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Duct Tape for Getting Rid of Warts

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Research on duct tape was published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine (Oct. 2002). Parents were told to cover the wart with a piece of duct tape for six days. If it fell off, they were to replace it. At the end of the six days, they removed the tape, soaked the wart in warm water and then filed it down with an emery board. The duct tape was replaced the following day and the process was repeated for two months or until the wart disappeared. In this study, 85 percent of the children treated with duct tape were cured. Most warts disappeared within the first month. In fact, the study found that duct tape worked better than freezing warts off.

There are many other remedies for warts, including banana peel, castor oil or turmeric. Search for "warts" on this website to find something that appeals to you.

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  • Currently 3.4/5
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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this remedy work? Average rating: 3.4/5 (481 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I will try your home remedy for removing a wart with duct tape and keep you informed. I hope it will work as It is very sore and is between my toes and at times very painful to walk. Thank you Jay

My son had a wart on his foot. The doctor suggested duct tape and then freezing off what would be left of the wart. I sprinkled a little sulpher powder on the wart and duct taped it. I replaced the sulphur powder and duct tape every day or so. The wart completely disappeared in about two filing or freezing needed.

I had a wart near my ankle and decided to try the duct tape treatment. I cut a small piece of duct tape each morning and after my shower, stuck it over the wart. I did this every day for three weeks. I noticed the top "layer" of the wart seemed to come off each time I removed the tape. When the wart was quite smooth, I filed it gently with an emory board and it bled a little. Then I forgot about it. Three weeks later, I looked for the wart and it was GONE! Duct tape worked for me!

40 years ago when taking typing class in school, I developed a painful wart on the pad of my little finger. Because I needed to use the finger, I covered it with layers of thick old-fashioned adhesive tape. This not only dulled the prick felt when hitting the typewriter key, but the wart disappeared! I always assumed it was a lack of oxygen that caused its demise....only a guess.

I had a wart on my finger for 15 years. Dr's said they could cut if off. My Mother told me of an old gypsy remedy, but I would never try it. One day I argued with her and in an effort to prove her wrong I decided to use the remedy because I "knew" it wouldn't work. Well, within 2 weeks the wart was gone.

It is: take a potato cut a slice, rub the white part on to the wart, then go bury the potato in the yard. Supposedly if, later, you dig up the potato it will have grown the wart on it.

This did work. My Mom was right.

My daughter used the duct tape remedy for plantar warts on the soles of her feet last year. She kept it up for 1-2 months, as I remember, and the warts slowly began the process of completely disappearing. She was very diligent about reapplying the tape daily, after showering. (She removed the tape before showering). We could see the progress in the first week or so, which encouraged her to persist.

I had a painful plantar wart on the bottom of my foot and tried the duct tape method. I was pleasantly surprised to see it drying and coming off bit by bit as I replaced the tape daily. In about three weeks the wart was completely gone.

I've since used this method on a callous which worked too.

I've recommended this simple, cheap and painless procedure to family and friends who have also found it to be successful.

Not surprising--my old-school pediatrician told me once that the fastest way to get rid of a wart is to deprive it of oxygen--I don't use duct tape but will use Neosporin and a good Bandaid that will cover it for about a week. That is enough to kill it and it will eventually come off/out and the skin around it will heal. Done this more over the years than once with no re-occurrence.

The duct tape not only worked on my husband's warts (feet) but on my elderly mother's corns as well.

I am nearing 73 and have some small warts that I intend to try the duct tape on. However, when I was around 13 years old, I had a couple warts on my right knee. I would take a hot bath and afterwards rub it with a small rasp until it bled a bit; then I applied iodine which was very strong back then. They dried and fell off.

I had a plantar wart and had tried all the treatment options from the store. I was desperate as it was very painful. I heard of this and tried it. To my amazement, it worked and quickly. The wart has never come back!! Yeah!!

I haven't tried this yet, but I don't think my son could keep it on long enough. I went to the GNC store and looked this up in a book and it said to take one garlic gel cap a day and take another one, break it open and put on warts. I did this for one week and his warts were gone. I put it on before bed and used a bandaid, or in his case a sock, over his hand. Also it says drink oj so you don't get the taste when you burp later. I used odorless garlic.

For seven years I had some plantar warts on both of my feet (on heels). Over the years a couple of warts became 8 warts. For 2 years every 2 months I went to a dermatologist who cut away and froze the warts which was extremely painful. Two different dermatologists said this would eventually rid me of the warts. In between I was told to use an otc topical acid for warts and a bandage I believe was called mole skin. This did not work. When I saw a story in my local newspaper way before I saw it in your column about using duct tape to remove warts on children, I decided to try it. I kept the tape on both heels for 1 week straight never changing it until the week was up. After the 2nd week to my surprise the warts were gone. And they never came back.

I have a callous on the bottom of my foot, the result of a sweat gland that stopped working. I was told by my DPM
it would be recurrent. It is quite painful. Duct tape? Why not? Certainly worth a try. If it works you'll be the first to know!

Hurray! It took only a couple of weeks to remove an ugly wart on my toe. I changed the tape after two days because it got wet in the shower and got loose. I am really happy for it, and I will tell others, too, what it did for me. Thanks for all the information. I check the site every week and help others to have a better and less expensive life.

Son of a gun! It worked! I had a wart on my arm for years. I tried and it worked... Who would have thought it.

My husband has had a wart on his eyelid for the 27 years we've been married. It has gotten bigger, but not hideously large. Has anyone had this problem and used a small piece of duct tape on it?

When I was in my late twenties I developed a very deeply embedded, plantars' wart on the bottom of my heel. I had never seen one before, and didn't know what it was or what to do. When it grew to the point that I could no longer bear weight on that part of my foot I went to a podiatrist. By this point, there was a second wart starting to form near the original one. He surgically removed both, then (seriously) told me "not to think about it" or it would increase the risk of having the warts grow back. I recall that he was an elderly physician. I find it extremely interesting that the mind/body connection is so vehemently accepted regarding warts, considering that there is usually so much resistance about it in the medical community.

My husband HAD a problem with warts. He did the over-the-counter thing and even went to the dermatologist to have them burned off. Those solutions did NOT work. Duct tape WORKED. Absolutely. He did that five years ago and they've never come back.

I've had plantar warts for about 7 years and I've tried everything to get rid of them because it hurts every time I walked. I couldn't afford surgery either. Now I'm trying out the duct tape method to see if it works. I'll let you know if it does. So far so good.

I have about 15 Warts on my hand.
How do i get them to go away?

when I was younger I had a wart on my pinkie knuckle and another on my thumb, all around the nail (a mosaic wart, it was called). I went to the doctor every week to have them treated, and they were left bleeding, swollen and painful, and as soon as they stopped bleeding and oozing, it was time to get them treated again. I suspect they never healed because I also had a chronic staph infection and impetigo, crappy immune system.

My regular doctor went on vacation and the substitute doctor heard the history of the warts and suggested tea tree oil. We got some, put it on, and, BAM! the warts were completely gone within a week. Tea tree oil also cured my chronic nosebleeds, healed my various persistent cuts and sores. It really is some crazy stuff.

My brother had a wart on his foot when he was a kid. Mom taped a banana peel to it every day and after a week or so it fell off. I think the lack of oxygen combined with the alkalization probably did it.

My teenage daughter developed a large plantars wart on the sole of her foot. She wasn't very persistant about using the duct tape because it bothered her. Our doctor said that another patient absolutely swore by increased daily doses of Vitamin A but he hadn't seen any reports about it. Simple enough to do though, so we tried it. Again, kind of sporadic committment to taking it daily, but after a year it is gone. Not sure if it's directly related, but it might be worth a try if you can't keep the duct tape on the area.

Oh how I wish I had heard about this 25 years ago. I had a chemotherapy agent injected into my heel for plantar (foot) warts that multiplied like crazy. It was about a 2" x 2" area of solid wart mass. Totally gross. Four people had to lay across my legs to keep me still while this was done and then I spent days on the couch with ice packs on my foot while this chemical took action. I had bruising and swelling beyond belief. This porocedure didn't work the first time and I had to have it done a 2nd time. I was 12 - I contracted the warts from a pool locker room.

TRY the duct tape when you first see the thing and see if it works!!

I had a great uncle (the seventh boy of 7 children) who was able to remove warts from others just by touching them. Am wondering if his skin oils (or saliva) had something to do with it.

Sorry it didn't pass down to me.

I had a wart on the palm of my hand since childhood. About 15 years ago in my 40's I developed a wart on my index finger of the same hand. I read an Ann Landers article about the banana peel. For about 3 weeks I would rub the inside of the peel on the index finger 3 times a day. I would keep the peel in a zip bag each day and place it in the fridge, starting with a new peel each day. In about 3 weeks not only the wart on the index finger was gone but so was the one on the palm of my hand which I didn't even treat with the banana peel. They never came back. I think the one on the palm was the "root" wart. I am always looking for the natural cure.

This remedy worked for me as well. But I stubbled across this method of removal quite by accident long before. I'm glad to see it here because it is a much nicer, less painful way to get rid of warts. The tape was so effective that it disapeared within one week and never came back.

I read in my daughter's microbiology book that warts (viruses) are sensitive to temperature extremes and changes in acidity. I found this interesting and it may explain why cider and other poultices work. I have two stubborn warts on my thumbs that are not budging. ):

I had plantar warts on my left foot for several years. They weren't particularly bothersome but when I read about duct tape cure I tried it. It didn't take long! They are gone!

I will have to try the duct tape. Good recommendation. My son had warts on his hands that wouldn't go away. His doctor recommended that I try Pedifix Wart Stick to get rid of the warts. It actually worked, it took a few weeks of course, but it worked. I hope this helps. I will have to try the duct tape if the warts come back.

I found that occluding a wart with cyanoacrylate cement (Crazy Glue, etc) seemed more effective than duct tape, and was more convenient (doesn't come off so easily or get caught on things; also, you don't have to cut the little piece of tape).

I'm 68 years old. When I was about 10 I had an ugly wart on the side of my hand (had had it for about two years). My grandmother told me, every morning when I woke (before I ate or drank anything) to spit on the wart and let it dry. That son-of-a-gun got smaller and smaller until about a month later it was completely gone!

I had several plantar warts on my foot 8 years ago. The first 2 years I tried otc remedies that didn't work. After much frustration, went to see the Doctor about these warts. He burned/froze them off over a period of several months. They seemed to go away for a while, but a few months later they came back. I had heard of the duct tape solution. I tried it for about 6 months. It would seem to get better or even disappear, but they always came back. The same 5 warts in the exact same spot. What now? Any other ideas? They can get painful at times.

Warts will often respond to an application of plain-Jane household vinegar applied 2 or 3 times daily with a Q-tip, the last at may take a week, but be diligent.

For about 5 years, I had this horrendous plantar wart on my big toe of my left foot. I had it frozen off at least a dozen times, I used this silly ointment that looked like clear nail polish, and once, my dad even tried to fry it off with a match (that was just blown out, of course!).

This stupid wart would NOT budge. All it ever did was blister and then get bigger. It was awful. Then, my swim coach told me to put duct tape on it every day until it went away. I put duct tape on my foot every day for 6 months, and guess what happened? Not a damn thing. My wart became softer, but it was still there.

I eventually had to have it lasered out of my foot (*OUCH*) and there is a LOT of nerve damage to that part of my foot. I think that this duct tape method may work for some (depending on your body), but it's definitely not a miracle cure.

I haven't used this method before but I did hear that your own urine cures warts.

What you have to do is take a Q-tip and hold it in the stream of the pee then apply to warts and then put a bandaid on it, repeat daily and in a week or two the wart should be gone!(the first pee of the day is the best)


I've heard about duct tape and decided to give it a go. I bought some today and stuck it on but unfortunately it is slipping off! My hands are totally dry and so I'm reapplying more but It's only been few hours, do i need to use stronger tape? There was only one duct tape available in my hardware store, i didn't think they came in various strengths!
Any advise would be appreciated!


Has anyone ever heard of using iodine on age spots?
Some of the spots seem to grow and get dry and rough.
I am trying it and they seem to get smaller.

My 4 years old daughter has had 2 plantar warts on her feet for about 6 months (I had no idea they were one else has them...started out as a blister...I thought from dance). I took her to the doctor, and they froze it off. It started looking better after a week, but sure enough, they came right back and MORE seemed to be growing around it! YUCK!

Anyway, I have been using duct tape for about 3 days. Within the first day, the top layer came off...the second day, the entire wart came off (of one) and the smaller ones have disappeared. The large one is still there, but has improved. I have read so many testimonials about it taking several weeks/months, and we have had improvement almost immediately (no filing/scraping a matter of fact, the tape always comes off, so she has only had it on her feet for maybe a total of 12 hours). I'm sure the last one will be gone in a few more days!!!! :-)

I have a wart on my left heel. It's the first time for me. My doctor too recommended the duct tape process but to no avail. There has been no relief for me. I work in the subways and walk a lot on uneven surfaces. Is this why I'm having no good results from using the docs duct tape remedy? Need help in addition, the pain is unbearable. Walking is not a good thing for the past month.

Prom was about 2 1/2 weeks ago and I ended up taking my shoes off to dance. I believe this is how I got a wart on the side of my third toe. I left it alone for a few days because I believed that it was just a blister or something and it would go away. But it soon became painful to walk on. I tried some wart bandages that had a little spot of some acid on them and all they did was destroy the skin AROUND the wart.

I've tried filing it to remove dead peeling skin and it was looking slightly better. I started the duct tape method about a week ago and some of the wart seems to come off every time I replace the tape. I'm starting to think that my toe is going to be permanently scarred from this ordeal but hey, it's a toe. Its not my face or something. I think that Duct tape is being very effective!

I have plantar warts EVERYWHERE on the soles of my feet and I had my doctor freeze them, which only put me in horrible pain and didn't help at all. I had been putting duct tape on my feet for a while, but I stopped because I had gotten distracted and just gave up. I have started again and have been doing it for a few days now. But I have been taking it off when I wake up. I will do ANYTHING to get rid of them, so THANK YOU so much! I am going to keep it on for 6 days straight or longer, however long it takes for them to go away.

I have a wart on my right thumb that has been there ever since I was 9. I will be turning 13 this September. I keep cutting the wart off but it keeps growing back! Will the duct tape method work? Someone please answer me!

I have a wart on my head & I am using the duct tape method & it already feels better. But is duct tape for all warts? or only for feet?

I had 13 warts on my hands when I was around 14. They appeared on my hands one year around then. I heard that the black garden variety slug without a shell worked against warts. So I sat behind the house with the slugs and kept making them slide across my warts. After a short time the warts all disappeared. I was glad.

Now my son is four and has a couple warts. There are no more slugs around the area where we live now, in the north of Ibiza, Spain. So we tried freezing spray from the pharmacy. We'll see. But the Apple Cider Vinegar sounds great, and I also once used slices of garlic under a plaster for a couple weeks (Garlic is a natural antibiotic).

I believe the glue on the duct tape has a dissolving effect on the warts in addition to starving it of Oxygen. Just shows many simple things work against warts aside from the far fetched main stream pharmaceutical rubbish which works no better. My black slug remedy works-- its something in the slugs silver trail that has the wart killing effect.

SL please quit cutting on the wart! Ask parents to buy you a roll of duct tape. Try to keep wart covered with tape. Change tape daily, after shower.

If you don't want to wear tape at school, just apply when at home.

Also ask parents to buy you a bottle of Zinc tablets. You may buy them at wal-mart or a vitamin store. Take 1 tablet daily. The zinc remedy cured my son of a few warts.
Any of the ideas mentioned duct tape, lemon rind, or banana peel will work for you. good luck.

I had a wart or two starting in my teens on my finger. They usually go away after treatment with cheap over the counter medicine. How painful. I now have several small ones on my face. I'm somewhat desperate and trying this duct tape at night. Tt's so ghastly. I hope nobody knocks on my door while the tape is on. So far, it's better. I went to a dermatologist he ran in for about 60 seconds and said I had flat harmless natural skin lesions and some enlarged oil glands. He could treat the oil glands individually with laser for $1,000 each.

Well, I can't afford that. He left with his bleached blonde nurse on his arm. I'm going to continue the duct tape and pray. Ya'll pray for me if you believe in prayer.

I had warts all over my hands--on nearly every side of every fingernail, dime-sized warts on my palms, on the insides of my fingers... I first had to apply a prescription strength sal. acid on them, then had them frozen off. The worst part of the freezing was having a numbing agent injected at the base of my fingernails! The resulting blisters were a bloody mess, but the process worked. I still remember getting sent home with a scalpel blade--which I assumed was for cutting out the warts--and having ribbons of blood hanging from my hands, dripping into the sink. Trying to cut the tiny roots that still held the large warts in place was too painful, and I gave up.

Years later, I have a recurrence of warts on my hands and found acid and over-the-counter freezing to be long and not effective: Duct tape made the warts fade away in days.

I am 13 years old and have a small wart on my leg (middle thigh).
I am going to use duck tape for a long time, I think it will work!
Before I put the duck tape on, should I put some vinegar or aloe on the wart?

I started getting warts on my hands when I was about 12 or 13. It started on my palm, then a new one grew on my little finger where it would touch the first one when I made a fist. At one point I had five of them. I tried Salicylic acid- it hurt, and just seemed to make them worse.

The same thing happened when I had them frozen off- just it hurt. A lot. I gave that up when I was in college after one particular treatment gave me two blisters the size and color of red grapes and left scars the size of a penny and a dime. On the bright side, those two (out of five) went away. On the not so bright side, I had minor nerve damage, had to have one of the blisters lanced so that I could move my wrist without excruciating pain, and had strangers giving me some really awkward looks (the doc put a big bandage around my wrist that made me look like I'd slit my wrist).

I figured that as annoying as they were, the warts weren't worth that much trouble, so I ignored them for two years. When I was around twenty, though, some new ones started to form, sadly on my other hand.

I'd just decided to go to medical school, and had just bought some tools for biology, so I took matters into my own hands. I took a fresh scalpel blade and very carefully shaved off the top of each wart, just getting rid of the build up, not cutting deep enough for me to bleed, or even to feel it, and carefully disinfected the blade in alcohol between warts (there's over 40 types of wart causing viruses, and I didn't want to cross contaminate, just in case they were different warts.) Then I put some neosporin and a bandaid over each of them. The next day I would take off the bandaid, clean off each spot with alcohol, and wait an hour or so for them to dry before repeating the process. One time, about a week into it, I shaved a bit too deeply- not enough to actively bleed, but enough for it to sting a bit. I bandaged it up, and kept going.

After a week, I noticed that they were starting to get dryer. After about two weeks, the newest, most worrisome wart (it was on my nailfold) flaked off when I was shaving it down, leaving a smooth, shallow pit with no fingerprint lines on it, but none of the discontinuity that warts show. After about four weeks, they were all gone.
I'd even had a few warts starting up on my feet- they disappeared as well. I'd had warts for almost eight years, and finally, they were gone. No more warts, for two years.

I'm not sure what finally fixed them. Maybe I grew out of them (it happens pretty often), maybe the neosporin and bandaid starved them of oxygen, maybe by slicing off the top layer of wart I irritated my skin enough that my immune system activated, recognized the virus, and started killing it. I'm hoping that was it (so that I don't have to deal with it again.)

Both my son (when he was seven) and grandson developed plantar warts on their feet. I applied a small piece of cotton soaked in Castor Oil to the wart, then covered with gauze and tape each night before bed, and again in the morning before school. After a few days, the wart would begin to turn black. I would have them start soaking their foot for 20 minutes or so each evening before the wart treatment. After two to four weeks the 'core' fell out, leaving nothing but a hole behind.

With my son, the wart never returned, with my grandson, fingers crossed, as it was only a few days ago. My other grandson has common warts on his fingers. The doctor put beetle juice on them - saying he would probably need three or four more treatments for complete removal.

After spending over $100 for this surgical procedure, I think I'll try and convince my daughter to try the same thing on the 'common warts'

I've had a planter's wart on the bottom of my foot, painful indeed. I am an RN and had one of the orthopedic docs look at it and here is what he suggested: Eat a banana and take the INSIDE of the peel, cut a piece off and place it against the wart. I taped mine on and ruined quite a few pair of socks. I changed it twice a day and wore it through the night as well.

He said the greener bananas work a little better than the ripe. I have to say that I was skeptical but the other options sounded much worse. Bananas are acidic and the work slowly, mine took about three weeks. I have to tell you that that wart disappeared and has never returned. I have had patients that go through the chemical treatment and have had many failures. Go ahead and eat the banana, they're good for you! Hope this helps, I know it's a little unorthodox, but it really works if you're patient.

happy feet now!


I discovered a 1mm wart on the back of my thumb (I truly detest warts). I thought the idea of applying duct tape seemed like a weird myth, I thought how could it possibly work, but looking more into it and seeing how doctors who tested it noted that it appeared to be quite effective...

I thought what the heck why not try it (and reasoned covering it would probably prevent the wart from spreading in any case). So I decided to test it out. I'd cut a tiny quarter inch square piece of duct tape and always left it on until I had to take a shower or the tape started to come off, then I would wash it with dish soap, afterward pad it dry with a piece of tissue paper and re apply another quarter inch small square of duct tape over it.

Avoided otherwise rubbing it or getting it wet etc. After two weeks quite noticeably flatter and smaller?! After about probably a little more than a month... it's gone?! YAY IT'S GONE! (I will post again if it reappears/reoccurs). Also, during the 'treatment' there was two times that for about a day I applied a tiny clear piece of scotch tape instead of duct tape if I had to go to a meeting or a wedding etc, since isn't as noticeable (duct tape on my finger makes me feel a bit like a tin hat man lol).

I did it for a little longer than a month, I just made a habit of always keeping a piece of duct tape on it. I'm trying to guess possible reasons duct tape might work… Inducing local immune defense irritating the skin or something? Lack of oxygen to the wart? Some sort of chemical that makes the duct tape stick? Lifting off virus/dead skin cells? Maybe a combination of reasons? Who freaking knows. But in my little tryout test it freaking worked! I'm just happy the wart is gone!

I am reading all these comments and I am pretty sure that the duck tape remedy only works on plantar warts. I am trying it. I am hoping that it will work. I am not sure that it is a plantar wart.

Bye, Taylor

Been looking online for information on how to get rid of warts. This is the first time I hear about using duct tape as a home remedy for warts.

Did the wart come off your finger? I was a little confused about that..

My daughter has had warts on her fingers for a long time. We have tried the OTC liquids as well as going to the pediatrician to have them frozen off which is very painful for her. My mother in law saw this article suggesting duct tape covering a small piece of cotton ball with apple cider vinegar on it. We have been trying this for about a week and a half now and wouldn't you know, the wart is gone. GONE! She is so excited and happy that it's gone and so am I!! Requires no filing or bleeding (or she wouldn't have done it) We just changed the duct tape and cotton ball when they got wet to make sure that we didn't wash away the vinegar.

I had flat warts on my face. I saw this solution of applying duct tape. But in my case it was difficult as the warts were spread all across my throat and under my chin. Some places on my cheeks.

I would have looked horrible with duct tape all over my face. So I decided to go for aloe Vera gel. I cleaned my face with whiskey( Alcohol) daily and applied Aloe-vera gel on my face twice daily. It was gone in 3 weeks. One wart is still left, that's on my arm. I'll try the duct tape for it now and let you know.

My daughter has a planters wart just above her sole on the bottom of her right foot. We applied a 1" x 1" piece of duct tape on it tonight (8/12/2011). I told her to reapply a piece right away if it falls off. We are going to try this duct tape method and I'll let you know what happens. I'm hoping this works, as she really doesn't want to go to the Dr. to get it treated. The wart is really getting bigger. She says it doesn't bother her while she walks or runs, but it's gotten bigger since the last time I looked at it a couple weeks back. Crossing my fingers. Like I said, I'll let you all know.

For a planter's wart, worked beautifully. My doctor confirmed this is a common and effective treatment for planter's warts.

I have 2 warts on my right foot at the bottom and I hope the duct tape I buy today will work... I've had these warts for too long.

I had severe plantars warts for over three years. Duct tape completely cured then in three months. It was well worth the hassle of taping my feet every day.

Some time ago, I discovered a wart on my index finger. At first I didn't pay much attention to it, it was so tiny! But as I kept picking on it, the wart grew and became annoying.

Of course, I tried to get rid of it. Trips to a pharmacy provided abundant solutions: salicylic acid, medicated disks, freeze off bottles (don't even think about wasting your money on those). So I diligently followed the directions and applied those products daily, bandaged my finger and prevented water from getting to the wart. I was stubborn and kept doing this for months. In the meantime my wart was feeling very and very well as it doubled it's size couple of times and devoured the otherwise healthy skin around it.

Then, I read about duct tape. So all over-the-counter products were mercilessly sent to the wastebasket and I wore back, blue or silver sticky pieces of tape on my poor wart-violated finger. I can say it benefited me less that music lessons would benefit a hamster. Every evening when I changed my colorful duct tape, the wart would smile at me a fat and healthy smile, at time I even thought I saw a sticking tongue... In reality I was very discouraged, so I quit doing anything to the wart, and tried to set an appointment with a dermatologist. The clinics the I contacted had a minimum wait list of 3 months (thankfully!) and I began to think that I am destined to nurture the stupid wart forever, for better or for worse... By that time the age of wart was well into 8 months.

Finally, my husband decided to take matters into his own manly hands. He went down to the basement and came back with... no, not a chainsaw, but apple vinegar and some more duct tape. He soaked a piece of cotton (just the size of the wart) in vinegar and duct taped my finger. He wrapped it so well that half of my hand was covered and I could barely move it, but he was very satisfied with the result of his efforts and made me promise that under no circumstances should I remove the tape. I agreed and we went to sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night because of throbbing pain. My finger was hurting so bad that I couldn't fall back asleep. Even after I tore off the tape, it didn't relieve the pain. In the morning, I noticed that edges of the wart turned black. I couldn't reapply the vinegar treatment until 2 days later when the pain ceased. It hurt again, not as much as the first time, but I had to remove the vinegar bandage again after couple of hours of its application.

And that's it. The wart turned completely black, and today, five days after we first tried the vinegar, I just scraped the black, fleshy and dead body of the wart completely off my finger. Hopefully, forever.

Wart, you shall not be missed!

I'm going to try this duct tape thing... I've had my warts burned off twice.. I was getting married and wanted them off.. of course they are on my wedding finger... Doctor said that stress makes them spread... funny, not on the other hand..Now I have 7. The last doctor that burned them off, told me to continue with those stupid medicated pads... he also suggested duct tape.. I'm starting that tonight. I'll keep you posted..wish me luck..

To make duct tape stick to your skin, apply a piece of duct tape and then remove immediately. Then reapply a new piece of duct tape. The first application removes the surface oils so that the second time you apply the tape it will stick to your skin. It will even stick if you sweat.

Have you tried the duct tape on your husbands eyelids, has it worked?? Please advise ... thanks.

I haven't tried this one but I will try this on my 3 year old if she doesn't take the tape off it will hopefully work...but I have a wart on my knee for a year and some change and I looked up online what to do and someone said put clear nail polish and I did it for like 3 weeks and it fell off but I had to peel it off once it was real soft then I would reapply the nail polish but it worked.... btw I can't use nail polish for my daughter because she wont let me peel it off or even touch it!! any ideas on what to tell a 3 year old about not touching the tape????

I had always heard using that using clear fingernail polish, covering not only the wart but a small area around the wart, thus insuring that air doesn't get in under a corner of the dried polish, put on in several coats will deprive the wart of oxygen. Right now, I have a JUST emerging wart that I have promptly covered with clear nail polish in three coats, allowing each to dry between. Don't pick the polish, and it will actually stay for several days, reapplying as the small cover for the wart wears or pulls away. Remove it entirely after two or three days and repeat. I think it works pretty much with the same concept as duct tape---- deprive it of oxygen.

I have had duct tape on my foot for a few days now (only removed to shower and then replaced with a new piece) and so far nothing has happened to the wart. I will keep you posted.

Well, it is now 12/22/2011. On August 12, 2011, if you read above where I reported on 8/12/2011, my daughter started the duct tape treatment. She would apply the duct tape on a daily basis to the bottom of her foot. She had a planter's wart that was in the middle of her foot right above the sole. Well, after 4 months of applying an over-sized (3"x3") piece of duct tape, the WART IS NOW GONE!

Be prepared for stinky feet though. It was unbearable at times. I just told her to go wash her feet in the bathtub. But everyone is happy now in this household and we got it done for the cost of a roll of duct tape. It works everyone. Whatever you do, just be patient with it! Keep doing it and they will disappear. When it doesn't seem to be doing anything is when you need to keep doing it.

I had 6 nasty huge warts on my hand. I put tea tree oil on them for a month. The last one just came off!

I have been using duct tape on my foot (only taking off to shower and then replacing with a new piece of tape) for about 2 1/2 weeks now. It's almost gone!!! The lump is barely noticeable and it hasn't been painful in ages!!!!

Yes this works I had a wart on my arm been there for I don't know how long. So finally decided to try this duct tape put a small piece of it around the area before I put it I cleaned the area well and dried it well. I left it on for about 3 days it started to peel off around the edges so I cut another piece and removed the old one. When I removed it didn't hurt. I noticed that the wart had turned white maybe lack of oxygen or something. Replaced it right away with the new duct tape then by the 3 day again removed it the duct tape it was gone disappeared!!!! I

just finished doing my duct tape regimen!!!!!! if it can get rid of my NASTY 7 (1 large 6 small) planter's warts under my toe, then it can't get rid of ANYONES.

It only took 2 weeks! i am literally elated. had done laser, all of the OTC, and cut out, and freezing 3 times at a doctors office and NOTHING had even changed them- only made them mulitply.

WHY DIDN"T I DO THIS FIRST???? it just literally smothers them to suffocate them- and then its just skin- no more colliflower!


if the doctors really cared, then they should suggest this.

I had a cluster of plantar warts on my foot my sister told me to apply fingernail polish to them and cover with duct tape, when tape fell off repeat process. I did this for 2 months each time a layer would come off warts, then one day I removed the tape and the core of the wart was stuck to the tape. They never returned.

HELP! Why isn't the duct tape remedy working for me? I have been using duct tape for about 3 years now on warts on the soles of my feet. I developed several warts on both feet 10 to 12 years ago, and tried all of the various OTC remedies without success. When I found out about duct tape, I tried it on all of the warts for several months without success. I stopped using the tape on all but one wart on the ball of my foot that was particularly painful.

The tape helps to keep the wart flat and soft so that it is less painful to walk on. Then some time later, the other warts that I wasn't taping started to disappear. So I stopped taping the one painful wart, but it continued to grow and cause pain. So I have started back with the tape again. Still, many months later there is no progress, and recently another wart has appeared.

I keep the tape on all of the time, and change it every 2 to 3 days. I run several times per week... 20 to 25 miles total... could that be a factor? It doesn't hurt when I run, only when I walk in bare feet on a hard surface.

hello judy, my husband had a small brown wart on his upper eyelid, I don't know where he found this cure but he put tree tea oil on it for 2 days running and it completely disappeared as if by magic, make sure you don't get it in the eyes it will burn, it's only for external use only hope this helps.

Mike did you have any trouble getting the duct tape to stick to your daughter's foot? We started the duct tape method 2 days ago for my daughter, but the duct tape doesn't stick around the edges of her foot! We make sure it's dry, and the piece is significantly larger than the wart. Thanks for any advice! daughter had the wart on the flat of her foot, just towards the toes right by the ball of her foot....if that makes sense. When the wart was at the biggest, it was bigger than a quarter ($.25). We cut squares from a standard size roll of duct tape....not sure what that size is 2.5" by 2.5" maybe. Anyways, yes, my daughter would complain that the tape fell off too. But I told her to trust me. Keep applying it, whenever it falls off. Not convenient. But it worked.

I think the lack of oxygen is what actually does it for eliminating the warts. It took 4 months, but it worked! I would suspect some people may have issues with keeping the duct tape on, as people sweat differently. But just keep applying. Oh, one other thing. There would be times that my daughter would be at school and she could feel that the tape came off. Oh well. She would just come home after school and re-apply.

At night while sleeping would be most beneficial. No walking on it and hopefully no sweating to pull the tape loose. Another option I've heard of, but I don't think has been mentioned in the forum. Super glue. Apply a thin layer of super glue over the wart. It has to be completely covered so there is no oxygen getting to it. It would stay in place too. Worth a try if the duct tape just isn't working for you.

I love tea tree oil and I didn't even think of using it on my wart on my hand near my pinky finger. Thx for the tip.

I use it for cuts and bug bites, it actually keeps the the bugs away. I live in FL and it is buggy at night outside.
I diluted it and spray my counter tops. Read that tip in a health newsletter on my computer.

I have a wart on the bottom of my heel and the duck tape did not work what should I do.

I went to the doctors with 6 warts on my arm I wanted them gone before my wedding in November they froze them off but they came up worse as they was really red and had blistered, I read on the internet to try banana skin when I read it I thought yeah rite, but gave it ago after 2days of using it my warts had dropped off yay!!!!!!!

before bed I cut banana skin to cover my warts wrapped over a bandage and tapped it up so I couldn't scratch or get to them, in the morning I removed the bandage and used the shower head to hose them down, throughout the day whenever I got a spare minute I put more banana skin on then at night did the treatment again.

Now my warts have scabbed over and dried over hopefully they will heal and not grow back.

I tried the duct tape method on a plantar wart I had on the bottom of my foot in college. It worked like a charm the wart was gone in about 2 1/2 weeks. You have to be diligent and reapply the tape after every shower. I also used an emery board to file the wart gently so it wouldn't bleed, this helped speed the process. This method was faster and less painful than freezing.

My son had a plantar's wart on his foot that the doctor froze twice. We also used duct tape, but it always returned. Finally I read that it's caused by a virus and that must be cleared before the warts will go away. We used a homeopathic remedy for warts and the wart disappeared, never to return.

I just recently noticed warts in between my first two toes. They itch and hurt so much I will certainly try this remedy!!!!!!!!


Decades ago I had a plantar's wart surgically removed from my foot. Over time, a callous developed in the same area, which I also had removed because it hurt too much to walk. Last year it became more bothersome, and I tried peeling it back myself with scissors, filing, and over-the-counter pads and liquids. It kept coming back. My nurse practitioner told me that it's not a real callous, but a “pore-keratosis” and it' s just an area of overgrowing skin, which doesn't stop growing. Once a week or so, since it's on a flat spot of my foot and not an edge, I use a corn plane on it. It never gets to the point of being painful unless I let it go for 3 weeks or more.

Maybe this is what you have. Or, since you do a lot of walking, maybe a callous is forming to protect some areas from getting too much abuse, which can happen if your foot bones are not aligned correctly (because of bone structure or poor shoe fit).

Anyway, hope you're on your way to getting the correct diagnosis and an effective treatment.

By the way, I'm going to try a few of these remedies for my overgrowing skin, too! Pam

I had a small wart on the right side of my big toe on my right foot. I figured I got the wart infection from my trip to Guatemala. After a shower I sprayed hydrogen peroxide on my toes than I tore a skinny long piece of grey duct tape. Tore a piece of cotton. Poured lemon juice on that piece of cotton and added salicylic acid on top. I made the cotton and duct tape into a bandaid and placed it on my affected area. I wrapped the duct tape around and put on socks. My wart was now covered in soaked lemon juice and Salicylic acid. I tried to do this twice a day after I showered. Within a month my wart was cured. The skin had fallen off successfully. Soaked lemon juice and Salicylic acid works faster in my opinion.

My mom always said that her grandfather could remove warts simply by touching them. She said they would disappear a few days afterward. Personally, I'm trying the Duct tape.

I've had several warts surrounding two separate fingernails and they've been rattling my brain for over a year. I have spent countless hours trying to find home remedies for fast results. I had lost hope in medical cures months ago when the doctor didn't even seem the slightest bit bothered about them any more. I had tried freezing, (it only made them worse) and I had tried applying salicylic acid for months, nothing.

Bearing in mind I'm a 17 year old boy, who is completely self-conscious. All I cared about was getting rid of these monstrous growths that lived on the ends of my fingers. (I believe they are called "Periungual Warts".

I've probably tried all the home remedies you could think of, vinegar, banana peels, etc. But I'm a very impatient guy and if I don't see results within a few days, I give up and assume it doesn't work. But right now I am on my 4th day of using the duct tape method. (again) and I am keen on sticking it out this time.

What I do is I apply salicylic acid onto the warts (accessible over the counter in all pharmacies), allow to dry and then suffocate the critters with duct tape only taking off when I have a bath/shower and placing on a new tape as soon as I get out.
I have incredible burning pain when I put on the tape, it's unimaginable. I have woken up nearly screaming once, it was that bad.

But sure enough over the days it's barely noticeable any more. (thank the lord) and the warts are completely white. I'm pretty sure it's a sign that the duct tape is working, I'm going to stick it out and carry on because I want rid of them. I feel disgusted in myself that they're on me.

Another thing, the warts have slightly disfigured my nails. Not too happy but it's my own fault for not taking action earlier on.

Sorry this is so long winded, but I wish I had come across a passage like this when I was searching. I know what it feels like so I might as well help someone else if they're in the same boat as me.

Wish me luck! (I'll keep you posted if it does work.)

I had a wart on the bottom of my foot that wouldn't go away for about a year. I took a trip to Lake Erie and walked the beach and swam in the lake. That week my wart disappeared. I wonder what is in that water...

Hello, I made a post a couple posts up and I'm here to tell the results.
I have some good news, THEY'RE ALL GONE.

It must've taken a week but in the end the pain stopped completely and I just took the tape off and I was able to just pull the wart off. I'm so happy.

Good luck with all yours!

Hi, I have a wart on the inside of my index finger, it started out a little one that grew inside my finger, but recently it has been finding a way out. Now it is a big wart and it is like a tiny mountain. It is very sensitive, and hurts at the touch. I did some research and I am starting this duct tape theory today. Hope it works.

I have dry skin problems on my face and the Dr just said lotion your face more. It does not help. Any thing I can try?? I can pick the hard dry skin off and it gets sore. I have like four spots. One is larger than the others. Looking for ideas to remove the spots. Thank you. EM

my 7yr old has warts on his hands, it started with one on his fine and has multiplied
To others :( . We tried dr.prescribed ointment for 2 months. We've used apple cider with the "mother". When I wanted to just give up and take him to get them cut off I thought... Just try the duct tape. He complains but he sleeps with it on. Were on day 3 & a few of them have turned black, not sure what's next but somethings happening. We will see if these pesky things go away...

Far and away the most effective treatment I've received for plantar warts, and I've received them all: salicylic acids, liquid nitrogen, other OTC treatments. Just be prepared to be diligent about applying the tape frequently and keep it on until the wart has completely disappeared, otherwise the treatment is not as effective.

Kris, I had a few warts from drawing. I tried the duct tape as well. Went away for awhile than came back. Than a friend told be about putting a banana than taping it worked!!

I've had 3 separate warts on my finger, wrist, and forearm for over a year and a half now. I tried to cover them w/ superglue to suffocate them but they would at best be reduced in size. I have frozen them with over the counter dr. schols kit more than 30 separate time and the wart just grows back after shrinking briefly. I finally gave the duct tape a go even though I didn't believe it would work and here I sit maybe 3 or 4 weeks later and my warts are GONE. anytime i peeled the tape off and i saw a layer of white skin i would just rub it and if it came off i just peeled the layer off and repeated. Make sure to not let yourself bleed by picking too hard this is a waste of time. Hopefully these warts will not come back. I am going to eat a lot of garlic everyday in order to aid the process.

NAIL POLISH...... I had tried everything every single option. Freezing, hundred dollar laser 3 times, digging, OTC, duct tape, etc and all they did was multiply over the course of 2 years.. One huge planter given to me from my husband from an nfl lockeroom became 22!

I asked my doctor because I was pregnant if I could do nail polish (since no OTC sylisic acid or other method can be used during pregnancy and he said I don't know why not) in 2 months of nail polish they're ALL gone. My favorite part of the nail polish is unlike duct tape one application stays on until you take it off with remover essentially- so you can reapply every day or every 3. Does the same type of suffocating as duct tape but way more effective. Happy happy!!!

Try buying the more expensive, heavy duty duct tape if the regular, grey ones don't stick well. They cost 2x to 3x as much and are very strong tape in terms of sticking power.

I have 23 warts on one toe. Its the the toe next to my big toe, it's crazy. I've tried evey thing but the duct tape thing. Wish me luck!!!

After having this wart on my finger for a while, I FINALLY put some duct tape on it today. Since I get hot very easily my hands keep sweating and cause the duct tape to slip off so I keep applying a new piece. I'll come back and update everyone in a week. Let's hope this works.

I had wart before in my hand and I used a cotton which already been dipped into a apple vinegar and place it top of the wart then use a band aid to cover it, and after around 6 days, the wart just gone, but it hurts like hell, the wart turning into black spot and 2 weeks later it FELL OFF and GONE COMPLETELY

but after some months I had another one in different spot but this time I didn't use this method, I used some medicine from India its like ayurvedic one (pink color liquid but I forget whats the name of the medicine) and it hurt like hell more than before, I feel all nerves in my hand are burning... but after couple days it leave nothing in you hand, the wart is GONE COMPLETELY its very clean and no mark or something else,

and now after couple months I had another wart again some in other place, and some are in the 1st place where I had before (when 1st time I used apple cider vinegar) the previous spot, but now I will try the duck tape and hope this will work,

but I think yeah for sure to remove the wart what needed is your patience and pray, also eat healthy food and please do not cut or touch your wart, let see what will happen couple weeks later after I use duck tape...

I'm on day 3 of using Duct Tape on my foot. My concern is... after going to ACE Hardware, they don't sell plane old heavy duty Duct Tape. They have different colors now, millions of them all claiming to be Duct Tape. I remember Duct tape being thick gray tape, the tape I got (says it's Duct Tape) is white and doesn't seem to be the same quality as what I remember. I'll try though... if not maybe Home Depot has the stuff.

Either way... days 3 has turned my 2 plantar warts, one on each foot completely white, and has reduced completely the callous around them to soft skin. I also think I have 2 tiny warts that are in the making above each heal next the the Achilles tendon that I'm using the Duct Tape method on. The 2 on the bottom of my foot I originally tried to cut pieces to put over, but with sweat and movement they started to move and not smother the warts. What I've done is completely wrap one piece around my foot so it overlaps the tape, and I've had zero problems with them coming off now. Feeling pretty confident.

I've had one cut and cauterized... it came back, I then personally used a whole can of freeze application on each wart, then doing to again months later. Then I went to the Podiatrist and he froze off yet again... it did nothing. And he was rude, so I'm hoping Duct Tape works so I can stick it in his face.

In the past I had a bunch on my hands, and they were mostly burned off, this was when I was in my teens, not knowing of freezing. I have scars on my hands now and I wish I tried Duct Tape in the past.

When I was younger I assumed people with warts were dirty people who lacked hygiene, but all it takes is walking barefoot in a hotel or wearing shoes without socks... or when I was a kid I was a dishwasher in High School wear I cut my finger and wore dirty dish gloves.

Be careful!

it worked! after a month it worked. I have a tip: if the duct tape keeps falling off, don't tear it but cut it with a scissors so the edges are smooth. that helps it stay on longer. I would even shower with it and the duct tape would stay on for about 3 or 4 days before I'd have to replace it. I just wanted to make sure to really limit the oxygen getting to it. it was on my foot and I used a rectangle piece of duct tape that covered the wart and more of my foot so that if the edges came up a bit the wart would still be suffocated.

I will give this a try; I went to a doctor and he told me the best thing to do is use Duck Tape; He could cut it off my foot but wanted me to try this first. we already tried freezing which didn't work; I will let you konw


How to remove a wart that is on the eyelid? You can't use duct tape!

DOESN'T WORK (for me). CHEMICAL BURN. I have 2 nasty, cauliflower looking round warts that I got from training MMA with dirty people. It's been 5 months now. Saw this Duct Tape method and was really excited due to all of the positive results. Placed a piece of duct tape on for about 2 weeks, changing it everyday after I showered.

WOW, the warts were shrinking. But then, I started getting a rash. Then in the area covered by duct tape, my skin was dark red and puffy. It itched like crazy. Running scalding hot water over it made it feel like an orgasm of relief. I stopped using duct tape, then the warts reverted back to it's original size and maybe a little larger. Waited about 2 weeks and my skin went back to normal and I tried the duct tape again. Another 2 weeks, same thing. Rash came back.

No more duct tape for me. Maybe it was due to the type of duct tape. Now I just got some OTC freeze kit and the acid topical. Hope it works. Someone on YouTube suggested using crazy glue. Makes sense if the purpose is to choke it from getting air. If the OTC treatment don't work, I'll try super glue next.

Doesn't work.

I tried based on this web posting, and I wanted to post again.

I had 3 planter warts on my feet, 2 in nearly the same spot on my foot in the big toes pad area... on the other foot there was 1 directly in the center of the top two pads.

The wart lives at the lowest end of the top layer of skin, called the epidermis. Basically all the skin above it is callus and when you duct tape it all that skin will wither away... to get a taste of how this works, simply shower or bath until your skin is wrinkly and you'll see the wart area skin turn white... that's because the skin is pretty much a callus dead area. So when you apply duct tape is plays on this same idea.

I wore duct tape for 5 weeks and it only made my callus skin loose, yet the wart was still there living and latching to the lowest layer of epidermis skin directly above the dermis layer of skin. So then I tried using Salysilic acid in conjunction with duct tape. It tore all skin directly above the wart and around the wart, but not the wart itself... plus it ate away at surrounding skin. After an additional 3 weeks of this, I gave up.

I instead had it cut out, it took 10 minutes, and about 2-3 weeks of healing. Most importantly get it removed because it is HIGHLY contagious... after having them removed, I removed all insides of my shoes and bought new ones, I bleached all my socks and bleached my tubs.

Duct tape may work on the fingers where there is no padding... as when walking on your wart, the root binds and grows to the lowest layer of your uppermost skin to the point the wart is nearly on the dermis layer of skin... whereas on your fingers you're not embedding it more as you're not putting pressure on it. Any palm surface foot or hand, get it removed by a doctor. Freezing doesn't work unless it's on a non-palmer surface.

If your doctor wont do it, see another. Dermatologist and Podiatrists make a lot of money by prolonging your treatment so they can make more money on your visits.

I have tried to get rid of a wart on my right heel. Last year I did the duct tape but I changed it every day. Then if I had time I would rinse it with Listerine. I put the Listerine in the Windex bottle. I have some old electrical tape. Will that work? Duct tape leaves all sorts of sticky stuff residue. Also my wife got me the homeopathic stuff that supposedly tells your body that "hey, there's a wart down at the right heel!!" Can't remember the name but it is derived from the cypress or juniper plant.

My daughter is 4 and has a wart on her ring finger, she has had this wart for over a year now. I have tried every home remedy as well as over the counter medications. The doctor has froze it twice and also removed it surgically and nothing has worked. Every time it comes back it gets worse and it hurts her she favors that finger. I am at the end of the rope on questions, the doctors say it will go away well its been close to 2 years that she has had this wart, and now I feel stuck. Where do I go from here to get this wart gone and none traumatize my daughter.

My daughter had several large plantar warts that covered most of the ball of one foot, was put in the hospital and had them removed, they came back, then in the doctors office cut them out, they came back, they applied cotton balls of acid, they came back. I had read about the duct tape, it took about two months, but, bam, off they came. That was seven years ago, they never came back. For the readers that say it didn't work, the article I read said it had to be the regular silver tape, that the color tapes don't do well. Good Luck!

My 9 year old son has has warts, we have frozen them and have had the Dr. freeze them off. The last time we went in, our Dr. recommended trying duct tape. The wart is on his ring finger down toward his palm, we put a small circle on it last week and covered it with a bandaid. We replaced it every other day, or if it fell off. Just now he took off the bandaid and the wart came off with it. Would definitely recommend trying it.

MY DOCTOR actually used this method on me. So its the real deal. Ha ha. I had one when I was younger and another one popped up. You just cut off the callus, put Vaseline on it, cover it with duct tape every night you should be good to go!!

I got sulphur from a chemist in sydney. $4 for quite alot. Used a little under the duct tape on my sons finger, for a week. If it came off I just redid it. AMAZING, was gone! That was a month ago and has never returned. So glad I didn't have to use the filing off with a nail file!

I used sulphur under duct tape also, for a week and it was AMAZING. Got rid of the wart. I would recommend it to everyone


Can anyone tell me how to rid eyelid warts? Thanks!

For all those looking for additional methods (this could possibly be used in conjunction with duct tape):

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), which has a very low pH for a safe and common household product (high acidity), should be used to soak cotton balls, and then secured to the area directly touching the wart, preferably with duct tape. If consistently applied to the wart ACV will slowly "burn" the wart tissue into submission. This will take several weeks, and only needs application at night, while the person is asleep. I would also 'wear' just the duct tape during the day.


Will someone please respond?
What about eye warts, what to put on that without stinging the eyes?

Would appreciate a response, thanks!

Peoples Pharmacy response: Please don't put anything on your eyelids. It is much too risky to use a home remedy for that area.

I have a dumb question. When you put duct tape on the wart, are you only placing a small square over it to just cover the wart? or are you placing a LARGE piece of tape?

Duct tape worked on my 16 year old son. He had about 10 warts on his hands that he had various medications for and had frozen but nothing seemed to work. I heard about duct tape and told him to just use it over night every night, within about 3/4 weeks they had just dissapeared! He was delighted and they have not returned. I now have 1 wart on my index finger and am going to be doing the same thing, not a myth it really does work!!!

My husband also had a small wart/growth on his eyelid. You know with eyes you should really be careful and consider what a doctor might say. In my husband's case, he does anything he wife says (he has learned that I'm always right. Hah!) and he tried sewing thread around the growth in a slightly tight knot. He added thread every day or so, each time a little tighter, not to the point of pain though. The growth swelled, turned dark, and fell off in about 10 days. Best of all, no scar, like you would have from surgery.

About a year ago I had three or four plantar warts on my big toe. I used the duct tape method for about a month and they have not come back, but I have a VERY deep one on my heel now. I am trying the duct tape method once again.

r u using emery board in between applications of tape? I used sandpaper and kept at them till they were just about ready to bleed then reapply tape.

Last year I removed 5 planters warts with duck tape in a six week period. After bath dry foot well, place a 2 inch square reg. duck tape on area of wart. Try to keep on for two weeks. If it falls off replace with another 2 inch square. In the beginning I kept on for month. If there is a small amount left treat with new piece for a couple of weeks longer. One must be diligent because it works. When I think of the surgery my son had needlessly, I could cry.

How do you know when the wart is gone? I have a huge home in my foot with a large white ring of skin around it. Every day after showering I file it down a bit, add salicylic wart remover stuff, and recover with gorilla duct tape. It's been a few weeks now. When our how do I know it's gone? I thought it was gone one and I stopped, went away for a week, and it was back and as big as ever.

Had a wart on bottom of my foot, left foot about an inch from my small toe near the side. Had the bothersome thing for over a year. 65 year old male, type 2 diabetic. Used the duct tape for two weeks, changing the tape several times as needed. After two weeks no pain at all just a callous. It worked. No doctor bill either. I did soak the bottom of my foot for 30 minutes with apple cider vinegar once before I I started us

I've been working on a plantar's wart on my foot for years, literally 5 years! Freezing it didn't work, I've had it done twice. Using over the counter wart remover didn't work either. I gave up for about a year but then I heard about duct tape. The first two weeks nothing seemed to happen except my skin would bulge up around the wart and I would file it down. At one point my foot started to smell from lack of oxygen. I would only remove the tape after a shower and then re-apply new tape after I filed it down. But once it started to smell I stopped taping it for a few days. I then started to use a OTC wart remover and taped it after the wart remover dried. The wart had turned black and I believe it is dying. However, because it is on my heel it is very painful to walk, but I'm hoping this will kill it for good!

I ran track and field since I was 12. I ran in high and college as well. You wouln't imagine the filth and sweat my feet have been through. Well, through the years of running and running and running I developed a wart on the outside of my foot (I am a overpronator so all of the weight is focused on the outside of the foot). I have tried clipping it off with a nail clipper once a month only to have it grow back again. I will try this and let you know!

The reason that your other wart went is because your immune system "recognized" the HPV virus that causes warts and not only attacked it in the wart you were treating but also the other wart(s) as well. This is not an unusual response. Somehow, HPV tricks the immune system into not attacking it and just letting it grow warts. When you irritate a wart with bananas or duct tape this somehow unmasks the HPV and your immune system begins to get rid of it.

Source: I did this with the following daily routine. Wash my feet, paying special attention to affected areas, with sal soap, drying thoroughly with a hair dryer, applying copious amounts of wart stick (40% salicylic acid), dusting with sulphur, then applying duct tape which stayed on all day and night. Did this for a week or two and the warts just fell away and never came back. Had 5 on my right foot.

Where do you get sulpher powder from?

I tried everything under the sun like most people do. My insurance paid like $600 for Aldara and about $300 for two visits to the dermatologist who gave me injections.

What worked best was apple cider vinegar and duct tape. The apple cider vinegar eats away the top layer of skin and makes a pretty scaly little sore while it's working. Then the wart flakes off. The duct tape was an experiment because I read it works faster and doesn't leave any marks on your face.

Sure enough, after 3 nights of wearing it (only while I slept), 3 out of 5 of my facial flat warts were gone and the other 2 are clearing. Amazing! After all I've tried and a $3 roll of duct tape was all I needed.

Hi, I have warts in the same exact place, but on different legs. I have tried the duct tape technique and it really frustrates me and hurt me when I pull the duct tape off. Someone please help to find a faster remedy.

I was at church and I felt something that was hurting on my thumb I tried to pop it but I couldn't it was really hard I showed my mom and she didn't know what it was as we'll so we went to the doctor and the doctor said that it was a wart and she said that if I put on duct tape every night when I go to sleep and take it of when I wake up it will get off so I have been trying it and it has been working a lot it is really working.

I am amazed at how well the duct tape works. I have been treating my son's one foot that has four warts that nothing seemed to help. We actually super glued small patches of tape over the wart. It has been a week and they are almost totally gone. I am a believer and he is much happier!

I'm 20 years old, and I had a wart on my foot that had lasted about 10 years and did not go away! I just left it, but unfortunately that one wart became 8 more all over the sole of my foot. I tried many different things but nothing worked. So I tried duct tape. I wasn't sure about it at first, and it was a lot of work to cut pieces and stick them on each day. But I stuck with it, and in about 2 months the warts were gone! It's been a year now and I have no warts at all - none have returned. I am so happy they're gone!! Just remember to be patient - it may take a few weeks to a few months to work. All the best!

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