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Honey & Lemon Juice for Constipation

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Here’s a remedy that goes back generations. We can’t explain or vouch for it…but it has been popular for a long time to promote regularity. A reader shared the following :

"I have always had problems with regularity and recently I read that a teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey mixed in 8 ounces of warm water can act as a cure for constipation. I tried it and it worked.

"I now drink a cup of this concoction every day. I do not use the honey, because I like the tartness of the lemon. I brush my teeth immediately just in case the lemon would affect my enamel."

Brushing your teeth is probably prudent, but rinse your mouth with water and wait at least ten minutes before brushing. Lemon juice can soften enamel temporarily and the scrubbing motion of a toothbrush at that time could damage it.

  • Currently 3.4/5
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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this remedy work? Average rating: 3.4/5 (234 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
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I have a question - do you drink this in the morning or at night, or does it matter?

I've tried this twice...although it's very tastey, it hasn't worked for me so far...

i drink lemon concentrate for gout. It seems to work.

My Grandmother drank the juice of one lemon to which she addded an equal amount of hot water every morning. I do not remember if she sweetened it, but I am doubtful that she did.
She then used the lemon peel to wash her face. She was not only regular but also had a very clear complexion.

I squeeze a whole lemon in 3-4 oz. of lukewarm water in the morning. Works like a charm!
Have a good day!

Two things have worked for me. One remedy was to drink a glass of water as warm as I could stand it, first thing every morning. This took about a week to take effect, but promoted regularity. It worked great, but I had trouble continuing this, because the glass of warm water sometimes made me feel nauseous.
A second remedy that I discovered when I was pregnant was to drink a tall glass of orange juice on an empty stomach. I had insomnia, so I was always up in the middle of the night (empty stomach) and (in case the brand matters) I was drinking Tropicana OJ with calcium.

I don't know why but it seems that for me, drinking more fluids with meals has absolutely NO impact, but orange juice on an empty stomach always helps. May take a couple of days to get things moving, but definitely beats system upset from a laxative. The kids are in school now, but I still use this remedy when things slow down.

I think this is very effective. I use lemon juice and honey both 1tbsp in lukewarm water every morning, and it has got benefits. For constipation, make sure it's taken early in the morning before your breakfast.

I often put the juice of one lemon in a cup (between 4oz-8oz) of hot water, and drink it on an empty stomach and wait an hour before eating. It does create regularity, but I know it is also great for overall health. Thanks for the info on rinsing with water and waiting 10 min to brush. I've read it is good to mix lemon or lime with baking soda added to water on an empty stomach. But I after a while, I started putting on weight, and I think it was from the baking soda. Now I just drink it by itself. I think it is a great health drink. Thanks.

I drink a glass of Juicy Juice when constipated. It sometimes takes just a few ounces. I've been using it for my kids since they were babies. I think because it is 100% juice. Works like a charm!

1 spoon Lemon juice & 1 spoon honey mixed in luke warm water and taken on empty stomach every morning will cut fat, cleans your system, brings shine to your eyes and skin. In some Asian countries this is a daily ritual. I think everyone should try it because it is a natural home remedy, but please keep in mind that natural things take some time to show effects.

does it really work bcs i have the same prob and too want to reduce my waist size.

What always works for me is a tsp of apple cider vinegar, tsp of honey mixed with water and heated like tea. Doesn't sound good, but you can make it to suit your taste by adding a little more honey. Plus it helps control your weight.

Try a good ole glass of warm apple juice .

A warning for readers: you should NEVER brush your teeth directly after drinking lemon juice (or any other acidic substances). The lemon juice does weaken the enamel coating on the teeth; if you then brush right afterwards you are essentially brushing off enamel the weakened enamel (this will accelerate any damage to the enamel coating). It is better to rinse out the mouth with a non water or milk and brush teeth only after a few hours.

I've found the same results when drinking a dilution of apple cider vinegar, honey and water: 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 tsp to 1 Tbs of apple cider vinegar and 8 to 16 oz of water. Constipation was not an issue for me - I was drinking this for relief from allergy symptoms. Was very surprised at the laxative effect!

This is an extremely helpful remedy. My mom has been giving me lemon and honey since I was a young girl. Have it on an empty stomach, first thing and wait for an hour before eating. It is great for digestion, weight loss, regularity etc. There are times when I get lazy in the mornings and don't have it and I always regret it.

I am a dental hygiene student and just last week our teacher told us that after you throw up or drink lemon juice (which both creates an acidic environment in your mouth), instead of just using water to rinse, it is more efficient to neutralize the acidic environment by rinsing with baking soda mixed with water (which is an alkaline solution)...just rinse, no need to swallow.

How about protecting our teeth by using a straw to drink the lemon and honey juice? Is that workable? I have been thinking of it.

I put lemon juice in my water everyday for two weeks now and I am becoming constipated. So no, it does not make me want to have a bowel movement if anything I am running because of frequent need to urinate! Flushing my kidneys.

My 15 month old son has been constipated for 3 days and doing research on the net I came across this honey water remedy and it worked within minutes he had such a large stool that I don't know what else would have worked. 1 tsp of honey to 6 oz of water he only drank half before he was pushing it out. Thank God he finally got some relief.

Real Lemon Juice should be used, the ones in the cute plastic lemon shape contain sulfides; some folks may be allergic to sulfides.

I did a full tablespoon of just regular honey last night because I had read somewhere that it would help me get regulated... literally within 30 minutes I was delivered.. I've heard if your going to do lemon juice it should be from a fresh lemon first thing in the morning in warm water.. I'm not sure how much of either though but I would stay away from the lemon juice "pre-squeezed" like in the picture above.

Is it alright to drink coffee after drinking the lemon juice and water? Or, do you need to wait 1 hr. before putting anything else in your stomach?

Thanks for helpful info!

I have a constipation problem but when I read this article and I used it first time, you will not believe me I went to toilet after taking this remedy and I did lot of potty. And get also relax. It is very useful and I think you should try it. And also cheap.

I've been constantly searching for a constipation remedy and heard this solution would work. I tried it and did not see much results as quickly as others have. It took me after a full day until I got relief and I don't believe it is because of this solution. I had also been having gas problems and was hoping maybe taking this regularly would help but again was dissatisfied. Well, everyone is unique. We all have different bacterias inside our colon and honey and lemon mixture with my bacterias just didn't cut it.

Everyday I drink 1 1/2 ltrs of water first thing morning immediately after wakeup. But still I am suffering with constipation. If I start to drink this remedy of honey and lemon mixed water, is it okay to drink more water of 1 ltr after this, or should I have to stop taking more water?

Before, I used to drink a cup of coffee immediately after taking the 1 1/2 ltr water, which was giving me bowel movement and relief from constipation, but now I stopped this, to avoid coffee in early morning.

Are there any other remedies which can be taken in day time or night before sleep?

Try high fiber cereal for breakfast or night snack. Drink hot water with lemon or tea with honey and lemon; it helped me and hope it will work for you too.

I had a cup of water, honey, and lemon yesterday afternoon for a sore throat and this morning 12 hours later had an unusual amount of bowel movements. I didn't know that this was a constipation cure I actually found out by looking up the ingredients of my sore throat tea. I would say it definitely works! I made mine with a coffee cup full of hot (boiled) water added 2 teaspoons of raw local honey and two slices of lemon and let it seep 15 minutes. Good luck!!

I've been constipated for 38 years, following a serious motor cell brain injury, the month-long coma it put me in and the 3 months spent in a Rehab. facility learning to walk, talk and use my left hand (a little bit) again as the result of being a passenger in a bad auto accident. Over the past nearly 4 decades I've tried many things I've tried to keep on the mild side. I started with the stool softener sulfasuccinate and continued with it since I often go a week or more without a bowel movement, When I've Got to have one, an 8 to 10oz. glass of prune juice always works, but I have trouble walking so it takes a while to make it to the bathroom and prune juice doesn't give one long.

I find that coffee (by the gallon) works best in combination with the sulfasuccinate - at least over the long term, plus it wakes me up in the morning. Lately, I've turned to probiotic yogurt like Activia(tm), but need to eat it every night, but I'll do anything I'm physically capable of rather than have to use chemical laxatives on a regular basis. If I was able to run or even walk without pain and damaging my joints and muscles, I'm sure that would help, but my hemiparesis prevents that and almost all exercise, so I'm sticking with sulfasuccinate, coffee and probiotic yogurt, though I think the probiotic pills would be easier to regulate and not spoil like the yogurt.

I read about the pills in Consumer Reports, but lost that issue before trying them. Alas,
tutorjb1 - JB :)

Hi TWL: You should ask DT, the dental hygiene student whose post is just above (before?) yours. I'd be interested in the "straw-proposal" as well, but don't know if I'll be back or not.

Please if you are going to do this on a regular basis, use fresh preferably organic lemons, not the bottled stuff as shown in the picture. Also, do not put a toothbrush or paste in your mouth within 30 mins. The toothpaste and brush will damage your enamel.

Organic fresh lemons, unfiltered unpasteurized apple juice and a splash of pure unfiltered apple cider vinegar...will keep your system in tip top condition.
Good luck and enjoy

Oh, those with allergies...take a spoonful of "local" honey, honey that was harvested from your area. It will build up an your resistance to allergies.

Yes lemon juice and honey work like a charm. I mixed a small lemon juice bottle and honey in a gallon of water and drank throughout the day. The next day, I was clean as a whistle.

I just saw your comment today, but better late than never. If the pills you want to find were in the Consumer Reports magazine, you can find their website and either a telephone number or e-mail address that you could call or write to and ask the name of the pills. If the pills were a product they tested, they will have those records, for sure. I don't think that the magazine accepts any advertising, but if this was an advertisement, they probably have records of that also.

May luck be with you!

WooooW WooooW I remember last week sunday after church I got into a Chinese shop and I was asking the Chinese guy about constipation tea, I bought a box of some tea called intestine & stomach soothing tea. One lady was behind me. When I left the shop she followed me, she stopped and said for constipation please use honey, lemon and brown sugar on warm water first thing in the morning. The next morning I decided to just use lemon and honey and I was free that same day. It's been day I'm using this concoction and it works... it's a miracle.

honey and lemon juice with warm water first thing in the morning does work for me like a charm for the very first day. When I started I was 175 pound after a month I saw result cause I lost 20 pound of my weight... honey, lemon juice with warm water early in the morning before breakfast.. and wait at least an hour before the worked for me, it can work yofor u too...try it.

2 months before I had annal fissure surgery. so plz kindly inform me, can I use honey with warm water for constipation & weight loss.

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