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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this drug work? Average rating: 2.9/5 (202 votes)
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Keflex belongs to a class of potent antibiotics called cephalosporins. It is one of the first of these to become available generically and is now often prescribed as cephalexin.

This drug works against a wide variety of germs, including those that cause infections of the skin, lungs, throat, prostate, urinary tract, bones, and ears.

Cephalosporins are broad spectrum medicines that were originally discovered in one of the world's most unlikely locations.

A fungus found close to a sewer outlet along the coast of Sardinia turned out to cure a number of nasty infections. From this chance observation many extraordinary antibiotics have been developed.

Side Effects and Interactions

Side effects from cephalosporin-type antibiotics are generally mild. Nevertheless, cephalexin can cause a range of digestive tract disorders.

Indigestion, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea have been reported. If diarrhea becomes severe contact your physician, as it may be a warning of drug-induced colitis.

Other infrequent reactions to be aware of include rash, itching, vaginitis, headache, confusion, joint pain, fatigue and dizziness.

Cephalexin may affect laboratory test results. Liver enzymes may become elevated and false-positive results may show up during certain diabetes tests. Make sure that the laboratory personnel are aware you are taking cephalexin if you have blood drawn.

And remember to report any symptoms or suspected side effects of cephalexin to your physician promptly.

Special Precautions

If you are allergic to penicillin-type antibiotics, alert your physician immediately. Some people who are sensitive to penicillin may also react to cephalexin.

Symptoms such as breathing difficulty, wheezing, sneezing, hives, itching, and skin rash require immediate emergency treatment.

Life-threatening anaphylactic shock may produce an inability to breathe and cardiovascular collapse and can occur within minutes of exposure.

People with kidney problems should receive cephalexin only under careful medical supervision as the dosage will most likely have to be modified to prevent toxicity.

Taking the Medicine

Although this antibiotic is absorbed more efficiently when it is taken on an empty stomach, the pills can be swallowed with food, especially if they upset your stomach.

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  • Currently 2.9/5
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this drug work? Average rating: 2.9/5 (202 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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The first time I took Cephalexin because I had an ingrown toenail. I also developed a rash on my penis. I did not relate the two together. But I just got another ingrown toenail and my rash is back. I cannot discribe how furious I am. This rash lasts 4 weeks and is excruciating. What can I do?!!

I also got a rash on my penis after using cephalexin. It lasted 4 weeks and was unbearable! Its healing and scar tissue has resulted in premature ejactulation due to hyper sensitivity and has ruined my sex life! Gee thanks a lot Doc! Anything I can do to fix this?

I am female and taking this drug to treat strep throat and a bacterial eye infection, and it is helping my throat and eyes to feel much better.

I have taken Cephalexin (dosage of 500mg) for my bronchitis -- I'm allergic to certain chemicals, and I take every precaution to avoid them, yet sometimes they sneak up on me when I least expect it -- like a freshly opened and inflated air mattress for example. Make sure you air out one of those things for at least a day or two before your guests sleep on it if they have any kind of chemical sensitivities. But I digress.

I don't recall any side effects so I guess I'm lucky in that regard. However, it did 'seem' that with this last attack in October ('07), the meds just didn't work as quickly as I "thought" they should.

My main concern is that the anti-bi's purchased from XYZ pharmacy may not have the same potency as MNO pharmacy. Or that the potency may be reduced altogether no matter where you purchase.

I know the Graedons have spoken out about this, but is the "establishment" listening ? ? ?

Re the 'rash', would Calendula gel help??? Touch base with your doc, but it wouldn't hurt to ask, right?? You should be able to find it at your local health food / organic / natural products store.

To the two people who had penis rashes. I am not a doctor, nor do I attempt to play one on the interweb, but I'd suspect that you both may have herpes & had a breakout due to the stress/toxic overload your system was under while on this med.

Look up Herx reaction or just...

My penis is red and swollen ... have finished the the course of ceph ... dont think i will do this drug again ........ just when I got my wife motivated for sex!
Jeez louise

I had a tooth removed and began taking cephalexin because the removal was surgical and the dentist wanted to be proactive in case there were any problems with infection. Roughly two days after starting the medication I got a terrible cough and fever. I tried medicating with some Tylenol Warming Cold and Flu.

I started to get a severe rash. At first I thought it was a reaction to the cold and flu, but after only taking it once, and continuing the cephalexin, I noticed that the rash kept getting worse.

I developed an overall sense of confusion, slept long periods of time, was constantly sweating, and just could not function. The rash went almost everywhere. This is why I wanted to post. As for the guys saying that they only got the rash on the penis, then I consider them lucky. I am going to side with MG on this one. The reason I wanted to post was that the only place I did not get the rash was my penis. Strange enough as I was, with bumps inside my nose and on the bottoms of my feet, there were never any indications there.

Is keflex recommended for gum infection and gum disease? Also, does this antibiotic contain any sulfonamides?

My one year old baby recently had a febrile seizure which was due to a temp of 105. She was ill with bronchitis and tonsillitis and the emergency room doctor put her on Keflex. That morning we noticed a terrible rash and wheezing like sound she was making. We took her to her own medical doctor, in which she told us to stop the Keflex and start her on Benadryl. My only concern is that this might ignite another seizure or something even more dangerous. Please ease my mind!!

I have been taking cefalexin for like 5 years. Really helps to clear up my acne! Works really well. There had been occurrences within the past years of me getting dizzy sometimes. Very rare. It wasn't until years later that I realized that most likely those happened because of the antibiotic. Random when they would happen, but I think that's the explanation. I remember one day I just got dizzy and it lasted like 1 or 2 minutes long. I was worried and sat down at school because I thought maybe I would pass out and wasn't sure what was going on.

One day though I was dizzy ALLLLL day. It was the weirdest thing I have ever experienced. I went back to bed and woke up later to see if it helped but I was still dizzy. Up until I went to bed that night and woke up fine the next day. Not sure what this confusion thing means. How do you just get confused? Buttt.... it's really hard to tell if these are my side effects or if I am just tired usually. I've been off and on the pill just to see... and it's hard to tell. For the past year, my eyes have hurt so badly that it makes me feel tired.

Eye doctor said my vision was perfect, so maybe it's cefalexin? I stopped taking for a couple weeks and still my eyes hurt but now that I'm back on, they hurt more. NOT SURE WHATS HAPPENING! But all in all, cefalexin hasn't been too crazy for me. How much are you guys taking!?? I take 2 500 mgs a day.

Also, from going off and back on I have noticed that my stomach has been a bit sensitive and I actually fart a lot. After coming back on the medicine I recognize the smell and realize it has been causing a lot of my gas actually. I just thought I was always a gassy person but its because I have been on this medicine. Wish there was a better way to have no acne.

I took this medication for a skin infection on my arm due to a minor burn. I had the same reaction near the end of the treatment cycle. A red itchy rash on and around my penis. The itching is unbearable. I also now have several "patches" on my waist, legs and sides. They itch horribly and if I scratch them - like I have while sleeping, they bruise badly. I have had the rashes for about 2 weeks and they are not getting better. My doctor said I have contact dermatitis but looking on the web it looks like its actually an allergic reaction to Cephalexin.

The poster is right about the sensitivity of the penis. I have always been slow to orgasm which I viewed as a good thing, not anymore. I hope this side effect does not last long.

I went to my docs with a lump in my breast tissue. He prescribed me with cefalexin. I took two tablets (each 500 mg) one in the morning and one at lunchtime (I was told I should take 3 a day) and half an hour after the second tablet, I came out in a rash. I stopped the cefalexin and started some antihistamines. 5 days on and I want to peel my skin off! The itching is even on my ears - I'm allergic to Penicillin as well, and have since found out that cefalexin is related.

There is a lot of skin surface coverage of this rash, and I've tried Eumobase to stop the itching, which just leaves me sticky & greasy (yuk)
How long is this going to last?
Someone mentioned 4 weeks??!

About two years ago I was diagnosed with Bronchitis. I was given Rondec and Keflex. Within 3 days of being on the medicine I was constantly dizzy and nauseous, and even had a harder time breathing. I was at my brothers football game when my whole body went cold and I felt like I was about to pass out. I went into a panic attack and my whole body went numb.

Luckily my doctor was there and said I was having an allergic reaction to the Rondec. Well, about 3 weeks ago I was put back on Keflex for an upper respiratory infection. I started to experience the same thing and had another panic attack. My doctor just told me it was because I was having a hard time breathing as is. So, I did not pay attention to it. I stopped taking Keflex because I felt better. And, just last week on Tuesday I had another mild panic attack.

I started taking Keflex yesterday at 10:30am. At 1pm I started feeling nauseous, dizzy, my chest was getting heavy, fingers and face were starting to tingle and go numb, my hands locked, and my face went numb and locked up. My brother rushed me to the ER and they did blood work to see if I might have a problem with my blood sugar or Thyroid. All tests were normal. They gave me an Ativan to calm me down and I was fine for about 20 minutes.

On my way home in the car I felt the same thing starting again. I became light headed, dizzy and nauseous. My hands and face locked up and it felt like someone was sitting on me. My parents took me to the ER again. At first they thought I may have a blood clot in my lungs. I was not hyperventilating or coughing. I felt drained and weak, almost like having the flu. I was at the ER for 9 hours and they told me they could not determine what caused the lock up in my hands and face. So, I woke up this morning and researched allergic reactions to Keflex.

One of the severe reactions was a seizure. I feel a lot better today, but I feel like I was misdiagnosed by the ER staff and they did not fully investigate what was the cause of my possible seizure or severe reaction to Keflex.

I recently took cephalexin for a urinary tract infection. I am female. On the last day of taking it (day 7) I developed a rash on my labia, we're talking burning, itching, swelling, deep tissue pain, and skin sloughing off/peeling off. I believe the men with the penis rashes have the same problem as me-an allergic reaction to cephalexin. I will make sure to make a noted of this med to NEVER take it again. I suggest you all do the same.


My doctor now says its hypersensitivity vasculitus, an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. After 2 rounds of prednisone and now taking 3 allergy medications at once, the rashes only flair on occasion and don't itch nearly as much. My doctor said it could last weeks or months based on his experience. The prednisone works wonders but is not good for you long term. The allergy medications make me sleepy but its better than the horrid itch. I need to get an allergy warning card for my wallet so I am never given this medication again.

I've almost finished my course of Cephalexin and I too have developed a dry, inflamed and swollen labia in the last few days. Usually, without fail, I get a yeast infection from antibiotics, but this time, I have the above symptoms. This inflammation is really uncomfortable. I think I know how menopausal women feel. It hurts to wipe when going to the toilet, I can't wear tight pants and I need to use KY Jelly to ease the discomfort. For the record, I do not have any STD's. I was put on Cephalexin to treat a recurrence of a kidney infection (the last antibiotics were useless) and whilst my urinary problems have gone, it's come at a price. I don't ever want to take this medication again.

Anyone experience tooth sensitivity while on this drug?

I was given Cephalexin 500mg 3x a day by my dentist for an infection of my jaw bone. While my mouth is feeling much better the rest of me is not. I spent the first few days throwing up and nauseous. Now I'm just nauseous. But then began a burning sensation and I thought I got a yeast infection. I was prescribed medication for this but the symptoms are getting worse. My labia feels like it is raw and on fire. It is actually peeling. The pain is unbearable. I tried applying Vagisil but that only made it worse. I was really getting worried that this might be something serious but it sounds like others have had the same reaction to this medication. Wish they would post better warnings about this drug.

I just found this forum while researching the relationship between cephalexin and herpes. I'm currently having the first outbreak I've had in 6 years after starting a course of cephalexin the day before. The way I understand this antibiotic to work is that it finds and explodes virus cells. This sounds perfectly wrong for a virus lying dormant in your ganglia. This may have a completely different effect for people already having regular outbreaks and I have nothing to back any of this theory up. Just thought I'd share :-)

@Stephani - I came to the PP website because of a tooth issue - but mine is the opposite, two top front teeth and top lip are going numb shortly after I take each dose of Keflex.....

on 500mg Keflex qid, along with high dose Prednisone for a severe case of systemic poison ivy (woody vine pieced skin deeply - severe skin structure infection plus poison ivy).

@ group - Odd thing is that I have noticed rashes all over my body and the poison ivy did not begin abating until after the dosage was jumped up (60mg/day with taper). I have rashes all over my body now, they bruise badly if scratched. Thankfully, nothing on the genitals as of yet.

My lower back/hips are aching after taking 7 days of Cephalexin at 500mg each pill twice/day. I read on internet that Cephalexin can cause arthritis. I was looking for a cure duration, other sufferers...any help?

After taking cephalexin for one day for a UTI I broke out in a rash that I later found out was Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. I was burned from head to toe and from the inside out.

It has also caused nerve damage in my feet. If another doctor had not taken me off of it
I could have had more severe problems. As it is I am not disabled.

I had a tooth extracted on Tuesday. The dentist gave me Cephalxin because, the tooth was infected. Thursday morning I got up with a fever and coughing up green stuff. I ran a fever of 102. Today is Saturday and I'm still sick. How can I get a lung infection taking this medicine? I do feel better today. I'm taking 500mg 4 times a day.

sounds like you need probiotics to keep your intestinal tract normal. without it I have the same problem

I took this antibiotic for a urinary tract infection. It cleared my infection up after a couple of days, but then caused thrush, and a skin rash on my belly. I couldn't say what was worse, having a UTI or putting up with the side effects of the antibiotic.

I was diagnosed with severe eczema in Feb. 2011. I was given two prescriptions: an ointment to apply twice daily and cephalexin capsules to take 3 times daily for 10 days. Also to take special baths 3 times a week. In addition, I bought a whole house humidifier to add moisture to our apartment during this very dry winter.

The eczema started clearing up within a few days and slowly got better over the course of a week or so. Then I started developing another rash on my chest which was never there before. My dermatologist was out of town but will return next week. I obviously got the rash from taking the cephalexin which I stopped taking before finishing it.

I never in my entire life had any reaction to an antibiotic until now. I will never take cephalexin again.

Thank god I'm not the only one. I recently started taking this anti-b for an infected back tumor thing that had to be taken out. I never had itched at all on my body before. After starting this I noticed my private area started itching and about the middle of the course it is driving me insane!!!! I'm only 22 and scared I somehow got an STD even though I haven't been with someone in months. Should I tell the doctor and start diff meds or just finish them and it will go away?


My doctor says, for me, its hypersensitivity vasculitus, an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. Basically the arteries and capillaries are breaking down resulting in the itching and bruising (internal bleeding). I was told to never take it again as it could be life threatening for me. See my post above. It took quite a while with a strong steroid to become well again.

A doc misdiagnosed me with impetigo and prescribed Keflex. I took it twice and developed a rash over most of my body. Especially bad on my neck shoulders and arms. The rash is mildly itchy and looks like many little red bumps spread almost evenly over the affected ares.

is 500 mg 4 times a day of cephalexin too much? I took it for a sinus infection for 10 days. Also, I did not drink a full glass of water with each dose all the time. Would there be any harm in that? Just hope I did not mess up my intestines. Also, no one told me to eat yogurt when taking antibioitcs. How does the gut flora reestablish itself? Will this happen naturally over time? I did not experience any loose stools but 14 days after taking it. I had lower right quadrant pain. Later found out I have small ulcers on my ileum. Doctor is not saying it is crohn's but in the back of my mind I am wondering if this antibiotic caused it.


I started on cephalexin 3 wks ago for uti infection......OMG!!! "The Rash"horrendous!!! an still visible under my skin! but I have now developed slight swelling in my finger, wrist, ankle joints.... I hope this isn't gonna last to long, I'm back at the doctors again tomorrow, will keep you informed. My doctors have told me the rash is an reaction to the cephalexin, I can never have it again... Ironically I was in no pain when I first went the doc's, just slight blood spotting in my urine, but due to the meds, I'm a wreck!!

I have been dealing with labial itching and a rash which started on my back and torso, moved to my extremities and is now concentrated on my legs. Keflex (Cephalexin) is the only med which seems to help. I have since become convinced that I have an underlying genetic disorder (my father also has symptoms) which caused the itching and a bacerial infection which came from me scratching. The Keflex does appear to be helping the infection and I will be undergoing tests to confirm the hereditary problems which I believe to be a genetic form of Beriberi (Thiamine deficiency).

Chephalexin caused my skin to have open sores all over body. Also I am not sure if it reacted with Vitamin E, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Vitamin B12. Now 8 months later, my skin got itchy again and open sores. How long does it take for the drug to completely disappear from my body?

Hi your side affect sounds exactly like mine. My feet, ankle, wrist and finger joints are so painful and this is 5wks after stopping the medication, because I had a terrible poison ivy rash all over my body. I have a specialist appointment Mon. 4th July 2011. I am hoping they can tell me that this horrible sore, hot aching will go away very soon an that it will never reoccur.

I appreciate it if you could tell me how long your side affects lasted for & have they ever reoccurred.

Thank you, a very sympathetic friend.(Betty)

Once the 2 courses of prednisone knocked it out of me, it did not come back. I do however avoid antibiotics in this family.

I have been taking this antibiotic for 3 days now, 500 mg every 6 hours for a tooth infection. The tooth infection has not completely gone away yet. I am experiencing excess gas. I have never farted so much in my life. Long, loud ones all day and night. I don't like it. My stomach is all blown up and uncomfortable. I have not had any labia itching or swelling or rashes on body. It did clear up the pimples I had on my back lol.

While traveling abroad I got extremely swollen feet and legs and then a rash. Upon coming home could not get into my Dr. and spent one day in Urgent care and another day in emergency. Emer. put me on 2000 mg. of Keflex a day, this is my third day and I am broken out all over now, arms legs, stomach thighs, etc. extremely itchy! My legs and feet are a little better as long as I keep them elevated... I have another call into my primary care phys. telling him I HAVE to see him... I am positive I am having an allergic reaction to this medication, I know I am allergic to penicillin. What if my Dr. still does not see me?????

I hate when doctors are over booked and won't see you. Maybe you should go back to the urgent care even though its expensive or ask to see another doctor in the office.

You could also just show up at the doctors office and tell them you are having an allergic reaction. I can ensure you they will not turn you away as the liability would be great.

I was put on this medication to treat a UTI and within an hour I began Vomiting and had uncontrollable Diarrhea. I have never been so sick. A year later I switched doctors after a move, had symptoms over the weekend for which the new doctor called in a script for me. Unfortunately the pharmacy neglected to transfer my allergy information when my name changed. Once again within the hour I was puking and on the pot again. I no longer assume and immediately inform all medical professionals when asked about allergies/sensitivities. To this day I still remember the smell of keflex... that alone could set me off puking.

Hi Jennifer,

I took Keflex (Cephalexin) 500mg for a small rash on my nose 4 times a day !!! For me it was 2222 much and from the second day, I had severe diarrhea (loose watery stools). Someone told me, its common while on antibiotic and I continued my 10 day course.

The rash became more red/inflamed which even now exists. I realized now that I should have stopped it on the second day. I don't understand why the doctor prescribed this to me that too 4 times a day!!!

Although my rash is not as severe as before while I was taking Keflex (actually was taking to heal it), it looks like it takes more time to become normal.

Cause : Internal gut flora is completely disturbed and it takes longer time for it to reestablish is what I heard....

Hope this helps !!

I recently took Keflex for a bacterial infection caused by a stingray. I never take antibiotics for anything that I can treat naturally but this was a very serious infection. Two days after coming off I experienced horrible flu like symptoms and aching and extreme pain all over my body. I also developed a rash on my chest and about 7 large boil-like lumps on my shoulder.

I did take probiotics during the course of antibiotics. It is one week later and I am only slightly well even though I have received acupuncture and all types of cleansing therapies. I did not notice joint pain mentioned by many people but it is definitely my main symptom. I assume it will continue to slowly get better but I would avoid this antibiotic in the future.

I believe that many of the people who are experiencing rashes in their genital area and elsewhere could have an overgrowth of candida. I am a holistic practitioner and treat people for this very often. If you suspect it then you could try an over the counter formula from Whole Foods for candida overgrowth. They are very effective but be cautioned that you can get a little worse for a few days and then the rash will start to disappear.

Started cephalexin today 250mg. Experiencing extreme sweating, lots of gas. Burping a lot, and tightness of chest. Doctor said to stop and try again tmrw. Insane sweating. Don't know if this is normal.

I took this med for an ear infection... I wish I had read this first.. I had a reaction like yours I made it through five doses and couldn't stand the pain... Thought it would get better... Swelled up badly in the vaginal area!!! Ended up with yeast infection... Now after I month another yeast infection... Is this still due to the meds? I never have yeast infections. What is up? How much longer?

This medication was prescribed to my dog for a urine tract infection, she has a known blood disorder called vanwillebrand factor, this medication caused her to bleed excessively and was diagnosed by the ER vet. This medication cost me the stress of thinking my dog was going to bleed to death, a trip to the emergency vet hospital on a Friday night, and an extra $467.00 vet bill.

I also just experienced a cold sore outbreak after one day on cephalexin. It was prescribed for a stye on my upper eye lid. I am going to stop taking it. I will rely on the ophthalmologist to incise and drain it if it's still there by my appointment. The cephalexin was not prescribed by the ophthalmologist, but rather by a doctor I know personally who thought it would help. I'll stick with the warm compresses and then go to the eye doctor's if needed.

I took keflex after a c-section. After about two days I developed a hoarse voice, a cough and intermittent sweating. On the third day (I was actually AT the hospital visiting my baby in the NICU, thank God) I started projectile vomiting all over, broke out in hives and began having trouble breathing.

A nurse wheeled me down to the ER and by the time I got there my throat was closing up. I received IV epinephrine, benadryl, steroids, and an albuterol treatment and was okay. The reaction kept coming back to a lesser extreme for about a week. (Coughing, diarrhea, upset stomach) I took Benadryl and Albuterol to help with it.

I started taking cephalexin almost a week ago. I had diarrhea and I had a cluster of little white blisters form on my labia. I'm pretty sure I'm std free but I am going to get tested again. Has this happened to anyone else?

I was given Keflex when I had my wisdom teeth pulled 9 months ago and I broke out in rashy sores all over my body. It has scarred me all over my waist and legs and I am still lightly breaking out. I have also had itchy hives every day since taking it, serious stomach pain and I cant always get my breath. I have been to the doctor several times and he doesn't think its related but can't say either way really and I don't have the money to keep going back trying to figure it out. I don't know what to do from here.


I have not had any rashes yet... thank god... but the Dr prescribed it to me for 4 times a day (which seems very high) to me... every morning, actually every time I take it I am getting severely nauseous and want to instantly throw up wherever I am at.. I went and got it for tonsilidous but it isn't even helping.. well my throat is not as sore, but sorry for being gross... my phlegm is still yellow and green. My last visit the Dr prescribed me a whole extra dose of antibiotics so I'd have extra but those didn't even work... just so happened I had the same Dr who prescribed me 4 doses in a day of Keflex...

I called pharmacy and they said the normal dose they see on average is 2-3 tops a day.. makes me think the Dr just wants to make money by prescribing more meds!

People's Pharmacy response: The doctor's reimbursement is not at all dependent on the dose or even the number of medications prescribed, so that's not the motivation. That doesn't mean the antibiotic you have gotten is right for you; we can't determine that.

I started taking this medicine 5 days ago after having surgery to my ankle. I am COMPLETELY exhausted. Has anyone else had this

I have been on 4 different antibiotics for a infection in my fingers, which the doctors "think" is candida. I can't understand being on something that causes yeast infections for yeast infection! One of them I had a severe reaction to and had to discontinue. When getting to the end of my prescription of Cephalexin I developed a rash, swelling & itching in my genital area.

The Dr has now prescribed fluconazole for it. I have started sit baths of melaleuca products and am taking probiotics. Is fluconazole a safe product to take for these symptoms? Thanks

I took Cefalexin 500 mg for two three 3days. I has itching at my back and feels so exhausted. Had terrible sore throat. Stopped taking it.

I was prescribed Cephalexin 500mg 3x a day for a sinus/ear infection. It is day 4 on the drug, and I have intense nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, an itchy rash on my chest, and cannot sleep. I have quit taking the drug; how long will these symptoms last!?

I started taking Kelflex on October 20th (500mg 4x day) to treat and prevent recurrence of a staph infection in my surgical wound (umbilical hernia repair). I am supposed to keep taking it until the wound heals "from the inside out" (skin needs to grow and fill in the gap where the hernia sac previously occupied. The wound isn't completely healed yet, so I am still taking Keflex.

About a week ago, I started getting a generalized itching all over my body. I thought it was an allergic reaction to something I ate last Saturday/Sunday. But now the itchiness is nearly unbearable, and if it was allergic reaction to food it should be fading if not gone. Has anyone else had the all-over-itchiness-rash after being on the drug for 6 or more weeks?

I am seeing my surgeon for my next follow up on Tuesday, but I am wondering should I try to get in to see my dermatologist too. I tried taking Benadryl today and the first dose seemed to work, but when it wore off and I took more it didn't seem to alleviate the itching at all.

Keflex is not working for me. 2000MG a day prescribed by a dentist to fight an infection - it's not working to kill the infection that's for sure. No side effects other than its destroying my stomach lining- which I would gladly live with for a short while if the medication WORKED.

I started cephalexin [500mg twice a day] three days ago, I do believe I've taken it before and didn't notice any side effects, but this time I have bad dry skin on my hands, mostly my right, its not itchy but its scaly and uncomfortable...

My doctor diagnosed me with Impetigo on Friday on my face (around my mouth) and a spot on my arm. The next day it had spread to my eye so I went to the walk in. She prescribed me with Fucidin cream to put on the sores as well as Cephalexin pills to take (2 capsules 4 times a day). I do not have a rash anywhere (couple of dot on chest could be pimples from sweating at night) but my chest feels really tight and I feel like I'm having a bit of difficulty getting a good deep breathe not sure if its because of the Cephalexin or not. Might go to the ER if it continues, my eye is still very red and swollen. Hopefully this will go away, although I am reading a lot of scary side effects from this antibiotic.

has it gone away, is it an allergic reaction the the cephalexin ?

I also was given Cephalexin 500 mg for an infection after a burn on my leg.
My side effects are tiny little blisters everywhere which itch like crazy. I stopped the medication, that is after 5 days before I connected the medication and the itching. Now a week later I am still developing new rashes and itching. How long will that last after stopping the medication?

It took about 3 months of prednisone to completely clear. I now carry a wallet card advising not to give me this drug. My Doctor and Pharmacist are also aware. The drug worked great for my infection but the rash and internal bleeding were too high a price.

Within a few hours of taking this drug, my foot began to swell and blister. Stopped taking immediately. A couple of days later skin began to peel on foot. 2 1/2 months later, I still have a couple of fairly deep wounds that are not healing properly. Anyone experience similar outcomes and what did you do?

I was given this for my illness because I'm pregnant and can't take what I am normally given. I'm allergic to penicillin, but I haven't taken it since I was like 2. Within minutes of taking my first dose, I began having issues breathing. I can only describe the feeling as being like a panic attack.

I thought it was my illness until taking the second dose, when these effects came back. I also felt extremely confused, disoriented, and weak. My fever seemed to get worse, and I thought I was going to collapse at any second. This has also given me the first yeast infection I've had in my life. I won't be taking this ever again. I'm not even finishing this prescription. All this took was two doses!

So I have been sick since probably August. It started with flu and sinus like symptoms. I home medicated with thera-flu alka seltzer, tylenol cold and sinus you name it I was trying it. I had my tonsils and adenoids taken out back in 1998 and was in my late 20's. I have had problems with my sinuses since.

Usually the doctors would just give me Guaifenessan 500 MG and I could take a couple of days and I would be better. Well then thera-flu came out and it has 500 mg of the Guaifenessan in it, so I was just able to take it when I could feel a sinus infection coming on. NOT this time nothing worked so I finally went to doctor around November she didn't even really check me and put me on 10 days of Cipopro, not better so went to different doctor (was not happy with the first one she was a nurse practitioner and my doctor did not have time to see me) anyway so this other doctor tells me I didn't have a sinus infection that It was bacterial so he puts me on Keflex 500 mg. 3 times a day.

So I take it and along with it still having to take Excedrin because the headaches are still kinda there. Oh forgot to mention that (I have excruciating headaches when I get sinus infections so that is why I thought that is what I had.) But these headaches have been different. Took the course of meds and while taking I ended up with an infection between two of my lower teeth on my gums.

So now I'm thinking maybe a bad tooth is causing the problem. Go to dentist they check me out nothing except they think I need 2 root canals, and proceeds to give me another prescription for Keflex so I don't run out before I can see an oral surgeon. I get a second opinion in the mean time I had ran out of the second prescription and pain came back tooth infection gone so I start third round of Kefles 500 Mg 4 times a day until I can get second opinion.

2nd dentist says I don't need a root canal I did have a bad wisdom tooth and a couple of teeth that needed filled. So he done the work. Thought everything was fine wrong after about 2 weeks meds were done they wore off back again headaches so they put me back on Keflex oh and forgot to mention vicodin same dose as before. They send me to a Maxillofacial specialist he says I have tmj and also wants me to see an ENT specialist. And asked me to run out of meds again and see what happens after doing treatments for tmj. I do 8 days later headaches back and on another round of 500 Mg of Keflex. Waiting to see ENT specialist.

Now I am starting to cramp in my stomach and the headaches are coming back while I'm on the keflex still not as bad but there also have noticed pain in my joints of my arms and legs starting. ANY THOUGHTS OUT THERE? I'm desperate I know this cant be good for my body. :(

Good to know I am not alone.
Dec 1 2011 the Prompt care Dr gave me an anti-fungal and Cephalexin for a groin infection (shaving incident) things cleared up in a few days but 1 week later the "infection" seamed to spread to under arms, legs, everywhere - I thought it was shaving related. Syph test was negative, and he prescribed another 14 days at 500mg x 4 per day. By the end of Dec it was disgusting and disfiguring of skin all over and severe cracking. I assumed that he was just incompetent and went to a Derm.

The Demitoligest said the swelling was not letting the Cephalaxin work and prescribed Prednisone to lessen the swelling. In 3 days the skin seemed to get better but within 3 weeks it got worse again and he prescribed some creams.

An ankle injury in Jan 2012 led me to my orthopedic Dr. who sad " what the heck is that all over your legs?" he gave me the contact # of Infectious Disease Consultants whom I saw immediately. The nice and knowledgeable Dr. looked at the prescrips that I had kept with dates and Dr Names, then looked all over my body and said that it is allergic reaction to Keflex (Cephalaxin) and prescribed Methylprednisolone on a decreasing 6 day dosage.

She said the the Prednisone by the Derm was keeping the Cephalexin in check mimicking a healing of the "infection" when it was really an allergic chemical reaction. (i.e no bacteria involved)

Overall things have got better over the last 2 weeks but it involved severe cracking of the skin on my hands and soles of my feet as well as red rashes all over various parts of the body. This seems to be getting better but it is a nasty process that will take another month to even return my skin to semi normal. It appears that the Cephalexin has to be "locked up" by the Prednisone / Methylprednisolone group and takes a lot of time to get out of the body.

Given the amount of information on reactions I cannot believe that my initial symptoms in December were ignored by the first Dr. and then flooded with more of the drug that caused it. This rash-like and peeling covered between 25% -40% of my skin, affecting: groin, penis, anus, under arms, chest, back, buttocks, front and back of legs, shins, feet, scalp, hands and wrists, elbows. Did not affect face for some reason. 49 year old healthy male, no std's or other health problems.

I hope this helps anybody who starts this drug and see bumps or shin "rashes" early on. Beware, and ask your Dr about this, and then get a second opinion or prepare for a lot of pain and a long (non permanent) skin disfigurement.

I had skin infection went to Urgent care at a hospital, which apparently did not work for me. Finally I managed to get dermatologist's appointment I was prescribed a cream and cephalexin 500 MG tablets thrice a day. I took it for three days but for some reason I started getting reaction the very second day, I am having rashes on my chin it developed further to red small blister over the body which itchy and irritating. I have immediately stopped the medication.

Having a strong discomfort, never had such a discomfort from an anti-biotic before.

I had surgery last thursday, and as a precaution was prescibed Vicodin and Cephalexin. The very next day after the surgery my legs and parts of my arms developed an extremely itchy red rash. By Saturday I put two and two together, as I've had Vicodin before but never this particular antibiotic. I talked to my doctor and discountinued taking the Cephalexin immediately, but I'm still itching terribly and the rash is showing up on my stomach now, though my legs are getting better. I only took the Keflex for two days, and I haven't been off for a week yet, but any idea how long this crazy rash will last??

Nausea and stomach pain:(

My son took Keflex for a possible infection on the root of a tooth that had a root canal done on it many years ago.

He took the medicine from Monday to Friday. On Friday morning he complained about pain in his right ankle. On Friday evening he complained about pain in his right wrist. He stopped taking Keflex Friday evening.

Saturday evening both sites are still painful very swollen and red. How l
long will this last? I don't know if we should go to the emergency room tonight or wait until Monday to see our doctor.

HI- to all who have bad gas and/or the 'runs' Rashes, etc: yes it is the Keflex; and can last a while after stopping (for me 4-5 weeks)-

Right now I have red quarter size BURN-like spots that peel on my arms-still appearing after stopping the medication for 2 weeks! AND; I was given this once 15 yr.s ago for a mild kidney infection; then began urinating blood, ack... looked the color of Cola... my Dr. simply gave me A SECOND round of the stuff (EX-doctor). It was my Pharmacist who told me to never take this again. (Oh; I only had this again as It was given to me after an accident & emergency surgery; I was too 'out of it' to remember what I was saying.

Pro-biotics do help the awful GI stuff & gas etc. I could only afford yogurt at that time. Look for one that actually Has 'live cultures' on the label and low sugar as sugar causes more GI :(gas) problems in most.

When in doubt Please stop taking this and call your Dr. ASAP, Please! Remember, the 'cure' caused my kidneys to bleed, and worsened a bleeding ulcer attack. Please put this stuff in your medical chart in case you're unconscious as I was!
I hope this helped; & take care everyone!

YES!! It started for me about 2 days after I started the meds. Did you ever contact your doc about this? I've sent mine an email, and I await a reply.

Hello Brenda
I am experiencing joint stiff on keflex for tooth infection all right sideed.
What did u find out. Wondering if I stop?
Thank you

So I was prescribed Cephalexin for an infection in my left tear duct. 500mg 4x/day. and Polytrim eye drops 4x a day. When I started the cephalexin, I noticed after the second dose that I was becoming more and more itchy. I'm breaking out on my chest, and left leg also minorly on my right leg. (By the time I had realized what's causing it I took my third dose) I called the nurse hotline and they told me to take some benadryl.

Didn't help the itching, and after reading all your responses to this, I don't think I want to take this drug anymore. I ended up using some cortisone cream on the rash, which is helping a bit. But I'm going to have to talk to my doctor tomorrow.

I was prescribed this medication last Thursday, I've been taking it ever since. It's a 500mg/4 times daily. It is now Monday, early in the morning. I cannot sleep at all. I've recently discovered joint pain, mostly in my knees. The pain is sometimes unbearable. It only comes around when I sleep, or when I'm just laying around. The doctor prescribed me this medication because I've had a boil which really wasn't healing. So I went into emerg and had it drained.

Few days had passed and the pain from the boil hadn't really subsided so I went back to emerg and the doctor prescribed me to this medication. Which brings me to now. The medication is in fact doing its job. My boil has decreased in size and there is no longer any pain. iI is itchy though, I presume it's just a part of the healing process. Anyway, back to the main problem. My joint pain gets "severe" if you will, around 6:00 - 7:00 ish, just before dinner. I'm usually in bed by 8. During the night, my knees constantly ache. I don't really get any sleep.

My thinking is that yesterday, my legs weren't really bothering me. so I put myself to work. (little chores around house, etc) now my legs/knees are killing me. I've never experienced this before. it's really beating me up. Before I go any further, I want to point out that I am a highschool student. Grade 12, and I am 17. Beside the fact, should I be taking it easy? I know this is for reviews, I just feel like there are people here that can relate to me in some way. I'm supposed to be returning to school today, which is in 4 hours from now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. p.s.. this medication does do it's job. It's just the side effects can sometimes getcha.

I too experienced fever, chills, aches, etc... but only the first 2 days and I'm on a 2000mg a day regiment, so I expected side effects.
What's TRULY bothering me is something I see a few other people have mentioned...

Dear GOD, the gas! Loud, long, smelly, and frequent. I don't dare go out and my fiance is laughing his butt off at me lol.

Just sharing that so that if anyone else experiences it, you know you are not alone. Day 3 of it too. Sometimes as often as twice per min, never longer than 10 mins without sounding like an angry duck lives in my chair!

Omg ! I have been taking this horrible. Prescription for just a day & a half and I have the most horrible stomach pain ever! In addition, the diarrhea & headaches aren't helping. What can I do to make this unbearable pain go away? Please help me ! I can't take this anymore. It is so uncomfortable. I'm only 17, this isn't something I ever wanted to experience...especially over spring break! This is horrible !

I have just started taking this med last night for a uti cause I had slight blood in my stool. I have never taken this med before haven't had any bad symptoms as of yet but this site has scared me and now I don't know if I want to continue and now every little itch my body has I'm scared I'm gonna break out in some rash and be in pain for eternity and I have no insurance I will keep everyone posted on if I get something worse resulting from this med hasn't been long only have taken a days worth. I'm taking 2000 mg a day of the med which is 500 mg 4 times a day wish me luck please.

Hi, I had a rash on my hand that turned into a secondary infection, so I was prescribed this cephalexin. I am not getting any rashes or anything like that and I have been taking it for five days. I'm no expert but I don't think anyone should keep taking a med. that causes a rash, that is obviously an allergic reaction.

I am happy that my husband is the only one working right now because this stuff will knock you out! Thank goodness my two kids are old enough to kind of do their own thing! Also, I'm not sure if I got a virus from the Dr.'s office but I do have a fever, and a cough. This med. has been around since 71, and I know certain people get reactions but I trust this med. I either got a virus or this med awoke dormant bad bacteria, that's how I feel. I also feel like bad bacteria after time can be fatal, so any drug you have to use to get rid of it-just do! But a rash is your body talking to you, listen to it and ask your Dr. for another med.

Also, it is beyond important that you do not mix aspirin or alcohol with this med-take it from someone that reads those pharmacy printouts word for word.

My thirteen year old daughter was put on cephalexin for Strep throat and after two days is complaining of terrible headaches (like migraines) joint pain, especially back pain and sudden chills hot and cold. She was allergic as a baby to penicillin but has taken some penicillin meds with no side affects. The pain is unbearable and hasn't slept. Any ideas?

I am on the 3rd day of Keflex 500mg 3x day. I do have genital herpes and have noticed my penis itching since I started. It almost feels like I'm about to have an outbreak.

The other real bothersome side effect is I feel very hot, like I am burning from the inside out but without a fever. It's very uncomfortable.

I am also having a little bit of joint pain like in my hands and legs.

Overall, not horrible so far and I'm going to try and ride it out but those side effects are there that make me really want to get this med out of my system and you always worry about long-term side effects with these antibiotics.

I seen the posts where several men indicated they had a rash or red swollen penis..I am a female and after taking this drug for a UTI..I ended up with a red, swollen, irritated vagina as well... it was not a yeast infection as I suspected... just an, allergic reaction to the drug... very painful and irritated for several days.

Does not explode virus cells. Cephalexin only kills bacteria. No antibiotic will work on virus. That's why there isn't a cure for the cold or flu.

Seriously bad headache.
Also feels like my left eye is swollen.
And much fatigue.

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: If this persists, see your doctor.

I was prescribed cephalexin 500mg, 4 times a day (for 14 days)for UTI. I was 7 weeks pregnant and the dosage amount concerned me to no end. It has since been a week, and I have experienced diarrhea, vomiting, nausea (aside from pregnancy induced, because it occurs minutes after ingestion) skin peeling on the soles of my feet, rashes on my inner thighs close to my vagina and HEMORRHOIDS.

Now, I know hemorrhoids are associated with pregnancy, but I know for a fact that they are due to cephalexin use. The itch from the rash and the discomfort from the hemorrhoids started at precisely the same moment.

I am so concerned for my baby! I plan to skip my next dose and instead, pay a visit to the ER. I will update.

I am taking cephalexin for a wasp sting I got 3 days ago. I am on 2000 milligrams a day as well as a steroid injection along with oral steroids. The sting is on my face and there is deep concern for infection. I am still running a fever after 3 days. The doc is giving me another day for no fever or it's in the hospital for IV antibiotics.

A comment for the guys with itchy rash on their genitals. Antibiotics clean out our good as well as the bad bacteria. You may actually have a yeast infection! Yes, men can get them too. My doctor wrote me a prescription for Diflucan in expectation of a yeast infection. Talk to you doc.

Good luck

I was prescribed cephalexin 500mg 4 times daily for a minor surgery done on my hand. After a few days of taking it, I developed a bad red rash on my entire body which itches terribly. Not fun. Anyhow, just thought I would post the side effects for others to see.

After reading this I am horrified as to what side effects are going to happen for me ''/ .. I broke out with some kind of rash on my feet, hands, and forearms, it's like little red bumpy clusters, and they do not itch at all. The urgent care said it is most likely a bacterial infection I got when I had an open sore between my finger (I work in housekeeping) so I most likely picked it up from cleaning rooms. He put me on a steroid cream 2 times a day for 10 days, as well as the cephalexin 500mg 2 times a day for 7 days. I just took my first pill and I have to work 8 hours >_ Thanks for all the heads up!!

I'm reading the stories and becoming horrified! I've been on Keflex for 4 days now for yellow fly bite reactions. I was also given Prednisone for itching and swelling. Its helped for that because these bites untreated get as big as a basketball around. But I'm itching like crazy everywhere...arms, chest, stomach. No apparent rash showing though!

After a hip replacement, my surgeon proscribed Kelfex prior to any dental procedures. I had the same odd experience after four dental visits…. Between 5 and 7 days after taking the Kelfex, I experienced severe stomach issues with diarrhea, nausea and cramps. This lasted about one – 2 days, but did get progressively worse. At first I thought this was a stomach virus, but then wondered if it could be related to the antibiotic?

I'm pregnant and allergic to penicillin. I'm being treated with this for a UTI but I am unbelievably itchy all over, especially genital area. My doctor told me to finish the dose. I'm taking 3 x 500mg per day for 7 days. Any advice?

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Let the doctor know about this reaction!

I am a female. I had my infected tooth extracted and the Dr. prescribed cephalexin 500mg x 3. Since the second day, I have had stomach pain, fatigued and feel bloated. The stomach pain subsides whenever I drink 2 or 3 cups of water at one time, but eventually comes back again about 2 hours later....anyone experiences same side effect & what did you do?

Prescribed cephalexin for a finger infection (origin unknown) and been taking 500 mg 3x a day for five days now. I have no side effects at all except have been feeling extreme fatigue & no energy, even with caffeine! I could literally sleep/lay in bed all day-no appetite either. This is my only complaint and can only guess that my lethargy is related to cephalexin? My infection appears to be getting better; have to take five more days of the drug. Female, aged 45, no allergies.

2 days on 500 mg of cephalexin 3 times a day. Walking pneumonia diagnosis aches really bad! Sweating like crazy! Cold chills. Don't know whats what now after reading this site. The pills or the sickness?

I may just stop taking it all together and go back to my amoxicillin 875mg pills.

This is by far the worst antibiotic I have ever taken - ironically urged on me by a kindly pharmacist who assured me it would be better for a UTI than what I usually take.

I had to stop after 4 days of a 5 day course as the dizziness was unreal. I also had slight difficulty breathing at night. Upon stopping the medication I began to have digestive problems, only to find out that a close friend who had taken it for a week was vomiting blood before she stopped it.

Definitely not a drug I would use again!

I think I am one of the *fortunate* ones taking this. Only taken it for a day, and no side effects, at least yet.

Just finished taking Cephalexin as prescribed for 14 days for a mastitis in one of my breasts. I hated the pills which smelled like cat urine/litter box fumes. After 3 days of the medication I began having kidney aches with shooting pains in the lower and middle back on both sides. Also my fingers feel like they have arthritis this week.

Drinking more water to help the body move the drug out of my system helps the kidneys somewhat. Diarrhea on and off for 10 days. Now at the end of the 14 days I have very swollen and itchy labia minora, with no discharge and it doesn't seem like a yeast infection, so nothing I can do but wait it out. This drug has been a scourge. Never taking it again if I can help it.

The only side effect mentioned in the pharmacy printout that matched my problems is the diarrhea. I am grateful to others for sharing their symptoms here, so I can see I am not the only person dissatisfied with the medication. I have not had an antibiotic for 8 years while pregnant and nursing my children. Used the most gentle non-chemical treatments for all those years. Now my children are all weaned so thought I would take a prescription for the breast infection, and I am wishing I had been prescribed something else instead of Keflex.

My doctor has been treating me for sinusitis for over six months now and this is the third prescription for cephalexin. After taking this med 500 mg for 60 days I have severe pain in my low back every morning. Sometimes it wakes me up at around 2 AM. Now the pain has spread into my side making it feel like my ribs are caving in on the right side and I find it difficult to breathe. He also has me taking diabetes tussin and mucinex D. I think all these drugs are working against each other causing my pain. I have an appointment with him and am going to ask that I be taken off the medication. And go to Arizona and stay on the desert for a while to dry out.

To Cal ... PLEASE get your kidneys checked. Keflex has a side effect of something related to the kidneys (I forget exactly), plus the drug is filtered by the kidneys making them work harder. Your symptoms sound so familiar. I'm glad you are seeing the DR to ask to be taken off the medication. Hope it all works out.

My husband recently had surgery on his scalp and was put on cephalexin 500mg twice a day. Since using the medicine he has been unable to ejaculate. I am thinking it's because of the medication. If anyone has had a similar effect happen please let me know. Any advice would be great! Thanks!

WJ... how long did it take for your dizziness to subside?? I am on day four and the first symptom (dizziness) has appeared. I am stopping the drug today until I can speak to my doctor...thanks

I would like to thank everyone for telling about this medicine. I was told to take this medicine by my doctor but after reading the post by everyone, I do not think that I will. I pray that everyone gets better and has a full recovery.

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Please keep in mind that failing to treat an infection because you are worried about possible side effects could also have serious consequences. Discuss this with your physician before finalizing your decision.

For everyone complaining of the side effects of this antibiotic all I have to say is that a lot of your complaints are common complaints. But not all people experience the same. I for one favor this antibiotic because it is a wonderful broad spectrum antibiotic. When people have complaints of common side effects most doctors don't do anything other than treat symptoms of those complaints.

I'm sure that most of you know the idea behind beauty. "Beauty is painful". In a lot of times that statement is very true but, we do it anyways. Treating medical issues can at times be the same. Doctors don't get to excited about common side effects, that's the patients job. As a patient it is your responsibility to let your doctor know what is going on and if you can handle it.

There are so many different drugs out there that you can try, mind you, they ALL have common side effects. No matter what the problem is, there is a medication to help with managing it but, you may have to deal with some unwanted and not so fun side effects. Bottom line.... neither you or your doctor know what kind of reaction, if any, you will have until you try it. You can't get mad at the doctor just because you had a side effect. You must always always always be proactive in your own health care and take responsibility for it. No on can do it but you. And remember, you are the one that called the doctor in the first place.

I was just checking to see if it was better to take on an empty or full stomach. Goodness! I am taking Cephalexin 500 MG 4x a day (today is the 5th day) because I had some gum disease issues and went for a deep cleaning. I do have diarrhea, but I'm just riding it out because the pharmacist said that anything I took would interfere with the effects on the infection.

I also have a bit of a headache, but I took some CVS substitute for Excedrin Migraine and put some tiger balm on my temples and it feels better. I would certainly say I don't feel 100% and I'm getting my work done slower and my family has to make their own meals, but nothing terrible is happening. I am allergic to Penicillin, so the pharmacist said to have an antihistamine ready in case I had a reaction. No reaction. I'm sorry all of these people are having such a terrible time, but I thought someone who isn't should at least leave a comment.

I was given this anti-biotic for a lump that was growing on the back left/side of the bottom of my neck. Doctor thought that maybe it was an abscess that had begun growing due to maybe an ingrown hair. I had taken 4 of the pills when all of a sudden I started experiencing unbelievably bad pains in my stomach.

At first I thought it was gas and took Gas-X and alka selzer, which were of no relief. The pain was so bad it was like my inside organs in my stomach area were all swollen and sore to the touch. I have stopped the medication and will call my Doctor on Monday.

It has been over 24 hours and the pain has subsided somewhat but still very sore inside and when I cough I can feel the pain there still, very strange and very scary. I will not take this medication again, hopefully this will go away within the next few hours. Has anyone else felt this pain the their stomach, no diareha, no rashes as all the other post have indicated, just the pains in the stomach.

Wow, After reading all this, I count myself lucky. I am going to add to it, however, since it helped me knowing that other people were experiencing similar side-effects. This medication did not come with specific enough instructions on dosage or details on what the possible side-effects could be, which is just irresponsible and very worrying for the patient. What's worse is that my doctor had no idea this medication could cause a massive rash.

One Google search later and yes, apparently it does.

I was prescribed this antibiotic for cellulitis and while it did the trick, I broke out in a rash AFTER coming off it and off anti-histamenes. The rash was like hives, very red and itchy and it spread FAST. Resuming the anti-histamenes works to calm it down but a heads-up would have been nicer and made me worry less. I have also experienced the swelling in the joints, headache and fatigue.

Use with caution and be aware of what COULD happen. Your doctor may not even know/tell you...

I have been taking oral cephalexin now since August 16, 2012 and I still have another 3 weeks to go... my dosages 500 mg 2 caplets 3 times daily, so total 6 caplets per day. Earlier this year, I had a rare fungal infection in my lung... part of my right lung had to be removed. At the time of the surgery, the cultures taken from the drainage showed that I had staph infection also (in my lung cavity). I was sent home not with cephalexin, but a different antibiotics, along with my fungal infection antibiotic (that I will have to take for at least 18 months).

During that time at home, the chest tube site did not heal and I developed another staph infection and needless to say, I was really ill over the 4th of July holiday this year. Spent nearly a month in the hospital and for 6 weeks I was on IV infusion antibiotics, even when I was released from the hospital and sent home. After the 6 weeks, I was put on the cephalexin. Taking this antibiotic, I haven't really experienced any bad side effects... just aching joints. This antibiotics has its good and bad side... we all experience it differently. I for one would recommend this to others.

I was prescribed Cephalexin for an ear infection that had been turning bad. After a few days, I started getting itchier and itchier and they would very easily turn into rashes. My foot also started to swell! It was terrible and I went back to my doctor and she claims I have eczema. But the weird thing is, I've never had any rashes like these or itch cravings like these before I took this prescription. I'm thinking I do have eczema except that its been dormant for the most part and that Cephalexin made it flare up. Now I'm stuck with ugly rashes all over my body and a crave to itch every moment I'm awake.

I, like Cherie, have had very few side-effects with Cephalexin...gas, which is a little embarrassing, and some dizziness at the start. Even now I am not sure these were all due to the antibiotic, as I am on 6 other prescription meds. If you haven't taken it, don't be scared off of trying it by others' reactions, just watch your own reactions. And for Heaven's sake, if you get a rash or breathing difficulty, STOP TAKING IT AND GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!

Here's one I don't see here so far. I'm 46 (I think), sometimes I forget. Anyway, maybe I'm 47 don't feel like doing math right now. I'm going through the female stage where I have periods like once every 4 months. It's not regular enough to say, every any amount of time. They are very irregular but I seem to be going longer and longer without them, which is ahh kind of nice.

So yesterday I had a mole removed on my face and the doctor gave me Keflex. Today I suddenly started passing huge clots like crazy. It seems to be slowing down, although I still feel crampy. Could Keflex cause this? Or is it an unrelated event?

I've been taking keflex since the 7th of Jan my tongue has a burning stinging tingling feelin its burns etc when I eat drink or smoke a cigarettes and when I'm just sittin down watchin tv. I'm allergic to penicillin so could this medicine be causin an allergic reaction? please somebody help me understand this pain and medication

I misread the dosage from the instructions, and took three 500 mg tablets at once to make up a missed pill from the am ( I am to take two pills twice a day vs. a pill twice a day). A few minutes later my fingers turned whited and numb, as if all circulation to them shut down. This did not happen when I took two tablets. I also felt extremely sleepy after just taking the one pill in the am. Just sharing so that others note that this can happen, as I read at least one other person had this happen. Just started the prescription. Hope not to have the rash issues!

I started Keflex for a possible abscess tooth, had 2 removed and will have the possible abscess one removed in 2 weeks. He prescribed 500mg, 4 times a day, which is the highest I have ever taken of this drug. I have done fine with it in the past at lower doses like the 250mg, and I have to take this one as I am allergic to many other antibiotics. After taking this amount of 500mg 4xday,for a day and a half, I had itching and rash on stomach mainly and arms, back. Looks like sunburn, Also started getting severe sore throat and itching down below.

Called doc he said stop taking it, that I will be fine. This all happened today, so I didn't take this morning dose, this would have been almost the 3rd day. If you have rash and itching from this drug, stop taking it AFTER doc says is ok, call doc when you can!! I asked if I could just decrease the med, he said no just stop all together!

The joint pain (the pain & stiffness would wake me up) from Cephalexin (500mg) was horrendous. It had gotten so bad that I considered getting tested for bone cancer (yeah, it is funny now!). I did not realize it was the antibiotics until two days after I had stopped them and noticed my pain had completely disappeared. I also developed hives for the first time in my life. I am allergic to penicillin like some others who had posted and also experienced severe joint pain. I will have to be stranded on an island w/a life threatening infection, to even consider taking this antibiotic again!

Wow. I'm down here in New Zealand. 3 weeks ago I got a bite on my thigh from a flea or mosquito or something. Roll on 3 weeks and it was a bolistic out of control skin infection on my thigh that had gone from the size of a pin head up to the size of a hundred dollar bill. So off to the docs and as most antibiotics don't do me any good as it is, I pleaded with her if there was any way I could avoid antibiotics. That was a resounding no and I got put on the world famous cephalexin at 500 mgs 4 times a day. Wow. I have just read all 113 comments above and I am absolutely blown away. I obviously have your standard issue joyful diahorreah, I have not ( praise the Lord ) had vomiting, I have the leg which has the bite getting better, (albeit very slowly) but it has swollen up to the size of an elephants leg, I have my poor wee labias just about shredded from scratching them to death, I have a rash under my right armpit itching like mad, a rash under my right breast, and general out of control itching rash here n there. I've had vomiting and diahorreah before from other antibiotics but never this insane intense itching rash.

I'm on day 4 and a bit and although it goes against the protocol of stopping antibiotics mid cycle I'm very very seriously thinking of stopping them right now. I've had several episodes of suddenly feeling out of it and like I was gonna drop on the spot, and today I have a feeling deep/low / inside/ back / funny feeling. Kidneys???. no stds, me n ma man 20 years strong n all goods on dat side. I too like all of the above will NOT take this again. hope this all helps. bless all you guys n gals xxxxxxx

I've taken it before with no problems. This time I got a sore throat and funny feeling eyes the third day followed the feeling very out of it and tired. I would also get a sunburn like rash on my stomach and chest that was accompanied by feeling very hot, even though my temp was fine. Told the Dr. They said to keep taking it unless I begin swelling or have trouble breathing..... so I did. On the fifth day I took it and experience the same thing only worse and my voice was a bit hoarse and had a little cough. Took some benedryl and everything went away, came back about 5 hours later, but not as bad.

I've decided to stop. I'm being treated for a uti and am 19 weeks pregnant. The baby was also very still while I was on it. Now I'm slamming cranberry juice and go back to the Dr soon.

Wow. I really need to stop googling stuff! (It ends up scaring the shit out of me) lol

I've had red tonsil beds and 1 swollen tonsil for about 3 weeks. 2 weeks ago I started a course of phenoxymethlpenicilin 500mg 4 tablets a day for 6 days. I finished them 2 days ago. Today I went back to the doctors as tonsil area is still red and 1 is still swollen(no improvement).

He has now prescribed me cephalexin 500mg 2 a day for 10 days. On the phenoxymethlpenicilin I had a bit of diarrhea (yay) but no other symptoms. After reading all the comments above I wonder what will I experience with cephalexin. I don't remember having side effects from any antibiotics in the past (except diarrhea) so hoping I will be one of the lucky ones. I HAVE GUESTS FROM OVERSEAS STAYING WITH ME NEXT WEEK! I can see it now- rash, diarrhea etc lol.
I will let you know how I go good or bad. To the people reading this and starting cephalexin for the first time, if I don't experience bad side effects there is a chance you wont as well, so don't freak out!

OK so I have had my full course cephalexin 500mg 2 a day for 10 days. Only side effects were diarrhea (awesome) but none other of the above mentioned reactions. I did develop thrush 1 day after completing course but I suspect this was due to me being on antibiotics for 17 days. My throat however (which is why I have been on antibiotics) is no better. Back to the doctors I go (This time I will be asking for a referral).

I've been on cephalexin for four days for a skin infection. 500mgs four times a day for one week. So far my digestion is a mess. I've experienced constipation all four days without any diarrhea. Other strange things I've noticed? My skin is extremely dry, even in the areas not around the infection, chapped lips included. Lastly, I find its keeping me up at night. Every night. The skin infection though, responded right away and seems to be fading quickly.

Your rashes may be yeast infections. Yes men can get them too. Get some over the counter anti fungal cream. It will clear it up in a couple of days.

I am using this drug for abscess on toe. I have had a lot of the sweating, sleeping a lot, stomach issues and dizzy in the morning for about an hour or two. I also itch, but no rash and I don't have a penis, so I'm safe there.

I recently was prescribed Cephalexin 500mg/ 4 times a day for a UTI and kidney infection. The first 4 days had the worst stomach pains. Now I have developed the worst yeast infection and swollen labia as well. Anybody else experiencing a horrible yeast infection?

I tried this once for seborheic dermatitis.
No problems. Tried it again for same reason and all hell broke loose! dizzy, exhausted, devere muscle weakness. I guess this cephelexin has a memory, it will allow one time use to suck you in and then lowers the boom!

Started taking Keflex 500mg 4 times a day on Tuesday for a secondary skin infection on my foot. Today is Friday and I have a horrible sore throat and bad diarrhea. My skin is itching on my chest and see little bumps that I didn't have before. I feel really tired and mad at the world! I am going to stop taking this med right now!

Peoples Pharmacy response: Be sure to check in with your physician to let him or her know about the rash the diarrhea and the sore throat. You may need a different antibiotic you manage your infection.

I am 21 weeks pregnant with a kidney infection I'm on cephalexin which I started today I'm on 3 tablets a day but I'm now feeling like I've got indigestion should I be worried as I'm also an asthmatic I had a uti at 6 weeks pregnant and had no issues please help

WOW... So here is my cephalexin story. I have Rosacea... really bad. It has traveled from one cheek over the nose and to the other cheek... but stays on my nose and wont go away. I have been on Doxycycline for minimum of 5 years.. YES 5 years... it's like a 3 month bandaid for rosacea and it finally stopped working all together.

I went to the derm.. ofcourse.. same old questions, same old answers same old "prescribe antibiotics" but this time... Cephalexin. I have never ever had an allergic reaction to anything in my entire life which leads me to the nightmare.

I received my pills on a Friday before I was going away on vaca.. started them 500mg once a day. I had shaved all the privy parts as most women do prior to vaca and went about my day as usual.. about 2 days in... I was scratching and uncomfortable in the lady parts and chalked it up to shave bumps and irritation from scratching.. no pain no, no mess.. just itch...

2 weeks later and my vagina feels like its been kicked by a cowboy boot... felt like a really bad bruise... Still I think it has to do with hair growing back and me constantly at it with my nails scratching... so I put neosporin on it and I forget to take my meds for my rosacea for a few days ( because it wasn't doing a darn thing for it) and all felt a bit better down south.

I start my meds again.. trying to be diligent and BAM.. it's back and red, bumpy, inflamed and spreading, then it FINALLY FINALLY dawns on me... all this started the day I took Cephalexin!!

I'm so stupid. I also don't go to doctors unless I'm on my deathbed. So here I am with this nasty rash... I am going to stop the meds and put virgin unrefined coconut oil on my rash and if it doesn't get better in a day or two.. off to the doctor I go.. it's been about a month now since this all started.. so I hope I'm not too far gone.

Also going to call Derm and tell her about the reaction. So I hope I helped the ladies out there who don't want to talk about their privates... I don't either... I'm just so relieved that I'm not alone...

I have been done this medication for over a week now. I was given it for bronchitis. A couple days before I was finished my prescription my stomach began to bother me and I would have bowel movements up to 6 times a day. Now my stomach feels upset or hurts throughout the day and my stole has been green. Has anyone experienced anything similar or should I go back to the doctor?

Did this go away for you? I finished medication last week but my stomach is still really bothering me and my stool has been odd colours and consistency.

I was put on Keflex for a sore eye lid. It cleared up but I got a horrible red bumpy rash all over my chest. Went back to the Dr. and she put me on Keflex again to clear up the rash, the rash looked very angry and ugly. Well, after a steroid cream and a hydrocortisone cream the rash started getting worse. After reading all of these comments it dawned on me it was the Keflex! Dr. didn't figure it out.

I stopped the Keflex a couple of weeks ago and it has gone from about 1,000 red bumps to about 50. But, now today I look under my breasts and the rash has spread very nastily there. I am so tired of this and I will never take Keflex again. I just hope it clears up soon. It's summer and I want to go swimming in our pool here where I live but I can't expose the rash to the sun or the chlorine. What a horrible drug.

I have had to take cefilaxin for teeth a number of times in my life but this latest time I have been experiencing a fever like high, watery stools and slight dizziness along with a rapidly emerging mildly itchy rash. So far it's not on the jewels though, thank JESUS. It is working great to reduce inflammation in a tooth that I desperately need to have pulled but I worry in case this sudden new allergic response should take a sudden turn for the worse.

Years ago unbeknowst to me I was given a generic medicine, for something I have always taken - I broke out in red spots - they found out the medicine had been made in Egypt - so I only go name brand on that one - I notice a statin I take had a company in Yugoslavia based - my sons friend who is a pharmacist said that as long as the main or action drugs are the same - they can use any kind of filler - - I wonder how many of these fillers are causing folks problems??

I was put on Keflex for an infection in my finger. I was supposed to take 500 mg 4 times a day for a week . After about the fifth day I started to get itchy and my skin was irritated. By that I mean sore to the touch kind of like when you get the flu and you get shooting pains. It was like that but a lot more sore. I also started to experience joint pain, mild at first but it got worse. All through my legs my feet and toes. The bottom of my feet were sore. I also had some joint pain in my hips but that only lasted for about a day. Also my labia was very itchy and had bumps on it and was swollen. Of course I stopped taking the medication. My finger is fine however I'm having a lot of difficulties with pain in my joints and some itching. I cannot believe they can prescribe a medication like this. My infected finger wasn't nearly as bad as all the stuff that started after I took keflex. It can't be good if it causes all these bad side effect. Unbelievable. How long before this stuff is out of my system? Does anyone know?

Same reactions for me! Sick as a dog. After the first four doses, I had intense nausea for about four hours. was very tired, vomiting, nausea, very sick indeed. I am off the cephalexin after taking seven doses (I reduced from four a day to two). Thought I would try one more this morning. I vomited within 1/2 hour. Then have been so sick to my stomach for about four hours now. Was taking it for a leg sore. It does look like it is healing but the side effects of this drug are too intense.

Going to only use the steroid cream and see how the healing goes. I agree that there are not enough side effect warnings for this drug from the pharmacy. Will never take again! It makes me feel nauseous just thinking about it.

I was put on Keflex for 7 days due to a tooth abscess and pre-op for a tooth extraction. After 2 days, I notices blisters on the instep of both feet and around my toes. Accompanying this was a red rash of the lower legs and feet. I continued on the medication for the full 7 days. I called a pharmacist for an explanation and she could give me none. I have been off the medication for 3 days now and still have the rash. I am treating it with Benadryl Gel and using triple antibiotic ointment on the blisters. I am 70 years old and have never had a reaction to any medication. What gives?

I been going through hell, burning itchy itchy skin. Red Rash all over my face had to go to work like this. This drug is a torment from hell.

I was prescribed keflex 500mg 4 x a day for 10 days for a bacterial skin infection/acne. I just took one dose (500mg) and within 30 mins my right ear started itching and felt raw. I put some noesporin on it not thinking anything and then my left ear did the same thing. Now I am itching in spots all over my arms legs and stomach. It looks like a tiny raised bump in every spot that starts to itch and my skin is a little blotchy.

hey any tips ?? I've been taking this antibiotics for 8 weeks due to re current uti, I suffer most side effects especially itching and a rash in my genital area as well as thrush I take my antibiotic with natural yogurt to try and ease this off but had no look I also have a thrush cream // any tips ?? I also suffer with duplex duel kidney and have back ache constantly .. any tips would be fantastic thanks

Got it from a dermatologist for an infection under my skin in my upper arm 500 mg twice a day. (Cyst that will be removed after swelling goes down.) I just noticed that my stomach cramps, I have gas and I am itchy under my skin a lot and all over. No visible rashes, but I have a bad headache and sore throat and itchiness in my ears and sinus. The swelling is going down, and favorably, my toothache problem and urinary problems are feeling better.

Antibiotics are for treating bacterial infections not viruses. The rashes people are complaining about are most likely fungal infections, typically yeast overgrowth, due to the absence of good bacteria found on the skin that keep them in check. Monostat for girls and miconzole cream for guys.

I started taking cephalexin and about half an hour later I had extreme itching on my hands and arm. In which my labia also became swollen and itchy. Uggghhhh, I had taken this med before and it caused vaginitis. I will never take it again!!

Hello, I too took Cephalexin and 1 month and 2 weeks later im still having headaches and stomach aches. Occasional pain in joints. How are you feeling now? Was taking cephalexin the reason why you had issues 5 weeks later??

Hi, I also went in to see a doctor for a bug bite I had on my stomache and it turned out to be "cellulitis" bacteria under the skin. The swelling and itching went down but now, Im having headaches and stomache aches. I developed an oral thrush due to the meds and was given nystatin mouth wash. Now almost 2 months later im dealing with headaches and stomache aches. Did you experience anything like this after taking cephalexin?

I took Cephalexin for a bug but which doctor determined was "cellulitis" bacteria under the skin. I took cephalexin,500mg 4 times a day for 7 days. The itching and swelling went away but then I broke out with an oral thrush. I was given nystatin for 7 days 4 tiems a day. After all these meds I havent felt the same. I started with nausea, headaches and stomach aches. I feared I had appendicitis but doctors said I was fine. I had blood work done and urine test. All test came back negative. I had an ultra sound done and that was normal. Still, almost 2 months later im having headaches all around my head and stomach aches and bowels arent the same and constipated. Its very annoying to hear im ok and that its not the meds that did this to me. I was fine until I had this bug bite and took all these meds. Anyone have a similar story?

Hello, How long did these side affects last? I have similar symptoms 2 months after taking Cephalexin.

I am also having horrible joint pain in my hips and lower back I can barley walk and have to use my cane! None of my pain medication will even ease this pain so I feel for you!

I was prescribed a double course of Keflex (Ibilex) for a UTI as it was my third in a matter of months. On my second packet I started to get welts on my body and face, swollen followed by cracked lips and inflamed eyes with blood red lower lid margins.

Most notably I developed approximately 8-10 mouth ulcers of varying severity. One the size of a drink bottle lid! I couldn't eat for a week, looked like some sort of demon and the welts were itchy but the doctor thought it may be a virus that I would recover from. Just in case she advised me to stop taking the Keflex. Symptoms disappeared within a week or so.

Recently I was diagnosed with my fourth UTI in a short period (microbes present in wee). Before I was able to get to the doctor I weed in a sterile container I had been given and self-treated with the leftover Keflex from the previous double course until I could get to the doctor. I took three tablets across two days. The next day I noticed two tiny mouth ulcers in my mouth and didn't think much of it...

That evening I woke at 2am in a sweat and feeling extremely itchy all over my body but especially on my arms, chest and face. Looked in the mirror and I had full blown hives everywhere, swollen eyes and lips. I called the government healthcare line (Australia) and was advised to go to the Emergency Room immediately where I was given antihistamines and offered something else to 'weaken my immune system' as my body was attacking itself in an allergic reaction seemingly to the Keflex as it occurred both times I took this antibiotic.

This time was much more severe. I am at home now but have been advised to visit the hospital if I begin to flare up again.

In summary I am never taking Keflex again and have been advised to get immunology testing for other antibiotics I may be allergic to. I have never been allergic to anything in my life! Strange that it would start at 23 years.

Developed a very severe widespread allergic blistering rash to Keflex within 36 hours of first dose. Doctor said to stop medication immediately.

I've been taking the prescribed dosage of keflex 500mg 4 tablets per open septoplasty (nose reconstruction) onto the second course doc said I needed to take repeat...but I just feel incredibly fatigued .. Strange rash on my hand...and generally just blah....thinking that I've got to start taking a probiotic ASAP .... This is an effective antibiotic...but like all destroys the bacteria that's bad...and also destroys all the good gut flora that we need to feel good and to protect our immune systems...flatulence is also something I've

I have taken Cephalexin and both times started coughing up blood. The Dr's, pharmacist, TEVA the manufacturer all say it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MEDICATION.

I take the medication and within two days I'm coughing up bright red, fresh blood - as much as a quarter cup. I started this for a tooth problem so I wasn't even coughing. I just sort of clear my throat and up comes all this blood.

What's making me mad is to call the manufacturer and report this and they don't care. They just say it's not possible. Stop taking it - no more blood. Take it - more blood.

I see in the side effects, although not common, it says you can cough up blood so why do these Dr's act like I'm crazy?

AND where is this blood coming from? Some has clots does this mean I could get a blood clot? I just wish dr's would listen to you when you KNOW something is happening.

I have been taking Cephalexin for a week now for a UTI and I am 42 years old I started having severe joint pain in my right arm and my period was very heavy with me passing clots like crazy and it doubled the time it normally last, I will never ever take this medication again an ER Dr. prescribed it.

I started a course of this drug on Mon @ one capsule x 4/day to address a possible infection at my breast. (Total consumed as of 2/21/14 = 14) By day 2, I noticed less burning and pain at said breast, as well as a decrease with swelling, HOWEVER, I began experiencing chest, shoulder and lower back pain (muscle versus joint or so I think) almost at once. My breathing has been shallow at times, to the point of having to sigh in order to get a full inhlation, although this has been intermittent.

My vagina has been tingling as if a yeast infection is about to begin. I have had a sore throat and a headache. I have also had typical intestinal issues (gas, bloating and increased stools). I called my PCP and spoke with him via a RN and PA... uh, yes. Anyway, he said I should stop taking the med at once and monitor my course over the weekend. All I know is that my body is out of sorts and that it feels quite foreign at this point. This drug and the quick fire presentation that has resulted in response to my taking it are a serious concern for me. This med is a definite no go as far as I am concerned. I am posting so that others might be helped.

Been taking generic cephalexin for the past four days to prevent possible infection after having knee surgery. I noticed the last few days that I have been feeling light headed, dizzy and nauseous about a half hour or so after taking my meds. Today I decided to take each med independently. I started out first today with the cephalexin and sure enough about a half hour later I started to feel dizzy and nauseous. Additionally my back has been itching uncontrollably over the last couple days. I am fairly certain that it is the generic keflex (cephalexin). The other meds I have taken before without any side effects. Though I rarely take medications this is the first time I have ever had a noticeable negative reaction.

Hello, I found this site after looking for a relationship between Keflex and herpes. I took Keflex and within three days had a huge cold sore break out on my mouth. This sore had been dormant for about 15 years! I was sure there was some cause and effect from the drug and now it seems accurate.

I took this for cystitis but I had a terrible reaction to the tablets last night. I felt the same feeling just a little the night before but didn't think much of it and contd the tablets yesterday.

Well, I paid for it. Muscle spasms, on a super high, body wouldn't relax, diarrhoea, nausea (after taking every tablet), weakness, brain fog and no sleep til 4am for 20 mins when the reaction lessened a bit. Scary as and feeling awful today, to be expected, and I won't be taking the last 3 tablets. I went with this brand because I had no reaction to it 8 years ago. I've had joint pain too, and stool problems (constipation) which ended up in diarrhoea last night - didn't realise it could be from this.

I have taken Keflex many times. It ALWAYS gives me thrush and a yeast infection. It usually but not always gives me diarrhea. I just take an Imodium with every dose. This time I was taking it for phlebitis. I got exhausted where I just didn't want to move. Taking with probiotics helps.

Thank God I found this site! I thought I was losing my mind when 2 days after stopping Keflex I began to experience vulva itching and swelling. I knew it wasn't an STD as I've been married forever and had just had a normal pelvic exam only a few weeks ago.

At first I thought maybe it could have been a reaction from the Florastor probiotic I'm taking to prevent C Diff. But now I'm realizing from all the comments here that it's the Keflex! I will never take this antibiotic again.

To help with the itch and a "dry" patch on the skin I began rubbing Manuka Honey 18+ on it. It's a bit pricey, but I use that stuff for's awesome. It's been 3 days and it's soooo much better, I can at least function now.

So, back in the day as a child I had an odd reaction to an old school cephalosporin where my stomach got really hard & painful & I was unable to eat because food would come right back up. As an adult I have taken Keflex a couple of times with no issues. This past Friday my PCP put me on Keflex for an infected cyst that is unable to be removed until the infection is gone. A short time after taking my 1st dose I developed an uncomfortable feeling behind my sternum, almost as if something was caught in my esophagus or like my esophagus was stuck in a muscle spasm. I have had this feeling ever since my 1st dose on Friday and it is only gone when I wake up in the morning but returns after my morning dose. The feeling goes away for a bit when I eat or if I take a deep breath and hold it for a while and slowly exhale. Some times the pressure is so bad it feels like I am going to gag or throw up. It seems like a rather odd reaction to a medication. Has anyone else experienced this with a cephalosporin? What are the odds it's something totally unrelated to me taking this antibiotic?

Wish I had not waited so long to check this site. This is all very scary for me. Just had breast cancer day surgery last Tuesday and was given a prescription for CEPHALLEXIN; 500mg 3 times daily. Just 2 days left. I felt great after surgery (Lumpectomy plus 2 lymph nodes)except sore throat and congestion from surgery.

But these last few days my chest feels congested, I feel drained of energy. Despite feeling worse instead of better I continued to take the meds because I was afraid of pneumonia or infection of some kind. I am not taking any more. I am supposed to be walking 3 times a day but my heavy feeling chest, general all over achy painy feeling, and lack of energy is making it difficult. Of course the TERRIBLE POLLUTED AIR is no help either. My back has been getting very itchy now, too.

(And I thought since the pathology report said no cancer in lymph nodes or margins that everything was okay. But the radiology oncologist pointed out to me that I had INVASIVE DUCTILE CARCINOMA that is HORMONE DEPENDENT, that I had CANCER. The cancer had grown through the duct into the breast. He said he might be able to cut the treatments down to four but first I needed to see the medical oncologist to probably be put on a hormone blocker type med and for me to stop wearing my patch that I was only feeding the cancer! If I did that, I could possibly opt out of radiation treatments since I am 75.)

Steroids are contraindicated when one has an infection!

So I was prescribed this medicine when I had a infection in one of my testicles, after a couple of days later it went away, and everything is fine, then one day I woke up with a rash near my penis and I still have it.

I've put cream on it (mostly eczema cream and neosporin ) and yet when I wake up the next day, it's still all flakey and rash like. Now after 6 days of being off the medicine, I wake up at 2, 3, 4 o' clock in the morning feeling sick and feeling like I have to throw up, but never do. Couple this be depression? I've been a little depressed lately over a health issue. Could it be Allergies?

I've also been constipated, my poop has been coming out in balls. If this is all from the medicine, never taking it again.

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