Zestril is one of the more recent entries in a class of drugs called ACE inhibitors.

The development of this group of medications almost reads like a medical mystery, starting with the venom of a poisonous Brazilian snake.

The bite of the deadly jararaca caused severe hemorrhaging. An extract from the venom was found to affect the kidney and ultimately blood pressure regulation through the conversion of angiotensin from one form to another.

This led to the creation of enzyme blockers in Capoten, Vasotec and Zestril which are revolutionizing the treatment of hypertension and congestive heart failure.

Zestril is prescribed to lower blood pressure.

Side Effects and Interactions

People with kidney problems must be monitored extremely carefully, as Zestril can make kidney function worse. Even healthy people should have their physician monitor the kidneys periodically.

Zestril can cause a number of less serious but uncomfortable side effects.

Be alert for skin rash, headache, tiredness, an annoying dry cough, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle cramps, low blood pressure, nasal congestion, heart rhythm disturbances and sexual difficulties.

Report any symptoms or suspected side effects without delay.

There are a number of compounds that can interact with Zestril. In general it is important to avoid potassium supplements, including low-sodium salt substitutes.

Diuretics such as Dyazide, Aldactazide and Moduretic which preserve potassium also can cause dangerous elevations in potassium.

Other drugs that can interact with Zestril include other diuretics, the arthritis medicine Indocin, the gout medicine Zyloprim and lithium.

Check with your doctor and pharmacist to make sure Zestril is safe in combination with any other drugs, or herbs, you take.

Special Precautions

The very first dose of Zestril you take may cause dizziness, especially for older people. Be especially careful until your body adjusts.

When you first start taking Zestril, be alert for a rare, but serious reaction. Some people have experienced swelling of the face, lips, tongue and throat which can make breathing difficult if not impossible. This requires immediate emergency treatment.

Another uncommon but dangerous reaction is a drop in infection-fighting white blood cells. If you develop chills, fever, sore throat and mouth sores contact your physician promptly. Blood tests are required to detect this problem. This risk is greater for patients with certain predisposing conditions such lupus, scleroderma or kidney problems.

Zestril should not be taken by pregnant women in their second or third trimester unless there is no alternative. It may damage the fetus.

Taking the Medicine

Zestril may be taken with food or on an empty stomach. It should be swallowed at the same time every day to maintain consistent levels in the body. Don’t swallow Zestril within two hours of taking an antacid, though.

Do not stop taking Zestril suddenly, as this could lead to complications. If you must discontinue the drug, your physician will instruct you in tapering off gradually.

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  1. Mike J

    I had posted back in August. I had to stop taking this med as I stated before. It’s a long road back it seems. I compare it to taking heroin. Even though the drug has left your body its effects linger. They call it the “100 day hangover” Im sleeping better, back to doing some weight training. But I’m not back to where I was and I don’t know if I ever will be. If only I had checked websites like this I never would have taken the snake poison. Oh yeah, I’ve had blood test, CT scans and X-rays, and no one could find anything wrong. I know its the drug.

  2. Robert N.

    Experiencing dry cough. Shortness of breath. Weakness

  3. Liz
    United States

    I’ve been on Lisinopril 10 mg once/day for two years, and my bp has stabilized from very high to normal. I had a dry cough for about a month, but that symptom has passed. I’ve lost 30 pounds now and am thinking of lowering my dosage with an eye toward getting off it completely. I see VA doctors, so it’s not easy to get a consultation on this, but I hesitate to do it on my own.

  4. EJM

    I am 56 years old. I had a number of bad nosebleeds which took hours to stop. I went to my doctor. My blood pressure was 160/140. She prescribed Lisinopril and told me to start on 5mg/day. That proved to be sufficient. My blood pressure is now around 120/80. The medication is working well at a low dose, but I do have some some effects: occasional muscle cramps in my legs at night and an annoying tic in my eye.

  5. neil

    I am 40 years old, and I was given lisinopril for blood pressure. As far as I am concerned it has destroyed me. I was going to the gym daily for last few years but few months after starting this medication I could not manage going at all. I am off of it now, but still have the extreme tiredness, poor short term memory, mental confusion, and weak limbs. I lost 2.5 stone in 3 months. I’m struggling to hold onto my job due to vision problems. Never ever again will I entertain this poison. Beware.

    • Donna

      I am 50 years old and am having the same problems. I have been taking this medicine for almost 2 years and haven’t felt good since I have been on it. I have always had arthritis but in Sept my ANA blood work was high. I explained my concerns to my Dr. about taking the med. but she says all of them have side effects. This month my tongue is getting sore and red. My fatigue and joint paint is getting worse. Not to mention, neck and upper back rash, headaches, blurred vision. I think after reading your thoughts, I’m gonna demand a different med.

  6. Bp

    Anyone else having issues of sore/tender/bothersome muscles in the arms. From the elbow up. Front and back of shoulder, chest, sides. PLUS sore throat that does not want to go away. I’ve started getting sore arms around the time I’ve started taking this med.

    • Pat

      I’ve been on Lisinopril for about 8 months and my muscles from my elbows up have gotten very weak, I’m a very avid golfer and I’m having trouble just swinging a golf club from weakness and pain in my arms. My neck and shoulders have been painful off and on for about 6 months. I’m done taking Lisinopril. I hope I can get some strength back in my arms.

      • jd

        If you experienced any issues with this drug, stopped taking it and still experience issues can you please comment?

        • cindy

          I will respond for my husband. He started taking this drug about 10 years ago. What a nightmare. Everything about him changed. He became hostile and angry beyond belief. He said and did things I never would have believed he could do. He had borderline high blood pressure and did not even need this terrible med. He had every bad side effect you were all speaking of. Pain in his joints, terrible headaches, weight gain extreme fatigue hardly able to keep a job. Our marriage is in shambles. He suffered E.D. and no sex drive whatsoever.

          Due to his anger and hostility and things he had done I finally told him to leave. He quit taking the meds and still suffered greatly. Last week I finally took him to the emergency room hoping to get help. His blood pressure was extremely high and complaining of chest pain. I spelled everything about the medicine in his behavior and medical condition. They could have cared less. Instead they focused on a sinus infection he had. He left with yet another blood pressure prescription. I looked it up and it was as terrible as lisinopril. Sadly I told him if he continues taking meds I would have nothing to do with him. So now what, does he die from a stroke or heart attack? Or does he take his chances and try to be a better person? This cannot work out well. God help us all.

    • Ron
      St. Augustine, Fl

      Linsinopril will leave you in a weakened state for months, even as long as two years. I’ve been off of it for 7 months and I still can’t get back on my treadmill. My doctor insists that medicines cannot cause the problems I described but after I got off of it my muscle aches and pains diminished and I am now left with just the complete loss of energy.
      I’m thinking my energy will return but I don’t know when. My symptoms were–muscle aches in arms and neck area, cramping, coughing, muscle aches in kidney area, muscle aches in lower back, leg cramps, cold chills and severe hand tremors, feet burning and numbness and a general weak feeling to the point where I could no longer walk across a street without stopping for rest. I still am having difficulty getting across a store the size of Walmart.

      • Terry Graedon

        We’re sorry you are experiencing such a long-lasting reaction to lisinopril. Although fatigue is listed as a possible side effect, it doesn’t usually last this long. We would encourage you to ask for a more thorough medical work-up to rule out other possible causes of severe fatigue.

  7. chris g

    I started out on linsinopril htz 10 mg, later just straight linsinopril…. I had a dry mouth and weakness.. but nothing so bad as allergic reaction… thinking if you drink or have high acid fruits you were probably over-dosing because you didn’t read the warning label. Alcohol and acid fruits can double or triple the effects of the drug. All I ever took was Biotine for the dry mouth a lot of pills cause dry mouth over long periods of time.

  8. Mike J

    There has been a lot of suffering with this drug. But I have seen where people have benefited and experienced hardly any side effects (or so they say). I was not one of them. I had to stop taking lisinopril /hydrochloroziade it messed me up but nothing like some have posted here. I been off it now for almost seven weeks and I’m still not back to normal. My blood pressure is back to where it was before but I still suffer from insomnia, tiredness, imbalance, weakness in the legs, and brain fog.
    Anybody have any idea how long this is going to last?

  9. TF

    So I was prescribed this medication a few days ago. My Mom is on it and is very sensitive to medication and is on a very low dose but it works for her. When it came to me and my blood pressure was staying steadily high I was prescribed lisinopril. I take klonopin for panic attacks and Zoloft for OCD. I’ve been on these meds for years. For the past four days I’ve taken the lisinopril, within 20-30 mins of taking it I have severe nausea and have found my legs and feet cramping. I thought it was something I ate at first but 4 days in a row I took to Google and found I’m not crazy, there are many others suffering. I’m at 20mg once a day at night. The heartburn and acid in my throat coupled with nausea is just ick. My Dr is on vacation for a week so now do I stop the med OR suffer through and hope I come out the other side feeling ok.
    Thank you

  10. Ruby

    If you will look on 11-4-2012 I shared what happened to me. I still am having troble with my intestines. I have to take Mylanta every night thirty min. before I go to bed. I still have lots of pain in my intestines. I have been off of Lisinopril 10 mg almost a year.

  11. mmh

    About 15 years ago (age 65) my BP started going up to around 190/xx. My dr. put me on a once daily dose of 20mg Lisinopril plus 240 mg Verapamil. My BP stabilized at 120-125/80 for about 8 years, when a blood test showed I had a high creatinine level. The doctor cut my Lisinopril dose to 10mg once daily. That lowered the creatinine level, while not changing my BP readings at all. I have not had any of the other severe side effects that others on this blog have reported, with the possibility of waking with a dry mouth, but normal daily activities soon got rid of the dry mouth.
    At my last blood chemistry test the creatinine level was again slightly above the recommended range, so my doctor replaced the Lisinopril with Losartan 25mg. My BP is still averaging 120/80 but I’m waiting for another blood test to see if the creatinine level has lowered. Every person reacts to drugs differently, but I really wonder about those who are taking 40mg of Lisinopril several times a day; it seems excessive to me.

  12. Christie

    I took 10mg a day and 5 days after I started it I was admitted to the hospital. I had a SEVERE allergic reaction that is extremely rare and it took doctors 2 1/2 months to figure out it was an allergic reaction. Everyone reacts to medications differently. My mom took Lisinopril with no problems. My dad got the really bad cough and stopped it. I had an intestine closing and went through HELL while on the medication. I read through a lot of the comments when I first found this page and never found anyone with the reaction I had. Only a handful of people have had the angioedema (swelling) but none had it in their intestine. I would not wish the pain I had on my worst enemy…it was THAT bad. Labor pains weren’t as bad as the pain I got. I was sick for almost 3 months and within weeks of stopping the medication I was back in the hospital because my blood levels were so out of whack the results came back “panic”….not low but panic. I could have had a heart attack, seizure, or some other things happen….all because I was so sick and wasn’t able to eat properly while on this medicine. Please don’t make it sound like we’re all just overly sensitive or exaggerating because I definitely know I’m not!

  13. Andrea M.

    I was given lisinopril 20mg once a day several months ago for high blood pressure. I am still taking it daily at this same dose. I have never had any side effects and don’t know anyone who has. I live in a 55+ community so a lot of people here are also taking lisinopril and are not having any side effects. From the comments I am reading here, it seems as though people are either sensitive to the side effects or are being given too much lisinopil a day.

  14. Jennie

    I’ve been taking Lisinopril for about three years and it has really worked very well for me until about a month ago. My blood pressure without medication is high, about 140/90 when I first wake up in the morning. I take my pill and it settles at about 125/80, so all was well.
    Now I’m getting early morning spikes as high as 155/90, but when I take the pill it goes into the proper range however in the evening, around 5:30 my blood pressure drops to somewhere between 101/65 to 93/58. I am light headed, slightly queasy, weak kneed and I have to sit down or I’m afraid that I’m going to fall down.
    The only change in my life is that I was diagnosed with cancer in January and had a hysterectomy in April – could this be causing a problem, or any other ideas or is it all in my head? Other than this I feel pretty good most of the time for a chubby 61 year old woman.

  15. Ron S

    I finally convinced my doctor to take me off Lisinopril and all the problems of aches and pains, including high blood pressure went away after I decreased my salt to a minimum and went on a small dosage of Amlodipine, 5mg once daily. I also got off my Metoprolol because I discovered it reacts against other Blood pressure medicines. I also discovered that Doxazosin is a bad drug that causes severe muscle aches that last a long time after one gets off that drug. Rather than stay on drugs that have debilitating effects, I had my prostate cleaned out. Now, the only drug I am on is 5mg of Amlodipine. My blood pressure is now 125/72 nearly every day all day. Lisinopril is a bad drug for many people. If you are on Lisinopril, and are having muscle aches and pains, get off of it and have your doctor try Amlodipine, a small dosage works for me.

  16. Is

    My husband starting taking this medicine after going to the doctor. He prescribed him 20mg of lisinopril first time he’s been on bp medicine. After taking it about 3 weeks he developed severe muscle spasms in his back, shoulders and chest area. It was so severe he couldn’t move and brought him to tears! Never had this problem before and I noticed he was more tired and slept more. I began looking up the side effects of this medicine and was shocked! He went back to the dr and he said to keep taking the medicine and muscle spasms are rare! Don’t sound like their rare to me if people are having these issues! I told him to stop taking the medicine! So we will see if the muscle spasms stop! This medicine needs to be treated more!

  17. Allison

    My mother’s blood pressure has been high. She went to the hospital a few weeks ago, with very high blood pressure. They thought that she had a stroke, but she didn’t have one. She is taking Lisinopril. When she left the hospital, she was taking 20 mgs. of Lisinopril and 10 mgs. of Amlodipine. Last Thursday, she went to her doctor. Her blood pressure was 173/86, so he increased the dosage of Lisinopril to 30 mgs. She went back today, four days later, to have her blood pressure taken again and it was 156/88. He increased her dosage again, to 40 mgs. She is 84 years old. I have read, that it takes a few weeks for Lisinopril to take effect. I am very worried that the dosage was increased too soon, without seeing if the 30 mgs. would be sufficient. I am so worried about her. I would appreciate any assistance. Thank you

  18. Christie

    Yes this drug does cause angioedema. At least you were lucky enough (considering all you dealt with) to be diagnosed and treated in a few weeks. I had angioedema in my intestine and it took over 2 1/2 months for doctors to figure out that it was the Lisinopril because it’s such a rare reaction. They couldn’t believe I didn’t have the swelling in my mouth, throat, etc. as well.
    I don’t blame the doctors because not everyone reacts to medications and the same and unfortunately you don’t know if you’re allergic until you take it. There were only 22 reports of my allergy to it from 2000 to 2010 out of 80,000+ reports of various side effects. I wish pharmacies put the rare reactions on the info about the drugs but they usually only list the “common” side effects. I am glad you are better. It’s a long road to recovery. I had 2 surgeries and spent a month total in the hospital because of this medicine.

  19. dennis b.

    This drug called lisinopril is a very dangerous medication. The side effects can be life threatening. People we need to wake up before it gets to late to do anything about it.
    On Oct. 8 I had my doctors visit and was prescribed 20 mg of lisinopril 3 times a day. I didnt think anything about it as I thought great, now I have some meds to help with my high blood pressure. I think I was around 185 over 110 which the doctor said was pretty high. I told him I just thought it was high because of me being obese at 280 lbs. and 5 11.
    T o make a very long journey short by the 12th of Oct my tongue had been swelling everyday to the point that breathing was getting very difficult for me. This was all happeneing by my 4th day of taking my new meds.
    I was taken by my son and his girlfriend to the ER in town around noonish on the 12th. The nurse in ER took my readings and said I was in heart attach territory at 225 over 170. I was taken back to a room to be examined as my tongue was swelling so much and not one doctor knew what to do. I really thought I was going to die from suffocation as breathing was almost impossible at this point.
    By this time other family members were arriving and for 2 weeks I don’t remember anything other than what I was told by family and doctors later. The doctors put me in an induced coma and in order to breathe doctors had to do surgery to perform a tracheotomy so i could breathe during my coma.
    They diagnosed me with Angioedema caused by taking lisinopril. WOW!
    During my coma I also developed pneumonia and had to be put on dialysis. The doctors told my family that they should all be up here because I wasnt expected to live through this ordeal. They told family members only about a half percent of a percent ever live. The only reason I survived, according to the doctors, was I never drank or smoked. If I had done one or the other I would not have lived. I beat the odds and survived thanks to God.
    When I woke up from my coma I couldnt walk, talk, or even write a simple sentence and I was only down and out for 2 weeks mind you. I started my therapy in the hospital and it sure was difficult. After great hospital care and family helping me I learned really quick all the tools needed to walk and talk and write again. The hospital had done their job and I was transfered to a nursing home for my rehab. It sure seemed like it took forever but my goal was to do my rehab and be home by thankgiving. I pushed hard and did accomplish my goal but don’t think I deserved to almost die for one, and then end up losing 2 months of my life for something that was not my doctors fault or mine.
    When my doctor saw me next he let me know he was so sorry and told me he kept checking up on my health daily. He even cried when we talked about my ordeal. I have such a great doctor. People taking lisinopril need to know about the hazards of this drug.

  20. si

    before I could finish editing my comment for typos and such- my tablet pops phrases in the middle of sentences- I somehow inadvertently sent it before completing my last sentence… I am waiting on the Dr, to call me back so I suggest maybe lisinopril without the hctz, so worried about my heart. But trying to get back to complete my comment I came across so many more that have the cough and even stopping the med still have the cough, I prayer it is not too late for me and another comment said she is taking for her heart, then one says to put your health at risk, after my husbands reaction and has been on amlodipine with no problems hope this can work for me. Because thanks for everyone’s comments, I am tired of this coughing.

  21. Sf

    Yes you have my symptoms exactly except for the diarrhea. 52 yr back down to 178 from 194 early part of the year, and past 2 years 186 my last checks up determined to lose more for my heart health I’ve been taking Lisinopril hctz for almost 4 weeks and as soon as I lay down at night, there it goes since my husband told me that was one of the side effects as soon as I took it and started waking up coughing, my pressure has been good all my life I checked it about 2 weeks ago because i had vertigo to the point of panic, i associated it with my allergies due to being sensitive to most scents. So since during my overdue physical my pressure was so high. I urged the MA to check it 3 different times, Dr ordered an ekg I reluctantly agreed to lisinopril hctz even after knowing my husband took it for almost 6 yrs his lip swell beyond recognition after Dentist + Er visit we found out that to was an adverse side found effect. The Dr. reasoned with me every isn’t affected the same and he said it has an ace inhibitor and best of another i suggested and my heart was enlarged due to having hypertension for some time. We have hearty disease in the family and I was suppose to keep my pressure low so as not to complicate my afib i take an allergy pill daily and an extra Decongestant for extra pressure which he suggested not to take due to raising blood pressure. So the bottom line this cough and think draining saliva all day i believe its from the hctz which is drawing out my always inflamed sinuses and post nasal drip that my regular allergy pills can’t handle so I just called my Dr. Office and asked for something else I tried enduring it. I usually take my med at nigth then coughing worsens so last night I didn’t take a pill and I only woke up coughing once. l may continue to take the last 3 pills during the day until my Dr. Can change my prescription I am waking for the nurse to.

  22. Chage

    Dear John, I have had the same problems on this drug. I have told my doctor about the leg cramps but she just advised me to eat a banana every day. This has not helped, I think I am going back and complaining a little louder.

  23. Mike J

    It’s hard to believe you put your trust in doctors and supposedly the best medical system in the world and this is the results. I was put on lisinopril for mildly elevated blood pressure. Big mistake- sick, dizzy, no appetite, feel like crap.
    I was on it for about 3 weeks and I told the doc this stuff is killing me and he relented and said I could go off of it. I asked well you mean just stop altogether or do I need to wean off? He says no just stop but monitor your blood pressure. So I did and I’m 10 days off now and still not back to normal but getting better.
    It’s clear from all the postings on the web this stuff is bad news and I question whether you need any meds at all unless your resting bp is consistently over 180/90. I think doctors are over treating people and the drug companies are glad to sell the stuff.
    From now on I’m not taking anything on a doctors word alone until I check it out. Now honestly do you feel better taking bp meds? From the comment here mostly no. Blood pressure, how high is too high? Depends on who you believe. You believe your doctor? You believe the drug companies? Every night on tv during the evening news drug companies run their commercials. I’m just saying do some research and don’t just blindly accept everything your doctor says or what you read. I learned my lesson.

  24. RN

    I am a 35 year old African American Female. I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure and lisinopril is one of the medication my doctor is trying to use to curb the problem.
    I started this medication 7 days ago and after the 3rd day I notice I was feeling off. My sleep patterns changed drastically, I was sleeping for whole days. I also felt depressed and life-less (more like a zombie). The worst side effect of this medication is the lost of appetite. Everything I ate had no flavor, no taste, and no desire to eat it. I even try to eat things that I normally loooove and it had not flavor at all.
    I know my body and I know myself. This is not me. I do not sleep that many hours even when I do not have anything to do. I rise at the same time everyday and sleep at the same time. I do not just fall into deep sleep (to the point of night terrors) without having some form of fatigue.
    I called my doctor and informed her of my symptoms, and while she did say she has never had a patient that complained of those symptoms from the medication, she trust that I know myself and advise me to stop the medication immediately and we are going to try a new medication.
    I respect doctors and their profession, but as patients we must know ourselves and if we are not getting the results we want from our doctors, you have the right to get a second opinion regarding your health. We also should be aware that every time you take a medication you are a test subject for this medication because we all react different to certain medications.
    The doctors do not know how you will react they only know what studies have told them. Being a researcher myself I know that there are always outliers in a study. This means that you might have a different reaction than what the test suggests.

  25. Dick

    I am a 80 yr old man, I started taking lisinopril 10mg for about 5 yrs. My bp was 140/70 my bp came down a d I stopped taking the med. For about 2yrs my bp rose a little and I went back on 10mg a day last month my Dr raised it to 10mg twice a day now my bp in the am is about 98 over 50 and I get lighted quite often when I stand other than that I find no problem, but I wonder if I should go back to 10 mg a day.

  26. Lori

    I am 59 in October I feel 90 I walk and exercise and am not over weight I exercise regularly. Since I started taking this drug. I have heart palpitations with a dry cough all over pain. I went to the emergency room for sever spasms under my shoulder blades.
    Before I started taking this I was ok. I had been in a rear-ended in my vehicle and went through hell for a few years but this is not the same I wake up at night with this running nose I feel like I’m drowning in my own fluids. This is all new and I started having nose bleeds also. I’m going to stop taking this to see if it stops I will let you know.

  27. snuffy

    White male 57, 213lb, 5’6 I have been on 5mil lisinopril for going on 20 yrs. I have developed leg cramps over the last four years, and have recently started getting the clear saliva, and back pain… as well as cramping in the oddest places including my hands… Always tired…. as well as a slowing down of sexual drive.
    I also had diverticulitis which I wondered if was caused or triggered by the drug. I ran out while was “on the road” awhile back…. and I felt better, cut cramping to nothing… and was horny as a 20 year old. Blessings on whomever came up with this website/list!!!!
    I was taking this stuff for kidney health, but I think I am go let it going to be careful with my food, and skip the drug. [I will chat with the doc about this].

  28. Christie P.

    The problem with what happened to you is that it’s fairly rare that angioedema happens and so many doctors don’t put 2 and 2 together. I took this medication and within 4 days my intestine was closing and it took 5 hospital trips, an ER visit with no admission, a series of TONS of tests, and 2 surgeries for them to figure out that it was because of the Lisinopril.
    Intestinal angioedema is what I had and is EXTREMELY rare. Once we determined it was the medication (gastro doc basically took a guess because nobody had ever heard this reaction happening) the docs were baffled as to why I didn’t get the swelling in my tongue, lips, throat, hands, etc. because the pill touched all those parts before it actually hit the intestine.
    I went through hell with this damn pill but the bizarre thing is that whenever I was in the hospital and I took it (went many days not being allowed to eat or drink a thing) I didn’t have any of the symptoms. I don’t know if it was because of all the I.V. fluids or what but I was fine when I was in the hospital and was taking the Lisinopril.
    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

  29. BLJ

    I’ve been on Lisinopril for about 5 years. I never realized that the bad muscle cramps I had in my back and my legs could be from Lisinopril. I thought my thyroid levels were just down.
    I’m writing because I’m experiencing something that I never knew I would go through with this drug. About a month ago, I noticed swelling around my shoulders, above my collarbone. I never really thought much about it. Then, I started having difficulty swallowing. I went to the ER, told them my symptoms: Can’t swallow, feels like my tongues swollen, swelling above my collarbone, and swelling behind my knees, and a rash. The ER ran blood tests, all were fine. They did a scan to see if I had cancer, all clear. Then they gave me 2 Benadryl, and that seemed to help.
    I think the biggest mistake was telling the doctor that I sometimes had panic attacks. I could see the change in her face. The skin rash? Just a part of kidding older. The swelling around my collarbone, she didn’t see it. The tongue swollen? The put a tongue depressor on it and told me it looked fine. Basically, I was a nut because I must be imagining this since I am prone to panic attacks.
    It took me 10 days for me to see a Ear Nose Throat doctor. While waiting to see the ENT doctor, I again visited the same ER. I told them I couldn’t swallow, that for 9 days I’ve been on a liquid diet because I can’t swallow from swelling. I was told that they could not help me, that they didn’t find anything wrong last week, and that I just had to wait for the appointment with the ENT doctor.
    The next day I walked into the ENT and she looked at me and said, “This is angioedema caused from the Lisinopril”. Stop the drug immediately, and keep the Benadryl with you at all times and call 911 if you have difficulty breathing.
    The next day I had an appointment with my Primary Care Doctor (I hadn’t had insurance for a year due to no job), and he looks at me and says “It’s angioedema, and in about 4 days this swelling will stop”. Like it was no big deal. I told him how I had to wait for another 2 weeks before I get a swallow test, and he tells me that isn’t that long. Ok… I haven’t eaten anything for over 2 weeks (solid) and feels like I’m choking to death, but another 2 weeks isn’t a big deal.
    So now, that same night I noticed that the swelling that was actually leaving, was bigger than ever and the feeling of not be able to swallow was now not by my tonsils, but by my collarbone area. I went to the ER and they gave me predisone. Good the predisone will stop my swelling.
    Well, the next night, I noticed that my tongue was swelling more than before. I went back to the ER and the doctor told me to continue with the Predisone and Benadryl, but if the swelling of my tongue didn’t respond soon, I would have to be admitted and have a tube put in my throat until the swelling subsided. I’m praying like crazy that this predisone starts working and that it doesn’t come down to me having to be in hospital.
    I’m really mad about the first ER that I went to. I took the Lisinopril for another 10 days because the doctors there were clueless about what was wrong with me. When I went to a new ER, the RN that checked me in knew what it was from… the Lisinopril.
    I’m also irritated because my Primary Doctor acted like this was no big deal. I’ve got swelling, can’t eat, and it’s all very nonchalant. I’m stressed out of my mind! I’m missing work, and since it’s a temp job, doesn’t look very well to have missed 3 days because I’m freaking sick.

  30. rm

    Hi. I am on Lisinopril for about the same amount of time and I get Charlie horses in my feet sometimes. Dr. Oz had a show and he said to drink pickle juice.
    Well this really works. Every time I get these leg problems I drink a few sips of pickle juice and they are gone within minutes, even the worst ones that wake me up out of bed at night. I just drink about three mouthfuls of pickle juice, sweet pickle or any kind.

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