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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this drug work? Average rating: 2.8/5 (209 votes)
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Ciprofloxacin belongs to a class of potent antibiotics called quinolones or fluoroquinolones. These drugs are quite popular with prescribers because they can help cure a wide variety of infections. Fluoroquinolone antibiotics such as ciprofloxacin (Cipro), levofloxacin (Levaquin), moxifloxacin (Avelox) and norfloxacin (Noroxin) are used for a wide range of infections including bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, urinary tract infections, prostatitis and skin infections.

We used to think side effects were uncommon but we have changed our tune (see side effects below and please take time to read some of the comments below this post. They will give you a more accurate picture of what happens in the real word.) Bacteria appear slower to develop resistance to such medications.

This antibiotic also works against traveler's diarrhea and other bugs that invade the digestive tract.

Side Effects and Interactions

Ciprofloxacin may cause lightheadedness. Do not drive or attempt any activity that requires coordination and judgment if you become impaired.

Some people report restlessness, insomnia, nightmares, dizziness, tremor, headache, or irritability while taking this medicine.

This list hardly does the complications of ciprofloxacin justice. Some people experience hallucinations while taking the drug. And the nightmares can be horrifying. An athlete reported that both she and her husband suffered with "strange thoughts, muscle pain, tingling, and shooting pains in our arms and legs."

The diarrhea can be severe and requires medical intervention if it does not resolve promptly. A C. diff infection can sometimes result from antibiotic treatment. Such GI infections are extremely challenging and can be hard to eradicate.

Finally, this entire class of drugs can cause unexpected damage to soft tissue. The FDA has received reports of retinal detachment with these antibiotics. Problems with tendinitis and tendon rupture are so serious that the FDA has warned doctors about them in a special "black box" in the prescribing information. It took the agency quite a long time to discover this devastating complication.

Here are a few stories from visitors to this website to reinforce these complications:

"I suddenly got floaters and went to my ophthomologist. He cautioned me to come in right away if I suddenly had a curtain over my right eye. He was concerned about retinal detachment. Yes, I had taken Cipro for diverticulitis before that."


"After years of taking Levaquin or Cipro (cousin drugs), I took Cipro on August 2, 2010, and have been wearing an air cast for tendinitis in my foot since August 28, over two months. I also have tendinitis in my elbow. Both my podiatrist, who is treating my foot, and my acupuncturist, told me that ciprofloxacin is known for causing tendinitis.

"The saddest thing about it is that I told the doctor who prescribed, that I had read older persons (I am 75) should not take ciprofloxacin. He said it would be fine. Hah!"


"Last Dec. I had a UTI & my Dr. prescribed Cipro. Within a week I developed tendinitis in my left elbow. A month later, I developed a tendonitis in my left hand & a month later I had a tear in my right rotator cuff.

"It took me five months of physical therapy to get over these."


"Since I have taken both Levaquin and Cipro... I have had both calf muscles to tear in half just walking... I have a tendon that has hardened and balled up in the middle of my right foot."

Such symptoms can be made worse by coffee or the asthma medicine theophyline.

Cipro affects the liver and may allow caffeine and theophylline to build up to toxic levels in the body.

Because Cipro may cause digestive tract upset, nausea, pain or diarrhea, you may be tempted to use an antacid. That could be a big mistake.

Aluminum or calcium-based products, including Di-Gel, Gaviscon, Maalox, Mylanta, and Tums, can dramatically interfere with the absorption of Cipro. Wait at least two hours after taking Cipro before swallowing an antacid.

Vitamin and mineral formulas can also cause problems, so they should not be taken at the same time either.

Other side effects are rare, but be alert for changes in vision, rash, sores in the mouth, joint pain or stiffness, chest pain or heart palpitations, urinary changes, or
breathing difficulty. Report any symptoms or suspected side effects to your physician promptly.

Special Precautions

Pregnant women and children should not take Cipro. Others may be allergic to this medication.

If you experience symptoms such as breathing difficulty, wheezing, sneezing, hives, or itching, obtain emergency medical attention.

Life-threatening anaphylactic shock is rare, but it demands instant treatment.

People with kidney disease should take Cipro only under careful medical supervision, as special dosage modifications may have to be made.

Liver enzyme elevations have also been noted, so periodic blood tests will be necessary if you have to take this medicine for any length of time.

Taking the Medicine

Cipro is absorbed more efficiently when it is taken on an empty stomach. The manufacturer recommends that it be swallowed two hours after a meal.

If this medicine upsets your stomach, though, it can be swallowed with food without losing potency.

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  • Currently 2.8/5
  • 1
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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this drug work? Average rating: 2.8/5 (209 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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This a dangerous medication and only used in emergency. There are lawsuits on it for ruptures of tendons, usually starts in feet and legs but can injure any tendons. It can cause your liver to shut down--take with care. Any side effects should be reported. This medicine made me very sick and some doctors are not informed of this. Take charge of your healthcare.

Just before she was released from the hospital, my 90 year old mother was given Cipro when a catheter resulted in a urinary tract infection. Within days she developed a rash which quickly turned into Stevens Johnson Syndrome. Her entire body was "blood red" and she was returned to the hospital and placed in the burn unit. Over the next month her skin flaked and peeled. Her eyes were affected and she could no longer watch TV, read the paper, etc.

She was originally in the hospital for colon cancer.

My Dr. gave this to me because I had diarrhea for almost 2 weeks, no idea why. They did a complete blood count, which came back normal. So the Dr. said it must have not been caused by a bacterial infection but viral. When I asked if Cipro treats viral infections they said yes. The diarrhea stopped the next day after taking it, but I also took one immodium tablet, so not sure which stopped it. But now I have to finish an entire round of Cipro anyway and when I looked it up online and it says Cipro only treats bacterial. Now I have to finish this very strong antibiotic for no reason? Anyone out there who can help me on this? It is making me feel ill.

A few years ago I went to the doctors for a minor bladder infection. He gave me Cipro.

I was in my 50's and never had a reaction to any meds before. Well let me tell you I turned beet red with welts and a fever for two days until I begged for some cordizone pills which cleared it up within a few hours. Now I watch what they give me. Is Cipro the same as Amoxicillin?

A close friend of mine was given Ciprofloxacin and Heracillin (don't know if it's the same name in the US. I live in Sweden).

This was during the summer of 2004.

He also had a lot of other medications.

I noticed that somehting had happend to him. He seemed confused.

That made me turn to the Internet.

I was surprised at the amount of information that was there.

People who had taken antibiotics of this group - and had bad experiences - told their stories. One after the other. They called themselves "floxies" or said that they had been "floxed".

I found the fantastic site - and and also read the equally interesting book "Bitter Pills" by Stephen Fried.

Please don't use this kind of antibiotic ligthly - should be a last resort.

My mom was given Cipro for a Urinary Tract Infection it ended up not being a urinary tract infection but Gallbladder problems while in the hospital she was given more Cipro. Her Gallbladder was removed and she was still taking Cipro. To make the story short she developed C-Difficile a bacteria infection caused by the Cipro killing all her good microorganism and bad.

This medication is terrible. Within a day and a half (3 doses of 500 mg) I broke out in terrible hives. Huge painful itching welts all over my body. Everywhere from behind my knees, under my arms, my back, thighs, neck, scalp, I am completely covered. This is day 2 after stopping the cipro and I am in even worse pain.

The welts are hot to the touch and feel like a sunburn. They just started itching again and I am about to lose my mind. They didn't warn me of any side effects before giving this to me. I have never been allergic to any medication before. I am miserable and will never let anyone in my family take this medication!! Benadryl sort of helped and allows me to sleep at night, but I have children to care for during the day and am stuck in misery.

I suffer from panic and anxiety attacks and was given cipro for an infection, I took 500 mgs 2 x's a day for 6 days before found out about ALL the adverse effect and I stopped taking it. Is it possible that cipro may have made my anxiety worst and I could never recover from this? I don't feel anymore anxious than I normally do but my depersonalization has increased somewhat.

I suffer from re-occurring Urinary tract infections and have been prescribed the entire gamut of recommended antibiotics (Sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim, Levofloxacin, Nitrofurantoin, Amoxicillin, etc). Ciprofloxacin has been the only prescription that seems to work thoroughly. While it does have a plethora of adverse side effects, they are all listed. Most people just do not bother to read the precautions. I am very grateful that this drug is available.

I know to many of you this may not seem as big a deal as it is to me. I had two Chinese Shar Pei, one had gotten bitten by a nasty poisonous spider and one had mere skin problems (a yeast infection). Both of my boys were put on Cipro. Some time lapsed but one of my boys started losing an enormous amount of weight. I took him him into the vet and they ran a CBC on him. His kidneys had failed completely. He had been super healthy before this.

Not even a month later same symptoms, weight loss, no appetite, lethargic. I took my second boy in and they ran a CBC on him. The tech came out with a quizzical look on her face. Holding his blood work she said. "Carbon Copy, I wonder what could have caused this" I don't wonder anymore after reading up on this drug. This drug killed two of my Shar Pei there is no doubt in my mind about it. Since that time after contacting a friend of mine I have found out that many Shar Pei have had this same thing happen after a round of Cipro. Please do not let your vet prescribe it for your dog.

I live in Thailand where the pharmacy stores are more lax in dispensing certain drugs. I asked for Amoxicillin and Canesten cream to treat a urinary tract infection. I have used Amoxicillin before with no problems. The pharmacist told me that Cipro was a better product so I chose it over Amoxicillin.

I only took one 500mg tablet two nights ago and within an hour I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. My symptoms were nausea, dizziness, stomach pain, severe diarrhea, change in vision, restricted breathing, joint pain, tendon stiffness (feet, legs, and arms) and nightmares.

I also noticed the following day that I was sensitive to outdoor light. In my opinion this drug should only be taken under a doctor's supervision. After 2 days from taking only one 500mg tablet I feel a little bit better. I need to know if I am going to feel better enough to take Amoxicillin ?


I took Cipro for an upper respitory infection and I ended up losing my job because I ended up in the ER with a heart rate of 140. I only took this drug for 2 days.

It was the only thing I was taking. Now I am scared to take just about anything. How am I going to know if the next one will do the same thing? Will the next one give me a heart attack instead of just sending my heart rate up?

I took Cipro 500mg when it was prescribed to me by my Dr for a UTI. 2 hrs after taking it I was in the worst pain ever! My muscles ached a had a fever and had the worst stomach cramps ever,and the back pain felt something like labor for women, I'm sure you know what I'm saying. I went back to Dr she said I think you may have just gotten the flu along with a uti. This made me angry I knew it was from the medication. I WILL NEVER TAKE THIS AGAIN!!!!

Only doctors think this stuff is OK...ear infection never cleared and I'm 4 days away from a liver evaluation to see if I nee a transplant! I don't trust any reading taken while on this stuff and I know it will make them mad...I'm not giving a blood sample as scheduled. It's my liver and my body. ENT visit tomorrow and will certainly bring this all to his attention.

I was prescribed Cipro for gastroenteritis. What I didn't know is the common side-effects include nausea (which I didn't have beforehand), GI distress (which I already had), diarrhea (which I had already), lightheadedness, and fatigue. In other words, I started out pretty sick and now I learn that the medicine made me sicker. The doctor has now cut my dosage in half. Might have helped if he'd asked my weight before prescribing 500mg.

This is one of the antibiotics of choice for bacterial G.I. infections. Patients whose doctors prescribe antibiotics for viral infections need to find another practitioner. My doctor is pretty smart, but the side-effects that made my life miserable have no effect on him. Hopefully, he'll be more judicious in the future.

I was put on Cipro for 5 days for UTI. On day 6 I developed pressure pain in my sinus, head and back of neck. I have slight dizziness and less focused vision.

My blood pressure is normal, a dentist checked my bite and it's fine. The doctor who prescribed it says no patient has had problems.

I have since read several similar stories on the internet.

I had always been very healthy, not on any medication except for Thyroid (armour and T3).

This has been going on for 3 weeks. Please help. Thank you.

JWC, I am having the same symptoms! I went to the ER 2 months ago because I was vomiting, dizzy and a terrible headache. I was scared because I couldn't even stand up without feeling like I was going to pass out. The ER said I was dehydrated and had a UTI and gave me Cipro. I felt better but a few weeks later had the same exact thing. This time I bought Cranberry juice, went to my doctor and they gave me more Cipro. After the third time this happened (last week) I started researching the internet and now suspect it's my gall bladder.

I have a dr. appt and am going to get my liver and gall bladder checked. Maybe that is what you are experiencing too? Please let me know if you have had further tests or have found out what is causing your symptoms.
Thank you, Diane

I have been on cipro 500 mg for a week and I have felt terrible the whole time. It was prescribed for a bladder infection. This is the last dose and I can't wait to see if I will feel better. My doctor doesn't usually prescribe this for me but I seem to have recurring urinary infections. I have many of the same symptoms described above, except no severe reactions like hives, etc.

I am scared to death now. I have been very ill for quite some time. I have had so many illnesses and I have anklosing spondlitis and my back is a nightmare. Last spring it all started with a severe infection of my urinary tract. I took the leavaquin and I almost died. My fever went to 104. I was severely dehydrated and they could not get my fever down. It was terrible.

It took 6 months to get rid of an infection and 6 antibiotics. I took the Cipro, the leavaquin and some others. I have been very sick since then with all sorts of problems. I had to have my galll bladder removed. It was completely full of
stones. They found a tumor on my liver and they did a biopsy and it was not cancer but they have no idea what caused it.

I have been so sick that I have almost died and wanted to and now again I am on cipro and I am worried sick that this will end up killing me but I had no idea about this until I saw this. I don't know what to do now.

I was given a corticosteroid injection at the end of July 2008. This made my white blood count soar and caused an anaphylactoid reaction, heart palpitations, flushing etc. Two days later I saw a GP who decided to put me on a 3 week course of Cipro 1000mg a day. I have been ill for a year now with anxiety, palpitations, stomach pain, tremors, dizziness, blood pressure that goes up and down, and faintness to name but a few of the symptoms.

Researching this I find that a lot of people who have had adverse reactions to this drug have later been told they suffer from fibromyalgia. Doctors do not tell you the dangers of Cipro, I just wish I'd never taken it. I have panic attacks when I try to drive, or if I'm on my own. This maybe because I was driving with my 7 year old daughter when I had the anaphylactoid reaction to the corticosteroid. Alone in a car with a child with nobody to help feeling like I was going to die. Obviously this accounts for the panic attacks, but the Cipro has done some considerable damage. Does anyone know if you ever fully recover from these side effects?

Be careful with cipro....took for urinary infection and almost died with heart attack, nervousness, palpitations and sure could not rest let alone sleep.


When did your palpitations start and have they since gone? I too took cipro and have had palpitations!

Cipro, I had taken it about a year and seven months ago, since then I have multiple tears in my shoulder, heart palpitations, suffered sudden cardiac death, joint pain, tendonitis, blurred vision, depression, etc. First symptoms started about a week after taking two 500mg tablets a day for one week, tendinitis- sudden cardiac death about 9 months later according to my heart doctor my age at the time 36 and being a weightlifter I was able to start my heart back after I fainted. Other diagnosis I have been told are left bundle branch blockage, prolongation of the qt interval, palpitations, angina, dyshpia, syncope, blurred vision and so on.

I was in perfect health before cipro, hardly ever got sick, exercised daily, loved to go out with friends etc. Now I hate to get up everyday and deal with the pain.....

I just finished taking cipro today after 7 days. Last night I had the worst panic attack I've ever had. My whole body was restless, my calves feel terribly tight and I have shortness of breath. Will the anxiety and panic attacks which I've never had before go away now that I've stopped?

I took 1 months course of cipro 500mg 2 x day back in July 07 and within a week got anxiety insomnia, a feeling of unreality 24/7 and foreboding and uneasy feelings, amongst other things. I went back to the Dr and he persuaded me to finish the course. Like a fool I did.

2 1/2 years later I still have all the above and can't work, oh I also had strange yellow bruises come up and loss of appetite and sensitivity to sunlight, these went after stopping this poison. My anxiety has also reduced.

But the worst thing is this feeling as though I'm not here making my surroundings seem unreal and detached.


I started taking Ciprofloxacn Feb.25 2010 2x a day. Well I feel dizzy and anxious/depressed. I hope pain in my lower ab will feel better soon??? Today is Feb 28th,2010.


Cipro almost killed me. Over 2 years since a 10 day course and I"m still not right . Ear-ringing, sound sensitivity, insomnia, deep depression, among other things.... its been a nightmare. Don't take this drug unless your dieing and nothing else seems to work . ~Dunecat~

The feeling you describe should fade away in time. I had a similar situation from a different medication and in time it went away. Take care and stay positive. God bless.

I have had this 24/7 for over 2 1/2 years. How long did you have yours for and how long have you heard of symptoms like mine lasting for?

I could do with some hope,


I took cipro 500mg back in August of 2008 for a UTI and had the absolute worst anxiety I have ever experienced. I eventually wound up in the ER. I have to be on xanax 24/7 since. I have tried to cut back and the symptoms return. Absolute hell I have been through the past two years. I couldn't believe an antiboitic could do this until I started doing research. I pray to god that someday I will be normal again.

WOW! I am on day 5 of Cipro and started to get a panic attack last night (hubby helped me out of it). I decided to do some research online this morning and found the anxiety/Cipro connection! I am definitely affected...

You see, last summer my Dr gave me Cipro for bronchitis. Well, weeks later I suffered with palpitations, anxiety, ear ringing, tons of problems. I never made the connection until I read all of your comments above. I spent weeks at several doctors (ENT, cardiologist, psychatrist, etc), and was told I was having "Basilar Migarines" or "panic attacks", HOWEVER I really think it was the Cipro.

I took Cipro about 18 years ago as a precaution against possible infection after minor surgery. (I had no infection before taking Cipro.) I took one tablet and within a few hours I developed severe nausea and diarrhea. I had to get suppositories to stop the nausea as I couldn't take anything by mouth. Never again will I take this antibiotic.

I have taken Cipro before without side effect. However, this time I am experiencing a spasm of the tendons in my left foot. It began after the second day of this treatment. I woke up twice because the spasms in my foot were so severe.

took Cipro last April (2009) for UTI, went through 6 months of hell, from neuropathy, body aches, weakness in arms and legs, rash-you name it, to this day still experience flare-ups when take vitamins or supplements. know your body and speak up for yourself!!!

I started Cipro last night. Took my second pill this morning before work. By the time I got to work I was anxious, sad, and just felt like crying. For no reason. It was so awful, and I really wanted to leave work, but didn't. This lasted for 3 hours. After that, I felt fine. I am not going through that again! No more Cipro for me.

I was on a Cipro drip in hospital for about ten days. Toward the end of that period I started experiencing mild but illogical anxiety, which became worse as time progressed. To the extent that I sometimes could not function normally. e.g. climbing a steep hillside with friends, I was unable to proceed because of anxiety of falling off the hill. No one else in the group was concerned about the steepness of the hill. On a commercial flight I became so convinced that the plane was behaving unusually that at the first refueling stop I got off and refused to re-board. The effects are still evident ten years later.

I'm horrified to hear about the side-effects of taking Cirpo!

I only took one pill on Monday, and on Tuesday I woke up with severe abdomen soreness/pains/tenderness...chills...barely able to sit-up...vomiting...headaches...cloudy thinking. As a result, I couldn't go to work.

The pains continued on Wednesday, but I had to go to work. It's now newly Thursday morning (12:24 AM), and the aches continue.

What kind of 'medicine' is this that even 'one pill' can bring about such side-effects? I read online that many people wind up in the emergency room after taking just one Cipro!!

I was put on a week's worth of Cipro for bronchitis I couldn't get rid of... a couple days into it I started having a pounding racing heart, depression, sadness and anxiety attacks. I finished it and it did help me get well with my respiratory but am still suffering from the anxiety attacks and heart racing. I am wondering how long these side effects will last. I have been off the Cipro for 4 days now. Has anyone else had these affects and how long did they last?

I'm a 33 year old male and I've been on Cipro 500mg for five days now (2 pills a day) and I've noticed the following side effects:
stomach cramps and bloatiness, gas (that is difficult to expel), a bit of constipation, drowsiness (yet it also gives me insomnia/sleeplessness every night since I began taking it), dizziness, a feeling of being constantly out of it, depression, hopelessness, anxiety, a bit of nausea (but no vomiting).

I'm supposed to take it for two more days but I think that I am only going to take it tomorrow then I'm done with it because I no longer want to deal with the side effects.

Varrioso=me. Literally my symptoms.

Wow. Reading all this is pretty depressing. I've just taken Cifran (Cipro) for 8 days for very very mild typhoid and I had to stop because it's given me chronic insomnia and anxiety. I knew this was a possibility so I waited until things were calm in my life to take it for 10 days. But then I get offered a job interview right in the middle of taking it. I've stopped now but the interview is tomorrow and these last 5 day where I could have preparing properly, I've been anxious and unable to sleep.

Plus experiencing real problematic "depersonisation". Here I am with a job interview to go to tomorrow, unprepared and it still hasn't "sunk in" that I'm going to walk into a room of strangers and make a fool of myself. I'm suspecting from the comments that this medication has something to do with this sudden onset of anxiety, depression and hopelessness??

I'd taken it before but because I've always had depression and anxiety (from stopping anti-depressants after 6 years- another nightmare, nerve damaging drug)- I don't know what's the Cypro and what's my regular depression. Plus I'm not working, live in a different country from my family (who I don't even talk to) and have an unstable housing situation. So all of this doesn't help.

I've never had any problems with ruptured tendons or anything and this is my 3rd time taking a course of Cipro for typhoid. All this is news for me. I'm scared for the people taking these drugs. My dad is in his late 60s and lives in a place where it's easy to get typhoid and I hope he never has to take these.

I was put on Cipro about a week and a half ago for a kidney infection. I read about it before I started it and didn't like what I saw. I contacted my Dr and was assured id be ok, so I took it. Guess what, my worries were right.

I had pain in my hips, legs and arms. I also had a lot of nausea and headaches. I also had the feeling of being really out of it. After just 2 doses I stopped it and went back to the Dr. I was told that for my infection, I needed to continue the Cipro so basically suck it up and finish it. I then decided to hold off and go to another Dr where I was told pretty much the same. No one was even willing to try something else.

So a couple days later I went ahead and started taking the Cipro again. I almost immediately had the same issues once again. I also had a bad migraine for 2 days til I went to the ER. The Dr did a urine test and said with just the 4 pills id taken off and on, my infection was gone and I could stop taking the Cipro, which I had planned on doing.

However I still had the pain of the infection and don't feel as though its gone. The Dr said it was muscle spasms and prescribed my muscle relaxers, Skelaxin. I honestly don't believe that's the problem. Does a urine test show actual results while on the Cipro? I'm 24 yrs old and am worried the infection is not gone and may get worse. I don't know what to do. I just can't believe 3 Drs and not a one of them would change my antibiotic, I mean it's my kidney for hells sake! Any advice would help. Thank you!

Are you still having symptoms?

Took Cipro in Feb. never had problems with it before. Now I am having something. I guess it is anxiety. Not real sure, I keep feeling like I can't breath well at times and my chest and throat feel strange. Can't drink coffee anymore because it seems to be worse when I do. Not sure if I should see a doctor since they are the ones who prescribe the medicine in the first place. Just keep thinking it will just go away, and saying lots of prayers.

I recently was given this (500MG twice a day) for a UTI. The side effects I had were stomach cramps and bloatiness and gas (and although this is TMI I know, it wasn't easily expelled but seemed to just linger in my bowels.) My lower stomach felt so tight with air I was miserable. It was like there was a huge air bubble in me. Each time I took the meds an hour or two later I would bloat up again. It was painful and tight and made my stomach feel constantly full and I couldn't wear my jeans. I had no issues with feeling out of it or having muscle aches or pains. After taking for 5 days I had to stop.

I was prescribed ciproflaxacin 7 days ago (10 day prescription) for diverticulitis. Cramping has subsided and I seem to be doing ok. Feeling pretty good. Wondering how bad it would be to have a glass of wine, but not finding much information related to interaction with alcohol. Anybody have any experience or knowledge on the subject?


When something makes me ill, I contact physician and STOP IT! Your body is telling you something -- listen to it!

I am presently taking it without side effects, but I do take it on a full stomach. If and when I experience side effects, it is history.

I am not a physician, but have many years of experience with drugs. When I had kidney problems in the past, the doctors used Sulfa as an antibiotic. It worked fine with no side effects. You have to be sure you are not allergic to it.

Through the years I have stopped many drugs that either didn't work or made me feel worse. Your own body has to be what helps you. I am still learning.

Cipro is my hell after only 1 dose. I have severe panic before the meds were started for a UTI and now its so much worse!!! I was already the Queen of Panic. It also made me fall asleep and Id not even know I was, I would just slump over asleep doing whatever I was doing at the time. I have cramps too. I am not taking anymore and its been 2 days almost and I only took 1!!! I plan to return to the ER tonight when a very good DR is on duty that I have seen many times over the years.

I wouldn't take this med again if I was dying. It is very sad. I weigh 105 and was given 500 mg 2 x a day and I read where grown men and body builders were given the same dosage and had probs, seems they would consider your size when prescribing this drug. I have a pill phobia to start with and with good reason, especially now. I hope you're doing better now. Pls feel free to e mail me.

Karen L.

I had severe dental pain after two extractions and thought I might have an infection. I couldn't get an appointment with my doctor quickly enough so I found some ciproflaxacino in our medical kit and took two 12 hours apart. I returned from an evening out when I drank orange juice and a couple of glasses of wine and on return experienced dreadful heartburn, so stayed sitting up. At 4.30 a.m.

I vomited for an hour and had a dreadful headache which really frightened me, so much that I woke my husband and he gave me a dissolved paracetamol. I continued to sit up and half an hour later I vomited again and again. I realise that I was prescribed the cipro originally for a UTI and obviously it made me nauseous which is why it was discontinued.

What worries me is that I have been taking medication for muscle cramps for some time now and had never associated it with the cipro until now. I also had not realised that cipro is not good with alcohol or orange juice.

I've recently taken this medication for a possible infection.
About 5-6 days after completion of treatment, I started to develop hives (very hot to the touch), and sporadic fever. I did not feel good! I ended up in the ER and they couldn't find anything wrong, but they did mention I had elevated liver enzymes. I think this medication may have damaged my liver and I still have hives off an on, but not in the extreme it once was (my lips ballooned so HUMONGOUS, I was afraid to leave the house and would put angelina jolie and anyone else with bulbous lips to shame); only a few hives develop now around my elbows (even after a month since last dosage!!!) instead of before where it was all over my body!

So, I'm thinking my liver was in bad shape during all of this and I'm just trying to recoup at home taking some milk thistle and will purchase another supplement that is known to help organ damage.

The doctors had no clue where to go next or what was/is the matter! Never had an allergic reaction in my life or hives!

Thanks for listening.

It says on the meds not to take any alcohol with this medication or within three days of the last dose.

I am a 42 year old female who has been given cipro throughout the years for bladder infections. My first round of it was in college in the pre-med program. Without realizing that my symptoms at the time were medication induced, I went into serious 24/7 anxiety! I could not think straight and felt completely detached from my body. I wound up having to drop out of this program (only lacking 2 classes meeting all requirements). I was barely able to function (mentally) for 8 months or more. I thought my problem was something "genetic" and tried to move on with my life. After a year or so, I was back to normal.

I took this medication again when I was around 25 or so--again for a bladder infection. Still, without realizing that my symptoms were medication induced, I started experiencing SERIOUS anxiety and was unable to function--again. I remember calling my doctor and wondering if the problem was due to the bladder infection. He assured me it was not, but no one even suggested that it could be medication induced. I questioned the pharmacist about it and he was very adamant that it was not the medicine. (This was back around 1995 or so). I was in another college medical program- and again had to drop it. It took months, again, for me to recover from this.

Then, after years of NO SYMPTOMS WHATSOEVER, I was placed on cipro again at the age of 37 or so. Again, for a bladder infection. I took the 3 day dose and immediately started having panic attacks and a constant unrelenting feeling of anxiety. The first round of medication did not clear up the infection, so the doctor gave me another 3 day round of it (at a very high dose). This completely put me over the edge. I was visiting my mother with my 2 year old (thank goodness, because I completely lost it and would not be able to mother my child during this time). Because of being on such a high dose, I was experience more symptoms that I had not experienced before. My legs were trembling uncontrollably at my mother's house---I mean harsh jerking movements. This went on for hours. My heart was palpitating to the point of ridiculousness and racing a mile a minute, I COULD NOT THINK CLEARLY!!!!!!! I COMPLETELY LOST IT! My shoulders were spasming out of control and I was have chills from head to toe. I was so miserable, I really just felt like I was going to die. The anxiety was bad beyond belief! There was NO relief!! I was completely disconnected mentally from my body and was begging everyone to help me!!!

I got put on xanax and this really really helped my symptoms considerably. Another doctor put me on celexa for the anxiety and eventually after about 8 months again, I was back to normal. The symptoms from this medication were absolutely horrific--and that is putting it mildly. I would look at myself in the mirror and feel like I was looking at someone else--that is how disconnected from my body that I was. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE BEYOND WORDS.

It was after the last incident of cipro that it hit me for the first time that all of these problems I had dealt with were BECAUSE OF CIPRO. Every incident was preceded with a dose of cipro. I was too trusting of the medical community and believed them when they told me that "NO - my problems were NOT related to the bladder infection or cipro IN ANY WAY.

I feel that CIPRO has completely ruined my life. I am now a struggling school teacher (with very little pay, tons of stress and miserable with my job) as I was forced to quit TWO medical programs due to this medication!!!! Not one pharmacist or doctor even hinted that his medication could do this to a person. If anyone had just told me that it could be have been the medication, taken me off of it and switched me to another antibiotic, it could have saved my life.

I had to figure it out on my own, after 3 terrible and horrific experiences with this medication. I am 42 now and avoid cipro like the plague. I have NO SYMPTOMS NOW and hopefully never will ever again, as I now know to avoid cipro and anything similar to it!! HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE!! I'm sure there are other people like me, who have had this problem, and still have not made the connect of their symptoms being caused by cipro!

I was prescribed Cipro two week ago. I inadvertently took two on the 2nd day. I started itching uncontrollably. I have had terrible pain in my liver and stomach since. I only took the cipro for 3 days. The abdominal pain continues, and my eyes are now yellow. Is there any ting I can do to flush this toxin from my system??

People's Pharmacy response: You should be in touch with your doctor right away.

@KJernigan, I too suffered *exactly* the same symptoms as you. Extreme anxiety, severe tremors/trembling, constant, horrible thoughts and - most horrible of all - insane akathisia which nearly led me to commit suicide. Also had difficulties swallowing/breathing, and could not eat properly for over a fortnight since quitting them (I'm better now but still not right yet).

Before I started Cipro, I was on NOTHING, no medication whatsoever, now I'm on antidepressants AND anti-anxiety pills and am still feeling nervous/shaky. I feel like I've been changed permanently by Cipro, for the worse, lost all my confidence and just hope I get my mind fully back.

Never again. :(

I took this medication starting 10/29/11. I did not finish the medications but took them for at least 6 or 7 days of my 10 day suppl. I take a lot of multivitamins and supplements and you cannot mix multivitamins with this medication. I kept forgetting to take my multivitamins so I stopped taking it as I need the vitamins more than I do the drug. Prior to taking the medication my doctor did blood work which included my liver enzymes and everything was fine.

On 11/14/11 I had blood work for my liver enzymes and the doctor stated they are highly elevated. I have to have the bloodwork again in 3 weeks, if the liver enzymes are still high I will have to go to see a specialist. Be very careful with this drug and your liver. I am really annoyed with this situation as I have told my doctor time and time again I do not want medications that harm my liver or kidneys. I cannot believe such a drastic change took place in such a short time. I will let you know what happens when I go for my next bloodwork.

I an not generally effected by medicines. But at 70 years old and 100 pounds overweight times have changed. The first time I got lower abdominal pain from what was later identified as diverticulitis, I was given Tetracycline and was cured of the pain. Other bowel problems I found was a wheat allergy and learned to watch my diet.

Some 15 or so years ago my nurse practitioner prescribed Metronidazole on a few occasions which worked fine. A couple of years ago my new nurse practitioner prescribed Metronidazole 3 times a day and Ciprofloxacin twice a day. As usual the Metronidazole went down okay but a few hours later when I took the Ciprofloxacin I got very nauseated and weak.

I continued taking the Metronidazole and discontinued the Ciprofloxacin (and unfortunately forgot about the incident and the medicine). A few weeks ago when the Nurse Practitioner again prescribed the same two medicines I had forgotten my bad experience with Ciprofloxacin. This time when I took it I clearly noted feeling like my brain and life were slipping away. My lungs felt weak like my chest was being pulled in. My heart felt like it was losing the strength to beat.

As I complained to my wife she reminded me that I had trouble last time I took Ciprofloxacin and pointed to my last bottle missing only one pill sitting high on the cabinet shelf. After finishing the Metronidazole and still having pain I went back to the clinic for a blood test and stool test for blood. Both test came back okay. When the phone call came and wife received the message they also recommended I finish taking the Cipro until it is gone.

I will now remember that there is one medicine I am sensitive to. I will now refuse to ever take Cipro again. I am back on a brief yogurt and potato diet while I contemplate next move.

I have read articles on obesity and that a high percentage of overweight people have Fatty Livers. That fatty liver can be as bad as alcoholic cirrhosis of liver. I will eventually have my liver tested before taking any medicines that are new to me.

I saw my MD on the 22nd for refills. But while there told my physician that my sinus's were very sensitive. Ended up having x-rays of my sinuses and was informed I had a sinus infection. Given a prescription for cipro (generic). 4 days later my mitral valve prolapse started bothering me. Then would have times I felt ok. Then my heart would start beating heavier for extended periods, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath.

Not normal having such long periods of my mvp just didn't feel right. Heavy pounding in my ears more noticeable at bed time. A couple of times thought I might be having a heart attack. Started not sleeping good waking up & not able to go back to sleep for hrs. Saw my physician 5 days after symptoms started. Was more anxious, experienced headaches off & on. My physician just said it was my mitral valve & stress. Gave me my script for generic clonopin (only taken low dose at bedtime). Said I would be ok.

The day I saw him felt like I was trembling & my mind was not clear. After reading all these comments I feel that there is a high possibility that it is the cipro. Explains a lot of my usual feelings. Also, makers of cipro recommend be cautious giving it to people over 60 & I am 68. Will not take it ever again!

I've been on this medication for 10 days now. I noticed a couple days ago my legs were so sore as if I had worked out and it was so painful to bend them or sit down. I also have had arm, back, and jaw pain and it feels like my back is burning at times. I've taken cipro before but this time I am feeling all of these side effects and getting crazy anxiety and shortness of breath!

I am supposed to take one tonight but I am stopping it. It wasn't until I came online searching for an answer as to why my muscles were so sore and my arms were hurting I thought I was having a heart attack with the pain in my arm and jaw accompanied by the shortness of breath. I will NEVER take cipro again. Has any had a problem like this?

I read a lot about anxiety and nausea but not too many stories of sore muscles and aching joints so I am a little concerned. I am going to my PCP tomorrow to make sure everything is okay. This medication gives you every side effect in the books I'd rather deal with the pain than take this again! I hope I feel normal again.

I took cipro September 2011. At fist I felt ok except for stomach cramping and bloating. Few days later experienced my feet getting cold. Later started get anxiety and pains and weakness in my legs and left arm. Month later I started expressing loss of appetite and insomnia. The insomnia was really bad only was getting 2 hours of sleep.

Went to the Doctors numerous times ran EKG and did a heart stress test. They did blood work and everything back fine. I'm still having anxiety and depression issues since cipro. My legs feel weak and arms too. Before the medication I was working out 5 times a week and ran long distance. Now my whole body hurts and tired all the time.

I asked a few doctors if cipro could of done this and they say no. After reading this and other sites I now know it was cipro. I just hope and pray to God I get better and that it didn't do any damage to my organs. I would greatly appreciate advice on how to cope with this or what can help me get getter. Thanks

I took one tablet of Cipro this morning, the first. Within a short time I developed a vision problem in both eyes. Cannot focus near or far. It is now 12 hours since the taking of this medication and I fear taking another before bed. I am to take 2 500mg per day for a bladder infection.

Am very concerned as one possible side effect can supposedly be permanent vision loss. I phoned the doctor and asked about this and he said it won't affect vision. I don't believe this.

People's Pharmacy response: According to the prescribing information, Cipro can cause " blurred vision, disturbed vision (change in color perception, overbrightness of lights), decreased visual acuity, diplopia, eye pain." We hope that you and your doctor have found a different antibiotic to treat your infection.

Hello everyone. I hope you guys end up feeling better. Tomorrow will be my third day taking Cipro for diarrhea infection. I'm a person who listens to my intuition, I WILL NOT BE TAKING THIS DRUG TOMORROW! My body does not feel right at all, and this is coming from a 26 y/o healthy male. God bless to all of you who are still taking the drug, as well as the ones who are not taking it but still have side effects.

People's Pharmacy response: Antibiotics are usually prescribed for an infection and stopping before the infection is cured may lead to resistant bacteria. Please be sure to discuss your concerns with your physician, so your infection doesn't rage out of control.

I finished a 7 day course of 500mg of Cipro 2x/day this morning (for a routine UTI). On the fourth day, I had a large painful hard bump which changed into a dark purplish blister appear on my left big toe, and by the next day, had a second one on the toe next to it. On day five or six, I had two smaller blisters appear on my second toe of my right foot. Within a day, the blisters have been turning dark pinkish/purple.

Saw the doc today, and she said it could be a focal eruption caused by the drug, a photosensitivity reaction, or just coincidental. I'm now VERY worried, as I am a runner and although my doc says I will not suffer any muscle or tendon damage in the future from this, the warnings on the drug and the site make it clear that it is possible. Who knows about this enough to help me recover from the current damage and prevent any future damage?

The literature says to tell your doc if you have regular physical activity. I did, but my doc was not concerned. I run very long distances at times, and also love to do ten minutes of sprints (which I did on day three, resulting in hip flexor area pain in my right side for two days - something I've never had before). Needless to say, I'll be laying off the heavy activity until I hear something from a knowledgeable doctor!

Hello everyone! I too took cipro and after 3 days am getting joint pain all over my body. It's been 4 days since I took it and am feeling a little better as my body detoxs. I just want to encourage anyone who might be reading all these comments and perhaps begin to feel hopeless, angry, stressed, anxious etc. Over the damage that drugs cause. I am a huge believer in holistic medicine. I took cipro for bronchitis. I stopped taking it because I noticed it was making me sick. If you are suffering from side effects don't panic, but be proactive and seek out natural ways to make yourself better. I started taking good quality probiotics, fish oil, multivitamin and I feel great. Still w/ joint pain but it's not as bad as 2 days ago. Glucosamine helps joints. I also read my bible. Psalm 91. I believe God heals not only your spirit but your physical as well. Read it, and try the natural route to get better. My prayers are with you all.

I just started taking Cipro on Monday for a UTI. About a week before I was prescribed Septra, and after I finished that dosage, my symptoms came back instantly. So my doctor gave me these antibiotics. Reading all these have freaked me out. But after I take a pill, my face feels kind of tinglyish and weird, its hard to describe. But that feeling goes away after a few minutes so I'm not sure if that is anything serious. And right now I'm experiencing a weird pain in my forearm that comes and goes and makes my hand and fingers feel weak. But this also comes and goes so I don't know if the medicine is the cause or my arms is just being weird. Totally worried now, hopefully I won't get a anxiety attack from reading all this.

I feel your pain. On January 12 I had a kidney stone attack. I was taken to the emergency room and was given a 10 day supply of Cipro (500mg) for ten days. The er doctor knew I was a runner/biker yet said nothing to me about the side effects. Two days later I see a urologist at the Cleveland Clinic and he finds out I'm a runner and knows I'm on Cipro but says nothing.

Took meds for 10 days with no "apparent" effects but on day 11 a calf strain and now seven days after getting off Cipro my symptoms are even worse. Tendon pain at the knees, Achilles, hip, ankle, shins. Numbness and burning at ankles and swollen ankles. Fortunately I have a GREAT sports med doctor (also Cleveland Clinic). He is very concerned about my recovery and has put me on prednazone for two weeks to take down the swelling. He has me icing and NO exercise at all until the follow-up visit two weeks away.

What he said to me was "I think the damage is done, but the recovery could be a very long time." I am very concerned. I have been a runner for 42 years and a biker for the last fifteen, I live and die my exercise. I was very competitive back in the day with marathons and 10k's. I am retiring in June and was looking forward to uninterrupted exercise and now I could be damaged for life.

My sports med doc who is very upbeat and a friend said to me "I'm very concerned." That has me worried because in 25 years of seeing him I have never had that kind of reaction from him. Sorry about being a negative nancy but I just needed to vent. I will keep you posted.

I was prescribed cipro after tooth extraction (two wisdom teeth and one molar). I was given 14 tablets at 250 milligrams each which were to be taken twice a day and 12 hours apart. I experienced no side effects. Yesterday, I had only one tablet remaining and decided to go online to find out how long I should wait after completing cipro treatment before drinking coffee.

I was startled to discover the large number of negative comments about the antibiotic. I am extremely terrified now, not because of cipro but because of the comments. I had no idea that these horrible side effects could appear months after taking the medication. I am extremely active and love walking, jogging and exercising. I am also the sole care provider for my elderly mother.

I cannot imagine what we would do if I were to become incapacitated because of this antibiotic. Needless to say, I did not take the last pill. I have not found anyone online to say anything positive about this antibiotic. I will see my general practitioner tomorrow and tell her about my concerns. I hope she has some comforting words for me and will be able to monitor my situation in case anything adverse comes up in future.

People's Pharmacy response: It was smart to check on a possible interaction with coffee, because Cipro does increase the effect of caffeine.

Despite what you have read about the possible adverse effects of this antibiotic, keep in mind that people who have had no negative experience don't post. As a result, the comments represent what CAN happen, and are not a true representation of what WILL happen. We hope you continue to do well.

Correction to an earlier comment. I commented earlier that I was given 14 tablets at 250 milligrams each to be taken twice daily. I meant to write that I was given 14 tablets at 500 milligrams each to be taken twice daily. It has now been three days since I last took a cipro tablet. So far no noticeable negative side effects. I spoke with my physician and pharmacist who told me that I should not worry. Easier said than done.

I suffer the same as you and yes, most likely it did up your anxiety. I felt more anxiety than usual and restless but I finished my round last night and tonight I actually feel it more than when I was on it.

It is now February 11th and there is little relief in sight. I stopped taking Cipro on January 18th after a seven day dosage (previously said ten but it was seven) of 500mg twice a day as a preventative for a possible infection from a kidney stone. I still have sore and burning tendons in my Achilles, the side of my knees (where they attach on the inside of my leg, outside lower leg above the ankle and random shots of pain into my calf. Also I had three episodes of severe cramps in my tendons on the middle of the night that were horrible. Have not had any recently because I make sure I don't stretch my legs in the middle of the night. The only improvement is during the night I don't wake up with severe burning feeling of my Achilles.

I teach school and at the end of the day my Achilles are very sore and during the course of the day i get random tendon pain. Also I walk very gingerly as not to put stress on my very sore right tendon that attaches to the inside of my knee. I have not run in three weeks and my my sports med doctor says do nothing that will put stress on your tendons for another three weeks (including running to get out of the rain, he says get wet don't tear an Achilles).
I will continue to ice three times a day and go from there.

hello everyone, I have been taking cipro 500mg for the past 5 days I started feeling depressed, irritable, and having pain on my lower left abdominal. help?? has anyone felt sharp pain of their stomach?

Just filled a prescription for Cipro for a mild UTI and I wanted to research the drug before I took one. All I was really worried about was if it really was bad to take with my coffee, like it says on the prescription info sheet. Thank you all for sharing your experiences with Cipro. I'm not even going to start taking it after reading all the nightmarish experiences and will call the doctor in the morning.

Great move on your part not taking Cipro. Take no chances. I am still having issues and it has been five weeks since my last dose.

I am getting better, but I still have random sharp stinging pain in my Achilles, my tendons in my arches kill when I step out of bed in the morning just like I have Plantar Fascia. Fortunately the tendons attached at the knees are getting better and the random pains are less frequent. The burning has for the most part gone away. But last week I was reminded of the randomness of the effects. No pain in Achilles, took one step and pain level went from 0 to 10 for 90 minutes. Fifteen minutes of icing and back to 0 pain. Weird.

Got prescribed cipro for UTI.

First night was fine. The next day my stomach went awfully sour within a few hours of taking it. I figured it was just me...

Took it again. Same sour stomach, bloatedness, gas, fatigued, heavy.
I was so confused on what my stomach was telling me!

Realized... I feel worse after taking this antibiotic!

Doctors are full of bs. Keep a simple healthy lifestyle, always listen to your body and NEVER resort to random medications.
Thanks for sharing everyone, I thought I was the only one!

I have had a u.t.i for several days, I was given this cipro and just took my first dose an hour ago and feel fine. Everybody is very different, but a lot of you have scared so many people on here about this drug it's just awful! If it was so harmful it wouldn't be given!! Yes there are many side effects of this drug but just depends on the person. All meds are going to have some type of reaction it just goes with it. I'm sorry for those that suffered but please be kind to others feelings. Like me..... I've been hurting for days been on 2 meds for it, maybe this one will help:+) so those of you taking it if it helps keep taking it if not then call your doc. Best of luck to all.

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Cipro can be very helpful, and we hope it knocks your infection out. There is a strong reporting bias at work here: people who have done well on their antibiotic don't report their good results on line, while those who have had problems are motivated to warn others.

This is all very amazing. I took Cipro for a stubborn sinus infection and it helped me so well, I didn't want it to stop. I had a UTI at the time and didn't know it. It cleared up both infections and I felt so much better. I even felt better in my joints where I normally feel awful. I have had Fibromyalgia for a long time. I wonder out of the many people taking Cipro if the reactions are more negative or positive.

I hope you all feel better soon.

Oh Melissa, I'm very glad that this medication has helped you without side effects. You are one of the lucky ones.

This website is meant to educate others of possible side effects that can arise from this medication. It is intended to INFORM, NOT TO SCARE PEOPLE! I had a friend who did biochemistry research for years and "OH MY" the stories she could tell you about drug companies! If you want to put your trust in drug companies, then naively do so at your own risk!

Anyway, glad you are doing well. --Just do not point fingers at people who have suffered terribly from taking this medication. Our pain and suffering should not be taken lightly or "by all means" criticized by others. Our experiences are dreadfully real and equally horrific!

Go on line and research all of the drug recalls over the years. Many recalls were necessitated by law suits against drug companies, otherwise they would still be sold on the market. It's almost comical how when they come up with a "new and improved" drug, then the companies suddenly start telling the faults of the previous drug in order to sell the newer more expensive one. It's funny, because the pharmaceutical salesmen never spoke to the doctors and nurses in hospitals of the "faults" of the previous drug before the new drug came out on the market.

I'm glad that you can enjoy your evening with the help of this medication, it was 8 months after taking it that I could even function normally (on three separate occasions in my life--all related directly to cipro)! I only wish someone had told me earlier in my life so I would not have gone through 2 more horrific episodes later in years from this medication. For the rest of you, thank you for sharing your experiences! Thank you for putting the information out there! Thank you for trying to help others by taking the time out of your busy schedules to list your experiences on this website. THANK YOU ALL!

My dad whom is in his eighties was having bad chest congestion so he went to see a doctor and was prescribed cipro, 500mg. He started taking cipro on Feb 8, 2012 as prescribed by a doctor for ten days taking 2 pills a day. After completing the dosage my dad had and is still having bad abdominal pain as well as shortness of breath. Is there anything that can be recommended to help these symptoms go away? Thanks.

I just have finished reading all the comments about Cipro... I have taken it a few times over the past years for UTI and although I do not feel great while I am own the drug, sort of light headed, it does help the infection.

So not the worse drug... I do not take a lot of medicines but I do try to be good to my body with foods that are healthy and no drinking or smoking.

I am an over 70 yr old gal... hanging in there.... good luck to everyone who is suffering.

I am updating my condition from the effects of Cipro that was given to me as a precautionary to a possible infection from a kidney stone attack.

It has now been almost 10 weeks since my last dose of Cipro (7 days, twice a day, 500mg.) I have good days and I have bad days. I still have pain in the tendons that hold up my arches, the tendons on the inside back of my leg that attaches to the knee, ankles and a burning sensation at my ankles and tendons by my knees. On the good days I can go most of the day with little pain or burning (I have twice mowed my yard, which takes about an hour, with no pain.) Then just when I think I am getting better I have horrible day, like today, with constant burning and stinging and pain in the arches and leg tendons.

The burning seems worse when I am sitting. I have no clue when and if this will go away. I am taking 1,000 mg.vitamin C, chelated magnesium, and omega 3 supplements. I no longer run or bike out of fear that I may rupture a tendon and on the advice of my sports med doctor. I have gone from a once very active 56 year old (run 5 miles a day or bike up to 50 miles a day) to a couch potato.

I took Cipro for bladder infection. It was prescribed by the urgent care doctor, someone I had never seen before. He was unable to find my medical history in the computer, and did NOT ask me if I had a history of seizures. I DO have a seizure disorder, although I have been able to remain seizure free, without medication for years.

It has been about 2 weeks since I finished my cipro prescription, and I have begun having seizures the last three days. I am pissed!!!! I do blame the doctor for being an idiot and not asking the questions he should have asked me. Besides, the Cipro did NOT cure my bladder symptoms, I went to a TCM practitioner and found relief through acupuncture and herbs.

I am hoping to figure out a way to detox or something---I want to go back to being seizure free. I wonder what the cipro did to my brain.

I went to the doctor for over active bladder. I had to give a urine sample and my doctor said I had mild UTI. He gave me 500 mg CIPROFLOXACIN tabs. About 1 min. after I took the first tablet my heart started beating really fast. Scared the mess out of me. I also got dizzy. My left arm hurts also. I have had a UTI before, but never had CIPROFLOXACIN . I was about to take the second dose a little while and decided not to. Especially after reading about what others have gone through. I am going to call the doctor and get the meds I had before. The doctors are quick with writing out prescriptions and we are quick with getting them filled and taking the meds. We need to ask more questions. If they get upset then so what!

Your response was a good one. Just a caution, I took 2 days (4 pills) of Cipro for a UTI and was much sicker than before the drug, horribly horribly sick. Couldn't eat, couldn't drink anything but, thankfully, water. First day I took a few sips of coffee but it tasted off - good thing, too. Site on drug says caffeine can build to toxic levels while taking the drug. Antidote to drug symptoms seems to be a strong injection & 10 days of steroids. I don't have a gallbladder so my reaction to the drug is not gallbladder related. I believe Cipro should be taken off the market & plan to discuss with my doctor tomorrow her prescribing it.

Well, seems like a lot of people suffer here ...
I just finished my 5th day of this messy drugs, gave me all kinds of side effects !! (fever doziness heart beating ...) I wish it'll heal at least. I have a UTI (sadly have no idea from where I got it) my doc prescribe cripro for me to take one tab, he just told me to finish that tab 9 pills in it 250mg twice a day,

I don't know if I should keep on till the 7th day or just stop now.

Anyhow I did all kind of research to see what other drugs are out there to heal UTIs, well there is at least 3 others which doesn't give this amount of hard time, and I just wonder why didn't the doctors just prescribe those for crying out loud !!!

So the other drugs were: Norfloxacin, Ofloxacin, and the most used one for UTIs was Amoxicillin.

Hope this can help people who suffers from same things =)

I took one day's worth (1500 mg) of cipro two weeks ago and tonight is the first night I am not burning in all joint/tendon areas. I hope I return to normal soon. The FDA needs to be more informative to doctors and pharmacies about its black box label warning. Many doctors and pharmacies are completely unaware. I feel for people who have taken this stuff not aware how dangerous it is and then they suffer awful side effects. We need to get the word out.

I was supposed to take two cipros (500 mg ea.) twice a day for two weeks then one a day for two weeks... after the eights day I broke into hives, shortness of breath, felt like something was pushing on my chest, middle finger of left hand, both wrists, and knees have pain in them... going to stop taking as it's the only thing that could have given me the hives (which will drive you crazy itching) and call my Doc tomorrow....

Omg I feel really stupid for I too was prescribed cipro... The first two days I took 2 500mg tablets and was fine. The 3 day, same dosage and stomach was feeling really weird. I brushed it off by saying it was gas but it continued on for my final two days. Finally I decide to do some research and came across this site. Today was my final day taken it, but I noticed some commented that their problems occurred days after their final dosage.. So I'm really spooked out being that the only problem I have at this time is a weird crampy feeling to my stomach and it's little restlessness... which I pray will go away.

Also I hope nothing else occurs because the thought of enzymes on the liver, panic/anxiety attacks, and/or heart attacks, being detached from ones self scares me tremendously... I'm sorry you guys you all had to suffer to such a degree.. Seems when can't trust anyone these days, because If you do it seems your life will be riding on it.

I had the same symptoms before taking cipro. So far the medication has been relieving the back pain, but nausea and cramps in the abdomen continue.

Every medicine has side effects. I have allergies to multiple antibiotics and cipro is one of the only antibiotics I can take. I think it is important for people to be aware of what can happen to report to their doctor but people should stop creating such fear and paranoia.


What I posted was not meant to create fear, by ALL means. I think my posting, like many others, was to inform and support patients who have concerns about side effects they are experiencing with this medication. I did listen to three doctors and three pharmacists on three separate occasions in my life, when they told me that my side effects were NOT the medication. I kept taking my medication like the "good patient" and it completely ruined my life as a result. How very very wrong they were!!

My side effects are now listed in medical publications and commonly known and understood, but were not 9 years ago when I had my last episode with this medication. Sometimes reporting something to your doctor that is not in a medical book goes completely ignored-which is exactly what happened to me. I would have given anything to have had this forum to read and become better educated about possible side effects that had not been published and accepted by the medical community at that time. I was a victim by this situation and was simply trying to help others not to suffer the terrible way that I did. That's all.

I was just about to post something very similar to what you have posted as I too can only take Cipro. I have never had any side effects from this over the last 5 years, although this time I seem to be itching. I'm not worried about it but was curious to find out if it was the cipro which is causing the itching after 1 day of taking them,and just wondered if you have experienced the same?

I have been taking Cipro for 7 days. It was prescribed for an infection in my testicle that appeared 2 months after having a vasectomy it appears the surgeon in his haste has sewn the vas tube to my scrotum (after everyone telling me that this operation was straight forward) anyhow 3 days after taking the cipro I admitted myself to A&E I really thought I was having a heart attack I was given an ECG and my bloods were taken I told the doctor I thought I had reacted badly to the medicine he urged I continue it as stopping may make the infection more resistant to further drugs.

I have continued and I have three more days to go. I feel like I am out of my head cannot concentrate still getting palpitations shortness of breath sleep is full of strange dreams and sudden waking up. The swollen testicle though is no longer swollen and the soreness has gone so it has worked its a balance between side effects and a productive cure for me I am worried about the months to come though especially after reading all the comments on here and elsewhere on the web

My husband took Cipro for 10 days (finished it a few days ago). has similar symptoms like yous. Plus pain around his chest/back/neck which you never know when it may show up. We thought it is his heart- I must add that he runs and exercises routinely. To-date he has seen two doctors, done EKG, and blood work, all came OK. Now we are worried about other stuff. so they are going to do more tests. I suspected CIPRO (bc all of this started a few days after CIPRO / and he has always been very healthy and has a healthy life style). I also noticed signs of weakness and anxiety, hope it does not get worst! I was hoping if it is a side effect, then it would go away in a week. Looks like yours has been going on for months! Thank you for sharing this and good luck to all of us.

This an update to my other posts about the effects of Cipro on my body.
It has now been five months since I took my last dose of Cipro (January 18th) and I can say that I am much improved. My Cipro issues and any long term effects were with my tendons. I was an avid runner and biker for the last 40+ years and was relegated to NO activity for almost five months.

My first activity walking around town for about 30 minutes then I went hiking. My hikes were on rugged terrain with some good size inclines. One day I went about six miles and the next day four miles. The only reaction my body had was some slight burning in my Achilles during the first hike. My tendons attaching to my knees (back inside) were fine. This was an area of concern since that area has given me the most issues. I then went on to jogging and biking. My jogs were two miles and my bike rides were 25 miles. I went a little overboard by alternating days of biking and running for eight straight days. My knee tendons now bother me a little, with slight Achilles burning and I'm taking the day off. But compared to were I was I am extremely happy.

Now I just have to show some restraint. It is just extremely difficult when I want to so much get back in shape and lose these 15 extra pounds I put on during my five month layoff. Mind you this is the longest layoff from running I have had in over 40 years.

Probably most of my recovery is just due to time but I will say I noticed a marked improvement when I started using a product called DermaMag. This was recommended by a physical therapist who has seen a number of Cipro patients for tendon issues.

Angry? Yes! Given Cipro as a preventative when I did not even have an infection! But what is done is done. My fault for putting total trust in a doctors decision on my prescription and not asking questions. Also I should have read the fine print and studied up on Cipro before taking my first pill. Never again!

I will say I filed a complaint with the hospital since the emergency room doctor knew I was a runner and told me I could run in a few days but did not tell me the effects of Cipro. When the hospital finally responded to my complaint (one month later) and the supervising doctor told me the tendon issues were just becoming known to doctors in the "last year or year and a half." Once I informed him of my research and that was not true he said "oh I see you have done your homework and proceeded to tell me that not all of the doctors can be be up on all the latest studies. Funny how that a medication the supervising doctor says is a "common drug" dispensed after kidney stone attacks is not research by the doctors giving it.

Anyway, for those of you suffering tendon issues there is hope and I expect to be fully recovered by my one year anniversary of being floxed.

my PSA numbers went from less than 1 to 6 in 1 primary care physician put me on 500mg. of Cipro twice daily until I could see a urologist in two weeks...who continued the dosage for two additional weeks for suspected urinary tract infection.Aafter 3 weeks of Cipro, I developed severe shoulder and lower leg pain and what feels like a "panic' disorder... what's up with this medication?... I feel just awful.... painful to walk or open the slider... panic attack is real!!!!....

I was prescribed cipro 500mg 2x a day only 2 days ago for a uti. And about 2 hours after the first dose I started itching all over, I told my husband I didn't feel right cause my heart was racing and I felt like I had bugs or something crawling all over me. Never thought it could've been from the antibiotic. Now on the morning of day 3 I woke up and the soles of my feet and the palms of my hands are bright red (almost purple) and feel like they are on fire!

I can't even walk it hurts so bad! I called my pharmacist who told me that is not a side affect of the meds but to be on the safe side to stop taking it and contact my Dr. After reading all of this, the burning sensation in the skin and turning red is a side affect, why does pharmacists not know these things??! I will never take this meds again!

I was diagnosed 5 days ago with a kidney infection and put on cipro. I have not been able to get a good nights sleep and feel very nauseous. I'm still having pain In my left side and this has been day 5 taking it 2 times a day 500mg each pill. Is having this pain still on the 5thday normal or should I be prescribed something else. Thanks

5 days ago I had a procedure done and was put on Cipro for infection. I havent felt good since. I am also going to Physical Therapy for tendonitis and frozen shoulder that I have had longbefore I started taking Cipro. Also Im on a medication for depression. Oh my how thses comments are scaring me to death. Im afraid to go off it but afraid to continue. I will finish them on Monday morning but cannot get ahold of the Dr as it is the weekend. Im praying that all will be ok and hope that all of you will have a better outcome due to this med. My fingers hurt to bend. Hoping this is not the result of this medication.

I was given Cipro about seven years ago for Shigella. I did recover from the Shigella beautifully however my overall physical and mental health started to deteriorate slowly but consistently. The worst symptoms were the fatigue, paranoia and depression. The medical professionals were baffled and started prescribing medications for all sorts of symptoms and suspected conditions. I had bad reactions to all of the medications. Since taking the Cipro my body has become incredibly sensitive to medication. After the Cipro my body started to metabolize medications at a much higher rate than is typical. I am finally starting to regain some normalcy in my life but it has been a very terrible time for both my family and me.

Please use this medication with EXTREME caution. Please only use this medication if there is no other alternative. If you do take this medication or are taking this medication, be sure that you have someone who is aware of the possible side effects and who can help you monitor your health for a few years after you take this medication. In my case, my symptoms and my behaviors were so bizarre that no one took me seriously.

I'm allergic to amoxicillin so they gave me this for an infection in my c-section incision, and I feel like hell.

Had INTENSE nausea, loss of appetite and some dizziness on cipro 500mg twice a day.

...this is RP again...well, my PSA numbers are back to normal again, so, I don't have prostate cancer!!!... my shoulders still feel as if I somehow strained them from lifting too much weight...the tops of my feet still burn and I have a difficult time with my knees...the urologist said to take ibuprofen...why is this taking so long to go away??...

I started taking Cifran mg twice a day three days now, was prescribed for red eye, since taking hearing in the right ear is blocked. Seems as though the inside is swollen hearing seems far away for me. Am I going deaf or would the effect wear off? I have two days supply left but stopped taking it to see if the swollen feeling in the inner ear would go down.

I am having this same reaction after only 2 doses of Ciprofloxacin! It's driving me mad!!

I was prescribed cipro for a kidney infection a couple days ago. After 3 doses I broke out in itchy red splotches all over my body, had vaginal itchiness, thoughts of suicide and panic, and uncontrollable twitching in my legs as I was trying to sleep (like I had just sprinted). After reading these stories I'm too terrified to continue taking this medication as I am a runner.

Ive been taking 1000mg per day for 20 days due to a severe bone injury from a chainsaw. There have been no side effects from the Ciprofloxacin.

I was prescribed cipro 500 took it for 5 days. At the end of the treatment I started experiencing muscle pain in my arms, muscle spasms in my eye lids. Then eventually the spasms and pain moved into my legs. I've since been easy to bruise, with insomnia and very high levels of anxiety.

I had prickling sensations when sleeping when I'd wake up my face and hands would be asleep. It's been about 2 and a half weeks since I've first started feeling these symptoms, which they've lessened a bit. But I'm extremely worried

I was prescribed CIPRO for the 2nd time for my diverticulitis condition. I also take prilosec and a multi vitamin. These medications do not mix! The CIPRO has made my anxiety go off the charts! I almost didn't make it to work today because of feeling depressed and just hopeless. I've been crying all morning! Now that I've read the other comments.... I will definitely not take anymore of this medication. Thanks everyone for your comments because I thought I was going crazy!!

I have taken Cipro at least three times before for UTIs and never had a problem with the medication. Last week, however, I was given a Cipro prescription for three days for a "mild UTI". By the second dose I had severe chills, extreme muscle pain all over my body, and a fever of 101. I took two days of the meds before I realized I was having a reaction to them, then stopped. I've been drinking plain cranberry juice since them and hope it takes care of the infection. The fever took two days of Advil to break, and today I feel almost normal, just the muscle pain remains and some foggy thinking. I don't know why I had such a bad reaction this time but will definitely not take it again.

I took Cipro for 5 days for a suspected bladder infection. I was very tired on the medication. The day after I finished the medication I got severe pains in my right side and felt like I was going to faint. I went back to the doctor she said it was probably a kidney stone. I then got severe chest pains and very high anxiety with periods of uncontrollable crying . I went back to the doctor she did an Ekg that came back normal. I had high blood pressure and still had severe pains in chests and stomach.

She acted like I was just worried about the results of a Ct scan. She never mentioned this could be a reaction to Cipro. I am starting to fell a little better but am waking up very early each day with chest pains. It is the drug, period! No one told me what the black box meant on this drug. I read the warnings a little bit but all drugs have pages of warnings. Oh I did not have an infection after all so I never needed the drug in the first place. I can't believe doctors prescribe drugs that they know very little about. I think that as the toxins finally leave my body I will improve with lots of prayer.

hi how long did you feel like that after you stopped the tablets, I'm having the same problems Sunday O took one 500mg tablet and was ok then by the night I was starting to feel panicky I hope this effect will go x

About a month ago, I was prescribed Cipro and another antibiotic for severe diverticulitis. My daughter (a barefoot runner) had taken Cipro for UTI, and developed severe tendonitis and was miserable, so I was very wary. My Dr. said that she had prescribed it 1000s of times with maybe 6 adverse reactions, and that I needed it or risked a rupture and surgery.

After the first dose which I took at the pharmacy, I read the insert, and followed the timing exactly (6 hours after vitamins, 2 hours after meals, no anti diarrhea meds etc) and had no problems. (part of my vitamin regimen includes magnesium, since we drink reverse osmosis water, fish oil, and that may have helped)

I was under orders to let my gut heal, so no Pilates allowed, and I didn't even take walks! It did the job for me... not many of the posts here tell the good side... Let me be counted as one!

I am now on my second day of this drug and without doubt am extremely light headed! I have taken the drug before and had no problems but this time I am the opposite! I feel completely out of it like I am on drugs my vision is blurring I have complete lose of appetite!
It's awful I would not recommend this drug at all!

I've been taking Cipro for 3 days. It's now starting to make me nauseous. The same thing happened to me with erythromycin. The cure is worse than the disease. Just more torture.

Even though I understand that some people can take Cipro without side effects, there are still a LOT of us out here who have nearly died from Cipro. This is not fear-mongering. It is simply relating our experiences with Cipro AND it is the truth!

Day 1 (Friday) - Got home from a long trip with a bad UTI. Dr. #1 prescribed 2 x 500 mg. Cipro - got really bad back pain at bottom or ribs that woke me up around 4:45 a.m. the next morning (Day 2). I at first thought it was my kidneys, because they felt like they would nearly explode. THEN, I found in the side effect literature that one of the side effects is crystals in the urine that affects the kidneys. ALSO: I woke up at the same time as the pain the kidneys with what looked like a phlebitis patch on the side of my left arm. It was a patch that had raised up, was red and hurt with pulsing sensations. This was also in the literature.

Fortunately, being a certified natural health professional and familiar with many alternative treatments, I was able to increase the circulation in that area and it went away about 6 hrs. later.

Day 2 (Sat.)- still taking Cipro. 500 mg.x 2 day. I woke up (again) around 4:45-5:00 a.m. and my kidneys were hurting even worse than the first day. While visiting the doctor AGAIN to say the Cipro was injuring me, he told me I just had a back ache and that it was not possible for Cipro to hurt someone this badly!!! NOT!!!

Screaming pain like maybe worse than having my two children was coming from my back ribcage. I also felt something cross over into my brain and began to have a really bad headache, though nothing like the ribcage torture. When I laid on my side, I noticed that the left side had swollen considerably... probably my spleen swelling up? Or what was THAT?

Day 3 (Sunday)- Still taking ONE does of Cipro tonight, now ONLY because the UTI I had experienced just before was the worst one I've ever had. Back pain is nearly disabling, I took my only one dose of Cipro that night, just to be sure and still avoid the UTI. And, of course, I woke up around 4:45 a.m. (on Day 4*).

Day 4 (Monday) - *Called the on-call doctor for Labor Day Weekend at 5:00 a.m., as the pain is unbearable, even after only 1 pill before bed. I told him about seeing the earlier dr.#2 who said that Cipro does not have these sorts of side effects, to which I answered that when I take it I am in serious pain and feel like my kidneys or ribcage will explode. When I stay off for 12 hrs., I feel better somewhat... and I told him about the phlebitis trying to come on the first night, too. He said go off and go see my GP as soon as the holiday weekend is over.

Day 5 (Tues.) - No Cipro. Still feeling bad, but not as much as when on Cipro.
Rush to see my GP immediately, now that he's back and told him the side effects were terrible and that I think it damaged my kidneys and/or my liver. He says he's not going to run a bunch of tests, go see the Kidney Specialist!! I beg for him to run a thyroid and Liver Function Panel. He does...

Day 7 (Weds.) - Still feeling lousy, but not like when on Cipro. However, the pains are starting to return to a certain degree. Still having problems.

Day 8 (Thurs.) - Finally got to go see my alternative doc, who did a computerized heart rate/cns, etc. test to see if my CNS was in good enough shape for me to heal. What he found was that my heart was SKIPPING BEATS like crazy! (No wonder I was having these little "pins" shooting pain into my heart!) I took minerals, as per my friend who is a health adviser/counselor/nutritionist, and used some heart-aids I am aware of like d-ribose, magnesium, etc.

Day 9 (Frid.-Sunday) Still feeling bad, but not in horrible pain. Just having little pins jumping around in my heart for a day or so. Not much energy, but thinking maybe this will pass. It doesn't.

Day 10 (Monday) - Busy with business items. Feeling bad, aches and pains all over my back, but especially the back ribcage again. I notice that my eyesight is not as clear as it had been prior to Cipro.

Day 11 (Tues.) = I go to the Urologist/Kidney Specialist and ask to see the copy we had the lab send on to him. GUESS WHAT?!! MY LFTs are 3-4 times as high as normal, so that shows significant liver inflammation and probable liver damage. The way I feel, I just have to have faith that there's still hope to recuperate from this darned old CIPRO! GP cannot see me until Thurs., especially because he had not yet viewed my LFTs and didn't even know how sick I've been. THANKS, DOC!!

Day 12 (Weds. - TODAY) - MISERABLE all day due to my entire abdomen has now swelled up, both the spleen and the liver. I am getting desperate here, because as soon as one issue gets resolved, another big one surfaces. THIS HURTS and I still have to wait until tomorrow, for when the doctors can squeeze me in. They will probably want to remove my spleen and operate on my liver or something, but unless there's a tumor,
there's NO WAY!!


Started Cipro on Saturday 2x500 mg. After first pill everything was somewhat ok, it did did make me feel nausea, sweating etc. It was very mild though. I did not consider it alarming as I have has similar feeling with many other medicine during my life. Second pill did make me feel bit more worse especially sweating became more. Slept over night without problems and on Sunday I took third pill....

After 6 hours of taking that I had acute urticaria that I have had never before. My head, neck and upper body was red like fire truck and I felt pain and swelling in my arms. I went to hospital ER where I had to wait for 3 hours to get attention and symptoms got better in the meantime. They listen my heart and lungs + gave me Atarax and told me to stop taking medicine.

After 20 hours of the acute urticaria I feel itchy and see some rash in my arms. My head, neck and upper body is still bit reddish. Atarax is making itching less, but I still having this burning feeling in my skin coming in waves every now and them.

Lets see how this develops.....

Have read all the comments about Cipro. I had a bad experience too. I took Cipro for 2 days for a urinary tract infection (four 500 mg doses). Right away I had hideous nightmares, high anxiety and depression, plus high blood pressure - and that's not like me at all. Then my right eye developed floaters and I see a bunch of swirling things all the time.

I'm a designer and have always been a very visual person, so of course this was very upsetting. But I want to offer hope for those who are suffering from anxiety and the after-affects of the drug. After a few months, I am finally feeling back to normal and am feeling happy again. I exercise everyday and take probiotics and some other supplements such as calcium / magnesium, adrenomend and multivitamins, but I will never take Cipro again.

A holistic and proactive approach to health is a better way for sure. I don't take my health for granted anymore. I'm almost 60 years old, have always been in good shape, but just wasn't careful enough and I should have asked more questions at the doctor's office. They don't have all the answers and we all have to learn to listen to our bodies. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. We have to be our own advocates. I'm kind of baffled that the doctors I mentioned this to haven't heard anything negative about it. But this does need to be addressed. Anyone struggling with this, I feel your pain, but the human body is remarkable and healing can take place. Please hang in there and keep the faith.

I too had a heart attack while taking cipro am lucky to be alive....

Please go to or type in Cipro is poison. Do not Take any NSAIDS (Non-Steriodal anti inflamitory drugs ex: Ibuprofen) Doctors are largelly unaware that Cipro can ruin your life. It ruined my girlfriends life and she has permanent central nervous system damage.

They did not tell her about staying away from NSAIDs and when she took 1 pill, yes only 1 she had an alergic reaction. She went to the ER twice over the next two days and both doctors suggested taking Prednisone, two seperate doctors. She was sick for about two months. She regullarly took Ibuprofen and then about three months later she started having a huge list of other side effects. For the first two months she had Joint Pain and mostly felt sick all the time and had irregular heart beats.

She started to feel a little better but then about 3 and a half months after taking the drug, her whole system got messed up. After 10 months of being completely disabled we finally did our own research. Doctors are and have been clueless, MRI, Cat Scans, X-Rays, Rhuemetology, and doctors telling her its Anxiety and Depression because that's what they go to when they don't know a real answer to your problems.

We just figured this out on our own and had to bring it to another hospital because the one here in town refuses to admit they made a huge mistake. Bottom line they will never tell you how dangerous this medicine is. If we can help just one more person to stay away from this medication, all of our hard work will be worth it. Sorry have to go and take care of my girlfriend, she is in tears and scared because there is no real treatment for this.

Just another thought, why would you ever take a drug that also fights anthrax for a uti or stomach problem, it fights chemical weapons of synthetic nature, that is not what you should use unless it's an emergency.

I had a bladder infection and put on Cipro. 500 2@ a day. By the 5th day I was having pain so bad and spasms that were killing me. I tried to keep taking it but I was just to ill from it. The last two days I had to stop. My Doc is out of town but will go in when he is back and check.

I know your supposed to take it till it is done, but honestly... I could not take the cramps. Funny thing was I had no diarrhea just mega cramping.

please help me, I have been suffering for 19 months everything you described, can you tell me how and what you did to get over it

I would love to know why the page owner only publishes negative comments about Cipro.. As a "Peoples Pharmacy" Shouldnt you be giving balanced information.. not totally bias garbage??

Conspiracy theory?

In response to DPD

People tend to go to links like this when they have had a problem. When things are going great, most people go on their merry way without feeling the need to "seek for further information" (as nothing bad has happened to them to seek for further information.

Anyone who desires, can leave a comment on this page. Good or bad.

As for everything being garbage on this site, I left my own remarks concerning my own personal experiences with cipro. I can kindly tell you, dear sir, that this information is NOT Garbage. I wish I had been well informed, as I could have prevented cipro from ruining my life!

Until someone, like yourself, has lived the hellish effects that many of us have endured due to cipro, you will continue to live in ignorance and condemnation of others.

Been taking Cipro for just over a week.

No problems except that the first dose haven't cleared up the initial problems (2 * 500mg for 7 days).

Now prescribed 750mg for 5 days.

Despite the bad experiences on here, I'm happy to state that I have been fine. Still running and going to the gym. Also, sleeping very deeply which is unusual for me.


I am on day 5 of Cipro and yesterday went to the ER for right flank pain and some nausea. I was put on Cipro for a kidney infection and feel like the cure is worse then initial problem. The ER said I did have blood in my urine but the infection appeared to be clearing up. Now still experience pain and nausea wonder if I should let this be my last day of Cipro or stick it out?

I took it for 6 days for uti, started getting achilles tendon pain (in both). Stopped taking - tendons still very painful. It binds caffeine so that's why even 1 coffee in the morning could keep you up all night. Anyone know any supplements for tendon pain? Will try magnesium.

Several years ago I was given Cipro again but this time for a sinus infection of all things. I didn't think twice about it due to having it before for kidney stones and the infection that created. On the last day of taking Cipro my urine was brown and my eyes were yellow at the bottom, then the shoulder pain started hours later. My numbers were off the charts for the liver tests and spent the next week in the hospital having one test after another with the last test being a biopsy of the liver.

My numbers went down slowly over that week and the shoulder pain stopped within a day or two of stopping this med. I can never take any antibiotic in that family again, never take Tylenol, never have anything with alcohol in it (don't drink anyway) and limited antibiotics now. If you don't have to take it and there is something else you can take do that vs taking this "super" antibiotic. I have learned the hard way you must be your own patient advocate; don't be afraid to ask questions, investigate meds and procedures and learn to say no if your unsure of something.

I am taking Cipro 500 mg for 7 days for a u.t.i. This medicine is the only one that actually works for me. I used to take sulfa DS however this last time I took it I broke out in hives and ended up in the intensive care unit because I couldn't breathe. All medicines have different effects for different people u just have to figure out what works for you. So may work others u may be allergic to. However I don't think one is better than another. They all have side effects and they all have something that can damage our organs over a period of time.

I started ciproflaxcin on Yesterday, I've taken 4 pills (2,500).

I've been having anxiety attacks violent heart palpitations, extreme shortness of breath, insomnia and frequent urination, Shakes and etc!! I will never take this drug EVER again !!

ACTUALLY, I was On Cipro, 500mg for 14 days. After the first 3 days of feeling a little anxious I felt awesome! Cipro fixed my Pseudomonas and have never been better! I never said that everything on this site is garbage, I said the Bias was garbage (please quote me correctly). Everyone can react badly to any antibiotic, you roll the dice every time you take a new drug for the first time, that's not Cipro's fault as there are people out there who have had Cipro, feel great and are much better for it! So if me giving my positive experience on what is apparently an unbiased board makes me "Ignorant and condemning" then so be it.

No appetite, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, confusion. Hell more or less

It worked well for me, I had a uti and it cleared up no problem. I did have one side effect, though I'm not quite sure I would consider it a "negative" side effect. To start out I used to smoke a pack a day. After two days of being on this antibiotic I completely stopped, every time I smoked while on the medicine it tasted as though I were licking an ashtray.

Now I've been off the medicine for 2 months and haven't even craved a cigarette. I just wanted to let others know about my experience

I was given Cipro a week ago for a kidney infection- 1 500mg tablet every 12 hours for 7 days. I developed the "flu" the next day. All I did was sleep along with vomiting, slight loss of appetite, 4 day migraine, coughing, congestion, fever, and profuse sweating. Then I started slowly getting better but have now developed abdominal and leg pain. I refuse to take the last days worth of this medication after doing some more research on it. I do not recommend to anyone and after reading comments I'm not sure at all why doctors are being allowed to give an RX for this!

This is an update on my condition since being given Cipro as a preventative antibiotic after a kidney stone attack January 10, 2012.

After a year of tendon misery I feel I am truly on the mend. I now can run without pain to my Achilles and the medial tendons that attach to the inside of the knee (this has been my biggest issue.) My running consists of slow jogging 3 to 4 miles 5 days a week. If I go any further or increase my days I have minor relapses' of tendon pain. As weeks go by I hope to do more and more but just baby steps. I still get burning sensations in my Achilles and ankle areas but those are extremely sporadic occurrences. I hope that by next year I will be back 100%.

What I have learned from this is
1. Always research any new drug prescribed and question the doctors
2. Everyone reacts and mends differently to Cipro
3. There is no magic pill to get better though I search for one it does not exist that I know. I took and still take chelated magnesium and vitamin c for the tendons I have no real evidence it worked.
4. Finally patience, at one point I thought I would never get better but it will happen
5. Never take a fluoroquinolone again unless it is a life or death situation.
Good luck to all!

Ive been taking this Cipro for like 3 and a half or 4 days. 500 mg twice daily. At first I didn't notice any bad side effects in connection to the meds. I had a super intense UTI where I was peeing a solid stream of blood saturated urine with extreme pain so I felt somewhat desperate for something to bring me relief cause I usually don't take drugs of any sort from the doctors. But after several days of taking the meds now I have become very depressed. I woke up after a nap into a mental hole of depression.

I have spells of anxiety and some breathing troubles where I feel scared cause I can't breathe normally. My muscles are very weak compared to usual and somewhat shaky at times. My mentality is not normal. I'm scared to have another dose of the meds cause I'm afraid what will happen. Seems like the symptoms have gotten worse having taken the medication over time, as there was no symptoms until after several days. I'm not sure what is going inside my body on a molecular level from the meds.

I hope the damage caused is not hard to reverse. It's hard to say what exactly is caused from the meds as I have been sick recently and very under-slept lately so I may just be run down but I'm pretty sure the way I feel the meds are playing a role too.

D.I., you seem to have all the symptoms I had by Day 3/4, by Day 6 it was HELL, just stop taking that stuff now, it even now says so in the literature, if you get neuro problems just STOP!!!

PS: I stopped at the end of day 6 about 14 months ago, I was a complete bombsite of a man, ruined. Took a few months to get my mind/body back and - fingers crossed - seemingly no lingering side effects now.

So take heart in that, at least.

I feel YOUR pain - as a former life-long sprint cyclist & sprinter, who lost optimal health due to some negligent and cavalier approaches by those whose hands I fell into along the way.

My doctor prescribed cipro for what he "thinks" may be kidney stones. After 7 days of 2 500mg pills my hands are swollen and I can barely move my fingers. Not to mention the 2 days of work I've missed for having to be sent home due to many other symptoms. Today is my first day not taking it and majority of my joints hurt... I just want to know, how long will this last?

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: We are not sure how long it will take before you feel better, but we are surprised by the prescription. Cipro is an antibiotic. It does not make kidney stones go away. Unless your doctor thought the stones were causing an infection, it is not clear to us why he prescribed it. Before taking an antibiotic, it makes sense for each of us to clarify what it will do so we don't end up taking an unnecessary medication.

Very few of the posts indicated a healing result from taking this medication. It sounds as if many continued to take the medication without contacting the prescribing physician or the pharmacist after side effects appeared. When I picked up my prescription, the pharmacist warned me about possible side effects, almost all of which have been reported here.

If a person did not receive the warnings, they should complain to their pharmacist. My UTI improved markedly in just over 24 hours (3 pills). However, on the third day, I began to have pain in my calf and Achilles tendon. I called the pharmacist and was told to stop taking it and call my doctor asap for another prescription medication.

Virtually all medicines have side effects, even aspirin. People must use common sense and be a part of their own medical care. Your physician can prescribe a more suitable antibiotic for your condition if the current one has unacceptable side effects.

Doctor prescribed large doses of Cipro for a cold that did not respond to anything after about three weeks. For three nights in a row I had excruciating pain in my Achilles tendon on the right leg. The pain traveled up to my calf and would last for about 5 minutes. In the morning of the 3rd day I could not walk because of the pain in my Achilles and calf.

I went to the ER because I thought I was having a DVT in my calf and was diagnosed with cellulitis and given more Cipro. I didn't get any better so went to my PCP and she said that was one of the side effects of Cipro: Achilles tendinitis. Now I can no longer walk and have had to wear a Cam Walker Boot.

My Achilles and calf are extremely tender and painful and I am having trouble just trying to get around. This is a dangerous drug that seems to cause a lot of very scary symptoms.

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: We are so sorry you have had this bad reaction to Cipro. It is not uncommon. Unfortunately, Cipro does nothing for viral infections, so it is not helpful against colds.

I took 8 days of Cipro for an intestinal infection. On the 9th day I developed intense muscle pain, spasms, cramping, and within a few days intense joint pain and popping. I was consequently unable to walk for the next 11 days. I began taking magnesium, calcium, and potassium which helped a little but not enough to get me walking again.

I was very upset by this because I am an avid cyclist who rides my road bicycle 2000+ miles per year. The doctor offered me pain killers and muscle relaxers but I realized the risk of rupturing a tendon was greatly increased if I could not feel what my body was trying to tell me so I did not take any pain medicine which was tough to do.

At around the 8th day I began chiropractic work which helped a little bit. On the 12th day I began work with an NAET practitioner who specializes in treating for allergic responses to substances. It occurred to me that cipro is not a poison, per se, since it does not have bad results with everyone who takes it which meant my body's reaction had to be more like an over reaction or an allergic reaction. The treatments I have received at the NAET practitioner have provided me with amazing improvement. 24 hours after the first treatment I was able to walk again!

I have not seen anyone else who has had much luck with anything else to bring relief of symptoms so for anyone who ends up with muscular, tendon, and joint issues from Cipro this is what I suggest: take magnesium, calcium, and potassium; drink lots of water; DO NOT take pain killers or muscle relaxers; stay off your feet until your major symptoms subside; visit your chiropractor; and begin treatments at an NAET practitioner- you can locate one at

August 2012 developed UTI, saw doctor after 5 days (weekend, submitting urine sample etc caused delay in treatment).

Did not have fever or chills at this time time, urine positive for infection and was prescribed Cipro.

After 5 days I went back to my doctor to complain of that I was now having chills, headaches, low back pain and low grade fever which I did not have before. Doctor extended medication to 8 days and referred to Urologist .

6 months later I still have the chills and headaches and continued urinary discomfort ( soreness , burning ) Cystosopy NAD .

During course of Cipro I developed a most awful attack of nausea , bloating and constipation , relieved instantly when introduced after a while to Digest Basic , (enzymes) .

Lately they have discovered Enterococcus in my urine and I was prescribed Cipro for 10 days .

I am convinced that Cipro is causing some kind of immune reaction in my body , hence the headaches , chills , low fevers and now my stomach is churning up again. After 2 days of being on this pill again I am going to stop it .

Wondering if anyone else shares my symptoms .nepecially interested in headaches and chills .

Lindsey, I hope you felt better soon after finishing your cipro. I began my course of treatment 4 days ago, 500 mg 2 times/day. By this weekend, I had terrible insomnia (was literally up all night). The worst is that sense of spaceyness, light headedness, almost like an out of body experience. I was at a grocery store yesterday and felt so disoriented and dizzy that I asked the pharmacist about the cipro. She said it could be the problem, so I decided to discontinue and call my dr for an alternative.

The cipro was perscribed for a sinus infection that didn't respond to zithro treatment. Other cipro side effects have been ringing in my ears, vision problems and crying jags over small things! I appreciate the posts on this site and will not use cipro ever again. Hope you are doing well now, Lindsey, and thank you for sharing your experience. Susan

Follow up on my March 7, 2013 post... I had an EKG done to find out what was going on with some chest pain I was having. The doctor said the EKG was normal and suspects that the muscles in my chest are having a similar response to those in my leg which are spasms and cramping.

I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitus in 1997 with a lesion between C4 & 5 which basically paralyzed me from the neck down. Thankfully I got near full recovery within a year. The residuals I have are mild neuropathy in my hands and some rather worse issues from the waist down that require a minimum of a forearm crutch (AKA Canadian Crutch) to walk. I can drive and highly value my independence. The most irritating "residual" is bowel and bladder incontinence requiring me to wear "Depends" which brings me to my point. I'm male and get one or two UTI and/or bladder infections per year.

The cure? Cipro 500mg twice a day for 10 days. No side effects I've noticed and good results usually in the first day or two. I believe Cipro is a fantastic antibiotic and am sorry for those who have had bad experiences with it. It provides me with fast relief from a very uncomfortable bacterial infection.

Glad to hear your favorable experience with Cipro! I found it so helpful to read that others had side effects similar to my own, so appreciate this site. That is not to say Cipro is a bad choice for everyone by any means. I'm happy for your success and also grateful for the People's Pharmacy site.

My own update: I've been off the Cipro for 4 days - today is the first day I feel nearly myself again. Yesterday was horrible (severe headache around my temples). So I'm relieved to be over the side effects and appreciate the encouragement of others who made it through side effects. Susan

I was prescribed Cipro for paratyphoid - 2 x 500 mg, orally for 2 weeks, after initially IV antibiotics (different sort) whilst in hospital. I tolerate antibiotics well and have had many doses of different types over the last 2 years for vomiting and diarrhea caused by gastro infections due to living in Jakarta, Indonesia.

However, I noticed my hands trembling soon after taking the medication on the 3rd or 4th day. Then a sensation of "burning" in my hands, feet and lips. ( which I assumed was photosensitivity). I also had altered taste and found most of my usual favourite foods unappetizing.

About 10 days after starting the treatment, I noticed my toes felt numb and my calf and arm muscles felt very weak. I also felt dizzy and unsteady on my feet. I have had to hold onto my husband's arm to help me walk up or down stairs.

After the prescribed duration of the Cipro treatment (21/2weeks in total) I am on my second day of hopefully recovering from the side effects, although I do not feel any improvement in my symptoms. I am hoping the drug will flush out of my system naturally and I will improve with time. I still feel very weak, have numb toes, "burning" sensation in my hands, dizzy and tired.

I am grateful to this forum as it has reassured me that I am not alone or imagining my symptoms. I understand "reporting bias" ie mostly bad experiences are reported, but wanted to register my symptoms in the hope others may have had similar experiences and can offer me hope that I will recover quickly!
I will NEVER take ciprafloxacin again.

My daughter is 5 years old and has just been put on Cipro 5% Suspension 6.5 ml dose two times daily for 7 days.

She has a headache, a fever (they say is from a UTI but it still wont go away) of 103.2, and her legs and feet hurt. Now she is puking. I'm worried about her and this site is scary. A few of you say this medicine is prescribed for anthrax?????? jeeze! I don't want something to happen to my little girl!!!!

The pharmacy said it will be fine as long as she doesn't get ant-acids (like tums). Pharmacy and Doctor told me to continue to give her ibuprofen and Tylenol for children- alternate every four hours as needed for fever- which as i said before wont break.

comment if anyone has any advice.

I've been taking 500 mg of Cipro 2x/day for the past 5 days for a UTI. I have experienced severe stomach pain, complete loss of appetite, tight throat, headaches at night, and have been feeling in a fog. I have taken this several times before (at a lower dosage) and did not have these symptoms. I feel worse than before I went to the doctor.

I was on cipro for having kidney infection and sepsis and I started having Charlie hourses so bad my legs would ache. My feet were cramping up. I'd have cramps in my diaphragm also. I lost 20 lbs in a week from no appetite and nausea. One morning I woke up and I was having pain in my neck all the way down my back I couldn't lift my head by the third day.

I called the Dr once I seen all the side effects and he changed my meds. Now it's two weeks later and I am having a shoulder blade bursitis and the tendon is flared up an causing me so much pain. I am very upset about this I am in major pain and can barely move with out feeling fire all through my back.

Hi Flokzd-

When did the akathisia let up for you? I have such bad akithesia the last 2 days--not to mention heart palps, horrible insomnia and nausea. I just got a little of my son's Cipro eye drop solution on my fingers that must have absorbed into my body. I am sick a dog!


How long did the nausea last for you? I have it so bad too :(

How are you now Randy?

Hi Kristina, the akathisia *should* subside within a few days to a week or two (it took me like eight weeks to get right, but I had quite a high dosage so it might take quicker with you. Don't expect instant miracles but eventually it did sort of stabilise. I never (touch wood) got the tendon thing but the neuro stuff was HORRENDOUS (like it sounds it is with you).

Good luck, and just wait it out and stay away from that stuff in future, run for the hills!!! :)

Hi Marmacita--How are you feeling now?

Hi Susan,

How are you feeling now? I have had horrid insomnia from Cipro the last 2 nights.


Hi Marie--

Is your appetite better? I have also had no appetite and nausea from Cipro.


Hi Kristina4,

I'm still suffering. Lots of pain all over muscle tightness and twitching! The anxiety has lessened, no more panic attacks but still very anxious, weird crawling sensation in my skin and head!! Chest pain back pain stomach pain just overall discomfort!

Thank you Flokzd! The akathisia did finally let up yesterday, as did the insomnia. I am not awake and pacing all night anymore and I am sooo relieved! However, now I am dealing with overall muscle weakness, deep muscle burning in my arms (as if I just worked out) and random muscle twitches all over, especially as I was laying in bed this morning. Not sure if you were hit with any of this as well and if so, when it went away for you? Anyway, glad you are doing better. And, yes, I will never ever touch (literally) this stuff again!


I'm so sorry you are still suffering Mamacita! So you discontinued the Cipro 4 months ago? Do you think you're still improving? I have a lot of muscle twitches and muscle weakness/burning-especially in my arms. I am so worried that this triggered something permanent but I am sure we will all get better!

Hi ER-

I had a bad reaction to Cipro a few days ago. The initial hell is over with (insomnia, akathisia, nausea), but now I have lots of weakness in my arms, along with a muscle "burning" feeling, as if I just worked out. I also had muscle twitches all over my body when I was laying in bed this morning. I am very worried that the Cipro caused some serious damage. Have you improved since your post?


Dear Jen,
I am a few weeks after Cipro, and had the chest tightening and feeling like I couldn't get a full breath in too. Before that I went to the ER for heart palpitations, fast hear beat, and high blood pressure related to the Cipro.
Have your chest tightening and breathing improved? Sometimes it feels like gas is trapped, or pressing up in my chest.

Thank goodness for Cipro. I'm allergic to every other antibiotic family I've tried. This one works for me. I wish there were more options. The others go with throat swelling - then long term malaise.

Yes, I took my last pill on December 10, 2012 for a total of 4. I was in the ER by the 13th with a rapid heartbeat! I feel lots of improvement but there is still plenty discomfort. One day I am fine, the next I am down for days, then I'm back up again and cycle repeats. I take Garlic capsules, Vitamin C and I was taking B-12 but my levels were high so Dr. told me to stop. One ER doctor said my chest discomfort was Chronostroctis inflammation of the muscles and it takes months to heal.

I have not taken any antinflammatory meds as they were said to heighten the ADR of Cipro. I drink lots of ginger tea for inflammation and eat lots of pickle ginger root. I work out 7 days a week now because my Lipid panels were out of wack because of the Cipro. It's a continued struggle when it comes to working out but it helps.

Saunas, steam rooms, massage and hot baths have been my best friend. I sun bathe every morning for 30 minutes after my workout and I still take liquid probiotics before and after every big meal. Hot lemon and cayenne tea in the mornings to get my system started, it's been a long process but don't give in to. Keep moving, stretch if you can't work out or do 10 minutes worth of jumping jacks, just keep moving. I have numbness all over when I lay down at night, I used to have to sleep propped up because of the reflux and insomnia but my body is so tired of that now I can only sleep flat.

My diet is totally Organic, no fried foods either only baked or grilled. I can go on and on and on about how Cipro changed my life but you get my drift. We all heal differently so don't let me story turn you crazy.. :) I'm thankful for life at this point is moving forward in pain and all!!

Hi ER-

I had a bad reaction to Cipro a few days ago. The initial hell is over with (insomnia, akathisia, nausea), but now I have lots of weakness in my arms, along with a muscle "burning" feeling, as if I just worked out. I also had muscle twitches all over my body when I was laying in bed this morning. I am very worried that the Cipro caused some serious damage. Have you improved since your post?


I took Cipro in mid February, 2013 and am slowly recovering. My symptoms have included horrendous muscle pain, muscle spasms, muscle cramps, chest pain, intense joint pain, stomach problems, mental fog, and what I guess are mild hallucinations at night a couple of times.

Thank you Flokzd! The akathesia and insomnia got better for 2 days, so I thought I was in the clear, then the last 2 nights/mornings, it has been intolerable again :( I did not sleep at all last night and only 2 hours the night before :( I can't wait until my CNS settles down so I can get some rest!

I have another symptom that just popped up 3 days ago that has me quite concerned--DRY MOUTH. It feels like there are cotton balls in there absorbing all the moisture. Did you ever have this symptom and if so did it go away?

So glad you are feeling better :)

Thanks again!

Thank you for replying Mamacita. I appreciate the tips too. I am one week out now and feeling awful--with insomnia, akathesia, etc. It was better Sunday and Monday and then Tuesday-Friday has been really bad again! So frustrating!

Question, did you ever have the "dry/cotton mouth" symptom? My mouth is so dry and it's driving me crazy and I am very concerned!


Hi again Kristian, truth be told it's so long ago, I can't remember the dry mouth (though it's a by-product of nervousness) but at the point that you're at, I still had a lot of intracranial the end, it took about two months to 'get right', but the start of week 5 was a noticeable tipping point, most of my symptoms had subsided to the extent that I felt more 'able' again.

Just stick with it, akathisia is so, so awful but it will eventually go away, remember that! :)

I had the same symptoms as you from taking cipro. I took small doses of xanax and the symptoms subsided almost instantly, but would come back when the xanax wore off.--but the temporary relief that I got was phenomenal and allowed me to function again!!! A doctor placed me on celexa to get my brain chemistry back to normal and I saw improvement after a week or two on the celexa. Akathisia is a horrible thing to experience!!

Kristina, Thanks for asking. I am feeling fine now, 100%. I have told my doctor that I am sensitive to Cipro and requested that she note this on my chart. Every doctor visit now I indicate I cannot tolerate Cipro. I've written this in my date-book, too, just in case I EVER forget the name of the antibiotic. I hope you are feeling well by now. Its nice that some of the other people had suggestions for coping with the akathisia (a term I never thought I'd experience/need to know!!). Wishing you ALL the best, Susan

I am a healthy, fit 52 year old female. I run 5 times a week and eat a healthy diet. Last week an urgent care doctor prescribed cipro for bacterial diarrhea that I believe I got from food poisoning. I took it three days and will not take it anymore. Since I started taking it, I have experienced nausea and loss of appetite, dizziness and ringing in my ear. I NEVER get headaches, and I awoke with a headache so bad I could barely get out of bed. I have experienced depression and hopelessness, and that disconnected feeling that people are talking about. Also heart palpitations. The headache and dizziness are the worst. i quit taking it last night, but hope these symptoms go away. All this after only 6 pills! I would rather have diarrhea!!!

Hi everyone. I'm a 24 year old woman, generally very healthy, and in overall good shape. Two or so weeks ago, I was diagnosed with my very fist UTI. I was then prescribed 500mg Macrobid 2x for 5 days. During this time, I also drank AT LEAST 2 liters of water every day while I was on the antibiotic. The medication did a great job lessening my symptoms and the only urge to pee that I had derived from me really needing to go to the bathroom (because I would drink so much water). I would also drink a cup or so of cranberry juice (though the cocktail kind) every other night. Side effects from the Macrobid for me were mild nausea, fatigue, I had a headache one day that grew in intensity through the night, and liver pain after taking my final dose.

After finishing Macrobid, I continued to drink plenty of water and cranberry juice for an extra day or two. Then yesterday, I noticed that my urine was still cloudy. It was not dark or smelly. It didn't sting/burn when I urinated. However, I also had some tingly sensitivity just at or below my clitoris. I went to go see a doctor to get my urine rechecked and it turned out that my UTI infection hasn't completely cleared. In addition, my urinalysis revealed that I had TWO microorganisms infecting my bladder. One of these pathogens was extremely sensitive to Macrobid and the other not so much. So the doctor put me on 500 mg CIPRO 2x a day for at least 7 days.

Today, I'm going to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription but after reading most of these comments, I AM SCARED TO DEATH to take this antibiotic. I am still experiencing some liver pain after taking Macrobid (that I'm praying would go away in time, but I'm probably going back to see a physician soon) and I don't want the Cipro to cause any other serious complications. I also hate to vomit!! I just had mild nausea with Macrobid and I'm hoping I'll experience no other gastrointestinal symptom with Cipro.

I'm thinking about taking my first dose around 6 or 7pm tonight. Any words of comfort or encouragement is welcomed and GREATLY appreciated.


Thank you for this. Going through the same thing. I believe it is fluoroquinolone toxicity. Doing everything I can to detox. Hope I'm ok in time.

I took two rounds of cipro about 8 years ago and have not been the same since. I had headaches while taking it. Afterwards, I started having panic attacks and I had never had them before, nor was I a nervous person. They were almost debilitating. It occurred to me that it could be caffeine, though I had never had a problem with that before. Once I quit my beloved coffee and tea, the panic attacks stopped. I know cipro causes caffeine intolerance while taking it, but I am so sad to see it is still affecting me. Sounds like liver damage. Heaven only knows which of my other health issues are from the cipro...

I am now 3 weeks 2 days past severe reaction to Cipro. The akathesia, insomnia, nausea, dry mouth all much improved. However, I am still experiencing crushing fatigue and muscle weakness. Also some tachycardia and still NO appetite. I get burning pains in my Achilles but not too I bad thank goodness.

Anyone else get the severe fatigue/weakness after the initial reaction? I am almost completely bedridden from the lack of energy and am getting worried.

I have exactly what you explained. I am having hives for four days. Do you remember how long did it last and how you treated the hives? I took Benadril for three days it works as long as keep taking.

My son was prescribed Cipro -40 tablets, by an ER DR., at the end of Dec. Having very blurry vision, decreased comprehension of things around him. Pain in several areas including more severe pain in his legs which had been bothering him for several years.30-40 lb. weight loss. Severe constipation. Severe head pain. Drinking fluoride free water but hard to find fluoride free foods. He is suffering and wanting to die.

I have taken Cipro for 5 days now and I feel terrible. My arms and legs ache. I have not slept for the past 3 nights. I was outside 1 day and got sunburn on my shoulders. I normally do not burn this bad but after 3 days of the sunburn my shoulders are still burning and hurting.

I went on this website to see if the Cipro would have anything to do with my sunburn and I see that yes it is possible. I am amazed of all the side effects ppl are having. I will not take another pill after reading all this information.

Now I understand why I have not slept in 3 nights and why my legs have ached for the past few days. I had no idea these issues could be a side effect from this medicine. I was just concerned about the pain from my sunburn.

My 80 yr old Dad was prescribed Cipro for a UTI. After only one dose (500mg), he broke out in itching welt-like hives on his arms, trunk, neck & face. He face was beet-red and hot. He said he felt "sun burned" and that the hives hurt & itched. His doctor's office said to give him a Benedryl and they changed his med to Bactrium.

5 250 mg doses. I had an anxiety attack on dose 4, went to ER and wad told to continue. I did for 1 more dose. Took 3 days to return to what is hopefully normal. I have tingling in my hand upon waking and one knee is making popping sounds. Going to therapist and another doctor. People who are hopeless ask for the intercession of St. Jude. If you are not catholic, intercession prayer is when we ask for someone in heaven to pray for/with us. I truly believe my anxiety was reduced because of St. JUDES help.

Was prescribed Cipro (500mg 2x day for 7 days) the end of April for a UTI. No problems, that I noticed, while on the Cipro. However, a week or so after taking my last dose I started with mild to moderate lower abdominal cramping and burning that radiated down into groin and lower back and hip pain.

I thought that maybe the Cipro had not worked and requested another U/A. It was clear. No more UTI. I am still having some lower abdominal cramping and lower back pain (6 weeks later), though not as often or as strong. I'm just wondering if the Cipro would have caused this a week after finishing the dosage? Any ideas? Your thoughts/experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, Been reading these post about the antibiotic Cipro and I`ve had a similar feeling. I was recently prescribed this Med for my infection with the kidney problem I`ve been having and felt that this Med has cause so many problems that I am facing right now. I`ve been having abdominal pain and a sharp pain in my groin for weeks along with a very sharp left pain in my leg. This problem hasn`t gone away yet.

Now I am wondering if I should stop taking this Med reading all these problems. After writing this I am having more pain in my groin area. I am goin to call my doctor to see if he prescribe me a different Med. Thank god I found this webpage, at least I`m not the only one having problems.

My story is similar to yours. Have your symptoms gone away yet?

Help! My wife took a total of 8 pills in a 4 day period 1 month ago today. She has been in horrific pain since. The same symptoms I'm seeing on this site. Headache, severe joint pains of the lower body I can see her knees turning red & hot, her feet are cold & aching, can't hardly stand for more than a few min.

I see her veins popping up in her legs & arms etc. we've done MRI x-ray blood test urine test. No one has found anything to cause this much less how to treat it. Does anyone know what test to run to find this & a treatment ? 3 doctors & 2 hospitals & nothing as of yet.

I have had a productive cough for 4 months and , so far, no dr. Can figure out what it is it how to treat. I have been on zpac, tetracycline and a few others. 3 weeks my dr. Have me Avalox. After 1 dose I got tremors in my hands and legs, and I stopped it. The sick thing is, my cough was gone for 24 hrs after that!!! I told the new pulmonologist about this today, and he told me to try Cipro!! Forget that!!! If I had the reaction to Avelox, it seems likely that I'd have it with Cipro! I don't want to take this poison, even through this cough is ruining my life. I am allergic to penicillin. I just don't understand why drs. Give these mess when they are so dangerous!!! Am I doing the right thing by not taking Cipro or am I being a "difficult patient"???

After finishing a ten days dose of cipro for typhoid, still feeling bad!

took 2 cipro 500 both times started shaking, weak as water, heart rate 95 from normal 73.

Male 56, I have taken this a number of times for prostrate problems and kidney infections sometimes have 12 week course (2x500mg per day) while I have noticed some of the side effects I have been lucky in that they have been mild, although this time have noticed left side pain which comes and goes , being worst about 3 hours after taking tablet. It does seem to deal with the infections very well.

I am into my third year of living hell after being prescribed cipro for a non existent UTI . This synthetic neurotoxic antibiotic has changed my life forever. I did not stand a chance after being prescribed it with an NSAID which enhances the neurotoxic affects considerably also having been prescribed it twice before The insidious way cipro works includes the fact that you can take it several times and think you are fine, the damage is being done "under the radar " and when you reach your own tolerance level you will be hit. and experience a cascade of horrific adverse effects that defy description. This fact is the most important thing to remember.

Often when taking cipro you will experience just niggling side effects they will then go away only to later be hit with the severe adverse affects which are often delayed for some considerable time, these can hit you months after you have finished the course.

I have been left with agonising neuropathic pain which sometimes even morphine based pain relief does not even touch.
I have body-wide tendonosis, this is not normal tendonitis which is inflammatory, but degeneration of the tendons which no amount of therapy will heal. I have cognitive difficulties, vision issues, tinnitus, weakness so horrific i sometimes cannot even speak.

I have not slept more than 3 hours a night since 2011 , this resembles a circadian sleep disorder, I do not get to sleep until at least 3 in the morning and without fail I will be awake again at 6am, this is despite trying everything.

Some of the severe adverse affects have improved, the balance/coordination, fasciculations, but that is it.

I have now been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure.

I now wear a medical ID stating that I am severely allergic to the fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics.

I have been on it since the 25 I am so cranky have no energy and just to sleep has anyone had this type of issues with taking them?

I took cipro 500mg 2 times a day for 7 days and had very little, if any, side effects. I've experienced some gastrointestinal changes that weren't permanent and cipro pretty much cleared my UTI infection. I would take this again if needed.

On holiday in Spain I had an allergic reaction to a wasp sting. I have been prescribed 500mg 2 x a day for 7 days. I am on day 4 and stopping this medication. I am very nauseous and vomiting, excessively tired, bad back pain and in my left leg. Feel really awful and it is ruining my holiday.

I have taken antibiotics in the past that are compatible with my penicillin allergy, but have never experienced such a litany of side effects. I for one will never take this medicine again.

I'm a 37 year old male who recently drank some bad water which gave me severe diarrhea 7 days later. Taking Cipro 500 mg plus Metronidazole 500 mg to combat cdiff.

My complaints would be slight headaches, waking up in the middle of REM and having some difficulty going back to sleep, a little bit of muscle pain although I have a physical job. My major and only real complaint would be the fact of starting this medication for diarrhea and on the start of my 6th day still having it? I have 4 days left and wonder if I should stop for my area is very sore and maybe my body eradicated this infection already.

I fear having diarrhea for many days to come. I do not want to feel like I did before this medication at all and have started to slowly expand my diet again...slowly. Just when I believe the diarrhea is going away, I get a reminder. Again I'm taking it because of severe, painful diarrhea. My father in law is the prescribing Dr. And after 3 days and reading the side effect, (which state possible diarrhea) I called him. He said stay the course so I have, just hate having diarrhea already, my god. I'm eating yogurt, fruits, drinking water, ect.

I'm convinced this is a result of the meds but need to get better and would hate to prolong this situation as working near a toilet is getting old. Is there something else I should be doing? Or Eating? Hence the reason I read all of these for any major ill effects, I have none and hopefully that will continue as I do trust my 75 year old Cartiologist.

Mack..I went here to look for advice as I thought I was dying. I just read your comment and tho its years later. I certainly hope u rock and that u didn't have to have the liver transplant. If u did, I hope you've recovered. My thoughts r with you. What I've learned...question everything. You r your own best advocate. Good luck to u.

I use was prescribed cipro for 1 week. after 2 days I started having difficulties in breathing. I went back to see my dr he says I am suffering from allergy. I am confuse for the past two months I haven't been my self.

please help we are located in australia my 63 year old dad took a full course of cipro due to prostate problems, during course experience extreme pain in all joints felt sick a lot vomiting a lot and just in allot of pain, asked pharmacist about it and was told basically need to try and get thru it as it's not panadole and obviously will have side effect but try to persevere with it and now after completing the course it has nearly crippled him, he is in constant pain in joints and all over is body. please help can he take anything to help.. please

5 weeks ago, I was prescribed 500mg 2x daily for 3 days - only 6 pills, for a non-existent stomach bug. I'm 28, vegetarian and in shape. My initial side effects were feeling disconnected from my body, confusion and anxiety. After a few weeks, I started to "reattach" to my body. Anxiety has subsided for the most part as well. A week after I completed my prescription, I felt fleeting pains all over my body.

Those have went away, but reappear randomly (maybe once a week). I have random muscle soreness in inexplicable places, this occurs once every few weeks but goes away with icing. I have random tendon pains in my legs - usually just in one area that goes away by the next day, but let me be clear that these are pains I've never experience before. My forearms get sore much more easily and I'm wearing a brace on my right wrist to avoid complicating anything further. I have very slight pain in left Achilles which alternates with itching. I keep off my feet as much as possible.

I have trouble sleeping through the night now, always waking after about 4 hours, then tossing and turning the rest of the night. I have never had sleep trouble before and for me, this is the most worrisome. Many bouts of crying, but I think that's because I'm mad at myself for going to the doctor in the first place (should have rode it out like I always do). It has made me distrustful of all doctors, which is unfortunate.

My best advice is to not take pain relievers, you want to listen to your body - pain relievers will only mask the pain while you further damage your tendons. Not only that, but they're hard on the liver. I've stopped drinking alcohol and anything caffeinated. I am taking angstrom magnesium, vitamin C, a daily vitamin, and 30+ supplement of probiotics to help get my gut back to normal. I take daily epsom salt baths, I've added homemade green juice to my diet. I'm also avoiding fluoridated water and toothpaste. Whether everything I do is placebo, or not, I can tell you that it makes me feel better emotionally to do these things.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to not get overwhelmed. Life is not over, and the world will keep spinning whether we decide to check out or not. Keep living. We put a concentrated amount of "poison" into our bodies, and only months of healthy living may help. A leg only takes a moment to be broken, but months to be healed. We will be okay.

Hi, I used to have frequent UTI's about 2 years ago. About a month ago I was thinking to my self "wow I haven't had one in 2 years, this is great"! Yeah definitely jinxed myself there. Woke up a few days later and I instantly knew I had a UTI. Went to a urgent care walk in clinic, and of course had a UTI.

Got prescribed Bactrim for 1 week. Symptoms went away, so I thought I was good. 3 days after my last dose symptoms came back. Went to a CVS min clinic, but since I was taking azo at the time for the symptoms, the doctor could not test my urine, so she just prescribed me cipro 250 2x a day for 1week.

3 days in, started getting pain where my kidneys are, so FINALLY made an appt. with my actual primary doctor. Made sure azo was not in my body, so she could test me. She said my urine culture came out perfectly normal. But I was still feeling the burning, pressure, urgency symptoms of a UTI. She told me to stop taking the cipro, cause my urine was fine. So I resorted to just taking azo everyday to relieve the burning sensation.

I made a appt about 2 weeks later to see my gyno. everything came out normal, no STD'S or anything. Doc said that urine test can be deceiving at times, so he prescribed me just 3 days of 500mg of cipro once a day. The symptoms I have are night sweats, chills, cannot sleep, tingling and itching in my arms, legs, feet, scalp, face, and blurry vision.

Websites I have read all say if u experience itching, or tingling to seek emergency care. But every time I have gone to an ER for something similar to this, they can never find anything wrong, and just send me home. Not everyone can afford an ER bill like that. Don't know what to do.

RXd Cipro 500mg bid x 7 days in mid-July for e coli kidney infection. Cleared infection. However, broke out in major seborrheic dermatitis all over face, head, and groin while taking. Also noticed anxiety ramping up while taking with decreasing appetite and gastric upset/loose stools. I was already suffering from knee pain and plantar fasciitis, but have since developed more widespread muscle pain and more joint pain elsewhere, especially left elbow and hips, and the knee and heel feel worse than ever. No physical reason for this, and my achilles are more sore than ever as well.

I lost 26 pounds since the day I started Cipro course for no other explainable reason, and my weight was stable before taking it for months. My anxiety is now intolerable if I don't take Xanax XR .5 at least once per day, but that's all I take. I am diabetic and was taking the Cipro concurrently with 800mg of Ibuprofen 2-3x day. I also suffered several episodes of hypoglycemia while taking it and afterwards. Gastric issues continue now almost 50 days later. Anxiety is still very high. Pain in joints and muscles is still very high. I have regained about 6 pounds. Still, I can't help but point at the Cipro as being the cause since all of this started at the exact same time as being prescribed the Cipro. I am also allergic to Ziac and beta-blockers, which they knew. I can't believe these effects are still going on a month and a half after finishing the Cipro. Is this possible?

In 2011, when I was 32 years old, I suffered from a severe adverse reaction to Cipro. I lost my ability to run, or even walk very far, my ability to think, my memory, my reading comprehension, my flexibility, etc. To sum up the damage that Cipro caused, it led to destruction of all of the connective tissues in my body, my tendons, ligaments, etc. and it led to damage to my Central, Peripheral and Autonomic nervous systems.

Cipro, and other fluoroquinolones, Levaquin, Avelox, etc., are DANGEROUS drugs that should only be used in life-or-death situations. Sadly, they are used to treat infections that could have been treated with more benign antibiotics and thus people end up being crippled when they get a treatment for a urinary tract infection. It's absurd and it's wrong.

I write about fluoroquinolones and post stories of people who have recovered from Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome on
There is also a Fluoroquinolones 101 article here -

Thank you!

RXd Cipro 500mg bid x 7 days in mid-July for e coli kidney infection. Cleared infection. However, broke out in major seborrheic dermatitis all over face, head, and groin while taking. Also noticed anxiety ramping up while taking with decreasing appetitie and gastric upset/loose stools.

I was already suffering from knee pain and plantar fasciitis, but have since developed more widespread muscle pain and more joint pain elsewhere, especially left elbow and hips, and the knee and heel feel worse than ever. No physical reason for this, and my achilles are more sore than ever as well.

I lost 26 pounds since the day I started Cipro course for no other explainable reason, and my weight was stable before taking it for months. My anxiety is now intolerable if I don't take Xanax XR .5 at least once per day, but that's all I take. I am diabetic and was taking the Cipro concurrently with 800mg of Ibuprofen 2-3x day. I also suffered several episodes of hypoglycemia while taking it and afterwards. Gastric issues continue now almost 50 days later. Anxiety is still very high. Pain in joints and muscles is still very high. I have regained about 6 pounds. Still, I can't help but point at the Cipro as being the cause since all of this started at the exact same time as being prescribed the Cipro.

Was given Cipro for minor UTI. Cipro gave me extreme anxiety and panic attacks with only 4 doses. Not enough warning about extreme side effects. No one reads the labels, doctors need to disclose the very real risks of horrifying side effects with patients before casually prescribing this drug.

I took intravenous ciproflaxine for three days three months ago for uti. I have since the developed serious tachicardia and arrhythmia. Please can anyone out there tell me when this effect will wear off?

I took 5, 500 mg Cipro pills total a week ago. I stopped because I woke up one night and I could not move. During the past week my arms have started to ache, my Achilles tendon area is aching, I have constant leg cramping (I am worry that I will be unable to drive, and I live alone). My fingers are cramping up - and I feel very sad - which came out of no where. I can hardly move. This is getting worse, not better. I have received NO advice from doctors or pharmacists. This is terrifying.

In January of 2013, I was prescribed 250mg of Cipro 2x day for 14 days for a UTI. One week after completing the course, my body began to break down. It began with horrible diarrhea, then heart palpitations, neurological symptoms such as tremors, shakiness, restlessness, numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness. In February, I ended up in the ER. My husband had to help me get from point A to point B. All tests came back normal. I was referred to my Primary Physician.

After much lab work and seeing an Endocrinologist, Gastroenterologist, and Neurologist, the only thing they found was a toxic level of B6 and low vitamin D. The neurologist said that usually you can get toxic levels by over supplementation. He told me to halt all supplementation of B6. I informed him that the only B6 I was getting was from a simple multivitamin (5mg) and what I was drinking from Powerade (which has only 15% of your RDA) and the 10mg I would get from Emergen-C. (I felt like I needed to replace a lot of the nutrients I was losing from the diarrhea.) B6 is a water soluble vitamin and the neurologist was stumped by why my system wasn't releasing the B6.

I'm not a doctor but I believe the Cipro was doing the same thing with the B6 that it does does with caffeine. After two months of no supplementation of any kind, my B6 levels returned to normal and my neurological symptoms improved. They didn't go away completely but they improved a good deal. The Cipro has ravaged my body and has stolen many months of my life and I am slowly recovering. Relapses do occur. For several months I could not drive. In the beginning, I barely would make it out of bed.

After the Cipro, I would not take any medicine unless I could get a clear diagnosis for something. I still have GI and CNS issues and I don't know if I will ever fully recover but I feel blessed to be alive and have the ability do some of the things I used to do. Like others here, I can not describe the "hell" that I believe I have experienced with this drug.

I have had a UTI for several months and finally went to the doctor a week ago, actually on October 18th. He prescribed Ciprofloxacin HCI 250 mg. Now being a little over a week I woke up very dizzy this morning upon getting out of bed and felt like I was going to fall. I have had the same reaction more than several times today when getting out of bed and it scared me.

I have some blurred vision. My left hand felt like I had pain in the hand like I had been using it to much and I did put Ben Gay on it and wrapped the hand with an Ace bandage. It does feel better. I was prescribed 10 days of this medication with a tablet in the morning and evening twelve hours apart. I was prescribed 20 tablets and have 7 left. I must have missed a dose but took the medication today.

After feeling as I do I am not taking the medication any longer and after reading these comments I will not take again ever. I am going to call my regular doctor as soon as his office opens. Also I am planning on have eye surgery on the 13th of November and will also speak to my eye doctor regarding these happenings.

I was prescribed Cipro for Epididymitis was told from the start to increase my water intake. I'm on day 6 of 10 taking the Cipro and I've experienced some of the side effects. Dizziness, nausea (no vomiting), headaches, temporary fever spikes. I also had some pressure build up in the right side of my chest making it somewhat difficult to swallow. Lasted about an hour. Didn't hurt but was just uncomfortable. I skipped my next dose after to get it checked out by my doctor. He checked my heart as a precaution with and EKG and chest ex-rays. The EKG was normal and I'm still waiting to hear back about the x-rays. The doctor said it was a possible narrowing of the esophagus. He told me that it wasn't a likely side effect from the Cipro and that it was possibly stomach acid that caused it and that it wasn't life-threatening.

Anyway I got back on the Cipro just today and felt an increase in nausea, dizziness and anxiety. Different from before. I was able to force some food down but it wasn't helping. Then I realized that I hadn't been drinking as much water as I was before. I chugged glasses of water after that and immediately started to feel better. Just want everyone to know to really increase your water intake if you can while on Cipro. Otherwise the pill just sits there inside of you longer making you feel sick. Hope this helps! God Bless!

The anger I feel about this drug is unreal. I am having strong upper spine pain and pressure that leads to the base of my skull all the way up through my head. I feel ill and week and just flat out sick all over, low grade fever, strong stomach cramps every night. Anger issue's that scare me. My spine hurt's the worse. I feel a lose for hope. This has been going on since the end of Sept 2013.. God I pray that I feel normal again soon. My dr does not listen to me, and only tells me that everything is fine and all of my test's are normal. I am not crazy, this pain that I feel is real and I feel that it is driving me crazy. Will I get better??????????????????????

Are you feeling any better??? My symptoms are very similar. I too was given a steroid injection and then prescribed cipro! Ugh. This has been awful. It started in October. I'm just praying it doesn't get worse.

I took ten days worth of Cipro for a urinary tract infection, which did clear up. However, I am having awful pain in my teeth. It feels like an electric shock or something in all of the nerves in my teeth. I know this is minor compared to many other problems I have read on here, but has anyone else had this problem?


I have pain in the from right tooth, that came on after my cipro prescription. I finished my course 4 months ago. It's not that common anymore, but some days it does act up. It hasn't rotted or fallen out or anything, thank god. I have perfect teeth otherwise.

I was prescribed Cipro after my doctor took a urine sample, and discovered I had a kidney infection. I had also strained my back from lifting.

I've been taking 500 mg 2xday for three days. The intense pain has gone, but I feel so bloated, gaseous, nauseated, and anxious I can barely function. I"m also having severe insomnia.

I called my doctor and asked for a substitute, and she said to just take a half a tablet 4x a day. That is no solution! Why don't doctors take our complaints seriously?

I cannot continue this drug for another 11d ays. And yet, I'm terrified that if I don't treat the kidney infection I'll have more problems.

What on earth are we to do?

I only know that I can't take Cipro any longer, I am respecting what my body is trying to tell me.

IS THERE AN ANTIBIOTIC ALTERNATIVE TO CIPRO? I don't recall ever having this problem with anti's before.

I am a 65 year old male. Had pain in my scrotum. Doc gave me cipro. I ended up taking 3 500 mg tablets before going to the emergency room for severe kidney pain. I was immediately put on intravenous saline drip. Admitted to the hospital over Christmas. My docs said that Cipro may have been the culprit. My creatitine level was through the roof.

After days of saline drip cret level came down and I was released. The docs said no more supplements, no more Motrin, change my diet, tons of water, no more aspirin, no more anti depressants (I'm still coming down from Celexia) and no more antibiotics. And I'm not out of the woods. Have to return to the outpatient clinic for continued blood and urine analysis.

Hoping that my kidneys and liver are still OK. I believe that this CIPRO is dangerous. There are too many stories out there where people are being hurt from this drug. No not take. If your doc does not agree get another doc.

I took one 1000 mg dose in October 2011 for a suspected mild uti. I want to spread the word to all to avoid this med if other options are available. The cramps I can deal with but I started getting nervous feelings and anxiety the next day.

Taking an antacid was a bad idea as I read somewhere it is a bad mix. For the next month I had severe anxiety and depression and almost committed suicide by jumping off the subway platform. I was sleeping maybe 3 hours a night. Had an ultra low fever and just felt detached from reality. Just a pervasive feeling off dread.

I'm usually a well dressed person at work and try to look sharp, but co-workers noticed my state of uncaring. I could not eat or watch tv, even my beloved toronto maple leafs could not provide any interest. Felt like crying all the time.

I went back to the doc and he said to hang on there. At the time I could not see the end of the tunnel but eventually it passed. I would not wish what I went through on anyone. Although that major episode has passed it seems to have triggered mild depression from time to time when I have never been susceptible to depression before. I'm not sure if it's directly the cipro causing long term damage or whether I am now prone to depression after the cipro-induced episode.

I have very mixed feelings about this drug, the comments, and even whether to take it or not. But a few days ago I found myself in the ER with cellulitis at the site of a breast biopsy incision from a couple of weeks earlier. I know this infection can quickly become very dangerous indeed; it can lead the way to necrotizing fasciitis, and is very painful. One of the drugs they thought about using is closely related to penicillin, to which I am allergic. It was important to me to have confidence that whatever I took would really knock this out. The pain was indescribable.

I do have some digestive tract issues, but the area of red, painful, swollen and peeling skin is down to almost nothing, and I've had no fever since the first day. Two more pills to go, and I'll be done.

While I would never choose this drug if something less intense was appropriate (i.e., for UTI, I'd ask for Bactrim), neither would I refuse it if again faced with cellulitis.

I also took its cousin, Levaquin, last spring for a really frightening, severe case of bronchitis. I was so sick it was just frightening; I think I'd have been in hospital the next day if I hadn't started it that day. I find most antibiotics take about three doses to begin to see real relief; both of these took noticeable effect after one or two.

I will mention that a few months after the Levaquin, I had a rupture of a sagittal band (keeps those big tendons on the back of your hand in place on top of the knuckle) on my left hand. I asked the hand surgeon about whether the Levaquin could have caused it, and he said it was unlikely; usually that is seen in people taking massive doses, or taking it over a long period of time. In addition, this particular tendon has always slipped off the knuckle just from bending the finger. The hand doc said that is most likely the result of a congenital defect. I did have to wear a brace for a few weeks, but the band is stronger now than it has ever been before.

So I think it's necessary to consider things carefully, but there are (and will be more and more) instances where (barring a known, serious reaction as so many have described) it will be a necessary risk. As a group, we've forgotten how often people used to die of infections that are now very treatable, back before there were any antibiotics. Resistance continues to grow to many, if not most, such drugs. I would be very averse to taking it long-term, and would insist on something else for "ordinary" infections, but I'm grateful these drugs were there for me during these very difficult, painful, and potentially dangerous episodes.

I am the last person to defend Big Pharma; adverse drug reactions MUST be accurately reported and that information made clear to physicians. But I don't know that I can agree with calling a drug "bad" on the basis of individual reactions, depending of course upon how common and severe they are; I have had hives from one drug that I know has greatly helped many people. So it's a bad drug for ME, one I can never take again (and I would, if I could, because it was VERY effective until the allergy surfaced after some months). But has saved other people's lives.

This is all complicated. I'm no doctor, but I can't see why any doctor would prescribe this drug for a one-off UTI. For intractable, repeating, severe episodes, it might make sense to take the risk. But many infections can be life-threatening. In such cases I'd take either of them again, because for me the side-effects, while quite unpleasant, are minor and temporary. If you've had a terrible reaction, of course you should not take it again. But that doesn't mean it's evil. I can't take penicillin, but it's saved many millions of lives since its development.

Ciprofloxacin is an antibiotic, one of the fluoroquinolone class. These antibiotics are considered one of the most dangerous classes of drugs on the market today. It is not in the same league as those that are usually considered benign, such as penicillin. Instead it is classed as a chemotherapeutic agent, & is only meant to be prescribed in life threatening infections when all other antibiotics have been tried first & the only other alternative is death.

The severe adverse reactions known to occur with Ciprofloxacin & all fluoroquinolone antibiotics have been known by the pharmaceutical industry for around 30 years, There is a place for them as has been described above. but instead they are being given out for simple infections or even suspected infections, I had no infection & I like countless others am now severely disabled for life, as among many other serious health effects I now have CKD because of them, my life was devastated for no reason whatsoever.

Ciprofloxacin carries what is known as a boxed warning, In fact at present they carry two. One for the risk of tendon damage & rupture, & the second for the risk of such serious adverse reactions in a condition known as myanthsesia gravis, it can lead to the patients death.

A boxed warning is the last most serious warning that is placed on a drug before it it pulled from the market

In august 2013, the warning of peripheral neuropathy was enhanced & updated, as it has finally been admitted that this possibly can be permanent. I can vouch that for many many people including myself, this looks like this may be the case.

One of the most insidious ways Ciprofloxacin does its damage is that a lot of the time, the severe ADRs (adverse drug reactions) can often be delayed, sometimes for many months, so no one connects the symptoms to the drug, You can often take several courses of Ciprofloxacin, & not notice any adverse reactions whatsoever, your infection goes away & you are better, BUT PLEASE DO NOT BE FOOLED. The damage begins at a cellular level from the very first dose you take, it is just not visible/noticeable to you yet it is happening " under the radar," so to speak. Everybody seems to have their own tolerance level to Ciprofloxacin, & once enough harm has been done to your body/ you exceed this, whether this be from one pill, (some have died from One pill) or many courses you WILL be hit. And at present there is no way to undo the damage.

Taking these antibiotics is playing Russian roulette with your life, as mentioned above, you can often take them several times, but as is the case in Russian roulette, there is always one bullet in the gun, & it does have your name on It

It is of course everybody's individual choice whether they want to take these drugs, but if you decide to do so please make sure that it is an informed choice. Drs are unaware of the serious toxic profile of these drugs, & they will tell you "these drugs do not do this," they could not be more wrong.
Research them thoroughly, & I MEAN thoroughly. Google Fluoroquinolone toxicity, at the very least, Also consider visiting the many support groups/ forums that exist, BEFORE you begin the course. THESE SEVERE ADVERSE REACTION to Ciprofloxacin, are not "side effects " as is usually thought, as you cannot have side effects once you have stopped taking a drug. Ciprofloxacin & all fluoroquinolone antibiotics can cause direct damage, & if you take enough, for you to exceed your own tolerance level, they can possibly change your life forever.

I have a UTI. My Dr. gave me 5 days worth of cipro. Two a day. 500 MG twice a day. I went back after the medicine was gone. She said I still had a UTI. And gave me LEVOFLOXACIN 1 tablet per day. I took 2 of them. One each day. and I thought I was going to die. I was puking sick. My stomach hurt so bad I had to take two hydrocco/acetamin for the stomach ache. It was so bad.

So I called the Dr. told her what the pills were doing to me. So they gave me more cipro. This time 20 500 mgs two a day. I have taken 4 days of this cipro. I hurt all over. I get the chills. Then I get extremely hot and sweat. I walk like a crippled person. My head hurts. I do not know what to do?? I hope someone can help. I still have the UTI. Is there anything safe I can take to get over it? I am afraid the Dr. is going to get mad if I tell her my symptom's. She is going to say you took it for 5 days (cipro) last time with no problems. I am at the point where I do not know what to do to get well!

This was well said!! As awful as my reaction to ciproflacxin, I never ever looked at it from this angle! Your post was absolutely on point! You've definitely enlightened me!

I was given Cipro after a urologist tried to remove a kidney stone. After one week on Cipro and a stent removal I ended up in the ER with severe pain from passing stone fragments. I was given an IV antibiotic and sent home the next day with no prescriptions-nadda. The culture they did came back negative. Yay! 10 days later I had severe pain again and back to the ER I go. Same thing - antibiotics, stayed 2 days while they tested my kidney. I went home with a prescription of Levaquin for 10 days.

Got the thing filled and read the warnings and about FLIPPED OUT! First warning said do not take if you have tendon problems. I had tendon surgeries listed as past medical problems when I went to the hospital both times. I listed ALL THREE surgeries for torn tendons, both shoulders and my foot.

As of TODAY I've had ONE MORE surgery for a torn meniscus and I have another tear in my rotator cuff still needing to be fixed. I wouldn't take this class of antibiotics for NOTHING! Why give a hospital all of my past medical information/surgeries and then they give me something that causes the very thing I had surgery for? why why why.......

There's other antibiotics to take or a combo of them that have far less side effects. Is it a breach of the standard of care to prescribe Levaquin/Cipro for someone that has a history of tendon injuries ?

Sherry, tell your doctor exactly what you've just said here! Sometimes you just have to stand up for what you know to be true. It's YOUR body, and you know it best!

Did they try anything else first? I take Bactrim for UTI's and it always works for me; seems to have fewer side effects.

Started taking Cipro because I was allergic to the first antibiotic given to me. Using it to treat pneumonia. I was supposed to be on it for a week, but stopped taking it after four days. Makes me extremely nauseous for hours--& gassy, lol. I'm also afraid of a tendon rupture. The last thing I'd ever want to happen. I have pain in my teeth when I eat.

I feel better as far as the pneumonia goes but I'm just not finishing this prescription. I wish I looked this up earlier but I was too sick. My fever is gone & although I still have leftover coughing, I think I can do just well without these things. Terrible effects, I'm reading here. Terrifying.

Sherry, listen to your body and stop taking it before you get even more adverse side effects!!! Get a different antibiotic!!

UCSD Fluoroquinolone Effects Study

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Dr. Beatrice A. Golomb and her colleagues at the University of California, San Diego are conducting a new study to identify and describe side effects and risk factors for good and bad outcomes involving antibiotics in the fluoroquinolone class. Other example fluoroquinolones include Zymar (gatifloxacin), Floxin (ofloxacin), Zagam (sparfloxacin), Trovan (trovafloxacin), Tavanic, and Vigamox.

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For those without side effects, there is currently just one survey taking 20-30 minutes to complete.

For those having adverse effects, there are currently 3 (voluntary) questionnaires that can be done separately, each taking approximately 40-90 minutes (time varies per individual). Each survey addresses a different set of concerns related to fluoroquinolone effects. More voluntary surveys may be available in the future. Compensation for taking the surveys is not available.

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If you know of anyone else who might consider participating, then please pass on our website address. We truly appreciate your participation and referrals.

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Dear All,
All stories in here is so depressing, its only telling us what happened after taking Cipro, but almost no one is telling that finally these symptoms (muscles pain, headache, pain in chest, heartbeat, fatigue, weakness, etc) left his/her system, and how much time e.g. 3 months, 1 year, less or more it took to leave your system, because such stories of recovery will bring hope to all of us who has been suffering from this antibiotic. Also by mention what helped you to re-boost your body and get back your health like vitamins, minerals, honey, oil, garlic, other kind of treatment will help so much.
Those who got recovered please share us your story, and tell us how and after when you have been healed completely and what did you do for that.

Thanks all,

It's hard to tell how long it will take until all the symptoms go away. For me it took about ten months before I started to feel like myself. The only advice I can give is to stay from meds for a while. If you get sick and need antibiotics, try safer options. If you're allergic to all types of antibiotics, try NP doctors.

Magnesium/calcium rich foods will help. Try eating whole foods diet and vegetable juice that helps clean out the liver and detox the body. Think positive and avoid reading many of the sad comments on different websites. It will slow down the recovery process. Also seeing a good Acupuncturist will definitely help with many of the symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, muscle/joint pain, dry mouth, etc. You will recover and feel better. It just takes time and lots of patience.

Prescribed Cipro for epidiymitis. 2 week course 2 x 500mg per day. Stopped on 3rd day after 5 doses. Diarrhea, nausea, insomnia, cramps, bloating, gas, dizziness, kidney pain and general feeling of confusion and fogginess.

I searched for Cipro side effects and have been absolutely horrified at what I have read. Never again will I take a med without thoroughly researching it first.

I had started taking this for Prostatitus. I was supposed to take it for 20 days, 500mg twice a day. After about 7 days in I had extreme anxiety, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, etc. I had to stop taking it. Almost passed out twice during the day after a full nights sleep. A very scary and serious medication. I would never ever take this again under any circumstances. And, do not drink coffee or drink alcohol while using it. I have not felt like myself in months.

My husband has been prescribed cipro 500 mg 2x a day 6 times over the past 18 months. He had bladder cancer and has cystoscopies every 3-6 months. After the scope the uro always prescribes cipro to PREVENT a UTI. Well, last week he had a cystoscopy and took 6 tablets of cipro...just 3 days... and for the first time experienced side effects. On day 3 he had a horrid headache( never gets headaches), dry mouth, feeling of throat swelling, loss of appetite, constipation, and weird nightmares. He also had extreme fatigue. He was feeling 100% fine before the cipro.. He has been off the cipro 3 days and is feeling slightly better, but not himself. I don't want him to ever take this drug again.

Wondering when and if these side effects will resolve. Very scary. Can anyone post how long it took before they felt well again?

I am on my 4th day of Cipro, it is my last day, I had colitis diagnosed on Friday, The dr said Cipro and Flagyl, The colitis wasn't half as bad as the side effects from the Cipro. Yesterday 2 episodes of rigors and shaking followed by total sweats. Last night nausea, no sleep, sweat all night, dry mouth, the shakes about scared my wife to death.

To be fair the drugs did a pretty good job on the Colitis, but I'm done with the Cipro. I'll finish the Flagyl. After reading this board I can't believe they still give out this drug.

Dears, after I experienced the terrible side effects a specialist diagnosed me as toxic neuropathy because I didn't listen to my body from beginning and took it for 9 days as described for me. It has been 3 months since I stopped it, I'm much better thanks god I'm getting recovered and the pain almost gone, my advise is to stop it immediately if you felt these side effects and the consult your doctor for a safer option, always read about the side effects of a medicine before you taking it, write down what you were having before the medicine and what u started feeling immediately after and compare, don't hesitate stop it immediately once you observe something wrong before it cause a damage in neuropathy and suffer as this take long time until ur body recover

I had a high fever and chills following a UTI, so I was proscribed Cipro. Randomly, it was free from my grocery store, and I was too sick to think that was anything but awesome. I took my pill the second I got into my car in the parking lot, and went home to take a nap. When I woke up, I had a horrible headache, and my fever had spiked to 103. My ears felt full, as did my chest, and I assumed that it was time to go to the ER for fluids. Instead, I took a cold shower, determined to try anything I could to avoid possible further infection in a hospital. Luckily, my fever did come down. The headache didn't go away, but I attributed that to dehydration and, as the label says, continued to drink as much water as I could stomach.

In the morning I felt better. Each time I took the pill, however, my fever spiked, and my chest became tight, producing a cough over the next few days. The second night, I had the worst nightmares of my life. At the time, I assumed it was because my fever had spiked so high before going to sleep that I really thought I was going to die. At one point, I woke up from a nightmare, and saw a vague outline rippling, and pointing to the gallon jug of water sitting on my nightstand. Again, I just assumed it was my fever overwhelming me, and that maybe I was going a little crazy. Little did I know, hallucination is a common side-effect.

On the morning I was supposed to take my last pill, I forgot about the no-dairy rule, and I ate a yogurt. I was feeling almost 100% again, so I decided to wait a few hours to take it. Then I really wanted some macaroni and cheese, and since I had hardly eaten in days, I decided that I deserved this and pushed back taking my pill again. Finally, I decided that I better take the pill to make sure I didn't get sick again. Within an hour, the headache, fever, and chest tightness were back. I was coughing worse than before and finally realized what had been happening the past three days.

Granted, Cipro did get rid of my infection and the fever it induced alone was not as life threatening as the fever that I had because of my infection. However, the combination nearly sent me to the ER for fluids. Then there were all the mental stresses caused by taking a drug that caused me to think I was going to die. I truly thought that infection was too strong and that it had moved into lungs and heart. I took my pulse in the middle of the night because I didn't know whether my heart was actually in distress, or if it was another nightmare. It seems unethical to prescribe medications of this kind and now I know why it was free! It's unbelievable that my grocery store is encouraging its use, knowing all the risks involved.

I was on cipro for 7 day 500mg twice a day. Had no problems. I have been off for two days. My question is how many days does it take to clear out of your system?

Over the years, I have occasionally suffered with UTI's. Until now, Cipro always worked with no side effects. This time, however, I'm having extreme lower back pain. I took 500 mg. of Cipro 2 times a day for four days (they were left over pills from a previous UTI from over a year ago from my doctor who has since moved away.) The pain started as a dull ache after my fourth dose. As it continued and became more intense. I began to worry and went to see a new doctor. She checked my urine and said it is clear and that she believes the pain is a side effect from Cipro (which I had stopped taking the night before). She believes it should ease up after 7 days. After reading all of these posts, I am terrified that this pain may be permanent. I never had this happen with Cipro before and now I am really worried! Has anyone ever had the pains go away?

I was prescribed cipro 250g for a week due to epididymitis. After three days I was in A and E and forced to stay the night due to an unusual ECG.

The consultant told me to continue taking cipro and to take iburprofen and co codomal due to my whole chest becoming flared. The pain continued and the next day I went back where they did countless blood tests to find nothing wrong. I continued taking cipro for two more days and rang my gp about my symptoms.

He had got my report from the hospital and told me I had an allergic reaction and to stop taking it. It's been 5 days sunset last dose and I have been stuck taking painkillers since. I've developed extreme tendon pain on my feet. Also the occasional pain in my chest. I still struggle with bowel movements which worries me.

I went to see my gp who gave me a deep freeze gel to help. My epididymitis has healed but I am still in considerable pain. After reading these comments I am shocked that the consultant told me to carry on taking cipro and to take iburprofen as well.

Is there anyone here who knows how long it takes to actually feel better? Thank you

I was prescribed 5 days of cipro 500mg 2x daily for uti. Started to feel nauseous on Day 1, and on Day 2 developed severe nausea and headache. By Day 3, my head felt like it would explode and the severe nausea caused lack of appetite. Felt terrible and a bit foggy, hard to interact with people and get things done. While I felt badly on Day 2, I wanted to get through Day 3 as I had seen that mild UTI's were sometimes treated with a three day dose. I stopped taking Cipro after Day 3 (yesterday morning dose).

This morning would have marked the end of day 4 and tonight the beginning of the dosage for Day 5, so I started improving within 24 to 36 hours of discontinuing the medication. Had a headache all day today, not as severe as yesterday, and tonight, the headache is finally gone. No more nausea. The UTI infection appears to be gone as well. I would not take this drug again.

I am 18 months past taking Ciprofloxacin. I recommend everyone to avoid this and related medicines at all cost. I was unable to walk for 3 months and then walked with a limp for 8 months. I worked very hard to detox, clean up my diet, and stop taking any medication of any kind along with visiting an NAET practitioner which specializes in using an alternative technique combined with acupuncture to deal with allergic reactions. It has been a long slow road but after 18 months I have finally returned to the same level of activity I had prior to the medicine- I am an avid road cyclist who rode my bike 4500 miles the year prior to taking this horrendous medicine.

I have been on this for a few days and now I have gas so bad that I don't want to go to work because I fart every 10 min.

I have been on this for a few days and now I have gas so bad that I don't want to go to work because I fart every 10 min.

I had very bad sinus infection. Was given ciprofloxacin for a week. I took the first couple of days 250mg twice a day. My sinus infection got worse. I felt foggy headed and not right.

As the time went on to day four and five my sinus infection was almost bursting my head. I did not take the last two tablets because I felt so bad. The day after stopping the ciprofloxacin my head felt a bit better but I felt as though I was taking UTI.

I am never taking ciprofloxacin again, I am trying to get rid of the UTI without antibiotics but the ciprofloxacin definitely caused the UTI.

It also made my hair feel like steel wool.

I was prescribed this for a uti. I'm 50 and take no other medication, active and in shape. By day 3 my upper thighs were so sore I had trouble walking, thought it was just a result of great round of tennis. Day 5 I'm walking like I'm 90. 3 more pills left- after reading this i am not taking anymore. Will call the doctor on Monday.

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