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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this drug work? Average rating: 2.8/5 (209 votes)
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Cozaar is the first of a new kind of blood pressure medicine, an angiotensin II blocker.

Cozaar is prescribed for high blood pressure, alone or in combination with other drugs. It appears to be less effective for African-American patients.

Side Effects and Interactions

People on Cozaar have experienced dizziness, insomnia, muscle cramps or pains, nasal congestion and sinusitis.

Other side effects reported include faintness, low blood pressure, diarrhea, indigestion, and chest pain.

Dizziness or faintness may be worse if a person becomes dehydrated through excess sweating, diarrhea or vomiting. Report any symptoms to the physician promptly.

Cozaar is not appropriate during the second or third trimesters of pregnancy. If a woman taking Cozaar becomes pregnant, she should consult her doctor as soon as possible. Nursing women should not take this drug without first discussing potential risks and benefits with their physician.

Tagamet may increase the level of Cozaar slightly, while phenobarbital reduces it. Interactions with other drugs such as erythromycin, Nizoral, or Sporanox have not been documented but are theoretically possible.

Cozaar is metabolized by CYP enzymes in the liver. As doctors gain more experience prescribing this medicine, more interactions may come to light. Check with your doctor and pharmacist to make sure Cozaar is safe in combination with any other drugs you take.

Special Precautions

People with liver disease may have trouble metabolizing Cozaar. The dose should be adjusted accordingly.

Taking the Medicine

Cozaar may be taken when convenient, with or without food.

It is taken once or twice a day, according to the prescription.

  • Currently 2.8/5
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this drug work? Average rating: 2.8/5 (209 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I have been taking 1 Cozaar tab 100 mg sometimes for elevated blood pressure. My regime includes 1Triam/HCTZ 25mg, 2 days on and 1 off and Atenolol 25mg 2X a day. It is suggested by my physician that I replace the Cozaar with 1 Hyzaar tab 100/12.5, which has contains the diuretic. Would you consider this a viable change? Thank you.

Why is a prescription not filled with the generic version if there is one. I am currently taking Cozaar and it is expensive. Above you mention the generic is Lorsartan. When I asked the pharmacist he said Cozaar is not yet available in a generic form. I'm confused about why it isn't.

My cardiologist prescribed losartan 50mg daily. She said that this generic form of cozaar has just recently become available. My pharmacist says it is not available yet. Who is right?

Like so many on this site before me I take Cozaar and would like to switch to geneic Losartan Potassium. I have recently changed from Crestor to Simvastatin and saved about $100 a month. With a change to generic Losartan I could save an additional $100 per month!

Right now the doctor and I are checking to see if there are any side effects with the Crestor change before we look at changing the Cozaar in about a month. Wish me luck, if the switch can be made I will effectively save $2,400 a year in cold cash.

My mother is taking Cozaar and I would like to switch her to generic, but it's not available in the U.S. according to two different pharmacies. She is also taking Aricept and I got the same information. However, I have found generics in Canada. BUT, I also found an article warning not to take the Aricept generic because it might not be safe. I believe both drugs will not be available in generic form (at least in the U.S.) until 2010.

I have been taking 100 mg Cozaar for almost three years now. I workout and jog a few times per week. I recently started getting a tingling feeling in my lower legs and every now and then my lower back feels tight. I had my last blood test in November and my BUN and Creatine levels were slightly above the normal range. I think that this Cozaar is slowly but surely decreasing my kidney function. I am pretty close to getting off of all medication because I do not want my vital organs destroyed by a drug that is supposed to help me. Has anyone else had the same experience or can help me with an answer?

My doctor just prescribed
Losartan. My pharmacy says it is not yet available. Why are doctors prescribing it if it is not yet available?


I had been taking Toprol XL and Cozaar for over 2 yrs. until July, 2008. Due to muscle weakness in my legs and difficulty getting up and down, I requested for a change in medication last July. I didn't realize my heart palpitations would recur. After having tried Verapimil, Amlapidine (generic to Norvasc) and Tekturna, my heart palpitations continued and I returned to taking Cozaar (50 mg.). The medication was increased to 100 miligrams shortly thereafter and I now have severe muscle hurting in my back (mostly lower back) and leg muscles. I need to be taken off Cozaar, but do not know of a blood pressure medicine that would not cause heart palpitations to recur. Has anyone had the same problem and do you have any suggestions?

Our pharmacy just filled my husband's Cozaar prescription with Losartan instead. Since we are currently paying out of pocket, we appreciate the savings, but I'm wary of him taking a generic. Has Losartan proven to be a good generic option, or is it one of those that has its own set of side effects?

NOTE: My husband had a stroke last year, and although he is doing well now, he has previously had an extremely severe reaction with angioedema of the lips (he was not taking any medications at that time, so we're not sure what caused that reaction). Needless to say, I'm concerned with any change in his medication regimen since a repeat angioedema reaction could prove to be fatal.

I took Cozaar for about 7 years and for the last 5 years, had a painful throbbing in my feet. It was most severe upon going to bed at night. Was prescribed amitriptyline to allow me to fall asleep. On a trip, I ran out of my prescription and was surprised when for a few nights I comfortably fell asleep. Upon returning home, I decided to test whether or not Cozaar was the cause of the throbbing. One night taking the med, one night off for a week. On the nights I did not take Cozaar no pain. Then I tried 2 nights without and 1 night on. The results were the same. No pain the nights without Cozaar. An attempt to take Cozaar in the morning as recommended by my doctor, resulted in dizziness leaving me unable to navigate.

I have been taking Diovan since 2004; Recently, we have had to pay out of pocket for our meds; my Dr. put hubby and me on lisinopril; my husband had no problems; I coughed almost non-stop. My Dr put me on losartan (generic by teva); day 2 my heart began to skip some; it would race some; it would pound some; it would take my breath away when it pounded two or three times; as the days went on the seldom-occurring jumping or pounding got more frequent.

Then, on day 8 (YESTERDAY) my heart would pound and race and jump and I just could not take it any more; (it was just like I had very low blood sugar! I have had 3 glucose tolerance tests over my lifetime and I felt the same way during those!). I am not diabetic and stay in the 90's.

So, this morning I refused to take another losartan; here it is nearing noon and I feel better; I put in a call to my doctor and told them I refused to take another losartan! my glucose is 94, my bp is 105/69 with 64 pulse. When I took losartan, within a couple of hours, my heart would begin to jump, or race or pound . I have to pay out of pocket and do not know any other Rx to try in a generic to save money; I am also wondering if the TEVA generic has anything to do with the problems.

I just do not like the way I felt taking those 8 day's worth of losartan!

As for Teva generic losartin causing problems, I have heard this before. I take losartin by Roxanne with no problems. If you check FDA records you will find that Teva is a drug company that has had many run ins with the FDA. If you try another generic for losartin you may not have any problems.

Side effects for me were edema, very swollen face, neck, eyelids seriously drooped. Burning feeling on face and neck. This was after only 14 days of Losartan. Have been off medication for 5 weeks, still have issues with eyes and neck. Seems the cure is eyelid surgery according to my eye doctor and MD. That's serious to me as that would be the last resort. Read RX print out and keep track of side effects listed for Losartan. (and all RX's)

I am taking cozaar 50mg in the am with 5mg of norvasce and was taking 2.5 mg of norvasce at night--Dr. took me off norvasce at night and put me on 25mg of cozaa--since then my blood pressure has gone up to 173 over 90 and I have not been able to sleep well and have tremors in my thighs and sore eyes-- and my Dr. wants me to take 50mg at night--I believe that I cannot take ace inhibitors for my body cant tolerate the side affects as when taking bystolic, I wheezed and coughed so much it was thought I had heart problems which I did not--what can I do, I am in the 2nd stage of chronic kidney disease and have had one kidney removed due to cancer and need to protect the other kidney--I want my blood pressure to be normal and I want to feel good from the meds.

I had two stents put in back in 2004. They tried to get a third one in but punctured the sack around my heart and gave me a heart attack. I was put on Cozaar (25mg.) and 25mg. of metoprolol. For the last three years I've only been taking 12.5mg of metoprolol a day. I've only been taking 25mg. of cozarr every other day. I'm doing this on my own. The pharmacy switched to losartan.

It was still a green pill. A few months ago I had my losartan refilled. It was now a white round tablet. I've been having muscle and bone pain and I'm having trouble breathing. I had a echo cardiogram yesterday. Today they called and told me to stop the losartan.

My blood pressure usually runs 118. High for me is 129. I can hardly wait to get off this crap. I'm always tired. I walk 2 miles a day and really have to push myself. Do your homework and do your own research. I never had high blood pressure in my life. It wasn't until they did a bang up job with the stents that I was put on all this junk.

I am taking 50 mg of Losartan for BP and I am certain that my lethargy and drowsiness, dry mouth and dream abnormality is being caused by it. The dreams are bizarre and disturb my sleep.

Today is day 7 of Losartan for the second time; ~~I tried it almost a year ago (to save money);~~ before, it caused rapid heart and jumping and low blood sugar feelings;
THIS time, I am trying it because diovan costs $90, and lisinopril ($4 and enalapril $4) made me cough and cough and cough to the gagging point; it would make me wake up in the night gagging and grabbing my neck where the itching and tickling was; ~~ back to my dilemna: SO, my Dr. put me on losartan again; he begged me to try it; it is $48.

HE TOLD ME THAT IT does not cause coughing; WELL, I am coughing as much as on lisinipril. I stopped lisinopril for a couple of weeks and took enalapril; less coughing but still was coughing; then I started the losartan; it is horrid coughing in spells; I emailed my Dr today and he said losartan just does not cause coughing but to stop it for a few days; ~~~from what I am reading in this fabulous website, it CAN and it does cause coughing!~~~ and that I could still be coughing from the lisinopril from a few weeks ago; what if I have overlapping coughing from everything? my b/p goes to high 130's over high 80's when off the Rx. ANY suggestions; I pay for all prescriptions outta pocket.

I have been taking Losartan for over a year First 25 mg,then 50mg and now 100mg the magic number that has bought my BP down to 120/74. So far very little side effects sometimes dry mouth, Sometimes dizzy but usually first thing in the morning if very hot humid weather is in the area. Since cutting out added salt to my food I have had no problem with feet or ankle swelling. Lately I have been sleeping like a baby.

I have been on several meds and can't handle the ones with HCT at all. Couldn't get out of the chair and thought I would faint when I bent over.
Doc put me on Losartan (cozar) 50 mg and BP still high in a.m. and periodically through out the day with no rhyme or reason. Went to 100 mg and am having trouble getting to sleep although exhausted and requiring 12 hrs of sleep and still tired. I would go to bed with no foot pain and wake in the night with joint and foot tingling and was concerned about circulation.

Now I read about the foot problems some report and that is what I am having. My systolic is down with the 100 mg but the diastolic is not much improved and it is the one that counts more. I feel like something is draining the energy out of me and I am going to stop taking this and try some natural supplements. I am not going to take three meds for BP as they all have side effects. I feel so tired I can't exercise and I know that it is really important that I use my rowing machine. This is a catch 22.

I have been taking Losartan for a number of years. I would like to stop taking it but would like to find out any side effects of a long tapering off of it (3 months). I have no side effects now but I want to stop seeing any and all doctors is my reason to get away from it.

I have been taking Losartan 50mg for 3 months now and do not feel well taking it. I have taken Atacand HCT, Diovan HCT and now the Lorsartan( without any type of water pill). My blood pressure seems so low (for me) first thing in the morning and sometimes all day long. I have tried splitting the pill and taking (25mg) but don't see much of a difference. I have had muscle aches in my legs and arms, extreme fatigue, insomnia, dizziness and the list goes on. My Doctor is not taking the symptoms that I complain about seriously and I'm left to fend for myself.
I feel like just stopping the medication all together and taking my chances. Any suggestions would be helpful.

I saw a Dr. Oz show where a new study showed that un-roasted coffee bean extract worked just as well as any statin without the side effects. Has anyone tried this approach? My Doctor immediately said NO to this.

I just recently began taking Losartan 100mg/Cozaar. Is it a possible side effect for your legs to fall asleep?

Anyone notice any changes to their vision after starting Losartan? Kind of like seeing lights or floaters?


I have a lot to say about losartan. My bp wasn't that bad but my Dr. put me on it right away. I don't know why he didn't choose a diuretic first like they're supposed to start with. My BUN and Creatnine were always fine. 8 or 7 were the numbers. I started this drug in December and i have been trying to go off of it since then. No joke. I couldn't even handle taking the 25 mg when my dose was supposed to be 50.

When I initially took it I had a lot of shortness of breathe and some chest pain. I tried to go off of it and my BP would spike so high it would scare me so I would take another one. Then my Dr. switched me to spiro and I felt like I was going to pass out so I went back to losartan and ever since then I have had horrible side effects. Including the leg pain. Then now I haven't taken it for almost three months and shortly after I quit and refused to take another pill ever my bp has been low, I have had nausea, diarrhea, SOB, feeling like I am going to pass out, numbness and tingling in my arms and hands, decreased urine output, I'm pale, I'm anemic.

I think the med tore my body up. I recently was tested for DIC. And my fibrinogen is in the high end of normal. I am sure that my fibro was low before all of this. I've tested positive for blood clot but had CT and it was negative. I would take something else. Good luck to all of you.

Been on losartan for three months. Feel horrible and have lost 25 pounds. Knee pain, foot pain, bruising behind knees, tired, stomach pains, headaches, heart racing, anxiety increased. Has anyone quit cold turkey, or did you taper?

I have been taking Losartan 100 mg for 7 1/2 mos. I have trouble sleeping along with dry mouth and lately I've developed an itching in my neck and the skin on my cheeks is so dry it feels stretched. I asked the Dr. if I could stop taking it for a while to see if things got better. So far, I've been off it for two days and nothing's changed. Will try a little longer and then am supposed to report back to the Dr.

Because of changed ins. I had to switch from Benicar 20 (worked great!) to Losartan 50 mg. Headaches started within a few days, stayed with it, but by 3 weeks I developed very bad sore throat, lots of face flushing, chills, continued headache. Thought it was just a virus, stayed with it for 2 more weeks!! Felt Terrible! Stopped taking it after 5+ weeks and within 24-48 hrs. Felt 75% better!!

After 5 days of being off it I STILL have mild sore throat, some flushing, but no headache no chills... hopefully it will completely go away in the next few days... I would NEVER take Losartan again! Got samples of Benicar from doc and waiting for "special approval" from ins company!! Ugh! It was awful... (also was very dry, occasional cough, some mild chest discomfort!)

My husband was switched from Benicar to Losartan and has been so dizzy he almost falls. How can he quit? Taper off or cold turkey?

Lots of side effects. I have been taking Losartan since April 2012. Stopped taking Benicar a yr ago for insurance reasons. Tried to keep pressure down by exercising and diet but increased w/some stress and some asthma problems, so my doc put me on Losartan at 100 mg to start. My BP was so low I could hardly stand up and had icy cold sensations running up and down my legs w/tingling in legs, feet, hands, had headache, dizziness, and a pounding feeling in my chest (can hear my heart beating all the time).

Now I'm getting cramps all the time even w/drinking plenty of water. My BIGGEST and most recent concern is these visual side affects: I'm seeing floaters (lots) and see these lights when I move my eyes suddenly to the left or right (very pronounced in dark rooms) - sometimes they show w/each beat of my heart (from my BP). Has anyone else had visual changes (I saw one posting on this)???? I'm really wanting to get off this med.

I'm the one w/ the vision disturbances/changes. I forgot to say that I tried going to stop taking Losartan because of the dizziness (my BP was down to readings like 103 over 57) but started again because of BP going up. Then wondered why my doc started me so high at 100 mg so I started cutting my pills in half (50 mg) and the side affects weren't as bad but still present. The visual changes and heart is what's really concerning me.

I have coughing as well. I was on ramibril and switched to 50mg of losartin. I t has been over a month since I started losartin.

I'm a male in my mid-60s and I'm from the UK. My doctor had kept me on Diovan for many years to control hereditary borderline high blood pressure - and it worked well, stabilising my BP at a level that both he and I were happy with. A recommendation from the NHS suggested that Losartan would be just as effective as Diovan and considerably less costly, so - with my agreement - my regime was duly changed.

Within a week of making the change of medication I suddenly fell to the ground, unconscious. I hadn't fainted for over 50 years but I subsequently began to collapse frequently, damaging myself physically in each fall. There's a long story here involving lots of good luck in having the problem identified, which I'll skip, but the upshot was that, fortuitously, it was discovered that my heart had been stopping for 30 seconds or more. As a result, my prescription was changed back to Diovan immediately and I had an emergency pacemaker implantation.

I was told by a doctor at the hospital that, had the correct diagnosis not been made in time, my collapses would have increased in both frequency and duration and that I would most likely have been dead within a further two weeks. Scary!

I have been taking Losartan for a little over a month (switched from fosniopril)and I am experiencing terrible side effects: shortness of breath, dizziness, confusion, mood changes (feelings of impending doom and crying), and insomnia.

The nights are worse... don't sleep and the feelings I have are debilitating. I have never had a history of mental or mood problems and to do so no makes me feel "out of control." I stopped the meds today and have an appt with Dr. tomorrow morning. I will gladly put up with the coughing and higher cost for fosniopril if these symptoms will go just go away. Be aware that Losartan interacts with food and can increase potassium levels to dangerous highs.

Wish you all the best and hope I get some sort of answer tomorrow... not too optimistic... faith in doctors waning with each successive year I live.

I have been taking Lisinopril 20 Hctz25 for over 8 years. My BP was a little highand on a next appointment still a little high. I have never had any problems with Lisinopril. It is generic and very low cost. My doctor took me off it and started me on Cozar and got generic Losartan 100 Potassium. I took it and it made me very dizzy, knees weak and trouble walking stable. Had to hold on to keep from falling. I am not feeble in any way. I stopped taking it and resumed my Lisinpril with no side effects. Told my doctor when I had my recheck and she said she would give me something different. She gave me Hyzzar and I got it filled and ended up with Losartan 100 and hctz25.

I took one and today have bad ringing in the ears, dizziness and weak knees. Trouble walking because of dizziness. Will call doctor and see what she wants me to do. I don't know why they don't increase my lisinopril since I have not had any bad effects while taking it. No ED or any other problems.

Yes, I experience floaters since I started 3 months ago. That along with dizziness, and I'm always tired and sleepy.

I've been on Losartan 100mg for about 3 months now, and I feel horrible. My BP is under control, but I am always dizzy, tired and weak. I used to run and am now having trouble just walking for too long. Someone else here mentioned vision changes (floaters) and I have these too. I hate this feeling and it's affecting my quality of life and work. Is there an alternative with minimal side effects?

I have been on HBP meds for about 6 years now and my doctor advised that I should go to something to protect my kidneys as I am also a 6.0 on my A1C. I have been 6.0 for the past 2 years.

Today I am into my 6th day of 25 mg. Today I also began 25 mg, morning and 25mg. evening and today about 4 hours from my morning dose I began having issues with my vision. I am seeing a quarter moon image that is rising from the middle of my vision field to what would be the northeast quadrant of my eye. The image is somewhat blinking. The image is in the form of an arc with the diamonds edge to edge and the colors are like that which is given by a diamond ring. It has many colors.

Prior to the development of the image my eyes were blurry and I was "seeing" holes in my vision field. And that developed into the arc of diamonds. The whole episode has lasted about 20-25 minutes and is now almost back to normal.

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Please check in with your eye doctor right away.

I have mild hypertension, am overweight and was (until 9 months ago) very sedentary. I had been on losartan Hctz 100/25 for several years. Once I got back into a regular monitored low exercise routine (I was in an exercise study) my dose was reduced to 50/12.5 mg./st. Even prior to starting an exercise program my potassium dropped and necessitated potassium supplements. I frequently had 2-3+ pitting remains my ankles and lower legs. My fluid intake was adequate and my kidney function tests were normal.

My doctor had previously prescribed losartan without the diuretic by mistake. So when my potassium levels dropped below normal I switched to the plain losartan. Interestingly, my edema disappeared. My doctor now prescribes the losartan 50 without HCTZ. It has been 5 months now and not once have I had edema of the lower extremities. Neither have I had hypoglycemia (low potassium) and my blood pressure runs 105/70 - 110/75 range. I still exercise regularly for about an hour 4-5 Times a week and my weight is coming down slowly.

Could the edema, in the absence of any other medical condition, have been paradoxical? In other words if I was diuresing too much, was my body trying harder to retain fluids? My doctor questioned my stopping the diuretic, and had no explanation for why I longer had the edema. Because of the study I am in I keep meticulous exercise, diet, BP, pulse, & fluid intake records. We see no evidence of any deviations or changes that could have caused this.

I'm checking in here because I've been on Losartan for about 3 weeks and experiencing exhaustion, headache, gi effects, and a little dizziness - all common, it seems.

Hombesolo - The visual effects you're seeing are either an ocular migraine (if it's really just in one eye) or the aura of a regular migraine (if you see it in both eyes, and you can still see it with your eyes closed). Having these auras doesn't mean you're going to have a full-blown migraine. I've had them for years, and only once (knock on wood) have I had a migraine headache.

I take losartan 100mg/25htz I have severe lower back pain. What can I take instead of losartan? I see others with the same back pain problems.

I'm having vision problems also. I'm in my mid 60's. The doc has me on Amlodipine and Losartan 100 mg. I took it for about a month. I called and complained of leg cramps and they weren't concerned. I told them my BP was lower than ever before 95/55. They said that was O.K. as long as it didn't get any lower. THEN I woke up early one morning with my body trembling and when I turned on the TV if I looked at a persons face on TV it looked like their right eye was closed!

I went to the ER and after blood test and C-scan they said they could not find anything. Said BP medicine didn't show these side effects. So I stopped the Amlodipine and continued the Losartan 100mg. Then I started to get floaters and light sensitivity in my eyes. So I cut the Losarten pills in half for a couple of weeks with continued vision problems. I have lost 10 lbs, started some walking, and stopped ALL fast foods! So two weeks ago I stopped the Losartan and my BP pressure is good. (124/77) BUT my eyes are still not good.

I'm worried that I might have messed up my eyes. I have been to an eye doctor to check my retina and they say everything looks good. I hope this will help anyone taking Losartan and maybe talk to their doctor. But they told me it wasn't the medicine.

I have been taking Losartan potassium for 5 weeks and am experiencing dry eyes and mouth and am wondering if this medicine is causing it. I take restasis for dry eyes but they were good before taking Losartan. also, I just saw comments about lower back pain which I have developed over the last few weeks but never even thought about this medicine causing that. Could it be the losartan?

Put onto Lisinopril in 2009. After six months developed burning in nasal passages as though someone had sprayed acid up my nose. Went on to develop swollen sinuses. Sinus pain is steadily increasing and spreading throughout my head. My head feels as if it is empty and I also experience tinnitus.

Could these symptoms be due to Lisinopril? I am now on Losartan instead, but this does not seem to have made any difference to my symptoms.

my doctor started me on enalapril maleate..took it for about 3 months..but had terrible problems with cough so put me on losartan potassium..initially no problems then sometime in November 2012 dosage was increased from 25 mg to 50gm cos b/p was still not well controlled in the range of 140s/80s.

Shortly after started having seizures in calves and tingling, burning sensation in scalp, neck and shoulders...and tinnitus...the burning sensation in legs come and go but always have a stinging burning feeling when comes in contact with water. Anyone have these symptoms? like a lot of those doc don't seem to take me seriously and I am at my wits end worrying about all these symptoms. Have tried reducing dosage but symptoms remain and oh yes do feel dizzy especially when turning head and do feel sort of sleepy whole day.

I have been taking Losartan by Teva for one month and am experiencing floaters, abdominal discomfort and cramping, trouble sleeping and mood changes besides feeling generally unwell all day shortly after taking the tablet. I was fine on Losartan by another manufacturer and I understand that the Teva losartan is comparatively new and therefore under somewhat of a trial. Could it be that the Teva brand just doesn't agree with me?

hi J.O the Losartan I am taking is the branded one manufactured by Mersk appears that different individuals react differently as my brother who is on 100mg Cozaar does not suffer from any side effects at all while I do on 50mg. I feel generally lousy most days and wish I could be my old self times like this I really wish I hadn't started taking antihypertension tablets.

I was on Diovan 80mg for mild high BP and had no side effects, but due to it's cost I was constantly checking when a generic Diovan would be available. I thought it would be this March but that has come and gone. I searched out alternatives and came across Losartan. My cardiologist said that Losartan would be ok for me, I'm taking 50 mg of Losartan Potassium, my pharmacist says Losartan Potassium is a long name for Losartan (I guess she is correct) per day and I'm just very tired and light headed since I've been taking this. It's a whole lot cheaper than the Diovan but the side effects are tough to deal with.

I am 60 years old I went to the dentist and they discovered my blood pressure as high so I made an appointment with doctor. She put me on Losartan 50mg a day. I went back a week later and my blood pressure was much lower but the side effects are terrible. Tired all the time and heart feels like it is gonna jump out of my chest. I almost went to the hospital as I thought I was having a heart attack. I read all these different side effects other people are having and I made up my mind.

My doctor did not seem to alarmed with this as she told me to take pill with a main meal see you in 6 weeks. I don't know what I'm gonna do but one thing I know I will be doing is NO MORE Losartan for me.. God bless all of you I hope you all find some good solutions.

hi Mike

I know how u feel.. I would dearly love stopping taking Losartan but apparently once you start taking it your body gets used to it and stopping it would have adverse effects.. so what measures/drugs are you taking to control your B/p? I don't feel so much tired as sort of drowsy the whole day through, though at times, I do feel better like my old self, but it doesn't last and of course have tinnitus as well as stinging burning feeling around calf and ankles. Oh yes, the docs don't seem to realise these drugs do have awful effects.. one specialist I saw actually told me off for being neurotic! I know for a fact that losartan is the culprit as all of the symptoms I experience now only started after I started medication...before then I was a very active 63 yr old.

I started Losartan six weeks and just stopped cannot take it anymore. Anxiety, cold sweats, blurred vision, headaches, trouble breathing and a sore throat and cough that drove me mad. Terrible sleep I felt continually tired, not myself at all. Now I am switching to a herbal medicine, I just don't trust this type of drug very nasty.

hi Shane and all others in similar situation.

Am also trying to wean off losartan. I am sure most of you have heard/read about recent research findings that reveal that beetroot juice can help reduce h/b/p readings. Have just started taking the juice and also fennel... hope they do help as I would dearly like to stop or at least reduce losartan dosage. By the way what herbal medicine are you taking, Shane

I have been on losartan for about 6 mos. 50 mg. 2 times a day. All was fine until pharmacy gave me a green oval version. Became dizzy, unsteady, nauseous, anxious and generally ill over next few days with many high blood pressure readings.. After 3 weeks was admitted to hospital where I quickly recovered on the hospital's losartan. Feeling good now on brand name Cozaar and BP is fine.

Not sure who made the bad green pills but feel they are dangerous. Have learned that I must insist pharmacy not shift my generics around once I have a dependable manufacturer. FDA does not check foreign makers often enough--average 6 or 7 years according to New York Times.

I feel like it is harder to run and my muscles in my legs feel tired..

Hi Jeff, I'm having the same issues with abnormal dreams at night on 25 mg of Losartan taken in the mornings. Really bizarre, vivid dreams (and sometimes nightmares) that I wake up from 2-4 times a night with my heart racing. Did you go off of the Losartan? Did the dreaming issues resolve?

Believe it or not after taking 50 mg of Losartan for about 3 months now, the side effects I had previously seemed to have all gone away. One thing I have done differently is to not take it first thing in the A.M., I wait til noon time and take it with lunch and I seem to no longer have any problems. A doctor that I used to see who has since retired suggested this with other blood pressure medication I was on at that time, so I thought I'd give it a try with the Losartan. Either my body has adapted to it or something else, but it is such a relief, thank goodness.

Took my 10th Losartan due to high bp and suffering TIA. BP not particularly high but due to TIA doctor considered necessary to medicate. Taking low dose aspirin and originally put on Ramipril, which made me horrendously ill. Cough, swollen face, sweating continually, aching in lower legs and an overall feeling of wretchedness. Changed to Losartan as dr said side effects were almost non-existent. Wrong.

My blood pressure is higher than it has ever been. Highest reading yesterday 185/128. It has never been anything like that before.
Tired all day
Bloated face
Throbbing calves
Itchy eyes
Weight gain (unbelievably in such a short time)
Feeling generally horrible and want to cry.
Can I stop taking it NOW? Is there any reason why I shouldn't?

Visited two separate pharmacists, on separate occasions who kindly told me that none of these symptoms could be caused by Losartan. Why do they only look at the 'incomplete' leaflet inside the box?
Reading this site I see every symptom I have relating to Losartan.

I started with losartan a week ago after being on other bp medication. I take one tablet 100 mg every morning. The side effects are terrible. Migraine, dizzy, extremely tired, "heavy feeling", blurred vision. Also have the feeling that my BP goes up with losartan.

I am a sixty year old female athlete who began developing prehypertension about three months ago. Five days ago Dr. put me on low dose of losartan, 25 mgs. Have not slept, dozed, rested for four nights! Head feels dry and empty, heart leaps like a trout in my chest. I'm going off it today!

Started on Losartan 18 months ago. About a year ago developed a metallic like taste in my mouth, affecting severely my taste for most foods.

Thinking that the Losartan may have been the cause Dr. changed to Amlopidine 30 days ago.
No distinctive change is notable yet... expect to continue as the med is very effective for BP control.
Are there any studies re metallic taste and loss of taste related to Losartan or other causes?

I have been reading all your comments about losartan giving you side effects. I was on cozaar 50mgs from 1998 to 2012 and I had no side effects, then my bp wasn't controlled by the 50mgs anymore so the dr put me on 100mgs losartan that's the generic name for cozaar,it took my body 1 year to adjust to the increased dosage of this medicine, I had the chest pain, shortness of breath, anxiety, feeling like I wanted to jump out of my skin but I stuck it out and thank god once my body adjusted no more side effects I know it took along time to adjust to this medicine but maybe if your try to stick it out like I did you might get the same results as I did, good luck.

Sorry this reply is super late, but have you tried supplementing with potassium? Try potassium rich foods first, like bananas.

This sounds like textbook low serum potassium level symptoms. I'm surprised...did your doctor check your potassium levels?

Experienced most of the problems described by other submitters who have been put on losartan. I became ill after my pharmacist gave me prescription with losartan made by Teva. After hospitalization in April because of confusion, I recovered after taking hospital's brand of losartan. Went on brand name Cozaar but too expensive so worked with pharmacist to find another brand. Have been on Qualitest losartan for three months and feel great. I have registered a complaint about Teva losartan with FDA.

I've been taking bp medications since 2002. Originally took Diovan 25mg daily. That really worked well. Suddenly, it became unavailable. Substitute was Lisinopril which caused a nagging cough that kept me awake at night. Told my doctor about sever cough; prescribed Losartan 50 mg daily. It wasn't until I read all of these side affects others have commented on that made me realize that I really have a problem with Losartan and will be talking to my doctor to change medication again to hopefully either Cozaar or Qualitest Losartan as recommended by one of you. Thank you so much for helping me find out why I feel so lousy all the time:( I will read this column much more often!!!

Took Losartan, in the beginning 50mg and later 25mg and suffered terrible leg muscle pains [calf and lower calf muscle]. I was recently confined to hospital and understood that I was to be given Losartan as part of my treatment. I refused to take the stuff and explained why, only to be mocked by the professor who claimed that it was impossible for Losartan to cause muscle pain.

In the end I was given Ramipril, no leg pains, no coughing but some problem with hypotension. Hope that this latter problem will be resolved.

For years I have been on Amlodipine but my BP has risen dramatically during the past few months, so my GP has added 50mg Losartan.

The pills the pharmacist gave me are made by Teva.
I have been on this for about 6 weeks and for the last couple of weeks the skin on my legs feels as if it's surnburnt, (which they're not). Now my arms feel as if they are burning. The skin feels normal to the touch and is not painful other than the burning sensation.
Also I have developed a constant feeling of nervousness and anxiety which is not me at all. Could this be Losartan?

Could anyone tell me if this burning feeling could be a side effect of Losartan and if so will it eventually wear off?

I was on Losartan for a total of 2 months and for 7 weeks of that time, I was miserable with extremely dry eyes. I was on it for so long because my Dr. didn't believe the Losartan was causing the problem.

Finally I convinced him to prescribe a different blood pressure medicine and my eyes became much better very quickly once I was off the Losartan. I have only seen a few comments about this side effect though.

I started Losartan June 24, 2013. THE BOTTOM OF MY FEET HURT EVERY MORNING.
I came off Lisinopril because of lip edema. I don't think there is a good answer for high BP. You just have to keep trying this and that until you die.

hi Sheila
I have had the same burning feeling especially around lower part of legs when dosage was increased from 25gm to 50gm. At first I would also experience a stinging feeling when water came into contact with lower part of legs. These days the feeling isn't that bad but every now n then can feel it. I have been on Cozaar for nearly a year now and have been trying to wean off but to no avail... as bp would start to yo-yo n hit 150s- low 160s . In between I have also been put on enalapril n amlodipine. I have put up with all the daily discomfort which also includes a tingling tight sort of burning sensation around scalp, dizziness n drowsiness especially in mornings. As with most people here, I have seen a number of doctors but all do not seem to realise the terrible side effects this drug can cause. One doctor suggested apart from 50mg cozaar to take a dieuretic. I came away from the clinic n never bothered to take the diuretic he prescribed as I just didn't want to suffer from more side effects.

Read my post of 1st April 2013. By the way my bp is still not well controlled n sometimes I feel that my bp has been messed up by the drug in the first place. Do I regret caving in to the doctors pressure to go on medication in the first place...oh yes I do.

I have been on a combination of BP medications for many years without any noticeable side effects until about 9 months ago when my meds. were changed from Cozaar to Losartan Teva and since then over a period of time I have developed numbness and tiredness in my feet from my toes through my instep to my ankles which I directly attribute to the change of medication, from today I have stopped taking Losartan and hopefully the symptoms will stop.

I have been on amlodipine for about five years, and have used a zona hand held computerized squeeze device purported to lower blood pressure and it did -- at first, but not any more, though I use it faithfully, five times a week. Also, I am on a plant based diet, no added fats, whole foods such as oats, fresh fruits, many vegetables and legumes and whole grains. Supposedly that is a good diet for lowering both cholesterol and blood pressure.

Well, even after five years, my blood pressure is high and so is my cholesterol. My doctor recently put me on losartan potassium and my blood pressure seems to be going up even higher. I also have heart palpitations, especially noticeable at night. I am on only 25 mags per day and after reading what everyone is saying, I don't want the dosage increased. I am doing everything I can to help my health, yet none of it seems to really work. Feeling discouraged and sad. Forgot to mention I walk briskly 3 miles five days a week, sometimes more.

Hello all,
So glad I found this..I am 41 years old..I have been taking losartan since 2008 for HBP. I have had high BP since my teenage years.. I have tried numerous medications. Lisinopril being the worst. I take 100/25 losartan/water pill every day. I have lost 70lbs in the last 2 1/2 yrs. Did nothing for my BP. I eat a fairly good diet, I exercise 4-6 Times a week... BP only controlled with medicine. HIGHEST BP reading prior to this med 218/121. Now my BP stays around 117/68 .. Side effects.. numerous, the main one being tired and drained emotionally and physically all the time.. Heart palpitations.. Cold like symptoms.. I feel at a loss.. I feel like if I don't take the meds I risk a stroke, which my mother died of at age 58.. If I do I don't live a quality life..So frustrated.......I

My doctor has had me on. LOSARTIN 100mg for the past week and I have noticed that my leg muscles are getting so weak, it is difficult to function. What is the weakening of the muscles doing for my blood pressure?

Do you still have the symptom of confusion?

I have been on 50mg losartan for two weeks now. I have experienced light headedness, will suddenly lose my balance without warning and I get heart palpitations especially at night when I'm trying to get to sleep. I started seeing floating black spots and what I describe as a streak of lightening in the outer edge of my eye, but only my left eye. I've started experiencing increasingly severe muscle cramps in my feet and legs, which seem to cramp at the slightest movement. I will bend over to pick something up and get a sudden and severe cramp in my side or stomach that takes several minutes to go away.

I've been taking potassium, magnesium and calcium supplements but have seen no improvement. I had been on lisinopril but it caused severe heart palpitations and insomnia. I will no longer take my pills and will see if my symptoms clear up.

I have been on Teva-Losartan 100mg for almost two weeks now. I have experienced light headache, lose balance, heart palpitations at all times, chest pain, lost of sleep, dry mouth. experiencing lightening in the outer edge of my eye, my vision has decreased. I've started experiencing muscle cramps in my feet and legs, left arm pain, lower back pain, Itchy eyes, Feeling generally horrible and want to cry.

I'm also on Eltroxin for low thyroid, Teva-Hydrochlorotiazide, Wellbutrin, Cymbalta.

I'm scared to take Teva-Losartan. What does doctors do, helping patients not to make them sicker. At this point I just want to stop all medications. Please advise

Thank you

WOW... I must be one of the oddballs on here due to the fact I've been taking Lorsartan 50 for over a year and have none of these mentioned side effects. My B/P dropped from 155/85 to 110/70. I take it at 10am each day and can honestly say, I feel a whole lot better because of it. Eat your blue berries!

Iam 69 yrs. old been on pressure meds. for years, been on Losartan 100/12.5 for less than yr. because I needed to cut expenses. The only side effect I've had is slight tiredness, but getting up moving around stops that. I take it at noon with a banana everyday. I just stopped taking Metoprolol Succ 25MG had constant itching, broke out on back arms legs and face, wheezing, extreme tiredness, had to take 1-2 naps before bedtime, gained weight by the hour, no task completed without sitting during, stomach bloated, pulse 108 just walking from room to room, feeling couldn't get enough air when doing anything but sitting, pressure was fine but pulse scared me to death.

Still don't know why dr. wanted me on both but why live longer feeling like this, its no life, so I haven't even told dr. I stopped the one. Don't know about Losartan but Metoprolol you have to take two weeks to come off it. First half pill, than quarter pill, than quarter pill every other day. Must be some strong stuff. Anyway not had any for three days now. Was able to do laundry, dishes, and cook without any problems. My head has felt so clear, breathing better and have some energy

I'm with you JMW, see my above post on June 2013. I'm also taking 50mg Losartan. I initially had side effects. Until I started taking it at or just before lunch when the side effects went away and it is really controlling my BP well my average reading are 110/60. I also do feel a heck of a lot better. I was previously on Diovan.

I am having this same issue. I normally am a very heavy sleeper and do not remember my dreams. Ever since I have started taking Losartan I have very vivid dreams that wake me up several times a night, toss and turn when falling asleep and now just always feel tired overall.

I have been on Losartan potassium 25mg for maybe two years. At first, no problem but as time went by I would wake in the middle of the night with elevated bp and my pulse was pounding in my head and it would all subside after I was up for a while and therefore, no more sleep. Sometimes I would only get three hours of sleep. I have changed doctors three time and no one had a clue as to why this was going on.

Such a blessing for me to happen on to this website because the answer to this ongoing problem has been provided for me. I will ask my doctor to take me off of this miserable stuff asap. You all have been such a wonderful help and I do thank all of you who have posted your problems. We don't learn a whole lot from the professionals but we do learn from each other!!!!

I have been on Cozar and Lasartin and dont like this drug either. It gives me anxiety but mostly dry mouth and the inside of my mouth is sore. I stopped cold turkey 3 days ago. Small side effects. Will re-visit and do more research. Initially put on meds for kidney numbers and slightly high BP.

I also have been on 25 mg Losartan potassium (not including the diuretic component) for a couple of years (which I take in the morning) and a very small amount of Amlodipine (2.5 mg - I break the 5 mg. pill in half) at night. I was doing fine I thought but over the last 6 months I started having ringing in my ears which I see can be a problem and recently I thought I had a bladder infection or cystitis because I have increased thirst, and both urgency and frequency problems - but gyn confirmed no infection however I have blood (only seen by the microscope) in my urine so I was referred to a urologist who redid the test and then without even discussing the medications I'm on had me set up getting a test to look at the bladder - cystoscopy! After doing a lot of online research I was coming to the conclusion from the potential side effects including frequency problems (and not looking forward to the test in a few weeks) I decided to check in with my family doctor and yesterday she agreed to take me off current meds and put me on a Beta Blocker (Atanalol).

Last night before I did anything differently I started experiencing back pain, so I was happy to stop the Losartan and the pharmacist confirmed it was fine NOT to take it this morning. However, after reading about the problems with Beta Blockers and Atanalol, I'm actually afraid to continue taking it after the one pill this morning (including weight gain, exhaustion, and very hard to get off). So I am thinking maybe just continue the Amlodipine with the small amount I take - twice a day might work since I think the problems have been from the Losartan.

This is all very frustrating and rather scarey honestly. All I would suggest is do a lot of research before you decide on another medication to switch to. I thought the Beta Blocker would be a good idea because it does not work with your urinary system at all, but the problems can be worse. I work out 5 days a week and have been trying to lose weight lost 10 but need to lose another 30 to be at my best so the last thing I want is to go on a Beta Blocker that makes you gain weight and be so exhausted you can't work out! Good luck!

I have been on bystolic and that lowered only my pulse. Then cloneden and that gave me awful side effects. Then lisiniperal that one gave me a cough. Then losartan hct that one gave me bladder infection I stopped urinating. Then for a year now I have been on losartan and my BP is always up and down.

I was changed to a new thyroid med and I am trying to figure out which one is giving me anxiety, burning mouth and tongue, inside shaking, depression, heart palpitations. If you look in the fillers of each pills, the stuff they put in them is horrible. And each manufacturer puts different fillers, and their fillers can change periodically. Best thing is to go natural. Then you should also know there your food comes from. Yikes. May God be with us all.

I have been taking Losartan 6.25mgs (half a 12.5mg tablet) for the past six weeks. I had previously been on 12.5mgs but felt faint and extremely tired all the time. It dropped my BP to below 100 systolic at times and obviously worked as an anti hypertensive for me. I stopped taking it because I felt so unwell but my optician said my eye pressures were high and I should get my BP checked again. It was high, around 180/110 so I was put back on Losartan but told to start on half a tablet (6.25mg). I have been feeling awful, exhausted, no energy, back pain, fast heart rate and the odd palpitation. I have just wanted to crawl back into bed. I have also had ankle swelling, indigestion and my platelet count is above normal. Even with this tiny dose I have had these severe side effects. My BP well controlled on this low dose unbelievably. I cannot take this any more and am going to stop tomorrow. I will return to my GP to discuss the options. The tablet I took was a cheap import from Slovakia - I have no idea who made it as the pharmacist had to cut the tablets in half for me and he put the tablets into a plain bottle.

I am a 66 yr old retired critical care nurse who manages a holistic clinic. I practice what I preach and never took a med in my long life. This last Jan I had 5 nosebleeds out of the blue and went into hypertensive crisis with 3 ER admissions. They started me on Captopril which held for about a week then Drs upped the dose twice a day. You all know what symptom I will say next. I coughed my head off. Never slept much. On the second admission to ER, all because of major spikes late at night with shivering and nausea and flushing, they pushed Labetolol and from that episode they added Atenolol.

That beta blocker almost did me in eventually. My heart could not take it at all. I felt like I was slowly dying. BP labile and pulse in the gutter. I slept on a couch with pillows because I could not breathe. I felt like most of me was outside of my body and I was crying all the time. A wreck. The primary sent me to a cardiologist that tried to add the diazides. That lasted 4 days. I felt my kidneys were shutting down and I had blurred vision!

By now I am crazy mad. My primary hugged me and said, I was probably in the 5 percent of the population who simply cannot tolerate meds. He switched me to Losartan 100 mg and the coughing stopped. But something started working when he added a small dose - 0.1 mg of Clonidine at night to control the spikes. After almost 2 mos I have monster headaches at a migraine level starting in the back of my head forcing my eyes closed. I became incapacitated but needed to keep working. I pulled myself off the Losartan and realized the headaches became less in the am. With hot weather it is intolerable.

Right now I continue the night Clonidine yet it still interrupts the dream cycle and wakes me up several times with nightmarish visions. The Drs say headaches are prob about my neck. I cleared things up with an eye exam and a digital fundus photo to make sure it wasn't my eyes. Now I have the beginnings of cataracts which were not there previously. I am so confused for the first time in my life, playing with drugs that are poisonous to my biologic.

I know too well why we have symptoms. We are suppressing parts of our autonomic nervous system that have nowhere to release energy. It creates havoc in an otherwise beautifully designed intelligent system. The only answer is to change beliefs,lifestyle and anxiety levels with natural supplements. There is still the underlying fear based on memory of crisis. This is my biggest challenge. Drugs are for sick care, not health care.

Dear BC, I believe you are correct about the autonomic nervous system being suppressed. Doctors will be aghast at this suggestion but we are not all the same and maybe there are some of us who need to let our bodies sort themselves out without all the drugs which dampen down our body systems. My BP rises dramatically when I am emotionally upset or stressed so why does it react in this way when other people may react differently? The trouble with drug trials and medical research is that they are based on averages. I do not get pain relief from morphine for some reason and I had a very severe reaction to biologic drugs used for rheumatoid arthritis which was otherwise unheard of.

I got asthma from another drug and the NSAID drugs have ruined my kidneys. If I can find the courage to stay off these potent drugs which suppress our natural bodily functions it will be amazing. I have started taking magnesium supplements and co-enzyme CQ10. I'm not sure what else I should take but will do some research. Thank you for making me think about the effect on the autonomic n/s - I too am an ex-RN so I do understand about the physiology. I hope you can get your BP under control naturally. Good luck!

Find a good naturpathic (SP?) doctor and stop taking that poison.

I took losartin for two weeks and had extreme weakness in my arms and legs. I thought I would adjust to it but I just kept getting worse with shortness of breath. I couldn't do anything but sit and I am a very active person. I stopped after two weeks but I am a little better but it's been two months and I'm afraid I HAVE damaged myself. The doctors say it is not from the losartin and sent me to all kinds of doctors and tests. I am frightened and don't know what to do.

I was wondering if anyone knows if I will ever feel back to my old self after taking this drug ? I have no energy and my muscles are weak. Lorraine

Fortunately I have and it is doing me good, see my post above (John, June 20,2013) I wish every one the same results. It was tough getting there.

My doctor has me on 50mg losartan potassium 2X daily. After my a.m. dose at about 6:00 I feel pretty good. However about 1:00p.m. I start getting anxious and get the ringing ear effect. I don't want to take my p.m. dose until about 7:00 so that it will stay in my system thru the night. I also take 10mg buspar just before going to bed and sleep good. Hopefully these afternoon effects will gradually go away?? I have been on this 1 month.

I have been on Losartan Pot 50mg since January. Since then, I really don't feel like I'm sleeping but just dozing. At night, the muscle cramps in my legs are SO BAD that they are constantly waking me up. Also, have gained 10 pounds (no diet or other changes), I had maintained for over ten years a consistent weight. Has anyone else experienced these problems... I will definitely be looking to go back to Benzapril.

I would talk to your doctor about getting off the drugs. I was on both for a while and I felt as though I had been poisoned. Go to a naturopath doctor and get some natural help for HBP. Also, check to see if you might have sleep apnea as that causes HBP. It did for me. Now my BP is normal and I feel great and I no longer take any pharmaceuticals.

As I read these comments it brings back horrible memories for me as I had a miserable time on these blood pressure medications. I am 82 and was put on these meds two years ago. A horrible two years for me. I found a natural way to be able to get off these meds and now my blood pressure is NORMAL with no pills. It can be done. Find a doctor for integrative medicine. There is one in Encinitas, California. Don't just keep taking all of that stuff.

Bummer! Now I'm worried. I've been on Benicar for 3-4 years now, with no problems or side-effects, but my new insurance doesn't cover it, and just this past Monday my doctor switched me to Losartan 50mg. Pills arrived by mail today, and in searching the web, found this review of Losartan and I'm worried about even starting on this new to me medication.

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