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Archway Coconut Macaroon Cookies For Diarrhea

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This is one of the tastiest and most unusual home remedies we have ever collected.

Donald Agar had suffered from Crohn's disease for many years. Diarrhea was a constant problem. By accident he discovered that Archway Coconut Macaroon cookies helped control the diarrhea better than any medicine he had taken.

Lots of people have written to tell us that eating coconut macaroons has stopped their diarrhea.

This is the essence of home remedies. The discovery relied on serendipity, but Donald also paid attention to how his body responded.We cannot promise that these cookies will work for everyone with serious diarrhea, but for some people they seem to be amazingly helpful. And for mild diarrhea, there is no reason not to try.

  • Currently 3.4/5
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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this remedy work? Average rating: 3.4/5 (329 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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Is it the coconut in the macaroons that helps the diarrhea? I'd rather not have the sugar; however, I've suffered from diarrhea for years, supposedly from just hereditary causes, because there is no other 'disease' related to it, and I'm game for trying anything.

P Maple:
Have you been tested for Celiac Sprue? Diarrhea is one of the many and varied symptoms of this
inherited intolerance to gluten.


I have had personal experience for my daughter who has IBS, and gets diarrhea regularly. We found Slippery Elm has been the only thing that seems to work for her.

Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride (MCT). Most fats in our diets are long chain triglycerides. MCT is absorbed through portal venous channels rather than through lymphatics. Perhaps this is why the macaroons are a successful treatment for diarrhea?

While vacationing in Hawaii several years ago I attended a luau. One of the desserts was a coconut custard, and the staff discretely warned that eating too much of it might cause constipation. As far as I could tell, it was almost pure coconut milk/cream/solids with a little sugar and something to make it gel. So I suspect it is something about coconut that has the effect--desired or not depending on circumstances.

I suffered from violent, sporadic diarrhea for years, often after eating greasy foods. When Olestra (fat substitute) came on the market, I mentioned to my doctor that the side effect warnings were the exact symptoms I suffered from. She suggested that I might have an inability to absorb fats properly (hard to believe because I have a weight problem) and that this condition was the cause of my problem. I started drastically reducing my fat intake, and, voila, the problem disappeared. (Okay, once in awhile I'll have an attack after eating out... I figure the restaurant is using more fat than is easily evident to me.) Perhaps this fat reduction will work for others suffering from the same problem.

My wife has had upset stomach and severe diarrhea for years. It got worse and finally the doctors had to start looking for the cause. Nothing found and she was on all kinds of meds for this problem. A doctor at OHSU told her to try coconut macaroons. 2 in the morn. and 2 in the evening.

All her stomach problems and diarrhea have cleared up. She can't believe it. If she misses the macaroons for 3 days the diarrhea and stomach problems come back. I have since told several of my friends about this. They have tried them and without exception the macaroons have vastly helped or eliminated the diarrhea.

Diarrhea is not my problem, but frequency and urgency are definite problems. So I've been trying the coconut macaroons and they seem to be working! There's still a lot of frequency, but the urgency, which had been the very inconvenient problem, has seemed to disappear. I'm still working on dosage. Am up to about ten a day now. Thank you!

I shared this information with my brother-in-law who'd had diarrhea since radiation treatment on his prostate burned his colon and caused demoralizing daily diarrhea. The macaroons worked for him, and he is elated and actually planning on taking some extended driving trips. He takes two a day. He IS diabetic so my sister makes him a s/f batch.

I have suffered for over 30 yrs with IBS. I get it even when I don't eat anything at all. It is a stress-induced disease and is the no 1 disease in the workplace today. I have never heard of this therapy before, but am willing to try it. Thank you for the info.

I have had ulcerative colitis for 30 years. I have been on all standard meds, and nothing helps. I'm going to try the coconut macaroons. Do you have any other thoughts on ulcerative colitis? It is a life-stopping problem. If anyone has some thoughts I'd be glad to hear them.

My doctor mentioned this as an anecdotal remedy. So I tried two Archway coconut macaroons a day and in two days the urgency stopped and in four days the diarrhea stopped.

Might have been coincidence, but I think not.

I have always blamed my food allergies for my serious diarrhea problem. My allergies are whenever I accidentily eat unclabbered dairy products; all substitute sugars and/or butters and recently mayonnaise; hot spicy foods; preservatives; sulfites; and all lettuce. Within a half hour of ingesting one of these I have severe cramps and diarrhea follows. I use to love ice cream but it does a serious number on me. My other allergies like nsaids cause shortness of breath along with the diarrhea. The only help that I have found so far is Advanced Imodium. I would be grateful for any suggestions that you might have for me to use. Thank you.

I tried the macaroons for the last 2 days; seems to make matters worse rather than stopping diarrhea?

My mother has been suffering from IBS all her life. She is now 86. She also has undergone a partial gastrectomy for peptic ulcers. She saw some improvement on the cookies but became so sick of them she can't eat them often now. She now uses Activa yogurt daily and has cut down the daily 5-7 watery stools to 3-5 pudding-like stools only every few days.

Persimmon fruit is also a great stopper-upper. Fresh or dried, either way. And it doesn't take much, a single piece of fruit (fresh, ~1/3 cup, dried, ~1/4 cup).

If you can't find any in your regular grocery store, try looking in an Asian grocery store. Persimmon is very common in East Asia. And I know larger Korean grocery stores in the US will often sell dried persimmons (called "kahm").

I am so happy with the macaroons. It has stopped my diarrhea, but when I stop them will the diarrhea come back?

About eight years ago, for medical reasons (not weight) nearly 98% of my stomach was removed. Needless to say, chronic diarrhea has been a big, life-changing problem. I never heard about these cookies doing the trick, but I will give them a try. One thing I can say for sure: try and NOT DRINK ANY LIQUIDS right before, during, or right after, eating a meal. I promise this will make a big, big, improvment in your problem. JSW

Diarrhea is an adaptive physiological response to an underlying cause -- your body wants to eliminate something from your GI tract that it is not eliminating through the 3 other major routes of elimination -- lungs, kidneys and skin. Although chronic diarrhea is a problematic symptom, figuring out the cause of your symptom is vital to not suppressing the body's natural mechanisms to bring it back into balance.

Try 100% pure Caoco powder, highly nutrious and stops the watery stools.

My husband had a severe flare of ulcerative colitis three years ago, causing the doctor to discuss surgery. Desperate, we tried the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It is extremely restrictive and requires a lot of cooking and planning. But it beat the alternative - I think that the thing that put him into total remission was the homemade yogurt, incubated 24 hours (to fully break down the lactose). He ate loads of it. Studies are now starting to show the value of probiotics.

I have suffered from diarrhea since I had a radiation implant. I do have good luck with Imodium DM but don't like to take too many chemicals so I only use it sparingly. Tried the cookies and they seem to help quite a bit.

My son had his large intestine removed because of severe ulcerative colitis and has urgency and frequency. I will suggest the Archway coconut macaroons to him. Does everyone who has diarrhea on a chronic basis know about gluten intolerance? It is a main thing to eliminate before you try any folk remedies. The cure is simple and non medical. Just eliminate all wheat, barley, oats and rye from your diet.

Just eat coconut flakes--better than the cookie.

I was diagnoed with lymphaic microscopic colitis. Immodium stopped working. Cholestyramine was a hassle to take. I tried the coconut macaroon cookies and had immediate relief. Two a day a lunch time and I forget that I even have the problem.

You can buy pure coconut oil from health food stores and take a tablespoon several times a day. It will stop diahrrea. You don't need to eat macaroons with all that sugar. Sugar can cause bowel problems in some people. Coconut oil also kills parasites.

Jennie's Macaroons are made with honey instead of sugar for those people avoiding refined sugar. I believe the only other ingredients are coconut and egg whites.

I read the coconut macaroon article and asked my doctor what he thought about using coconut instead of my Chron's medicine. He said that he has seen it work for others and to give it a try and to also add pineapple for the noninflammatory properties.

I have been eating a large pinch of coconut in the morning and again in the evening for 5 months and have no Chron's symptoms. I do add the pineapple a couple of times a week.

Very informative. I did not know about the use of coconut oil for diarrhea. I did know about the antiviral affects. Thanks.

yes my grandson has crohns and i buy him the archway cookies macaroons they really help him ! but i have looked all over for them . they are real hard to find ! i live in Indianapolis ,IN and i have went from store to store they dont carry the macaroons that much at all ! archway needs to know this and start geting them back in the stores ! we need them . gas is too much for me to try and find them !

People's Pharmacy response: Other brands of coconut macaroons might also work. Some people bake their own.

I have recently found out about how macaroons can help with Chron's. I have since been eating them along with my family for about four month's. And I was able to cut my meds by 3/4 with NO side affects. I love eating them, and not only for the help that they are giving me. The only problem now is that we are having a real hard time finding them in two counties in our state.

I have a friend who has this problem and we have all been looking for these Archway coconut macaroons for 2/3 weeks, Where can they be purchased? Would any kind of Macaroons work or must it be Archway? His sister makes them and they are wonderful, but don't have the required effect. He is 5/6 years post colon cancer and has had multiple testings in last year with no solution to this frequency problem. thanks for help. I am a nurse and love your suggestions since they work!!!

My husband and I had a severe bought with food poisoning in late May. We had cube steaks on the grill, brussel sprouts, and salad (lettuce, tomato, green peppers). We were very ill for 2 days, and did not eat normally for 1 week except for the brat diet, no appetites. Then all the news came out about tomatos and peppers causing problems. He is fine now but I am still having problems, diarrhea and urgency. What tests will my Dr. run to see if I still have some bad bacteria in my system?

I found that coconut macaroon cookies from the "dollar" store worked just as well as the Archway ones at a much lower cost.

Archway cookies are hard to find locally, so I just found a recipe online. Very simple, no flour or egg, just coconut flakes, sweetened condensed milk, salt, vanilla & almond extracts. They are really good and they are helping my daughter who has colitis. Coconut Oil would be good too if you don't want the sugar from the condensed milk.

My 15-year-old son was diagnosed with crohn's a year ago and couldn't gain weight. He also consistently lacked energy. After trying "typical" American fattening foods, I started making him daily smoothies with the base of full fat coconut milk, some coconut oil, a bit of shredded coconut, plain yogurt, frozen pineapple and mango, protein powder and honey. He has now been gaining weight and no longer has frequent bathrooms visits...and the pain he was having is gone! He's generally more energetic and has a decent appetite now.

After having my gallbladder removed, I developed severe diarrhea; it didn't seem to matter what I ate, just that I ate; and about 10 minutes later I would be running for a bathroom! Horribly embarassing, because sometimes I didn't make it. My friend helped me research this problem on the internet, and we discovered that it *is* a side effect of a cholecystectomy, called "Bile Salt Diarrhea." I take a big fat pill every night, Colestid, which acts as a sponge to soak up excess bile in my system. I still have breakthrough at times. I have tried the macaroons, but can't figure out if they help or not. I will try the coconut flakes now, and the coconut oil. Thanks for the article and feedback.

I have used the cookies for a number of years and they work! Now that Archway is out of business are there any recipes that come close to the cookie?


my mother-in-law suffers from diarrhea and we was buying the archway coconut macaroons cookies but now we can not find them anywhere . I don't know but have they stopped making them? That is the only thing that works for her the medicine does not work at all. T. S.


Where is everyone buying the Archway coconut macaroons - I have searched the web for 2 hours and cannot come up with a site that sells them - help please! Thanks!!


I tried to buy Archway cookies. They are out of business and therefore not available.

Instead of the cookies....

It's the a bag of shredded coconut........

Trust me it works wonders.....

I have found "toasted macaroons" from CVS Pharmacy over X'mas. They are not cheap. They are from:
Crown Candy Co., Macon GA.
Their brand is: "Homestyle Candies."

I cant find the macaroons anywhere anymore, do you know where I can buy them?

I heard about this as a remedy for dogs' diarrhea and found that it worked very well, AND I didn't have to force the dogs to eat them. However, Archway is indeed out of business. I have searched grocery stores & the Internet for a substitute with no success except for very expensive ones or recipes. A friend bought me something called "coconut macaroons" from the grocery store's bakery, more expensive than the Archway's and completely void of real coconut. Read the ingredients!

I had ulcerative proctitis on and off for 30 years, and my doctor (board certified gastroenterologist) said give them a try. Ridiculous as it sounded, I went out and immediately bought some and they worked. I don't put much stock in homespun remedies, and this seemed more than off the wall. But now I'm a believer. Of course Archway went bankrupt and they are nowhere to be found at the grocery stores.

I found a wonderful and easy answer to diarrhea that always occurred after eating fresh fruits. I take about 1/4 of a sheet of "Matzo"--(used during Passover for Jewish people) after eating fresh fruits like strawberries, oranges, apples, peaches, etc. etc. etc. It works like a charm, and Matzo doesn't have the sugar in it that macaroons do, although I might try the macaroons and see how they work.

I have been diagnosed with Crohns disease, and have frequent diarrhea daily. I picked up plain coconut macaroons today. And will eat two in the morning and 1 in the evening and will let you know if they help in a few days.

Kroger and publix grocery stores told me that Archway had gone out of business in November 2008.

I have suffered from UC flare-ups on occasion. I heard about the coconut macaroons 5 years ago but I hadn't had a flare-up in almost 10 years. In Jan I had a flare-up and my doctor tried 3 different meds on me to no avail. I had been having lose stools, excessive foul smelling gas, and cramping since Jan 4. On Feb 21 I was in a Cracker Barrel country store and I bought the toasted macaroons made by Crown Candy Corp of Macon, GA. I have had six of them over the past 3 days. The lose stools, cramping, excessive gas symptoms are all gone.

This is just incredible. These taste better than the Archway brand in my opinion but it may be because of the sugar, which I don't have a problem with. I never write comments but this worked so well and I'm so elated I just had to. Hopefully the word will get out to those who suffer symptoms that limit their life style. GOD Bless all.

Archway has been bought by "Josephine" I am unable to locate the macaroons in Pa., N. Carolina, Delaware. If you know of a source please share!! They do work for diarrhea. A cancer survivor with bowel damage from radiation!!

My husband had radiation in 1998 for colon cancer and has suffered diarrhea spurts since, how much coconut oil can one use?

I found mini coconut macaroon cookies at Trader Joe's (their own brand). They are pre-packaged in 1 lb plastic tubs for $3.49 which I thought was reasonable. They are very tasty. Ingredients: coconut, sugar, corn syrup, egg whites, baking soda, natural flavor, salt and milk. Unfortunately, many states don't have Trader Joe's.

Jennies macaroons - the ones made with just coconut, honey and egg whites that were mentioned earlier in the comments - do not seem to be available to me locally. Jennies come in 8 oz cans and cost $3-$5 a can. If you google them you will find several websites that carry them. The company that makes them only sells them in lots of 12 cans for $45 so you might want to try them before ordering that many.

I've read that Lance bought Archway and rehired the laid off workers but I have no idea if they will again make coconut macaroons.

I just bought 2 packages of Archway coconut macaroons at Winn Dixie in South Florida. They've worked in the past. I sure hope they work again. What's a good way to incorporate coconut milk into diet? Just drink it straight?

Lance purchased Archway and
they are producing the Coconut Macaroons. Hopefully you can find them in your local store.
I have a family member who has had problems and she eats 1 coconut macaroon in the morning and one in the evening and this has helped her.

Good Luck

Interesting information. It certainly helps if you have to 'take your medicine' to do it in the form of cookies BUT watch eating the processed foods especially for individuals dealing with IBS or any other chronic condition...why not try buying a fresh coconut and chewing on that!

If the coconut works for you - you will have all the benefits without the long term detriments of processed food consumption!

be well,

Are you kidding? I avoid coconut most of the time. Eating even a little bit causes instant diarrhea. It's like eating a bunch of tiny razor blades. I Googled around to see why coconut hurts my stomach so much (I have IBS) and found this article saying it HELPS? It renders me useless for days after eating. Pain, diarrhea, and loud intestinal gurgling... It literally is the most painful thing for me to eat. I can hardly believe people with IBS, etc. are recommending eating a bag of coconut. I think that would probably put me in the hospital...

A summary of the previous comments, and more:
1) Food items:
coconut macroons
coconut flakes
coconut oil
coconut milk
2) Brands:
Crown candies (homestyle candies)(CVS, Walmart,...)
Archway --> Lance
Trader Joe's
3)Precautions - Read the label.
some macaroons have artificial coconut
some macaroons have ingredients that some people are intolerant to, such as:
egg, wheat (gluten is in wheat, oats, barley, and rye), soy, milk (lactose).
4) Where to buy macaroons:
CVS, Walmart,Wegmans,...
Also try Google search text: "where to buy coconut macaroons"

Take care folks.

My husband suffers a great deal from Ulcerative Colitis. We heard about the coconut macaroon "treatment" on the show and are very glad we did!
His colitis is not cured but, the debilitating cramps are gone and he says he truly believes his symptoms have become less severe since eating the macaroons. It should be noted that his Colitis is quite unrelenting. He takes prescribed Lialda as well.

We got the macaroons ours Whole Foods. There were two kinds there and he felt that one worked better than the other for him. The brand name is GEFEN.
Good luck to you all!

I find Archway at my Publix Super Market in Florida

I could not find the macaroons, but have been eating two or three teaspoons of shredded coconut twice a day....(I had a bowel resection four years ago and have suffered from diarrhea since then). It has been about two weeks now and there has been an amazing change... I have already cut down my immodium use.... Thank you to all the above suggestions. This has changed my life!

In Indianapolis, Indiana Target Superstores have macaroons in the bakery section.

I think I read an article in the Peoples Pharmacy about a man using coconut
cookies for his dog's diarrhea. I have been giving my lhaso apso one cookie
a day as a treat for several months. He has always been a fussy eater, leading to hit or miss bowel movements for years. Since the coconut experiment his poop literally bounces off the sidewalk, every time. I have only one concern. Will the amount of sugar in a cookie every day have any bad effects over the long haul? comments please.

Does this cookie have partially hydrogenated oil? If so, not good.

I just bought some Coconut Macaroons cookies at Vons.

I too was diagnosed with U.C. back in July of this year. Been on a significant dose of Asacol since.

I have read about the coconut phenomenon and bought a can of coconut milk from Trader Joes and had 1/4 cup of it with each meal and only after two days my symptoms subsided and the cramps were all but gone.

I noticed people try different brands of cookies and so forth. But I believe the best way is to take it as far back as you can. It isn't the sugars and the flavorings that are necessary although they could make it more palatable. However those extra ingredients have negative consequences especially if you are watching your weight, have issue with diabetes, and so on.

So what I do is I buy the actual coconut with the shell and all. Crack the shell and grate the flesh and there you have the freshest, unadulterated product. You can make coconut milk, cookies, and all sorts of foods with shredded coconut or milk to your hearts content. You don't have to be stuck with the cookies! You just need to know a little bit about how to get to the flesh and a few recipes. Write me back if you're interested and I will share.

Where can I buy these now that Archway bankrupted? It is so true they work!! Any leads?

I have had microscopic colitis for almost 3 years and a friend mentioned to me that she read an article in the newspaper that coconut macaroon cookies helped prevent dirrhea. At that point, I would try anything, so I gave the cookies a try and the rest is history. I can now go anywhere without the worry of my uncontrolable problem!!!!! I call it my miracle!!!!!

You can substitute xylitol for sugar. It is just as sweet but doesn't irritate the bowels the way sugar does.


Kroger now carries the coconut macaroon cookies. They worked like a miracle for my grandmother. Maybe not for everyone, but certainly worth a try.

I've seen here several posts that Archway has gone out of business. If they were out of business it seems as though it was just to regroup. Winn-Dixie carries them.

Hi Daniel,

I saw your posts about recipes for coconut milk and am interested. My husband works at Winn-Dixie and I just asked him to get me some coconut milk. After reading your post I really would like to try it.

I had most of the symptoms associated with IBS for over 5 years. During the 1/31/2010 radio broadcast with Dr. Mimi Guarneri, she mentioned that magnesium supplements can cause watery stool problems. I was taking a multi-vitamin with minerals (brand name A to Z (available at Walgreens)). I checked the list of ingredients and there are 2 different forms of Mg in those vitamin pills. I stopped taking those vitamins on Sunday, 2/1/10. Since then, the IBS symptoms have disappeared even when I eat what were formerly "trigger" foods for the IBS. It seems as though my IBS symptoms were being caused by a vitamin pill.

Archway and its sister company, Mothers, went bankrupt due to repeated buyouts, bad business decisions, decline in product quality and questionable accounting practices. They have been bought out (yet again) this time by Lance. It is possible to find Archway cookies, but you'll be better off buying another brand. For instance, Amazon sells Jennie's all-natural macaroons & you can buy six 8-oz. stay-fresh cans for under $20.

Of course, if you make your own, you can control the quality even better & use organic ingredients. They're pretty simple -- there are tons of recipes on the net. It's not the label but the ingredients that are responsible for the effect. And if you make your own, you can choose what sweeteners you use, as well as the amount. Also, if you make your own, you could add pure cocoa powder if you find that additionally effective for you. Heck, go all the way and throw in some persimmon puree! I've heard about this for years; I'm not bothered right now -- I take acidophilus daily and that seems to do the trick for me.

I used coconut water in a can and it also helps.

Thanks for the summary!!!

The thing to remember about intestinal illnesses such as IBS or IBD is that every case is different, and different things work for different people. by the same token, different things aggravate different people. Both my husband and son have Crohn's, and the course of their illnesses are not remotely alike.

I can see how raw coconut might be like 'eating razor blades'; I find that it makes me cough and sneeze. Cooked, however, it is not a problem. Have you tried coconut oil or coconut milk? The problem might be the texture of the flakes rather than the substance itself.

I've lived with a 'Crohner' for 30 years, and I know that all you can do is find what works for you. Good luck with that!

It is August 2010 and Archway can't be out of business as Publix carries a full line of Archway cookies and includes the coconut macaroon cookies which I plan to try.

Not only does coconut help my only rare diar...ea, it has also eliminated my chronic 20+ year constipation (hypothyroidism and sjogrens caused). I mixed flaked coconut and crushed pineapple with Greek yogurt and became "regular". A friend also finds it consistently works for her!

Archway Cocoanut Macaroons really work. I had chronic diarrhea, going 6 to 10 times a day. I started eating 2 archway cocoanut macroons every morning and by the first day, I was only going once a day. I still have loose stools but at least it is only once a day instead of all day. I read the comments posted on this website and thought I would try this out. This product really works!!

I had ulcerative colitis for 13 years. I had been on azathioprine for years. I developed malignant melanoma. To make a long story short, my Dr. said I had to have my colon removed. This was the worst mistake ever. I have had severe diarrhea since. About 50 times a day. So far nothing they have tried has helped. meds.. etc.. my butt is so raw I am miserable and depressed. I am trying the coconut macaroons far... it's not working... btw.. I have taken lomotil... Imodium ad.. and nothing has touched it... SO DON"T HAVE YOUR COLON REMOVED!

Oh I was also in the hospital the first time for 5 weeks.. (they ruptured my bowel wall). I got blood clots in my legs.. then when I finally got out I got really sick one weekend and the blood clots had went to my lungs... I am lucky to be alive... after 4 surgeries... and I see no end in sight..

I have Crohn's disease. I had part of my colon removed 8 years ago. My sister told me about Archway Coconut Macaroons. I tried them a while; thought that I was better; quit eating them; I started having problems again. Back to the Macaroons. I do not miss eating them anymore. When I was unable to purchase Archway, I made my own. They are easy and very good, but I would have to make them every three or four days. I even list them when doctors want to know what medications I am taking. I recommend them to anyone that I know that have bowel problems.

I am SO sorry to hear of your being that sick. I hope you are better now after all the bad experiences you've suffered. Merry Christmas! and best wishes for a healthier New Year.

Coconut macaroons helped my son with ulcerative colitis better than ANY med he's been on. I'm a believer! Get the ones that are made from coconut, eggs, and honey. Two a day will do it.

My teenage son was just diagnosed with Crohn's after months of daily diarrhea per biopsies. We are trying to avoid gluten in his diet (a Crohn's irritant) so I make him macaroons using the recipe on the back of the package, leaving out the sugar (okay, I toss in a handful of chocolate chips - we all think they are delicious!), best of all... after eating handfuls of them for the past couple of weeks or so - the constant diarrhea has subsided, AND he is starting to gain back some of the 22lbs that fell off him over the past months.

6 tbsp flour (I use sweet rice flour) 1/4 tsp salt, 1 tsp almond or vanilla extract, 4 egg whites, 1 14oz pkg of coconut, recipe also calls for 2/3 c sugar - which I leave out. 325 degrees until tops turning light brown (15-20 mins)

My father was from Puerto Rico. When we kids got diarrhea he would take about a cup of white rice boil it in about 4 cups of water until the rice boiled apart.It would make a liquid like "soup". He would give us a quarter cup of this liquid with a bit of honey or sugar added to it to make it taste better. We were instructed to drink it all. Diarrhea would be gone within an hour or two. I still use this remedy today and it works every time.

I have problems with IBS & frequent, diet-provoked diarrhea (anything with lots of fiber like cabbage, raw veggies & fruits, etc). I have also had my gallbladder removed so I have to be careful about fat intake & problems with dumping. I tried the macaroons today & was pleased that they did not cause diarrhea. If they continue to be successful, can I then start to eat things like salad, cooked vegetables, maybe even some raw fruit? Or, do I still need to avoid all these foods? (A low fiber/low residue diet is such a drag!)

cookies did not help me at all... have ulcerative colitis.

How many days did your wife have to eat the cookies before they stopped
her diarrhea?

Thanks, Billie

Did you find any help, our daughter is 18 and is unable to attend School, her ulcerative Colitis is so bad they have not been able to put it into remission. Any help is appreciated. She is wasting away is under 100 pounds now. Her Grad dress no longer fits and she is so depressed.

I have been eating 2 of the archway coconut macaroon cookies in the morning and 2 at bedtime. So far my diarrhea has stopped. Mine is caused by taking elmiron which is for interstitial cyctis. If I don't take the meds I am in a lot of pain and when I do I get the diarrhea I can't even make it to the bathroom most of the time. Try the cookies for your daughter.
They have helped me tremendously.


Just a thought, but it sounds like you are possibly lactose intolerant and have adult type Celiac. I suggest you take Lactaid pills whenever you're having any dairy products; also try drinking Lactaid Milk. Try taking Acidophilus or Acidophilus @ Probiotic Complex to help your digestion problems. (Available for sure at Trader Joe's) Good luck! bdp

I just bought Archway Coconut Macaroon Cookies at Tom Thumb in Dallas, TX. I will try them and see if it helps.

Coconut really stirs me up inside and GIVES me diarrhea too! Coconut flour is awesome for low carb or gluten-free diets, and I can't use it because of this! I seem to be able to handle some coconut milk though. I am glad to hear I'm not the only one - this post and all its' replies shocked me.

Have had problems with diarrhea for last 3 mths.. Had gastric bypass surgery 5 1/2 years ago and no problems til recently. My doctor recommended the coconut macaroons but I am worried about the sugar in them


My son has Crohn's Disease and The SCD and especially the SCD Yogurt has saved his life.

I lost my entire summer due to Crohns disease & diverticulitis. I have used Immodium daily for at least last 5 years. When my daughter told me to give macaroons a try I thought oh well. BUT SHE WAS SO

Stellar results, I took 3 my first dose, 2 later that night, and then so far 2 and 2 as instructed; no bm for 3 days so far. So I'll chase tomorrow with a shot of coconut oil (virgin). Just so people realize I was diagnosed with Crohn's 2 years ago, and after gall bladder issues. I have had the runs since 10/05/2011 due to a cold medicine (Robitussin) which caused the flare up. Pomegranate juice didn't do it this time.

This is amazing; however, now coconut will be put in the The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and cost $20,000.00/lb. at least! ;-)) I remember in hospitals how we kept our mouths shut about Goldenseal stopping the "flu" back in the 70s, for the same reason; and it does if taken when the first symptoms start - aches, pains, fatigue. One is all that should be taken and lie down - it'll put you into a deep sleep for about 2hrs and Voila, you awake well, feeling like a truck hit you. By the way, it does not do that if you are not sick!

Adding my comment about developing an IBD illness & lactose intolerance after a bout with C difficile toxin: I also, around the same time developed a bad allergy to any molds. Someone mentioned being short of breath with nsaids along with the bowel symptoms. That also happens to me.

After going around taking lactaid pills and probiotics and feeling even more miserable, I discovered that many meds and supplements are made with an aspergillus process, and really believe that it makes some people worse. I will have a burning throughout my esophagus, bad allergy symptoms, until it gets to a point of diarrhea if I eat, take anything with mold, or get too exposed to certain kinds.

My niece has Crohn's and has suffered from unremitting diarrhea for months. She started eating homemade macaroons (1 per day, 12.5 grams of dried coconut per macaroon).

She had a dramatic improvement in her diarrhea in less than a week and actually had to reduce to one macaroon every other day.

I'm a person that loves double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, but in this case there was no reason not to try one cookie a day.

my husband has been suffering with diarrhea during his chemo treatments for esophageal cancer.....we tried a cheap brand of macaroon cookies two days ago...and so more attacks! Amazing!! Thank you all for your testimonies!

Conway, AR. I had Gallbladder removal in Dec 2012 and was shocked by the after life after that I wasn't told about. After every meal diarrhea. I have a super wife as my best friend, she searched the internet for information about my problem and found many others telling their likeness stories. The most effective has been the Coconut Macaroon Cookies she found at one of our two local Kroger Stores in Conway. I read on this site that Archway was out of business, BUT found that a company called HOMESTYLE had taken up the recipe. Not certain but believe it is a Kroger Generic Brand Name.

I also have uc. I was wondering if the cookies worked for you? I have been on the standard meds for 3 years and can't begin to count how many times diah has interrupted my life. Thanks, Carla

Could this be C-diff?? You'd need to be tested by stool samples...ask your doctor!

Charcoal stops diarrhea immediately. (20 min) I never travel without it. If it continues maybe you should try probiotics. My doctor recommended saccharomyces boulardii. I had tried other probiotics, but this one is the only one that worked for me.

My daughter suffered from IBS in high school. Peppermint oil capsules before each meal did the trick. She took them for a couple of years and no longer needs them. I think I read turmeric also works. Try it.

I was in Mexico and a few months ago I got some bad chicken and developed some serious diarrhea.

The only thing I had on hand was d-mannose powder. I did realize that if the diarrhea was caused by anything but e-coli there would probably be no effect.

FYI, d-mannose makes it impossible for e-coli to stick to the body and it gets excreted in the urine.

It worked like a charm. I was so glad I decided to find out if it would work.

Also, chances are there would be NO negative effects even if the diarrhea was not stopped.

D-mannose has also helped many people with UTI's (urinary tract infections) when those are caused by e-coli.

Why not just try taking coconut oil? It has a lot of good uses..even cured my psoriasis by accident.

how much did you take each day? For the psoriasis, did you take it internally or put it on externally?

When I read this at least a year ago, I searched for the macaroons and was never able to find them. Any suggestions?
D. Pate

What may be of help - as far as trying to find an ongoing supply of macaroon cookies - may very well be the INTERNET. Rather than spending time and money trying to go from store to store or county to county to find your macaroon cookies, just Start Your Computer, Open your "Search Engine" Key in "Macaroon Cookies" and see where it takes you. I'm home-bound and that sounds like a logical and practical move to me.

I've ordered other things online that I couldn't find locally and it proved to be very effective (i.e. I ordered a case of a Special Curling Shampoo that neither my grocery or drugstore carried any longer.) Within less than a week the case arrived at my doorstep - at a very reasonable cost for a person on fixed income.

I'm going to pursue this avenue today to procure my own macaroon cookies. You might even want to Key In "Archway or Jennie's Macaroon Cookies" specifically, and call or see if the company is willing to sell their cookies by the case to a private individual. All they can say is "No" then you go on to the next online source. Sooner or later, you're likely to find one that would sell a case to you. Good Luck!

Does anyone know if the Manishevitz (sp?)macaroons work? The store near my house is flooded with them right now. Thanks.

Simple coconut treat to help diarrhea: 1TBSP coconut oil (cold pressed-organic), 1TBSP raw honey (I use organic farm raw honey) And 3-4 round TBSP on unsweetened coconut flakes. Mix oil and honey together until smooth then add flakes. I like it more on the dry side so I added more flakes. you can shape them into ball, for flatten them like thin mint cookies and place them in the refrigerator. I snacked on a few and sipped on coconut water. Diarrhea gone in a day. I just read about pineapple helping with the inflammation so next time I'll either add pineapple juice to my water or a few pineapple pieces in the the coconut treats.

I live in Buffalo, NY. We have Tops Markets and Wegman's. Where can I buy Coconut macaroons?

Would Coconut oil softgel capsules work in the same way?

Coconut macaroons aren't always available, especially if you travel. I always take with me a few charcoal tablets as they halt both vomit and diarrhea within 20minutes. Nothing works as fast with something like food poisoning.

I had diarrhea for 1 yr. out of the blue while shopping, my stomach began to have bad cramps and I ran for a bathroom. Out it came, "MONTEZUMA" left my car and drove home, got out of my car and, MONTEZUMA" again. Ran for the shower, clothes and all. Never before had this happened to me. If I had an app. I couldn't eat or drink anything. Tried the pink stuff, and a few other home things. Nothing worked. Even being at home, I couldn't always make it to the john on time. I had a lot of laundry for a yr. also the floor got washed more than usual. Went to my dr. and got a script for a med. no, it did not work. Called my dr. and got another script for a med. No it did not work.

I was a prisoner in my home! Afraid to go anyplace because I never knew when I'd get my stomach cramps. Sometimes I'd have 4-5 montezumas in a day. Had a colonoscopy. Neg. No problem thank goodness, rec. a script, didn't work. Called dr. was given another script. Didn't work. More diarrhea, and more diarrhea. I was besides myself. Went to see a GI specialist. She told me to try a probiotic for 1 mo. It's called" Align".... it's not cheap but I was desperate. After 1 mo. I was Montezuma free. Since it's not a medication I stayed on Align, probiotic for another mo. and so far so GOOD. Hope that this info will help someone because I know the pain you must be going thru. good luck!!!!!

Where can I get the recipe for the Coconut Macaroons or will just any coconut macaroons work?

People's Pharmacy response: Here's the recipe:
Coconut Macaroon Cookies

2 2/3 cups shredded coconut
2/3 cup sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
1 tsp. almond extract
4 egg whites

Mix ingredients well, drop by teaspoonfuls on greased cookie sheet and bake for 20 minutes at 325 degrees (or until lightly brown). Remove immediately from cookie sheet when done.

Carolyn from Virginia kindly shared this recipe, which her grandchildren love.

I've found a peeled, mashed apple or 2 if needed, to be best cure for diarrhea. Another cure that works. Gingivitis can be cured by brushing your teeth with Ivory soap. This info was given to me by a military dentist while serving overseas in WW2.

My husband was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis a number of years ago. I asked his doctor if there could be a food connection. He pooh-poohed it. Even with prednisone my husband continued to have real problems.

During a particularly acute flare-up, the doctor was on vacation so we saw one of his partners -- and we're so thankful. This doctor was well aware of dietary connections, saying that some foods are common offenders but they are different in everyone.

My husband went on an elimination diet (google it!)and discovered red meat was his trigger. I have a friend for whom it was diary. It's been many years now, with no more attacks and no meds (though his doctor has him taking large quantities of Omega 3 fatty acids).

I just wanted to ask that, is it the coconut in Coconut Macaroon cookies that helps to control the diarrhea or it is just that all the ingredients in combination have a good effect on diarrhea ?

About the maccaroons : Go to any Jewish / kosher food store at Passover time (roughly the same as Easter). There You will find all kosher brands of coconut maccaroons: Manishewitz, Gefen, Streits, Osterreicher, Mishpocha - the list is endless. The maccaroons are in cans or boxes and can be ordered for you in large quantities. If there are no kosher or Jewish food stores near you, look in your tel directory for a Chabad or Chabad Center. Ask for the Rabbi, he will surely find them for you.

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