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Sliced Onion for Wasp Stings

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People use all sorts of remedies for bee or wasp stings. Some swear by tobacco juice, but that is getting hard to come by as the habit of chewing tobacco is fading (along with cigarette smoking). Others prefer mud or baking soda. One of our favorites combines vinegar and baking soda as a foaming paste to be slathered on the sting. Here's another option. Q. I was cleaning up my flowerbeds for fall when a wasp flew up and stung me on the cheek. Not only did it hurt, I feared it might swell up so my eye would shut. I remembered you writing something about a cut onion, so I sliced the end off an onion and held it on the sting for about 20 minutes. It took the pain away quickly, and the site did not swell up either. Thanks for the remedy. A. Thanks for the report. According to Eric Block, PhD, an expert in onion chemistry, there are enzymes in fresh-cut onion that help break down the compounds in a sting that cause inflammation.

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  • Currently 3.7/5
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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this remedy work? Average rating: 3.7/5 (406 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I just got stung by a red wasp on one of my toes, and what gave me almost instant relief was soaking my foot in epsom salt. I also applied baking soda and vinegar after 15 minutes of soaking. I experienced no pain, and not a lot of swelling, either.

I just got stung and/or bitten (I could not find a stinger) by a wasp on my toe, and having no tobacco in the house, I had heard about using either toothpaste or baking soda. My husband uses a baking soda toothpaste, so I quickly put some of that on the area. I immediately felt a drawing sensation as had been the case when I had gotten stung as a child and was pasted up with chewing tobacco. After that sensation went away, the pain subsided quickly.

I came to your website for another remedy in case this didn't work, though it seemed to. After reading the baking soda/vinegar remedy, I am trying it. I think the baking soda toothpaste worked really well and was handy without having to mix up something. And so far, there's little swelling. Thanks. I love your show and website!

My son got stung by a wasp at his grandmother's house. She put garlic on it, and in less then an hour you coudn't even tell he'd been stung--no swelling, no redness. Slice it in half and put it on. He swears by it--says it takes away the pain right away.

The onion remedy worked great for my son! He was stung by 4 wasps and it took the swelling and pain away. Thanks a million.

I got stung by a Red Wasp last night. I put a paste of meat tenderizer and water on it, then ice, then cortizone.
The ice helped the pain, the paste did not help much nor the cortizone. I have a very red spot the size of a tennis ball on my right upper arm. What can i do now?

This past summer I was at a boy scout campout and the yellow jackets were out in force. Over the course of the weekend, at least 9 kids were stung. One lady there told me about using aspirin. You get a non-coated aspirin, put a little water on it to make a thick paste, and put it on the sting. The pain and swelling went away within seconds, every time.

I was stung today by a wasp on the inside of my thumb. Called NHS direct; their advice was ok, but I logged onto this website and used the method of bicarbonated soda and vinegar, and it work really well. After 10 minutes of soaking, the pain was nearly gone.

My 5-year-old and I were each stung twice by red wasps when we climbed into the enclosed top of a jungle gym while visiting Oklahoma. My 5-year-old got vinegar, ice and benadryl cream on hers by many caring adults. I got much less attentive care (but really, it should be that way). Anyhoo, in a few minutes she was fine and barely had a welt. My back continued to sting like the dickens for hours, and I still have a large, itchy red welt the size of a silver dollar three days later. I try to love all creatures, but red wasps are not on my favorite list.

I'm a pianist, and I also react to wasp stings rather poorly, and I get really worried and freak out when I get stung on the hand.

Yesterday I was stung just below the thumbnail and within minutes my hand looked like a rubber glove that had been filled with air.

I immediately put it under some cold water, found my Apis Mell (great homeopathic for bites, stings, and swells), popped four ibuprofin, and then looked online for some help.

Came to this site and saw the success people had with onions, so I cut a slice of onion and taped it to my thumb.

Within an hour the swelling started to go down. By dinner time, six hours later, my hand was almost completely normal. I could bend my thumb, the swelling was down to hardly nothing, and the only pain I felt was in the joints because of the huge inflammation I had.

Listen folks, the onion WORKS. It doesn't work immediately, but it works. Last year when I got stung in the wrist, I didn't know about the onion and my hand was almost useless over a week.

i got stung by a wasp and not thinking about what works best remembered that i read an article about using dawn dish soap for fire ant bites, i squirted some on the sting and no swelling and the pain was gone within 10 minutes.

I just got stung by a wasp for the first time - I could not believe how painful it was! My first thought was, if it hurts this bad now, what's it going to feel like in a few minutes. I ran back in the house, washed the sting with dish detergent, soaked it in cool salt water, squeezing the area around the sting occasionally hoping to push the poison to the surface while the salt water pulled it out. Lastly, I took half an antihistamine, four advil and continued soaking for about 10 minutes. There's no pain, though there's a slight amount of redness and swelling. Anyway, this worked great, but now I wish I'd had an onion... :)

My Daughter was outside playing and was stung by a wasp I tryed the onion and it worked.

Got injected by a wasp yesterday and this is the second time this summer. Have grown up not being allergic to any stings, but it seems now at 58 my immune system is compromised.

Of all things both stings did not hurt, not at all, stings were done on each opposing hand. The results were a swelling the size of the "Hulk toy fist". Tried the Adolph's tenderizer and that did nothing. Took Benadryl and that also did not work for the spread of swelling.

I went to the emergency room first bite and they sent me home with cortizone and icepack and the swelling went down in a week. Went to the doctor's second time and got same instructions and to continue the Benedryl (plus script for Epipen). But after reading the testimonials with the onion remedy, it's now 22 hours after the sting, I'm going to see if that helps with the swelling: at this late hour. Will get back later with results.

Vicks Vapor rub also works, my son used it and it drew the sting out, I just got stung and am trying it now...

Wasp sting pain can also be relived if you tape a penny to the sting. I have used several other remedies as well but this one is convenient since a penny is easy to find in a hurry.

I got stung by a black wasp on my leg while i was watering my neighbors flowers. After a day my leg was swelled up to about twice the size. I searched the web and found out about the vinegar/baking soda remedy. I mixed 2 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of vinegar and made a paste that I smothered on my leg. soon afterwords the pain and itching was gone and the paste dried up into a sort of cast. i left it on for 20 mins. and it came off easily with water. I have also sprinkled just plain vinegar on the red swelling part of my leg. the inside of banana peels also work very well. Give my remedies a shot maybe they will work on your next insect bite.

Victoria, TX
I used the combination of apple cider vinegar and baking soda on a wasp sting and felt instant relief. The foaming action should amuse children who have been frightened by the sting.

i have a sting on my leg and it started to swell up my friends mom told me to put seasoning salt and water in a bowl and mix it up i did it and put it on the sting then put a bandege on it. it took the sting out right away

I got stung on the back of my hand and I applied a cold wash cloth and then it starting itching sooo bad. I got up and put calamine lotion on it didn't do much. Went to the doctor the next day. I got a shot and celebrex - its been nearly 24 hours and its still swollen but not as bad. Does anyone know how long it stays swollen -- worried here!

I am a school nurse in Tennessee. A teacher got stung by a wasp today that couldn't take Benadryl. (makes him sleepy) We put tobacco and a penny on top of it to apply pressure then topped it off with a bandaid. After about 1 hour, there was no more pain and no more swelling. Couldn't even tell where he had been stung.

My two boys found a hole in ground in the back yard where hornets were going in and out and decided to poke a stick down the hole. One was stung 11 and the other 14 times. I put them in the tub and started cool water. They were screaming in pain! I wet and softened an aspirin for each sting and attached them with a bandaid. I also gave them benadryl. There was no swelling and no sign of the stings the next day. I missed one sting on the back of one of my son's leg and it was very red and swollen the net day so I know the aspirin worked!

I was stung on the thumb joint by a wasp, was deciding to use tobaaco juice or crushed ragweed (both work) but happened to remember I was told the day before to place a copper penny on a bee sting. It took the pain away and the joint did not swell or get sore.

Grandmother used to use old fashioned laundry "blueing". It was used to make the whites white. Worked every time--stopped the swelling on contact and took the itch away. It has to be ordered now.

I love wasps, bee, mud daubers, anything that flies & buzzes. My friends call me a 'bee charmer'. I'm the one that carries them outside to fly free. Having said that..reaching for a log on the wood pile today, I accidentally trapped one between my finger & a falling log. It stung me and beyond excruciating pain my hand started inflating. With no one home, I quickly searched and found this site--2 things: 1--20 min. onion works. (It's now tolerable and the swelling stopped!) 2--I don't blame the wasp and will continue to protect them (while checking the wood prior to picking it up :^)

I was stung/bitten by some sort of wasp last night after I got out of the shower. Since I wear glasses and I had not yet put them on, I couldn't see what it was. At first I thought it was a mosquito. Then I was told 24 hours later that a wasp had just been killed in the bathroom where I was stung/bitten. I put some ice on it for a while last night but this morning I went to work still sore and it was still swollen. How can I treat the swelling site 24 hours later?

Our family has always used the tobacco method and its always worked, but I'm going to try the sliced onion also. This is a pretty cool site.

I just went to the grocery store and, while placing a head of broccoli on the conveyor belt, felt a sharp pain in my middle finger. I immediately worried it might have been a bite from some exotic spider, but upon turning the broccoli over saw a rather large wasp crawling there. Having returned home, I'm already finding the pain is gone and the minimal swelling receding, but I will put a little onion on it all the same. The main reason I'm posting is to simply remind people to have a careful look at fresh produce at the grocery store or farmer's market before picking it up, especially produce with many small nooks and crannies such as broccoli or cauliflower.

I was stung by a wasp on my ankle yesterday and could not believe how much it hurt. I could hardly walk and each step sent a searing shot of pain up my leg. I remembered having read that baking soda mixed with something helped but could not remember what. So I mixed baking soda with water and immediately felt the stinging sensation subside.

I then went on the computer and found that it was vinegar mixed with baking soda, so I returned to the kitchen and mixed the vinegar with the baking soda. The redness, swelling and the stinging, almost upon application, began to disappear. The pain was already gone so I could walk and returned to finish working on my pool leaving the mix on my ankle, since it had now dried and stayed on there by itself. When I looked for the bite site that had been huge earlier and left no doubt on where I had been stung, it was gone.

This definitely works!! The only thing I had issues with was the itchiness later that night while sleeping. Not sure what you do for that.

Just got stung two or three times on litte finger--what pain! Tried salt and baking soda, then tried the web--took the onion advice & the pain is almost gone--almost instantly. Thanks!

I have just used the raw onion on a wasp sting on my little finger.
The pain was instantly relieved. It really works!
Great site. Thank you

My sister just got stung 3 times by a wasp that came out of my Grandma's Ceramic bunny. There was a nest and 9 other wasps in it. We iced it for about 10 minutes and then applied Melaluca Oil to the bites then re-applied it as needed. It never even swelled or got red :)

I was stung by a European wasp four times last week

I 1st stepped on it and then I tried kicking it off and stung my other foot, and then I hit it with my hand and it stung that and it was hanging off. I then tried killing it with my other hand but it stung that one as well.

I didn't have anything to put on it at the time so i was in incredible pain for the rest of the day

I'm only 13yrs old.

I was stung on my baby finger. There was pain and swelling for less than 24 hours. However, 48 hours later, I am experiencing escalated arthritic pain, in the three joints of this finger. I have arthritis, and this finger has had past problems with same.
Any one know if there is a connection between stings and arthritis, or is this coincidental? I think it's related.
Cheers All.

Came across a great black wasp in my son's window. Found the closest thing (which was a t shirt) to try to smash the thing. Well, apparently those little guys have quite the stinger, and the wasp got me real good in the thumb. Immediately there was horrible shooting pain in that thumb, so I raced to the kitchen to make a baking soda paste. Came right to the computer to see how toxic these stings can be. Couldn't find much, but the pain has subsided enough that I can at least type this, so I think I'm on the mend. Thumb is a bit swollen, but whose wouldn't be when you've got a wasp fighting for its life?

I was stung by a big red wasp 2 days ago, The site of the sting is just above my elbow on my right arm. It is huge, red and painful. The sting was two days ago. My son removed the stinger with a strip of tape (came out with no problem) but it wasn't until that night. I don't feel good, it hurts and even my fingers hurt and feel weak. Is it to late to try these methods?

Wish I had found this site earlier,


Just got stung by 4 or 5 wasps in the elbow, I was adjusting my sprinkler timer and did not realize my arm was resting against a wasp nest. Last weekend I heard on People's Pharmacy radio show about using soy sauce on a burn. I rushed into the house and emptied one of those little soy packs you get with take out Chinese. It's not much amount, but it took care of about 90 % of the pain.

My landlord was trimming some Ivy on the garage and grabbed a cluster of vines with a yellow jacket wasp still attached. The wasp got his hand real good and our poor landlord had a painful surprise.

I had already tried the onion on our guests (our pool attracts bees and wasps) and ran to slice an onion.

Had to really talk the landlord into trying it, but the pain softened up his macho side and he was amazed within a few minutes. Went back to his project and stopped periodically to freshen the treatment. He took the onion with him and sent a e-mail voicing his gratitude and amazement again. It works!

I was stung just yesterday by a wasp. In retrospect, I feel bad because I purposely killed it afterwards out of anger. I try to love every living thing, but the amount of pain and swelling put me a bit off center. I regret my actions.

I REALLY wish that I had found this site before I spent an hour and a half waiting and being treated at the doctor's office today. They've currently got me on steroids, after a total of $68 (that's not my co-pay, tho). I took benadryl right after the incident and sacrificed my whole evening last night by conking out.

The garlic idea... I just tried that on a mosquito bite, that helped!
I've currently got baking soda toothpaste on the wasp sting, it doesn't help much. Going to get an onion after I wash off the toothpaste.
Thanks everyone! :D

I tried the onion treatment and it helped a little but after 25 minutes the swelling and pain was still there,even sharp needle pains every few seconds.

I then tried the vinegar and baking soda. It worked much faster. Within five minutes I could tell the difference.

After 15 minutes I mixed a combination of vinegar, baking soda and crushed cigar tobacco. That reduced the swelling, sting and also, the needle pains ceased.

Do stings hurt! I got stung on the foot by an AWFUL wasp...
It hurt for days, and I found this too late.

Just got stung by an ol wasp not 30 minutes ago. Wet some chaw (chewing tobacco, I am old school for 26 years young) and put it on the ol sting along with a copper penny on top followed by a band-aid. Been using this ol remedy nearly 20 years since the first time I got stung as a boy my grandpa wet cigarette tobacco and bandaged me up. I'll never forget how helpful that was, and it still works!

The onion works great... my girlfriend just got stung by a wasp we sliced an onion and voila! Toothpaste also works great. My grandfather used the old tobacco juice remedy on a hornet sting when I was a kid. Another Southern home remedy that my grandmother made was a poultice with apple vinegar, salt, and corn meal wrapped in gauze around the sting. The main bulk is corn meal with about 20% salt.

Got stung by a red wasp yesterday and it felt like someone jabbed me with a hot poker. I'd forgotten how bad the pain from a wasp sting could be but I really think the red ones are the worst and I have been stung by all kinds. I remember my child's Pediatrician telling me to always keep meat tenderizer in a first aid kit for stings.

Found some tenderizer and made a good paste and almost instantly took away that intense pain and I could breathe again. I don't think it helped the swelling but it really helped the pain. Today it's very swollen and bright red about the size of a tennis ball. I will try the onion when I get home to see if it helps with the swelling at this stage.... it may be too late but I will try it. I did just buy some OTC antihistamine cream to see if it helps. Still very itchy & sore at this point. Unbelievable what those little boogers can do to you.

Got stung by a red wasp for the fourth time this year. This time on the sole of my foot. After the last three stings, just toughing it out for a week was not an option. I used the onion suggestion. I cut the top of a fresh onion off and held it to the bite for about 10 mins. The pain did not immediately subside but it did start feeling better. Now two hours later there is no swelling. The bite still throbs but not with intense pain like the last three times I was bitten without any treatments. I will use this remedy again if and when I get bitten by a stinging insect.

I got stung yesterday or the day before by a red wasp, pretty badly in terms of the hole it left, and the inflammation has been insane. I really, really wish I'd found this sooner when the sting was smaller than a penny. Now it's almost all the way around my leg, save maybe five inches. I'm giving this a shot on what of my leg I can, and I'll definitely keep this in mind.

Got stung by a red wasp this morning. I put ice on it for about 10 minutes and toothpaste afterwards. It helped a tiny bit. I am still in pain though and it is still swelling. Going to try the tobacco method if I can find some. My mom and grandma always used Filé powder (green stuff for gumbo) to make a paste to put on our stings. As it dries, it draws out the poison. I wish I had some of that stuff. :(

Yesterday I had two wasp stings. One on my ear lobe and one on my neck. I took two Benadryl and used the onion which took the pain away immediately. I had no swelling. Used the onion for about 30 minutes. Then reapplied it for another fifteen minutes. The onion worked very well.

Sorry, but the onion and garlic did not work. I ended up having to eat them both. It was disgusting! I hate onion, and garlic is spicy. I will never use this site again.

I was stung by a red wasp on my finger between my nail and first knuckle. Darn thing had somehow gotten in one of the drawers in my bathroom and nailed me when I reached in for my brush. Oh man! that hurt so much! Within minutes my whole finger was twice it's size and I could not do anything for the excruciating pain as my entire had started to swell.

In desperation I went on line looking for something to help and found this site. By now it had been nearly thirty agonizing minutes. I grabbed an onion and started rubbing the cut end on it as I read the testimonials from others on this remedy. Within 7 minutes the pain began to ease, within 30 the pain was almost gone and the swelling had subsided by almost half and I was able to start getting ready for work.

I taped the onion on my finger with some gauze, wore it to work ( I know, ooh yuck!) and within a couple of hours all of the swelling was gone. So, at least for a red wasp this works and works well!

By the way the wasp met his maker that day, no apologies here...

I've used a fresh-cut onion for relief of bites and stings for decades. Sometime in late childhood, my mother came across this remedy, and used it for all our subsequent wasp stings, and other insect and spider bites.

I was never extremely sensitive to wasps, but it always seemed to stop the pain and swelling quickly, compared to just doing nothing. We found it also alleviated the itchiness of mosquito bites, which my sister was very sensitive to. We would cut the end off an onion, and gently rub the juice into the bite/sting. When the juice was gone, we would slice a bit more off the onion, to produce a freshly wet surface. It's cheap, it works, and the only down-side is that you smell like a hamburger for while.

my 2 yr. old was just stung by a yellow jacket. didn't have any sting stop and he was screaming I quickly searched for home remedies and this popped up. we have a small salsa garden so pulled up an onion and cut w/pocket knife thought it would burn or something but as soon as I applied to the sting he just sighed and said that's better!! wow however it is still swelling and I am out of everything else so we'll see how the rest goes but for pain relief apparently the onion thing works awesome. thanks folks.

Turns out the creative wasps on my 2nd floor condo porch garden are cleverly nestled inside my hanging chimes. I haven't been stung since childhood and had forgotten about the hot poker pain. I immediately applied ice to numb the sensation and hopefully keep the poison localized.

I extract medicinal herbs but nothing came to mind for what to apply. I love your radio show on Saturday mornings and was encouraged to see you at the top of the Google search for wasp sting home remedies. The onion was handiest so I sliced the end of a fresh one and scored the inside layer to release the juices. I applied it to the large red hole on my forearm and held it in place with an ace bandage.

I noticed the pain coming back as the ice numbness wore off but it lessened and subsided within 5 minutes. I forgot about it as I continued with chores. I was happily surprised to find no swelling, redness, pain or even the evidence of a puncture wound when I removed the bandage a couple hours later. I love the alternatives nature offers. Thanks for your continued awesome insights and remedies.

onions grandma use to do husband laughs at the my daughter got stung and we put onion on it and she is pain free.

All I can say is WOW the onion worked took away the redness almost immediately and the pain has subsided as well. thank-you.

What remedy can you use for a red wasp sting two days old? My hand is red, swollen, and itches...

I was stung about 48 hours ago by a red wasp on my calf a little over mid way down, it hurt terribly and still does. Now two days later I have welts or hives all around the sting area and a red line that's about a half inch wide that goes down to my ankle, not to mention the awful itching that just started this morning and swelling from the sting site down past my ankle into my foot.

Is it normal for more and more symptoms to keep showing up? Also will the remedies from this website still work even though 48 hours have passed by? So far I've taken antihistamines and used cortizone cream, it hasn't seemed very effective so far. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.



I was stung by a yellow wasp on Sunday afternoon. They made a nest on my balcony and I kept ignoring it for months. I was stung on one of the fingers in my right leg. It was so painful that I could barely walk during next 15 minutes. Then I cleaned the place with Dettol (a disinfectant) and then found this website on Internet. It was really helpful.

I sliced a Onion and pressed on the place I was stung for 25 minutes. The pain was gone, but I think the venom came lower down and swelled my feet and it itches there. Using ice packs frequently. I agree with others that Onion really works!

- Sumit

I was stung by a yellow paper wasp. The pain was very intense. So, for relief I applied sliced lemon on the stung area. It gives me relief within 5 minutes. The reason behind this was, wasp venom is basic in nature so you can apply any weak acid on the sting, because acid neutralizes the base and makes salt.

Tonight I was stung by a red wasp. I did not know what to put on it. The pain was awful, it started swelling immediately. I went to you site, all I had was an onion. I cut it put it on the sting site for 20 minutes, the swelling gone most. Of the pain gone it's still red where it got me, but what relief from the onion. Thank you so much. It really does work.

I am walking around with a sliced end of an onion under my foot just now. Thanks.
6 months ago I was stung 6 times by yellow jacket/umbrella wasps while weeding cassava, the locals insisted I use their urine and mud poultice, but at the time I never logically thought any remedies could be so effective, instead taking a cold shower to alleviate shock from the pain.

One thing they did do was to smoke the hive and use the larvae as "excellent" fish bait...


Does anyone have remedy for swelling after 14 hours?
I got stung by a yellow paper wasp at the bend of my ankle 14 hours ago. I put Stine Eze on it, helped with pain some, a little ice for short time, after an hour a New Zealand honey with a sock over it and slept in it. It is not painful but has swelled a good bit from ankle to toes. Last night, and this morning, I have taken about 2000 mg of vitamin C and 1000 of Pantothenic Acid ( B-5) total since the sting. About to take more.
I once got stung by a wasp on my knee and it was VERY lower leg swelled, and throbbed, I read to take 1000 mg Vit. C per hour along with 500 mg per hour. By the 3rd dose, I felt the pain crescendo and throb, and literally stop. It took a while for all the swelling to go down, but the pain quit. I continued to take the Vit C and B-5 a few more doses as I recall (about 5 years ago.) I did not have current date B-5, this time, took some but have not dosed every hour as this happened late last eve.

I got stung by a red wasp last night and screamed and cried like a baby! I am 40yrs old, have a HIGH tolerance for pain... and have never cried so hard! I was stung on my index finger, the burning, stinging, and then swelling! My whole right hand is so swollen it looks like the incredible hulk.

The swelling seems to be crushing my veins, I can feel the blood pulsing. I never knew a wasp sting could be SO bad! I tried the onion, swelling is a lil better, have a ways to go! Parents, just know if your lil one gets stung and screams for an hour... it is NOT like a bee sting! They truly are in the worst pain of their lil lives!

I googled home remedies for wasp stings, and this site came up first, so I tried 3 of the remedies listed - the onion, the garlic, and the baking soda toothpaste. I got stung 2 times on my right thigh (toothpaste) - once on my upper arm (onion), and once almost in my armpit :( (garlic)

In my opinion, the onion really did work the best, in quickly alleviating the pain, and relieving swelling. The garlic one isn't very swollen, but still has tinges of pain from time to time (it might also be because it's in a very sensitive area). The arm and hammer baking soda toothpaste didn't do much for my ones on my thigh... They are still puffy. Hope this helps someone, like the site helped me!

I did also immediately take a benadryl pill, as well as a fast acting NSAID.

I'd say go with the onion, benadryl, and a fast acting pain reliever!

Was stung by a large red wasp yesterday around 7 am. I continued with what I was doing as I had never had a reaction before, just mild swelling. However, in a few minutes I was wheezing, having trouble breathing and on my way to the hospital. On the way I remembered my albuterol inhaler and was able to breathe freely by the time I got to the hospital. I was wondering though, will the onion work a day and a half later? I have a TREMENDOUS amount of swelling in my calf, it is almost the same size from the knee to the ankle. Getting worried here so please let me know!

I just got stung on my thumb by a red wasp hiding in my boot! &'d I'm allergic! I tried the tobacco, since it was the easiest too get too! There's a sharp sting beating in my thumb! But its drawed a lot of swelling. Although the redness is spreading!

My 5 year old was stung this evening by a hornet right on the bridge of his nose. He was at a friend's house and remembered the story I told him about my sister putting a sliced onion on my leg when I got stung years ago and how it had worked so well- his friend's mother tried it on him this right after he was stung and within 10 or so minutes the pain was virtually gone, and the swelling way down. Amazing!

I was just watering my lawn and out of the pachysandras flew some small bees. One flew up and bit me on the outside bottom edge of my eye. It hurt a lot, I put ice on it and then ran in to search for remedies. First I tried the vinegar and it really stung. Then I tried the baking soda and that stung. Then I tried baking soda with vinegar and that stung too. None of them worked for me.

Finally I tried the onion and felt better, though I still feel it. It's now been about 45 minutes since I got the sting and I haven't swollen up but the sting area is kind of red. I also looked with a bright light and a magnifying mirror for the bee's stinger but couldn't see it. I wonder if I'm supposed to take aspirin or benadryl? Anyway, I recommend the onion as its the only remedy so far that's had any effect on me.

I got stung 5 times by some yellow jackets a week ago. I'm not allergic, therefore I just had a site reaction: pain, minimal swelling, etc. I toughed it out with some advil and after a couple days felt 100% better.

However, now, a week later, I am in more pain and having more swelling at the site. That's when I found this website and the suggestions. I had been using hydrocordizone for the itching, but it wasn't helping much. I tried the onion, but it only provided temporary relief. Baking soda and vinegar made an equal impact: temporary. I'm at a loss for what else to do. I guess the important thing is to get the onion or baking soda on as soon as possible.

I have used the scraped pulp of onion for everything from scorpion stings to bee stings to mosquito and fire ant bites. I have used this remedy for about thirty years now and it REALLY does work! I think there is something in the onion that kills the poison from the stings and bites. Just slice the onion and then scrape the sliced part to make a pulp and put it on the bite. Usually in less than 30 minutes it is gone.

When in Brasil in the mid 60s I got stung by a little black bee on the forehead, was totally blind for 48 hours.

Then in the early 90s, while mowing with a riding mower, ran over a hidden rock, disturbed a bumble bees nest. Got stung on both legs and both feet, within 2 hours couldn't walk.

I suffered in silence. But will remember these remedies.
didn't have computer then.

First off, I'd like people to know that wasps do not leave stingers. Only bees do this. A bee can only sting you one time, and a wasp can sting you as many time as it wants to. I know this because my in-laws own a pest control business in Florida. I live in northern Georgia and we've got wasp nests galore.

When my father in-law comes to visit he always brings a can of Wasp Freeze and goes on a murdering rampage on the wasps, because my husband is allergic to wasps and bees and hornets. Despite this, though, while they were here, they were fixing up the outside of the house with my husband, and he went to replace a screw in the siding and out popped a wasp and got him on the hand.

He ran inside, grabbed the Wasp Freeze (commercial grade stuff). He ran back out there and immediately dosed the area the wasp came from and 22 wasps came out dead. We seem to keep finding lots of nests under the porch or behind the siding. We even had a huge nest in the vent area for our range cover and they had made a hole and were getting in.

My husband had to take down the hood, spray can ready, and kill those wasps. 26 wasps that time! Now they still come down my chimney like a dirty rotten Santa Claus and try to dive bomb me like I've done something wrong. Anyway, my husband's hand turned into a cabbage patch looking hand, and turned purple. I think we are going to get some Benadryle cream for next time, and ask our pharmacist about an eppipen.

Onion works fast!!!!! USE THE ONION FOR ANY WASP STING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My ten-year old grand daughter was stung by four or five wasps on her face. Someone in the group knew about the onion remedy. We put onions on the stings being careful not to get any onion in her eyes. Immediately most of the pain disappeared. We kept the onions on for about an hour. I expected the next morning she would be swollen and miserable. She was absolutely fine! Not even any red marks. What great information!

My 8-yr old son was stung by a wasp this morning for the first time. He'd found a wasp's nest, and stood right next to it, screaming, jumping up and down, and yelling at the top of his voice that he'd found a wasp's nest! In response (naturally), a wasp stung him on his back through his T-Shirt. Considering he was surrounded by hundreds of them, it could have been much worse!

Anyway, I used the onion, and it worked brilliantly. Thank you to the person who said about scoring the onion, as that got much more juice out and was very effective!
Thank you for the site - my son and I are very grateful!


Stepped on a 'yellow jacket' wasp while barefoot outside in the yard. Did not have any onion on hand so I had to go with powdered onion (not onion salt but dry onion) in the spice cabinet. One heaping tablespoon mixed with one gallon of water in a plastic tub and feet soak for 1/2 hour worked. Just hose off afterwards unless you want our feet to smell like pizza the rest of the day - LOL!

My son just got stung, he is using the onion and it works. Thank you so much !!

Got stung by a wasp, for the first time in my life, and tried the onion remedy. I took an antihistamine then applied the onion...stung slightly while the onion was applied for 20 minutes, but when removed no swelling or pain, and barely even a mark! Worked for me, thanks.

My wife got stung last evening. The onion worked great. 5 mins. pain was gone and swelling soon after. great remedy

I was reading my book on my back deck when a European wasp flew into my hair and stung me 3 times!!! the pain was horrible and I didn't know what to do since my parents weren't home (I'm only 13). I ran to my neighbors house and she told me to apply ice and take some pain relievers. That didn't help that much so I tried sticking my head under cold running water and that helped A LOT, but as soon as I took my head out of the water the pain returned. I wish I had found this site earlier. The onion tip seems to really work :)

never been stung b4, but I am deathly afraid of bees!!! what to do?

2 days ago, pulling spurge out of gravel path next to large wax leaf privet shrubs, stung on buttocks (right through my undies) 4 times, also all over my elbows. Next day cleaning out old tomato plants, prepping soil for winter veg garden, stung multiple times, ears, buttocks, and more on elbows. Didn't know about any remedy, so I experience much itching, swelling, burning and the desperate need for relief.

Finally at 3:50 AM I took a Benadryl and went on line and found this site. I didn't realize I had been bit, but I do remember a couple of times feeling something hit me, but didn't realize the Yellow Jackets were ticked off. The Benadryl is starting to work, but I will try the vinegar and salt paste. I hope it isn't to late, because I am miserable and Benadryl gives me an attitude. I will call a pesticide service as soon as they open. Since I don't believe these yellow jackets are any of my family reincarnated, or even in reincarnation I will not mourn their death. Thank God for this site, because it saved me a trip to the ER.

got stung by wasp today, in my thigh, couldn't find it, it had fallen in my dawgs, I basically left everything out in the garden, got in the house and put paste of baking soda/ water after applying some benedryl after insect lotion, on top some ice, after 20 min. no pain really, no swelling - just some discomfort once in a while..............

Will any type of onion work?

The onion remedy works, but only if it is a HOT onion. The onion must be hot enough to cause tears when you slice it. I use a remedy of minced onion, vinegar and baking soda. It worked on my 5 wasp stings and took the pain away within 15 minutes. The swelling was gone by the next day. You may have to reapply the onion or the onion, vinegar and baking soda mixture to the stings for continued pain relief.

I just got stung by a couple of wasps. Yikes, did it ever hurt! When online and found your site. Put the onion on it and presto, the pain disappeared after about 15 minutes. My fingers are still a little swollen but the pain is gone! Thank you!

Really? They didn't work, so you felt you had to eat them - and you blame the site for that? There are so many testimonials that say that it worked for them, but each individual is different. Don't blame the site.

Maybe I'm a wimp. I got stung by this giant yellow jacket on my right thumb. My daughter read here that it would help if I put the onion on it. It did not help I actually took a slice of onion and wrapped it around my thumb securing it with duct tape then I took 3 ibuprofen. I swear my finger throbbed until I went to sleep. Then next morning my poor thumb is still swollen. Oh and by the way the yellow jacket was in my inside window and I tried catching it with a towel to put outside. That will teach me to be kind to insects!

It seems that the red wasps are the worst! I was stung by just having my left arm hanging out of the window while waiting on someone to come out of the shopping plaza. The wasp flew up my sleeve without me knowing it. While driving off, I've felt this very bad stinging pain. I pulled my shit off and wow, a red wasp came flying out escaping without meeting it's maker. I was stung twice. I remembered the onion remedy, but didn't apply it until two days later. Voila! It works!

I was stung several hours ago. I tried tobacco and felt a little relief, I also put ice on it. I got on the internet once I got home and found the onion remedy and it immediately removed A LOT of the swelling!

just apply toothpaste, affected area will not swell n pain will also subside

I was stung between two fingers today at 6:00 p.m. I think it was a bee sting, not sure. Not ever having been stung before, I immediately got online to see what to do. Ice was the first thing I saw and applied ice immediately. After reading the remedies of baking soda, vinegar, garlic, baking soda toothpaste, onion and others, I realized the only thing I had available was part of an onion I had sliced for hamburgers last night.

I honestly did not think that would work. However after applying ice for 15 minutes then placing onion on the sting held in place by a paper towel wrapped around the finger for 15 minutes, then repeating this procedure one time, it is now one hour later -- 7:00 p.m.-- and all of the pain, redness, and swelling are gone. It is sore if I touch the sting, but being the brilliant person that I am -- I don't touch it!!!

Unbelievable. I can't wait to pass this onion remedy on to others.

You don't eat the ONION, you slice it and hold it against the wound to draw out the stinger poison.

My sister and I were re-potting and were bitten by wasps. Checked this site and used onions. Worked wonderfully.

Thanx a lot for your advice.Works great. You are the BEST.
Thanx again.

Wasp stung me last Monday. Swelled arm and hand. Got a shot and medicine for infection. Took 3 days before swelling went down and was in terrible pain. Then got another sting this Sunday feeding the birds. Swelling and redness again. Got another shot diphenhydramine and solu-medrol shot at walk in clinic. It is Monday and will try the onion remedy.

Hope this works, I appreciate the advice people have given. Have not gotten that much help from the doctors. I believe in natural remedies.

Onion worked. I just got stung by a bee on my hand. It hurt and was swelling up. I iced it, but it wasn't working so I found this site and read about the onion. It felt better right away and swelling is gone. Crazy!! Only took about 10 mins of keeping the onion on it.

Thank you!!

Wasps don't leave stingers. Instead of barbed stingers like honey bees have, wasps have smooth stingers. This makes the stings not deal as much damage as a non-removed honeybee stinger, yet allows wasps to sting multiple times.

I went to the loo, had my trousers on the floor around my ankles, pulled up my trousers, washed hands and went outside to receive about 4 stings on my leg. My partner quickly put cut onion on my leg and there's no swelling, touch wood for the rest of the day.

Some years ago a wasps stung me on the cheek. Not knowing if I was allergic, I rushed to the hospital and the doc told me that since it has been over 30 minutes, I won't die. I believe the reason that wasps stung me was because I was painting the deck while my husband was making noise with his saw beneath me, so I suspected I was bite because of the noise.

TODAY, in fact just yesterday I was moving stuff in the yard and got stung again on my face just beside my right eye. It hurt like hell, so I immediately asked my husband to drive me to the doctors office. It only took 10 minutes and all the doc could see was a red dot, no swelling yet. I asked her to look for the stinger, but she could not see one. I soaked a towel that was in her office with cold water and kept it on my face.

This kept the swelling down until night. When I woke up the swelling rose. After reading your remedy with an onion, I applied a piece and it felt so cold and soothing that I kept it on for about 20 minutes.

The pain has subsided and it appears that the swelling is also down. Thanks for the idea. I wish the doc had given me some suggestions like this instead of just writing up a prescription for the pain. (which I did NOT get as I prefer to endure the pain and know when I'm healing). Drugs don't cure, they just pacify and many times result in side effects that are worse than taking away the pain.

sitting here with an onion slice stuck on my face. hope it helps.

I was stung by a hornet about 3hrs prior to this post. I tried mud and it did nothing. Mud is my normal go to remedy for sting. Where I was stung (my leg) continued to swell and burn and was red and hot. To the touch. I was searching the web for help and found this site. So I sliced an onion put it on within minutes the pain was. Gone the swelling went down and the redness was only around the tiny sting hole.

Why did you eat them? You apply slice to sting and hold it or tape it on!

I live in San Antonio Texas. We have Lots of things that sting and bite you! Ouch! I had my encounters with Red wasp, Fire ants, and let's not forget the one I hate most. The unwelcome scorpion. The Onion is my best friend. It works wonders on these stings. I don't like these critters, but the onion will save you each and every time! I just love this web site! It truly saved me I always keep onions on hand just cuz you never know in Texas when you'll get stung, I even carry cut up onion in my purse, just because I am now always prepared. I live WAY, out in the country, so for me it is better to be always prepared! Thank you for this information! Most of all its NATURAL!!!if in doubt, just cut an onion put it on your sting, for 20 min. No pain, no swelling. I have used this many times, my neighbors and husband are now also believers!!!
A true Texan!

I was coming inside and was stung by a red wasp. I tried the onion and in the beginning it stung a bit more. After about 10 minutes the onion began working for and the swelling subsided. Growing wet tobacco was my mamas worked well.

The onion worked! While cutting grass, I apparently disturbed a wasp nest near a tree stump in the yard. This was the craziest thing, and sad to say it's true. I felt a quick sharp pain on my right boob and initially thought that I hit a rock or piece of wood with my lawn mower that had deflected and struck me, quickly realized I had been stung by a wasp.

Until today, I have been fortunate, never stung by a wasp or bee. I'll skip all the dramatics of swinging at the bees and running to the house. I immediately made a paste of tobacco and water, which gave some relief. I googled home remedies for wasp stings and found this site. I made a paste of vinegar and baking soda and applied that which also gave some relief. I cut up some onion pieces from a half onion that was in the refrig and placed them in my bra. Also gave additional relief. After reading more posts on the site, I realized that a fresh onion should be used. I then cut a thick slice out of a fresh onion and placed this in my bra. This provided the most relief.

Thanks a million!!

Three days after a wasp sting on the back of my upper arm, the swelling is large. Tried antihistamine & various creams that haven't helped. The burning & itching are intolerable.

Just mixed baking soda, crushed garlic, onion & apple cider vinegar into a paste & bound it onto the large swollen area. It is the first relief since being stung.

Thanks to all the people who've written.


Please check in with your physician or an allergy specialist. Your severe reaction bay be an indication that you are seriously allergic. That could mean desensitization shots to prevent anaphylactic shock should be stung again.

My partner suffered a wasp sting we tried iced water vinegar then I read this very helpful site, not an onion in sight, ah! a shallot, amazing it's working. I cut it in half she pressed and held it to the sting

I was recently stung by a yellow jacket. I have found that ammonia works very well. None in the house so I am trying white vinegar. If that doesn't work soon I will try the onion.
Ammonia seems to destroy the venom, the pain went away and there was never any swelling.

I was just stung on the side of my arm by a red wasp while walking up the back steps of my house. The pain was so intense. I sprayed some Eucalyptus Oil on my arm, but the pain was still there. I then used an ice pack, which helped a little bit. Then I saw your article about using an onion. I immediately cut the top of a fresh onion, and laid it on my arm for about 15 minutes. The pain stopped and there is minimal swelling. Thanks so much for the information.

Tried the onion remedy earlier today and it worked...I got four bites on my hand and aside from the swelling it was very painful...the pain is now gone and the swelling is almost totally gone...

It has been two and a half hours since I awoke and stepped on a red wasp. After the shooting, agonizing pain in my middle three toes went away, I found the culprit. (I didn't have my glasses on.) After gladly killing the insect, I poured rubbing alcohol on the sting and then applied aloe vera. Now, the swelling has gone down (Though I didn't have much to begin with). Additionally, the sharp, shooting pains every couple seconds have slowed.

Yellow jacket in my basement. Flying by my light bulb. Was busy giving our dog a hair cut, when I felt the sting of the hornet. Was glad it was me and not the dog. Put an ice pack on, rubbed benadryl ointment on and took an antihistamine along with ibuprofen. It still hurt. Researched the web and came to this site. Tried the vinegar and baking soda. It took the pain away. So glad, since the ice didnt do a thing but make my stomach cold. Thanks for the remedy.

I took several suggestions from this site last night and found a very easy, winning treatment.

I was stung by a wasp last night. I had been drinking wine so taking Benadryl was not an option, but I did cut open a Benedryl capsule into a glass, poured a very small amount of apple cider vinegar over that and added a pinch of baking soda. While that was bubbling I put that over the bite and rash area, covered with an ace bandage. 2 hours later the red rash was entirely gone, no pain and the bite area is teeny tiny this morning.

I tried the epsom salts after being stung on the toe and it gave almost instant relief. Soaked it for 10 minutes and had very little swelling and no pain. :)

I just got stung by a black wasp today. A few weeks ago I had gotten stung by those mean small red wasps that are very angry and always looking for a fight. LOL- That's how I see them down in Alabama anyways......

My mom has a Vinegar solution to clean her kitchen and bathrooms with, I immediately sprayed the water and vinegar directly on it and it gave me IMMMEEEDDIIIATE relief. But. I had to spray it multiple of times. The pain would come back shortly after. But reapplying it a few times made the pain a lot more bearable, nearly gone!!!

I've also gotten stung by a red wasp on my head.... Yeah, They aren't my favorite bug.. I hate them!
They hhhhuuurrrrrrrrrt.

But, by far the black wasps are the worst pain from a wasp you can get.
If you get stung by a hornet though.. I feel sorrrrryyy for you.. :/

Would like to know Stevie Miller's vinegar solution ingredients. I use vinegar and water with a couple squirts of dish soap in a spray bottle for everything around my house....adding baking soda some times...

I use it for stain removal, even blood if quickly done...

I would like to know what is in the one that helped the pain of wasp stings as I am very allergic and swell a lot and it hurts big time!

Really wish I had an onion right now.... Pain set in 8 hrs after getting stung on sleep tonite

I used a penny on a black wasp sting the other day and it amazed me how it too the pain away at the time of the sting. A few days later I have pretty significant itching and some swelling. Amazing how bad this can be.


Mud is a good remedy!

Not only that it's usually easy to find (or make) since one is usually outside already when they have gotten stung. And the quicker you can get something on it, the better.

Simply take a big wad of mud and cake it over the sting. It's cold, so it will provide relief and it will also draw out the poison which will help to keep pain and swelling down. Keep the mud on the sting until the mud is all dried up.

It's the same idea as the onion or baking soda paste as it draws out the poison, but the benefit of mud is it's everywhere! Nice and easy to find (or make).

MUD! Seriously!

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