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Prilosec is the first of a new class of drugs that combat acid secretion by blocking the final step.

This so-called proton pump is prescribed for the short-term treatment of duodenal ulcer and for conditions of abnormal acidity such as serious heartburn (GERD) or the rare Zollinger-Ellison syndrome.

It has a very quick onset and is extremely effective in reducing stomach acid.

Prilosec should not be prescribed as maintenance therapy to keep ulcers from coming back.

Side Effects and Interactions

Prilosec is generally well tolerated. However, headache, diarrhea, stomachache, muscle weakness and rash have been reported.

Other adverse reactions that have been reported less commonly include constipation, cough, fatigue, sore throat and vomiting. Report any symptoms or suspected reactions to your physician promptly.

Prilosec slows the elimination of several drugs that must be processed by the liver, including the anxiety medicine Valium, the anti-epileptic Dilantin and the blood thinner Coumadin.

Blood levels of these drugs may rise and side effects become a problem. If you take both Prilosec and Coumadin, tell your doctor right away if you experience any unusual bruising, bleeding, reddish urine or blackened stools. Prilosec is also reported to blood levels of Sandimmune or Antabuse.

Many other prescription drugs require acidity for absorption. Prilosec can interfere with such medicines, which include Nizoral, ampicillin and iron supplements, among others.

People taking acid-suppressing drugs such as Prilosec should not take enteric-coated peppermint oil. The enteric coating is designed to keep the oil from being absorbed until it reaches the more alkaline lower intestine. But when there is very little stomach acid, the enteric coating may dissolve prematurely, releasing the oil into the stomach.

In older people with too little stomach acid or in patients taking a strong acid suppressor such as Prilosec, vitamin B12 absorption may be impaired. Cranberry juice appears to improve the absorption of this crucial vitamin in such cases.

Be sure to check with your pharmacist and physician about potential interactions before taking any other medication or herb in combination with Prilosec.

Special Precautions

Animal studies have shown that Prilosec is associated with a dose-related increase in stomach cancers. It is not known whether this risk also applies to humans.

In addition, because it is so effective at reducing stomach acid concentrations, patients taking this medicine have higher levels of certain microorganisms in their stomachs than would normally survive there.

Scientists do not yet know whether these bacteria have negative long-term consequences.

Regular supplementation with vitamins C and E might in theory provide protection against nitrosamines produced by the bacteria.

People with liver disease have more trouble metabolizing Prilosec. Older people also remove the drug from circulation more slowly.

Taking the Medicine

Prilosec should be taken before meals.

These delayed-release capsules should not be opened, crushed or chewed, as that might expose them to stomach acid. The medication can be inactivated by acid.

Antacids may be taken with Prilosec if they are needed.

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  • Currently 3.3/5
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this drug work? Average rating: 3.3/5 (357 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I never get heartburn but I have a chronic cough. A chest X-ray ruled out a lung problem. My endoscopy showed an irritated esophagus. My MD wants me to take a 6-week course of Prilosec OTC. The package says not to take it for more than 2 weeks. Should I be worried about taking it for the 6 weeks? I was thinking about trying DGL instead.

I have taken Prilosec for GERD for several years, and OTC since it has become available. It seems to me that OTC is not as effective anymore. Has my condition worsened or is the generic version just not doing the job?

I'm considering new tests by a Gastroenterologist. Any comments?

I've been taking 40 MG Omeprazole 2x daily since 2004 to treat Barrett's esophagus. At the time I was diagnosed I was told that I no longer have a valve between the stomach and the esophagus. In 2004 I was about 20-25 pounds overweight, but in the past four years I have gained another 20 pounds. I strive to eat healthy and eat small portions. I rarely eat processed foods, no soft drinks or alcohol and I've never smoked. I walk at least 30 minutes/day and sometimes twice a day. Yet I don't lose weight. Recently, I've been plagued with stomach bloating after eating. I'm wondering if the medication may be interfering with my metabolism and/or causing the bloating. I'm 57 and I don't have any other health problems and no other medications.

I am allergic to Prilosec, Prevacid, Nexium, Protonix and Aciphex. I take Zyrtec and then Prilosec but found since I take Vitamin B12 (333 MG) my problem with Prilosec greatly improved.

PMG, what exactly are you allergic to? I developed a rash after taking Prilosec and Protonix; dr said never heard of this side effect. I know I'm allergic to sulfa drugs, but it's not in any of these.

I found Prilosec OTC more effective than Protonix and less expensive. Pharmacists and a doctor assured me it was OK to take regularly. However, I developed thick callouses on my palms that would crack and bleed. After 3 years & many fruitless visits to a dermatologist, I stopped Prilosec and 6 weeks later the condition cleared. After returning to Protonix-generic, I developed a spreading rash that has persisted, but is healing, 2 months after stopping Protonix. A biopsy indicated no infection. Is this common? I have an appointment with my GI doctor, but can't really trust the medical professionals.

I was taking Prilosec prescription strength for heartburn due to an hiatal hernia. The OTC kind did not work. After a second endoscopy the doctor said I still have esophagitis and increased the dose.

I have noticed a rash on my thigh and it has started on the other one after about a week or so. I am also on dyazide for my BP. I actually was in the MD's office when I first noticed the rash, so it was before she increased the dose.

I am having a problem with lethargy when I tried to just walk 2 miles. I'm confused because I have been on the prilosec for several months already before these symptoms showed up. I have a slight wheeze now too but only sporadically.

I am going to stop the prilosec and see if the rash goes away and let the doctor know. I don't have any heartburn anymore but still feel like there's something in my throat. I had no idea this could be a side affect until I started looking into it today and read all the other posts.

I developed severe acid reflux after two years on Fosamax and have taken Protonix and Prilosec off and on for the past two years.

The heartburn is controlled while I take the medications but comes back when I'm off. I've since learned that these cause a decrease the absorption of calcium which I need for the Osteopenia. Help!

I read in Consumers' Report Health [I think] that prilosec has been connected to memory loss and fatigue. Has anyone else noted that side effect?

I am also concerned that I may be experiencing short term memory loss by taking this drug. I have difficulty remembering phone calls that I had a week or so ago different people.

I have used omeprazol in one form or another, off and on for more than six years, for my acid reflux. When I try to get off the medication my acid reflux is a great deal worse than prior to taking it. Since it has been linked to hip fractures, pneumonia and cancer in various studies I would love to heal my esophagus naturally. Has anyone had any success in this regard?

Have been on omeprazole for 5 years, but have experienced some bad side effects, such as loose bowels, reflux at night with a horrible chemical taste of omeprazole filling my throat and mouth, wheezing, stomach bugs, chest infections,and worst of all, painful withdrawal symptoms upon stopping taking it. Went 6 weeks without taking it once, using ranitidine instead. Then I had such a severe sharp stomach pain, that I had to go back on the omeprazole to get rid of it!

Is there any way of curing esophagatis without having to take omeprazole? I wish I knew! This stuff tastes like poison and once you start taking it, it is very difficult to ever stop! Also I have short term memory loss sometimes. Wonder if this is a related symptom?

prickly rash on body after taking three weeks.

My short term memory loss is real bad and I also have and fatigue!

I have read on several other pages that weight gain in a big problem with prilosec. I've been on it for a month and is now coming off due to the side effects that I've been having. I can tell you I did gain 3lbs in a month, nothing big but I've been the same size no matter what I eat for the last 13 years. All of a sudden I'm 3 lbs heavier. We will see what happens when I come off.

I took Omeprazole and my belly increased in size within 3 days - I also had breathlessness and sweating - I have been off it almost 2 weeks and although I lost an inch quite quickly my belly is so much bigger than before - is there is anything can be done to help get rid of it?


Have you received an answer to your inquiry? I am asking because I have almost identical problems that you also have or had. However, I have been taking Omeprazole 40mg once a day for 3-4 years. Over that time, I have put on a good 30-40 lbs. I was exercising every day...sometimes twice but lately have become very fatigued...(almost depressed).

My stomach will not go down no matter how many sit-ups I do. Lately I have been having stomach problems...bloating, some cramping, mild stomach pain. most of these are extremely mild, but they are there. I now have this feeling of being constipated which in my whole life (I am now 60) I have never been!

I too always try to eat healthy, vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken (no skin)always broiled...never fried. I have been eating like this for years. Had been drinking decaf coffee...that is no longer either. I have always wanted to get off of the omeprazole but was too afraid of what would happen. Especially with no Plan B. I just read about this DGL Licorice process from Dr. Teitlebaum's website of natural medicines. I now realize your comment was in 2008. Have things improved for you yet? Thanks for whatever you can help me with. I hate, hate, hate taking prescription meds.


I've been having the same problem with the swelling of the stomach area. I took prilosec for a little over a week after my doctor told me to do so as I was having some minor dyspepsia issues.

I stopped taking it as I noticed it wasn't helping, and my stomach had grown to the size of a beach ball. Then I started to have severe acid reflux which I'd never had before, indigestion, acid regurgitation, heart palpitations, heavy chest sensations, and the list goes on. It's been a nightmare. and what's worse, it's been almost 5 months since I stopped taking it, and the symptoms still have not subsided.

I don't know what else to do. I'm a college student and my life is miserable right now. please let me know how you've been handling this, I'd really appreciate it...

I had been taking Prevacid, my insurance company insisted I switch to Prilosec because it was cheaper. I developed ulcerative colitis, took very expensive pharmaceuticals to control the condition. I quit using Prilosec over a year and a half ago and have experienced absolutely NO symptoms. I take no medicine for UC either. I found information on the internet that others have experienced this rare side effect of Prilosec. Any one else?

My gastroenterologist had me taking prilosec (omeperazole) for several months. I also have been taking dilantin for epilepsy for 36 years. Using them together caused more ulcer problems and lots of bleeding, constipation, and one can only imagine what else. I switched Dr.s, and he gave me samples of nexium and withing 72 hours no more problem or need for meds for stomach pains. Today I ride 10 miles a day and 500 crunches and 500 pushups, 7 days a week.

I'm curious related to the muscle fatigue issues. I have a hard time separating fatigue from lack of sleep due to my children vs. fatigue that may be caused by using omeprazole for a long time. I've been on the drug for approximately one year, and it's been the last three of months where I've noticed that I'm much more fatigued (esp. lower back) during my weight training program than I have been the past year or prior to using the drug (no, I don't over-train). I would like to know more from folks experiencing fatigue as to their specific muscle fatigue related symptoms.


There IS a way to get off PPI's, or acid blocker meds. I am in the process of doing just that right now. For those of us with CFS/FMS (chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia), stomach problems are common. The article (link below) is by Dr. Teitelbaum, a doctor and expert on CFS/FMS. He has written several books as well. I had taken Protonix (40mg.) for at least 10 years, and wanted to get off it for several years because of the bone problems, but every time I tried, my stomach and the inflammation in my esophagus went ballistic. I even tried Dr. T's protocols while taking it and couldn't manage stopping Protonix.

Recently, I fell on ice and messed up my neck, which caused severe headaches, triggered by many foods that I had previously not had trouble with. So I severely restricted my diet, and in the meantime, my new mail order prescription for Protonix came, except they had sent me the generic version, which I had been careful to avoid in the past, not knowing how it would affect me. I took one dose, and my stomach/esophagus really started hurting later that day. I had had no pain there any time recently, and certainly shouldn't have had any with my very careful diet. So at that point, I just decided to not take any more omeprazole.

I had problems at first, having gone off it cold turkey (I would recommend doing it gradually if you can), but to my surprise, there was no massive pain, just heartburn. I took digestive pills, ate carefully and sparingly, but still had some problems (but I lost 5 lbs.!). Then after a week, I remembered Dr.T's advice, and started taking the DGL licorice and mastic gum, which I still had around. I couldn't take the Heartburn Free because the citrus in it would give me a headache, and I also had to discontinue the licorice for the same reason.

Right now, 19 days after my last Protonix, I only have a little heartburn, but I'm still eating lightly, and avoiding anything that I think might be hard to digest. I hope in time to be able to eat more normally, but I will still be eating as healthfully as possible. By the way, over the past few years, I have lost 45 pounds, with only about 20 to go to reach my goal weight, so that has helped me, too, I'm sure. I do have an intestinal pain that won't go away, but I had that a little before quitting Protonix, so I think it's unrelated. Has anyone else had a vague, tending to sharp, intestinal pain (lower left abdomen, but not an ovary) after stopping Protonix? Good luck, franky m!

I was prescribed omeprazole for acid reflux (caused by hiatal hernia). After about three weeks of taking it, I began to get migraines. The doctor advised me to stop taking omeprazole, but still almost a week after stopping the drug, I am getting almost daily migraines. Has anyone suffered migraines with omeprazole? Thanks!


I used Omeperazole for well over a year, IT DID NOT WORK. Nexium solved the GERD problem fro me in less than a week . If Omeperazole does not work try the Nexium, I'm glad I went to another Dr. and he prescribed it for me .

I took omeprazole for nausea and had horrible side effects. I reported these to my doctor and he had me double the dose. After a week, I was so weak I couldn't get out of bed in the morning. After almost one and a half months I decided to stop cold turkey.

I was worried I was doing serious damage to my body. I did some research and found out with the help of another doctor that I have low stomach acid. I have severely decreased the amount of stomach acid I was making. I am now taking Betaine HCL and it's helped absorb the nutrients I was missing on Omeprazole. I still get nausea all the time now but some of my energy has returned. I get incredibly anxious in the morning though. Does anyone know how long it takes for the withdrawal effects of the Omeprazole to abate? I have been sick and stressed out now for a long time.

I've been on this drug for years, been off for 2 days we'll see what happens, I have many of the same side effects bloated, muscle weakness, heart paps, psoriasis (rash) many others. But also on other drugs that cause a lot off the same symptoms. I know many people on prilosec, omerprazole etc, prob have yeast overgrowth (candidias) from blocking acid that kills germs etc. which causes many symptoms including bloated stomach. Might want to check that out.

My wife has been on omeprazole for the last 4+ years; she is generally very tired except perhaps early in the mornings and has severe back pain when waking up.

She did try to get off omeprazole a few times but after a few days the pain due to reflux was so intense she had to get back on it. I cannot bear to see her suffer in this manner.

Please can anyone who has been through similar issues and has successfully managed to get off omeprazole help? Diet / medication suggestions and how to taper off (or cut out omeprazole cold turkey) and also any foods that can help. She is a vegetarian and does not take any alcohol.

Thanks for reading this.


I was on Omeprazole for two months and it took so much out of me I had no choice but to get off of it. After a bit of research and a good doctors help, I believe I was suffering from low stomach acid not too much acid. I began taking Betaine HCL and it made my energy return. I still have stomach trouble (two months later) but I think it is getting better.

I had to go on Xanax to alleviate the horrible anxiety I felt and am now trying to wean off of the that. You wife's fatigue may be because she is not absorbing any nutrients. Just something I thought I would throw out there. You should talk to your doc before trying Betaine HCL though in case your wife does actually have too much stomach acid. Apple cider vinegar helps sometimes too. Hope this helps. - TS

Hi... I've been on Omeprazole for over 8 years (can't actually remember the exact years, might be longer!)I am 53 now. I've been desperate to get off them and tried several times, but been in so much discomfort I've had to take one just to be able to eat something! I have Hiatal Hernia, GERD, and quite often choke in the night when the hot acid comes up and goes down into my lungs. Horrid. (Both my brothers have Barrats Esophagus).

A week ago I decided enough was enough and I started looking online for answers. I also went to Holland and Barrats where a young lad was very helpful. So 3 days ago I stopped my omeprazole (I had spoken to my doctor about this a while ago, and he said that if I could find an alternative then to 'give it a go'). I am now taking as soon as I get up in the morning 1 Peppermint Oil Capsule (200mg high strength) 1 Slippery Elm (bark) Capsule 370mg strength, 1 ordinary Apple (well chewed) and to help in between meals, a couple of New Era tablets for Acidity, Heartburn, Dyspepsia. I take a slippery elm and peppermint capsule before meals at the moment to get my body used to them. But so far I have not had any reflux when I bend over, I have had a little burning/heartburn but nothing that I couldn't cope with. If I do feel a bit uncomfortable I eat an apple.

It cost me about £16 to buy these herbal remedies... And up to now it has been worth it just to get those horrid chemicals out of my system.

So far I have not had any nasty withdrawal symptoms... I did have a bit of a headache yesterday, but it could have been the weather!

I hope this might be helpful to you.
I'm certainly glad I am trying it.

I was prescribed Prilosec and an antibiotic from my Dr. on August 20th and on Saturday August 21st I had an extreme reaction. My inside of my mouth dried up, tongue blistered and my whole mouth and throat dried up and turned white. I stopped taking it immediately and by midnight my throat cleared. My tongue had a large split on the side and that made it difficult to swallow. I lost 16 lbs in one week.
Now on September 8th I'm fatigued, have frequent urine spells, my feet hurt, I'm dizzy and I have spots in my eyes, now becoming sporadic. My tongue and mouth have healed, my appetite is back, but I'm still not gaining weight.

I am a little concerned reading all of these comments about getting off Prilosec and the withdrawal symptoms. I have been on Prilosec for about 2 1/2 months now. I did the twice a day for two weeks dose and then back to once a day. I am having problems digesting and I can only eat once a day which is a late lunch. It feels like nothing digests and I can't lay down or take a nap after eating or I get acid reflux. I didn't have it this much before taking the Prilosec.

I do have a hiatal hernia and my esophagus had inflammation so the doctor put me on Prilosec. I also feel like my stomach is bloated and I have gained a few pounds. I am taking some natural enzymes to help me digest and I have had to take Rolaids occasionally, especially when the acid shoots up from my stomach and into my throat when I go to bed.

I feel like symptoms have gotten worse since my endoscopy and being on the Prilosec which I find very weird. I was on Betaine HCL years ago and I don't remember if it helped back then. I'm wondering if I too have a lack of stomach acid and this is actually making my condition worse. If you can't digest and you lay down, then it would be logical that the body would try to over compensate and produce more acid.

What do I do? I am out of town and don't know if I can even get in touch with my doctor, but I think I am going to go off of Prilosec as well to see if I feel better. I feel like I have more bloating and stomach gas than ever before.

Your situation is a lot like mine. I was on it for two months and it was the worse thing I could have done. I also have a hiatal hernia as well. When getting off of Omeprazole (generic Prilosec) my anxiety was out of control and had to eventually go on Xanax in order to get over panic attacks and anxiety. I would be ready for that. I have found no doctor to this date that will admit the anxiety was caused by the prilosec but it's just too coincidental that my anxiety soared as soon as I got off of it.

I am happy to report that I am off ALL meds and am now gradually feeling back to my old self. It took five months though, an incredibly supportive wife, exercise, and a very healthy diet. It's tough but with a strong will you can get your life back. I'm convinced that PPI's shouldn't be on the market. My advice is to find a supportive doctor and have he/she assist you in getting off this drug. I did use Betaine HCL for awhile also and it did help me digest my food. Apple cider vinegar helps too. The good news - your stomach acid will return and you will start to feel better. Good luck and hang in there. - Tim.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for writing me back and letting me know that I'm not imagining the effects that I'm experiencing from the Prilosec OTC. I am so shocked that you had such anxiety. That is so awful! Get off of that Xanax. I have been off the Prilosec for 2 days now and I already feel less bloated or more able to digest.

I am on an enzyme called Digest-Eze which is produced by AMS Health Sciences and sold by the SABA company. It is wonderful. I didn't have to take it very much before Prilosec, but I am taking it with every meal now. I am afraid to lay down after eating for fear of the reflux which wasn't happening very much before taking the Prilosec. I will give it some time and hope that it doesn't take much time before I return to normal.

I think doctors give medications very irresponsibly. There are more natural things one can take for certain conditions like acidophilus and calcium and enzymes. I also try not to overeat with this condition and I don't eat after a certain time at night, not after 8 pm and preferably before 7 pm. Certain foods do trigger the reflux as does eating late and stuffing yourself.

Glad to hear you are feeling better. I am completely off Xanax and eating healthy. Gradually, I am getting my life back. Through sheer will you can do it. Good luck. - Tim.

I am 68 year old male, and have taken Omeprozole for about 5 years. Last year, a MRI showed that I had fractured my T-12 and L-1 vertebrae. I felt it when they broke, but paid no attention, as it did not cause lasting pain or limit me. Since then, my left hip has hurt on and off. Sometimes so badly, that I can not walk. At other times, I can walk with no or little inconvenience or pain.

When bad the hip pain radiated down my leg into my knee and foot. As I have had lumbar spinal problems, my doctor ordered a lumbar and hip MRI to see which was causing the problem. It turns out that I have an acetabular fracture of my hip.

Even though I have been taking Calcium tablets, it appears that my bones are getting weaker. A bone density test last year showed that I have osteopenia.

Has anyone else had this happen? Any suggestions?


The deglycerized licorice (DGL) works very quickly to help coat the inner digestive walls and promote regrowth. Both raw cabbage (high in glutamine for cell regrowth) and aloe vera juice/gel have demonstrated efficacy for regrowing back damaged intestinal lining. Whether you're on a proton pump inhibitor or not, you want to take these things-- because when your mucosa layer and intestinal/stomach/esophageal lining cells are healthy they don't hurt nearly as much, even in an acidic environment.

If you feel the acid, all you have to do is eat a DGL. Chew it. The stuff coats remarkably well, the pain disappears in a few minutes and stays gone.

Reducing stomach acid is an open invitation for yeast and bacterial overgrowth! I had this problem. Coconut oil (Lauric Acid) is fabulous (Caprylic acid as well, but it is less fun on the stomach lining) and Manuka Honey (from the tea tree) both have demonstrated efficacy in killing these things. Raw broccoli and turmeric as well. It is really wonderful to get to eat again without feeling ill/strange/dizzy/gassy. I just started the manuka honey, the others I tried and did work well.

More on this woman's site (amy king) who recovered from H Pylori complications, she lists article links:

BTW, These posts about Nexium being more effective than Omeprozole should be viewed with skepticism-- the drugs are nearly identical, but Nexium costs a lot more because the patent hasn't run out:

BTW, thank you, AJ, for explaining your bone problems. My brother has very similar ones from having fallen. His system is very acid-sensitive, there is probably bone mass loss from it. I was getting stress fractures from it as well and drinking Coke for too long. A good bone supplement for strengthening helps reduce the pain considerably. I had it. You want one with not just calcium and Vitamin D, but also Vitamin K, Magnesium, and Boron (possibly strontium as well) for integrating the calcium into your bones.


Been suffering GERD for almost 4 years, I'm 34. It all started after "probably", cholecystectomy operation I had. The surgeon inserted a camera which probably hit the esophagus connection towards stomach, but this is only my assumption. Anyway I started to suffer, almost every night I had terrible heartburn with hardly bearable pain in chest, hard to breath, coughing, fatigue and coughing.

The gastroenterologist prescribed Omeprazole capsules 10mg twice a day before meals. But the capsules didn't help too much, at start it worked, but then my stomach begun to compensate the missing acid, and when I stopped taking the anti acids, the heartburn became worse. All I wanted, is that this thing would get away. I spent a lot of time reading about acid reflux and went to very expensive naturopaths. Quit smoking, decreased coffee intake, increased meals and started to do sports three times per week. My complection is thin. Anyway, today, I don't take any medications at all against acid reflux. I try to control my stress. The only food supplement I take from time to time is Mastic Gum as suggested by my Naturopath. Good luck with dealing.

Omeprazole is not so good for long time, you can read about it on the web.

My mom is quiting Omeprazole (Risek) after 8 days of use. I am very worried after reading these withdrawals.
For last two months she suffered from stomach and back pains, and 8 days back she suffered from Melena attack, in which she vomited blood, had black stools and fainted. Doc prescribed her 40mg Omperazole. But she is suffering from chest pain, headaches and weakness. I hope she doesn't have much withdrawals or non at all. I read butter milk, banana and yogurt are very much essential. I m worried, is omeprazole a benzodiazipine? Do patients have to be on strict diet while withdrawing it, like take no honey, candy, sugar, shelf products? Need help. PS.My mom is a vegetarian. Please reply.

I have been on Omeprazole for 7 days and have suffered terrible tremors/anxiety/blurred vision/weakness/fluttering feelings in my chest/and not sleeping well. I have been off it 5 days the tremors have gone and the anxiety, but I still remain weak and not feeling myself.

I heard Omeprazole depletes vit D, so I bought vit d and vit b and enzymes to try and help. I thought i was going crazy until I started research this drug, please look at www.ask a patient (prilosec/omeprazole) I found this site very helpful.

I have been off of Prilosec for about 6 months, but I think I am still feeling the ill effects of it. I have not been able to lose the few pounds that I put on while taking it. I was unable to digest my food when I took it. I would have to eat no later than 1 pm and could not eat dinner. It took hours to feel like the food digested and I was bloated and feeling full. Luckily, I had some enzymes with me, but I didn't want to rely on those to digest my food. I also feel like it tampered with my memory. I have more trouble now than I used to have, especially with names.

I don't know if all of this is the result of being on the Prilosec for 2 1/2 months. I don't know how long it takes for the body to get back to normal and rebuild what it lost on Prilosec. I also had MORE acid reflux while on Prilosec instead of less. I was shocked the first time it happened while on the drug. It was awful.

I am frustrated about the weight gain and inability to take off those pounds and to lose my weight. I am off sugar and bread and other fattening things and the weight just doesn't want to shed. I am also taking apple cider vinegar and my enzymes, both of which help a lot. I recommend apple cider vinegar as a digestive aid. Take the capsules if you can't stand the liquid. The smell of the capsules is bad too, but once you stick it in your mouth, it isn't bad.

Anyone else have advice on the weight gain or had a similar problem with it?

Katty, it is a proton pump inhibitor, not a benzodiazepine.

I have been taking omeprazole for a month for my gastritis, it has caused memory and focus problems, anxiety, chest pains muscle weakness, fatigue, and throat problems. I've come to the conclusion that cramp type pains are better than that. I am throwing the last 20 days worth away and hoping eating less greasy and spicy foods for the next 3 or 4 months will do the trick ...

Ryan, I feel like I had some memory problems as well or that my memory problems were made worse by Prilosec, especially remembering people's names. I asked the doctor after I had my Endoscopy if there were any side effects. He turned to be casually and said that you might have some short term memory loss as if it were nothing. He just brushed it off like no worries, you'll just have short term memory loss. Just what you want to hear. So you are not alone on the memory problem.

I have also been tired, but I didn't relate it to the Prilosec. I got a cold while I was on it so I thought the tiredness was from the cold. It took months before I started to feel more energetic after I got off of the Prilosec. I'm still not energetic after 6 months off of it.

Just go to the health food store and see what they recommend for you. I felt worse on the Prilosec and couldn't digest my food. Glad you went off of it.

I've been on Prilosec for almost 5 years now. I was on Aciphex prior to that, which was great, but my insurance company decided they would not cover it. I have noticed that I now get more reflux at night than ever. My stomach has grown to the size of a balloon. I have stomach pains, trouble digesting food, and some wheezing. I have also been experiencing irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, and all of this since being on Prilosec. I stopped taking it for a few days, but the heartburn was unbearable, and I had to get back on it. Is there any other medication which I can take instead of Omeprazole? Given all the symptoms I've been having, I'm afraid of taking any more.

I was onomeprazole 40 mg from last July till December, horrible side effects mostly a lot of weight gain in stomach with pain, doctor switched me to rantitidene and that helps for few weeks than I start to have problems with that too. I have been unable to lose the stomach weight and now being tested as they feel I have asthma which sometimes occurs with heartburn.

I am just tired of taking all these drugs that help the heartburn but cause so many other problems. I just wish I never took the omeprazole as have not been ok since.

Started Omeprazole 40 mg a.m. & p.m w/good results for vocal cords. On 5th day landed in out of state Emergency w/chest/arm ache (not relieved by 4 NTG), w/increase in heart irregularity. (MI r/o; no cold/fever) Began Mucinex next a.m. (Pharm D recommended for congestion (racking cough, much clear sputum, esp 1-2 hrs. a.m., & p.m., then less.) Slept w/chest elevated. D/c'd Omeprazole 7th d, recalling your recent PP column but not specifics r/t one such med. Improved by Day 9th d & returning home to see MD.

Have chronic cardiac condition but this was much worse. (On Plavix, ASA, metoprolol, losartan, & simvastatin, (+ sometimes fish oil, Ca, MTV, & glucosamine)

Hi, I read your comments and so similar to what I am dealing with, I went on omeprazole last July and noticed right away I was gaining a lot of weight in upper stomach to where I look pregnant, I am in menopause and 52 and have lost a lot of weight as have developed asthma from the acid reflux. I went off the omeprazole in December which my doctor put me on rantitidene which didn't give me side effects but now with the asthma and shortness of breath they put me back on prilosec 20 mg but I am so disgusted that even though losing weight all over my stomach doesn't go down.

I don't have any pain except if I eat any of the wrong foods which seems to be almost everything anymore. At this rate I don't know what to do as at least being on the prilosec my shortness of breath is better and not having the pain from heartburn except sometimes pains in my upper right abdomen.

I developed some strange symptoms in the past two weeks and after reading this site and another site about Omeprazole, Prilosec, I'm going to stop taking it and see if the symptoms go away. I went to the Dr. and since I'd just had my annual physical, she didn't think I had any real problems. She thought I might be dehydrated. I tried drinking water all day for 4-5 days, and it didn't really help. I had the rash on my forearms, which since disappeared, fatigue, dizziness, bloating, and weakness. I WAS GETTING KIND OF SCARED!

I am glad that the People's pharmacy and just some blog sites from lay people exist, as the medical profession just wants to collect their fees and send you away when you have drug side effects.

I don't really have any serious health issues that I know of besides low thyroid. So I'll let people know if it turns out it was probably prilosec side effects. Thanks everyone for your information.

I too have experienced fatigue on Omeprazole. I managed to get off this drug for 8 months but developed a nasty, asthma-like cough so have gone back on this med but only every other day. When off the drug I felt much more energetic.

Damn straight I've noticed those side effects. I feel like a jaded mess right now. I've been taking Omeprazole for a number of years now. My consultant gastroenterologist has been encouraging me to up my dose from 20mg daily to 40mg daily (taken as 1*20mg twice a day) but, whenever I take the increased dose for a consistent period (2-3 weeks) I develop muscle aches, dizziness, confusion and an horrendous tiredness, as well as terrible wind

Oh my goodness. I have been on omeprazole for 1 1/2years so that I could take anti inflammitories for my back pain. I'm beginning to wonder whether the stuff I was taking for my pain caused it. Anyway, I am cured of that now and cold turkeyed the omeprazoles. Then massive diahorrea, heartburn and dreadful anxiety attacks. I can't concentrate, am wobbly, have problems breathing, my throat and neck clamp up and its scary. I don't seem to be able to function at all now, let alone go out. My doctor has put me on something for that now and suggested I put the omeprazole back because I feel sick taking the new stuff, which also gives me diahorrea! Total wreck. Disaster.

Have been taking Omeprazole for 6 weeks for Gastritis, after adverse reaction to Ibuprofen. Terrible pains along lower rib cage and back, no appetite and have lost 25lbs due to lack of appetite, and no enthusiasm for food. Finding sleeping difficult and lack energy, food not digesting and bouts of chronic diarrhea. Wondering if anyone else has the same symptoms etc.

Due for an endoscopy in 2 weeks. Would like to know if anyone has experienced withdrawal symptoms (and what they are so I know) what to look out for as I am seriously contemplating stopping the omeprazole. Thanks for reading and hope you all find some help and answers soon.

I have been taking omeprazole for a year and a half for GERD as directed by physician. I have been experiencing short term memory loss, especially not being able to remember names. I also had trouble typing the wrong keys on the keyboard even though I've been touch typing for years. It has reached the point where others have noticed the name problem. Two weeks ago I ran out of the medication and the funds to purchase more. I had some rantidine so I took it as a stop gap measure until payday. For five days I experienced diarrhea. After that the acid reflux diminished greatly. Most importantly, my memory improved.

When payday arrived, I bought more omeprazole. I took one dose and the short term memory loss was immediate. I couldn't remember the name of a co-worker that I'd known for three years. I felt confused and clumsy too. I dropped an entire glass of soda on the floor.

I still have some trouble with the memory loss. I'm concerned that it could be permanent. (I keep having trouble with the keys on the keyboard. I've made several corrections as I've typed this.)

I don't know what's going to happen to me as far as the GERD, but I will never take omeprazole again. I'm afraid to tell my physician because I don't know what I will have to do if he insists that I take it.

Now as I read some of the other comments I see other problems I've been having. Can't walk up an incline without fatigue and weight gain. I thought I was having heart problems but ekg showed normal heart when at rest. When the acid reflux increased my specialist increased the dose to 20 mg 2x a day.

It's possible that you aren't allergic to it, sometimes medications work better with each other or other supplements.

I wouldn't worry, maybe ask a pharmacist or your doctor about it, but it's common for doctors to use OTC (over the counter) medications, most of which were previously prescribed or forms of it can be prescribed, differently that what the package says.

Three things to note:
1. If you doctor prescribes it, check with him/her before changing it.
2. If you have questions, get a third party to give you advice, a pharmacist is good for this.
3. Instructions on OTC medications are for people just buying them and using them without a doctor's advice/instructions.

BREASTS MUCH LARGER - I am a 56 year old woman, who had a bad cough and was diagnosed with reflux. I have been taking Omeprazole (Prilosec) for 4 weeks now, 1 tab in the morning, 1 tab at night.
Recently, I've noticed that my breasts seem much larger which was very confusing since I have been DIETING.
I believe the increase in breast size is due to the Priolosec that I've been taking.

Has anyone else noticed an increase in breast size? I will be looking for a natural supplement instead of taking Prilosec... I don't think we know enough about this OTC drug. This does not feel like my body.

Absolutely! I have taken omeprazole for 4 years and can't remember what I ate for breakfast or what my neighbors names are!! Among other side effects I have joint pain, diarrhea, headaches and really bad fatigue. I have gained 30 lbs also. I stopped taking it for 2 weeks, the symptoms went away, I felt way better, but the heartburn came back with a vengeance. Nothing works to control it as well as omeprazole but I do not want to take it any longer. Any ideas?

Yes---I have taken Omeprazole for a hernia for a month and just started having bad bad headaches. I stopped cold two days ago---no headaches but big big time insomnia. So hoping this goes away. Any thoughts or suggestions.

Have been taking Omeprazole 10mg 1 a day for around 5 years. I started when I had too much stomach acid and the Oesophagus sphincter not closing properly. An Endoscopy showed nothing but inflammation in the tract so they just prescribed Omeprazole.

It changed my life at the time and meant I could eat what I wanted again. I haven't experienced any problems I could definitely attribute to the drug, but I have had Heart palpitations off and on for the past few years. Then also a cough a can't get rid of, and I'm quite fatigued a lot of the time.

I combat the fatigue by exercising and I'm running a Marathon soon so it seems fine. I've recently started getting some pain around the chest and left arm that isn't Heart related and I've just noticed I got a palp quite soon after taking an Omeprazole and eating.

I'm going to try and leave off the Omep for a while and see if I can stick it out trying to control it with diet. Every time I've tried before I can feel burning even without eating so it will probably be difficult.

After being diagnosed with osteopenia and painful hands, I researched this site. I've been on omeprezole for 9 years. Weight gain has been over 60 pounds no matter what I do. Doc's keep telling me to loose it! Also thought I was going into early Alzheimer's and making excuses for memory loss.

Husband also on this drug but put on Plavix 3 years ago. Now I see that's bad news too. How do you "kick" it? I'm going to try the DGL licorice and mastic gum (if I can locate such) as recommended in earlier comments from someone also on this drug long term. Lord help us!

Took Omeprazole for 3 years, last 2 months at an increased dose when the first thing I noticed was a constant smell of cigarette smoke, there are no smokers in my home. The serious side effects I experienced were extremely frightening including severe fatigue and weakness (collapsed walking 1/2 mile), shortness of breath, short term memory loss (couldn't remember which pedal was gas/brake), severe anxiety which is very uncommon for me.

I immediately threw it in the trash and in 1-2 weeks felt much better but my reflux was unbearable. Started taking raw organic vinegar mixed with anything I could find and lo and behold the reflux was gone (was very skeptical). Its been about 6 weeks and I no longer need to take vinegar every day, I watch what I eat and stay away from really fatty foods.

I consider myself very lucky that with the help of the Internet I was able to save my health and get on the road to recovery. I just wonder why my doctor who told me not to go off it wouldn't be happy with my story, hmmmm.

Me Too! I have been taking the omprazole DR 40mg. I have lots of health problems but after taking this medicine for a week I am nausous, bloated, cramping and look like I have gained 10 lbs! (I don't have a scale, lucky for me)

Hello everyone. I have been using ompeprazole and protonix for 14 years. And those of you that are wondering if its possible to get off of this drug after years and years of use the answer as far as my experience is no. I have been off of ppis now for almost 8 months and have turned into a non functionable adult. I have such severe stomach stings and burns that come and go that I have developed ptsd from them.

The pains in the stomach get so bad that I ended up in the mental ward 3 times explaining that this is from the ppis and they label me as ocd and semetaform. They think that I'm imagining the pain and over exaggerating it. I can't believe I've had the balls and pain tolerance to stay off of this stuff for 8 months but I'm still here. I've seen the best gastros in the world and they tell me my stomach looks good and they don't understand where my pain is coming from, so they throw antideppresents at me. What a joke. I am completely allergic to ppis now after using them all of these years and what everyone is saying is true. The side effects are terrible. If I take one I become a different person with sever anxiety and breathing troubles. Also have heart palpitations.

I would also like to mention I have severe nerve and muscle pain throughout my whole body that leaves me in pain all day long, so if its not my stomach its my back and nerves giving me trouble. I have been everywhere and had every test done for neurological disorders and nothing comes up. So the doctors tell me its in my head and I'm feeling pain more than other people do. LOL. I know its from the long term use of ppis and nobody believes me. I'm not sure what or how it effects the nerves and muscles but it really does. I feel like I am all alone in this battle. Everyday is so much stomach burn pain and nerve/muscle pain I've contemplated suicide. I hope that none of you have to go through what I am going through today. I have also tried all alternatives and herbal remedies, nothing will hold it down people.

Take it from me. I don't want to discourage anyone here because I know some of you have only been on it for a few months or years but those of you that have used it 10 years or longer get ready for a ride when you come off of it. A ride that will rob your life and take every bit of enjoyment out of it. I was a completely normal guy until I came off of this stuff due to bad side effects. Athletic, great shape, happy, all of that. I pray everyday that my stomach will eventually heal and return to its normal state, if i just hang in there a little bit longer.

I am a tough person, but this is beyond belief hard to overcome. If any of you would like to talk to me sometime about this I would love to hear from someone.

I would also like to know if there is anyone out there that has been on omeprazole or any other ppi for longer than 3 years or more that isn't taking an antidepressant or a medication to control anxiety?

Yes, I took it for about 5 years, but I'm not taking it any more. I got more and more heart palpitations so I stopped omep to see if it cured it. Seemed to almost stop them dead after about 2 weeks of being off it.
The first couple of days were bad with acid reflux but I got some Almonds, chewed some finely after getting it and my GERD is almost gone. Bad foods and Alcohol are a no-no but I can live with that.

I still get the occasional palp but nothing like when I was on the omep.
The only thing is I seem to be getting anxiety when I shouldn't. It's not bad enough to go to the Doctors yet but it's triggered by thoughts of Heart palps. Even though I'm fit and healthy and doing long-distance running.

My advice to anyone about to take Omeprazole is, don't. Try and find any other way to control your diet, just eat Apples and drink water, lose weight etc. Omeprazole may seem like it works wonders at first but I'm sure it does things to you long term.

Well I recently got off of omeprazole, was 2x a day 20 mg each and I tapered off not as slowly as instructed from other blogs but I just had to do it after I heard of some of the side effects, just wanting to know if anyone else had gastric issues like bloating, and candida?

While on it, heard that the acid reduction allows for fungus to thrive. So I cut out one pill a day and boy could I already tell, I have stopped other medications with side effects but this one plagues you. Two weeks later I stopped the other, that was true "hell week", but I have been trying to march on. I noticed weight loss, I think mainly due to having regurgitation issues and not wanting much on tummy.

Anyways, have had bad bed time episodes, wake up choking on bile ? Idk, also very bad up and down the throat reflux and gurgling stomach-I feel hungry and sometimes that's when it's bad cuz there's nothing on my stomach. It's been a month give or take and I'm still having issues, I do take tums at night sometimes, the only time I felt good when I was on it was when I was taking OTC pepcid ac twice a day with the omep. Oh well I can tell by these other statements from people that this withdrawal stuff is all normal : (

Hope this isn't how it will always be, I don't want have to start it again if I can help it
Good luck everyone!!

I've been taking omerprazole for about a year for acid reflux due to long term use of nsaids for rheumatoid arthritis. I've recently (a week) been experiencing palpitations which due to their nature cause a panic attack. Horrid feelings of adrenalin, tingling in my hands, and general thoughts that i am about to drop dead. Thing is I used to have the sensation of palpitations due to the severe heartburn.

So, are these symptoms that the omerprazole is not working any more or a side effect of taking it?! The palpitations petrify me so I've booked a doctor's appt to discuss my options and get a check up. From reading all the comments on here it seems more and more likely the palpitations might be because of the omerprazole which is helping me control my anxiety... my illogical mind was imagining all sorts of sudden cardiac diseases. Thanks to all for posting. I might skip my dose in the morning and see if that helps any.

Yes, I agree with all the side effects outlined above, but there are additional Omeprazole site effects that were not mentioned here, I had the following site effects from taking 20 mg Omeprazole daily for 4 months.

The site effects were... headache, gas, constipation, swelling in face, lips, and on one hand, pain in feet toes & feet balls, (both feet) and general muscle spasms in the neck and the back.

4 days ago I stopped taken the medication, no change yet, but a Dr. told me it would take 2 to 3 weeks, thus I hope for the best.

You need to start taking DGL licorice. They are chewable and it will help your stomach. You can purchase them online, but make sure to get the DGL. You should also be taking slippery elm bark powder or capsules. These two combinations will start to do wonders for you. I started them this week and its the best my stomach has felt in months. You also should stay completely off of any ppi or h2 blocker. Your symptoms will only get worse.

If you're having a lot of heartburn go and buy braggs organic apple cider vinegar and take 2 teaspoons whenever you have heartburn. This will also help when its burning up high. Stay away from tums and chewable antacids as these will make your reflux and stomach worse. Stay away from caffeine and spicy foods when your using these herbs. Also make sure to swallow a dose of the slippery elm before you go to sleep at night this will coat your stomach.

If you can, try to get the slippery elm powder which works better but the capsules work too. The only place that I found carries the powder is the internet but I may be wrong. Take the dgl 20 minutes before you eat on an empty stomach and then use the slippery. All this should be taken before meals including the slippery elm bark. There are no side effects to any of these herbs and are considered all natural and safe so don't worry about side effects or damage being done to you by taking these. This should help.


Please respond back. Yes. I do understand in the exact same boat. email me anytime.

Hi, joy. This site does not let email adresses to appear. I hope that you are getting better. Use the dgl and slippery elm. Also use mastic gum. The stomach pains will eventually get better and so will the heartburn. It could take up to 8 months to a year though depending on how long you have been on ppis.

I am 27 and had no real history of acid reflux or heartburn. I went to the doctor for my throat because I felt like it was obstructed in some way. He told me I most likely had reflux while sleeping and to take a two week pack of Omeprazole to heal my throat. I did that and tried to get off of the medicine after the two weeks and couldn't handle the stomach pain. I went back on it and have been taking it a little over a month and a half. I have had severe chest pains, sweats, headaches and horrifying panic attacks.

I think the symptoms are definitely from the Omeprazole, since I am only on an OTC allergy medicine otherwise. I am currently trying to come off of the Omeprazole but the pain and panic attacks make it horrible. I am hoping if I stay off of it the attacks will go away. I feel like a crazy person.

yes I have been on 40 mg. Omeprazole foe 4 years for hiatal hernia and had fatigue and gained ten pounds and cough and still have acid reflux.

I notice that your original question is about a year old, but the sharp pains in your lower left abdomen is typical of diverticulitis. Hopefully, you have been checked for this because it can be very serious.

I am so glad I found this site. I have been on Omeprazole off and on for 7 years. I started out with Nexium, which worked for me and didn't cause a problem, but was so expensive the insurance company made me switch. So after trying two or three things that didn't work I ended up on Omeprazole which really didn't work either but I was too depressed to fight them any more.

I'm also on pain meds for bad arthritis and spinal injuries so the doctors always blamed those drugs for any problems I have. I have a hiatal hernia too. Well, every symptom described on this site, I also have. Vomiting, diarrhea, sleeplessness, weight gain (especially around the middle) no matter how little I eat, I'm so messed up I don't dare to leave the house. And I've been getting intense migraines and sinus headaches three or four times a week. And an ugly purple rash all over my neck that I was blaming on other drugs.

I've tried every kind of diet known to man to ease my pain: no dairy, no gluten, no meat, no sugar, no processed flour, no fruits or vegetables (thinking they were tearing up my insides), and no food at all... nothing worked! Well, this morning I dug all the Omeprazoles out of my pill box and they are going away. I hate that drug. And I'm not too crazy about doctors right now either.

My mother has been taking prilosec and has been really tired and her muscles she says feels like jelly. So I wonder if it is from the prilosec?

Thank you for your post, maybe we have found the problem! I had told my mom to start putting a little apple cider vinegar in some water everyday and see if that helps with the stomach. It is suppose to be a natural antibiotic.


Holy cow, I am so glad I found this website. I am a 30 year old male and started taking omeprazole about 5-6 months ago. At first it worked awesome!! Then I noticed I was constipated a lot of the time, which I had never previously had a problem with. So I tried to stop taking it and my acid reflux symptoms returned. I again resumed taking omeprazole thinking maybe the constipation was from something else and just my imagination.

I am only taking 1 20 mg. pill every other day and am more constipated than ever and have bloating in my stomach and even suspect I am having some weight gain in the belly area due to this. I am stopping this omeprazole, and antacids tonight! I will just have to give up the coffee, fried chicken, junk food, etc. There is enough information out there nowadays for us to educate ourselves and not just go buy the latest product getting pushed to us buy the media/drug companies!! Totally not worth it. Thanks everybody for taking the time to post your stories:)

Hi, I have been on 150mg of ranitidine twice daily for about a year now. I have pain in my hips, my legs have given way on me, I had an xray taken and the doctor said I have osteoarthritis. I am convinced it is the ranitidine tablets that have caused this. I am now going to try a natural medicine, has anyone else had these symptoms?

After reading all of your stories, I'm very speechless and I didn't realize how side effects from taking omeprazole can be very serious!

This May, I was attacked with acid reflux - horrible enough that I couldn't come in work for 2 days - and my doctor prescribed me omeprazole. I took it 2x a day for 2 weeks and 1x for 2 months. That was the most longest process I ever experienced, I had some cramps but that was about it. Acid reflux was almost gone in the first week and I could barely eat which I ended up losing 5 pounds within 3 days.

After that, I limited myself on eating only healthy food - such as bananas, corn, apples, plain rice, cheese, etc - which helped me so much! I lost 25 more pounds after that. I never felt so good! I got off omeprazole as directed and never got back on it again.... I get a tiny acid reflux now and then but that's due to spicy food or overeating which I would just pop 2 tums. Right now, I'm not happy with myself since I have gained 5 pounds.... time to workout more! haha

By the way... drinking water was HEAVEN to me when I had acid reflux. I have heard that many people complain about drinking water while acid reflux is acting up. I don't know if that is still true for some people, if you guys have any stories relating to that - that would be awesome!

Thank you guys for sharing your stories! :)

Did not do a thing for me! Only made me feel ill all the time! The burning in my chest got worse and I thought the heat in my mouth was going to melt the enamel off my teeth. All this gave me some terrible headaches.

So thankful for this site... 3 weeks ago I started having mild but consistent heartburn. I had some omeprazole at home and started taking it. No beneficial effect. Visited my doctor who doubled the dosage (= 40mg a day). Hell broke loose. I started having pain under my rib cage on the left side. Sometimes I would feel pain also in the middle of my back. And still no benefits from taking the drug. But the worse side are the anxiety attacks. I have been bouncing off the walls for the last couple of days. And, BTW, I still had heartburn.

Stopped omeprazole cold turkey today and I am not too concerned about heartburn as this drug never worked for me. How is it possible for doctors not to know/warn you about all this???

I just wanted to drop a line about the dangers of omeprazole. After having awful anxiety attacks while I was on it and even worse when I went off of it. It has now been a year and a half since I stopped it and I am finally 100% healthy taking no pills at all. I was on it for three months and the cure was worse than the disease. Now, I eat healthy and maybe once a month I will get very mild heartburn and if so I will taking ONE mild tums and will be just fine.

It took about a year or so for my stomach to finally be normal again but I'm proud to say I did it! Life has never been better. Every doctor I went to suggested I take this stuff indefinitely and they were all wrong! For anyone who has taken this stuff and suffered like I have, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there! - TS


After throwing away the proton pump inhibitor, are you feeling better? I have the same symptoms after one month and I'm ready to throw out the bottle as well. My primary care physician has me going for a stress test, visit to a neurologist, and a carotid artery test. Now I realize all these symptoms are from this dang medicine!

I hope you're doing well now!

Hi Greg

Was browsing the net on Omeprazole side effects and came across your story. Your experience with this drug has been horrendous for you and as I read on, my heart went out to you. You described your situation so vividly and I could sense the frustration and suffering you are feeling. I also appreciate your truthfulness and respect for other people's situations and experiences whilst stating your own.

I had an endoscopy done following a colonscopy due to the fact that mum and grandma died of colorectal cancer. The colonscopy was clear but the endoscopy showed slight ulcers/abrasions in the small intestine. The Specialist then prescribed Ome - one 20mg tablet daily. This was in Feb 2011; I was on it for 8 months. One day I just decided to stop cold turkey because of the side effects which were weight gain, loss of short term memory, dizziness, fatigue etc.

I'm coming right after two months of cessation and have a better control of my life, don't know if I am meant to stop this med but took it upon myself to do so as I feel in this case the mean justifies the end. However, I know what you must be thinking. What about the ulcer? Well, I am watching what I eat, exercising and generally living healthy. Hang in there Greg and you're not alone in this, okay.

I have been on 40mg of Omeprazole since April (8mths) after the birth of our 4th son. An endoscopy determined I had gastritis. I was unaware that these meds were supposed to be used so temporarily. After having some stomach pain still a couple months after being on the meds, the gastro doc wrote me enough refills for a year.

Last Monday, I went to the doctor for a sinus/chest cold that I couldn't seem to shake after 3 weeks. I put off going that long because my husband was gone for some army training and we have 4 kids. When I was at the urgent care, the doctor said, "You have a heart murmur but you probably already knew that..." Uh, no I had NEVER heard that in 30 yrs. of life. I now just had an echo cardiogram.

Next week I am scheduled for a nuclear stress test. I stopped taking the medicine cold turkey 5 days ago and now on the 5th day, the stomach pains just started. I am reading about the licorice, slippery elm, ect. but all of you kind of have a different take on on how to begin. WHEN AND WHAT should I be taking exactly. I went to that Dr. T's website but his method starts BEFORE coming off the omeprazole. I stopped taking it cold turkey so where should I go from here naturally? Thanks....

Dammmm .................thought I was the only one. I was on omeprazole for three weeks, I knew within a week something was wrong, anxiety attack, tingling in the legs, feels like something in my throat all the time, can't sleep and the list goes on and on.

I had to stop Protonix (really similar to Omeprazol ) cold turkey because of a stomach emptying test. The first 3-4 days were horrible. To survive I used DGL, Enzymes (Absorbaid) and calcium/magnesium in powder (for easy absorption).
It worked for me. I keep on using all of the above also now that my stomach feels much better.

I have trouble swallowing pills. I have been taking Previcid for years. I just opened the capsule and put the beads in an inch of juice. I now have to take omeprazole. Can I do the same thing with these?

I have had Reflux problems since started on Fosamax for osteoporosis and celebrex for joint pain. Both drugs really destroyed my stomach and now I cannot live without reflux meds. I have been on all and the latest Prilosec 20mg twice a day. I developed an allergic reaction to Prilosec with severe itching of the face and a rash. My doctor discontinued the drug but I could not exist without something.

We tried Zantax again but to no avail. Then we tried Nexium, that even though it is a mirror image molecule of Prilosec it is not generic and many of the generic drugs give more side effects.. I have occasionally noticed a rash coming up but hope soon the new drugs CTAP will be accepted by the FDA. I know for a fact that it is already in use in Europe but do not know about Canada. I guess I am going to survive on Nexium until the new drug is on the market.

Well, my doctor enthusiastically prescribed me Prilosec when I complained of sometimes having acid reflux symptoms! He described it as the BMW of 'heartburn' meds! Within a day I felt better! No waking up with my chest on fire... but then the weight gain started!

I've been bouncing around 194-197 pounds for the last 7 or 8 years... and within a month of taking prilosec I've not only busted through the 200 pound mark... I've hit 207(!!!), and I've really been watching what I eat, even during the holiday season. Not only this, but the weight seems oddly hard to get rid of compared to 3-4 months ago.

My stomach feels better, but I think I'm going to have to quit it because the weight just seems to jump on board if I have a big meal...

47 year old male, 5'10"... Office worker, generally low activity.

I was first given Lansoprazole in 2008 for a persistent cough, it did nothing.
In 2011 after ct scan, lung function test, and a camera into my lungs showed nothing I was sent back to ENT I was given 30mg of Lansoprazole for three months. After 9 days of diarrhoea my Dr said it was not the medication and just a bug, it was only days later when I was covered all over my body in an itchy rash that the medication was changed to 40mg Omeprazole.

After 2 months I felt really unwell, disturbed sleep, feeling disorientated, fatigue, tearful, poor concentration. My hip joints were so painful I could barely walk 100m and were painful to lay on at night. I stopped taking the medication and saw 80% improvement in a week. My Dr sent me for blood tests thinking my joint pain was due to menopause having just turned 50.

All hormone levels were normal with no sign of menopause but my liver function was abnormal it took 4 months after stopping Omeprazole for my liver to return to normal. It's now been 6 months and my hips are still painful any ideas.....

I have GERDS and have been taking Nexium for several years now. It has helped tremendously! The negatives are the side effects such as abdominal pain, gas and bloating. I want to try something else because I'm worried about the fractures, since I am female and have osteopenia but the OTC. stuff does not work at all! What is one to do? Gastro. Dr. says try every other day on the Nex. but that doesn't stop the symptoms either. So, I continue with it. Depressed about it. Can't live without it!! Sympathize with all of you too.

LeAnne, I was prescribed a variety of Gerd drugs including omeprazole and ranitidine took them for awhile, but they either didn't work or I had reactions to dosage. So, I decided to treat this naturally. Did a lot of research on alkaline foods and natural supplements for esophagitis and GERD and here is what I have been doing:

1) drink a fresh (not bottled) carrot & apple juice every morning upon waking (cabbage juice is also good for the stomach)

2) 20 minutes before every meal take 2 DGL licorice tablets

3) take 1000MG mastic gum 2x per day between meals

4) 3x per day between meals take 1 tsp of Manuka Honey on a cracker or bread (try no to eat/drink anything for 20 minutes after Manuka Honey

5) with meals I take a digestive enzyme and

6) take a probiotic and aloe vera juice right before bedtime. Note: too much aloe can cause diarrhea, but I've not had that problem, may be the type of aloe you use.

The carrot/cabbage juice help to soothe/heal the stomach as do DGL Licorice, mastic gum and Manuka Honey (as well as esophagus). Once you have your GERD under control you can reduce or eliminate the DGL Licorice/Mastic gum and Manuka Honey.

Do some research on the side effects of long-term use of the proton pump inhibitors/acid blockers... scary stuff.

I also eat pretty healthy; no coffee, soda, chocolate, alcohol, gluten-free, very minimally processed foods, limit spicy foods.

I've also occasionally used apple cider vinegar (with the "mother" in it), but don't use it regularly.

use h2 blockers (ranitidine, cimetedine etc) to delay acid burn 4 -8 hrs and use Tums (try 1000 mg w Calcium). Or, if low on the bucks, or you can't get to the store in time, a teaspoon or less, of baking soda in a bit of warm water. It tastes terrible, but will remove the immediate burn, until the h2 blockers can kick in. However, try to dwindle your use of the tums etc, as it will lead to rebounds, making you have more acid, etc... you get the picture.

These are all things now you can get OTC now (h2 blockers etc) Zantac (or ranitidine) otc is therapeutic at about 150 mg, and is usually best if you are taking a lot of meds; has less blockages, side effects etc. Baking Soda immediately dissolves the acid (tums and other otcs) but baking soda is VERY high in salt so don't take it if you are watching your sodium intake.

Of course, don't do anything w/o your Dr and/or Pharmacist approval, but it does help in controlling the acid. I've never had such bad acid reflux as being on this since I was put on the omeprazole. Before, I was taking Ranitidine 300 mg prn (or break them in half)

but, seems all these remedies are going to have the rebound effect, so I have had to titer it down, because I cant imagine trying to get off this otherwise! If I don't have an ulcer already, I think I would!

good luck!

As said in previous posts -- I am SO glad that I found this site!

My doctor prescribed Omeprazole 20mg/day after I complained of acid reflux/heart burn. Within one week, I gained 4 pounds! The bloating around by middle was noticeable by the second day. I am also experiencing constipation.

I am going to stop taking it immediately and try some of the other suggestions posted.

Thank you for sharing your stories!

Thanks God I found this site. I was taking omeprazole for 5days now and my body can't really take this drug. I had been diagnosed with acid reflux problem last 2 weeks ago. My acid increased when I ate a lot of oysters that day. Went to the E.R and my test was all negative even my EKG. The doctor told me I had GERD but my acid wasn't that bad though before I ate the oysters.

I was just taking Omeprazole for 5days but the effect was horrible (heavy chest pain, dizziness, vomiting, muscles pain and anxiety) my doctor told me to continue taking it until 14days, but I can't take it anymore I feel so sick taking this drug. I will go back to my doctor this week and I will tell her about the side effects. I will STOP taking this drug starting Today! I will drink lots of water to wash out all the drugs into my body. I will try also the apple cider vinegar if I will have a heartburn. Thank you all for all your comments here. I hope and I pray that the Lord will heal us. God bless

I took Omeprazole for 1 year for bad acid reflux and felt like I was ready for the asylum. I had nervousness, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, doomed feeling, nightmares, tingling in arms and legs, and vision problems and many other symptoms that have been mentioned by other people. Before I took this drug I had osteopenia and after a year on it I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I had no problem getting off of it. I felt 100% better and just started watching my diet and drinking aloe juice.

I do get acid reflux once in a while and I will treat it with meds that do not contain omeprazole. My question to readers is: has anyone experienced and eye pressure problems on omeprazole? I am being checked because the pressure in my eyes has increased. This really scares me. Would appreciate any feedback. I have encouraged anyone I know who is on Omep. to get off and it was amazing to hear them say they had so many symptoms and didn't know what was wrong. Thanks

I have been taking omeprazole for over a month 40mg 2x a day for severe acid reflux. I had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy to diagnose the problem and was originally prescribed nexium but it wasn't covered and was $350 per month so we opted for the omeprazole because they said it was" like the difference between coke and pepsi" I have had very bad short term memory- even to the point that I have trouble remembering what symptoms came first and when they first surfaced.

I the developed dermatographism where I would get itchy and every place I touched my skin would erupt in a large raised welt. I would look like I had been whipped with welts covering my body. I would also get very anxious and jittery when I had all these welts. The itch was insatiable.

I was told to go off the omeprazole and they pepsid. I have done this but still have the dermatographism. It is not as often but is still there daily. It doesn't last as long or seem quite as intense usually, but it is very uncomfortable. I am very confused and don't know what to do next.

The acid reflux is very severe and painful without any drugs, but I feel like exposing myself to something that causes this serious of a reaction can't be good. I'm considering a natropath next.

I have recently been diagnosed with GERD and Barret's esophagus. I am very reluctant about taking the omeprazole my doc prescribed. The only symptom that I have is a fullness in my throat. I have been trying hard to eliminate things from my diet; onions, garlic and tomatoes are the hardest. I never thought I could give up coffee, chocolate and wine so easily! I would appreciate any thoughts/ideas on a natural course to take.

I began taking Omeprazole in fall 2003 after being hospitalized with a bleeding ulcer (I was given two units of blood during the three days I was there) and was told I would need to take a proton pump inhibitor for the rest of my life to keep the ulcer from possibly developing again, which by the way was supposedly originally caused by h.pylori bacteria in the stomach which was treated with antibiotics while in the hospital and more orally once I was released.

I subsequently began to wake up with very severe headaches and I mean crushing pain right in the center of my forehead and they never failed to make me sick, nausea and vomiting and dry heaves for a whole day sometimes even into the next day and then a whole extra day after to recuperate. And I could never predict when this would happen. I'd go to bed fine and wake up sicker than, well you know what.

And the thing is I never really thought it could be the Omeprazole that was causing it until here it is nine years later and after suffering all that time with headaches at least once or twice a month or six weeks, and going to neurologists and trying four or five different very expensive headache meds, I decided to maybe try to see if stopping it would help. Sheer desperation was largely my motivation and the fact that I realized it was the only med I'd been taking for longer than I had been getting the headaches (I had been on Lexapro, Wellbutrin, estrogen replacement therapy) but discontinued all of those for other varying reasons.

So it has been three months since I had a 'sick' episode and almost that long since I quit this drug and I can't even say how relieved I am to now have a little hope that I may be free of these debilitating headaches... I was literally at my wit's end, the doctors could not find any cause and all the tests were negative and I had many!! I was ready to look into filing for disability.

I think it's just a little too coincidental that since I quit these pills the headaches have pretty much just gone away and while the drug was wearing off I did have some acid reflux and some other stomach upset issues but they were and are way milder than what I went through for all those years. I feel pretty naive for not realizing before. I hope this can help someone else who may be having something similar, God forbid.

Anyone who is familiar with this particular side effect please feel free to reply to this, I'd really welcome input on this. And to clarify, my doctor fully supports my decision to stop as well, although we do need to be vigilant regarding the acid levels etc., so that will have to be monitored. Needless to say I am just absolutely paranoid about taking anything else to prevent the acid for fear of the same result. So I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens. Thanks for letting me share my story.

I have been taking acid suppressants of different kinds for 6 or 7 years, because I produce excess stomach acid. The drugs are mostly omeprazole and other PPI's: sometimes Ranitidine. I have experienced the listed side effects. I try to relieve my body of these by coming off the drug/s for at least one weekend in four, occasionally for as long as a fortnight. I am able to get relief from both the drugs and the excess acidity by substituting solid food with liquid feed in the form of Ensure Plus, or Pepdite 1+.

These are obtainable by prescription and are quite palatable, and because they don't demand stomach acid for absorption allow the stomach and gut to heal from inflammation and ulceration, without the side effects of the drugs. Taking the liquid feed isn't particularly satisfying but I'd rather give up the pleasure of eating for a while than suffer the side effects of the medication.

Has anyone experienced relief from rheumatic symptoms while taking omeprazole or another PPI? There is a theory that rheumatic diseases are related to a rise in blood acidity possibly induced (at least partially) by excess stomach acid! And there are some reported cases where relief has seemed to accompany acid suppression.

Hi all, I've been prescribed Omeprazole. I took 1 20mg capsule once a day for 2months and still got the pain. I went back to my doctor yesterday and he told me to increase the dose to 2 20mg capsules a day for a week. Then to cut down to 1 20mg capsule a day. After reading all your stories this worries me greatly. My side effects so far have been dizziness, wobbly legs, hands shaking, anxiety, a big itchy rash on my back (which I've never had before). I would like to stop taking these but the pain is unbearable and can last for 12 hours!!

It feels like someone is pressing on my chest. I hope my stomach sorts itself soon as I'm not looking forward to coming off them and having more side effects.:-(
Good luck to you all and thank you for sharing your stories, remedies and words of hope.

Regards CEH

My husband is 80 years old and in pretty good health. We both do a 45 minute, three mile walk several times a week. He also plays golf at least once a week. My concern is that my husbands doctor has just prescribed Prilosec for an irritating clearing of the throat, which he has had for several years. He also put him on blood pressure meds when his blood pressure was slightly elevated 145/63 during a an office visit, but which is more often below 120/56. His total cholesterol is 159 and his LDL is 73 and triglyceride is 230, so he wants him to take Pravastatin. He suggested the Pravastatin because it is less expensive than Lipitor.

We both take vitamin D3 5000 IU and Mega Red Kril oil. My husband also takes Glucosamine with MSM 159 mg. I prefer that we not get hooked on prescription medications that not only have bad side effects but that our age are not going to make any significant difference to our overall health. Do you see a problem with what is being prescribed for my husband? I do not want his health to get bad just because he is taking medications that he may not need. Thank You. Jean

I have been on omeprazole, for about a year, prescribed by an E.N.T for acid reflux, during this time I had noticed a persistent itchy rash on my back. Along with this rash I began to have some very dry skin and sagging of the skin, on the back of my arms and legs, the onset of this was immediately after starting the drug.

During a routine blood test I was told that I was deficient in B12 and my blood sugar war elevated. I have stopped taking the omeprazole and begun to take a very strong probiotic. Along with drinking a lot of water. My persistent acid reflux cough has gone, my skin rash has disappeared and my blood test is now normal. Doctors seem to be unaware of the many side effects and don't encourage patients to take alternative homeopathic measures. A friend has told me that her reflux is corrected with a homeopathic licorice. I encourage everyone to investigate less toxic treatments.

Pah, your deficiency of B12 is common with protracted use of proton pump inhibitors like omeprazole. The drug inhibits the production of 'intrinsic factor' which is needed for the absorption of B12. Everyone who begins a potentially long course of PPI's, or drugs like ranitidine which are 'H2 receptor antagonists', should have their B12 levels monitored.

Unfortunately most GP's aren't aware of this potential deficiency and never test for it. A deficiency of B12 usually results in severe fatigue. The deficiency can be overcome quickly by taking B12 tablets, obtainable by prescription. Incidentally it is worth Googling the side effects of 'reduced stomach acid and deficiencies' to see ALL the nutrients whose absorption is affected by drugs like omeprazole. When I take it I add a high potency MultiVit and Mineral tablet to my diet.

I started omeprazole a few years ago when nothing else was working for my heartburn and reflux, and it worked wonders. At first, I only had to take maybe one a week. Then in the last year, I needed it twice a week. About 2 and a half years ago, I went to the doctor with shortness of breath. Antibiotics had minimal effect, we tried nebulizer (albuterol for asthma) with no success. The shortness of breath was intermittent, not constant. I eventually began self-treating and found a little relief with Nyquil (the kind you buy behind the counter).

A week of taking it and I did see some improvement in my breathlessness. Realize I have severe sinus drainage at all times also, so hard to sort out the different causes. I told my doctor that it was the first thing that helped and she said to keep doing it then and said it was probably because it had a mild bronchodilator in it, the dextromathorfan. So I got some syrup with only that and Guiffensen, and that helped as well. I still had some shortness of breath, though, but it was better managed.

Just a couple of months ago I'd read a study that a test revealed people on omeprazole broke their hips easier than those not on it. So I decided to cut back because I'm nearly 60 and could easily fall. I didn't think I'd be able to do without it since nothing much worked before. But because I had switched my anti-inflammatory to Meloxicam just a few months ago, which unlike the other anti-inflammatories, does not make my heartburn worse (and also works so much better), I found I was able to do without omeprazole and was back to using simple remedies like Tums and Pepto-Bismol. Once in awhile, I will take a ranitadine or other pill if needed, but they don't do much for me.

Well, I noticed I hadn't had shortness of breath for awhile. I won't say I had zero, but I am overweight and have chronic sinus problems, so some is to be expected. I always thought the pollution index affected my breathing as well, and this is the better time of year for it, so I am not going to conclude it was omeprazole until I am well into summer, but I have a feeling it was the culprit, and this is the longest I've gone without it in nearly 3 years. Too bad.

Try DGL--Available at healthfood stores.

Hopefully you recovered from this. I'm dealing with it right now and it is frustrating.

I have the exact same symptoms. How are you doing now?

I am getting better finally. It took me 6 months to get off Prilosec! What a terrible chemical. It took 2 years of my life from me and tons and tons of money from test after test and Dr after Dr. We all thought I had some deadly disease. All tests were normal. So it WAS from Prilosec.

My suggestion to anyone on this drug that wants to get off it. Is do it VERY gradual. Slowly. Don't EVER cold turkey just stop it. It will put your body into shock and throw off everything and you'll be worse then ever before. Mostly from acid rebound. It's torture.

Sadly Dr's don't have a clue about these meds and what they do to our bodies and what happens when people attempt to come off. Not a clue!

And when you try and talk to them about it they deny it and say no that's not from Prilosec. Prilosec doesn't do that.

These meds are not meant to be taken long-term and for life like Dr's prescribe.

My GI doctor has had me on Prilosec for months. He never said anything about it interacting in a negative way with Dilantin. I have been taking Dilantin for over sixty years for my epilepsy! Today, he took me off Prilosec after I told him my alternative medicine doctor did not want me on it. He also did not say anything about withdrawal lasting for months. When I asked number of months ago that the directions on the package cautioned about long-term use, he brushed it off. Finally, I too have experienced extreme fatigue, especially at night.

What has made this whole experience particularly irksome to my mind is that this doctor is no quack, but rather a highly-regarded GI doctor at one of NC's finest hospitals. The moral: don't trust doctors about drug interactions. They are simply too busy seeing an overload of patients to check. I was a fool. Make sure you are not one too!


Taking Prilosec due to Achalasia where I had surgery to keep sphincter muscle open. Have been on it several years and suddenly developed a rash. How long does it take for rash to disappear and heal? I took myself off of Prilosec four days ago and am taking Aloe Vera Juice and DGL licorice since I have esophagus erosion due to reflux.

Hi everyone
I'm a bit concerned. About 6 yrs ago I started taking omeparazole and it worked great for my acid reflux, I'd lost 6 stone through having reflux. The last 6 months the reflux seemed to get bad again and the docs upped my dose to 40mg. It hasn't seemed to make any difference and for the last month I have been in constant pain with a bloated stomach, can't eat, sleep, drink etc and lost 19lb so far.

The docs cant seem to find a reason for this and claim its depression, which it definitely isn't and it's definitely not in my head or stress related, its crippling and exhausting. Wondering if I've became allergic to omeperazole and its causing it? help!

I've decided to stop taking omeprazole as it seems to be the reason I feel like I always have the stomach flu. I was diagnosed with an ulcer, Barrett's Esoph. and hernia and GERD. After taking the antibiotics for the ulcer, they started me on the omeprazole. I have been losing weight as the abdominal pain and feeling of stomach flu has killed my appetite. I'll try to control the GERD with diet (how much I eat, when I eat it, and what I eat). I wish I had been advised of the side-effects before I started this regime.

Niki, I experienced the same symptoms with this level of dose. It may be that you have a bacterial infection in the stomach, as I did. Stomach acid acts as a killer of bacteria which we ingest every day with food but when it is absent these bacteria overgrow to the point of causing inflammation in the stomach. I did something counterintuitive - I stopped taking omep and lived on a semi liquid diet (try Ensure Plus, on prescription) for a week or two and the symptoms disappeared. My consultant accepted that bacterial overgrowth was the probable cause of my symptoms. When hunger slowly returned I moved onto ranitidine which has fewer side effects and am continuing with that regimen. There is plenty of info on PPI related bacterial overgrowth on the internet. Good luck.

So gratefull for all the comments.
I'm loooking for a way to get off Omeprazole, and get back to it every time.

I've been taking 20 mg of omeprazole daily for the past 17 months. During this period I have developed a number of symptoms that have become progressively worse, most notably: excessive tiredness and fatigue, drowsiness, short-term memory problems, blurred vision, and joint pains.

Omeprazole may have nothing to do with any one or more of these, but I noticed among the comments above and on other websites that these are common side effects of omeprazole when taken over extended time periods. Two doctors I've consulted who practice integrated medicine suggested I stop omeprazole and continue on a wellness regimen I've also been on for many months and that includes early dinners at night, a higher alkaline diet, and plenty of exercise.

So many medicines introduce problems that are often greater and more numerous than the ones they're meant to resolve. It seems to me that our bodies have natural ways of dealing with many of these problems (not all of them obviously) if we are willing to make the adjustments that may be necessary in our lifestyles.

I took prilosec for 3 months for gerd, in that time, I noticed that I was not digesting my food, I was losing my appetite, muscle weakness, weight loss, blurred vision, fatigue, and I knew it was prilosec, I wasn't taking anything else. I stopped, and started taking chewable probiotics before each meal, it has been 6 months, and The probiotics are working great for me. Also, try gluten free, that also helps.

Hi Greg,
I've been on omeprazol for two months and I'm feeling some palpitations (very weak but it still makes me nervous) I want to know How long it takes after stopping the medication for the palpitations to disappear.

I'm calling my Dr. this Monday to ask her, but still want to know your experience.

I have been taking Omeprazole for 1 1/2 weeks and have noticed soarness and bleeding in my mouth. I am a person who eats spicy and hot food and the hotness never bothered me, but since I have been taking this medicine, I noticed my mouth is very sensitive...burning irritation above the mouth and soreness from inside of the throat along the back of my gums.

Has anyone had this problem??? and what did you do??

I've recently been to see a gastrologist after suffering from terrible bloating. I had taken omeporazole for 6 years and forgot for a day. The bloating vanished and returned as soon as I took another pill, so Ive stopped taking them and I have been absolutely fine :) The gastrologist explained that the omeperazole stops the acid forming in your stomach but the acid kills off the bacteria. So people can be prone to the bloating affect the bacteria gives, he said it can be very painful and the omeperazole can do more harm than good in some people.

How much apple cider did you take and how often.

I've been on Omeprazole for 9 months or more. I took it last thing at night otherwise my food did not digest, and I got bad stomach pain. I have hiatus hernia and some duodenitis was observed during a recent gastroscopy. I had also a lot of heartburn with upper chest pain and discomfort. Also a lot of noisy belching.

I already have stomach polyps, also noted on gastroscopy, which might be due to 10 years on Ranitidine. A side-effect of acid suppression. My GP says that the PPI works much better and I should take them indefinitely. I already have osteoporosis and although I am taking supplements for this how much I am absorbing on the Omeprazole is debatable and I'd like to get off them mainly as this worries me.

I have a swollen stomach every night which is not much down even in the morning and much gas and bloating. Very uncomfortable and embarrassing in company, lso feel tearful and depressed, forget words and the names of things. Lacking interest in my hobbies, not like myself at all. Lately my knees hurt really bad going up and down stairs, and they never did before. I am not overweight, but GP says probably osteoarthritis.

If I can kick the PPI drugs and the knees improve, then I will prove her wrong.
I have a bed wedge which helps greatly with the reflux at night, although you need to put a heavy pillow behind your knees to support the hips and lower back. It took some time to get used to sleeping on an incline, but used to it now.

I am not going to 'cold turkey' but reduce the PPI with the help of ranitidine alternate days until I am off them, God willing, as they give too many side -effects and I am still suffering anyway.
Good luck to you all!

I have not heard anyone say anything about my symptom. But I have tested the theory and find it is a real symptom.

I was taking 20mg daily for about 6 months and recently changed to 40mg daily.

My cat of 10 years suddenly started licking my hair and she has NEVER done that before. I started smelling burning plastic everywhere. Then after five days I finally figured out that it was ME that smelled. My urine smelled like burning plastic. The stuff was coming out my skin and hair!!!

I now look back and realize that there were symptoms before, but at the 20 mg dose they were not offensive so I brushed them off, not knowing they were related to the medicine. Foods tasted different and there was a chemical taste in my mouth similar to the smell I noticed on my skin.

I have quit omeprozole, the smell is gone and my cat no longer licks me. I will not take it again. It can't be good to be having chemicals coming out your skin.

I am stunned by what I am reading here! Never once have my Dr.(s) said anything about possible side effects from taking Omeprazole - I have GERD due to a weak esoph. sphincter muscle. I have been on 40mg daily for about 3 years and I have wondered what the hell could be wrong with my memory (which used to be very good), why I itched all time, adrenaline spikes (which I had decided were due to anxiety disorder), fatigue and weight gain, etc. I never once thought any of these were due to Omeprazole! Holy mackerel! I'm about to turn 50 and want to get off of it - but, I've got cardiac issues that have complicated things and I am afraid to go off Omep. 'Cold Turkey'. I wonder if stepping down to 20mg daily to start and after a couple of months stepping back further while supplementing w/ licorice and slippery elm might ease the transition.

I am also afraid that my GERD issues will return. Thank you, everyone, for your willingness to share your experience - it opened my eyes and helped me to see the cause and effect of many symptoms. Here's to getting the pharmaceutical monkeys off our backs.

After taking Pepcid AC almost every day for the past 5+ years, I figured I should try the OTC Omeprazole. Less than a week into it I noticed yellow bruises on my shoulder (I had a massage, but had never had that happen). A few days later my right shin was all yellow and bruised and the side of my heel was even blue-ish. I didn't recall bumping my shin (but must have).

I googled side effects of Prilosec and saw that bruising and yellowing of the skin is listed. I stopped around day 12 and had the stabbing stomach pains that day. Fine since and the bruising is slowly subsiding (49yr old male with no other health issues)

A week ago, after reading the comments on this site, I went cold turkey and quit Omeprozole. This first week I was thinking I might have to go back on it because of stomach cramps and GERD. But on the 7th say I am now ok and managing my GERD with Tums and its getting better daily.

When the Dr prescribed it he scared me by telling me that I had some syndrome in my oesophagus that in less than one percent of people could progress into cancer, I have already had cancer (prostate) and beat it but didn't want a return match!! So I took the stuff for 6 months at 20mg then two weeks ago he upped the dose to 40mg.

That was when I noticed that my skin and hair and urine stunk like burning plastic. My cat noticed it also. I could not see that such a thing could be good for me. So I stopped it cold turkey a week ago. The smell was gone in 5 days and my stomach distress is decreasing daily... almost gone at day 7.

So if you try to go cold turkey, it may take a while with lots of Tums to get to the end of the tunnel.

75 year old Male.

LauraAnn and RP and all on here- Sadly Dr's don't have a clue. They all say "no no that's not from Prilosec". Or "Prilosec doesn't do that". "That's not a side effect of Prilosec".

You'd think we are all crazy and just making all this stuff up. I was never sick. Never had ANY of the crazy things and symptoms that came AFTER I started this drug. I am contacting the FDA about it. And it's already on the FDA watch list.

Some good advice for you guys. Don't EVER cold turkey stop this drug. I tried to and ended up in the hospital struggling to breathe and to swallow at all. I've been off it for 6 months now and still not completely back to normal and I gradually came off it the second time. VERY gradual. It does something to our bodies at a cellular level. It changes the chemistry of our body. It's not all coincidences that these things started after starting Prilosec.

Good luck- JA

The sad thing here is that we are none of us qualified to evaluate this. We are just spitting in the wind and there is no one listening to us that could make comments that might be useful. There are no Doctors on this discussion. The blind leading the blind.

I quit it because I didn't like the odour that it gave my hair and skin. BUT maybe that is not a reasonable reason. But there is no one here to say Yea or Nay! The trade off is that I can not eat the foods I like. Is body odour more important than food? How serious is the body odour?

So why am I here. I may as well look elsewhere for my advice.

Sage words of advice, JA. I am stepping back gradually. First, I must tell you all that I was incorrect in my dosage - I was taking 20mg per day, not 40. So, I've cut the 20mg in half and now take 10mg per day. It has only been 5 days and so far not much for withdrawal symptoms and no GERD - but, I will continue this dosage for a couple of months, then follow with 10mg every other day for a couple of months. After that, we'll see.

I was in the hospital this summer for ten days because of some freakish heart failure incident - the meds caused me to lose about half of the 40 lbs I needed to and that has also helped lessen my GERD symptoms. If some GERD problems reappear I shall supplement with a well-chewed apple. Day 5 and counting...

I used to have heart palpitation all the time. Had an episode of stomach ache felt like ulcer, went to the doctor and asked to be tested for H-Pylori infection. The doc. refused to test me, told me it was not H-Pylori, and prescribed Prilosec, which did not help at all. I waited a few days in pain, made another appointment, saw a different doctor.

I insisted to be tested for H-Pylori, since I know this bacterium caused 90% of all ulcers and 80% of people with stomach cancer have this bacterium in their gut. And the bacteria infection can be cheaply treated with antibiotics. The doctor ordered the anti-body blood test reluctantly, the test came back positive and I was put on antibiotics immediately to eradicate H-Pylori infection. I am now H-Pylori free, and my heart rate has dropped by 10%, and I have not had any heart palpitation episodes since. I've had heart palpitation for 30 years!

From my own personal experience I think there is a link between the H-pylori, but since there wouldn't be any money to be made to treat people for H-Pylori infection (that will deem lot of the antacid drugs unnecessary since you can CURE ulcers by eradicating the bacteria), so I doubt anyone will study the link. Dr. Nina Salama in Seattle studies H. Pylori, she has some interesting information about H-pylori.

I had to push my doctors really hard to treat me, they flat out refuse to treat ulcers by eradicating the h-pylori bacterium. I believe had I not push so hard, I would still be in pain and popping prilosec pills all the time. The heart palpitation was just an extra bonus from the treatment. In any case, I am glad I did it.

Good luck for people who are still dealing with the health issues.

I think I am suffering from fatigue due to omeprazole. I am planning to stop using is for 2 weeks now to test this hypothesis.

I hope you're well by now. How long did it take you to get better from withdrawal of Prilosec? I'm going through it now. It's been 6 weeks. I can't sleep and have pulsating tinnitus.

I certainly hope you're better. I'm in a similar situation. I took Prilosec for 4 years and have been off them for 39 days. I've suffered through the anxiety and panic attacks, and of course the rebound hyper acidity. But now I can't sleep. I have pulsatile
Tinnitus which doesn't allow me to sleep. Doctors think you're making all these symptoms up, and the anxiety they believe cannot come from a drug to treat GERD. I can't sleep and I think I'm going to lose my mind.

I have been taking 20MG Omeprazole for years with no apparent side effects. Within the past year, I have experienced severe pain in my left leg. Apparently an obscure bursa in my hip fills with fluid and causes pain in the leg. The bursa has been aspirated several times. The physician refills the bursa with steroids and pain killers and I get instant relief that lasts for a week or two. Has anyone experienced a similar problem that is solved by leaving off the Omeprazole?

I have been on Prilosec/OTC since 2000. I have ran out a couple of times with terrible results.

If I miss 2 or more days, I am in agony with no sleep resulting in a forced vomit for relief.

I'm glad you're better. I got off Prilosec cold turkey 40 days ago. I went through anxiety, panic attacks, all the stomach problems reported by others, and continue to suffer from insomnia. I cannot sleep. When did you begin to feel good after you we're completely off the drug? I appreciate your response. Deb

CV - I too have noticed memory loss and lethargy. But I have been taking Omeprazole for at least 40 years (recently increased from 20mg to 40mg! So I'm not sure whether the symptoms are caused by the drug or just plain old aging. I am a young 72 years!

If you are trying to wean yourself off this drug, or any PPI, you must do it incrementally, otherwise you will experience an acid surge which is often worse than the acid level you have been trying to reduce. H2 blockers are a good alternative to try. One of the main reasons for the lethargy and fatigue experienced while on these drugs is their side effects of vitamin B12 deficiency, B6 deficiency, and magnesium deficiency - singularly or in combination. I'd advise everyone on PPIs to try supplementing on these nutrients to test their efficacy for relieving these symptoms. Talk to your doctors too. Hope this helps - it certainly has with many of my patients.

Hi, just read your email. I suffered exactly the same. Apparently stopping the acid makes the bacteria in your stomach multiply, which in turn causes lots of pain and bloating and constipation. As soon as i gave up omeparazole I got my life back. x

Have taken omep. when out tried baking soda 1t 1/2 class water drinking large swallow, wait for gas relief 1 min now use as method for relief.

I went to an ear, nose and throat doctor and he suggested the cough could be from acid reflux. He recommended Omeprazole 20 mg. and I took it according to the directions on the box. At first my cough did stop but I was gaining 1 pound a day for awhile, I stopped after the first 14 day doze and my weight came down. In the interim (during the four week off period) The ear, nose, throat doc wanted me to go to an allergist, I guess to confirm the cough was not from an allergy , and it was found that I had no allergies. But the allergist then wanted me to take omprazole for 4 to 6 weeks straight and then twice a week. I started taking it before the four week wait that the box suggested and that is when everything got worse.

I still had the cough and got all the acid reflux symptoms which I had never had and for the first time in my life, after a meal, food came back up my throat.

I am not taking that stuff ever again. I am trying to eat healthfully and get my stomach and throat back in shape. All I ever had was a cough and now I really feel crummy.

But, one wonders, if the doctors suspected acid reflux why did they not suggest an Gastroenterologist! Makes one wonder...

I have read that peppermint and all mints are the worst possible herb for GERD. Mint relaxes the valve and allows the stomach acid to enter the esophagus. Try omitting all those peppermint oil capsules.

I want to quit taking omeprazole because I am concerned about the drug depleting my calcium levels. Does anyone have any luck with any natural products, if so which ones? I also tend to have diverticulitus, so am usually miserable in one of the two problem areas.

I went to the doctor with constipation and a feeling of nausea every time I had a bowel movement. He ordered a small bowel series and Upper GI. When the nurse called with the results she said I had marked reflux, a hiatal hernia of the esophagus, marked erosion and scarring and told me that my esophagus muscle was not working correctly.

The doctor put me on Omeprazole 40mg daily right away and they sent me to a gastroenterologist for an endoscopy and biopsies. I had those done and the office called to tell me I did not have cancer and to continue to take the Omeprazole. They ended the conversation by saying I should call them if I needed them. What happened to the first list of problems I was told I had. Is Omeprazole a drug that can fix all of that? I still have nausea every time I have a bowel movement.

The only side effects I have noticed from the Omeprazole are weight gain, swelling or bloating of the stomach and diarrhea. Has anyone out there experienced this? Trying to decide what to do next. Very confused and a little miserable. Thanks - KK

In answer to CL:
I was taking Omeprzole 20 mg daily... because my doctor told me to when he saw what he thought was a "pre cancerous" condition in my oesophagus. I was NOT having any reflux problems enough to keep me awake. Later he upped it to 40 mg daily. I did that for a few weeks and my skin started smelling funny so I decided it was NOT GOOD. I tried quitting "cold turkey" but the reflux was terrible. So I decided to just go back to 20 mg a day and then after two weeks I went to 20 mg every other day. At the same time I worked on changing my diet with the following acronym, ABCs.

A is for "Watch out for Acidic foods", like tomatoes, carbonated drinks, sugary foods. etc. B is for Bland, try to eat bland things like Yoghurt, Potatoes, non fried fish and chicken and even beef, Stay away from ANY fried food. C is for Carbohydrates, eliminate them from your diet because they make you hungry for more food which is not what you need.

Yes, the potatoes I mentioned earlier are carbohydrates but don't seem to cause any reflux OR HUNGER later. The little s is for Sugar, stay away from sugar as much as possible. After about a month like this I found that I only needed the Omeprazole as a preventative and now only take it before going out for Mexican food or after I have done something stupid, but very delicious.

I have been off the Omeprezole except for occasional 20 mg doses, now for 6 months and my reflux is essentially cured. The diet does it. I do occasionally treat myself to food that isnt on the list, but it is not a regular thing like it used to be. Yesterday we had a Greek meal at a Greek Festival and I didnt have any reflux, but I took two Tums before going to bed, just in case.

I have just started omeprazole 40mg a day for three weeks due to stomach reflux. I have no significant side effects other than weight gain. Within a week, I gained 2 kg and it's not going down no matter what I do.

I have a high metabolism rate and usually can lose weight easily. However, nothing helps now. Not jogging or skipping or anything else. My weight just seems to keep on increasing.

Now that I have read the comments here I am more than ever sure that all these are cause by Omeprazole. I will start reducing my dosage to 20mg a day for a week then alternate days as I am worried about the withdrawal symptoms being described here.

I have try to maintain a healthy, in other words bland diet by having porridge almost every other day and these have helped.
I guess having a change in diet will really help in acid reflux.

I'm 14 years old and have just been prescribed Omeprazole for my regular acid reflux that I get everyday, whatever I eat. I've just been reading the effects that people have had and I'm not sure whether to start taking it. Do you think It's a good idea for me to start taking it? I haven't taken any yet, because my parents think its a bad idea.

Grace, I would try and get by without going on it. While most people with chronic side effects in these comments probably don't get them directly from Omeprazole or other PPI's, and the vast majority of people take it every day without complications, I'm a firm believer that anything you do to change your body's natural balance knocks something else out somewhere else.

I was on Omeprazole for about 5 years, started feeling bad near the end in various ways, now I've been off it for about 12 months, controlling reflux with Gaviscon and low-fat / low-sugar / low-acid food, which is actually a lot easier than it sounds and makes me feel better in many other ways.

I'd say - take it if you have to. Try not to, or just take one if you know you're going to eat and drink lots of rich food.

Grace, I would certainly think twice about this medicine. Alter your diet as best you can working with your parents on restricting citrus fruits, pop, fried foods, fast foods. If there is a nutrition store nearby, ask your parents to take you there. The employees of these places are very knowledgeable and can help you find a supplement to help with digestion. Try these changes first and see what happens. Good luck to you!

Thanks :) I've decided not to take it and I'm going back to the doctor's to see what I can do to make it better naturally. :)

I was just diagnosed with Laryngopharyngeal Reflux, which the medical profession calls the silent reflux. I didn't have any heartburn or indigestion, but I had a persistent cough and couldn't ever get my throat clear. The scope showed lesions on my esophagus. I was also told I had allergies. So I was handed a behavior modification sheet which told me to restrict citrus fruits and juices, tomatoes, chocolate, caffeine, mint, fatty and fried foods.

And elevate the head of my bed 4-6 inches. And no eating 3 hours before going to bed. Oh, and exercise! Which they tell everyone to do no matter the condition.

I was prescribed 40mg a day of Prilosec and a nasal spray for allergies. The doctor said it would take a while for the Prilosec to kick in. The pharmacist said that was a pretty high dose, which put me on alarm.

I found myself on this site and I'm glad I did! What an eye-opener! Not a fan of prescription drugs.

On Wednesday night I skipped my evening snack after supper.
On Thursday morning I took a Prilosec and skipped my orange juice at breakfast. I did not cough once on Thursday! This was such a huge change. I normally had two choking coughing fits before I'd get to work!

On Friday I didn't take anything, skipped my snack the night before and the orange juice, still no cough! I'm still clearing my throat, but that annoying choking cough is gone!

So, I think I'll skip the Prilosec/Omperazole, alter my eating habits, workout, drink more water, take a digestion supplement and see how it goes. My follow-up is in January for another scope and test for allergies.

Good luck to those struggling with this drug. Thank you for your comments! They helped me make my decision!

I had a problem with GERD, I took Prilosec, but I developed a skin rash on my face, chest and back. I discovered that GERD was related to excess weight and I began a 0 carb diet. I am now 35 pounds lighter, my goal is to reach 175. I am more than half way there. Weight loss seems to be the best treatment for GERD, as I seem to be much better. No drugs, no rashes and best of all, no more GERD.

I have been taking Omeprazole for about 6 months now, and after reading all the comments here, I had to say that this drug has, so far, made my life worth living again. I have had none of the problems that others here have suffered. The only thing I have is relief. I had acid indigestion for about 10 years, and got to the point that I was waking up about every hour in such pain that I had to get up and take Tums. I started to vomit blood in the morning. That was when I finally went to the doctor, who sent me to a gastroenterologist. An endoscopy showed Barrett's Esophagus and I was put on Omeprazole. It immediately gave me relief and I have no symptoms of GERD.

I will watch for any of the problems that others here have encountered, but I expect to be on this or another drug for the rest of my life. I finally feel normal again.

I am very glad you are feeling better. Initially it did the same thing for me.I was diagnosed with a hialtal hernia, duodenitis, and GERD after an endoscopy. I was prescribed 20 mg/daily. About 2 1/2 years into my love affair with prilosec I developed terrible muscle pain, urinary tract infections, high blood pressure and memory loss - I never put it together and went along like this for another year and 1/2. Recently I stopped prilosec - 12 days ago and I had terrible acid reflux and heartburn for 2 days nothing since then. I have had yellowish stools since the day after I stopped because my body is not absorbing food properly due to the reintroduction of stomach acid and other chemicals that were suppressed.

My memory has already improved. My blood pressure has gone down some, my heart rate has gone down, my bladder is no longer inflamed and my muscles done hurt anymore. I would try anything else before I would ever swallow another Prilosec again. Prilosec is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Hey all I am 38 and have been taking losec (omneprasole) for ten years with noticeable weight gain 30kgs things were all going good tye first couple of years but symptoms gradually reappeared so the doctor increased my 20mg to 40mg twice a day which didn't work for long then symptoms reappeared I also during this time tried apple cider vinegar and active honey which to didn't make that much difference then my doctor sent me to a GI specialist and he investigated through endoscopy revealing that my sphincter didn't close properly he also took other biopsies. Now he also told me to completely avoid carbonated drinks of any kind, no alcohol, peppermint, caffeine teas as well with caffeine, spicy food and tomatoes etc, avoid high fat foods, no chocolate he also changed my medication to pantoprazole 20mg and mentioned that I would probably have to have surgery to tighten the sphincter in 10 years time if not before if my symptoms did not improve.

Now I have changed my medication and followed the do not eat or drink list above strictly. I am also a non smoker but have introduced more alkaline foods to my diet and less acid forming foods only eat red meat once a week and had also been told that my biopsies tested positive for ceoliac disease so now I am also gluten free which is not a major and am also eating a lot of whole foods and very little processed I am and feel like a new person I have been able to half my pantoprasole to 20mg and have lost 12kgs and counting so hopefully I will be able to avoid the operation which is also not always successful but they are all the time making advancement to. Do hope my story helps someone

I had been on Omeprazole and when it started making my skin smell like plastic, I quit it. I was on 40 mg daily. When I was on 20 mg daily I didn't have this symptom.

The doctor switched me to Pantoprazole three days ago. He wants me on it all the time for Barretts syndrome.

Anyone have any experience with this drug?

hi the only side affect I am experiencing with this drug pantoprazole is a slight headache. Hope this helps yeah if anyone else has any information on side effects please share.

Response to JD. I think you nail it with "love affair" with Prilosec, since I suffered for over 10 years with increasing GERD symptoms. When I found that this worked, I was dancing for joy. I still am, but I am also going to take seriously any changes that I notice. It is rather frightening to hear all the problems you, and others, have had. Are you taking anything now, or do you no longer have acid reflux symptoms? I am wondering if, after about a year on this, I should talk to my gastro doctor about changing to another drug for a period of time, and work through different drugs to keep from having increased problems from any one drug.

As I stated, I will probably have to take drugs the rest of my life for this to keep from having the Barrett's Esophagus from progressing to cancer. Rock and a hard spot. There is nothing physical that they can find to cause the GERD... no hiatal hernia or sphincter issues (except that, of course, it is not always staying closed, but the muscle is good). This means that there is nothing that they can do short of control the reflux. I hope that you continue without problems.

Try drinking pure aloe vera gel...that's what my DO recommends.

Please tell me - has anyone who has tried to wean themselves of omep experienced irregular heart rhythm? I have. I originally thought it was because omep depletes the body of magnesium and magnesium assists in the control of heart rhythm. But having experimented with magnesium supplements I find that the arrhythmia is linked to the omep. My suspicion is that coming off it produces an initial excess of acid production which irritates the upper stomach and this can be sensitive to food intake or even gas which effects the vagus nerve and hence produces arrhythmia. Anybody any experience or knowledge that might help us understand this symptom?

I have been on prilosec 40 mg. for 11 years now. I was on Nexium for a year before that but insurance would no longer pay for it. I was outgoing and active and in very good shape. I had a hital hernia which called gerd. I have gained over 100 lbs. generally about 10 to 15 lbs a year. I am exhausted all the time, I barely leave my home anymore. I have asked several doctors if this medicine was causing me this things.

They assured me that it was not, but as I grew more and more tired and gained more and more weight even with healthy eating and regular daily walks and bike riding I knew it was this medication. It is the only thing I take. I have been pumping vitamin C and B12 into me for years trying to gain back some energy, but they do not digest and do no good as even this article states.

I am furious that I have gained so much weight and been so miserable for so long because doctors do not want to help me they just want to give out easy fixes and do not care about my quality of life at all! I am getting ready to have surgery to correct the value that was dissolved by acid and correct the hernia so I can get off of these pills. I cannot bare the heartburn and misery without them now. The surgery is intense, I will not be able to eat solid foods for 3 to 4 months, but it will be worth it~! I want my life back~!

After over ten years on Prilosec with dosage as high as 40 mg twice a day where I suffered memory problems, the doctor recently changed up my meds, taking me off the Prilosec. Within weeks my memory significantly improved. Until then, I'd never considered a possible connection. Since coming off the Prilosec I've had a couple of bouts of uncontrolled reflux where I reached for my old friend, the most recent of which was last night. Today while playing Bridge I had difficulty bidding and playing due to memory problems. After experiencing this same phenomenon on two other occasions, I firmly believe there is a direct link between Prilosec and memory problems. I'm ready to do whatever is necessary to make sure I'm never tempted to reach for it again!

I finally got off of Omeprozole just by weaning myself off of it and changing my diet. But the diet just wasnt satisfactory. It stopped the reflux, but wasnt worth eating!! But now I have found a substitute for the omeprozole that works great and I dont have any side effects and I am losing weight. My wife has also switched to Pantoprazole and her reflux is finally under control and it wasnt with the omeprozole.

I have been reading all of the comments regarding omeprozole. Has anyone had any problems with dropping items? For the past three weeks or so, I feel like things are slipping through my fingers. I have been on omeprazole dr 40mg. twice a day for about five months. I am going to get off of it tomorrow.

JP, don't try to come off it instantly - you will suffer a rebound within a couple of days and it will last for some time. If you must come off it talk to your doctor first - you will need to do it gradually.

So, to follow-up on my post from December...I went to my next appt on Jan. 16th to have an allergy panel test done and visit with my ENT doc. I was still doing ok without the drug and with changing my diet. My throat and sinuses would still act up from time to time, but the cough had diminished quite a bit. The allergy panel revealed I'm allergic to cats, dogs, dust mites, and really allergic to mold.

I asked for a food allergy test too. Had two vials of blood drawn. The ENT doc was ok with me refusing to take the drug and was glad my symptoms were decreasing. We didn't do another scope... not sure if the doc saw that I now had that awful HSA insurance or if he felt the test wasn't necessary. The food allergy test revealed that I'm allergic to all things dairy and eggs! So, now not only has my diet been changed for the reflux, which is a symptom of food allergies, but I'm no longer drinking cow milk or eating anything with eggs!

Almond milk is my new best friend! No more cheese, yogurt, ice cream, anything dairy. Breakfast is a protein smoothie with almond milk now. I'm glad I have an answer as to why I had been feeling icky the past two to three years. I'm adjusting to the new diet, have a renewed sense of wanting to be healthy at 48 and look forward to all my new smoothie recipes! Good luck to you all struggling with this drug and your health. I will be thinking of you!

I am also having a rash on my forearms that is still getting worse after not taking 20 mg omeprazol daily. How long did it take for your rash to go away?

Pantaprozole worked for me for a month, then I got sicker and sicker and sicker until I was afraid to eat anything at all! I had heartburn that kept me awake at night, slept sitting up, couldn't lean over. I went back to omemprazole & am now weaning off of it using apple cider vinegar, taking Betaine HCL when I eat protein & anxiously awaiting the day that I do not have to suffer the side effects of Prilosec! Taking magnesium supplements has stopped muscle cramping, I feel like I am digesting food for the first time in years, b-12 is being absorbed & I have more energy.

Yes, I am having these symptoms after 5 years on it, plus I ma having heart problems... I too was athletic, now I hurt all the time, and am weak, breathless, and with all over pain. I can't eat much either.

I think antibiotics taken with it did it to me.
my name is Pam

Pamela, your symptoms may be due, at least in part, from a deficiency in magnesium. Omeprazole inhibits it absorption, as well as vitamins B12 and B6. Get you red cell magnesium content checked by a blood test through your doctor. An ordinary test for magnesium in serum will not tell you if you are deficient. Good luck.

I have been on Prilosec 20 mg for 10 years and I have noticed trouble swallowing recently as I am trying to get off Prilosec. After whiplash leading to a discovery that I had Ankylosing Spondylitis, 6 months of severe bursitis in both hips and ending up at a Naturopath after failed attempts with regular doctors, PT, massage and chiro I am finally getting better.

The arthritis is improving due to changing my diet following food allergy testing revealed reactions to all dairy, eggs, sugar etc. I also went gluten free which relieves inflammation. The naturopath really wanted me off the Prilosec which I knew I needed also but didn't know how to do since I NEED it.

She put me on D-Limonene which is orange oil. Somehow the oil coats the stomach and esophagus and really helps with reflux. I haven't been able to drink orange juice for years so I was skeptical but it does work! I take the orange oil capsules every other day and the Prilosec every other day. This was supposed to last for 20 days than quit the Prilosec completely. I can't get off of it, but at least I am only taking half as much as before.

Since I have cut back on the Prilosec I am having trouble swallowing. My throat feels numb and weak. I swallow and most of the food goes down but some is left in my throat. I am getting scared about this as it feels like I got Novacain at the dentist all the time now. I am reading that this might have something to do with acid reflux but wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience? This could also be caused by a food allergy or pressure on the spine from the Spondylitis but the timing is too coincidental. It has happened just as I am cutting back on Prilosec.

I have been taking lots of D, sublingual B-12 (since I probably could not absorb it), fish oil, serrapeptase (AMAZING enzyme), arnica gel, msm spray, VAXA Arthritin blend, Magnesium etc. but didn't start any of them recently.

Any similar experiences? Thanks, and good luck!

I take 20MG omeprazole every day. What helps me avoid acid stomach is to eat mostly RAW foods which contain lots of natural digestive enzymes... I drink raw milk and eat raw yogurt each day, all day long, and sometimes eat a raw salad during the day with no meat. Also I eat raw cashews and raw pecans... raw blueberries, raw oranges and during the summer, lots of raw watermelon. This means no acid stomach all day long.

Every day about supper time I eat some solid cooked vegetables and occasionally a small portion of cooked chicken or turkey. I am 5'9" and weigh 170 which is about what I was at 17 (48 years ago). I never eat fried foods, onion rings, pastries or crap like that, and do not smoke or drink. I never drink coffee because it is stomach-acid producing. I say go RAW, RAW, RAW.

Hi all! I have the very same story of heartburn that most of you have mentioned, yet I would like to share my self-experience of having this life-disturbance for years. I am 22 and I have been suffering from heartburn for at least 10 years! The heartburn has gotten so serious for the past 5 years that I will suffer the worrying and harsh heartburn every moment of the day if I don't take a 40mg Omeprazole every morning before or after my breakfast.

It really interferes my life and joys! I have been to several doctors and have taken a large variety of pills, syrups, and capsules that relieves the heartburn but none of them has soothed me yet. I have also tried home-made remedies but they haven't cured the burning too. All what I have tried yet calms down the heartburn as far as I take these remedies regularly on daily basis, but if I forget taking a 40mg Omeprazole just for one day, (I have been taking one per day for 3 years) I will have to suffer- that is for sure!

What else I have discovered is that perhaps heartburn is something I have inherited from my father. My father also has a long lasting heartburn problem. My uncle died a few months ago because of esophagus cancer who had suffered serious heartburn as well. It is scientifically approved that serious heartburn may lead to cancer!
Moreover, although I haven't experienced any side effects while having Omeperazole, but I am sure of experiencing some of the side effects you have enlisted above.

I am really concerned about having serious heartburn for such a long while. I wish someone will leave a reply for what I am going to leave here. Thanks!

I have been having bad memory problems. It's even hard to find the words to tell what I want to say. I just turned 24, and I have bad acid reflux. I started taking Prilosec 60mg XR once a day about 2 or 3 months ago. I can't even remember. I find myself not able to think of the next word in the sentence. I stand there like a idiot for 30 seconds or more sometimes. Sometimes the word comes to me next week. This is the only medicine I'm on right now, so it has to be causing memory problems. I have also become a little more depressed, but I don't know if that's related to the medicine. I used to be sharp as a whip, and now I feel so dull. I feel like I'm a different person.

I don't know what to do to make the acid reflux go away, but I know I can't continue to take this medicine. The effect on my memory is very unhelpful. I feel like a friggin' vegetable.

Also, I started having joint pain a little over a month ago. The doctor called it a virus, but I don't know now. It might have been this medicine getting into my system. My back was so arthritic that I had to stay in bed for a few days. I actually cried tears because the pain was so bad. I couldn't walk very well for the first 2 weeks. I fell over a few times because of severe joint pain. It was so intense that my legs just gave out.

I have shortness of breath. I even feel like I have asthma, and I never felt that way. I've always been healthy.

This pain is much worse than the acid reflux. I decided that I'm going to stop this medication. The side-effects (now that I know what they are) aren't worth it.

Hi there K S-D, I have Barrett's & a Sliding Hiatus Hernia, I've been taking 40mg Of Omeprozole daily for the last four years with no problems whatsoever, times in the past I've forgotten to take the tablets and the Heartburn has come back very painfully, and I just take the tablets.

The last time I had Biopsies taken I said to the Doc I had read bad things regarding Taking 40mg of Omeprozole and I was considering in stopping! The Doctor told me basically I should never stop taking the daily tablets and because I have Barrett's I would take them for the rest of my life, have a Endoscopy every two years with Biopsies taken until I reach the age of 75, cause she said if I reach 75 then hey I wont get Cancer from Gerd! All well and good but I'm 41 years old and truthfully I don't want to be taking Omeprozole after reading some of these stories on here, I don't drink booze, and I finally think I've given up smoking after 27 years!

I haven't smoked or drank booze for 78 days, the Doctor also said if you have Barrett's then you definitely shouldn't smoke and that scared me into not smoking! I've started a fitness training regime now and I'm eleven weeks into that and I'm slowly weening myself off the Omeprozole!

Apparently there is no known cure for Barrett's so you really have to help yourself, it is a widespread problem in the population but most people don't even know they have it, unless you have had a camera Endoscopy down your throat then people are unaware?

Basically watching what you have to eat sucks but exercise and don't smoke or drink booze and your half way there to helping yourself, all the best and Good Luck.

HI.. I have taken omeprazole for 6 months for my chronic gastritis. I experienced some bad effects, such as nausea. After an endoscopy, the nurse told me to continue the drugs indefinitely, but I decided to stop taking the drug because my legs were very weak. I decided to eat my three meals at specific hours and to eat an snack between the meals; this practice helped me to reduce the amount of acid. I don't feel heartburn anymore. After three weeks of stopping omeprazole, I have headaches and my left leg sometimes twitches, can this symptom be as a result of taking omeprazole?.. can anyone comment about it?

I took this OTC drug for about two weeks and ended up with a severe cough, sore throat, rash, horrible muscle cramps and diarrhea. I had to take 3 days off work. Needless to say, I will not be taking it again!

I was diagnosed with Barretts Esophagus more than 2 months ago after an endoscopy. I have been on Omeprazole ever since at 80mg / day. I haven't slept through the night since the endoscopy more than 2 months ago. I thought something in my throat had been damaged during the procedure, but after checking out the side effects of Omeprazole I'm pretty sure that the swelling in my throat and the congestion are caused by the Omeprazole... which is giving me the symptoms of sleep apnea!

I wake up every hour or two - wide awake and not knowing why.
Also having itchy bumps, hives, on the back of my neck and my chest.

I have a Dr appointment in two days and I'm going to find out if I can cut my dosage in half.

I'm so glad I read about the side effects of this medicine.

I was on omeprazole (2x40mg per day) for two weeks to treat a suspected acid reflux problem/peptic ulcer, and noticed itchiness on the backs of my legs almost immediately (but didn't connect it to omeprazole). Because I also developed even more serious bile reflux symptoms (due to increased gastrin production also triggered by omeprazole), I stopped taking the drug after 14 days. My reflux symptoms disappeared almost entirely, but I was left with a very itchy rash of raised red bumps on the tops of my feet, up and down both legs, on my hands and forearms, my face (especially around my lips, which have swollen) and around my nailbeds on all ten fingers; and persistent tingling in my fingertips and my scalp. Hoping it resolves soon.

Hi Peoplespharmacy,
Thanks you for your post, Wondering if there are any side effects or things to watch out for when taking this medicine and any tips from people suffering from Gastritis. I've never had any real stomach complaints until recently because of my pain medication. I now know not to have acidic foods or milk (lactose intolerant). Anything else to watch out for?
to your success!

Hi...i have a great deal of acid in my stomach my doctor prescribed prolisec and i would like to know if it will go down on this med???

People's Pharmacy response: Prilosec will control stomach acid, but it can be difficult to discontinue.


I have been on omeprazole dr 20MG for about a month and a half now. I am not certain if the following side effects are from the drug or not, but I'm not taking any more chances. SEVERE abdominal bloating in which I look 7 months pregnant, bouts of constipation, a feeling of having to go to the bathroom/fart but not being able to, shortness of breath, fatigue, weakness in muscles, anxiety, and depression. I feel like everything I eat is not able to be digested and just sits in my stomach. The main problem is the bloating. It is so extreme that sometimes my lower back hurts because it is constantly distended.

I was prescribed this medication because of some mild/moderate heartburn which was accompanied with constipation/diarrhea and bouts of bloating. I am discontinuing the use cold turkey of this medication as well as going gluten free and dairy free.

Has anyone else experienced any of the above symptoms?? I have been feeling the worst I have ever felt in my life (I'm only 24) and it completely debilitates me. I no longer want to participate in social activities because I feel I always have to suck in my bloated stomach/hide it. It is now summer and I'm fearful to get into a bathing suit if this problem persists.

I had an endoscopy about a month ago that only told me that I have GERD, but I am willing to deal with the symptoms of that (moderate heartburn) than have to deal with the bloating. I am also taking stool softeners every night which have helped with the constipation, but does not relieve the bloating when I am able to go to the bathroom (I now am able to go at least once a day).

I'd appreciate anyone's feedback!!! Thank you!

Hi everyone...I am with Barret's Esophagus diagnose...every year for the last 6 went through an endoscopy (every year a new one) to see any improvement...since day one of the first endoscopy I have being taking Omeprazole 40mg. twice a life was miserable...the symptoms were like a torch in my stomach going up to my throat...even my tong got burned...the acid was so powerful that I couldn't take it anymore. Up until now I got not problems...every single discomfort that was mentioned in every comment that I read...I got them also...but...with this treatment went away...less wine...a bit of jalapenos...I quit smoking...lost almost 40 pounds...I am doing a normal thing...I remember my doctor words after the first endoscopy..."do not wont die if you follow my instruction...take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 at night both before meals...(like a 30 minutes before)...Now is the time for my next endoscopy...but believe me...I wont go another days without taking the Omeprazole 40mg...the worst is over...I have to live with that for the rest of my life (I am 62 years old)...hope my comment will help others with the same problem...good luck...Luis

How long were you on the omeprazole before you had a reaction? and what kind of reaction did you have?

I have the weakness. I took Omeprazole for 5-6 years, and ended up almost in a wheel chair. I was so weak, I could not walk around the house. I did not make the connection with Omeprazole - but I did an elimination experiment, and after about 6 months came to realize it was the Omeprazole. It took me another 2-3 months to convince my primary care physician that I was not making this up.

Then they put me on Ranitidine, which did not seem to work as well for acid reflux - but I learned to eat better - avoid certain foods, and take the Ranitidine in two doses, half in the morning, half at night - that way it continued working instead of getting flushed.

My gastroenterologist put me back on Omeprazole but the first day, I had shins burning and became so weak, I wished I had not taken it... I will not take it again, for sure! Back to Ranitidine.

I have been taking 40mg omeprazole once a day for the past 4 months... recently I started taking metformin 500 for PCOS.... after two weeks of the metformin I started having a fuzzy like pins and needles in my face.... so I stopped the Metformin three days ago and have been taking 2 B-12 sublingually daily as I am finding out that both of these drugs can deplete your B-12 levels... I am still somewhat fuzzy in the head and will make an appt. with PCP and gastro doc to discuss... I feel like I start to over-analyze everything and then doing the research start panicking at what I am reading... uggh however why are we not informed about the prolonged use? Anyone else out there with symptoms of numbness and panicky feeling in the chest?

Kam, while there has been a proportionally large amount of notice given to omeprazole's adverse effect on the absorption of B12 you should know that it also can affect the body's absorption of B6, magnesium and iron.

I suspect that as research continues we will discover more nutrients whose absorption or use are similarly affected. Everyone, but particularly those over the age of 55, who is taking omeprazole should also be taking a good multi vitamin and mineral supplement, and try to find the minimal dosage for themselves. Better still, try to see if an H2 blocker, like Ranitidine, is sufficient to deal with their symptoms rather than a proton pump inhibitor like omeprazole.

I believe that omeprazole/prilosec must cause problems for many people. I took it for years not realizing that many of my symptoms of migraines, dizziness, and generally feeling tired might have been caused by this medicine. After being off it for about six months, my ENT doctor put me back on it yesterday due to problems with an inflamed esophagus as well as chronic hoarseness. The ENT viewed my esophagus and larynx and said the inflammation and hoarseness was due to acid reflux that occurs during the night without my knowing it. After only two doses of the prescribed capsule, my blood pressure dropped really low, I became dizzy, have a migraine for the first time in months, and generally feel bad. I just phoned my ENT to see what he wants me to do now. Obviously, I want my esophagus to heal and my hoarseness to correct, but am I just trading two problems for another one?

Hi I'm on Prilosec since Dec 2012. I was diagnosed with Barrett's. The crazy thing is I had no symptoms of gerds or acid reflux or anything. One morning I thought I was having a heart attack and a friend drove me to the hospital. My heart checked out fine. While I was at the hospital I was held overnight I guess that's procedure the gal who delivered my food told me I probably had gerds.

I left the hospital knowing my heart was ok but not one doctor or nurse told me what my chest pain could be now that my heart was ruled ok. I went to my dr and he sent me to the upper gi dr. After the scope I was diagnosed with barrets esophagus. I was put on Prilosec and had a scope done 2 months later and was told keep doing what your doing and ill see you in 2 years. I felt relieved. But I play racquettball and I'm finding my chest hurts when I start playing. I also tried to do a trx class and found that I run out of gas real quickly. I have not had that happen before.

I've read all these comments and I want to stop Prilosec. If I have changed my diet and stopped taking aleve and stopped eating late at night don't drink or smoke can I stop Prilosec you guys are making my feel like I'm stuck on this stuff for life. I hate that I have no extra energy and seem to hit the wall quickly like never before with loss of energy. Help I want off of this drug. What can I do.

People's Pharmacy response: You may find this information helpful:

I was diagnosed a few years ago with Barrett's Espopagus, but never followed up with treatment. I was just diagnosed a few weeks ago with Acid Reflux because of my cough and irritated throat - not a lot of heartburn. My Doc prescribed Prilosec and I have been taking it for about a week and a half. My mouth has broken out terribly as an allergic reaction. I have really swollen lips, they are red, and feel like they're burning. I called my Doc this morning to tell her about it and ask if there is a different medication I can use to heal my esophagus.

I just want to take it for the recommended month to bring healing to my throat and esophagus and then upon multiple searches on the internet for natural cures for acid reflux, I found that raw organic apple cider vinegar (Bragg's makes a good version) mixed in water taken 3 times a day helps bring healing and balances out your stomach's ph levels. I am going to do the ACV drinks after I get off the next GERD medication as a long-term plan. I cannot guarantee that it will work, but it is a natural alternative worth trying. Hope this brings hope to some of you. I'd be interested in feedback.


I've lived with Gerd for well over 10 years. Omeprazole made it go away, but I developed allergies and had to stop it.

Now I have tried all sorts of natural remedies - they don't work! I am best off with licorice to control the fresh burn and Zantac as needed. I try to eat all home made food, fresh fruit and vegetables, low salt, no spicy food, low fat. It works most days. But as soon as I pop a donut, or succumb to a piece of pizza - I am done for the next few hours...

Best thing to do to learn your body and how it reacts to certain foods is to start with an elimination diet - start with only bread and eggs and slowly add foods. It will be easier to figure out what you can tolerate and what not. Otherwise you'll always wonder "was it the yoghurt, or was it the sharp cheddar - was it the pizza sauce or was the guacamole?"

BTW - avocado is well tolerated, guacamole is death. If you want pizza, try a white pizza sauce and chicken and spinach... they are tolerable.

This is bad medicine perverted by big $ and corporate profits. The # 2 seller in USA. The science provided by the drug companies is designed to make doctors think it is ok especially short term. The literature does not connect the dots and make connections with side effects etc.

For example if someone is weak and loosing weight there is an effort to have them eat more protein; however if there is no stomach acid you cannot process the protein. The doctors only see the stop the acid regurgitation they don't see the consequences. This drug causes stomach atrophy. To me this means as soon as you start taking it, it starts destroying your stomach. If something decreases function how then can it help you recover and get better.

Do no harm means improving function. MD's do not consider strong people verses weak people they look at everybody the same; therefore when they expect people to not have side effects until a long time later a weak, immune compromised person, or elderly may have side effects immediately and receive considerable harm or even death.

Drugs do not treat the causes of disease so in general you will require more and in the end will have cardiovascular, liver, kidney disease or cancer. If you look up end stage kidney disease (ESKD) (includes kidney dialysis) government statistics and consider why this has increased 10-600% in the last 10-20 years you can see that our health and quality of life is declining but our medical system manages to keep us alive anyway.

Sorry I'm venting my brother just died yesterday and the MD's one ofter another kept putting him in this RX and kept blowing me off because that's what they do with most people since they often think they are smarter.

Two days ago I took 1 otc prilosec and 1 hr later was having a severe allergic reaction. Eyes swollen, hands and feet, body all red and itching, tongue thick. I spent all night in emergency room. Home now no rash but body still itching some. I'm on predinisone and pepcid (both histamine blockers). Anyone ever experience this type of reaction? Dr thinks is was not related to the prilosec but instead a food allergy. I'm also allergic to sulfonamides.

Have you eliminated gluten? Your symptoms have all the hallmarks of a gluten allergy.

I took prilosec for twelve years, and, among other fairly mild side effects, I experienced some throat swelling while on the drug (20 mg a day). The swelling resolved within a week of coming off the drug. Rebound heartburn is severe and you may have experienced that, in part. One study showed that people who didn't have GERD, but took prilosec for a period of time experienced rebound heartburn after quitting prilosec from 4 to 12 weeks... you could still be experiencing rebound.

But I'd also eliminate gluten and see if you feel better. watch your dairy too.

I've been experiencing EXACTLY the same symptoms as you. For me it all started as just mild reflux and they prescribed me Omeprazole and I have never EVER felt so bloated in my entire life! I have IBS too and it has made it worse... and this is all after just one month. Anyway I stopped taking it today and I feel terrible but I'm sure eventually my tummy will settle. Good luck.


This drug made me sick. Aciphex and Nexium work better for me. Try DGL Licorice for a while. The problem with the pump shutting drugs is the side effects.

I suggest the licorice and occasional taking of a pro pump inhib for a brief period while your stomach/esoph heals. A week should do it. Also, you much control your diet and stop eating things you are allergic to or will irritate, like acidic coffee, chocolate, straight liquor, greasy chips, undercooked foods.

I had this omeprazole 20mg for more than a month, the side effects are so obvious that I had to stop take this pill. I went to my annul pep smear check up, my gynocologist told me why my stomach seems bloated then I told her I have been taking Omeprazole for my acid reflux but had to stop taking it because my face and both hands were swollen and noticing weight gain. She later told me, I gained 10 pounds. I was shock.

I told her for past 4 weeks I gained 10 pounds. She then recommends me to see GI to do some test. This is happening so I need to go thru a sonogram screening then check with GI for any possible scenario. Omg I am so lost.

Charlotte, did you ever stop having the bloating? I have been taking Omneprazole (Prilosec) for 2 years now. My bloating in the upper part of my stomach is horrible! I tried to stop taking the medicine and experienced the worst heartburn I've ever had in my life! Now I'm reading that this medicine may be CAUSING the bloating! Just curious whatever happened with you?

Neuropathy in feet started first. The last was a month ago with horrible back pain. Several doctors, thousands of dollars, and just found out "every" medical problem I have had is all related to taking omeprazole! 2007 until today. 1 pill each and everyday. NO MORE! Some of the side effects say only 1% of people get, and wouldn't ya just know...I had to be in that 1%.

Was put on Omeprazole a little over a year ago for a bleeding ulcer that had no obvious cause. It did not heal so my doctor added Sucralfate for 30 days and the ulcer then healed. I did not notice any side effects, but after 6 or 7 mo. weaned myself off the Omeprazole after reading about PPI's. Now, about 6 mo. later, my ulcer is back so I am back on the Omeprazole and the Sucra for 30 days. My doctor is unhappy with me and tells me I need to take Omeprazole the rest of my life! I have noticed the back pain when I get up in the morning and my blood pressure is suddenly up 30 points, but I don't know if one of these drugs may be the cause. I'm disappointed my doctor is not giving me alternatives or cares about the source of my ulcer.

Dear Yoke T., I am so sorry to hear about your problem! I also gained about 10 lbs. within less than a month when I started taking Omneprazole/Prilosec! My stomach has bloated and especially the upper midsection has bloated to an unreal size. I eat pretty healthy and there is no reason that I should have gained so much so quickly. The only thing that I can think of is that I started taking the Omneprazole. I wish this drug had come with a warning of the weight gain and bloating. And, now that I'm trying to stop taking it (just every other day, then 1/2 pill every other day... trying to wean myself off of it), my heartburn has been unreal!!! I never had this horrible of heartburn before I started taking this medicine. I am now seeing where no one should take it for more than a few weeks. I wish I had known this. I feel like my bloating is never going to go away, but I am praying that it will once this drug is out of my system. I wish you luck. Please keep us informed as to what happens with your Dr. appt.!

My doctor diagnosed me with GERD after I had to be rushed to the ER with severe difficulty breathing. I had been having these strange symptoms for a while. First it was the trouble breathing; it felt like my chest was caving in and tightening. Then I started getting stomach pains, and becoming full after eating only a little bit of food. One day the trouble breathing got so bad I felt like all the my air passages in my lungs were closing up.

I started shaking uncontrollably, and my eyes turned red. My family was there and the took me to the hospital. At first they thought I might have asthma, but they ruled that out because my pulse ox was fine and the lung X-ray was normal, so they said it was acid reflux.

I have never heard of those symptoms associated with gastric reflux before, I thought it was just heartburn. The doctors put me on zantac, and then Prilosec after that didn't work. But ever since I have been on the medicine (I've been on it about a month or so), I have experienced a decreased appetite, nausea/queasiness, and sharp, aching stomach pains.

Is this normal to experience these side effects? I no longer have difficulty breathing episodes so it definitely helped with that, but it seemed to have created new problems. Has anyone else experienced this?

AC, you should seriously consider talking to your doctors about the possibility of you suffering from a deficiency of vitamin B's. If you did have a problem with the production of too much stomach acid then you should know that the gastrointestinal inflammation that can be caused by this frequently leads to malabsorption of nutrients, particularly vitamin B12, B6, and magnesium - but other nutrients can also be affected. Hope this helps.

This is bad medicine perverted by big $ and corporate profits. The # 2 seller in USA. The science provided by the drug companies is designed to make doctors think it is ok especially short term. The literature does not connect the dots and make connections with side effects etc.

For example if someone is weak and losing weight there is an effort to have them eat more protein; however if there is no stomach acid you cannot process the protein. The doctors only see the stop the acid regurgitation they don't see the consequences. This drug causes stomach atrophy. To me this means as soon as you start taking it, it starts destroying your stomach. If something decreases function how then can it help you recover and get better.

This drug also causes cancer in animal experiments however for some reason this is ignored.

Do no harm means improving function. MD's do not consider strong people verses weak people they look at everybody the same; therefore when they expect people to not have side effects until a long time later a weak, immune compromised person, or elderly may have side effects immediately and receive considerable harm or even death. This is often prescribed to prevent acid regurgitation but if the stomach is insulted enough it will cause acid regurgitation for sure!
I am a practitioner of Traditional Chinese medicine and this information was provided to me by a pharmacist who is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine as well. He teaches drug herb interactions to pharmacists in California Universities and also to practitioners of Chinese Medicine. In other words this information was provided by a world authority on the subject. Name not provided as I have not asked for permission. Better to try other alternatives such as Traditional Chinese Medicine before taking this "bad medicine."

Thank you very much for your response. I was not aware that it can cause mineral absorption problems; I will be talking to my doc about this.

Reading this with a degree of amazement. I've been on this drug for more than 5 years and it literally saved me from endless months of pain and misery. Terrible acid reflux and burning, bloating, stomach pain... Turned out I had stomach and duodenal ulceration causing bleeding and anaemia.

As for the omeprazole, I've never had any side effects. I have a high powered job and no time for fatigue or worrying about every small ache and pain, and my memory seems as sharp as ever. I'm careful with my diet and don't drink alcohol, but I've lost 2 dress sizes since my diagnosis and commencement on this drug. I run 5 miles twice a week and other than occasional runners plantar pain in my right foot, have not noticed any undue bone, joint, or muscle problems. I'm probably the fittest I've ever been in my life.

I'm so sorry for everyone suffering here, but can't help wondering if all the symptoms described can be attributed to taking omeprazole. We do get achy as we get older, and ditto the weight gain thing if we're not careful, especially once our oestrogen levels start to plummet. Sometimes it might be easier to look for a specific culprit rather than accept our bodies don't always function as they should.

Anyway, felt I had to post this, as I really do think of this drug as my saviour and door to a new lease of life. I sincerely hope everyone else here finds a solution which helps ease their distress and solves their discomfort.

I have been on prilosec for 11 years now. I was diagnosed with acid reflux when my ENT doc looked in my sinus and saw I had a deviated septum and reflux damadge in my esophogus. He started me on nexium to heal my throat and after that ran out I started on prilosec to keep the acid at bay.

I used to be constantly tired and had a hard time remembering things so after looking things up on prilosec I noticed the vitamin b deficiency problem. When you don't get enough vitamin b then you can have memory problems and fatigue. I now take Vit B Complex daily and I also take Calcium Citrate to prevent osteoporosis (it has the acid in it to process in your body since I don't have it anymore when taking prilosec - other calcium supplements don't absorb without acid).

I have more energy now but could be better still. I also am able to remember better but still have times when it is hard to remember specific instances of things but that may be normal with age. I want to try to get off Prilosec.

Every time I try to get off it the rebound acid is horrendous. I am going to give it another try by trying to taper off my prilosec little by little by using Tums and Gaviscon in addition to 1/2 dose of my prilosec. wish me luck. I read on another site that it takes the body 2 months for the stomach cells to revert back to normal after taking a PPI.

I've recently been diagnosed with pernicious anemia and have received the first six injections of vitamin B12. Awaiting results of blood test for levels of B12. I read that prilosec impairs the absorption of B12, hence injections instead of pills which I would very much prefer. Can one wean oneself off prilosec and find an alternative solution. I have been taking prilosec for about 7 years.

I could not tolerate Omeprazol any more and have been switched to Ranitidine, which is less invasive. I have made drastic changes to my eating habits, and have had notable improvement with me acid reflux.
I do have Barrett's which developed while I was on Omeprazol.

Thank you all for your comments. This is the only site I have found that has contained much about the side effects I've recently experienced. I've only taken Prilosec OTC 20 mg pills since late April, and those only occasionally. I got immediate relief, and found them to be continuously effective even taking only two pills or fewer per week. However, after I'd taken only about 20 pills, I noticed random itchiness on my shoulder blades at first, then also on my face throughout that first night. I stopped taking them immediately, but the itching immediately progressed to sun sensitivity on the back of my neck, my forearms, and my face, causing slight puffiness and mild acne too.

It's been two weeks today since my last pill, and the sun sensitivity continues. The itching subsided, but is not gone yet either. Also, I've had some insomnia, which I had not had before two weeks ago. The one question I still have after reading this and several other websites is: how long does it take for the sun sensitivity to go away? I am a 53 year-old male with, thankfully, no other health problems than the throat irritation and hoarseness due to a hiatus hernia that eventually led me to try Prilosec.

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