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Vinegar for Fungus

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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this remedy work? Average rating: 3.3/5 (209 votes)
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There are so many uses for vinegar it boggles the mind. An otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat specialist) recommended rinsing the ear with the following solution: one part vinegar to five parts tepid water. He suggested putting drops in the ear three times a day. Toenail fungus can be unsightly. Try soaking the infected nails for at least fifteen to thirty minutes daily. The recipe: one part vinegar to two parts warm water. Allow six weeks to see a cure. It worked for Joe!

  • Currently 3.3/5
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this remedy work? Average rating: 3.3/5 (209 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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Maybe it really wasn't nail fungus.

I tried vinegar mixed with water for toenail fungus a few years ago, with a little success.
Six months ago, or maybe as long as a year, I started using Hydrogen Peroxide mixed 50/50 with water and applied with a Q-tip. All discoloration is gone and my nails are going back to normal shape.

I think Hydrogen Peroxide works the best for toenail fungus. I had great results.

My experience with healing a nail fungus was by soaking the foot in APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (not distilled vinegar) in full strength. Repeated infrequent soakings for three weeks. The fungus has not returned since I did this two years ago.

My dermatologist had me soaking my feet every day in warm water with 2 tbs of white vinegar. He said that it adjusts the PH of the skin and helps to prevent fungus and infection. He recommended it to me since I was a diabetic.

For 8 years I have been trying to get rid of nail fungus on both my big toes. Went to countless docs, took expensive meds and one day a friend suggested your web site and I found so many possible remedies that I just picked one. For 4 months I have been using the 50/50 vinegar and water solution twice a day after I shower and my nails are FINALLY growing in normal! I cannot tell you how excited I am! Thanks so much for all the helpful non-toxic options!

I found using tea tree works every time for toenail fungus.

I was just wondering if you could use tea tree oil in the ear for fungus.

I had developed a fungal infection under my fingernails and my MD didn't want me to take the anti-fungal medications for fear it would exacerbate another condition. He advised me to soak my fingertips in a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water as warm as I could tolerate for 15 to 30 minutes, three times a day. The fungus disappeared after about 20 days. That was 6 years ago and I have never had a recurrence.

I have had psoriasis for many years. With this dreaded virus comes yellowing fingernails and toenails along with both being brittle. I found that if you apply metholatum ointment (Vicks) to the nails twice a day, the nails will clear up in a month or two.

Zeasorb-AF for athlete's foot worked well and fast after persistant AF. Had tried everything! I continue to use it after showering. Spread the word.

I supposedly have psoriases and have used every ointment imaginable over the past ten years to no avail; well, one worked that had an antibiotic, but cost me $25, which I cannot afford. I tried the fungus for feet cream, and it has helped as much as any of the others. Some doctors say it is a fungus and others do not. These are skin specialists! Help!

I had a nasty and persistent case of athlete's foot that damaged my big toenail so badly my doctor referred me to a surgeon to remove it. Fortunately my brother had read about the vinegar cure and I soaked my feet in straight white vinegar about 30 min a night, a few nights a week for a few months. It was easy, just soaked them while checking my email. The athlete's foot cleared up and never recurred. My toenail grew back nice and healthy. I'm a believer!

I used tea tree oil and cut back the nail for about one month to get rid of most of the fungus nail, as soon as the nail was very short (near the half moon) i started soaking it 2X a day in vinegar and no more tea tree oil, and it grew in nice. whole process about 6 months!

I have successfully used vinegar many times for both fungal ear infections & vaginal yeast infections (tho my doc is extremely skeptical of the latter). The trick is to maintain contact, not just rinse.

The recipe for ears is 1 pt vinegar, 1 pt isopropyl alcohol & 2 parts water. Flood the ear & use a cotton ball to maintain contact for an hour or so twice a day for 2 days. (I found tea tree oil burned my ears even when diluted with mineral oil.)

The recipe for vaginal yeast requires a diabetic type syringe to inject 50-50 vinegar water into a tampon. Repeat twice a day for 2 days (with a fresh tampon, obviously).

And please report back whether this works for you. No one believes it when I tell them, and I have never seen it written anywhere.

I'm a nurse with horribly cracked and peeling fingertips. The dermatologist gave me the strongest cortisone cream available and after a year I still had the problem. Another doctor told me it looked like a fungal infection and gave me anti-fungal creams - which did not work very well. Then my mother told me to use Vick's Vaporub - within 2 days my hands were almost completely cured!!

I used full strength distilled vinegar to soak my feet in once a week for one hour each time. The toe fungus disappeared after a couple of months.

I am now being treated for ear fungus. The ear drops prescribed by my doctor are so painful that I almost collapsed upon use.

Can I put full strength distilled vinegar into my ear?

I just started the VapoRub, first night a big change. Have had this for years, too fearful of the pills and didn't know what else to try until I found this site. Thanks

I have toenail fungus and it's terrible. I can't go to the beach, can't wear sandals and even swimming pools are out of the question. oh... and I keep my socks on :(

I took lamisil for 3 x 3 months (3 x $1200.00) It didn't work. then we did a 400 dollar biopsy ($410.00) of the fungus to make sure it is fungus and not cancer. turns out it is a fungus. So we switched to sporanox 2x a day. for 3 months. ($ 2100) didn't work. I have tried tea tree oil, bleach... nothing helped. so I'm gonna try the vinegar... at least it's cheap.

I have had athlete's foot for 1 year. I was using lamisil for a year but it was getting worse, little by little. I spent probably $100 on lamisil cream, total.

Then I tried vinegar. Straight vinegar painted onto the fungus and rubbed in with my finger, enough to saturate it.

Vinegar has BLITZED it in three days. The fungus is still in there, I can tell, but the level of improvement is so far beyond lamisil that it makes me furious-- why are they allowed to sell that overpriced crap when a dime's worth of vinegar does a far better job?

I have the same problem. No beach - I live in San Diego, no pool parties, always socks even in hot weather at a friends house. I feel so awkward.

I'm trying the vinegar/listerine/tea tree oil/vapo rub.

I'm starting to see some progress and very excited about it.

Good luck.

"the level of improvement is so far beyond lamisil that it makes me furious-- why are they allowed to sell that overpriced crap when a dime's worth of vinegar does a far better job?"

In part because vinegar doesn't make any money for the drug companies :|

>>"the level of improvement is so far beyond lamisil that it makes me furious-- why are they allowed to sell that overpriced *rap when a dime's worth of vinegar does a far better job?"

> In part because vinegar doesn't make any money for the drug companies :|

...the vinegar companies don't want to deal with the FDA. :\

I've been dealing with the toenail fungus (in the Midwest btw where my first podiatrist told me I got it from the soil) for 20 years. I've managed to spread it to everyone in the household.

Tried tea-tree (aka melaleuca) oil? No.
Tried Vicks Vapo-Rub? No.
Tried bleach water? No.

Still. Bring on to vinegar!

I'm also testing a home remedy of my own invention: a "dry soak" mixture of cat litter (for the clay, to rob the fungus of moisture) and black-walnut shavings (because that species is known to suppress the growth of encroaching trees). I even sprinkled shavings in my house shoes, but found the cat litter too painful to walk around on.

Try equal parts apple cider vinegar and plain glycerin. It works beautifully and does not cause pain. My daughter had ear problems for months the doctors could not cure and this worked within two days. Just use 4-5 drops a few times a day.

Yes to using Apple Cider Vinegar. This remedy helps, but did not really cure my problem.

My solution will be unpopular to most people, but I swear it is what finally rid me of disgusting toes (that I had for almost a year). I went on a Candida Free diet for overall health. In other words, I eliminated ALL forms of sugar for over a month. Some people would benefit from a much longer "sugar fast" such as 6-12 weeks.

Eliminating all forms of sugar starved the nasty candida yeast in my gut that was clearly over-abundant. In addition to losing toenail fungus, I also lost eczema which has plagued me for YEARS and it also greatly reduced occurrence of migraines.

In order to do this, check out one of the Yeast Free Diet websites, but the short version is to eliminate all fruit (including jams and juices), products containing yeast (read all labels) and all types of sugar including honey, molasses and similar. Stevia is ok. I also used grapeseed extract to help kill the bad yeast.

Could the vinegar be added to mineral oil instead of glycerin for ear fungi?


After years with toenail fungus I successfully treated by soaking in warm water with Sodium Bicarbonate. Cleared up after only a couple of soaks leaving toenail beautifully white & back to normal. Amazing.

For ear fungus found olive oil with a few drops of tea tree to be very effective.

For dandruff (scalp fungus) apply olive oil with tea tree & let soak into hair & scalp for 20 mins to a couple of hours before washing. Leaves hair soft & scalp clean & clear. I also add a few drops of tea tree to my normal shampoo & conditioner to maintain a clean scalp.

Amazing results. Cheap & no toxic chemicals required!

I have been dealing with toe nail fungus for 2years now, it has been a very expensive journey as I tried to treat it with loceryle and lamisil tablets and seeing specialists, I only had success with one toe nail the other keeps coming back, it reaches the tip of my nail and creeps back down, I cant put in words how frustrating it has been trying to treat this problem, I have started using apple cider vinegar and hoping and praying for some success.

Add this one to my list of Don't Works:

Tried cat-litter-with-black-walnut shavings? No.

(Haven't tried the 50/50 peroxide/water treatment, AND I've still got toenails left to try it on...)

I did a footsoak (for about an hour) of water with some Sodium Bicarbonate, for a couple of nights & my infected toenail went pure white (from yellow) and I was able to scrape out the fungus from underneath the nail. It is the best it has been for over 25 years.

I couldn't recommend it highly enough

Very easy to do - and it's dirt cheap!!

Do you need to get a rx for Sodium Bicaronate or did you just use baking soda? In the info I have found online, those seem to be the options. Thanks!


I have itchy and very flaky scalp and ear. I've been having this for about 15 years now (flaky ear for 5 years now).

I was told it's seborrhea and no one can get it BUT 4 people got it from me :((( and I am very very very disappointed with dermatologists.
I'll go back again and I will tell them that I do not leave their room until they get a sample because this is clearly beyond everything.

I am a biotechnologist educated in Canada and I know a lot about fungi; I am not stupid but they take every patient as if they were dumb or uneducated if they have a slight accent. I told them that someone got it from me and they said that's impossible but they never obtained a sample.

Had anyone had any success with vinegar/water treatment on scalp??? I'm afraid it may promote hair loss.

I did the hydrogen peroxide and vinegar routine, rotating everyday, for six weeks. It worked. I didn't dilute either. Used them straight. I don't see the reason behind dilution. A 15 to 20-minute soak, full strength, doesn't hurt my skin at all.

First I removed as much of the nail as I could before beginning the vinegar treatment. Then I filled a spray bottle with regular white vinegar and generously sprayed all of my toes (not just the infected ones)twice a day (morning and night and especially after a shower). Then I waited for my feet to dry before putting on shoes/socks. No soaking was done on my part.

It was hard to tell if it was working at first because I had to wait for the nail to grow in, but within a couple of months the fungus was completely gone! The color and texture are both back to normal. I started the treatment 6 months ago and the nails are fully grown in and perfect. I'll probably continue to spray for at least another 6 months to be sure its gone completely.

O and as a bonus, I used to get athletes foot on occasion and that is completely gone too.

Was using tea tree oil for about 4 months for toenail fungus and saw no real improvement. upon stopping the tea tree oil my feet have exploded with athletes foot and severe blisters. The fungus started responding to lotramine and I thought it was on its way out so I tried the tea tree oil again to kill the rest of it since my bottle of lotramine was almost gone. Oh was that a bad idea, the fungus exploded again and started moving towards my ankle. These blisters are the worst.

The doctor said I needed to go see a podiatrist to get it taken care of. Forget that, I'm not taking oral antifungals. I just started using apple cider vinegar last night and I think its helping a little bit. It is so painful to soak in the 50/50 solution that I had to start using 20/50 and may have to tone that down a little bit more.

This coming from a guy who prior to the vinegar was soaking my raw and hamburger looking, from the popped blisters, in rubbing alcohol. The alcohol was less painful. Hope the vinegar works because oral antifungals aren't an option.

For nail fungus use 1 part epsom salts to 2 parts white vinegar. Soak toes/nails 3 times a week. This worked for me as I had been told by a podiatrist that I needed to have my nail removed, laser treatment, etc. which was very expensive and some insurances do not cover this. My sister had read someplace that the above worked and it did.

I have had itchy ears for 8 months which I have treated with different things. Doctor told me it was due to over production of wax and cleaning my ears to often. Finally got some answers, it is a fungal infection (Aspergillus Fumigatus). Will the vinegar solution work for this? Nothing else seems to work.

Rita, do your ears feel full does your hearing seem like its worse? I have the same issues, being on antibiotics for several ear infections, and topical ear drops... now my ears are so swollen and itch so bad I want to scream, My husband says when he looks in my ears with a flashlight that there are white tiny patches adhered to the ear, which is most likely a yeast inf. but no Dr will confirm this diagnosis and I feel like I'm going crazy being half deaf. Going to try the vinegar solution. Will let u know if it works. Did your Dr give u anything for the fungal inf. or not?

I've had two spots of some kind of fungus on my hand for almost two months now. I tried tea tree oil, but it didn't seem to work. I went to a doc the day after I tried putting vinegar on one spot, and after being treated with an antifungal the vinegar spot went away (mostly) and the other went away slower.

What I found to work (so far, along with the prescription antifungal) is a vinegar compress. I did that two nights in a row and it got really angry and red, and burned a little, but started to heal up. It's healing now, but I'm also on an antifungal again (which I started after it started to heal, but that's because I want it GONE for sure).

I didn't find relief with just putting vinegar on it - soaking a paper towel in undiluted white vinegar and attaching it to my hand was best.

I wanted to keep trying the vinegar just for experimentation purposes, but I'm just so sick of it I'm doing everything at once (topical antifungal, vinegar compress when my hand is itchy, and oral antifungal).

I just descovered my 12 month baby had fungus on the top of his head, it was pretty bad. It was a big round bump.

It spread to his face on his cheeks. I was so worried I have never seen such thing before. My doctor says to use polysporin on the infected area, next day the fungus on the head slowing disappeared, his face didn't get better tho... It's hard to put cream on a baby's face they always wipe it off. So now I'm trying vinegar n water hopefully it will be gone for good!! No hard core drugs!! They say is bad for your liver... specialy for babies. Thanks for all the tips on this..

After having over 4 fungal infections in my toenail over several years, the topical drugs I was given no longer worked. I spent 2 years with a very unsightly nail. After searching on the net I decided to try the vinegar cure. Instead of soaking 50/50 I cut a piece of cotton wool out the size of my toenail, soaked it in vinegar placed over my toenail and wrapped it in tin foil. I did this every morning and night for about 10-15mins, sometimes in the afternoon if i had time. It worked wonders. Fungus hates acidity and vinegar is full of it. Try it it really does work, but like any cure you can not only do it when you remember it has to be religious until you cure it

The last few years the ENTs and PEDs et el have suggested using 1/2 alcohol and 1/2 apple cider water for the ears ! Actually the best thing if you have ear problems is to keep all water out of your ears.You can soap up a cloth and wring out tight to wash ears , then do the same to rinse.

I had acrylic nails before becoming a nurse and acquired fungal infection that MD could not fix. Soaked cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and Vicks Vaporub...wrapped fingers for 2 straight days and nights. Fungus came right out after several years of nothing else working. Fungus cannot survive in an acidic environment.....amazing!! I am a believer in ACV and Vicks Vaporub!!!!!!! Good luck....

Hi. I've had fungal nail infection for about 10 years now. It started on my little toe, over time I have been to the doctors countless numbers of times, Had loceryl, curanail lacquers and anti fungal tablets. Over the ten years it has spread from the next toe to the next and now it has just started on my big toe. Also I think I have a little athletes foot it's not on my toes but my skin on my feet has become really dry and blotchy. I'm just sick of it now it's embarrassing and a pain. Any suggestions please? Thankyou

I have had problems with fungal toenails for the past three years. I lost a toenail two years ago. My doctor prescribed Lamisil, to date no improvement. I have just read all your suggestions regarding vinegar/bicarbonate soda/Vicks vaporub. Thanks to you all. I will try out your suggestions and let you know if it works for me. Thanks

People use vinegar for a hair rinse, there would be no reason to think it would cause hair loss.

The last couple of years they (Dr.s ENTs and PEDs) say for ear infection to use half and half apple cider vinegar and alcohol in ear. Cheaper than a Dr. visit and no side effects !

Me and my daughter have contracted a fungus on our scalp. I have taken her to the doctor and she have us both anti fungal, only ten days worth. I have been doing allot of reading on ring worm of the scalp, which the doc says is just fungus not ring worm. But reading up on it i know it will take up to eight weeks of meds to cure. Omg r u kidding me.

So I have been doing reading but I also swear by tea tree oil. So the first few days hers was looking better. But the oil burns and when I used allot it burned the eyes. I am so very upset because this is a very serious issue, our hair is falling out cuz it attacks the hair shaft.

My kids hair is very curly and hard to manage so I don't wash it everyday and only do the treatment when washing, cuz its very time consuming.. so u can see my frustration that there is no simple answer to this. My head is always itching the oil helps but leaves my hair so oily. I'm thinking of trying the apple cider vinegar to use as a rinse or leave in. Mine isn't nearly as bad as my kids she has a small bald spot and getting puss like bumps on scalp so I'm going to try to continue to get refills on the med til it clears, b anyone know of a sure way to help?

What about oral consumption of the vinegar? I also have had so much trouble with foot fungus for two years, and I think that is were we may have got the scalp fungus, from towels. Please I'm open for suggestions

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: We're not aware of any evidence showing that drinking vinegar will help heal ringworm fungus. Tea tree oil is too strong to use undiluted.

Melody, I recently began treating a spot of ringworm on my daughter's arm with Apple Cider vinegar. Not diluted, just put some on a piece of paper towel and let it sit and soak for a few minutes. Within a couple days it was already getting better and it's been a week now and it's hard to see where it was. I am going to continue treating it for a while just to make sure it's gone.

I've noticed white discoloration of and under my toenail. Just last night it actually started hurting. Finally texted my sister (a nurse) a pic. She said it looks like a fungus. Did my first soaking in distilled white vinegar for 10 minutes. Hope this works!

I got rid of my ornery toenail fungus by applying vinegar to my toenails with a que tip after my daily shower. It was nothing short of a miracle in my opinion. It takes seconds daily and you can watch the new clear nail growth appear at the base of the nail and slowly replace the bad nail. I kept it up until the bad part of the toenail was completely gone - months. Maybe that was overkill, but I wanted to be sure it went away! By the way I was sure to put the vinegar along the top edge and bottom edge of the nail. I put my socks on if the nail was still wet from the vinegar too. The key is to keep doing it and don't give up, but at seconds a day that's not a tall order!

Cody, I have used vinegar all my life to rinse my hair. I'm 74, have a thick head of hair and my mother and her sisters also used vinegar. It's an old home recipe. Gives hair a nice shine and removes any soap residue. Just dilute the vinegar with water. One teaspoon of vinegar in a four - six cup plastic container works. You can also use vinegar as a body rinse. If you smell like vinegar - you've used too much - just rinse off the excess.

How much vinegar did you use? Did you buy gallon sized containers? I am thinking of pouring 100% vinegar into a zip-lock bag and soaking one foot at a time to see if that might work. Thanks!

When ever I feel a cold coming on or even when not feeling good, I start on apple cider vinegar about 3 tsp in some water as it could be a little strong to drink, you could add a little sweetener (sugar or whatever) but I just hurry and drink it in some water. I take it at least 4 times a day along with 1,000mg vit. C.

Why would you worry about taking something that works like an anti biotic that has no side effects and is cheap. I use vinegar for cleaning also but for cleaning I use the white distilled as it is cheaper. It kills germs/bacteria and is also good for the rinse water when doing clothes.... white vinegar in a spray bottle is great to spray carpets and sofas lightly and as it dries the smell dissipates . You can spray the inside of your slippers to freshen them also as most people don't wash them every day. HTH and hope everyone has a "Happy Holiday."

PS my ear specialist says for ear problems use alcohol and apple cider vinegar half and half. With ear problems many times it goes into our sinus which he recommends using saline up your nose which also may be infected(nose) the salt will clear both.

Vinegar and Vicks Vapo Rub are advised by Mayo Clinic for nail fungal infection so they can be taken as genuine.

Apple cider vinegar worked like a miracle on a terrible scalp fungus a had for months. My head itched so bad I could not sleep at night. I had swelling behind my ears, went through a living hell for months and months. I believe I caught this fungus from a public hot tub. Doctors thought I was crazy. Went to doctors, dermatologist, had my scalp bioposyed, given prescriptions for cream which later was black listed by FDA for being cancerous.

Tried tea tree, lavender oil, every dandruff shampoo imaginable. Doctors put me on anti anxiety meds and anti depressant (I think they thought I was crazy). I did some research online and used Braggs apple cider vinegar (it is not processed and has what they call the "mother"). I took a shower and washed up and took a squezze bottle with the Braggs vinegar in it.

The very first time I used it, it was like flipping a switch. TURNED THE ITCH OFF TOTALLY. I continued rinsing with vinegar for a few months and I have not had any more trouble at all. I now have toenail fungus and I will be using the vinegar and vapo rub and baking soda soaks. Screw the drug companies, all they want is your money and doctors have really gotten to be drug pushers.

Fungal infections may be the cause for dandruff from the scalp. When head and shoulders didn't work for me I applied distiller vinegar to my scalp (not the hair itself) with soaked cotton balls. With each cotton ball I scrubbed against my scalp until I had covered all problem areas. After letting it sit for a minute then I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner like normal. I woke dandruff free the next day.

When I was a child my mom used to rinse my long hair with vinegar every time after washing/shampooing. I am from post Soviet Union and in my childhood we had no hair conditioners. Vinegar makes hair smooth and silky. Vinegar must be added to warm water. We didn't have then vinegar but essencia (70%!!!). Mom added just couple tbs to 1,5-2 litre water.
My hair are very thick (still in 43) but that probably is genetically, though neither of my parents have thick hair so I don't know, probably it helps with thickening too. My hair were way too long as well - thick & heavy plait was almost my knee length!

Problem for me is toe fungus, that's why I am here... Thanks for the information.

I have had a fungus type condition on my hands for at least 6 months. I had heard of the vinegar cure before but decided to try it. All I've been doing is pouring some apple cider vinegar onto my hands, rubbing it in and leaving it for a few minutes, then rinsing with water and drying with a paper towel. I've only been doing this for about three days and there is a drastic improvement. I have been using other stuff (prescription cream from doctor, Vicks Vapo Rub, Campho-Phenique) without much success. I hope to try this on my feet too.

You should never put water in your ear, especially if you already have problems. Half and Half apple cider vinegar and alcohol. Sorry I keep repeating this but water can mess up your ears.

Tea tree oil is not great because the oil does not evaporate and keeps your skin moist, which is what fungus loves.

I am puzzled that people would recommend using vinegar for an anti-fungal treatment around the vaginal area. I tried it, diluted, and it stung so badly I thought I would pass out. Maybe it was just me, but I am wary of using vinegar of this purpose. I'm glad it worked for the people with scalp and toe fungal infections, though... I sympathize with people who are driven mad from constant itching and pain...especially in an (ahem) embarrassing area. It's not like you can share your painful story with co-workers!

Hi Tried using vinegar soaked my thumb for one hour a day for about one week which seams to have killed the fungus. Just waiting for nail to grow out now.
Cheers Dave,

Hello, I do have a sort of ringworm on my left leg which began to show up since 8 months ago. I did not treat it immediately so it went bigger to a size of an inch. So with my research, I started applying clotrimazole cream twice daily and took ketoconazole twice daily too for two weeks.. the itchiness has waned a bit and the redness was less but still I am not happy since it still looks unsightly and the size remains the same. The medications are expensive and seemed not very effective.

At present, I only have clotrimazole cream 2x and A daily regimen of white vinegar which I have been doing for two days already (is white vinegar effective!?) No more oral medication. I just hope this will work! I really wanted this damn fungus to get off me.

I'm not sure if you've seen a doctor; I think you should at this point. I'm sorry your dose of vinegar and clotrimazole cream just isn't working. It may be that you don't have ringworm, however. It may be a different type of fungus that is resistant to those creams. I think clotrimazole cream is fairly worthless, I've been using it on an underarm, heat -rash type of fungus and after one month, it's only about 50% better. I'm seeing a doctor next.

If you haven't seen a doctor or a nurse practitioner at this point, I hope you will. Life's too short to be miserable with a rash or fungus. Good luck. Come back and tell us what worked!

Glad I found this website. For the past 5 years my 4th toe and now my little toe's nails have become very thick to the point I had the nail salon to file the nail beds down some. They are so ugly and looks like the rest of my toes on that foot may be getting it. I also have athlete foot on just that foot which I think may have caused the fungus since I can't seem to get rid of either. This has been going on for 5 years.

I'm sitting here soaking my foot in the 50/50 white vinegar with 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide. I've tried soaking my foot in bleach water and that didn't work and even made my fungus toes so sore. I will let you know if the white vingegar and hydrogen peroxide works....this is my first day

How bad was your fungus? I've had mine since I was a teenager and am considering using the apple cider vinegar and warm water mixture alternating that with 3 tbs of baking soda and water mixture. Thoughts?

Hi, wonderful website and contributions above, I have had so called doctor diagnosed finger tip eczema for over 6 months now, have been prescribed strong steroid creams (dermovate) which helped for short term but made skin really dry and flaky, then finger tip swollen up in bouts and cracking red and painful in several places, so much so that every household work or even this typing is painful.

Have also used regular moisturiser creams with temporary help. Now the doc has sent nails for fungal infection tests after I prompted him. Really fed up with this condition, and yes have had skin rashes in other places too with itchy heels, ankles and groins, so I am pretty sure it is fungal infection. Have also tried daktacort, Zole-F etc which includes antifungal and some steroids. I am looking forward to trying apple cider vinegar soaks as that has really helped me with my GERD (reflux) no end within a month of using it. I hope it works.(keep my fingers crossed If I can)

My mom rinsed my hair with apple cider vinegar once a week when I was growing up. We had foster children and it prevents you from getting lice. I never got it growing up and my hair was waist length. I still do it to this day. You never know when you may come into contact with some hair bug. Plus it cleans out all residue. My hair is waist length, very healthy, and extremely thick! We also used a mixture of 50/50 vinegar and rubbing alcohol in our ears. A couple of drops in each ear after swimming and no ear infections. And we swam in creeks and ponds.

Has it worked ? I unfortunately have done the same nothing has worked

Maybe you haven't done it long enough , be patient , you are worth it ;-)

Had a peanut shell jammed under my thumb nail by accident that gave me a very bad fungus after a few months. long story short doctors know nothing about treating fungal infected nails except to give you very powerful drugs that give you lots of bad side effects I did three courses of Terbinafine (the REAL name for Lamisil) and it only cleared up temporarily.

Tried everything under the Sun nothing worked. vinegar has saved the day for me. you have to be religious about doing it every single day. do not do it after a shower when the fungus has already been fed its water that it thrives on. use a 50 50 solution of vinegar and water before you wash your feet or hands. I even went so far as to soak my thumb and then sand the nail completely off with wet dry sandpaper. if you are very careful and work very slowly it does not hurt very much at all. you only have to do it one time to get rid of the nail and then soak it everyday.

things are so good now I may skip 4 or 5 days in a row but the vinegar has gave the fungus a very bad way to go. vinegar works just be smart about it. I have also found that eating a healthy diet with no flour or gluten and no processed sugar helps greatly. I use Braggs vinegar and sometimes I make it with only 20 percent water. the drugs were very very very bad for my body. the vinegar is just wonderful what a life saver.

you can even put a tablespoon of vinegar in 2 cups of water and sip it. although without some type of artificial sweetener it is very hard for me to drink. I repeat vinegar will work just keep doing it eat a good diet and it will work for you

Hey I have jock itch. That is in between my thighs and scrotum. Both sides are red and kinda sore and itches like crazy. From my research online it is a fungal infection. If I use the vinegar and Epson salt stuff over there by washing that area for like 10 mins daily will that work? Or does any one have a solution for me plz? It started just a month ago.

I'm trying it too for the same purpose. I am not diluting it though. I tried heinz distilled white vinegar. Honestly, It kills the itch completely. Just pour it on a cotton ball. Nothing special, its vinegar not medicine so apply to cotton ball liberally. Allow to air dry or use cool air from a fan or hair dryer to speed things up. I also immediately Applied baby powder right after. Talc, to be precise. This is to absorb moisture that may appear while asleep. This friggin jock itch has been interfering with sleep for weeks, so I'm exhausted. Lol.
Goodnight and goodbye itch!

Foot fungus (tinea)can get into the nail and start fungus there too.

I have got an infected fourth toe that was misdiagnosed for ten years before I got REALLY angry and convinced a doctor to do a biopsy. By this stage it had started to spread to other nails.

I've tried everything mentioned above and more - the lamisil tablets cleared up the foot variety well - but not the nails... helped somewhat but not cured.

My current doctor advised straight vinegar and loceryl, although I've tried loceryl before on its own and it didn't work am giving another go, along with keeping nail as cut down as possible without actually cutting my toe off.

Can anyone tell me, if the fungus appears to have grown right down past the cuticle, is that it - you're stuffed?

I have rash on both arms from elbow to arm pits. 5 months after radiation for breast cancer. Have used cortizone and recently been diagnosed as fungal. Will vinegar work for me, itching like crazy!

It would help I am sure, you must be patient (pardon the pun). Try to remember we are all so used to taking pills or using meds, creams etc. that we don't use simple things consistent enough or long enough. It will help the itch I am certain. It may sting at first depending on how much you have been scratching. Use a clean white cloth each day and pat it on. I would use the apple cider vinegar but, the white would help until you get the ac vinegar Good luck, friend in Ut.

Psoriasis is not a virus.
Perhaps what you had was a fungus. That would explain your results after your remedy.

Are you doing better ? I hope so

I came to this site to read about anti fungal ear treatments. Will try the vinegar! Dr.'s keep giving me steroids, but I think if it's fungal the steroids make it worse. My ears are red, itchy and leaking fluid..yuck!

Also - I read on a blog that URINE will clear up feet fungus. It's not my website, but the woman swears by it!

The other thing I love is oregano oil. I used it on my toe nails when they turned yellow after...maybe too much time with nail polish on? Also works for foot warts.

did you have to keep up the work every day since then, or when it went away did you stop soaking your feet?

What have you all heard about 1/2 apple cider vinegar and 1/2 Listerine for Onycholysis? Do you have to add the baking soda to make it work? I've suffered with this on my hands since I had gel nails on and it's been over 2 years now. I've been to 4 different doctors and besides giving me dangerous and expensive Rx's, I've gotten no relief from them.

Help! I have artificial fingernails—and yes,I guess I'm terribly vain—but please! I have developed a small fungal infection under one of them and really don't want to have them all removed. I'm in a professional position that requires I maintain a certain "appearance." I've employed so many of the amazing uses for vinegar. Will vinegar help with this? I've tried liquid over-the-counter stuff, to no avail. I want to try. Please let me know if anyone has achieved any success with the vinegar method — and how much to use. Thanks in advance.

Great info here. With regards to the ear remedy; can you use witch hazel instead of alcohol to the equal part of vinegar? Thanks.

For yeast infections of the vaginal area, you should NOT use 100% vinegar. Always buy a quality apple cider vinegar (I prefer bragg, it should be cloudy at the bottom, that's the good stuff), fill a shallow bath with water that has been boiled and cooled to tepid (tap water is not as safe as it seems and chlorine is an enemy to PH balance). This can also be done sitz style in a smaller tub. For a standard tub, fill 4 inches of water mix with 1/4 cup of vinegar.

Sit in the tub until its cool, lightly splashing, encouraging the mixture to circulate the affected area. The idea is to create an environment with the same PH as your body, so it cannot be full strength. Do not wash this off with soap, in fact only wash with this solution until it clears up. Yeast infections are just as often caused by over-washing, as they are by a lack of cleanliness. Keep the area dry, no pantyhose ever (blehk). My family is prone to yeast infections and this has prevented me from EVER getting a full blown problem. Always start this treatment AS SOON AS you feel the tingle, DO NOT WAIT. A few drops of Tea tree oil and Lavender oil mixed with Castor Oil as a base (use sustainable and safe) can be used externally in between bouts to prevent problems and keep things fresh. (Also a great aftershave).

Currently I am testing 100% acv from braggs for aspergillosis in my sinuses, a post Lyme problem. I had a fungal ball removed from my ear two weeks ago. The doctor recommended liquid lamisil which the pharmacist advised "is no longer sold as it is not shelf stable" the 70 yr old ENT couldn't remember where he got his batch, he used in my ear. Scary.

I was put on too many antibiotics as a child and now have all sorts of issues. Pills are not my friend, although doxy saved my life. My experience with countless useless physicians has led me to believe, unless it is acute, try to work it out yourself. It's unfortunate but many Drs like to write away their problems on RX pads and rarely care about their patients actual well-being. It's a business. Be your best nurse, or ask a nurse, they usually know more than the MDs.

I had the same issue what helped my scalp was the banana olive oil scalp treatment. Take one full banana and 1 table spoon of olive oil. Mix in a blender until the consistency is smooth. Take a hair dying brush and apply the mixture to your scalp. Wrap saran wrap over your hair to prevent from dripping and leave on for 30-40 min while soaking your feet knee deep in the warmest water you can tolerate without burning your skin.

The heat your body will release when soaking in your feet will open the pores in your scalp to help absorb all the vitamins from the banana mixture. I do this 1-2 times a month and I have not had a flake since. I also use a tea tree shampoo to maintain my scalp.

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