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Gin Soaked Raisins for Arthritis

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We have received more mail about this "raisin remedy" than any other home remedy we have written about.

We don't know how it got started or why it works, but many readers swear it relieves arthritis pain.

Ingredients: golden raisins and gin.

Empty the raisins into a bowl and pour in just enough gin to cover the raisins. Allow the gin to evaporate (about one week) and then place the moist raisins in a jar with a lid.

Eat nine raisins a day. They go well on cereal!

Here are some reader experiences with the "Gin-Raisin-Remedy." "I suffered from hip pain for almost 6 years. The pain was worse when standing, not so bad when walking/moving around. During this time, I went to two different chiropractors, had three different injections with three different doctors (pain doctors and sports medicine), went through some acupuncture sessions with two different acupunturists. " My regular doctor commented about two of his patients who had pain relief from the raisin/gin treatment, so I tried it. A few days after I started the treatment I was standing in line to pickup some prescriptions at Wal-Mart and suddenly realized I had not pain when standing. I've been pain free for a little over a year now." ++++++++++++++++++ "My sister e-mailed me about your site & about the gin soaked raisins. After trying it I've been pain free in my fingers for the first time in three years." ++++++++++++++++++ "Last fall I suddenly began having arthritis pains in my knees. It was painful and hard to walk up and down stairs. I tried the gin soaked raisins, giving them a 99% chance that they wouldn't work. "I was amazed and thrilled that after one week I could feel a difference and now after about one and a half months since I started, the improvement is terrific! I am thrilled and hope it keeps up. I am also wondering if there is a difference in the effectiveness between cheap gin and more expensive gin? Anyway thank you so much for the information!" ++++++++++++++++++ We answer frequently asked questions about the gin-soaked raisin remedy in our Guide to Alternative Treatments for Arthritis. You can also learn more by searching this website for "raisins." If you are interested in practical, affordable home remedies, you may wish to subscribe to our **free** online newsletter. It offers questions and answers about drugs, home remedies, nutrition and non-drug approaches to healing; commentaries on the most pressing health issues of the day; special alerts on breaking health news as it happens and coverage of the top health headlines of the week. It's easy to subscribe to our online newsletter. Enter your email address in the white box on the upper right corner of this page just under Free email newsletter. It's also easy to find us on Facebook and Twitter or sign up for the free podcast of our weekly radio shows. Stay informed with us, The People's Pharmacy.
  • Currently 3.6/5
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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this remedy work? Average rating: 3.6/5 (1814 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I would like to let you know that the Gin & White Rasins are the best..I have been using that recipe for years now. Before I stated eating those rasins, I had to have my Wedding Band cut off because my knuckles were so swollen, I was at the point that I might have lost my finger, due to the swelling.. My finger was turning blue caused by no circulation... Once I started the rasins, the swelling went down and it`s been good ever since..



Yes, I have tried the gin and raisins and I think it works for me! I recommend it to all my friends, saying, how can it hurt you?

I have chronic lyme disease which is mostly in remission. However, last fall I experienced an increase in joint pain and tried the gin soaked raisins and have been pain free or pain reduced ever since. I will not go a day without my raisins and have recommended them to others. One friend used to use a knee brace most of the time. Since using the raisins, she has not had to use the knee brace once. Both of us are thrilled with the results.

This did not work for me

I had terrible pain in my left leg and hip and often had a hard time getting up the stairs. I read about Gin and Raisins somewhere and tried it and the relieve was astonishing. I have been taking it for the last 3 years and it is still working. I have recomended it to my friend and they all say it helped them too.

I tried gin & raisins this time using golden (or white raisins). The results were very good. I also would note that they taste delcious and I see no reason to limit oneself to nine a day. A few tablespoons full a day worked well for me and as mentioned, they are delcious.

One person said the raisins were so delicious, why would she have to limit them to 9 a day.
I know of a person who must have been of the same mind: I told her about the gin-soaked raisins, told her 9 a day, and I began noticing that when she arrived in church, later than others, she would go down one aisle, waving at all the folks, then return on the other side and wave at all the folks on that side before taking a place to sit. I asked her one day if she was still taking the raisins, and she said, "Oh My Yes! I wouldn't miss a day. I feel so good taking them." And that may be the reason for only nine a day.

Reasons Gin-soaked raisins may help arthritis.
1.Gin contains juniper berries, rich in Vitamin C and terpenes (an essential oil , which in large quantities is manufactured into turpentine. For centuries, medical usage favoured using them in anti-inflammatory prescriptions.
2. Some think it's the sulphur or sulphides used in the process of making the "white" raisin - referred to as the "bleached raisin."
This is an incorrect term, as the dark raisin is not bleached - rather the enzymatic browning that normally occurs in a fresh grape is slowed down by the treatment of sulfur dioxide gas. The raisin is preserved in a glimmering "golden" color. We call this a "golden raisin."
3. Some think it's the raisins
- the raisins do you more good than the gin. Grapes and raisins contain many pain relieving, anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory chemicals (stated in the Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook on
4. Some think it's the placebo effect. Arthritis symptoms have periods of flares and remissions. You may attribute feeling better to the gin and raisins when it is truly a remission.
June Russell -
htm?nl=l (2006)

i have been using the raisins for the last several weeks. i can say without a doubt that my pain has lessened at least 50%. i am looking forward to 75% in future days. on my way to 100%. God is good as His creation is marvelous!

I have seen this kind of info. on the Internet before and have to say that for some reason, in my mind anyway, it makes sense. We have many juniper plants around our house. We love the smell of them. There is something healing about the plant.

Asian countries use them to make some Bonsai trees and the English have used them (The berries) to make Gin. A favorite of mine when I used to drink. And now they find that they may be helping at alleviating arthritis pain.

For some reason (Don't ask me why) Juniper and Rosemary seem to me to be related in some way (One a plant and one an Herb, I know). I have long ignored my feelings on herbs and plants and their healing properties. I get hunches on things and think it must be stupid. I (for some reason) get a conformation in my heart that some things are good and some things are not.

So in my new renewed spirit of adventure, I have a statement about Brandy and Figs.
I believe there is some great Health benefit to consuming this mix.

My grandmother and grandfather were from Italy. My Grandmother used to always keep an expensive jar of Figs soaked in Brandy in their home. For reasons unknown to me, they ate them at special occasions (Christmas, Easter, Etc,,). Now I know, they might have just had them just because they liked them like that. But from an early age, I sensed that they had some Healthy Significance. Again, it is just a hunch. But I have felt this since I was very, very small. I believe that in the near future they will find that eating figs in brandy will help heal an ailment.

Just a hunch.

My husband has been using golden raisins soaked in gin now for about two years. He has never had to use a drugstore product for his joint pain ever since, and I am hoping he never will. The mixture is definitely a keeper for us, and I would recommend it to anyone who is suffering from joint pain or arthritis of any sort. As always, these sorts of self-prescribed remedies should be discussed with your doctor, just in case it conflicts with a medication you are taking, or a condition you may have at the time.

Someone had written in awhile back stating the gin soaked raisins helped her restless legs. I suffered nightly with RLS and figured I had nothing to lose. I only soak the raisins overnight until they plump, and eat about a dozen. I SWEAR by this! I can finally sleep! I believe it has something to do with the sulfer in the raisins.

I gave gin-soaked raisins to my husband, who has deteriorated discs and lower back pain. He has been taking them for a little over a month, and I asked him the other day how his pain was. He said that he hasn't had any pain for some time--he just hadn't realized that it could be the raisins. He'd had pain almost daily for several years.

A friend of ours has constant pain in his knees, and has been taking medication for years. We told him about the raisins, and he started taking them less than a month ago. He said that the pain has been significantly reduced.

I want to try this. I have osteoarthritis (the common type). However, most of the people posting seem to have rheumatoid. Does this work for osteoarthritis?

This has worked for me for over two years. When I forget to eat my raisins for a few days, or especially a week or more, my arthritis gets so much worse I can't believe how much better I feel when taking them. Since I do not tolerate medication for imflammation at all, the raisins are my only relief. I am so grateful for your helpful remedies.

I would like to know if any of these people who are having the pain relief have diabetes?

I've had chronic neck pain for years, and learned to live with it. I watched my Mom for years hobble off the couch and walk funny until loosened up. I just noticed recently that I've been doing the same for some time now.

Up until last week I was taking 800mg of Motrin just about every day, because the pain was so intense and I couldn't sleep.

A friend of mine in conversation mentioned that a patient told her about this gin and raisin remedy he tried because he had been taking Motrin every day for about a year for his arthrits.

I figured it was worth a shot. Within three days I felt remarkably better. It's been about six days and I feel 80% better. I can't wait to see what happens in a month... I just called my Mom and told her about it. I'll keep you posted.

I just heard about the gin-soaked raisins, and I can't wait to try them. I am soaking them now, but I have a question. Do you keep them in the refrigerator while they're soaking, or doesn't it matter?
Thanks for any help.

l would like to try the gin-soaked raisins, but as I am from Australia, we do not seem to have golden raisins. Could I use brown ones instead? Does anyone know where I can get golden raisins in Australia?

Someone asked if the gin-soaked raisins need to be refrigerated while soaking. I didn't see a response. Do they? Also, will covering them while soaking delay the time in which the gin evaporates? I can't wait to try this!

I have two questions. 1) After one week, there is still a small amount of liquid remaining in the bottom of the bowl. Will this harm the raisins or make them go bad? 2) Should the jar/container of raisins be refrigerated?

Does this remedy work for osteoarthritis? Should the raisins be at room temperature when being soaked, covered or uncovered, kept in a jar in our out of the fridge?

I am 69 years old and started the gin-soaked raisins about a year ago to relieve pain in my thumb knuckles. It works!! I am literally pain free. The only problem I had was when we were on vacation and I did not use the remedy for 10 days. The pain returned in my knuckles. I resumed using it and have no more pain.

A neighbor of mine was so crippled with arthritis she had to use a walker. She and her husband had over a hundred beautiful azaleas that she could no longer care for.

While out walking, I passed her house and thought I was seeing things. There she was, down on her knees, working in her flower beds. I said, "Nancy, have you experienced a miracle?" "No," she said, "just gin and raisins!" I began taking the recipe and was able to stop going to the arthritis clinic, which wasn't helping anyway. My osteoarthritis subsided and I stopped taking the remedy. Now, 10 years later, I'm 67 and it has come back in the last joint of my little fingers with redness, pain and swelling. I remembered about the recipe but forgot to let the gin evaporate. It turned into the most delicious raisiny brandy... and helped the joints to be less painfull and swollen. The next batch I used black raisins and for whatever reason, it isn't helping as much, and the gin doesn't taste like brandy. Guess I'll go back to the yellow raisins.

I'm dying to try this but I don't like raisins. Yellow or brown. Is there any other fruit I could use?

I have been using gin-soaked raisins for years, but have found it is not necessary to eat them daily. I keep them in a mason jar in the refrigerator and only eat them once a month or less often.

My husband has been having shoulder pain lately, and I would like him to try this, but he is a recovering alcoholic. I have tried boiling the mixture to get rid of the alcohol, and even lit a match to it, stirring it like cherries jubilee, but have not been able to get rid of the alcohol.

Has anybody ever tried to make this by steeping juniper berries as a tea? Would that work?

Is it better to use sloe gin or regular gin?

I am having a terrible time with gout. Does this remedy work for this arthritis problem as well?

I just found out that I have arthritis in my index finger, and osteoarthiritis in my hip, ankle and throughout my body. Sometimes it is very difficult getting up or down. And the doctor prescribed medicine which I refuse to take because it has too many side effects. So I suffer with the pain and discomfort. Sometimes I am ok and sometimes I am extremely crippled. I found this gin & raisin recipe; do I cover them while the raisins are soaking up the gin? Do they need to be refrigerated? How long do yo take them? Thanks for your help.

I would like to know if any of these people have diabetes?
How it affects them... plz tell me... thank you.

do the gin-soaked raisins need to be in fridge while gin is evaporating, & do the raisins need to be in fridge after you put them in a jar?

I am a prediabetic, and would like to know if anyone with this condition has tried this or if it would hurt to try this.

I started taking the gin-soaked golden raisins about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have already seen a difference. The most notable improvement is in my hands and shoulders, but even my knees are somewhat better. I have osteoarthritis and this seems to be working for me. I will keep taking them!

It's like a miracle since I don't want to take the medicines for arthritis--either over the counter or prescription. I would recommend that anyone with arthritis give it a try.

I just heard about the gin-soaked raisins yesterday from my nutritionist. I first had reservations regarding the gin. However, at this stage of the game, what do I have to lose. Not being a drinker all my life I find it hilarious to think that at this stage of my life I am going to have gin in my daily diet... too funny.

However after reading all the testimonies I am happy that I set out yesterday to purchase the rasins and gin. Yahoo... My wellness is soon.

Can anyone post if I am to cover the raisins until the gin evaporates or leave them uncovered until it dries out? I did the soaking yesterday... how long does it take? I read that someone just soaked them overnight... however I want to have this be effective so I will leave it to soak on its own... if anyone has any info can you post it... thank you.

Pour the gin over just till it covers the raisins. Yes, the golden raisins are the ones to use (for the person in Australia, maybe you can order them online). Leave the open bowl out on the counter until the raisins are plump with gin and the rest has evaporated. If there's a little left in the bowl, just drink it. Put the raisins in a jar with a lid, not necessary to refrigerate them, but it won't hurt them if you do. The alcohol is a natural preservative.

I am a 42-year-old athletic female who was diagnosed with Rhuematiod Arthritis 7 months ago. The pain and the swelling were getting unbearable as was the fatigue. After a couple rounds of different medication which really didn't work, my mother told me about the raisins and gin.

Thank goodness for this miracle cure. I have been doing it for two weeks now and I have no pain or swelling. Most importantly the fatigue is gone and I feel like myself again.

I didn't see a response about covering the bowl while the raisins soak. I had the same concern, only because I didn't want bugs to find the raisins and try to eat them. But someone suggested I take cheesecloth, fold it over just once, then drape it over the bowl and secure with a large rubber band. The air will still get to it, and no bugs will beat you to the raisins.

I finally started the raisins today (11/14). My only question is, how long should I give these raisins to start helping my RA?

My 79 year old mom, who lives with me, suffered from a degenerative spine and knees. She read an article about the raisins several months ago, and we decided to give it a try. Prior to that, the routine was: out of bed, to a recliner with cold packs behind the back, Darvocet, then blood pressure meds and vitamins. After about 30-45 minutes, she could get up and walk around, with limited range and motion.

Two weeks of eating the gin-soaked raisins, she doesn't need the cold pack and has even started a small garden. And, as a bonus, since the pain is all but gone, her blood pressure meds have been cut in half! I would really like to know if there has been any research on the compound interactions of the two, and how it affects the arthritis.

My Mom and I are swearing by it.

Thanks for listening.

I started having terrible pain in my hands, just to touch anything hurt. I remembered how gin & raisins had helped in the past. I got some sloe gin & raisins to soak. The pain was so bad I started taking it the next day, a couple times a day to start off with. After 3 days the pain started to subside and now after a month I have no more pain. It sure helped me.

I can't have the gin everyday and would like to know if there is a substitue for the gin? thank you jenny

I have sarcoidosis. Most of the damage is in my lungs. However, I have a spot on my brain and RA also and fibro. My mother and sister told me about gin-soaked raisins. I doubted it at first. Then thought what do I have to lose? I was in constant pain. These have helped me. No I am not pain-free, but I do have less pain. Anything that helps a little in my situation helps a lot.

I tried this remedy for my husband. He doesn't have arthritis yet, but is in his early 40s and has had knee surgery on both knees. They are in almost constant pain.

Fourteen days ago he began eating the gin-soaked raisins. A few days ago, I asked him about his knees. He got a thoughtful look on his face and then it lit up! He said, "Honey, I haven't had any pain for a few days now... it's just that until you asked me, I didn't realize why I've been feeling such a sense of relief!"

This remedy cost me less than $10 and he has stopped taking his prescription ibuprofen. I say "give it a try... what can it hurt?"

2nd request.

I would like to know if any of these people who are having the pain relief suffer from diabetes?

i am insulin dependant, have osteoarthritis, has anyone with these symptoms used this treatment?

According to some people's question: I just started the raisins soaking in the gin today for my husband, who has diabetes. I see no problem, because on the box, it said 27 grams of sugar for 1/4 cup of raisins, so I measured them out and counted them and there are 92 raisins in a fourth cup, so do some math and it figures out to only 3 1/2 grams sugar for nine raisins. Milk has 12 grams of sugar, so this, I think, is or will do no harm.

I have had swelling in both of my knees for about 4 yrs now. It doesn't ever go away--every now and then it might decrease slightly, then it swells back up again. It is somewhat difficult to get up from the ground. It is not an injury. Prior to this, I had blood poisioning.

Anyway, I saw this and thought I would try it. The only problem being I don't drink hard liquor, so I am trying it with Sherry--Madeira to be specific. Anyone have any input on using anything other than gin?

Thanks guys, I appreciate the suggestions.

You don't have to keep them in the fridge. The gin prevents them from spoiling. Have a lid on the jar, though, otherwise the gin will evaporate.

Recently I got a headache and so I know that the gin and raisins are not a pain killer because the gin and raisins still worked on the arthritis, even with the headache. So I think that they actually cure the arthritis instead of covering it up as an aspirin does, otherwise it would have covered up the headache too.

Has anyone with fibromyalgia tried this? I also have 2 bulging disks in my lumbar spin and chronic arthritis in my knees. My pain is chronic and severe. I am on more meds than I care to mention. I am going to try this, and keep you posted. It would be great to dump some of the meds that have made me gain 30 pounds in weight.

I've suffered from fibromyalgia pain, two herniated lumbar disks and arthritis in my left knee for over 4 years. I can't quit work because my husband is disabled from heart failure and diabetes. You can imagine how many drugs I take.

A coworker of mine saw the Wilen sisters advertising their natural healing book on TV in which they mentioned the gin and raisins therapy. My coworker had a lot of wrist pain from carpal tunnel syndrome. She was pain-free after 3 days of eating the raisins.

I am desperate as I do not know how much longer I can continue working and caring for my husband with this pain. I went to the store today and bought the raisins and gin. I will keep you posted. Please pray for me that this remedy works. I am only 50 years old and don't have many options left.

I have very painful thumb joints, and arthritic hips. I want to try this, but I hate the taste of any kind of alcoholic drink. Can I take the gin-soaked raisins with water, like pills?

I have begun using these inebriated raisins and have found that I have significantly greater relatively pain-free mobility in my shoulders than I had a month ago before I started the "treatment." Previously a whole pharmacopeia of pain meds didn't give me the same relief.

I don't know physics but I do know there's a reaction! I can sit and work at my computer for hours now without a sore lower back or shoulder pain. And my joints are not a cold-weather warning. A box of raisins and a bottle of gin will be a staple in my pantry!

I was told by an herbalist, that I should soak the raisins in brandy. I bought brandy and have been on them for 4 days now. Does it matter to use brandy or gin? Please someone let me know. Thanks.

I also want to know if anyone used the raisins/gin who had diabetes. I am a borderline diabetic and would like to know if I can substitue anything or just a solution for my question. thank you. ajg

Do I leave the bowl out of fridge while soaking? Do I put in fridge after soaking? I am anxious to try this. Thanks.

I was fearful that the raisins would TASTE like Gin and if they did I knew I wouldn't eat them. However, I am pleasantly surprised that the soaked raisins only taste like good, soft raisins! Enjoy, with no fear of nasty tasting hard liquor, not even the SMELL of liquor!

I also tried the golden raisins in gin, and it works. Once I grabbed the wrong bottle and used vodka, and that does not work at all. My joint pain has subsided over 80%. I tell everybody.

To Florence Cecce Australia: Sultana's are golden raisins. Hope you can get sultana's. Good luck!

The gin-soaked raisins really work for me. I was on Celebrex for arthritis in my knees. I stopped taking it, and my doctor put me on Diclofenac, and last year I read an article that it might also be linked to heart attacks and strokes. I stopped taking it and started taking the gin and raisins. The best thing I ever did!!! Thanks bunches. Phyllis

I suffered arthritis pain in lower back and hip joints for more than 15 years, with Dr's prescriptions doing nothing for me. Tried golden raisins and gin and am living pain free again after soooo many years. What a God send.

Has this been tried on children with RA? My 5yr old has RA and is currently suffering from pain all over her vertebral column.

So with the gin-soaked raisins, how much alcohol is actually in the 9-10 or 1 tsp of raisins?

Can you use brown raisins, and where do you store them -- in the fridge?

I have read your article in the newspaper about gin and raisins. Will start using this remedy in a week after the process. Will let you know how I progress.


After many months of oestoarthritis pain in my hip, especially trying to sleep and when rising from a chair, I decided to try the gin-soaked golden raisin remedy. What an easy way to get rid of all pain. Can't wait to tell my physician -- expect him to poo poo it! I'm telling all my friends to try it!

I was hopeful but, unfortunately, they failed to help me. Tasted good though.

I sent for the recipe and received it, but would like to know if they have to be refrigerated, as some have turned brown. I have in airtight container, but did not refridge. So far it's been a month, and my husband says he hasn't felt any differance. Help!!!! Do they need refrigeration?? Thanks

Thank you for the gin and raisins recipe. I will begin this immediately. Is there anything that will free up the joint so that it will recover its normal range of motion??? MB

I was getting truly worried. The pain in my ankles and feet was so severe I would hobble everywhere. I make my living doing landscape maintenance. I tried the raisins. Within the first week I noticed I was not limping anymore. I don't miss a day. I have recommended them to many. One friend wrote back saying, "Thank you, Thank you. She has had years of pain greatly reduced. She put her aged mother-in-law onto them. That woman says they have turned back the clock for her because of pain relief. ~ Cindy

I just started the Gin & raisin remedy two days ago.
I have been dealing with a lot of pain in my spine,legs & hands & was hardly able to work. The first day I took the raisins I was able to work without a back brace. The second day I was amazed at how well I felt. I will continue to eat those raisins & may even increase the amount per day. OH Happy Day!!!

Just started using the raisins and gin and feel at least 75% better. Just curious, once raisins have absorbed gin, do you refrigerate or leave out?

Does this help rhematoid arthritis patients- gin soaked raisins? Do you put the raisins in the fridge while they are soaking and after they are soaking? Thanks for any information about RA patients.

Do you put the raisins in the fridge while they are soaking and after they are soaking?

Has the gin and raisin recipe helped anyone with RA that is not on RA medicine?Thanks!

I have had both my hips replaced due to arthritis, and have been an avid golfer for over 40 years. I thought I was going to need one of my hips redone this spring due all the pain that has come back. A few days before my spring golf trip to Nevada in mid March, I started taking the gin and raisin remedy.

I used Fleischmann's Gin and dark raisins--didn't know about the golden raisins--took 7 a day in the AM and 7 a day before going to bed. I have been pain free ever since--this is going on 3 weeks now--and I was in agony before--even waking up in my sleep due to the pain. Try it--you've got nothing to lose but the pain! My pain was gone in 48 hours from the first day I tried it--actually I felt relief the next day!

Question: When allowing the raisins to soak up the gin (a week) are the raisins refridgerated or placed on the kitchen counter top? Thank you in advance for the answer! Have an excellent day !!

I started on the gin soaked raisins 3 weeks ago. I was actually pulling myself up stairs by the hand rail. Now, I can climb the stairs normally again. Thanks ever so much.

I read the questions and
comments here and find a lot
of questions but few answers.

I am also not sure weather
to refrigerate while the
raisins absorb the gin.
I'm going to leave half out
and the other half in the
refrigerator. I'll see if
there is a difference.

Someone asked if you can
just take the raisins with
water, like a pill. I don't
know if it would make a
difference. I know that
if you crush garlic before you
eat it or use it when cooking
there is some sort of
reaction. The garlic is
more intense.

Weather the same thing will
happen with chewing the
raisins or just swallowing,
you'll have to try and see
if it makes a difference to

Sloe gin is gin infused with
sloes (the berries from the
Blackthorn tree) and sugar.
The alcohol generally less then
gin. There is also a difference
from gin and distilled gin.
for more information try:
It seems the better quality gins
are more aromatic.

If gin is the thing that makes
this remedy work, then I would
think it's because of the
juniper berries.

The raisins have to contain some
alcohol after the process. My
guess would be less than 5% of
each raisin is alcohol. I would
think that there is more alcohol
in a half teaspoon of vanilla
extract then in nine gin soaked
raisins. Just a guess.

My grandmother who passed away last fall due to Alzheimers took the raisins-in-gin recipe for years. She had previously been given many cortisone shots in her knees, and she couldn't even walk up her stairs.

Now, at this time she was around 72-75. She began taking the recipe, which she got from a bible study friend, and when she was 78, I saw her jump up and click her heels together.

Now my grandmother was a very hard working woman, who was up at 4am every morning and in the garden in the dark at 430am. She loved her yard and she loved her garden.

It absolutely devistated her when she couldn't do her work. I saw her pain with my own eyes, and then after a while I was fortunate enough to see the releif the recipe provided. She never once more had any other arthritis treatment. I am only 26 and I yet have had pain as a result of arthritis, but I know for certain that if I ever have arthritic pains I will indeed take the very same recipe she did for so many years.

I Love you Ma and miss you dearly!!!

I am about to start using the Gin Soaked Golden Raisins for arthritis in my hips. I am optimistic.

To the person who posted (or anyone else) who is experiencing gout. Get some 100% Black Cherry juice (not cherry cider or something else with other juices mixed with the cherry). Drink a small glass or two per day. The cherry juice breaks up the uric acid crystals that form in the joints causing your gout.

I did this 20 years ago, and the Black Cherry Juice worked for me within a few days! The gout was dissolved and has not returned. Since then, I occasionally go through a quart of Black Cherry juice every six months or so anyway just because it is so delicious. Can't hurt!

Does this work for fibromyalgia? There were some earlier comments from someone with fibro who was planning on trying it, but has anyone else with fibro had any success with this remedy?

Why only 9 raisins a day? Would there be a problem in taking 9 in the morning and 9 more at night?

I have been eating gin soaked raisins and it took a little over 1 month before I felt relief from osteoarthritis. I don't let the gin evaporate but keep it sealed.

I laughed my sides off first then I called my sister in the medical profession. She sent me to a web site. I still laughed. Gin & raisens? What a goofy blast! I now have a quart jar of soaking raisens. Two teaspoons in the morning and two before bed. I don't know if I am happy because of the gin or the raisens, or because they just make me happy. My sholders and elbows no longer complain!

About the gin-soaked raisins: What brand of gin is best?
Gin has the most varied recipe for ingredients... it could explain why it works better for some people based on whether you used Geneva Bold gin or Beefeater, for example. What's your take on that...?

I have been in constant knee and back pain for awhile now. I will try this home remedy and get back with its effects--hope it will work for me.

Thanks to Nina, my co-worker, who is very well read and helpful with suggestions.

do you keep the gin and raisin in the refrigerator for 9 days, or do you keep them on your counter for a week? Do you keep them covered or uncovered in a warm place?

I started using the white raisins soaked in gin 10 days ago. At that time severe arthritis pain in my thumbs would wake me in the night. Since taking the raisins I have not awakened in the night with the thumb pain.

After just returning home from the Dr. due to internal bleeding for the second time in six months due to Celebrex I guess I will have to rely on this. I have been doing it with the Celebrex for the last 4 months so now will see if it works by itself. We soak it in a container on the counter with the lid just sitting loosely on top and then refrigerating them after they are soaked. I use a tablespoon full on my morning oatmeal daily for osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis and just lately, bursitis.

Still see lots of unanswered questions but "in a nut shell" seems to be: no need to keep in 9 raisins a day...any gin works...??????????

I'd dearly love to get off my expensive meds so I can afford to retire (lose my insurance) & to get away from the hassle of certain pills in morning & certain pills in evening, etc. etc.

My husband heard this on the Paul Harvey Show around 1994. He started taking the gin-soaked raisins and has continued all these years. I started taking them as well, and we both are nearly pain-free from arthritis and other joint pains.

Question: Since this gin is so good because it's made from Juniper berries, then why not eat the Juniper berries and eat the raisins, separately or together according to your preference? Why the alcohol? No one explained it, and I'd like to know if possible. Thanks. Rosa

I note that some people are convinced that it is the sulfite in the golden raisins that is helpful for their arthritis as much as the juniper berries in gin. Since I try to eliminate foods containing sulfites, I am wondering if I did the wrong thing when I purchased the ones without preservatives at the health-food store today. Also I need to know what gin is the brand that has the appropriate amt of juniper berries to use with the raisins. Please answer ASAP as I am in pain! Thanks!

I have another solution, which is tried and helped to my friend and me.

Every morning you are going to add a half lime's juice to your regular coffee (half a cup) and after 1/2 hour you can have your breakfast. It stopped my friend's buckling hands and after drinking two days, I am pain free. She says she uses it once in a while now.

Does this work for osteoarthritis?
Should they be soaked at room temp? Covered or uncovered? should the raisins be refrigerated after?
How long could they be stored for?

I heard your recent show on gin-soaked raisins, but heard that only certain brands of gin work. I really want to try since even my toes ache from arthritis. Can you help?

I've had RA for over 20 years. Was diagnosed in my early twenties and have taken every pharmaceutical known to man. The side effects have been horrible. Years ago I tried some homeopathic remedies and got no relief. A few months ago I researched and began trying some herbal remedies, including the gin/raisins, and have experienced significant improvement in both pain and inflammation levels.

I use Bombay Sapphire Gin because of the blend of botanicals and the distillation process used (it's on the bottle). In addition to the Juniper berries, there is Angelica and Licorice, which are both herbal anti-inflammatories. I think the gin/raisin remedy works because the gin is in effect an herbal "tincture" --the grain alcohol extracts the beneficial/medicinal qualities of the botanicals.

When you soak the raisins in the gin, you are in effect making another "tincture", wherein the gin (alcohol) is extracting the beneficial actives from the raisins. Some beneficial qualities of certain botanicals are not water soluble and can only be extracted by way of the tincture process. That's why making a "tea" with Juniper Berries or raisins would not be as effective, or may not be effective at all. Also, the longer the soak, the stronger the tincture, so it's better to make a large batch of gin/raisins that takes a while to eat, than to keep making smaller batches. It won't spoil, alcohol is a natural preservative. No need to refrigerate. Do cover. A cookie jar works great.

I couldn't make it beyond the awful taste. I threw it out.

I learned from a folk medicine specialist the gin and raisins recipe: soak golden raisins in BOMBAY gin in a shallow dish in a single layer until the gin is absorbed. This takes only a couple of days. Leave them uncovered during this process. Then transfer them to a jar with a lid. No need to keep in the refrigerator. The specialist is emphatic about the Bombay gin. She says that the ingredients in Bombay are different from other brands, and that Bombay is the most effective. No, she doesn't have any ties to the Bombay Gin Co. She also said that most of the alcohol evaporates during the soaking. And yes, 9 a day seems to be the magic number, but no reason for that, really.

I have been using the recipe only for about 2 weeks, and my neck pain is completely gone and I can almost get a ring on my right hand ring finger now. I have not been able to wear one for months. I am eating about 12 a day. Try it--you will not believe it! I do not drink any alcohol, and I cannot taste any gin in the raisins.

I am going to try this, and didn't know what golden raisins, or Sultanas were for sure, so I looked them up... for all the others wondering, they are Thompson Seedless here in the States!

Hello: I have had joint pain issues in my hips & shoulders for years now. Then I recently have had knee pain that darn near kept me from working. I have been hobbling around wondering how much more I could tolerate. My wife & I were talking about my accelerated usage of the pain meds (which were doing hardly anything!!) and she remembered a home remedy her mother & father had used. The GIN & RAISINS. So we went & got the saphire gin. I mixed up a batch and have been taking them for 3 days now and the hip pain is gone and my knee pain is darn near gone. Call me crazy but I feel wonderful & don't dread getting up from a chair or going on a walk w/ my wife. So far so good!!! P.S Thanks Mama Vicari, we all miss you dearly!

I've tried this recently and I am feeling less pain. I'll continue treatment and send you a more detailed message. I've been doing this for about a 2 weeks and yesterday I began to notice some relief.

Why only 9 a day?

Have had RA in my knees for years, I'm 79. It was difficult to get up and out of a chair or sofa. After one month on gin & golden raisins I am compleatly free of knee pain. I also have spinal stenosis but haven't had any relief from that pain but am hoping for some relief even though it isn't RA. Will post again if it relieves my SS.

I am soaking my raisins now, sure hope this helps me, wish I didn't have to wait so long for the process though. I got Gilbey's Gin, hope it works, I should have read further to find out about Bombay, will try it to. Way off subject of this......I am plagued with fruitflies & tried everything, I mean EVERYTHING does n-e one have a solution I maybe haven't tried, I would be most grateful I am tired of living with the little pest Thank you

I had a total knee replacement & have been unable to walk. In addition to experiencing a great deal of pain. No wanting to remain on the prescribed pain medicine I gave the gin/raisin remedy a shot..and works...( now while I still have not been able to least I am pain free. I highly reccommend it and I have to anyone who listens to me.

Several postings requested a gin or alcohol free version of this, can someone develop a response? The tincture/extraction posting was excellent, however, an alternative for those who eliminate alcohol needs to be posted, I am confident we can assist those readers who require this information.
Some have very good reasons for no alcohol not even 'evaporate' alcohol. Ex-alcoholics, some religious groups, liver patient/transplant, children with RA. Let's help them!

Since I have gotten older I find that old man Arthritis has come and for several years I have prayed for some relief.

A friend told me about the Gin-Raisin theory and I am just now soaking my first batch. Of course I sneaked a couple of tastes ahead of time and I really have found some relief. I'm hoping that maybe it will have some effect on my poor back where Osteopemia has taken over. It is quite painful. Hope fully the gin-raisin theory will help there also.

I hope those of you who try this remedy will find the relief that I have already found. Good Luck!

I started my raisins 07/26 as they looked kinda plump after 3 or 4 days I started eating a few before the week was up, it has helped a little, waiting for it to help a lot. I'm already soaking 2nd batch, gonna let them get a full soak this time. I am scheduled for a colonoscopy on 08/26, if the raisins don't work very well wonder what that will reveal. Still need help with the little pest(fruitflies) if anyone has any. Thanks Have a good day

My mother who is 79 yrs,old has been suffering with arthritis for many years. Two weeks ago she started taking gin soaked raisins, It's like a miracle, she is moving around like use too! She claims to be pain free. She told me about it, I suffer with alot of neck pain especially when I try to sleep at night. So today I will begin taking the GSR. I am hoping to be pain free soon. I am looking forward to a good night sleep!

I just finished reading the gin & raisin article. Lots of questions were brought up but where are the answers? Like, should the jar be refrigerated after the gin evaporates, and
is it ok for diabetics to use it. Are the answers somewhere in the article, I couldn't find any? Thanks, Geo.

I've had terrible pain in my hips while trying to sleep on my side for years. I've had MRI's on both hips and my back, physical therapy, trigger point injections, steroid injections, pain pills, pain patches, etc. Nothing worked until I tried the gin and raisins. I'm on my 2nd batch and plan to continue. I eat 2 tsp of raisins every day. I also read where red seedless grapes are good for arthritis, so I'm eating at least 1/2 cup of those every day also.

My front foot pain (both feet) is bordering the unbearable. I am looking to find a solution which will give me some relief. I have taken BOTH gin and raisins
separately but never combined the two.
I will report my progress.

Maureen T (or Geo?), you're right. There are lots of questions without answers, but it seems the answers here are left up to other posters. Years ago I read that sloe gin was the key, not regular gin, but apparently they both work, according to the posters here. In a container with a lid, I just barely cover with sloe gin a large box of golden raisins.

There's no excess to pour off till I get near the bottom, so I let 'em keep sucking it up. I leave the bowl covered in the refrigerator and dip out about 9 raisins every day. They taste wonderful, and best of all, it works for my arthritic thumb (or maybe vice versa!). Don't bother buying the smallest gin you can find or you'll be back in the liquor store buying more before long.

I read about the raisins and gin on this site and have been doing it for months now. My knees are like new. I could hardly bend my knees and if I had to kneel down it was painful. I use golden raisins and eat them at night before bed.

Just put my raisens to soak. I can't wait to try this. I know of someone that has been doing this for 2 years and it has helped a great deal. Hope it works for me I want to get rid of this pain.

I am an senior care attendant who is currently assisting a 91 year old gentleman who is using this remedy for arthritis in his thumb/s. He first heard about it from his wife over 10 years ago. As he says "I originally scoffed at the idea". However, after trying it he experienced relief and continues using this remedy daily.

He pours 9 raisins and a little of the liquor over his morning bowl of cereal and milk with a bannana. Yesterday, he finished a half quart container but already had another one marinating and ready to go. I helped him prepare another half quart to continue the cycle/rotation. By the time one container is finished the next one is ready to go. He just covers the golden raisins with a store brand gin and keeps them covered in the 'fridge.

Since I too have arthritic joints, which are apparently worse than his even though I am 49 years his junior, he has offered to establish my first batch when we go on his next shopping trip which includes replenishing his stock of gin. I will soon be able to test this remedy on myself.

If it doesn't work I will add the red grapes mentioned in one of the postings. If that doesn't work I will add the cherry juice mentioned earlier since there is a possibility some of my pain [esp. in the feet] may be coming from gout and not arthritis. Hope to repost with results in a reasonable amount of time. Best to you.

To get rid of fruit flies: Pour enough water and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a saucer or shallow dessert dish to a depth of 1/2 inch or so. Add a drop or two of liquid dishwashing soap such as: Joy Liquid. The dish washing soap makes it so the flies will break the 'skin' of the water easily and drown when they touch the surface. Within a couple of days I'll bet that all your fruit flies will be drowned. Put the dish near a light source in order to attract them with light as well as with the smell of the vinegar.

For those of you who wanted to know about golden raisins, we call them sultanas in Australia, NZ and the UK... now I'll have to try this!

Has anyone w/ fibromalygia tried gin raisins for pain management? Saw that it was asked previously on this site, no response from anyone regarding this.
Anxious for non-drug approach. Thanks!

This works. I'm 45 yrs old just 8 months ago, I found out I have DDD in my spine and there's only two spots in my spine that's not riddled with arthritis. I thought sure It was because I been so tiny all my life and got cold very easy, who knows, but I can tell you that this works. I forgot to take them for two days and I could not move. This is keeping me on my feet for now and that's all that matters. I'm not too fond of the gin taste but it works.

is it okay if i eat more than
nine pieces? I soaked three big jars, and i thinking the more i eat the raisin the sooner i get better.
Please let me know


I just wanted to comment that I started eating the gin soaked raisins for arthritic knees over 6 months ago. And it works for me. I also wanted to add that I don't use golden raisins just the plain brown ones. And they seem to work for me.

Started my first batch tonight. Will give update when I get results or not.

Hi, I had gastric bypass surgery and still suffer from arthritis because the damage was already done. Could the gin and raisins help me? I can't have a lot of sugar.

I just talked with my 65-year-old mom who has been doing the 9-raisin thingy for 3 months now. She reports that her hands and back no longer hurt like they used to, and she is taking no other painkillers. She had to stop taking meds for her arthritis and AS because of liver damage. She's sold on this remedy. And whatever works, I say go for it!

After x rays, my doctor told me that I had stage 4 arthritis in both wrists - it couldn't get any worse;and he suggested surgery. I was on Motrin and heard of the white raisin treatment, so I started on it and within 6 weeks was totally off the Motrin. That was 4 years ago and I still take them every A.M. and am totally comfortable. Did you know that Arnold Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz, his Auntie Em took hers faithfully every day when he spent summers with her on the farm as a child. When was that? Early 1900's?

If you cut out ALL artificial sweeteners, you will also see that arthritis pains diminish significantly.

Gin and Golden Raisins mixture,as directed, WORKS.
I went to a liquor store years ago and told the clerk I needed something for my arthritis.The clerk from India told me, "we got the gin. Go to the other store and get the raisins."

Same recpt. "Do it every fall & throughout the winter."
Never took prescribed medicine.
Sometime I eat the raisins for energy.

Diabetic-seen questions of effects if take the gin/raisin combo. I am on insulin plus I take additional oral diabetic medication. I have notice absolutely no difference in the blood sugar readings I get since going on the mixture several months ago. I only take less than a dozen raisins a day. I use sloe gin and golden raisins.

I have just had a steroid injection for extreme arthritis in the thumb. Was told by the doctor that surgery was inevitable. After reading this article, I plan to start soaking gin & raisins tomorrow because there has been no relief from the injection and brace that I'm wearing.

I used this remedy for my dog and it is amazing! However, I would NOT recommend this for dogs, because raisins & grapes are toxic to dogs. I didn't know this when I started him on them!

He has been taking them for a year and is fine, but again, I would not recommend them for other dogs. I left the raisins on the counter to soak and also stored them on the counter in a glass jar. I use the cheapest gin I can find. The raisins must be Golden raisins. And according to a study done by UNC-Chapel Hill, there is less than one drop of alcohol left in the 9 raisins, so that is not the reason it works!


I have been using gin soaked raisins for a couple of years now and the difference is amazing. I still have some days that I have pain, but not nearly as bad or as often. It used to be constant. I soak the golden raisins (I lived in Australia for years and I know they were available there as sultanas) in just enough gin to cover them. I don't refrigerate them, I just keep them in a plastic sealed container or jar or ziplock bag if I'm traveling. I've been taking the recommended 9 a day, but will try a few extra when I'm feeling more pain. I've told all kinds of people about it (most think I'm crazy). The ones that have tried it swear by it as well.

i have extreme arthritis-tried this because my husband heard of it and kept bugging me until i would try it.
Did NOT work for me. :{
i really wish it had.

WOW!!!!!!this stuff really works. and yummy:)

didn't read all the comments but have a question. My father has arthritis and I want him to try this - but he's an alcoholic and has not touched a drop in about 7 years. Will this trigger something to make him drink again?


I just put my raisins to soak. I have pain in my right arm, shoulder and neck. I am hoping that this remedy works for me. I will keep you posted.

It must be Gin, not Vodka. The Juniper Berries in Gin are a main ingredient. Juniper Berries are a natural diuretic, this is why it helps blood pressure and is one of the components of decreasing inflammation.

Golden Raisins have beneficial Sulphur.

Hard to believe that this works beyond placebo effect.

I find this interesting particularly since a British friend of mine used to tell me to spend my money on good Gin not good Vodka because Gin was the only RECIPE spirit and each house has its own combination of Juniper and Orange Peel and all the other wonderful herbs that go into making Gin. No two are alike, so this begs the question, will any Gin do or are some better than others? I am hoping some are better than others because then it is something in the Gin that is helping. If any Gin will do maybe the placebo effect is dominant or perhaps just the thought of the alcohol since most of it will have evaporated by the time of use.

I found through experimentation that if you cover the raisins they evaporate more slowly and leave more syrup than if you leave them uncovered. The raisins tasted better to me with more evaporation, but they are good either way. I left them on the counter to soak and they seemed to do just fine. If you wait a day to consume them, the time seems to combine the gin and raisin flavors nicely into a mellow, lovely, lightly sweet flavor. I am considering using the soaked raisins as a garnish on some of my dessert recipes. (I would inform my guests of the contents, of course.) I have no idea if the jar should be refrigerated or not. More experimentation will let me know!

I have started using this raisin & Gin method now for (4)days. I know it's to early to tell right now. But waiting to feel something different. I am taking the (9) a day method. Who came up with the 9 a day? Why not 10 or 12?? Hummm.. Curious...

Answers to questions:
Quoting home remedy experts Joan and Lydia Wilen, this is the Amazing Gin-Soaked Raisin Remedy
1 lb golden raisins
Gin (approx 1 pint)
Glass bowl (Pyrex is good-crystal is bad)
Glass jar with lid

Spread the golden raisins evenly on the bottom of the glass bowl and pour enough gin over the raisins to completely cover them. Let them stay that way until all the gin is absorbed by the raisins. It takes about five to seven days, depending on the humidity in your area. (You may want to lightly cover the bowl with a paper towel so that dust or insects don't drop in) To make sure that all of the raisins get their fair share of the gin, occasionally take a spoon and stir the mixture, bringing the bottom layer of raisins to the top of the bowl.
As soon as all the gin has been absorbed, transfer the raisins to the jar, put the lid on and keep it closed. DO NOT REFRIGERATE. Each day, eat nine raisins-exactly and only nine raisins a day. Most people eat them in the morning with breakfast.
This recipe was tested by for alcohol content and it was found that less than one drop of alcohol was left in nine raisins, so it is not the alcohol that is relieving the pain. They caution against use of this remedy by anyone with iron overload in their bloodstream, and advise against use by children or pregnant or nursing women.

I would like to know if any of these people have diabetes ?
What is the effect of GIN Soaked Raisins for Arthritis?


I saw where you said it could cause kidney damage to canines. I just wondered if it can cause kidney damage to humans as well. The reason I ask is that I've had problems with my kidneys this past month. I am anxious to try this though as the arthritis in my knees and feet hurt soooo much. I'm looking for relief.


question: should the raisins be put in the refrigerator after they have soaked for the week or just in the air tight container, on the counter?


About 20 years ago i had a very bad car accident, my left leg was severely injured. somehow they saved it and for the longest time my leg was fine in the past 2 years now, I've had terrible knee pain. I'm on my feet all day the weather changes really affect it, and the only thing that keeps pain away is a prescription of ketoprofin, and taking acetaminophen 8 hr time release. I am going to try this raisin remedy, my knees (both now) are so bad. I will definitely know if this makes a difference. But i would like to know, if they should be refrigerated, covered while soaking, and also is there any possibility of intoxication,? need to know


Will the raisin/gin cure have any effect on the bumps on my fingers? Also heard there is some kind of cherry cure for bumps. Do you know anything about this?

Just spoke with my mother in law who has taken these for at least 7 years now. Do not refrigerate when they are absorbing the gin. Actually you don't have to refrigerate at all. But....after the raisins absorb the gin... you do need to cover. My husband and I did refrigerate them at first but found better results not refrigerated. I don't know if the cold temperature takes away from the medicinal value. So we rotate the soaking. Soak l weeks worth as we intake one weeks worth. Make sense? Hope so.. and good luck and happy joints. :0)

I used to live across the street from an ancient lady. She did the GSR thing for years and years. A marvelous creature, she lived to be about 100, and was active her whole life. Until recently I had no use for the cure, but recently started and she was right. Saw my GP today, She had never heard of it.

Heard about this on Peoples' Pharmacy on NPR - figured what the heck, girl, go for it. Have been on GSR for 2 weeks and have noticed reduced pain in joins and greater ability to navigate stairs, et al, w/o feeling "creaky". But I also have a theory re why this works. White raisins plump more than dark ones and yes, the sulphur may play a part. But what I think the secret is is that the 9 raisins are the "delivery system" for just the right amount of gin (juniper). Can't wait to tell my internist about this.

I bought what I thought were golden raisins at the local farmer's market store. They were larger than regular raisin. They soaked up the gin in about 3 days and then began to mold. Why would that happen?

I let my raisin supply run out. I've gone 2 weeks without. I'm finding that my fingers are swollen and sore in the morning, I'm noticing more knee pain. I'm going to replenish my supply tomorrow and never going to be without "my raisins in gin" again. They taste wonderful with cereal every morning.

In another article I read, it says NOT to refrigerate. It also said to just leave the raisins soaking for up to a week before transferring to an airtight container. But, while soaking the raisins, I loosely put a cover over them to keep out dust or whatever.

I forgot one thing in my previous post. I put the raisins in a mason jar, fill it with gin and just close the lid down tight and begin to use after a week. I also refrigerate without any adverse affect on the concoction.

I have been using this faithfully every day over oatmeal for over 6 weeks and this has done nothing for me. Wish it had. Have Osteoarthritis in my knees and hands at only 58 yrs. old and it's debilitating. Nothing works and I can't take any anti-inflammatory.

I posted on July 6,2008. This is a follow up. Am still on the raisins and love it. Not only did it completely rid my knees of RA but now the RA is gone from my left shoulder....amazing. I have given this information to ALL my doctors and they listen with interest. I give them my card with the web site and they tell me they will check on it. We read your articles in the Palm Beach Post. Keep up your very good work.

Can anyone tell me if this remedy works for Fibromyalgia? I would really appreciate an answer as I am in constant pain every day even with pain meds. Thank you, Kathy

My mother told me about this recipe for arthritis pain. She is 79 and says it works for her. So I figured, what can it hurt. I do not have arthritis, but have had hip pain which doctors can not find a cause for and have only said to take OTC pain killers. Too much of that was tearing up my stomach. I started the drunken raisins about 2 months ago and they have made all the difference.

Also, I am 52 and had been having the stiffness that comes with sitting. Once I started the raisins, that too has shown a major improvement. I do not let the gin evaporate. I just put most of a box of golden raisins in a quart mason jar and add gin to cover (I like Beefeaters, or Bombay...Also like Tanqury, but pretty pricey) and seal it. Shake a few times and let sit a day or two to let the raisins plump. I eat an iced-tea teaspoon full (the long handle makes it easy to get into the jar) 3 to 4 times a day. I do not refrigerate them.

O M G ! Almost for 20 years I was in real bad pain then someone told me about the golden raisins and gin. It does work and I do not take any pain med's any longer. I've been taking the golden raisin for 8 weeks now. I can walk, get in and out of the car, oh by the way I had to stop driving but now I'm back running the streets.
I have a real life again. Thanks to all!!

Caution to the sulfite sensitive!! My parents are swearing by this. I tried it and after about a week did notice increased range of motion BUT And more importantly, it also triggered a migraine. A web search immediately confirmed my suspicions...sulfites. The surprise was I expected the gin to be the culprit but it is the golden raisins which use sulfites in the drying/preservative process!

Started taking the raisins soaked in gin, now I don't have to take the 4 Aleve, and at night 2 advil pm. My lower back pain and knee pain is just about 90% gone in just 5 days. May god bless the person that started this remedy. Please pass this on to people you love or care about.

I`ve written to you before, but this time I want to say that I told my Arthritis Dr. about the raisins and he already knew about it.

He told me if I didn`t like the taste of gin all I had to do was let them absorb all the gin then they will dry up.

They will taste better and all the raisins will have absorbed all they needed so it would not make a difference except the taste..

Believe me it tastes much better (if you don`t like the gin taste) and I don`t, so this did the job...

I`ve been on that for over 3 yrs now and if stop, I notice a big difference allover...

PS: Just a warning::if you take that more than once a day,

PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE, if you are stopped you can be told you have alcy in your body, no-no-that`s not good...


I've been using this for 3 weeks now, & so far there is no change at all. I did soak the fruit in gin, left for 4 days, as I only tried a small amount to start with, (med size coffee jar) I'm wondering if my fruit was correct, I used golden sultana's, as I read that these were the same as raisins! I have actually sent to the states for golden raisins, but they take over a month to arrive over land!!!
can anyone offer any help at all? cheers.

To the person that doesn't like raisins! what has that got to do with anything? I don't like arthritis so I'll try anything that will help! Most people don't like the taste of medicines, but if it works why worry what it tastes like?

I have been on gin soaked raisins for over 2 years. Old football injuries to my knees have left me bone on bone with no cartilage. Numerous x-rays bare this out. For years I took Vioxx and other anti-inflammatory drugs but wasn't satisfied. Since starting the gin raisin regimen, I have been pain free. I recommend it to everyone.

No, gin-soaked raisins don't need to be refrigerated. Just keep them in an air tight jar after being soaked in gin. I leave it on the counter so when I get my bowl or plate, the raisins are close at hand.

I have MS & 3 degenerative discs in my back. Everything hurt...but especially my hips, legs & feet. The pain was indescribable and completely ruled my life. For years I didn't sleep for more than a few minutes. I was almost suicidal thinking about the future. And then I heard about the raisins. I covered the raisins with distilled Seagrams gin (that was recommended by the liquor store which is REALLY familiar with this remedy) & let them sit overnight. I couldn't wait any longer to try them! Within a week I was pain FREE...after 15 years I was ecstatic!

I have recommended them to a long list of friends & family who have had similar results. Do we like the taste? Not particularly. But they work so well who cares!! If you hurt bad enough the taste won't matter...and then you will feel so good it still won't matter! I usually have a tablespoon of them morning & night. There is such a small amount of gin in a few raisins that it really shouldn't be an issue. My doctor just laughs that anyone thinks they will get drunk eating a few raisins! He eats them too by the way and fully supports "whatever makes them work"!

We make them in a glass canister with a lid & keep them in that on the counter. We make 2 qts at a time so we won't run out and they keep for months. It is really so simple that people have a hard time believing it and seem to want to complicate it. No need... just make the raisins, eat them & enjoy your life!

If you need confirmation that they work...skip a week...the returning pain will make you beat a path to that container of raisins!

You soak the raisins for 5-7 days until all the gin is absorbed, basting everyday to make sure they all get the gin. They do Not get put in the fridge and cover them with a papertowel so no dust or bugs fly in. You must use only glass when soaking and storing them.

It helped me lots!

It has to be gin, and after all the gin is absorbed all you taste is a great raisin not the gin - good luck!

Gin only - when you eat the raisins you don't taste the gin at all, just a great raisin!

I have a bladder condition called IC.. The sulfites in the raisins irritate my bladder and cause it to spasm.. I also have a herniated disc , spinal stenosis, severe arthritis in my spine.. This is all a bit much for me to bear..I am just 49 yrs old... I will take the raisins at night as the sulfites will not bother my poor bladder.. I have nothing to loose by trying this ...If anyone has this condition with their bladder , I would like to know PLEASE and if it is working for them... thanks.

My father has diabetes and arthritis. He is a rather healthy, 77 years old. The raisins worked like a charm for him. His mobility is vastly improved.

I've started it at his suggestion since my knees started bothering me. For me it is more a preventative measure unlike his situation. He's only been on it for a few months so I'll have to see how the winter goes but he's convinced it's the raisins and I'm sure he's right.

best wished

Please, is there someone who knows the answer this question: Is this recipe
safe for alcoholics? Does the alcohol evaporate? I want to
recommend it to a friend who hasn't had a drink in 25 years, but
suffers with back and knee pain.


No. Leave the bowl out on a counter. Once the gin has evaporated, put them in a glass jar with a lid. DO NOT REFRIGERATE even then. The cold somehow affects the efficacy. Not sure why. Just know it does.

I mentioned to my sister-in-law that I had a heel spur that was really painful and I love to walk and did not want to have to quit and didn't want surgery. She told me that she had a heel spur years ago and someone told her about the golden raisins and gin.

She tried it and the heel spur pain went away and never gave her any more trouble. I am going to get the raisins and gin tomorrow and try it. I'm also going to have my husband try it. He has had debilitating back pain for years. He has not been able to get any relief from pain medicines. He has some sort of bad reaction from every medicine he has ever tried.

If it sounds too stupid, it's because it is. I think this only works on simple minded
people who convince themselves that it works. Get serious!

I had been suffering psoriasis for several years now. My arthritis will come out when my psoriasis appears. Is raisin-gin theory applicable for me? Please I need your reply right away, as I have been suffering terrible pain nowadays.

I have painful arthritis in my fingers, and gin-soaked (yellow) raisins completely alleviate the pain. In answer to 2 previous questions - no, I do not have diabetes. And no, I never refrigerate my raisins. I pour gin over raisins in a glass container and let them to sit no more than 1 or 2 days without a cover to allow the alcohol to evaporate. Then I cover them tightly. I don't bother counting raisins - who has time? - but take a teaspoon in the morning, a teaspoon in the evening, usually after with or after meals.

My sense is that it's the sulfur in the raisins (unsulfured don't work).

Btw, I'm well-educated and tend to be skeptical about natural remedies - not simple-minded at all. Is it the placebo effect? Maybe - studies show it to be quite powerful. In which case - thank goodness for the placebo effect - I can live with that!

I have celiac spru which precludes the use of products made with wheat, barley, or rye. Since gin is basically a grain alcohol with the added juniper berries or other such flavor enhancers, the gin part of the remedy is out for me.

I would love to know of any other corn, rice or wine based drink that might provide similar results. My sister-in-law has had excellent results from the gin/raisin routine and I would like to enjoy being free of pain too. Any suggestions????

In the UK and, I presume, Australia Golden Raisins are called Sultanas.

For the person with celiac sprue, gin is NOT on your prohibited list. All distilled spirits are OK. This is supported by information from the American Dietetic Association's Manual of Clinical Dietetics. Distillation separates the alcohol from everything else. Of course, you have to avoid any concoctions that add back gluten-containing substances for flavoring.

Go make yourself a batch of raisins and gin!

I tried the golden rasins with no major change. I then used the regular dark ones with good results. I only soak them overnite and take them in the A M.

Maybe the raisins soaked in gin won't taste so bad to you! Try it! Can it be any worse than cough syrup or something like that in order to get pain relief? Eat them, and then a bite of something you like!

:) best wishes! Edy

Thanks for your post about the gin-soaked raisins. I had a question: how do you take them during the day? 9 at the same time, a few in the morning and a few in the aft, one per hour, varies, or some other approach? Thanks! km


My husband and I have tried this twice with no results. You'd think one of us would have gotten some relief.???

For those of you who are still resisting the "Gin Soaked White Raisins" miracle cure for arthritis pain in the knee, here is my testimony.

I had a game Thursday night at Dyersburg State. Their gym floor is feared and dreaded by many officials - a paper thin rubber sheet placed directly over concrete. Before I became old and decrepit, I ached in my ankles, knees and hips after running up and down that court. Last year, when my right knee was really bothering me, I could hardly trot on the court without TERRIBLE pain - there was not enough Ibuprofen at Walmart to fix that.

Well, after three months of daily raisin therapy, I ran up and down that court with no problems. After a 50 minute drive home [in very cold weather], I was not stiff AT ALL when I got out of the car, and I bounced out of bed this AM without the least bit of a limp or ache. And I failed to ice my knee on the way home!!!

You got nothing to lose and this is not a gimmick that anybody is making any money off of....Give it a try!

I am highly allergic to metabisuflites in French and South American Wines, Phyllo dough Welch's White Grape Juice, Meijers wines( made in Ohio).

I checked with a chemist who works for a winery and he said that Metabisulfite is a cheaper preservative and that is why it is used. I can drink American wines if they contain Sulfites. Are metabisulfites used to preserve Golden raisins? Is there a certain Gin to be used in the recipe?
Thank you

Very happy to say, the gin soaked raisins worked for me. I don't understand it, because frankly, I didn't think it would work. I have arthritis in both of my knees for 2 years now. I had been taking pain medicine and also received 2 Synvisc shots that work at first, but my second go around, was not at all helpful in reducing my discomfort. My knees were very stiff and very painful with every step I took.

Well, I figured, let's give this a try. Much to my surprise within a few days, my knees were less stiff and the pain had subsided greatly. I am so shocked at the reduction of discomfort, especially at night while sleeping, that I had to share my experience in the hope, that others will be helped as well.

my mother has been suffering from knee joint pain for years and after one my friends suggested this sloe gin + golden raisins recipe, i just tried. it's just over 3 weeks now, and my mom already feels much better. pain has subsided significantly. she had a lot of pain earlier even with a little walk. i think this stuff works to some extent.

Just put my raisins to soak tonight, can't wait to try them. My question is: my husband
is 79 years old, he has parkinson's. Should he take them? He takes aricept (1 a day) sinemet (3 times a day) plus lisinopril & hydrochlorothiazide 2 times daily. Would like People's Pharmacy to reply please. Thank You.



Thanks to People's Pharmacy for the replies IN CAPS, in recent years. And thanks to others who send out the results of their little experiments with ways to concoct this miracle of nature.

My friend handed me a tiny baby food jar filled with yellow raisins. She knows I have a brand new case of dreadful pain in my hip.

The MD just said: "It's bursitis. Rest and ice the hip, then get physical therapy later." Well, three weeks of this pain has given me time to sleep
my life away, and to wonder what's the future for me -- an active gardener, grandmother, and walker who manages without an auto. I'm using a walker just to get some food prepared and wash the dishes.

My kind friend, in answer to my barrage of questions, simply said: "Just Google 'yellow raisins and gin'." When I got online, I couldn't even spell
out two words before I was deep into 15,000 hits... I'm glad I chose The People's Pharmacy and got to meet all of you and your enthusiastic witness
to experience and relief. Even the skeptic, who thinks we're just a bunch of . . ." Thanks Peoples'Pharmacy for including that one!

As I write here, I have the little jar open and I am sitting and snacking. Yummmnn!I can easily see a good reason for the limit of "nine raisins a day."

Just found this post, so haven't tried it. My husband was thrown off a horse about 8 years ago and his shoulder still gives him fits. This sounds like it might work. I'll let you know. Cj

OK, to answer a few questions
1) Can I use Sloe gin, brandy, Sherry or vodka (yes gin is essentially vodka flavored with juniper berries) However it is believed the juniper berries interact with the sulfites in the golden raisins for the curative effects. By the way, sloe gin is made using sloe berries, instead of juniper berries.
2)Covered or not?-There is no need to cover it, as it is believed that you just let the excess gin evaporate (if you're worried about bugs getting into it, try covering it with the food wrap that is perforated-usually used to keep veggies fresh in the fridge).
3)Refrigerate or not?-This is really up to you. If you feel better refrigerating them, then by all means do so. Understand that they should not spoil, as the alcohol in the gin will act as a preservative. Some people believe they don't work if put in the fridge, so try it both ways, if it works one way but not the other, USE THE ONE THAT WORKS!
4) Can I use it if I have Diabetes, am sulfite sensitive or have another medical condition that might be affected by taking them. Please understand that the responses here are not usually from licensed doctors, so I would suggest that you ask your doctor for this advice. That's what you pay him for!
5) How many do I take 7, 9 or is more better? Does it matter WHEN I take them or HOW (alone, in my cereal etc.)? I don't believe any serious studies have been done on this subject, but I (my personal opinion) don't believe the exact number or time matter too much, but since most people take 9 and it seems to work, why not stick with it?
6) My husband, wife, friend etc. is a recovering alcoholic, should they take them? I believe this depends on the persons personality (some people have very addictive personalities), but don't truly believe that it would start a recovering alcoholic to start drinking again. The benefits appear to be pretty dramatic, and if they have resisted drinking thus far, they can probably weather this minor infraction. But again, this is a personal decision.
7) Does it really work or is it just the placebo effect? My response to this is "Does it really matter WHY it works"? If you try it and it relieves your pain, why would you care WHY it works? I always chuckle when some official spokesman says "Oh it's just the placebo effect" (mind over matter), which usually means they want to sound official, but can't explain WHY IT WORKS!
8)Will it relieve the pain from __________(Insert your disease in blank)?
TRY IT! It only costs a few bucks to try, so why not see? If it works for you, maybe others will read or hear about it and be able to relieve their pain as well.

Hope this answers a few questions!

I have them soaking on my counter top right now, and will reply on-line soon.

I had the same fruit fly issue last year. Take little narrow containers and put cider vinegar in them with a healthy squirt of Dawn. It works!

I'm hoping someone can tell me if you can just swallow the raisins whole and get the same results. While I love the taste of the raisins without the gin, I can't stand the taste of the raisins after they've soaked in the gin. Anyone? Help!

I don't know how or why this works. It may even be a placebo effect. I don't care! I just know this works for me. I've had hip pain since I was a child. I'm now 58 and have been eating 9 raisins a day since January. NO MORE HIP PAIN!

I was recently on vacation and made sure I packed a baggie with enough raisins for the trip, but being away from home and my normal routine caused me to miss taking them. I was reminded of this when I awoke in the middle of the night with my old hip pain. Believe me, I immediately got up and ate my 9 raisins.

Pain gone the next day. I didn't miss taking any more and was able to do everything I wanted to do on vacation including walking about 8 miles one day. I take no medications whatsoever. I believe in exercise, stretching, yoga, weight lifting, eating a healthy diet, controlling my weight, and staying away from medications as much as possible. I feel and look great! The 9 raisins a day works for me and keeps me out of the doctor's office and off of medications that can cause unwanted side effects.

If Heather G is still in touch with this web site, I would appreciate hearing from her whether her dog is still alive and well. I have four Dalmatians; several of which have hip displasia and arthritis. Is it possible that the chemical change in the raisins (the tincture process) has made the raisins tolerable for the dogs?

For the golden raisins, is it fresh or just use the preserved golden raisins? where can I buy the golden raisins?


I don't like drugs at all and when I heard about the gin soaked raisins for arthritis, I wanted to know right away if they could help with fibromyalgia pain.


I was diagnosed with RA four months ago. I experience pain and swelling in all joints and sometimes find it difficult to walk. Do the raisins and gin help for this type of arthritis?


It doesn't work with the regular raisins. The golden ones have something in them (forget what it is right now) that the brown ones don't.

Does it work for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

I was beginning to get regular gout flare ups in my right ankle and had three bouts that lasted about 10 days each. I have daily eaten the 9 gin-soaked raisins and have not had any problems in the 1 -1/2 years since. As a coach, I look for scientific answers and am thinking that the chemical combination of something in the juniper berries in the gin and another in the raisins provides the answer. I doubt the medical profession will spend much time on researching this, however, but it works for me so I'm sticking with it.

Can I breastfeed while taking this? I think the alcohol content is minimal but is there some reaction between the 2 ingredients ??


For those with difficulty taking Gin or Raisins I wanted to note another approach - my father-in-law (Dr. R.Y.Olsen M.D.) used Apple Cider Vinegar for his arthritis relief and he swore by it.... he used it very successfully for the last 20 years of his life (1/2 ounce or so per day).

To help you with the taste problem - the sense of taste is mostly really smell. While you wouldn't want to try this at a formal event, if you hold your nose while eating the raisins, you shouldn't be able to taste them (similar to when you have a bad cold and can't taste anything.) Might as well wash them down with some tasty beverage while you're at it, too.

Will the gin and raisins work for a condition called Pseudo Gout? I have these calcium deposit throughout my body not only around the joints but also in soft tissue. Pain meds don't really work. Pain attacks are unbearable and unpredictable. I've started to use the gin soaked raisins but seem to get an upset stomach after eating them. Does any one have any advice for me? Thanks.

Yes my father has Type 2 diabetes. He takes a heaping teaspoon every morning, a second if he seems to have break through pain. He has influenced many others to take golden raisins and gin. He is totally convinced it helps. So are his friends.

I doubt 9 raisins daily (soaked in gin for 7 days) will have a huge effect on your sugar levels.

Just make sure that you calculate to reduce your daily carbohydrate intake slightly.
Or, you can go for a walk to reduce the sugar spike.

Diabetics should not be eating cereal so eat the raisins in a salad or in a plain, fat free yogurt. I'm going to try this remedy for myself and my 82 year old mum (we're both diabetic).

Ann - If the sulfides bother your bladder condition, you might try Organic raisins instead. I get them at the local (semi) health food store that rhymes with shmoe's. (and I don't "trade" for them,..LOL) Not sure if they have the golden ones, but if not another health food store likely will. Good luck. Tim

Both my husband and I use the gin-soaked raisins. I place the "golden" raisins on a plastic picnic plate, 1 layer deep and cover them with the gin. I put the plate on top of my refrigerator and in about 5 to 7 days the raisins are plump and the liquid has evaporated. I then store them in a plastic lidded bowl inside the fridge. One batch lasts us about 3 weeks to a month. ( 9 a day) The raisins seem to help our arthritis. My husband is free from ankle pain, my knees don't hurt any longer, but the pain on top of my feet does not seem to lesson. We are both 70 years old.
Maybe this will answer some of the questions on where to keep them after the gin has evaporated. the person who didn't like the taste of the gin-soaked raisins- try putting the raisins inside a gelatin capsule- the pharmacy or health food store can direct you where to purchase them.

How many so far have been asking "does it work on this?", "does it work on that?", "does it need top refrigerated?", "does it need to be covered?", etc. Why don't you try and observe it first hand? Does it cost you too much? Scared that something may happened to you?

Before Columbus sailed to western lands (North and South Americas) he didn't ask Amerigo Vespucci whether there was drinking water in the lands he had been. All what Columbus knew were based on the travels of Vespucci - that there are lands in the West.

Now go West, boys! Discover it yourself!

I've got my raisins soaking, as we speak! Fingers crossed. I got my golden raisins from a natural grocers and am wondering if the raisins are sulfate free, do you think they will have the same effect? I also did not use Bombay Gin this time. I read in an earlier comment that there is something special in Bombay. My next batch will be with Bombay.

At this time I have the same problem my ring finger is swollen unable to remove my ring & don't want to get them cut off... I am hoping by taking this it will help.....

I suffer from osteoporosis and arthritis. I tried the golden raisins soaked for seven days in a covered ceramic pot at room temperature. I ate nine in the morning half an hour before breakfast. It really worked for me. I even got rid of my back pains.

I had a jar of gin soaked in raisin for about 15 years I had just recovered. I wanted to know will it still be good to eat.

I've been taking an ANSAID drug daily for 4 years for back pain. Recently discovered I have 5 ulcers - so I immediately stopped the drug. I have the raisins soaking now. Is there any reason to think the gin will irritate the ulcers?

I'm worried about the sulfur content. Had a bad reaction to an antibiotic with sulfur. Someone mentioned "organic raisins". Can I use these? Is the sulfur content large enough to bother me?

I suffered from hip pain for almost 6 years. The pain was worse when standing, not so bad when walking/moving around. During this time, I went to two different chiropractors, had three different injections with three different doctors (pain doctors and sports medicine), went through some acupuncture sessions with two different acupuncturists.

My regular doctor commented about two of his patients who had pain relief from the raisin/gin treatment, so I tried it. A few days after I started the treatment I was standing in line to pickup some prescriptions at Wall-Mart and suddenly realized I had not pain when standing. I've been pain free for a little over a year now.

My brother-in-law started taking the gin raisins and is a new person. So then he and my sister-in-law decided to try it with their arthritic dog. They give her 2-3 raisins a day and she's a whole new dog! They checked with their vet since grapes can be toxic to animals and he said there shouldn't be any problem with giving just that few a day.

Just another wonderful way to use those little suckers!


I have just bought some raisins and covered them with Gin, I understand I have to leave them for a week before using them, also could some one explain, are Sultanas the golden raisins you are referring to? I am going to try both! Just to be sure, but I would like to know, here in Australia we have raisins that are brown in color, but our Sultanas are golden? Thank you for this site, it is so interesting.

"Golden raisins" are made from Sultanas, treated with Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), and flame-dried to give them their characteristic color.

I'm allergic to sulfa antibiotics as well, but I eat raisins all the time and have not had a problem.

Hi, I too have had success with the gin and sultanas. Living in Australia I used Sunbeam sultanas and Sapphire gin. I started eating them after soaking in the gin for one day and confess I ate a teaspoon in the morning an several spoons at night. They taste great with cream! Within three days I had less stiffness and after a week or so I noticed less pain.

This morning I was listening to a NPR station and you were talking about
the gin & raisin recipe!! You gave an alternative recipe to the gin &
raisin recipe that was made with, I am assuming cider vinegar, & honey!!!!
As I was driving I could not write the recipe down!! Would like to have
it!! Thank you


I started using the gin and raisins about a month ago. I had back surgery about 2 1/2 years ago and have had leg and hip pain for a matter of 4 or 5 years.

I recently turned 62 and was considering retiring because of the pain I was experiencing . The remedy was written up in a local newsletter that my sister showed me.

The pain is much less since I started taking the remedy. It isn't completely gone, but there is a marked improvement. Hopefully, it will continue to improve. I believe you should give it a chance.

I too heard the alternative recipe using vinegar. I can't remember exactly... I think it's: vinegar (cider vinegar sounds good because of the anti-inflammatory properties) and 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey instead of the gin. Can someone verify?

I in Chennai, India gone through all these comments. I want to try this for my mother who is suffering from chronic arthritis in all joints for the past 2yrs, however I searched in the website how gin could make this & found out that gin contains juniper berries extract (medicinal property plant) & want to understand whether all gins contains extract of juniper berries? Could anyone suggest, please help me out.

Dear All, I am in India, gone through the comments all you posted. Can anyone suggest to me whether diabetic patient of age 54(I) suffering from arthritis may go for this remedy & does raisins play effect on diabetic. Should I take diabetic drug dose in additional. Waiting for reply. Pls. suggest, Thanks in advance.


Do you cover the bowl while they are soaking up the gin?


What do you do with the gin residue if it does not evaporate completely? Can this be drunk like normal gin?


I am on day 4 of the gin and raisin regime. It is the first time I have ever tasted gin. I am gluten-free and right enough the gin has made no difference in this respect. My diagnosis is advanced osteo-arthritis which has been making me slowly less mobile, and I am obliged to use sticks to walk.

I am still taking my medication, and I have to be careful not to merely imagine a difference, but from the evening of the first day taking this, I have slept through the night, which up to this for the past few years is unusual for me. Also I seem to be less stiff when I am getting up. For both of these reasons I am inclined to be hopeful. Otherwise so far I have noticed no further change, but it is early days. I will report back here every little while.

Incidentally, I bought my raisins in the local health food shop. They look different from shop-bought sultanas in Irish stores, which are quite brown in colour.

Wow, thanks for the detailed information! I've heard of this remedy, and was thinking of trying it for myself. Then, I started to wonder if it would work for RA, as my son has been dealing with that for about a year and a half. (He's terrible about taking his medicines.) Anyway, I appreciate all of the information. I know which kind of gin to look for, and I'll get started soaking the raisins.

Can a person with allergies to sulfur antibiotics (extremely) take these golden raisins EVERYDAY? Anyone out there have a bad reaction?

I believe the source of this remedy is from Master Gardener Jerry Baker, who I used to listen to on the radio in Miami and Dallas many years ago. Jerry frequently gave out this recipe for gin-soaked yellow raisins, saying it was passed down to him from his aunt or grandma, I can't remember. He had natural remedies for callers' garden problems, too. Jerry Baker wintered in Florida and summered in Asheville, NC. and must have given it to Billy Graham, as Graham was a long-time resident in the Asheville, NC area. I tried the raisins when I was having some knee pain and have mentioned it to others who are having knee pain. For me it worked like a charm after I took it religiously for a few months. I still keep them in my fridge in the event of a flare-up.

When I was told - many years ago - about gin soaked raisins - if it was mentioned that I should use only golden raisins, I did not remember it.
The recipe I have been using (dark raisins in my case) was to soak them in gin for seven days (having put 7 teaspoons - 7-10 raisins each) and to keep a container soaking while eating the previously soaked ones.

I tried the recipe because anti-inflamatories did not work for me. The back of my left knee would swell to the size of a baseball and my right knee to the size of a golf ball. I was unable to bend my knees.

I just kept taking the raisins - without thinking about their effects - for several months, when we were visiting relatives with tiny children and I was sitting on the living room floor playing with them. When I decided to stand up, I just did it right from that spot (in other words, didn't crawl over to a chair or something, to help pull myself up). Heard my husband say to his sister -- "six months ago she couldn't do that."

And I suddenly realized what had happened - and my knees have never swollen again either. I have osteoarthritis and my doctor tells me to keep right on taking them.

There are always articles in doctors columns on this and the other day I read that tests have shown that there is only a drop of gin left, if that much. No one gets drunk no matter how many raisins they eat per day.

To whom this may concern; I am about 90 years old and a shut in, and I have read the comments here about the gin and raisins. I must say I have tested this and I am very satisfied that it has worked for me!! A year or so ago, my daughter and son both told me about this. I was skeptical about it. But they both bought the ingredients and made it up for me. To please them I did as I was told. Yes and it did relieve my pain in my hands. A big relief for me, as I couldn't shuffle the cards to play our fun games. That was devastating for me. I was doing so well, no pain, I went to shuffling again. Gave up taking Recipe!

But this year it flared up again and the pain was crippling to my left hand, my fingers were in such pain I could not hold anything, I would wake in the night with pain!!

It was horrible for me. My kids again told me to go back on the gin and raisins, mom, so three weeks ago they made it up for me and now I am on it for two weeks. I must tell you I have no more pain as before. And as a shut in I will say I will be on it from now on!!!

So try it, "you might like it" my friends, nothing to lose. And it does work.

I am wondering why any of you want to change the ingredients when it is plain as day what kind of gin and raisins to use, then if it doesn't work, don't complain.

I am using the red grape juice and pectin for arthritic knees, with great results - no pain (unless I've been on my feet all day) and reduced swelling. I'm wondering if the gin and raisins will help more - as in get rid of the swelling altogether or in case the pectin is unavailable in winter. Has anyone made any comparisons of the 2 remedies?

I am keen to try the gin-soaked raisins remedy for my arthritis but cannot locate any place in Australia from where I can buy Golden Raisins. No-one from supermarkets to health stores to grape growers to the Department of Agriculture can even tell me if anyone in Australia even produces them. It's almost like a conspiracy as the majority of places I contact, including the Dept of Ag., won't even respond to my queries. Can anyone PLEASE tell me where in this country I can buy sulpur dioxide treated raisins? Thank you.

Charles, several previous comments from Australia mentioned that golden raisins are called Sultanas in your country. Good luck.

I have fibromyalgia and considerable joint pain in knees, and back pain due to spinal curve. I have just learned of this remedy, and can't wait to try it.

LP Thank you very much for your reply. Golden Raisins are one of Australia's most well kept secrets. They are constantly recommended as an integral ingredient in the gin/raisin arthritis cure but NO-ONE will or can tell me where they can be purchased in Australia. A couple of sources have said, as you correctly indicated, these are simply sultanas but a couple of dried fruit producers assure me they are definitely not sultanas and a number of other 'authorities' have said that no raisins in Australia are ever treated with sulphur dioxide to make them golden anyway.

I've explored every avenue I can find, including the Dept of Agriculture, which won't even reply to my query, but am still no closer to ascertaining from where I can buy Golden Raisins (or white raisins as they are apparently sometimes known) in this country. The closest I have come to finding a provider is to receive an email from India but their standard order is two (2) tons and I really don't require that much. So if any Australian would like to use the gin-soaked Golden raisin arthritis cure he or she had better catch a plane to the States or India.

I did the raisin and gin combo but laughed at my sister for suggesting it. After 3 weeks eating the gin soaked raisins, I realized I didn't have one pain anywhere in my body. Laugh if you wish but this strange thing works.

Debbie, thank you for that confirmation. And I am certainly not laughing. May I ask are you Australian and were the raisins you used so successfully the Goldens or ordinary ones purchasable at Aussie supermarkets like, say Woolworths? I'm currently trialling the ordinary ones as I've finally ascertained Golden Raisins are unobtainable in Australia.

Arthritis Recipe: How much Alcohol In 9 Gin-Soaked Raisins?

Short Answer: NOT Much. If soaked for 1 week, there's approximately .036 oz in 9 raisins.

I am doing a test to see how much liquid the raisins will soak to figure out their alcohol content when fully hydrated. Because some recipes call for the golden raisins to soak for 1 week, others for two, I am doing a 2 week experiment.

I weighed 90 gin-soaked golden raisins before and after soaking in premium dry gin (80 proof) for 1 week.
After 7 days the 90 average* size golden raisins weighed 27.0g more (62.44g vs 35.44g) than they did before soaking.
Since the gin is 40% alcohol (at 80 proof), then I assume that so far the 90 raisins have gained 10.8g of alcohol in one week's time. That works out to be 17.3% alcohol by weight. (after a one week soak)

But keeping in mind that we're only taking 9 raisins at a time, the total amount consumed will still be very small.
This comes out to 1.08g alcohol for 9 raisins, or less than 1/3 the amount you would get from a 1 oz dose of Nyquil, less than 1/15 you would get from a 12 oz. can of beer or a 5 oz glass of wine.

Alcohol content In ounces, after 1 week:

9 Gin-soaked golden raisins
(17.3% alcohol) - 0.036 oz. alcohol
(Compare to):

1 oz dose Nyquil (10% alcohol) = 0.10 oz. alcohol
1 12 oz can beer (5% alcohol) = 0.3 oz. alcohol

I shall update this information at the end of week 2.

I HIGHLY recommend the golden raisins and gin. You use a pound of raising in a glass container and two pints of gin. I found soaking this amount for 5-7 days is plenty and I always have a batch on hand. My pain is severe so I take a table spoon twice a day. It does not make you drunk or giddy, but it will make you tired and it KILLS the pain better than some narcotics I have been on without giving you that really weird feeling or making you forget what you did the day before.

You must try this if you suffer from pain. I have arthritis and lupus and I have been in such pain I contemplated taking my own life. This is not a placebo because I have taken stronger prescription meds that did not work at all and my doctors were stunned when I returned the narcotics to them saying "This doesn't work." Please try it. A pound of golden raisins in a glass container (like for brownies) and a pint (16 oz) of gin per batch. Do not mix batches while making only when they are done but them in an airtight jar.

Grapes and therefore raisins are harmful to dogs but not humans.

Please tell me why it has to be golden raisins and if regular raisins will do the job?


All you folks worrying about the alcohol, QUIT WORRYING. sitting out for a few days, more importantly, a week, all the alcohol evaporates out, the essential medicinal oils are absorbed in the raisins, no harm will come to your sobriety. As for substituting other liquors, don't. The recipe for gin was invented some 600 years ago by a doctor for it's medicinal properties, the alcohol is a vehicle that extracts the essential oils, evaporate the alcohol, all that's left is MEDICINE! Kate

I recently heard about the raisin formula for arthritis from Dr. Oz on TV. I purchased dark raisins, they did not have any yellow ones and soaked them as recommended. Is it just as effective using the dark raisins as the yellow ones? Elie A.



They MUST be the golden raisins. Even though they come from the same grapes as regular raisins, they are processed differently so that they do not become black. I think it is the unique mix of the juniper in the gin and the sulfur-type compounds used to keep the raisins from darkening is what creates this great result. I have been using them for a little over an year and it WORKS!!!!

Good Luck

BYW: Sun Maid Brand has a golden raisin and is found in most major grocery stores.

I tried this last year and found it to be quite helpful for the bursitis in my shoulder. I had been in pain for 2 yrs and was given several Dr.'s opinions to have injections and physical therapy. After stopping the PT. I decided to try my own homeopathic remedies. I happened to find one day in the paper the raisin recipe. I tried it and it worked-after 3-4 mo I was new again and could reach both arms into the air.

This year I was having problems with my hips (burisitis) and tried it again. I slept great. I forgot for 2 days and suddenly during the night I awoke with tremendous pain in my hips. I got up and took them and though it wasn't great I did feel better and have been sleeping great every day since. I sometimes take them 2x/day. Thanks so much as I can stay away from so many pain reliever medications.

I have soaked the gin and raisin for 1 week and it appears that they are soaked completely. Is it necessary to put them in a glass jar or will a plastic jar be okay? Is it necessary to refrigerate the raisins?

my husband has had ice cold hands for years and pain in both his fingers and toes since using the gin soaked raisins his hands are warm and his fingers and toes no longer hurt and we have been using the dark raisins, we couldn't find the other kind.

no they don't need refrigeration. just let them sit for a couple days in a barely covered pool of gin and they will plump up and the alcohol will evaporate. Probably wanna cover them for storage after a couple - 3 days of soaking.

Are green raisins the same with golden raisins? I have some sun view organically grown raisins (green seedless).

I am trying the golden raisins with the gin and I have only tried for 3 days, but somehow in that short amount of time my aches and pains seem to feel better although my stomach may be bothering me, do you think this would effect someone with acid reflux disease?? Or maybe I have a touch of the stomach bug.


I started using the gin and raisins just after Christmas, but the recipe that I read just said take a 15 ounce box of raisins, put in a glass bowl and pour 1 pint of gin over them. Cover with a tea towel (cup towel where I'm from) and wait for the gin to evaporate. I did this and it took about 10 days sitting on the kitchen counter. I think the towel is to keep bugs out and let the vapors escape. Afterward put in a bowl or jar with a lid. Eat 9 a day. I have found that 2 teaspoons is about 9 a day. I have osteoarthritis in my back, hands, elbow, hips, knees and feet. I have been taking 4-200 mg ibuprofen 3 times a day for the pain and swelling.

I am down to taking 3 of them 2 times a day now. Sometimes I don't have to take them at all. Also, note that my recipe did not state golden raisins, so I just bought the cheap regular brown raisins and they work. I can't taste the gin at all. It just tastes like boiled raisins. I also bought the cheapest bottle of gin I could find. The whole remedy cost me less than $7. So if you think it might work for you what do you have to lose? It costs less and lasts longer than the largest bottle of ibuprofen I could buy.

Thank you for posting this information, I have been suffering with Arthritis and other medical problems for 30 years and since I have been taking the raisins I have not felt this good in many years. It really works for me the pain in all my joints has almost disappeared. I saw my Rheumatologist last week and he told me this is best he has ever seen me. Not only has it relieved my pain it also made me feel stronger.

Thank you again for helping me get my life back.

About 18 months ago, I fell down some stairs and fractured my ankle in multiple places. As a result, I now have pins and plates in that ankle. For the last 10 months, I have been taking ibuprofen twice a day due to the arthritis that the doctors had told me would occur. I've been trying to wean myself off the ibuprofen as I know it is bad for my liver. About 2 weeks ago I read about the raisin/gin cure for arthritis. I have now been off all ibuprofen for 10 days and feel pretty good. I am taking 9 raisins twice a day but will soon go to once a day and see if that works as well. It is so nice to be off the ibuprofen. I am amazed that this works so well... and I am a nurse too!

Please somebody let me know which brand of gin works better?

You do not need to use any alcohol (gin), you can use apple cider vinegar mixed with a little honey . It will do the same thing.

It depends on "how much" to how many raisins you are using, just cover the raisins with vinegar & honey mixture, let soak till evaporated. (1week)
Try 1 box of raisins
1 pint of AC vinegar
3 T. Honey or to taste

Just talking with my wife (the celiac in our household) at breakfast this morning about your concern over gin being a grain and thus a no no for a celiac. Research has shown that the protein culprits don't cross in the distilling process.

When I first heard of this remedy I thought it sounded goofy. But pain meds were making me goofy any way so I said--- what do I have to lose? Just my eternal pain in joints! Lo and behold ! After a few weeks my hubby said to me--- why aren't you hobbling around ? You are walking like a normal person ! It dawned on me then that it had to be the R & G as I had stopped taking meds when I began taking R & G !! I'm 76 and not demented--- Just wish I'd heard of this miracle 8 yrs ago !!

At the time I learned about this, I wasn't having so much pain but stiffness. It really worked to loosen up my joints. Now I have stiffness and aches and I'm going to start it again. My problem, as with many things that work, is that once I run out (and I would eat a tablespoon of them every morning) I would forget to go get more gin and raisins and would eventually forget about it altogether. I just remembered this over the weekend and am going to get my gin and raisins today!

I had been taking pectin with grape juice for pain in my joints, hands, ankles and still do in the evenings. However, in August I had a adverse reaction to a statin drug that I was taking. My good knee started aching until I could hardly walk, along with my left shoulder and back. While I stopped taking statins, the pain persisted for several weeks, so my wife suggested the gin soaked raisins.

The relief from pain was almost immediate. I could feel the relief minutes after taking a tea spoon of gin soaked raisins. While it has been months since the statin problem, I find that if I do not take a dose of raisins in the morning , by mid day my joints remind me. Now, I take a full teaspoon in the morning and one at night. It sure is a pleasant cure for what aches you.

A few years ago, I was having problems moving my fingers (both hands), it was painful and some of the fingers used to get stuck when bent. The doctors told me I had arthritis.

I consulted my mother, who used to have the condition, and she explained to me how she was cured. She used the raising/gin recipe, and has never suffered from arthritis ever since.

Well, I tried, and today, I am very happy for I got full control of my fingers and not a trace of arthritis anywhere. My doctors still do not believe it and I do not care....

This works.

I have been an arthritis sufferer since my late 30's and have osteoporosis also. In 2008 I was admitted to the hospital with a epidural infection 8mm large. It was excruciating, I could not walk. In November 2010 I watched a Dr. Oz show and copied the recipe; okayed by my Internest and I was taking Fentynl patch with up to 5 tab of Percocet daily.

After taking the raisins/gin I did much better with my pain control and some days only needed to take 1 or 2 Percocet and went longer before break through pain. I stopped in January 2011 and all of the pain came back and I am back to all original pain remedies including a Lidoderm patch from a early on pain helper every couple of days. I have restarted the raisins/gin and take only 2-4 a day with it helping the dull, achy pain in the afternoon/evening.

Good luck to everyone give it a try. I wish I hadn't stopped it. I know I won't ever be pain free but it sure is a relief to be rid of any of the pain. 0-10 I am usually a 7-8 normally with the raisins 5-6. It is worth a try; definitely.

One comment grape juice/gin doesn't work or does it. I go with the gin and raisins because this works.

How many do you take daily??


For three plus years, I see "do you refrigerate?" "do you refrigerate?" over and over and over...
Do you refrigerate raisins? NO.
Do you refrigerate gin? NO.
Why would you refrigerate them together?

If you choose to refrigerate the raisins once they have soaked, it would not hurt, as long as it is in a covered container but I would not refrigerate while soaking them in the gin.

Your fridge removes moisture from the air while it is cooling, so it would also be contributing to the evaporation process of the gin. Granted, it is relatively a small amount of evaporation, but it would be better to let the raisins soak up as much of the gin as possible than letting your fridge remove it.

Just place them in a cool area on your counter or pantry, cover them if you think it will attract any critters (flies, gnats, etc are particularly abundant in my area). Use cheesecloth, a kitchen towel, or anything else that will still allow natural air flow to occur. It is very humid in my area and allowing them to 'breath' just seemed like the right thing to do. I base this theory on the fact that sealed containers of dog food, horse feed, etc will 'sweat' during the hottest parts of the year and will go bad due to the excessive moisture that collects. Your raisins, of course should not be soaking that long, but just seemed like a good idea anyway.

Once they have completed soaking, place in a sealed container such as a mason jar, a zip lock baggy, etc. This is just to prevent the gin from evaporating out of the raisins. Refrigerate if you wish, but it is not helping to preserve them, only keeping them cool.

I'm writing regarding the letter describing a person with hives. There are many physical reasons for hives, and I had a severe case many years ago brought on by red wine which I used to drink almost daily with my dinner. Along with the wine, I also had a garden with a dozen tomato plants, which added to the acidic condition causing the hives. I stopped the red wine (still ate tomatoes) and in three days I had no more hives. I had been taking weekly B12 shots, a quarts lamp treatment and anti-histamines. I can now drink red wine with no problem.

Now for the white raisins and gin arthritis cure. After reading the testimonials it is something I have to try. I had heard about this before, and now its time to give it a try. I hope my letter regarding hives helps someone else...Ron

My husband and I have been using this remedy for 3 year. The glucosamine con had quit working after so many years of use. It doesn't work on my hips but it does wonders for our hands. I would and do recommend giving it a try. It takes a couple of weeks to start working, but it does.

Very interesting comments. I read this too on Free Food Cures. Very helpful indeed.

OK guys, I put my golden raisins in a clear pyrex dish and covered them with London Dry Gin. They are uncovered on my cabinet. I intend to take 9 a day in my morning oatmeal every morning. I am a 54 year old RN who is disabled due to heart disease and fibromyalgia. I was taking a lot of ibuprofen but just found out that can increase 2-4 fold your incidence of heart attack (great) and I take 2 Tramadol at night because various pains will not let me sleep.

The tramadol is alright unless you run out - then you have a night of hell. I wish to get off of it but Tylenol has no effect on me. So I will start taking my "recipe" next Tuesday (6 days) - I will take it for a week and will let you know the effects. I noticed quite a few people posted and promised to reply as to how it worked but they did not. I will be back.

This is not a placebo effect because you know exactly what you're getting. Gin and raisins. Placebo works by deceiving a patient into believing he's taking something when he's not (sugar pill).

I hear people trying to attach that label to all sorts of phenomenon, even homeopathy. Well, if homeopathy is placebo then how do you explain that it working on animals? Bottom line is if it works, who cares why.

I'm a RN and I have become so disillusioned with conventional medicine because they believe everything has to be quantified. Well, poppycock. I love raisins and I hate gin, but the 2 together give me relief from the osteoarthritis in my hands. Once the soaking period is over, it's OK to leave them on the counter top, covered. An old glass jar with a lid is sufficient.

I first heard about this on Paul Harvey. Years later, I developed gout and osteoarthritis. I heard about it again a few months ago and decided what did I have to lose? After 1 week of 9 raisins every day, I noticed I had more mobility in my legs and increased dexterity in my fingers. And considerably less pain! Don't know why it works and don't care; anything that lessens my medication intake is worth it!

I have use this for about a year it works well for me. I do not know if I have arthritis or not however I do have joint pain and this works well to relieve the pain in my fingers, knees and hips joints. I use Fleischman's Gin that what I was told to use. Try it for yourself and see. If it does not work then stop. what can it hurt?

I found out about golden raisins and gin just a couple of weeks ago. On May 7, 2011 I put 1/2 cup of the raisins in a big mug and covered with gin (my friend has a bar in her home) so I got the gin from her. It is May 14th, the gin is almost evaporated, but I took 9 raisins all at once and it was awful tasting, (I do not like any kind of booze) I chewed it fast and drank some water. In about 10 minutes, I feel not like myself, it's the gin. haha.

I will be taking this at night before I go to sleep. Not in the morning before work.. I'm very sensitive I suppose to liquor.

I hope this works fast, it taste awful (for me)...but relaxed :)

People's Pharmacy--Does it matter what type of gin you use--distilled or regular?

Never heard of this remedy until an old high school friend told me. Neither of us wish to be seen in a liquor store purchasing booze since we are devout Baptist. So, she ask her bro-n-law to purchase the Gin from a store in the next county of her residence. The subject was discussed in a prayer meeting a little later telling how this method was a claim of many.

Not one of those discussing the subject let on as they were remotely interested. However, when her bro-n-law brought the next bottle of ordered Gin to her, he told her the liquor store owner told him he did not know what was going on in Shelby County BUT he had never seen as many back-sliding Baptist purchasing Gin in all his days.

Well, does it work? YES, and another YES. Not only does it make the arthritis something of the past it has helped her self esteem. When she goes to church she enters smiling and greeting everyone on the outside aisles to the front. And returns on the inside aisle to the back with the same infectious smile. YES, she has found a remedy and I am ready to try the same.

My mother is 59 years old and has rheumatoid arthritis. It was debilitating to the point where she couldn't dress herself, drive or prepare meals. It was particularly devastating as she's a caterer and loves to cook. She couldn't move her wrists, fingers or thumbs without intense pain. She would politely decline to shake hands as the pain was too severe to do so. Going up and down stairs was a chore as her knees were also afflicted with arthritis.

I started her on the gin soaked raisins exactly two weeks ago. After 3 days the swelling in her fingers had noticeably decreased. Each subsequent day was better; she had less and less difficulty getting into the car (yes, it was that bad). I took her shopping and walked at my customary slow pace to give her time to keep up. I realized with shock that she was keeping pace with me with minimal effort after one and a half weeks. I also noticed that she had stopped using the handrail as a support when going up and down the stairs.

I spoke to her on the phone today and didn't recognize her voice at first. I realized that she had been hoarse for so long that I'd forgotten what her normal speaking voice had sounded like. The inflammation in her larynx that afflicts about 30 percent of all RA sufferers had subsided. For the first time in about a year she woke up with no pain at all. None.

My wife had been diagnosed with possible early arthritis of the knee. She had gotten used to hobbling down the hall to the nursery to tend to our 8 month old. She also had difficulty bending and straightening her knee, to the point where she wouldn't use it to support herself as she stood. I started her on the same treatment at the same time. She demonstrated yesterday that she can bend her knee fully and put her weight on it without pain. She now gets out of bed with no problems.

I'm posting this because this website was instrumental in my decision to give this a try. I'm grateful to everyone for posting their testimonials and hope that this helps others. Thank you!!!

I have been taking nine gin-soaked golden raisins daily for more than sixteen years. Often I put them on oatmeal. This regimen has really helped control pain in my arthritic lower back. Preparation is easy. I place contents of one box of golden raisins and enough gin to cover them in a pottery canister with an snap airtight lid that has a flexible gasket. I store the container on a kitchen shelf and wait 24 hours for the raisins to plump. One batch lasts several months. I use approximately two bottles of gin and three boxes of golden raisins a year.

A friend suggested I read your material on the gin & raisin treatment for arthritis. It has been interesting but I wish that contributors would specify whether they have the rheumatoid, osteo, or some other kind - that would make evaluating their experience more useful. Thanks.

I voted on the wrong star - the gin-soaked raisins worked for my shoulder BURSITIS (not arthritis) in 3 days. I do not let the gin evaporate. I just keep the raisins soaking all the time. I eat about 15 - 20 per day (some are very small raisins), but 9 or 10 might work just as well. For the first time in months, I can keep my right arm raised up under my head (under the pillow) while I sleep.Its great. - John

I stumbled upon this remedy I have arthritis in both ankles in the morning I have trouble walking. I frequently put pieces of fruit in my drink at night using different fruit one night a month ago I put a handful of raisins in the glass after drinking I ate the raisins the surprise was the next morning I had no pain. So I started searching on the internet about it and found this site. I was a little puzzled because I put the raisins in a glass of bourbon not gin and they only soaked for less than 30 minutes. I soak them longer now in the refrigerator but still in bourbon and they work great no pain at all so I think it might be the alcohol and raisin mixture and I used regular dark raisins not white ones.

People's Pharmacy directed (2-11-09) not to cover raisins while soaking so the gin can evaporate. I assume they were concerned with some kind of liability on the off chance excess alcohol might be consumed. There is no real reason given not to cover or any logic to "evaporating" the alcohol and probably some water. I like to cover to extend the gin and avoid contamination (stuff landing inside). I keep them in the fridge only because I like the taste of them cold (I let them soak first at room temp a day or two). The amount of alcohol in a 9-10 raise dose is negligible. You'd have to consume them the better part of a month to equal one martini. Relax... eat the raisins, don't fuss with the details.

I think it's very interesting that so many are willing to do things differently than the directions call for. It specifically states, and is backed up by the Wilen Sisters, that you soak until evaporation, which means no lid, and that you not refrigerate them. And, to eat precisely 9 per day, not one more and not one less. I'm glad that the variations work for people but as a purist, I think the details are important. If you want the desired results, follow the directions to the letter.

I hardly think that all these testimonies are from people who have suddenly gone into remission from their arthritis... I am in the process of preparing gin soaked raisins to try for myself, I will try anything to rid myself of this ongoing swelling and pain... I am not a drinking person but will give it my best shot... if it works I will persevere no matter how awful I think they taste... .and I really think that if anyone had to tolerate this kind of painful life they too would try it.

I will let you know as soon as I have some results... I still have a few days to wait until the raisins have been soaked for a week... then I know I must also give it a few weeks to get into my system like most things...

I tried the gin and raisin remedy for seven months. At first I thought I could feel an improvement, but now I admit defeat. I must be one of the unlucky people for whom this remedy does not work. My osteo-arthritis is not any better, it is not much worse either. I still think everyone should try this for him/herself - it is well known that even prescribed drugs for a particular condition do not work for everybody, similarly, side-effects do not happen to everyone when taking prescribed drugs, but can to some patients. So perhaps I am just one of the unlucky few...

Have been having issues with arthritis in my right knee, also what I thought might be tendonitis in my left elbow. I had acupuncture for the pain in my knee, which worked GREAT. After my knee began to feel better, I began to get severe cramping in my right calf. At first I thought it may have been because I was walking 'funny' when the arthritis was acting up in my knee.

So I gave it about 2 weeks and it hadn't gotten any better. My dearest friend is a massage therapist, so I asked her. She gave me several technical/medical things that it might be, including a ripped/torn calf muscle. My boss had been telling me about Gin/Raisins for a couple of months now, but I never went out and bought either ingredient. After this July 4th weekend, she had a mason jar w/soaked raisins on my desk.

After my first day of 9 raisins, my calf feels much much better, and I can feel a difference in my left elbow as well. Of the research I've done, it seems 9 is the magic number to take on a daily basis. I try to do 3/3/3. So far so good. Also for everyone's information. I believe in the use of Apple Cider Vinegar for many natural remedies too.

Frances I wondered how long a trial you gave the raisins.... and if you adhered to the nine only. My trial with the raisins is into its third week. Results are not spectacular... but I am definitely better. But other "things" figure into my knee pain as well. I'm weather sensitive and Chicago weather is a real roller coaster. I drive into the City several times a week - a 40 to 60 minute commute. Local driving is short spurts and OK. Getting stuck in traffic complicates as the problem is my right knee.

About only eating nine: Edgar Cayce advised a patient (not for arthritis or joint pain) to eat 3 prunes a day to treat a condition... no more, no less. I wondered about this admonition and think I have the answer in re prunes. Prunes are high in iron. Too much iron constipates. I don't know what the gin soaked raisins are heavy with. I know part of the formula is that gin is made with juniper berries... which contain something beneficial.

I've been battling cervial disk disease for 30+ years. I wanted to make sure it wasn't a placebo effect, so I waited nearly two months and can positively say the Gin and Raisins are the best remedy I've ever come across. Also, I've never posted a testimonial on the net until right now.

History: Over the years I tried magnets, prolotherapy, glucosamine, massage, prescription pain meds, you name it. I've had this condition where nearly every time I lifted something up over 20 lbs or bent over for long periods of time (like weeding the garden), the pain would hit the next day in my neck and shoulders, then proceed to my head, temples, eyes, jaw, etc... Normally the pain would last for 2-3 days. The most difficult time was when my children were babies and toddlers. Gin & Raisins sounds too simple to be true.

In fact, the first time heard the Amish use them for arthritis, I disregarded the possibility it might help me. Amazingly, I started feeling results after just two days of soaking them. I can't understand why gin and raisin believers aren't posting anything about them on CureZone and other 'natual cure' sites. My regime is a teaspoons first thing in the morning and one after work (using golden raisins). For anyone who is skeptical, I urge you to at least try it.

I've been using golden raisins soaked in gin for four years for my osteoarthritis, with wonderful success. I'm writing now in answer to those of you who don't like the taste of gin.

I can't stand either the taste or smell of ANY alcohol, so I've created a great solution;
For breakfast every morning, I add nine gin soaked golden raisins to a small bowl containing small portions of chopped bananas, chopped walnuts, raspberries, blueberries, chopped apples, and chopped peaches (in season). I add two tablespoons of sour cream or cottage cheese and mix it all together. With all those ingredients, I can't even taste the raisins. If you prefer, you can use oatmeal instead of sour cream or cottage cheese.

Non-alcohol version: What about juniper berries? A strong tea, then soak the raisins in the hot tea.

Only an idea.


I have spinal stenosis and arthritis in my hands. My questions are in preparing the raisins and gin is it necessary to leave them uncovered while soaking and can they be refrigerated while soaking. We live in the Palm Springs area of Southern California where the outside temperature often exceeds 110 degrees. My questions are: Is it OK to refrigerate the raisins & gin while soaking and is it OK to cover the container while they are soaking?

I have not tried this yet, but a friend told me to put out a very small dish of vinegar with a few drops of dish detergent. She said it attracts the fruit flies. Good Luck!

I started using the raisins and gin combination about five years ago after being told I had to have back surgery. A friend told me she had been using these for about four years and was almost pain free. I tried them and Yes with in three months I canceled the surgery. I have suggested this to many others, the ones that stayed with it for a minimum of three months it has helped.

If you are not going to do it daily and stick with it for three months then you won't get relief. This relieves the pain but doesn't cure the problem. I now have to have the surgery but the raisins I will continue to take to help relieve the O and R in my other joints. This is a lot cheaper than RX drugs and no interaction with the other Rx you may have to take. It works for me!

Hi, I am wondering what the difference is between Raisins and Sultanas,

Reason I ask is down here in NZ, We have both Raisins and Sultanas,

The Raisins are small in nature while the sultanas are quite large and These Golden Sultanas aren't heard of.

Any response would be appreciated,

Thank you.


Why are some of you trying to better this method have you ever heard the old saying..."if it ain't broke don't fix it"? it works just the way it is just try it golden raisins and gin that's all you need!

Please let me know if it is o.k. to use the brown raisins instead of the golden raisins. Thanks.


I assume the figs your grandparents soaked in Brandy were dried figs, is that right?

I had arthritis in every joint. We had 3 kids..2 in diapers, I could hardly pin on the Diapers, couldn`t afford throw a away kind. After going to a dr. and found his meds not only disagreed with my tummy, but they didn`t help.

I got this raisins & gin from Jerry Baker Master Gardener. He said he got it from his Grandmother and it really works. She was a beautiful Indian lady and really knew her meds. That was 45 years ago. It really works.

I can stop taking it for awhile, but always go back to it when needed. I`ve given it to many people, and It always works. The only complaint was some people don`t like the taste.

I was very skeptical of this pain 'remedy' but told my husband I was going to try it and if it didn't work I would just eat the raisins and drink the gin and be "pain free for a few hours". Before the gin/raisins I was not able to climb stairs without pulling myself along with the railing; repositioning in bed was a long painful process; my back hurt so bad I didn't know what to do except take oral pain meds which upset my stomach and did not provide the results I got with the gin/raisins. I was definitely not prepared for the amount of pain relief I experienced!! Three days into the gin/raisins tx I was pain-free. I have not taken any pills since then. I don't know why it is working but I hope it never stops working! I am telling everyone about this remedy!!

Started taking raisins around the first of June of 2011. Pain has been relieved along with RLS bouts. I surmise that there may be something to this.

I'm curious about using dried tart red cherries since they are also touted as an arthritis remedy.


I have used this many years. What works the best is golden raisins and any brand of gin, how ever you can use 1/4th cup honey to 1/2 cup vinegar if you are diabetic or if you are taking a lot of pills for other ills, to be on the safe side. This is instead of gin & raisins. As some have testified here on this commentary...After taking the gin & raisins, you may be able to get off some of the pills.

I would always check with your Dr. After he stops laughing, hand him a copy of these comments. I have found that I can put the raisins in a qt jar with gin & cover the jar and keep them in the refrigerator, I do not soak them any other way. I usually start a new qt. about a week before the old one is done. I also found out after taking them a long time, I can go on vacation and leave them home with out any pain.
I'm sure the drug co. doesn't want to hear about this, but with the economy as it is we need to at least try to help ourselves.

For all of you out there, a guy makes "Drunken Rasins" on the web. He also shows how he makes them on his "Drunken Raisins" website.
Hope this helps.

I have read through these questions and comments which have been helpful. The one question which I don't see answered is, does it matter what kind of gin? I think it's important to know this. The brand "Bombay Sapphire Gin" has been mentioned 2 or 3 times. I am in a lot of pain, have the raisins and getting ready to buy the Gin. Please, someone, tell us if there is a specific gin that works best. Thank you!

People's Pharmacy response: Bombay Sapphire Gin is pricey and probably a higher quality than necessary to let it evaporate. You want gin flavored with genuine juniper, not artificial flavoring. That will probably be something mid-range in price.

It doesn't matter the brand of gin. I also notice a lot of variation in the recipe from people posting. This remedy must be prepared to the letter. So, they have to be white raisins, you cover with gin in a glass jar, when the gin is gone you cover it. NO refrigeration needed. Precisely 9 raisins per day. Not more, not less.

I can't imagine that anyone would "play" with a prescription drug in the same manner. They will kill you.

If you manipulate this one to be how you think it should be, your result will suffer.

I have tried several brands of gin with the same results --- pain-free for past 6 wks!

wow I am floored and totally excited about trying this remedy I just had the pharmacy to refill my prednisone because I was having a hard time with my RA the last 2 weeks so as of 2moro I am buying my gin and raisins and I will update you next month on how it goes.. wish me luck!!!!

I started using this recipe about 2 years ago because the prescribed medicine was not helping my left side lower hip pain. Well, it's a miracle!

I take 9 (or a teaspoon full) in the morning, and am pain free usually until bedtime. It took about a week to start working, and has been great since! I'm a 77 year old believer!

Don't know if you've figured this out by now, but put a small bowl out near your fruit bowl or wherever you see the fruit flies. Fill it about 1/4 full with apple cider vinegar, then squirt a little dishwashing liquid in it and stir. The fruit flies will be attracted to it, fall in and die. Change every couple of days.

Thank you for this site!! My husband and I just heard about this recipe Saturday night 9/24/2011 from a friend. I have read all of the comments. It sounds wonderful. I have been suffering with Osteoarthritis for many years. My husband has been suffering bad with his right thumb lately. We are both musicians and play a lot of shows. Having arthritis in our hands is not very good!! We don't "drink" but if the alcohol evaporates we figured we would give it a try. I fixed the "recipe" Sunday. I pray it will work for us.

First thanks for the Peoplepharmacy/Remedies web. I was introduced this web by a friend and very excited to try Golden Raisin soak in Gin. I am 65 years old and starting to experience pains in my fingers, my right upper arm and shoulder are hurt for 5 months.

I tried OVT pains medicine, ice cold pads, heat pad, vicks jell rub ..... and I had 6 sections of Physical Therapy and did not help any at all. I am disappointed and was thinking that I am going to suffer for the rest of my life because of I don't want to add any more medicine in my body beside high BP and Cholesterol.

I am starting to take 9 raisins soaked in Gin for 7 days as instructed (for 2 days so far). I haven't felt any different yet but based on testimonies I hope and believe that it will work for me.

My question is: What time during the day should I eat 9 raisins to make them more effective? Should eat them 1 hour before breakfast ? or coffee ?
I really appreciate for responding

It does not even have to be Gin any distilled alcohol will work we have used Bourbon Rum Vodka and Gin all work equally well any raisins work dark or Light use flat bottom dish cover with your choice of alcohol just to the level of raisins let sit until alcohol has evaporated approximately 4 days then eat morning and night before bed

I heard about the remedy in Dec 2010 and ordered some online for my husband who had been suffering from RA. He did not like the taste and did not believe they would help him. So, I ended up eating them. They tasted great. My husband remained in continuous pain with frequent flair ups. He began taking more & more over the counter medicines which only gave him temporary relief. The pain was so bad, there were times he could not sleep.

Fast forward to Sept 2011, we are at a family gathering and my husband was having one of the worst flair ups ever. He mentioned this to an aunt and she asked if he had ever tried the gin soaked raisins? She stated she has used them for many years and has no more pain from RA. I said that's it! I am going to make my own batch tomorrow and you are going to take them! He agreed. Within 3-weeks, the swelling disappeared and he was 'PAIN FREE'. Now, he will not miss a day.

I chose Bombay Gin because this is the preferred gin by my gin drinking friends and I add cinnamon as it's also a natural anti-inflammatory and tastes great. I let them soak 3-days turning the jar over once and they are good to go. I understand this remedy may not work for everybody but it has been a prayer answered in our lives and I hope it can be in yours as well.

I just don't understand the insistence on changing the recipe. Morning and night? The remedy says 9 per day, not one more, not one less, and it specifically says gin. I'm leaving this thread.

I just started doing the gin soaked raisins for my rheumatoid arthritis. My RA is very severe, so I'm eating more than the 9 twice a day protocol. Is there a danger in consuming too much? I'm not getting drunk...

Take as many as works for you 9. Works if you weigh around 100 lbs most men weigh more so so could easily double that many they are just raisins I don't think it would be possible to take to many.

People's Pharmacy response: 9 is the recommended "dose." We have heard of some individuals getting into trouble with driving when they were eating lots more drenched raisins, so use common sense.

Does it matter if I keep gin on them and not let it evaporate?? Can I do this with cherries, cranberries?

Yes you have to let it evaporate it has something to do with that process raisins are the only thing I know that works however if you find something else that does please let me know.

Coming in late... but your last "reason" suggests a confusion about terminology. What you describe (natural variations, attribute the better days to the raisins) is actually called "regression to the mean". Regression to the mean is a standard-issue flaw in human reasoning, and a major annoyance to medical researchers and doctors.

The placebo effect is a different animal altogether: It's when you have a remedy which may be provably inert (sugar pills, distilled water, plastic tape, etc.), but the patient is convinced it's a real medicine... and somehow, their brain sets off a process that actually cures the affliction. This is one of the Great Unsolved Mysteries of medicine -- not that the scientists aren't studying it, but it's been tough going. Whoever gets the whole story of what's going on, will be a shoo-in for a Nobel Prize.

Given the stories I'm seeing here (months or years without pain, and so forth), regression to the mean probably isn't on the table here. The placebo effect might well be, especially since we do know that the commonest form of arthritis is an autoimmune condition, and we also know that placebo effects can manipulate the immune system.

But then, we've seen real drugs pop up in stranger places than raisins and juniper, so who knows what's really going on?

it is unnecessary to belittle others belief!

Can Gin soaked raisins be consumed by a person who has hypertension/heart diseases?

People's Pharmacy response: We don't know of a reason that this would be dangerous. not refrigerate.

any remaining gin after 5-7 days drain out, put the raisins into a glass jar and lid closed. do not refrigerate. I keep mine in a cupboard.

Over the last 15 years I suffered progressively worsening arthritic pain and stiffness in many joints throughout my body - especially my neck. Multiple doctors offered nothing that helped. I read from a friends e-mail about GSRasins. I thought I would try it. After 2 weeks I began to have reduced pain and stiffness. After 4 weeks I was 75% better in both P&S. I have been on GSR for about 1 year. I am 75% plus improved.

I travel for my job and forgot to take the GSRasins with me on a trip. I thought it would be a good test for the remedy to see if I was cured and/or how long the effects would last. Within 3 days the pain and stiffness reappeared. I was off of the GSRasins for about 10 days total and suffered increasing pain and stiffness levels. Upon return I began the regiment again and it took me almost the full month (30 days) to regain the 75% plus reduced pain and stiffness level. I'm not cured but I will never leave my GSRasins behind again!

Hi, I'm taking metformin for type II. GSRasins have been working for me for about 1 year. Reduced pain and stiffness about 75%.

can anyone tell me the affects of the alchol has on a script that says do not drink with this med?

People's Pharmacy response: Check with your doctor or pharmacist about your specific medication. If you follow the instructions on allowing the gin to evaporate and stick to the "dose" of nine raisins, you will get one drop of alcohol in the raisins.

I have been using gin and golden raisins for 3 months for poly-arthritis in my fingers and joints. I had trouble writing or holding things due to hand/wrist pain. It took about 2 weeks before I felt relief enough not to think it was a remission.

I have tried a lot of prescription drugs with bad reactions. I thought I might try this since it could not hurt me. I will continue taking gin and raisins for I am now a believer as I keep getting better every day.

I still take my Rx's from my doctor. If it is a remission it is the longest time I have gone with-out a flair. My doctor does not know about the gin/raisins as I am afraid he will laugh. But I am much improved.

After seeing AGAIN the warnings against acetaminophen, I decided to quit it cold-turkey. I went to the pantry and got brown raisins and soaked them in gin (with lid on jar). Not much effect first day or two but didn't miss aceto. Had heard of cherries aiding arthritis sufferers so decided to "use up" dried cherries soaked in gin. Have slept soundly without severe knee pain, which was waking me throughout the night prior to GSC treatment. All the OA pain in my severely affected, 75 y.o. body has almost completely disappeared. Better results than acetaminophen. Just hope it doesn't eventually affect my stomach, which is sensitive and over-produces acid.

Where do you find the yellow raisins? I live in NC and I can't find any.


I'm in the same boat, probably have gout - never had a drink in my life... it is a funny thing for me as well, I don't want to be seen buying booze! ABC LIQUORS here I come! ;)

Aside from cough medicine, communion at church, rum raisin ice cream and beef stroginoff with cherry I can say I've had no more than half an ounce of alcohol my whole life at 45... in fact I'd tell people I had more spilled on me at punk rock shows than ever consumed.

- I'm so glad some lady in my arthritis center doctor's room spoke up to tell me! (as I type my left thumb has a cracking sound due to swelling damage repeatedly - refused to sign the side of my doctors sheet that had me willing to undergo treatment using all kinds of hardcore drugs... crazy stuff, morphine, codone this and that, opiates, narcotics really ... dilaudid was also on the list... would rather go natural first... CURAMIN is something I take from time to time.

Tried the gin and raisins twice for six weeks at a time and received no benefit whatsoever. Now drink 2 tsp. of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water 4 times a day and this seems to help with arthritis pain. Also DMSO used topically works well for me if pain should become unusually uncomfortable.

It was wednesday night at our weekly church supper. I had been suffering with pain in my kneels and finger joints for some time, and had been praying God would heal me. Our church organist was standing in back of me. She was about twenty years older than I was, "Elenor do you have arthritis?" I asked. "Yes" was her reply. "What do you do?" She wispered "I take gin and raisins." "What!" "I take gin and raisins" and she again and explained the process.

The next day I stopped at the ABC store for the fist time in my life and bought an inexpensive bottle of gin, than a box of golden raisins at Kroger. When I got home before dinner I poured the rasins in a glass baking dish and covered them in gin. Elenor said to leave them for a day or two to soak up the liquid, but my curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to have a spoon full. "Not bad I thought," and had another. After ten spoonsfulls I couldn't feel my lower lip and thought I better go to bed.

The next morning I noticed no pain as I ajusted the sheet around me. I jumped out of bed, and bounced down the stairs not even holding onto the hand rail! Paise God it worked!

I was in my 30's at the time. I am now 62 and one spoonful of rasins and gin is still part of my morning ritual. You will want a nice glass container with a top that will look well on your kitchen counter once you discover if it works for you. No medicine works the same for everyone. I would recomend praying before you start for awhile, asking God to give you success.

I have a story about a squirrel and the raisins that I can tell sometime if you like.

in Christ,
Peter Joel H.

I'm not too terrified of a wee bit of gin!!!

I have to say, being a nurse I had my doubts about the raisins with gin working, but my mother started taking them for legs burning at night... she swears by them now. I tried them, after taking them for 2 weeks, I stopped thinking they were not doing much for me, boy was I wrong!!!!! I started back on the ASAP. Now I have a problem, my liver does not like the gin I suppose.... my enzymes are elevated, so is there a non-alcoholic version of this?

By the way, now all my siblings and spouses are taking the golden raisins and gin.

gonna give it a try... will let you all know

why mandatory for gin to evaporate? I have a martini after work most days, so don't care if gin remains. Real question for me is whether golden raisins with my nightly martini has same effect or is there some interaction between the raisin and gin that occurs over time other than absorption.

I have had major shoulder surgery etc. with pain in both my arms and hands. I started the regimen of gin and DARK raisins and after three weeks, 99% of my pain had subsided. I then went on a trip to South Africa for three weeks so wasn't able to take the FIX! The pain returned. After coming back home again and taking the FIX for one week the pain subsided again. I have decided to take it on a daily basis even if I travel. It definitely works for me.

This sounds wonderful for my arthritis but, I need to know if anyone with GERD/ACID REFLUX has tried it without causing pain in esophagus/stomach. I have much pain with GERD and so would like to hear the effects on this first before trying.

I started the gin soaked raisins 13 months ago after having left hip pain x 8 months. I was ready to go see the orthopedic Dr for the pain. Thank goodness a friend told me about gin/raisins. Took about 3 months to feel full effect. It really worked for me!!!

When a friend from North Carolina mentioned golden raisins soaked in gin as a cure for arthritis pain, I was dumbstruck. How could I not know about it? Why hadn't my doctors told me about it?

It works. I've recommended it to dozens of friends and they all swear by it. For Heaven's sake try it if you haven't yet.
Regards and to your good health, Doug A.

hey folks, just fyi, it's great if the dark raisins work for anyone, but golden raisins are "cured" with sulfur dioxide gas, rendering them 'golden', some believe that sulfur in conjunction with the pain relief benefits of juniper berries creates a reaction together... I believe it makes sense! Especially since sulfur is great for relieving joints / achy muscles (i.e. epsom salts is magnesium sulfate) my 67 year young mom has been taking for 3 months and relieving fibromyalgia pain as well as dissolving a bone spur on her thumb!!! I LOVE NATURE !!!

This product really works.

I came across this idea 18 months ago. I tried it -- and in two weeks, I stopped waking up at night from painful joints in my hands. If I stop for, say, a week while I'm traveling, the pain returns, so I've worked out strategies. Such as - take a small jar of raisins on the plane, buy a mini-bottle of gin, combine when I reach my destination. After experimenting, I find the best combination is the humble Sun-Maid golden raisin with Tanqueray 10 -- a bit expensive, but delicious and very high in juniper.

I make this up in small batches -- say, a 4-ounce jar. I loosely fill it with raisins, add gin to almost cover, screw on the lid, and let it sit in a closed cabinet for at least one day. I add a heaping spoonful to my morning oatmeal, with some cinnamon and maybe some berries - and I love it.

9 raison's have 3.5 grams of sugar. Milk has 12 grams.

My husband got too sleepy with regular pain Meds. Our daughter got the yellow raisen /gin suggestion from her beauty operator. Our cousin use to try them also and it does stop the pain in his hip and back in early mornings. He eats nine
before his breakfast cereal. Sometimes he naps in the mornings but not always. His doctor approves of the recipe.

We do soak them for a day, drain and place in a quart jar in the refrigerator. He eats them cold each morning.
In this heat in Texas we would not leave them out. Report you asked for July 28, 2012.


The suggestion on line is to soak for a week then drain and place in the quart jar. They last for a long time. Take only nine a day. Hope it helps with your pain. They say there is seed in the raisins that may be helping not just the gin. I intend to research this also.

There is a video online about a man who used the recipe and it worked for him. He now is selling 'Drunken Raisins' in vacuumed bags, but he wanted them to taste better, so he adds honey and cinnamon. There is a woman online who demonstrates how she prepares 'her recipe'...

I have not yet tried the recipe, but am researching the how's and why's, as well as the best method. The gin has berries that help the recipe work, so I'd say no, other liquids will not have the same effect.

Also, I am one who does not care for the taste of any alcoholic beverage, but will be trying with either regular gin or sloe gin, which I know nothing about. Again, plan to research the difference.

Will also add local honey and cinnamon, which is a sugar regulator. Use 1/4 teaspoon daily of a good quality cinnamon. Some people use vinegar and cinnamon, but don't remember what it was for. [another research]

I have GOUT, which was caused by diuretics running my Uric Acid up. Alcohol is a no-no with gout, some am trying to learn if anyone with gout has tried this recipe before I engage...

Cherries have been recommended by a number of people, so plan to research that also. Some say dark cherry extract; so fresh cherries; others say their just open a can and eat. I am not fond of cherries, but will probably try them. My medicine for gout has bad side effects...

Someone mentioned figs/brandy - I know the Bible mentions figs, and have read they are good for us. Also knew an old Italian man who enjoyed them quite often, and he seemed to always be in a good mood, with no complaints of pain.

This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it! Blessings to ALL in your search for pain relief.

You need to refrigerate the raisin formula, don't leave them on the counter

I doubt one drop of gin, which is what's in 9 raisins will give you liver problems!!

If you only used the raisins twice in six weeks that is not enough time to evaluate the effects of the raisins!!

All this is true however it is not a coincidence (placebo affect) that most symptoms are relieved within a week of using them and continues to be better with continued use, meaning no more aggravated flare ups. However many people are affected by the placebo affect. There is now a lot of so called Gin being made that does not contain any real Juniper berries for flavoring, having artificial flavoring instead. In these cases, believing is receiving seems to be the reason why so many get better. I not knowing this must have bought the wrong Gin because that with the golden raisins made no difference to my degenerative arthritis pain at all.

I just bought the correct Gin yesterday and even picked a few Juniper berries to drop in the gin just to make sure. They are in season here now. ;-)
I'll see if it works this time around.

Your friend must have kept them covered tight preventing all the alcohol from dehydration. LOL! If the recipe is followed correctly there will be no alcohol left in the raisin. Although many people keep them covered because they want to keep the alcohol potent.

I agree. My mother had RA and tried to use them but could not tolerate them because it upped her blood sugar too much. She also suffered Type 1 Diabetes. It was the RA that finally took her life.

The local Bottle Gin in Oregon, use the Juniper berries from Juniper trees to flavor the gin. I just took a stem of berries yesterday to add more to the gin. Some old timers here use a few berries to drop into venison stew for flavoring.

Because they taste awful!!!!! Only the birds can stand them.

I saw this on YouTube. He uses Honey and cinnamon for extra flavoring. If you think you would like that give it a try. But he does not tell what kind of gin he is using. Many companies who make Gin do not even use real Juniper berries as flavoring, preferring cheaper artificial flavoring instead.

I personally would never buy them because I want to know its the correct gin. Besides, even the ones I make without added honey are so sweet I can only just tolerate them. I don't want honey in mine even though I know honey is good for you. ;-)

I never did mine and they kept well for three years. But I did not evaporate all the alcohol out either. ;-)

Do gin raisins upset your stomach?
Consume them with other food or juices... NOT on an empty stomach.

A simple solution that should be shared, along with other key instructions scattered throughout this forum.

Can someone take this if they are on blood thinner?

Just had to reply to your "fruit fly" problem. (I was here to get specifics on Gin-raisin cure)

Usually when there is a "gnat" or "fruit fly" problem there seems to be somewhere in the house a drain being unused for some reason and the U trap has evaporated all the water and the purpose of the U trap is to prevent sewer or septic gases from entering the house! being an open tube to the sewer or septic system, your (sickening as it seems) central air sucks up the toxic gases and any sewer bugs possibly the source of any chronic "gnat" or "fruit fly" problem... check carefully and see if ANY drains are unused long enough to have evaporated... extra bathrooms not used often, washer connections, unused or broken dishwashers, basement drains in some homes...anyway you got the idea... search and either add water regularly (easiest way) or seal tightly if you don't intend to use that drain anytime soon.

A good reminder is when you see the bugs again... add water... hope it helps... you may have a shower not used often... get busy checking... as the gas is toxic that is being sucked up... the bugs are just a warning sign!!! let me know... I am curious... I presume you already checked for stored onions and potatoes... in any case... hanging a fly paper strip is the safest no poison way to get rid of them once you determine their source.

I was here to refresh my memory about the gin raisin cure, when I happened to see your comment about taking the Tramadol and Tylenol, it reminded me of something horrible I I thought I should pass it on to those who may not be aware of these.

My Mother in Law, to whom I was very close and cared for her the later years of her life, could not take seemed to take away her memory and I could tell immediately if she had gotten one. Well meaning neighbors or friends would offer her one, but it would be obvious...she would become confused ...usually that was not the case even though she was in her late 80's she retained her sharp mentality at that point.

Then after a fall she was hospitalized for a while, I had told them she didn't do well on Tylenol...but I found out that reaction was mild compared to the reaction she had on TRAMADOL!!!

Usually she ate well and looked forward to the trays of food they brought...well I arrived back to her hospital room and asked the nurse WHY her lunch tray was sitting out in the hall...they said she didn't want it...I was puzzled and asked her why she wasn't hungry...WELL I was horrified to see what had been a sweet mannered little old lady turn into a monster (like Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde). She threatened to THROW THE FOOD OUT IN THE HALL if we brought it in...I asked WHAT they might have given her to cause such a dramatic change...IT WAS TRAMADOL!!! They witnessed what a change was brought on by only one dose...and agreed to tell me first before she was given any other medication (I was her POA) and we had no more problems...until...

Months later she was in a nursing facility...I had flu and was told to stay away so as not to spread flu...then I showed up 2 weeks later to find they had given her a similar drug called Haldol and she was fighting them, had become dehydrated...they had assured me she was drinking fluids and eating when I had called to check on her...I had to argue with the head nurse to stop this drug being dosed to her!

She ended up back in the Hospital and from that point was so starved and dehydrated she never fully recovered and passed away the following spring. Adult protective services investigated the facility as the Hospital noticed her dramatic weight loss in the short time she was at that nursing facility and reported them (supposedly a respectable place). I blame them for giving her the DRUG I had listed as one she could NOT take...they just gave her it under a different name.

Anyway, since this site has people seeking natural cures...I hope no others have experienced such horrific effects from these medications...but if so I would like to hear from you!

I plan to try the raisin gin cure as soon as I can get them soaked a few days...some said they didn't wait the full 7 days of soaking...and I am too anxious to wait...

I for one would like to hear the "raisin squirrel" story...and I liked the addition of "prayer" to the cure recipe!

I had prayed for help for my aching joints and painful swollen badly swollen I could hardly the earlier stages of swelling (several months ago)at least in the mornings they would be down and only swell in the evening or if I was walking much. Anyway shortly afterwards of praying for help, I remembered reading about gin and raisins and looked it up, thinking that may be my answer.

Always improvising (being short of cash), I had an abundance of prunes I had been given; reasoning that prunes were just fat raisins (even though they were dried plums) and reasoning ..."what could it hurt?" I got some Seagram's Gin and poured into a glass container of prunes!

I too was anxious and could only wait a few hours...I tried a few...and a few more at bedtime. Well the next morning my ankles seemed a little smaller...of course I suspected wishful thinking and placebo effect...BUT, I continued gobbling several prunes with each meal...and unfortunately never got to soak the prunes a week because I consumed them all in 5 days!

BUT during those 5 days my feet had almost returned to normal...I could walk better...(when my feet were so swelled up it felt like I was walking in cold numb boots) knee was much less painful...GLORY BE!!

THEN, when I ran out of the gin covered first I thought I was just better...I neglected to buy more gin, but bought the "golden raisins" thinking I might try them next...after a couple of days without the feet began swelling and hurting again...and my knee locked with pain..

SO.. having read the "Bombay Sapphire" gin was suppose to be best for the recipe...I got a small bottle (It is more pricey...but my feet were hurting again by now)

Last night I poured the Bombay gin over the golden raisins...again being anxious and in pain with the swollen feet...I could only wait a few hours and begin nibbling the already plumping raisins...(I'm not a big drinker but wasn't afraid of the alcohol) I ate many more than 9 and again this far I have not had noticeable relief yet...I may get another bottle of Seagram's and soak a few more prunes...If I use both (prunes and raisins) with different brands of gin and get relief...I don't care what long as something does!

Has anyone else tried PRUNES??? I am curious to know...they are preserved with sulfites too...if that is the catch...and some seem to work differently on different folks...maybe different body chemistry!

A lot of people didn't see results for days or weeks...but after my first try experiencing relief in hours...I'm hoping for improvement soon!

According to what Ihave read, it must be Bombay Sapphire Gin. You are to soak the golden raisins in an open dish (just enough gin to cover the raisins) until all the gin is evaporated, then keep them in a covered container, on the counter is fine.

Annie, I don't know your age or level of pain... but I had no time to research long... (I do have GOUT, but that wasn't my worst problem) so figuring "not much to lose"...having several bags of prunes having been given me...(since prunes look like big raisins, I know they are different, but preserved with the sulfates like raisins)...I got a bottle of Seagram's Gin...put the prunes in a blue quart mason jar with glass sealable top and covered them with the GIN!

Incidentally, I had not been troubled much lately with that GOUT; I was usually able to keep it under control by avoiding chocolate and mushrooms (my worst offenders, they throw me into a real bad painful spell) I understand colas are a problem too but never liked them so it's not an issue with me. I had been prescribed the drugs to lower uric acid... but preferred to just avoid the offending foods as much as possible... I can tell real quick if I "fall off the wagon" with chocolate or even accidentally get mushrooms in somebody's casserole.

Anyway, my current problem was a painful swollen knee and both feet had swelled up after taking months of warfarin (blood thinner) to dissolve a pulmonary embolism (blood clot on my lung)... the clot had dissolved... but I was left with swelling feet and legs too... it felt like I had on cold numb boots when I walked... the tops of my feet felt so much pain like they were going to rupture...

Back to the prunes... I was so anxious to try, I could only wait a few hours... certainly not a week... so I nibbled a few prunes before I went to bed. I tried leaving the top loose, but kept sealing it and turning it around to make sure they were all soaking well.... then nibbled a few more (probably at least 10 or 12).

During the night (I don't normally sleep well) my legs and feet kept feeling like I needed to draw my knees up and flex my ankles and calves and stretch my legs. In between I slept better than usual. Next morning... seemed like my legs and feet weren't as large... At first I thought it was probably hopeful/wishful thinking... or the placebo effect.

But, just in case I gobbled more of the prunes (now getting plumper with the gin)... WELL they never got to soak all week, because all the prunes were gone in five days... most importantly for the first time in many feet looked like feet... (not puffy tight sausages)... my feet felt like feet... my ankles worked... even my legs were legs with a calf and knee was not hurting... whether my imagination or not... it was great... BUT short lived..

As I said, I had gobbled all the soaked prunes in five days...thinking my problem was solved... I didn't rush after another gin bottle... well I noticed after a few days my feet were gradually swelling back up... either the gin soaked prunes were really helping... or I had a tremendous imagination and reaction to the placebo effect. I did purchase the golden raisins and a bottle of the "Bombay Sapphire" Gin (as was recommended).

As usual I couldn't wait for the evaporation step to work and began nibbling the plump little raisins after only a few hours... expecting another immediate reaction... but somehow I wasn't getting the same result of reduction of the swelling so soon. I kept nibbling and after 24 hours I had eaten almost half the jar of soaking raisins! BUT... my feet were still hurting! Could it be that for me and my problem of swollen feet, that the prunes worked better or at least faster?

TO make sure... I had procrastinated until last night when my knee was painful and my feet were again feeling like busting... even though the raisins were half gone... I no longer wanted to experiment to see if they soak a week maybe... or if the prunes worked or if I imagined it... my feet hurt again so bad... (I still had plenty unsoaked prunes left) I hobbled to the liquor store and got a pint of the "seagrams" Gin... hurried to pour it over my prunes... at that point the science of it didn't matter... I was seeking the relief... I had so briefly experienced... I will test later... and analyze what works... it had been so nice to see and feel my feet for those few days.

As before I was too anxious to wait and had about 4 prunes only having soaked a couple of hours... and about 4 more when I got up in the night.

Maybe my imagination... at this point ... or the raisins kicking in... I DON'T CARE! during the night I again felt that urge to move my legs and feet... and this morning they seem slightly improved... so I plan to continue with the gin soaked prunes and the gin raisins too for now... maybe fill one extra jar so it can have it's week to soak and evaporate... I will sort out the scientific research later when my feet aren't hurting!

I was wondering... has anyone else tried the gin soaked prunes?

Do you have plants or potting soil in your house? My Grand Daughter had some potting soil in her apartment and she kept seeing little critters flying around. One day she moved the bag of soil and a lot of them flew out. Maybe they look for organic vegetation of damp soil to lay their eggs. She is a very good housekeeper, but who could have known that an open bag of potting soil sitting undisturbed a few months would be a good spot for them to lay the eggs.

If most of the alcohol evaporates there can't be much in the raisins after a week. I put a box of regular raisins in a quart canning jar, covered them with a pint of Gordon's Gin made with Juniper extract, covered with a paper coffee filter and the canning ring to let the gin sit a day, replaced the lid and ring tightly, shook the jar to redistribute the mixture, then back to the paper filter and ring again, to be repeated several more times to give it time to be absorbed and evaporated.

I did not have your "recipe" for the Gin Soaked Raisins, but put them in a glass dish with a cover. Soaked them in gin for a couple of day and started eating 9, once a day for about a week. My carpal tunnel syndrome disappeared (tingling fingers and numb fingers and hands). I think my arthritis is better also. I have not let the alcohol disappear, but am now eating 12 to 15 a day. I do not drink alcohol and am not crazy about the taste, but they are very puffy and certainly these "crazy" raisins are doing their job. Cancelled my Carpal Tunnel surgery.

UPDATE-1st batch prunes (happened to have) and Seagrams Gin seemed to work well, then when ran out feet swelled back up. Got golden raisins and Bombay Sapphire Gin and didn't take swelling down. Now trying dried cherries in Seagrams Gin and also dried Apricots...they are soaking...figured I'd experiment...can't see the harm since the prunes seemed to help before. Plan to try the prunes again and golden raisins too. Anybody else tried other dried fruits besides raisins?

Just read about this remedy in my local newspaper. I will start the mixture when I get off my p.c. My husband will also take the remedy too. Sure hope it works for us like the majority of people who have tried it and responded here. I read most of the replies and it makes us hope we can relieve some of our pains. I'll post a remark after taking it for a few weeks. Thanks to all who have posted!

I really don't like either golden raisins or gin ... so my question is ... can I just swallow the raisins or do I have to actually chew them?

If I have to chew it will still be better than taking the celebrex so I suppose I'll just have to deal with it.

For the person in Australia, it is only Americans who call them raisins, the rest of us call them sultanas so hope you can now find them.

My uncle suffered from painful arthritis and could hardly get up in the morning. After 1 month of eating gin soaked raisins, he was DANCING at a wedding for hours. If I would not have seen it with my own eyes, I would not believe it.

Carolyn: Fruit flies just love apple cider vinegar. A small vial (I use a
shot glass) with about 3/4 inch in bottom left in open will drown a bunch of the little buggers. Seems to lose effect after a few days, so just dump down the drain and start over again. Sure looks neat to see a bunch at the bottom of the liquid DEAD!

I have been suffering with unbearble hip and knee joint pain and for the last several years have taken to using a cane. I finally gave up after my sister-in-law mentioned that I had been walking like a person who needed a hip replacement. Well went to the orthopedic surgeon and after viewing x-rays I am a good candidate for both hip/knee replacements. My family and friends know that I suffer from this pain so when I visited a friend in Florida recently she pulled out the People's Pharmacy article about the gin-soaked raisins and told me to try them. She had a batch made up already because she has started to get the same type of pain.

Anyway, I started taking by taking 9 raisins the night before going to bed. The next morning I was "snap, crackle or pop"! I could almost jump out of bed w/very little to no pain. Throughout the day I was need for a cane, ability to walk up stairs and to move around with little or no effort. I don't know how it's done...but it's great. Now I take these 9 raisins every night before bed knowing that when I get up in the morning...I'm going to be able to move pain free.
Probably will still get that hip/knee replacement though...nothing lasts forever!
Thanks People's Pharmacy!

I have fibromyalgia and arthritis, I read about gin and raisins several years ago but forgot about it until my aunt suggested taking them a few months ago. I can't seem to stand any arthritis or fibromyalgia medication, it all makes me sick. I have really noticed that the gin and raisins have helped with pain. It's certainly with a try!

A friend of mine at work was telling me about the raisins and gin remedy and how it worked for him. I was somewhat skeptical but figured I would give it try because my hands were very sore and the thumb was locking up on occasion. I bought top shelf gin for the recipe just in case it didn't work so I would be able to enjoy the remainder with some tonic water. Well it's been 3 months now and the arthritis is completely gone in both of my hands including the thumb problem. Don't look for an overnight cure. It took about 3 weeks for me to start feeling the difference.

I read in Sunday's paper that you said cheap gin will not work. I have been taking the gin soaked golden raisins using the cheapest gin I could find, because I was told when I started that it had to be cheap gin. Before I began, I had 'scopic surgery on my left knee. The pain took 6 months to go away, at which time an MRI showed my right knee was worse than my left. I went on Glucosamine and Chondroiton, but I had to drop the Chondroiton because I was on Coumadin and shortly thereafter quit the Glucosamine after I read it can raise your cholesterol, which it did 20%. That's when I went on the cheap gin and raisins.

That was 11 years ago and today my knees are fine, I walk 3 miles every other day. I'm 82.

I use black cherry juice (has to be black cherry) for gout and when that doesn't work, I use my allipurinol (from the dr) Hope it helps you too

Someone told me about soaking golden raisins in gin for arthritis so i decided to try it for osteoarthritis in my knees. Big wasn't given the "recipe." I dumped half a box of raisins in a container with gin covering the, and every night for the past two weeks, I have eaten nine. I found the taste horrid, but am willing to try anything other than medication for the pain.

Tonight I decided to check this site only to learn you're supposed to let the gin evaporate. Seeing I didn't let the gin evaporate, does that change the efficacy of it? Also, should I refrigerate this? Finally, how long will it take before I see results?

I am encouraged by your story and would love to hear the story of the squirel and the raisin.
In Christ,
Beau Hicks

I brought Golden raisins in australia from the health food shop.

supposedly the magic is in the juniper berries used to make gin. There is not much alcohol in 9 raisins. When I made my first batch the raisins started to plump up in a few hours, I just took a few off the top dried them off and started eating them. I eat 18 raisins a day and no, I do not drink hard liquor. While the raisins are soaking, I simply cover them with a paper towel, after soaking and drying I cover the bowl and leave them on the counter at room temperature and eat them daily.
I suppose you could try sherry, but why mess with the recipe?

I am type 2, and have had no problems, not that much sugar in 9 raisins.

My wife and I are firm believer in this. We have arthritis in our fingers and sometimes we were in great pain. We heard about the gin soaked raisins from Paul Harvey. He said to use only 7 raisins per day and we have done this for many years and we have also recommended this to our friends and they also agree that it really works.

The amount of gin in the soaked raisins is very negligible. Most of the alcohol evaporates. It is covered to keep the bugs out - a paper towel works fine. If you have a problem with alcohol, I recommend you discuss this with your doctor - I believe tests showed the amount of alcohol left in a raisin after being soaked for seven to ten days so most was absorbed, was something like less than one drop. I'm sure you've had other replies since your blog is old, but I just started the gin/raisin routine and was just doing a little surfing on the net when I ran across this site. No matter what you decide, I wish you happy and pain free health.

I'm sure by now you've had a gazillion replies to your hating the taste of liquor. The raisins have no alcoholic taste whatsoever, so give it a try.

Margo, I just found this blog site and have finally reached your comment about the raisin/gin and use for fibro. I have fibro as well as severe osteoarthritis. Of course, I'm 81 years old, so I'm sure that contribute some. I started the stuff less than a week ago and already notice I'm having less arthritis pain, but since I'm on Lyrica I'm not sure about this helping fibro. but Anyway, your message is quite old, but I really want to know if they did help your fibro. Will you comment and let me know? My curiosity (and hope) are driving me nuts! I'd so love to toss one more expensive medication! Many thanks.

You should not cover the raisin and gin concoction - they need air, so use something like a paper towel. It took me about 10 days for the gin to be absorbed except for a few drops, and the instructions I followed said to NOT refrigerate during OR after - just leave them in a covered jar on the counter (or hide them if you have nosy anti-liquor neighbors).

Cover your gin/raisin mix with a plain old paper towel. Worked for me.

Thanks for the update. I have been keeping the raisins covered in a small cream cheese container.

The Golden Raisin/Gin treatments works for my finger joints only. My thumb is still inflamed and painful as are my hips and feet. About as much relief as taking 2 full strength aspirins. Another reader asked if there is any difference in brands of Gin. I have tried 3 brands with no change. Also, to note; I was out of Gin for about a week and just had the raisins every morning and the pain came back. Then I tried just the Gin with no relief, but went back to the combo and again felt relief in my finger joints.

Thanks for the tip.


You're right about the sulphur. I just returned from my doc who had read about the Golden raisin/gin in two separate medical publications, each explaining that the sulphur is what turns them golden and is reactivated when exposed to the gin because of the properties in juniper berries. He is quite the scientific type and researched it well. My pain is left side only, quite severe and due to a spinal injury, not arthritis but I'm going to give this a try. Sulphur has been reported as helpful for centuries (Sulpher baths, natural springs, etc.) so I'm hoping I'll have great results.

I have used gin soaked raisins(9), after four days I felt that my blood pressure is increased and sleeplessness in the night. However, there is enough relief in my knee pain. Kindly inform me whether this was the consequence of Gin soaked raisins? Raksha G.

People's Pharmacy response: We have not heard of these side effects of gin-soaked raisins before. If it doesn't improve, however, it may be the way you react.

I doubt very much if your symptoms are related. I have been taking the raisins for about a year for osteoarthritis in my finger joints and they are very effective. I also am a heart patient and have not had any side effects heartwise and this is with 2 visits per yr to my cardiologist, which would be detected by him and me. Glad you are getting pain relief in your knee ;-) Do what you think is best.

So I have been doing this for a while ( several years)

Works great I use sloe gin taste better.

But my question is: is it still good if you put sloe gin in and hot damn cinnamon schnapps?

I added the hot damn cinnamon schnapps by mistake thinking it was sloe gin till I saw the bottle after putting it in there...

So now it is a mixture of golden grapes and sloe gin and hot damn cinnamon schnapps!...???

Is it still ok to use and will it have the same effect?

Thanks in advance for answers.

You will never taste the liquor. Its absorbed in the raisins. I believe you must use gin. I do not drink any alcohol because I hate the taste. If that is your reason don't worry, you will not taste it. Good luck.

I have read that for some you can feel the difference right away. My husband (doubting Thomas) and I started yesterday. Several hours after taking it I'm going h'mmmmmm. Today I can definitely say the arthritis in my knee is better. I have a bit of gout in my toe and am hoping it will work for that also. Gonna come back with an update in a few weeks.

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