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Allergy to Vicks VapoRub?

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Q. Have you ever heard of anyone being allergic to Vicks VapoRub? A few days ago I had some congestion, and instead of taking a decongestant I decided to try rubbing a small amount of Vicks on my chest before going to bed.  The next morning the area where I had rubbed the Vicks was red and warm to the touch and very itchy. Over the next two days, it went from itching to burning and the area showed little bumps.   

A. We wouldn't be at all surprised that you could be allergic to ingredients in Vicks. People can be allergic to almost anything, from prescription drugs to herbs. From now on, we suggest you stay away from Vicks VapoRub and its ingredients (camphor, eucalyptus oil, menthol, cedarleaf oil, nutmeg oil, thymol and turpentine oil).   
  • Currently 3.5/5
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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 3.5/5 (53 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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My wife has a serious allergy problem which has left her skin around her neck & facial area scarred. We haven't found anything that can remove the marks.This is now spreading although she hasn't used vicks vaporub in a while.... please help..

Our daughter had a similar outbreak. We put vaporub on her shirt before bed. It seeped through into her skin and the next morning her skin had broken out into hives. Following this reaction the hives went away and produced small bump-like blisters. I can't believe this isn't listed as a side effect anywhere on the bottle.

Three days ago I applied vicks to the center of my chest before going to bed. The next morning the area where I applied the vicks was red, very itchy with little bumps. What can I do to get rid of this condition?

My husband was sick about a year ago. We put that vicks baby bath in his water and then some on his body before he went to sleep. After about an hour he was shivering and had hot and cold flashes. We had to take him to the hospital. The doctor informed us that this is a not unheard of reaction to vicks.

I tried Vicks during a respiratory illness and had trouble breathing. The strong odor really sent my airways into a spasm. Will avoid it from now on.

I put Vicks on my throat and chest for severe congestion. The next morning I woke up with a large, red, raised and itchy wheal about 2 inches around over the area on my larynx. It is still there and itches. This has happened twice now. The first time, I thought maybe it was just because I used it when I had a fever and the skin couldn't breathe, but now I know I've had an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients. I guess I can't use it again!

My five year old daughter has a bad cough so last night I rubbed some Vicks on her chest. Today I noticed a rash on the same area when I went to reapply before bedtime so of course I didn't put any more on her. I have used Vicks on her a couple of times before when she had a cold and she didn't have a reaction like this. I guess she has developed an allergy and I will now be cautious before using it on her younger brother or her from now on.

I had put some vicks on my 6 year old's chest before he went to bed because he had a stuffy nose and chest cold. The next day he was itching all over and had difficulty breathing. I did't think it was related until the next night when it happened just half an hour after I applied it to his chest again.

I too have had the same reaction as many folks that have posted here. With a terrible cold, I rubbed vicks on my chest at bed time, it seemed to help, so I repeated the vicks rub the next night but when I woke up my chest was itching. After taking a shower, I found that my chest was covered in tiny red, blister like bumps, itchy, red and burning. Its awful. I am not sure why this isn't posted on their label.

my husband and our families have used Vicks for years and years; it cleared up my husband's toenail fungus; I rub it on the soles of my feet at bedtime to open up my head when I have a cold; I just bought the tube of Vick's that does not have petroleum; It is non greasy;
How long has Vick's been made in Mexico? I noticed that the tube of Vick's was made in Mexico IF the newer batches are made there, maybe their ingredients (generic/poor quality versions a la Chinese junk) might just be changed? I have nothing good to say for generics made in china; maybe some from the mexico plant was imported from china. (That might account for a sudden allergy to what used to not be....)
We adore Vick's; when I can not get it, I use Soltace. S. H., Branson, MO

I rubbed Vick's all over my neck and chest because I was congested. The next day, I woke up with a huge red rash all over my neck and chest. It seemed to lighten as the day went on, but when I woke up the next day, it was bright red again and itchy. So now not only do I have a cold, but I have a weird rash on my body. I am going to have to wear a turtleneck because the rash in on my neck too. I hope this goes away soon. If it lasts a few more days, I'm going to the doctor. I agree with everyone, it's ridiculous skin rash isn't listed as a possible side effect!

I have used vicks my entire life (I am now 59) with no problems. About a month ago, I put it on my chest and neck area as I was all stuffed up. Next day I had a red, bumpy itchy area where I had put the vicks vaporub. I discontinued using it. After 2 weeks, the rash went away. Last week I did the same thing, thinking the time before was an isolated incident. Wrong! It happened again so I called the doctors office (closing that day for 2 weeks) and was told to take benedryl.

That helped, as well as putting baby powder on the rash itself. First of all, I finally realized the container was outdated!! (please check the expiry date!!! That could have been the problem but upon searching the internet, I also found out many other people who use it had the same reaction.) You can be sure I won't try it for a 3rd time.

I've used Vicks all my life with no problem until about a year ago. I applied it to my neck and the next morning I woke up with that itchy rash in the exact area I applied it. The bottle was expired so I threw it out immediately and vowed to never use anything expired again. Last night, I was having a really hard time with a bad cough, so I put some UNEXPIRED Vicks on my chest and neck and guess what happened?

The rash appeared in the exact same spot it was last year. (Only on my neck which is the only place I applied it last year). I was told to use hydrocortizone cream to help with the itchiness, and thanks to the above poster for suggesting Benedryl. I'm never using Vicks again!!!!

I had a bad experience with Vicks Vapo-Rub about a week ago. I had received an e-mail saying that if you put Vicks on your feet and then socks it will help stop a bad cough. Well my husband and I were both sick with colds so I had my husband try it and I did not. Within an hour of him putting it on his feet I started having a terrible time with congestion in my chest that I could not clear. I ended up in the Hospital ER room because I kept choking. I told them what happened and they did not do anything about it but we immediately threw it away. People need to know what happened to me because I never felt that it would have affected me that way since I did not use it but it did. Use with caution.

How long before these symptoms wear off? my 24 year old daughter had a reaction: chills and tight chest after using Vicks.

My poor 3yo boy has a cough, I put vicks on his chest last night and like everyone else, he has awoken today with a red itchy rash in the area that it was applied. Vicks has been used in my family for years and unfortunately I shall be looking for a different alternative as I don't want this to happen to my other children, or myself.

Tonight, my 5 year old was struggling with a horrid cough and could not sleep. My wife had put some Vicks on her feet to help her sleep and calm down the cough. Within 15 minutes, our daughter was awake and complaining that her feet were itching. I looked closely and her entire body was breaking out in hives. It continued to get worse and I called a friend who is a pediatrician and he suggested that we give her benedryl.

It's been over an hour and she still has the hives, but they don't seem to be getting any worse and she is now in a deep sleep. Still watching and debating on taking her to the ER due to concerns over H1N1.

We have applied Vicks Vaporub on my 18 months old baby (on his chest and back) almost 1 months before, but still he has reddening the skin and rashes on both side. we feel its increasing everyday.. what we can do? please advise me.

Used Vaporub last night on my chest as I had a bad cold and awoke with a very red, itchy chest the next morning. It's driving me crazy. Used Vaporub for years and years with no problems before this. Wondering what to use to get rid of the itching.

I had a similar situation - used vicks vaporub on my chest and neck and the following morning came out in a red rash with raised bumps. Very itchy and painful indeed. I used piraton and an aloe vera soother and also sudocrem but neither worked. I called the doctor who advised me to get claritin and camomile lotion.

I have been using vicks every so often, and applied it to under my nose before bed. The next day I wake up and all day I have a swelled feeling in my nose. The outside even swells. No more vicks for me.

If you would read the instructions it says not put the product in or around your nose. Read the directions!

D, I read the instructions. On the jar in front of me (which supposedly expires 91742709H1 May 11, whatever that means) part of the instructions read, "Do not use by nostrils....

Okay, so when I got stuffed up a couple of nights ago (seasonal thing, I'm sure) I dabbed some Vicks on the sides of each nostril and thought no more about it. However, since then I've noticed a red itchy rash on both sides of the nose...right where I'd applied the Vicks. Not sure if there's any connection, but I'm throwing out that jar as soon as I "hang up the phone."

Have no idea how to get rid of the rash though. I did put a little honey in the area, for what that's supposed to be worth. I sort of hope Vicks is the culprit (or maybe the sun?) because trying to track down the cause can be a royal pain in the neck.

Yup ditto here.

I'm 42, and have a bad chest cold. So, two nights ago, I rubbed vicks vaporub on my chest. Did the same last night.

This afternoon, I my chest grew itchier and itchier. I went into the bathroom and checked it in the mirror: Totally red rash in exactly the places I'd rubbed the vicks.
Now, it's almost 3:00 am, and I'm here online typing this in this forum (which I found by doing a google search; trying to see if there's been any co-relation to these incredibly itchy blisters I now have on my chest that are keeping me from sleeping).
I guess I'm not alone.

Weird though, I know as a kid my mom used to do this to me all the time. Something must have changed in the formula?

I've also got a rash on my chest, I used Vicks that was outdated. I went to the doctor and they provided me with a Allergy tablet and some Bendryl Lotion to rub on my chest. I shall inform you if it clears it up :)

Since more than ten years I have been using eucalyptus oil, at first just smelling it helped, now have gone on to sucking strong eucalyptus cough drops to stop my allergic cough. It still helps, even stops asthma attacks. It seems to work fine for me. What I don't understand is that at the same time I react highly allergic to eucalyptus oil on my skin. Does that make sense? And is the long-term use of eucalyptus (hopefully) harmless?

Several nights ago, I rubbed vicks onto my 7 year old daughters chest when she had a head cold for 2 consecutive nights., but it wasn't until another day later she developed a rash on her chest which was red, raised and burning, exactly where I had rubbed the vicks. The next night I gave her a cough lolly to suck, and a few minutes passed before I realized it was a Vicks Vapodrop, I then promptly told her to spit it out, and in a panic she coughed and swallowed the whole thing, she was already starting to break out with the rash on her chest again, so I made a hurried visit to the neighbours to acquire some phenergon which got us through the night safely.

I have used vicks on her chest quite a number of times before, and have used it myself all of my life, I am now 45. I have always put it up my nostrils and never had any problems, now I'm reluctant to use it all after seeing this reaction on my daughter and reading all your comments ? What's going on ? I love being a Vicks girl.

As so many of the others, I too have used Vicks Vaporub for years. Last week I used it on my chest as I was getting a chest cold. The next morning I awoke to severe redness, itching and hives. It's been almost one week and it is still there and NOTHING has helped it. I've taken Benadryl, used burn salve, aloe vera, etc. The only thing that helps is to hold an ice bag to it. It doesn't seem to be getting any better at all which really has me concerned. I thought I was crazy, but glad to know that other people have had the same reaction, but can certainly feel for them with their discomfort. A warning certainly needs to be noted on the jar

My ex-husband grew up with Vicks VapoRub, and I've seen him put it right under his nostrils, and even right on the edges of them, with no harmful effect. After my recent experience with VapoRub, I will strongly advise him to not use it anywhere on his body.

I used it about 3 days ago, rubbing into my right shoulder and the back and side of my neck, because I had gotten a crick in my neck overnight. I had heard that BenGay was good for this, but since I didn't have any, I picked up the jar of VapoRub I did have on hand, and saw that the directions did say that it could be used for muscle aches.

By yesterday morning, my neck and shoulder were itching. By mid-morning, they were beginning to burn, too, and felt like pimples or blisters. After noon, I began to feel fatigued and this feeling did not go away until about an hour ago. It felt as if I was getting the flu - at times, I felt chilled; at other times, I felt too warm. All topped off by this feeling of lethargy, fatigue...

Thank God I found this site. Now I realize I'm not alone. I'm going out to buy Benadryl lotion tomorrow.

I've used Vick Rub all my life and as a child.... BUT... something has changed in this product... I rubbed with is to relieve my irritated neck area and I woke up with small itchy bumps in the area I rubbed the vicks, it's been a week now and it's still there and I've tried many remedies to relieve the itch and bumps and nothing helps, even when the bumps starts to go the itch is there... any remedies for this crazy situation from the company?

I suffer from toenail fungus. After seeing a podiatrist who ground my toenails besides Lotrimin AF it was also suggested that Vick's Vaporub ( much less expensive) has been found to be a helpful alternative topical treatment. To make a long story short I applied it twice a day and broke out in a terrible bumpy, itchy rash on my arms, legs, chest and buttocks. The symptoms are going away after discontinuing the use of Vick's Vaporub (and putting it in the garbage) after only 3 days!! Thanks

I applied vicks vapor rub to my 5 year old and the next day she was head to toe covered in hives. I have never seen anything like it. Went to the doctor and they had to give her an EpiPen to help calm down the hives. It worked at first then an hour later she broke out in hives again. She is on a medication for the itching however it has yet to help. She is so miserable. Will never use it again.

I too seem to have developed an allergic type reaction to Vicks! I am pregnant and have a really bad cold/chest infection. I can't take any cough syrups and have always used vicks my whole life. The pharmacist told me it will be fine to use even now. So I put it on the other night and woke up the next morning with a sunburnt looking neck/chest area, and the itch was unbearable!

I WILL not use it again. I checked the bottle and there was no warning on it about this being a possible side effect. My kids seem to be fine with it (I used it on them last week when they were sick) and no one had any problems. I am very disappointed I can't use it anymore as it always helped me when I was younger, and it helped the other night until the itching/burning started.

Ok... guess I'm not alone. This is crazy that I'm reading all these comments of people experiencing the same issues I am with Vicks. I have used Vicks Vaporub for years (I'm 31 years old) and decided to go get some and use it two nights ago since I've had this horrible cough/cold. Thankfully, I didn't use the "thick" layer of it on my chest that I have in the past. The next day I had red bumps all over the area that I rubbed Vick's on. This is day 3 and they look worse today than they did before. Talk about ITCHY!!! Oh my gosh... it is terrible! I've never had this kind of reaction... but I can tell you that I will never use it again. I wish I knew what would make it go away! I'm debating on going to the doctor or not. Any suggestions??

To Mandy...
As I wrote before concerning the reaction I got from Vicks Rub... the red itchy will go anyway as days go by, but it left my skin looking real aged. I used coco butter and other skin healing creams before I was totally healed, like you I won't use it anymore, I don't know what they did to a fine working product. MAH

The ingredients have apparently changed over the years, and for the worse. Question is why? (Conspiracy theories, anybody?)

I'll never use it again.

I was wondering how long it took the rash to go away for you? I've been using Vick's for toenail fungus for about a month and it has been working great, or so I thought. I broke out in an itchy, bumpy rash two weeks ago but continued using the Vick's. I've been eliminating things trying to figure out what the culprit is. My doctor and I thought it was a new medicine that I started at about the same time as the Vick's but I wasn't getting better, in fact worse. I stopped the medicine two weeks ago and am not getting better. So I last put the Vick's on yesterday and I'm hoping for some relief soon.

I tried vicks vapor rub back in 2007 and it gave me a rash under my nose. This had never happened before in the past (I have used it since I was a child), I just recently used it for my chest not remembering about my nose but thinking maybe it was because I was using to much, I got a horrible itchy rash the next morning were I applied it and the next day big hives that I still have with scabs after 4 weeks!

Is this ever going to go away? Plus its still a little itchy. I'm also a model and haven't been able to take any photos because of this!

I put Vicks Vapor rub on my twins last night due to a cold and I gave them Benadryl for the runny nose. Well this morning I noticed little bumps on my sons face and thought something might have bitten him. Well as the day went on and last nights Benadryl wore off, I noticed that both my son and daughter were covered in lil red bumps (hives). I gave them Benadryl and a bath to wash off all traces of vicks. So far so good.

I got an email about putting vicks on the soles of the feet to relieve coughing at night, tried it on my 13 year old and it worked till about 4am and then we'd repeat and she'd go back to sleep, thought it was great, after 5 days of using though had to take her to the doctors this morning as her feet are all swollen, itchy and covered in a rash!! She's now on a cortisone cream, we've come home and face is covered in a rash and lips all swollen even though it's never been near her face!!! I'll never use it again!!

I googled "rash due to vicks vapor rub" and this site showed up.

I use this all the time on both of my kiddos (2 and 5) never had a problem until now.

Used it 2 days ago on chest and neck... no problem. When I went to apply is last night there was the rash, little red bumps that itch only where the vicks was applied.... checked the box and bottle and of course no warnings about it at all.

I used some itch cream (that is used for mites) seems to be working along with some soothing kids bath oil and oatmeal additive to his bath (used for dry skin or eczema).

Vicks was recommended by a friend for toenail fungus and works. Sadly the price for me is a painful, itchy rash on my chest if I overdo the amount applied under the nails. My dermatologist was clueless and it took months to figure out what was causing the rash. Vicks for nail fungus is fine if used sparingly.

OMG, Ive had a cold for a few weeks now, (bronchitis) and I decided to take some nyquil and use some vicks vapor rub on my neck, chest and under my nose. 24 hours after using the vicks not the next day but the day after I woke up with a severe rash on my neck, face, and guess what my groin area.

My lower parts swelled up to twice the normal size and itch like crazy. I thought I had syphilis or some kind of disease or something. I kept researching what could possible spread from my groin area to my neck. Nothing made sense. So I went to the doctor and they really don't do anything to help. He comes in looks at me and says nothing. I get called back in and the nurse tells me ok your ready to go.

They just pushed me out of there with a bacterial infection antibiotic and didn't even give me anything for the itching. I told them I was still itching like crazy and demanded they give me a steroid shot. So they did and guess what, it did nothing to stop the itching or swollen groin. Its now been 4 days with no relief, Only thing that helps stop itching a little is calamine lotion used for poison ivy or oak. Cortizone doesn't even have an effect.

The hives have not got any better and I look like I'm dying or something. About an hour ago I thought hmmm maybe I had a reaction to that vicks vapor rub. So I type it in and find out this is pretty common and vicks says nothing about this side effect on the bottle.

I to have used Vicks for years. A few days ago I liberally applied to my chest per directions, the next morning I woke up with a red itchy rash where I had applied the stuff.

I knew it was from the Vicks, its only where I applied it, and hasn't spread. I was concerned however, that I have a weird virus or something so decided to Google my symptoms. I am relieved to see I'm not the only one.

The only relief I get is from applying cold compress and calamine lotion. It's now getting really dry and not as red and itchy. If I apply lotion for the dryness it starts itching again.
Will never try it again.

Last night I used Vicks in a vaporizer for my daughters congestion. It helped her a little but I awakened with vomiting, chills, and a splitting headache (and no I did not drink any alcohol last night, not a new years day hangover). As soon as I turned the vaporizer off I began to feel better within 4-5 hours.

Put Vicks on my 20 month old to help her breath about 2 nights ago. This morning she kept scratching her neck, but then stopped. It is now 12 am and just put her back to bed! She woke up about an hour ago crying scratching her neck.

It is all red and has little red bumps. We thought that maybe she had eaten something that she is allergic to. As soon as we used some wipes to take off the Vicks, she started to feel better and less frigidity! Not sure what is going on with Vicks, but stay away from it people! Thank God I found this site!

I, too, have had a recent allergic response to vicks (luckily just the rash that has turned into really dry old looking skin over a few days with no vicks application... not a huge respiratory reaction or something else requiring hospital treatment). I am looking for ways to help with the dryness... would neosporin help, you think? It seems like the skin has been damaged. I was just hesitant to put something like that on an area with an unknown rash.

I have what is called a colophony allergy which is basically an allergy to tree resin. (pine and spruce).

Believe me when I say that I learned the hard way about this mysterious problem. Resin is used in almost everything, including cosmetics, medications, etc. After using the vapor rub for a few nights I broke out in the rash I always get with this allergy so there must be tree resin in the product. On another note, if you are reacting, please be cautious of medical band aids after surgery. I now have become a gauze only patient.

I had the same issue which resulted in a serious rash that crusted over, when I ended up removing the said "crust" I noticed my nose was cherry red and weeping fluid. Needless to say, I had to stop using Vicks and I went to the doctor and they treated the issue with Mupirocin, it's like an antibiotic balm I think. All I know is that there was relief within 30 minutes after applying said ointment. I hope this helps.

I purchased a Vicks hot steam table-top-type humidifier. Inside the humidifier were two samples of Vicks VapoPads which are meant to be inserted in indentations on the top of the humidifier. The two packages were not opened, but I could smell a Vicks-type odor coming from them. Within an hour or two I began feeling ill with a strange, hard to describe feeling in my head. I also began feeling shaky, my face and other skin areas began to itch, and I finally realized that I was having an allergic reaction to something.

After thinking about what I had contacted within the previous few hours, I narrowed it down to the Vicks VapoPads. After Googling the ingredients I found several allergy-causing possibilities, but the likeliest ingredient seemed to be the nutmeg oil. I found out that nutmeg in its various forms can be highly toxic and can even be hallucinogenic! It certainly would explain the weird feeling in my head as well as the tightness in my chest and breathing, the shakiness, and the itching.

But whatever the chemical or chemicals which were the culprits, the Vicks VapoPads were without question the source of the allergy. If I had opened the packets, who knows what reaction I might have had! Praise God my reaction wasn't life-threatening, but what about children or the seriously ill who might contact these pads? I am so thankful to find this web site and pray that my experience may save someone else from becoming ill. I probably should finish by mentioning that I've been an R.N. for over 30 years, so I'm not one to exaggerate the situation.

Hi I put on vicks after going to the pool hoping to get rid of colds and got an allergy type reaction of bumps and itchiness which I get from mosquito bites as I'm allergic to them! :(

I applied a generic version of vicks vaporub 2 nights ago, and my chest and neck area are so red, raised bumps & so itchy I can't even sleep. Have used vicks off and on since I was a little girl & my Mom would rub it on my chest, never a reaction, and now at 73, this happens. I am happy that I am among plenty of others but what can I do to stop the itch & get rid of it?

I am so relieved to locate your Website.... my experiences have been quite different from the other postings. I had developed a routine of placing Vicks just under my nasal passages before sleeping for a fairly long period of time. I began experiencing heart palpitations, fatigue, etc etc. approximately three weeks ago. From all indications I have been reacting very adversely to Vicks. I had purchased a new container of Vicks two weeks ago; noted that it seems to be a different formula. Thank you for this valuable informational Website.....

I just read Marge P's posting today. Marge, I hope that your reaction has gone away by now, but if it hasn't, please contact your doctor. He or she can prescribe creams or medications which are stronger than over-the-counter remedies. I'll be praying for you.

Like so many others that I have read about, I used vapor rub two weeks ago to help with congestion during a cold. I rubbed it, as instructed, on my chest and neck. It wasn't until the 3rd day that I noticed a redness on my chest which developed into little blisters and blotches on my chest and neck. I also started to have trouble breathing and saw the Doctor.

They gave me antibiotics for a chest infection, but a week later my breathing was worse, as was the rash. I had tests in hospital where they told me the antibiotics were useless, and when I asked about possible reaction to Vicks they all pooh poohed the idea.

I am now taking Claritin, which seems to help, but it's still early days. Am inclined to write to Vicks and report this, especially with so many others being affected! Thanks for putting my mind at ease that I wasn't being over dramatic!

Last night I rubbed Vicks on my chest and woke up with a rash all over my neck and upper chest! I have used vicks all my life and never had a reaction. Took allegra but the rash is still there.

In reading this site it makes me feel a little bit better about my incident this morning though it was a little more serious. This morning I woke up with a horrible cough and wheezing so I went and put a liberal dose of Vic's on it because that always helped as a child. Not even 15 minutes later I had a numb/tingling itchy sensation all throughout my scalp slowly creeping to my shoulders and 5 minutes after that my face was numb and my ears had swollen up considerably this was with the redness and hives and blisters everyone else was talking about.

I went to ask my mom if she had any idea what was going on and she made me wash it off and any clothes that came into contact were in the basket. I was given benedryl and everything was back to normal 5 hours later... I'm 20, used this as a kid and never had anything like this happen before... hope this helps someone.

So thankful to have found this site; just as another post, I was up two nights ago at 2:45 a.m reading your helpful comments, which soothed my fears. I've had bronchitis for about three weeks, and my husband was about to go out of town. In a desperate attempt to get well before he left, I first took a long bath in Epsom salts (I do that often, so no problems there) and then slathered my feet and chest and neck with Vicks baby rub.

As many of you have said, my great-grandparents used it on me often as a child with no problems. I've never had allergies to any lotions, etc. I used it last Friday night. Saturday I felt slightly itchy--didn't use it again. By Sunday morning I had very itchy tiny bumps--and they aren't just on my chest, but that's where the rash is the worst. I guess the Vicks spread as I slept--plus I didn't realize there was a problem at first, so it was 24 hours until my next shower.

Today is Thursday and I'm still having quite a time--have tried cortisone and calamine. Cortisone did nothing--calamine helped a little. Finally I tried another ointment (a gel) called anti-itch with some other ingredients. It still itches terribly but it seems to be getting drier. I've also taken Claritin and Advil allergy. I'm sad that Vicks is no longer an option for me--the scent brought back comforting memories! Also, I used the baby rub-- I wonder how much worse it could have been with the real formula? Good luck to everyone--hope my post helps as much as the ones I read helped me!

I used Vicks Vapor rub last night on my neck and chest and woke up with hives all over the are where I applied Vicks. Seeing all of the recent posts and the fact that the majority of us have used the product as children leads me to believe that something is different in the formula now. I can say I am no longer a Vicks user!

This sounds like a broken record, but I have used Vicks all my life and never had a reaction before. But there it is, a painful itchy rash exactly where I used the Vicks. My husband is off to get some benedryl and calamine lotion for me. And I will never use Vicks again. You would think with this many people posting, the folks from Vicks would have something to say?

I'm 17 weeks pregnant and found my self with a summer head cold. I was told Vicks would help me breathe a little better. I placed Vicks on my chest and under my nose or some relief and went to bed. When I woke up I felt a burning on my face. I now have little burn blisters under my nose which really hurt!!!! Use Vicks with CAUTIION....

Growing up with asthma, I often used vicks at night to help me sleep. As an adult, I would use vicks under my nose to help me sleep at night when I was congested from a cold. So last night, while feeling congested I applied vicks under my nose, just as I had done in the past. This morning, I awoke to large itchy, burning welts all over my cheeks and forehead. 3 Zyrtecs, and 1 Alegra later I am still suffering. My face is on fire, and is incredibly itchy! I will never use vicks again!

Evertime we got sick as children mom use to rub vicks on our chests when we were sick, I even used vicks on my lips because it help with cracked, dry, and sore lips. But until about 4 years ago I had picked up pneumonia, doc said vicks would help with my breathing, so I used it and almost landed in hospital because after I used it I really struggled to breathe. So thanks to vicks vapour rub, I now struggle with asthma. I will never use it again nor will I recommend anyone to use it.

My family has used Vicks for years with no problems. However we have noticed that the product does not seem to be as good as it once was. Upon looking at the bottle we noticed that Vicks is now made in Mexico. This could be I'm sure why people are experiencing problems with this product. Vicks doesn't seem to be as strong as it once was. You used to be able to rub Vicks on your chest and you could feel it working. Now, you put it on and nothing. Very disappointed in this product and even more disappointed in Procter and Gamble. It is always sad when a well respected company that puts out an amazing product decides to not only change its product but move it out of the USA not because it will make the that product better but for the bottom line.

Wish I had seen this site before applying Vicks to my son's chest. He woke up with a rash on his chest. Now two days later it has spread to his back, arms, legs and face. Why isn't this listed as a side effect? I find this very disturbing. I too always used this growing up and never had issues. We will be throwing the Vicks away and never using again.

Used Vicks VapoRub for the first time a few nights ago after coming down with a cold. The bottle was not expired and I had heard great things about the product so rubbed it all over my chest and neck. It seemed to really help so I used it again the following night. The morning after though I noticed a redness all over the area where I had used the Vicks Rub, and what's worse is that it is so greasy that I couldn't get it all off in the shower!

It has now been 4 days and I still have an unsightly red, bumpy and itchy rash - closest I can compare it to is a bad sunburn! I have used moisturizers and other creams but nothing seems to be working to get rid of it. Very surprised not to see this listed as a side effect, especially as there seems to be a lot of us going through the same thing! I have never had a reaction like this to anything else, and I certainly won't be using this product again!

I have a bad cold from when I fell asleep and got a bad cold then something happened to my eye and I couldn't see properly so my mum put some Vic's on my chest and I took my shirt off and then I started to get welts and itching then I realized I had an allergic reaction to Vic's.

Well my four kids and I all have colds. Our doctor has been telling us for a while to get a humidifier to cut out the dry air which should help everyone breathe better. I finally got one and thought that I might as well get the Vick's brand with the option to add the vapors to the mist that comes out. I also got the plugin vapor night light. My 5yr old daughter was covered in hives two days after the vapors were in the house. Vick's was the only change we have experienced. Everyone else appears fine, but she definitely is having a similar reaction to everyone else posted here.

This is exactly what has happened to me. And on the chest area and I certainly didn't need anything to speed up the aging process. My skin is damaged as well and I used Vicks right after Christmas and I have sort of a new or lingering rash with round wound looking spots that itch like crazy. I will never do this again! It looks awful.

Same problem...flu- rubbed on the teen aged boy has HIVES- almost like a chemical BURN. What did you people do to relieve the itch? I've given benedryl. Need help here

I had always used vicks as a kid, no problems, decided to buy some and use it 2 nights ago, oh my goodness, I have the most dreadful red raised rash that is still so itchy 2 days later, am applying cream and taking antihistamines but not helping much, it is just sooo itchy.

I have used Vicks religiously my entire life. I am pregnant and about a month ago I developed a cold. I had a sore throat and applied Vicks to my chest as I normally do for sore throats. I woke up in the middle of the night coughing feeling like my throat was closing and was hard to breathe. I thought it was my cold making me cough. I applied it again last night for a stuffy nose and had my throat close up again. Terrifying feeling.

I applied vicks vapor rub right under my nose about two nights ago... I woke up yesterday with a red bump that worsened throughout yesterday forming itchy blisters by the afternoon.... it feels like a burn and resembles burn blisters... I'm very upset because I used vicks many times... anyone else recently experiencing problems like this? let me know!!!!!

My daughter had the same thing happen. She rubbed it under her nose and for a day or so has had swelling and little blisters on her lips. She went to Urgent Care and they gave her several shots for allergic reaction to Vick Vapor Rub.

I'm not only allergic to Vicks Vapor Rub, and sore muscle rubs but other minty things. Currently holiday parties with everyone eating minty foods has me on extreme sensitivity. I end up with a red face, arm, neck, and especially hands just talking with people. I've learned to treat the rash immediately with cool water and taking benadryl. I can usually tolerate minute with a minty mouth wash, but these days I'm avoiding various lip balms, coffee shops, cookie tins if I'm unsure, etc.

I advise to treat the rash/burn like a sunburn. I use milk and aloes and/or tea. At a minimum I excuse myself for a bit and "rinse" off the chemical from my skin. Baking soda as a paste also aids with some of the burning.

I suffered from bronchitis-like symptoms and decided to rub a generic brand of vicks on my chest and on my nostrils to help me breathe. I did not have any problems breathing but about two days after I used it, rashes and hives that look like blisters appeared on my chest where I applied the product. I immediately stopped using it and started taking Claritin during the day and Benadryl at night. It helped a lot, but then the rashes and hives reappeared the day after, which prompted me to use Claritin again. It is now my third day with this reoccurring rash and it seems to have spread a little to my back and also my forearms.

Did anyone experience the same thing where the rash spread to other parts of your body where you have not applied any vicks? Also, for those who have recovered from it, how long did it last? Did you do anything else than taking allergy medicine to speed the recovery process? I'd appreciate any help with that.

Same story, different girl. . Years later! (This is an old thread) Used the stuff all my life, like many of you. Put some under my nose and on my neck on a Friday night. Sunday morning woke to an itchy neck and a red, blistery nose. The redness on my both have progressively gotten worse. It is now 1 am, and I can't sleep. I'm miserable. Going to the doc in the a.m. Never using this stuff again! !!!!

Put it on son and immediately turned bright red and irritated. Wow - hope Vick's knows about this forum.

I had this on the weekend, doctors had been closed so I left it, it was soo itchy but improved after 2 days, I put sudocrem all over my face every night which managed to get rid of the little red spots and white spots I had. My face still itched me so I went to the chemist and they have ceterizine tablets for hayfever and allergic reaction. No more itching! :) hope this helps! I'm fully recovered!

Recently I got sick, and I read somewhere that putting vicks on your feet with socks on will help so I tried it out last nigh. I also put it on my chest and back and was awoken at 2:15am with hot flashes, burning, and itchiness. I have tried everything to go back to sleep but here I am at 4 am still wide awake and itchy. I will never ever use vicks again.

I suffer from terrible allergies so I use vapor rub a lot in order to breathe well; I've been using it for years but only recently (past few months) have I been using it regularly. Today, I woke up with little irritation under my nose that got worse as the day wore is now red and blistery looking and warm; it is painful, like I have been blowing my nose all day. I guess I have developed an allergy to it :( Bummer cuz I love the stuff. I have been using cocoa butter lotion and Neosporin to soothe it. It's the only thing I could think of that caused it.

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