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Tea for Sweaty Palms and Soles

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Sweaty hands can be embarrassing, and sweaty feet can lead to foot odor and increase the risk of athlete's foot.

One dermatologist we consulted offered the following home remedy: Boil five tea bags in a quart of water for five minutes. When the solution cools, soak your hands or feet for twenty to thirty minutes nightly.

Tea contains tannic acid, which is also found in commercial products such as Ivy Dry, Zilactol, and Zilactin. The astringent properties of tannic acid are thought to be partly responsible for its antiperspirant action.

  • Currently 3/5
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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this remedy work? Average rating: 3/5 (132 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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My son, age 11, has the stinkiest feet! I heard about soaking feet in tea, and so I boiled some tea and made my son sit, soaking his feet in the tea for about half an hour. It really works! I was completely shocked and so was he! The stink was gone for about 3 months and must be repeated. But that was the sweetest smelling 3 months that we have had in a very long time!


I wonder if it works for feet & palms if it might also work for underarms that suffer from sweating excessively?

It barely worked for me, it gave me slight relief and turned my hands & feet (nails included) orange. I even tried using vasoline on my nails, but it didnt help. Then when I tried the "white tea" bags, it gave no relief at all.

I'd hate to get a sympathectomy. I've read it is risky (as any surgery), but may not even be effective. Besides the fact that the sweat will most likely relocate & with my luck it will be my nose or something. I wish SOMETHING would help me. I even hate getting on the computer. The sweat bothers me all day everyday. awful.

i have sweaty hands and feet...if i soak my hands and feet in a quart of water containing tea bags will my sweaty hands be cured permanently? for how many days do i need to soak them in order to cure the problem permanently

I am a nurse and have suffered the embarrassment of sweaty stinky feet for years despite very good hygiene. I just tried this remedy and I feel the positive effects already. Thank you Thank you. I can not thank you enough!

I haven't tried tea for sweaty palms and soles and I guessed I would really try it after reading some comments here. I just would like to ask also if it could work also on sweaty underarms? Thanks!

I used Malt Vinegar on my feet and it cured my odour feet

i have really bad sweaty feet and hands and the tea bags don't really seem to help. the sweaty feet are sooo embarrassing. for how many days or weeks should i soak my feet in tea for? should i wash them with soap after i finish soaking them? help me please....

I'm 16 and have this problem too..I was surprised that I wasn't alone. I thought something was wrong with me.. But I will definitely try tea for both my feet and hands :) thanks for your help :)

I'm almost 15, and my hands and feet are very very sweaty. They don't stink, but it gets very frustrating when you can't wear your favorite pair of flip flops knowing that your feet will be sweating like crazy later. I'm starting to think it's all in my head and I'm getting nervous, but I'll be getting a job soon and I don't want things like this holding me back. I'll definitely try this :)

Please tell me what kind of tea I can use because there are so many teas in the store.

Thank you.

My son suffers from very sweaty palms and feet. His feet literally drip sweat. I told him about this and he tried it.

He steeps 6 tea bags in a quart of boiling water, then after 10-15 minutes adds enough cool water to make it manageable and then soaks his hands in it, then his feet. It also helps to squeeze the tea bags during the soaking to get all the tannins out. No more sweaty palms and soles! He does this a few times a week.

I am 12 and i have sweaty hands and feet, and it is embarrassing when you have to hold hands with people and they look at you weird :) and its annoying and I can't wear flip flops because they feel weird or slide off. i will try this.

My feet are always hot and therefore sweat a lot. I have ruined $100 shoes in less than a month because of the stink that I can't get out of them. I will definitely try this.

Also try putting some foam insoles in your shoes. They help absorb the moisture and also keep a little more air circulating around your feet. I have to change the insoles every few weeks but at least the insoles absorb the odor and not the shoes. (Use the foam ones, not the gel ones. Dr. Sholls are good, but some drug stores have their own brand which is usually much cheaper.)

I have had this problem all my life--feet and hands--dripping sweat. I am terrified of handshakes. Most of the time my hand and feet are terribly dry, but when I get a bit anxious or even think about it, they are dripping in seconds. The sweating is never mild. I have noticed that coffee has an effect on my sweating, so I am controlling its intake. I will definitely try the tea option, thank you.

I'm 15 and I had these disgusting sweaty hands since birth. Also my feet do get really red hot and sweaty . Both my hands and feet become hot and sweaty if I get a tiny bit nervous or if I'm just hot. I'm hoping to allah , jesus, god, christ , whoever is up there that the tea bag thing will work. I don't think i can take another handshake or another bad relationship with a male over this stupid palm sweat.

I'm too embarrassed to wear flip flops from the redness and sweat of my feet. I don't like raising my hands either , or even using my hands to touch someones else's belongings or whatever b/c they always have some kind of reaction like "are your hands that sweaty!?"

I know it sounds a bit over dramatic and stupid but I've cried over this multiple times b/c I could get over how people were making me feel about it. Thanks for the poor people to read my comment anyhow I'm done ranting and venting on this topic , ill be somewhat optimistic about this stuff and hope it cures my hands and feet !

I know how you feel. Same story over here. I do this yoga class thing and we have to get on our hands and feet on this painted wood floor and for some reason the weird floor makes pools of sweat form in my hands and I slide! It's so awful. Plus there's just the regular sweating for the heck of it.

I have not noticed coffee influencing my sweaty hands or feet, but that's an interesting thought. So glad I'm not alone!

I'm going to try this, so wish me luck!

I have read a few websites that have recommended tea, so I am currently sat soaking my feet in tea right now (even though I hate tea & the smell is making me feel sick!!). I really hope it works because I have just started a new job & the smell is so embarrassing. Just a bit worried the tea might stain my skin & nails (has anybody else had that problem?)..will post results next week if this works or not!!!!!

Hi What Tea should I use? Is it black tea or lemon tea.. please advise.

I've read that you should use black tea... and the stronger the better!!
I've been using 1 kettle full of boiled water with enough cold water to cool it down, and 6 teabags!

I was wondering if this tea bag thing helped you? My hands and feet sweat way too much also! I used to think it was because I was nervous but I have realized I sweat even when I'm just laying on my bed. This is really messing with my life. Could you please get back to me!

I only did it for 4 days.. I think you are meant to do it for at least a week... but there has been some improvement!! But I'm not sure if that is down to the tea, or the fact that I have bought some new leather boots, have been wearing socks made from at least 80% cotton, and I have been putting talc powder in my socks every morning to keep feet dry! Keep trying the tea because at lot of people have said it works!!!

OMG the veeerryy first time I used it I noticed a difference. I just used it like two minutes ago and my hands BARELY have any sweat on them!

I used 6 tea bags of black tea a medium sized bowl with warm water, not boiling, and soaked for 10-15 minutes.
It worked amazingly well.

I have the exact same problem. It's horrible and its gotten to a point where I'm afraid to hold my boyfriends hand or give someone a high five. Has anyone found a solution to sweaty palms? (Palmar Hydrosis).

Ugh, My hands sweat sooooo much, I mean, just carrying a text book home from school makes the sweat drip down. And when I do my work, I weave wet spots on the papers and then they get all messed up.

I'm almost 17 now and to the point where I'm disgusted by it myself. Maybe it's because every time I give someone a high five or whatever, I get a response like "THAT'S SICK!" and it's super embarrassing. I've just stopped high fiving and whatnot and it just sucks because people think I'm just being a jerk.

And I also tend to avoid holding hands which makes the guy think I'm not interested even if I like him a lot.

I just feel like this problem holds me back from so much...
I'll try this, but will it stain my hands and nails?

wow. I didn't know that so many people had this problem too.

I'm almost 17 and have the same problem. I completely agree with you said teegee,
I hate doing tests copying down notes or anything cuz my hands sweat like crazy and it ruins my paper and what not.

Lately I've just started ignoring high 5s cuz I hate being criticized about my hands.

I'm gonna try this tea thing and ill see what happens... I hope this works.


OMG I hope this works for me! I've been having the same problem, sweating on my feet and palm, ever since I was born. I totally agree with u Tegee and DM!!! I'm gonna try this tonight and I hope this works! Thank you People's Pharmacy!

While I was reading this my hands were dripping sweat, now 30 mins. after soaking them in tea they are a little damp, but it still helped. One negative thing about this that it will turn your nails slightly orange at the tips. I am going to try this again and hopefully see more improvement. Good luck to everyone.

Over the past five years, my hands and feet have become progressively damp and sweaty. Doctors have ruled out thyroid problems and anxiety as the root causes but I'm hesitant to go under the knife. I am more than willing to give this a try... will let you know about the outcome next week.

I hate this problem with my hands and feet sweating! I am 13 and have this problem, I had it since I could remember! I hate writing or drawing because of it.. Markers get all over the side of my hands and then my hands mess up the hole picture because my hands make dots and smear the picture! My hands are even sweating right now while writing this..... I really want this to work!

I always try to wipe of the sweat before I give people their stuff back! I wipe it on my pants sometimes and it puts sweat all over them! When I touch someones hands or something they always say "Ewwee why are your hands wet?" I usually just say "ohh I just washed them" or if they are my friend I just tell them and they always try and find a way to help meehh, sometimes they try to stay away from my hands but some friend I've known for years just forget and don't care anymore!! It makes my paper usually have dots on them, ruin the ink and paper, and make the sides curl!! I want this BIG problem to go away!!

Wow, I really hope this works!!!! I'm also a teenager and have been suffering from hyperhidosis for years. I get really sweaty hands, sometimes to the point where I can't write anymore:( and my face blushes really bad too, I am fair skinned and my face gets sooo red, people say i look like a tomato!) I hope this works, from now on I'm trying to get over this problem and move on.

btw don't be afraid of this problem, tell your friends so that when it happens they're not surprised and they understand rather than laugh. hope this helps. bye

I'm 17 and about two years ago, people started to comment that my hands felt wet or would ask if I had just washed my hands. At first, I thought they were mad, but then I noticed it myself, and I cannot tell you how much I hate it. High 5's, hand shakes, even helping a friend put a bracelet on are all horrendous tasks. So I looked on this site and found the tea thing, I did that and I kind of felt it working but I didn't want to use all the tea bags to soak my hands every night.

So one day I went to get a spray tan and the beautician put Vaseline petroleum jelly on my hands and then asked me to rub the excess onto a tissue. I did that just so the tan wouldn't stick to my palms but I noticed that my hands had stopped sweating and I had relief until I washed my hands. I have started to apply it, and I will do so for a week and tell you whether it works.

Oh god these many people with same problem that I am facing, great I am not alone.
OK I too will try this tea formula, hope good things to happen.

bye my sweaty palm friends.

None of us are alone - many, many people suffer from hyperhydrosis.
There is a non-herbal solution and it involves Botox.
Can be very costly unless you are insured.

I feel each and every one of your painful experiences with sweaty hands and feet. It has only been recently that this problem has gotten out of hand for me. I really think it is just all in our heads. But its hard not to think about it once you start to sweat. I'm going to try this tea soak thing also. I heard sage tea works best. God bless you all. I will keep you in my prayers. Have FAITH!

I am 20 years old and I have been struggling with really sweaty hands and feet for as long as I can remember! It's extremely uncomfortable. It's the most embarrassing feeling ever. I am married now and I am still super scared to even hold my husband's hands. I had never confronted this problem with him before but I would see him wiping his hand on his pants after holding mine and it was horrible.

The other day I told him that I wanted to do something about it and I started doing some research and found this!! I am praying it works for me! I don't have insurance but if I did I would go get that surgery right away! I don't wanna be worried about shaking ppls hands anymore or holding my daughter's hand or my husbands! Let me know any other tips that you have thank you!!!

I'm really suffering with the same...! its getting worst day by day ... I will try this and will update the result soon..!

I'm so glad I finally found something for sweaty hands and feet I'm 40 years old and I've been having this problem since i was a teenager. I'm embarrassed to hold hands with my husband I pray that the tea works for me.

I'm 18 years old and have had sweaty hands and feet for years now. It's so embarrassing being a girl and wanting to go get your nails done but too ashamed because your hands sweat and holding or shaking someones hands because they look at you funny or even simple as wearing open shoes. People ask how you're feet can sweat in open shoes but it just happens and I can't help it.. So I'm going to try this tea bag treatment and hopefully it works. It's good to know that I'm not the only one with this problem.

well I been suffering for hyperhidrosiss like all of you. The tea that helps also the name is sage tea drink 2 times a day and it helps but I am goonna try to soak my feet and a black tea and if you have any tips for me please leave a comment. My name is JUAN ok thank you and good luck to us all.

I am a senior citizen, female, who suffered most of my life with drippy hands and feet. Several years ago we installed a whole house water softening system using salt as the agent. After about four days my hands were bone dry and my feet barely get damp. I can tell when it is time to add more salt because my hands will begin to get moist. This is not a cheap solution, but a lot of companies will install their system on a trial basis.

Hi I am also suffering a lot, Can anyone help me what is the best way to get rid of it?

I'm 16 and recently got a boyfriend really freaking out like hell because of my sweaty hands I mean I'm lucky to have occasional sweaty hands sometimes not like some people dripping and whatnot so yeah they're just wet for example they are dry and nice at the moment but I get really embarrassed when I'm playing on the computer at school because they mouse is wet from my hands definitely gonna try this as soon as my gets sweaty wish me luck :) xx

I'm a 16 year old guy with this same horrible problem too. School just started today and I was so afraid of what people would think or say if they would see my sweaty hands and notice my sweaty feet. And when I got to school, It just felt so horrible, with new faces and all that and most of all, I couldn't stop thinking about this stupid problem so I started sweating a lot and it really destroyed my day (as always for the past five years) sigh ...
But definitely gonna give this a try ^^ Glad knowing a lot of people out there share this same thing.

I just tried this and I have school in 6 hours so goodnight and I'll get back to you asap ...and ps tomorrow is my bday and I'm asking out this girl that I like haha...well night.

I'm 12 and I just recently noticed that I had "sweaty" hands. Only a couple people, cousins, and my mom said they do feel a little clammy. I read all the comments and I KNOW my problem isn't as bad as theirs. I'm just scared when I get a boyfriend he's not going to want to hold my hand or I'll be afraid to hold his. I hope this works but I don't think my mom will let me use all the water and tea bags. I hope it works its just down right embarrassing!

dear alaina, and all the young people who've posted here, embarrassed...

i want to say I am so sorry that u are living with such embarrassment and, (hopefully you read the other comments and now u know, but I wish I could tell all the young people who don't know), just look how many other young people have posted here, look how common it is to have sweaty hands and stuff and, u shouldn't have to be embarrassed :(

...if people make fun of u ..Ii got made fun of so bad when I was in school, and I know how it can hurt, but try to tell them u CAN'T HELP IT that your hands sweat, and try to NOT CARE about them, cuz I know it might not seem like it to u, but... THEY DON'T MATTER...

please try to remember - and I pray the tea bags work for u, or if that doesn't, there ARE lots of other home remedies that u can try (just be careful and, check with your moms/dads/etc. before trying things?) ...DON'T GIVE UP HOPE!!! and if anything works for me I will post it here! ...HANG IN THERE!

I have sweaty palms... are the teas really working? for how long would I do it? will it give permanent relief?

Hey guys, so I too suffer from this hyperhidrosis.. I'm 14 and I am going to try this remedy hoping it would work..

Hi Guys, I also suffer the same problem and I am 23. It's been there with me since birth I think... its so embarrassing and troublesome. When I think about meeting each day new clients and shaking hands is a pain... I will surely try this remedy and hope it works ... thanks

Tried red zinger tea barely worked

I have been having this problem with my hands and feet sweating all my life. No smell. It has gotten worse then ever. I can't wear saddles are flip floopys cause they slide off my feet. I have to take a towel wit me every where I go. It never really bothered me that much until now AND I'm 30 years old. Can someone help me please......

I just found something that is working for me, it keeps me totally dry and I am a chronic palm sweating individual, I am pretty much wet hands all day.

DHEA, it come in pills and you could get it at your grocery store along with vitamins and natural remedies, it is cheap, #6.00, I take two at night before bed, I have been dry since I started, 3 months ago, Dhea, is in abundantly produced by our bodies, but the older you get the less the body produce, I am 50 and according to studies my Dhea levels are pretty low and for anyone after 40. it is supplement, there is no side effects, it actually helps your mood somewhat and you are less tired.

It could be taken also by women, please read in webmd about it, and it hope it helps you.

What type of teas work? I have lots of green tea!!!
I'm not the only one! Yay!

I'm 13 and I suffer from sweaty palms, feet and now the underarms. Thank God I'm not alone. It's embarrassing because I can't even hold my sisters hand, or people in church without them looking at me like...eww. My hands don't drip with sweat but they are getting worse as I'm getting older. My feet are worse than my hands.

Today my mom, 2 sisters and I went for a mani-pedi but I only went for a mani because my feet were sweating in my sandals. Definitely feeling left out I sat getting my nails done when the Chinese lady said "why are your hands so wet?"

I was so uncomfortable I wanted to cry. I'm dreading the day I get a boyfriend because of the hand holding because my hands will sweat. My underarms sweat leaving marks in dark blue shirts. So I'm forced to wear white rather than my favorite color blue. The thing is that I'm not overweight. None of the people in my family have it. I'm going to ask my parents about some treatments and I hope this works. You will all be in my prayers!

which type of tea do I have to use?


I realize that the top of my back heats up when I sweat probably from cervical 5-7 and thoracic 1-2 I guess. When I wipe my back with cold water, I immediately stop sweating but only if I can find cold water. Why is that???

I have had sweaty hands and feet for quiet a long time and its very messy. I feel very uncomfortable when shaking hands with people. Please advice on what type of tea should be used.

Hi. I have this condition since I am young. I have experienced same condition as most of the people who commented here. And I realized that a lot of us are also experiencing this very embarrassing problem

It's really very uncomfortable especially with my sweaty feet that my feet and shoes get stinky after work. And I'm just so scared that my live-in partner will know about it. I'm also scared to tell as he might find it disgusting. I tend to buy shoes every now and then. Coz whenever my shoes stinks, I just didn't want to wear them anymore ;(

I have tried Iontoporosis and it didn't work for me. I have tried some creams and powders but no use. I will try this tea and will update you if there is any good result...

15 years old, I have same problem of you and I want to try this "6 bags tea xD" hope it will works ..

Could u please any one let me know that a bag of tea account for how many grams?
Because I would like to try out this for myself, but here we are not having tea bags. If any one tell me in grams it will be a great help........

Wow this works great ! Only did it for 10min and my hands are bone dry ! How long does it last for ??

For me the cedar thing really works incredible! I bought special cedar insoles online and after a few days my smelly feet are already gone. I can only recommend these insoles instead of any home remedy.

Hello everyone with sweaty palms and feet :D my palms are actually dripping at this very moment when I am typing this! I have just undergone similar situation as you ppl ! I am 20 and has been suffering from this problem since my childhood but I've never tried to fix it! Today my gal had bought a new i5phone to coll and she asked me not to touch it, tat was too humiliating in front of all my friends! Good too know many ppl are there wit me :P we're lyk a family now :) try drysol deo I've heard it works ! I will try the tea thingy wish me luck :) I'll let you guys know the result :) and I want be free of sweaty hands and palms for new year :)

I've done research and hear Sage tea works the best, it's harder to find though.

I read your comment on here and I had to respond.. I am 26 years old and I feel the exact same way you do.. I am scared to meet anyone because I don't wanna shake their hand.. and also when I think about it they not only sweat they drip.. It's an awful thing and I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way but on the other hand I'm not happy to know that someone else has to feel as bad as I do on a daily basis.. If you figure out any cures let me know!!

I have had sweaty hands and feet since birth that my mom had to change my socks at least 3 times a day when I was a baby. I think it is very embarrassing because some people tease me about it. I get sweaty if I'm nervous or even just thinking about it they get sweaty very quickly. I don't have an odor but I will try this to see if it works.

I'm 22 yrs. old already and until now my hands and feet are sweating like a faucet of water started when I was in grade 5. I want to do things but because of this abnormality I can't. I hope this will work soaking my hands and feet by using black tea. please please hope it will work

I am 27 years old, I had sweaty hands and feet since my birth, I had tried so many ways but not control my problem, if any better solution tell me please.

I need to know if I can use the solution over and over again. Thanks please reply back soon.

It is not Justin our heads. I have had sweaty palms and feet my entire life and I thought maybe it was psychological as well. But then my second daughter was born and when she was less than 6 months old, friends would comment that her hands were wet. She is now 13 and her hands and feet have sweat excessively for that entire time. I don't think there is a single day that has gone by where both of us have not had sweaty palms and feet at some point during the day. So please don't belittle other people's problems by suggesting it is all in their heads.

Please can anyone will help me out that their are different types of tea bags, please recommend me exactly which type tea bag I should use and What is Sage Tea exactly???

please please please help me out even I am fed up of this daily sweat in palms and feet. My life is disturbed because of this and I cant live happily. It feels so embarrassed, ot's good to know that I'm not the only one with this problem. Now hope this Tea bag would give me positive result.

Please revert back by return E-mail.
Thanks a lot

This forum may be well and truly done with now, but to all those people who have suffered with this perspiration issue, please go to your gp and get referred to a dermatologist. I was referred many years ago, and was prescribed gycopyrolate tablets which completely transformed my life.

They help with my excess perspiration to a huge degree. As it seems tho, my feet have become progressively worse in the last couple of weeks in-spite of the medication. Possibly I need to get my meds changed but in-between times, I'll try the tea method and see if it helps any. But I'll never stop the gycopyrolate tabs because they have helped so much. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone with this excessive sweating problem.

I am trying steeping my feet in the brewed tea which in essence is very cooling in this hot weather we're currently experiencing in the uk. But, so far, all it is doing is turning my toenails brown, lol. But it has only been 3 days so I will post again in a few more days to say whether or not it has been successful.

Hi all, I have suffered palmer planter hyperhidrosis (hands and feet) for about 20 years now and have tried a lot of things to sort the issue. All the sprays I could get hands on did not work. Bought an iontophoresis machine as when I went to hospital to trial this I found some relief.

So purchased machine, found some relief briefly but over time this was not as effective as I'd hoped. I was using a mix of water and baking soda, but the hospital used glycopyrrolate solution. I live in uk and there is no way to get that solution in uk. So found a pharmacy online in canada where I could purchase glyco capsules and mixed the water in my ionto with the powder in these capsules. Unfortunately no success.

I then started taking these capsules in my mouth. My hands completely dry with 2 tablets a day, but with feet to get some relief I need to take 4 a day which is the max recommended amount. Side effects are dry mouth, blurry vision, and potential urinary issues. But this for me was little sacrifice to sort my problems.

My feet were my biggest issue but glyco tablets didn't completely solve this and due to cost which is about $100 for 60 tablets if I remember correctly, plus delivery to uk, and occasional customs charges it was not the best option for me.

I've tried all the insoles etc, cedarwood, worked ok for a couple of days, summer soles the same couple of days. Wool socks etc. None has stopped the sweat and odour coming through though, and the expense could not be managed. I have started this tea bath experiment today. 6 teabags steeped in one quart (2 pints) of water for 15 mins. Then poured into one quart of cool water, squeezed tea bags before mixing with cool water, then removed. I shall post my results on here as will be doing it for the recommended 1 week.

Where can i buy sage tea? Im from Philippines at chinese drug store help please. I also suffered this problem. :( since birth.

Am 28yrs old and really embarrassed about this condition. I can't wear closed shoes or heels due to this and my hands annoy me. This excessive sweating has made me to lose my self esteem and I wish for the day I will be rid of this condition. Cant wear bright clothes for fear of ruining them when I wipe away the sweat.

Thank God for my boyfriend who accepts and understands my condition though at times I feel as if its too much of a burden for him with him helping me out by wiping my palms on his pants.

Prefer wearing sandals even at my work place because they are odor free but at times people don't understand what am going through.

Wish someone could come up with a permanent and cheaper remedy on how to solve this problem once and for all. Actually don't mind being a guinea pig for any tests/research etc necessary to make this dream into a reality. Will definitely give this tea method a trial and see whether it will also give me some sweat free period as indicated by some people going through the same here.

Thank you all for sharing about your experiences and remedies...could not have thought that so many people are going through the same.

My father used to sweat a lot and now I have it too. I can't stop sweating, especially when I am nervous.....Please help!

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