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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this drug work? Average rating: 2.6/5 (440 votes)
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Prinivil is one of the more recent entries in a class of drugs called ACE inhibitors.

The development of this group of medications almost reads like a medical mystery. It all started with the venom of a poisonous Brazilian snake.

The deadly jararaca caused severe hemorrhaging. An extract from the venom was found to affect the kidney and ultimately blood pressure regulation. This led to the creation of enzyme blockers in Capoten, Vasotec and Prinivil which are revolutionizing the treatment of hypertension and congestive heart failure.

Prinivil is prescribed to lower blood pressure.

Side Effects and Interactions

People with kidney problems must be monitored extremely carefully, as Prinivil can make kidney function worse. Even normal people should have their physician monitor the kidneys periodically.

Prinivil can cause a number of less serious but uncomfortable side effects. Be alert for an annoying dry cough, skin rash, headache, tiredness, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle cramps, low blood pressure, nasal congestion, heart rhythm disturbances and sexual difficulties.

Report any symptoms or suspected side effects without delay.

There are a number of compounds that can interact with Prinivil. In general it is important to avoid potassium supplements, including low-sodium salt substitutes.

Diuretics such as Dyazide, Aldactazide and Moduretic which preserve potassium can also cause dangerous elevations in potassium.

Other drugs that can interact with Prinivil include other diuretics, the arthritis medicine Indocin and lithium.

Check with your doctor and pharmacist to make sure Prinivil is safe in combination with any other drugs you take.

Special Precautions

The very first dose of Prinivil you take may cause dizziness, especially for older people. Be especially careful until your body adjusts.

When you first start taking Prinivil, be alert for a rare, but serious reaction. Some people have experienced swelling of the face, lips, tongue and throat which can make breathing difficult if not impossible. This requires immediate emergency treatment.

African-Americans may be somewhat more susceptible to this unusual adverse effect. They are also less likely to get the full expected response to Prinivil.

If you are African-American, be sure to discuss benefits and risks with your physician.

Taking the Medicine

Prinivil may be taken with food or on an empty stomach. It should be swallowed at the same time every day to maintain consistent levels in the body.

Do not stop taking Prinivil suddenly, as this could lead to complications.

  • Currently 2.6/5
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this drug work? Average rating: 2.6/5 (440 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I was recently prescribed this medication. I developed a dry cough, brain fog and advanced dizziness within 2 weeks. I stopped taking it immediately. I have been unable to contact my Dr. but hope to soon.

I also went to to read what others have experienced. Not many had positive results. That makes me reluctant to continue using this drug.

I have been on Lisinopril for 5 weeks and symptoms are not subsiding. I was started on 40mg. but was reduced to 20mg because my bp dropped so low. The first 2 weeks I had flu-like symptoms and this lessened after the dose was reduced, however still have a loss of appetite. Headaches, particularly bad upon waking, leg and muscle cramps during the night, sore throat, nasal drainage, extreme vertigo to the point of falling down, depression, constipation and bloating along with gas, frequent urination, and a general feeling of being unwell. Heart palpitations, extreme tiredness. Should I go on???

I have decided to discontinue this med, and go back to the extremely expensive Avapro, along with fish peptides, which have allowed me to reduce the avapro by half if used in conjunction. Lisinopril seems to feel like a poison, and in my opinion, has not been studied on a large enough group for an extended period of time. I am a 46 year old, otherwise extremely healthy, woman. I have not been ill in 2 years - UNTIL I went on Lisinopril! It might be interesting to note, that I am also allergic to bee stings. This also, has not been studied!

I started experiencing allergic reactions (swollen mouth/tongue) about 3 years ago while taking Lisinopril. I discontinued that and also discontinued grapefruit juice and things seemed to calm down.

I was switched to Diovan for a brief time and did not experience any epidodes, but because of cost was then switched to Losartin 50 mg daily. I also take HCTZ 25 mg daily and Simvastatin 10 mg daily. I have still discontinued the grapefrut juice but now lately have had episodes of extreme tongue or lips/cheeks swelling. Benadryl seems to slowly take it down, but it is very concerning. Any ideas?

My husband has always been healthy, energetic and strong. A few years ago he was told he had high blood pressure. He ended up in the hospital and almost died because of the medication given (I can't remember the name now). He has not taken medication since until he went to the doctor with severe cough. Once again he was given a blood pressure med called Lisinopril/HCTZ along with antibotics. He got over the cough but just is not himself. He complains of weakness and fatigue and sleeps a lot which is so unlike him! I really wonder if taking this medication is safe.

I am a healthy 50 year old female who has taken Lisinopril/HCTZ 20-25mg for about 6 months. My BP was quickly well under control. I have to wonder if some of the people commenting with these problems have a healthy diet, don't smoke, get exercise and maintain a healthy weight. I get somewhat light-headed at times, but no big deal. One glass of wine now makes me tipsy, so I just limit myself to one glass or less, and drink it very slowly. I don't know if the meds have anything to do with the low alcohol tolerance, but that is certainly easy to manage.

I would like your advice on reducing cholesterol other than using than statin drugs, to which I have severe side effects. I have tried them all and have severe muscle soreness and know for a fact that it breaks down muscles. I am trying Metamucil daily in hopes this will help my problem. Lisinopril is my high blood pressure medicine and I am taking 40 mg. twice daily. I get plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and low meat intake. I do aerobic swim classes twice weekly and take supplements. I would appreciate your spin on my problem on reducing cholesterol without poison drugs. Thank you.

My husband began taking only 10mg of this medicine. He immediately started having dizziness, loss of appetite, increased urination and general feeling of weakness and confusion. After a few days even after decreasing dosage he has developed severe cramping diarrhea, severe leg cramps, chills, and mental confusion. He also has no appetite whatsoever. Called doctor and nurse said to decrease dose again but I think it is poisoning his system. This drug needed further testing in my opinion.

I am a sixty year old African American woman I have been taking Lisinopril for about seven years and for about five years I have been suffering with severe leg cramps if I don't drink maybe 80 ounces of water a day and if I don't start early enough in the day the water won't help.

I have had different test and have been told that the water is the best remedy. I know there has to be a better solution. I am 5'7" tall and weigh 175 lbs.I watch what I eat most of the time. I was told If I lose some weight my blood pressure should go down and I may not have to depend on the blood pressure medicine. Is there anyone out there who can give me more advice

I am a 53 year old African American female. When into see my doctor because of shortness of breathe upon climbing steps and tightness in my chest. Had an ECG in the doctor's office and she scheduled a stress the next day. From my resting Echocardiogram the doctor said that I had had ~ 20 -25% reduction in heart function (she called it a silence heart attack). My bp normally runs low and cholesterol level are good.

Then I had a catheter procedure to see if I had any blockages in my heart - no blockages. Since Sept 12, 2008 I was asked to take 5mg of Lisinopril once a day and 3.125mg of carvedilol twice. The doctor said that the combination of these two drugs would help prevent any farther damage to my heart as they look for what cause the attack.

Which they have not found yet. My experiences with these drugs so far have been leg and muscle cramps during the night, some vertigo, I just don't feel right. This is the first time in my life that I had had any type of illness of this nature. I have always been very health I am 5'8", 172.6 lbs. I was 183 on Sept 10th I welcome your comments. Thank you

I have been taking lisinpril for several years but for several months, I have a very dry mouth ; especially at night. Could this be from the lisinopril?I did develop a cough but it seemed to have cleared now.I have sensitivity with my teeth. This dry mouth started on my last prescription--it came from India????? I would appreciate your response.

I am a 30 year old African American Male who has been been taking Lisinopril with Tablup 20/5 for 2 years. Tablup is a diuretic. This medication worked for the first year that I was taking it and then it's effects wore off. I was then prescribed Amlopidine to take in conjunction with Lisinopril. That combo worked for about 3 months and then my BP was back in the 160/90 range.

I'll admit that I don't have the best diet, but I do exercise frequently with cardio and I play tennis.

On the good side, I only experienced one side effect with the Lisinopril and that was sleepiness. But it only lasted for a few weeks.

I have been on Lisinopril 20MG for about two years. I have been back to my doctor 4-5 times complaining about sudden increase in thick clear saliva that while during the day is manageable during the night keeps me or wakes me up from coughing. I find myself clearing my throat continually as well. This has made getting a good night sleep impossible. I have also had period of diarrhea mostly in later morning and afternoon after eating lunch. My doctor keeps on trying me on different allergy medicine and does not think it is the lisinopril. I have never had an allergy in my life! I too think I am being poisoned.

I've been on lisinopril/hctz 20-25 mg. for about 3 yrs. now. I am 55 yrs. old, and have experienced dry mouth, cough, lightheadedness, joint and muscle aches--takes me a while to be able to move after sitting a bit. I am so fatigued and have to push myself to get that walk in. I just want to lie on the sofa and go to sleep when I get home from work. When I first went on this medicine, I experienced numbness and tingling--especially after the doctor added the hctz.

I do not want to feel this way. My doctor tells me not to go off of this medicine. I've changed my diet to fruits and vegetables, walnuts, almonds,high omega 3's, eating coconut oil in place of butter and do not add salt to anything, am walking 2-4 miles four times a week. I truly think I have "white coat syndrome" because it is really high when go to the doctor to get it checked--158/85 when nurse takes it, but when doc comes in, he takes it and it has dropped 30 points. Please, I'm open for any suggestions other than what I'm already doing.

I am a 75 yr old male and have been taking lisinopril for about 7 mths. I started to get a hacking cough excess mucus drainage in chest. Went to ent specialist and their comment was it comes with age. Kept complaining to reg dr given dose of antibiotics and no relief. called dr again give another script of antibiotics. In the meantime my wife was going to a pharmacy related this to pharmacist and he pointed out that this is very common for people taking lisinopril. we relayed info to dr and he said your exactly right and took me off. How did this drug get by the food and drug regulations is beyond me.

I have been taking Linisopril for a few months now and i have noticed in the past couple of weeks some numbness and tingling in my left leg in particular.I noticed someone else experienced the same symptoms. Are they related to the drug?

Same here!! Been sickly ever since taking ANY BP meds, but now that I'm on this it seems I have a whole crop of different problems, such as arm pain, Chest feels tight a lot of times, when entering sleep I wake with my heart feeling as though its quivering, body nervousness, shakes, also I have weakness, and fatigue A LOT, palpitations, dark smelly urine, and some back pain. IS THIS or could this be from this BP Med?, Suspicious ever since changing from quinipril to this lisinopril, even though I feel I had some problems while taking it too. could I have side effects from this med such as these? HELP


The article above states: "People with kidney problems must be monitored extremely carefully, as Prinivil can make kidney function worse. Even normal people should have their physician monitor the kidneys periodically."

I am a diabetic and my doctor tells me he has me on lisinopril because my urine tests show an increase in microalbumin and the lisinopril is used to PROTECT the kidneys from further damage. Confusing. Also, since raising my dose from 40mg/day to 60mg I have increased pain, cramps and weakness in my calves.


I have been on Lisionpril/HCTZ 10/12.5 dose for 2 years with no problems. I also take synthroid for hypothroidism. In October 2008 I had back surgery. About 3 weeks after the surgery I went to my Internist for a routine check of thyroid. My levels were off and he lowered my dosage from 125 to 112.

At about the same time I was experiencing night sweats and hot flashes, cold intolerance (all about 3 weeks after the surgery). When I checked my bp, it was 160/100. When I went to doctor he explained that the thyroid can increase your bp and give the other symptoms; but went ahead and adjusted my Lisinopril to 20/25.

Now that the new dose of Synthroid has been in my system for about 4 weeks, the night sweats have stopped as the hot flashes. My bp stays around 109/70, however, my heart rate when resting remains anywhere from 95 to 110! This is very alarming. When I ask the doctors, they tell me it's part of menopause. I find this odd, because the other symptoms have gone away.

I am in menopause, I had those numbers checked last week. I am wondering why now my heart rate races --- it even keeps me awake. I also have a twitching in my right eye that has been one of the symptoms too. I have been to an endocrinologist who wanted to give me a prescription of Catepres patch to take with the Lisinopril -- said it would bring the heart rate down. I just don't feel right about this. I would some help or advice.

Oh, I HATED this prescription. I coughed night and day for a month, and the nurse said "don't give up yet, there are a lot of allergies this season." This has been over a year ago, and I will never forget the agony. Don't put up with the side effects if you don't have to...tell the doctor you want a change!

After taking daily 20 mg tab of lisinopril for over 6 months I had a severe allergic reaction (angioedema) and was choking to death. An ambulance trip to local emergency room saved me. Two items of note: allergic reaction followed a 40 mg tab of simvastatin. Both meds were discontinued immediately and all ACE inhibitors taken off pharmacist list for me. How is it that lisinopril can be sold in a package without a skull and cross bones image? Where is the FDA?? Peoples Pharmacy book page 303 describes potential fatal side effect of lisinopril. How can a physician not warn of such a "side effect"? Beware of delayed allergic response and dial 911 to stay alive!

I'm a 53 yr. old female and I've been on 5 mg of this drug for a week now. So far I'm experiencing slight head rushes. Nothing else seems to be out of the ordinary. I noticed that most of the people here take 3-4 time the dose I am on. The horror stories here will stay in the back of my mind, but I trust my Doctor and like that I'm not on a high dose.

56 White Male. 260# 5'11'

I have been taking Lisinopril for high blood pressure for several years. It has been excellent in maintaining my blood pressure in combination with HCTZ. The only side effect I have had was the dry cough for a few weeks but that has gone away.

When I stop taking it the blood pressure shoots up in a couple days. That is enough to keep me from stopping.

I was put on 10mg of Lisinopril after going to the doctors for a physical. My blood pressure was high. I took it for 2 days. Both nights I awoke at 3 a.m. with the driest mouth. I also kept pulling up phlegm. The first night I had stomach pain and my blood pressure was so high it woke me up. It also made me tired and the second day my liver area hurt. I went off of it.

I started taking Lisinopril last night before bed. within 1/2 an hour I was shivering with very sweaty feet, tingling throat, the urge to evacuate my bowels and the most weird vivid dreams. Today i have felt sickly, tired and "drunk". I'm concerned to continue with this med. I'm 37 and have "borderline" high BP (150/91). I'm slightly overweight /slightly under active and smoke a little. Could eating less/doing more and quit smoking help rather than this hellish drug for the rest of my life?

Iam a 62 year old male. i have been on Lisonopril now for about 20 years. I started with 5 mg and am now on 60mg, 12.5 hctz and 40 mg of zocor. my cholostorol is under control with low hdl 40; however, my bad ldl is about 100.

I have always had problems with stress, big jobs and consequently problems with my bp. i am an emotional man and stress makes my bp go through the roof. i awake each day with an average bp of 135/87 sometimes a little higher soemtimes lower. generally as the day progresses my bp comes down. Tends to jump all over the place. excersice improves my bp a lot so i do what I can.

My question is, does lisinopril lose its effect after many years. as I stated I take 60 mg and somesdays the zestril has little effect. I am a moderate drinker about three normal glasses of wine daily. I am presently retired. The doctor wants to put me on norvast (calcuim bloker0. I tried it; however, no results. I would appreciate your feedback.

best regards,


I have been taking Lisinopril for about 7 years and like some of you, it actually worked and lowered my blood pressure, but then I stated having severe leg cramping. I started drinking quinine drinks and taking potassium pills to try and alleviate my leg cramps, but nothing worked. I went back and forth to my doctor and he did blood work and it came back normal. No doctor could find out what is wrong with me. I recently went to the doctor again, and complained of the severe leg cramps, and now my liver area hurts. Thanks to this and other web sites on this drug, and my wife looking for the causes online, I now know what is causing my problems.

I think everyone should get together and bring a class action lawsuit against the drug manufacturer, because this drug must not have been tested properly. The FDA should also be held accountable for people's suffering from Lisinopril.
My husband is no longer taking this drug as of today, April 2009, and going back to the doctor for more help.

I am a Type II diabetic so I take 20mg lisinopril and Verapamil PM extended release, each one daily. I take the verapamil at bedtime and the Lisinopril in the AM. I have never had problems with the Lisinopril, and it has helped remarkably in assisting me in getting my BP down to where it should be and in helping protect my kidneys.

After having been on the Lisinopril for several months I began having occasional leg cramps at night which could be quite painful. I did two things: I made certain that my potassium intake was adequate by eating high potassium foods and also my MAGNESIUM and CALCIUM levels which I do supplement a bit.

About a month and a half ago I had minor back surgery to alleviate nerve problems that brought on severe sciatica and foot drop in my right leg. My neurosurgeon set up home visits of therapists for rehabilitative exercises that I still do. I have to think that my leg cramping came about due to nerve involvement in my lumbar spine and that the surgery plus the muscle/nerve rehabilitation exercises have completely done away with the cramping.

While I am aware of the possible cramping effect of Lisinopril I do have to wonder if many of the complaints here are due to a lack of regular and serious (especially) lower body exercises by at least some of those persons. The ones that I do are not stressful and can be easily done in one's home twice a day for 15 or so minutes. I would certainly recommend that people with cramping investigate this possibility.

Hi, I am Vasant from Nepal, and I'm 28 yrs. I have been taking lisinopril (5mg) for about 2 years now. I take it in the morning hours, and as I take it I feel very tired and exhausted. Now I'm planning to take it in the evening. I'll see for few weeks and if it continues I'll refer my physician.

I have been taking Lisinopril for 6 months and what I am noticing most is the intolerance to alcohol. I can now only drink one drink before I notice that I feel drunk and definitely feel the effects the next day. We have an active social life and this is killing me. I am considering changing off this onto something else. I should be able to tolerate at least 4-5 drinks which is what I managed prior to being on bp medication.

I too experience many of the same side effects as mentioned above. I went off the lisinopril (weaned off) and my bp went up again. I went back on it. I am concerned too because both times I have taken this drug, my bp comes down but my heart rate goes up. Why?

34 year old male. Slightly overweight, moderately active, 5'10" 200 lbs. BP has always been normal until a few years after divorce I became a heavy drinker and recently have quit. I lost a few pounds and cut back smoking to less than half a pack a day. BP was 160/100 when I was prescribed and started taking lisinopril 25 mg with HCTZ around April 2008.

I felt so washed out, I couldn't keep my eyes open, it was all I could do to make it through a day at work and had to leave several days in a one month period because I felt so ill. At one point my BP dropped to 108/46. I called my Dr and I was advised that I was going to feel this way for a couple of weeks until my body adjusted to having a lower BP, after 1 month and the same results I called back and was told to not take the med and come in for a checkup.

I was re checked for any problems and was given a clear bill of health except for the BP and so the Dr took me off of the HCTZ and lowered the lisinopril to just 10 mg per day. This seemed to help as I wasn't so debilitated or so it seemed. Now after I have been on the 10mg for almost a year I notice I get severe joint pain, fatigue and sleepiness around the 6-7th hour after taking BP med. I looked up lisinopril and discovered that the peak power of lisinopril is 7 hours after you take it. I feel so terrible around lunch time that I don't even want to walk to the soda machine for a drink.

But after I get home and take a cat nap, I wake up around 30 minutes or so later and the bad feelings are gone and I can go about the rest of the evening feeling ok. Is this the lisinopril making me have joint pain and being so worn out in the afternoon/evening?

As stated I have quit drinking (almost 4 months now) I also take propranolol for rapid heart beat, I was also having skipped heartbeats for a long time after I started these meds, but I don't have them as often now. Any advice is welcome. thanks

I have been on Lisinopril for two months. I am a 32 yr old white female who is overweight. I was on a steady decline of losing weight. Went to the doc to get a check up and my BP was 146/90. Doc prescribed me Lisinopril to get it down a tad. Since I take Byetta 10mcg 2 times a day, doc wanted to be careful in what he prescribed me.

Had I known then, what I know now after being on this poison for two months, I would have told him that there is no chance in hell that I would take this. First came the confusion. Imagine looking at something, knowing what it is, but your mind cant force you to remember what it is. I am trapped in my own mind at this point. I forget the time, 2 minutes after I just looked at the clock.

I have the most horrible dry cough. It seems to really flare up when I go to bed. I cant even sleep in the same bed as my husband because the coughing is so violent that it makes me gag. I cant sleep. I am tired. ALL THE TIME. Even though I am overweight I am pretty active. Not anymore. I can barely force myself to take a shower.

My stomach hurts ALL the time. I have had diarrhea for a week and two days. I have cramping in my abdomen that feels like something is trying to get out. My heart races to the point that I thought I was having a heart attack. I can FEEL my heart inside my chest. I have pains in my heart. My mouth is dry all the time. My legs spasm, my elbows hurt and oh yeah, I have lost every ounce of desire to have sex. I have headaches constantly.

I get so lightheaded I can barely stand up without the feeling of almost fainting. I have gained 10 pounds in two months, while still maintaining my previous eating and exercising habits. Before Lisinapoison I was losing weight. My skin itches and it very dry. My skin literally drinks lotion. Skin flakes off my legs like I am shedding. My nose runs constantly. I went to my doc with sinus infections two times. (Doc didnt even put two and two together about this, and just gave me antibiotic) I find out, guess what, another side effect of this medication.

If you are considering taking this drug, imagine nausea to the point of almost vomiting, but it just wont come up. Lets say a gagging feeling in your throat with nothing there. Fever, chills and diarrhea, oh my. My hair is falling out. Yah, one more side effect. I have taken myself off the daily 10mg dose starting today. Tomorrow I call the doc and let him know that this poison should never be prescribed.

I was on lisiniprol for two days felt generally healthy before 20 mg. I have kidney problems and should not have been prescribed in the first place according to this site. I had severe stomach ache for 3 days, fatigue, nausea, headache, shortness of breath, racing heart, severe diarrhea, urine smelled weird, and discontinued as soon as I figured out what was going on after 2 days.

Thought I had food poisoning and realized it was the drug. I think this drug is poison and the side effects were terrible, I still don't feel normal and it's been a couple of days off now and worried it would cause a heart attack instead of prevent one.

I have labile blood pressure that fluctuates often and am also taking potassium to help prevent kidney stones. I have never felt so good in my life on the potassium. Well prior to the lisiniprol which I started taking to improve the blood pressure spikes, but will try to find something natural. I have energy now that I have never had thanks to the potassium. I am 53 and thought I was going to die on this medication. I am really tired again and wonder how long it will take to rid my system.

I was reading your comment and felt your pain. Although I do not take this medicine, my mother did. On 12/31/08 she was admitted to the hospital with her tongue as big as I could ever imagined a human tongue could get. Luckily, she did not have to have a trach inserted as the doctors told us may happen. She was in ICU from 12/31/08 to 01/17/09 on feeding and breathing tubes! Then she was sent to a nursing facility for therapy and rehabilitation; i.e. learn to walk again, to use her hands again and take care of her basic needs. When finally released from the hospital we had to turn her bedroom into one that consisted of a hospital bed and table, wheelchair, patient lift, etc.

This was a woman who took care of her household at 80 years old. She cooked, moved about the house without limitations and took care of herself and household. When she came out of the hospital she had dementia, had to wear Depends, could not feed herself, could not bathe and dress herself. She could do absolutely nothing! We basically had to sleep in the room with her or very close by, making sure she was okay 24 hours a day. From February to about the beginning of May were trying times for my family.

But thank God, she is recovering beautifully! She can now bathe and dress herself and move about but not as she did before. She cannot cook family meals like she use to. (This past Christmas she baked 12 potato pies and 6 cakes!) Cooking was her life!! Through prayer and our faith in God, we all made it through that very difficult time. She is not quite at the capacity she was, but trust me, a day above ground is much better than one below (if you know what I mean). Honestly, we thought she would not make it!

But prior to her having the allergic reaction, she had rashes, she had the dry cough, the loss of appetite, sleepiness and aching joints and we did not attribute it to the medication. Only after this did we contribute all of her aches and pains and other conditions she was experiencing to this medication. No mention of any of the side effects were ever discussed with her. I honestly don't see why this medicine is still being sold and prescribed. Do you know if there are class action suits concerning this medication?

Just recently my mother was in the hospital for congestive heart and we were informed that there was another patient in the hospital with a similar allergic reaction to this same medication. Actually, since my mother's episode with Lisinopril, we personally know of another person that was also hospitalized for the same thing.

People need to be very aware of this medication.

I have been on Lisinopril for approx 6 months after being diagnosed with high BP at an office visit with a new internist. Blood pressure was very high (170/100) At the same time it was found that I was hypothyroid (TSH=52 Hashi's antibodies). I was prescribed Lisnopril 20 mg which was increased to 40 mg after 2 weeks. I was also prescribed generic levothyroxine in increasing doses to my present dose of 100mcg.

I check my blood pressure several times a day and after a couple of months on the thyroid medication it had dropped significantly and the diastolic was often below 100 so I decreased my blood pressure medication to 20 mg. (At this dose my blood pressure runs between about 104/60 and 115/70).

Recently I started having symptoms of interstitial cystitis. Very uncomfortable! I did some research on Lisnipril and found that it can be a somewhat uncommon side effect of this drug. I dropped the dose to 10 mg - still with some symptoms- and then discontinued it completely a day ago. The symptoms are certainly better and fortunately the BP has remained stable. Has anyone else had this experience with lisinopril? Wondering if there is a connection between the autoimmune-type disease and this drug and interstitial cystitis? Is it possible to discontinue BP med's once euthyroid is established? (Not quite there yet - TSH is at 4.0 now)

I have been taking Lisinopril / Hydrochlorothiazide tablets - 20mg/12.5 as a generic substitute for Atacand for approximately 9 months. For the last 6 to 8 months, I have been suffering from 'panic attacks' or 'anxiety attacks'. When these attacks occur, I feel 'claustrophobic' and have the 'need' to get out and do things to take my mind off of the symptoms.

Has anyone had these possible side effects from Lisinopril? I'm not sure if they are related, but my doctors can't seem to give me a reason for the 'attacks'. Any help would be appreciated.

First off I would like to say THANK GOD for this site. I was put on 20mg of Lisinopril for h/b about a week or so into it I noticed my pinkie finger being numb, it was quite annoying but eventually went away. Then I had the most terrible cough day and night for over a month. I went to the doc and she said probably allergies (which I have never had).

I was so tired and really spacey, and my heart raced and pounded. Then I awoke one morning with a pain. I first thought it was indigestion but it kept getting stronger, so I laid back down, and oh my goodness the pain in my chest and down both arms and hands was so bad I couldn't even talk. I laid there for a minute or so then it eased off. I flipped over on my side then WHAM it happened again and like the first time it eased off in about a min or two.

I went back to the doctor had a ekg which came back normal then for blood-work to see if I had a heart attack, and it came back normal. The chest pain was severe EVERY morning upon awakening to the point of throwing up and I was having several attacks back to back. Then it was every morning and right after I laid down at night. It was wearing me out. I really thought I was going to DIE.

I went back to the doctor and she gave me Nitro pills-- that was really a Blessing. I recently started having dizzy spells after I lay down at night. I came across this site and 3 days ago I stopped taking my lisinopril and I haven't had any chest pain . I just wonder why my Doctor didn't tell me of the possible side effects of this horrible drug.

I recently had my doctor change my BP med from Avapro to Lisinopril. I have been gradually developing some of the symptoms described here. Because I am on 4 drugs (all of which have leg cramps as a side effect) when I told my doctor about the cramps she recommended I stop the Simvastatin. But after reading this and taking into account I started having leg cramps weeks after switching to Lisinopril I think I need more advice. Before I switched (Avapro $60/mo. Lisinopril $4) I asked my pharmacist how big of a change it would be from one to the other. He said that they are from the same root and that Avapro is the more modern, advanced version of the drug.

I think I will go to my Pharmacist and ask him about the leg cramping, I bet he can help more with the symptoms and interactions than my doctor.

As a matter of fact, I just saw a documentary about the benefits of the medical clinics that have a variety of doctors and pharmacists sharing your medical records and diagnosis and one of the doctors actually said he was very grateful for the wisdom and knowledge the Pharmacist offered, he was providing much better care to his patients because he could consult with the Pharmacist regularly.

So if my doctor won't consult a Pharmacist, I guess I better, before I end up in the hospital. I will also increase my water intake.

I have been on Lisinopril for just over a year. I have had almost all the symptoms listed here. I had a severe backache that virtually immobilized me for over a month that I just couldn't explain. Now I'm thinking it was the Lisinopril. Another symptom I have are zits on my face, most are more like cysts, and they tend to appear at the end of the day. Does anyone have this? I definitely have the bloating, dizziness, fatigue, hot flashes, really dry eyes, cystitis, constant thirst.

I need to get off this drug.

I have only been on this drug for 3 days and I am not taking another pill. My legs hurt and are so stiff today, I can barely walk. Each day, I have had terrible headaches and mental confusion to the point my family is worried about me. It has lowered my blood pressure...too much. When I awoke this morning, my bp was 99/81. This is an awful drug.

I was wondering if this was your first prescription for high BP. There are too many to mention. If one doesn't work, try another. Accupril (Quinapril) worked good for me but when it went off the "cheap" list, I was prescribed Lisinopril. I was told it is the same thing. It isn't. I had to adjust. Sometimes I feel "not myself" but is it really my meds or just part of getting older?

You have to be totally honest with your doctor as far your lifestyle goes. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, a certain drug will help you. If you eat bad, drink, don't exercise, well, this drug may hurt you. If you feel better after taking a drug then it is doing what it is supposed to do. If you feel worse, your body is telling you " hey, this isn't working."

I refuse to believe a drug is helping you if you feel miserable. I always read "if the benefits outweigh the side effects then it is worth it." BS. Are you going to keep drinking cough medicine if your coughing gets worse? As I mentioned, there are a lot of drugs out there. Your body will let you know when you find the right one. Good luck.

I was prescribed these blood pressure tablets in July 2009 and after 2-3 wks of taking them I developed very bad leg and muscle cramps so I came off them and low and behold the aches and pains stopped!!!!!

Have you been doing anything specific to reduce your mental/physical stress? If we depend only on drugs to relieve BP symptoms, how can we know whether or not consistent relaxation methods and/or meditation/self-hypnosis won't relieve our symptoms?

I've been taking lisinopril for years and have, over the years, experienced most of these side effects, though in mild forms. It's helpful to see people write about the various pains. For me the side effects have been mild, and my dose is low--10 mg a day. I appreciate the reminder to pay attention to anything kidney related. And, a constant reminder to exercise regularly... For me it helps stress as well as being calorie-burning. I found with my bp that losing weight and going salt free didn't help a bit. Sigh. I will be on something the rest of my life I think. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it.

My doctor suggested that I take Lisinopril instead of Atacand. After reading all the comments, I am not so sure. The side effects sound terrible. I will see my doctor and ask him what he thinks about this again. I am a very busy person and any of these side effects could slow me down.

Do you ever wonder with all the medications out there, why a doctor prescribes one over the other? Do they really consider your condition as part of their decision on which drug to prescribe? Did you ask your doctor "why Lisinopril"? I used to get paranoid reading all the side effects but everyone's body is different. I say try it. If it doesn't help you, try another. If you trust your physician, you have nothing to worry about. If you question his or her competency, well I don't know.

Begin walking 30 minutes 5-7 days a week. You can start at 5-10 minutes and work up.

Did taking the Lisinopril in the evening help?

I'm a 44 yr old male and was prescribed Lisonipril for high blood psi prevention. I do not have high BP currently.

The first month I developed what I thought was a cold. Headache, bad cough, wheezing lots of mucus. It was bad enough to get antibiotics from my doctor. The cold symptoms never got better, I saw an allergist and had all tests done for every allergy. He gave me a breathing machine to take home as my lungs were full and I could not breath correctly.

Night time was the worst, coughing started once I lied down, sometimes choking on the mucus. I noticed my sex drive was way down, I have always had a very healthy sex drive and this was distressing. I was always tired, depressed, irritable. My hair began to get dried out and dead feeling, I thought it was my shampoo or something.

My mouth was so dry I began carrying a water bottle around with me. I have rashes on both legs that itch severely. I remember saying to my wife, I feel really sick, like all around bad. Something is wrong. I never get colds, I have perfect numbers cholesterol is 166. I know when something is wrong.

I ran out of pills before the weekend and did not take any for 4 days. I began to feel less sick and could breath. I took my first pill in the 4 days and that night was feeling ill again. I looked up side effects that night and was shocked. I trusted my doctor, never thought this little pill was responsible for all this pain. 3 months of lost productivity. It been just one day off the pills, I can only hope I return to normal.

I have been on lisinopril for about two months, started at 10 mg by my doctor and now up to 20 mg. My blood pressure has dropped some, but nothing like the amounts some of you mention. So far, the side effects I am noticing is a loss of appetite, some mild hair loss, higher pulse rate, and insomnia. The insomnia sucks. The loss of appetite could be useful if I lose some weight and my bp goes down. I now have no interest in sweets--which is a good thing!

I hate any kind of medication, though, and would love to control my blood pressure naturally, but it is hard! If I exercise every day, my bp is around 130/85-not bad, but not great, but if things occur and I can't exercise, then what? I have been eating a flawless diet recently, but my bp problem seems stubborn!

My brother in Thailand started drinking a tea, Gynostemma pentaphyllum (hard to find over in US) and noticed his bp dropping to where he was able to get off his bp medication. Now he only drinks the tea to keep his bp under control. The tea has no side effects and is considered wonderfully healthful. Unfortunately, the tea seems to set off my autoimmune problems.

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I was put on the lisinoprol a month ago it drastically reduced my blood pressure, but I was getting sicker by the day. I suffer from fibromyalgia also. I started getting severe kidney pain and shooting leg pains. Even burning sensations all over my body as if I had a bad sun burn. I went back and forth to the doctor in regards to this. They kept on telling me it was my fibromyalgia.

I knew it wasn't. My fibro pain is soreness and feels like I was beaten up. This was sharp stabbing feelings. I couldn't sleep and my hair was dry, brittle and falling out. The dizziness was horrible but the kidney pain had me real worried. So I went on line. After reading all the horror stories I stopped the meds. My doctor insisted it was not the medicine. I knew better. I don't tolerate meds too well to begin with. LISTEN to your body, it will tell you when something's wrong. Doctors don't know everything. I feel 100 times better in just a week.


I want to alert everyone to what happened to me when I took lisinopril. Within two or three hours of taking the first pill, I woke up from taking a nap screaming in pain. This had never before happened to me. I had a vicious attack of sciatica, also for the first time. I didn't immediately relate it to Lisinopril. I was under pressure to bring my blood pressure down because I was having an operation in ten days.

However, after a month of terrifying pain, I stopped taking Lisinopril. Initially, I felt better, but unfortunately, the sciatica had already been triggered. To further complicate the situation, my computer monitor decided it was the perfect time to conk out. I was able to replace it in a month and found the web site Doctor Yourself in another month (that's three months total of literally being disabled). Under their tab Back Pain at the bottom of the page, they give a protocol of taking Vitamin C for sciatica.

I was completely out of pain in six days! What I didn't realize was that back pain that I had been experiencing for the last five years was a precursor to the sciatica that Lisinopril triggered. I haven't had ANY back pain since. This is truly miraculous.

I wish all of you the best of health. You can figure it out. My first test before trying anything is, "Is it safe?" Check it out thoroughly. If it isn't safe, I don't try it. Period. The second is, "Is it readily available?" Finally, "Is it reasonably priced?" The best of everything to all of you.

I took lisinopril for one year and almost died. I broke out in a rash all over my body like chicken-pox and it lasted 10 months and drove me crazy with the itching. I also had the dry cough and hair falling out.

I've been on lisinopril (20mg) w/HCTZ (12.5 mg) for about two months. I had a bad cold in February that turned into sinus issues. After hearing my pulse in my ear for over a week, I decided I should go in for what I thought was an ear infection. To my shock, my bp was 170/110. My bp was always very healthy, but it has been creeping up over the past years.

When I first got on the meds, I thought I was going to die. I had most of the side effects listed here (extremely dizzy to nearly fainting, confusion, crazy headaches, weird and vivid dreams, stomach pains, etc....and the dreaded cough!)

I'm happy to say that all but the cough has gone away. I won't's a major annoyance in my life, but it does seem to get better with each day. I'm amazed that it comes without warning. I guzzle lots of water to try to drown it out. That helps sometimes. But others, I have to cough (and often gag) my way through it. But I'm at a point where it's hours between coughing bouts. Nights are still difficult, but I'm down to about 2 or 3 bouts.

However, all that said. I truly feel better than I have in years. I didn't realize how bad I felt until my bp started coming down. I'm at a much healthier 119-132/72-82. I looked up a website and learned about the DASH diet. I highly recommend it. I am a bit overweight, but I do not drink or take any other medications. I was already on Weight Watchers, but am applying more healthier eating (watching sodium) to the plan and I am losing weight. I've also started walking - only about 30-45 minutes right now - 3 to 4 times a week.

I do have my moments where I feel drained, but for the most part I feel really good. I see that many of you took the meds for a long time before experiencing other symptoms (leg cramps, etc.) so I'll just have to see what happens. But I just wanted to throw this out there for people who are afraid to take this medicine. I was too - frightened in fact - but it does work for some people. I see that many people gave up after a short time. My turning point was at around 3 weeks of being on it. I feel like this medication is working for me. But I think making the lifestyle changes helped in my body adjusting. We shall see.

Until now I thought it was just me. I am an active 38 year old. I am full figured but I have always been active. I walk a mile to work from the parking lot. I purposely moved to the third floor of my complex for the steps, and I have a tread mill that I was active on three time a week, until lisinopril. I have been totally drained of energy. I have NEVER been a coffee drinker. Now I have to either drink coffee or take five hour energy to stay awake.

The five hour energy is no longer working for me because I have taken them so much! I have severe leg cramps, and brain fog. I am a admin. assistant and find it hard to keep up with daily routines. My heart races while I am sitting. My doctor prescribed me Potassium stating that could be causing the cramping. I have tried every thing to get relief. My sweetheart is tired of the bed smelling like bengay which I use to try to ward off possible cramps. Funny thing about it is if I put it put a topical like bengay on my legs, I get cramps in my feet. I feel now when I walk like I am carrying a back pack of bricks up hill in syrup! Thanks for letting me know it just isn't age. OH I also had the nasal drips for what seemed like months.

I've been on bp meds for 6 years now-took Benicar with great results-but just can't afford it anymore. Been on Lisinopril for almost 2 weeks now-with only mild side effects so far. Mostly just a drier mouth-less appetite-which is a good thing-and no leg cramps or anything else mentioned above just yet. Hope it stays that way-back to the doc next week to check bp and decide if its working.

I really hope it is-because I can't afford name brand meds anymore-even with insurance. Hope this poison is the right one for me-all meds are not natural to the body-and can cause very bad reactions in different people in different ways. I feel confident this is a good one-Benicar still can't be a generic until 2016-and the true long term side effects haven't been concluded yet. The older drugs have a history-good or bad-so at least you know you're not a human guinea pig! And what to expect! Wish me luck as I need this cheaper drug to work for me!

My father died of an allergic reaction to this medication. He was admitted into the emergency room with severe swelling of tongue, throat and neck area. He passed away one day later after receiving a trach, and suffering from lack of oxygen to the brain prior to arrival.

I also was on Lisinopril for about 2 1/2- 3 months before I quit using it due to such bad side effects. It caused my asthma to become worsened by a dry cough. I have been off the medicine for about 3 weeks now and am still experiencing the dry cough and severe asthma attacks brought on it.

With the constant dry cough I cannot sleep at night and it has interrupted my work and caused me to lose about a month of work. I had severe leg and body cramps, vertigo, tiredness, shortness of breath. At one point my breathing was so bad at the hospital when I went in for a breathing test that I collapsed from not being able to breathe.

After stopping the drug, the vertigo, tiredness, body and leg cramps have all subsided. I am just stuck with this dang cough. I wish I would have known about this earlier, I would not have taken the drug. Ignorance is not bliss, it is dangerous to your well being and health.

I am very sorry that your Dad passed as a result of the allergic reaction to this drug. Our parents come to a place where they are depending on the professionals to tell the truth about side effects.

After my short experience of several weeks and decision to stop last night, I can easily see how this fatality can happen. Although I informed my new doctor that I had a problem with ACE inhibitors, she prescribed another and I did not know until I started my internet research on Lisinopril. After 3 weeks, it was only today, I discovered (more internet research) that swollen glands were a problem connected to the drug... The swelling has reduced greatly already. What about the more seasoned citizens who do not know.

I also believe that certain drugs are either not tested accurately during clinical trials or the results misconstrued.

P.S. My Dad passed too soon as well, by not receiving a prescription in time as the medical office was negligent to his age and immediate needs.

Wondering if anyone else has had the side effect of over salivating from taking Lisinopril. I too had a debilitating cough that affected my job in that I missed work or went home early from work because I could not stop coughing. Finally I went to the Dr. and was told to stop taking it. I am going back in 3 weeks and will be asking about over salivating as well. But just wondered what others were experiencing.

I have been taking Lisinopril 10mg for several years. I have not had any side effects until just recently. Side effects include tight aching muscles, (painful at times) fatigue, freq urination, and ringing in the ear. Talked to me doctor about this and he said it could not be the Lisinopril and just prescribed me more drugs (NSAIDS and muscle relaxers). I believe all doctors are these days is drug pushers. Do they get some kind of commission or bonus for the number of prescriptions they write? Solve everything with drugs. I have cut the Lisinopril down to 5mg and want to get off of it completely. Oh, and I failed to mention anxiety also, which was really never a problem for me. My wife was prescribed Lisinopril also and she experienced her own side effects. She stopped cold turkey.

After being on Lisinopril HCTZ 10/12.5 for 6 weeks (and having the dry cough which I DID NOT associate with the drug), I developed severe pain in my entire upper torso, front and back. Finally went to the ER and was diagnosed with PANCREATITIS. I supplied the info about my meds but it apparently did not strike a chord there.

After getting out of the hospital and continuing with Lisinopril, the cough kept getting worse. I was researching side effects and guess what, I found that in RARE cases, PANCREATITIS can be caused by, you guessed it, LISINOPRIL. That one is not mentioned in the literature the pharmacy hands out!

So no more Lisinopril for me. My doctor is on vacation but he will hear all about this when he gets back. I would rather deal with high blood pressure as a 73 year old woman than have something like Pancreatitis!

I have also run across the info that the med is VERY dangerous for any of you young women who are of child bearing age so beware. Pass that along to anyone who might be contemplating the use of this drug.


I am wondering if elevated cholesterol is related to Lisinopril? No one on either side of my family has cholesterol issues except me (diagnosed last year) and I take Lisinopril. I do eat healthily-little red meat, ittle junk food, little sugar,etc.

Since you are of child bearing age,this is just a reminder that lisinopril is a "Black Box" drug. It is toxic to a fetus.

Look on line for more side effects. Try to see the black box warning. Also the Western Journal of Medicine cites some cases of other effects.

I believe the lisinopril probably caused the pancreatitis I had recently, which they termed "idiopathic" because they could not determine a cause. I found some info on line that led me to believe that it could have been the culprit....

Good luck!


I just started Lisinopril 10 mg yesterday for my heart, NOT blood pressure. Was told it would possibly take weeks to do its job. My BP is usually 120/76ish and yesterday I got home and my BP was 97/68. Guess it didn't take weeks! My head was foggy and I felt like CRAP but I am going to give this a chance. I have to decrease the workload of my heart so it can heal! Will update in a few weeks! :-)

I have had NO PROBLEMS on these meds at all. I did not have high blood pressure to begin with but I have heart issues and they wanted to make sure I maintain a lower blood pressure. I have had no side effects at all. I keep an eye on my blood pressure and that's it!

Have been on lisilnopril for 2 weeks. I feel awful. I have felt weak, dizzy, and depressed. I wanted to give it a chance but don't want to feel like this anymore.

The description of Prinivil ends with "Do not stop taking Prinivil suddenly, as this could lead to complications."

Do you have a source that describes those complications? I haven't been able to find anything. The drug section of the Mayo Clinic web site doesn't say anything like that. There is almost nothing about stepping down on any web site.

I have been on Lisinopril for about 8 months and my Dr. took me off of it last week. I've been feeling awful...tired, dizzy, sore achy joints, depressed, no energy etc...etc. Plus the cough. The symptoms were gradual and I didn't really blame them all on the drug. I have arthritis and just figured the pain had gotten worse.

I have to have a Electrocardiogram in a week because she heard a heart murmur which she hasn't heard before. I am also on Sular for my BP and Lisinopril was an addition to my daily medication. I'm hoping the side effects go away soon but I'm sure tired of feeling crappy all the time. I'm very worried about my Electrocardiogram because I've never had heart problems before.

Lisinopril cased me to constantly cough. I could not carry a conversation with out coughing spells. My right eye experienced a retinal detachment and I BLAME lisinopril! Retinal detachments are caused partially be 3 separate symptoms 1 trauma to the head 2 diabetes 3 severe nearsightedness. I looked up other causes of retinal detachments and one of the secondary causes was extreme coughing! My operation was not successful and now I cannot see out of my right eye!

my husband was taking atacand for his bp and was switched to lisinopril bc our ins wasn't covering atacand any longer... it's been a year and he has had no problems.

Then out of the blue he woke one morning with his glands and sides of his face all swollen.. it looked like he gained 15lbs in just his face. He also has dry mouth, back pain, chest pain, fatigue and the feeling of not wanting to do anything.... this is in the last 4 months. He is a healthy man, exercises and eats healthy. He is 6.1 and weighs 170lbs

I've probably had very high blood pressure for many years. I was prescribed 10 mg of Lisinopril 6 weeks ago since I'm a type 1 diabetic for 42 years. My doctor said it's good for diabetics. Within a few days, I felt so horrible and depressed that I wanted to cry. I had no reason to be depressed and am normally a very cheerful person.

I have no energy and fall asleep at work all the time - up to 5 times a day. Ten mg. did nothing for my blood pressure so my prescription was changed to 20 mg. Now my entire back side of muscles hurt so much that I can barely walk and I can't stand up straight. I am so stiff and my body feels like I'm a sedentary 90 year old. I can't put up with the pain any longer. Before Lisinopril, I was in fantastic shape and power walked 3 miles a day, for the last 6 years.

I've never been over-weight in my life (104 lb.) but now I have no appetite at all, which isn't good for a diabetic on insulin. My hair is very dry now and before Lisinopril, it was very nice. I hate this drug and I'm going to stop taking it tomorrow and call my doctor. I know Lisinopril has caused all these problems!

Hi, Kim,

What you have experienced is very similar to what I went through.

Please read my email of March 11, 2010, and how I was able to cure the pain using Vitamin C.

I think you can be out of pain in less than a week. I'm not kidding.

I wish you the very best.

I was taking Lotrel, and was not really working, so was prescribed Lisinopril 40mg, this didn't work so this was doubled to 40mg twice a day. After a couple days went into A-Fib.... I swear that Lisinopril was the cause of the A-Fib... but doctors will not agree. I have surgery for the A-Fib and I am now on different medication. I would be very careful with Lisinopril.

Up at three in the morning researching Lisinopril. Can't sleep. My mother-in-law just passed away four hours ago from complications she suffered taking this drug. Her face and tongue blew up to the point where she could not breathe. She was given a trach. oxygen and had to be fed through a feeding tube. She was on this drug for six years when all of a sudden the side effect struck her down to the point of no return. This is such a tragedy.....

All I can say is... I know of several African Americans, myself included, who experienced nothing but bad side effects without any permanent significant reduction in or stabilization of blood pressure. Personally, I think the stuff was killing me so I went to see a cardiologist who took me off the lisinopril immediately upon hearing all of my side effects, some potentially life-threatening. I was then place on Carvedilol and I haven't experienced any side effects, however, my blood pressure still never permanently stabilized.

I've been told by a number of doctors that there isn't anything that I can do (I guess that they believe that genetics prohibits stabilizing blood pressure). I believed otherwise, and though I'm still taking Carvedilol, I have found that diet and exercise have without a shadow of a doubt brought me good and stable blood pressure without adding new medications. Maybe doctors don't believe that their patients can change??

My bp this morning before meds was 103/80 and I am positive that it is due to exercise and diet as I have been journaling my eating, exercise, and blood pressure whether I'm eating well or so so well. If you're having negative reactions to medication always see your doctor and get off of it!

There are too many medicines out there for blood pressure. The wrong medicine can kill you, cause new problem/disease, and/or give you disabling symptoms. Of the people that I know, self included, here are some of the symptoms that have been experienced while on lisinopril - pain in ankles, feet, legs, numbness in limbs, breathing problems, heart palpitations or abnormal heart rhythms, major fatigue, coughing, etc.

I recently went in for a physical to find my BP to be high even though I was taking hydrochlorothiazide for several months. The doctor recommended I change over to lisinopril. The past few days I have been experiencing terrible lower back pain and aches in my legs it almost feels like a problem with my sciatic nerve because the pain shoots down the back of my legs it is hard to get comfortable to sleep. I have not done anything to hurt my back that I can recall the only thing I could associate it with was that it started a few days after taking the lisinopril.

I went to the web to see what the side affects of the drug might be and stumbled across this web site after typing lisinopril and back pain in the search bar. I'm definitely going to stop this medicine immediately and call my doctor in the morning.

This is my second tablet of lisinopril. I feel awful. Tingle and fatigue in my arms, fatigue, just horrible. Calling the doctor.

I was put on just 5mg of lisinopril as part of the protocol for diabetics. I have never felt so fatigued in my life and, when I came home from work, I went directly to bed where I immediately fell asleep. I could sleep for 12 hours and still feel tired. I decided, on my own, after a year on it, to cut it in half and some of my energy has returned. My physician was rather surprised that I would do this and I told him that I just couldn't function. I've never had hypertension or BP problems, anyway, and this was just a precaution to cover my kidneys because of my really borderline diabetes.

First day on this product. Abdominal cramping and severe gas... to the point of being embarrassing. Head feels heavy and I am exhausted. I will not live this way everyday. Going to a new doctor.

MF - there's a good chance that you are going to feel that way regardless of the meds you are on. It's because it's bringing your bp down to where it belongs and you're going to feel it, so hang in there. I used to think I just had tons of positive energy. Going through the process of bringing my bp down made me sick for a couple of weeks. But once it was down where it belonged, I felt better than I had in years - sleeping better and actually feeling like I have a better/more relaxed focus.

When I originally wrote on this site (4/6/10) I was on lisinopril for 2 months and was feeling great, with the exception of the nagging cough. My doctor had me wait it out until the end of the month to see if it would subside. It didn't. He changed me over to Benicar/HCT 20-12.5 and I feel really good. The cough took about 2-3 weeks to completely go away. I never cough at all. I have to pay a little bit more for this one... it's on my insurance formulary, but they don't have the generic version approved yet, but it is so worth it.

If lisinopril isn't working for you, ask your doctor about this one.

Has anyone had to have a Liver Transplant from Lisonopril? Because I did and I would love to talk to you. It was proven that it was the Lisonopril that shut my liver down within 6 weeks.

Ten hours after my first pill (and LAST pill of Lisinopril yesterday), I woke up with a horribly bloated and painful belly. The pain would come in waves, over and over, and was really severe. Remembering that I went to bed with a headache and blurry vision, I read the drug insert documentation and realized that I was experiencing some of the side effects of the stuff. It kept me awake all night, and additionally, I had diarrhea. Today is the second day and I am still feeling horrible. Stomach pain comes and goes... is not as constant as last night, but still severe. I also feel dizzy and very, very tired.

To those who take this medication and do not experience the side effects, God bless you. But I know from my present experience that this drug really causes some major problems in some folks, and those problems are REAL. My newly purchased pills? They're going into the trash right now. I'll find another way to get my bp down.

Quite healthy until mid-June this year, age 75 (taking 10mg atenolol from age 65), due to a colon upset ended up in ER, changed to 30mg Lisinopril, now 20mgX2 along with 12.5 Carvedilol and 81mg Aspirin, after 5 ER bouts with bp being high I've been told to take an extra Carvedilol (ranges from 113/50 up to 220/108 and an awful cough that often keeps me awake).

I have tried 0.5mg Xanax at evening which seems to help - biggest problem is that I've seen several Cardiologists at ER visits all with various dosage - I don't like feeling this way (do not smoke, not overweight, try to keep active)- no one seems to be worried about my cough - please comment. Thanks....BL

My wife has been on lisinopril for several years with no real problems until about 3 weeks ago. We went out for the evening and arrived home about 1am, at 2am she says there is something wrong with my tongue I better go to the hospital. I took her right away and as soon as we mentioned lisinopril to the doctor he knew what needed to be done. This was the 3rd case of this St. Lukes hospital of Cedar Rapids has seen.

By 3am she was headed to ICU with a tube down her throat and a tongue so swollen it was protruding out her mouth. After 4 days in ICU and 3 in a regular room she got to come home where she takes 2 stomach injections a day to battle a blood clot she now has in her arm. She is 53 and as I said been on this pill for several years. If my wife had been sound asleep when this happened she would be dead. Do not trust this pill.

Thank goodness I read this I was just prescribed this from my doctor. I'm not taking it. All my life normal/low blood pressure but suddenly in a couple months skyrocketed. I'm 43 and it was 165/110 earlier. Caused by Prednisone and Ansaid- meds my rheumatologist had me on- I am positive and was confirmed this is the case.

I will just stop all that and lower it myself. I am sensitive to medications and allergic to bees (someone mentioned bee stings) so I don't want to experiment on myself- I have a 2 year old son to take care of I cannot afford to get messed up or have something happen. Thanks to all for being the ones to deliver the information the medical field should deliver or care about- it's a shame they practice medicine for profit and not the reasons they should anymore.

I have taken Lisinopril 20/25 for 4 years now. Since I started taking Lisinopril I have had cough and fatigue. I went to see an E.N.T. doctor who told me that I had callouses on my vocal cords. I guess from all the coughing. On one of the checkups he noticed a tumor on my thyroid. I had thyroid cancer.

I just had a customer in my office who just had throat surgery. She told me that she had callouses on her vocal cords also and her doctor told her that it was the lisinopril and took her off it. I was wondering if anyone else had thyroid issues. I also have a lot of the other problems. Arms get tingly and can't sleep at night.

I have been on lisinopril 10 mgs. for a week.... my back hurts so bad that I can't stand for more than a few minutes. I work retail and have to be on my feet for 8 hrs. a day! I can't believe how bad this hurts and I know it's sciatica because I goes from my mid-back down my leg almost to my heel.

I went in for dizziness which was never even discussed and came away with this drug. The dr. told me that my bp was in stroke range and I should start this drug immediately. I sent in bp numbers and today he told me that there was no way that the small dosage I was on could drop it that fast. I am pretty much fed up and might look for another dr. I am going back to him for one more time, but the dizziness is still there as are the headaches and back pain. This really sucks!


I wrote over a week ago. I reluctantly went on the linisopril when the throbbing headaches came and my bp skyrocketed I couldn't function plus the dentist would not pull my tooth bp was too high. Amazingly in a couple days my bp has gone down and is doing good.

I had to switch to taking at night as I'd get too tired.. bp would drop too low during day at times. I have a 3 year old so I need to be alert. So far, I've lost a few pounds after going off the prednisone and the linisopril. But now my wrist/palm on the inside is itchy and swollen... feels like a bee sting. At times I get itchy all over it's annoying... but my wrist feels weird.

Waiting for doc to call today... hopefully they do as they all were enjoying their holiday thanksgiving last week by not returning calls the few days they were working... I guess doctors don't care these days, it's sad.

I was on lisinopril for 3 days for my high blood pressure. The side effects were awful, I had a bad headache first day and felt dizzy the whole time. On the 2nd day I developed a severe heartburn and upset burning stomach that I had to go to the er that night. FYI, I've never had stomach problem in my life. It was the worse one I've ever had. The pain was unbearable.

I went to see my doctor the next day and she told me to stop taking lisinopril. I feel much better ever since I stopped that med. I have an appt to see my doctor soon to discuss a different bp medication. I'd suggest you to talk with your doctor for a different bp med that is more safe or make your bp go down in a natural way with exercise and eating right. good luck.

I think I'm about to die from taking Lisinopril for only a week... severe stomach pains... hugely swollen stomach... I've quit taking it three days ago but I am terrified now.


I was diagnosed with high blood pressure about a year ago. I was prescribed lisinopril 20/25. About 2 months ago, I began to have this hacking cough that just would not let up... I'm still coughing. It makes my head ache and my chest sore. The coughing has gotten so bad that when I cough I ball up and my legs cramp up.

I went to the hospital on yesterday for the cough and he said that it was a reaction to the lisinopril and took me off of it. However, this does not help me with my coughing. This morning my 80 year old grandmother woke up with a swollen tongue... hell she couldn't even close her mouth. The doctors say that it is a side effect of the lisinopril. They admitted her today and gave her benadril that has not even began to take the swelling down. It was so swollen that she couldn't eat her breakfast nor take her meds.

Why do they keep prescribing this medicine if it causes all these problems? Whats funny is that the reason that I went to the hospital is because my grandmother said that I was coughing too much and for too long... she thought I had TB. I cough hard all day and all night... even when I take cough syrup and suck cough drops. What to do?


me! I'm tired of it I tell you. I have calluses on my chest xray.

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and prescribed lisinopril 20 mg once a day a week ago. I had slight headache the first couple of days, but no big deal. Now I am getting increasingly tight chest aches and a strong feeling of panic. I don't know if this is the drug or perhaps grief over the sudden loss of a new friend to cancer. Trouble is, the tight chest sometimes goes up to my throat and I also get fuzzy thinking.
I didn't want to take bp meds and so perhaps it's all in my head???


I am a 51 yr old African American Woman. My doctor within the last 45 days changed my high blood pressure medication to an ace inhibitor, lisinopril. I had minor concerns initially, but was advised it was due to the new med. My lips and face on one side started swelling, and upon taking 50mg of Benadryl went away. The persistent dry cough was super annoying, but I assumed my blood pressure was being managed.

One night recently 12/19/2010, I was awakened by the cough, and the uneasy feeling of swelling in my face and throat. My husband took me to the Emergency Room, and upon disclosing my medication, I was immediately started on a dose of steroids and benadryl. I was advised by the Emergency Room Staff that this was a common occurrence, especially in African Americans. Our DNA structure is missing a critical element that will allow our tolerance of this drug.

About 5 hours into the Doctors treatment, I began to swell right before their eyes. My airways were closing, and the course of action resulted in my being placed on a ventilator, and admitted to ICU. This was an extremely emotional time for my family, to see me strong and then.... I am home again...THANKS BE TO GOD, and the staff at the hospital who recognized and treated the side effects of this drug.

I am making it my mission to address and inform anyone who may need to have knowledge of this potentially life threatening drug. If you have friends and family... let them know what information you may have on this and any other drug's side effects. If you have symptoms, let your physician know, write the symptoms on your calendar, so you can share with your MD. By the way, since my illness, I have found that my Mom also had reactions to this same medication on 3 occasions, but my family, through my episode was able to remove several of my family members off of this drug, and thus open a dialogue to discuss and share family medical history.

Thanks for all of your comments, it was so emotionally helpful to me to understand what others have experienced in my new experience. I wish you all Peace and Health.


I suffered a "mild" heart attack on Christmas night and received a stent. I was put on Plavix, aspirin, Metroprolol, and lisinopril 5 mg. Ever since I came home from the hospital, on occasion I was experiencing the following: tingling in my hands & feet, slow swallow reflex, memory problems and drawing a blank on things I should know, mental "slowness," horrible dry eyes or like there is sand in my eyes - to the point I can't wear my contact lenses, and tiredness like I could nod off at any moment. I felt horrible.

I thought it was the beta-blocker Metroprolol making me feel this way. I was taking all my meds in the morning, but when I told my doctor about being lightheaded/dizzy, and extremely tired all the time, he suggested I start taking my Metroprolol in the evening. When I switched over, my husband and I noticed that I had also been sneezing and had a runny nose in the mornings after I took my medicine. Anyway, after a few days we've determined that it was the lisinopril that was causing all the side effects.

I did not take it this morning, and I felt like a new person. I never did have high blood pressure, but I was put on it to help my heart heal. I'll be contacting my doctor in the morning to discuss it with him, but there is no way I will take this med again.

I'm already insane, and have gotten worse on lisinopril (not really insane :)) all other bp meds are so expensive even on insurance. I could be wrong about the lisinopril, but I have become hypersensitive to ketones ever since I upped the dose to a measly 5 mg and if I even have a glass of wine I wake up paranoid with palpitations. Just got my best diabetic checkup in ten years with perfect panels. what do you think?

I hope your husband is doing better. My mother was on it for a month and then her face swelled up. She has been taking benadryl for a week now and her face is still swollen. Can you tell me how long the swelling in your husband's face lasted and what, if anything, he took to help with the swelling? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

I have been on Lisinopril for two years now. I have developed a very low tolerance of sodium. Chinese food, forget it. My BP skyrockets after eating this stuff. I realize salt and MSG adds flavor to dishes but the salt shakers are there for a reason. I should determine how much salt my food needs.

I suggest to all the community to drink more water. High sodium intake causes your body to retain fluid which in turn raises your BP. Increasing your water intake will help your kidneys flush out sodium. After complaining to my Dr. about the BP spikes after eating salty foods from restaurants, he doubles my dosage! He didn't suggest I cut my sodium intake, just tells me to take more Lisinopril.

Does anyone have ringing in the ears after taking Lisinopril??

Well ... I was started on 5 mg and my BP immediately shot up 30 points! No telling what this was, decided on my own to abandon the trial. Will meet with my doctor at the end of the month to determine why I was so sensitive to this particular drug.

I too get a very dry mouth and wonder what its from. I have been on this med since summer and now I can barely taste my food. Tongue feels funny, metallic taste, taste buds out of whack and severe dry mouth even though I drink tons of water. What have you done to treat this? I would love to hear back, thanks, richelle

Wow! So many negative comments. I guess every med has its drawbacks. I took only 3 doses when I decided I didn't want it anymore. I was taking Lisinipril 10 mg. once a day. I took it night because I was told it would cause dizziness. BP improved immediately and felt OK after first 2 doses. After 3rd, woke up at 2a.m vomiting. Non stop into the next day. I mean non stop-I had to lay on the floor in front of the restroom. The first time I vomited I knew it was the med. This was just a couple of nights ago and I am still recovering.

My family thinks its a stomach flu. I am terrified of taking that medicine again. My BP seems OK. I've been able to control it myself in the past with diet and exercise. And of course reducing stress.

My daughter in law, who is a BSRN told me to watch my BP for a couple of weeks. Sometimes high BP may be just something you are going through and it temporarily raises it. I prefer to handle it naturally if I can. I know there are many supplements that may help.

Just over 3 weeks ago I experienced a mild heart attack and subsequently had a stent put in (my second). While I was still in the hospital, the doctor started me on Lisinopril, and I have been taking 5-10 mg. twice a day ever since.

I have experienced aching arms and tingling in the hands, diarrhea, and a hacking cough and memory fog. I came down with a bad cold/cough last week, and now I cough so much that I have to have a cough drop or water almost constantly to keep it down. I woke up with a headache today, and my BP was 170/92.

I didn't take the Lisinopril last night or today, and I'm not going to take it any more! It's President's Day, so I can't get in touch with a doctor, but I took 100 mg. of Atenolol, which I have taken for years, prior to this heart problem, and my headache went away, and I feel much better! My brother takes 20 mg of Lisinopril five times a day and says he has no side effects from it! But my experience has been truly different!!

I have been on lisnopril/hctz 10/12.5 for 2 months. I'm 63 and never ever had ear trouble. I have had constant ringing in both ears, muscle cramps, tingling/numbness in right arm/hand and a multitude of maladies I thought were age related. I stopped taking the med 3 days ago and the ringing on right side stopped but continues on the left. Called family doctor yesterday and again today to change med but am still waiting for a call back.

If you google lisnopril/hctz 10/12.5 constant ringing in ears you will find valuable information about this including posts from some who have experienced permanent ear damage. I am praying the ringing will subside and not have caused permanent damage. I'm sorry if this is scary for you as it is for me. I just wanted to pass this along. I will never stay on any medication this long before noting constant side effects that will not go away with time.

I was on lisinopril for 3 weeks when I started getting upper arm and lower leg pain. This progressed into pain all over my body, including chest pain. My doc did not believe the lisinopril would cause this because I had already been taking it over 3 weeks, but had me discontinue to see if it would help. It's now been a week since I stopped it, but I'm still having aches and pains. I even had what I think was a panic attack yesterday morning because my chest felt so tight.

My doc said that a virus could be the culprit, but I'm still leaning toward lisinopril causing the issues. I'm a healthy 28-year-old who has never experienced anything like these pains. They are very bothersome (and I consider myself to be "tough"... have had 4 babies, some med-free!).

Just hoping I feel back to normal soon.

I was on Lisonopril for four years until I stopped two weeks ago after discussing with my doctor. I started off with the cough which went after about a month or so. I was Ok for about two years but the last 18 months has been terrible - back pain, mucus in the throat, insomnia, vivid dreams, tinnitus and stomach problems. However over the last six months things got a lot worse with exhaustion, nausea, leg cramps, and itching.

The drug seems to exacerbate previous ailments that had cleared up like IBS and sciatica. I read about all the complaints about the drug on the web and saw my doctor about it. She advised me to stop taking them for two weeks. After a few withdrawal symptoms I started to feel a lot better although I think the drug is still in my system as I am still getting some side effects, but generally I feel a lot better.

When she took my BP after two weeks it had actually got better! This drug has made my life a misery and I would urge caution to anyone who has been prescribed it.

I was put on Lisinopril on 6/9/10 and by 6/15/10 I was leaving work and going to the ER with severe stomach pains and vomiting. I had a CAT scan which showed swelling in my intestine but the docs did not know why. I stayed in the hosp for 4 days and within a week of being discharged I was back again with even worse pain than before... subsequent CAT scan showed the swelling was worse. After a 3 day stay in the hosp again I was told to have my gall bladder checked... had that test done and ended up in the ER w/ the same pain again.

I was told my gall bladder was just starting to function abnormally and I needed it out. I scheduled surgery for 8/12/10 but on 8/4/10 I had to leave work AGAIN w/ the same symptoms. My gall bladder was taken out the next day and within 10 days I was back in the ER. After a 4 day stay which included a 2nd endoscopy and a colonoscopy I was discharged with the intent of having a special test called a double balloon endoscopy hopefully within 10 days.

Less than a week after being discharged I was back at the ER AGAIN with the worst pain and vomiting non-stop. I had the special test which showed nothing and just made me throw up for 4 hours straight! I had exploratory surgery a week later which also revealed nothing. Finally my GI doc made the suggestion that this whole problem could have been from the Lisinopril and I was instructed to discontinue it.

Lo and behold... that was it! Once I discontinued the medication the pain and vomiting stopped. (I lost over 40 pounds in 3 months!!!) But a few weeks later I had blood work done because I was having numbness/tingling in my arms and hands and feet and legs and the blood work was so bad my doc called and said I had to get to the ER STAT for replacement of Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium. He was afraid I would have heart problems.

Luckily my heart is fine but I still have problems w/ my electrolytes which the docs believe started because of all the inflammation in the intestine and me not being able to absorb the vitamins and minerals I needed. Now because I have no gall bladder everything runs through me which contributes to the loss of magnesium and I have been put on it daily for the last few months. I am hoping I don't have to take it forever.

Before I took this medication I was only on Neurontin for a nerve problem from a bad back and a birth control pill. Now I am on calcium twice a day, the magnesium, and a multi vitamin to try to keep things normal. Plus the pills I was already on. Luckily the docs found a BP pill that works for me and didn't cause any problems.

I originally started out w/ HCTZ but couldn't take that because it caused serious hot flashes on a daily basis...and I was only 39 when this started. I had to discontinue that after 4 days which is when I was started on Lisinopril.

I took lisinopril and had a horrible hacking cough. My doctor said it wasn't from Lisinopril so I continued taking it. I finally went off of it on my own and the cough stopped. My new doctor said not to take any drug that had pril on the end of it.
My husband thought I could quiet the cough on my own but no matter what I did the cough continued. He takes Lisinopril and hasn't had any side effects.

I have been taking Lisinopril for 6 years. I complained to my doctor of being tired and having body aches. Lately, I've lost all energy and it seems muscle to. Developed a heart murmur doctor said murmur was caused by lisinopril. I am taking another BP medicine and I feel great. I am an African American 67 year old woman.


My wife took Lisinopril 2.5mg (a small dose) for only a few days. She passed out sitting in a chair in the kitchen. If I hadn't been there to catch her, she would have fallen out of the chair and probably would have hit her head on the kitchen cabinets, and could have been severely injured. I called the paramedics and she had a 94 over 46 blood pressure!

Even though the cardiac doctor had been given a laundry list of good resting blood pressures, all he took note of was her white coat doctor's office pressure. I though it was a BAD idea putting her on this stuff. He kept talking about her mitral valve regurgitation issue and keeping that from advancing.

The doctor said he was puzzled she could have such a reaction from such a tiny dose! She accumulated over 20k in hospital/doctor bills for tests, etc... after this drug reaction. Thank God we have insurance!!! The tests (after the mitral valve finding) were all normal/negative. My co-workers think this was malpractice, but this doctor is highly rated locally. He was busy taking phone calls throughout my wife's initial consultation.

She also has level 3 kidney disease... another reason not to be on this stuff, though her kidney man OK'd the use of Lisinopril. They're all in bed together (these doctors).

I have been using this Lisonopril/HCTZ 10-12.5 for almost 3 years now and it is a trip to me that they (FDA) can approve a drug that has so very many side effects. Advertisements for meds today are really funny if you have a really morbid sense of humor, especially the parts about the possible side effects. I have had cramps and muscle pulls like never before and the fact that I can just bend my legs in bed and get sever cramps in my hamstrings, calves or arches is truly amazing. I have also experienced trouble breathing--like I thought I was going to suffocate!

Irregular heart beat and just fatigue and weakness: overall just feeling lousy and of course overly sensitive to the sun. Heck the sun is good for you and I love to play tennis and have great sex with my wife; even this is adversely affected. I am a health freak and eat the finest meats and veggies: organic and grain fed and wild caught fish-- lots of nuts and veggies-- I feel this Drug is poisoning my system and ruining my life. Sure my blood pressure is down, but I feel 10X more likely to die of something else now I take Lisinopril/HCTZ. Things are going to change, maybe even my doctor!

I've been on lisinopril and carvedilol for two years and neither one lowered my blood pressure. It didn't get lowered until I was FINALLY prescribed amlodipine back in August of 2010 when they wouldn't let me out of the hospital because the bp was 170/80. The cardiologist's pa finally gave me a script for bp and it's been good ever since. Neither the lisinopril or carvedilol worked, and I'm losing my hair, which has never happened before. It just won't grow. So I'm stopping both those scripts just to see how it will work. I should know it at least a month. What good do those scripts do if I have a defibrillator now anyway?

Came across this site doing some research on this new drug my doctor prescribed to lower my blood pressure, Lisinopril. I'm happy to finally read some positive from someone about this drug finally! I took the first dose 10mg last night a few hours before bed and very nervous about taking it as I HATE medications. I woke up this morning feeling better than I have in a few months.

I'm contributing this to the medication lowering my bp some. The only real issue I have experienced thus far is thirst... can't get enough water. That cant be a bad thing, right? Water seems to be a key component in a lot of the reading I've went through here... that those on low doses and big water drinkers are not as stricken with the more horrible side effect of this drug. I'm hoping it stays this way as time passes... I will keep you posted.

Has anyone had any problems with their pancreas? I was only on this medicine for a few months and now I have been deathly ill with pancreatitis. Talk about having high blood pressure. Now things are worse than I ever could have imagined. I wasn't sick before taking this and I wasn't taking anything before this.


From what I have read some people have symptoms that resemble pancreatitis but are actually something else sometimes. In my case I had severe swelling in my intestine and they checked me for everything they could think of - even thought it was my appendix at one point. Turns out this reaction is a very rare but extremely severe side effect of the Lisinopril and finally after 5 hospitalizations plus another ER visit as well as having my gall bladder removed and exploratory surgery they deduced it was the medication and I stopped it immediately. I was okay once I stopped it except for the electrolyte imbalances I have ended up with that my docs are still trying to control.

Lisinopril made my husband crazy!!! My husband Jim first notice having chest pains and coughing often. Then a few weeks later after being on the drug Jim was having dreams waking up thinking they were real. Jim didn't seem to be his himself and wasn't all there.

Jim also said that reality seems like an intense day dream sometimes and wouldn't know if it was a dream or reality later. This went on for a few months until Jim started having dizzy spells from his blood pressure being too low. We went to a different Doctor after that ran all the tests again on Jim. The new Doctor said Jim was fine and didn't need to be on any blood pressure meds.

Jim was off the drug a few weeks before having all the tests run again. All the side affects went away too and Jim is back to his normal self.

I am a 48 year old male athletic and fit, but with extra body mass and a diet sometimes too rich in cured and red meats and empty carbs. I do a combination of cardio, weights, strenuous hikes, and hot yoga six times per week. In addition, I drink no less than a gallon of water per day.

We are planning a trip to Nepal for high altitude trekking and leaving in a couple of weeks. My family doctor sent me to a cardiologist for a stress profile to ensure I would be not be a stroke risk at 18,000 feet elevation. The stress test indicated a resting blood pressure of 152/95, and super high blood pressure when I start to exercise. The cardiologist said I could die of a stroke at high altitude because of my blood pressure readings under stress, so she prescribed 10 mg of lisinopril the first week, increasing the dosage to 20 mg after the first week.

From the day I first took this medicine I felt unwell, with a combination of dizziness, neck and shoulder stiffness, dry cough, chest congestion, and very low blood pressure readings (one night as low as 72/45!) After the super low readings I backed off to 10 mg a day. After backing off my BP readings were still quite low, with pulse somewhat high. I would get exhausted midway through hikes and workouts (sometimes unable to complete them -- unheard of for me), get light-headed, and become very sluggish.

The lisinopril crisis came to head one night during a yoga class. I could only do a fraction of the poses, had very intense and very strange neck and shoulder stiffness, seemed to dump sweat in incredible volumes, then started tasting what seemed like blood at the back of my throat. I sat outside and nothing I did provided relief. I tried to walk around, sit down, puked up water, and then finally laid down on the sidewalk and slowly began to recompose.

Contemplated calling an ambulance but eventually felt well enough to drive myself home followed by my wife. Also took at least three days resting and off the medication to feel semi-normal, after which time the doctor prescribed 25 mg losartan, higher cost but less harsh and still effective. Now experiencing BP of 113/68 average with 65 pulse. Feel stable and ready to go trekking overseas.

I am on 20/12.5 lisinopril for about two months. I had the cough for about one month and leg pains the whole time.

I did have a strange reaction that until reading this web site did not know the cause. I was walking in the mall when I had a strange metallic taste on the back of my tongue. Then felt it begin to swell my voice went horse and could not talk. My. Wife contacted mall security and they called an ambulance. But by the time they showed up I was back to normal. I refused to go to the hospital and other than severe stomach problems fir two days after I went back to normal.

I also have had night sweats the whole time and lost my appetite and sex drive completely. Also get dizzy/light headed when standing up but the worst side effect other than lack of sex drive is insomnia. I can hardly ever get to sleep despite taking trazadone for insomnia.

I think I will talk to the Dr. About changing meds. But hey my bp is normal now........

If you had swelling in your mouth, tongue or throat you need to talk to your doc to stop this medication ASAP. That is one of the bad side effects that can happen. Also the severe stomach pain is a side effect as well. I posted something quite a few weeks ago about what I went through with this medication and it was HORRIBLE! I had severe stomach pains with nausea and vomiting on and off for 2 1/2 months.

I was hospitalized 5 times with a diagnosis of swelling in my intestine - to the point it was almost closed. I had 2 surgeries before they figured out it was the Lisinopril that was causing the swelling. What I had is a very rare but extremely severe reaction that can happen with this medication. Most people who develop swelling get it in the mouth and throat - this can be deadly as your breathing can be restricted!

I would not wish this medication on my worst enemy!!!! Please see your doctor and let him know about all of the side effects you are having because there are other medications out there that will work just as good. I finally found one that works well AND didn't almost kill me.

I have been taking Lisinopril for 4 months, two months I have also taken Hydrochlorothiazide. This combination has brought my blood pressure down. However, I have experienced an increase in pulse rate from time to time. I live in the desert and I get hot. I have had a heat rash for about a month. In addition, I seem to have difficulty swallowing from time to time.

It seems as if I like to breathe in through my mouth while eating, so I get stuff "going down the wrong way." At first I didn't take much notice of this, but now it seems to be all too common.

My doctor also said my cholesterol is high, so he now has me persuaded to take simvastatin. Now I can add insomnia to the list of undesirable side effects (and one that I don't see listed).

I hate to take drugs, but after years of trying to get my blood pressure down, and after a year of good diet and exercise, the doc persuaded me to take the meds.
I will be calling him to see if there are other alternatives.

I have been on Lisinopril 10mg with the diuretic in one pill for over a year now. Before taking this drug I had more energy than I do now. I am always fatigued, nervous, anxiety, cramping and aching. My elbows hurt, I have this dry cough, and phlegm that is so thick, it chokes me. I have trouble with remembering things. I am always dizzy and feel like crap. The only time I feel better is when I'm lying down. I am slightly overweight, but my Doctor told me if I lose about 50lbs, I would be able to stop taking the pills.

I did not know what was wrong with me, but reading what you all wrote, I now know that I am not alone. I will definitely be talking to my Doctor about changing my medicine. If anybody has any insight on a better drug choice to control HBP, please let me know!! Thanks in advance!!!!

I'm doing MUCH better since I stopped taking Lisinopril; I am currently taking Amlodipine (5 mg. twice a day; this is the generic of Norvasc). My blood pressure is better than it's been since I had my heart attack and stent, the end of January. Tonight it was 126/62. I also take Diovan (160 mg. twice a day). But the coughing is definitely gone, and I occasionally have aching muscles in the arms, but not nearly as often as when I was on Lisinopril. I am so grateful to be done with that medication and its side affects!

I was put back on Lisinopril two weeks ago. I had told my Dr I had been on this before but I was unsure if the many side affects I had was from this drug or from other medication I was on for a stress break down. I was put on Diovan since Lisinopril did not bring my blood pressure down.

My new Dr told me side effects are very rare which I should have realized was a bare face lie. I tried this drug for two weeks trying to break my system to get use to it. Immediately I was so dizzy I had trouble walking for two days, confusion, forgetfulness, face rash, leg cramps, numbness, confusion, tongue swelling, and this uncontrolled coughing.

I quit taking the med after calling the Dr and letting him know. Does he bother to look at reviews of the medicines he prescribes? I have been without Lisinopril for several days now and feeling great. I had a few Benicar I am taking till I can get in to see my Dr. next week. I had a Dr.'s nurse warn me the first time I took it.

Started taking Lisinopri-HCTZ 12.5 mg 2 weeks ago. Since then I can't sleep, I am so tired, I have horrible heartburn and I can't even walk 5 ft without wheezing.

Calling the doctor today - I just feel terrible !!

54 year old, healthy female -- started having blood pressure spikes out of the blue last week, whereas I have always had low to normal BP. Prescribed Atenolol first; two days of that left me with chest pressure, nausea, shortness of breath, swelling of a lymph gland on one side of my neck, and constriction in my throat.

Those symptoms sent me to the ER, where the attending physician changed my meds to lisinopril hctz 10/12.5. Have only taken four doses and feel like crap. My ears ring ALL THE TIME, with pressure in them; I'm weak, tired, lightheaded, and nauseous. I'm scheduled for ultrasounds tomorrow on my abdomen and kidneys to see if there's any problems there; cardiac problems were ruled out when I went to the ER. Meantime, I'm barely functional.

My BP has ranged from a low of 108/67 to a high of 147/74 while I've been on this stuff. I felt better on nitroglycerin in the ER than I do on lisinopril! Now I'm looking for a natural alternative to man-made BP medicines.

I am 41 years old, I am thin, ate too much salt all my life. I was diagnosed with HBP three months ago. At one point my BP was 190/112! I was on Lisinopril 10mg twice a day, changed to Carvedilol, went back to Lisinopril, it was a nightmare! I had horrible joint pain, insomnia, dizziness, cough, headache, etc. I went to 2 cardiologists and 4 different general doctors, nothing was working, just kept feeling sick all the time, I started researching alternative cures for HBP and found Dr Esselstyne book (Clinton's Dr.) After one week on this diet I had to reduce my medication by half! After two weeks I was off meds!

I cannot believe that no Dr I saw told me I could reverse HBP if I changed my diet. I don't know Dr Esselstyne personally so no financial motives here, I just wish someone had told me there was a way to be cured and be off Lisinopril and all these meds that can make people so sick!

I am a 73 years old male. I have been taking Lisinopril for the past 3 years and my high B/P dropped to well within accepted levels. However I suffer from leg cramps at night (in bed) and my thigh muscles are particularly ache all the time when I walk. So much so that I now need a walking stick to assist.

There is no problem when at rest. Until I took this drug (the only one I take) I used to go to the gym 5 times a week to work out. Now I simply cannot even walk there.
It is the same effect as when I took Simvastatin.... which I quickly dropped.

I am an RN and not giving advice of any kind here. Here is my story. Taking Lisinopril/Hctz for 10yrs or more. Recently suffered from extreme fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, sleepiness, apathy, depression, sweating, swelling, heart beat pounding and palpitations, dizziness, bloating, decreased urine output and most of all a chronic upper back, chest pain. By accident, I had skipped a dose here and there but did not notice that my back pain and shortness of breath had subsided.

Then, I ran out of the Lisinopril/hctz and missed total of 3-4 doses. In those days I was able to walk up hills in 100 degree temps, walk for hours in Wal Mart, shop for autos, and felt happy and had no feelings of depression. And the most shocking thing was my back pain and fatigue were gone. I have never felt better.

I have felt so bad for so very long, 6 months or more and visited doctors for back pain which they attributed to my weight, arthritis, Fibromyalgia. After reading the old posts on this blog, I have realized that it has been the Lisinopril/hctz. I should have researched my symptoms more and not automatically assumed that being obese and having Fibromyalgia was the culprit.

I was an active person despite the Fibro and obesity and pushed myself to do things. I am so happy today that I feel like a new person. It saddens me and angers me that this medication actually took my desire to live away. I really was so fatigued that I just went to work then sat on the couch when I got home and slept 12 hours or more. I am feeling so good it is amazing and if it is truly the result of stopping the Lisinopril then I believe a notice or warning should be given to people.

Anyway, good luck to all out there taking medications, continue your research as you are really in charge of your health. Doctors are overbooked, worked and many just don't listen or care. Sincerely.

I have taken Lisinopril with HCTZ for about 1 1/2 now. It has been the worst 1 1/2 of my life. I have become lethargic, depressed, unable to walk around the block, come home and want to sleep from work, leg pain, neuropathy, tingling, ringing in ears, chest pain, bloating, gas, loose bowels (at times), crazy dreams, night sweats... you name it, I've experienced it. I attributed a lot of my symptoms to pneumonia that I had 2 years ago, I felt as if maybe it had damaged my heart and I was just having a hard time recuperating from it.

Recently, I was at a workshop and couldn't hardly walk from the parking garage to the building. I felt the worst I've felt in my life. I'm only 42, moderately overweight, non-smoker and thought to myself that I was going to die. Just the thought of physical exertion made me want to cry.

I vowed this week to start eating healthier and I also decided I would stop the medicine just to see if I felt different. Three days without it and today, I feel like the energizer bunny. Other than a mild headache which is probably from stopping the medicine, I haven't had one irregular heart beat, no palpitations, no chest pain, no bloating, gas is A LOT less and I'm feeling better and better than I have felt in FOREVER.

I really am not sure, and I'm going to follow up with my doctor this week - but I think Lisinopril with HCTZ is the culprit. I hope I'm right. I feel like I could actually walk around the block. Not going to try it, just yet - but at least the feeling to want to try is there.

I advise anyone on this medicine, if you are feeling bad, go to your doctor. It could be this drug. I'm really thinking that is what has been happening with me.

I have been taking Lisiniprol for 3 yrs and it caused me severe body pain/stiffness diagnosed as fibromyalgia. Reduced to 1/2 and pains all went away. Doctors did not know what was wrong with me and because my blood pressure was low one told me to cut lisiniprol in 1/2 recently and that is how I discovered what all may pain was from.

I just started taking Lisinopril 20mg 5 weeks ago after I had to go to the ER for a severe nosebleed. I was told my blood pressure was 190/120 and the nosebleed was caused by my HBP. I'm a slim, 29 year old female with no family history of HBP.

The first week after I started taking Lisinopril, I experienced severe migraine headaches. They have since subsided, but now I have intense intestinal discomfort and stomach bloating. Additionally, I have become almost completely intolerant to alcohol. It seems like if I have a few cocktails, then I become intoxicated quickly and the hangover symptoms the next day are much more pronounced. Should I stay away from alcohol while taking this med????

Lindsey if you are having intestinal problems and bloating in your stomach you need to see your doc ASAP! I had SEVERE problems with swelling in my intestine to the point I was hospitalized 5 times and had 2 surgeries before they figured out it was the Lisinopril. That was the WORST pain I ever had in my life (even worse than labor!)

Please talk to your doctor about this problem because it is an extremely rare but very severe side effect of Lisinopril and if left ignored can cause other problems... I ended up back in the hospital again due to really bad electrolytes (my Magnesium was so low it was at heart attack and seizure levels and I was only 40).

I took lisinopril for 6 months. I was feeling great before it was prescribed. I've taken no other medication. THEN... my doc took me off of it after 6 months because my bp was normal. I told him I had trouble sleeping the last 3 months on it.

THEN...a month to the day later, I felt like I hit a brick wall.

I was at the hospital, and told I had PANCREATITIS!!! Now, its chronic, daily horrific pain. My Lipase is always elevated. I live on HUGE amounts of Dilaudid. I'm hospitalized constantly, and I mean constantly.

PANCREATITIS is a horrible side effect that causes diabetes and death!!!

Just thought you should know what happened to me. There's no other explanation for the sudden onset than that I had taken this medicine, in my opinion and other doctors I've had to see all over the country, as there is no cure... JUST PAIN.

I was taking Lisinopril for only 3 days when the stomach pains started. They were extremely painful. Upon touching around my belly button, my stomach was extremely tender and sore. I also experienced painful muscle cramps in my thigh and foot. I went to my doctor and he said it couldn't possibly be the Lisinopril. He told me it sounded like I had appendicitis and sent me to the ER. At the ER I had a CT scan and was told I had a ruptured ovarian cyst and my white cell count was up.

I went off the meds on my own because I still thought it was that and all of the pain went away after a few days.

The doctor told me to go back on it since it was just the cyst causing the pain, and again it's been three days and the pain came back, as well as the muscle cramps. My stomach hurts so bad and I have symptoms of IBS. Terrible bloating, cramping, soreness, stomach distension. It's just awful.

I am taking myself off of this and telling the doctor I refuse to take it. It's my life and I'd rather live happily than miserable on this medicine.

Jennifer those are the same symptoms I had in my stomach. Although I had severe vomiting. When I went to the ER in mid-June the CAT scan showed my intestine was swelling and my white blood count was 22 (normal is 10). I was told I had to stay in the hospital because they didn't know why the intestine was swelling shut and after 4 more hospitalizations (including 2 surgeries!) for the same thing they took a guess that is was the Lisinopril - they were right.

They were dumbfounded as to what was causing my symptoms because the intestinal angioedema is not a listed side effect. I was at risk of my intestine perforating if they hadn't figured it out. The pain was so UNBEARABLE and I think that was the biggest cause of the vomiting. Of course the fact that food couldn't get through the intestine was part of it too!

Because of all the GI problems I had from this pill I ended up with very bad electrolyte problems that sent me back to the hospital at the end of September (for fear of heart attack or seizure because my Magnesium numbers were at PANIC level) and to this day I am STILL on medication for these issues. If I were you (and I'm no doctor of course) I would simply tell the doc that you refuse this medication and you would like to try a different kind.

I started out on HCTZ before the Lisinopril but after 4 days of what I would guess would be equivalent to hot flashes my doc took me off the HCTZ cause I felt so bad. My problem with the Lisinopril started less than 1 week after I was on it. I am now on Amlodipine and have had absolutely no problems.

I have taken Lisinopril for around 1 year and have had no problems. In fact not only did the medication balance my blood pressure it also got rid of daily headaches which I suffered for over 25 years. I though it was great until... around a month ago I was dining out and had hardly touched my food when I got the most terrible stomach cramps. I was doubled over, sweating and luckily got a taxi and went straight home.

My stomach was very sensitive for about 3-4 days but had no other symptoms like sickness or diarrhea. Well I have just had the same problem again. The worst pains ever and nothing seems to help it. I have also suffered from very sore aches and pains everywhere lately but not sure if it is related.

This forum is certainly an eye opener and I will be getting in touch with my Dr.

I have been on Lisinopril & Hydrochlorothiazide 20mg for about 3 years, until last night. I awakened at 2:00am to a tingling in my left cheek. I got up and looked in the mirror and was horrified! My cheeks and lip was swollen till I didn't even look like myself. Went to emergency room where the Dr. told me it was a common mild side effect of said drug. My sister had taken the drug and quickly discarded it after she developed a persistent irritating cough. When she saw the picture of me she knew it was the Lisinopril. After reading this post I realize that some of the other minor pains I have been having are also related to the Lisinopril.

I started taking Lisinporil after my back surgery. I took it for about a month and a half. I was always tired felt so week could not do anything sweated like a pig and could not figure out what was wrong. Had to go to ER several times thinking I was dying. I stopped taking this medicine and within a week began to feel my self again. I don't think I like this medicine.

Same here, even natural statins. Just got put on Zetia and have had no side effects!

A Doctor Perry at Borgess heart hospital in Kalamazoo put me on this a week ago. I'm suffered sweat, heart racing, tiredness, dry mouth, coughs too! I'm on 10/25 w/ diuretic. My sister a nurse and told me I'll be fine. I was on line and it seems that a lot more high blood pressure medicines cause hair loss.


Taking psyllium husk could also lower BP along with soluble fiber in your diet

I have been taking lisinopril now I think about 3yrs. Maybe longer. Did not know for yrs I had bad cough said was everything started going to a ent he told me last year to tell my primary dr. to change it my dr. said it was not making me cough. Now my ent going over his head an taking me off this medicine. this 8-17-11 pray that I get better eh

I too have had all these side effects just wondering when the cough and wheezing will go away. Also is there something other then beta blockers I can take No heart attack, No high blood pressure just heart surgery for clogged arteries.

Please give me a answer.

thank you


Kathleen, I experienced the same side effects as you. Within a few hours after my first lisinopril (10mg) I had severe sciatica, called my cardiologist, he couldn't believe that would happen. Maybe it's a drug interaction I also take metoprolol, diltiazem and ativan occasionally. Now he has prescribed losartan potassium (sub for cozaar) after I have had bp spikes. I hope I don't have any side effects from this.

I have been on Lisinopril for about 9 years for high blood pressure. My doctor has never connected any of my many complaints to this drug. My complaints over the years are: dry eyes, stuffy nose with mucus/throat problems, now a dry mouth, tiredness, no energy, joints aching, cold hands and feet, swelling in abdomen and feet, rapid heart beats, low back pain, funny sensations on my face and foot (Paresthesias), occasional reflux, and more.

In 2008 my GP checked Thyroid Stimulating hormone, Rheumatoid factor, Sed rate and Sjogren’s antibody SS checked and all was negative.

Now when my white blood count is low, my platelets are low, my red blood count is low, my absolute neutrophils are low and my RDW is elevated he has sent me to a hematologist. I recently read that cases of cases of neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, and bone marrow depression have been reported with Ace drugs such as Lisinopril. After obtaining my CBC reports, I charted the results and my blood totals have been falling steadily over the past five years. I'm taking no other medicine than Lisinopril 20-40mg or Lisinopril with HCTZ 20-12.5.
I'm beginning to suspect that this drug has been causing all my problems.

Started taking lisinopril/HCTZ about 6 months ago for high blood pressure. About a month and a half ago I developed an annoying, uncontrollable and dry cough. Just a few days ago, I had a severe and life threatening reaction to this drug. My tongue started swelling and continued to swell, in spite of me taking prednisone and benadryl. I ended up struggling to breath and in the ER. Spent 2 days in ICU. No more ACE inhibitors for me! The ER workers tell me they have seen this reaction to Lisinopril quite a few times.


I've been on Lisinopril (20mg) and I've noticed that I get recurring headaches. I'll be good for a couple of months and then I'll get the headaches, which last about a week. In addition, at times when I get the headaches I'll also get the stomach cramping as well. As anybody experienced the same thing?

Carol a dry cough is the most common side effect of Lisinopril. My dad stopped taking it because he was sick of the cough. The swelling in the mouth and tongue is a more serious reaction that does happen sometimes. Unfortunately for me I didn't get the swelling there. I got it in my intestine and it took 5 hospitalizations and 2 surgeries before they figured out that it just might be the Lisinopril and told me to stop it.

The reaction I had has only been reported by 22 people from 2000 to 2010. None of the docs that took care of me had EVER seen this happen to anybody and most had never even heard of that side effect. It's called angioedema and it just so happened that mine occurred in my intestine and not my mouth or throat.

I stopped the medication and was fine (except for some serious electrolyte problems from lack of absorption of necessary vitamins and minerals because of the swelling and inability to eat for long periods of time). I'm glad they took you off it and I hope you are feeling better!

My husband (age 46) had been on Lisinopril for one year for HBP. On May 19, 2011 he all of a sudden developed facial angioedema. Odd coloring on his skin. Red/Yellow Lips swelled, throat constricted. No tongue swelling. Had abdominal cramping and diarrhea. He also had hives all over his body. Severe, large welts.

We went to the emergency room immediately. The triage nurse asked if he was taking Lisinopril because they see a lot of this reaction to it. After being treated he called doctor. Stopped taking Lisinopril immediately. Was not put on another medicine for HBP, his BP was at a normal reading. One month later, June 23, 2011, he had another reaction like the first. His throat was not constricted, but his lips swelled a lot. Same skin coloring and welts. Hospital prescribed EpiPen.

July 6: hives, no facial angioedema. Took Benedryl July 14: Facial angioedema, hives, abdominal cramping and diarrhea, sweating, faint feeling. No hospital. Took 50 MG of Benedryl. Aug 2: abdominal cramping, hives, diarrea. Took Benedryl. Aug 16: hives. Took Benedryl. Aug 30: Severe angioedema-throat constricting. ER visit after EpiPen. He has been off of Lisinopril for 3.5 months now yet still having reactions similar to the initial one consistent with Lisinopril reaction.

I have searched to see if reactions like this are possible even after stopping the medication. Any idea how long this drug can be in system? He has been seen by an allergist and the only thing he was allergic to was grass. No food. Any input would be very helpful. Doctors don't think these later reactions have to do with Lisinopril. Thank you!

Over the last year and a half I have been prescribed at least one of each class, and various combinations, of anti-hypertensive medicine starting with lisinopril. All have caused me a lot of trouble while doing nothing for my blood pressure. In fact, the highest measurements I've ever had in my 62 years have happened since starting the medications.

As of the first of July I have stopped everything. My bp seems to be stabilizing around the mid-130's / mid-80's. (I suspect the initial diagnosis was premature.) The troubling part is that my pulse stays in the mid to upper 90's.

Before the drugs it was below 85, usually in the 70's. And the physiological problems continue although they may be very slowly going away. Someone I know said that her ACE cough took 4-6 months to go away.

I suspect that those of us who are sensitive (possibly a large number) take a long time to recover. And while the drugs pass through your system in 24-48 hours the effects go on. I'm sorry to not be able to offer more help. Hope for improvement is what keeps me going.

Have been taking Lisinopril 10mg for about 2 months. I have developed really red skin dots on my neck and it has a burning sensation. I have experienced some of the other side effects but this pill is like poison. I am 50 years old and deliver mail and in good shape and take no other medication. I am going to stop taking this tomorrow. There should be a black box warning on this medication.


I am an overweight 62 year old male. The doctor put me on lisinopril several years ago to lower my blood pressure. Having always done heavy work and being very strong, I thought my muscle weakness and joint pain were just old age creeping up on me. My hips got to hurting so bad that by my evening walk, with the dogs, I sometimes thought I wouldn't make it home "2 or 3 blocks".

The pain was so bad I thought I was going to need crutches or a walker. I decided to eat healthier and lost about 30 lbs. My BP was dropping to around 110 over 60 and I was getting real dizzy, so I decided to cut my meds in half. My BP was still dropping too low, so I quit the lisinopril altogether. My BP settled in at 140 something over 70 something, which I thought was great, since it was better than it had been in 30 years.

The kicker is within 3 or 4 days the joint pain went away completely. Now I am pissed because I went through all that pain and suffering for nothing. What I don't know is if I suffered any permanent damage due to lisinopril. My Dr. wasn't happy when I told him I quit the drug and why was he trying to kill me.

I wish all the people that have had bad side effects that were extreme from Lisiniprol could get together and file a class action lawsuit or something. Like the person that wrote they think they now have permanent damage from it I feel the same way.

I was given 20mg to take per day because my bp was a little high. I started getting extreme stiffness and overall body pain that got so bad I could barely get up or walk. I even asked both my doctor and rheumatologist that I was referred to if it could possibly be the lisiniprol since that was the only drug I was prescribed since the pain started but they said no because it has very low side effects. Then they prescribed prednisone.

I had severe foot cramps and up my ankle at night. It was awful. I had so much pain for 2.5 yrs until I went in for a shoulder sprain and my bp was low so that dr told me to cut my lisiniprol in half. After that my pain started to go away and so I stopped taking it all together and my pain completely went away but I do have feet cramps and pain in my feet now and yet my bp is now 125/75! I was so fatigued and in so much pain everyday I thought I'd have to retire. I felt doomed. I thought it was my age and lack of exercise but found now that all this time it was the lisiniprol.

I can't believe that when I asked the Drs. if it could be that they both told me no. I do know now to write down any side effects you have after starting a new prescription but stiffness and body pain wasn't one of the top symptoms and both Drs. told me probably not those.

After having read all of the above I thought I would put in my two cents worth. I am a 62 year old female.
I just went to the doctor today after being put on 20 mg Lisinopril 2 1/2 months ago. Almost two weeks ago I started having diarrhea mornings and evenings with no other symptoms. I had noticed my stools were more loose about the 2nd month being on the drug but not diarrhea like.

With the diarrhea there was lots of gas, bloating, churning and noise in my digestive system that I could not believe it. I did try Imodium with a bland died and that seemed to help but when I was off Imodium the diarrhea returned. This morning I decided not to take the drug to just see how the day went. I also told my doctor that I didn't take the drug this morning.

After talking with the doctor it was determined that my problem could be from the drug. I was taken off Lisinopril and put back on hydrochlorothiazide (25 mg) which never gave me a problem but didn't help my BP as much either. For the next two weeks I will see how things go but if the diarrhea comes back it's back to the doctor with stool samples. I am so hoping that doesn't happen.

I also take Zoloft due to my previous job situation causing so much stress but now I am out of that environment. Soon I hope to be off Zoloft. I will take Synthroid for the rest of my life for a thyroid problem.

Before I went to the doctor I read up on as much about Lisinopril as I could and found that a lot of people experience diarrhea. I hope that being off the drug will get my system back to normal. I have always had constipation issues until I started eating oatmeal every day and did wonders.

If anyone else had a similar reaction I would love to hear about your experience & what was the resolution.
Best of luck to everyone with BP issues.

My brother-in-law has been on low dose lisinopril for 6 months with no ill effects. He is taking it for long term benefit to longevity the doctor said.

My Mom was on Lisinopril for 6 months and began having extreme short-term memory problems and weight loss. How many weeks did it take for your husband to feel better? It has been almost two weeks since she stopped taking the drug. She has started to gain back some weight, but she is still exhibiting short-term memory loss.

Wow the stuff I am reading here is opening my eyes. I am 49 and I take lisinopril/hctz. Have been on it for 3 years. I experience leg cramps, memory loss, fatigue, can't do anything without sweating like a pig, joint pain. I was put on this drug for hbp. And I forgot I get stomach cramps as well with diarrhea. Oh and the cough it drives me crazy at night. I am definitely going to talk to my doctor about this. I am afraid to just stop taking the medicine.

Been taking lisinopril for about three months. My blood pressure is down but I'm so dizzy and feel so much pressure in my head it feels like I'm going to have a stroke. This is awful.

I was prescribed Lisinopril 10mg for high bp about 5 months ago. I noticed mild heart palpitations, irregular heart beats on occasion, usually at night. They were annoying, but I could live with them. I did not associate them with the medicine. Last week I went for a follow up check up. My bp was still a bit elevated, so my doc increased me to 20mg once a day.

I IMMEDIATELY started getting heavy, irregular heart beats at night, in the morning and whenever I tried to relax! I put up with it for a few days, then called my doctor. She told me that the irregular heart beats were probably NOT related to the Lisinopril. I had done my research and insisted that I stop taking the medication to see if the irregular beats stopped. She agreed.

I have not taken my last 2 dosages. I am still having some mild irregular beats, but I am determined to prove to her that this med was the cause! I am seeing my doc tomorrow and will ask to be put on something else, or not to be put on ANYTHING! I also have had NO ENERGY while on this drug, constant muscle and joint pain, etc. I had no idea there were SO MANY horrible side effects! I am hoping for the best while coming off this drug.

Years ago my doctor changed my BP meds, and put me on Zestril. Right away I started having a tickle in my throat, and had uncontrollable coughing. It was affecting my job and my sleep at night. My doctor and I didn't realize it was the medication. He put me through every test he could think of. This coughing went on for 9 months, and I thought I was going to was that bad...and I came close to quitting my job because of it.

I finally looked up the medication online, and told my doctor I thought it must be the Zestril causing this uncontrollable coughing. He took me off the Zestril for a couple of weeks, and the coughing stopped. If you use Zestri or a generic of it, and you have a cough... see if your doctor can change your medication.

I went into the doctor office feeling a little out of sorts. Was found to have fluid on my ears and elevated bp resulting in diagnosis of vertigo. Other than being a little overweight had no issues other than borderline bp . Been taking HCT 12.5 mg. no problems until Dr prescribed meds for vertigo and said my bp was probably elevated due to vertigo and switched me to lipsinopril hctz 10 mg-12.5mg. Upon my first dose I got a headache and felt extremely tired and sleepy.

By about a week could not hardly do anything without feeling out of breath and just no get up and go. Follow up at the Dr office said vertigo meds could be causing and switched to basic clarinex but advised to continue taking the blood pressure meds. Started having leg pain, not cramps but throbbing like tooth ache so severe was in tears and called for someone to take me to a doctor.

I haven't felt this bad in I can't remember when. I feel worse than before I took any meds even told the doctor so. I find it odd that for vertigo both the vertigo meds and bp meds side effects are dizziness plus others.

My mom had problems taking this drug too. I agree that more research needs to be done prior to doctors prescribing this drug. I have also had excess sweating when trying to move. Haven't' been able to return to work for feeling out of sorts and have notice upset stomach and now a runny nose. I am resume my former meds and hope to feel better soon.

I've struggled with high blood pressure for about 5 years now. My typical numbers are around 138/92. I was prescribed this medication about 3 weeks ago.The results, 117/78!. Fantastic right??! Well. . . the results didn't come without consequences. Besides that nagging dry cough, I have a dramatic reaction to alcohol, even in the smallest of quantities. One light beer makes me very ill. I'm a conservative drinker but I do enjoy drinking socially. Needless-to-say, I'm looking for another alternative.

This message is to Alister and to all patients on this site.

Please pick up the documentary video "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" It's about one man's journey to lose weight, but in the process, he got healthier. He drank fresh vegetable juices. One of the juices he drank was "Mean Green Juice" which consisted of Kale, celery, cucumber, lemon, parsley, apples and ginger. He was able to get off all his blood pressure medication, cholesterol medicine and in the process cured his auto-immune disease, uticara. It is a very inspirational video. You can watch it on Netflix or rent it from any other video store. Good luck!

Curious on the swelling from the Lisinopril. I had a bad reaction that caused swelling in the ankles, tops of wrists and arms. I stopped taking the meds, after 5 days I still have the swelling in my right hand and arm.

My question would be, how long till the swelling goes away??

Hi Kathy-

I HAD been on Lisinopril for about 8 years. I am a 46 year old female who has been on BP meds since I was 18.
On the evening of June 14, 2011 I started to feel swelling in my lips. Figuring I was just having a simple allergic reaction, I took benadryl & went to bed. I woke up the following morning & my husband took me to the ER as the swelling was NOT any better.

As soon as I told the nurse who was admitting me she said it was a reaction to Lisinopril. ER doctor came in- said same thing. I STOPPED TAKING THE MEDICATION THAT DAY.

I saw my doctor the next day & BP was fine. She said let's see how it goes without it. Checked weekly & BP is fine, so not on any meds now. I was feeling GREAT for about a month, and then SUDDENLY I started swelling up- different areas of my body, different days. Started in my foot- swollen toe & itchy. Lasted couple days, then suddenly went away out of the blue, but my both legs were swollen, to the point that I couldn't walk.

That went away after a couple days, and then it was my hands- both hands. I finally got to the point where I was fed up, and called my allergist. He took so many tests & determined it was from the Lisinopril. He told me that this allergic reaction can last anywhere from 6-9 months AFTER you stop the medication.

About 6 weeks ago my head started swelling up- felt like it was going to explode! I went to allergist next day & he started me on methylprosone- the smaller dose of prednisone. Worked great while I was on it. Went 6 days free of it, and swelling started again- started meds again, finished them, and only went 1 day without any swelling anywhere!

Back on it & did well for 3 days off it, and yesterday my shoulder started up, and this morning it's my left foot, left shoulder & my right index finger- extremely painful! This is how it's going to go for a while, until the 6-9 months is up. The thing that really bothers me is that I don't know from 1 day to the next how I will be feeling! My allergist said that there is not a whole lot of research on allergies to medications, and the duration period.

Cherrie that type of swelling is dangerous. At least you had/have the type that they know of and can diagnose immediately. Imagine you are me and your intestine is swelling shut and for 2 1/2 months you are in and out of the hospital 5 times! The reaction I had is VERY RARE so none of the docs I saw could diagnose it. It was finally my GI doc to took a GUESS and lo and behold it was the Lisinopril.

Unfortunately it took all that time and hospitalizations with every test possible and 2 unnecessary surgeries to find out it was the medication. I looked up the stats on this medications side effects and from 2000-2010 there were 80,000 various side effects but the one I had was only reported 22 times!

I hope you start to feel better!!! I started drinking tons of water in hopes of flushing the medication out of my system faster.

I've been on Lisinopril 20mg (10mg X 2 daily) for about 3 weeks. Over the past week I too have had reoccurring anxiety attacks, and spikes in BP. I notice upon my 2nd dose of the day, I begin to experience these episodes of elevated anxiety for about 4 hours. They come in waves. My GP prescribed me an anti depressant and Ativan as needed. She advised me to not come off of the Lisinopril considering these were not side effects of it. I have a hard time believing this. I'd rather be 140/90 than live in daily fear.

They may not be "listed" side effects but they certainly are a problem. I was only taking 10 MG once per day for 2 weeks when the problems started. There were episodes of heavy pounding heart and severe anxiety attacks. There is not supposed to be a "bounce back" after stopping but it happened to me. It is now over 18 months later, and a lot of other drugs that only aggravated things, that I've gotten off them. I think I'm recovering but it is a very slow process. I suggest you do a lot of research on the actual risk of hypertension vs. the side effects. Get a home monitor. Look into alternatives. I've come to believe that for some of us the problems caused by the drugs are much greater than the "disease" they are supposed to treat.

I had the issue, no high blood pressure, just wanted the heart to work less. He put me on 5mg per day. My blood pressure on my last trip to the doctor was 80/60, I feel so tired all of the time except after my workouts 4-5 times a week.
How are you feeling now?


I posted a comment back in May regarding my experiences on Lisinopril HCTZ. Since then I've switched to just plain Lisinopril and haven't had any of the negative side effects, but I'm only taking 3/4 of the prescribed dose (7.5 mg instead of the prescribed 10 mg.) I also take magnesium supplements to ward off any leg cramps, and have begun taking 300 mg. of CoQ10 per day, plus 500 mg. omega 3, plus 1200 mg. Kyolic garlic to try and lower my BP naturally.

I'm hoping to be able to eliminate the Lisinopril completely. Meantime, I began seeing a chiropractor for some long-time neck problems that worsened this summer (oddly enough, about the same time I began having BP spikes). He mentioned that if there is a problem with the 1C vertebrae (the one closest to the base of the brain, where the nerves that control BP reside), then it can cause high BP in some folks.

On my last visit, my BP had been 134/67 the previous day -- not all that high, but high for me, and I had been resting for two hours. So he adjusted my 1C vertebrae. A couple of hours after I got home, after running errands and doing housework, I rested for 5 minutes and took my BP: 110/63. I'm not going to say that this is a cure for everyone, and it may be too early to say that in my case, but if there is no other explanation for your BP problems, you might want to check this out....

I'm a white female, 52 years old. I have been taking Lisinopril for about two months. I've developed extreme fatigue, blurred vision, joint pain, joint swelling, mental fog, dizziness, and dry cough. I was in such a fog, it took me a few weeks to figure out that all of these symptoms were from the Lisinopril. With so much information available about natural ways to reduce blood pressure through diet, supplements, and other lifestyle changes, I decided to quit the Lisinporil. I am not going to take any other prescription medicines in the future until I first try these wellness approaches.

I took myself off the Lisinopril and within a couple of days I was able to breathe again after having a constantly stuffy nose for years. The tingling in my foot went away and I immediately started dropping weight. Within 2-3 months I lost about 7 pounds. My stomach had felt bloated for years and the occasional reflux I had is also gone. My energy level has increased.

The Hematologist I was referred to ordered expensive tests including a bone marrow biopsy. All tests were negative thankfully. Blood levels are up. He referred me to a Rheumatologist who did more tests all turning out negative.

I still think all of this is related to the Lisinopril. The doctors seem surprised. All I know is that I feel so much better.

I've been trying other bp meds. Went on Hyzaar(Losartan) wanted off the HCTZ due to dry eyes (an ongoing problem). Tried Cozaar... didn't work; added Ampodipine... BP actually went up on 2 bp meds and started swelling up again. I went back to Hyzaar after 3 days.

I also am having irregular heart beats. I have been off 20 mg lisinopril for 5 days and I'm still having them. How long did it take for yours to go away?

Has anyone experienced a pulse in their ear when taking Lisinipril? I am also experiencing huge blood pressure swings. I have the cough and runny nose all the time and hope to talk my doctor into putting me on something else next week. I just don't feel good on this medication.

I was prescribed 10mg and it fixed my BP but also had a higher pulse rate, and insomnia and tinnitus. Talked to my doctor and she reduced it to 5mg and the insomnia and higher pulse rate got better.

Josh be very careful with is very habit forming and hard to get off for some. Also, talk to your GP about reducing your lisinopril dosage. I had problems at one 10mg daily and do better at one 5mg daily and even one 2.5 daily when I am not under stress. Effective dosage varies widely and side effects seem to be dose related and certainly cut out the caffeine watch the salt.

I am a 59 year old African American lady who's been taking lisinopril/HCTZ 20-12. 5mg for only 16 days and had a very bad allergic reaction. I almost died. I had swelling in my tongue had to go to the ER last night had about 5 doctors working on me to save my life.

I've been taking Lisinopril (15 mg/day) + HCTZ + potassium supplements (per doc's orders) for several months now. It brought my blood pressure right down where it belongs. I love having normal blood pressure! My body feels so much calmer and I don't get so stressed out about things. I have an occasional tickly throat & cough at night and just started having weird upper abdomen pains that feel like gas. The reports of swelling are worrisome. I'll pay close attention.

I took this and complained over and over about the side effects I was getting. Dizzy spells, hot flashes, black dots in my eyesight and no energy to function. The Doctor also gave me Xanax a year later. Xanax is the worst thing you can take with this Medication!

I found all this out on the Web and was shocked! I stopped taking everything altogether and have changed my diet. Sure, it's still a bit high and They gave me something different that made my heart race! No more pills for me!

I now have damaged eyesight and problems with circulation in my legs. I may never recover from the damage it's caused. I can only share what it did to me and hope someone reads this.

I have been on lisinopril for approx. 2 years.. at the end of august I started having some numbness in the side of my tongue and down my throat, I had just had a back molar pulled so I assumed it was that.. About 6 weeks ago I started feeling like I was choking (like my soft pallet was swelling) and I couldn't breath and was having EXTREME anxiety!

Was referred to ENT and did an upper endoscopy and found nothing.. I continued having these horrible episodes very randomly and when it was happening I was wishing I was dead because it was so scary! Dr put me on zanax for the anxiety but I did not want to live on that! I would have a few days where I felt normal then bam it would be back.. I started writing down every bit of food I put in my mouth etc.. then one day I thought oh I should write down my lisinopril and that's when it hit me... I am a bad pill taker so I would miss taking it sometimes for 2-3 days and things would calm down..

I took my last pill on Dec 23rd and other than a bit of residual anxiety on the 24th and 25th My symptoms are gone as is the numbness in my feet that I had no idea where it was coming from! I feel like I have my life back, the sad thing is it almost cost me my life.. I was becoming extremely depressed as the anxiety was constant and I always felt I was gonna die (something I had never had in my life)!

Hello Jennipher,

Thanks for sharing your experience with Lisinopril. I have just gone through the same experience almost at the same time. I was placed on Lisinopril in June of 2011 to reduce my BP. I was normally 128/80 to 132/80 and the 10mg dose lowered it to 109/56. This concerned me a bit but at the time I had no other bad side effects. Then in about the end of September 2011 I was having bouts of blurred vision and nausea when driving or as a passenger in a car.

I would wake up in the morning with nausea and driving became almost impossible. The final straw was the headaches that started at the beginning December, sharp stabbing sudden pains above my eyes and tenderness in my lower jaw (almost like an ear infection / but in my lower back teeth). By now I'm thinking that I've got some major terminal problem :(

I saw my Doctor on December 13th and he changed my BP med to Propofol, but never actually said that the Lisinopril was the problem. Well the pharmacy did not have Propofol and I still did not make the connection. Then on December 27th I had a terrible episode followed by another on Wednesday December 28th (I almost had to sit down in the middle of Meijers I became so week and disoriented). I'm a 47 year old male who runs about 18 to 20 miles a week what is going on! I was afraid to the point of tears!

So I decided to stop everything vitamins, advil, fish oil, and Lisinopril. Today is January 3rd and oddly enough I'm starting to feel normal again. Yesterday was great as well. I can drive finally. I hope I've discovered the cause because I was in fear of not being able to provide for my family. I just find a different way to cope with the BP.

I hope your symptoms have not returned, do you know how long Lisinopril lingers in the system?

Best Regards


After experiencing a heart attack on August 28 and receiving two stents, I was put on 10 mg of Lisinipril as well as 10 mg Cardevilol (twice daily), 80 mg Lipitor and 10 mg Effient. Forget the Lipitor. It caused such extreme joint and body pain I took myself off it and immediately had no further such symptoms.

I stay mostly off that type of drug altogether. I only take the Cardevilol once daily in the morning as the evening dose caused my heart to race. No apparent effects from the Effient. The Lisinipril causes extreme fatigue and tiredness. I take it at 8 a.m. about an hour after I get to the office and within 90 minutes I can barely stay conscience and can barely move my muscles.

I fight all day to stay "awake" until the effect lessens around 2 p.m. to where I can drive well enough to get home after 3:30 p.m. After a month of being on 10 mg of this drug I called my doctor to complain about this effect and was told that I actually had to increase the dosage to 20 mg because of something they saw in a recent echo cardiogram I had.

Now the fatigue is even more extreme than ever. I have no other side effects such as joint pain from this drug, just the fatigue (with associated occasional vertigo and dizziness). Other than the blocked arteries (bad diet) that caused the heart attack I am a strong healthy white male 53 years old.

I'm sorry for how you have been feeling and I hope you continue to improve! I did have another episode last Friday and one today so about one per week other than that feeling really good! I was told by an R.N. that it could be months before it is all out of my system I hope that explains the occasional ones I am having. I must say the 2 I have had (in two weeks) have been far less life altering than before, they are faster and seem less scary and I don't feel like I am dying so I am assuming the medicine is working its way out of my body... I know how scary it is I am a 39 year old woman with a grown daughter and a school age daughter and I want to be around for them for a very long time!

I have been on Lisinopril for more than 4 years. Two years ago I had a choking episode at lunch and had to be taken to a nearby ER. It started out as a gagging reflex, as if a piece of food was hanging up in my esophagus. Clear, sticky phlegm became uncontrollable. I would wipe and spit away as much as I could, gasp for air and nearly pass out----as this would not stop.

The cycle would repeat over and over. My co-worker forced the issue and took me to an ER. THAT is another ten page experience to talk about. Talk about poor medical response---WOW. I was eventually admitted to a hospital. Had an endoscopy performed and was diagnosed with “bile reflux”, sent home with another prescription for high dosage Zantec. This could be another five page conversation about THAT misdiagnosis and treatment. The major problem seems to have quieted for some time now---although I have had a few close calls.

OK. After having read all these letters, I am angry beyond belief. I will try to get to my current conditions that I feel are more in-line with the majority. I stopped taking Lisinopril two days ago and by the way----my dosage at this time is “40mg”.

In the past 3 months, I have developed a chronic cough with heavy sinus drainage, and mucus/phlegm (similar to that major episode). The cough is dry most of the time. However, it triggers from a tickling sensation and progresses to a very forceful cough with what feels like something in my lung and I will spit out a small amount of that phlegm. In addition, I have low energy/motivation, mind fog, sleep disorders, dry/itchy skin, unexplained waist line rash, frequent muscle cramps, and yes---a complete feeling of hopelessness.

My High BP and Cholesterol has been under treatment/guesswork for over ten years. You would think that my Care Providers (??????) could have gotten this figured out by now and not with drugs that interact and/or cause such negative side effects and miserable living conditions.

Please feel free to email any additional support recommendations, alternative products, and any need for more detail on my negative experiences with this medicine.

Hello Jennipher,

I've had about 2 small instances since January 3rd and they where very brief. Much like you have stated they passed very fast (seconds). I think I'm extra vigilant now about my overall mental/physical state each day. I'm able to monitor my BP at home and its in a normal to high normal range depending upon the time of day ( its always been this way until I started lisinopril ).

I'll give it a month and if all is well I'll consider what if anything should be done about my BP. Its alarming that such an effective medication can suddenly turn so bad. I'm sure my Doctor was aware of these symptoms but probably did not understand how debilitating they are. So far so good , I'll update my progress in February 2012.


I'm taking 20mg lisinopril. Had most of your symptoms. Stopped 4 days ago, how long does it take for the chest congestion and sinus congestion to go away?

The choking episode could be an allergic reaction due to swelling. This is a very serious side effect and is common in the mouth, tongue, lips and throat. Which is exactly why when I got extremely ill nobody figured it was the Lisinopril. I am one of the people that got the very rare but extremely dangerous side effect of swelling in my intestine instead of the mouth and throat.

If you care to scroll up to a post I made in 2010 somewhere between September and November (don't remember the exact date) you can see the HELL I went through. Once I stopped the medication the swelling and EXTREME stomach pain went away. The most common side effect is the uncontrollable cough - my dad had that and told his doc to take him off it immediately and he was fine afterwards. Unfortunately some doctors refuse to listen to patient's complaints and will not take them off the medication they believe is causing the problem... which makes the patients take themselves off the medication. I would not recommend doing this but please be careful about the choking because people have died because of swelling.

I was hospitalized from taking lisinop/hctz 20-25 mg and almost lost my life from closing of the throat.

You are lucky that the side effect you had is known to medical professionals and is listed as a side effect. Imagine having your intestine closing and being hospitalized 5 times, having every test imaginable, and 2 surgeries (unnecessary in the end) before they figure out (just by guessing because it is so rare) that the Lisinopril was causing it! This happened to me... 2 1/2 months of hell. I do not blame the doctors though because I was able to find statistics about this side effect and from 2000 to 2010 only 22 people had reported it...out of almost 80,000 side effects!

Started taking this med on Jan 3, 2012 and life has been hell ever since. Weakness, muscle cramps, anxiety attacks and racing heart rate. Quit taking it on Jan 12, 2012. 3 days later still have some side effects but a little better.

Started taking IC LisinoprilHCTZ 10-12mg back on August 2011 and wanted to know if anyone has experienced any foot/ankle swelling after taking it? it did not happen right away just in the last 3 months after taking the drug. I have also experienced dry mouth, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, crazy dreams..the list goes on. I am more concerned about the swelling.. seems by the end of the day it gets worse and I go home put my legs up all night and swelling goes down a little and start the whole process over again..

A few weeks after my husband was prescribed Lisinopril (20mg), he began to exhibit the following symptoms - Found slightest noise distracting; Sensitive to all odors; Lack of appetite - considerable weight loss for no reason; Tired; Repeated himself; Memory loss; Misplaced things; Could not concentrate or focus; Confusion; No sense of direction any more; Disoriented; Cold; Pale; Lethargic; Slow in motion; Very quiet, did not initiate conversation; Could read, but could not operate mechanical things – computer, television, etc.; Vision problems; Numbness in both legs - started with left leg; Complained of back pain.

Within three weeks, he went from being perfectly normal to not even being able to find the bedroom. After considerable tests, it was determined that he had a fast-acting multiple sclerosis (onset age 59). After six months, I had to place him in a dementia care facility and he has been there almost four years. I'll never be convinced that the Lisinopril did not cause all this!

Started lisinopril 10mg about 1 year ago, for several months now I have had leg,foot,arch and calf cramps almost nightly. No cough but runny nose.My worst problem is my upper back. Sometime sharp pain coming from my spine area but between shoulder blades hurt constantly and skin feels so sore my shirt hurts it. For no reason a muscle pulled in my upper left arm to shoulder.

Had an xray that shows upper back normal. Dr. just disreguarded complaint about shoulder. RA.test neg. This is the only med. I am taking and reading what others are saying I'm getting off it. Will repost results later. p.s. forgot to add the horrible ear ringing

People's Pharmacy response: Stay in touch with your doctor as you withdraw from lisinopril. Controlling blood pressure can help prevent a stroke.

I myself started taking linsinopril/hctz 10/25 on January 11,2012. I went to the dentist during this same period and thought the swelling was cause from the novocaine. Then I had a sore throat ( which I have never had) and tingling and felt like something was stuck in my throat. at night I had so much thick phlem I could hardly swollow my saliva.

I had not slept for two nights. Then the caughing began,which caused my throat to get even more sore. My glands were swollen, my ear, neck felt like I was beaten. I got so dizzy, light headed during the day I thought I was going to pass out. I was weak, just mearly have enough energy to move.

I then wondered if I was having the flu. After so many symptoms, I began to fear for my life, I called the My PA (doctor was not in) she said to get of this medication immediatly and go to ER. I am now off for three (3) and still have a sore throat with some phelm and painful head and neck; but I have much more energy and not feeling dizzy or light headed. I could have died during my sleep with my tongue swollen and closed my airways. Please do you research before taking this medication.

All I can say is Thank God for this website. I am a 36 year old male and a diabetic I am around 260 pounds and pretty active. i was prescribed 40mg of lisinopril HTC along with 10mg of norvasc. I have been on these meds for almost 2 years and the side effects just got worse. Constant feeling of being bloated,severe anxiety,sleeplessness,many sinus infections constant clearing of my throat,some chest pain and heart racing

my bp was 122/80 which was great but the medicine had to be discontinued. Another side effect i got was the back of my neck would get extremely tight and i would have very bad dry mouth. Today is the first day i have started on 50mg of lozaar and after 1 day i am starting to already feel better.

Hello JT

I had / still have the same neck and shoulder pain as you have detailed. Its a sharp pain that ends in my forehead, weird. I have stopped the medication on January 1st 2012 and am feeling better. My vision is now fine, I have no more nausea or dizziness there is only the residual headache from time to time. I hope you recover! Please stay active and live each day as a gift!

Best Regards


Hello Joseph

I am glad you are feeling better. I as well was having trouble with my eyes from taking lisinopril htz. Sometimes the combination of my eyes and the pain I was feeling in the back of my head and neck was a knockout punch I could barely function. It has been 5 days now on my new medicine losarton which is generic for kozaar and I'm getting back to feeling a lot better. I still have a headache hear and there but not everyday and not on the scale that it was. Keep safe and god bless.


I was originally prescribed Norvasc 10mg on 2007 for high blood pressure, it worked ok, but it would occasionally be high. Nov 17th of 2011 I went to a Cardiologist for the first time for a stress test and echo test, he decided to switch me to Lisonopril with hctz, at first I did not notice any major side effects except for maybe feeling tired, went back for check up he increased dose from 10 to 20mg and hctz 20-25.

At first I didn't connect it, because I was also taking 5mg of crestor, I once had a bad reaction to lipitor. Anyway on 12/28/12 I started to feel anxious and burning feet and ankles with some cramps, and of course very tired, but last week I had a horrible night experience the pain in my feet and fingers was horrible, felt like I wanted to die, did not sleep all night, so I discontinued crestor thinking that was the culprit, but last night I had Insomnia all night and horrible pains in my feet and hands, and general feeling of depression and anxiety.

Now I think for sure it's the LISINOPRIL, because it's the only other drug I take, I'm 51 years old and in very good shape and except for seasonal allergy I am fairly healthy and sleep all night with no problems. I will see my family doctor today and see if we can do some other natural remedy.

I'm pretty sure these side effect showed up when they first tested it, but there are ways of wording it to make seem safer than what it truly is. Of course there is lots of money behind it for everyone except us the consumer.

Also there is a tea called hibiscus that has lowered my blood pressure some that I continue to drink. Do a search and there was a controlled study that proves to lower blood pressure without any of the side effects. I hope that between the hibiscus tea and something of very low dosage the doctor prescribes I can keep it normal.

Please note again there is an actual controlled study done in the U.S. by doctors on the hibiscus tea, just google it.

My husband and I started our nightmare about two years ago when he started having back pain and was told he had high bp. He was put on lisinipril and was doing ok except our sex life was on hold. He had not sex drive at all. We got through it. He is only forty nine now.

We thought he needed glasses his eyes and head were hurting, coughing, dizzy... but a year in we were at home and has just been to get his blood work done and we were watching TV. Them phone rang and it was them Dr. telling us we have to got to hospital now, she said my husbands kidneys were shutting down from the lisinipril.

To make a long painful story short my husband has a dead left kidney and a right one working at about 30 percent. He is at end stage kidney disease with four masses on it and now was taken off minoxidil from pericardial effusion on his heart. So ckd, cancer, now heart failure.

We cant work, he is in bed everyday, I am his care taker and now he has to have his kidney removed. We are fighting disability to get insurance. Them Dr. even put it in his medical file that it is from the lisinipril. How about that one folks. I cry a lot....

I too am on Lisinopril and I am on the DASH diet. I have been on Lisinopril and a water pill, both at 10 mg. I had been trying to loose weight to get off of the water-pill without success. My new doctor introduced me to the DASH diet with was a real blessing. I am carefully following the diet and I am finally loosing weight. If I loose 20 pd.. she will take me off of Lisinopril.

I want off of Lisinopril because after over 8 months I still have this hacking cough. I did not know until I saw this website that fatigue is also a symptom. I feel so tired in the heart of the day that I am totally unproductive. I will see the doctor on the 12th of Feb. I have not weighed myself at all in three months but I can see the fat melting away.

It is very important for sufferers of HB to understand that all preprocessed foods, such as frozen foods have a high sodium content! I was on a 1600 calorie diet, thus one slice of frozen pizza had 900 mg of sodium! The daily recommendation of sodium for we who have high blood pressure is 1500 mg per day. I was no doubt consuming an enormous amount of salt through pre-processed food and eating out.

I plan to get off of Lisinopril next month. I want to get a good bp reading, that is why I plan to wait until the 12th. But,even if my bp goes up I will not take Lisinopril again.

What did you take when you stopped taking Lisinopril? I've been on it myself for a number of years and I'm starting to have the same symptoms.

I was found to have SEVERE HTN last April when, at age 41, I had a stroke! No other health problems except for seasonal asthma. I started on Lisinopril on 10/2/11 after beta blockers did not control my BP and after Calcium channel blockers gave me +4 pitting edema in both of my lower legs (they were as big as my upper thighs and exquisitely tender). The lisinopril works beautifully at 10mg twice a day to control my significant HTN (160's to 170's over 100's to 110 range). Brought it down to 120's over 70's......problem solved......UNTIL the side effects started.

It began like I a mild form of the flu, then progressed to severe allergies (copious amounts of thick nasal drainage, post nasal drip, and chest congestion.) This triggered my pre-existant asthma and I have been coughing constantly since the 1st week of November 2011. 1 month ago I started having very SEVERE L. sided chest pain, shortness of breath, and left, upper abdominal pain. Also noticed a pounding heartbeat and severe anxiety (no history of anything like this in my past)...likely because I was feeling like I was going to have a heart attack.

Am now trialing off of the Lisinopril and was switched to Diovan by my PCP after I reported my symptoms to her. Hoping to breath again without coughing and to wear a bra again (chest pain so bad I couldn't tolerate wearing one and had to wear a blazer and sweater to work everyday to cover up... good thing it's winter here!) Also hoping to sleep again soon without taking benadryl by the droves to try & control my severe "allergies". Just started on the Diovan, will update on progress. I am hopeful that this was all due to the Lisinopril as so many others have reported.

I signed up for a 4 year study of Lisinoprol. I took my first Lisinoprol pill last Monday, and I think today will be my last one! I felt fine the first two days, and then I started getting more and more tired - so far that is the only symptom. I have never felt this tired before, even when I was raising children! And it doesn't seem to have done much for my BP, it was 140/70 this morning. I am 77 years old, I weigh 140lbs and in fairly good health otherwise. I have two dogs that have to be exercised 2-3 times a day, so I do quite a lot of walking, and I do watch my diet. My only other meds is 50,000 units of Vitamin D once a week, and a 0.05 estrogen patch once a week because I hate hot flashes!

I was on Lisinopril for 12 days back in 2011 the end of November. I started having a bad cough and insomnia, post nasal drip, then nightmares, anxiety, night sweats. It's now Feb.2012 AND I still have trouble sleeping, dry mouth sometimes nightmares. I get anxious, and have Vertigo. My Blood pressure is what's known as border line. Usually 123/87 sometimes lower but goes up when I'm stressed out.

My Dr said the Vertigo is from my allergies. I'm a 62 year old f, I had a bad fall in Aug. of 2011 and fractured my T12, then my Blood Pressure went up. I should not of been given this medication. I just spent a lot of money with a homeopathic (also licensed MD) doctor for a remedy as he thinks I am still reacting to the Lisinopril. I start the treatment on Monday.

Before my accident I was a swimmer and very active. I swam three days a week and walked on the other days. I just want to know how long Lisinopril can stay in your system after you stop taking it. I would just like to get back to a normal life.

My doctor just took me off of Lisinopril after less than 2 months. I started on 10 mg for a couple weeks then up to 20 mg. After a couple days at 20 mg I couldn't sleep at all, had sinus pressure, cramping and body pain, headaches, and reduced kidney function. I was decreased back to 10 mg. for 2 weeks and then taken off of it completely as of 3 days ago and am now on no meds at all.

Can someone tell me how long it usually takes these side effects to clear up? I have a lot of sleep to catch up on!

I have been taking "Lisinopril" for about 3 years for what my doctor would call "borderline blood pressure" It seemed to get numbers where doctor wanted to see them using the daily 10 mg dose but has always since the first dose made me not feel very good. (Doctor said I would get used to that.)

Over that 3 year period I have lost 70 pounds and exercise has become part of my daily lifestyle... After about the last 20 pounds of weight loss the side effects of this drug have really hit me.

excessive tiredness
runny nose
decrease in sexual ability
chest pain

When I reported this to doctor, he said I now had good BP readings - but he would still like me to take the lisinopril for it's "Protective Benefits" and because he didn't think it was this medication that was causing the issues. But he reluctantly reduced prescription to 5 mg a day and the side effects are still there but subsided greatly. I'm thinking of just dropping the BP medication altogether because if this is what you have to look forward to - I would rather take my chances because I felt fine before starting the BP medication.

Hi. I have been on Lisinipril for going on month and half -5mgs. And I take Carvedilol 25mg twice a day. I am not sure which one is the culprit, but I already had suffered from a seasonal asthma, but now it is full blown and constantly clearing my throat and have clear phlegm. And a cough that makes people afraid.! ha. The throat clearing is pretty much constant, and the cough can randomly come up. Night is worse. My "asthma" symptoms have increased 100% and I am afraid to go anywhere without my inhaler, which doesn't work that well anymore.

So in reference to your post, I can relate to the breathing problems. I don't know which one to go off of as I have been a guinea pig for quite awhile now and have tried a lot of different medicines. I would watch the Diovan for swelling as it is known to cause edema. And if anyone knows something that is similar to these 2 medicines that don't cause breathing problems ---- PLEASE let me know!! I believe the Lisinipril is taking the asthma over the top, so if someone has a similar but less invasive alternative, please let me know. thank you

The nagging cough is the most common side effect for the Lisinopril. My dad had it and he stopped the medication cause he couldn't take it anymore.

I am a African American Female. Last night I took Lisinopril(1 pill--10 mg) and this morning woke up to my lips and face swelling. Went to doctor got a steroid shot and was told the swelling would go down in two hours. However, my face, especially my lips, are swelling now I'm on the internet trying to figure out how long this will last. The worse part (besides the discomfort) is that I'm a plus size model, so my face has to do with my income.

This medicine is Awful!! All the symptoms of brain fog and confusion,nausea, dizzy, dry mouth, coughing and gagging,no taste, will never take another one!!!

I suggest you have your doctor take you off this medication ASAP! Swelling in the face and lips can lead to swelling in your throat and can be deadly. I don't believe the swelling will go away anyway. I got the swelling but in my intestines and was in and out of the hospital 5 times w/ two unnecessary surgeries because where I had the swelling was SO very rare.

I was on 5 mg Lisinopril for 20 years. After about 5 years I noticed skin allergies. My lips would swell up and I would get red spots from my chest to my head. I had the couch, developed Vertigo, IBS, problems sleeping, frequent urination, could not think clearly at times. About 6 months ago I developed a rash that sometimes breaks out all over my body, it is always is around the chest to my head, but usually at night my whole body breaks out. I can't sleep at night.

I have had all types of test done from my Dr., an allergist, and dermatologist. They finally determine, after I did, that the problem is most likely Lisinopril. I quit immediately and have been off the med for 10 days. I have been living 6 months now with a rash that itches and stings constantly. I have noticed when I eat the rash gets worse. I have read on other forums that yeast and sugar makes the symptoms worse. And I noticed my worse outbreaks come after eating bread and desserts. Last night my meal was a steak, no sauce, and broccoli and my outbreak was not as severe as it has been. I guess I will change my diet and see if that helps or if that one night was just a fluke. It is amazing all the people that are having trouble with these meds.

My Dr found out I had started taking 2 tbl spoons on Organic Vinegar and he told me to stop that because it could lower my BP and I was already on Lisinopril. Maybe he should have said stop the Lisinopril. And my BP was never high just borderline. I am paying the price listening to Drs. All my health problems have been made worse by the Drs and their meds. After 30 years and thousands of dollars I cured my stomach problem and my chronic post nasal drip. And now I have to find a cure for my rashes because the Drs said there is nothing they can do and there is no need to come back and see them. Good luck all.

High bp since I was 13, 26-27 bmi, 160ish bp unmedicated, exercise at length regularly...cumultive I started lisinopril. Now I wake up in the middle of the night, get dizzy from ... , Just medium length walks... Just forget it. I'll try my odds with the high bp. Seriously, this is the *good* bp medication? I'd hate to see the bad ones...

I am a black female 47yrs old/5'4/150lbs. Just started my first dose of Lisinopril yesterday with much anxiety. I woke up this morning with a very dry mouth and weak feeling legs from the knee down. I have tried calcium channel blockers (Diltaizem -not very effective and gave me sensitivity to the sun) and beta blockers (Toprol - gave me vivid dreams, weight gain, cold hands/feet, fatigue but seemed to lower my bp). I will come back with an update in about a week. Wish me luck.

I noticed people put that they were having vision problems. Could u please explain what u experienced...I have had mannnny side effects to this med. I never related any of them to the medicine. I took this med a few years ago and felt weird side affects like dizzy, foggy, vision problems, tired, major confusion, mood swings, I lost weight so stopped taking it thinking my b.p. Would be better. Well I felt better too. Well now after having my second child I have been put back on this med and have horrible affects again. bit may I add that last time I was feeling that way while on this med I didn't realize that it was the medicine. Now I do!. I just called my doc yesterday and am being switched to something different

Yes I had vision problems while on Lisinopril. Sudden blind spots would just occur like a bright flash. I've stopped this medicine in January of 2012 and this strange symptom went away in about 2 weeks. The dizzy / foggy feeling started about the same time. I must admit that I was very very afraid for my health. Today after being away from this ordeal for about 3 months I'm healthy and feeling "normal " ( subjective I know ). I hope my observation can be of help.

I have just made the connection between the lisinopril and my increasingly terrible asthma symptoms over the last 9 months - it's very confirming to see the comments above, even though the asthma stuff doesn't seem to be primary for many of you. I'm wondering how long it will take for this to calm down, and am looking for natural ways to manage my high bp.

It's shocking to me that my docs didn't make the connection, even as my distress continued, I went through antibiotics and every asthma remedy possible. My symptoms started within weeks of starting the lisinopril (when my asthma had been very mild up to then).

I'd like to begin by thanking everyone who took the time to write their experiences about Lisinopril cough. I started researching this about a month ago when I was totally fed up with the constant horrible dry cough! I would go through a pack of cough drop a week just to help with cough. (Didn't help much tho.) I work with children in an elementary school and so I often have to talk to a group of students and parents. There were so many days where I would start to cough and couldn't stop.

At one point there was so much phlegm in my throat & I started coughing and couldn't stop. I could NOT catch my breath & the school secretary ended up calling 911. It was awful. I went to the dr. and she had me go for a sleep study for sleep apnea since the cough was worse at night. Nope. Came back negative. Then I had an endoscopy for pullups in my throat. Nope. They did find a hernia. Then I was told it was allergies. Nope. Not really allergic to much that would be causing the cough.

So they had me go to a breathing specialist for a lung capacity test. My lungs were at 96%. Just fine. They said to take 3 Zyrtec per day. I am also on omeprazole for heartburn. Raised out bed 6 inches. Sleep on 2 pillows or... in the recliner in the living room 4-6 times a week just so my husband & I both can sleep a few hrs. a night. It's now 7 months later I decided to stop the lisinopril on my own. Not the smartest thing I know.

WITHIN 8 DAYS MY COUGH IS ALMOST TOTALLY GONE AND I HAVEN'T HAD TO CLEAR MY THROAT OR COUGH FOR 2 DAYS! I am on a new blood pressure medication LOSARTAN/HCTZ. So far I am doing fine. No real side effects. I hope this continues. I am somewhat angry & frustrated that I had to go through all the tests, not to mention the money for those tests, only to find out that it was lisinopril. If you are having some of the same symptoms..... don't wait to go to the dr. like I did. Insist your dr. put you on a different medication!

I have been on 10 mg Lisinopril for a month. so far, my side affects have not been too bad. I do have very thick saliva now and cough up phlegm, but not constantly. My mouth is very dry as well. My dreams have always been vivid, so I don't know if that has increased or not. My BP was running 200/110 and now it is generally 117/84. all medications can affect different people in different ways. Have faith in your doctor...if you don't, find a new one.

I have been taking Lisinopril for about 45 days. I started getting headaches that wouldn't go away after about 30 days of it and then a dry cough started. I had a red rash and skin peeling on my forearms. I thought I was being poisoned by something, then I decided to search on the internet about side affects of Lisinopril. I can't believe I have been taking this and didn't realize that 1 in 10 people have bad side affects. I stopped taking this yesterday and feel a little better, hopefully it will get out of my system soon. I would rather have high blood pressure, which this stuff didn't even help mine anyway. I'm going to throw the remainder of the the pills in my docs face when I see him again. I think a new doctor would be in order now.

This med was prescribed by my NP on March 13, 2012. Within the time period of a month to six weeks; I had to call as I felt like I was dying. One half a pill prescribed (dosage is 10mg); was o.k. until within the last week with some type of electric changes in my ears, plus sweating (I experienced the other night a complete soaking of my gown plus the bed and pillow was also soaking wet. I do not feel good at all.

Recently traveled to home town and will b here for approx 4 months. I don't know what to do and am sweating as I type this. I am a very active individual/never had any other problems only with ? High cholesterol and am taking 81 mg of aspirin, 75mg of Venlafaxine; and Calcium with D. Fish Oil, Red Yeast Rice, and Niacin.

I have been taking lisinopril for about 5 mo. I am so lucky. My blood was always so high drs. used to make me sit down till my blood came down before they would see me about anything. Now a heart dr. has me take 5 mg. in am. 5 mg. at noon and 5mg. at bedtime and I feel great. I have been exercising more and I now can tell I am stronger and sexually longer on the lisinopril. My big mistake was I got lazy after being shot and losing my left arm. No more feeling sorry for myself, I want to go to parks and walk a lot now. I am 58 yrs old and not all that healthy but getting better.

I have been on this drug 10mg for 2.5 months. I have been experiencing many of the symptoms you all have described. I'd like to know if this drug aggravates pre-existing medical conditions?

Also, my face felt as if it were sunburned and my forearms got red as if I had been at the beach. I don't remember this ever happening before taking Lisinopril (10mg). Could this be an allergic reaction? When would this be an emergency or urgent problem?

Does this drug cause changes in the skin? If so, what would they be? Does lisinopril cause you to dehydrate quicker than if you weren't on it? Does it cause or can it worsen visual conditions? Visual disturbances? Example: clouded vision, photophobia (light sensitivity), problems with the eyes being able to filter out the light/ to function properly? Can it cause seizures? (with in normal dosage limits.)


A few more questions. What complications would arise if you stop taking Lisinopril suddenly? Would there be complications at all dosage ranges? I take 10mg per day. I don't always take it at the same time, but I try to take it as soon as I remember. I take it at bedtime now, because I need to be in a place where I can lay down in case I feel lightheaded or get dizzy, or have other complications.

I am 48 female, with HBP that can get to stage 1 if not on BP meds. I am being followed by primary NP and being tested for cardio issues by a cardiologist.
I was put on Lisinopril for HBP.

Since I started taking it, my bp has finally started to return to a pre hypertensive to normal range 120/80 or 119/78 as long as I am taking meds. My pulse is all over the place and tends to run slow. I have a heart murmur, that the cardio was unable to detect, but nurses and my primary NP have detected on more than one occasion. I follow up monthly with my Primary NP. I do have some heart irregularities. Pulse can be 50 48 lowest. I am not an athlete, I am sedentary now because my life's on hold. I do get dizzy regularly, sometimes it's worse than others. I have good days and bad days.

Lisinopril works for me, but it has complications that work against me by way of undesirable side effects.

AJF, I did experience rapid dehydration when I exercised on lisinopril and had to be taken to the hospital as a result. This rapid dehydration stopped after two weeks of discontinuing the drug and moving to losartin.

Dear Christie:

Please tell me whats "works" for one's BP. I have been on FIVE different ones and each has caused a nightmare of symptoms for me. Atenolol with Chlor put me in the hospital for 4 days with electrolytes and potassium out, ear pain, dizzy so bad could not walk and severe visual disturbance - I thought I was having a heart attack. I had more tests in 2011 than ever in my life with a $55,000 hospital bill - all this happened FROM severe DRUG ADVERSE REACTIONS. Of course the doctor says to me afterwards you are so sensitive! Who do they use to check these drugs?

I have been put on Lisinopril (10 mg day) in March 2012... so tired, severe bloating in stomach, weight gain and then end of April started with dry cough, weakness in my legs and night sweats. In May, the cough has worsened and I keep clearing my throat. Now we are in June - 3-1/2 months on drug - my nose and ear feels clogged up and last week I had 2 severe episodes of dizziness when I woke up I could not move for half hr. Go to the doctor and I get whats wrong now?

We are treating me with Afrin and Zyrtec - Dr's momentary diagnosis is allergies which I don't believe at all. I have read all these complaints and so many people on Lisinopril have ear, nose, stuffy and weird out of it issues - never felt like this before I had a physical last March because my BP was up and they sure don't know how to take it right for accurate readings!

I think dying would be easier than living like this - my husband is a saint dealing with all this drama! I need a life~! Which I lost when I started BP pills.

Lisinopril was the worst blood pressure medicine I had ever been on. I would get severe abdominal pain muscle weakness and a lot of fatigue and not to mention if I was in the sun for not even 1/2 hour I would burn to a crisp no matter what sunblock I had on. I was finally switched to losarton 100mg and it's fantastic for me, no more side effects like Lisinopril. I suggest if you take Lisinopril and are having any side effects I would ask your doctor to change it.

My husband started on this med 2 years ago. The night of taking his first dose he got up to use the bathroom and on the way back to bed he passed out, hitting his face on the wooden foot of the bed. When I got the light on he was vomiting, a pool of blood in front of his face, and talking gibberish. He recovered fairly quickly and we got stitches in his lip, but what a frightening experience for us and our son. He started taking half the dose after that.

Fast forward 2 years and he has been suffering with a full body rash and crazy itching so that he can't sleep. No reasonable explanation except the meds. Benadryl and cortizone cream didn't work and it's been almost a month now. He's been to the doc but no solution. Until I looked it up today, I didn't realize skin rash and itching were side affects. Curious that it showed up for so long, but that's how allergies work- multiple exposures.

I am a 66 year young female, 5'6" - 142# with bp rising in the past six years from 128/normal to 150-162/the 80-90 range. Have a family history of mother and sisters with high pb. Mother experienced strokes, died; sisters on bp meds; and an overweight maternal aunt dying young of kidney failure.

Was prescribed lisinopril to lower bp after a urine test signified all systems clear. This was two days ago. First day bp in the 138 range and everything seemed good with the exception of low urine output. Today, the second day after taking the lisinopril at night, bp 168/90 and again low urine output. And my energy is gone, feeling sleepy. I have a call into the doc explaining the above and requesting a diuretic as a better alternative to an ACE inhibitor.

Question: Could lisinopril suppress kidney function in the way I described?

I was on lisinopril for quite a few years with the HCTZ added to it (hydroclorothiazide) as a water pill. I developed lightheadedness and my blood tests were showing I was becoming very anemic. My anemia became so bad that I was sent to a hematologist/oncologist for fear that I might have leukemia. After an intensive battery of tests the lisinopril was found to be the culprit. I was taken off of it and my blood tests are now normal. It also gave me a constant dry cough which eventually caused my bladder to fall from the strain of coughing so hard.



Congratulations! Lisinopril can be an excellent blood pressure medication for many people. You and your mother are fortunate.

Many people develop an uncontrollable cough, however. For them, the drug is inappropriate. Everyone needs to be warned about this potential side effect in advance so that they can be alert if it occurs.

I was on Hctz for a few years and then Lisinoprol was added - will never know which one did the damage, but I developed a horrible respiratory condition, including pneumonia, wicked asthma, and excessive phlegm. 4 months after getting off of them I am still managing the respiratory inflammation that occurred as a result. The docs will only acknowledge the "dry cough" side effect associated with this drug - I'm still not sure they believe me about this connection, but I can finally breathe after a very scary several months. On spirolactone and amlodipine now, which have their own side effects, but so happy to be able to breathe, even with some residual difficulty, I'll take it.

I am a 58-year old black female and was first prescribed Lisinopril for borderline hypertension and started taking it in March 2012.

By April, I was coughing and coughing and coughing so much that coworkers came over to check on me. It was a loud, dry, hacking, persistent, hard cough, and the intensity increased the longer I coughed. It would often make me wheeze. I felt like I was in a catch 22 - but did not relate it to the medication. It were as though something was in my throat all the time. Then, that same month, I experienced flu-like symptoms and immediately went to the Doctor. I took antibiotics for ten days, and the coughing slowed down, but never stopped. So, I visited my doctor again and was told I have allergies. ALLERGIES??? So, I allowed them to inject me with a steroid.

IT GOT WORSE! Not only was I coughing, but coughing more and sneezing in addition. I was tired, loopy, listless, forgetful, itching, and sleepy all the time. I repeated myself, misplaced things, could not concentrate, was confused, would get cold and then hot, became withdrawn, and could not stay focused on any project for long. For example, I would be in the kitchen and head for the bedroom to get something, only to forget what it was once I got there. I also experienced awful cramping - like charlie horse action - in the backs of my legs.

I stopped taking Lisinopril yesterday, and can tell the difference already. I was searching to see what side effects other than coughing was common to this medication, and found this web site. I sure hope I get my life back. Thanks for providing feedback it is beneficial. I now take Benecol. Any feedback on that medication?

I am nearly 54 and have been taking 5mg of lisinopril for ten years, and 2.5mg of a duretic benzo...I was 13 stones when high BP was diagnosed and I went on the medications. I am now 17 stones even though I cut right back on alcohol and bad food choices. I eat very healthily (am constantly on diet) my weight is now 17 stones and RISING!

I have constant phlegmy cough. Am now taking 15mg of drug that lowers stomach acid for GERD. It comes and goes, no logical relation to diet. I have constant fatigue even though I exercise 5 times a week and walk a lot (don't have a car). I am living healthier lifestyle than ever before but get fatter and fatter! I have weakness in my thighs and upper arms, just carrying shopping a few yards can render me ready to go to bed!!!!!!!! No sex drive whatsoever, I feel 84 not 54.

Am thinking now that I need to ask to be put on a different medication. Incidentally, my cough dried up COMPLETELY when I was prescribed Beconase just over two months ago for possible post nasal drip. I felt great having got rid of the cough BUT after two months I got anxiety feelings, palpitations and insomnia so bad I was only getting one hours sleep! I stopped that medication and am now back 'to normal' but cough has returned! I am fed up with all this, just want to be well again.

I have been using 10mg Lisinopril daily for about six years. I have had constant pain in my rectum and on a recent flexible SIGMOIDOSCOPY was told I have 'very large internal hemorrhoids'. I was stunned to be told this, especially as internal hemorrhoids are not supposed to be painful, let alone for the pain to be constant. Having looked up hemorrhoid and Lisinopril on the net, have found others with the same symptoms as me!

I have been in so much pain, spent so much money trying to get a diagnosis, and now to find others with the same symptoms is just astounding to me. I am going to cut the dosage and tell my doctor so.

My husband started taking this medicine (lisinopril)20mg....June 20, 2012 Wed

Saturday - started with slight ear ache 30-45 min after laying down to go to sleep... last a hour or so.
Sunday - same thing
Monday - getting worse ear ache after laying down to sleep ...pain lasting longer.
Tuesday thru Thursday same cycle - started to sleep on couch sitting up at this day sleeping on couch.
Friday - after 1am he said take me to the ER I can not stand this pain (started after bed and never letting up but intensifying).

ER doctor: No fever can not be ear infection or sinus what you have are cluster headaches. Husband: insisted possible sinus infection so doctor had a CAT scan done of the sinus, came back negative... he told doctor check my ear... doctor looks in his left ear and said wow it is swollen and very red.

ER Visit : Given three shots, ear drops and antibiotics and told to see regular doctor on June 6th... this doctor says continue with what they gave you and adding steroid nose spray.

Mean time the ear pain at night has never let up (according to husband at a lvl 15 pain) no fever, just the pain from hell.

June 11th - Ear, Nose and Throat doctor.... stronger antibiotics and more ear drops.

June 19th - Internal Med doctor now.... steroid 5 days worth

June 24th - ENT doctor again... more steroids

All this time ear aches attacks now lasting 2-4 1/2 hours without letting up at night since they started.... no relief.... (pain intensity still at lvl 10-15 for hours) only start after 6PM.

So he is going to stop taking the lisinopril as of today 7-26-12 and see what happens.

Will post results of stopping the medication if there is improvement of ear problem.

(I have also noticed him losing weight..... also for past week or so urinating more.)

Signed: Wife that is praying for some relief for him.... he is going through hell... not sleeping at night because of the pain and going to work every day.

All African Americans, please take time to read the ALLHAT study and share it with your doctor and loved ones! Google it. Lisinopril may not be the best medicine for you. Please, talk to your doctor. I, too, was prescribed lisinoprl (as was my mother) for hypertension (we're African American). My mother experienced so many problems and had at least 2-3 trips to the emergency room with heart issues.

It took me a long time to convince her that the medicine may be related to many, if not all of the symptoms that she was experiencing. She was afraid to get off the medicine. Now, she is thankful that she did. Now, she can walk without so much pain and swelling, and she has even returned to the gym (surgery no longer needed). She hasn't had any more trips to the ER.

As for me, on more than one occasion I had scary heart symptoms and I thought that I was eventually going to have a stroke or heart attack if I didn't get off the medicine, the very things that lisinopril was supposed to prevent (by the way, lisinopril never controlled my bp). Since my doctor didn't take me off the medicine despite complaints of numerous side effects nor the fact that my bp was still uncontrolled, I went to see a cardiologist who listened to all of the side effects that I had experienced and took me off that medicine the same day without any weening.

Today, I take way less medicine and a much safer medicine too without any noticeable side effects. I'm pretty sure that the water pill that I am taking is safe for pregnant women. My blood pressure is now under control and has been for about a year. I do not exercise regularly like I should, but I do watch how I eat and I have lost 10 pounds. I started out needing the water pill 2x/day, but now I only need it once/day. I monitor my bp regularly at home daily. My goal is to get off the medicine entirely (even though my doctors said that this will be a lifelong condition for me). My average bp is about 108/78.

If a medicine does not agree with you, see your doctor and request to get off of it as there are numerous medications out there for blood pressure. You know your body better than anyone else, including doctors. Don't land yourself in the hospital, suffer with side effects, possibly end of with new medical problems that require more drugs, or worse.... Participate in your health care. Medicine affects everyone differently due to DNA! Just because a medicine works for one person doesn't mean that it will work for another. Take care of yourself.


I can relate to what you have gone through completely. I was put on Lisinopril in Jan. 2012 I experienced severe stomach cramping and vomiting to the point where I was rolling on the floor in agony. The Doctor said it was most likely the flu but started me on two different antibiotics thinking it may be bacteria related.

A few weeks later I had another severe stomach cramping and vomiting attack and went back to the ER. I was given IV pain meds and a CT scan showed small intestine inflammation partially blocking off my bowel. I was sent home but returned the next day with 10/10 pain. The doctor looked said that all the tests have been done and there was nothing he could do. Sent me home with pain medication.

A few weeks later I was admitted to the hospital with increased small intestine inflammation and another blockage. I vomited and dry heaved for 12 hours. I was released 4 days layer. None of the doctors made a connection with Lisinopril. I was told I most likely had Crohns disease. Colonoscopy was negative for Crohns. Underwent extensive lab tests and all were negative. Gallbladder and endoscopy performed. Three more ER visits.

2 months of missed work and I finally found several other people claiming similar symptoms while taking Lisinopril. I stopped the medication and have not had any more attacks. It has been 1.5 months now. My Doctor is using me as a case study. If you look on the PubMed research site you can see research done on Lisinopril and intestinal angioedema. There are at least 46 other cases documented.

I believe part of the problem is that people do not relate their symptoms to Lisinopril because it is not a listed side effect.

Wow! I think you are the ONLY other person on this site that has had the same symptoms as me!!! I feel your pain trust me. That is the WORST pain I have ever had in my life...even worse than labor. I was a case study too. Did you end up w/ any blood level issues afterwards? That was just as scary for me. It was ridiculous how many tests I had done and they couldn't figure it out. You are right when you say nobody attributes this to the medication because it's a very rare side effect and is not listed. I had to actually look up the exact words "intestinal angioedema Lisinopril" in order to find it. It came up right away too. Glad you are doing better. I had told my hairdresser what was going on w/ me (because I had to cancel an appointment AND she could see how much weight I lost) and don't you know she had just been put on Lisinopril and had the same thing started to happen to her. She told her docs it was the medication and they didn't believe her. She insisted it was and told them she knew about what happened to me and she made them take her off it. Within days she was fine. I think ALL side effects should be listed whether they are minor or major because THIS side effect is certainly major. My docs were even considering removing the inflamed part of my intestine at one point.

I am 48 years old and in good health with the exception of having high blood pressure. Approx 2 years ago I was put on 12mg Lisinopril. My blood pressure decreased and I wasn't having any side effects from it. In October of last year I started having severe chest pains. It felt like I had an elephant on my chest and if I could just rip my chest apart I could relieve some of the pressure. I went to a cardiologist and had numerous tests run, but they found nothing wrong with my heart.

I followed up after that with my regular doctor and she increased my Lisinopril because my blood pressure was still not where she thought it should be. She put me on Lisinopril-HCTZ 20-12.5mg. My blood pressure went to normal levels. I have always been a fairly active person, love to be outside and love to walk in the evenings. I have gotten to where all I want to do when I get in from work is sit in my chair. I have no energy at all and find myself sleeping more than normal. Well, on 8-7-12 I woke up about 3:30 in the morning and noticed my bottom lip was swelling. I didn't think too much about it until it started getting larger.

By 5:00 the swelling had gone into my face and into my neck. I put an ice pack on it, and took some benedryl, but noticed when I took the benedryl it was hard for me to swallow. My husband and I looked at my throat and made the decision to go to the ER (thinking they would give me a shot and send me home, WRONG). They took me straight back and started me on medication and informed me they would be admitting me to the ICU and if the swelling continued in my throat they would have to put a breathing tube in or possibly have to do a tracheotomy.

My husband and I were horrified. They explained it was a side effect of the Lisinopril. A side effect I was not aware of. Thank God, my throat did not completely swell shut, but needless to say it was terrifying. I'm thankful my episode did not turn out like some of them I have been reading about. I was blessed this time.

I was reading some of the comments posted and some of the additional items listed I have also experienced, but had no idea it was due to this drug. My husband is also taking it or should I say WAS taking it. A friend of mine is also on it and has been having major issues with his kidneys. He has been in the hospital several times over the past few months.

Someone needs to be held accountable for the suffering all of us are having to endure because of this drug.

This is a concern of mine and wonder if you have had any input on the subject. I have been on 10mg of lisinopril for 6 months with every side effect. The doctor has taken me off this drug and I am still having problems. I have been told if one stops taking the drug, the side effects worsen but, like you can find nothing on the web regarding this.

I posted here some time ago but thought I'd update - I had an extremely strong, but rare reaction to Lisinopril but also I think in combination with the Hctz. Severe asthma, pneumonia, etc. I'm still not sure my doc believes they were related to the drugs. Since stopping the meds (switched to Spirolactone) my breathing is better, no more pneumonia, but it has left me with a continuing inflammatory condition which produces easily 4 days a week of excessive phlegm production.

I am working on anti-inflammtory options: diet, advil, etc. and am moderately better now - it's over a year since stopping the meds and I am still dealing with this. Others posting - please don't decide, because you had a fine experience with this drug, that other people who don't are doing something "wrong" (comments about exercise, diet, etc.) Medications are powerful tools - they can save our lives - but they have effects. We HAVE to trust our experiences on them.

I have been taking this Lisinopril 40mg and I had to look at what have me dreaming. I dream every single night and some I remember and some I don't but I took my time tonight to look and one of the side effects is dreaming. I am tired because of the dreaming and the frequent getting up to use the restroom. I have a Dr. appt. this week and I have to mention it I wake up tired because I don't have a peaceful mind when I sleep. I am over weight and I think the getting up every two hours to go to the restroom and the dreaming is part of the dam problem. I hope for a better nights sleep once I change this medication.

Not sure if this is the case for you but my aunt had a really bad case of bronchitis but the cough lingered for over a year. She would cough up tons of phlegm. Her pulmonary doctor blamed her cough on her BP med and her internist disagreed but changed her BP meds a couple of times with no relief.

I took her to another pulmonary doctor. He LISTENED to her entire recent history and without an exam he knew what it was. She had Bronchiectasis and within a month she had her life back! Ask your doctor if this could be the case for you. Hopefully he/she will LISTEN to you the way my aunt's new doctor listened to her...actually LISTENING to and HEARING your patients can make all the difference in the world. It did for my aunt!

Thanks, vf - that's interesting. I'm reading the symptoms of the disorder you suggest - they are more extreme than mine, but I'll continue to pursue... I really did see a difference once I got off the medication - but I'm still dealing with lingering effects. It sounds like a nasty disease - so glad your aunt is doing better!

I have been on Lisinopril-HCTZ20-12.5, but in the last few months it was increased to 20-25. Recently, I went to the ER twice believing I was having a heart attack or stroke. All tests showed absolutely no problems with veins or arteries anywhere in my body. The hospital cardiologist changed the medication to 20-12.5 twice each day. Doctors simply keep increasing dosage.

Over a very long period, I have been experiencing the following symptoms:

dry cough, post nasal drip, total weakness, persistent nausea, diarrhea, chest pain, chills, feeling of trouble swallowing, increased heart rate, PANIC ATTACKS, thirst, vomiting, tingling in left arm and hand, pulsing headache in the back left side of head

How can I possibly get help and find someone to listen?

this med has lowered my pressure but.....
I have the continuous dry cough, frequent headache, nausea, severe muscle cramps in my feet and the front of my legs, nasal congestion, dry mouth. My muscles in my neck hurt much more than they did.

Wish there was something better.

Stop taking lisnopril....! I had all the same problems and was fine before I took it.

I would rather die than feel like that again. It has taken me 4 months to finally feel normal after only being on them 3 months. Docs don't believe anything just think we are sensitive. The pharmacists know more than med Drs.. Start exercising (walk, walk, walk) and truly pay attention to using limited sodium in your diet.

I started using ceylon cinnamon (pure stuff) and raw-unpasteurized honey purchase only in good health food stores. 1 tablespoon with a 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon - 3 times a day. It's a miracle herb for everything. Read up on this on the web — lots of amazing info. My oral surgeon told me about this because I need a procedure and could not take antibiotics — it worked like a miracle with no side effects.

I think every FDA employee and doctor should be forced to take the drugs they give people that make our life a living nightmare of health problems.

Feel better.... and fyi I did not have any problems when I stopped the drug cold turkey.


Glad you're off lisinopril! It about did me in!

Question: are you saying the cinnamon and honey helped your high blood pressure? I know that cinnamon helps diabetes, and honey is just plain good for you.

Thanks very much!

I have been on lisinopril for years at 2.5 mg. I was advised by my Dr to take 10mg. In the last two months I have been getting bad leg cramps every night and now have a strong ringing in my right ear. Coincidence?? I don't think so.

I have been on this drug for 8 months for HBP {200/100} 20mg. I have had most of these side effects. The one side effect I have not seen posted here is shingles. I have had them on my face and this is also a rare side effect. Has anyone else had this problem?
Stopped taking nearly a week ago and feel a little better. How long will this last?

Let me be another to hop on the anti-Lisinopril express. Although, to be fair, I have to say that I can't be SURE that my symptoms have to do with the drug.

I began taking 10mg of it back in March '12, and it worked just the way the doc wanted it to. My BP has always been "borderline high" no matter where I would take it (usually in the 140's over something in the low to mid 90's.) When I turned 45 this year, I thought maybe it was time I try to lower it becuz who knows what effect it's having on my heart always being that high.... PLUS, I'm a typically "keyed up" person by nature. I didn't want to resort to medication, but I didn't see it dropping any other way.

So... doc puts me on 10mg/day, and voila!, consistent readings in the 120's over 80's.

I was very happy.

Then some time in September I developed pain/discomfort in a concentrated area in my right upper abdomen. Doc sends me for Ultrasound, Colonoscopy, EGD. Ultrasound=Normal. EGD "did" come back w/something consistent with "erosive gastritis," but that doc wasn't ready to attribute my ab issue to that. Well, a few weeks ago, I started to also develop a discomfort under my rib area on my LEFT ab. It's dull kind of "something's pushing on me down there" type of discomfort. I also recently had a CT scan of the pelvis/ab, which came back "normal."

I'm beyond frustrated that no one can point to a specific cause (gall bladder is one thing that hasn't been thoroughly checked w/HIDA scan) becuz my doc thinks that with the discomfort being my ONLY symptom, it's pretty unlikely. (I don't notice anything feeling differently around meal time or afterwards whatsoever.) Mine is off and on all day/night.

Just looking to see if anyone else may have something similar to me (pretty much just the annoying discomfort/"pain" under both rib areas.

I realize anything can happen to the body at any time for a number of reasons, but the one thing that's different in my life this year is the taking of Lisinopril.

I started taking Lisinopril June 2010 and within 5 days of starting I had to go to the ER w/ severe pain in my stomach w/ vomiting. It felt like my food was stuck. I have a description on here of what I went through so I don't want to re-type ALL of it. Basically I was in and out of the hospital w/ all of the above tests (including HIDA scan) as well as 3 different endoscopies. My intestine was swelling shut but they couldn't figure out why.

I was diagnosed with "intestinal angioedema" which is an extremely rare but VERY severe allergic reaction and was attributed to the Lisinopril. As soon as I discontinued it I began to get better. Have the docs check this out for you. Endocscopy showed the swelling as well as the CT. Even though your CT may have been normal that doesn't mean you don't have at least SOME swelling in there. Look for my entry from March 1, 2011 and see if this helps you.

Just took the first (and the last pill of 10mg lisinopril). First came bloating and gassy reaction and then... thought would die from severe stomach ache. My wife was at the friend's house - so I left the note to sue the manufacturer in case of my death (was a bit dramatic - but this was how I felt). Now it is 3 am and I am reading about the similar side effects - will probably survive the night :-(


I was on Lisinopril for a few years (4 or 5 maybe), last May I ended up in the ER with severe abdominal pain and vomiting. After a CAT scan, I was diagnosed with Intestinal angioedema and spent the next 2 days as an inpatient (thanks to a GI specialist that happened to be at the hospital, they discovered it was caused by Lisinopril.) However, the year before, I ended up in the ER with severe abdominal pain that was diagnosed as diverticulitis, (now, I am not so sure that it was.....) but I am now sure it was also related to the Lisinopril.

For a few years, I also had severe pain and bloating with my menstrual cycle that could not be diagnosed. Now that I am off Lisinopril, I no longer have painful periods. I cannot find any information anywhere that links Lisinopril and menstruation, but I know that my pain was related to the med. So, add me to the list of Lisinopril / intestinal angioedema side effect patients!

I'm a 51 year-old white male, 20-30 lbs overweight.

I saw my doctor on 10/16/12 to check my BP and ask him to switch me off Norvasc 20mg (I was having heavy side effects, but that's another story). BP in his office was 140/90, borderline high. Stopped the Norvasc and started 10mg of Lisinopril daily, along with Atenolol 25mg (2x daily) which I had already been taking for many years with no issues. I've been taking the Lisinopril at 7am, followed by the Atenolol at 11am and the second dose of Atenolol at 11pm. Also take 0.5mg Klonopin 1x or 2x a day for anxiety.

First 2-3 weeks on Lisinopril, really NO major side effects except a slight dry cough, slight swelling and occasional chills. Initially, my pressure went down to 130/69 by the 3rd day and my pulse dropped from 60 to 50. But since then, I've averaged around 145/75. For me, that's not enough of a drop to keep enduring the side effects I've now developed.

Over the past week or so, I've started having much more pronounced issues:
- feel as though I can't take a full deep breath
- cold hands virtually all the time
- lots of phlegm and feeling like there's a lump in my throat
- increased anxiety (despite the fact I take Klonopin)
- brain fog and forgetfulness
- slightly blurry vision with everything seeming darker to me, even in sunlight
- legs feel heavy, swollen and weak, especially on the back of my thighs
- increased swelling on both my hands and feet
- swollen feeling on both sides of neck

Finally, on Friday (11/16/12), I felt a weird tingling on the left side of face, centered near my temple and extending from the top of my head down to my jaw. Also developed swelling under both eyes, along with a dull headache on my left side. After reading this thread and another on a different site, I'm convinced it's the Lisinopril. I skipped the Lisinopril Saturday morning, side effects still there but slightly less pronounced. It's now Sunday morning and I skipped the Lisinopril again. My face is still slightly swollen and tingly in the same areas but somewhat less than it was on Friday and Saturday, so it seems to be abating. And my legs are starting to feel better.

This recent episode - along with the other increased side effects AND the fact my BP has not come down to where I'd like it to be anyway - was the final straw for me. I'm calling my doctor on Monday for a new plan. BP today has gone up slightly: 154/80. But at this point I'm ok with having a slight temporary rise instead of these nasty side effects!

Hi everyone,

I am a 53 year old male (180lbs, 5'8") that has been on Lisinopril-HCTC 20/25 MG (1 per day) for about 2 years.
My main concern is my leg and arm muscles are extremely fatigued and weak all the time.
Muscle functions and nerves work but it's like the muscles are at the end of a long race and are wiped out (even when getting up in the morning).

All the tests (MRI's, Cat Scans, Treadmill, blood tests, calf biopsy) have all turned up NORMAL.
All the doctors are stumped.

Could this be from the Lisinopril-HCTC??
(the doctors say highly unlikely).


A brief history for me with Lisinopril is that I was put on 20mg dose about 3.5 yrs ago. Within 3 Days, I had broken out with Hives (Never having any allergies previous). I stopped taking the medication after day three and was told that the hives could last up to 6 weeks as it took that long for the lisinopril got out of my system. Today (3.5 years later), I am on a bunch of medications trying to keep the hives at bay (which still breakout every once and a while) - oh ya did I mention 3.5 yrs after being off the medication.

Anyone want to trade hives stories, or who have had the same reaction but finally got it out of the system, I'm willing to try just about anything. Feel free to comment.

Mark B


I have a brother that also has been on Lisinopril for about 3 yrs as well. I tried to talk him out of it after my experience, but some interesting and strange things have happened to him. He is 39, works out, good diet - basically doing everything right. in the past 3 years, he has had two muscle/skeletal problems. One was a ligament that holds the bicep to the forearm broke. Very strange because he wasn't doing much at the time to warrant a ligament snapping in his arm. Then he had a herniated disk in his back just recently with also some degeneration in his vertebra at L4 and L5. He is now off the Lisisopril and trying other means to address his BP

We read somewhere that the lisinopril can affect the body like that (weaenking muscles). I just cant remember where now. If I get a chance, I will go back and try to find the study. Either way, I would be suspicious of it being at least a contributing factor to the problems you are having. Depending on the rest of your story, perhaps see if there isn't another BP alternative.

I'm not a Dr, but after reading the almost 4 years of testimony above, might not be a bad thing to seek lower BP with another product. That would be the route I would take for myself personally. Mark B

Thanks Mark,
I wil see my dr. tomorrow and talk to her about this.

Can you please find that study on the weakening of the muscles?

I have only been on sandoz- Lisinopril for five days. I am very tired all the time. I'm also experiencing anxiety. I was on verapamil previously for a week and it gave me depression! I feel like a hypocondriac running back to my Dr. but this drug although reducing my pressure has these side effects. She told me depression wasn't one, but I had such overwhelming anxiety today, it's ridiculous. I realize she wants to bring my pressure down as it was 188/110 but is there not a drug that doesn't cause side effects? My husband is on Diovan and seems to be doing well.

has anyone else experienced anxiety on this drug?

I have been taking a generic lisinopril, 20 mg, for 4 1/2 years. My last prescription was a generic from a different manufacturer and within one day I was in the ER with bp 240/110. The next day my Dr. told me to double up on the dosage. Since then my bp is around 170/90. I called the pharmacy and asked them about the change in generics and, typical of today's mis-informed pharmacists, she told me that there is no difference between name brand or any generics. Has any one else had issues with generics lisinopril made by Watson?

I am a 23 year old male recently diagnosed with familial dilated cardiomyopathy. I am on 25 mg metaprolol (toprol xl generic) and 10 mg lisinopril. This is the first day I have taken the lisinopril at an increased 10 mg dose (as opposed to the 5mg I was on before) and the side effects became almost immediately intolerable. I feel like I have had the flu for weeks now. This drug is NOT right for me and from the looks of it, it's not right for a lot of people. Reading this site has me ready to contact my doctor tomorrow and let him know I will not be taking this drug at this dose any longer.

All of you please go to the FDA website and report your adverse reactions if you really want your adverse reactions placed on the prescription papers which are given to all patients. This way, anyone who is prescribed this drug will know what problems it may cause. Because right now, the side effects that is listed mostly is cough which is so untrue because there are far more adverse complaints that this drug causes but because people are not going to the FDA website and reporting their problems so that it will be listed, nothing is being done or reported.

All you have to do is go on this website and it asks you your medical history and medications and reactions to them and your name age and it will be listed. The more complaints they get the better. Hope you all get better and make clear choices about your health. Best wishes.

Hello guys,

I ma glad I discovered this site. All the side effects of lisinopril described in textbooks are listed in the posts here. Well, I was diagnosed with high BP a year ago and was put on atenolol and HTZ that I took until three weeks ago. Unfortunately these two meds failed to lower my BP, which remained around 155/905. Other than that the med were without any side effects

For two weeks and half now, I have been on this famous lisinopril 5 mg and HTZ 25 mg. The problem started the very first day on this drug. I took it around noon during my lunch and within less than an hour after later lunch...diarrhea with abdominal cramps. I though the salad I bought for lunch was bad. I went to the bathroom a couple of times. From day 2 up to this day (Two weeks total), it is constipation and bowel full of gas.

The blood pressure had gone down and to 130/80 but now without some damage.

Now the worst stuff: 1) I developed an ECZEMA-like skin rash (on my stomach and in the genital area and a little down on the inner side of my laps) that is so itchy that I can't even sleep. I am a light-skinned African American, but just in two weeks the skin had become so dark and that it looks unbelievable. Embarrassing if you have to scratch the genital area in public. Applying cortisone has not helped so far.

2) FREQUENT URINATION both at night and during the day. 3) for two days now my I am having BLURRY VISION even with my glasses, which is likely due to frequent urination and dehydration of the lens that cannot focus.

The funny thing? I am a doctor myself with a different specialty and of course I am calling my physician tomorrow. I will keep you all posted.

I'm new to Lisinopril. Started it 4 days ago. Have started experiencing extreme anxiety. Haven't slept in 4 nights as well. Coughing.

Believe me Lisinopril is not for everyone, including me. I finally have my doctor convinced I can not take an Ace drug and am now on a calcium channel blocker plus a beta blocker and hctz. Lisinoril did nothing for my systolic pressure and gave me all kinds of side effects. I blame my gall bladder problem on it. I had that removed in November.

Three weeks ago my Doctor bumped up my Lisinopril dosage to 40mg from 20mg, that was on a Wednesday. That weekend I had the bad stomach cramps and bloating. Its been three weeks now and no change in the symptoms. I have had no loss of appetitie, just severe intestinal cramps. I thought it was due to a constant sinus drip I was experiencing, but that usually subsides after a few days. I am seeing my doctor tomorrow to ask about a different BP med, or to stop taking the Lisinopril for a few days to see if it is the cause. I will repost if there is a connection, or at least with a follow up of what was found. Constipated too

Yes please check w/ your doctor ASAP. I was started on Lisinopril June 9-10 (can't remember which day exactly) in 2010 and by Tuesday the 15th I was heading to the hospital from throwing up and SEVERE abdominal pain. I had several other hospitalizations and issues as well. I posted my story on March 1, 2011. Please read and see if you have any of the same symptoms. This was the worst pain I've EVER experienced in my life and I've been in labor before.

I take lisinopril/hctz, atenolol for BP as well as simvastatin for cholesterol and I've noticed that after I sit for a brief time at work I have a lot of muscle pain when I go back to work. I'd read that the statin drugs can have this effect but I'm beginning to wonder if maybe it is the lisinopril/hctz that's really the culprit.

Others have noted an intolerance to alcohol and I can bear witness to this as I've had to limit my intake of alcohol. I had a few beers after work a few nights ago and I was flat drunk before I realized it. I'm a 6'1 235 male who has dropped 55 lbs since Aug of 2012. My Dr has told me that if I stay the course I might be able to go off meds altogether and I'm hoping this is the case as I don't want to be locked into a life of dependency on these drugs.

My partner had high cholesterol and was put on statins but after reading about them he decided not to take them. He told his Gp this, his GP agreed it was ok not to take them but he had to try to get the level down by a combination of diet and supplements. He reduced his weight took cod liver oil (the orange flavoured ones are the best) also used benecol and other brands of margarine and drinks every day. Also he took anti oxidant multi vitamin every day. This combination of thing reduced his cholesterol by half. From 5.9 to 2.5.

I have been taking lisinopril/hctz for about two years now and the dry mouth and side effects are unacceptable to me. I have been researching natural supplements for high BP, cholesterol and diabetes. The supplement CQ10 (Kirkland 300 mg) seems to be a viable alternative for all three ailments. Please do some research on CQ10 it may work for you. Kirkland is the COSTCO brand.

I am going to eliminate the lisinopril/hctz and diabetes medication (I take a low dose) next week for a trial period. I will personally monitor my BP and sugar levels on a daily basis while taking the CQ10. I am willing to take the risk to get off these medications. I don't think our doctors do enough research into side effects, prescribe drugs too freely, and are unwilling to consider natural alternative supplements. We need to help ourselves and stand up to big Pharma with all their expensive drugs. Have you noticed how many "drug representatives" visit your doctor's office while you are sitting there waiting for your appointment?

I'll write back with some updates.

I've been taking this for 8 years started out terrible but now have same dose and dry cough. Normal blood pressure at 61 yrs old.

I was prescribed Lisinopril-HTZ 20 two weeks ago for high blood pressure... I am 47 years old and have been healthy and active all my life...In fact, I am an aerobic instructor and have been for the past 16 years, don't smoke and drink very little... Both my parents have HB pressure so it was no surprise to me that I also have it.. All I can say is blah...This medicine has made me feel absolutely horrible to the point where I had to call off work today.. I feel so tired that I cannot even move, the nausea is horrible to the point where I can hardly eat and if I do I feel almost worse to the point of so much gas and bloating..

I think at this time I would rather have the HB pressure then feel like this everyday.. The doctor said stick it out, that the side effects should subside as my body adjusts to it but I just can't take it and trust me; I have a very high tolerance for pain... I can't function day to day like that I have too many things coming up in life to not feel myself.. I went off it yesterday, still feel crappy today, hoping that I feel better in a day or so, I will advise my doctor that I have stopped.

I too have have muscle weakness and leg cramping and asked dr to take me off Lisinopril. My cough has now stopped after 2 weeks but muscles still affected. How did your muscles fare after stopping?

I have had it high for 42y. Nothing has worked. I was put on this med in 2011 and now I think of what I have read I think it has done more than I know. Went into er and it was high so they (the doc) sent me to another doc he put me on it and told me I was a in bad shape. I have had been on 20 they put me on 40 still no help then I had a pon stroke and was in hospital for 3 mo. (do not know if this was y they cannot say) and they could see was not doing no good but kept me on it. when I got out the added another med still high. I am stopping it as of today I think I am better off not taking it going to go natural. Have had a lot of health things going on since they put me on it. use to be a live and well. Like to know what natural one works.

I too had your experience. I took 5 mg per day. After 3 days, my stools started becoming loose. This increased to cramps at about day 5. Woke up at 4 AM with severe cramps and diarrhea about day 8. Stopped taking drug at day 10. I have now been off the drug for 20 days but the diarrhea persists. Not sure how long this stays in your system but I read one persons account who said that after stopping the drug, his diarrhea was still going on after 5 months!!! Hope mine clears up faster than that.

My husband began taking Lisinopril-HCTZ 20-25 MG 2 months ago. Initially, he didn't have but one side effect, and that was sinus drainage into his throat causing a very annoying cough. I commented to him several times that he needed to contact his doctor and switch BP medication, but he kept assuring me that the side effect was tolerable and he was worried switching to a new med may come with worse side effects.

About two weeks ago, my husband started noticing he would get dizzy when it was close to dosing time or if he was a little late in taking it. Still not a bad enough side effect to risk changing to another med with worse side effects.

Then earlier this week (maybe a little longer), he started coughing constantly, complaining of mucus draining in the back of his throat, a bad sore throat, headache, body aches and tiredness. Kind of like the flu with allergies all rolled up in one. I got him some Zyrtec D which hasn't helped one hill of beans. In fact, he is getting worse daily. His blood pressure is normal now, but he is not. He just turned 47 years old and is NEVER sick. He gets a cold once in a blue moon (in the 25 years we have been married, he's had the flu maybe 3 or 4 times) and other than a few kidney stones over the years, he is the picture of health.

As healthy as he is, we were really surprised to learn he had high BP in the first place. He has decided to stop taking this med and call his dr to get a new one, but he is worried about dizziness if he doesn't wean off (since he gets dizzy when it is close to dosing time). Does anyone know if these little pills can be cut in half to make 10-12.5 (full pill is 20-25? We would call the DR and ask, but it is the weekend and my husband is in agony and waiting until Monday is not an option as he never complains but he is now, which tells me, he feels horrible!!!

Sorry for writing a novel, and thank you to anyone who can help make this dilemma shorter.

I've used Lisinopril about 10 years and when I started I had the worst "tickle" in my throat that kept me coughing like crazy. However, my blood pressure readings became exactly what we wanted on it. When I went to the doctor he recommended we try other B.P. medications to get away from all the coughing, as he said it was a side affect of Lisinopril. We tried about 5 different ones but none lowered my blood pressure and all of them had way worse side effects than coughing. So we went back to the Lisinopril because Doctor said he'd rather I had a cough over a stroke.

He said to take an allergy pill with it and that helped some. Over the years the tickle went away even without allergy medications. Blood pressure is controlled and I feel little to no side effects at all.

Sand, I have the same experience you have been describing. I take Lisinopril. When I lay, as soon as I start to relax, I feel that shaking from inside and reeving up. I have been experiencing muscle tension, cramping and pain to the point that my joints pop. Involves all muscles and quite debilitating. Have you found out for certain if this is the Lisinopril causing the problem?

Okay! Since my last reply on May 11th, my husband has stopped this medication completely. He had to because the flu like symptoms and cough were beyond intolerable! It has been 3 weeks now since his last pill and he STILL has the annoying cough every single evening and all through the night. And during the day, a little tickle, but the cough is only in the evening and night. The same side effect as when he was taking the Lisinopril so it is just taking awhile to get out of his system apparently. He still has to go and get a new BP med, but so far, his BP isn't too awful high since stopping, but that cough! YIKES- it is annoying to me and I only have to listen to it. I can only imagine what it must be like for him!

I have been taking lisinopril 5mg for about 6 weeks for high BP. After about a week I developed a dry cough, figured I was getting sick so went to the Dr. And took antibiotics for 10 days along with prescription cough meds... They did not help after two more weeks still coughing all night and having to sleep on the couch so I didn't wake up my husband, I started having severe migraines along with neck pain... Ended up in the ER getting a shot for migraine, four days later still coughing, head hurts can't move my neck... back to Dr.... now they think it may be a side effect from the Lisinopril, apparently it can cause a cough, migraines, and intensify arthritis, stopped taking it several days ago, still feeling miserable, neck MRI scheduled for this week. Wondering if anyone else has experienced these type of side effects?

Hi J Light, YES! Others have experienced the same side effects you explained in your post. Please read my comments from May 11th and June 4th of this year. My husband has been off of this medicine now for 2 months and he finally only stopped the nagging cough about 2 weeks ago completely.

He also had the flu like symptoms (body aches, headache, neck pain etc...) way past stopping the medication. He said he would take his chances with high BP until he can get a new med, he couldn't take it any more. And I really think that if he hadn't stopped when he did, his side effects would have gotten worse and worse because they were quickly worsening when he decided to stop.

I hope that you don't have to put up with the annoying side effects too much longer. It takes quite awhile after stopping the Lisinopril for them to stop completely. :(

Best wishes!

I am 47 year old male and I took this drug for 2 years. My family doc told me it was "well tolerated by everyone". I had an annoying cough within a week after starting it. Then I developed muscle aches that have become severe and constant chills. My doc kept prescribing more meds for each new symptom, he still told me "it is well tolerated by everyone".

In January I went to urgent care with a stomach virus where I told the urgent care doc about my symptoms. He advised me to research lisinopril side effects. So I fired my family doc and stopped lisinopril on February 7 within 2 weeks all of the symptoms disappeared except the muscle pains. They may be permanent.

My new doc can't find anything wrong but I still have pains. The really bad part is my BP dropped to a 3 month avg of 126/81 after stopping lisinopril. Beware of this med!

I've only been taking 5mg Lisinopril once a day, in the morning, for 4 days/doses. I am experiencing a constant day long 'hot flash' w/ lots of sweating, dry mouth, rough throat, basic lack of energy. This is not at all what my 58 year old Caucasian/female lifestyle is about. I have a call into the doc...not answer back yet.

I was put on Lisinopril the end of Feb. had headaches and thought it was my sinuses. By the middle of April I began feeling very ill with a constant low grade fever blurred vision, muscle aches, flu like symptoms and feeling generally ill. As I had triple bypass surgery a year before, this really scared me. I started looking up the side effects of this drug and to my surprise, fever was on the list.

I immediately called my pharmacist and asked if it was a common side effect and he said he had seen it several times and to contact my doctor immediately which I did. He told me to stop taking it right away. Within two days the muscle pain and blurred vision got better but it has be five days now and am still running this low grade fever and awful headache.

Has anyone else experienced a fever while taking Lisinopril. I feel like I am never going to feel ok again. Very depressing.

Yes it can.. I had the same issue when I was on it... I was actually taken by ambulance one of the times becuz it was so bad.. I'm no longer on lisinopril.. had my bp med changed.. I would never tell anyone to take this med it's horrible.

I have been taking Lisinopril for about 3 episode of breathing difficulty, but oddly, I have lost my voice. Can only whisper. Can this drug effect your voice box? Is it permanent? Happened to anyone else? I stopped taking this drug last difference yet

Hey Allan or anyone here, how long is it taking for side effects to go away after stopping this drug?

Hi Steve,
My husband didn't get rid of the last of the nasty side effects of this medicine for a whole 6 weeks, and to be honest, even 2 months after stopping, every now and then he will still have that nagging cough that he NEVER had before starting Lisinopril!!!! The only bad thing is that he is scared to death to start any other bp medicine since he had such bad side effects with this one and I've been checking his BP when he gets a headache and it has been as high as 155/105. I've got to get him to trust trying a new medication- and soon!

After my ordeal w/ Lisinopril (intestinal angioedema) my doctor put me on Amlodipine. I've been on that almost 3 years and have had absolutely no problems. My story is posted above I believe in November 2010 if you would like to read it. I had tried HCTZ before the Lisinopril and had the WORST shakes, sweating, etc. and then the Lisinopril made me think I was going to die so I was definitely scared to try another medication but I do just fine w/ this one. Have your hubby talk to his doc and see if Amlodipine is an option for him.

Sorry it was March 2011 that I wrote my comment. I don't think I have even read another story like mine. Most people get the nagging cough. My dad did and he discontinued the medication.

My wife took Lisinopri for 6 weeks. She stopped taking it 8 weeks ago and she is still having bad muscle pain. She has a good day and then two bad unbearable days of pain. She had her tongue swell twice but we beat that with Echinacia. But she keeps having bad days of muscle pain. Is anyone else having this and has anyone gotten over the symptoms after they stopped taking Lisinopri. She is very worried this is never going to stop.

I took 10mg of Lisinopril for 2 weeks and then was put on 15mg. and have been on that for almost 2 weeks. I started with the dry cough almost immediately and then my back started aching. The doctors assistant said the cough was a side effect of the meds but the back pain was not. The back pain has progressively gotten worse and I now have sciatica and other muscle pain has gotten so bad that this morning I quit taking these pills. I wish I had checked this site before taking this medication. I would have tied the backache to the meds a lot sooner.

this is my second month taking this medication. my hair is falling out quickly but the insomnia is bad, I stay awake for hours at night. the worst of it is the nervousness, I am biting my nails and inner cheeks along with eating more. I have gained 13 pounds in the 2 months I have been taking this medication. I am not overweight, but as a diabetic, the weight gain is a source of concern. I will wean myself off of it and call my dr. I am done with this medication.

Thanks for sharing that Christie, and I'm so sorry that you had to go through so much unnecessary stuff during your reaction to the lisinopril. Hubby started a new medication called Atenolol 50 mg and stayed on it for about 3 weeks and then weaned off of it because the side effects of it were bad too. IF I can talk him into asking about another medication at the Dr- I will have him ask about your amlodipine. Right now he wants to just try to lower it naturally so we are doing some lifestyle changes. It would be great if we can lower it naturally and stick with our new changes. We'll see!

Thanks again!

I've recently started the 5-2 diet to help get blood pressure and cholesterol under control. This diet requires that for two non-consecutive days each week women should limit consumption to 500 calories and men to 600 hundred calories. Any thing can be eaten the other five days.

Within two weeks my blood pressure, upon waking, went from an average 145/79 to 109/61. I still take lisinopril after taking my blood pressure but am planning on discontinuing this if blood pressure remains low. As for atenolol, I was taking that for about two years and while exercising, I felt strange. I finished my work out and took my blood pressure, which I do after every workout, and it was 75/42 with a pulse rate of 40.

The next day my G/P told me to stop taking lisinopril and sent me to a cardiologist who told to continue lisinopril but stop the atenolol. Apparently the way atenolol lowers blood pressure is by slowing the heart rate. I feel that both of these drugs aren't the safest things to take.

Hi, Mary!

I SO feel your pain! I've been there!

This is my post from 2011:

"Kathleen | March 11, 2010 10:47 PM | Reply
I want to alert everyone to what happened to me when I took lisinopril. Within two or three hours of taking the first pill, I woke up from taking a nap screaming in pain. This had never before happened to me. I had a vicious attack of sciatica, also for the first time. I didn't immediately relate it to Lisinopril. I was under pressure to bring my blood pressure down because I was having an operation in ten days.

However, after a month of terrifying pain, I stopped taking Lisinopril. Initially, I felt better, but unfortunately, the sciatica had already been triggered. To further complicate the situation, my computer monitor decided it was the perfect time to conk out. I was able to replace it in a month and found the web site Doctor Yourself in another month (that's three months total of literally being disabled). Under their tab Back Pain at the bottom of the page, they give a protocol of taking Vitamin C for sciatica.
I was completely out of pain in six days! What I didn't realize was that back pain that I had been experiencing for the last five years was a precursor to the sciatica that Lisinopril triggered. I haven't had ANY back pain since. This is truly miraculous.

I wish all of you the best of health. You can figure it out. My first test before trying anything is, "Is it safe?" Check it out thoroughly. If it isn't safe, I don't try it. Period. The second is, "Is it readily available?" Finally, "Is it reasonably priced?" The best of everything to all of you."

The only change is that on the Doctor Yourself web site, they have put the sciatica information under another tab. Just search for sciatica on that site. The specific testimony that I'm referring to is at the bottom of the page.

My experience is that it gets much worse without Vitamin C.

Let us know how you're doing.


I started taking 5mg of lisinopril once a day for borderline high bp about a year ago. I have had a nagging cough, enlarged tongue and hoarseness for some time.

Early june I came down with diarrea that would not go away. My doctor ran tests and prescribed Lomotil which helped.

Then about a month ago I developed a rash, became adversely affected by the sun and had a very bad pin's and needle's sensation on my skin. I was dehydrated and exhausted.

I went to another doctor who had a full abdominal sonogram done that was negative.

I went to still another doctor (a woman this time) and after talking with me for about 5 minutes she recommended I stop taking lisinopril. I was better from day one. Now the rash is gone, I have my strength back and my bowell's are normal.

This was 9 days ago and I am symptom free. I am 70 and only take two med's (one now) and feel like a real idiot for not figuring this out myself. Be careful with even small doses of this med it's not for everyone.

My blood pressure was always normal, until I had to have a double mastectomy some years back. I resisted going on medication for it, but the Dr insisted. Since then many things health related started happening. It was attributed to changes after cancer and chemotherapy. My allergies have gotten so bad, no medications continue to work after a few months. My asthma had gotten so bad, I had to start using an inhaler everyday and I had to start using a nebulizer.

My sleep patterns were so bad, that I had to be put on prescription sleeping pills. My depression took a nose dive into the toilet! Before Cancer I took 1 pill, after Cancer I was on 11.

I convinced the Dr about 8 months back to take me off Lisinopril. Things didn't feel any different. Then about 2 months ago, I got another part time job. I loved it! Busy again and making my own money. My ankles/legs started swelling around my socks, even leaving bright red bruising. I started taking the Lisinopril again about 1 month ago, because I was told the swelling was from blood pressure being up and preventing the blood from flowing properly back to the heart.

Issues with swelling and bruising around my socks has gone away. I have been fighting a bad head and chest cold, had to go back on the daily inhaler. And today I had to use the "rescue" inhaler. So I knew I would be back to using the nebulizer soon. I was sitting here trying to think what I was going to say to my Psychiatrist, cause I knew I had to get in right away. Not feeling suicidal, but racing thoughts, angry at everything and everyone, fighting with husband constantly, Ritalin not working, sleeping pills not working, craving chocolate and so many other things irritating me.

It "hit" me, did this crap get worse after going back on that stupid pill? So I Googled Lisinopril and found this site. I sat here and cried while I read some of the posts. Yes I was loosing my mind, but not because I was crazy. I was loosing my mind because of Lisinopril! So now I will call and make an appointment with my Family Dr. Thank You to everyone that has posted here. I only hope that all of us are not going to be effected long term by this drug.

My name is Michelle, and I've been taking this medicine for about 2 1/2, months I've had so many problems. First I thought it was my allergies acting up with the coughing and runny nose that I've had ever since I've been taking this medicine, being tired all of the time and just recently the severe leg cramps, muscle cramps and being miserable. My muscle, leg cramps, hurt really bad and I didn't have this problem before taking the medicine (7-1-2013). Just my average heel spurs... Since taking this medicine I haven't been able to exercise or at least walk... Now a simple trip from the car to getting around is like 20 minutes...

I'm reading the side effects here and I have at least one or two... I thought medicine was suppose to make you feel better, when in fact it's causes something else to go wrong in your body... I will take myself off of the medicine and schedule an doctor's app. and try to go the healthy way.... I was on BP medicine before but never had this type or reaction. The muscle and leg cramps hurt so bad. The cough is really driving me crazy at this point I can't seem to clear my throat... Geez I've been taking cough medicine and everything...

I hope things will get better for you. I'm glad I came across this site.....

I was prescribed Lisonopril in 2010. Soon after I experienced hair loss and then began having a lot of congestion. Over the last 3 years, I have had severe joint pains, back aches, and gastro internal problems. Gases began building up in my stomach. So I turned to a gastroenterologist to find out what was causing the problems. He said my veins were shutting down. Also saw a cardiovascular surgeon to see if there was a problem with my arteries. Nothing there either. I was switched over to Norvasc in August of this year and as of the last week of October I have begun feeling better after 3 years of agony.

I had the WORST GI problems ever. You can see my entry from 3/1/11. I would have probably just died if they hadn't figured out what was wrong. I too was switched to Norvasc and have been fine since.

I had to look online about drug effects since I have been getting sicker and sicker so I started with lisinopril. I have now been taking it for more than two years and I am having serious side effects from drugs. I am so headachy, have severe leg, foot cramps, dreams are off the chart, so vivid, long and detailed, horrific and yes, I remember the details. I am so tired of feeling this way, yawning constantly.

I have always been very active and I still am; however, I am a heart patient and cannot do what I was doing three years ago. I had double bypass surgery, but all of the drugs I am on makes it difficult to actually say which ones are doing the most damage. I am on carvedilol, glimeperide for type two diabetes, suppose to be on amlodipine along with my 40mg of lisinopril. I have been on more different bp meds than I care to recall and sooner or later, I have been taken off because of all the side effects. I do ok for a while, but after an extended period, I am back where I started from.

I feel like ditching all of them. This is no way to live. Every time I complain about medications, it is brushed under the rug or ignored. I am also an African-American 63 yr.-old female. My body just cannot tolerate all these different meds and some of them have caused me to gain weight even when I watched diet, exercise, etc.

Weight was up and down, swelling, etc. I wonder about many of these drugs being on the market and feel that many have caused most of my problems, my constant, excruciating pain throughout my body. I pray that we all get some type of resolution to these horrific feels and live a normal life once again.

I started reading all these posts about Lisinopril and wonder if my symptoms are from this pill!! I've taken Lis for bout 5 or 6 yrs now and over the last year or so I've had severe ear itchiness [my left ear only] and it drains a watery liquid that drys and becomes crusty in my ear canal. I've been to my doc and an ENT several times with no help. I'll dig my ear till it bleeds! I've also had a problem with my nostril [left also] I'm getting frequent reoccurring cold sore like sores under my nostril. My nose feels dry on the outside, sore. [As I'm typing this, my nose is red and dry.] I put abreva on it and it seems to help but it takes weeks for it to totally heal. It varies how often I get them, sometimes I no sooner get rid of one then I have another. Sometimes I go months without one appearing. I'll also getting runny nose for no particular reason.

I was in the hospital er a few months ago with my heart double beating. It felt like it was gonna pound outta my chest!! It felt almost like it was rolling or flipping in there! They put my on a med that I took for awhile but stopped on my own. It still happens from time to time but not as bad.

About 2 yrs ago I was diagnosed with RA. I had severe pain in my joints, started in my big, right toe!! Went up to my hips, lower back, shoulders and neck. I couldn't raise my arms over my head or turn my neck! I took Methotrexate[?] for bout a year and slowly took myself off of it because I was worried about the side effects. [Never thinking this may have all started with my blood pressure meds.] The pain has SLOWLY gone away, thank goodness, but I'm worried it'll come back. Now the arthritis doc says I DON'T have RA... Hmmmmmmmm.

If anyone has similar symptoms I'd like to hear from you. I'm a 49 yr old white female, approx 170pds. Thank you!

I got pancreatitis from taking lisinopril for 6 months. I kept telling my primary care Dr that it was causing me problems but he said it couldn’t be the med. Now after many years of debilitating pain, many surgeries, ercps, and a perforation during an ercp at Johns Hopkins, and traveling this country in search of help- desperately begging for help with this incurable disease, my life has completely came to a halt... an unrecognizable life- an extremely painful life- a life where no ER Drs are trained to help with pancreatitis and only approx 12 major pancreas centers exist and some want to perform a pancreas transplant (tp-ait) where they dissolve or melt down the pancreas and then inject your islet cells into your liver ducts BUT this might even make things worse.

For certain, I will quickly become a brittle diabetic now and might be forced into more tube feedings and surgery. And if I end up having the tp-ait (still quite controversial- Mayo calls it barbaric), well, my life expectancy will be very short. This has been a fight for getting just basic care as no one see's anything on the 53 cat-scans they’ve done since 2009... and since Drs don't see anything on my labs or scans, they’ll label you a drug seeker or alcoholic and demean you and humiliate you and not help you, when even Dr David Whitcomb of the univ of PA-Pittsburg says this is worse pain than cancer, and Dr Morgan at MUSC-Charleston says cancer patients are the lucky ones as at least they’ll GET TO DIE!!! thanks a lot, LISINOPRIL- you’ve ruined my life and I'm going to get even, believe me!!! there are laws and you can't poison people and get away with it.

Age 19 height 6'3 weight 240 I was put on lisinopril 10mg by my doctor because my blood pressure was a little high and for about 6 months I was taking it regularly with horrible side effects such as dizziness, dry cough, fatigue anxiousness and just an overall bad feeling inside. After a couple months side effects seemed to die down but not completely, so I got tired of feeling like this so I had stopped without telling my doctor.

After stopping I did feel a lot better but not too long I had gotten a lot of tightness in my chest, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, dizziness, anxiety attacks, all from a result of rebound hypertension, since my blood pressure went down on the medication just stopping the lisinopril had its adverse affects because my body did not know how to react without the meds keeping my blood pressure down. So I went in to the doctors and they were telling me it's just my anxiety and sent me to a psychiatrist and it was hard to think this medication was making me feel like this, so they prescribed me xanax to help me calm down and told me to continue taking the lisinopril.

So I started taking it again and it felt like the side affects were starting all over again no matter how calm I was even if I had no anxiety feeling I still felt horrible. I went back to the hospital and told them how I was feeling and was having a rough time sleeping because of it so the doctor told me try taking the lisinopril at night along with a xanax for sleep instead of the morning because I would take the lisinopril around 5pm when I would get off work trying to avoid side affects during the day. So I skipped the dose at night just took my vitamins, ate healthy, and felt good enough to get a little cardio in. The next morning I woke up feeling great no anxiety no dizziness or any side affects whatsoever. Then it came time to take it in the morning and again I took it and started to feel the side affects coming back, all the anxiousness and the horrible feelings so I am now convinced this medication is what is causing me too feel so bad day in and day out and give me bad anxiety because before taking this medication I felt normal and as of now I can't even remember what normal feels like. I've made a few more appointments and I'm going to try to convince my doctor to either ween me off this medication or switch it because I can not go on living like this it truly is keeping me from living a full life feeling like this everyday.

Don't be recommending others stop a drug because you had a bad experience. I have been taking Lisinopril for over 10 years (now age 78) with no side effects like you describe. I started with 20 mg once daily, but have been at 10 mg for the last 5 years, reduced because of a high creatinine level which the reduction seemed to fix. I stopped once for a few days when my Rx ran out; after three days my systolic started rising, was up to 135 before my Rx was resumed.

I am having the same symptoms. I've been taking the 10mg once a day and these attacks are killing me. I'm going to talk with my doctor

I agree. I was given lisinopril for my blood pressure. Within 2hrs after taking it my back started aching, urine decreased blood pressure dropped low. My doctor said to continue taking it by the third day I was at the urgent care clinic the next night the ER. Missed work the whole week severe muscle spasm in the mid back right side. Stop taking it that 3rd day but still in pain and having to go to physical therapy. Some doctors have said its not a side effect but I didn't hurt myself or had symptoms until after taking it and this isn't the first time blood pressure medicines have cause similar problems. I'm slowly getting back to normal.

Please tell me how long these symptoms will last? I have swollen raised bumps all over my hands and scalp. My shoulders hurt so bad. I haven't taken lisinopril for a week and the symptoms are still there. My belly doesn't hurt super bad anymore, but the swollen red area w/ the join and muscle pain is driving me crazy.

Regarding the lady who had the leg cramps, I am in a similar position. I'm 66 and started taking Lisinopril for high blood pressure two months ago. The leg cramps are awful and they can occur anytime, but especially at night or when my feet are cold. The water helps, but I use homeopathic quinine tablets that help. Also there are two pressure points that my reflexologist told me about - one on the back of the calf - the other on the foot (make a triangle going back from the big toe and the second toe and you will find the point to press). Good luck. I also have low back pain from the medication. I stop it periodically and every time I go back on it, by the third day I am in pain. I cannot live on Motrin, which I know is also not good for you to take every day.

causing me constipation, weight gain. now after more weeks, fatigue, leg muscle pains, weakness.

Hi. I am on Lisinopril for about the same amount of time and I get Charlie horses in my feet sometimes. Dr. Oz had a show and he said to drink pickle juice.

Well this really works. Every time I get these leg problems I drink a few sips of pickle juice and they are gone within minutes, even the worst ones that wake me up out of bed at night. I just drink about three mouthfuls of pickle juice, sweet pickle or any kind.

I've been on Lisinopril for about 5 years. I never realized that the bad muscle cramps I had in my back and my legs could be from Lisinopril. I thought my thyroid levels were just down.

I'm writing because I'm experiencing something that I never knew I would go through with this drug. About a month ago, I noticed swelling around my shoulders, above my collarbone. I never really thought much about it. Then, I started having difficulty swallowing. I went to the ER, told them my symptoms: Can't swallow, feels like my tongues swollen, swelling above my collarbone, and swelling behind my knees, and a rash. The ER ran blood tests, all were fine. They did a scan to see if I had cancer, all clear. Then they gave me 2 Benadryl, and that seemed to help.

I think the biggest mistake was telling the doctor that I sometimes had panic attacks. I could see the change in her face. The skin rash? Just a part of kidding older. The swelling around my collarbone, she didn't see it. The tongue swollen? The put a tongue depressor on it and told me it looked fine. Basically, I was a nut because I must be imagining this since I am prone to panic attacks.

It took me 10 days for me to see a Ear Nose Throat doctor. While waiting to see the ENT doctor, I again visited the same ER. I told them I couldn't swallow, that for 9 days I've been on a liquid diet because I can't swallow from swelling. I was told that they could not help me, that they didn't find anything wrong last week, and that I just had to wait for the appointment with the ENT doctor.

The next day I walked into the ENT and she looked at me and said, "This is angioedema caused from the Lisinopril". Stop the drug immediately, and keep the Benadryl with you at all times and call 911 if you have difficulty breathing.

The next day I had an appointment with my Primary Care Doctor (I hadn't had insurance for a year due to no job), and he looks at me and says "It's angioedema, and in about 4 days this swelling will stop". Like it was no big deal. I told him how I had to wait for another 2 weeks before I get a swallow test, and he tells me that isn't that long. Ok... I haven't eaten anything for over 2 weeks (solid) and feels like I'm choking to death, but another 2 weeks isn't a big deal.

So now, that same night I noticed that the swelling that was actually leaving, was bigger than ever and the feeling of not be able to swallow was now not by my tonsils, but by my collarbone area. I went to the ER and they gave me predisone. Good the predisone will stop my swelling.

Well, the next night, I noticed that my tongue was swelling more than before. I went back to the ER and the doctor told me to continue with the Predisone and Benadryl, but if the swelling of my tongue didn't respond soon, I would have to be admitted and have a tube put in my throat until the swelling subsided. I'm praying like crazy that this predisone starts working and that it doesn't come down to me having to be in hospital.

I'm really mad about the first ER that I went to. I took the Lisinopril for another 10 days because the doctors there were clueless about what was wrong with me. When I went to a new ER, the RN that checked me in knew what it was from... the Lisinopril.

I'm also irritated because my Primary Doctor acted like this was no big deal. I've got swelling, can't eat, and it's all very nonchalant. I'm stressed out of my mind! I'm missing work, and since it's a temp job, doesn't look very well to have missed 3 days because I'm freaking sick.

The problem with what happened to you is that it's fairly rare that angioedema happens and so many doctors don't put 2 and 2 together. I took this medication and within 4 days my intestine was closing and it took 5 hospital trips, an ER visit with no admission, a series of TONS of tests, and 2 surgeries for them to figure out that it was because of the Lisinopril.

Intestinal angioedema is what I had and is EXTREMELY rare. Once we determined it was the medication (gastro doc basically took a guess because nobody had ever heard this reaction happening) the docs were baffled as to why I didn't get the swelling in my tongue, lips, throat, hands, etc. because the pill touched all those parts before it actually hit the intestine.

I went through hell with this damn pill but the bizarre thing is that whenever I was in the hospital and I took it (went many days not being allowed to eat or drink a thing) I didn't have any of the symptoms. I don't know if it was because of all the I.V. fluids or what but I was fine when I was in the hospital and was taking the Lisinopril.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

White male 57, 213lb, 5'6 I have been on 5mil lisinopril for going on 20 yrs. I have developed leg cramps over the last four years, and have recently started getting the clear saliva, and back pain... as well as cramping in the oddest places including my hands... Always tired.... as well as a slowing down of sexual drive.

I also had diverticulitis which I wondered if was caused or triggered by the drug. I ran out while was "on the road" awhile back.... and I felt better, cut cramping to nothing... and was horny as a 20 year old. Blessings on whomever came up with this website/list!!!!

I was taking this stuff for kidney health, but I think I am go let it going to be careful with my food, and skip the drug. [I will chat with the doc about this].

I am 59 in October I feel 90 I walk and exercise and am not over weight I exercise regularly. Since I started taking this drug. I have heart palpitations with a dry cough all over pain. I went to the emergency room for sever spasms under my shoulder blades.

Before I started taking this I was ok. I had been in a rear-ended in my vehicle and went through hell for a few years but this is not the same I wake up at night with this running nose I feel like I'm drowning in my own fluids. This is all new and I started having nose bleeds also. I'm going to stop taking this to see if it stops I will let you know.

I am a 80 yr old man, I started taking lisinopril 10mg for about 5 yrs. My bp was 140/70 my bp came down a d I stopped taking the med. For about 2yrs my bp rose a little and I went back on 10mg a day last month my Dr raised it to 10mg twice a day now my bp in the am is about 98 over 50 and I get lighted quite often when I stand other than that I find no problem, but I wonder if I should go back to 10 mg a day.

I am a 35 year old African American Female. I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure and lisinopril is one of the medication my doctor is trying to use to curb the problem.

I started this medication 7 days ago and after the 3rd day I notice I was feeling off. My sleep patterns changed drastically, I was sleeping for whole days. I also felt depressed and life-less (more like a zombie). The worst side effect of this medication is the lost of appetite. Everything I ate had no flavor, no taste, and no desire to eat it. I even try to eat things that I normally loooove and it had not flavor at all.

I know my body and I know myself. This is not me. I do not sleep that many hours even when I do not have anything to do. I rise at the same time everyday and sleep at the same time. I do not just fall into deep sleep (to the point of night terrors) without having some form of fatigue.

I called my doctor and informed her of my symptoms, and while she did say she has never had a patient that complained of those symptoms from the medication, she trust that I know myself and advise me to stop the medication immediately and we are going to try a new medication.

I respect doctors and their profession, but as patients we must know ourselves and if we are not getting the results we want from our doctors, you have the right to get a second opinion regarding your health. We also should be aware that every time you take a medication you are a test subject for this medication because we all react different to certain medications.

The doctors do not know how you will react they only know what studies have told them. Being a researcher myself I know that there are always outliers in a study. This means that you might have a different reaction than what the test suggests.

It's hard to believe you put your trust in doctors and supposedly the best medical system in the world and this is the results. I was put on lisinopril for mildly elevated blood pressure. Big mistake- sick, dizzy, no appetite, feel like crap.

I was on it for about 3 weeks and I told the doc this stuff is killing me and he relented and said I could go off of it. I asked well you mean just stop altogether or do I need to wean off? He says no just stop but monitor your blood pressure. So I did and I'm 10 days off now and still not back to normal but getting better.

It's clear from all the postings on the web this stuff is bad news and I question whether you need any meds at all unless your resting bp is consistently over 180/90. I think doctors are over treating people and the drug companies are glad to sell the stuff.

From now on I'm not taking anything on a doctors word alone until I check it out. Now honestly do you feel better taking bp meds? From the comment here mostly no. Blood pressure, how high is too high? Depends on who you believe. You believe your doctor? You believe the drug companies? Every night on tv during the evening news drug companies run their commercials. I'm just saying do some research and don't just blindly accept everything your doctor says or what you read. I learned my lesson.

Dear John, I have had the same problems on this drug. I have told my doctor about the leg cramps but she just advised me to eat a banana every day. This has not helped, I think I am going back and complaining a little louder.

Yes you have my symptoms exactly except for the diarrhea. 52 yr back down to 178 from 194 early part of the year, and past 2 years 186 my last checks up determined to lose more for my heart health I've been taking Lisinopril hctz for almost 4 weeks and as soon as I lay down at night, there it goes since my husband told me that was one of the side effects as soon as I took it and started waking up coughing, my pressure has been good all my life I checked it about 2 weeks ago because i had vertigo to the point of panic, i associated it with my allergies due to being sensitive to most scents. So since during my overdue physical my pressure was so high. I urged the MA to check it 3 different times, Dr ordered an ekg I reluctantly agreed to lisinopril hctz even after knowing my husband took it for almost 6 yrs his lip swell beyond recognition after Dentist + Er visit we found out that to was an adverse side found effect. The Dr. reasoned with me every isn't affected the same and he said it has an ace inhibitor and best of another i suggested and my heart was enlarged due to having hypertension for some time. We have hearty disease in the family and I was suppose to keep my pressure low so as not to complicate my afib i take an allergy pill daily and an extra Decongestant for extra pressure which he suggested not to take due to raising blood pressure. So the bottom line this cough and think draining saliva all day i believe its from the hctz which is drawing out my always inflamed sinuses and post nasal drip that my regular allergy pills can't handle so I just called my Dr. Office and asked for something else I tried enduring it. I usually take my med at nigth then coughing worsens so last night I didn't take a pill and I only woke up coughing once. l may continue to take the last 3 pills during the day until my Dr. Can change my prescription I am waking for the nurse to.

before I could finish editing my comment for typos and such- my tablet pops phrases in the middle of sentences- I somehow inadvertently sent it before completing my last sentence... I am waiting on the Dr, to call me back so I suggest maybe lisinopril without the hctz, so worried about my heart. But trying to get back to complete my comment I came across so many more that have the cough and even stopping the med still have the cough, I prayer it is not too late for me and another comment said she is taking for her heart, then one says to put your health at risk, after my husbands reaction and has been on amlodipine with no problems hope this can work for me. Because thanks for everyone's comments, I am tired of this coughing.

This drug called lisinopril is a very dangerous medication. The side effects can be life threatening. People we need to wake up before it gets to late to do anything about it.

On Oct. 8 I had my doctors visit and was prescribed 20 mg of lisinopril 3 times a day. I didnt think anything about it as I thought great, now I have some meds to help with my high blood pressure. I think I was around 185 over 110 which the doctor said was pretty high. I told him I just thought it was high because of me being obese at 280 lbs. and 5 11.

T o make a very long journey short by the 12th of Oct my tongue had been swelling everyday to the point that breathing was getting very difficult for me. This was all happeneing by my 4th day of taking my new meds.

I was taken by my son and his girlfriend to the ER in town around noonish on the 12th. The nurse in ER took my readings and said I was in heart attach territory at 225 over 170. I was taken back to a room to be examined as my tongue was swelling so much and not one doctor knew what to do. I really thought I was going to die from suffocation as breathing was almost impossible at this point.

By this time other family members were arriving and for 2 weeks I don't remember anything other than what I was told by family and doctors later. The doctors put me in an induced coma and in order to breathe doctors had to do surgery to perform a tracheotomy so i could breathe during my coma.

They diagnosed me with Angioedema caused by taking lisinopril. WOW!

During my coma I also developed pneumonia and had to be put on dialysis. The doctors told my family that they should all be up here because I wasnt expected to live through this ordeal. They told family members only about a half percent of a percent ever live. The only reason I survived, according to the doctors, was I never drank or smoked. If I had done one or the other I would not have lived. I beat the odds and survived thanks to God.

When I woke up from my coma I couldnt walk, talk, or even write a simple sentence and I was only down and out for 2 weeks mind you. I started my therapy in the hospital and it sure was difficult. After great hospital care and family helping me I learned really quick all the tools needed to walk and talk and write again. The hospital had done their job and I was transfered to a nursing home for my rehab. It sure seemed like it took forever but my goal was to do my rehab and be home by thankgiving. I pushed hard and did accomplish my goal but don't think I deserved to almost die for one, and then end up losing 2 months of my life for something that was not my doctors fault or mine.

When my doctor saw me next he let me know he was so sorry and told me he kept checking up on my health daily. He even cried when we talked about my ordeal. I have such a great doctor. People taking lisinopril need to know about the hazards of this drug.

Yes this drug does cause angioedema. At least you were lucky enough (considering all you dealt with) to be diagnosed and treated in a few weeks. I had angioedema in my intestine and it took over 2 1/2 months for doctors to figure out that it was the Lisinopril because it's such a rare reaction. They couldn't believe I didn't have the swelling in my mouth, throat, etc. as well.

I don't blame the doctors because not everyone reacts to medications and the same and unfortunately you don't know if you're allergic until you take it. There were only 22 reports of my allergy to it from 2000 to 2010 out of 80,000+ reports of various side effects. I wish pharmacies put the rare reactions on the info about the drugs but they usually only list the "common" side effects. I am glad you are better. It's a long road to recovery. I had 2 surgeries and spent a month total in the hospital because of this medicine.

My husband starting taking this medicine after going to the doctor. He prescribed him 20mg of lisinopril first time he's been on bp medicine. After taking it about 3 weeks he developed severe muscle spasms in his back, shoulders and chest area. It was so severe he couldn't move and brought him to tears! Never had this problem before and I noticed he was more tired and slept more. I began looking up the side effects of this medicine and was shocked! He went back to the dr and he said to keep taking the medicine and muscle spasms are rare! Don't sound like their rare to me if people are having these issues! I told him to stop taking the medicine! So we will see if the muscle spasms stop! This medicine needs to be treated more!

I've been taking Lisinopril for about three years and it has really worked very well for me until about a month ago. My blood pressure without medication is high, about 140/90 when I first wake up in the morning. I take my pill and it settles at about 125/80, so all was well.

Now I'm getting early morning spikes as high as 155/90, but when I take the pill it goes into the proper range however in the evening, around 5:30 my blood pressure drops to somewhere between 101/65 to 93/58. I am light headed, slightly queasy, weak kneed and I have to sit down or I'm afraid that I'm going to fall down.

The only change in my life is that I was diagnosed with cancer in January and had a hysterectomy in April - could this be causing a problem, or any other ideas or is it all in my head? Other than this I feel pretty good most of the time for a chubby 61 year old woman.

I was given lisinopril 20mg once a day several months ago for high blood pressure. I am still taking it daily at this same dose. I have never had any side effects and don't know anyone who has. I live in a 55+ community so a lot of people here are also taking lisinopril and are not having any side effects. From the comments I am reading here, it seems as though people are either sensitive to the side effects or are being given too much lisinopil a day.

I took 10mg a day and 5 days after I started it I was admitted to the hospital. I had a SEVERE allergic reaction that is extremely rare and it took doctors 2 1/2 months to figure out it was an allergic reaction. Everyone reacts to medications differently. My mom took Lisinopril with no problems. My dad got the really bad cough and stopped it. I had an intestine closing and went through HELL while on the medication. I read through a lot of the comments when I first found this page and never found anyone with the reaction I had. Only a handful of people have had the angioedema (swelling) but none had it in their intestine. I would not wish the pain I had on my worst was THAT bad. Labor pains weren't as bad as the pain I got. I was sick for almost 3 months and within weeks of stopping the medication I was back in the hospital because my blood levels were so out of whack the results came back "panic"....not low but panic. I could have had a heart attack, seizure, or some other things happen....all because I was so sick and wasn't able to eat properly while on this medicine. Please don't make it sound like we're all just overly sensitive or exaggerating because I definitely know I'm not!

About 15 years ago (age 65) my BP started going up to around 190/xx. My dr. put me on a once daily dose of 20mg Lisinopril plus 240 mg Verapamil. My BP stabilized at 120-125/80 for about 8 years, when a blood test showed I had a high creatinine level. The doctor cut my Lisinopril dose to 10mg once daily. That lowered the creatinine level, while not changing my BP readings at all. I have not had any of the other severe side effects that others on this blog have reported, with the possibility of waking with a dry mouth, but normal daily activities soon got rid of the dry mouth.

At my last blood chemistry test the creatinine level was again slightly above the recommended range, so my doctor replaced the Lisinopril with Losartan 25mg. My BP is still averaging 120/80 but I'm waiting for another blood test to see if the creatinine level has lowered. Every person reacts to drugs differently, but I really wonder about those who are taking 40mg of Lisinopril several times a day; it seems excessive to me.

If you will look on 11-4-2012 I shared what happened to me. I still am having troble with my intestines. I have to take Mylanta every night thirty min. before I go to bed. I still have lots of pain in my intestines. I have been off of Lisinopril 10 mg almost a year.

So I was prescribed this medication a few days ago. My Mom is on it and is very sensitive to medication and is on a very low dose but it works for her. When it came to me and my blood pressure was staying steadily high I was prescribed lisinopril. I take klonopin for panic attacks and Zoloft for OCD. I've been on these meds for years. For the past four days I've taken the lisinopril, within 20-30 mins of taking it I have severe nausea and have found my legs and feet cramping. I thought it was something I ate at first but 4 days in a row I took to Google and found I'm not crazy, there are many others suffering. I'm at 20mg once a day at night. The heartburn and acid in my throat coupled with nausea is just ick. My Dr is on vacation for a week so now do I stop the med OR suffer through and hope I come out the other side feeling ok.
Thank you

There has been a lot of suffering with this drug. But I have seen where people have benefited and experienced hardly any side effects (or so they say). I was not one of them. I had to stop taking lisinopril /hydrochloroziade it messed me up but nothing like some have posted here. I been off it now for almost seven weeks and I'm still not back to normal. My blood pressure is back to where it was before but I still suffer from insomnia, tiredness, imbalance, weakness in the legs, and brain fog.
Anybody have any idea how long this is going to last?

I started out on linsinopril htz 10 mg, later just straight linsinopril.... I had a dry mouth and weakness.. but nothing so bad as allergic reaction... thinking if you drink or have high acid fruits you were probably over-dosing because you didn't read the warning label. Alcohol and acid fruits can double or triple the effects of the drug. All I ever took was Biotine for the dry mouth a lot of pills cause dry mouth over long periods of time.

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