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Listerine for Toenail Fungus

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A reader offered the following suggestion for getting rid of nail fungus: "I cured my toenail fungus using a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and Listerine. I combined them in a quart jar with a screw-on lid and used a clean paintbrush to apply the liquid to the affected toes morning and night. "Then I put my socks on to keep it acting a while longer and protect the bed sheets at night. The fungus took about three months to clear up. It is slow growing, but is also slow to cure. I hope this helps someone else."

The herbal ingredients in Listerine (menthol, eucalyptol, thymol and methyl salicylate) may have anti-fungal properties, but home remedies rarely come with specific guidelines. This reader combined a couple of favorite remedies. Many people have reported success soaking infected nails in one part vinegar to two parts water. Others got good results soaking their toes in Listerine. Such remedies won't work for everyone and take several months to produce results.

Other home remedies that readers have used to treat their nail fungus include Vicks VapoRub, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil and cornmeal mush as a foot soak. Search this site to find more details on using home remedies against nail fungus. The comments below also contain advice that may be helpful.

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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this remedy work? Average rating: 3/5 (1662 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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Tonenail Fungus

Listerine and vinegar,is it the white or apple cider vineger?
Thank you for People's Pharmacy Pharmacy.

I am a dietbetic and I have a crack under my little toe and I would like to know what I could use to cure it up. I have tried almost everything I can think of.

I am about to start the Listerine soak for my toemails with long-standing fungus plus a recent involvement of three fingernails...not sure it's truly fungus there; could be just old age. I am also troubled by bunionesque calluses on my great toes. Doc gave me samples of Carmol40 which is an excellent softener, but available only through script. Any OTC suggestions? Thank you very much and I will let you know how the Listerine does for my fungi. C. Wise

I read, somewhere on the inernet, about Tree Tee Oil. I have been using this on toe fungus and it is working. Whereever I read it, said that it usually takes 3 months. It has been about one month for me and it is working.

I had problems with cracked, caloused soles and toenail fungus. I had medicine but it did not go very of the items in the medicine was Urea which I believe is a by-product of urine.

SO..........I started soaking my feet in my own urine and WOW!, IT CLEARED UP THE CALOUS, THICK SOLES AND THE TOE NAIL FUNGUS.

I've had great success with tea tree oil on toe nail fungus. Like all treatments, it takes a couple of months (at least) depending how extensive the fungus is. The tea tree oil seems to stop the fungus from growing, then you have to wait for the nail to grow out. I use a q-tip and put the oil all over the affected nail and under the nail. Once or twice a day (and especially after a shower or when feet are wet)The fungus starts to dry out and flakes and falls out. I also cut the nail back into the area the fungus has been removed from. Then you just let the nail grow out (while continuing the treatment).

Editor's Note: Some people are allergic to tea tree oil. Please be cautious when applying to skin!

I had toenail fungus, and the nail was about to come off. My doctor referred me to a podiatrist, but commented that if it weren't so far gone, he would recommend putting Vick's VapoRub on it. Well, I tried it anyhow. Got results within days. Saved a trip to a podiatrist, and three years later the nail is perfect.

I have had a darkish, reddish, yellowish fungus on my big toe for several years (no cracking or pain). It seemed to get worse if I had toenail polish on, or if I would leave the polish on for a long time.

I started putting Vicks VapoRub on it, trying to remember to use it day and night, but sometimes forgetting. I got rid of almost all of the fungus after many months, maybe a year.

Unfortunately, when I used toenail polish again, the fungus returned. I'm trying over-the-counter fungus remover, but without much luck. Maybe I'll try the Listerine and vinegar.

I have been using Vick's VapoRub and hydrogen peroxide for three weeks. My nails look better than I'd ever dreamed!

I discovered I had some toenail fungus on one nail, and wanted to clear it up fast in time for a pedicure appointment at a fancy spa. After reading all the suggestions here, I decided to try the Vick's VapoRub. After just one night, the nail looked almost completely cured!

THIS POST IS A REPLY TO KAEZI posted on Aug 7, 2007......................

Hi Kaezi, I am a licensed nail technician, and what you are explaining doesn't sound like a fungus, it sounds more like just stains from the polish. Reds and darker color polishes especially tend to do that. They usually leave a light-colored tint on the nail plate (usually yellowish/reddish).

Fungus USUALLY (but not always) will have some kind of chalky-looking marks on the nail plate, as well as some sort of lifted area somewhere around the side walls.

I would suggest getting your nail nice and clear again (you could even try buffing it with a medium/fine grit buffing block) and then whenever you paint your nails, always use a base coat polish before the actual colored polish. This creates a barrier between the nail plate and the polish. See if that helps clear up the discoloration.

Also try to change the polish about every 2 weeks or so, as the longer you leave on a polish, the more likely it is to stain, with or without a base coat.

Hope this helps clear things up. :) :)

I was told by a NHS direct nurse that she used Tea Tree Oil (100%, not the mixed) and got good results. So I tried it, and it's working. I'm now taking oral meds too, because I've got two nails with it, but it's keeping it dry but supple...

I like what I see!!! GO TEA TREE!

I caught a fungus from a nail salon! I used topical presription medication for my toenail fungus for 2 years. I started using Listerine about 6 months ago, and after awhile, also hydrogen peroxide. My nails are clear but I have to keep using it. I plan to try Vick's Vaporub as a preventative. Best regards.

Ooil of oregano works great for toenail fungus and a whole slew of others ailments. Used it on infected toenails and the next day noticed a difference.

I picked up toenail fungus after a professional pedicure, and I started treating it with topical fungicides as soon as I noticed symptoms. Lucky for me, things hadn't deteriorated too much. After a few months with no improvement, I started applying Vicks VapoRub twice a day in addition to a once-daily fungicide treatment. There's been a vast improvement within two months, and my nail is close to normal again. So go Vicks!! Why don't doctors tell you this stuff?

I have had good results with wild oregano oil which I've read has good anti-fungal properties. Anyone else using this?

My husband's toenail fungus was terrible. I read your article about using vinegar and water to heal the fungus. My husband started this treatment a few months ago, soaking his feet almost every night. The toenails on one foot are completely healed and the other foot only has one toe left. We are believers in this remedy and love your column. Thanks for giving such good advice.

I had toenail fungus and I put virgin coconut oil on my feet. It is great for the skin and an anti-fungal. It cleared up my fungus! You can buy it at any organic food store. Great for all of your skin and face! Test it to make sure you are not allergic!

I was interested in the commercial for "Lamisil" and asked my doctor if I could try it. (I have classic high blood pressure/diabetes/obesity approx 70 lbs over...) My pharmacist filled the script with generic "Terninafine" 250 mgs--28 tablets per month--which I took whole for 4 months and noticed a marked change in the health of my toe nails. I reduced the dose 1/2 pill per day for the remaining year (8 months) and the fungus in my toes totally disappeared.

I now use 1/4 tablet per day as maintenance, and a side bonus is that my feet no longer have an offensive odor even if I wear shoes in sweaty situations. And a plus is I don't have any side effects with my other meds...

ps. Love your show JaroP

Nothing works for me. My primary MD prescribed Nizoral, and I was extremely allergic to it. Use tea tree oil, oregano, alcohol, nothing works to rid me of the scourge. Now that urine treatment sounds like a winner. Piss on it!

No one has said whether it's best to use apple cider vinegar or white vinegar for toenail fungus. Would someone please help me with that?

I have had very thick toenails for several years now and had one podiatrist tell me it was a fungus and then another tell me it wasn't, just trauma to my nails. I had a lab test and it came back negative for fungus. So what is causing this thickness of my toenails?

Vinegar: either white or cider. I also found that getting full strength vinegar under the nail got quicker results.

Urine: I have had dry, cracked, patchy dry spells on my hands all of my life and nothing helped long-term. Someone mentioned using my own urine, and I started peeing on the patches out of desperation--IT WORKED! The episodes are far and few between now (mostly happens in winter), and urine did it.

I've been doing the 50/50 Listerine and vinegar for about 2 months, and it is definitely working. The nails on both big toes are 1/2 perfect! Since it is/was an infection, has it been taken care of (and I just have to wait for it to grow out)? Do I have to keep doing the treatment every day?

I tried the listerine treatment a couple times, not long enough to get results. However, I just want to warn people not to use the blue listerine--it turned my feet blue, and it took over a week for the stain to go away!

I developed what I thought was a toenail fungus on my left big toe. It was flaking and calcified. I used Vicks Vaporub on it applied with a Q tip every morning after showering. It started improving after several weeks and after about 4 months it had grown out perfect. It happened again and I used Listerine in same way. The improvement was immediate and it has not returned after more than 12 months.

Once the nail starts growing in nicely, does the treatment need to be continued? Is the infection gone?

I went to the doctor today about my thick yellow pinky toenail and the one next to it on my right foot. He told me I had one of three options. I could use Penlac which is a prescription liquid you apply to the toenail directly, Lamasil, which we've all seen the commercials for but requires a liver test first! or.... VICKS VAPORUB! Yes, the doctor said Vicks! So, I'm starting the remedy today and hopefully this works! He said any of the above-mentioned methods would take about 3 months to see real results. So, I hope this helps someone from a doctor visit or expensive prescription meds!

When I needed treatment for toenail fungus, my doctor suggested I soak my toes in Listerine for 30 minutes a night for thirty days. I sent my husband to Costco for a giant jug of Listerine. He returned with the minty one. It is blue. I figured it would not really make a difference. It did. My feet turned blue and no amount of scrubbing could take the color off. My husband laughed until he cried.

After switching to the regular one, my toenail fungus did clear up, but the nails themselves were very dry.

I've been doing the 50/50 (vinegar & listerine) soak for only 60 seconds per day. It's working. You don't have to soak for 30 minutes. Maybe the vinegar is keeping the nail from being too dry. It's growing in nicely.

Thanks for the tip! I haven't tried using vinegar/listerine yet but it sounds promising. I've been using Tee Tree Oil and that's more expensive to use on toenail fungus.

I tried Crest mouthwash, and the stuff under the nail got weak and soft, so I used a steel nail filer to remove it, and then I soaked them in alcohol.

That was just today and my nails looks better than before. It's not completely cured, but it's a start.

I have a fungus on the left big toenail and tried tea tree oil on 2 separate occasions. Both times, the skin along one side of the toenail opened into a deep fissure -- about 1/4 of an inch deep!! It was not painful but definitely scary. The fissure closed within a day or so after stopping this treatment. I'm glad it works for some, but it certainly didn't work for me. Vick's salve also did not work and I tried it for about 2 months.
I will try the listerine and vinegar mixture next.

The problem with all this info is it doesn't really address the extent of fungus in the nail(s). Is this a superficial infection? Distal involvement? Total involvement? One nail? Multiple?

This is an infection. It's contagious. It has to be treated asap. By a doctor, not your nail tech.

Vicks worked for my toenail fungus, but now I have a black toenail, not the same toe. Can you give me a remedy please? Enjoy your column each week.

I am interested in the details of the listerine cure. The fungus is unsightly, so I like to keep my toenails polished. Will this cure be able to penetrate if my nails are polished!?



After 4 months of applying Vicks every night before bedtime, nothing has changed except the color of the nails is no longer yellow but gray with a black outline. And the nails have begun to split on some toes. will wait two more months and then try somethng else... has anyone stated they used the Listerine and Vicks or Listerine/Vinegar and Vicks? Just curiouse since Vicks leaves nail moist.

This is all great to read, thought I was the only one with this. Was shocked to see my big toenails (after having polish removed) had lifted and yellowed. Since then have heard using Horticultural Oatmeal in a soak will cure toenail fungus, also smearing over-the-counter vaginal yeast infection medication on feet/toes daily helps to cure this too. Haven't tried either one yet. Anyone know where to find horticultural oatmeal? Thanks!

Thanks for the tip on using Scope! I had three toes with fungus. Began dabbing with Scope on a kleenex 4 days ago -- it is remarkedly better. Will report back after a few weeks. I can tell it is improving. and also thanks for mentioning about washing your nail clippers after each use. Appreciate all the tips. from: healing.....

I had four very infected nails, Penlac is a prescription that works well. It is like nail polish, trim the affected nail back as far as possible (mine were half gone) then thin the nail bed down using a small nail sanding block( this gets the medication through the nail bed), paint the nail one coat daily, on the 6th day remove it with polish remover. It is tough to get out of the edges, use a tool from the beauty supply store that has a scraping end, continue daily, and it's important to paint the nail bed where the nail used to be attached, it will grow back but can take 6 months.

My Dr said Penlac doesn't have a high success rate, but I think that's because the directions are poor. By thinning the nail, using it daily and removing it thoroughly, plus trimming growth back so it can grow in properly - makes all the difference.

Why all the comments about toenails?

The fingernails on my right hand seem to have some kind of fungus. Should what may help for toes apply to fingernails?


this column recommends Listerine for just about everything under the sun. It really appears that there is some ad placement dollars at work. Isn't Listerine just alcohol menthol and eucalyptus?


I've had fungus on my toenail for as long as i can remember. I've tried many treatments but nothing seems to help. Now that I'm getting older I'm embarrassed to show my feet i usually cover them up with nail polish but now it has infected all my other nails. I been using Tea Tree Oil and I'm not seeing any results. :[

I tried Vicks for a month and things only got worse. I'm trying to halt this toenail fungus' progression, and I think Vicks kept the nails too moist, encouraging fungal growth and not preventing it.

I've now switched to methods which allow the nail to be dry most of the time. A 50/50 mix of hydrogen peroxide/white vinegar for 30 mintes (sometimes twice a day) seems to be doing something good, but I'm also using 100% tea tree oil. Since hydrgoen peroxide and Listerine are both antiseptics (Listerine having more umph, I believe), I may switch to half Listerine as suggested here.

It seems to come down to:
- Some sort of antiseptic / antifungal agent (hydrogen peroxide or Listerin are the two options mention so far in this post)
- pH changing agent (vinegar to increase the acidity of your nailbed to at least hinder further growth of fungus) (On that note, it shouldn't matter what kind of vinegar you apply externally, but consuming apple cidar vinegar is an age-old remedy for lots of things - including nail fungus)

For those interested in oils, I've been reading a lot about it. Tea tree oil is a great antifungal, but apparently it isn't readily absorbed by keratin or living tissue, so it works best on surfaces like the top layer of your skin. Since we're trying reach our nailbed beneath our keratin nail, a 'carrier' oil should be mixed that is readily absorbed and that will carry the tea tree oil with it. I'm going to try dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). Also, lavender oil apparently encourages healing of skin tissue, so I'm going to add that as well. Apparently tea tree oil + lavendar is a common mixture, so all I'm really doing is adding a carrier. There many, many oils to choose from, some mentioned in this forum, but these are the ones I most commonly read about.

I'm also drinking two tablespoons of apple cidar vinegar in a glass of water per day, and eating as much garlic as I can (I'm considering garlic tablets). I feel like a hippie, but if all this solves my problem of toenail fungus... then I can deal with it. :)

I feel cheated for having contracted this. Is it a crime for wearing shoes to school, to work, at school, at work, home again, and then to slip into slippers during a cold Canadian winter? Apparently.

Thanks for this info, I have tried Tea Tree oil, oregeno oil, lamisil, rubbing alc.,files, grinders, creams,chlorine, amonnia have started listerine treatments. looking for positive results. Thanks

I've tried several home remedies over several years, including Vicks, vaginal creams, listerine solo. Nothing has worked. I'm now trying the listerine and vinegar bath several times a day along with mostly going barefoot/sandles(around the house) as often as possible.

I've read several post that say the fungus turns black when it is dead.

How do you know if what you are doing is effective? I see that the yellowish tint of the nail is now gone, and the nails look clear, but I've not seen any signs of black, or any signs of the fungus disappearing, other than the yellow is gone. Are there any other signs of progress?

If the nail grows from the cuticle up, then should you be looking for the new nail at the cuticle to be clear non ridged? Does this mean the new growth is fungus free?

As for filing the nails, is this necessary? Do you spread any fungus by filing them down? Does anyone think this works?

I feel I don't have near the fungus problem that I've seen and read about, but still having trouble determining if I am making any progress with my new regiment(1 week now).

I had a small patch of fungus on my chest. I've tried a few ointments from the dermatologist, but it continued. I recently have been applying a small amount of white vinegar to the area and there is no more red scaling spot any longer.

WOuld love to ready responses to my questions.

I have had fungus on my nails for years, it hasn't been noticible till recently and feel i need to nip it in the bud before things get worse,so I will try GOLD listerine and vicks both to see if it helps.Thanks for the warning about the blue listering,lolol.


On the topic of filing: I think many people who file have much worse fungus than yourself, to the point that their nail is thick and white/yellow, and anything they put on the surface doesn't stand a chance of getting to the nail bed (hence they file to make it thinner). Don’t file your nail so short that the fleshy tip gets red and agitated, because then you could (as I did) mistake it for more fungus and get into a viscous circle of filing. Your nails are allowed to have a bit of white at the tip (so I read; it's natural).

To avoid the fungus spreading due to filing, I try to keep the filing residue off of any other toes, use disposable files and ALWAYS dowse ALL my toes in isopropyl alcohol afterwards. Regular soap is NOT antifungal, it is only antibacterial! Read the fine print of anti-fungal sulphur soap before using it. I did, and now I won’t use it.

It's tough to tell what works for you and what doesn't, but a week isn't enough time. The yellow tint on my nails never turned black either, it just returned to white after a couple weeks. My one nail which is clearly very infected (thick and yellow) has never turned black, but has improved at least superficially. From what I read, you should probably keep doing what you're doing for a few weeks after everything looks normal, then do it once a week or something for prevention's sake. You can be sure that if I’m ever clear of toenail fungus, I’ll be soaking my feet in vinegar a couple times a month!

Are you fair skinned (very white)? I am, and my doctor says that we're prone to fungal infections for some reason (you mentioned fungus on your chest). My guess is a lack of sunshine, since we avoid it because we burn so easily. That would also explain why vitamin E reportedly helps against toenail fungus. Recurring fungal issues are probably a sign of an internal issue, not just an external one (straight from the mouths of an ND I’ve seen, a podiatrist and my GP). Perhaps you should read into an anti-candida dietary ‘cleans’, or just changes in your diet in general.

I think a fail-proof solution to toenail fungus is good foot hygiene. Wear sandals outside (expose your toes to sunlight!), go barefoot when you can, use a vitamin E or A cream on your feet to keep them healthy, don’t let your nails get too long (and on that note, only wear shoes that really fit), wash the insoles of your shoes at least once a month (my podiatrist says once a week!), avoid synthetic footwear... the list goes on.


I went to my regular spa for my 6 weekly pedi only to discover that once the polish was removed one of my big toe nails was lifting. The nail tech suggested Vicks, I have been plastering it on like crazy - only been two days but the idea of loosing a big toe nail just in time for summer sandals freaks me out. I am pleased to see that others have had results with Vicks - I am not off to the pharmacy to get Listerine - the brown one. I will keep you posted

can u reuse your vinegar and listerine mix or make a fresh batch every time?!?!?!

I have had fungus on a big toe for at least 10 years. The podiatrist I went to three different times insisted it was not fungus. The nail stopped growing out and grew in thickness instead. I never have to trim the length. Finally I went to a podiatrist who said it was fungus and I took Lamisil for the required time. It did nothing. My family doctor just says I'm basically stuck with it. I will try some of these remedies and see if it helps. Has anyone had the same luck with Lamisil that I did? It is so expensive, I feel that I was taken.

I took Lamisil several years ago, for about 3 times longer than recommended, under my internist's supervision. It did NOTHING. Recently, I saw one podiatrist who sent a piece of the nail to a lab and told me they reported "no evidence of fungus." I am now seeing a different podiatrist. He said that many of the labs simply do a microscopic examination of the nail sample. However, in order to really check for fungus, they need to do a culture. This takes a couple of weeks. I am still waiting for my results and then we will formulate a plan of action. The new podiatrist says he prefers something else to Lamisil, but I don't remember the name of it.

I have used tea tree oil with very good success, though. I think it may have cleared up the fungus, but I still have very thick nails, which are a problem in themselves. Get it at a health food store and get a dropper to apply it with. It's cheap and easy to use, the only drawback is smelling like turpentine. Try to dig out all the soft fungus stuff from under the nail - be gentle! - so the tea tree oil can get to the problem area.

Got "Colorado River Fungus" on toe nails in 1954 Yuma, AZ in Air Force. Used every medical prescription/over the counter, including internal tablets twice. For six weeks I poured Listerine on my toes (athletic socks) every morning. I stopped for a month to see what happened. FOR THE FIRST TIME great improvement. No more painful condition nor bloody toes in a trim. Have returned to the practice and now confident that I will finally succeed in a cure!

I am so glad i found this site. I am also I read all of it to be sure and not get the blue Listerine! So glad you told me about the blue feet although the way mine look it might be an improvement. i am going to get Listerine tomorrow. Will keep you posted on how it works.

Well, girls, I have tried it all. But the best solution is soaking your toenails in a mixture of hazelnut oil, lemon rind, a little vinegar and olive oil. Then, after a few minutes, rinse and wash off. Afterwards, give your toes a little whippin' and make sure the little toe doesn't sneak away and hide. Give that big toe a stern look and tell it to behave. Then take a couple of swigs of Jim Beam and remember the Alamo. Sing the Yellow Rose of Texas and salute the good 'ol flag of the USA. Tell your toe jam to split and that, my dear ladies, will cure your fungus toes for good. If for any reason you doubt this, then ask my dear friend Iris and she will tell you to add one more thing: a vacation to Hawaii and walk on the sands of Maui for a month and a half. That is all I know. God Bless.

You should always use the apple cider vinegar.

For my toenail fungus, I used CAN-SOL (CAN.-SOL) made by PURE HERBS LTD, 48312, sold by herbal practitioners. 30 drops 3x/day in water. It kills the candida which is the root cause of nail fungus. I could see a difference in 2 wks, cleared up in 3-4 months.

To Pat (4/26): I have taken Lamisil for 2 separate 3-month courses and am now trying it for 6 months. I take methotrexate for arthritis, which slows my healing a lot, so I'm sure that's not helping--but my rheumatologist said he's only seen Lamisil work on 2 of his patients (out of more than 20 who tried it). I have been using Fungoid (miconazole) tincture and have also tried VapoRub--over 1 month and still no change. Will try Listerine and vinegar.

My doctor told me I had a bad case of toe nail fungus. I got a small bowl and a bottle of listerine. I soaked my toes in the listerine every morning while doing my hair. (Approx. 5 minutes) My nails cleared up in 3 months.
My husband also used it. He soaked his nails while watching T.V. This has been a great cure and does not cost a lot. I have told a lot of my friends about this and they have also had great results.

I don't believe you should use home remedies for nail fungus. The right thing to do is go to your doc for some Terbisil, Lamisil and Batrafen.

I have what looks like a black spot under my big toenail and my nail feels just a tiny bit loose. Is this fungus?

I don't recall my toenail getting thicker or halving or cracking. It looks just like all the others.


I have had good results using the Listerine treatment... but instead of the more expensive Listerine, use the store brand equivelent. It cleared up last summer, and after using nail polish, it popped up again on the same toe. I did some research when it came back, and read that because nail polish can hold the moisture in it, it can create a good growing ground for fungus. In reading about fungus, also most sites recommend thinning the nail a bit, and keeping it trimmed short so that medication can better penetrate. I put the mouthwash in a Tupperware type container with a lid, and reuse it. Because of an immune system problem & all the other meds I take, my dr. was reluctant to put me on meds for the fungus... sure glad I read about the Listerine!

When you do the 50/50 solution of listerine (gold) and vinager, what kind of vinegar do you use? Apple cider, red, white? I'd appreciate knowing. Thanks, Sharon

I'm going to try the Listerine soak. Both of my big toes are lifting... should I cut them off as much as possible and stay away from polish for the duration?

I was prescribed Lamisil, which I took religiously for a year. It did not work... not even a little bit. I have heard about the Listerine treatment before. I'm going to give it a try.

I have had this foot fungus for about a year. Because I have suffered from a chronic illness, the lamisil medication will be more of a problem for my internal organs. My doctor will not prescribe it to me. Since reading all of the entries today, I will begin the vinegar and listerine and see where this goes. I'm so embarrassed about my toes that I don't wear any open toe shoes. Hopefully this remedy will work so I can wear my open toes for my college graduation by 2010.

I've had the fungus on the big toe and little toe of my right foot for 15 years. Odd it hasn't spread to other toes. After over-the-counter stuff didn't work, I tried Vicks, and it worked like a champ! But once my toes looked healthy, the fungus came back, and this time Vicks wouldn't work. I tried Listerine and vinegar too, and it had no effect. Neither did hydrogen peroxide. I guess I'll shoot for tree tea oil.

Check the wiki for info on thymol and camphor and turpentine oil. What fungi can possibly survive that chemical onslaught? I would imagine the oils soften the nails and allow the thymol to go about its business.. by the way, that's what's in vicks vaporub.. trying it out now!

Beware of using the oil of oregano---it makes you and your house smell like the inside of the Subway Restaurant. The odor is ridiculous, and it did not clear up the toe fungus.

I have toenail fungus after I dropped a desk on my toes and broke four of them. I tried all the remedies and none of them worked, so I cut off my toenails, but I still have the fungus! Anyone else experience fungus after toenails removed? I live in Florida and would love to wear sandals again!



I have tried soaking my foot in apple cider vinegar but actually lost my big toenail from it,tried terbinafine 250 for 2 differant 3 month sessions and nothing seems to work.My big toe nail still hasn't grown back.HELP!!!

i had a friend with toenail fungus that used Vick's vapor rub. he just put it all over his toes and then socks at night to protect the bed and keep the rub on. it took a few months but it worked!

I am so glad to find this website! I tried tea tree oil all winter and it did nothing (one toenail is very bad). My doctor prescribed the generic lamisil and it did nothing. I have a couple more weeks of pills but I thought I should see an improvement by now. This "bad" toenail still hasn't grown and looks just as ugly. I will go to the grocery store today and buy listerine & apple cider vinegar. I'm now noticing more toenails that are starting with the fungus. It's as if the lamisil actually spread it (?)

re Carol Wise's query about an OTC softener, I have had fairly good success with CalleX in softening up thickened and hard skin on the tips of my toes, especially my great toes. This product is labeled for "dry, cracked feet". It is available at regular drugstores in the foot care section.

Have cleared toenail fungus with Antibiotic Ointment in days. This also works great for cuts and pimples.

My brother (64 years old) and I (65) both have toenail fungus and have for years. My wife, with whom I live, does not have fungus and we share the shower without any disinfectant between showers.

Could predisposition to fungal infection be genetic ala what I've read about cancer? I've not seen this addressed anywhere else but seems to make sense to me.

I read somewhere that high pH is toxic to fungus/molds. Is it possible that the ammonia in urine is what's killing the fungus? I wonder if a bit of windex on the toes, or baking soda will help. I'll try it and let you know. I'll start with some baking soda paste.

**VINEGAR BEWARE**Well, I DID NOT have a good result with pure apple cider vinegar. In fact it spread from one big toe nail to the other one. GRRRR! the infected nail looks worse than ever. Is pure vinegar TOO strong? It might break down the protiens 2 much thereby enabling the fungus to go CRAZY . VINEGAR BEWARE

I have a fungus under my big toenails. I started using Listerine, White Vinegar and warm water to soak my feet in. i just started tonight, and soaked them for 1/2 hour. they are very clean and feel great, and sort of tingly. I hope this works! I really hate the look of my toenails and miss wearing sandals.

The nail on my little toe came off while I was giving myself a pedicure. I didn't think much of it until a week later I noticed that another nail was cracked and peeling off. Then I did a search on the web and learned that nail fungus is the culprit.

I have been soaking my toes in apple cider vinegar twice a day for 20 minutes each time for the past 10 days. After the soak, I rinse thoroughly, towel dry and apply hydrogen peroxide allowing it to air dry. I have noticed a great improvement. Another website recommends that this be continued until the new nail grows back and I intend to do this as a precaution. Thanks to everyone for your comments it has been of great help!

This is for Eloise Slaughter: I worked in an E.R. for many years and suffered from really cracked, dry fingers, especially in the winter. One of the docs suggested superglue and told me that's what rock climbers use for their chalk-dried hands. It worked! It covered my cuts and gave the skin time to heal.

Later, doctors started using a professionally made glue for minor facial cuts.

I've also used a combination of liquid bandages and steri strips for facial cuts when my father refused to go to the E.R. after a fall.

Hope this helps.

Consider Manuka oil. It is stronger than Tea Tree oil. If I diligently use it neat two times a day, I start to see my toe nails grow out clear. Due to my own lack of discipline in applying it every day for the full 3 months, I haven't cleared all my toe nails up yet, but I have had two (out of five) nails clear up. In the past I tried the Nizoral tablets and they just stressed my liver and didn't clear up the fungus from my toe nails.

I have fungus on one-third of my finger nail. OTC medicine is not working.
I will try the Tea tree oil.

I file down my infected toe nails to flatten them since they grow very thick. I only file them down once in a while. After I shower I dry my feet and apply a product called Blue Goo Nail Fungus Triple Relief (purchased from Wal-Mart) to my nails. It's active ingredients are Tea Tree Oil and Clotrimazole. I've been doing this for a couple of weeks and only one nail (my pinky toenail) has shown any result. It has turned a dark brown color. Anyone know if that's a good result or a bad result?

I have had toenail fungus for at least 6 years and it has stayed in just one of my big toenails, never spread to the others or to my family. Vicks is very effective to a point. I can get most of the nail off (when couples with weekly filing) and get it looking good but it stops there, before it is completely gone and a new nail can begin. So I will go tonight and buy what I need for the Listerine/Vinegar bath. Wish me luck.

BTW While an avid filer, the dust has never infected another nail. It seems the fungus is not as contagious as they all say. Just tough to get rid of. Also, it seems that athletes foot always accompanies the toenail problem.

Just love the site. Thanks to you people supporting this great project.

RE: Nail Fungus Treatments

I read every blogger's response to this condition, with interest, since I too tried to eradicate what I imagined to be a nail fungus—without success. While I'm an advocate of homeopathic treatments, I feel it's important to note that the condition of one's nails is an important indicator of one's overall health - dermatologists know this to be true. Not all hardened, discolored and/or nail detachments are the result of a fungus. About three years ago I noticed my fingernails and toenails becoming thicker, pitted, chalky and even experienced the beginnings of toenail detachment. I tried many anti-fungal solutions and none resolved these issues. In the last two years my finger joints had become red and inflamed, and the ends of my fingers grew progressively more crooked. After visiting several doctors and finally, a knowledgeable rheumatologist, I was sorry to learn my condition is the result of psoriatic arthritis - an autoimmune disease, most often genetically inherited. Fortunately, I now benefit from a new kind of pharmaceutical, (the only one known to slow the progression of this chronic disease, and possibly halt joint degeneration). I'm grateful it was diagnosed before more and irrevocable damage occurred. Be certain what you are treating is truly fungus, and not symptoms of a serious ailment. BTW - People's Pharmacy is a top-flight source for discovering helpful alternative healing solutions, thank you People's Pharmacy.

After working at a Greenhouse/Nursey I have toenail fugus on all 10 nails. Big toe is the worse! Only have half a nail there. It burns and hurts..I have been rubbing Vick's twice a day. But NO IMPROVEMENT! I have been scrubbing toenails with a old tooth brush with listerine also. Guess vinegar is my last hope. I did go to the doctor but he more or less said i will have to live with it...Errrrr

I used prescribed meds from the podiatrist for 6 years and had no success. I started using tea tree oil 2 times daily and soaked my foot nightly in listerine and vinegar. One nail is excellent now and am still working on the big toenail.
I put about 2-3 oz. each of listerine and vinegar in a gallon ziplock bag, have a towel handy and soak my foot while watching t.v. I just rezip and reuse several times.
You can also use this option while traveling.

I discovered that applying a listerine soaked cottonball or gauze directly onto the nail for 10-15mins twice a day and applying tee tree oil (the nail saver solution) directly onto and around the nail after the listerine treatment cured my toenail infection in 3 weeks. The infected nail sloughed off and new growth had already begun during the treatment. (The toenail had just started with the yellowish discoloration halfway up the nail.)

I took Lamisil for months and the fungus cleared. But after a while the fungus returned much worse than before. I am now trying full strength Listerine.

A Doctor told me today that the fungus will not enter the body and is basically a cosmetic problem, He also said watch out for Lamisil; it will have an affect on the liver. He also claimed that all of the over the counter remedies do not work. I know, conundrum city. I will keep trying, the nails are unsightly.

Guess I caught the toe-nail infection at a 'gym-spa' in Europe... After reading on the web about Listerine and vinegar, I started using the solution on a 4 to 1 parts. Overnight, the white on the toe nail almost disappeared yet, not completely. It has been two weeks and still, I cannot seem to get rid of it.

So...I've started using Camphor-Phenique since it is a fungus combative solution (of sorts!) It appeared to work splendidly on the first day. But not much progress after that. I am still using it.
Thanks to all the suggestions and input from everyone on this subject and to the Web for making it available to everyone!

After suffering from the nail fungus for about 10 years off and on I have tried just about every prescription and home remedy. I find that lamisil is very hard on my body and causes me extreme neck and back pain and overall lethargy through the day and with all this I found it gave me only limited results.

Sporanox which I believe is stronger and taken for only a short one week duration and then repeated in month intervals for 3 months seemed to work better without the horrible painful side effects. As for topical solutions I found that the Tea Tree Oil to be too strong and actually may cause the problem to get worse.

Some people say to dilute with water and soak in the solution. The Vicks seemed to give only limited results and because it changes the color of the nails it is hard to measure any improvement. The best solution I have found and have used to clear and clean up the fungus is to soak the feet in urine. The urea in the urine seems to offer great improvement to the condition.

There is an immediate improvement in the appearance of the nails because the urine seems to eat off all the "dead" parts of the infected nails. The other noninfected nails seem to strengthen from this and the skin on both the tops and bottoms of the feet softens and becomes callus free. I have read other sites that say to soak twice a day for 15 min but I tend to soak for about 30min when I can and have been pleased with the results. I would be careful not to soak too long and let the nails become too soft. Also it is a urea solution that doctors have you use to soften a very infected nail for nonsurgical removal.

I have also suffered from toenail fungus for many years since I had a toenail procedure for chronic ingrown toenails. I have lost toenails on both big toes due to accidents - one recently.

I am wondering if any of these remedies work best or are recommended soon after a toenail is removed?

The podiatrist who removed my toenail recommended Vicks Vaporub or tea tree oil after the nail begins to grow out. The nail is just beginning to grow and I do not want to do anything that will prevent growth.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I read about the Vicks Vapo-Rub treatment and applied it every morning and night for 3 years. All it did was soften my toenails. Now I'm going to try a mixture of Vicks, Listerine, Coconut Oil, & Tea Tree Oil, and, of course, prayer...

I've been suffering from nail fungus for 30+ years and have tried all the prescription treatments out there---Sporanox, Lamisil, Penlac to name a the most popular.

I have almost 100% involvement of all toes so Penlac proved very expensive for me to use and the others weren't effective once the medication was stopped.

Like many others I haven't received much understanding or help from the medical profession who's attitude has been that I should learn to live with the fungus and paint my toenails.

At one point I had write to my insurance company because they had denied my claim because the condition is considered a "vanity" issue. Just thinking about that response angers me. My nails were so thick and painful that I had to use a dremel tool to file them down.

This summer, after a vacation on cape cod where I spent the week digging my toes in the sand to hide them, I debated trying another go of Lamisil but then decided that I was first going to look for alternative treatments and home remedies. That's when I found this website.

I initially started with white vinegar soak because that's what I had on hand. To that I added two applications a day with a Q-tip of Tea Tree oil. Since starting, I have also tried separate soaks of peroxide and pinesol

I have not tried using Vicks or Listerine. I'm wary abuot using Vicks because it's greasy and may actually hold moisture in, creating the beneficial conditions that the fungus needs to grow.

Before I begin to soak, I file the nail to increase the ability of the vinegar to penetrate and I clip the nails as they grow out, trying to get as much of the fungus growth as I can and then swabbing the freshly cut nail with 91% rubbing alcohol.

It has been just about a month since I started this regimen and already the smaller toenails are growing out without any fungus. All of the nails have lost the foul smell that they had from the debris which accumulates underneath and now smell like tea tree oil, so I think that's a good sign.

I would recommend that anyone starting this routine make sure that they practice very good foot hygeine which includes rotating shoes so they can air out between wearings; sprinkling antifungal foot powder in shoes after taking them off and changing socks or hosiery everyday. Use paper towels for each foot and toss them, rather than terry towels which can stay damp.

I'm waging war on this fungus and I'm optimistic about the outcome. I know it will take many months before the last big toe is completely grown out and it may never look "pedi-pefect" again, but I can live with that.

I've had a toenail fungus on my big toe for years due to an accident that caused me to lose my nail. It's been thick and yellow ever since. I have been using Tea Tree Oil for a few weeks now, I brush it on my toenail when I get home from work every night. I also apply Vicks Vapor Rub to the nail every morning after I shower. It's only been a month but I already see a difference. The nail isn't as yellow as it used to be. I can't wait until it's 100% cleared up, then I can finally wear sandals again in the summer!

Hi, I am a 21-year-old college student, and I have not had a "normal" big toenail on my left foot since I was 14. It came off when I was a freshman in high school as I was removing nail polish. Since then, the toenail has grown back (with fungus) over and over and then repeatedly fallen back off.

I went to a podiatrist once, who prescribed me paint-on medication that did not make any difference at all. The toenail continued to grow back rough and a yellow-brown color. It was unsightly and embarrassing, especially in high school.

In the summers I kept it covered with a bandaid. As I got older I discovered that I could buy fake nails from Wal-mart and glue them over my ugly toenail. To say the least, my toenail was annoying and bothersome. I often said if I could change anything, I would just want pretty feet.

About a year ago, a friend's mom told me that she had heard of someone using tea tree oil on fungus. I tried this for a few months. Again, I thought the toenail was growing in clear but then it would just fall off again. I gave up on the tea tree oil.

However, I thought maybe there were other suggestions that might really work, so I got online and found many websites like this one. I was skeptical, but I thought anything was worth a try. I went out the next day and bought Listerine, Vicks VapoRub, and white vinegar (the off-brand of all 3). This was at the beginning of June (4 months ago). Since then, I have soaked my toenails for thirty minutes a day in a mixture of equal amounts of Listerine and vinegar.

I use the same mixture for several nights before discarding. At night I put the Vicks on my toenails and put socks on to sleep (the Vicks does stain your socks!). Because I have been using the Vicks and the Listerine, I don't know which is actually curing my toenail, but something is working!

My big toenail is almost completely grown out and it is completely healthy. (Although it did take a while for it to start growing in like that.) I cannot believe that it has worked so well. I honestly thought that I would never have a pretty toenail again. Thank you to the ones who have posted about this. I hope this post will help someone. Feel free to ask me questions, and I'll tell you what I know from my experience.

Because fungus is stimulated by warm, moist environments, I got to thinking that maybe cold would have the opposite effect. I have been soaking my hand in ice water, and I have found it to provide immediate relief.

i have been using listerine and alcohol 50/50 soak at night..what i do is soak a cotton ball in the solution then tape to my toe with electrical tape at night and during the day use vicks vapo rub on my toes with a bandaide to make sure the rub stays on...been a month seeing great results the key to it is not to miss a day of treatment...

Toenail Fungus

I put Vick's Vapo Rub on my toenails each night for a month, and all my toenails softened and grew in a distorted way.

I now have ingrown toenails and I still have toenail fungus. JAW

For those of you that are soaking your feet in the Listerine/Vinegar mixture, do you discard or save the solution after each soaking? Listerine is pretty pricey.

There is a new product called "Listerine Whitening" that has Oxigen Peroxide - H2O2, in its formula. So if you were gonna use this mix with vinegar, maybe this peroxide would act even better.

Answer for : Michael Fay |

>No one has said whether it's best to use apple cider vinegar or white vinegar...

I guess it is the acetic acid from the vinegar that makes the difference.

Remember that no treatment will endure if you do not adopt the correct preventive measures, as drying your toes after shower, throwing away old socks, avoid humidity and confination on your toe nails, etc.. maybe if the treatment goes well but the fungus recurred, it could be a NEW infection, from old habits...

I've had a toe nail fungus on my right big toe and the next toe as well as my left big toe for years although I never realized it was a fungus until just recently - I thought it was b/c I wear closed toe shoes most of the time. I keep my toes polished and never noticed any lifting around the edge nearest the fungus, nor had there been any thickening until just recently.

Over the last couple of years I began working at a hospital as an RT and I'm on my feet for 12 hour shifts 3-4 nights a week. Since that time, the fungus and subsequent thickening of the toe nails has increased substantially. Podiatrist prescribed Lamasil which isn't working very well, but more importantly, he DID NOT check liver function, nor did he tell me to have a test done at my PCP! Needless to say, I'm stopping the lamasil and trying the listerine, vicks vapor rub and tea tree oil!!

I have had the toenail fungus in one of my big toes for years. A couple of years ago I went to the foot doctor and he prescribed an ointment that I tried until it ran out. No effect. I was reluctant to use the drugs because of the potentially serious side effects. I read about the listerine treatment, and about three months ago I began soaking my toe in store brand generic listerine. I soak it once a day for 20 minutes. In a few days the area under my nail turned a deep green. Then as my nail has grown out, the green patch has followed it, and healthy looking nail is coming in behind it. The green patch is almost all grown out, and the rest of my nail looks normal. The listerine treatment worked for me. I'm now working on my own theory to see if Scotch will take care of my gout.

I contracted a fungus in my left thumb nail 4 yrs ago.I took Lamisil for a while. I used OTC nail medications. I have soaked it in peroxide.The nail would improve, grow back, and then the infection would start all over. I suppose I just learned to live with it, and stopped treating it altogether.This has been going on for 4 years. Over the last 6 months, the nail has shrunk to the size of the nail on the small finger, is growing in a V, and over to one side of my thumb.

Once a month, the skin turns white on one side, and if punctured, pus comes out. Has anyone had this problem, and if so, will the nail ever recover and grow back as a normal size nail? I wish I had not given up on the condition. The nail really looks sad.

I had bad toenail fungus for several years on both great toes and pinky toes. This was so embarrassing for me as I was only 33 or so when it started. My doctor finally ordered the Lamasil for me after years of trying to get it through V.A. The doctor told me it had to be hurting me and I said it does get infected and have a hang nail ever so often. Well, after risking my liver because I have Gilbert's Syndrome which effects the liver, I took the pills and three months later they look a little better but not quite healed. I am trying listerine, vinegar soak, and then Vick's vapo rub. Make sure you dry between your toes good! I will keep you posted as to rather or not the nails grow out to normal.

It's Horticultural Corn meal (or Corn Meal Gluten)

I've heard of this, but I'm not sure of the application. I think it's mixed with water and used as a soak.

I'd google it to be sure.

As far as i know there is no horticultural application for oatmeal. But CMG is a -big- one.

I have had toenail fungus for 2 years and decided to try the Listerine treatment. I have wrapped my toenail with cotton wool soaked in Listerine and then taped to my nail for the past 8 weeks. The results are fantastic....The new growth is now halfway up my nail and is perfectly clean. I did not mix anything with the Listerine and I have only treated the fungus every other night. Fully recommend anyone with a fungal problem to try really works

I have been using vicks with no luck. tried vinegar (white) with no luck. took lamisil no luck and now i will try the listerine. My fingers are crossed!

This is my first time visiting your website. I truly enjoyed your site and also, became excited after reading the various comments. I wonder is there anyone that might have this problem. I clean my feet daily, morning and at night; however, my problem is my skin color turns "white" between each of my end toes. I have no idea what is causing this. Is there anyone else experiencing this problem? If so, what's good to use for treatment? Anxious to hear!

I had fungus in several toenails, and have had great success with tea tree oil. I've been applying it morning and night for several months. The fungus is gone except for one big toenail, and I'm still working on that. Thanks for the suggestion!

Dr permanently removed my toe nail against my direction. I learned that he used phenol on the nail. I went to a nail specialist to see if he knew of any way to help my nail regrow. He said that phenol is not always effective and to wait 5 -6 months and see what happens.
Has anyone had nail regrowth after phenol? I am very upset about this.

Had fungus for several years, tried Vicks, then quit when it looked like the fungus was over, (it wasn't) Got the Lamisil, for three weeks my stomach killed me, couldn't eat a thing, just wanted to sit and sleep, no energy, Now I am doing the Listerine, seems to be working great, Of course if you don't throw away all your shoes and slippers that you wear bare-footed, you are just reinfecting. And I caught if from a friend who used my shower, so I chlorox that before and after. LYNN

I took Terbinafine 250 MG (generic $4. Walmart) 3months. Started on April 15. It had all my toes. Big toes were bad then babes. middle toes just starting. After 3 months I could see the pink half moon coming in. I called my doctor and asked about my shoes and socks. Because they are now carriers. She said I could bleach the soxs. I threw them out. Now the tough part this hurt. She said throw out all shoes I have worn without soxs. That was like a thousands pairs. I'm trying to see if I soak them in bleach will they be ok. I soaked them in rubbing alcohol, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide. Does anyone know if it works and kills the fungus for good in your shoes? I can't bring myself to do it. Yet I know I will. Does any one know if something works?

Thanks for the feed back. great place to learn.

Had athlete's foot for several years. Nothing worked, including Lamasil pill prescriptions and OTC medicines. As nail fungus and Athletes foot are the same fungus, I soaked in Listerine for 20 minutes every nite for a month. The athlete's foot is gone. I still soak for 20 minutes 3x per week, and so far, no recurrences, and no foot odor. Also wiping the underarm and crotch area with Listerine after a shower eliminates odor from sweat better than deodorant.

I have had a white growth on one large toe since about age 14 (38 years). It's slowly taken over more of the nail. A dermatologist told me to apply Lamisil cream to my toenail. I tried that for a few months and noticed some reduction in the white part, but then started have severe pain - it would hurt when the sheet touched my toe nail. So I stopped and the white area got bigger. Has anyone else experienced pain with the infection? I guess I'll try Listerine and/or vinegar.

Listerine works! Put my mom's feet in plastic bag with 50/50 listerine and water and soaked for 15 minutes daily. Her feet began to look better than my face.
Baby Oil in bath water does works,no soap.

I developed a fungus on 4 of my fingernails after having acrylic nails. I tried the Nonyx gel and soaking with vinegar/peroxide solution. Then I read about Tea Tree oil. You have to use the "pure" Tea Tree oil, applying it with a Q-tip 2 times a day. At night, I added Vick's Vaporub on a bandaid and left it on all night. It takes about 2 weeks to see progress. An entire nail takes 6 months to grow out, so depending on how far the fungus has gone down, you may clear it up quickly. You do have to be religious about the routine, however. That's the only way it will work!

I have had fungus in my right big toe for several years. The doctor put me on oral Lamasil for 3 months, but that did not work. After that he prescribed Penlac or ciclopirox 8% and I have applied that to the nail daily for almost 2 years. The new nail has come back about half way but now my prescription service is refusing to refill my ciclopirox until a new lab test shows the fungus is still there.

The lab test would cost me over $200, so I'll try other remedies. So I have just ordered ZetaClear on the web and will try that for 4 months, since it is at least less expensive than another lab test. If that doesn't work I'll try Vicks VapoRub, Listerine, urine soaks, or the other things mentioned on the web site. My question is whether taking so long to get rid of the fungus is a danger sign perhaps of poor immunity?

I have dealt with this problem once before, when my partner developed it, and recognized the odor immediately and took action by using miconazole, fungal foot powder, bleaching shower and spraying EVERYTHING with Lysol, as often as possible...seems like the candida albicannus yeast organism is affected by what destroys it; never had to use it, but wouldn't the pure aloe plant work?

I use it for everything from burns to infections and swear by it. The leaf should be clean, split, and the gel scraped out & applied has no known adverse reactions, stems pain, promotes healing of skin cells and penetrates. I would suggest wearing socks to bed, as it can stain some fabric, also, plain yogurt works for yeast bacteria as well...this stuff does spread and the odor will attach to anywhere you put your feet.

Catching it early, prompt and constant disinfecting, as well as conditioning seems like it will keep it from propagating and I still stay vigilant about any sign of return, which, after a year has not. Washing sheets, towels, and sneakers in bleach is a must and although's worth it. Hope this helps.

I have had a fungus for a few years on my big toenail. I am pretty sure I got it in Yoga class. That's when I noticed my toenail was yellowing/lifting. Anyway, I tried Penlac for 7 months. I cut away all of the dead toenail and put that stuff on religiously. My toenail hasn't reattached. I was prescribed an oral anti fungal but I chickened out b/c I was worried about side effects and that monthly liver check really made me feel uneasy about what it could do to my body.

After that, I tried Nail RX from native remedies (tea tree oil/lemongrass). I put it on for 2 months, but when I ran out I didn't get anymore. I did notice that everyday I would pull out lots of dead gunk. I'm hoping that's the fungus and that my toenail just needs to grow out again. It's not reattached yet, but does that take up to a year as the new toenail comes in? The toenail itself is obviously damaged and must grow out. I'm hoping that it reattaches b/c I honestly don't know if it's cured or not until that happens.

I can say that I noticed a little lifting on my other big toe, which I attribute to the fungus spreading to that foot. I put the Nail Rx on that side and it is no longer lifting and nothing is there. It was just a little yellowing/lifting in the corner. So apparently it worked for that mild case. It's been 6 months since I've stopped the herbal remedy...I will try listerine/vicks now and just wait and see I guess. I wish toenails didn't grow so darn slow! Thanks for the advice!

I am laughing so hard. i wish i would of read this more before soaking my feet in GREEN listerene. oh my goodness my feet are green, now I have to explain this to my husband.. oh jeez

NAIL FUNGUS CURED: When my toenails began showing signs of toe fungus. It was about 2 years before I started doing anything about it. When they started really turning yellow and getting thick, I began keeping my toenails painted with clear toenail polish. As my nails grew, I would use nail polish remover (with acetone) and re apply the clear polish. After about 4 months I noticed considerable improvement in my nails. I then went and had a pedicure and the woman did them the same way a woman has her fake nails done. By the time I had taken the fake nails off, the fungus was completely gone. i have been fungus free now for 7 years.

My REAL experience and thoughts on toenail fungus. 1-23-2009

I have had fungus on my right big toenail for over 13 years. It started with an accident where I lost my toenail. I never gave it much thought as I was healthy and my nail did not bother me. Two years ago I decided to try to CURE my nail problem. I didn't even know what it was at first. My Dr. stated the pill would be the only effective means to cure the fungus. Liver risk and cost. No thanks.

I have tried many of the nonsense "home remedies" listed. Maybe some will work with minor or just starting out fungus.???

Some of these remedies did improve the physical look of the nail and one seemed like it may actually work ( I do not want to advertise the brand because it did not cure), but when it all boiled down to a CURE, nothing worked! I file my nail, soaked it and applied topical medications consistently! No CURE!

The fungus is in the nail bed too, deep under where topical medications cannot get to it. The only way to get to it is through the blood stream which means the pill. Maybe if you sat around for a year with no footwear and soaked in one of these "home remedies" for 45 minute, three times a day, it might work. Most people I know do not have time for this. There is no quick cure either. It takes months with the best treatment process out there.

Do not waste your time or money on these home remedies or bought gimmicks cures. They do NOT work!

I'm going to live with the fungus, and if it ever starts to really bother me, I'll use the pills.

I'm having problems in getting any good results. Could it be because I wear the same house slippers everyday? Could my slippers carry the fungus? They are the only things my feet go into without good socks.

Okay, working on fingernail fungus for about a year. Started with the vinegar soak, vinegar, an acid, kills fungus. Sounded reasonable, but no difference. Then tried the Vicks routine. Sleeping with Vicks on your hand is a riot. Wore a sock over my hand, my husband said it was like sleeping with a sock puppet, then I started making it talk, etc. No difference.

Then tried the lotrimin, lamisil routine with no difference. Read somewhere it could be a yeast fungus infection so started using the stuff for yeast infections and the sock puppet routine again. Nothing. Broke down and ordered the tea tree oil, again the sock puppet and this stuff smells. No difference.

Lo and behold I wind up with ringworm. I'm a teacher and it is easy to get from kids. When I googled ringworm it mentioned ringworm of the nails, hmm, nail fungus, so I put the cream the doctor gave me on my fingers and wow, improvement. It is called clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate. After a few weeks my three finger nails look almost normal.

I have had toenail fungus for years and by far the best treatment I have ever done is the beer/vinegar/acidophilus soak and then afterwards apply tea tree oil. The one big problem with this type of treatment is that it is extremely time-consuming so it's tough to keep up with.

I have never head of Listerine as a treatment so I might check into that.

I refuse to take the pills. First of all the success rate of the pills is poor at best and is NOT a cure. Success rates aren't very high for the pills. Often times the fungus will return. And to have your liver monitored while you take a pill for toenail fungus? Uh, not thanks. Beware of drug companies who fashion these types of designer drugs.

I just discovered this site, and I am going to try the vinegar listerine combo. I have been trying applying diluted bleach. No one mentions using bleach. Any comments why? JMB

I have gone through this for years and I'm just a child....for years i been thinking what's wrong with me??? Well i went to the doctor and she recommended lamisil... I haven't finished my month yet and have seen no result yet but hopefully it works!!! I'm supposed to take it for 3 months and good luck to me... i want to try the Listerine remedy too. Do you think I should or would it effect me???

I wouldn't recommend taking Lamisil it is hard on the liver and it's too expensive. There are many good home remedies that will work just as well without hurting your liver or your wallet.

One remedy that's worked for me is using Tea Tree Nail Saver. I've been putting it on my nails every other day for several weeks now and it's definitely working. I see a huge improvement in the color of the nails, they are no longer bright yellow! And they're not as brittle and thick anymore.

By summertime I will be able to go barefoot without having to paint my nails to hide the fungus, hurray!

I need to know if the nails need to be filed down, clipped away as much as possible or what, before using the Listerine, Vicks, Tee Tree Oil or Oregano or anything else recommended here. I'm thinking the results might be quicker if there is not much left there to begin with and the new nail can come out or through with no impediments or obstacles, but then again, what do I know?

Yes you will want to clip and file as much of the nail as possible. This way the stuff you put on the nail will go in deeper into the nail. I will be starting Listerine/vinegar, and applying tea tree oil, and another otc medicine to see if I can finally get rid of this. I will post up here with my results.

Most comments I have read here -and haven't read all of them... seem to deal with toenails so I'm wondering do fingernails of a young child get fungus or is this possibly something else? He has had these rough scaly nails for months now and his parents don't seem concerned! The big toe is also this way, I didn't look really closely, so maybe all the toes are affected.

My husband has tried a variety of home cures for nail fungus including Listerne and Vinegar. After a while the nail would look better and he would quit doctoring it. This last time I gave him a bottle of Oil of Oregano (with a dropper)and he started applying on the end of the toenail (not the bed). Finally with this treatment the nail came off so hopefully when the nail grows out again it will be free of fungus.

i have a fungul infection that started from trauma to left big toe and spread over the years to all other toenails. Tea tree oil,vicks and listerine didnt work but white vinegar 5% acidity worked! I filed my nails twice a day and applied vinegar with a q tip to each toenail untill saturated once in morning and once at night, fast results! Make sure you use clean nail file time..

Hi all,
I have had a really bad infection on both feet for about 10-12 years. So ugly. I have tried various topical remedies and took oral drugs too.

I had some success with an Australian product Loceryl, got clear of it on one nail. I also used orange oil for a while a few years ago given to me by a naturopath. It did seem to work in the same way that vinegar does- drying out the fungus.

Now I am trying the vinegar solution. I have been doing it about 6 weeks, trying to soak my feet as much as possible on days I am working at home, and trying to get some vinegar on them other days. I must admit, some days I don't get the vinegar onto them.

I have also been filing them and cutting them down like crazy, trying to remove as much of the fungus as possible physically. I think the vinegar is soaking into my skin really well, but it still seems that the nail bed- the bit under the skin at the start of the nail, is sill infiltrated with fungus. On the plus side, I feel like the Vinegar causes the fungus to swell and dry out to a whitish crust rather than a thick yellow chunk under the nail, which I guess looks likes it is dying. Could someone who has successfully used vinegar advise me as to whether this whitening and drying is a sign of progress?

I have been using a daily 15 minute fingernail soak using 1:1 vinegar and the Wal Mart Equate version of Listerine followed by an application of Equate brand medicated chest rub. It is working. I have been making pictures to show the progress:

do i have to take the nail polish off my nails to use any of these remedys?


Had toenail fungus on one big toe for many years. Had tried Lamisil and other medicines to no avail, and resigned myself to just living with it. After such years, a friend told me about the Vicks Vapor Rub cure that he read about on peoples pharmacy. I applied it every evening for less than a week, and the fungus has amazingly totally disappeared.

I asked my gyn about a white toenail I have. (1 nail) She confirmed it was fungus and referred my to a podiatrist. I called the podiatrist. I was told that the treatment took 6 months to work, that all 10 toes had to be treated with a laser...and cost would be $750!!! I'm trying vicks tonite and buying listerine and vinegar tomorrow!

I've had thickening and yellowing big toenails for a couple of years now, and one of them started to shear in half across the nail. As far as nails go, they are not the worst I've seen, but I decided to do something about it. The skin around and between my toes has also become very dry and flaky lately.

It's interesting reading about the different remedies on here, but being a pessimist I figured that the only way anything is really going to work is if it has antifungal properties. While I can't speak for Vicks or Listerine in that regard, I do know that cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil is packed with Lauric Acid - a well known gentle giant in terms of its antifungal (and other anti-) properties.

After clipping and thinning my nails, I applied some directly to the nails and as far underneath the nail as I could with a cotton swab. I also rubbed some oil into my feet to try and moisturize the skin.

After the first application, I was sold and ordered a large jar. It doesn't smell strong at all, practically melts into the skin, and you can eat it - 1 tablespoon per day for me!

After a couple of weeks, I can tell you now - the flaky skin is no more, and I can already see a difference in the appearance of the nail.

I used hydrogen peroxide for 4 months and it made my toenails look good but my doctor said I was just bleaching it out and the fungus was still there. So I tried tree oil for 4 months and it did nothing at all. I just started using Vicks and OMG it is working already!

OTC Creams
Tea Tree Oil
Coconut Oil
Peroxide (H2O2)

Rub it, wrap it, soak it…what the heck do you do? Well, sites like this are great, but also confusing. Sure, some people will have more success with one treatment over another, but more to personal circumstances than the "infection" and "treatment" combo. The facts are pretty simple:

1. Toenail fungus can be cured by compounds with "anti-" properties (Creams, Listerine, Vicks, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil)
2. Fungus does not like rapid and extended changes in pH (Vinegar, Bleach, Peroxide)
3. The fungus (if that is what it is) can only be cured IF the treatment gets to it

Some people with toenail toenail fungus are the innocent victim having contracted it from somebody else. However, the majority of people with fungal or yellowing, thickening, smelly nails have them simply because they do not look after their feet and nails at all. I certainly didn’t.

I had thickening and yellowing big toe nails, which I thought might be a fungus. I'd had it for over 2 years, but it hadn't got any worse, nor had it got any better. I did the usual Vicks treatment with a combo of Tea Trea Oil on the nail, along with soaks. However, prior to all that I thoroughly washed, exfoliated, dried, and then moisturised my feet with Coconut Oil. I then trimmed my nails back as much as possible, cleaned under the nails, and filed away the rough surfaces. This attention alone made a HUGE difference to the appearance of my nails.

I continued a bit with the usual remedies, but what I also did was spend 5 or 10 minutes every day ensuring my feet were clean, moisturised, with clean trimmed nails. I have now stopped the mythical treatments and simply do what everybody should:

- Wash and scrub your feet every single day, get rid of thick hard skin
- Ensure your feet are thoroughly dry after washing, especially between the toes (I use Cuticura medicated talc)
- Clip and clean under the nails
- Moisturize your feet daily with something like Coconut Oil (cold pressed virgin, not the refined stuff)
- Consider a foot soak two or three times a week (tub of hot water, 20 drops of Tea Tree Oil, cup of white vinegar, other essential oil of your choice for scent)
- Let your feet breathe as much as possible when indoors (bare foot, cotton socks, sandals etc.)
- If your footwear smells offensive (there is a difference between sweaty trainers and infected trainers), either wash them, spray with a treatment, or ideally throw them away and buy new ones.
- Try not to wear the same footwear two days in a row to give it time to dry out
- Change your socks at least daily, ideally after you get home from work/school

I guess for me, I was lucky in that I maybe didn't have a fungal infection, or if I did, it was mild. I appreciate that some people will have a very obvious infection, and if so, you need to do the above good practice as well as religiously follow a topical treatment regime of your choice until the infection has grown out (a year or more for some people). If one thing doesn’t appear to work after a few weeks, try something else. Whatever you do, make sure you understand the methods and the risks for each, and if you are unsure, speak to a medical professional.

Remember, prevention is always better than the cure, but often takes the most amount of work in the long-term. It's easy to leave things to rot and fester ;o)

Good Luck!

All my toes have a fungus. I file the tops down
so my shoes don't hurt my toes. I started using
Blue goo nail fungus triple relief. How long should
I use it and do the nails fall off or turn brown?
Then what do I do if that happens?

LR, depending on how bad your nails are, they may or may not come away from the base. If they do, that's good, because you can really get the to problem area then, and treat it well.

Reducing the effects of the fungus can happen in a matter of days or weeks if you use some of the remedies that have been mentioned already (vicks, listerine, vinegar, tea tree oil etc.). All or part of the nail may turn brown/black as the fungus dies, and you should see new clean growth from the root.

Be patient though - a bad fungus infection can take many months to grow out (basically, however long it takes your new nail to grow). But, don't just stop there. Continue treatment for a few weeks after you think it has all gone, and then continue a reduced regime as a preventative measure.

You would be well advised to throw away all of your old socks and footwear once you have got rid of the fungus to further minimize the chance of recurrence.

Lots of people make the mistake of just returning back to their old ways once things look better. It's like people who yo-yo diet - it never works. You need to stick at it and make it part of your lifestyle regime.

Good luck!

I'm curious about nail polish worsening a toenail fungal condition. Can anyone clarify the connection here? Thank you.

Epsom Salts

I tried Listerine and White Vinegar for the first time this past Saturday. I wasn't sure about the correct amounts, so I ran a basin of hot water (enough to cover up to my ankles) and used a cup of both. Well, after about twenty minutes of soaking, my toe nails were incredibly easy to trim, for the first time in years. I was so happy, I wanted to tell all of the people in church (many of whom I know suffer with foot fungus). But, I want to try this a few more times before I am truly sold. My feet haven't felt this good in years though. To think, after all of the over-the-counter solutions for so many years, I knock the problem out with Listerine and Vinegar! Amazing!

TEA TREE OIL is the answer!!! I cured about 5 of my nails by just applying tea tree oil every night. Thanks to this website!!

I successfully used 25% oregano oil, 50% tea tree oil & 25% neutral oil.

Painted it on twice a day for 6 months and was cured, after having tried many other things for years. Periodically dead skin would shed from toe, as oils are drying, but the new skin was soft and nice underneath.
I now use a mix of vinegar & alcohol daily to prevent recurrence.
BUT- do I dare go back to toenail polish????

I have had the fungus on my nails for over ten years now. They are on every nail on my left foot. The podiatrist suggested I soak in Pau D'arco tea twice a day for twenty minutes and add tea tree oil on top of it. I am trying this out!

I've been dealing with infections on both my big toes for months now. I never thought to do anything about it until I saw cracks across both nails. For three months I have been filing my nails, soaking them at least once daily in Listerine, applying Vicks whenever I need to put socks on (and when I go to bed), and spraying my shoes with antifungal/anti-odor powder spray. I didn't see any improvement until recently, and I am thrilled!

My nails had stopped growing before I started treatment, and now they are finally growing out again. Right near the nail bed I can see new nail growth - pink, shiny, and clear. Keep in mind that there are different types of infections, and the amount of infection is different for each person. Therefore, if your nails don't clear up right away, don't be impatient because you may have a more involved infection. Keep with it; these treatments work and are way cheaper than prescription stuff!

Hate those pesky mosquitos? They always seem to be a pain when your trying to have a good time. I put Listerine, any kind, in a squirt bottle and squirted it all around the table and chairs where we were sitting outside. It worked! Those little buggers stoped biting!
Thanks Listerine,

I had the same problem and happened to be at Target in the diabetic section and picked up Neutrogena Norwegian Formula foot cream. It cost about $3.00 and my toe felt better after one application.

I read that apple cider vinegar was better.

I'm conducting the apple vinegar experiment as we speak. I'm four weeks into it. I'll see how it goes.

Has anyone tried the laser treatment? It is a new procedure and sounds exciting. I am going to look into it and would like to hear from anyone who has experienced the treatment. Thanks

Do you need to treat all your toenails (just in case) or only the thick ones with vinegar? How often?

No one is ever clear about how to apply the vinegar or Listerine. Is a soak best? Can you just use an eyedropper twice a day? The Vicks did not work and turned my nails dark.

I have been using Tea Tree Oil to kill off the fungus. I put this on my nails at night time and in the morning. On top of the Tea Tree Oil I put Vicks VapoRub to seal the Oil in. It is important to trim the infected nails back regularly as far as possible with nail clippers. Keep doing this as the nail grows out. Use a nail abrasive file as well. It is important to dry all your nails after a shower or bath... use a hair drier if necessary. You do not want to seal any moisture below the treatment.
I'm going to try the Listerine and vinegar. Best wishes.

Most people say that it does not really matter which kind of vinegar you decide to try. Notice the word try because there is no guarantees that it works especially if the fungus is not a surface fungus. However, apple cider vinegar is more commonly recommended.

I tried a lot of the suggested treatments for a big toenail fungus...Listerine, Vicks, vinegar as well as come OTC products and nothing worked. When I started spritzing the nail 2-3 times a day with a 50/50 solution of chlorine bleach/water, the fungus began to to disappear and the nail got soft and puffy. I made the mistake of trying to lift the soft part off and put a couple of gouges into the nail. At this point all signs of fungus are gone, but the nail appears to have stopped growing. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?

I had a nail fungus on two toes. I went to a dermatologist who told me that it can't be cured, and I'd have it for my lifetime. She suggested soaking my toes in black tea daily and then applying thymol which smells awful!! This treatment stained the nail and cuticle; therefore, my toes always looked dirty. After using a solution of 50/50 original Listerine and apple cider vinegar, the fungus was gone in about two/three months and has not reappeared for over a year! On my next trip to this dermatologist, I plan to share this home remedy with her!

Have tried all doctors' medications at different times. All were expensive and none worked on my toe nail fungus, even after a year of taking each of them. My doctors said that prescription medications for toe nail fungus do not work for everyone.

I recently noticed that my toes and the back of my feet nearest to my toes started to peal. I washed my feet and scrubbed so it would go away and it hasn't. I now think that I might have fungus because my nails have turned yellow. What should I do? Do I have fungus? what do I apply to the skin on my feet and my nails?

Does it matter what kind of vinegar and is it really true that it works with half vinegar and half listerine? How long does it take??

I think it is nail fungi. I've had this for some time and don't worry, try the cures it will be fine.

Have had fungus for at least 30 years now and plan to try Listerine/Vinegar or others suggested here.

Had laser treatment on my big toe 10 years ago and it cleared up the fungus with one treatment. Fungus has not come back.

I have had the infected toenail for over 10 years now. It grew back this way after a complete removal of it due to an ingrown. (I did not want this but I was young and my mom overruled me on it). I will try some of the suggestions listed here. I just wished someone would keep up with their progress with pics. My nail is horrible. I will post later and provide before during and after pics during the course of different home remedies.

My second toe on each foot has ultra thick nails and seems quite strange - I will use some of these remedies on that. But what I am concerned about is my finger nails. Every time I wear nail polish and get manicures for a couple of months, my index and middle fingernails start peeling, breaking, becoming weak... I guess I just can't seem to tolerate nail polish. I wonder if this isn't a fungus - and am looking for suggestions?

Well, I tried everything I read on here and toe nail is only getting worse. I finally went to Dr., it was too painful. I was prescribed keflex. I had been to other Dr.s and was told nothing I could do about it. Geez, you would think with so many afflicted with this there would be a treatment by now..

Have had toenail fungus over the years. About 10 years ago I was prescribed Lamisil and had to take it for 3 months and had to have tests to check for liver damage. It worked but it eventually came back. I let it go for a number of years and then heard about the 50/50 Listerine and vinegar mixture. I have been using it for about 2 months and it seems to be helping. Looking forward to the next month or so. I will give you updates as I progress, but it is looking much better.

Toenail fungus for about 6 years. I've gone to podiatrist every 3 months for cleaning. I went to the dermatologists and she told me to use Lamisil Cream on and in between toes, and on the bottom of the foot down the middle. Then use Vicks on the toenails because the Lamisil will not help the nail. I've been doing this for 2 months and the toenails are getting clearer.

Only 2 of them are not now normal. However, I started feeling swollen in the right side, and middle of stomach, and nausea. Knowing that taking the pills affect the liver, I stopped the Lamisil cream 3 days ago, and the nausea has disappeared.

Could the cream be absorbed into the skin enough to affect the liver?

My doctor said only use the original Listerine, DO NOT USE GREEN or any other color because it turns your feet and nails to BLUE....

You also need to clean your shoes that already have fungus in it. Buy some moth balls and put your shoes in zip lock bags with some moth balls. Two days later, use rubbing alcohol to clean them. You can also use cotton ball dipped in Listerine to clean them. Do not do it on an expensive shoes using the latter method. The moth ball remedy was instructed by my podiatrist.

Oh, don't use the green or blue Listerine, use the original one (amber color) so that it will not stain your toenails.

I had asked my podiatrist, he said bleach is harmful to your skin, that's why.

I used listerine mouth wash for my toenail fungus, it took soaking every day for a couple months but my fungus is gone.

A family member had fungus on the ten toes, after many visits to her foot doctor and many $ for visits and medication she accidentally cleaned her toes with hydrogen peroxide and noticed that her toes started to get clearer. She continued using the peroxide a couple of times and vamoose, she has been been cured for over two years now.

I have had this fungus for several years. Because I wore surgical support hose, my toes were in a warm, moist environment. I do water aerobics 3 times a week and after several months in the chlorine treated water and getting surgical hose with open toes, my formerly black, green and yellow toe nails seem to be quite normal. They would get black, soft and peel off - gross. Any comments?

thank you for all the comments.
after researching I believe to have a fungus nail infection. I have had it for over 4 years and it was never so bad until two years ago. It's on both big toes, the left one is very bad (the nail is barely growing) and the right toe is very mild with a slight yellow stain at the tip, so I'm not sure if that is fungus.

I had the left toe nail removed over a year ago because I thought it was an ingrown toe nail, I was given the sort of nail polish anti fungal which didn't work one bit, now I've been on terbinafine 250mg for the past four months. The nail seems as though it's growing out clearly but I'm not sure whether is will last, as it was never the whole nail that was stained, it was the tips and they were very curved into the skin.

Now I'm going the begin the Listerine and Vicks and vinegar soaks, but what do I do about the shape of my nail?? Is that an effect of the fungus??

Also how exactly do you use urine?? I mean do you rub the urine and then wipe it off or do you have to soak the feet in urine?? If so for how long??

I would really appreciate an answer and I hope these will work.

thanks everyone.

I have had toenail fungus for many years. One of my toenails is getting significantly worse these days and looks like it may fall off, so I've been looking into what to do and am starting the Listerine/vinegar approach.

One question - do you put your whole foot into the Listerine and vinegar, or do you try to only get your toes in? It seems like it takes quite a lot of Listerine.


You should really stop using fingernail polish on your toes with an unsightly foot seals the infection in and makes it worse... I've seen this happen to many other people besides me :D

This site is so encouraging! I started to take care of this nasty nail fungus 4 days ago. The first thing I did was remove the nail polish I had, I didn't realized it was so thick and ugly.. As soon as I got home I soaked my foot in vinegar and water and all the thickness and bumps were gone!! I don't know if it was because I filed it down, but it looked a lot healthier! So that motivated me to keep doing this... The second day I bought tee tree oil and applied it while at work.

I also tried vicks at night, the last two nights. Yesterday when I soaked my toenail (not my whole feet anymore because it takes a lot of vinegar!) I was filing it and a part of the affected area started to disintegrate! Is that what's supposed to happen? I took that part of the nail off, and no more yellowish there, but I hope it grows back.

Today for the first time I am soaking my feet in a mix of Listerine, vinegar, tee tree oil and hot water. But I used the blue Listerine and I am just reading that it turns your feet blue... my feet aren't blue yet.. but will see after 30 mins...

I do think that if I keep doing this, it will work! I am already seeing good results... and while I soak my feet I am with my laptop reading about it so it encourages me to keep doing this!! I wish I did this last year, when it was starting, it was just a small section of my toenail... now it is almost in all my toenail :(

I also want to try the hydrogen peroxide! Is there anything else I could try?
I want to try different things because my husband hates the smell of vinegar, and tee tree oil... I thought Listerine was gonna be OK. but he just said it stinks the whole house! :|

Have had thick yellowish toenails for yrs, doing nothing about it. Then had bunion surgery (1 yr. ago) with 2 hammertoes straightened and the nails on the old hammertoes are now normal, meaning wider and flat! It's great but why did this happen? Unsure if I have a fungus or not, my problem is only in the thickness of my nails (also yellowish). But why did the two toes change? Podiatrist suggested could be from not having put pressure on the nails for awhile (while recuperating). Think that's baloney.

Anyone have thoughts on this?

Do you have to use Listerine or does a generic work just as well?

I started with toenail fungus on my little toe, picked it up from the fitness facility. I never realized what a big deal it would be. I wish someone at the fitness center would have published a newsletter about precautions that could be taken. After my toenail fell off and a second toe was infected I went to my doctor who immediately began talking about how to live with the fungus.

To file my nails down and paint them. I thought this was odd. Anyhow a few years later my big toenail was very infected with the fungus. I tried lamisil and it worked pretty well the first time, but it came back. I have since tried it several more times with less favorable results.

I am upset with my doctor for not suggesting trying lamisil immediately before many fungal spores are spread throughout the house and toes. I would suggest anyone who has the initial start of fungus to immediately try lamisil to get rid of it in the early stages.

I tried listerine and also vinegar, it works only to reduce some yellowish, but not for a long term cures.

I've been soaking my toes in Listerine and vinegar every day for about 1/2 hour for four months now. So far there is no change. Two of my toenails are very infected, and two are just slightly infected. I had expected that the slightly infected ones would clear up with Listerine and vinegar, but there is no change. I'm using the original Listerine, and I'm noticing that my toe nails are turning slightly yellowish. They didn't the first months, but after awhile it seems to be happening. I plan to keep trying for awhile more, but it's a waste of money if it doesn't work.

Same thing happened to me. Went in for a pedicure and two months later my toe nail started to thicken. It hadn't even occurred to me that it could be a fungus, I thought perhaps the nail polish was keeping the nail from getting air or something naive like that.

Hi! Just wanted to let you all know that I have been doing the vinegar since January and my toenail is almost cured!

I don't soak my foot anymore because I got sick of sitting around and my husband was sick of the terrible smell. So I put some vinegar in a little spray bottle that I would take with me everywhere I go. I spray my toenail every time I remember, at least 4 times a day. I realized about a month ago that my toenail was much better. I was doing the spraying thing just as a routine, with little hope... thinking about doing the pills (a friend told me it worked for her, but I was scared about any side effects)
So now I will keep spraying my toenail and will do more foot treatments like I used to do. My toenail is growing and the bad part is almost gone!! :)))

1 How long did it take to get rid of the toe nail fungus?

2 How often did you change the urine?

3 Any tips on how to use?

I am thrilled to discover People's Pharmacy! I had been embarrassed for several years w/large toenail fungus. My doctor prescribed medicine for me and I did see good results over a 3 month period of time. The nail was not fully cleared, the medication was expensive, and I had to take it for an extended period of time. The fungus returned, and my nail was surprisingly thick. About one month ago, I decided upon a 1:1 ratio of Listerine to white vinegar, putting them into a 16 oz jar. Most evenings I spent 30 minutes soaking the toenail. (Other times I just completely saturated the toenail with the solution.) After drying the toe, I applied Vick's Vapor Rub. After about 3 weeks I could not believe how much thinner my nail had become! Thanks to your column and the dozens of remedies that were suggested, my toe looks incredibly better already!

I think I got toe nail fungus at the gym in the shower. I have been fighting it now for years. I have tried 2 Rx drugs under my Dr's care, they both worked, but then the fungus would come back. I think the fungus grows immune to the drugs, because 2 later treatments were NOT as effective. It is now on all my toes.

I tried the Vicks, it did not seem to work for me. My wife now has it on her big toes (sorry honey) and she tried Vick's with little improvement. She had both her large toe nails removed to start them growing over fresh.

I think the other toe nails got infected from my toe nail clipper. I think you can spread the fungus clipping your nails. I suggest cleaning you clipper between toes, and not just using water. Maybe alcohol. And let dry before use again. Maybe cut one toe nail every few days, to let the clipper completely dry and air between use.

I'm trying the Vinegar and Listerine soakings now. I like the small spray bottle idea mentioned earlier.

Good Luck

I've been researching home remedies for toenail fungus on line and am glad to have discovered this site!

Its been about 2.5 weeks since I've been soaking my feet twice a day in 50/50 acv and water. Then at night before bed and in the morning I apply straight acv ( apple cider vinegar ) to my infected toes. What I'm noticing is that they are getting rougher, whiter and flakier. Is this a sign of healing or are they getting worse?

Thanks anyone!

I would also like to try coconut oil w/ oregano oil. Maybe that will keep my toenails from flaking off.

Hi Jules,

I am interested to know how you apply the lavender oil with the tea tree oil. I have been just using tee tree oil and applying it with a q-tip (cotton bud) twice a day for about 2 months with no visible results. In the sunlight, all my toes are slightly yellowy, but both my big toes are more yellow than the rest. I'm only 38 and find this quite unsightly.

Although things don't seem to be at the advanced stages, I'm eager for any advice to nip this in the bud on all my toes. Lots of people seem to talk about hydrogen peroxide. I am guessing this bleaches the toenails but does not really kill the fungus? I agree, that any product used needs to reach the nailbed, and suspect lots of people on here are really dealing with the surface issue, not the root cause?


I recently began using Listerine on skin sores caused by fungus/bacteria which would ulcerate to sometimes the size of a quarter. PAINFUL!!
It just depends on where you get it. For me, I have never had it on my toe nails. Skin only, everywhere.

I have tried many, many things such as o.t.c "Staphaseptic" and similar antibiotic ointments as well as a host of antibiotics.

I have used oil of oregano p-73, tea tree oil, manuka oil, neem, etc. I have also used manuka honey dressing, which works but is messy as you can imagine. The oils frankly do not do much.

I have found nothing better than dabbing lesions three times a day with Listerine and covering my entire body twice daily with Virgin Coconut oil, first thing after I dry off in the morning from showering and before bed.

Wounds heal up rather quickly with this method.

Virgin coconut oil contains monolaurin which is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.

Between the two it is a winning combination and helped get my skin under control.

I went to this site 2 months ago in a desperate attempt to cure my toenail fungus that I acquired at least 5 years ago. It was getting too painful to even walk because the nail was curling inward, not to mention ugly as sin! So suffice it to say, it was bad!

However, after reading this site, my toenail fungus is 3/4's healed!!! The bottom of my nail is coming in, a beautiful whitish pink and the ugly yellow/blue/black thick nail is only at the very tip of the nail now (when it was all the way to the cuticle before). I could actually watch the progress, as the new healthy pink nail growth gradually ascended higher and higher.

I used the (equal parts) white vinegar/yellow listerine solution and soaked my toes every night for 20 mins. I also rubbed vicks vapor rub into the nail bed and underneath the nail about twice a week. I started in the middle of April, so its only been about 2 months. I was lazy and skipped the soak maybe 3 times in the 2 month period. So I wasn't completely neurotic about it, but I was fairly disciplined. lol

As a side note....I had to visit the doctor a few weeks ago for poison ivy and while i was there asked him for a prescription for toenail fungus. I didnt mention to him that i was already in the middle of my own home remedy procedure. He informed me that the prescriptions dont work and wouldnt even prescribe me anything. He said from his experience the best results came from vicks vapor rub.

So I left feeling assured that I was on the right track...and I'm happy to report that it's working! I will soon be able to walk around without nail polish anymore! Yaaaaaaay!!

I used a generic version of listerine and still got great results.

I haven't seen this mentioned yet but I have had good results using BAG BALM on my toenail fungus. Not only do my nails look a lot better but the heels of my feet are also much smoother since I started applying it all over my foot every day or every other day. It also works well if you have itchy feet. Maybe it has the same healing properties as Vicks VapoRub?

Did it work and stay away?


My problem sounds just like yours. I've tried the RX from the Dr and they did not.

Thinking about using your method.

Question: do you keep your toes painted while soaking and whatnot? It's summer and I don't want to talk around unpainted and fungy.... Should I wait until fall?


I took the nail polish off. I had read that nail polish needs to be removed for the solutions to soak through the nail. I thoroughly dreaded taking the paint off--my toenails had not been "nude" a single day in 5 yrs! I also cut the nail down as far as I could. Why I chose summer in south Florida to try this is beyond me?! But the time went quickly, and surprisingly no one pointed and laughed at my feet.

PS- I'm thrilled to note that there's only one tiny sliver of slightly yellowish nail left on the big toes only. Its almost normal as far as thickness of the nail and the excruciating pain from the nail curling inward on the sides is completely gone. That toenail is flat now, like it should be. I can tell that the fungus isn't totally gone yet, but it sure looks extremely promising and right now is 90% better than it was before treatment. You might want to wait til fall though, when flip flops aren't such a staple.

I was just soaking in Listerine minty fresh and as soon as I read that your husband was laughing it didn't come out I grabbed my foot and dried it, It was blue my goodness !!! So I rinsed off and put water and vinegar and put vinegar pure on cotton balls and put on my foot after I soak thank god it came off! I was afraid that I would be walking around with blue feet. I rinsed afterward with hot water and clorox and the blue water went off my nails and feet timed it for only 5 minutes!! It worked.

Can anyone tell me... Liz or someone that has been soaking their nails with the vinegar/listerine mixture -- do you make up a fresh batch every day to soak, or are you soaking in the same mixture more than once? My poor feet are horrible with only 1 normal nail on each foot, and then corns and calluses on the soles to boot. And now I also have one thumbnail and one fingernail affected as well, so I really need to get cracking on this before I don't have a normal healthy nail on any of my digits! Thanks in advance for your answer(s).

As I read all of this, I am anxious to try some of these remedies.

The only problem is my toenail that seems infected has quit growing. It quit growing about 4 months ago.

Any suggestions, or did anyone else have this problem before you started treating the infection?

It is my big toe, I injured in a 39 mile walk for breast cancer, because my shoe was hitting up against it.

The toe nail now is totally yellow and like I said, has quit growing.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Debbie. I re-use the vinegar/listerine solution until I can't take the looks of it anymore. I figure if the solution is strong enough to kill fungus, it's probably killing anything else that might be yucky too (of course this is a layman's assumptions, so I may be way off base, but it seems plausible to me). Its just too expensive to make a new batch every night for months.

It's working just the same and I haven't developed any new diseases or "swamp-scum" strains from it! Hahaha If you do re-use the solution, make sure to cover it, as it evaporates quickly. I am still amazed at the results I'm achieving. It doesn't seem much longer before I'm free and clear. My husband had gotten it on one of this thumbnails too. Oddly, his thumbnail was healed of the fungus after only a few soaks. But maybe that was because his thumb was the last digit infected and mildly so.

As for poor Peggy. I wish I had suggestions for nail growth, but I haven't experienced that problem. Seems awfully unfair to have developed an injury from participating in such worthwhile causes. I sure hope you're able to find treatment for it, so you can keep pounding the pavement with your selfless humanitarianism! 39 miles!!! Cheerz to Peggy!

Hi, to all...

Great website on foot care... I'm starting on baking soda today..
I haven't seen too many using this product, but I think it has potential on fungus. I will see in 2 to 3 months...

I thank everyone who has put forth effort on helping others...

I have had a toenail fungus for years and have tried everything... Listerine, bleach, tea tree oil, etc. Nothing worked for me, although I probably didn't stick with them long enough to let them work. Remembering and having time to soak your foot daily is not likely.

Someone told me to urinate on my foot every morning and it would cure my toenail fungus - I thought, well I have to go to the bathroom every morning anyway, so why not put the plug in the shower, pee, and then put my big toe in the pee for a minute or two. I have been doing that daily for 10 days now and my fungus is going away!! YEAH!!! It REALLY is working! I cut the toenail down, took the polish off, and am wearing open toed shoes everyday too. I can't tell you how much better my toenail looks already though - in 10 days, not months!!

I have read that your urine contains urea which is found in anti-fungal creams.
Try it - why not - its free!!

I had a callous on my second toe for some months. After soaking my feet each evening in vinegar and Listerine 50/50, the callous actually disappeared! The fungus is better but not gone after about three months.

Can you use all of these remedy over finger nail polish?

I began using the 1:1 ratio of gold Listerine to white vinegar at the end of March. After soaking the big toenail in the solution for 30 minutes almost every day, drying it off and applying Vick's to the toe nail, the results are AMAZING! The nail lays flat and the new nail growing in is not at all discolored! So after almost 5 months 1/3 to 1/2 of the nail looks perfect! (I didn't put nail polish on the gross toe nail.) I'm sure that I have another 4-5 months to go, but considering I lived with this fungus for decades, a few more months seems like nothing. Thank you all for your support and input! What a great website!

After removing the polish from the first pedicure of my life, I started noticing a few of my toenails were discolored & strange looking. Recently a couple of them have partially come off and now the nail of my left big toe is thick and starting to come loose from the nail bed. I suspect I caught a fungus from the nail salon:( I purchased some Fungi-Cure this morning before finding this site, but I'm going to try the vinegar & Listerine also. I hope it works!

Oh, I forgot to mention that Listerine is also good for a flaky scalp. A few years ago I was having trouble with scaly patches of skin on my scalp. Someone told me to apply Listerine (but I use generic) to my scalp after shampooing. It worked great, the patches went away and my scalp is healthy.

I too have longstanding nail fungus and am searching for a cure. Tried Vick's, didn't work. Tea tree did change appearance of nails but did not work. Will not take oral meds as they can damage liver. I do think there is a familial factor to toenail fungus. My father, mother and brother and myself have it; so does my daughter and 1 of her children. There are other things that precipitate it, such as injury like ingrown toenails, direct injury and I also believe medications and even pregnancy can cause.
I had toe nail fungus as a young woman that stayed pretty mild until I developed hypertension and started taking blood pressure meds, then the fungus got out of control. I told my doctor this and she just looked at me like I was crazy.
Something happens within the body that allows the fungus to flourish. I was always a heavy sweet eater and perhaps the constant surge of glucose enabled the fungus and lowered my immune system.
The toenail is comprised of a tough protein call Keratin. In order for the fungus to get a foothold, this protein has to be weakened. As I see in Western civilizations and climates that are cold, enclosed shoes are probably why it is so prevalent in those countries. The moisture with in the shoe, soften the nail, allowing the toenail fungi to invade it. So I suppose it is essential to keep the nail moist so whatever product you use can get to the toenail fungi, then after you are rid of it, keep the toenails dry to prevent re-entry into the protein matrix. If you look at documentaries in tropics or African plain or deserts, those people never have toenail fungus and their feet are ALWAYS dirty!

Hi there.

Whenever I use nail polish, my big toe nails go White over about three quarters of the nail and look as though they're peeling. Please let me know how I can treat this and prevent it in the future?


I used Listerine soak for the first time tonight, I use it full strength and without Vinegar, lol, did know I was suppose to mix the two. My feet are burning and tingling!!! Did anyone every have this problem? Was afraid I had done some damage!!
Crazy here, lol ok go ahead and laugh!

I soaked my toes in 1/2 Listerine, 1/2 vinegar daily for months and never experienced burning or tingling.

Did you use the same fingernail polish? If so, that's why you got the bacteria back. Make sure not to use the fingernail polish on any finger/toe nail. The bacteria is now resting in that polish. That's what brought it back.

I used the vinegar & generic Listerine soak for about a month. I also used "Fungicure" after each soaking, and my toenails are sooooo much better. They all look normal except the big toe on the left foot, but I think it just needs to grow out so the brown spot will go away. I still use the fungicure a couple of times a week, just to be sure. I also use the Vicks vapor rub on my feet occasionally, it seems to keep them soft and I haven't had the cracked skin on my feet that I usually have in the winter.

I've try to use the tea tree oil as my home remedy for my toenail fungus when I was in college, and after a few days my toenail fungus was cured. Thanks to tea tree oil. Just try it guys! It's effective!

Have you been checked for a staph infection?

Have been using 50/50 acv and listerine for two weeks now. Also applying vicks vapor rub on the two affected toes and sleeping in socks at night. I have been dabbing tea tree oil on the affected area in the morning. I am seeing slight improvement. Will continue for another month and will let you know.

You can also use Vicks Vabor Rub. It works for me! I noticed mine was completely gone in three days and I just put it on in the morning and at night.

Believe it or not, a hairdryer works great on poison ivy. It stops the itch longer than the cream and it helps dry it up. Hold the dryer next to the infected area to the point it feels like it is going to burn you and pull it away and repeat the process one more time.

A lot of the home remedies do work - but they take a long long time. If you are patient, I think they provide good long lasting solutions that aren't as hard on your body as some of the pills that offer quicker fixes.

does this really work?

My wife used Listerine for a mild case of nail fungus. After her bath she would use a spray bottle to spray Listerine on her feet and let it dry. Seemed to work for her.

Interesting to read other's threads.
I am going to give the Apple Cider Vinegar with Listerine a try. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and am on a number of medications to help the arthritis, but they also suppress the immune system. I think this is why the fungus has managed to spread.

I did try Terbinafine orally a couple of years ago, but am already having liver testing for my RA meds - so wasn't very happy about taking it. I have heard from naturopaths that cutting out sugar would be beneficial as well.

Here is what worked for me. FYI - I have had athlete's food 2/3 of the time for 8 years, and a big toe fungus issue for the last 4 years. I have tried the OTC medications with almost zero results, even when applied diligently (2x daily) for months.

I am on a "all of the above, except lamasil" approach.

Number one, I removed sugars and yeast from my diet. No dessert, no candy snacks, no bread, no beer.

I switch socks twice per day. I wash all my socks in hot water, and I cranked my hot water heater up all the way - it is HOT water.

I dry my feet, including the area between my toes, after showering.

I cut my big toenails down short, and file the surface until they are thin, but not painful.

I bought a foot spa with heat, bubbles and jets, and soak my feet in straight vinegar for 15 minutes per day. I am a fan of apple cider vinegar in general, but white seems to work better for this. (I use the vinegar for two weeks and then pour it out. The Kroger store brand of apple cider vinegar seemed to work well. The Walmart store brand did not - at all. Every brand of white distilled vinegar has seemed to work great. At first, the vinegar got nasty quick - I changed it out more at first than I do now.)

After rinsing my feet and the foot spa (the combination of bleach and vinegar is toxic), I soak them for 5 minutes in hot water with a good splash (probably 3-4 capfuls) of bleach.

Twice per day (when changing socks) I apply either NonyX gel or the CVS store brand equivalent - both on and, as much as possible, under the nail. I dry the toes again with a hair dryer and then use a tolnaftate spray.

I am two months into this treatment. My feet look great, and the fungus is relegated to one big toe, and it is almost clear - maybe one more month. I am really happy with the treatment, but I also think that diet is a big part. I have had a wife, girlfriend, girlfriends, or wife and girlfriend during the entire time I have had this, always sharing showers, and only one had the same problem. She also had the worst diet. Sugar and white bread are gone from my diet permanently. Once my nail is clear, I plan on sticking with the daily plan for another month, then weekly forever.

I have fungus under one nail, and I filed it down very thin. Then I applied Vicks and covered it with a bandage to hold it in place. Each day, I'd do another application. After two or three weeks, there was a definite improvement. I kept the nail thin, kept applying the Vicks, and now two months later, the nail is much better. It's not perfect yet, but I'm very encouraged.

Toe nail fungus is more common than finger nails with fungus (usually a result of dirty tools used at a nail salon, which is why I bring my own tools). A lot of toe nails starts with feet that stay in wet socks or sweaty socks. I am sure that you can try Listerine on your finger nails or try vicks vapor rub. Both are supposed to help with fungus.

I have a horrible toe nail fungus, I don't know what to do. I have done a 3 month cycle of lamacil, it has done nothing for me. I have it really bad, do I go to doc and have them take the nail off??? OUCH!!! What do I do????? HELP any ideas I would appreciate!! I have it on both big toes nails, and spreading to my others now, also looks like my husband is getting it now! I don't have health insur. so any home remedy ideas would be great!!!!! thanks

Thank you so much for this remedy! I've had this problem for years since I was a pre-teen now I am 25 and fed up tried everything but I think this actually worked. It's only the first night I tried it but it looks a lot healthier. I poured Listerine/vinegar soaked my feet for ten minutes then I used a nail block and filed them down. The white chalky stuff disappeared still they look yellow but it's only the first night and I'm very pleased. Thank you again for the tip. I will write back in three months to let you know how it went. I'm excited to wear sandals and flip flops again!

I have gotten a lot of great tips from this site and have tried almost everything, I have had a finger fungus for the past month, and I got to thinking about My Big Fat Greek Wedding 'WINDEX' and thought why not? So I filed my nail down as far as I could and filed the top of the nail on an angle, I am squirting the finger everytime I get my fingers wet. Today is the 2nd day and it looks good!

I am also doing a soak with vinegar, I add a little baking soda to get some action going on as well. So I'm crossing my fingers, I do not want to resort to the medications from the doctor!

I saw a doctor first. Got a prescription which required a liver test. Took the pills for over a month and began to lose my ability to taste. It continued to get worse and I had lost all taste by the time my pills ran out in 3 months.

The fungus didn't even go away. Although, it was a decent diet plan.

I have been battling toe nail fungus for some time. I have tried a bunch of treatments (all over the counter). Been some what lazy and cheap nothing seemed really to do the trick. Then I tried a combination of putting tea tree oil on my toes and then caster oil as a second coat over my toes. Then I put my foot in a smart wool (merino wool sock) to try and keep everything in place and also to let the foot breathe.

What I noticed is if I just put the tea tree oil on or tea tree with lavender the fungus did not like it but it seemed more like just a bad flu for the fungus. When I added the castor oil as a top layer the fungus really did not like the combination. Right now one of my toe nails is falling off and the thick skin under the toe nail on the other nails are lessening. I also tried soaking in vinegar... my toes nails seemed not to like that either... but I am lazy and the tea tree and castor oil keeps working when I am on the move. Good Luck with your research!

You can use Crocs, the ones with holes in the tops only... just duct tape over the holes. Put them on and pour in about half a cup of your vinegar or whatever mixture using this season. Socks are optional. You can walk around!
Rubber boots work great too. Plastic bags with big rubber bands. Never tried galoshes.

For hands try dish washing gloves inside out with/without cheap cotton white gloves inside with rubber band or tape wrap.

I have had toe nail fungus on my right big toe now for several years. I once went to the doctor who in turn sent me to a podiatrist and prescribed me lamisil, but once the pharmacist told me it was 300 dollars I didn't get it. And I also hear it could damage your liver? Anyway the fungus has affected other nails so now I'm gonna try one of these remedies I read about here, probably the Listerine.

I am having problems with toe nail fungus since starting the med Verapamil for migraine headaches... so I agree with you as far as high blood pressure meds go. Have been so upset over this as my big toes are actually painful, especially at night when I go to bed. I have put Vicks under my nails at night so I can sleep, but I will definitely talk with my doctor about the med Verapamil.

I do think the fungus can be systemic... thanks for your post, though this is 2011, I have been looking for help on this website... lots to read! Good luck to everyone, whatever works for each individual may be different but try anything band anything! I have even poured bleach on my toenails, it did help with the pain but I was afraid to keep it up for too long!

use mercuro chrome. Believe me it works. Now a-days they have it without the red in it.

I'm trying to find out if Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar is preferred ?

For the past 2 months I have declared an all out assault on my toenail fungus. Using everyone's suggestions; Vinegar, Listerine, Tea Tree Oil, white iodine, and Campho-Phenigue. I keep my toenails clean, trimmed back, dry, and lightly filed twice a week with a clean emery-board. I wear flip flops when ever possible, exposing them to air and sunlight. If I need to wear shoes, I change my socks 4 times a day, keeping the area dry. Three times a week I soak my feet in a foot bath made of 1/2 Johnson's Foot Soap and 1/2 epsom salt.

Guys... I'm happy with my progress so far!!!

I've had nail fungus for a couple years. Last year, I spent a week and a half barefoot at the beach in Fairfield, CT. After about a month, my toenails started turning black. Wow, I had killed the fungus. After about 6 months, the black had grown out, the toenails cleared up, but now the fungus is back with a vengeance. Evidently, I'm doing something to encourage the darn stuff to grow. Should I throw out all of my shoes?

For fungus on and around toenails, you can use tea tree oil diluted in water. It will cure the fungus but I don't know about the thickness of toenails.

I have had toenail fungus for years. It started out on my 2 big toes, but the last couple years, it has spread to my middle and pinkie toes. It was getting so bad, it was really difficult to cut my toes and I could no longer hide it with nail polish. So I started treatment on it which includes soaking my feet in undiluted apple cider vinegar for 30 mins a day and twice a day I put 100% tea tree oil on the effected nails with a metal nail file, this allows me to get under the nail well.

I have noticed that after about 4 weeks of this treatment the fungus under the nail has become soft and after soaking I am able to remove quite a bit of it. I read somewhere I will have to keep applying the tea tree oil for 6 months to make sure the condition is gone.

I plan on soaking for once a week after my nails are clear. My concern now is that I haven't really noticed any new growth of a healthy nail and am thinking of adding Listerine to the combo. Something is definitely changing with my nails, so I am going to keep working on it. Also, I reuse the ACV for about a week then replace. It gets nasty and you will know when you need to change it. Any suggestions I would appreciate!

I'm 29 years old and I've had tonenail fungus since age 6. My doctors have tried every kind of cream. I haven't had any treatment for about 11 years and I'm thinking about going to see a specialist. It has infected all my toenails. I don't even remember what it's like to have normal toenails which is sad to me. I'm going to try the Vinegar & Listerine but I think since mine has lasted so long I'll have no luck. We will see.

My internist told me to soak in half vinegar and half water. So, although it is a home remedy, it is also a medical one. I haven't started this yet, but may consider the Listerine mix instead of the water.

I'd rather deal with the nail problem than the liver problem, so I'll not take the pills unless absolutely necessary.

I was a ballet dancer from 3 to 21 and danced point from 11-21.. my big toenails would always crack and fall off. My sister doens't have pinky toe nails anymore from ur same thing. I recently decided to stop ignoring it and get my big toe nails off after 3 yrs of no longer dancing. I knew I had a bad fungus but was too disgusted to look.. how do I know when the nails starts to continue to grow back the fungus will stay away.. it was there untreated for yrs. What can I do for a stable treatment to keep away once I get rid of it?

Yes but what about fingernails????


I have to say that I have read a lot of these posts and I am skeptical. I had both of my big toe mails get a discolored look and thickness to them. I was working in a DOT yard one day when a pole fell off the back of a truck and landing across my foot, it had caused trauma to the nail that was infected, after the toe healed the nail grew out and it was back to normal. I still have the other nail that is infected but am trying the vinegar technique, will post and let know results.

I used Listerine with vinegar soaks once a day on my left big toe a few years ago. After the soak, I would clean out the softened fungus and put as much Vicks vapor rub down in the nail as far as I could (also cutting a bit of the nail down about once a week) a couple of times a day. It worked! This toenail had been horrible for years and was very "lifted". It was actually holding on by two sides. The middle was lifted and away from the nail bed.

Now the nail is perfect. Now I am working on the right big toe. In one week, it is showing improvement. I notice that when I was using nail polish is when the fungus started. Right now, no nail polish (unless I go somewhere special and only for that day) because I want the nail to get air and the soaks to penetrate. Hope it works for you all as well as it has for me.

that is too funny!!!

I have been infected with fungus toenails for over 8 years now it started late 2004 when I started noticing little stains on my toenails... kept ignoring this until I finally have some ugly nail feet now I can even wear open toe shoes or even go to the Spa because their tools are not the right ones for my infected fungus nails =( I have read all of the posts on this page which I am going to try the Listerine with vinegar 50/50 and hope it works. Really hoping it does because I was about to call tomorrow to the Laser Clinic =( Going to start trying tonite..... Please let me know for those of you that did the 50/50 Listerine vinegar did you guys mix it? How long did it take you to see results? Please share with me thank you!!!

If its not fungus, try buffing your toenails every night using a buffer before you go to sleep. But don't over do it because you can hurt yourself and the nail will become too thin. Once your nail becomes as thin as you want it to, don't buff anymore. Take baby steps and buff it till it looks and feels smooth, it will start to appear less thicker. Proceed the same steps if it grows back thick. Hope this helps.

White. White is an ALL-purpose, distilled or otherwise and cider is for cooking/consumption only. Gardeners have used white vinegar as an effective fungicide for decades.

Starting a foot/hand soak regiment, having nail fungus for last 7-8 years. Have had Lazar treatment, oral medication all to no avail. Starting vinegar/beer/tea tree mixture hoping it will work. Knowing have to soak both hands and feet for 30 min. a day, have neat suggestion, instead of regular hand/foot bath.

For Hands:
Pour mixture in an empty Maxwell House coffee container, with lid and handle.

For Feet:
Pour mixture in a pair of cheap rubber over the shoe galoshes, allows you to walk around the home, sometimes forgetting if at TV or PC.

Oops, 45 mins. time to remove and dry feet!

It doesn't matter what kind of vinegar, white or apple cider, both are anti-fungal and provide an acidic and intolerable environment for the fungus.

I added a few drops of Clorox bleach to my Listerine and vinegar solution and that's the best results I ever got for extremely thick ugly fungus. It cleared up in a few days when I spent hundreds of dollars on medicine prescribed and non prescribed.

I HATE toe nail fungus!!! I have taken Lamisil in the past and got AWESOME results but Dr. said that after taking the Lamisil the fungus could grow back and sure enough about 3 years later the fungus is back on my right toe nails. My left foot is perfect, I take good care of my feet and having this is SO frustrating. I will NOT take Lamisil again since it is not good for you at all! I am going to try these home remedies everyone suggested and hope for the best!! Thanks for the helpful info. Cheers to beautiful nails :)

My last comment is not here any longer, maybe due to the fact that I named a treatment I found at the drug store that has worked for me.... plus I have stopped taking the high blood pressure medicine, Verapamil. But the pain has stopped in my nails and feet for the past few weeks! How wonderful, as I thought I was doomed to have the fungus problem for life. I have stopped all treatments for the time being.... but I did use, vinegar-Listerine-bleach-white mercurochrome-FungiCure-and Miracle Anti-Fungal Treatment. It is the latter that I think helped the most. Also, I have started putting regular talcum powder in all my shoes to keep them free of dampness, fungi loves damp! And after showering, swimming, etc. I put talcum powder on my feet and toes.... I have even use a hair dryer to dry underneath my toenails.
I am posting this because I know how miserable the darn fungus
can make us all feel... but I am doing so much better...thank the good Lord! Good luck to you all!

My problem is with both feet. My second toe from my big toe and the third toe, on both feet are in bad shape. They are cracked in 2-3 places each. Its almost like I have 4 toe nails on one toe. So when I cut my nails, its like I have to cut this part then that part and so on. They are cracked from the tip down to past the cuticle. What am I to do? I went to see a doctor about a year ago about this problem and his suggestion was to have my toe nails removed surgically. The whole idea of that creeps me out.

Any suggestions please!!!

Thank you, TJA

I have been wondering if anyone has had the laser treatments or are considering this option for toenail fungus? If anyone has had it did it help and was it cured? Did anyone have to have multiple treatments with the laser? Are follow up treatments necessary for stubborn cases? I have been considering this option and it's cost. It sounds like a great alternative but need some feedback from others who have had it done. The natural remedies just don't seem to help!

Vicks Vaporub works great for toe nail fungus. Take a file and file the nails down a bit so the Vicks can get in better then rub the nails really well with Vicks and wear a cutoff finger off a rubber glove on it.

I have tried every nail fungus treatment I could find including over the counter remedies, Vicks, Listerine, vinegar, corn meal soaks. You name it and I've tried it over the last 10-15 years. Nothing cured the infection, just controlled it.

Recently I got stung by fire ants and was putting Cortaid with aloe on my itchy feet and toes and noticed that my nails were improving drastically over a few days. I have since applied it daily for the past couple of weeks and my nail infection is almost gone.

Obviously the damaged nail has to grow out, but under the nail is pink and healthy looking and my cuticles are almost back to normal. I highly recommend trying this remedy. I have had doctors tell me it's almost impossible to get rid of without a prescription medicine that can damage your liver. I don't know why doctors don't know that a cortisone cream works, but even dermatologists and podiatrists don't seem to know this. Try it, you won't believe the results.

I started using Tree Tee Oil to clear up my toe fungus in a few days. A couple years ago my foot doctor prescribed me a medication to take for my toe fungus that could damage my liver or kidney with over use. I never filled the prescription. I didn't wait to cure one thing and create another. I will also try the vinegar and Listerine for my thick nails.

I would try the Cortisone10 with Aloe first. I have tried everything, and this gets the best most immediate results. You will see an improvement with Vicks, but I used it for a couple of years and didn't get the results I got with the cortisone cream in a few weeks. You have to use whatever product you choose until the nail grows out completely healthy, or it will come back. I would even use it for a month after the nail grows out, just to make sure it's gone.

I would like someone else to try this because I want to know if the results are as good as I got. I've been using it for about 3 weeks now, and will use it until the nail grows out, but the results are amazing compared to other products.
I wish I knew how to let doctors know for their patients. It's so easy. Just keep it on your affected areas all day, reapply as necessary and before going to bed. It's clean, non-greasy, non-drying and has no smell. Then let me know if it works for you too.

They use cider vinegar in the northern European countries. Not sure that it really matters because ultimately it is the acid pH that inhibits the fungus. But cider vinegar is recommended.

I have been using hydrogen peroxide for the past 2 years.

I had toenail fungus on 5 toes. I tried everything. One day I had really stained nails from walking barefoot. I didn't know how to get them clean. I finally poured hydrogen peroxide on them. I couldn't believe how it foamed out a lot of dirt, lint, etc. I scraped away all the white stuff. My nails looked better (I guess they were bleached!!)

Well, I continued to use hydrogen peroxide about once or twice a week, scraping away all "white" areas, really getting under the nail. Within a couple of months I noticed that my smaller nails were improving. I am now happy to say that all my nails are clear, with no discoloration, and no longer thick. It took one year to clear up my big toes. However, during that year I could see that the new growth was a nice clear color, so never gave up my weekly regimen.

I don't use it regularly anymore, but try to use it once a month to keep my nails looking nice so I can wear sandals without embarrassment.

I still have 3 nails (both large toes and one small toe) that have thicker nails than the others, but they continue to get thinner as time passes.

By the way, it also helped me with my ingrown toenails, because it made the nail more pliable and easier to pull away from the skin.

My test came back negative, also. Finally went to a dermatologist and was diagnosed, by then it had grown much worse.

I went with the Listerine / hydrogen peroxide mix. My nails are also thick and discolored.

How long should you soak your foot for?
Do you rinse off after soaking, or leave it on?

Okay this is regarding fungus but only difference is that I have it on my chest... I have tried prescription medications but they just stop the agonizing itching but the problem is still there... Also have used alcohol as well but nothing seemed to work.. so I did some research and came up with TEA TREE OIL.. I have been using it for 2 months now on and off...

Before I tell you my result my fungus had turned black with thick skin on one side of my chest.. yes it was bad and I was embarrassed to take my shirt off but now after two months of using Tea tree oil I am finally regaining my chest back.. now the thick skin has disappeared and fungus has turned brown...

That's after using 80ML of tea tree oil 100%... I'm very happy with the results so far... Hope I could help someone else who's having same problem by my experience.. thanks for reading. P.s I know it's off topic but had to share.

I have 2 toe nails that have developed dark brown streaks in them. Is this a sign of toe nail fungus?

Have had nail fungus since late teens. Have worsened of course over the years. I am now 46. I've tried over the counter meds with no results. I made me an appointment to see a podiatrist I was so very excited about going and finally getting some help. I've never gone to Dr before because I had heard about the side affects from taking the oral medication on television adds. So thinking it's 2011 I knew that there was something much better now.

I've heard and seen the laser adds on television. But of course the insurance company you pay so much for to have. Considers this procedure cosmetic. But will pay if you take the oral meds that could cause liver damage. And the cost for laser surgery for the nail fungus WOW. So of course I left the Dr office very disappointed. Because as long as I have had this problem and how bad it has gotten the oral meds would probably be what he would offer.

After the results comes back letting him know if it was nail fungus in 6 to 8 weeks. So I felt that I had wasted my time and money on a copay for a specialist. Extremely frustrated went home and Google how to cure nail fungus. So much came up! Spent rest of the day reading other people like me stories and was just amazed at how many people have this problem. And that they've shared there home remedies and stories.

Thank you all! I'm going to go out tomorrow and get the Listerine and vinegar and try it. I really hope it works. It would be totally awesome not to hide my feet all the time. By wearing socks and never wearing sandals or flip flops out in public. Woa I can only imagine... My big toes nail when they get to a certain length get uncomfortable. So I takes the entire toe nails off. It's just nasty looking. No pain. So being opened and exposed the Listerine and vingar will really get down and attack those nasty little fungies. So I'll let you know how it goes. Again thanks everyone.

I'm repeating this information because so far no one has tried it: over the counter cortisone cream works wonders.

I don't know why doctors don't know about it, but I found it by accident. I used Cortisone 10 with aloe after trying everything except Lamasil pills. I have had nail fungus for 15 years and tried Listerine, vinegar, Vicks and over the counter nail fungus treatments. They all controlled it but nothing cured it. I have used the Cortisone 10 cream now for 3-4 months and my nails look beautiful--- just like before I got the fungus.

It worked quickly and better than anything else. I apply the cream in the morning and at night before going to bed, and I carry a tube to reapply it after I wash my hands. This is truly the best CURE available. There's no smell, it doesn't dry your skin, no soaking your hands or feet, it's portable so you can use it anywhere, and most importantly it is a cure. Just make sure you use it until the infected nail grows out completely.

Thank you! Will definitely try the cortisone 10. I'm willing to try any and everything! That's not oral.

Good luck with it. I think you'll be happy with the results. You can use it with Vicks intermittently to give it a break.

I think you can build up a resistance to anything, so it's good to alternate it once in a while. Sometimes I use the Cortizone10 with aloe during the day, and the Vicks at night. Let me know how it works for you.

The best remedy I have found is Desenex: or another product called Quinsana Plus:
Put the whole Desenex or Quinsana powder bottle in your sock, squeeze it and the product will be right on your toes. (inside the sock.) Do this once a day, and you will begin to see some improvement in a couple of weeks, and dramatic improvement in 3 months.

I like this because the powder doesn't end up all over my bedroom floor. But unfortunately, I have to keep using it, because I never seem to get rid of it for ever. Drats!

Thanks for all your help on the site here! I've had toenail fungus on my big toe for about 8 years and have tried several remedies:

1. Tea tree oil - 6 months no improvement doesn't work for me!
2, Vicks vapour rub - 5 months no improvement doesn't work - changes the color of the nail so it looks slightly better.
3. Trying Listerine 50%and vinegar 50% - I'll report back on progress.

I, too, have tried everything suggested on this site! I think I published earlier that I went off the blood pressure medicine Verapamil.... and after a month or so... the pain in, around, under my toes and nails quit hurting. The fungus stopped, though I am still keeping my nails and feet extra clean and dry! But I am using a Cortisone Cream and/or Neosporin around and under the nails until they are completely grown out!

All the Listerine, Peroxide, Vinegar, Bleach may have helped a tiny bit to retard the fungus but it did not quit until I quit taking the medication. So for me, it was the Verapamil.... for others it may be caused from anything else in or around your home, or your health and habits. Also.... Don't forget to keep the bottom of your showers and tubs cleaned with bleach to kill any moldy spores that might be there..... even if you can't see mold.... it gets there eventually!
Good luck to all.... I sympathize with everyone!

hi there,
I'm dealing with toe nail fungus for most of my life and wanted to get the laser treatment done which is expensive. Does Listerine with peroxide really works?
thank you and talk to you later

I'm on Lamisil, for 1 month, and also trying the home remedies. My toe has little yellow, but the whole nail lifts off - and the toe around the nail - the skin is just peeling off and the toe becomes red and swollen...about 2x
the normal size..I've not seen this in anyone's post...does anyone have the same? can't seem to get an answer from my dr!

I've heard from several other sites that the apple cider should be mixed with baking soda - and the tea tree oil should be with 2 other oils??? I'm trying them all, I want to wear my old shoes!! my sneakers again??

Hope someone can shed light if this is part of the fungus???

I saw something about using epsom salts and hydrogen peroxide.

Does anyone recall the formula and will it work for toe nail fungus?

this website has been incredibly helpful everyone! and Dr.s don't tell us maaaaany homeopathic ways to cure things. All I can say is I've seen people with some pretty major stuff and things like vinegar cured it..... hey in my human biology class we learned that first medicine was herbs sooo there is something to it but since drs and pharm ppl cant wrap their pockets around it it does not exist..... so they make you think... I am trying the vicks solution and perhaps grab some tea tree oil (isn't that stuff great) and see how it works for me. I had a real bad habit of wearing nail polish on my toes 24/7 and now I am seeing the damage.....thank you everyone

50/50 vinegar and Listerine for about 6 months (with vicks in between): not much change at all.

Will try the Cortisone...

PS, did try lamisil a few years back, no luck there either...

You won't be disappointed. It's the only thing that really works. Just give it a good try for 6 months. You'll be amazed after
trying all the other treatments.

It is best to use apple cider vinegar/ organic is best. You want it to be a cloudy consistency to the vinegar with actual apple cider particles, I hear is the best. A holistic food store definitely will carry this and or whole foods may carry this. Hope I've helped with the confusion.

Seems to be working quite well. I'm a hospital pharmacist which makes me sometimes suspicious of home remedy claims. I used a super concoction of Vapo-Rub (made by adding menthol and camphor to make it "stronger") for more than a year with good results but no cure. For the past month, twice a day I buff the affected nail to roughen the surface, swab the nail with Listerine, let it dry, then swab the nail with Vapo-Rub. The nail bed and the nail area behind the affected area is again pink and healthy looking. Hopefully in two more months I'll see a cure without the expense and risk of prescription anti-fungal medications.

On my big toe on my right foot I have had horrible toenail fungus for years now. At first it got better, then worse from various remedies I've tried. The vinegar/Listerine thing didn't make it go away, but it seemed to help lessen it. At night I soaked a cotton ball with the solution and taped it on my big toe. Then I removed the tape & cotton ball in the morning.

I did this for over 2 years pretty regularly. Then I tried some OTC Sally Hansen stuff. I found out that all the OTC preparations do not work on the nail--they only work on the skin. Read the fine print and you will see that this is correct. Tea tree oil didn't work either. Vicks didn't work either.

I am so frustrated with this unsightly toenail. It hasn't fallen off yet, but now it is all black, gray, and mealy-looking from the crumbling nail where the fungus has resided. I will keep looking and trying. I had a podiatrist tell me that I could get shots for this that were very expensive, but--and here's the big BUT--this medicine is very hard on the liver. Of course this was a while back, so who knows?

Try Cortizone10 cream with aloe. Vicks is good to use occasionally to remove dead skin cells and moisturize, maybe once or twice a week or so. It's the only thing I have found to cure nail fungus for me. It works if you use it until the healthy nail grows in completely.

For some months I have noticed the nail of my right large toe has become increasingly concave. Years ago in med school I came across such a photo and diagnosis or implication of disease cause. I have searched for sights on line and found nothing. I am elderly and forgotten the condition causing this. Any idea? Dr. Jackie

You are thinning the nail plate, the visible nail. The nail bed is under the actual nail, where the nail rests.

I had a nasty toe fungus for years. I tried several different 'cures', but when I used white vinegar for a few weeks on it with an eyedropper and clipped away what I could and now it is grown in without the fungus! It really works.

I'd like to mention an alternative way of looking at the fact that we have ugly yellow toenails, namely that toenail fungus is not life-threatening and it is really other people's problem, not ours. I personally just keep them trimmed and clean and don't worry about it.

A short time ago,in the people's pharmacy column of my local paper there was an article about toenail fungus remedy using vinegar and epsom salts. I don't remember the ratio of each. Has anyone used it? Have you seen what the ratio of each would be?

I have it in both big toes. Didn't do anything for awhile but now it looks pretty awful and I am leaving for a cruise the end of March. Want to be able to have a pedicure before I go. It may be overkill but I am trying soaking with half peroxide and half Listerine four times a day. I put Tea tree oil after every use and have found when left to the air, it dries completely. In the evening after my soaking I apply the Tea tree oil first and let it dry and then I apply vaporub.

I have the other ingredients mentioned to fall back on such as alcohol, vinegar etc. will try this for awhile and see what happens. I wear socks to bed but go barefoot all day except when I go out! Wish me luck, I only have 8 weeks! Will let you know how it goes!

Wrap it in french green clay every night with plastic wrap on top. I think you will see immediate improvement.

What is green french clay? Where does one buy it? Does one slather or just dab a little on the affected toe/s?

Tea tree oil worked for me, but I did not like the smell.

I have used Original Listerine Mouth Wash with excellent result. I apply it
with an Eye Dropper every morning after the shower.

My nails used to be discolored fractured and pitted. Now, my nails are
perfect and my wife is jealous. No need for me to feel embarrassed at the swimming pool.

My fungus is long gone, but I still apply the mouthwash with an eyedropper
every morning. I don't want the fungus back!

Be patient, after about 3 months you will see the deformed nail slowly being replaced with a beautiful nail.

Another plus, my shoes don't smell anymore!

I cleaned my nail with alcohal then applied Vicks Vabor rub covered it with a white cotton sock and one week the fungus is gone and a new nail bud has appeared. I did this morning and night. The gross nail just came right off.

For me the REAL CURE seemed to be to file the surface of the infected nail with a nail card until it was very thin -- then apply the topical anti-fungal. Apparently some of the anti-fungal is then able to soak into the nail and kill the fungus. Before I decided to try thinning the nail I had been applying various treatments regularly for several years but with only limited results. Once I had filed the nail I could see improvement in a month or so and I have now had fungus-free toenails for more than a year even though I engage in sports where my feet are constantly damp.

If any body is interested there is a tray available for soaking toenails it's a small shallow tray that you only need to put your toes in. you can google it. its called toenail soaking tray.

It sounds like the common denominator in these home remedies is to use a product that contains a small amount of alcohol. (Except for the urine cure - although I have also heard and read that using your OWN can clear up certain foot ailments).

Thank you EF for your suggestions on toe nail fungus. What are the amounts of Listerine to white vinegar? how much do you make at one time and how often do you reuse the solution? I have smelly small toe nails and they are almost all thick and ugly! I have 2 ingrown nails now also, ugh! I have used the glue on french toe nails which make my summer feet look great but fear they have made the problem worse-so going to try your remedy -will let you know! Thanx, RN

Apple cider vinegar will kill the fungus.... but you must be persistent and soak the toe for 20 minutes or more each day for the first month and every other day thereafter until the nails grow out past the dead fungus. It takes the nails about 9 months to grow all the way out, so the fungus must be kept under control until all symptoms are gone. Less soaking is needed as time goes on and the nails grow.

Remember the fungus is under the nail and a long soaking each time is required to get the vinegar to touch the fungus. Vinegar is acid.. .fungus hates acid. Other acid products may work... but never tried them after having success with vinegar.

I have found that when taking a Vitamin B supplement, my hair and nail's grow like mad... I'm just saying this because everyone here seems to have trouble growing their nails..... Although it does take a long time to get a big toe nail to grow back once you've lost one.

I think I'll be trying the Listerine and vinegar, only have 1 really bad nail because of a first time ever pedicure... think she gouged the tissue and that nail hasn't been right since...

Vinagar worked for me. I put on some rubber boots and pour about 1/2 cup in each boot after putting them on, this way you don't need to sit around. Sit on the edge of the tub when you take them off.

Don't know exactly what I had on my toe nail, but it was a white place covering about a quarter of the nail. After wondering about what to do for a month, I thought I'd try the Vicks Vapor stuff. BTW, in the red neck panhandle of Fla where I grew up, its still called Vick's Salve. And being economy minded, I got WalMart's knock off of it for half the price of the real stuff, and four days later the nail is completely clear of the white place. I just smeared a nice coat in, trying to work some under the front of the nail and the corners. Also put a large band aid over it to keep it from being absorbed into my sock and shoe. Will post later if it reappears.

Thanks Nancy for the note on using Cortizone 10 cream with Aloe. I am definitely going to try. I am very sensitive to strong chemical or perfume smells, so am unable to use many of the treatment options that are out there. All my toes are infected and have been for years. I would love, love, love to wear open toed sandals in public again. Hope this works!

I have had good results. It might speed things along if you either swab the nail or use an eyedropper with alcohol and let it dry before you apply the Cortizone10 twice a day. Make sure you get it in the cuticles and under the nail.

I also use Vicks on them occasionally just to change what I'm using so it doesn't get immune to it. You could try an antibacterial like Bacitacin if the smell of Vicks bothers you. Good luck

a doctor told my aunt to go get some of the yeast medicine the women use for yeast infections. put on toes will kill nail fungus.

I have been soaking my feet once a day in 1/2 cup epsom salt and white vinegar (enough to cover my toes with pan tilted) for three months. Did not work. I have had fungus for 20 years. Vicks, tea tree oil, Lamisil, Listerine, peroxide, over the counter brush on's, bleach water, nothing has worked to CURE it. They might make it slightly better, but not gone. Now I will try the cortizone cream. Good luck to all of us!

Do you cover nail with some type of bandage after applying the Cortizone 10 w/ Aloe? I'll be putting on socks in the morning after using it since I have to go to work.

Actually, covering the nail is the worst thing you can do because it encourages growth of the fungus. Wear sandals whenever possible and try to let the nail be exposed to air. If you have to wear socks or stockings, make sure you put the cortisone cream on first. I think the person who suggested using the over the counter medication for female yeast infections may be onto something even more effective. It makes sense that it would work, and I purchased it today to see what it does. I will post a comment in a couple of weeks with a progress report. It may give faster results than Cortizone10, and if so, I will let you know.

I have some toenail problems and look forward trying home remedies V prescriptions. Will email with progress. Thanks to all ideas.

I found myself on this site looking to help him with toe nail fungus, then I saw you had commented as having fungus on your chest. My husband had this for years. It was not until reading a pamphlet in the room while bringing our son to the pediatrician on something unrelated he found an answer. What he had is called Tinea Versicolor. The treatment: Lotrimin (the same active ingredient as for athletes foot. [We bought the generic]). He saw amazing results in one week, after applying it twice daily.
Try it out, and good luck. :)

I found myself on this site looking to help him with toe nail fungus, then I saw you had commented as having fungus on your chest. My husband had this for years. It was not until reading a pamphlet in the room while bringing our son to the pediatrician on something unrelated he found an answer. What he had is called Tinea Versicolor. The treatment: Lotrimin (the same active ingredient as for athletes foot. [We bought the generic]). He saw amazing results in one week, after appying it twice daily.
Try it out, and good luck. :)

Over the counter athlete's foot meds did nothing for my toe nail fungus. I have done all the other suggestions, excepting the urine treatment. Currently for the past two weeks I have twice daily been using Cortaid ointment with Aloe. So far, no results other than softening the hard crust under the nail. I have had this over 20 years, involving all toes. Tried the prescription meds also. No change. Have not tried laser. Good luck everyone.

I am a senior gal who has had the toenail fungus on my big toenail for at least 20 years. I have tried vicks, apple cider vinegar and just recently the antiseptic Listerine knockoff from Wal-Mart. My nail was thick and lifted off the nail bed almost all the way to the bottom. So I started with the knockoff and applied it with an eye dropper also available at Wal-Mart.

I use a nail file to lift the nail as much as I can and put several eye-droppers full of liquid directly under the nail. I have done this faithfully for the last six months at bedtime. After a month I started to see new pink nail and now it is three quarters pink and solid to the nail bed. I am really excited as nothing has helped like this has. The only other thing I applied was Benadryl cream occasionally. I never used the nail file on any others toes so I wouldn't spread the fungus. I'm expecting it to be gone in a few months. Also don't use nail polish until it is totally gone. Good luck and give this a try.

did your fungis come back after you stopped using the teatree oil?

OMG... ppl are so disgusting

Don't believe everything you read...

I have been using the over the counter medication for female yeast infections Monistat for the past 3 weeks, and it is working faster than anything else I've tried. I don't know if the active ingredient is available in a liquid form, but that would be helpful for getting under the nail. I will look to see if anything is available. I highly recommend trying this method. It may work better than anything else. Guys, you may want to get your sister, mother, wife or girlfriend to purchase it for you!

Try what hospitals use - Vitamin C. No, not the actual vitamin - CRISCO shortening. Clean and dry the cracked area, coat with Crisco and slip on a sock. Repeat as needed. In fact, this is great for cracked heels and chapped hands and elbows, too.

So far only think that worked was when I cut almost all the white infected nail off then applied bentonite clay liquid on the exposed nail bed every day. Nail grew back cleared up, but doesn't do anything unless you can expose the nail bed.

The trauma doesn't have to be an accident. It could be that your shoes press or otherwise compact the toenail. I took a reflexology class and the teacher also said thick nails (versus very discolored, falling apart on the edges nails = fungus) are caused by trauma. I was in a loose boot last year for a broken toe, and the two thick nails on that foot disappeared and are thin and lovely again.

I keep reading comments of people who are surprised about using your own urine. I learned as a child your own or a baby's urine were good for many skin problems. My great-grandmother used to wipe her face with the babys urine soaked pamper to keep her face clear of acne...just a thought!

I have a toenail fungus for about 5 yrs now, and I'm trying to figure out the best home remedy to cure it. I want to try the Listerine and vinegar treatment, but the bottle of Listerine expired 2009.

The question I want to ask is.. is this bottle of Listerine still strong enough to treat the fungus. Does the date matter?

I have had toenail fungus for as long as I can remember, and I am only 20 years old! Never been able to have pretty toenails because of this nasty fungus. I honestly read every single one of these posts and I am very eager to try some. Gonna start with the Listerine and vinegar soak. This could finally be the breakthrough to healthy toenails and I am very excited!

I have had nail fungus on my big toe since 1975, when it was stepped on at the prom by a high heel while dancing. The nail just now fell of and I was wondering if it would be safe to try any of these remedies so the nail doesn't come back the same way?

Hi, I got nail fungus 10 years ago. Tried Lamisil tablets for a 6 month, but didn't helped. Then my doctor advised surgically to remove a nail, and take a same tablets for a month. It's been scary, but helped. At that time I lived in Lithuania, and, until now, the Europe countries doctors still advises to get the quick and best result-to remove a nails. Now I got fungus on my finger. I'm scared to remove the nail, so will try Listerine and vinegar. Hope for a miracle.

amlactin works well and does not require a script. I use both and can't tell the difference.

What is amlactin? Ointment? How do you go about it? What is "both"? So far the iodine seems to be improving but we will see.

The most overlooked cause of skin disorders is soap and the alcohol found in hand lotions. I had severe dermatitis and cracking skin on my hands for years tried everything under the sun and then one day I began to protect my hands from everything and just washed with water. The dermatitis and cracking skin went away. I also started using Eucerin from walmart and it was the most gentle and cleanest sauve that I have found. Get the brand that doesn't contain alcohol. Rub your hands down with it at night and then wear neoprene gloves all night while you sleep to get fast action.

I finally started making my own soap that was very gentle. Which has become popular around my neighborhood. I cant believe some the soaps companies put out they are so harsh to the skin and destroy your natural oils and leave the skin subject to the air.

VERY ENCOURAGED THAT VICKS softens the nail to make it easier to apply the medicine.

I am not so sure that one month is enough since a toe nail needs at least three month to grow in order to replace the whole length.
What did you mean? Just the fungus to stop growing, or until the whole affected nail was replaced with a healthy nail.


It could take up to three months to see real progress. You are quite right that it can take quite a long time for the infected nail to grow out.

Hi :)

Not sure if I have nail fungus or not, about two weeks ago started noticing that my big toenail on left foot looked a bit yellowish (haven't worn polish in at least 3 months, and don't very often). I battled an ingrown toenail on that foot for months and it has been cured for a bout a month and a half now, also joined the gym 3-4 weeks ago but I only touch the ground for a few minutes while changing and am too afraid to use the showers (gym is very clean but I was worried this might happen). Toenail isn't thick or raised.... any suggestions? have a doctor appointment in June but not sure I should wait that long.

I hit my big toe about 5 years ago and the nail has had a fungus ever since. The nail has grown out and dropped of several times but continues to grow back with the fungus. Today I began trying Listerine and Vicks. I read all comments and decided to first prepare my toe. I removed all the nail polish with an acetone polish remover. I filed the nail with a heavy emory board. I soaked my toe in a shallow bowl of Listerine for 2 minutes. It tingled all the way under my toe nail. I took my toe out of the Listerine and left it wet. Then I applied the Vicks to my wet nail. I left my toe exposed and wore flip flops. Its been 2 hours and I can still feel the tingle already see a difference.

I will be applying Nixoderm to the nail tonight which is an anti fungal cream in a very small green flat can. This cream works wonders on skin fungi, ring worm and pimples. Oh by the way, Denorex and Selsun Blue medicated shampoo both contain Tar and Menthol that works great on psoriasis, severe dandruff and shifting clouds. Do you think if you soaked and washed you feet in it, would it help kill a nail fungus? Keeping my finger crossed!

I had toenail fungus in my left big toe that I am assuming I picked up when I was a member of a gym. I bought several topical medications and I would use them for a while but then get busy and forget. I believe that tea tree oil works really well. The only problem with toenail fungus and topical treatments is that they really can't penetrate the nail.

The fungus itself is anaerobic which means it thrives in an environment where no oxygen is present. The problem with oral fungal medications is that you have to take them for about 6 months and they are really hard on your liver. My toenail got so bad I could nearly cut the nail completely off it was so brittle.

I just noticed this spring that the toenail fungus is gone and the only thing that I have been doing different is eating a lot of greek yogurt. Which actually makes sense. Yogurt has live active cultures that help to fight fungal infections. Almost all yogurt contains live active cultures. And if you don't like yogurt, take Acidophilus supplements.

Hello! I've heard zederna cedarsoles can help to avoid/prevent from nail fungus. The wood has special antifungal charakteristics. I don't know if listerine helps against nail fungus.

I used the Vicks Vapo Rub. Worked like a charm! My sister is using it now too. She's happy I told her.

Probably the reason the fungus keeps coming back for so many folks is that they keep sticking their feet back into shoes where the fungus is resident. If there is a fungus among us after a year, yet it has been cleared up a time or two, I would suggest dropping the shoes in a pot of boiling water.

No? Well, still you ought to do something about the shoes.

Hi Joe and Terry. I used to work for the Durham Morning Herald.

I have had nail fungus 3 times now in the last 25 years. I used Lamasil the first time and it cleared up within 3 months. The second time it developed about 3 years later I saw my Podiatrist but I really didn't want to take the Lamasil again because I was more concerned about my overall health and keeping my liver healthy, so she told me to use Vick's Vapor rub on my toes after showering. She said that she has her elderly patients do this because they can not use Lamasil due to other health issues.

So I did as she suggested and wouldn't you know the fungus cleared up. Now it's many many years later and my husband has developed nail fungus in his 2 great toenails (we think it was from his feet being constantly wet while on a hunting trip to Montana). Since he is on heart & blood pressure meds it is not advisable for him to take Lamasil so he started using the vicks vapor rub daily after showering.

It has been approximately 8 months since he started using the vicks rub but we are seeing new nail growth with no fungus behind it. After many years of fungus free nails I have the fungus back in 2 of my toenails could have gotten it from him but I'm more apt to believe that I got it from a nail salon.

I had been very leery about going to the shopping center nail salons because they are major breeding grounds for the fungus. But I was desperate to have my nails done up nice and pretty because I am terrible with painting my own nails. So in February I went against my better judgment and wouldn't you know 2 months later I started feeling a soft throbbing in the end of my second toe on both feet at the cuticle/nail bed and it was swollen and reddish. About 3 days after the throbbing & swelling started my 2 nails peeled off from the center out. I had no clue why this was happening because I hadn't smashed my toes nor cut the nails too short maybe causing an ingrown nail. So I once again saw my Podiatrist and was prescribed Lamasil.

It's been a little more than a month and I can see improvement as my nails grow out. I also started using Vicks vapor rub on my toes after showering as a help. My husband and I have been using the Listerine and white vinegar soak several times a week to help in the healing and his toes have cleared up faster than mine did the first time I used Vicks alone.

My feet feel very refreshed and tingly after soaking in the Listerine/vinegar soak. We will both use Vicks as a daily treatment from here on out. We also have not been wearing the same shoes 2 days in a row. We spray anti-fungal in the shoes each day and let them dry. I pray that this is the last that I ever see of Digger the fungus.

My issue was trauma related which resembles fungus and often mistaken for it. I soaked the nail for 5 minutes in Listerine and then applied Vicks vapor rub then wrapped the toe in a piece of gauze followed by a clean white sock. After a few days the damaged nail looked better and it seemed to promote new growth of healthy nail. With a little shaping and filing away of the damaged nail it was soon repaired/replaced (less than 2 months) and is now completely gone and has not returned. Great looking toe now!

I've used 1 cup Epsom salts with 2 cups white vinegar, diluted with warm water, enough to cover my toes in a small plastic dishpan. This was pretty successful till I got lazy and stopped before the effected nails grew out. Planning to restart, but the nails are still much better than when I started about six months ago. I THOUGHT I read about this in People's Pharmacy.

Did the urine really work. You used your own urine. REALLY this is no joke right?

I have toe fungus on all my toes and I never heard about Virgin Coconut oil. I heard about Apple Cider Vinegar and Vicks Vapor Rub, and tea tree oil. I will try it. Please reply if it really worked.

Wow, this is the first I have heard about Cortisone 10. I have had toe fungus and I have not been patient to take care of it. I really want fast results. I will try Cortisone 10 and see if it works and will post my results on this web comment.

I'm glad I found this site. I have a bad fungus on my right foot my big toe and now my toe beside it is getting bad. I am now soaking it in Listerine the blue color and vinegar.

6-18-12. I have had nail fungus on my right big toe nail for as long as I can remember. I never tried any prescriptions or over the counter remedy's. I ran across this site by accident, saw the "Listerine cure" and figured I would try it.

I got the orange Listerine and white vinegar, mixed probably 50/50. I soaked my right foot for 20-25 minutes 4 or 5 times over a 2 week period. After the 5th time I noticed a tingly feeling under my big toe nail. Not pain or anything like that, but a tickle tingling. Yesterday, it itched and was tingling and I had the urge to pick at it (like a scab) and next thing the whole nail was removed. I would describe the feeling just like peeling a scab off your knee when we were all younger. It was not painful, just odd. All the white scaly, thick part came off in two large pieces. I did not attempt to remove the nail right along the skin line, as that was a little painful. But all in all, 95% of the nail came off. Left underneath was the clear soft tissue of the nail.
At first I thought I may have made a big mistake and that this would be a painful lesson. Today I wore tennis shoes like I always do, worked all day and went on my nightly run. Not one bit of pain or anything uncomfortable. I am assuming that since my nail is 95% clear now that the new nail will grow back clear as well. If not, I'll update this comment. But for now, after just 4 or 5 uses, the Listerine/vinegar remedy has gotten my toe as clear as it's ever been.
I would recommend this cure 100%.

Tea Tree Oil! twice a day, morning and night. use a knife to scrape away the bad stuff (don't go overboard). in a few weeks you will see healthy nail growing! keep going until the nail is fully grown out and a little more ;)

It worked for me! If you have a Trader Joes by you, they sell Tea Tree Oil for like 7 dollars for a good size bottle.

Vaginal creams for yeast infections cure just that: yeast. Toenail fungus is a fungus. The menthol and eucalyptus oils seem to be the best treatments without a prescription. Hope you get some relief!

I have white fungus which started under the right corner of my right big toe covering about one quarter of the toe which I noticed when getting a pedicure. The nail was also lifted. I immediately removed the nail polish and started treatment, thanks to the information I got on this site. I didn't cut the lifted nail as the treatment can easily get where it needs to go. I apply 100% tea tree oil at least twice a day, vicks vapor rub at least twice a day or more and I soak in 50/50 Listerine (original) and apple cider vinegar for 30 minutes daily. I clean out any fungus I can daily. I have been doing this for two weeks.

Here are the results: About one third of the nail is now detached, I'm assuming it's because the treatment didn't stop the spread immediately. However, as I remove the fungus about 60-70% of the nailbed underneath is pink and the nail remains clear. There is, what looks like a yellow membrane along the part of the nail where the detached and attached meet. Could this be partly due to my pushing the fungus in an effort to get it out? Also, there is a tiny yellow patch down in the lower right hand corner, but everything else seems to be clear. The fungus did not turn dark. Can anyone out there tell me if it seems to be working? Thanks so much. This site is so helpful!

fungus is not just "other people's problem" aesthetically as it can be contageous. It's selfish not to treat, as it may be passed on.

What is tea tree oil? Are you talking about Tea Tree Oil from Melaleuca?

100% tea tree oil comes from Australia. You can buy it at places like Walgreens, CVS or other pharmacies. You can also get it at health food stores. It's an oil, comes in a bottle and doesn't smell good but has shown to help in the treatment of fungus and other skin conditions.

Been at this for almost two years now and I have found a few things that may help anyone with this nasty infection!

First of all I have a prescription from the doctors office for a product called Penlac it's a topical solution that you just apply as if it were nail polish then every week you take it off with nail polish remover. This product is... Okay.. I am almost healed so therefore I can't say it's a bad product, the thing about this is it will cost you about 100 dollars and month to use.. It doesn't really help with the pain and once applied it seems like its almost taking the infection OUT of the nail and so it dries up and gets all crusty and yellow (Making your nail look WAAAAY worse then it actually is!) My nails look much much better as soon as I remove the Penlac.

After about a year of using this I was seeing much better improvements but I was looking about for some good home remedies to hopefully speed up the process. These are a few that worked for me:

Take a bowl big enough for your toes to soak in (Maybe your feet too!) and fill it half half with warm water and white vinegar. I know some people use other vinegars but this one has worked for me. I used this when I went a month without my penlac and it worked! Still helped my nail keep growing and the infection didn't get any worse. The best thing about this was I could feel it helped with the pain. Soak your feet for At least 15 minutes everyday.

Another thing I tried was Vicks. Just applying this with a cloth or something all over the nails and then covering with a sock before bedtime. This feels very gross and I hated doing it but once again I could feel it helping with the pain.

And then Listerine.. Soaking your feet in a bowl of this. I didn't add any water or vinegar just plain Listerine.

So now I use ALL of these together penlac everyday because it's easy and then anything else I have lying around the house when I feel like it. Make sure to wash your hands very well after doing anything with your toenails so that the infection doesn't spread!!! That would be horrible also wash anything used on your toenails and don't share nail clippers or anything. I plan on throwing most of my shoes out also and continuing the home remedies once I am healed. Also there is nail polish for girls which is anti fungal which I plan on using after. I know everyone has posted about all of this but just adding my bit also:). Good luck everyone!

Part of my toe nail lifted up/detached from the nail bed. I cut it back as far as I could. I'm assuming this happened due to a fungus. My toe nail is a little yellowish, but I thought it was from the nail polish. My question is do I still need to treat the nail? All I've done is put alcohol on it after I cut it back as far as I could.

How did you apply the Tree Oil? How often?

Hi!!!! I had this problem for almost 7 years now. I been try'd a lot of product, from over the counter to prescriptions. (not cheap). but nothing. Then one doctor told me about Vicks VapoRub, I been doing this, but...seems not working. Can You tell me how this work for You?

PS: sorry, but English is my second language. Than You.

Strangely, although I have suffered from this foot fungus for years, neither my husband nor my sons have ever contracted it from me. So I don't believe that it is always contagious. For me, it was like something that "ran in the family" (my parents also had it).

Hello all, I had fungus in my big toenail ever since I had an accident in the airport... Dropped a suitcase on my toe and broke in the middle. I thought it would heal but instead I got fungus not sure from what.... That's been over 5 years... My toe nail is nasty it has black stuff and its loose... I read about this home meds and decided to give it a try since the meds I was using weren't working (ketoconazole cream).... I started using vinegar and Listerine 2 days ago.... I really hope that will work for my case.

I have very bad toenail fungus and I really want to get rid of it! its disgusting! Will listerine get rid of it forever?

I have tried Vick's, tea tree oil, vinegar and peroxide. I gave it several months to over a year for each treatment. I have had no improvement. I sure would like some help as the condition is worsening.

I have had a fungal infection in my big toe since January and a bacterial infection in the same toe since June. I have seen three doctors, had three rounds of antibiotics, taken anti-fungal meds, and used a steroid cream. I have been doing daily hot/cold soaks of Epsom salt, tea tree oil, and flower essences (sometimes up to three times a day). NOTHING seems to work! I really hope this Listerine thing does.

I have dealt with toe fungus for years. Tried the Vick's, also expensive medication prescribed from a doctor.... nothing worked. Then I found a cure!

It has worked now for 2 yrs and I'm vigilant to keep an eye on it so I can catch a new fungus when it begins.

Apple cider vinegar & hydrogen peroxide! Equal parts pour over infected toe [s] 3 times a day for one week, then once a day after showering.

Fungus does not like acid: therefore the vinegar
If there is an open area to heal: the hydrogen peroxide which is a topical antibiotic!

This simple formula works!! Good luck~

I've had painful fungus in my big toe for years. The nail actually started curling in, trapping the skin underneath, which means if someone so much as touches it, I go straight to the moon. I sucked it up tonight and cut it back as far as it would go after soaking in water for about an hour while I was catching up on some work. Tossed some vinegar in the mix for good measure, now I'll try the Listerine and vicks. Never thought about trying those. Hope it works :) Thanks to this board for all the great suggestions

If you're a licensed nail technician, I have a question for you, as I'm not sure that what I have is toenail fungus. Both of my big toes have nails that are really thick and also discolored. That could be from polish, but one winter I left my toes unpolished hoping they'd grow out nice and clear... they didn't. But more worrisome than that is one of my other toenails is super thick, to the point that it has warped and arched up, and isn't as wide from side to side as the same toe on the other foot. I haven't tried treating my toes for anything yet. I file down the toenail that arches up to make it thinner and more aesthetic, but I'm afraid I'm doing it more harm. Does it sound like toenail fungus to you?
Thanks for your reply- Patti

I took Lamisil for 6 months . Then my health insurance company would not pay for it any longer. The taste of food changed; like steak didn't good and I did not like chocolate any more. I talked to the consulting pharmacist at my health insurance. She looked it up and said this is one of the possible side affects!!! And she said it may or may not go away. I was lucky, it did go away but was very gradual and took months. And after all of that I still have the toe fungus worse than ever!!!!'

I tried the 50/50 Listerine and vinegar for 12 months. Actually soaking my toes in it for 5 minutes each night. It did not work! I've also taken Lamisil pills for 18 months. Did not work!

Its been about a month and I see my nails a bit better.... I can actually see new nail growing andI am very exited! This is what I have been doing everyday: I have been soaking my feet in a container with 50/50 vinegar and listerine twice a day for like about 30 mins each feet.... I let it dry by itself and after I vaporub to all the nail between the skin and nail. I see its working for me.

I had foot surgery almost 12 years ago and have suffered ever since. Two times in the last 12 years it has miraculously cleared up - both times while out in the hot sun A LOT. This last weekend, huge chunks of fungus (white flaky crap) started coming out of my big toenails. I've waged a war since I seem to have gotten a head start. I'm doing white vinegar soaks for 10 min, followed by vicks. In the evening, I do 5 min soak in urine and if I think about it, water/bleach soaks for 10 min.

I bought flip flops and try to wear them all the time... In 2 days, I see a darkening under one toe... And my nailbed and under feels a little odd, not pain but close. I think changing my diet as someone else suggests is a good thought also. Another side note, I quit drinking diet soda and made sure to not intake aspartame and although it took 6 months to leave my system, my hair and nails grow very very fast which will pay off in this war against foot fungus!

This may sound dumb but do I have to have my nails free of nail polish to try these remedies? I hate going without polish since I am barefoot most of the time. I think I have a fungus on my big toe - my toe kind of throbs and feels bruised, when I take off the polish the nail is whitish and flaky.

apple cider viniger.

Ive had black toenails for years. Not from trauma, but just happened. I'm not sure if these remedies refer to the same condition. I hadn't noticed anyone saying the same. Thickness under the nail, slight shape change, discoloration (not yellow but black, somewhat grey-ish, but still has growth). This is something that I presume topical treatment may not work. But am willing to try anything but the liver damaging medication.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Peter,
Is the entire toenail black? Is the nail loose? Have you seen a podiatrist? might try using apple cider vinegar. This is a natural product that toe fungus does not like. It will help the fungus, but If you haven't seen a foot doctor, I highly recommend it.
Good takes a long time to heal such a condition, so hang in there!

I have had results with exposing my toenails to lots of sunlight but I also have a dry cracked ichy foot that I use miracle foot repair on but I would like a more effective solution for. Any ideas?

Yeast is a fungus.

I heard the formula was 50/50 rubbing alcohol and Listerine. I have it on my FINGERnails and would almost try ANYTHING to get rid of it!

I have used everything listed except laser treatments. I have had fungus on 8 toes for 20 years. Interestingly, my "index" toes are not affected. Currently, I am swabbing all toenails with urine. I hated the idea of it, but know military used that treatment, and all else has failed. I swab twice a day and let them air dry. I have been doing this for about 1 month now. My nails are lighter in color, less deformed, less crumbly tissue underneath and I have hopes for a cure.

I have had fungus for 20 years. Started in the little toe, and gradually over the years spreading to other toes. When I noticed it beginning to creep onto my big toe, I got alarmed and started treating with white vinegar. (I tried apple cider vinegar but the smell is too disturbing.) I have been soaking it nearly every day (I do miss days here and there) for about 1/2 an hour at least. I have been soaking for over AN ENTIRE YEAR and only now am I beginning to see some progress in the most recent 2 toes (the original toe and the one next to it are still showing no progress). It seems that I have allowed this fungus to live in my toe for two decades, so it's going to take longer than the usual 3-6 months to make any progress.

I'm thinking about adding Listerine or urine to the regimen, after reading everything here.

You may have a toenail bacteria. A doctor can do a lab test to determine.

It takes months, up to a year for your nail to grow out, if it is your big toe. I used a prescription anti-fungal and quit after 8 months, and it returned. It puzzled me because it returned in the middle of my toe nail, under my toe nail. I had worn nail polish prior to noticing it. It was a new color--never been used.

I am wondering if nail polish encourages it due to a change in alkalinity or if it reduces oxygen flow, perhaps the fungus likes a more anaerobic environment. Anyone know?

It's the first rule of nail fungus: do not under any circumstances use nail polish while you have the fungus. It seals the nail and prevents air from getting to it. Nail polish provides an ideal environment for the growth of nail fungus. In fact, the more you air your nails out the better, so if it's on your toes, sandals are better than closed shoes while you are treating the nail.

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Please do NOT publish my name anyplace. I don't need to make comments just can not find the place to sign up for the newsletter.

I am sending your toenail fungus info to the THREE people I know with it. Is it multiplying or maybe my group is just aging.


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I had toenail fungus on and off for 10 years and what did it for me is Vicks Vaprub! When I first read the remedy I thought it was a joke and having sometimes very thick and yellowish coating on my nail I didn't think some cheap remedy would help BUT it did!

Wash the nail and apply twice daily and eventually the coating softens and I removed it bit by bit until new nail begins to grow. Now I can waer open toe sandls without being conscious about my nail and I can have a pedicure in a long time...

Glad you had succeeded the tea tree oil caused my toe to hot and throb with pain keeping me awake so I had to stop and I feel much better

Has anyone tried a UV-C light wand? It is supposed to kill fungi on all surfaces, and a toenail is certainly a surface. The UV-C rays should penetrate to the nailbed underneath, too. I plan to try topical treatments (Listerine, vinegar, coconut oil) as well, and I will report my results as soon as I know if these things work.

Yea! It works. Here's what I'm doing -

Needed; 1 small spray bottle, 1 package disposable dental flossers (plastic), Listerine and vinegar, a small bottle of Vicks Vapo Rub (I used Safeway generic )and one small, soft scrub brush (I bought a small vegetable scrubber for this purpose. All this was under 20 bucks.

Routine; Spray your infected nails with the 50/50 Listerine/vinegar mixture once in the morning, once in the evening AND when you get out of the shower.

Apply the Vicks 3 times per week using the pointed end of the disposable dental flosser This allows you to get the Vicks under the nail and deep into the sides of the nail (be gentle!)

I apply the Vicks in the evening and remove it with a soft scrub brush in the shower the next morning. After every shower, I use a flosser (pointed end covered with a small piece of paper towel or tissue) to clean under the nail and along the sides. (you will see the gunk come off on the tissue).

It's been 6 weeks and all signs of the fungus are gone and my new nail is half grown back and healthy. I'm going to continue this method until all is back to normal.

My toe nail was only about 1/3rd involved on one side when I discovered it. This process of course will take longer if you have a more advanced fungus infection. Apparently toe nails grow 10 times slower than finger nails.

That's it, and this is an easy quick routine for full time workers. Hope it helps someone!

Thanks! How long did it take for the toe nail fungus to clear?

Gayle, I have a hole that is growing between my little toe and the 2nd toe. It is right in the middle. The hole continues to get deeper in the past 12 months. The Dr didn't even know what it was. I have been putting tea tree oil on for about a month. I think it has slowed down, but my toes still hurts. Any Ideas?

Jim A.

Hello, I have tried to find Listerine to mix with the vinegar, as I have been using this alone and not too much luck. I now can only find the mouthwash kind. At one time you could buy straight Listerine for antiseptic use, so I am now afraid the mouthwash would be too diluted, what do you think?

Thanks to this site People's Pharmacy's good people who have shared their experience/remedies, I can thankfully claim that I beat my YEARS OLD nail fungus in 2 months. The big toe was bothering me so much, to the point of being painful, that I decided to try all the products (well, the most ones) mentioned here. I used generic VaporRub @ Publix (much cheaper) and full strength white vinegar, listerine and hydrogen peroxide. I think the trick is to have time on your hands as I do, being retired, and not to dilute the products' strength with water.

I soaked my toe as often and as long as I could every day for the 2 months. At the computer, watching TV, reading, etc... The VaporRub was applied after the evening shower to let it soak in for hours until bed time, after I realized that doing it just before bed time is a waste of time when the sock wipes out the stuff as soon as you put it on. I cut the nail as it got softer over the weeks and now I have a nail-free toe with a whitish/cheezy goo (the old fungus?) that I scrape gently until the new nail starts to grow.

This is just fantastic! Thank you people for sharing your ideas and helping me with this dreadful condition. The only thing is: of the 4 products, I can't say which worked the best but imho I doubt using only one of them alone would achieve the same success in such a short time.

It's the acetic acid that is the active ingredient in vinegar.

Either will work however white vinegar would smell better.

I'd replace the nail polishes with new ones.

I don't think the type of vinegar matters. It's just the low Ph (acid). I've tried everything except urine and they all seem to work somewhat. I use a dremel to grind off most of the nail, but I don't apply the solutions religiously, so never seem to get a complete cure, because I don't care enough. Of all the solutions suggested I prefer Vicks and Listerine. Tea tree oil also worked, but it's more expensive and not as readily available.

LASER treatments I have heard don't work really well. The oral medications are hard on the liver (I think it was) so my Dr. wouldn't prescribe them, hence I don't recommend them.

See a doctor for any black areas. A nail tech is not qualified to give advice regarding treatment. They know what it looks like but they do not treat it; nor are they trained to. Their area is cosmetic not medical. Its probably a good idea to avoid those salons all together as many of them are not highly regulated when it comes to cleaning their equipment. More than one person on here has gotten fungus from getting a pedicure.

I truly love forums like this. I'm sure there are some trained medical professionals here besides myself. I'm a nurse and many doctors say to apply the Vicks Vapor rub twice a day in addition to Listerine or vinegar soaks. As previously stated, it does take time. Someone mentioned using their urine. I had to read that one twice. I scoffed at it; but I guess it doesn't hurt provided that the urine does not sit for very long. It grows bacteria in the air very fast. However, it has a high acidic ph so I can see how it would help.

In my opinion that should be a last resort. Keep the area as clean and dry as possible and let the toes get air by going barefoot whenever possible; or wearing open toed shoes

Have been using Tea Tree Oil and it WORKS. You just have to do it all day. I'm retired and have all the time in the world. I also soak feet for 20 minutes in warm apple vinegar. When I go out I spray my toe sock area with vinegar and it works. I've had this toe nail fungus for 60 years and I hated every minute of it. I started in Oct. 1 2012 and my toe nail will be clear by 1-14-13. I finally did something about it!!

After 60 years, I stopped being a victim and decided to do something about it. I started the treatment in Oct.1 2012 and I will have a clear nail by 1/14/13. I soaked my feet in apple cider vinegar for 1/2 hour once a day sometimes twice a day but I used the tea tree oil almost constantly. Every Time I saw the nail dry I put a drop of TT oil on it. Right now I about 85% cured.

I had tried all of the off the shelf as well as homeopathic medicines to no avail for years. I stumbled across using Hydrocortisone topical cream and it has stopped it dead in it's tracks, and the new nail material is as clear as my fingernails, which are in no way infected., I started a few weeks ago, so it's only a matter of time before the new healthy nail replaces the old. This is the solution here guys, not the fancy expensive medications, no need for surgery, no crazy mixtures you have to soak in, the latter may work for mild cases, but not chronic....

How often did you apply the Hydrocortisone? I have been soaking in Listerine and vinegar for 20-30 minutes once per day and it seems like this works just to a point and then my nails get bad again. So am very interested in trying the Hydrocortisone.

My feet turned blue too! Wish I would have read this first.

I'm soooo thankful I found that site!! I had crazy pain in my right toenail (a year ago cuz of tight shoes it become black and I lost it after that my new nail changed in shape and its white big spot under nail and it started hurt and half of nail becomes thick! I saw that but never paid attention cuz there was no pain. Couple days ago it was crazy pain I couldn't walk. I don't have insurance and can't go to doctor now so I used Listerine( cvs brand is cheaper). I soaked 2 days (twice per day) half an hour and I don't have pain anymore!! I'm so happy at least I don't have pain. I bought yesterday tea tree oil. and put it before I go to bed. I keep using listerine till my new nail grows to make sure its ok..but Listerine really helps!!!!

I wrote before that I had white spot under my toenail after trauma! I think it is bacteria or fungus! I saw that white thing under my toenail but during year never had pain so didn't pay attention! and 10 days ago I started have crazy pain- I could not walk!(can't go to doctor-no insurance) so I decided to peruse internet! I tried Listerine and tea tree oil it helped a lil bit but still it takes sooo long time! and than I remembered about CLOTRIMAZOLE 1%!

I used it 4 years ago on my boils at face (one doctor advised me) and its just miracle! now all my girls have it in the kit when they have inner pimples or boils! so I decided to put clotrimazole on my toenail! 2 days! it's so much better! it helps a lot a lot! almost disappear! hope it helps somebody!

I have had toenail fungus for over 15 years. I have it on all my toenails. In 1995 I had it real bad on my right hand. Doc gave me some pills and cured it quickly. Of course this was some sort of lamisil. I would not take it now with what I know now about the side effects.

Most of what has been talked about here refers to topical solutions. I have been using many of the remedies used on the site. I would like to thank all here for their input and help. I have been looking at other sites that suggest using different herbs internally. Such as thyme, neem, oregano, cinnamon etc. Staying away from yeast products is also suggested. Going to give all this a try for the next few months and get back to all of you with the results. GLTA.

White vinegar. The more natural ingredients the better.

Hi KDL and everyone.

I am a nurse and was recently watching the show "The Doctors". They discussed issues of "a black spot" or "a black streak" under the toenail or fingernail. Get it checked out by a physician (dermatologist) as it could be a melanoma....very serious form of skin cancer. KDL, I'm not saying that this is what you have, I'm just saying, play it safe and get it checked.

I have Toenail Fungus pretty bad.
I was told to use Lavender oil (Dr oz said it I think) no results. I am going to try Vicks Vapo Rub. Thanks for all the input.

Oh yeah... I saw my primary care Dr. he said it looked bad. And Lamisil(sp) is bad for the liver.

Been about a month with the Vic's VapoRub.
Not sure if it is doing anything or not.....

Please, read all comments again including mine on 12/29/12. I doubt using Vicks alone is going to help. As I said in November, do Listerine and vinegar soaking for long periods; at least 1/2 hour at full strength, as often as possible. Vicks is better applied after the evening shower and let it sit there until bed time, barefoot or wearing flip-flops, no socks. Using it just before bed time is a waste of time as it's wiped away by the sock or sheet.

I got rid of my years-old fungus in 2 months but being retired helped a lot as there were no time schedules to worry about. 6 months later, the nail is half grown back, seemingly clean. And I'll go right back to this treatment at the 1st sign of fungus again.

I have been using 1/2 part vinegar, 1/2 part Listerine, 1 part water and soaking my feet for 30 minutes every night and swabbing them with plain vinegar in the mornings. I have been fighting toe nail fungus on my big toe for a while. I was paying about $20 for a 1/4 ounce of fungus killer that I got from the spa and not only did it not work but the fungus started spreading to my other toes.

I tried the vinegar Listerine solution and I see a huge improvement already after only a week in the toe nails that were just starting to show signs of a fungus.

My big toe nail is looking particularly nasty but I think that is due to it getting better. There is no more black yuck under the toe nail but it is thick and yellow. I hope it grows in and my feet return to how they used to look.

Thanks JDM. The Vicks is certainly not making it worse. I suppose it is working. Thanks I will go back and read your post. I have been doing the Vicks for about 5-6 weeks now..

I used this remedy after reading it in an advice column in the newspaper. For six years I had tried many over the counter treatments to no avail. I saw healthy nail growth after the first week of vinegar and Listerine use.

It took two months to grow out new healthy nails. I put the 50/50 mix in a travel shampoo bottle and squirted it over my toes twice a day. We now keep it on hand for use after being at public pools and in locker rooms...keeping athletes foot at bay.

Are you kidding, why waste your time and everyone else's time. This is a serious life altering problem!!!

Please Help!! thick ugly toenails, every toe can't enjoy doing things, so embarrassed, what truly works??? Please someone with ugly thick toenails that have cured the problem share, Please so far I don't think anyone had the problem as bad as I have??

Hi guys I am considering to try the vinegar and Listerine mixture for ALL of my toes, yes ALL of them and I don't recall myself ever wearing jandals in my entire life!!! That is how desperate I am to get rid of these nasty nasty nails.

So my question for those of you who have tried this method is, do you guys do or think that the mixture of Listerine and vinegar can be reused for a short period of time like a week of half a month or so before replacing it with a fresh new mixture? I would think that using fresh mixtures everyday to soak the feet would be really really costly? If you guys could let me know that will be great otherwise i am definitely more than willing to do whatever it takes to rid these nails ;)!!!

All the best to those who are still fighting this problem!!!

I had a itchy rash on my foot about a year ago. Went to the dermatologist and he wasn't sure what it was but gave me 2 rx antifungals, a cream and an ointment. I used them and for the most part it cleared up. Months later at my pedicure they're moved my polish and my nail was chalk white! I feared fungus but they said no. I couldn't understand what she said it was. That grew out fine.

Then about a month ago they nail tech removed my polish and the top half the same nail was discolored. I mentioned and he casually said, "oh you have fungus. You get tea tree oil." Now I see how it spreads so quickly in those places! Half the nail is separated from the nail bed.

I have been using the rxs from dr, tea tree oil and monistat 7, which is an antifungals. Nothing is helping. I see there are medical and nail pros commenting and hope someone could help me diagnose and treat this. I'm afraid to get a pedi, or even try on shoes! I wonder is my shoes are contaminated... Throughout this my employer changed our dress code to closed toe shoes and I think it's making things worse.

I would welcome and advice. Thank you

I am almost at 3 months with the vicks vaporub. Twice a day. It is helping. But not that great. I suppose next I will try the Listerine/vinegar thing.

Corn meal and castor oil mixed into a salve can be put on toe nails and cover with sox when you sleep will heal toe fungus as well when sleeping nightly.

I have had my big toes suffering from fungus for some years. They were painful as well. My wife read somewhere the reason for the pain, the nail was 'growing' through the toe.

The answer was to get a fabric band aid, and cut one end square. You then placed the square cut end as close to the nail as possible, then pull it so that there was a gap between the toe and the nail. You wrapped it around the ball of the toe, and over the top. The advice was to leave the bandaid in place for a couple of days, and then repeat after washing.

For me, it worked. The pain from even the bedsheets pressing on the toes didn't happen. So now I am going to get rid of this fungus.

Thanks to all who have helped.

I read somewhere that putting real honey on the nail and wrapping it in gauze twice daily. And that after the third day the nail will start to fall off. Once it does the new nail grows back without the fungus. I am going to try the listerine for a month to see if I see any results, if not then I am going to try the honey.

One toenail started to suffer from slight fungal rot about 18 months ago, did nothing initially, then tried the Scholl fungal treatment - course over approximately 6 months. Seemed to halt the decay, but after weeks of completing, it seemed to restart. I then tried Curanail, but the same result.

Started looking for home remedies online. In desperation I tried soaking the foot for 4 hrs in 50/50 white vinegar and Listerine mixture, each preheated separately. Unfortunately I used the blue Listerine, a mistake as it left the foot a strange bluish colour for almost a week - guess the original brown Listerine is best. During the soaking, I cleaned off the softened fungal damaged nail so that the vinegar-listerine had direct contact with the toe nail base. I had intended to soak the foot again for the same period after a week, but never got around to it.

That was 8 month's ago, and the toe nail is now healthy and funny regrown with no sign of the fungal rot. Cost of the remedy was £6/$10 after wasting over £45/$70 on 'off the shelf' remedies from a pharmacy.

Had one toenail infected for about 10 years, very thick and ugly. Tried ZetaClear for 3 months everyday (which is a mixture of oils, among others: tee tree oil) without any results and it was a bit pricey.

Stumbled across the info about Listerine against nail fungus online but did not have time for long soaks. I have used Listerine everyday for 2 weeks now, soaking a piece of toilet paper with Listerine, putting it on the nail and then wrapping the toe with cling film and leaving it overnight. To keep it in place I´ve slept with a thin pair of cotton socks and left the nail to dry during the day. The nail soon started to fall off (without pain) and I´ve just helped it along with a bit of cleaning and some filing, but not so it would become a wound. I haven´t had the nail this thin in 10 years and I´m really happy with the results, the fungus is clearly disappearing. I thought I had no other option but to take the liver damaging pills, since the nail was very badly infected, but thankfully I did not need to, thanks to Listerine.

Recommend this to those that don´t have much time to soak their feet - let the Listerine work during the night.

I used 50/50 listerine and white vinegar warmed and soaked feet it loosened the fungus under nails so it was easier to remove. I could tell after two treatments my nails started to get healthier. I kept the nails cut to the healthy skin under nail. Also your nail became easier to cut.
White vinegar was used.

I thinking of starting the listerine method, but was hoping I could just "paint" it on, but some are saying they are soaking in it. This sounds awfully expensive...unless you are reusing it each time! those who have been successful with the Listerine, what was your methodology?

I also just painted on. I used half vinegar and half listerine.

The question I posted is, I have a large toe nail that now has 4 nails on it, each at a different length, and are all very yellow, almost orange/brown. Does this mean that it is a fungal infection?

thanks, Karen

Nothing worked for a foot fungus...

So just out of curiosity I tried sulphur power mixed with warm water

I used sulphur on potato seeds in the garden, so I soaked my feet in warm sulphur water for 2 hrs.-- fungus, thick stuff under nails, and little scaly looking things on skin all vanished. Skin looked like new. I had flakes for the garden, but I'll bet powdered sulphur would work too.

I never saw any side effects, but you probably should check with a Dr. I tried
this because sulphur protects seed potatoes from fungus when planting.


First of all - I'm pretty sure that using Vinegar DOES NOT help. Or at least it didn't help me.

I've tried white vinegar and apple cider vinegar, and took pictures of my toe each week to follow any progress.

Though it did help with the discoloration, I saw no real improvement.

Then I came across an article that mentioned baking soda as the most effective treatment for fungus. Fungus thrives in acidic environment (low pH levels), and Baking soda has a pH value of 9 which is considered very high. Any other treatment may work at first, but fungus can adjust to it and become immune. I think fungus cannot adjust to baking soda.

What I did was mix a bit of water with baking soda - just enough so it becomes paste. Then I soaked a cotton ball in it and attached to the infected area using a band-aid. After about a week it seems to have killed the fungus. It's center has become dark and it stopped spreading. Soaks will probably work just as well, I just found the cotton ball solution more convenient.

I am going to continue the treatment until the infected area grows out, and then cut down to once a month just to be safe. So be sure to incorporate baking soda into your treatment! It may very well be the perfect solution to your problem.

Also - if you live near the ocean: Seawater have a relatively high pH value (7.5 to 8.4).
Going to the beach seems like a fun way to get rid of fungus, don't you think? ;)

Good luck everyone!

Can't say how great Listerine/Vicks treatment is. I used this method for approximately 6-7 months. Soaked for 15 minutes each foot every night before bed faithfully. Used cheapest generic for Listerine. Used Vicks sparingly at night and would dab some on when wearing sandals in daytime. Saw results within a few weeks but could tell that fungus was still present and watched as nails grew out. Pink and healthy now. Kept nails trimmed very short. Thank you Peoples Pharmacy and all who have previously commented!

(By the way.....I used same soaking solution for 3 or 4 treatments. Kept it in a snap lid storage container large enough to fit one foot at a time. Sometimes added vinegar but not always because of sharp odor.)

I am finally trying the Listerine/Vinegar. I had tried the Vaporub, with no real results.

I have been using Listerine and vinegar for only about 2 weeks now. I am hopeful that it will work. There is not much nail left because I have had problems with this nail for about 2 years. I still have some of the nail from over a year ago. I'll write back and let you know what happens.


Maybe this could be worded differently.

For last 15 years I have been riding a bicycle to and from work with a shower after both rides so I'm always damp. Have had problems with warts (fixed by freezing) and nail fungus in hands and feet. Over several years tried the various commercial fungus treatments with almost no success. Finally tried Listerine. Had noticeable improvements within weeks and am completely free now. Here is my technique:
1. Clip nails and pull back cuticles when nails are as dry as possible so they will suck in Listerine.
2. Only do the treatment after cutting nails above, for me only once every 2 to 3 weeks.
3. For treatment soak finger tips in about 1 inch deep Listerine for about 1/2 hour while watching TV. I constantly rub the base and flex the nail around in the bottom of the container.
4. Ignore wife and kids protests about the Listerine stink, you will come to like it as your fungus disappears.
5. Pat your hands dry with tissue and go to bed. The stink will only be noticeable to others if they stick their nose in your hands.
6. Don't do anymore treatments till your nails need clipping again.

Part of the key may be the minimum treatment. I have read that fungus doesn't like PH changes, so maybe that helped. In any case you will notice that new nail coming in from the bottom is noticeably fungus free and when it eventually grows the whole nail will be.
After the fungus was completely gone I only do the treatment occasionally.

Have to add that I recently was diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency for which I take 2000IU D3 so that may have helped although the fungus was around at least 10 years before the diagnosis.

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