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Sauerkraut Juice for Canker Sores

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One of the strangest remedies we have ever heard of involves sauerkraut juice against canker sores. Take a tablespoon of sauerkraut juice in your mouth and swish it around morning and night, then swallow it. Do this twice a day and the canker sores should go away. We first heard about using sauerkraut juice to treat canker sores from D.W. in Garland, Texas. His mother had been a dental assistant in the 1930s. Since then we have heard from many people that it can provide rapid relief. One physician who benefited personally arranged for analytical testing of sauerkraut juice and discovered a number of active compounds that may be responsible for its healing properties.

  • Currently 4.1/5
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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this remedy work? Average rating: 4.1/5 (40 votes)
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Be sure to use juice from actual fermented sauerkraut, not vinegared. If the ingredients include anything other than cabbage, salt and water, the juice likely won't be very effective.

For 40 years I suffered with canker sores at least once and sometimes twice a month. I checked with doctors and dentists, who only advised me to use pain medicine. I wished for permanent relief and found it by eliminating milk from my diet. I have not had a glass of milk nor a canker sore in 35 years, but do consume the byproducts. It was an amazing relief.

Best thing to stop a canker sore from forming/speed the healing of an established one is triamcinolone in orabase... a prescription med... apply at first sign of pain or on any mouth cut... prevents them from forming... inmy experience they result from small scratches or cuts on mouth mucosa as from toothbrush pricks or accidentally biting your lips/mouth... if you apply this immediately they do not form... I'm a physician who has used this successfully for 10 years.

I found that eliminating orange juice and coffee got rid of my canker sores. I thought it was because of the acid. Turns out I'm allergic to both!

This is so very interesting! I've been plagued with canker sores since I was a little girl!

I found just a few years ago that by putting Calendula extract directly on the canker sore, it stops the pain immediately, and usually in one additional application.. it's gone!

I also suffered from massive canker sores, I finally realized that five days after eating walnuts the cankers would appear. Now I never touch the nuts and no sores!

This remedy has worked like a miracle for me! It will start clearing up a canker within hours, and it's usually healed by the next day. One caveat, though: I've found that the juice from canned sauerkraut doesn't work nearly as well as the fresh stuff (usually found in a plastic bag in the refrigerated deli section).

It's such a weird remedy that I did some research on sauerkraut to see why it might work. It turns out that sauerkraut is fermented (like yogurt or sourdough) and is full of probiotics. I've discovered that if I sip a little sauerkraut juice every couple of days I don't develop canker sores in the first place.

It is an unusual cure for canker sores, but I had a recurring canker sore that went away overnight after the first use of sauerkraut juice. And, you can have weiners and kraut with the leftovers.

Cover sore with a Listerine strip. Continue to do so until sore is gone.

Over 40 years ago, I found that if you dry the canker with a towel or tissue & then drop Neo-Synephrine nose drops on the canker & let it sit for about a minute the pain stops immediately & the canker heals. The nose drops don't hurt you. They have a sweet taste. I have grandchildren that will come over & say, "Grandma, I have a sore in my mouth, Will you fix it?" It works every time.

For over 40 years I suffered (as did members of my family) with canker sores. I realized that the culprit was a certain brand of toothpaste that I had begun using in childhood and had never changed. Once I changed toothpastes (avoiding tarter control ones and brightening ones) the canker sores diminished.

My inquiries with people who also complained about canker sores showed that we were all using the same toothpaste causing the sores. It is rare that I have one now. Decadron Elixir, though an oral medication, can be prescribed to use as a mouthwash when one has the sores. They will quickly diminish and pain goes away almost immediately.I stay with Colgate plain white or blue gel now. My life is 99% canker sore free! I only wish I had known what I know now many years ago.

I first had a canker sore when I was about five or six years old. My father put a small amount of table salt on the sore and told me to "rub it into the sore for a few minutes". It didn't really hurt, but it was slightly uncomfortable. When I looked in the mirror, the white center of the sore was gone. After that the sore healed up quickly. I've used salt for any canker sores since then and it always works for me.

stop drinking dairy milk
trust me : )

I had troubles for years with canker sores. A lady told when I first get a canker sore, start taking lysine twice a day. It stops canker sores getting larger and heals in a few days. This works for me.

I have used homemade sauerkraut as a healing medicine for several years. The juice works to help lower my blood pressure. The kraut I buy from a friend is all natural and includes several varieties of hot peppers. There may be nitrates formed as a byprod. of fermentation. 4 to 6 oz works best.

My sister and daughter suffered from severe canker sores for years. My daughter had them more often than not. My sister's doctor told her to stop using toothpaste with SLS (sodium laurel sulphate - the agent that makes toothpaste foam) in it. Now, both my daughter and sister have very few outbreaks. Rembrandt brand used to have a canker sore formula - hard to find. My daughter finds her toothpaste on-line.

Regarding canker sores, my oldest son used to get them a lot when he got a cold. My mother-in-law gave us the ultimate cure that worked overnight. Swish cultured buttermilk in the mouth and hold it for about a minute then spit it out. We don't know why it works, but it does. The buttermilk also heals a sore mouth from a new toothbrush or an abrasion from crispy foods.

Does anyone know where to buy Sauerkraut Juice in the Chicago area?

Please help. Urgent.

Thanks for your time.


All of these remedies probably work because of the salt content. I have found the best and quickest way is to put regular table salt directly on the cold sore or ulcer. It burns like fury but if you can stand that for a split second, it works like a charm. Wet your finger, cover it with salt and hold it on the spot for a couple of seconds. Hope this helps someone else. Thanks for all the good remedies and ideas.

I have had dry mouth for years now due to medication. Recently, with my diabetes diagnoses, it has gotten much worse. It is hard to talk and hard to swallow. In the last week or so I have had sores inside my mouth and on my tongue along with cracking of my tongue - very painful. My doctors were no help, but my mom referred me to the People's Pharmacy yesterday and I read about the sauerkraut juice. I purchased a .79 can of sauerkraut(after spending $30.00 on OTC canker sore meds) and took it home, not really thinking it would help. Within a minute the pain was gone!!!! For hours. I don't know how it works, but it does. This remedy is a life saver. Thank you.

I do not care of the taste of sauerkraut juice, so when I have a canker sore I apply juice directly with a cotton swab. The canker goes away quickly.

The sodium laurel sulphate is the problem, and Rembrandt is the answer. I also suffered for over 40 years until I made the switch.

Hi! This is the D.W. from Garland, Texas, referenced above. My Mom would be absolutely delighted that this family canker sore remedy has been doing SO much healing for SO many people! WOW! It worked really well for our family of seven. My Mom, Ethel I. Wilson, passed away in April of 2000, at the age of 87. When people would visit her at her home in Corvallis, Oregon, she would pull out the People's Pharmacy Guide to Home and Herbal Remedies and show them that she was in print! It was her initiative and desire to learn, that lead her to read the available Spokane, Washington, dental office periodicals, way back in 1932. While my brothers and sisters and I have always liked sauerkraut in moderation, it would be great if the canker sore healing active ingredients could gain a different flavor, for those who don't like the stuff! Thank you, People's Pharmacy! D.W., Garland, Texas

I have had a canker sore for a week and was experiencing a lot of pain. I had been using salt and salt water rinses to no avail. Yesterday, The People's Pharmacy radio program was on and it prompted me to go online to see if there was a home remedy for canker sores. I purchased a bag of sauerkraut at 10 PM yesterday (I was desperate) and used it last night. Next morning: the sore has not healed yet but the pain is much, much better... I'm a believer! Now I have to go buy some hot dogs to eat with the sauerkraut. ;>)

I would like to prevent the sore, putting salt on the sore or treating the sore with something after they are full blown is one thing, but I just get them healed and here comes another group. Some start with a red spot on the side of the tongue and turn white, most start at gum line, then cheek. Been to Dr. tested a piece of one, told them, nothing. I was told to see a Rheumatologist.

I've been on the Kraut juice for a week and a half, not very long, but I have healed the four that was there and no new ones have formed, yet. I would get new ones within a day of the old ones clearing up. So far I'm happy with the juice, I haven't changed any thing else, just started juice, two or three times a day, just a sip. Haven't found where to buy kraut juice, but kraut is less then a buck.


I've had canker sores for two years, one coming and one going all the time. Tried lots of stuff, the Kraut juice does help, better then anything in the drug store, and the price is right. Three week ago my Doc. took me off of Plavix after two years. Knock wood, no more canker sores. The sores stopped within days of stopping the Plavix.

I have had canker sores for many years and was for several years able to control them with 50 mg per day of alpha lipoic acid (my own discovery). At some point the alpha lipoic stopped working. I finally changed to a toothpaste without SLA and that has seemed to work pretty well for the couple of months that I have been using it. Interestingly, I share many observations with other sufferers: nuts seem to be causative and though I have not necessarily associated sores with milk, I am lactose intolerant. The sauerkraut will perhaps be a new tool.

I have been taken off the Plavix, no more sores. The sauerkraut did help, but the plavix was the problem. 6 months with no sores.

This site has much excellent information.

Can you please tell me if it is true that cabbage juice will cure ulcers - I am particularly referring to inflammation or ulcers of the "oesophagus" which is where I feel the heartburn (only really occurs because of anxiety, in my case.) How much should be consumed throughout the day?

I juiced one medium sized (white, I think) cabbage recently and obtained only one inch of juice! How many cabbages do you need?? Can say a week's worth be kept in the fridge?

On the other hand, is it just as effective to put L-Glutamine powder from 1 capsule into a glass and sip from this all day since L-Glutamine is the active ingredient in cabbage?

I've also heard red potatoes can be juiced and used for the same purpose but do not know if it is as effective as the cabbage juice.

OCT 2011, my physician prescribed triamcinolone to treat 2-3 canker sores in my mouth, and it worked. About 3 weeks later another swarm got started, some of which could only be reached with difficulty. I tried the sauerkraut juice and it started working within a few hours on all the sores. It's FEB 2012 and there's been no reocurrance.

Biotta makes sauerkraut juice. For prevention Standard Process (available through licensed health care practitioners such as chiropractors) makes Cyruta Plus, which kills the virus causing the sores.

Another 'cure' would be to use lettuce. The iodine from the lettuce helps heal the sore. Take a small piece, lightly chew it and then place in the mouth over the sore. Leave in place for about 30 minutes. Repeat if needed. This has worked for me for years.

My great-grandmother was full blooded German she told my dad about this remedy back in the 1930s my entire family has been treating canker sores with sauerkraut juice for many years it really works. Whole Foods carries Biotta sauerkraut juice, or they can order for you.

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