you'd best ask your doctor either to put you out or a strong sedative, or you won't make it.

Also, for trips requiring lots of sitting, make sure to allow for lots of rest stops to get out and walk. Also, make sure your clothes are as loose as you can get, especially for the crease between thigh and stomach. This alone will go a long way to helping. Good luck, and you aren't alone. I feel for you. Many sleepless nights.
Glenna M Canada.

Sam, your anger is unjustified. It doesn't matter why it works. If it's in the mind or there is a logical explanation. You've obviously not gone 2 or 3 nights in a row with no sleep, or you would be willing to try anything, just for some relief. It's a lot better than drugs, or poor health from lack of sleep, and if it works on these people, please be happy for them.
Glenna M Canada

I share this tip with anyone who will listen! It is gratifying to see how this is effective for so many people. I have learned that the efficacy of the soap does diminish, we were re-purposing to the shower stall..... until I had so many open boxes of soap (Irish Spring) I thought perhaps scraping the soap to "refresh" whatever it is that does it's magic would work. I used a fork and scraped the surface and guess what?
Voila! Now I need to come up with a use for the soap shavings! I finally used up the Irish Spring and am just as satisfied with Ivory.

To the person who scraped off the outside of the bar of soap, and it worked again. You could use that excess you were asking about in places you don't want insects or pests. Like your mailbox. Around your outside entertaining area. My mom used to wash her clothes with remnants but I think in today's machines, it would gum up the works. Put it in a sock and use it for washing out the sink, bathtub, patio furniture.

thanks Glenna GREAT TIP!

Oh I feel so bad for you. I have gone through the same thing. I am on Mirapex, which doesn't cure it, but does make it tolerable. Instead of walking, please give a thought to finding something to do which requires standing. Walking seems to make it better, but actually adds to the restlessness. Takes longer to calm down the muscles. Make sure, you have everything done you need to before bed time. Everything! When the urge to try sleeping comes, then go immediately. In a chair, in your clothes, just go.
I make clothes for dolls to give to charity. I have also recently found a wonderful hobby in Lego buildings, cities etc. I can stand, do something interesting, and still not have to walk. If you feel that's not for you, then try a Christmas village for Christmas. One building at a time. Your friends will think you very clever. But remember, do everything before trying to go to bed. I've survived this long, by finding ways to deal. Are your feet sore? Stand on a folded towel or whatever works. Good luck hon. I really do know what you are going through.

Just want to add yet another testimony to cured restless legs. I'm 9 months pregnant and have had a bar of Ivory soap under my fitted sheet at the foot of my bed since the RLS started again about 8 weeks ago. (I had it with my first pregnancy and didn't know what it was so didn't know to seek relief.. that was misery)

I wish someone would figure out why it works.. it's so wonderful.

Gotta tell ya, folks, I work in the medical field. RLS is also caused by a low iron level in the blood. Can't detect the level without an "iron binding" test. When I had someone tell me this a few years ago, I thought they were nuts! I let their info just fall right out of my brain.

Then yesterday, my husband was waiting for me in my office. The receptionist and he happened to talk about it and she recommended the soap thing again. I'm on 3mg of ropinirole (generic Requip). Helps me be sleepy and most always cuts the sensation completely, but sometimes, it's just not enough.

Last night, when I went to bed, I had my meds on board, but they just weren't working, so I tried the soap, Irish Spring to be exact (its what we had). It's the darnedest thing, but it worked. I kept my feet within touching range. If the sensation started, it seemed to just go so far and then dissipate. I woke once, felt the sensation, found the soap, and the sensation went away. Gonna keep trying for the rest of the week and weekend. May start weaning off my ropinirole. I'll keep you posted!

I read about using the bar of soap to relieve cramps. I have suffered with debilitating foot cramps when relaxing on the couch and when retiring to bed for the last few years. They bring me to tears and the only way to alleviate them until now was to try to "walk it off". I tried placing a bar of ivory soap at the foot of my bed about two months ago and it worked like magic! No more cramps--you can actually feel the muscles relax.

When my feet cramp up while relaxing on the couch, I get the bar of soap and place my feet on it and the cramps again are gone almost immediately!! THIS IS NO BULL....amazing to find relief in something so simple!

I was desperate - my RSL comes in waves. Then it will subside and come back after a month or two. The last week it was pure misery. I could not stop that "gnawing & pulling" sensation in my leg muscles. I was ready to try anything. Searched the web and found this suggestion about the bar of soap. Don't laugh, but last night I put three bars of soap under the sheet where my feet and legs are. WHAT A MIRACLE.

Don't ask why or how. No one knows. But I can tell you IT TOTALLY WORKED! Slept blissfully. NO MORE RESTLESS LEGS!!! Hooray for whoever it was that figured this out. Simple. Cheap. Safe. And most of all, it works!!!!!!

I have RLS and have had it for most of my life on and off. In recent years it became a constant happening every night. The neurologist prescribed a low dose of Mirapex which worked wonders. Then, the RLS started before I went to bed and sometimes during the day. More Mirapex. Relief. Not too long later I developed edema, a side affect of the Mirapex. The doctor said I had to cut back on the amount of Mirapex I was taking. So in the morning it was .75MG, late afternoon .75MG and 1.50MG before bedtime.

I thought I read everything in print to find some relief besides the Mirapex. Then I found this site. I tried the soap. About 2 weeks ago I put the bar of soap under the bottom sheet near my legs. I shared this with my girlfriend and we laughed. Today I called her and said "do you remember we talked about the soap in the bed for the RLS" well it works. I stopped taking the Mirapex during the day but I'm still not up to giving it up at bedtime. But I am willing to try it any day now. I can't wait to show my doctor this article. Good luck everyone.

For those of you with the RLS. I just heard about a nurse that uses it for patients with RLS. It is Irish Spring soap that she uses. She won't use just any bar of soap has to be Irish spring.

I live in the UK.

I don't know the soaps that are mentioned.

Could someone tell me which soap to use in the UK please.

I do have dove and am sitting here with it under my arm, I have bad rib pain, among other pains.

Thank you

Hold on just one minute.

What is this?

This article doesn't explain one thing about the concept of putting a bar of soap under your sheet. Either this theory is just a big joke, or if it IS true based on this article it would be because of Magic.

Are you supposed to rest your leg on it? Your feet on it? Does some part of your body have to be touching it? Does it matter what part?
And what would be the difference between a bar of soap and anything else?

this is no joke. Although it cannot be explained- you can see by reading 6 plus years of testimonials it is effective. For my use: I place it UNDER my fitted sheet and lay the cramping body part on it. Why does it work? How does it work? I don't care, I just know it does. My husband was a skeptic- until one night of jumping around to wake the entire house- I slid my bar of soap to his side- guess what? I am so glad to have found this easy remedy. I keep a bar of soap in my suitcase for when I travel. And I recommend it to anyone who will listen! If you surfed to the point of reading about, it can't hurt to try!

Try reading all of the comments before you post one. It's covered.

The article is about things that work, not how they work. Plenty of theories are being floated (in the comments) and many have strong scientific grounds.

To say that a thing is either a joke or magic with no other options sort of indicates a gap in schooling.

Sometimes, throughout history, we know things work but do not find out why until science catches up. All use of medicinal herbs, for example. Vitamin C. Antioxidants. It's a really long list of things that worked, that were not fully understood, that were not, in fact, magic.

This works for me. If you are suffering in pain and sleeplessness, you can either decide to try it and possibly get better or to not try it, and definitely not get better.

A retired physician mentioned trying to do trials; an interesting experiment would be for people to make homemade soap with differing levels of key ingredients which are thought to have bearing, such as magnesium sulfate, then try to determine if efficacy was affected by the different balances. Perhaps even create some "control soap" that did not actually have the properties of regular soap.....? Grad students?

My legs were aching badly when I went to bed at night. My brother-in-law told me about the bar of soap under the sheet and I thought, "yeah right." I did not try it and I continued to have difficulty sleeping due to the aching in my legs. Well, still skeptical, I thought it can't hurt to try it.

I put the soap under the sheet and after a few nights I realized my legs were no longer aching and I no longer had difficulty getting out of bed in the mornings. Telling several people about this, of course they were also skeptical. A friend told me he thought I was crazy, but because of the pain and difficulty he was having in the mornings not being able to walk for a few minutes he thought he would try it and after a couple of nights he was no longer having the aching and difficulty and when he wakes in the mornings he jumps out of bed without the pain. One of my friends still hasn't tried it yet because it just sounds weird. Who would you say is weird? He would rather fill his body with the meds than try something as simple as sleeping with a bar of soap. Go Figure!

Found this site while looking for answers to tramadol use. My RLS has been off the charts since I started using tramadol for knee replacement surgery pain. A side effect of the drug is restless legs.

I use a bar of Lever 2000 Citrus Fresh - works like a charm. So nice to be able to sleep after 3 years of leg and foot pain. Tonic water works 75% of the time, soap 100%. thanks so much.

I have had RLS for almost 2 years, I'm told it's due to a kidney transplant I had 8 yrs. ago, I've had many many nights up crying so exhausted just becuz my legs wont stop jiggling, jumping, throbbing. I've tried several meds I'm on 2 now, one reg, and one extended release for over night, and I wont stop them, but i am definitely going to try the soap..i have a few bars of caress..ill let you know how it goes...becuz my legs getso bad ,,i had to go out and buy a twin mattress and put it in the room along with my reg. bed ,,becuz I was constantly kicking and waking my bf up...I'm trying it tonight!!! 6/7/2013...wish me luck..I want to sleep peacefully!!!!

Does this work for arm cramps?

Hi again, I posted on June 6th that the bar of soap really helped. Well, guess what? Soap no longer works so I'm back to drinking a glass or two of Tonic water (quinine) every day and that seems to work about 95% of the time. Really don't want to take any drugs. Good to hear that the soap has been helpful for a lot of people.

Hi Gail, Just wondering if you are having any relief since you have been using the soap in the bed for over a month now. Hope you are having great success. I have been reading a lot of comments this afternoon and am going to try this myself. Good sleeping!!

I went to bed about 11:00 p.m. and laid there for about 1 hour and my legs started acting up really bad (have had restless legs for about 20 years) so I got up and got back on the internet to look up home remedies for restless legs, I read an article about using soap and I thought it was a crazy idea, I kid you not, I went upstairs and got out a sock and put the bar of soap inside the sock and instantly my legs started to calm down.

Also I recommend taking a very hot bath with hand soap and sitting in the water for about 10 minutes. When you use the hand soap in a sock, change it every so often because I think as time goes by it loses its effectiveness.

As soon as my muscles start contracting ---I reach for my bars of Irish Spring soap. I put it in socks and sleep with it and also just grab a bar and put it on the spot while sitting down. The cramps stop instantly. I may start carrying it in my purse for when I'm away from home.

If your positive results stop ---break out a new bar!

Want to learn more about home remedies.

It works, suffered for over 10 years, RLS bad leg tonight, so got the bar of Ivory. Squiggles and pain gone in approx. 3 minutes. Unreal

3 days is all you gave it???

I have suffered from RLS for years in and off (I'm 53) and female. The soap in the bed has been a lifesaver!! I wasn't sleeping at all and now feel fantastic it has made all the difference, how it works I don't know but it does work give it a try and see.

31 year old female. Been having a terrible muscle spasm in my upper back for months now. Got a few shots of localized anesthesia yesterday out of desperation. It only lasted 3 or 4 hours. The pain seemed to come back worse than before. It's so bad in the mornings, I can barely walk, and the pain is excruciating.

The Dial has not worked for me. I tried it because that's what we had most of in the house. We have a bar of Irish spring. Going to try that next since it seems to have more of a success rate here. I'll let you know!

So here's an update. I'm on night 3 with no difference. I used dial the first night and both ivory and Irish spring last night. Under the sheets right next to my back where I'm having the muscle spasm. I've seen the doctor three times and it is confirmed a muscle spasm. I am going to give it a full week to see a difference before I give up. But not looking promising right now. I'll keep you posted.

I was told by a co-worker years ago about putting soap in between the mattress.
So I did this and it has now been seven years and I have yet had leg cramps in my bed.
Now, if I fall asleep on the couch or I am at my boy friends I will get leg cramps.
So last month I put a bar of soap in between the mattress at my boy friends and I have yet in the past month had leg cramps.

I have had RLS for 30 years, since my late teens, even before they had a name for it. I take Klonopin, I have tried requip and over the counter stuff, this is the only thing that works for me, truly a life saver...

This old home remedy I found about a year ago has changed my life...for 2 years I had RLS so bad that my legs kicked violently and involuntarily when trying to get to sleep at night. A large tablespoon of French's yellow mustard @ bedtime does the trick. Occasionally I will have to get up and take another spoonful, but it is rare. Don't ask me why, but only the French's brand works for me. The RX Gabapentin works but I prefer not to take medication if something else works wonders.

I have had RLS for years when I read this well I had to try it. It worked I have had the soap under my sheet for about two months and it works I want stop using it because I'm scared of hurting again. Thanks to who ever stated this.

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