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Tagamet for Warts

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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this remedy work? Average rating: 3.8/5 (381 votes)
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There are so many wart remedies it is hard to know where to start or stop. Castor oil applications are highly recommended by our readers. But one of the few treatments that have actually been tested is taking Tagamet.

This research has been published in numerous dermatological journals. We consider this a "home remedy" because it is a novel use for this popular heartburn medicine.

One study found that more than 80 percent of treated patients had a significant response, though it did take six to eight weeks to see improvement.* The dose was 30 mg/kg/day.

Other studies have not had such success. Flat warts seem to respond better than raised ones.

How Tagamet might work remains elusive, though one theory has it the drug modifies the immune system so the body attacks the virus that causes warts.

  • Glass, A. T., and B. A. Solomon. "Cimetidine Therapy for Recalcitrant Warts in Adults." Arch. Dermatol. 1996; 132:680�?682.
  • Currently 3.8/5
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this remedy work? Average rating: 3.8/5 (381 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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My sisters boy, when he was in high school has a severe problem with planters warts on his foot and the doctor prescribed Tagamet in a a very large dose and it worked wonders for him. I do not know the exact amount but it was very large and the pharmacists questioned her about it.

My dermatologist prescribed me 800mg/day of Tagamet for a plantars wart and it worked! This was about 7 or 8 years ago. However, the last time I went to the Dr he wouldn't write me an Rx for it because he said it wasn't approved for that use or something to that effect.


Have had a raised ugly wart on the side of my hand for YEARS. Nothing the doctor or derma has prescribed worked. Neither anything in the drugstore, not the freeze stuff or the smelly stuff you put on with a wand. Have sliced it with a razor blade, with a pedicure file, anything for years but nothing worked. Then I found out about this alternative cure last week in a newspaper article. Purchased Tagemet yesterday AM, took a 200 mg tablet right away. Significant difference overnight! That's right, OVERNIGHT! Took another 200mg tablet this morning. (Almost) pain free and significant reduction. Can't wait to see what the next week brings.

My podiatrist had me take this for plantars warts on my foot in high school.

After having them cut, lasered, and frozen this worked. Haven't had them since. Over 12 yrs ago.

I suddenly got a bunch of warts near my fingernails and nothing worked untill Doctor gave me 800mg Tagamet and I took it once a day for 2 months and within a week of taking it they ALL disappeared, it was a miracle!!

I have been taking Cimetidine for about a week and have had AMAZING results!! I have had plantars warts COVERING my heel for about 10 years and nothing else has done anything before. They are already reduced to half in size! It is truly a miracle, I still cannot believe I will have a wart-free future to look forward to!

We finally gave Cimetidine to our 6 yr. old daughter. It's amazing! After months and months of visits to the derm., the warts on the back of her hand are gone. She had up to 40 big and tiny warts, they were starting to spread to her wrist and other hand. We'd treated them with everything! Finally 2 tsp. a day for 8 weeks and they just disappeared.

I have had dozens of unsightly warts on my back for years.  I tried Tagamet, two 200 mg tablets per day, and it has worked wonders in just a few weeks.

Although this is a little off-subject, I read with interest all the cures etc people suggest for warts and it brought to mind my personal story. I submit it as a matter of interest so make of it what you will.

When I was a boy of five living in rural England (c1942, evacuated from London), I had a sudden onset of warts covering the backs of both of my hands and fingers. The warts over my knuckles cracked and bled .

Several visits to various doctors did nothing to cure them, and over the months they got so bad and ugly I wouldn't leave the house.

Here's where it gets interesting...

One day, in frustration, my mother was relating my plight to the old lady who ran the village store. This woman had lived in the village for many years and suggested we visit the local "witch" as she has been known to cure such things.

By this time my mother was at her wits end and one evening, in desperation, took me to the witch's cottage.

After looking at my hands, she told my mother to wait a couple of days for the next full moon, give me a freshly laundered handkerchief with which I was to wipe the backs of both my hands.

My mother then was to walk into the woods where, in a communal picnic clearing, there was a well known tree stump with a concave top that held rain water. She was then to rinse the handkerchief in this water, return and have me wipe my hands with it again.

With my mother shaking her head in doubt, We did as the witch suggested and within three days my warts were gone and I haven't had one since!

I remember this as if it were yesterday. Strange.

I just had my first treatment for plantar warts ( 4 of them)
the Dr prescribed 2400mg of tagament a day. I am concerned about a large dose, but hopeful it will work.

Well I had a huge plantar wart on the side of my heel. and my foot doctor had told me to take 9 pills of tagamet for relief. is that even healthy? is it possible to overdose ? i just started taking them today. i need feedback


A word of caution. I have tried Tagamet on two different occasions and both times ended up with severe diarrhea and gas pain that lasted until I stopped taking the Tagamet. It may work wonders for some, but there are others of us who need to stay away from it.

My 6 1/2 year old son was perscribed Cimetidine (Tagemet) for planter's warts. He has been taking the 300 mg dosage twice a day for 5 weeks. The warts are almost gone.

However, he has complained of headaches and stomach discomfort often. For the past two weeks he has complained of pain in his eyes with sensitivity to light. Three doctor's have not been able to determine a cause for the eye pain.

Today has been especially bad for him. We are discontinuing use of the Cimetidine although the doctor's don't believe it is connected to the eye pain.

Any comments are appreciated.

My son is eight years old and had a plantars wart the size of a large pea, plus several pin head size plantars warts on his foot. The pediatrician prescribed Tagamet liquid. It has been approximately one month and the large wart is gone as well as the smaller ones. I had a similar wart as a child and it was dug out of my foot and left a large scar. So grateful our son does not have to go through that.

My 11 year old son had a planter wart on the side of his toe and took 2t of Cimetidine 2x a day for about 3 months and then the wart turns black and falls off. My 8 year old has one now and is taking 1.5 t 2x a day (amt. determined by weight) and looks like it will help him too. The podiatrist said they have great success with children taking Cimetidine, but not with adults because of their weight.

I've had two large plantar warts on my feet for a few years, and only until I visited the podiatrist did they spread to an entire dozen on one foot. He used the blue light laser treatment on me, figuring immediate physical action would get rid of the buggers. I'm a 17yr old female of 125 pounds. After recently switching doctors, I was just prescribed Cimetidine at 400mg twice a day. Is this dosage appropriate for me?

My daughter had so many warts on her hands (more than a million according to the doctor!) that there was nothing the doctor could do: freezing or burning them off was out of the question due to the huge number of them. He suggested Tagamet, we thought he was a wierdo. Two months later there was a significant decrease in the number of warts, and by the third month her hands were as smooth as a baby's bottom, and she went to her prom with her head held high!!

I am a 23 year old healthy male, weight about 170lbs. I have suffered from plantar warts on both my feet and periungal warts under my fingernails for almost four years. I have tried several costly and unsuccessful treatments to cure them (acid, cryotherapy, duct tape, ect).

About three months ago I started researching alternative treatments online. One of those was tagamet (cimetedine) therapy. I figured it was a long-shot with me, but what do I have to lose? About two months ago I began taking over the counter tagamet tablets (The wal-mart knock off to save money). I was scared to try such a high dose, so I decided to do one 200mg tablet with breakfast and one with dinner (400mg per day, much much less than other people took) Several weeks went by and I noticed no effect at all. I was ready to just give up.

Then a few weeks after that I noticed something: There was a small, patch of healthy skin through the middle of the mosaic patch of warts near my big toe. I though, "hey maybe this is actually working". Then a few weeks later and even more of the plantar warts were disappearing, and the big periungal wart on my right thumb was gone.

To this day (about two months since starting my treatment) most of my warts have disappeared, but a few small ones still persist. I'm confident they will disappear with time. To all the naysayers, this was not just my immune system suddenly taking care of them. Tagamet really works.

I read that it inhibits your immune system's suppressor cells, so your immune system can attack the virus and the warts will die. If your reading this and you've been through hell trying to treat your plantar or periungal warts, give tagamet therapy a try. It will take a little while, but patience is the key. Good luck!

I had warts on the bottom of my foot for five yrs..went back and forth to Dr..and he kept scraping them...five months ago I had surgery. I was in a wheel chair for four weeks, did everything I was supposed to do....three months later the virus came back in full force and is traveling aggressively. I tried carac medication for ten weeks with no improvement. my Dr suggested we try twenty eight hundred mgs. of tagamet. I have lupus and a heart condition and was wondering if this dosage is safe.

I had a gigantic wart on my thumb when I was a teenager- it started tiny and just kept spreading. The dermatologist tried salicylic acid over and over again, and tried to burn it off twice with liquid nitrogen (the worst pain I've ever felt...). Nothing worked, and I had it for 5 years- until my pediatrician prescribed Tagamet. I couldn't believe it; it had been the bane of my existence for so long, and it disappeared in a WEEK. What's more, that was eight years ago, and I have never gotten another wart.

To dh: I am interested in your experience since last September. I, too, have been on a 2400 mg regimen and have started experiencing migraine-like headaches and mild nausea after about a week. This sounds similar to some of the other negative side effects being mentioned on this post.

When I was 14 I had over 30 warts on the bottom of one foot. I was too embarrassed to go see the doctor until my mom noticed one day. By the time he looked at my foot, there were too many to remove by burning or cutting so he prescribed me Tagament as a long shot and told me it probably wouldn't work. On the contrary! Within a month, ALL 30+ warts were gone. Painless and quick, it was a miracle!

When I was 16 I had planters warts covering the bottom of both my feet. Some days were extremely painful, to the point I could barely walk. After freezing and the acid treatments my doctor finally prescribed me Tagamet. He gave me a weeks worth of 800/mg and said when I ran out to use the over the counter stuff.... 8 pills in the morning, 8 pills at night... and they should be gone in 2-3 weeks. Sure enough in 2 weeks the warts turned black and pulled off the bottom of my feet like a scab. I have not had warts since (now 26). I had no apparent side effects from the treatment, and I suffer from IBS. I have recommended it to several people.

I had great success with Tagment and my plantar warts. I am female 24 years old 180lbs. Starting November 2008 I noticed 2 small warts. I went to my doctor and had them froze off. They did not go away and 4 more appeared. I went back and froze them again I was left with 3 after that. I went back again same thing they didn't go away and one was growing! So now I have 3 warts, 2 small and one the size of a dime. I had them frozen off 3-4 more times with no success.

I then tried using duct tape with no success and some homeopathic treatments that did not work. I then was prescribed fluorouracil 5 topical cream (chemothearpy) compunded with 30% acid. After 2 months on that they still had not gone away. My Doctor was about to have to surgically remove them which would basically take off my entire heel because of how big the one was and how close the were together. I told him no and asked if there was anything else I could do.

He told me to try Tagamet 200mg 3 times a day in combination with the chemo stuff. 3 weeks and I am wart free. I noticed a difference the moment I started taking the Tagment it was AMAZING especially after all I had gone through to get rid of them. I do think it helped to use the combination but the Tagament is what really kicked them. I was told to continue taking it for another month to be safe.

OMG !!! My teenage daughter had about 30-40 small warts on her hand. We tried everything from going to a dermatologist to having them frozen off, to cream to over the counter wart remedies. She had these warts for about 2 years and they were just so bothersome, plus her skin is so sensitive to antibacterial to lotions, so using all this stuff just made the pain worse for her.

She had even gotten very self conscious about her hand and would hide it when people would stare. We went to a general MD and she prescribed Tagamet 400 mg twice daily for 3 months and I was very skeptical. I was just wanting relief for my daughter, I felt bad for her being around other young people and having to hide her hand.

After 1 month I could not believe it, there was significant improvement. They are disappearing and now into 2 months they are all gone. Her hand is so beautiful and she is trying to break that habit of hiding her hand. We will continue her medicine for another month. I only wish I would of taken a before and after picture of her hand to show this did indeed worked. Its like a miracle. I hope that if there is anyone suffering from warts to try this. Patience is so well worth it, after suffering for a few years. Good Luck !!!

My 12 year old son is severely disabled and had an extreme case of warts on his hands, which was gradually spreading up his arms and to his face. He had them for about 5 years and his hands were literally encrusted with hundreds of warts on top of warts. We tried every other method of treating them, including freezing them off in strips of about twenty at a time. They always came back.

We tried Tagamet for the second time- this time staying on it a little longer. After about three months the warts started to disappear. It's now about six months since he started the Tagamet and there are only a few small remnants of warts left. I hope to stop the treatment shortly. I am thrilled with the results, considering that the problem was getting worse and worse and it seemed that the warts were starting to establish themselves on his face.

My daughter had about 50 black seed warts on toes and feet. We took her to the foot Dr and he started the freezing process that was very painful. We had used every over the counter item. We went to another foot Dr who told was about tagament. She took 100mg in am and 100mg in pm he then scheduled us an appointment in 3 weeks for check up. Amazzzzzzzzzzzzzing -- all of the warts were gone!!!!!!!! Warts are a virus and some how tagament works!!!!!!!!


I had plantar warts on the bottom of my feet for close to 5 years. It got to the point where I didn't wear flip flops or anything that showed my feet, which was hard because I'm a surfer, and a skateboarder. I tried everything including tape, freezing them off, and going to the doctor to get a blister treatment to lift them off, but unfortunately nothing worked. Then one day the doctor decided to proscribe me an experimental treatment called tagamet to try and help. I took it for 2 1/2 months and my warts went away. I have to say this treatment is NOT experimental. It really works.

I am 17 and in 2006 I was diagnosed with crohns disease. The year before I started getting warts on my foot, it covered the front of my one toe and the back of the other. It had also gone onto the other foot and i have a small one on my hand that the doctor burned and it has grown 4x the size.

I wear socks everywhere and I keep a band-aid on my finger to cover it. I just want something that will make it go away. I want to wear nice shoes and be confident in my self as I heal . I have tried everything I can think of on my problem and the doctor said that they won't go away because my immune system is so suppressed it is unable to fight it off.

I graduate in June and I really want to get rid of it. Do you think that this tagement stuff will work?


My 9 year old son has had warts on his hands for over 2 years. We tried otc treatments and when it did not work we went to the DR to have them frozen off. When that did not work she prescribed tagament for him. He is having a hard time swallowing them and chews them instead. Will it still work if he chews them or should I ask my DR for an Rx for liquid? Thanks!

I had two big plantar warts on my foot, and multiple common warts on both my hands. I guess it was from biting my nails/cuticles... My sister had luck with cimetidine, so I thought I'd give it a try. My doc gave me prescription strength tabs (800mg) and I took it 3x/day... 2400mg/day as a 21 yo F. I got rid of all my common warts and plantar warts over a 3 month span... and needless to say, I never had heartburn!

I'm 24 now and noticed a couple more plantar warts brewing.... or something I think that resembles them, so I just bought OTC 200mg tabs. I'm gonna just aim for 600mg 2x/day... 1200mg/day. It worked the first time and I'll give it a second try. :)

Just want to thank everyone for posting and add my successful experience w/ cimetidine to the list. I got my warts from my small children, who were perfectly happy to use the "duct tape cure" suggested by their pediatrician--but try doing that when you work in a formal office environment :) Tried other online home remedies for 2+ years, and only recently found the suggestion to use cimetidine. I've only been taking 400 mg a day but can honestly say that the affected areas (fingers) were less painful and sensitive by the second day, and today are flattened out by at least 70%. Based on what people have stated on this web page about the high doses they've tried with no ill effects, I'm going to go to 800 mg a day and am confident that I'll be happy with the results.

My 9-year-old daughter was prescribed liquid Tagamet (800 mg a day) by her pediatrician for an outbreak of warts on her hands. Several of the warts were quite large and we had attempted to freeze them off several times, with no success. I finally took her to the peditrician when we found clusters of 10 or more new, small warts cropping up on her other hand.

We have been taking Tagament for a month, and will continue for another month or two. The only side affect I have noticed is my daughter seems to be a bit more emotional and cries easily. As mild depression is a possible side affect of long term use, I would presume that is what is happening. However, after a month of use, the Tagamet therapy seems to be working! My daughters warts have stopped spreading and several have dried up and peeled off! We treated the largest ones with Compound W as well, but the applications were sporadic at best, only about once a week. I'm amazed at how well she is doing.

I have read that the Tagamet works best in these dosages in children, and people have speculated it is due to their small size/low weight. However, my daughter is 5 feet tall and weighs over 100 lbs, and it is still working for her. I was initially very concerned about giving her this medication for a long period of time, but I feel it has been worth it.

I have had Plantar warts (at least that's what I think they were) on the bottom of one of my feet for some time and tried every over the counter remedy to get rid of them. Finally, I read somewhere to try lemon peel. So, using a vegetable peeler, I shaved off a thin slice of lemon peel, and taped it to the wart using a bandaid. I did this before bedtime so I didn't have to walk around with it during the day. I continued to do this for about a week or two and the warts totally disappeared and have never returned. It's worth a try!

My son had warts all over his hands and fingernail beds with many unsuccessful attempts to burn them off at the dermatologist. Finally he suggested trying Tagamet and Vitamin D for 30 days and returning. When we returned the warts were almost all gone. He treated the remaining ones and suggested we cont. the medicine for another month. So far no more warts - 4 years later.

My daughter had several painful plantar warts and was treated with acid, cutting and lasering but they kept coming back. Finally after a year the podiatrist suggested using Tagamet and Vitamin D. The warts went away and have not returned for a year.

I am a firm believer in this process. I wish I would have suggested it to the podiatrist earlier but wasn't aware it would be an option for plantar warts too. The doses were slightly different for each child but fairly large - 600 to 800mg 3-4 times a day.

hello to all :)
On march 17th I found this page saying that tagament could help reduce and get rid of warts.

I left a response asking if this would be able to work for me since I have crohns disease which makes my immune system weak.

I started taking these pills 4 a day since April 14 within towo weeks the wart on the front of my second toe had disappeared as well as the ones surrounding the nail bed, the other warts have shrunk in size or have gone away in spots completely (yay).

Although they have not all disappeared cause I have so many covering two of toes. I am greatly excited to say that this has worked this much so far when nothing else has. One foot has completely cleared and I am down to 1/3 on the right foot :)
I am so exited that I don't have to cover my hand anymore, or that I can wear sandals and flipflops and pretty sandals that show my toes at prom :)

Not only has this helped my warts but i don't get acid reflux anymore.
Thank you sooo much all your help
sincerly brea:)

My son had warts all around the nailbeds of most of his fingers. He used tagamet and they were gone within 4-6 weeks. Miracle really....they were really bad.

What dosage should someone take who is 46 and 126lbs? Does it work for flat warts?


Linnea, I am 49 and about 120 lbs and have been taking 800 mg of tagamet per day for about 6 weeks. I have seen about 5 flat warts disappear, but still have many others. My Dr. said it doesn't work as well in adults because our immune systems aren't as strong as childrens' immune systems. I am hopeful. Good luck!

When my daughter was a little girl all of the fingers on both hands were covered in large raised warts. I took her to the Dr. and he was reluctant to freeze them because of their size and how little she was.

He told me about hearing of the Tagamet thing at a conference and suggested I try it. We weren't even sure what dosage to try on her. I gave her one pill a day and within three weeks her warts were almost totally gone and withing a month you couldn't even see where they had been.

I wish I had taken pictures the change was so dramatic. My daughter is now 24 and still no warts.

LK Thank you so very much! Were you instructed to take it all at once, or several times throughout the day? I have been taking 800 also, but 400 twice a day. I am starting on my 6th week, but I have not seen any changes. I have been taking the generic brand, so maybe I need to actually take Tagamet. I am happy to hear that it is starting to work for you! :)

I got a wart on my knuckle like 4 yrs ago, I left it thinking it would go away. Well they spread through both of my hands and my face. It's depressing to have all this all over my hands and my face, I've tried everything otc, freezing, aldara, acv, even laser, I'm on the banana peel remedy right now not sure if its working, doing some searching online I found out about this remedy, so I went out and bought a box today, after reading all the posts.

I hope that this remedy will work for me, my question is that, people saying it works better for younger kids, who on here is older and taking it and working for them? I'm 23 I REALLY REALLY hope this works. All I want to do is go home from work and stay in my room. At work all I do its think about it, very depressing.

Is there any difference with using Tagamet vs. the generic? I've been using generic and wanted to make sure that was OK.

Linnea, try echinacea the herb that boosts your immunity. Easily available - I am using Blackmores Echinaces Forte.

We have been battling warts at our house for 2 years. Three of the kids had them and I was at the end of my rope on what to do. We did the Tagamet for 2 weeks and they are ALL GONE!! One child had well over 100 they would get infected and bleed, not the best thing for the first week in kindergarten. I would and have recommended it to everyone I know.

I went to a podiatrist for a year and all treatments failed until I tried tagamet. I took 3oomg three x/day for 2 or 3 months. After months of painful treatments that didn't work I kind of took this idea as a joke but figured if all I had to do was take a pill, it wouldn't hurt to try and it ended up being what finally worked.

Although, I do have to add, it gave me horrible heart burn- which I would have thought it would have prevented not cause- I eventually had to quit taking the tagamet for this reason but by then all the warts were gone.

I have 5 children ages 12, 14, 16, 18, and 21. We have been using the Tagamet method for wart removal since my oldest child was 9yrs old. He had lots..... especially under his fingernails. This took a few months with him to work and then all of the sudden, one by one the warts disappeared.

My youngest now has warts on her legs, feet,and knees. She was taking the generic brand for a about 6 weeks and we saw NO results!! Very disappointing to her especially! I decided (even though the generic brand is supposed to be the same) we would buy the TAGAMET and try again. Her warts started disappearing in 10 days!! Spend the extra money because in the long run it works faster and will be cheaper. She is about 85 pounds and is taking 600mgs twice a day!

When I was younger, I was prescribed Tagamet due to plantars warts. I actually had a pretty severe case -- the doctor was able to count 23 mosiac clusters (clusters are more than one) on my feet. I can't remember how long I took it but it worked like magic. I ended up only having to have the remnants of a very few scraped off.

My 10 year old has flat warts all over her hands and chin. We have tried everything and nothing has worked. The last treatment of Beetle Juice made the warts blister horribly and spread even more. We just went to another dermatologist who is recommending to try Tagamet 1000 mg/day. I am trying to stay hopeful.

How did you get on, was just reading about using tagamet to get rid of my warts and came across your comment, as I too have lupus! But as I live in Ireland I won't be able to buy them over the counter, may go and ask if the gp will prescribe them for me!

Ann, thank you so much for the information. Are you taking the echinacea along with Tagamet? What dosage should I use? I gave up after no results, but I've decided to give it another try.

Hello everyone. It has been 5 weeks since my first comment about my child starting on Tagamet. She took it twice a day at the same time. Also we applied Tea Tree oil on the warts every night. It has been a MIRACLE. We are wart free with just a few red spots left! Thank you Tagamet!

I've been trying to get rid of my plantar warts for years now with no success. I was really excited to try Tagamet when I read about how many of you it helped. But after 2 days of taking a 200mg tablet twice daily, I started getting headaches and dizziness, so I stopped taking it. Did anyone else have these side effects? Any suggestions as to what to do about it? I don't think I can function with those side effects for the month or 2 that it takes to get rid of the warts. Thanks.

Sara, I posted quite awhile back that I suffered from headaches and nausea and had to quit. I've been watching others' comments since then and yours is the first since mine saying that you had to quit. We must belong to one of those "possible side effects" groups.

Thanks for your reply. I was beginning to think I was the only one who experienced side effects. Have you found anything else that has worked?

Unfortunately, no I haven't. Not that I've been trying all that hard. So far, my warts are only on my knuckles - not a significant issue for a guy - and only cause me problems in the worst of winter weather when they may cause a small split in my dry skin.

I tried Tagamet and it worked for awhile... notice above comment that I did lose 5 warts because of it. I have since had multiple warts frozen off and had quite a bit of success. I have also used a mixture of curcumin (check it out - spice from India great for reducing inflammation) and papaya (a great viral killer) that I read about on another website. It works great topically to get rid of flat warts. Although, most medical doctors say there is no scientific proof of this method. I agree... who would make money off of doing a study on something a drug company cannot patent?

I also have read (and it makes sense) that whatever treatment you use to get rid of warts, you MUST believe in it to remove them entirely! I have 1 or 2 that keep coming back but have gotten rid of over 20 small ones on my hand using all 3 of these methods. Stay positive and stay with what works!!

I am a 33 year old female trying to get rid of flat and common warts on my feet and hands. I have read about Tagamet and am wondering how much I should take. I am so disturbed by these that I will try this since nothing else is working. Can anyone give me some advice on dosage? I weight 105lbs and am 5'5". Thanks for your help. Nothing else seems to work and my dermatologist and doctor aren't helping which is frustrating and I don't want anymore scars on my body from this annoying thing.

My daughter has been battling flat warts on her face for the last 5 years. She started around age 4. I am sure we have had over a 100 frozen off so far. They have since spread to her legs, hands and now on her fingers. After all these years of going to the derm. every 4 weeks, I am desperate to try something else. I would like to try the Tagamet. She is 10 years old , 80 lbs.. would I give her 600-700 mg? I have even searched for a specialist, but have been unable to locate one. I just keep being told that she will build up immunity eventually. Help.

Hi dcw.
My daughter is also 10 and around 80 lbs.. She was prescribed 1200 mg. a day. 600mg. in the am and 600mg. in pm. for 2 months. I believe the correct dosage is 30 mg./ 1 kg. So if your daughter is 80 lbs. that would be 36 kg.
It worked like magic! She also had flat warts on her hands and chin! Now, no sign of them. Goodluck...

cimetidine worked for me! my plantar warts are finally gone!

I am a 26 yr old male and have been having warts show up in patches on arm. Had them burned off by dermatologist. They came back and more kept coming. It has been 9 months and 6 burn off treatments. Just got Tagamet today and am praying it will take care of them.

Hi y'all, I have been suffering from flat warts every since I was 14 and I am now 20. Like a lot of you, I have tried many different treatments like the Compound W liquid, duct tape, and freezing. They seem to be successful at first, but they eventually come back. I've always had them on the front of my hands and I've been trying to keep hopeful.

They probably aren't as noticeable as I feel they are, but they are embarrassing and distracting and all that I think people are looking at. I am 5'0 and 125 lbs. I have asked my doctor about this treatment and she is unfamiliar with it and thus not comfortable prescribing. I have bought some OTC tagamet and was wondering if anyone knew the dosage I should be taking? Thanks.


OK, if I had not had it happen to me, I would NEVER have believed it. As I was at the latest Podiatrist, who was suggesting to me that I have anesthesia while she cut out the warts, I asked about the Tagamet. This after using the chemotherapy cream for 8 weeks with no success! I went to Walgreen's and bought Tagamet. I took my first dose (400 mg) at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday (5/18). I took a second dose at 8:30 p.m. On Thursday (5/19) a.m., I awoke to a black wart on my right foot which washed off in the shower.

It is now Friday (5/20) p.m. I have continued the 400 mg dose of Tagament every 8 hours. My cluster of warts on my left foot is almost GONE!! After years of creams, acids, burning, freezing, cutting and expense, it took about two days to get rid of the warts! Truly amazing!!

My daughter has been plagued by flat warts on her face since she was 4. She is now 10 and we have been going to the dermo every four weeks since she was diagnosed. My best guess is that she has had well over 100 warts frozen off her face. We started the tagamet on our own after reading about it about 4 months ago. 3 months ago she even had warts on her lips and covering her fingers. (From chewing her nails, the warts spread to her lips). We just had our 4 week check up and they found no new warts!!!

Even the fingers are cleared up, which they told me would be the hardest to get rid of. We have done freezing, acid and prescription creams for the last 6 years.. nothing has worked. I am not positive that they are gone yet, but it can't be coincidence. I have been giving her 600mg every day. We go back in another 8 weeks this time so I will update then.

I have been suffering from warts since 2006, it started from 1 wart, and then in 2010 become 10 -11 big warts on my right hand, I had used the acids (compound w), and it isn't work, then I went to doctor and he freeze them, but this not work because the big wart which called the mother didn't die, and my hand burned and seem ugly. Then I heard about cimetidine from my friend who used it and her son and it's work with them, then I read the most comment in this site,t hen i decided to try it, wooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww its amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzziing, it works from the first week or second week, I take 600 mg a day which 3 tablets 200 mg a day, and now all the warts are gone but there is 3 warts 90% of it gone, but a little bit is still, but this is amazing results, I cant believe that my hand now is wart free, my friends ask me about them because they saw the result is amazing, i recommended it to my sister who lives in my country Jordan, thanks god.

My 5 year old daughter has been suffering from mulluscum, which is a wart virus, for a little over a year. She started with a couple on her belly and they have now spread to her right arm, upper right back, and a couple under her chin. We have tried nearly every "home remedy" including duct tape, curretage, and tea tee oil, as there is no known cure for it. Today our doctor gave us a prescription for liquid Tagamet. She takes 10ml per day. I am really, really praying this works! I thought I'd post here and update on our success (I'm pretty hopeful) as soon as I see a change. Cross your fingers for us!!

I have had warts and severe excema on both of my hands, and I also work as a server and bartender 50+ hours a week in a very nice restaurant. I have been so self conscious about everyone seeing them and also I have been very concerned about spreading my warts to other people.

After getting my warts burned off with nitrogen a couple of times, used compound W and all kinds of stuff to get rid of them, I went back to the dermatologist last week and he prescribed me Clobetasol Propionate ointment for my excema, burned my warts again (this time it seems to have worked), and prescribed me 800mg of Cimetidine. Just started using it today and am very excited about seeing results. I will share them here soon...

One great thing I learned though is that only a small percentage of people are susceptible to the virus so it is not contagious. Those of you who think they got warts from their kids most likely already had the virus in their system.

I had planters warts on my feet and it bothered me to walk. This was over 40 years ago. I went to the doctor and he told me to scrap the bottom of my feet with a knife. I did that for about 2 weeks and gave up. I had read Adelle Davis's Book and she said to take Vitamin A and Natural Vitamin E (D-Alpha) NOT Dl-Alpha. Within a month or two they had completely disappeared.

My 13 year old son has had warts on his hands for 3 years and they were surgically removed, but have came back... now he has one on his lip and several up his nose which is obstructing his breathing... doc just prescribed 800mg of tagamet... can't wait to see if it helps!!!

EP, I frequently come back to your post for inspiration as I, too, suffer from periungual warts and now the warts are starting to spread to other areas of my hands and face. I am about to complete my second week of treatment with knock-off brand Tagamet (400mg 2x a day) and do not see much of a difference. However, I do notice that the itch that occurs prior to a wart developing has basically ceased (with the exception of one instance). So, perhaps the medicine is starting to take effect in that it is preventing new warts from developing.

I am having a hard time being patient as I have been trying countless painful methods (acid and Apple cider vinegar) to get rid of these nasty and contagious things. How long did it take before you started seeing results for your periungual warts? I am also taking a multivitamin, eating lots of fruits (bananas!), and watching what kinds of foods I am consuming. I just want my hands back...

jpk how is your treatment going? Trying to get rid of warts on my hands/fingers and saw your post. When did you first start to notice a decrease in your warts and what did they look like as they were dying off?

About 25 yr. ago (I was in early 40's) I had some flat warts almost an inch in length along the side of one knuckle that spread to the next finger that were really annoying (note: I should not whine after hearing some of the other stories here!) After burning, freezing, etc. unsuccessfully, leaving nasty, painful wounds that were hard to heal and didn't work at all, my GP said to try the Tagamet thing for 6 wk. or he would need to refer me for laser treatment.

This was before the OTC version. Don't remember the dosage, but I had diarrhea almost from the start, not that bad, but it began to really bother my hemorrhoids. I hated to stop treatment after only 3 wk. but absolutely could not take the 'rhoid pain! A few wk. later I tried the Rx again for a few days, the same thing happened so I stopped again. But to my delight the warts dried up, turned into scabs and fell off, never to reappear again! I was thrilled beyond words! The interesting thing is, I mentioned this to several other doc's later, incl. 2 GI docs, who didn't ever hear of this treatment!

SAC how is the treatment going for your son now that he has been on tagamet (cimetidine) for a few weeks? I am just trying to get a picture for how long this stuff takes to start producing noticeable effects on hands/lips. I was a nail biter so the virus spread to my lips too.

Btw, does anyone have any other home remedy suggestions for ridding warts from lips? I have been doing tagamet 400mg 2x daily (morning and night) and am starting on my 4th week of this treatment. I feel like I might be seeing results but also think that it is too soon to tell. Anyway, I would be thankful to hear how things are going for your son since we are having similar issues.

Just took my 12 year old to the Podiatrist yesterday. She has a very aggressive form of cluster warts on the ball of her left foot, and one on her big toe. Just began Tagamet per my Dr's instructions. He is giving her 1200 mg per day because this is an aggressive form. Hoping my results are just as successful!

Two years ago, I took my 9 year old daughter to the podiatrist to get warts removed from her feet. He wanted to try Tagamet 400mg twice a day for six weeks before doing anything invasive. At the third week, her warts were entirely gone. She also had a wart on her elbow that disappeared. She has not had a recurrence (knock on wood). The podiatrist explained that something in the Tagamet stimulates a person's immune system to fight the virus. I have shared this news with anyone who brings up the topic of warts!

So I am wondering about once the warts have cleared from taking Tagamet... when should I stop taking it. Should I continue for a few days after they are gone or what? Any help or experience would be great!

what did you mix cimetidine with because of the bad taste?

I started my 18 year old son on Tagamet 400mg twice a day for his wart problem. He developed warts on his knee, and elbow and hand. They were in a cluster form. He was getting very uneasy about how they were spreading lately. We tried the apple cider vinegar, the duct tape, the banana peel, and of course all the over counter meds. Nothing seem to help him.

I came across this Tagamet remedy and discussed it with him, he was more than willing to try it. Within about 7-10 days, I noticed the large wart on his hand was really shrinking, and turning flesh colored instead of being the cauliflower white color. He couldn't believe it was actually working. He has been on Tagamet for 2 weeks, none of the warts have completely disappeared as of yet, but they are smaller in size and the color has changed. He is very diligent in taking the pills twice a day, especially since he is noticing a change already.

I asked him if he is noticing any side effects and he said no. I really hope the warts continue to disappear and he is free of them soon! I will recommend Tagamet to anyone I know that has a wart problem.By the way my son is 6ft 2in tall and weighs 180lbs. I will not let him take any more than 800mg a day since he does not have any heartburn problem, just those stubborn warts! Will keep everyone updated if his warts all disappear.

Do you continue to take the Tagement, or when did you stop? Thanks.

It has now been 26 days since my 18yr. old son started tagamet, and the large wart on his hand is completely gone!! He told me today, "you can't even tell I had a wart on my hand! Tagamet is the only real cure we have found that truly battled his warts, we are both amazed at his results. I looked at the warts on his elbow and knees today, and they are definitely shrinking and changing a flesh color as well. He is still taking the same 400mg regimen twice a day, and that seems to be working just fine. The wart on his hand was very noticeable, in fact quite large. I will post again in another month and update everyone on his remaining warts. It is just so exciting to finally find something that works!

Tagamet definitely works but just to add......we also used salicylic acid (wart remover liquid) with a piece of duct tape over the warts every night before bed. In the morning we would rip the duct tape off (did not hurt) and with it remove a layer of the wart tissue. In conjunction with the Tagamet it worked quickly and easily! We haven't seen a wart sense!!

My 12 year old son, warts all over his hands, tried it all. Home freezing/salicylic acid treatments, duct tape, froze off at Dr. office, etc. He started taking 200mg tagamet twice a day. After 6 weeks, the warts appeared that they may be shrinking. They definitely were not growing. After 9 weeks, they were TOTALLY GONE! The skin is smooth as if the warts were never there. He continues to take the tagamet to keep them from coming back. We really don't know if that is necessary, but he is not taking the chance.

Well, I had them burned off with nitrogen first, and those went away pretty well. With tagamet, it seems like they are flaking off and getting smaller. The tagamet also helps my excema, it seems, so maybe the double duty it's performing is weakens how well it deals with the warts. My skin looks better though!

This is so encouraging. My daughter is a ballet dancer and has had 3 planters warts on her right foot and one on her finger for several months... so painful! We tried OTC patches, gels, oil of oregano, duck tape, etc. 2 weeks ago I started with apple cider vinegar and made an appointment with a podiatrist. Dr's appointment was a BIG mistake... he actually scraped the warts and froze them, my daughter was in EXTREME pain. The doctor said to come back to in 2 weeks to do it again.

I cannot (and will not) put her through that again. A friend suggested Tagamet and I bought it last night (Target brand), gave her one 200mg and one 200mg this morning. After school, I plan on giving her another 200 and 400 before bed. I am praying this works, we are at the end of our rope. BTW - Apple Cider Vinegar definitely seems to be doing something, after her foot heals from what happened at the drs, I will be using that along with the Tagamet.

my son had a wart on the bottom of his foot. I took him to the podiatrist who removed what he could but by no means all of it. He told him to put syliac acid (spelling probably wrong) and duct tape. 3 1/2 weeks later it still looked the same. I read an article in a magazine about tagamet, he started taking one pill a day and in less than a week it was gone. (He had stopped putting the acid on when he started taking the tagamet. Doctor was quite offended that it worked for my son!

Hi, I'm 20 yrs old, and have been battling flat warts for 3 or 4 yrs. I have been to several dermatologist over this time period. I been given numerous creams. I've tried Rx creams, I've tried ACV, natural oils, tee tree oil, immune system boosters, and they will improve but always return. My last visit to the derm., she gave me an Rx for Tagamet. I'm still waiting to pick it up from pharmacy. After reading all of these comments, I feel very confident that this is going to be the answer of which I've been waiting for! Anyone else had significant and lasting results from tagamet with flat warts?


I've had severe Mosaic verrucas on feet and warts on fingers for 17 years or so. They are still spreading. I am going to have a technique called 'dry needling' carried out that might get rid of them by creating an immune response to the virus. Has anyone else had this done and did it work?

The podiatrist mentioned some people also get success with cimetidine (Tagamet). My NHS GP cannot prescribe it because it is off-label. Does anyone know of a specialist in SE England that will prescribe?

I was getting somewhere with using banana skin on my hands. My podiatrist says that this is just due to the potassium in the peel. I was wondering if Lo-salt would work just as well. Might be easier than trying to buy green bananas every few days. Anyone ever tried it?

Thanks for your help


I posted on this site on 10/12/11 and had just started my 13 yr old daughter on Tagamet. It has now been 2 weeks and her pain is GONE!! She was almost unable to put any pressure on her foot prior to starting the Tagamet. Although she still has 3 of the warts they are completely black. I have been putting apple cider vinegar on them every night... last night one completely feel off like a scab and her skin under it looked normal!! I think we are definitely making progress with the Tagamet and ACV therapy!

Hi hs

That is wonderful news for your daughter. I wish I could find someone to prescribe the Tagamet. I was also getting somewhere with the ACV - warts go black very quickly and start to drop off. My podiatrist wants me to stop for a few days before the dry needling - then I have to wait for up to 10 weeks to see if the procedure has worked. At least I have the Tagamet in reserve if the needling doesn't take. Maybe I need a dermatologist to prescribe it, or have people found GP's quite willing to do so even though it is off-label?



My 18 year old son has had dramatic results with Tagamet! He and I are both totally amazed with the results. His knee is 95% cleared of warts and he had alot of mosiac, cluster warts there. The large one on his hand disappeared after about 2 weeks, and the ones on his knee took about 1 month. He has about 3 left on his elbow, forearm area, but they have changed color (now flesh color instead of white) and they are very tiny, could be mistaken for a pimple now instead of those ugly warts.

I cannot tell you how relieved I am Tagamet worked for him. He was really starting to get nervous that people were noticing them more and more, and I did not know how to help him. His skin is so soft and smooth where the warts were it still amazes me it worked.

I cannot tell you how much time and money we spent dealing with them before I came across this forum, so a big thank you to everyone who shared their success stories, you certainly helped us.

My son and I both battled warts. He tried the blister juice, which seemed to initally work, but the wart came back about three times as large. We were referred to a podiatrist who applied salicylic acid and scraped the warts every two weeks. She initially told me that my warts would be gone in three visits, but my son might take longer due to the size. However, he started on the Tagamet right away (6 years old, 35 lbs, 200mg/day at night) and I did not, due to breastfeeding. His warts were completely gone in three visits; I have been 5 or 6 times so far and am barely any closer than when I started. I have a cluster of maybe 6 or 8; whenever a few clear up, we treat the remaining warts just to have the old warts come back. They are now starting to appear on my hands as well. It's very frustrating. I would like to start the Tagamet treatment for myself but have been hesitant due to still nursing. Does anyone know if it's safe while breastfeeding and at what dose? I am 33 and weight about 140 lbs. Thanks.

Hi, I just began talking tagamet 300 3 times a day, I have 4 perigunal warts surrounding my nails. I have tried EVERYthing else, laser surgery, home remedies (banana, duct tape, vinegar), salicylic acid, and freezing and burning. Nothing has worked for me, I have had the 2 on my left hand for about 3 or 4 years while the ones on my right hand for about 1 year.

The first night I took the tagamet I noticed they all got smaller, but as my treatment has went on I am questioning if it is working they are still inflamed and I notice one day they will look small and then the next they look the way they used to. They get very dry, crack, bleed. The side affects from the tagamet make me dizzy and tired I want to continue treatment but I am scared it is not working. Can anyone share there experience while the warts were disappearing on tagamet, so I can figure out if it is maybe working for me?????THANKS!

My daughter, age 16, has been suffering with planter warts for at least 5 years now. She has them on both feet and between her toes (called kissing warts). She is in much pain all the time. We have used acid treatment, had them cut out twice (she could not even walk on her poor feet for 4 weeks after having them cut out. We have done the bananas, duct tape, you name it, we have done it.

Recently, she had one come up on her lip and on both hands now. We started Tagamet about 6 weeks ago and I am so excited today to learn that 2 of them have FALLEN OFF! Yes, you heard right, gone! We are hopeful that this treatment will be successful! She is taking 400mg twice a day at the same time each day. Praying for the Lord to heal her feet!

In most cases, tagamet will take several weeks before any noticeable changes to the warts take place. Any changes you are noticing in the first day or so I suspect would probably be due to other factors. This is the first I have heard of any side effects associated with tagamet. We checked with our doctor before taking the tagamet to see what the side effects were. He assured us that there were none and we never experienced any.

My brother is a college football player and had plantars warts over one foot and it was spreading to the other foot. It was painful for him to walk on and practice with so we made him an appointment with a podiatrist.

The doctor put him on a acid application to slowly get rid of the warts. He applied the acid for 3 weeks and instead of making the warts go away the warts continued to spread on his feet.

We were prepared to set up a date for surgery over Christmas break, knowing that is quite a recovery with needing to be off your feet and not being able to practice wouldn't be very ideal for him. Hoping we could find something else to do before going through that whole process we began searching the Internet and found this site.

He has now been on Tagamet for two weeks taking 400 mg in the morning and 400 mg at night and all the warts are almost gone, he has no pain during everyday activities like walking and practicing. It is not something you need a prescription for you can get it at Walmart.

This is amazing we never expected Tagamet to work as quickly as it has but are very thankful it has.

I just wanted to post one last time to tell everyone my 18 year old son has conquered his wart problem with Tagamet!! It has worked wonderfully for him in the 9 weeks he has been on it. He had a lot of warts, and now they are gone! He was very diligent in taking the tagamet twice a day (400 mg each time, morning and night).

When we first decided to give the Tagamet a try I made the comment wouldn't it be great if this worked and all of your warts disappeared before basketball season. Well, we hit our goal, basketball season has just begun, and he is a starter on the team and he couldn't be happier to be rid on all of the warts on his knees that you could always see. His warts never turned black as some people are mentioning. His just became increasingly smaller every week, until they resembled a small pimple, and then they were just gone.

They did change from the white color to flesh color throughout the process. I must admit I was getting a little panicked for him before we found the Tagamet solution, I felt so helpless as his warts kept spreading, and we kept trying the home remedies and nothing worked. Thank you Tagamet, you gave him confidence again!!

Amazing! I had plantar warts for 4 years, and I finally got rid of them with Cimetidine.

I am so grateful to this medication! Prior treatments included liquid nitrogen, home freeze-off kits, salicylic acid, multiple blistering agents, duct tape, fluorouracil, imiquimod, and surgical excision. I spent hundreds of dollars on these products and on co-payments to multiple primary care physicians and podiatrists. I finally went to a dermatologist who recommended Cimetidine. When he first suggested it, I looked on Google and found this website.

After reading the reviews, I was hopeful that the treatment might work for me. I took 400mg three times daily, and after 3 months, the plantar warts are invisible. I couldn't be happier. After years of hiding my feet, I can't wait to do all the barefoot activities I had been embarrassed to do, like yoga or pilates. I might even treat myself with a pedicure or foot massage!

When I was five I had warts ALL OVER my hands so I was prescribed Tagamet to get rid of them. Not only did the drug not work, I lost complete use of my left leg for two to three weeks; it went completely numb and I couldn't put any weight on it at all. We ended up having to go to the hospital to get them burned off.

How old are you now? and what country do you live in?

My daughter had what I would call a severe case of raised warts on both of her feet. It started with a single wart between her big toe and second toe. After a few months, the virus spread across three of her toes...and I believe that the count had reached over 20 warts in all on her right foot...and about 8 or 9 on her left.

At the time, my daughter was around 10 or 11 years old. The docs prescribed Tagamet at double the normal dosage. I was concerned, obviously, but he left me with the impression that over a short period of time, it would be ok. He told me that the dosage would definitely increase her immune system, which would allow her to fight off the virus.

As far as side effects go, he said that the medicine may decrease the stomach's ability to digest certain foods completely...but that it shouldn't be detrimental over this short period of time. Bottom line is...2 weeks later, they were completely gone. No dimples...nothing but 10 beautiful wart free toes. I was amazed.

My son is 10yrs old/ 80lbs. I am trying tagamet 800mg/day. (400mg in morning and 400mg in evening). He has several warts on palms and fingers of both hands. How long did you use the tagamet before you saw results? Did it clear all of your warts? Any recurrence? Thanks for any info!

I have been taking Tagamet for about a month now. 800mg a day, 400 in morning, 400 in evening. My warts are disappearing. The plantar one on my foot just keeps getting smaller.... I should have done this a LONG time ago. It's definitely worth it. I heard Zantac also worked, but more is written about Tagamet, so that's where I started and I am going to keep taking it as it is working. (yea!)

My 11 yo daughter has 4 large clusters of warts on her toes, and a plantar wart on the bottom of her foot. The first wart appeared around Christmas, and they have spread rather rapidly. I had never seen warts spread like that before, and wasn't even sure what they were! Any way, we went to the pediatrician 3 days ago and she referred us to a dermatologist to have liquid nitrogen applied. I mentioned that I had read that Tagamet could work and she said that Tagamet was "old news" and didn't work.

I decided to start my daughter on it anyway. She is taking 2 pills per day (200 mg each) and I am applying Wart Stick (salicylic acid) each night and covering with duck tape. Within a day, my daughter said that her toes didn't hurt as much (she was limping due to the pain). Today I noticed that her warts are peeling and that one cluster is no longer white, but flesh colored. I'm hoping that this is the beginning of the end of the warts! I will update!

I had a problem with a wart on my hand and knee, I wouldn't wear shorts. But I took tagamet, one tablet a day and in less than a month both of the warts disappeared. My only side effect in the beginning was I got dizzy. (:

After I read all the testimonials I decide to take Tagamet HB200 I have small warts all over my body, I am going to try and hopefully it works.

Trying cimetidine on 11 year old who has large warts on hands, more beginning. We tried surgical removal for one cluster, however, it was very scary for him and he did not want to go back to get the others removed. On second week; don't see difference yet. He's taking 600mg/day currently; but today is nauseous/vomitting and we're unsure if it is GI bug or from meds now....
I sure hope this works for him as he is embarrased and hides his hands. Will come back and post in couple weeks to share if this worked!

I am following up on a previous post I made on February 10. My 11 yo daughter has been taking Tagamet for a little under a month now, with no side effects, and has been applying Wart Stick and duck tape to her warts every night. We have seen a dramatic reduction in her warts... some seem to have disappeared and some peeled off (with a little help from my daughter - ugh). If this continues, she will be wart-free in a couple of weeks.

I am so glad I decided to go ahead and try this remedy... the pediatrician said that her warts were so bad that we shouldn't even bother to try topical treatments, and that Tagamet wouldn't work either. My daughter can't stand pain, and the liquid nitrogen treatment would have been awful for her. Can't decide if I should go back to doctor and show her my daughter's feet! :-)

Congrats! May I highly suggest when you treat yourself to a mani/pedi to BRING YOUR OWN KIT. Many places simply reuse their tools and there is no regulation on their resuable equipment even if using a UV light. I am a firm believer that many mani/pedi places increase transmission of the wart virus and that bringing your own tools for the mani/pedi will drastically decrease such transmission.

Alomost 22 about 127 pounds.

I have been taking Cimetidine for about 2 and half months for flat warts. I was mis-diagnosed for about a year prior to going on this medication, and my skin was pretty irritated from all of the craziness I had inflicted from treating them like acne. I have noticed a significant difference, I can actually see my clear smooth skin peaking through! I take 2 pills three times a day, haven't really had any side effects.

Hoping for more improvement by summer.

My six year old daughter had been dealing with childhood molluscum warts for a year and a half. Our first doctor tried at least 6 different prescription creams over that time. The treatments were sometimes painful and never worked. The ugly warts continued to spread all over her legs. It was a nightmare! Since they are contagious (She caught them from a kid in her kindergarten) they spread to her brother. Then I found a new doctor. She immediately prescribed Tagamet (aka Cimetidine)The warts started disappearing in 3 weeks. By 8 weeks they were totally gone! We were so happy. Just wish I would have known about this treatment sooner.

Our 11 year old daughter had MANY warts on her hands (all of her fingers, back of her hand, on her palms). We tried some of the topical applications but the label indicates up to 12 weeks to remove just one wart, so that seemed like it would take decades.

We finally took her to a dermatologist and they decided to prescribe Cimetidine for two months to "kick start" her immune system. We were hesitant not knowing what side effects (if any) she would experience, but finally determined it was worth a try. During the two months we didn't notice any improvement really (and no visible side effects), but shortly after (when we began to wonder if we should do another round) the warts began to disappear rapidly. Within that third month, most of them were gone. Now, she has just a few remaining, but they are fading fast as well.

She has said that they never bothered her, but we can tell she's relieved and she no longer hides her hands within her sleeves, and isn't as hesitant to hold our hands, etc. We're happy for her, and glad we decided to give Cimetidine a try.

Did it work for you? I have 2 warts on my face, and a ton on my hand. I just started taking Tagamet a few days ago, plus zinc. So I am hoping this does work. I am 30, so it seems the older you get, the less it woks.

For everyone, why do the docs still freeze warts? It seems the least effective measure that you can take imho


I have warts on my thumbs, my foot, and middle fingers. I have done everything, the Salicylic acid is burning me and I was prescribed this solution called Aporil.

Anyways, I just called my doctor who is really nice, he didn't know much about Tagamet, but he is prescribing it to me because he asked me. He is giving me 400 mg box, one pill in the morning and one at night. Does this sound right? How much should I be taking?

How much MG should I be taking per day of Tagamet? I just asked my doctor who is prescribing me 400 MG one a day and at night, sound right?

Lastly, is it best to take Tagamet with Salycic Acid?

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Tagamet could be taken by itself. Acetylsalicylic acid (ASA or aspirin) is best taken with vitamin C, but that will have no effect on the wart.

I am on day two taking Tagamet.

On my thumb I have a very big wart and I have taken the head off and under it is just roots. It kills to even move my thumb, I think I put too much salicylic acid on it. What do I do?

Ok here goes... So far I've been reading ALL the posts on every thread about the 'miracles' of tagamet. Needless to say I was pretty excited to start treatment. For you see I am 20 years old and have had over 100 STRONG Plantar Warts on my palms and fingers since I was 11 years old (I know this as a fact).

I've done nearly all home remedies from tape to acid. I've seen many professionals and dermatologists who have tried freezing, burning, cutting, and yes the infamous high powered laser; all with no positive effect. I have warts ranging from clusters over an inch in diameter (4 clusters in total) to a few tiny pencil sized warts (15 or so) and it seems like everyday new ones sprout up.

I had given up when I was about 18, I just decided that it was something I was going to have to live with, never holding girlfriends' hands, not shaking people's hands, NEVER raising my hand in class, and never being able to feel good about myself. it truly has consumed me.

So the gist of it is; I'm 20 years old, extremely healthy male, 155lbs of lean muscle, I've had strong plantar warts for 9 years, and I've been on Tagamet (2400mg per day) 800mg pills 3 times a day. I've been on it, strictly, for one entire month and have seen 0 results. No reduction, no blackening, no miraculous overnight freedom, absolutely nothing but a bad taste in my mouth every time a pill goes down.

I've thought about giving up, but I know everyone seems to have the cure by 2 months so I'll at least push myself to 3 months.
My only concern is should I be doing anything more, are my warts too strong? Are they too mature, too old? Is there simply too many of them? I need help, I need advice... I just need these warts to be gone. It's a very depressing topic for me, I've wanted to cut my hands off to escape the disgusting reactions people give to me when they see my hands, it hurts, it hurts me more than anything. Can someone please just give me answers on how I can help the Tagamet work more effectively... It's my last shot at a wart free life...

My 8 yr old son had warts all over his feet and they were starting to spread up his legs and on his fingers. The dermatologist had tried freezing them but there were so many we hated to keep doing that plus it didn't get rid of the ones he froze. Then he tried something nicknamed "bug juice" but it actually made them spread.

Finally my husband started reading online about warts and read about Tagamet. We asked the dermatologist to call in a liquid form and within a month EVERY wart was gone! I wouldn't have believed it if someone else told me that but it really did! I have 2 warts on my fingers that I've had for over 2 yrs and I'm going to start taking Tagamet this week to see if it will get rid of mine. I'll post again to let you know if it works again!

My son had a similar situation with 50+ warts and we tried the tagamet in combination with zinc and vitamin A to boost his immune system. In desperation, we also applied clove bud essential oil topically 3x/day as suggested by a naturepath and they were gone in 2 months.

Good Luck!

Can someone please reply to this, I am in so much pain. I started taking Tagamet a month ago, here where I live it is called "Cimetidine EG". I have the 400 mg box, I take one pill in the morning, and one at night.

On top of that, my doctor gave me Salicylic Acid which was prepared at the pharmacy and I think it is 60%.

I have warts on both thumbs, 4 of my fingers (right on the finger nails) and on my pinky on my foot. I take the pills and I put the salicylic acid on, and it burns. Sometimes it hurts to move my hand because it burns, but if I don't put it on, it still hurts because of the warts. I want them gone. I don't think the Tagemet (cimetidine) is doing anything! My stomach feels weird, maybe it is because of the pills?

I don't know what to do, honestly, do I keep putting on the salicylic acid, do I take a break. Is it possible that the salicylic acid could hurt my nerves?

I am in so much pain, please reply, I hate my life right now

Hey RB

I can't comment on the salicylic acid as I don't know much about that. All I can tell you is that my son took Tagamet (cimetidine) for 6 weeks before there started to be a noticeable change in his warts. Then the warts were gone by 9 weeks. So don't give up. Hang in there and don't be discouraged. As far as the dosage, my son took 200 mg twice a day, but that was much lower than most people seem to take. I think your 400mg twice a day should be right on. Tagamet is used to neutralize stomach acid. I don't think that should bother you though.

These are just my personal thoughts. I am no authority on this. Best of luck to you!

hello u need a prescription ????

Did moving to the higher dosage yield better results? My daughter has been at 200 mg twice a day. Noticed some results and it has been 3 weeks.

Guys, Unfortunately, Moving to a higher dosage has done nothing for me. I am using salicylic acid at the same time, which I apply every other day. So I get rid of the collyflower top, then when that is gone I am left with quite a dry layer of skin with a lot of black dots which I guess are the roots? When it gets to this point and I think they are gone, the warts grow back, ALL THE TIME.

I was hoping that the tagamet would get rid of the virus and the roots, but it hasn't.

I am 1 month, 2 weeks in, and my warts keep growing back and not leaving.

I am starting to feel really desperate, sad, depressed, and weak, all because of these ugly things on my fingers.

My son was on tagamet last fall, and had wonderful results. He never got any warts back, and he had a lot of them on his elbow/forearm and knee. He too was getting very depressed about how they were spreading, but now he couldn't be happier because they are gone!! It took about 8 weeks to get rid of all of his. I am so very thankful we tried Tagamet, because it was a lifesaver for him, gave him confidence again. It is very stressful when they are on your hands, people who don't have them have no idea how bad and embarrassing it really is.

RJ--I am in the EXACT same place as you!! Curious, not sure how old you are, but I'm 50 and wonder if my age is working against me?? I have NOT tried the Tagamet yet, as I am JUST learning about it. I just began applying Retin-A Rx cream (this worked like a charm on my daughter's plantar wart on bottom of her foot when she was in 4th grade), alternating w/ Compound W gel acid every other day. I just feel like I should be doing something more to boost my body from the inside...Tagamet??

Just as frustrated and making me very anxious--dormant for 7 years, it's on the move...appeared on other side of my same nail bed -and- adjacent finger, on side, has 2 warts now!! .....looking for treatment and a support group at this point!!! Thanks for your post here RJ...I swear I have felt like I'm the only person dealing with this! ..~CMB

my husband had a huge plantars wart on the bottom of his foot. after having it cut out twice, the dr prescibed tagament, and with in a few days it was gone, that has been 8 yrs ago

I'm glad to read that so many people have had luck with cimetidine for warts but I am concerned about the side effects from high doses in my 11 yr. old son. His dosage seems exceptionally high - 1600 mg/day for 15 days - to treat 2 warts. What are the long term effects from decreasing the stomach acid in a child?

Did your daughter have any negative digestive side effects from taking the medication for 3 months? Has she stopped taking the cimetidine and if so, has she had any problems going off of it? What was the dosage she was taking? Thanks-NR

Wow, That sounds like a lot. We had good luck with my 12 year old at 200mg twice a day. But you need to stick with it. It took 9 weeks for the warts to completely disappear.

I had a wart on my right middle finger for 2 years. Over that time I bit it off twice and it came back very quickly. My doctor recommended freezing it with DR. Scholls once a week, taking 20,000 IU of vitamin A, and 300 mg. of Tagamet twice a day, and also had me wrap the wart with duct tape.

Just over 3 weeks later the wart fell off, gone! This really does work and I would recommend anyone who has warts to use this method. Always consult with your Doctor before doing this and make sure the Tagament, Vitamin A and the freeze stuff is suitable for you.
Good Bye Wart!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Dr. Zam!

Just got prescribed Tagamet for the first time. I have probably around 50 warts total on my body.. hands, feet, face, and knee. I will be picking up the prescription tomorrow. I have had my warts cut off, frozen, burned, lasered, used over the counter medications, blistering-beetle, etc. EVERYTHING! I am a female and I am 23-years-old. I've had warts for over 15 years. I am hoping and praying for success!

I am a 28 year old female trying to get rid of flat and common warts on my feet and hands. I have read about Tagamet and am wondering how much I should take. I am so disturbed by these that I will try this since nothing else is working. Can anyone give me some advice on dosage? I weight 62 Kg and am 5'5". Thanks for your help. Nothing else seems to work and my dermatologist and doctor aren't helping which is frustrating and I don't want anymore scars on my body from this annoying thing.

My son's dermatologist prescribed 80mg twice each day (1600 mg/day). He's only 11 but he's 5 feet tall and 110 pounds (49 KG). I asked his pediatrician about the dosage because I think it's too much for a child. The doctor told me there are no dosage guidelines for children and 1600 mg/day is the maximum dose for an adult. Needless to say I will not be giving my son the full amount. If you do this please let us know if you have any side effects. I'm nervous about that.

Have you started the prescription. How is it ( Tagamet) reacting to your body . I am still nervous and have not started medication yet.

please advise, that would be great. I will also start living a wart free life.

What a wonderful story!

I wonder if there was something in the tree stump that dissolved into the rainwater it collected? Maybe something anti-viral?

I wonder if the stump is still there ??

Just a note - echinacea was actually proven to be a placebo. Save your money... plus, echinacea is actually getting wiped out int he wild from over-harvesting...

You may have more success adding elderberry, since it seems to keep viruses from gaining entry into new host cells/ where they replicate. This maroons them in the bloodstream, where the added white blood cells from the Tagamet can help sweep them from your system...

That's how I treat my colds & flu, with great success, as have my neighbors, who I turned on to that.

I'm 53, female, 120 lbs & just a couple of warts... I'll report back... :)

Regarding the tiredness: suggest trying green tea, and SAM-e + B vitamins. Do wikipedia search on the SAM-e - it's an amazing & natural energizer, but you do need to take the B vites to recycle it if you take it daily.

Hope that helps!

RJ, try taking elderberry with the Tagamet, and also applying elderberry syrup to the wart.

You can google this online, but I believe it's fairly well-documented.

The elderberry + Tagamet combo basically works against anything viral, but especially flu virus and warts (documented.) The elderberry keeps the virus from getting into new host cells, and the tagamet helps raise your white blood cell count, to sweep the viruses out of your system.

Good luck, and please report back here!

I have a 14 y/o son that had warts severe on the cuticle of 9 out of 10 fingers about 3-4 years ago. They were so large they were deforming his fingers. They cracked and bled and hurt and got infected and it was a horrible problem to a 9 y/o. We put band aids on each finger and I could have bought stock in Band-aid using 9 of them 2x a day. Children would ask and he would make up stories about injuring his digits. The dermatologist prescribed Tagamet and told me to be patient. After 2 months of pills daily a miracle happened. The warts started to disappear and his fingers started looking human. It was so surreal that its hard to remember what the "tree hands" looked like. The treatment really does work...I PROMISE!

Hi there. Your story about hating your warts so much that you wished you could just cut off your hand made me decide to reply to you. A 50/50 mix of castor oil & baking soda is known to kill off the wart virus. I buy the castor oil from the health food store because it has less odor than what is sold at the pharmacy. Put that mixture on your warts a few times a day and cover it... maybe you should try it first overnight or on the weekend since it could get messy. It's supposed to work in a few days to kill the viruses.

I take the mixture internally also. A few empty capsules from the health food store (or dump the herbs from a capsule and reuse the empty one) to fill with baking soda powder. Then I fill another capsule with the castor oil. Take them at the same time. Your grandparents probably took a big spoonfull of castor oil every night and probably TRIED to get your parents to do the same. They know it's gross but with the capsule you don't taste it.

Try taking two of each capsule for a few days before you decide if it's working or not. Your body can fight off those viruses, I'm confident. Good luck, ok? Google Edgar Cayce and Casoda if you want to read up on this. It's WAY better than cutting off your hands!

What was the dosage?

I stumbled across this thread a week ago, and was the first I had heard of using Tagamet for warts.

I had about a dozen small plantar warts on my feet I have been battling for three months with very slow progress. I decided to used duck tape on one foot, and Salicylic acid on the other. See which one worked better, and go with that. After three months some minor results with each, but not enough to feel like I'd get rid of them. I saw this thread, then did enough other research to see there is something to it. I ran out and got a bottle of 200mg Tagamet and started right away.

The next day I did some additional research and found it works better for kids/children, with lower body weight. I'm 44, 6 foot tall, and 190 lbs. I saw there is much less results for older people. I almost decided to give up, but figured I'd at least use up the bottle of 60. 4 a day (800 mg) would take 15 days.

After just three days, the warts started looking different. After five days, I could tell something was up. The foot with Salicylic acid on the warts, I started peeling off, and most of the wart pulled off with it. The side with Duck Tape looked better too. I left uncovered one night after a long hot bath soak, and the next morning I knew something positive was going on. They were looking dried out, and I was able to move most of the wart material. So, one week in, and I've made 10 times the progress I made the three previous months. At this rate, looking good. I plan on continuing Tagamet for 2-4 weeks after all current warts gone, if they are indeed gone. Some material left, but brown and easy to pull off. I'll update with my progress.

This absolutely works. After going through 10-15 painful freezing treatments over 2 years for 20-30 warts around my fingernails, 2 weeks of cimetadine they were gone!

Can a three year old be started on Tagamet? My daughter had flat warts on her hand. I would like to try this on her. Options are limited given her age.

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: This has been used in children, but we don't know if it is safe for someone as young as three. Best advice is to ask her doctor.

I have been taking Tagamet for awhile now twice daily so 400 mg and it has not helped the raised wart on my finger at all. I've gone to the dermatologist and had it cut off and freezed about 6 times and that hasn't helped either. I read some of the other comments about taking a higher dose of Tagamet but I didn't think it was good to take more than 2 a day... Should I just stay taking twice a day and start taking some vitamin D with it, or increase the tagamet and add the vitamin D?

I wanted to share my thoughts and experience(s) with tagamet. My children have used tagamet to successfully remove warts. It always took nine to twelve weeks (up to 3 months) of daily doses (400 mg twice a day) to get rid of them. I am amazed at those who claim to have lost warts completely in a week or two. I've never seen that and believe that such a short period is pretty rare. Last year I developed a very large wart on my knuckle. I suggested to my doctor that I was planning to try tagamet as I believe it is almost 100%. He claimed that it is only about 40%.

It is my belief that most people who are not successful with tagamet is because they didn't stick with it long enough. Well I tried the tagamet and was determined to stick with it until it was gone, no matter what. And I was not going to try any other remedies, so that I would really know if it was the tagemet, or not. I started taking 800mg twice a day (1600mg total /day). After 8 weeks, the wart finally started to get a little hard and crusty on the top, but did not shrunk at all. Over the next 10 weeks it slowly shrunk until it was no longer raised above the skin. It took another 3-4 weeks before it was totally gone and the skin was again normal. It took about 5 months total. I know how discouraging it is to go so long and see so little change. A full two months for me before ANYTHING changed. It is usually a slow process.

For those that take tagamet for a week, or a month, or event two months and don't see anything happening - I think that is TYPICAL! I believe in many cases, it takes at least 2 months or more before anything noticeable starts to happen. So, JUST DON'T GIVE UP!!!!

I had to post our successful story with the use of Tagamet (or generic brand) for the removal of warts. My six year old son was plagued with warts all over the tops of his feet. They just kept spreading, even after several painful OTC treatments, and several painful doctor visits! I was so desperate! I finally asked the doctor if there was anything he could take to internally fight off the spread, and he briefly mentioned the word Tagamet. I googled it, and found lots of success stories! I asked the doc to prescribe us some liquid because he could not swallow the pills. He prescribed 800mg/day and said to do it a month and then come back in if no change.

After all the unsuccessful wasted trips to the docs (and PAINFUL), we decided to be diligent. One month went change. Another month went by (this month we used crushed pills hidden in spoonfuls of applesauce)...and we started to see the warts dry up. They never turned black. They never appeared to "fall off". They just dried up, one day at a time. Diligence and determination to see it through...that's what it took. And now his sweet feet are smooth and beautiful again! I agree with the last commentator: if you're going to try this remedy, don't give up too soon, because your miracle is just around the corner!

I've had warts on my hands for as long as I can remember. I've tried everything - banana peels, salicylic acid, duct tape, apple cider vinegar. I've used the freeze at home kits, and I've had a derm freeze some off me. The various treatments have worked at getting rid of individual warts - some better than others - but small ones still pop up.

I started using Tagamet (800mg/day) about a week ago. So far, I haven't really noticed anything. As I'm typing this, I am also currently treating two of my small warts with salicylic acid and waterproof tape. This method has worked for me, but it requires diligence.

I will update if I eventually see a difference in the other warts due to the Tagamet. I reason my immune system must not be adequately fighting the virus, and that is why warts keep coming back. I'm hoping this Tagamet will work.

I'm just wondering if this worked on your daughter, I know this was quite a few years ago, but I am just coming across this as my daughter is suffering from mullescum.

I used Tagamet for my then 11-year-old daughter's warts last spring. We also used Warstick and duct tape at night. The Tagamet treatment was very successful! It took a while, but all the warts disappeared, and have not returned yet!

My daughter had planter warts on her feet (about 20) that kept spreading, over 30 warts on her hands, under the fingernails, and they spread to her face, mouth and eyelids. I took her to Dermatologist for 3 yrs and they did nothing except prescribe duct tape and over the counter wart meds since age 5 and act like we weren't doing it right. She blistered so bad from the meds but they just kept spreading.

She would cry and scream from the pain from applying the over counter meds, raw fingers from blistering. She had 100's of warts. They were starting to come up on her legs and arms also. She was getting teased bad at school, she was so embarrassed to even show her hands in public.

I took her in March 2013 (she is 9 and weighted 49 lbs) to a new Dermatologist he prescribed 400 mg a day Tagamet (Cimetidine) and a multivitamin with in 3 weeks we noticed the smaller warts were disappearing... as of May 19,2013 she had lost all warts on her feet, she is wart free on her face, mouth, eye lids, legs, arms feet!! She had lost all but 3 warts on her hands, and those have shrunk in size!! All with in 2 months of being on Tagamet!!

She still has another month of Tagamet prescription so at this rate she should be wart free! She now is excited to show her feet and excited about swimming this year.

She has not had any side effects from the Tagamet. I want to yell it off the roof tops, don't let your children suffer... get them on Tagamet and a multivitamin.

I can tell you from my experience that the Tagamet treatment does work, my daughter had seen great results from it, she had 100's of warts on her feet, hands, face, eyelids, legs, arms....all are gone except 3 on one of her hands. She has been on Tagament for 2 months, we have one more month of Tagamet prescription, so I expect all to be gone within the next month.

What dosage did your daughter take of the Tagamet?

I am a 49 year old male and first noticed warts on the bottom of my feet about 6 or 7 years ago. I am very active and exercise on a regular basis. I just ignored the warts till they began to hurt a little. Then I went to a podiatrist who counted about 20 warts between both feet. He treated one area of about 10 warts w/ acid which was pretty painful for a couple of days. He also put me on 1200 mg of Cimetidine (Tagamet) per day. He told me that this product had more success in younger people but to give it a try.

After 2 weeks I had a hard time seeing any of the warts. It has been 3 weeks now and I just went back for a follow up visit today. My doctor seemed surprised and thrilled. He cleaned up some dry skin and said that the only marks that we left were residual from the acid burning and the other warts were all gone.

I also have 3 warts on my arm which have been there for over 15 years. I have had those warts cut off and burned off before but they just grew back. I did not consider that this might help those. However after reading some of the comments I looked closer at those 3 warts and they appear to be shrinking.

Hello TL, did you have any side effects from the cimetidine at that dosage and taking it for that length of time. Also how did you determine dosage (consult with doctor?). Are you continuing to take the medication and if not did you get a rebound reaction (e.g. reflux) when you stopped?

I know you're talking to someone else but something you said caught my eye. I once had about 14 clusters of plantars warts on my feet; it was severe.

I was prescribed Tagament by a podiatrist and it took them all away; truly amazing.

You mentioned something about a rebound reaction and I was trying to find out more about that. Maybe just a strange coincident but ever since then I have suffered from GERD. I now take pantaprazole on a daily basis. Do you think these two things could possibly be related? Thanks!

My daughter has about 14 on her hands, 2-5 small ones on her face, even 1 on her eyelid. We have tried mediplast for almost a year, not consistent. We have had them frozen 2x. Just started Cimetidine 800mg 2x per! Will post any results! Hoping to say goodbye to the warts!

It worked wonders for my 5 year old which he is now seven but my 22 month old came out with them. Does anyone know if he can take it and the dosage?

We used this several years ago for my son who was something like 7 then. He is now 10. Either the Tagamet worked or the increase in vitamin A and B that the nutritionist recommended. Right now he has warts again. He had been wart free for three years - but I will probably get more Tagamet. I don't remember the dose that he was on before, though.

Sorry I wrote this comment and just saw my medical records...I took 800 mg 3x a day and after 2 weeks were gone BUT you should take for at least a few months to make sure totally eradicated from the inside. I had no probs until 12 years later, now having a return of them!! So I am restarting same amount, using Walmart generic...will reply if it works as well as name brand. If it doesn't do anything then i will just try the name brand and see what happens.

Sorry CB not a doctor so I don't know of GERD is related to taking cimetidine. I am just trying to find out if long term use (relative to use for gastric ulcers - e.g. 12 weeks) of cimetidine at the high doses mentioned (> 800 mg/day) causes side effects.

Okay, so I found about Tagamet on this exact website, and let me tell you... The flat warts on my face are finally vanishing!!! I am not even lying. For those of you who suffer from flat warts, take Tagamet and a multivitamin! I am on my second week of Tagamet, and I can already see a huge difference. :)

I am a worried but hopeful parent. 8 year old daughter has a small plantar wart on right foot and on her left foot one that is covering the whole bottom of her heal with 5 satellite warts around it. Dermatologist prescribed Tagamet. We started today on low dose 100 mg/day and will slowly move to a higher dose. I worry about long term effects. Does anyone have ideas or experience regarding long term effects on children? Dermatologist also put cantherone on her warts today and we are to go back in 2 weeks for another treatment. Will keep posting progress.

My older daughter had warts on her face when she was 5 years old (1992). The doctor wanted to burn them off, I said no and found another doctor. We gave her Tagamet for 6 weeks, no pain, no side effects, warts went away and she's never had another wart.

I had a wart on my finger a year ago, went to the dermatologist five times to have it burned off ($50 per visit, $250 total), wart kept coming back. Took Tagamet for 6 weeks, wart is gone, total cost less than $50. My niece had a plantar wart, has no health insurance, used Tagamet for 6 weeks, wart is gone. My younger daughter is currently taking it for her plantar wart, after 3.5 weeks it is almost all gone.

My son is 8 and has flat warts on his face, hands, and legs. These came out of nowhere and seem to have spread quite quickly. For the last 5 months we have been to the dermatologist about 7 times. Until last week they him misdiagnosed as having a fungal infection on his face.

Last week they made the determination that it was in fact flat warts. They froze two spots on his face at that appointment. It breaks my heart to read about all the little kids that have gone through that (and their parents). That was an awful experience.

The thought of multiple freezings bi-weekly until all the warts were gone wasn't sitting well with me. I started him on 600 mg Tagamet/ day last week after finding this site. Today is 9 days into treatment and I'm noticing some flaking of the skin on the warts. None are gone, though I'm honestly thinking it will be quite a bit longer before we see results based on other comments. We are also using wart stick/ bandages at night.

Praying that this treatment works for us. He started a new school this year and has already come home asking what he should tell people when they ask what is on his face :(

Excited to post this update!! We are beginning to see progress on my son after nearly 3 weeks. I moved him to an 800mg/day dosage (pills crushed and mixed with honey) after my last post and have continued the wart stick/bandages every night. There is noticeable difference on every area of his body that had warts. His face is so improved, I am so thankful. I have taken the last couple nights off the wart stick just to see what the progress is with Tagamet on its own.

I am so thankful for this site and those that have commented. So very thankful we tried this before beginning the long and painful process of freezing in the doctor's office.

As someone posted a few comments up… Tagamet and multivitamin!! Makes me so happy to look at my son's smile because he sees the improvement too. Will post further updates.

I wish I had kept records of it (the dosage amount and length). I had been fighting planters warts for some time, using salicylic acid religiously and removing large dead areas, but to no avail.

When my dermatologist gave me a prescription for Cimetidine to try, I was dubious. He said that in many cases, it would "jump start" the immune system against warts. I can't remember how long I was on it, but saw no difference.

However, about two weeks after ending the treatment, the warts started to disappear. It was a God-send!

So I read my notes....I started out taking smaller doses...after couple months moved up to 800 3x day..after 2 more weeks started seeing results... Don't know if result of dose or just time. Takes up to 4 months. Don't give up! Worked on my teenager and I only gave home 200 mg 2x day!!

Had reoccurrence 12 years later...reintroducing tagamet... discount store brand...Also noticed it caused depression...ugh...could be coincidence but doubt it...and agitation....taking 800 mg 3x day...finally at 10 weeks seeing start of warts disappearing...continuing for another month. Also using dermaplast pads by curad until all fully resolved.

Hello Tony,
perhaps you can recall and reveal what kind of tree that stump was?


Hello Brian,
Thanks for your previous comments on Tagamet for treatment of warts.

I am hopefully you will follow up and reveal if indeed your sons issues with headaches and eye pain were resolved when Tagamet was discontinued?

And, is his wart problem resolved?

All details are appreciated very much.


As weird as it sounds, Tagamet really works. I have been dealing with plantar warts for over a year now following a summer counseling at a camp. What started as one large wart developed into a mosaic of many painful warts that failed to go away even after multiple trips to the podiatrist to have them removed. Finally, my doctor mentioned Tagamet. He refused to write me a prescription for the larger dosage, so I invested in a bottle of 60 pills ($17 CVS brand) per week (4 pills in morning, 4 at night every day).

I combined this treatment with what I was already doing, which included Aldara cream twice a day, salicylic acid wart stick twice a day, rubbing off dead skin with a pumice stone every night, and placing duct tape over the wart during the day and while I slept.

Since I had already been doing the other treatments, I do believe the cimetidine is what did the trick. I'm now wart-free and therefore pain-free for the first time in over a year! My podiatrist said he sees no sign of any warts coming back.

My daughter got one small wart on middle finger. Dr. told me she'd "grow out of it." She did NOT outgrow it. It got bigger & she developed several more right at the base of her fingernails (they were raised type...not flat) At this point Dr. put injections in them while tears streamed down my baby's face. And the shots did NOTHING!! She started getting another on her lip. This time a very irate mommy took her back. They prescribed a generic 300mg Tagamet... 2 tsp for 90 days. By day 50 all warts GONE.... Thank God !!! I will keep her on it until 90 are up to make sure virus is gone, but it WORKS!!! I had no idea it was even Tagamet.

if taking cimetedine.. skip all the other treatments.. if your son is reponding to cimedetine.. you will only need that.
All the other stuff can leave scaring and actually increase treatment time.
BTW 800/mg a day is a VERY large dose for a youth.

Tagamet worked for me it took two cycles of it though. So glad I tried for the second time as my doctor recommended about a week before the med was done they all went away.

So I think I have read every comment on this thread... I'm a 35yr old female who has been suffering from flat warts for 2 years and they are now almost all over my face. I have tried everything from topical dermatological creams, duct tape and nail polish (yup, nail polish) all the way to Chinese herbs, naturopathic meds and vitamins... I even bought a dehumidifier to maintain a dry environment at home. A friend of mine reached out to some dermatologists and they suggested tagamet. I just started 1200mg/day (I'm 5ft2 and 101lbs) and am curious to see if any of you really had success with this and if anyone has any advice or anything that they can share.... also how long does it take? should I be taking 1600mg/day? Really hoping this is the miracle solution for me... it is nice to know that I'm not alone here.

There has been actual research on the use of Tagamet and its generic for warts. A serious study showed that it either cured the problem or significantly improved it in about 60% of all patients within 2 months. ( The method by which it helped was through the introduction of accelerated production of interleukin-2 and interferon-gamma and interference with Interleukin-18. Or rather, since correlation is not causation - that is a reasonable inference to be drawn from the findings of punch biopsies. It is understood that the active ingredient in Tagamet and its generic activates Th1 cells to produce IL-2 and IFN-c. It is apparent but not clearly understood how those particular immunological substances kill the warts and prevent new outbreaks.

For your particular case however, trickily, the MORE warts there are, the slower the result is - though I won't even speculate why that might be, it was noted by the researchers who believed that higher doses worked better with more warts. BUT, you are already at your limit I think. If I were you I would try taking the treatment longer than normal before giving up.

I hope that helps.

I have two common warts on the edge of my fingers around my finger nail and they have not gone away for FOUR YEARS OF PERSISTENT DERMATOLOGIST TREATMENT! I also have two plantars warts on my feet. I have used compound w in liquid, gel, and freeze off form. I have gotten them frozen off at the doctor 7 times and have been given injections and beetle juice. I have tried duct tape as well. Nothing has worked. I was just prescribed tagamet and am praying to god this stuff works.

Do you remember what your dosage was?

Wow that is a really high dose.
Any results or side effects so far?

Anyone with success using tagamet method:

Did you notice any physical changes in the warts during treatment (Did they shrink? Change color?) or did you just notice they disappeared one day?


I tried the tagamet, at first I thought it was working but when I ran out, it was 4 days till I got more and then progress never resumed. The tagamet also made me feel mildly depressed. The warts were again getting worse and spreading. I finally got rid of warts spreading all over my hands, by cutting them off with some end nipper pliers I modified to cut flush against my skin, dabbing it with pure chlorine bleach, and rubbing in castor oil. In five days the skin healed nearly to it normal prewart condition, rubbing in castor oil daily. By ten days I could not tell where the wart was. I am wart free now and sure thank GOD for castor oil. Its well worth it to cut them off first, takes months if you skip that step. Be sure you wipe thoroughly with bleach the effected area and the tool, so you don't spread the virus around.

Hi! I read all the comments about using Tagamet for flat warts and I decided to give it a try. I am a 40 year old women who has been battling flat warts for 8 years. I have a few on my left leg but i have THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS under my left breast and on my abdomen.

I have literally tried everything!!!!! Salicylic Acid, duct tape, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, lemon, thuja, aldera... I have had them burned off, lasered name it, I have tried it and NOTHING has worked until now. I started taking Tagamet 5 days ago. I am taking 800 mg twice a day. 800mg in the morning and 800mg at night. Well, after day one I notice a big difference and now 5 days later half, if not more of the warts are gone and the ones that have remained look like tiny little pimples. It IS a miracle!

I can't wait to see how long it will take for all of them to disappear. I am thinking that at this rate, maybe another 5 days I I will be wart free! I am soooooo happy and excited and relieved!!!! I couldn't wear a bra all this time... imagine what a nuisance that is! I can't believe it! I would highly recommend this to any one trying to get rid of flat warts. I am 125 lbs and I am taking 1600mg daily with no side effects whatsoever. I will continue to take this dosage for at least a month after they are all gone just to be sure!

Hello all, 2 months ago I started a Tagamet regimen for the treatment of Facial flat warts. I have been taking 1200 mgs/ day religiously... and like many others I had tried absolutely everything before trying Tagamet.

At first I saw zero difference... I took progress pictures every 2 weeks and I was getting discouraged that there seemed to be no difference.

Everything changed 2 weeks ago. I had started to notice that all of the warts were getting red, they became ridiculously inflamed and itchy- I looked like a teenage boy with cystic acne... I had no idea what was going on and needless to say I wasn't a happy camper.

But believe it or not, after a few days they all started drying out and *poof* like magic my flat warts were all gone. I have some residual scarring but nothing that I can't handle after what I've been through.

Like many others, I will continue to stay at this dosage for a month and then I will begin to dose down. If you have flat warts and are looking for a solution, please try this. Be patient and don't give up...

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